Newspaper of Evening Star, May 3, 1876, Page 2

Newspaper of Evening Star dated May 3, 1876 Page 2
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EVENING STAR WAHHINQTn fit: WEBXRIDAT S. 1H7?. CKOMBT n ROTM? MIN'f. Reading Matter on Everv J'aga CMR1ILATION OF THE Mill femora NimniifHt Monday. April Tuesday, M 2SU> M.l*? Wortnaadsy. " Mth 15.041 Tknndt/, - rrtb 15.1 m F rid* jr. M 2*'-h 15.000 Saturday, " 2>th 13.If. /Wr the W*ek. A r~rag* Daily/ Ctrrulnti^n tS,t',0 |)tp John Pope Hodnett. whom the Wash- , i gum Star insists upon regarding as a . In- ( spired lunatic, ud humbug, has arrival In ; Cumberland, and hu been sacrificing him ?elf to the good of the working m??n of th s section We have had a presentiment t?ial vome calamity would beiall Cumberland soon, srd on Wedresday evening, when we beard a loud voice haranguing a crowi on the sidewalk In front of Whir's hotel. we c mi- , rinded it had arrived. We visited the s|?ot and found the afore*aM John P.?pe Hoinett sleppli g about, with arailroid ticket in his and earnestly telling tl?e eight or tfn work ir>g men whom he h'-*d cip'oral what they should do. Ho said Tor Instance: ? What do you care whether yo ir President i? a republican or a democrat'.' It don't do ? oo any good. There's 4o/*0.ono people In The l"uft?d State*, .and oilv ??.^*i<*iplLH!lsts cot tm! nem Here's you man Waisb. thai \nu elect?l to Omgress, supj-ose a working man would ask htm for a bundr*! dollirs; he'd tell blm to goto b- 1- And that's where Tfn ought to r?e. If you vo'e for such men. V|,e woikirg men m?'?t i ominate ?h?*lrown Presl.ietit ai.d Vice Pre?ideut, and they can elect b;m." Ar. If Hoinett is looking around for meml>er8 of Congre-s w?>o are expeote I to give S1C<) to every fellow a?ks for It. he tad better go bark and call on Mr. O'Brien, Who had whole column* of Hodnett's no i sense published in Ibe Congressional K"^or i, , at a c??st of thousands of dollars to the coun try. The working men of Allegany do not want any such humbug* about. .Mr. sratt. won't you please send for him. Tnke blm heme, be might never toget ont of theslia low of the Capital ?[tXniibetianii O' iliarj. Oh! no! no; no! and a thnusaid timei oh! ro! no! no* II Hodcett Is :iealed we>:, by all manner of means let him go west. He is a product, or an adopted son of Cnicago any way. The people of Washington want him to go back to Chicago. Ours Is rather a quiet sedate community, and Holn >tt's j talents are not appreciated here. As for Mr. O'Brien we believe that he not really responsible for the printing of H>lnett's trash. But Representative L:tu!ers, of In- ! dlana. was the^iudgeon who jjnipel at Uod nett's bait, and attended his coiomuulstic meeting at Lincoln ball, an 1 w?s rewarded by a rom I nation by Hodnert for the Presi- j dency. Then Landers introduced iutoCun cress. Hodnett's resolutions and wherease.-. demanding more money, division cf prop- . irty.and the right of snffra*? in tnls District I or human <#ore. and tlien the Indiana paper3 ! took np the matter of this display of Incea- ! diary demogogueism by It-ra, and the re-ult was that be was killed off as a candi date for governor. Hodnett probably did !be nation some service by laying out his ? jllow demag >gac thus eilectually. hut the people of Washington don't really c?re ? rough about Landers to to!er??.*e the g try little Tappertlt who s laugh tere 1 tilm. Oen. Boynton writes io the Cincinnati ? 4ime*tr denying at considerable length, aril with gr*ai positiveness the story that Sec- | letary Brlstow and himself were responsible for the circulation of the Blaine scandal. We notice, however, that Mr. Boynto j s?ems to have displayed considerable alacrity In j sending the following dispatch to preface Mr. Blaine's personal explanation ??Special dispatch to the Cincinnati Gazette. ; Wa>mis<.to?, May 1. ? A ?TA2??.E OVEKSICHT. Mr. Blaine's personal explanation to day in tke House va< directed to a very Io.?se special o the New York Herald, and not to tne record of the trar.sactlon in question, as It apjears among the official and unpub lished records of the Supreme Court." Well, this is a wicked world ! "Your candidate I cannot be," a^aln says Horatio Seymour. This declining an honor Id advance of its being offered is of d'?abtful propriety to -ay the least. It i? quite possi ble tbat the democratic candidate may come from New York, but then bis name doe" not begin with an 8, hot with the letter follow ing It. The Pennsylvania senate has parsed a bill authorizing the use of steam motors for street passenger cars, which the Philadelphia TSwki calls upon the house to approve. It is claimed that practically noiseless engines have been so perfected as to remove all well founded objection* to their use as a substi tute for horse*. The experiments in Phila delphia have been perfectly satisfactory ac cording to the BuWin, the engine consuming its own smoke and steam, and horses were net at all frightened by it. A director of the Washington and Georgetown Itailroal who saw it thinks that the problem of steam motors for street cars is solved at last, and It ta quite Ukeiy that President Hurt will soon try the new invention on the lllb street line in this city. As this street is the princi pal outlet for pleasure driving country want it will be advisable to have tne fact fully aettled tbat the sew motor does not frighten horses before it is adopted there. We always suppoeed our Board of Health a somen hat expensive luxury, but the Bal timore board is a still moreco?tly Institu tion. A member of the city council a night or two ago made the statement tbat it cost tax-payers annually nearly 1309,000, which *e believed was unparalleled in any city in the United States of tbe size of Baltimore. Ooe feature of the Neal tax-bill that seems to have been overlooked by the House in their haste to pass it and get rid of the bother of thoughtful les;l?l?tJon for the District, is the fact that it is impracticable of execu tion, in precisely the same way thit the per sonal-tax bill of last year was. It requires^ that the assessors shail, in LLe space of a few" days after the passage of the oill, go into every bouse, store, restaurant, or place of business in the District, and make an in ventory of all the property of all the citi zens. As was found to be the case last year itwouldbe utterly impossible to make the assessment within tSe time limited iu the law. But this is but a single specimen out of hundreds of the defects of this bill that was offered in the House by Mr. Neal who, as be confesses, bad never even read it, and k?j ab-usiult'y ^jsted by the Ilnuae icitfiovt be ing retui in that tx?ly. And this is the hap hazard way in which Congress legislates for the people of this District, over which It has sole control. Tbe evil influence exerted by unscrupulous ?tump oraturs is Illustrated by tlie blood shed attending the election in Indianapolis yesterday. Prior to tbe election a political ?peaker I rom the stump advised bis audi tors to use the pistol and tbe bowie knife if necessary. *n<f some of them followed bis pernicious advice. JS nasTLBV PioTCRg ritui rac TOKT, Be. 13*4 U ?t.. i u..rth-* <at cuacnoa r ram id iLdu.u Trrrn 8 r?ota psr foot a p. c oast emu. ?i ?*ir u?. it i pr mw b> ALgfl ri'KULDutitj Cows to Bo 409 Jib strMt. V. M ( . A lulUisf. bO'l tr>i> i lt p?f oi l ?c il.? S?;?g*s-i.v!rt?l?PBOTlO MOWB-S ( oa AND UM S' ALBS. rat up ia<it\ ore anttr at ?kortwt ujilr* JOBH J JKTT, As*nt Wotu.,1 iy !><?? r str??t wr) St* i ,000 r,t."s ,5v,tj? ?**???? 1 ,eee (tu FKACBbS, larg* SU?,30 CU per "Li Bairil W A MILT flOl'l, >" C. WirMKB, >"S*ILT fl|(V i? t?, tr lsi1* Pttaiflratltsvenna. D BMO aL?JOBH K1SCLE9, Firs ud Ltf? ait Vm ^2fflc# 10No ? 11 BfcoDd Ma* Btnk. qj 1 ^ ro BVmBVO.-L. B1CB will ?v ? lair em^k .rvk'8>K WSW. OBf. Me ??3 7tfestreet, N??i f ?a4 U nnth ? . i. , Isonth |?s bj astt frssifMr aosa?s? IS. aarl lv (fj KCONORT IS WEALTH ! rurSTU. TEA htqrf. 40* 9ih 8TKCKT. T MCA BUILDING (VO^ t ? ? A " Ctarifi* <1 10 pr for #1. flr?i ii ?ik1, v |>m <)? !?? ||, Cn' L> IMS l>'<it.4? f >r ? i. Tf A ? N'c - Imperial. 4rt? ,80c ''"I 11)1 HI . It - " Fit.e Japan 10c Tic., *<~4 hl*h -r sradea, COI FI IS AND SPICES AT LOWEST BATES CHEAP PCHE FRESH" rr.'.S Ttn J W <LTtW PI TtLL Prop SPKNCBRIAN ? ? K T ? ? L P H N 8 . ! L,"OR the conrrnlence of tb?M who may wl?b to L try ttem, a NAM P L K CAK? C<>Dtiieln|iH>r'Wh f ibf * mil H? r ? "f tbe??- Pcb? ? Hi bn ??>iit b? mail <>u r o*i#C <?t T?ri trait IVI?U* BLtKKW^ T%VI,??R * CD , m?3 wA- it 13** t J t l(i Grand str-et, N T. H KO F. OATCHKL. T hhAL * SI A r k. -fr n iy*UHAXl H C rter II h -.nil r sirtera. EOB KENT, No 6ii f> F at n m < ii? p ti S'1 33 per month. .V ? ifii3P.i.D ? ?"o *<i vrnm'b K lit I'r.n ? do *?' p-r in >utn N ? 4i l??fre?e Mn'tbmihc'lt. .#>1 p>,r m.inth ^ Pifrcfflatrtel r>ortt> .-?t j|'0 ,?er hi mih. Fi> .''.1ft fhilri^t nnrbf'Wt. }2i -r mouth *ofi?04 ll?ai.(lvf it.B.*.i 915 per month. Le Droit I'mk. 12 ro n.s it*. <1 imp'* , f'V. du t1i>3'lw T'HIS IS TO GIVE NOTICE, Tbat the subscrl I b?-r hM? obtained from The Supreme Court of (l? District of 4'olniubi*. holding a .Special Tertn. letters of administration nu the p-rsotial estate if fcLl/A < AlTUfcR late "f W a*hiniit-n city, D V , !eceaa.-d. All p?r-<.>i>p lifting c'aitn aeaiti*' tb?- <md ilwi-*^ are b r?*l>y warned to ?<*? Libit lb< ?an>e. with th?- ?oucti-r-> thereof, to the aubacr'ber. on or More the Id day of Mav n il; itifi rr av rtb?r?i?? by l?? he e*c|iide4 from al bt!)-?fit of lb'1 -aid osiaie. OiT?n inder my hand thl' Jft da* of May I* ?. Bj}3 w 3t* BO* AN N A E WAL v?CB, Adm % 'l^HIS IS TO <?IVE HOTlCfc, That the aibacyt I ter bs obtained *r? m be Sopr me Court of the i iotrtrtof ('? liimbia.bidding a So<? Term, let ter* t>-tanj* r'ary on th* personal e :att. of \0iiU*T IlOfCt . late of Wa-liington city, l? t) , de c a-< d. A !| person* having ciaim- ag?ia t the said >'?r aaed nr?- ber^ty war-?-< to e\h b't th- sam -, with ihf ?oatb?r? therei f to -h* <n'?cr'h?r, en rr b?f'i? the 2d dar of Ma r-tt; they may Mknahi bi l?w be aiflnded fr m all t-enefit of the ?:??' e?i*-e UiTen under n>> band th;? 2<l day of May. IH76 tr.).Vw .V CH?BS SCHNEIDtK, Execnt .r. IN T B I StPBAMSrcu BTor THE DISTRICT <?P OoLC M HI A N'T?' Tf m. Prribal' JuTnlirtion. Miv hi t87< lu the matter of the will ..f C WULf Application I. r |ett?r? testaiuentarv ?h? astate of' ?ii?-ad *i-If. of the Di?trlct >f ' 'olambia. h?? tnii day tnal' ?v Ilarta ti -rina W .M ?!,(? John V >e ei-*r All per-..n* int>*r?"ted ar?- her"?y notified to ap P*ki in ti i? conrt >ti TI ESDAb. th*- ^t"? dav of May roxt. at U o'clock a m.. to ahow cause why letters te-t.?n>entary on the estate of 'he said deceased sh^oKI not taatie a* prayed Prort'lrA acpt of t???- 'rd"r be pnh|i~h?d once a w>*?k thrit w>e|t? in the E-eninc btar pr?Tton? "> ?be ?aM day. Teat' A.WKBS1EB. Ill'3 t It' R?ei?ter at Will* \ATTANS CRYSTAL D1SCOVKHY FOR THE HAIR FOB 1 *?Tn|iiNG OB AT OB f\D?D H AIB TO ITb NAT I HAL AND 1OLTII El'L COLOB. It mvki? hrasb, dry and wiry hair smooth and e' s-y It eradicates DautTrufT and Its <xvasiunal arplirattoti prtvi iita at d alops the hair falliue Wartanfftl t.. n st ire the color in three to ten Ahjf, Cutitaiue u< thine ? ver ? f an nnheaithv < r p la consiature. n i r-iutie shaking. d> s c t i I nmor tte tu ?-r n?'l?; nor. in fv-t hn it i at* "f the i t'ji-otioii* eo jn-tly nrged against 'ha.| Sr'plitir ?*' d !?? *d x sj. r ,tires io the markets. Has I eet' naed for ctarl> eigut y?ar-i now wi h c jnatant ly fD' r>a?ie!: ???manil. AH Till K NATTAS9. f>rns?iar. PBOfKiETOB. a>)2tr id and l)?trwan<irtb??t. LVNCUE< >N, TOR TBAVELEBS. IX .'UBflONISTS, PIC NIC PABTIK3. SPIC1D POTTED M EATS,(in tins.) ?-/"POTTE" HA* an1 flEEF at ? cent* a csn. enongh for aaudtaichea for six p-raous. Also, LAME. DUCK, CUIJKKN. TCHKKt. il. W. Bl'itf HKLLi 13.T2 F at net REFRIGERATORS. m The Try, <"o!d Air, and otberl 'be^t trakee ?t prices to suit I the lues Alao. W EB t'OOLEBS "n band 'ni: lr>- ot the Warrea and other firtt claaa UASuEB K F. NIWPNOX, apI9 7t Bt wart Storeh use, inn} fa. are. PIANOS AND CR<^NS AT GBKAT BAB UAINS. 40 PIANOS from #15 to ? '(JO ??? .to OLOANH and MBLODEOHB from'" in ? 3' to ?UV. New PIANOS from ?3U0 acd up, new OBOANS from S 71 ai.d np, at J P FLlilN A CO ??, 43T Pennay .Tania areune. Bole Agenta for Cbirkering and Weber Pianos and gmlth American Orgapa. ap29 Iw HP CHINA, CROCKERY, CUTLERY, riiATEH-AVARK, BOUSEFURNISHLNG (;OODS, REFRIGERATORS, ICE CHESTS, COOLERS, Ac WEBB * BITBKIIKIB, at?' tr 1009 Penn'a are , near 11th street "J B ai ? .V > FCR THE HAR3 TIMES. READ T1IIS. A GOOD FCLL SLIT FOB ??*, Actual Value 014 A V EET GENTEEL "11T EOB 910 Actual Valoc ?li. QllT* A NICE SUIT FOB ?ia, Actual Value ft 11. FINE ALL-WOOL SCIT3 FOB f 1 Actnal Value ?2i. I1.I0ANT BU31NI>S 9U1T3 FOB SIS, Ac'ual Value S2?. VEUY SCTKBIOB 8LlTd FOB ?20, Actcal Value 949. FINB C( STOtt-MADB SUTTS FOB f iA, Actual Valae %'M BOYS' CLOTH I SO AT THE SAME LOW RATES. HABLI BROS, Marcnant Tailors and Fine Olothiers, apJ7 tr Carait TU a?d M atraata Taylor a hufty, HAVB BEUI CED TBI PBI'JBS OF TUB1B LKLKBRATED DOUBLE YOKE 8HIK JV as follows: Quality Io. 1, |N M, Fonaarly tMJI. M M ?. |8?; - ?MM. - - i.9*m - taae " 44 *.??*; - gmjm. aartitr AVN IOI R DMBBBLLAB AND PAKA ^ BOLS COVEBBD AND BEPMBED, at A WM JbOGEBS* X Mll li' 4Hi 11th at., abora Penna. ara. ^ OPTIC1AB NOTICE?Ha*tng dUpanaed with all aaleaman mraatka*. Ac . I procura emir tfa baat fooda for the aoaar. ai* rrirr Ml ?r Mlh.m^ww?KiMl. nor'h'sat. - ii? IBTaNTBD-Ab expeiHeore?| AOCOITNTABT i? f" op d lo *11/ eagag* tn-nt, temporarily r per ? t' , in'ilra ? a < n-t? a ?p ctal j Aldr>ss ? 1 I > ' *? Ftar . I UMM? l a reepe ,ao.e ?[ii e .n.afliTu ? TI<'S" in - ku.1 re * in ft far* If, or t? ?*?? r ? -Mia ber? or k Artd K? UK \ M RE 3?, I*- of flit my3 >?* *%T \ i 0?irum-riatelv?? <>IuL io opera's on vv r-wing nsi?c'-in? at d a?-1st on costs AU >, > w t.,. the i ft'If nt d- r? *i d? lijr.ii k**?tt g FRANK M ABBOK. 7 4 llthrrw. mv3 2t* ft \ AN K ?? On i|i?< t* A L K LVOV; none ** ? nt ilif ni *i <? nip- ,-nt "ill wi *> t*?a l>?? ? o| ?f'WFMItklM ' PP >' BTld tfi M1I.LI SKRS it Sirs t klNG'j. rfirf P i ?? .(? ?'!;u id" i m'5 "t \\ N"?li ft-H> ft 'aniilr of tt>r?? a-r^ois. a mid ' * ?! ?n- d ? hire or c >1 t?.,j w )M * N. who ii a ' ra ? cook warher aid lron?t, beat of c'tr ence* r'- i'i e?t. No. ivOS Uth at. n w aiy3 3:* v\ N1 H ?h> * ii ? 4 f a.rd ? . ? < a!*ii't " 1 .(IN a Hi u k ? p-*r an I S?im-tr g h*< h'r ?r. w?i t t .cbit'c r ft rpncte tichitit*). Address-? LOR*fcZO " Star nfli-? tr 3 ?t* \%'ANTID?A yonng MAN. ?ith one or two 1* >?a t" ex pt rience In the ding binintw; Put ?nai p ifer.ia JOS N HoLUR ifkS, SJOOH 7.h ?'r ??' rortbwrst. above Row <lar?. ra-3 3.* 11/ A*iTKD-AD ?ct??e, Itdimrlaui while WO ?" *1 h f r gi r 'tbI hon-ework in a mi.ill fam It . I1 u?t nnf well rec.'nimendel; a *<>o1 borne a d libera' wages offered. Appi* at 933 M street #'N"I tnvfl-J.* W'AMK'?A J od( ni:tn of nnliaait d educa tion a;e mora babits deslrea E.MPLOIT VKN"? In to me Mb r?M? colling: best i It. refer given Ad't es? E.<J.G.,o43 Massachn-ot'a aver we i ortb< a?t. or call at thai > umber. m>3 .It" U' A N *1 t P? * flr-t el*-- Ml Ll>l N KR, who un der-tanda making and trimming. Apply be fw ? et: the hour* < I 9 and '0 in th m irnlrg and 4 at.d <S In thtev ?? uli-g. at Wme L P JEANN ?KH I, 1 .'t?9 P'-nns) h ama avet ue mv3 2 * *\f AM KO?A good- r-*llftble whttw WjM\N " ( Protestant >to cook for a fau'lirof lo p-r SOB-, to fUrb a wonian, who i? able to do light w-rk a good. perm?nei.t h tue can be given. &d dn- s B? x *, Starotfi. e myl 3c W AN'i KIf? An edii"*t..ii lad* ?mta a HUM ? in ?? a re^^??ctable lami'v a* governe's, do oewin^, or m y light b ?n*cWork, mv obje<-t Is to seja' a [? mai.t uf h. me: won d take cb*r?e of a kiii ill child. Address Miss K B. L., tlijr J ost OfliCf. It* %%'A.K Tltl? ? In m.-dlat?l??a ?err c mp -ent. ? ? hiiiiet-f. reliable c<,l >ted or white Wi)*l A V. to *o to 1^ ct Tork to do the wot k of two In f*mi'v; i e lest if rife:ence? rrquiT'-d; waees % It p-r mo-tli App y at the Etir-ka Kmpb-ym'-nt f ffice VOfiP street MbH LOl BtrfLKH Ic* ll' Bt a toopc map a flTI'ATtOB to ** learn >ign p? n'ii -j fre?c >, or coach pa'ntin?. Address 'Painter," Star office tnyl St* IVANTH'-A sjoc.d, L1VK M AN to canva s the '? cty Ira patented artifle Apply to K M. BrKt'tiARU, 354 I'enna a enne my2 31* tmfXNTBD-A SlABSTliESi, at 145 . Gutrgetowr, D 0. t street cars pass the door m? 1 2?* \V A^T? ' - Bra respectable color-tl airf. a SI r. ' * OaTION as nii'He ai.d to do iK'lit ebatnb r w rk. goad rtlerences. Ad ire>s Q1BL. ? tar of Bct- By2'2t* U: ANTll* TUHLL-Pi'lINT ?? r I-" ? < B UK PC'BTflMe l.t-lcaM. fnm ?8|7 to iN?i, incn ?ive, also, aevetal odd nnmbers. very cheap, at B" katire. No. lSi^9H 7th st. northwi-st. myt-2i' \\ A NT Ei.?tight Whito Girls (Oormans p e t i rut i. for ttf?t olaes h-tel in tbls cltj. al o. I nr V* bi e Laiindre?se? Call immt'iiately at 4'i* Tth -tre?t northwear second tl >or myl Jt IV AN ' IP- !?eni> Oooks ind II iQse QirU to <> " to Philadelphia; they ?ii k*vnt<. be realt to l? are tl is c ity by W edij -day. 3d instant. Applr at 4-J5 "th street northwe>t my9 2t BB* a >T BL-li.inr Me- f.?ri ?irv work, two Dresa ?" niHki-ia. one <'oacbn:an, t *o Kami Hinls.t'O W hitt-1 <vks Natiot al Kt?i I >yment Otlice, Ii m ?-'4 , corntr 7th aid f sts Pan ilies suppl>-d. m2-2t* \1 AMBI-A TBMaNT f >r 1341 13th atreet, ? ? between N ai <1 ft sts noribwe?t. a h >ns? of si* r > Uis aii* -annicr kltrhen, Ur^a pleasatt ya d Apply <>n the prenii?s mv2 Jt* II ABTBI ? An ? xperi,"nr*- 1 and cotnp tent mid " die a^ed WHITE WOM AN as g ,v?rn -,a, to t k- Ii, : g?- ? t a rfptdei re an>i the rare , f children. Arp'^ ei iv3l N atrett noitii?est,bftwe?n 11 a. m. ? c.d 2 o'clock p m my2 tt \1'AM UlT-TKNANlS f i one beautif il P*rlor ? ? ard Beitr kidi it two Uedro ms on ?ecooti tl->o', No III 2<l street lo rtbwest; delightful locAtioo, ? uo I ?lf Miner* fr m Pe.m a enue a-.d s'reet cam, a! r. ? det i, iBiprovumenta; ret t aeseonable. ni? 2 3;* J D. HOTTON VB'a NTFD?By a I'entksylvanla filrl a?t-d 16, a ' ' PLAOB aa child's tiurae: best of reference*, ''all <r ar'dres"'Oa-rie," I 53*J iJolunbia street, bet Vthand 10'Ii and 1' aod Q myl 3c* W'ANTED? sn? being with brains can ? ? Binke |ft0n ? cuoutn aelliog oar I etter 0 >py lug Book Any one tha' Ha.- a leitcr to write wt1! tin it No pre?a or water ns?d: send A3 for a im rl-. ? i stamp fot circular EXCBL8I0B 00 , Iti Trjl une hnf ding.Chicago, III mayl lm* U AftTBl>-lBHBedtatel\-30 COOKS7~nH aM BB MAlOB. WAITbkSSES and Nl'USs.8 for the city and Oentennial; als >. gwd plscea in the c. niitty f rmen and women with good ffornnres. Appl) at the Enreka Employn ent Offl-e 907 O t. myl 3t* Mas IOPIbB C. BUTLBB. IVAHTBD?Por fash?A partial or aomplete '? orPlt K OUTFIT. 8. T X.. Htar office. apM St* \%,r A ST ED?Oarpeta iofeatnl with Moths to clean ? ? and at the rat'e time restore them to th Ir ori t,al trigb'Lesa. with or without removing from the floor, kk ar d grease spots a specialty Washing ton Carpet bino atlug Co., 1414 PaBBsyl^ftnia avenue^ ap? 1 m W^bnted-bul'HTv labt warrants' ? WILLIAM H. BB K, t?pl9 lm* Cor. Lcnislana av? and 5 h s rust. \\ AN1BI>?JUU MEN?Preference givejto tho>e vv ijx f(*t and over in height Will be need d to s?rve a- auxiliaries in the grand tragedy,"Julius Oaar." Apply to S H IH'FPIBLO, 8'age M?n a?er aplg tt WANTkP?UORSf 8 to pa*tnre or fe?d; farm on 7th street road, near ellgo P. O., M ntg in ert Co Md OHOLAttn. apl7 lm* \\" AN1 E1)-('A bPETH TO CLBAN at Rut's vv Si'itn h'ntin* WtwAn, 490 Maine avenue, herween 4ft and 4th atreeta aoathweat. Oall-d for and delivered ?ithont charge. apll ly BB.' ANT ED?tteutleman to know that WILLIAM '? MOOBE Merchant TaUor, 1011 New Tork avenoe. aiakee a saerlaltv of catting garments to be made at home. uo v 19 ly LOST AND FOUND. IDfT-A Gold S'f'lIT X PIN. A -.uitBble re * ? std w ill be p tiu ob ita return to 921 B ntreet Bori bwest. It* 14'ST? Vn>tndHy atieraooB, oi 9 h street, be jt*e?.n !? ens ??. a pair of gold ^ BPBOTA fLEt*. The tinder wtl? be' atiltalTy re*aidei'b I evtrg same at 1010 Pen"< njhania a\e. Bi rihw<-t. It* 1_o7T?a cbtoT? Gold K! H PIN. ?at with a rnw J o! tnrgnci-e. las- S-ttuid*> . ai Mariul'e tlali, or OuiDgont. A libera re? aid will be *aid for the i;tue st t? (iOLC^TElN & CO '8. bill Peftnt.vl a alMMtM. CjK-BT.WaBD-Lo?t. a rd I'ti'" KBT B ?OK, V*'^t'ti I'll u Eiac; i P'.iiladelphia car tickets, a> ii tb' < vner's ca??.s l'.'turn tV VILLIAfll E, 6WABK. 0a?Cftic? It* w *! HI W ABO- Lo? ?? *1 it day evening, a i lack '~'f Mid taL G > P. Ai -v. rs to name of '-V? ' Kun '' Alore rew rd it returned I Kl AH LL'.S , fiO"> Pniaa>lvauia ave. norm >wt. my3 2t It tT?At the juncii n ?l 'he Avenue aiid l4fh J str<et c?r? a bi.t ch o< KBYd 1 h" fltiOer ?ill i siiiJuMy r? wa> d-.d t b> r?ttl!Tl?S It into 7 .4 1J h alrevt nerthwest. ^ m; 3 It* | t ST-NEWFOt ND1.AND PUP.atn Btbs ?ld: I J tluck. wl. h w b.'e p iiiti ?4 reward. ^? "V LI. W lb H. bTAMON, 17 tl Rhoda Itiand avetice. my? it* 1'AHtN I P THEhPaBSlNC.-a te.1 and white COW Tte owner will conse !? rwsrd.__^ pis cLarge* and <ako a ' a? B LTi'MDjT Water s'reet, Otorgetoaa myI3t* 111* ^1 Ha VKO?Krom the st?N> ?'f the aubacrlber on tte lilfht of April 28ih a tu.l bl tod'd 4L-- M 1 F.1.NE1 BL'LL A liberal tewprd will beC^T pai<i to anj one retntcl-jg him or fa: nisi iPg?*" III irmailoB leadiug to nii I Cj<erf. ALi*RT Gl KarON (j st'e*t. h*?w?en 7 h ?n l jth myl-?t* IOeT?Oo Surday. April 3', octi turtle shell t BKACf.' ET. g' 13 c'.aip. ir woeu the corner of ft-haid I streets and 8t. Al t -ins Church. 1 he Onder ?i I terewarded by l?^iieg it the Atterl >an1?a8t. re, corner 7t A and litraatl. mvl St* l:EFRiGEBATOUb WA TER Ai*OOLEK8. Large stork of good niakts, at prices. GEO WATT* * fo , tlol'as #CR?si-Hito Sto**, SI 4 7th street, above Perji. aranoe fHE BEST MARBURO BROS. 8XAL or H0BT11 CABuLlBA SXtOBlK? TOBACCO apl3 1m 10 ABD <0 PENT PACKAOBh. CABD.-Old VEILS and the oldest klnl of CRAPE madeeqaa* to new at DAVlh*. 710 Market t?,see, ap*7 ?!* Oorner of oth atreet. FOB RENT AND SALEL |/OR R? liT-A fi.e ro m HOUSE ha." s<iua-e s fr m F atpee: ftr?, tw tail w'a'er N ? 4 0 D>4 ! St., Georgt town ln,|n*r? at Ho. ? 2 myS 3t* L'OK KtNT?H USI-HH) SOUMS,?a ?ii>* ?r ? #i. ?le. at Mo. 1234 lltb street, c?rt -r cf N st, I northaeet^ BiJ)t f:OR BEST?T*? furnished or unfi'msted lOOim, suitable hxiiri'tilu; 1 4 ?? 0 Rhode northwest. mj3 2t* r,*61TBENT-~A~H'.CSB and *T >BI. on >i itraat I ote door from tnrtw of 231 street northwest App'T H torLor of 6ih mo | iu. i w. asy3 #t* L'OR R^fcT-Th'w o^iirabif Ki.'OtVS, niuMi ! I I' ' ?Bi *1 N<> 4<i Pennn irtnn*. between I anr 6tb sis Apply to B H DUVALL. m S fit K'OR RKNT-TLree I NH KNI'lllIt BOOMS. od flc~>r, suitsble for housekeeping tt 1 No. S06 7th?t.,Mw?fD H aid I n w. myStt* H't'B BEBT- A three a-orr HKt'JK MOUSE; wa'er. gas, and h?li r-ntfts 70 : Bbode Island wan*. Apply Wo HOB Lrt. nrthwest m.3 *t l/OK R? NT-ru BNISH K l) HOUSE, to parti w ? *1 nout children or two ?entl?*aien. f ?r iqiiiiim1 ?JllM uflTe ?*??, Mil ba-.h, ??0 p?r m >n>h 1332 8th ?>?. my* 3 * IfOB RIBT-Twu b- aiiiiinl unfurnished BOO 43, (on nmcicatiig, 3d flaor,) delightml loom.a; gas and bath Apply on premises, 4014 1* h ?'r?et sorthweat; rent 910 ffOK BI8T-Mf (JELY ((JKNitfHaD UOUoB, on very moderate terms containing 11 ro m*. aitb all m< dern in prorements. Apply at Ho 3t?4 E atreet northwen. myj F'OR RXBT?A BTOBK ar l i?j u I iroisbcit Be*p>, sl? Fnrni*bed Kooo, 'fpirAt^, ou second floor Loointaaa avtcnj, Ho. 6lO App'y on tbe premise*. ni 3 St I^OR BENT?No. Pi'J zlst arret nortbwe-t, r 3-atorj BRICK HOIIHK, wlih harl bni:dln(4 'J r 'tns.bstb. ??, Ac. Ritit t?t> per month. Aptly to B B WESt^OTT,ocruer 30th and I sti eet? north weat. my3-2w* |ftib RKNT.-The LaU<K -TORB No 6*hT7 E avenue is for reut; the location is r n!r*l, and the rent reasonable * l?o, some very desira ->Ie f,Ir tish ?>r i nfurolghed Boo.i s iu the same bulldln ? . Apply at 6at> Pi'tina avenue my3 3f* l^fjR RENT? A i!e*. 1 at or* and l> >aenient Brick ? BKSIltitP CE with all m -d' rn improvements, and h*n<tsomely furnished; large vard a> 1 flue fruit tree*, sll deligbfully lot Ve<t, -.uited to a >mall f ?in ily; terms mcdi rate. Imuireon premises. t3- 3 p street northwest. m>3-3s* F'OB RKNT?# rooa s No 10 Gra?t street p.w .11 ro-m? i iO<J?rn ccn^enbncc- h l?i:i 1 ?t-eet D.w., fu'lilshed. Mo 221 l?tit, s e. 9 iooni<, ttj >i erti cotiTenicncea No. 1323 ? orcoraa at , 11 rooms m< dern couvetiien f? No. 302 7th st a w , U ro. nn.of'er; c Lve&iem e? No riv.'t Pa ?v?nn? n .w . 2d. 3d 4?h and ftth floorn. K. W. U! l.LKK 4CO,^No. 913 F street no-thwtst. my3 Jt h'OR RKST-Ta~ma!I KOTSB, No. 122? ti'h ?tieet northwert; ?iit?-r a' >1 gas B22i,ri uion*? Ap^v lit 1*1* H ?tre*t hKNT ??oiAi^^.coaDUiUiit< Htin? BOOHS, I convenl?-nt to ca s 313 P -t fet, between 3d and 4H strenn. 8( iiih Waablnsfton myl St* L^'tR KENT ? BOOMS in all portion* of thecltj. I Dencripfion and tetm* Klvt>n. Apply to B r. FOWTBH. rmrthweat ctrner 7th and Q *ts. my J 6t* FV?K R*NT- II ?Ui?K 2207 uTtre^t Uitrtht Poftaea?k<B given 'ore l?t " >St* M TRIMBLE, 614 13th street. l/fH K it NT?Two or thr?e c- tntor^able Ktirn'~hed I KOi'M!1 plea^anlly located. Apply at 101 3 3'li ?tie?*t r.orthut?t mySSt* F'i'K BKVT-hOtiMi*, cmpl ti* f.>r li n?elteep ii g, o- ULfaroibhed if deilred 4t 13 I * O street nor hwiat m*yi st* F"OR BENT?Three aix ro<.ni BKI<'K HOlToES. cellar, water. Ka* at d l.ath; 141.'?. 1421 ar 1 ? 4 23 T afreet nortbweat QU per month. AppU toA.B CAY Wi?OI), 11* 11th atreet n w myt 3i* I^OR REhT? K< or Diifornlaheit BOOMS. ?tiu*Mo or he ntekfepip*, record fl <or; rai and b?th Appl> N^>. 1302 ?th atreet northweat. Rent per motitli. niyl It* I^OR RENT?Two elegantly rami'bed BMr)M?, 1 airgl* or en suite; to gentlemen; ba'h. h->t and c M water. Ac 100} 3"h atre-t n utoweM, one d -or rorth of Monut Vernrn P'ace my2 3t* L,( B RENT-^On Capitol Di? I. with or without ? Board, one nicely Furni*b?l BOOM, with iiie of ba>h room and parlora. Apply at 112 4th a^et aonih aat llefeiencfea re-nilrm myt St* f^OR RENT?I'nrlnv ma mer moutha. No. 1313 M atreet handaomely fnrui-hed; all m Jern isn pro\rnienta; ten rooms. Bent #75 per month. Pos aefion Jane 1st. myt 31 THQ8 E WAOOAM AM. 319 7th st. tfOR BENT?No 4 36 O atreet north west, ad fin ing Hetrt.politan MethnlWt Church; eleven r<itr?. gaa ?nd water Apply to JOHN I). M> PHKBSON, Attorney at Law, 307 D -treet nonliweat m>2 3'. L^OK BENT ? fhree comtortably fnrt>i?h,"l '~"m ? niunirating BOOMt*. south front, at 1321 K etri-et Terrua #.'? p^r ru >tth also. ROOMn at 924 I"*h street. Apply at th*? Irtiug Library. 1 321 K wre. t m>2 3t* |^l?B RUNT?a BKIOK No. 317 HeU I ware avetue north?-aat containlos; six roctii' a?<d 'null Kara Bnilding of three rooii><; wa'er and go d aewerage in the house. Apply at 313 Dela ware av- n':e. my2 ft* LmTr to NT-BOt?*lt?-Larg^. plea-^a and well ? Kcrni-hed BOOMS, with or witnotit Bjard T.ible R.i ird'ra desired No 932 ? street, between 9th and 10th streets. my2 2w* L'UH d-NT-btJl bK ~ . fcflh H street n irin ? west, ten 'O nis. etchnlve of pi'jtrvanl bath '"Hi, modern ini|>rovtni?rits: in good order, and ta* hne Brick Biabie in rear. Reut very low ni)!-3t TH08 B. WAQQaMAN. 319 7th st. fi* R R> S - 'iiriiinhtd or unfurnished, one or tw ? very nice ROOMH, with all the m dern im prr,%ernei,ta. in a <jni?t. respectable neiijhborlioid, ? i l-in ten niiiiutes" walk of the Arlington. Call r.r address O M O., l.'tl* L street. References ci cfcarged. myt St* |yOB BfcNT?A BAKKKT, DWEM.INO ard " bToBI with an established trade of two years' staiidii.g; all the conveniences of a flrs cl >?s b>isi u?e?. <>2" H street n~>rth ast For ,erms, Ac, irp'v t' B. B COTTRELL, corner 11 aireet and inoiara arerne. iiit2-2w H'ttR BENT?Thre? nicely Furnithed KOOM8, coi sia '-rf; of fr>>nt parlor, bed room and dluing r?" in common?ca?ing; ba h room, Ac . with every ?<n'enient? for housekeeping, t-> parties witbont hildrer Terms moderate. Apply at 432 K str-et, between 4th ai d 6th sireets northwest. myl It* L'OB RBNT?A small F ABM ca>t be rented cheap 1 half a mil* fr'm Oontees "tatlon .on the H. and 0 BR. sixteen miles from Washington. It con tains .bout 40 acres, with sue peach trees, best les other frclt. (Pnspejt for peaches this summer la tine.) It baa a fin" Dwellitig; a ater conveui nt, and for other information refer to W. J. PBBBY.Con tee a statir,n; or, JAMBS NBWLANVS, Chairman of inte'fereacea at the Patent OfPoe. myl-4t* l^OB KENT?^Three en suites of BOi?MS, with ? se\eral single, at 1213 Franklin Row. K street. The loca ion of this houae fot a summer residence hae bat few etinals, being situated m an elevated IK sition.and is in sight of Franklin Square. Tiie chariots passing the do r gives speedy access to all parts of the city. For the >un>mer mouths these roenis will be let at an naprec> dented low figure Thecoisine of the bouse Is in the hands of an expe ri-i ced caterer, with cooks aud assistants that it.snres a table unsurpassed by any bo trdiag-house in tbecity. Table Board, 913 per mouth, 91 per da> for transient. myl 2t* LHH BENT-Taostory PBES8 BBIUK HOtSE", 1 Ho 14 It** 8 street; 7 rooms and bath room; m.>d em improvements. In.iuireon premises. myt-3t Fm^r RBNT?Three communicating B')OM4. on tecoiid floor, with water and gas; 422 11th stre?t northwest. myl 3>* I^'OR BBMT?Elegant 1st ire BOOM8 bandse m ly I (nrnbhed; m slerate prices, at 141T O atreet, all nu ilern conveniences. myl 3t* |,'"h BENT-HOL'bE No. 1010 10th s'reet. orth A v e?t; ail modern Iniprovements. Apply ?10 litth ?tnrt myl 3t IVR BENT- At *2? 12*h street northwest, a few r Fi BNIsH EV BOOMS; location convenient and pleasaut, and rent very reasonable. myl St* l^OB BENT-a fnrni,h<d BINQbE BOuH, fo. a ? gei.tbruan; Das large closet ard south frontMery c?toi aud plraeantfor ?ommer: <*33 K st myl St* L,*0B RKN7 ? HOUSE of eight rooms, witn a.I ? ni'tier n convenience* No. 1t28 K atreet nor ii we t. Apply at l**20 K street d. w myl St* j^t'H BANT?PBA MI HOITttc with store rx>m 1 at'ache^, No 21 9'h ?triet nor hetst, U"ar Ba-t C'apt ol st. GBO F. HaBBaN, 333 Peun. artaaua acuth -aat. myl 3t* l^OB BENT?Six r. m HOC?*?. No 479 Mis E icort avenue between 4S aiid 4th st reefs; also tta< le with 2? s'alls. Apply to JAMBS KELBH ?8, No. 423 8th ?tre?t nortbwewt myl 3t* H'cr KkNT-No. 1311 Oolumi>:a street 2 -tory BBICK H' lJS*. 6 ro. ma bail, water, gas. and (Hlsr: froi't. side ar d back \ arda Apply t > D It HORh.igON.Me 1013 k " northwfst myl 3t* FOR REHT?"At reduced prlcea," th" floe it suite -f OFriOE ROOMS In the city; 6<U F str-t t<rth*cat; buM Ing formerly occup'ed by the *ec on<l National Bank. STBVENBON A fc03?BTS, Real Estate, Loans and Inaurance. myl <t l/i RMH-KliA M E HOl'SK six ro >ms N >. r 1333 ivtti ?* n< rthweat, ? et?e. nNanl Otu ; let H feet 1 Inch front, oy 1? t??t dee? to a 30 foot l-ave.1 alley . Inau're Of JOHN U. 8TE W A R" ls'OR BUT?Hul'SK "*3| 14rU gtrewt, next to a corner of I s r?et; la rooms, all modefa iiapror - nents; verv deaunb'e location. rent reaauD*blfl Apit.J t? 6? )? W. DRIVER, corner Penna avAw and 4H st myl St' FOB HKNT-FI. e FSOnFbOOMS. furnished or unfurnlahid; bath and gas; withi ut board; fine l< C'ltlon opposite tbe Botanical Garden, facing the Capitol; immediate possession loft 3d s;reet north myljr l/OR RBaT?The WHITNEY HOUS*, north I side or the Captt 4: furnished. the bar roon is in pertect order; will rent to a desirable person on verr terB" Apply at WHITNEY HOUSB, *1? Ta aware avenue northeast. my) jt Is ou BENT?H0l'*B 40?s New Jer^y avonae a ron beast pieeeed brick front, with gas bath a rellgbtful cool res ? iVi ?L .*h *#r n"'?!h- If dM'r<xl> tbe fnrnitnre #' a i 11 "n "'"ftbly pay men's W. W. MET my I K P |B RSNT FOB. B.X MONTHS, or Lease for , ibreajta s with Furnttnre. Horse ami uarriage, .,t r ont Fu?ni nr??a IRK'K MANSION of 1 ro m?; in acres of lan< ; fine lawa; fine view of rli ec. tea mlnii e fr..m depot; traina every hour to ;,iTHmnP,1'Ud;l'h'V ,A??? ?- * Mir MTH on premlata, Be!per Place, Wilmington, 1 ,K myl eofll I70R BEBT-A small HOUSE, thoroughly furn r la bed, ia tha Wset Bad. from tbe Sratof June till tbe Aral of October. Beat moderate to a desira hie tenant Good references raqslrtd. Addreas '? Famished HOUBE," Star Office aaW tt* f^OB BALK?Two valuable LOTS ? hy 106 feet, 1 on Mb atreet, betweea P aad Q; 9160 cash; bal ance In flvejaara at six par oent. utaraat. Inqnira at 627 Tth street north weet. apttla Bj*OB BBHT-No. EOS Mh, between ? and W r streets northwest, coatalniaf alevaa rooms, cel lars; all voders hajirovsassata; apleadid I tcarioa, eppoaite Judiciary Ftiaara Apply ta AJIDBBW B. LLYaLL, corner 4H and D atraato. apK ft FOR RENT AND SALE. F'OU R??T-N"icely f<fni?*ei K ? iM"*. with ll>t cltM Bj*rd *i?ttat.l? f ir (i>il ?mil *nl wtfe or t?>> ?:o?le t ntl?n. n. in pri*?'e fa?H) Bi>ttril ci#i H tflf, r -"l f >r slabU; r*(TfiicM required. Apply at ??< I * street u >r-h w?tt. myl St* ITOH RENT? A rare 'batce? \ pert "f ? nicely r furnished UUl"-* t. r hons?k?? ping in ? i> llahtful 1< miltr. in the liae "t llth ?tr-et ; half sqnare ftcn c?r-; >-11 'h- rno.1 m improve n.enta fit # cellar ud ;ird B?'? r*n et e\c>?e gal, 14*1 W Mmt. ?P? >?_ l^OB BENT-HOIHE B<v ? oa F street. ta r tween 9th and Iftih.cot-taming seventeen r > ?ma and bath-r. '>o?. with m.s1< rn improvement. eecoed fl ? r containing (ire largercoma suitable f <r -ffi -* ll-tjulreNo 4 03 7lh street nortbweet J? l^OR BENT?A b-auftful three atorv HOCil, r containing thirteen rocma, btth ro mi, wa'er closet. range Lttr.b*. hot and co d water. Ac.; atabl*. carriage bouse. fl je vards. t>on rail'n* >?> marble coplrg, fountain. Ac ; one ?inar? Tr.>m ??reet cart, rtrwt oorcreted. Bent for all to a *o tenant. |U per month. in advance Stable aiidcar riaao b< uae cau ta ranted. Ingnire of B?v. w # ITAH8 429 13th street eonthwe?t ap?8 <t P)B BALE-Two story Brick HOU8B Ho -09 4th (treat northwest. containing ae?ea ro- ms, water ana (a*, berk and side allay, for part ten - lilt apply on the pr?mitea. aaJ4 lm F~0B BBBT-Firat dwa BE-MUEBt B. with ail modern improver ei t.. on Bh<>1e 1-Uu 1 a?e , No. 1213; ?U1 be vacant root time d?:tng tba in ntbofMay. Applr tuj. J Oil BUD. 1 40* llih itrrt _ ap*4-Da LMK HINT?On.- of those de treble new Brick r HOlbfcS. No "J 3.1 W a:re?t nortbwe.t; cjn tali a all molero impr<->em?n:a, ?oe^t>seioo siren Hay 1st. Itjutr yAMIg T DAVI8" SOXS. apt! Tm Sill Pa. ave . uud?r Metropolitan Hotel l/OR SALA?New UOTHB.tive room*, water and r ttber coi-vctiiencea. No 161** 4!h nrfft.nfw Bnccdary. Long time given Price O2.T00 Apply to WILlETA L1BBEY. arK lm Cor Few York ave and 6ta atre;t. I' /Oli BALE?HOI'S K1006 11 street northwest tfcem it desirable house in thatnelghborhoo-l; I e< ery m ?iern co&veniet ce; will be eolj at asacil , ffce. Apply to WILLBf * L1B?BY. Lun.t'^r Mrr?-hmnte. apH lm Corner 6th at. and Bf? York are. F'OB BINT?'HB WJ1.KK8 HOU8B. N ?rih I'spiiol Ktreet, 59 roctna: locavi >n <J?-ligh'lu'; I witti'n ? f? *' f ep? of toe < ?pitol To a re?p >'i?it>le i p?Ttv gaW) pf r anucBi. Apply to Nation*1->avin<? | Bat k apzt eoS* BsLK?Vr tirhaix* f >r r>th~r ar:'P"rtf?A I i Cue Bk.:i l?k N' C o? erl..jkiLU the ci'T. and ?itha\lew of 20 nnlt? d-wa ihe Potomac. All modern contetietcoo; 18.9UJ fcet_ of lard rb s; mid on f ood terics. E J 8*TJEITt hpJl ft! t Tth ?treet. l/t'B liBNT?1 he t!r?-ir?l'!p tUrae at^ry ana b*v r n.eot bBICK M No. llfi U sir t ' n<'tthweat, C'niainii g niue ro< iu?. AI#o, No IO J J | K?h Mreet northwect. crntainiii!? oiue room*. Al? ?. ' No *J4 iOlh street northwest, containing ? *en roepi? These h"??es coiitam all theni*d in lm pr?*emecf?. Injnlra of JAMBS tf. lt.\KlilK, , ? 10b H atreet nr>fthwe?t. apil Iw tiOB BALK?A Uir?.- s'ory BUI 'K BE -17 llKN''B. tfih ttr<'?t north-rear. 9 roonia. ?>?tli and all modcru convetiieti* es. price low; term* easy r. W MILLER A CO., IapIO Tw 91 '? K street por'h? ?-nt. L'OB BENT?Furnlohed oi tiuftimi?ht?1. thr- mo?t I desirable and pHmant subnrban BESIOENi'E i in the District; 7th a t mile* from citv; 5W yard* fioni 8ilv. r Spring depot. Mrtrjprrlitan R R . frntr, vce< tab'f a. Ice. aii<1 pnatnre in aMind*nce;U ro ^n; aoold not obje?tto rentiuc for summer b >ardiug lQ'i*e; part of rtnt taken in board. ap!3 liw L'OB BENT-A three story BB1CK UOIT8E, ten II rooms; bas ?aa. w.ter. bath ro >ro. d imb ??!>r In baxement. kbchen, ami li?ater. Be'.t S<S per month Apply ^l'i'l ? "tree? northwest. ap!7 3w* Ij^OR 8ATE ? In the Oonntrv ? A comfortable ? DWELLINd of l.t rooms, w'thin five mioate# walk of %mme!id?le, Baltimore and Ohio railr>>*d. alfo. fine Bonding Bites; Bolltrn; and Beautiful ronntr>: w< 11 watered. Addreaa DaNIEL AM MBN.BaltTUle.Md. aplt lm L'OB BENT-HOIWE No ?1I N-?w Jersey a?e r ntie noithweat, between t and G streets. 9 r cms. gas and ?a>er; good yard, g.>< p?r m ?tirh Apply to t?.0 JOHNbON. 7 l!? I3lb atreet north we-t. a?H lm 1/OR BENT?Three story at.d tiao^men' BHK3K I DWELLING with brick stable, 1-J19 lu<h street noithwest. For health, architectural design at d hrnie c> mf> rts Is nn?>nrp?ssed SMALL WOOD A MOBBISON, apll lm No. 31.? 7th atre-t. l/OR BENT?One of the i iceet and moat conre ? nieut HOl'BEss in the District,with all modern improvement*, and containing twelve ro m*. situ ated corner ttli and G streets s nttea<t Bent #W Ier month to a careful and steady tenant Apply to i W.GL'INAND, tt'J3 LouUiana avenue nortb weet. apll-'m L'OB KENT-HOD8E 4t? G street oortbwest. 7 r rooDis. water Ac Large yard, convenient to thr-e lines of street cara. ?2S per mon'h in a>l \HDce KI'Yt ABO 0 CARBINuTON. Jr., \t t iney ?t Law, 424 Louisiana atenn*. opp -ite City Mall. apiu Ini I/OB RENT? BOOMS, fumiahed and nufu*n ikbed. in aU parta cf the -,it>. frtim ??5 to ?!<?) per moLth Apply at DOR8EV8 BOOM AGKN 1 CY. H?'. WiiO ? a.reet nrirthwest. a?7 1 n* F .Vih 8*LE OB BXOUANGB FOB CITY PROP KBTY? In Ellaville, Priace George * county, Md.. BIXTBEN ACRES of LANO.with d. nble Frame House, good water, an abandonee of fruit tro*a. graphs. Ac., high and healtby location; twelve m'niitea' walk to the ll>atta\ille depot, Baltimore and Ohio railroad. A photograph of the hou<? can be ?een and further Information obtained from B M BTINEMfTE, 1)137 Pa aTe. ^mar27 F'oB BENT?A throe ston BBICK llODSB.con taitili g ten rooms; modern imarovemen.a; sit nated on iftbatreet between M and N streets iortb wirt. tpqnlreat 1103 M street n. w. apt lm* 511 7th atreet. UEAL ESTATE BCLLBT1N THUS. E. WAOOAMAN. *19 Tta St. CHANGK? MabK KVKBT WBbNESUAT altD SATCBIIAT. Brick Hou*es for Sale. 1004 11 at. n. w.,all mod. imp- ? 11 rs ?7.000 131C at. a. e., nil mod. imps . Ill ra.. tt.Mi S31 at p. w . all mod. imps.,8 ra 6MO 937 Bbode laland ave.. a i mo>-. unpa., IU rr SAW 311 O at. a e . all mod. Imp'.. 10 ra. ? t Mi SOI F at. n. w., all mod. Imps., w ra.. ? ft.iMt 114 Uth at a. e , all mod. imps.. 9 ra .? .. SjUUO 1S4U JS42N. Jer av.,ail m sl iiups., 8 is each 5.'.00 3< H at. n w.. all mod. Imps . 8 ra. ? 4 J00 UiN loth at. ti. w., all m?d imps . 9 r? ?>tl 31i 3d at. n.e.,ail mod imns.. 10 ra . .'/?'JO Tu-o Story Brick and frame Houses for Hale. 817 4tn st h.w ( F. M.i.m<>d imps.,4ra_ ?S'^JO 81 il R st n.w.(B. HJ.mod. imps . 8 ra J.iMJ li 18 M> rtle at. n. e , ( B U ' mod. imp*.,7 ra. S.0t? 1707 Biggs at. n w . i ? U mi d imps . 4 ra... l.^ii 829-Ml ?ih at. n. w. i F. II I. mod Imps , 7 rs... I.**) 1JSJ Union at. s. w.iF.H .'mod Impa.. 5 r<-... 1 313 l<><b bt a. e. ( F II ). mod. Impa . 7 ra ? 1 -uo 730 N. Jer. ave. n.w.? 8. H.I. mcd. impa . 4 ra lJ?w Sao R st. n. w .(B H.) mod imps .0 ra. 1 ?>0 i4116'.bHt.n w,(F H i mod imp* , 4 ra ..1400 Cedar St., bet. li and 19 n.w. j F H .in I.. 4 rs 1,7<? 610-512 26lli at. n.w. ( F U i, mod. Imps?fra. . 1,?00 L'nimprove<l Property for Sale. Rlptta at . bet. 13th and 14th aia. n w., per ft... fl ti at . bet. 10th and 11th ?ts. n. w., per ft.?. ?0 1 ut.bartou at .Georgetown, ?t?r ft?>? <W New Jeraoy ave . bet D and E sis. n. w.. per tt 50 19th at.. bet B and F . n w.. per ft. SO 4* at bet. Va. ave aud D at. s w., per ft So ?. Jersey ave , bet P and Q ats , n. w., per ft. 40 11th st., bet . M and B a.e., per ft 3j SOta at , bet. L and M n. w , per ft 3> H at , bet. 22d and 23d ata. n w.. per tt 40 SOtU at , bet. K aud Snw., per ft ...... 25 Houses fur Rent. 215 4>s at., garden au'l reatnarant.SO ra ,p an.51 ,<VJ0 Bouse and Farm 80 acres, i par annum 1 20 ra, 4MJ 1718 U at., n. w .turn .all mod. impa.. IS rs 1023 Vermont ave.. all mod. Imps.. 11 ra 178 1213 K st. n w,.furo all mod Imp* . 16 rs 175 Siil7 1 st. n. w , all m<>d. Imps . 22 rs......... 125 9Ks 17tb at. n. w.,all mod Imps , 13 ra ?? HM 812 12tL st n w.,all mod. imps.. 14 rs lw> M at. n. w , all mod. impa . 13 ra ? 10" 1422 Pa. ave. n.w , all mod. impa., 13 ra._ m 33 S07 E at. n. w. all mod. imps., u ra ?? ?83 J3 1104 Sth at n. w . all mod. tmpa., IS rs 73 ?4 b at. n. w .mod. impa . 10ra ? 68 S 3d st. a.e.,mod imps. 14 rs ?? 50 3010 F at. n w., mod imps.,16ra ?l 221Bat n.w., mod iiupa.. 10 ra - Sii S3'8 M at a. w., mod. Imps.. 10 ra Hi 223 A at a. a., all mod impa.. lo ra.??.? 60 71i N at. n.w , mod imps., 10 rs 40 1833 14th st. n. w., mod. Uuss.. 8 rs..?... 40 11 K at. n. e.. mod impa., 10 ra 38 1813 15th kt. n. w.. mod. imps., 8 r? JO 311 O st. s. e., mod lmpe, / rs? 30 1214 Pa. ave. s.e., mod. tmpa.. 9 ra ? 30 1010 N.J. Ave, a. e.. mod. imps., 1U rs... 30 Lo"/ts. S of S2JM0 each, 2 of B3AW0, and 1 of BUOC? S pet otbi for negotiating. Auction Sale. On VRTDAY,May 5th. at i o'clock ? ro , on the premise*. No 1619 Uth street northwea. a3 story brick house, mansard roof Terms at sale BOARDING. f^BNTLC.MAN AND W1FB CAN OBTAIN U BOA Bl>, in a family of two persons, at ?40 per mi nth, mete for ompany than profit. 4adr?a?. tfitk real name, J. M OLafE, Laurel. Md. ?2 3> C^OTTlBl-Wltb Board? r BOO SB. on first floor, also. Boon., . ?/S floor, at Mrs BIBBS', Nes ?0?. B10 an-. ** northwest apSP-4t~ _ THE BT. GBOBGB, Dumk lVaiyli, 901 Fat. Board at ?20 par month. Call Md aaa bill of fate apS4 tw' J. H. TATLOE, Proprietor. ^lNGLB OOIIGING BOOMS, S? oeBU per night. or from ?S to ?3 per weak; BO ABO or ?? 1L8 at reaaonable rates, at No. 499 Pennsylvania ara ?ne. apSP-Sm* OUB1BY BO %BDlb G " Boom a large; good water, and ahada abun dant. Addrtaa JOHN 8 LOPTON, aplS lm* Wlnchnater, Frederick Co . Ta. PLEASANT BOOMS AND GOOD BOABD caa I be obtained at 1009 Maryland avenoe, at mid a rate rates. la a pejvate family. marS74w* L^Ok BBBT?Very desirable sswli furultuwi r BOOMS, with flrat ctaaa Board, at low rasaa, third door north ?f f sti at. 098 Qtk at, a >rtb Tra&sient Board. fabSI W?* RIGHT TO THE FBOXT. *?" N BT PBICB8. Knickerbocker Fuita, ?4 and ?9. Bio* rianael Bolt*. SlT Beat Blaa Flaaael Batta. BIS 80 and ?13. Boys Jacketa and Pasts. ?S.80aad ap. Obsss Working PaaW.TSc. and ?t. Boya Oaaawerea, ?8 to ?M. At * V W. BELBV'S, 1914 aad 1916 PtaaiylTtala avaana, between IStliasd SStB str?ts apt* tr 4. HB1BBBOBB, Matropolltaa lyl-ly Ti*. 168 Faari fi BUSINESS CHANCbS. ODD TO L-'AW ON KliL FMr\TC t, O.WU'I J B C tb?* fBr- 1?* F'l?? 8*1 ? OR I X< H .? P?T7T fT ? B ((t r ? l?hi < r M-,<??? Sgrm? W" v"V>H, 'DlteMtfor a r>tiv.h.r ?r lirooer ?c dres. B J T star < ffiee. Bill St l.^ OR BALK ~l^>t 1? t jierr lot 21 fr-t9 Itchee by *? ?? M ?n<.c1 ** ? ** l?> ?* " IT " W1.?P ?? f '* ... N S Lot IS. f I'lars PI. V feet ? incite* by IK " B. K?:. U ? b* w. Ptrt<* M IS " by ?* n L?t i? ?? m. 4* ? ?? by"? ?? ?? 11 ? its. ?i ?? ? ?? by IW Th# ktioT* L<?? kr* *ll it IN ? la?> neigh torh.*d? tiid will t? ?':d on (fisii to ??>(. A's.v M"81T TO L9AB en first riaaa Beat Es Ulr tecurity. A. A. WILRON A * O . 1??t E STREET, BIT 5 St Poi< DIKm CKflfl TO LOAN ay- n (ix4 ?ilKUBtMr?d V1|M*I E*'??? Apply to aytlf W BILJcr?,M.1tit n \V*stiii-a lo?i or |?.4?? for ?<? " at 8 per cent lutereet. ?u central!> lo<-et?d Bwl Irtitr No ion?brtcc<? Apply to k K FOSTER corner 7 b and U ets ?)! 1' RABB CHAftiK-For -ale, tb- Oo -d Will, Block, ac.,of a GB< i IBV ar.<t PROVISION SIOBB doing aim i baaii.ea*. situated on iapit I Bill (?ti- irtor, na>'>i> |lmn |i>r eel ling Ad Are, a "I l\ ' Star . Hlr> ?yt ft' L'oK ?au on i?t of A GliOl SUfioiilin* Lincoln Park. *?r?||ent oy rftnilj for a c B>rany stalling to parch**" to lid, *111 exchange tar a Pines Address BUSl N? t?8 Star office ro> 1 St* L'bK 8* LE OK KEcH A HdK?F->r city |r p>rty r or lo the ?..i ih a <-)l<l.tfal r. try KE3I 1>K5 < >. and F RCIT HK4 i ear W a?hlng??>ti In untie or ad>lrecs CH.S A BlBUOl' * Co i>i| Ttbstiett. mrl !?' HOUSE r??K KlfcFoU.t*^ VSUH'HM 11 KB FOB SALE ?The four story NH1' K 11 U>E siinafd on tL rorthwest ?" rtier <?f ?Vu sre-? ami DinibattTi streets. G ?rgelowa.contain letting IS roon ? with ail ni Hiern tmpr .aeru?n*s w* '| ,mt< d for a large family or an eitea?:v < B >ar 1 if e ?*? nae 1.?t are, U n i U f* ' f' ut, iitid u i li back b'it!il>i.s? l?n f?et p Arp ? I" K. I' I'i'lHt K. No lilH r>l north ?<? at ni I 6* ^ffvrr KiW Tir.r#Ii F<M ?\li - ? 1 Cbnrch, Va . rn li li< time, r ar chd h a a <1 H< . d *rbo? la Apply to ? KI.LS Hikius. rrt^B iae?. or OKO. A. L KtKUIFlt .!?, K >bi 4 ?? l-< : 1 >D t'Oue, * r - ? : a \\T aNTKD?To ?vc* % c- ia? KEPBI 'KUV t? TOt 8 and SllW IS for til l ?> . - at I'.. I H K r'. v > 1 K - ' ? ? n : ? - (. bin nej-a ccrtd. Ir< ni to $:* r ?. p > apt: .'>?* 'I^O PUOPABI\ O^NiliS. Owceraof Seal Kata'e 0 k ? AGBD bp tb? icc-? t inirro< da If by ackatic- in >ra<i' . <a It find t' U? their iutert-at to rail "i ??* l??f r? makir g tlieirclaliua. Ji'*<N W P. ap31 J* OBr?, 714 l.'.'h atr?-??' \I ANTEi-S Al OOaT, Hi IH W? KOTII WKLl B, apl8-tHi* I It K utrac' a tn'h?*a<l MONEY TO LOAN ? 111 aum?to ?ult. oo aatMaC tory security. JOHN 811 KKM\B, K'tl E ta'e tent. apis ]tn" Bktti .1, St Of-ad Bull * RB AND STATE BOB OB. ? / f .*1 000 OHO ' ' H 'm U fl?l N'lrffW (> I /./('? ' 91 OOO -n , ? 4 tiptrm'rii The bond* are all rvgnlarl* i**ii"d by ?a t ii ua Railroads aud h'ate*. ai.J mar y > I th-n *a *11 pn ee enornu naly profiaaM" Lial* and pri .#?ui be cfceerftilly givm * II WitKKl H?lIi r, I?" Broadway. New V"rk. B WliKOAP, 8TATK and OOtNTV h??m>8 WANTBD ap4 .:ia SOOLI>8TKlN A CO., . LOAy Ayu COMMISSION AR Ok BUS, OOtthBR 10in AN0 V 8TBKET8 MONEY LOANVD or Al>VABK K8 M.tPB oB ralnatle perwmal propertr to any ani>*ont, and I r an* Hir e desired, on very reasonable torrnc. Also, Oood* aold on Coirruiaaion At Private 8aie?Wry Cheap?A large lot of L'fc n-de'-mid Medfces and Cornnji??f>t? ft<?l?, new ac' sncd hand Kiery arttrle fullr warranted. All business strictly confidential Tha old**? and the Bust reliable house m tne elty marl# tr l^|i>VIY TO LOAB. 9 4 A -OOO to loan oo chofoe real estate, m stiitu of ftom 06Mito E I OOC. at V and iu p-r cent lat< r-a? A fear acms at 8 per cat is from ?4 i*e t $ Jl a)i*i H H WARN A tt, d aril corner Tth and 9 a'reets. fe-il TO *9,000 IN?K3TKO IN isTO K '?a)U PRIVILEGES PATS LA RIB PRoriTS. W rite for 72 page b.iofc. Hen and Idi tea ?f Wall at ai.d Wall at Review SENT FU*K. JOHN HK'KlINU A OO., oct7 ly Bankers and Brokers, 7 U BroaJwa/. N V FOR SALE. ^ ILL BUT A KINS HAIMS Utt ) 8 tja*"" Itiet! 0CtiT? l'l*NO. Been veiy little. Addrena "Piauo," Star of mJIHI tice my2 ft* ?H IP PLKOANT SKT8 OF Fl? BN IT I BE?Parlor at.d Chamber set* for sale ctcas, onlv been in n?e a ftta wetks Call itLnicdtat. ly at llOHOii. nnl Jt" E^OB 8ALC-COINTBK8, MHFl.NINti a ! ? SHOW CASK at * fc*rsa:o f<>' cash, at N't 103 d street, between 1st street and New J^ra-y arenne northwest mylSt* ABVaLL, HAM 8UME M a KC. suitahle for a ligb' Bi:?gt or Ladies' I'll*'ton.fur *al? ny or exchange for a work Uor??. A"dr?*a B x 694 City Post Office. myI6t" ONE FINE NBW GRAND UPBIG'n' I'IaNO. tolly warranted, for sale at a ?acrifice^^?^ a No. ?*J3rth street n?r hwest, bet we n|MBH| <. aid U street*. myl 6i* w?* p O R i A L 1 ! ProroUiii!; yftittg well brr4 trottar, bl?c<lBAY wl b black poiuta, sourd tyiiali. and Terr rv aped? Al^o. pair Sherman M >raao MARK8.^S2^. bays, atry handsome at d fast, a perfect ladies team This ia very desirable stock and is guaranteed in e^-ry particular Apply to THOS. MnlONNKtiL. Wa-hington IirlTinc Park.or address P M si.i CER. Box 3*3. Baltimore PoatOffloe. apt.' IS * i/OR BALE?Serviceable, floe toned, six ootare i ('bickering PlAMO; only %tt. mn-t he^^ ?f?M. can be seen at acuthwest corner of ????I 13tb and H afreeta n w . Na T3?.a?S* Jw* "" " /CARRIAGES. CABB1AGEB, Oab'BIAGES - V The largest and moat varied assort r ment of latest style of Carriaces, OonyM.^K^mr Rockaways, Jnmp-seata, Park Pha-ton-. W? Jaegers, Toy and no-Toy Buggies'era! flue s?coud-hand Panel Carriages and Buggies oo hardat P I? 80HMITT A Oo , ma'13 tr Ho 319 13th st.. bet. O and D , n w. l^OR SALE-NOW* IB THE TIME. F 1 have on baad HO SPRING W AGONS, hntlt In the beet style, with the Sarvln wheel,. JRBB. Top aid Bo top Bl'GGlES for sale onytR-.^^^ mon'hlT paymenta, at my new Fart-iry, w 1 - 3? Prospect at., entrance on Bridge at., near new market, Georgetown. D O. B-.ar9Sm* JAMES B. PROBBT. JACK.8UB WAGONS ~ ~ HEW STOCK. IRON AHD 8HELLSBE1H AXLES ONE H0K8B. TWO HOBBB, THREE HORdB AND FOUB HORSE WAGONS We have aold Hundreds of tbeaa Wagous. and the Bieral opinion ia that they are the cheapest and t W agon in ess. D. W. McOBATH, febtl 3m Corner of Mass. a vs. and I street n w PERSONAL. MH8 M A8SET, T':!".U street, be!w-?n 8th an! #th sta nor.liaest, ?0T. myj Zi* pn?ei hapnr MK8 DB ELLIf will remain bnt two vceka lorger. AL who wi-U to learn the trcth f Cot, Pr?sent and Foture sbonld call a'd Conault the Doctor immediate!* She give* informal).>a on a I snb.tcts of life 1000 F striet ncrtbwe,t entrance lUih street. Bee circulars^ n.arJl eoim ^ 8 T B 0 L 0_G * . MADAME KOMI. This celebrated Lady Astrologlst and Healing Xe dinm can be consulted at No 'Jul D street, corner o* 2d northwest. She haa no snperior In deiia^tiog the Past, Present and Futnre. In lore or bn<in?aa her advice Is inTalnable. describing yonr friends, pointing < at your enemies, and Informing yon of the anre way toancoess in all nndertakings. 'Con sultation strictly oonBdentlnl. Ladlea. ?], gentle men, 01 SO. aepl ly I^Eicy 8 TATRNT r4BILV-MADE LB 188 SHIRT9, The Greatest Inventioc of the Aga. Bix fine Dr?N for ai\dt-llsrs. <?6,? not to be Ua) in a.y other siofa in this city We are Sole Agents. W. W. Bl'BDEITE * CO, Ho. 7tn street n. w. arL' tr Ho. T06 B strew! a. W. ^ THE BT OEOBGK. J&S The ttrmt and Onltf U,liable SM Heating Range Wc '"?C,G': WMMBB-S, TIE AHD TIT Tth 8TBEET NOBT H W EST, fi'tri will also be found the best srlec'loa and tha lancet *?rtety of SLATE MAJUBL8 in tkia city from/? opwarda. Pols age^Tr the * ' ^ BAD1ANT Hl MI FUBNAI This k ?ranoa has been ant to test by competent jad#esa?. *?>? ?be Be.t rurnioe of the kind in hVm*'.k#t -f"?" trtU flnd ?t gr-atly to their e*va.',|*?*|o <*????*, ?*??li?e U?la FOB RACg before their selection B AB dV ** V OO* f * V ASBB in large va L A TBO^a.^ *** G BAT BE of e v arydes^rt y - greatly ra. ?^e*- THB SC ? H E K ? oU Cook > *5!?! ft'JSL"! safest oil i the world. >7*_5??FllO done by the l???F BpAbKHOII Me*yi!?i5St. PRO JSSSIOVAU I)" ' E ? PtMI-T ?othe I '.,.4 I? /!T isL' ?* *' * ?'??.</;* ?* Bd . fw t tmkli f *%n. r?r. , ^4ES3 ?flee?l?ta prv-e. .1 -Xi a.*,tvM ?.. tk_ ,-L^; 'J T M, *.?h.rrt V t"* r? la ?. a.irth??at %? 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