Newspaper of Evening Star, May 4, 1876, Page 1

Newspaper of Evening Star dated May 4, 1876 Page 1
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VHi. 47?NH. 7,20'.?. WASHINGTON, 1). C., THURSDAY. MAY 4, 1876. TWO CENTS. THE EVENING STAR. FriLIs!TFT> DULY, Sunday* rkerptrd, AT Tl'S STAR BUILDINGS, Pennsylvania A.f?r, rtnrr llth street. ?T The F7MiiTi? Stai Newspaper Gernpan/, a. b. HAurrMjLNir. iv*?i Thf Ktijiso star i* *nw< tn to ] antso-i/os nr Ten Centa per wt^ Forty- ' fonr Coats per mouth. Copi** tf* emmtrr, Two CfnU each. F-y ruiU?postage prepiul? Sixty CftUi a mor.Ui; one ? ear. f?. TBI WlKKLT NTAR- lnUjhtheti <rt\ P, uJ-ty- I 42 a year, prrjtnul. All *uft*m;>.'io?u imni Uu'S t in nthrtnr*. V Rates of <?>f? e? tiling fwn\i*hr<i on (jpjiVaH'W. i AMUSEMENTS. IN ATIONAL THE VTt", THE FAIREAVf B OPERA TROUPE. (Axtnri,) By General Bluest, M ATINEE rCE^DAY, Mtf 9. -rut: BOUEniix c;iri." G' K A XD I) ISP LA Y. r. ?.. ?r Pfic??.-?rt.7i Cents *n1 41. B x .?ihi'et at litwro't i ni ? Si (. :Ki>U KHIPLI 'IE>TlKV soiHEES. BVZBI JlTIKDiY EVENING. rn?*|cll?V-'(c* giver. by Prop PISTOBtO, ? it* PI ? I. ??KCH *S1 k\OK riFTIIN t?l*OBS, ?|T\U>I' I'O* HALL, K -tree:, between 9'ft md Nth* r?e'? Durlkwt>t. inv4 Jt* pKB > OPERA lit)I 9E. SrNPAY EVININ9.BAT 7tti. t.LiSi) V'Mja L *SI) I.N*TBrMF,ST\l< COS CkKT WITH OB? ULVfttA, Ic aid of tb? -BOIB POR AQKD COLORED PEYPLE. Tick r*s. ft- rv?| nea's, JO c< extra, t< b. lad at Ellis' IM Metdtrott's M *io Stores. ? 9 4t hAi-1) CVHOBBT, in honor or MltS /.\I()EK JOES. WILL^BD I1AI.L, HONDAV EVENING, MAY 9 ill, 1-76. Mu? Jcne* will be a?*i*ted h? Mrs. J P. Can! #? Id. Sim J-at !>?? br? an MUx Sii'ie Johnson. I'r. J P Caaf&eld. Mt. Joti! Pugh. Mr. Y\ . A. Wid aey. Ticket* lf? rale at Ellis Music Sure and Thomp son's L'rtig St. re. Adirissiou, #). wyi 6t IS YTIOVYL THEATER MAY 1. ONE V. BEK ONLY II HOME ET I INlrE la her wonderful i?y?r?iaaliog of KU?E MM II EE. ft pp< rttd by the < ompany of Uni jn Snare Thea ter, Mtw York PEW fc. ENEBY, 4 08TIME9. APTOINT MEBTS Hi SB MICHEL MATINEE SATrBPAY. M?. H.Tbe c^lebrafei VOKI8 PA MI LY May it. the y.juni American a<. tress Mm M\B! ABl'EBfON. myi-tr rpUB UD\ M\HaGEL3 or TDK WASHINGTON I iTY ORPHAN ASYLUM WII.L 6.VB A BOI SE WABMING AT THE PHV HOME, Corner lstb And 8 streeta northwes*, 1* ELNEfcl'AY ar.'i TBTBSDAY May 31 and itb, opening at 7 SJ o'clock. On tte Brut etenlcg an eutertninmsnt by the ? ?ph?n CI ilur^n n.a> be sipec tisl. and oa May 4th ? fcu. -al .inrl Liter-kry'Ei teriaitmpnt by the "JOB Jk? rKK"ON t'Ll K w in be givtn ia coan?cti->n with tee Hon?? W ainnre. Adatiaaioa oa the 3d to cent*;oa the 4*a cf May. ?0 rmta Ti> kete to bad ot tbe LaUy MautgerA orat the <?4'r. >t?2 5t OLI> Tiii )"OBT. PUB I AM COMING ?' VUD I ELLOWI HALL Tin Street. TOI B NiCUTM OPLY. < r?MM ENUiK'i WliD NtjU\ i . MA* 3. M. E K E R E M A ' K OB*ND AND t'OLOSSAL PANOUAMA Or MILIOVN PARA DIME I.OS I. Xa< ?/ t >. Ca' ,*--.!' ?? : m- an I <ici'f E.r , ?' ti'.-m m :ht Worhi" Tfce greit m< r?i wotderat the nln?t?cntb cea tTirj, cuvericjt JvikUfretof m- Iki an\a-?. itlua tra'.DK * i:b in"nen?e fr-^-r ttat g;a-.'if> >n!.liu.e. rrargfly ?1M. I>9?ikter>iie. ml lUiTto(, in ?l?*?crib?tl? *i.4 Initn* y ituresuug jjjiii A ibe ISMItll Miit'-'B, i'ABADISK LOSl". tainted trrm tb^* ' : iginal tlntiKia b? the flrgt a* tiata > t Kcropt- in the priociptl ci:if-? of wtn h coontry tbe p . tilng baa been <>u exhibition *u> ? it li?e receixed the bi^n*it ?nootn'anis fruai tae ?ir?-??!?ty and /-ctry.all pronouacing t tt- moat 1 eaaiifu' work of modern tiuiss. Adtni'wioB, 10 centA,? hildrtn. 25 cent*. Bcj ?h?et at Brad A lann', wh<?re r^iervel ?*>?'.* ?ai. bee* nr?d for any nigbt aitbont extra ?.b*rge. l>oor* < p?n at 7. caarM raov. - it * p ra. K. B. 8:1k prograoime# f. r tbe iadtes. SATCKPAY MATINEE. aP3 St 'HEATER UMIiqi E Eleventh Street, b'.v'a ^fcna?. OffiY THE \&AR KOU.W. Ptrforicance EYKUY NIGHT Ma'laeef rLa Uiea ?t <1 CL;Ure?i EVK BY WEONE^UAY aud tATLLDAY A?TEL&OON. FIMSTCLASS ;.Y~fcV?A Y RESPECT. ? arte*y. Dr*tra. 8-:rle?.jne and Ooimdy. nov21 ly UBBIBT POBTMEB'B II M MEH ?AR Alexai 4na, ia cpenrd again lor the ara>-oB. wber,' the le*t L*GEIiwi:i al?ay? l?e on dranght. ap<lrp-| U E.N H Y 8CE EHB. Snpt. Old No.) On Kxhibition VNewNo. 4*?? > ami HhI? ' 43? 7T* ST.S AT ( 7th 8T. n A R R RITER'N, Ae. 43V T:a A?r?e^?n l) m>i t urttis, m* 4oe*s a'ori IfH b'ti.oins' Ht!l. CBole* OU Paintings, Eugrnvlng*. C'hromoA. Ae. A too, largest it?S of Paper Haufiaea. WlaJo* fetade*, Pictnrea. Eran-PA. Pirtnre Ct rd? as.1 la* aeto. Bmg?, Halla. Ac , Sa tne IMatrlct. ?^"Tsa** Ca<H. V?leaae remember Fame and Nntuber, Jyl-ly 1 FESTIVAL 1/EbTlVAI. or IdE I Y LBAY E- MISSION r AKY SOCIETY ,>f t e < oDgr' g*!lt?c?l Ob ireh. at tl>e >i?i?l K' .sa of the L'li' rc >, ou I BiDAY MC HT, the Mb. CTBAVk R EBB IE? ICS CKEAM am a f? Bianv otb?r attracti'>n*. Com* an<l erj -y yuliraoil. ai il aid ilie Society to the good ca i?e it la tryine 'o aromctA. myt-tt A* HILLBBN 8 MATINEE W .L! K? Ui . ? I THR NEW OBPHAN ASYLl'M BCILDINO. fV rue' 141b ao-1 9 -ireet^ tonhw -t l?B B AT I BOA Y, M *y bth, fr :n it 4 p ni. f? i..d ln'.- r ?cd a Klani | rlak Juplayiu m*ral kia- dt' d ftiarcs.ali ia?katingc>.-tutne will F?ex IB Ited Admittance 1M rt- : no extra cb*re ? n>4 2t* fOCIABl r rOK TH( BINETIT OK THE l> ) A NT CI. A^? "ill ?e h-ld oti PBIUAY K *EN1N 1 Ma) 3:: a: tte 21. E Charch, Ub iir^t Acothea A<fn laaisn. In' 1". l>T-g refre?ha>ent?. H rfa ml Jt * baud r a i i. ST. J-'S? I U 8 H AL!*. i i' ,ruer ?tl ari.l H -n eft? x orth*est.) ) r tfc" B ri-flt ? I b . . I08E: 11 !? 'EH I AN 'HtB^H, ?i.. tilTIll K-L>.VY EYE3I1N ? it will el-- n:bi< ;i le myj < (~ 'TMENBIAL' r*-Tl*AL, tir ttm t^-Letlt o! tbe < Ul'h' H or THE IN' AttNATION. MA^ONI' TIVPLK. T1 E!?I>\Y W BDNK90\V ai.a 1111 K;l>A'i BlGUTS 21. H and 4th of May. L .r-ha: Uai ?. ? n *r A Inilssi. n free dnrinf Inach tiate. Parlor Ent^r'ainmeat l y JOB J BP I Bh*"N CLI It Tiie?'l*y Nig'it piece ??8il?Tit Woman " Select b uliotfs by Me*?rs. TWEB DALEati4 BAY Tbureday N'g^t The ladi?? con uecttd with the W men ? <.'briHtl?o A??->ciati<in ktu k;i ..j <? i e^n'r ; to l?t the de?->rati ?ba auJ r.?b?r sttltrllvt features I'.~ed at the"Aatbor^ ? ar aieal remain daring th-P -?ti^ a' ipM SI BALLS, PARTIES, Ac. ^jabim a rn'kAl may ball, MEOBESOAY BY EN IBG, May 10. UTC, At M A KIM 8 HALL. B street, btf'ween 9ib and lot to eta. Tickets, adm.'ticf a r r.tleruan and onej lady, 43. To< rs open a? 7S . C'.f ra?nce at - . p t> my 1 carta to be bad at Maslc Stores or at the Rail. apM td A i:XCUI?>!o\>. PIC XICS. Ac. ?l'HB . i or THt WA9HI ^.TON S hi ET/BN YEBIBN, 3 ?a e?2 ?-> "t e? road, ran be reate<l for I* c J> ics aii4 resti\ a? d .ring the coating iriwii by ap at>ii'*io>he Presidsat, 8. Wolt Vice Preeidei.t.C. Baitert. or ta? Tieasarer.C. Xaeaer. myi ?t LECTURES. Ktv HEMBV WARD BEEIHBK Wil.L LECTl Rh IX THIS CITY IBIDAY EVKaiNG, May lJth, at the COMOBKGATlOXAL C11CBCI1. Tickets ?ill be for sa.e at B Uitwker s Bookstore, 941 PeansiU ania arenne. >'?11 particulars in a law day*. m> J It ?>ABTl KAgF- PA8TI'KAG? ~jR)g COW8 aal E UOBPE8. Apply U E LYON8, $i Watsr *r?s?, Qtcrgetoan. Payiscbt required In ad vaace ? - SPECIAL NOTICES. KEY. HKNBY WARD BEECHER WILL Lecture at the Acadexy of Music, t Bn.ti m rt.i M A I nth. at d o click Snbjec' *'B?llgloo in Feucation " Tlcketi <1. at McCaffrey's Music ft- r? acd at the door. my4 th sjn t.wttn jr"^s?_V*TE.B*N9 Of MSMCMN WAR ?R ? liar ? ? ?>tI l? meeting n,1. b* held SATUB PaT tVININU M iy 6, at ?? o'clock at 1114 Ptnnsy jtui i.? ?i?pp? B> ?>rd?-r JAM IS W. DENYER, Presilent A M KFNADAY. Secret .ry. n? iyi-3t' JTia* REGULARS TO THK FRONT.-The asonihty m?e ingof the NATIONAL ASSO CIATION of UIOI L^B SOLDIERS will be held a- Rorni 3*4 L?-l>rcit Building, bth and F streets. 'Hi DAY tli? 5fb, at 7 :?<? p m. Pr> m|t and foil attHidacca f u<?stt J. All Old Regulars cardially In viitd to atutd. If J LOUGH RAN, Secretary. IT^a* o^kicic unm ablinotos fib* ?-iy IN.~UBABCIC niM PANY FOB TH* DI9 TRICT OF COLUMBIA, No. l?OA Pennsylvania ?v?uiie. north of D. ?. Tr?*i>nry. Wamhscton. D. < , May2d.W?-Tbe Heard of Director# of this *.<f pany have declared a semi annual dividend <"'f S per cent nponthe capital stick, payable at the c- m p?nv's office. en ana after t be 10tb li. *t. n>> 4 ,t IKAKK T Ra W LING3, gecr'>arr JV?TBRPONS PKrlBI VO T<? ?l UlCklilE IL.1T to the- B A L TIM' ? R K OAEETTK w ill p'.e?,? ?Ml o!r tanimat JUNCTION NEWS DEi'or. rotter Pth at d F streets * rthw?i Oi ler* will r< ? elve prompt attention and the paper w II be faith fi.'ly served nn It' rrf T. M C. A . EBV. THEOCOCE L ClYLEB, D. D , of BietklyD. wi.l a Uriss Hit TIV t .V 7 Y THHV AN HI VEKSA K Y of this Association MONDAY. MO'?TH, AT 7*P M. m 3 tr r CJ? NOT K B -A Public Meeting of PBOPEIl TY OWN IBS acd RESIDENTS of tht vi > i ity cf 14'heireet northwest will l>e held on tli* e> etmn of THl RSDA Y next, the 4th instant, at o'clct h . at Clabangh Hail, betw een <i and R-duets. t<> it augnra'e tte eetstli<l.ment of a public Market House on ?aid thorcnghfare, n?w rapidly growing into an Imp-irtsut business cetiter. The market <1. ?l?rs cf the city are also invited to be present, a* i* is teli?*\#-d that tbis pr ject will be one of th? Hi'#' pre Citable to that cUss of bn&iness men, uj v ell at a good Investment to the projectors. in>2 3; MANY C1TI ZENS. ELECTION OF DIHEl TUBS?Notice Is ? Sr hereby #i\en tli.?t the second annnal meeting rf the STOI K HOLDERS of the <APITOL, NORTH O STKkitT AND SOUTH WASHING TON HA1LWAY I OM PA NY, lor th* purpose of electing seven directors, will be held at the oKr? ol the l'on<pany. ccrver ol 3d and B streets southwest, on SATl RL'AY. Mii S. In7t, btitwet-n the hours of 12 o cl< ck in. and 1 o'clock p. m. of said day. Bo<ks for tte transfer ot stork will remain (pen ui,til WEDNESDAY BY EN IN O. May 3.1878. S. B BOND, President. W J. COW 1NQ. Secretary. myl St arsj? PENMANSHIP AT BUSIHKS8 COL I. EGE, corner of 7tli and L streets northwest. Tte large number of persons unable to properly perform (he duties et clerical and other p >snions hi aco unt of their poor penmanship, and those who v. rite well bnt desire to write better, have an op p. ttt>nity of taking a course of lessons adapted to their wants. Curing the month of Hay. Satistac 'orj Improvement guaract? -d to the attentive Tui iton. (3. Fp-cial discount to clubs of three or more ap29C* JQf* TO KIBOPKAN TOCi?IS!S The Ameri'an Linecf Mall Stfatiers from Phi'a deipLi.t 1 r Live p ol, via Oie?-nsto?n. for which we are :?gent?-< ff. rs sup?-rli,r inoticcmi<nts to per ?? cs g, iug to Europe. The rates are as low as any uthe' flrst clans line. WE WILL SELL TICKET* RY TUIS LINE DIRECT H;OM WASHINGTON AT S \ M K BATE A- CH sBGED F RO M fH I LAD K LPH IA. Tneee iron ships are entirely uew acd splendidly (uuiyped H D. COOKE. JR..A CO.. Backers, ap29 Ht F street, near Tieasnry. W THE B S S T . M1LBCBS S SODA WATEIt. NATURAL SPRING W ATE US o? Lracgbt. ICE COLD TEA, COKFEE at.J CHOCOLATE 1449 PlNXilLViJU AVINt'B, aplS tr near Wiiiard a. r ~? IiFS B V ia k ti A UN ET r, ATTOBJIE1 AT LA W, $ .? 1 Coinml-ia I.avr BnilJiogi _kr? . 1>^WS VJ k. r*^i, v, wuiriaaB", 1 r ? -aIClno". rin 1 Co'/ctirm A*'Ut, No 71A litu street, noir Trea-nry liepa'toieat. District Claims. Pension and Boanty Claim', a ?pecialty. apll NEKYOCS EXHAUSTION .-A Medical E??a>, eoiY'prfsi" g asoti-w of lectares dellv ired at Kahn's Museum of Abatoniy, New York ?>? the cause and cure of Premature Decline, show eg lndispit-ibly how lo*t health may be reg?iued, iff rdlcg a c.eir synopsis of the lmpedlmei.ts to xaitiag?-, and the treatmest of nervous and phyni :a! docility, b< lug the result of W years'? lDerieuce. Price. 25 rent*. Address the anthorvDr. L.J. Kahn, Dffice at,d residence. -VI Es-t 10th ?t., N. Y apl ?tn ? H D OOOKB, Jx A OO., BANKIBd, ?plS tr 14119 F street. r<r btbat fobd fendall7 its Louisiana avenue, jaiJS tin ATTOK>ST A T LA W QB?LEW IS JOHNSON A 00., H A LI K E R S , of 10<% Strut an I Pcnniw'raaia Aetaws, Dealers In Qoverament ar.d District Securities t ?rei? :; Exchange and Ool<l sepi4 ly yy s a m l eL~o~y o u sq\ , NOTABY PUBL10, ectlT tt OFPirg?Stsk BriLPirw. OPTICIAN.? To 'h> PuK -.? My newly invented Bye Klaa-, w hich 1 now man.i!*' ture with eight woikmen. stirpa--?s*-*^^^^ any Eye alais in the whole world. They can be regulated by tw ? small screws to exactly fit tho nose without any pain or nupleasai t feeling. They are made of Brazilian pebble and the new ly dis:o\ - ered Russia ruby glass For neatn- sn and lightness they cannot be surpassed. Measure taken and order Bi.ed in fifteen minntss ISAAC ALEXANDER. 12i<? Penna %r , ap:4 Inventor. Patentee and Mannlacturer. rtAlkLIN * ?o.. 1 OPTICIANS, /-VAja, N >.1*447 Pknn-yl'. * > a Avitri * 0et> one h.ra/iiiaj Pubtle Spectacr-s dee7 ly.Utp "?f BJL.'l" FOR THE HAR3 TIMES. UK A!) TIIIn/ A liOOD FI LL ?' IT F\?E ?*? Act a) \ ante C 1 4. A MKT OKNTKEL SllT KMBflO A trial Yalue $ l 'i. CI S i K A N I>.E ?l IT FOB #14 Actual \ alue il J. FINE ALL WOOL SUITS FOB il Actual Yalue 944. ELEGANT BUSINESS SUITS FOR $13, Ac'ral Yalue #4^. \ ERY SUPEBIOR SUITS FOB *40, Actual Ya!n? S-4"s 9TOV MADE SUITS FOB #4?. Actual Y?!i:e J -4 HOY*' CLOTHING AT THE SAME LOW UATE.'j. HABLI BROS., Merchant Tailors and Fine Clothiers, apJ7 tr Carner Tih and O strssts. Have yolr umbrellas and paba S0L8 CO YE BED AM) REPAIRED, at| ROGERS apll 1W 44^ 11th ?t., above Penna. are. SECONDHAND CLOTHING, FURNITURE C7 oaiprta. Bedding, Oilcloths, and goods of every feecri{>tioii bought and the highest cash prices paid. Order* by Bail promptly attended to. H COLMAN A CO., oetl(- ly corner 10th street tad P?nn a ate. EVENING STAR. Washington News and Gossip. Gover!*mk5t RrcciPTS To-pat.?Inter nal revenue, VT30.T32 33; customs 24. Tf.e Attorney Ueseral Is expectei to return from New York this evening. Nor moke than two-thirl* of the seats In the Senate galleries were occupied to-day during the impeachment process. A* usual a majority of the spectau rs were females. Mulsh Pre s t khk o.?An army hoard convened at Philadelphia "is decidedly of the opinion that (or the general transporta tion purines ofthe army. horses cannot be advantageously substituted for mules." Blaine and Bristow in Massachu setts.?A private dispatch from Boston to e'ay says "Conventions in Jd, 4th and iHh districts elect.d six flel'gates to Cincinnati yesferdaj. Five (" of them are for Blaine; one for Bristow " Among these who called upon the Presi dent this morning were the Secretaries of State and Interior, Senators Patterson. An thony, Harvey, and Couover, and Repre ss tatlves Durham. Luttrell, Mills, Darrall, Balney, uartield, and Purman. Secretary Chandler declines to fur nish the Commit tee on Mines with the papers in regard to the appointment of W. M. McMlckec, surveyor general of Washington tenltory, owing to the order in force not permitting him to let original papers go out of tLe office. Beeides he is examining the charges against McMicken himself. Oregon for Blaine.?The followiug is a dispatch received this morning by a gen tleman in this city from a leading repuoll ean in Oregon: ??Portland, Oregon, May 3d, 1*7? Re publican convention has Just chosen sixdel egates to Cincinnati convention. They ar3 all for Blaine!'' A Currency Conundrum.?Members |of the Banking and Currency Committee say that so much opposition has been developed against the resolution providing for the ex change of ten millions of silver for a like amount of legal tenders that It Is doubtful whether the measure c-an be passed, as there gr? at diversity of opinion whether it is con traction or expansion. Senator Morton's Condition. ? A report prevailed at the Capitol to day t?iat Senator Morton died suddenly this morning at the Ebbltt House, but Inquiry developed Uie incorrectness of this report. Mr Morion caught a heavy cold on Sunday afternoon, and. while suffering from its ertect*. is not seriously 111. He was not iu his seat iu the Senate today. R. B. Vance, of North Carolina, made a fiery speech iu the House to day over tne "old Issues." in his advocacy of the payment of the claims of southern mail contractors who rendered "befo the wa r," for which they ask compensation. He quoted from the proceedings of Private Daizell's convention of the blue and gray at Caldwell. Ohio, to prove that if the question of the pajinnit was left to the people they would say, take your little -400.100 and bo satisiiei. Mr. Kelly, of Pennsylvania, delivered quite a feeling speech ia the House to day, favoring amity and goodwill betwe-u the frections. He said the day was coming when the mementoes of the war would he cherished as a common heritage tiy the people nortn and south, as au evidence of cmr?;e, skill, and valor of Americans. The remarks were ;>p;.lauded by the democrats, and subse quently Ben Hill walked over and congrt?' .. latcd the speaker tLosi of the Mary Mkrrtti' I?vr3 Tination ?The Committee on Expendi tures in the Treasury department this mornlr.g examined Messrs. Feelar.d and Treiss, of couusci for the owners of the ves sel Mary Mcrritt. They corroborated for mer witnesses that Secretary Bristow's act was a mere matter of friendship, and that Ik would receive no fee nor compensation. This closes the investigation. Mr. Bristow t hen askeu to make a statement in private, which was granted. Mr. Taruox's Investigation.?The Ju diciary Committee, to whom was re'erred the resolution of Mr. T.n box to investigate the connection of the Little Rook and Fort Smith Railroad Company of Arkansas with the I 'nion and Pacillc road, has referred the sui ject to a sub committee consisting of Messrs. Huntou of Virginia. Ashe of North Carolina, and Lawrence of Ohio. Many of the officers of the two roads will be sum moid. as well as the government directors of the Union Pacific road. The session of the House last night last ed less than two hours, yet within that time ten speeches were tired off. Not that they were actually delivered by word of mouth, but aimed at the Congressional Record, where they will appear under the "leave to print." If we had twoor three night ses sions, and accomplished as much, every meml* r wonld have a speech for his consti tuents, and after that the statesmen would settle down to practical business. The statement in our Issue of yesterlay to the effect that it was understood that in accuracies in the computations of the measurements of the engineer of the District of Columbia had t>een reported by Mr. Adolf Cluss to the District Committee of the House of Kepresentatives, was incorrect, as will appear from his report In today's issu?. The statement Is expressly denied by Mr. Chits. The examination ol Mr. Oertley this a. m. was confined exclusively to evidence in relation to the accounts of the boaid of audit. PEKSOWAt..?Hon. Benjamin Wilson, Rep resentative in Ce>ugress from the Wheeling (W. Va.) district, who has heen extremely ill for some time, lias so :ar reco\ered that he will be able to return to his home in the courseofa few <iay?. ????Admiral Boggs.lJ s. N Hon. .las. M. Harvey and family. Ju ige J. s. Black and ladles. Pa . were amoii^ the airivals at the Ebbitt hou-.e te>-day. ???? Repr? seutati ve Williams, the democratic candidate tor governor of Indiana, came | over to tl^e Senate chamber for a while to ; ''ay, < nveloped ir. his blue jean -,ult, aud at i traded considerable attention. Public Buildings?The House Com mittee on Public Buildings and Grounds has appointed as a sub-committee Messrs. Walsh. Williams and Blaisted to report the ce*st of a site and suitable building for the Girls' Reform school in the District that a bill may be drawn without delay. It was ;t'soagreed to recommend an expenditure of ??4.*0?? for carrying out the plan for the t>etter ventilation of the Representative's ball at the Capitol. The House resolution in regard to Assistant Engineer Ellison was also ro ferrtd to the sub-committee on ventilation, as well as the question of building an ele vator at the soi'-th end of the Capitol. TnE Louisiana Investigation The special committee to investigate federal of fices in Louisiana?Hon. Randolph L. Gib son, of Louisiana, chairman?met yester.iay afterreion. The committee resolved to call on Me Attorney General, Postmaster Gen era' and Secretary of the Treasury for lists of appointees at New Orleans In their re spective departments, since March 4, 1?W9, ?oye* her with dismissals, and for what cause, at d other information precedent to the work of investigation. Several witnesses are to be subpoenaed forthwith. The committee will leave for New Orleans about the 15th 'r.H. Chkevfr, who was annouueed as having fled the country to escape an examination by a Congressional committee, was yester dav atternoon examined by the House Com mittee on Expenditures in the Navy depart ment. He knew nothing of his own know ledge, but said that some one told him, who had heard it from another, who, In turn, got his information from some one else, that Mrs. Robeson bad received f^O.ODO for usiug her Influence with Mr. Robeson to induce him to transfer the custody of the naval funds abroad from the Baring Brothers to Jay Cooke, McCnlloch 4 Co. He gave the name of the person who made the statement concerning Mrs. Robeson's gift, but the com mittee declined to make it public. The District Iamt(K?tlon. kkpoht or adolph cirss. Tbe following is the report of expert Adolpf t'inss ma le to the House District cf Columbia Committee: WASH150T05, May 3d, 1876. Hon. A Fl. Bxtekncr, Chainivm: Sir in compliance with your instructions i 1 herewith report upon the prices adopted by the late b? ard of public works for worn oa main sewers. Increased rates for work of i thts class were entered on the price lists in j the spring of IS73, on account of exceptional i difficulties encountered in narrow exeava- I tions, "not less than sixteen feet" and reach* j lng as much as thirty-seven feet below sur face, and on account of trie impaired credit j in consequence of heavy amounts of nnre- 1 deemed ?? Auultor's certificates" then ailoat. i On J?-ne !?;, ls73, tiic District Legislature I passed a law authorizing tb? issue of about two and a quarter millions of * per cent, sewer ncr?<s, which prompted the l?te board 01 public woras to force the system of mam st wers to completion oefore the ead of the season. To accomplish tbl-". seven (7) con trary were entered into under the original provisions ot which about fifteen millionsof bricks were required and a boat k),(KM have been t xpended to date. A forfeiture of <?100 per diem was stipulate! in tie con tracts for each and every ?i*v the work r< maineo uncompleted after the specified time. Tie feverish activity and unsound financial condition of the District government had raised all prices of mate rial and labor quite excessively, so that special arrangement had to h" made to meet this emergency. The board rates were t?m j)orarily suspended, and contract 1 were made Ht the best terms wiiieh could be. in each case, obtained lor the District. Ten per centum were generally a ided to the i>oard rates "for contingencies," aud fifteen per centum were added to tills increased price as an additional concession to the low quotations of 'lie District securities, raak- , li'g a total of 2t.'? ptr centum of additional allowance in these extreme cases. I have not Ken ab'e to trace any case which ex ctfded these rates. There Is no official re cord ot the computation in the case of Sam uel Strong, the only case cited by Lleuteu ar t Hoxie where:i2 , per centum are claimed , to have been added. A memorandum in Assistant Engineer Oertly's note book is ' solely relied upon to sustain the case, but this is a irn re private slip, not corroborated by any thing, aud at best an isolated excep tional case, which should not form a basis for altering the price li?t. Those heavy sac rifices were not intended to serve as prece dents, since the recognised price lists include ?ntpie margins for profits and contingencies Bricklayers" wages, which were I11 is: five dollars per diem, had fallen last season to four dollars. Trie price ol the bricks nre scrlbed under the specifications had come down from ?;i to >'.150 mUU cement from ?1 75 to *135 per barrel, and so forth. The testimony adduced by ideat. Hoxie lu his report. Dated April 20th. had reference to the dents accumulated and falling due under these well defined cases, for the payment of which provision had to be made at the time I this testimony was given. The 2K"t per I centum extra compensation were allowed, 1 ! think, in one main sewer case, where strata of quicksand and a springy, spo igy nature of the gronnd are more than an oil'Set against difficulties of excavation in excessive depth. 'typical eases, where32 , per centum extra allowance w*re paid last season, are: A s'.x feet barrel sewer, bailt by Uantz A Apple- j man, from intersection of 21 a ad Boundary streets noitbcast. down the oil Tiber valley ' to Intersection of North Cap;! ?1 aud L st?. j This is merely a secoi-daty sewer. which ' will relieve the main sewer on Boundary ! street during extraordinary freshets. Far I from being i?i feet or me>re below tlje surface, it is mainly built right on tne s irface,a'~ovd ground, on the bed of the street, and yet filled up to grade. Such work is le--s expen sive than woi k on foundations and walls of the plainest one-story tenement hon~fs with the usual dcor and window openings which consume time and attention. The'trivial excavation, a mere ^ratcblngof Uiesur:aee, >a < foi at piMlSpcreeat .or :'7 COL'8 pff j Krd, ranges in the ?:ass of com mon sewer excavation marked In the price list at 4'" cents per cubic yard. The over charge merely in bricklaying and exeava lion is, according tocomputauo 1, *u.t:*l 17. Another case is that ot tbe sewer ou I It by W. Gantz. a member of the list named firm from B< unitary street, down l*ih street northwest, to ?i, and along ?? street to .1st street. This Is also a mera relieving sewer, of l , diameter in the average. For Its whole length on ISth street It 1r but 12 feet below surface, which brings it in the classltl -allon of ceinmon sewei work, but In c tnsid' ratio 1 oi heavy cuts in the lower or if street section of the sewer theallowanceof tne established mam-sewer 1 ate was cleariv within the dis cr< tion of the authorities. For the extra al lowance of 32, per ce it. over and above thoje rates there are no tenable reasons. TheamouDtof overcharge has been stated by M. Morris before. Besides those "exten sions," mention must be made of the pay ment to Bar'lett A Williams, under contract No. 832, for the construction of a 20 feet wile main sewer under North Capitol street, from K to (? street north ) Tnis firm had commenced operations in the fail of 1872 wijhout a contract, and social arraugo ments were made for this work after long continued debate, on July 15th, 1*73, three weeks after tbe passage of tbe main sewer act The method ol grouping the Items in tbe computation on which the price was subse quently based. w?is different from that adopted some weeks later, but It secured the privileges erJoyed by the other sewer con tractors to the firm just as well. As a eon sequence, their petitions for Increased com pensation were promptly refused; but after ? a revision of the computation tbe price was paid, on December 23, 1ST::, at#&J.<;5, instead of *>n CO per lineal foot, as first stipulated. The contract contains a provision that a social agreement would be made in case tunnelling should become uecessary. To do away with any necessity for such work, the firm were, 01 January 9th, 1S71, awarded contract No. 01*. for reducing North Capi tol street, between L and N streets, down to trade, and under it the sum ot *30.78.5.u5 has two squares,:n which the old grade has been maintained at both enus, and steep grades remedied by cut ting out a knob about 12 feet high iuthe | center, at M street, where the old grade of 1.; feet was reduced to 55 feet above high tide. BmUm the charge for gra ding, another sum of ?U'J1005 has l?een paid in 1S75, under the clause of ' the contract, for ex'ra depth of sewer exca \aiion. This payment was at the rate ot 77 cents per ja:d. but w*s payable, nu der the most liberal construct.ou, at the I ci mm011 rates for sewer excavation, sincn the material was carteil away from the wide bed of the street, instead of being thrown up by several lift s, as implied by the price of 77 cents. The overcharge Is ? '? ?;st or.; out uuJer the terms of the contract 1 he whole item Is hardly admissible. Finally, the board ot audit have overruled the engineer, aud paid another sum of *51 111 4.;. or 15 per centum of amount of cost of sewer proper, under a con struction entirely outside of the contract, and which appears to be au allowance for depreciation of bonds. The strange part of this transaction is, that at the time the allowance was made the board ol audit were In possession of the vouchers showing that under the auditor's certificates of 1*7.1, No 1 sj2, 2.HX8 and 3,275, the firm was paid by Treasurer Magrnder *''-1.000, mostly In eight per cent, special improvement bonds, which were, at the time they were delivered over at very high quotations. This sum torms part of the amount upon which tbe 15 per centum extra were paid. None of the contracts of the summer of 1873, which are commented upon in this paper, were finished within tbe specified time, aud some were only completed In the fail of 1875. This is in part due to the fact that the promises to pa\ in sewer bonds or any other convertible se curities, came to be, before long, dead let ters, as is evidenced by nearly four aud a half millions of unpaid Auditors' certificates which were converted under class No. 2 Into 3 f.5 bonds. It nas been a subject of severe criticism that such heavy rates were ever allowed UDder any circumstances, but it sbcuid be remembered that unless certain works were completed tbe disconoected sec tions of the sewers, some of which were then built without outlets, would have rapidly filled up. and large sums already expended would have created nuisances, instead of proving beneficial to the community. Very respectfully, Adolf Ctrss. TESTIMONY or MR OERTI.KY TO-DAY. Mr. Oertley, assistant engineer of tbe Dis trict, was examined by the Hoise District of Columbia Committee this morning with reference to the alleged double payment of *t<5,000 to Albert O.eason for grading done on certain streets in South Washington. The over-payment, according to his testimony, came about in tbe following manner?In 1873 Uieason graded certain streets in South Washington, and was directed to dump tbe earth Id the Washington canal. He was pild for the work, and was subsequently, in >75. ps 1?1 by the board of audit for the All. Oertley knew nothing a* to who was r??jv>n sible, but admitted mat there wa? aa over payment, knowledge of which came to him recently. The lauie Asylnm Investigation THK TESTIXOST TO-PAY. The Committee on Expenditure" of the Interior Dcpartrt< nt resumed th?dr investi gation of the affairs of the U. S. Insane asy lum this moning. Itr. f-'rmici* M (iur.firil testified that he had charge of the naval hospital, one of the lodg?? of the Insane asylum. during ts^l and 1m'-5. The diet was furnished by ih? la s?r,e asylum, and was very (<x>l. t)r. Nich ols was'a good kind man. Frequently shw soldier* brought there in iron-, and ttiey were always removed after tiie patients rearing them were admitted to the asylum. l>r. Nichols' reputation was goo I. Never titw a; y!h:r.s in the a?ylum that ouli be improved upon. Jjr. Jit an testified that l.e res!d?d in Prince G? orge's couvty. Maryland. Ki e* the at f i dant i am*-d"8weeiiy, who testified before this committee. He wa>? formerly a teactier In a county school. Recommended him to l?r. Nichols, Heard that h?? whs dismissed for intoxication. Did no' think tiiat S<v>y i>y was amnipetent witness. The asyhim farm is well manage!. A! vars consider*-! it was kept on the most excellent plan. Witness is at present the attending IT. s. surgeon a? I'crt Foite, Maryland. F<y Mr. Mutchler:? Never heard the char acter of Sweeny for truth discussed. Heard tl at hewfts intemperate Did not tell I?r. Nichols that Sweeny had boeu .1 drinking man. Mm. Cln.irnl* testified t^.at she has been employed a? the ltsane asylnm for a year. Helure going there iiad beeu employed in other asylums. Is now the supervisor of the female department. Tuere are '<? wards on the jemalc side. Her duties are to lookout for the housekeeping, comforts of the sick general eleaulinees, and lue comfort 4 of p.i ticnts and atter.dauts. Saw one atteulauL Mnfcea patient, and she was immediately dlsmlssed. Dou't know of attendants ueglect irg their duty. Loo* after the ?lck pat ients iu tlie infirmary. Have never noticed any neglect on the part of the physicians. Afto Mary K<t'< <1 testiiied that she is now and has been for four years a*i attendant and a ft male night watchman at the insane asylum. Is row an attendant ou the worst clahs of female white patients. Have two assistants. Knew of an attendant striking a patient; di-mtssal followed. The food w<< good; patients get enough. Tainted meat rameup once, but was returned. Keep pa tients clothed as well as tney can be,a* they are very destructive of clothing. Mat Ella McGirr testified sne was em ployed at the asylum as an attendant iu Chestnut ward, where the best clau of pa tients are kepi. The food is good, and there is plenty of it. the wards are kept very clean. Know 01 but one case oi abu?e of pa tients by an attendant, dismissal followed. The physicians see the patients m Cnestnut ward twice a day. Kee Dr. Nlcuois every day. Beside* this tiie physicians are liable to come in th?' wards at any time- 11 would i ot t>e possible fl>r U>e patients to he whipped 8i.d lashed witiiout the doctois knowing of 11 or finding it out. {TLes&mo question was asked of Mrs. Clement", and was answered in a s.mliar manner. Mrs. Taylor, who was sitting in the committee room.nere remarked --Vcs, they do whip them, and you know ."1 C/t" !cs Hum testified that he hat ot.-3 an attendant iu I'otlai ward and I'a*-eV Oatc nient for over a year. Poplar ward is for the mfld sort of patients. Patients get gool !CO?.l and enough of it. Poplar ward is for civilians who get their clothing irorn tbe.j homes; they are always well dressed. Dr. Morrell comes thrown mjruing aud eveu Cotuhrs Jiauwtt, an attendant, testified that there was no distinction bet ween the trealmeLt of white arid colored patients ali were treated aukc and kindly. Ktrhnul Hevnc'i testified that he has been In."lde night watchman at the asylum loi lour \ear*. His duty was to look out lor pa tlents, glv* patients their m?d;ci >?*. A3, could make the round inthlrty-ti vcmiuutes made ll.e round once In every hour, heard of two attendants oeing dlsiharg 1 for ? ?rc ir g patient* Into a cold batu in cold we.iiiier. A i art of his duty was io keep the clothing on patients. Michael Ftnt(.n testified he had nean ^ n plojeda: the asjlum for 1 yeur- .ol n'l in'i, a' a MoneniaiHHi, was the boss mason. Pa llet ts were rot repaired to lav s' uas ,r? the water on the river wall. Never sa v any ?ti use at the usyium during the wnote tlaio he was there. C'niiV.i les ified that lie was a caipentci at the asylum and as such worked in every room and ward io the building. Never saw anything th> re wrong, except in oneca>e, where a patient was pushed oat of a r?iom by an attendant. wuo was dismisse t ly l>r. Nichols The general tr^atmeut oi the patients is very goad. Dr. Nichols is a careful, provident man, who ordered him to buy the lumber he needs wherever he can get it' the cheapest and the best." Do not suj pose ttie barn could be built for less 'han ("im. notwithstanding Mr. Swan tes'iflei that i tcould he built for SI.OoO- It was to last. The committee adjourned till to morrow. The Kfs York Elecllou Frand* WHAT MK JOHN I. BAVINPORT Dll) WITH THE MOSEY. The Committee on Expenditures of the Department of Justice this morning resum ed the examination of Mr. Davenport, and he proceeded to explain to the committee his lime books, papers, and other vouchers, showing the manner in which each payment was made, the object of payment, Ac. Wit ness had now, lie said, produced all tie vouchers he could find covering the expeadt tare of Kd.OW, and those he could not tiiJd covered small amounts. In response to Mr. Conger, witness -lid he had not paid one dollar of the money for a iy pvirpese whatever excep* for the carryit ?/ eut of his system to detect and prosecme frauds at elect ions. ijmstlon. Was any amount expended tor political purposes, either by yourself or n any oi the men in your employ? An-w r Not one dollar unless the me n chose togi\e their own wag* s, which w as doubtful. ijutstlon. 1?' any conversation you evei had w ith tiie Presi>ieut, or with an*' At tor rev General or villi any other otlicial, or w ith an \ otiier person, was it ever su .'^? s?ed or conte'mpl ited to s|>end money for e >*c tlons except In the manner you h ?v stated Answer. Noue whatever, sir. No sucn sug gestion from any p<rson. Question. After the use of this money as you have elated, what result a-.d e;!e?-t in regard to fraudulent naturalization, regis tration and voting in New York was brought about by the n.eans you Inaugurated? Mr Caultleld directed the witness not to answer the question uulii lue cuaimutu' had agreed to It. Mr. Cochrane said he fetre l the question would opeu up a field the committee had better not go Into. Mr. Conger thought the (uestion was pro per, because if it tad worked good it wonli show the sound jrtdgmeut aud good faith of the President in spending this larg< sum of money. If no good had resulted, the Presi dent might be censurable. Mr. Caulfield objected to the question, be cause it merely was lo draw out the opin ion of the witness. Mr. CoDger said the witness was the only one w ho knew anything about it. The committee, by a vote of four to thre?. decided that the question should be an ?<wer?d? yeas. Messrs. Wait. Conger, Coch rane and Joyce. Nays, Messrs. Durham Candler and Caulfield. Answer. It was beneficial. The witness then explained that it bad reduced the fraudlent registration since iheyear 1?6*. tie then went Into name the districts that had been mo*t affected by his system, and as an illustration of the advantages he referred to thelTthand 1-th precincts of the third as Fembly district. In 1*;9. wheu he hat no contest, the vote was 1,010. In i*70, when he could Interfere only as to the vote for Con gressmen, the vote for Governor was ;v. while that for Congressmen was only 14 In U71, in the state Senatorial election, when witness could not interfere at all tfe vote ran op to 705. In 1872. w hen witness nad full control and couldapply his system to all, the vote for President was 153; for Gov ernor. 1&*>, and for Congressman, ton. Witness had no doubt that the svstem he had inaugurated could still be canned out at very ^mail cash, and result beneuelal. y. In response to Mr. Candler, the witness said his system had resulted In relucmg democratic majorities In New York. He bad expended in all the sum of aud ail but the #34,000 came out of the Judiciary AThe committee at l-1 o'clock adjourned. I OBI Y-FOURTH CO MG HESS, Thtrspat, May SENATE?TheCha!r>pp<>:ctM Win. H. Yourg ** telegraph operator tu the Senate wlcg of the Capitol. vice Hyde, realgoed. Mr. Conkllrg presented with appropriate rnn?rti? petitions from twenty-two slates and two tern torus 10 lavor of the release of K. Wm. Condon. Imprisoned for life by the British authorities. He sail the Executive vJ< 1 artinent nad been assidtions in liteifjrt< In U'H.I of Condon. The li tunc h? I p >? ^i two resolutions 011 the laNtet It* aoi , the r? Terence ot these petitions to tb? Cor - m -u?e on Foreign Relation*. In the h that some g<*xi may coup o v. Mr. Sargent presented a p>rit .1 <? it rem of I'allfonla, setting fo-th raa?or.s a^ali st the govei 1 m^nt selling posa' cirK, kUn'prtl envelop ?. < c . ?>elow co t. I"?fer mt to Poat Office Oomiollif. Mr. HimiKuie ? petition a?ftt^u the removal of tue ns-fes ati<l ohsirucMotiv in the Potomac ?Une UfortMowc. H-!em t to Committee on I'omnK rre Mr. Anthony, fro 11 the Cuawitt'* on Prinline, retried a resolution to s < copies of the report 00 ? ducatlon iuJ labor J11 hurope. Fa"?ii. Mr. Morrill (Me.) submitted :t roaM ?:-,nt solution aereptli c the iuvltailoii to ??'cud THE IIXTKVXIAI, <'l EMXO, on May luth. and to provide for an adjourn ment from Tiie*lay <>f next w.>e?; to t'r lav Mr. Edmunds said tl this alionrnmefit took place, tlnrc would be nothing a ?ve n? xt wwii. He tlieifiorf mo\ e l to amenj b> making the adjournment from Murray to Moiiday. Mr. Hamlin sdvo<?n?ed the amendment ai.<i faM It would gI \ e Henmtors an opport i. timity to ^ee the exposition. Mr. * otikllng suttee* ted to make the al journmentdate frot 11 Saturday next, as there would not lik.Iybe a <i'iorum 0:1 MO'iday next, if it w?-> provided that an adjourn ni?*nt >1 ou'd tafce place on that day. Vr. Sargent said tho proceedings In Phi a delphla would occupy Vat one day, a id he tl ought the shortest time shooM beadoptel Mr. Conkhng said lie agreed with the Sen ator from California and would vote for the shortest time, but hi* suggestion wan only t hai, in the event of adjourning for a we*-11. It be from the end of this week, and not Monday. The discussion wan coutluaed until I-1 M p m . when Mr. Paddock objected, Kixl me Chair announced time for the suspeus:ou of legislative proceedlugs. THE IMl'EACHMENr TRt 41.. General He: knap and bl? c.mnsel and the manager* of impeachment ladaliealy ar rived and wore in th> ir place*. TneSer ?< a>.t-at-A rms ?na.le the usual proclama ti'jU. Mr. Johnston'^ Va. was sworu to siton the trial of the impeachment. The minute? of tee last da) s impeachment proceeding* were then read. The Keoretary then reported the orders adopted by the senate on Mtuday last. Mr. Carpenter arose and said if tb#Senate was to atjourn for a week '.be argument would he broken off in the middle, for it would be impossible to get through more tf an naif this we> k. Me therefore suggeoted that the beginning of the argument be post poned till it can b?- proceeded with to com pletion. Mr. Manager Lord expressed, on behalf ot the manager*, concurrence In view of the counsel, although the majagers would pre fpr otherwise to go on at oLce. Mr. Carpenter then asked for the a loptio 1 of an order to postpone fiirther proceedings In tVe impcachmeut to Monday. May !"?. Mr. SLeiman then suhmftte<l an 01 lei pc.stpoi irg the trial to Monday, May C>. and that the ai^uirient ontiie quest ion of Jur!eUiction be limited to eight hoars on a SM?. Mr. Sargent moVed an amendment to strlki out that pari of the order limiting tue Hrgumeut to eight hours on a side, wn: -h was lost. The question then recurri'* on the or ler as submitted hy Mr. tsherman, wntu it was lost?yeas 21. sioes to. The follow:i g was then reid a? submittod hy tue mauatters Tuat tue OOU'l * jjar. till Monday. May lj. Sei a'or Thurrhan said this was the -aaie motii i' a? voted down. Mr. Kdmun Is sail no* nec. ?>;ai i ly. Mr. fiheiman suhmitte.1 another ?>rvter, "hat the court adjourn to Miy 15, and Hint theaigumtnt he con tin e< I to nine hours ou a fide, to be divided botween thern as tiie mai agers and the MMMl may agr- ??? Mr. Manager Lord said the mana^er? would prefer to goon now if they were cer tain ot a consecutive heariug. but as ttiey were not. Iney askcl r??r the p ?*t|?<?nem -nt. The order submitted by Mr. Siieriu-iii vrai t .cn rejected- ajes:r2, noes ;s. Mr. Eltir,of course-1, then proceed??! wild his atgument. HOl'SE OF REPRESENTATIVES -< u motion of Mr. Wofid, ^N. V.,) .Monday next, after the morning hour, was assigned to the consideration cf the b?!l to carry into eff.*et the treaty with Hawaii. on motion oi Mr. Lawrence, Ohio, the Judiciary Comtnitteewasdlreci' i to ln^uiro In relation to the payment of the money appropriated to make Point Md . a site for a national military asylum, and to report what ettort* have l<een made to pro tect the property. The House then went intr? Committee of tiie Whole on the Post Office appropnai ion bill. Mr. Springer i III.) iu the chair. it was agreed that general debate thouM close at four o'clock. Mr. Vance (X. C ) addressed the commit tee on the subject of fraternity. Mr. Kelley Pa) said tb&l no appeal ou the score of fraternity aould coirlrol his vote on a question of the appropriation of money, and it was unfair to say ma: goat men were inimical to t lie south ?ecause tin y refused to pay this claim. llnuior* of ttie I in in h Mine Inpleas ?aiacaa, WITVEKII GIVE THEIR OPIJflON OK EACH OTHEU. The House Committee on Foreign Aili.r concluded their investigatioii of the Emma Mine transaction, and Gen. Scneuck's e n i.ection therewith. Uilsmorning. Mr. Parke, in speaking of som<" of tue tes timony given by Lyons, yesterday, sa d hat it was f?ise, a:.d ihat Lyons wa? devoid ol Ril eha acter. aud that heiPai ke) could protii:ce a uuinber ot persons who w>> il l te? tify thai tuey would not be.itve Lyou uui t oath. In reply to th.s Mr Lynn maieakv< e ment, ui.der oHtti, to the c.'lect that l'4ra< wasa very untrustworthy inau. a id tint it allr.wtd i.e could prouuee before tue Com mitter any number of iespec?ahle men froai Kan 1-ra: ci>co. New Ham|mhlre, Wrmont, New York, Ctah, and whe.-ever he Is known, who would swear that they would not be licve Tarke under oath. Oen. sctei ck deuie i a statement mater Lyaa, yesterday, in regard lo some bankers. A Tier this luterclia: f pleasantness itie committee adjourned for the lay. amio m eiug that they would hear no more ev; lence. CONGHIsg AND THE i'E.Wl F.SXIAL Ol'EW tKO?Col. Thomas a. s,?ott, presldeutof the Pennsylvania railroad, has telegrap ied to Mr. Hopkins, cha'.rrqan of the Cent^nmal Com mil tee of the House, that he is willing u> place free at the disjKjsal of Cougress a special train to convey both Houses to the Centen nial. He has also telegraphed to President Hinckley, of the Philadelphia and Wilming ton, desiring his eo operation. It is expected that the latter will comply, it Is expected that the Senate act House will adjourn after next Mouuay until the following Fri day, and that the members will leave on a special train at 5 o'clock on Tuesday nexL Natal OnDEKs.-capt. Cbas. H. Baldwin ordered to report to the secretary of the Treasury on the 13th insL for duty as a mem ber of the lighthouse board, Lieut. Waluright Kellogg to the Michigan. Erie, Pa , Medical Inspector J. S. Duugan to duty on board the flagship Pensacola, and also W discharge the duties of fleet snrgeon of the North Pacific station; Commodore Alerandar Murray de. tacbed as a member of the llghtnouse hoar I, l.Mh instant, and placed on waiting orders, Master RlcWd Mitchell from the Plymouth, and ordered to the Monongahela at P ?r.l 111. Me.; Master John D. Keeler from the Juni sia, and granted three months leave; En sign E. B Underwood from the Mahopac, and ordered to the Juniata Medical Iaspec tor J. M. Browne from the Penaacoia, and as fleet surgeon of the North Pacific station, and placed ou walilng orders; snrgeon J. S. Knight, from the Omaha. Soutft Pacific sta tion, on the reporting of bis relief, and or dered to return home and report his arrival. Surgeon George R. Brnsh from the naval hospital. Mare Island, Cal.f and ordered to the Omaha, South Pacific station. a^"Tbe icw York legislature yesterday adjourL ed :W rte. Telegrams to The Star. ? CHINESE IMMIGRATION. Excitement in San Francisco. THE BROKEN CABLES VETHQDIST GENERAL CONFERENCE. IHt ? ooi ? r m Mil# of AHalr* la tall. fiw ?>? sa\ KiA*n?m Murl-ItN Routh Han Kr*nri?oi Am, Ci?hi? Club ami ttM > oan( Men's It) form Hoclety held meet ings ibi DiKht.M?l rMDluitani in .'orsing the destruction ??f tbe Ctnneee qMi? t'TS In tlv* U?*n of Antioch, and ^hm kUoi a similar course tr this put. unieae the fed t*I government shoufd take !mrn?liate stet s to atutie tbe evil of Cttlneee Immigra tion. Highly lt>r> n?| i*r> ?|wh?l *rr? made ?il l letter* ree.t 'rom ?octeile? m tlie interior of tbe utato *eekli g the ci> of Kan rr?i:rl?n> ami coolie fne wrtfinl at arm* of ihf Young M-n's I'nl \?r?al Reform society announced that be |ia<1 received a lei* ?raui from New Vork ?ajr Ijng tlat '2.6.V>aland of arm* could he deliv r. <1 lere at l-n ?.ay? notice While audi Talk at.d action a c inlveraaily reprobated [iy tl e treat ir?f of thi-ialng people in u>la v therecan t1' to doubt the! t i>im<U the approval of a arge and dangerou* claa* in ;t e coromr.ntty a% 1 that in the event rU no [notion being tafc n In the matter l.y lh< gen ? rn 1 imvernnier>t. there is srave reason to fear -, r.i>oi disturbance* bore al noUlttaiil hay. I IIR MtllKtlilhl MMKll (it*. ? kni:mc l>r<N'<r4lnK< lo.l?*y. Bai.ti*. nr. M*jr 4 Hi?h?p avk* pre sided at the opening of Ihe general <-t?ufer ? t oe this morning. Ko'Ikious ?ervloe? were . I t i i; I ; ?.of Central New York. The committee on reception of fra i# rnal delet-atea ??> aunouuoed. Commit - leea on iwuwia *e, pMlMtl tUran. and Amencan lilble S(?r :y w?-re orter^J ap-1 )<olnted. A propnsit.ttti hy Krv vi. Jocelya, of M let it an. lo a | .point a c.?romlt tee of thlr. lo'D. romi 'Wfd of one frond each of the twelve general c?Hifereooe?. and on* from the general conference at large, to provide for meet in* Uio balance d ie the no >k con cern and similar exi?enaea la future, was re terred to tbe committee on ? p??c*>p? -jr. Rev. .1 W Frown of Weal New \ ork. move J the appointment by the bishop <?f a ape-ial com mittee of twelve to consider and report on the propriety of a revision of the linan book. which war adopted. Bishop Jane* then proceeded to i ll the ?inadrennial of the *>labop*. The address is a long pa(>er on the history of the chtircn for the pant four year* and iii present ootid it'on. 11I R KROHCII ?H KAN ? ARI.IN. I.ra^llag for lite l.lnca. Nan V"KK, Mi> 4 ?It la aao rlalned that ihe < able broke aomewhere tie'ween north Sydney, tbe terminus of Uie Western In Ion line*, and Placentia, a abort distance Utla wide of Heart'a Content, where the deep aea cables are landed. Al about 5 o'clook laat evening tbere were two line* from North Sydney to Placentia direct. One of which la ?ni and tbe otber 3mi mile* long. Alao, two lines from North MydLoy to St. Pierre, and tbe aanr.. number from tbe latter place to riacet.iia. Both of theee and one or tbe di rect wlrea above mentioned, broke a few daya ago. alnoi which time veat>< la have been eT taged In grappllag for the broken etida. No teel had i>ecn made up to midnight last ntytit by which the exact location of tne ia?t break could lie aacertalned. Tbe French cable broke about J?0 ml lea thia aide of Freat on April -"fitb.and haa not yet lw*en repaired. Thns all coirmnnlcstion wli* liurope. ex cept by the direct ?*abie has t?eea t "rap ?rari ly euapended. I>eleffi?ie? (<? tlarlaantl Wor? i -TkiL. M van . May 4?Al ihenlntb district reput'lican convention today Hoa. A . II. Bullock and H??n <i?< rge F. Hoar, of Worcester, wee elected delet(ktea to tbe national convention. l> cm I'e.tro Omahv. VKB., May 4 -Tae Fniperor ot Bia/.il Knifed frotn tlie w? ntal8o'clock thla meruit g *L.d wentdlrectl> east. i lie Marketa i B?irv >'*, M*> Vi'ginia ??l? ;id?*al, #?>?? W<?l Va . K<?r?k t aruima ?'?, ?M. IB. ix-w.a, <J? ?i? 1a! '?x. I lid to >ia?. tag .r ?:? *iy 'i-< >ai.4 c c4 l'aalt{. I??t t xmkb. M*' * ?Oottna doll and ii-avf? n idd iLg 11 4 VI r B' ->r? acu.c. but ancti?ng-d. | ? b?at anil bud ba*vjr ?No. t w**t ra red. 1 4?al ?k. I1, ?t.i i rt'i. I ?:UI 4S. M?trlai>d r<d. I *>< 1 4v do. an.t<t-r. 1 Mai do .vfe.ta.l ?)?! to C.?ra I ?< utHe.-a acn*a aLd Hi r; w<wt?rr Uirlr actlva and firm for ??"t. fntJi*, aha-la ea*b*r; aontbera |* 13. >? Ho* ? '?!. w>i?m a?iie4. <iH;a*ut, iv\. Uai* dall ?ti 1 heavy--?.utli-?rn ?*oJ to ?,? n>o 46*4S we*era 44i4?. do. mii*d. eia 45 Kj ? aud lv ?*r. 72a.'?. M*> atcadf. 4*?a"4 go< d? Matfiund a-<1 i'< u< ?> Ivaala, UMiaUOO. rt'Tl?k>l>l ?b??la * rsn r. but ^nlet l*ork. SI St. l-.ulk t???'t tu?niia?ll) ?abo'ild?r?. clear rlfc ?idr*. IP,. Keo"t.??hi-ol4ora l*ia\, clew rib ?i?l*a. ii"4. Haois, 15a 6. Lard ei?iw? r? fined, 14'? Batter <ir.iH? n ?nn?? ??> oboioe, tial*, d i . e?t ? fi! *, Patrol* i:m dall Md h*av? rrode. ; ?T\: r??lii"d. ii Cvfl*'i?iat lu! ft'ai ?bd Dchaig-i M lii?kr du'l. I ll'? Kiw Toki. M?? 4 -Stock* actna aid I >w*r. Stoce). 3 Gold. U 4. Ktrbanae, lone. AS')*; ?b- rt. 4> ?, Q> >ern&i?-Bt? d? .11 and <tead\ . htw Viiki. May 4 -rivtir <i?M a^l b?a?r. Wf-atl'il and diClli n.c t'orn yataf and flria LoKVe*. Mar * " ? w ?Oon?>i.. ?S?? t >r I uouay at'l ilie a^C' imt. It B tout. 1117'a, lliv i a.a? - Thk AI?llo^ asces AwnCovrrwsATioM or OKriclAL LtKg ?Tbe following lattei by a prominent officer of lite House of Rep retet.tative* to a friend in Texaa. afl.uda a graphic dearrlptlou ot' tbe baraaxuenta, and on ihe other hand tlie compensating *aeeta ol itLcial life in Waabinittoo: 1). C., Dec. ISUt, l<i l?e*r I have been trying ever aince my election to write to you but hare been be aleged from light in the morning until oi?e or two at night I had about one hundred and thirl* appointment* to make and have bad I reckon w'thont exaggeration three thousand applications, tuai^ie^ men, woman and children, t>ulling and jirking me every tltne l would put my head out of Um door of my office l have had to keep two uabers a id two or three clerka ever alnce the hour .?f my election in my office, aad 11 a cow five o'clock in tba morolng that 1 have gotten up to write to you. lu rtgard to I tried to save a i 1 toe foi him but the member* are BO "lamurou; foi I their raaulltnrau thai so far it baa b^eo im ' poacltle to do so. My power after Cbriat rnas will l?e Immense and tbe* I will ba able to do aomethlng for him A I will itick 1,1m In. Fay arrived ou Saturday morn lug ail aafe I m t bim to aork on Monday at a am?H?0 place A he i? tbe moat deligh1*) fal low you ever ?-?w. 1 wish you con:i be her?* with try and cotneon.tbe Uovt rameot. furnishea me with a flnet urnout aao a ?;?ank li.g | air of liorsetand btforeand after the bouseaeaaiona andret-eaa I have exclusive use <>i theaa. My coachman cotnes down every iLoit.:rg tor u? ibat la Fay and my wtf ?4 aflW lllill aj-oiind to n.y break fast. takea me ap o my; < i'ic C ? igreea l? invited ? ver to 'lie <'??bteanla! on Friday. We will have a b<g tla e, Oori'e back on Mon day. 1 may I'mwrni you 1<?. om bun trod and twenty five dollars t-Niiormw. wilm you can draw back lor on r.e !?t Jan. i got your telegram telling me to draw for two hundred II needed, but trl?d to do withont auy ai.U may i o* have to .iraw tomorrow, but, a> 1 ofoi'r in*"tn'?r? are li ke myaeif tight r,. on first mouth an't 2 ha ve to ask tbcm C.>mi on Cbristmaa tor a few days A a-e wilt have a glorious lime. I have more invita tions to ln?.ic with toe n?? mi>er? and Kena tors than ary ir an in Washington I am a bigger maii with tbe memtxra tnan ol<i Grant, I cant put my f<iot on tbe fltior ol th*? Hall, but what Uiey make a break forma ar.dsouiet"net.ado/en Irving to aee me at once fc.r place* lor some friend. I scarcely ever get out of tbe office to go on tbe floor of the House. I have under me tbe Folding rooms, Document room*. File rooms, alt committee room* all employees .n aoutu wicgof building and eutire aontb wing or Caploi. 1 lave a superliiteuaeni A as?n tant n eaci, ^ j artrue t and aboui < )07.eir b.?ok-keepers beside ray offiec clerk A we do ttiluga up in st;le. 1 Lave a boy to take my hat and coat or 1 cant torn around w th ou! borne one at my back ?* c.i.11, and when I get all my new appointment* *>rokeu la, i shall bave a nice time I am making op a party alraady tnoom* on to Texas on tbe adjournment. 8. s. Cox to head la the warmest friend of aoin. vou ever saw Alao tbe new apeakar, Mr. Kerr. ? ? Quite a contrast bare an' Austin. I cant turn for friends here. I bare row fifty letter* from my aoulbera frier, d* all part* of tba aontb cor gratulatlng me, thus wag* tbe wnrlc. Tet a man be prosperous and every ma. is bia friend. Muat cloee, tall I wil look out for him, and If I cannot make a place mj self 1 can get him In aime of th p. parUuenta alter Cbriatmaa Writ* ?oo % to Your devoted friend L. u. y av At tbe recent elecUun in Mlnneapo. MIbp.. tbe ballot boxea were decorated w flow era in honor of tbe ladiea who voted. ?y-Au Krigitsh judge baa dacida^l tha. i woman ean keep bar wedding ring, aa l w > - it wben abe pleaaea. but abe oannot gi v away without her boaband'* eonaaot WA Ran F ran risen dispatch says tba U.? road to Yoaemite \ alley by the Marioa.,* route la now open for vehicles. Tbe atil stage from Merced laft yesterdoy noraj^i

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