Newspaper of Evening Star, May 4, 1876, Page 4

Newspaper of Evening Star dated May 4, 1876 Page 4
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EVENING STAR. THI RMlAl May I, 1*7?. heather FrobabUiUe? To-day. Orrir* or ruiiF sro*at. Owe**, i Wa?hi?oto!I, May 4. U76. S In the middle state*. fulling barometer. Increasing southerly wind*, warmer, partly el- ndy weather. and tn northern half rain area* followed to night by westerly winds, rtairK barometer and colder, clearing weather. LOCAL NEWS. am??#mfii ??., To>al(kt matumai neater?Rose Eytinge as "Rose llMtl." yiworer icnugue?-Jaba, or Who Wins," and Tarie'ies. Mmfomr Festival for the benefit ?f the Church of the Incarnation. ?*'?/ FtU' uv HcU.-Panorama of Milton's Fara<ilFe Lost. Wathu.gtini City Orphan A House warmirg. tit. Jmirph'* (Mh and H street*.)?Fair no toiiab'.e. WH?liln?lun lirhlaK ('Ark Trotting May Jd, 3d, 4th, and 5m. Ticket* for sale at Office of the National Hotel. C'ffSre of Itif imperial Hotel. >>wi Htacil at wlllaro'a Hot?1. (iffic* of the New York Avenue Hotel. C?f?.ce of the xi. Marc. Jrr c ion New* I >*pot, northwest corner of ?tb ard F street*. Tra,n? 1? ave from ?;th street depot at 11:30, 1 J4i. v, end 3 o'clock. Round trip tickets, J3 cents. Races comiteiHt; at .1 4 o'clock. (oDdeaspii Locals. There will be a meeting this evening of pr? i?Hy ? wi>? rs. busluc-ti men. and resi dent* of I tih *tr?-et north to c invass the question of the erection of ? mark *1 house ml la Vie to that rapidly growing section of II eetty. Nee advt. The "annual exhibition ol paintings and draw segs by the pn | ils of Mrs. Fuller'sart s< b>-ol. i0t< l"th street. opened bvday. and is being largely anerded by those Interested la art ruiturp."The pictures will renaln on ex hibition nntii Haturday tvening. The fol owing eificera of Clements Lodge, Ho. 5. I O G. T . were Insialled la?t eveulnir a H. .Moll. W C*. T : J. F- Maupln, W. V. T . J< hn i; Mahony. W. It. X ; Edwin H. W F. S , 1 >otm 1. Twltchell. W. T.; Ella C Nye*-. W. C : C K. Manpin. W I.O.; John T. Hardester. W. O. G.; K R ?v:uu,P. U ? T The 1 a Ion Keslsal Meeting* Tte meetitig .'ast night at the Congrega tional church wa? well attended. Kev I?r. Hankie presided, and Kev. .Mr Worthlngton opened with prayer. Kev. Mr. Homer, of the Kn^llsb Lutheran church, read the Bible Iwun. Jack Reynolds made a short but earnest address, and was followed by !>r. docdnlai.d relating his experience: after which there were n marks oy Pr. Noble, Kev G. A. Hall and Dr. Ra-, kin, alter which the ltqulry meeting was he'd. TO DAT S MEETISO at th# English Lutheran church this morn ing was well attended, and after tue Hn lee ef forgs. praver wasoffcrc 1 by Rev. Messrs. Hammond. Noble, and others. Rev. g. a. Ha. 1 read a numtier of verses for Christlau workers, v.ntable to the inquiry meetings. Hrv Mr Nichols, formerly a c?> worker with Rev E P. Hammond, spoke. Reports wer<; made of la#-t night s by Rev. Mr. Graeff. Mr. Woni<'T. ar d Rev. l?. A. Hall. Rev. Mr. Ham wor d jead the request* ol prayers. and Rev. L'r. Rankin ottered a prayer for the subjects. A praise meeting followed, and theu tue usual inquiry meeting. AMCS*MK*T8 ? ^iHtonOl Th*at'r ? Miss Ro*e Eytinge appeared before a brilliant auOience last evening. "Rose Michel" grow* >n popularity. and will hold the boards of tbe Nationa, tor the rest of the week. A/n?o?u<- Ifi'nie Tne festival for the bene f i of the Churcb of the Incarnation was well attended last ant* a very pleasing scene wa? presented. The booths remained from the "Authors' Carnival." and Lave been handsomely decorated. To night is tne last night, and a? there will be aprogramme of exceedi'i.'int<-rest c%rreJ out, tne attendance w !1 undoubtedly be large ai d brilliant. < *kt h'rfkm-J HaU M E Herrena's second presentation to-nightthe grand p*mr t:.i i of M.lton'^ I'araJi-e L->st. The r??\ sh at Rrad Adams'. No extra charge for served seats. Wushuutf(,n i ? y I ???! A -< < -Tne .a-ly aianauersof tins corninenda<>le instltu? :on will continue the house wariuinz tins even ing at their new home, corner HHi ?nd M streets Tte orphan children gave a very enjoyable entertaii ment last evening, au I to-i.ight the Joe Jet'erson i nb will i;ive a musical and literary treat. l.iuiiiih <n#ra ?Owing 'o Professor Fair lamn's to obtain tne use of the Na tional Theater, he aas obllsed to postpone the miDihim .if --The B->h<?m an <? rl" until next Wednesday afteraron. May 10. Thtu'rr C'< n/ite.?The attrai'tlons \>ffere<I this w?eh draw Crowd^1 houses nightly. ??Juna. or. Who Wins," is the lesdinj dr?mat!c attrictio:'. and the varieties are iKMa Welcome .<? a I'AfcroK.-a lar?e meeting was beid In th?- lecturt room of tue Calvary Baptist Church last niirht to w icome ttie ucv pasu?r. Mr. A. F. Mason. The ctvrch at d s<xiety were repre-.entf 1 by upwards of four but^ied men ken, eacii of whom ex tended a warm gT??ting to the pastor, who resporded In an impressive address to the cardial reception. Appropriate words of welcome were *pr ken by Dr. Gray, Messrs. Mea/or Iugersoli, Reail and oliiers, all of wbom \ e-i wi:n eat i other iu their kind expressions of corgratnlatlon and good will. A beautiful tlorai display, with tine vocal and instrumental m.iMcand choice re:resu anents added inteiejl to the ocoaslon. We congratulate this prosperous church upon having secured the services of tins eloquent divine, a worthy successor to the veuerable and esteeroc 1 I>r ParKer. and doubt not that great success win crown the union. ? Tux Markxt Hoc*xCasks? Yesterday, In the Equity Court. Judge Wylie, theca>es of Hoflman and the Washington Marke; com;*/ y were argued by General B F. But ler, Joseph H. Bradley and Wm. Blrjey, e??|S., for the company, and Messrs. R T. Mtnrk and R. K. Elliott for the market deal^is. By the report ot the receivers Messrs. Chandler and Elliott?it appears Ibat since tte order of the court of February i, only ? of rents had been pai l out of f^s'^l:'.?; due, and that the lef.*ndauts almost t eased to pay rent The Court or dered that the defendant- suool J within 'en days pay all the rent due from theiu. with Interest from February 7. or in default >ur render their stalls and quit the market. Till STRIFT SWEKPI50 COJfTRAt'T ? T/.e contract of Mr. L. P. Wright for street sweepiDg expires to-day. Flvtaf Mr. Glea son's niacbiiies arrival here yes erday from Boston by steamer, and three moid are ex p?cted n> it Mo' lay. These machines are ??f ti.e Eil?-~- i^ient! and are n?e<l In Kost'i.i, Portiai d. Providence, New York, Ptilladel |? :a and other Cities. They are cons*.I- f ally lighter and of less power than nsrd l>y Mr. Wrlgiit. T.he entire co-l fo? servtt e under Mr. t?:ea<on's coot<act is lim lle?i to Which is ah. ;t ?.i??.*>?? ti an or ai.y >? a: sine- ti.e -eivlc* wu< ln acguiated. Tne i t Ai orsi :ne. Com maidtry No. 1, on Mouday ele^-'.e! the foilowii g officers 'o serve the ensuing year Bei jaimu H. Water*, commander. tl'lfiert Gordon, first dejuiy comtaaud' vk m. W:lke?. second deputy commander: Jam >s A Gamer, recording scrlls- Andrew J. Stewart, flnaiiciai scrlt>e, Lewis Burns, eap'ain general; Angustus Fletcher, heraid. Alex. Warren, warden Edward Mlddleto i. ..ia> dard ?ea fr. Hoar.l of governors? Lewis "n omas. Pa'rick t delin. Jos. l>avls Ja'nes Co.bert, James Grant, John MmiUu Miss/aides Josxh' 6i!iirrr.-Atr??i i* In su>re for the music loving j'sopie of our nty next Monday night, ai Wlilard hall, upon the occasion of Miss Jones testimonial concert. This young lady has been generous iu giving her services to church a an<l char itable ob ects. Tickets may be obtained at Ellis' music store. Thompson's drug store, and a? the door the night of the couecrt. ARoriiR MWRniKXD Bahy.?The holy of a female Infant, wrapped in a blanket, was lound yesterday moralug by somesi-bool children on New avenue, be tween and R streets northwest. The body was camrd to the second preetnot station, wbt-n tbe coroaer prunouaccd It a ea-e of lufaat'irlds. ? MAiiiAdl LirtHHM have been issued to Hnjrv Johnson aid Elizabeth Fountain; Wm. P. Prime snd An ile M. Braly, Charles H T. ? >ver and Ka:e E Carpenter, (of Fau ooier eour.i v. \ a ) Havld McCoy and Annie Grainmtr Th nnas Ware and MaryG etn. ? ? Reai. Estate hale* Young A Jltcdleton sold yesterday for Mr M. F. Mor j.e. trustee, lot liift.square K!5. Improved by a handscm* four-story and basement brick <?weiling No. >ji G ?tre??t northwest, to Mr. Russell Forsyth for *>,100. ? AFOTHIR BaryThrowx AwAV. -Otficer Pyram last night found a rtne boy-baby, supposed to be two months old, on the door step of tbe residence of the pa-tor ot M itftew ? church,and took it to the station . C atholic reading for Maj at Beiiew s. f IMPORTANT CASES IN THE CRIMINAL COURT. A|??lle?tl?aa for Ban. ?liarlett V. Ilsher Keleaae<l on Ball. T?d.*y..m ?2?ber ot applications wore made in the Criminal Court, Judge McAr thnr, to admit certain to bail. ?LCHARLIS q- fisher. uen. s. s. Henkle, counsel for Charles O. IV.h ^?8i8UDl Liistrlct Attorney, ^ g 000 ^r^1 in the Snyder business, and also with abstract of the court, made V1? 1)811 ^ set, and he asked !o? - 'f. ?"loan> heretofore set, ?-.?ioo in one W.OOO in the other, be reduce I. h-1,,^.?"^^?cawloD, the court stated ?hat anrt ??^-, ,x VJ.6 amonnt at *5-?W in one case and *3,00(1 in the other. Gen. Henkle suggested that Judge Wright was go bail lo the amount of ? that Mrs. J? liher, wbo owui property In I ?wn right, would also go on Uie bond. Flfber here entered an<l explained tnat Mrs. 1- isher owned property In her own right amply sufficient. The District Attorney asked that the usual affidavits as to the sufficiency of the parties be made. About |>, o'clock the bonds in s\oonwere executed by George p. Fisher, Mrs. Fisher, atd Judge J. W. Wright, and ihea?cused was sent for In order to be released. the case ok ? p*u li? ' bruw*. MMcos called attention to the ca^e of Tc< odore W. Bro^n, wbo is indicted for comp icUv in th? robbery of *17,097 from tb* V-8. Treasnry In June last and ashed that ti e ban be fixed, r'-marxing ciat Kro vn wa? not the principal, h it tn* alleged re reiver of the Ho,en property, and wltu;il was a ptx>r man. f he court asked how much bail be could give? Mr. ?Vofc replied about, an noo. Ihe ? ourt.?I propose t iflx It at Mr. Cook.?I'll go r>?*tter than that; the l?i~?r!cf Attorney will tv*content with ?*,ono. _Mr. Wells remarks! that theyc.uId trace ?. f* <i or the money to Brown, and expected to trace more. The court remarked that -MOnO" would be tfceamount required. the bo?cs epes c\se. Mr. Oook asked tnat John Green, chare'1.! with conspiracy In the Snyder bogus '.til busin?s?. he admitted to liail, remarking tl at he had heen acquitted on the principal charge. The CDiT't fixed the bail at 00o. OTHER IMPORTANT CASES. Hon Jereminh M. Wilson calle I attention to the case of Julius Witowskl. wit i whom Gen. J. M. Negley has heen Indicted, for presenting a fraudulent claim on the gov ernment. and asked that an early day be tixed for the trial. He feels confident of be ing able to show that it was an honorable transaction as far as he was concerned. Gen. Net; ley also asks a speedy trial, being as con fident or an acquittal. Mr. W. M Butler, of I Tern., was also pressing for a tria! in the j Su^g Fort case. TheDlstrlct Attorney said that If the court , would Indicate bow Ion? It proposed to take a recess lie would be at>le to name a time There was no case he was not ready to try, [ and after the court reassembles he proposes to call up the cases in about the following order:?* isher, Green, < utman, Brown, Wi towski, Paraman, Brooks and Sugg Fort. Ju.fge MacArthur said the General Term would proceed on Monday, and this court would be adjonrned over for two or three weeks, and oh reassembling all persons Je slriEg a trial should be gratified. ? Two Wive-? Granted Divorces?Yes terday, in the Kqulty Court, Judge Wylle ma^e a decree divorcing Marion L. Bradley from the bonds of matrimony with James ljavis Bradley. The complainant states that she was lawfully married to defendant June 1,1 64. by Rev. P. F. McCarthy, she being a * l'ow, w ;th three children wholly depend ent on hfr for support; that the defendant was a elerk in a government department, and continued to be until five years ago that while a clerk he gave a portion or his salary to complainant, but tha: she chiefly support ed b? rself and children by the rents accruing from the real property convey el prior to ber marriage to her sister. Mrs. Ann Holland, and her heirs, in trust for the use of com plainant and her children; that defendant left the employ of the government in Wo, and since that time has wholly failed to con I tribute to tb?> support of the family, but, on I the contrary, although a lawyer, the com plaiE*nt has been compelled to entirely sup port the defendant, and did so by reason of threats. That in 1*7! the defendant deserU 1 to New York and did not return until November last, and has done so to be supported by the petitioner. He has threat ened to lake possession of the property held in t rust for the children and divert it to his owr use. TLe complainant further charges abuse. The decree also granted an Injunction to retrain defendant from interfering wita the property. Judge Wj-lie a so gracteJ a divorce In the c Feof Rachel I pperman against Thomas ii Lpperman, wjth |?ermission to petitioner to resume her maiden name. Rachel Dodson ai d custody of the children. The parties were married in this city, October 2.', 1*67. and had two children, one of whom is now , Thf,y resided here until January, is.4. The bi'siness of the respondent was that o a patent a>rent, and in 1*7j and 1?73 he becan.e very neglectful, seeking personal p.easure. tiiu? sui'j?ct;n^ hi* family to the r>?rr?: necessities of life, and appropriating to ois own use moneys rcceiv?*l from clients Tp'r u-9 PH> m.l*nt of fees to the Patent < >m<.e 1 his J?d to charges beii.g preferred agaltjs' biuo, iesiiliing in an order 'orbidding him to practice before the Paten: Office In any case On the . jt, of January, Kl. he left this chy in: ( .I'cinratl. where he found employment, ? and wholly deserted and abandoned com piairant. leaving her and their child unpro vldt J ?or. except for the sale or some little , household 'urnlture. Since that time he ha? contributed nothing t0 the petitioner's sup port or that of her child, and petitioner was n mpeiled to return to her father and depeud , upon him. In April, Ki, she secured em | ployment in a government depart merit, and . since then has provided roi herself and ch'li ? ? The germax UEPrBLi- ans \TCiwcrw nati -The German Republican clob of this ci y has Issued an address in which they rerer to the coming National Republican ^l>.,VZI? '.*tld propose that the German raiiicais and republicans, personally or by thrr^sr-. at <-^c?nna?, or, ine . ii tl ay of Juiie, reportlnz at llip says?' The* l?m?. r eae- The address says The democratic party is the decided enemy of natural education, which unquet tlonal ly forms the foundation of all lmel i? ctua., pout;cal and industrial progress of the republic; the democrat!, party in league with the dark powers of religious faua-1 c!nn, seeks to demolish thoM? thoroughly re. puhilcan .nstitutlons, the public schools the ? J?arty denies tne American na t onality and declares literally that everv I true democrat Dttai the word nation with ? disguw it places the ?o%erel*nty of the I'ates al ove "lie national unity; the demo ? jatic pr.rty is In continued rebellion a?<iin?t the achievements or ihe ia!e bloody war of secession: thee<(ua: political and civil ri" its j guaranteed to all citizens have already tTeen nroiight to naught in the southern states bv tledem.K-raiic party; the purity of the i?i: < t b?ix has ,?een defiled by with the r-,ir derormany thousand republicans; th<< .ioiior and credit ofthe nation are turee..lied ?n'i er<.,angerfd by adem<>cratic infiatloii of - money, la stiort iiie democratic partv Ts the reactionary, bourbontstic element of the republic having its head center In th^ re'???, I'lch arn still spurtiugout the polsou of sectional ha:e at the union." The aidrass :s signed i>y i'. Hoeser. jr , president. (\ K i.!P,i<11' ' 11 scbulUiel?, Vice presidents I K.singer, recording secretary; C Stlerli ?rrrespwiduig secretary; I ?r. F. W H ?? treasurer. The So -THrit.N Kepckmcan Assoch tio>; at their meet 11 g Tuesday eve adoj .ed r*?olutions instructing th?ur cni r?Di!h?iiir!r4^r,fhn ,b* ?amber or ?""tbern [.' ? ,he varlous departments to atcUr,,,<' ? statement as pracUoJT bie of ihe nuiaber of employes in eacli de | par tiiient or the government at Washing , and also the numr>er in each department ?r^ 'rK'ni?, West Virginia ! taioilna, South Carolina. Ge<it2ia Te*a:? 'Alr'!'baaia\f^1,,*l8*ippi. l<ouisiaua! lexas. Arkansas, Missouri. Tennessee and Kentucky, together with the number 'hat each of thfse stares would be entitled to in each depa icient under a fair apportionment according to representation In tJongress aud deliver a copy of this statement to each re ? publican Senator and Representative m longre-s. to tne President or the United State* and the head of each department aud to Ihe chairman of the republican state cen tral committee of each or these states and urge * more equitable distribution of the public patronage upon the bas.sor ac'uil lepresenta. .on * - FriT.M*c Permits issued bv Inspect I * ' SfnlUl- two story brick ' -Ti '!rgs; north side H, l?etween 21st a^d WaieU" m ?orlbw?5,i M.0W. Charles a sT.Jti Iw? ?tory >,Tic* dwelling and ' sTreeti. ,,)Ul' bcII' and V treets northwest; fl.soo. C Camnank u chuseui avaif,^JJLe?U1 DK< norUl ",Jp Ma^a nrrth wesV ^; .^i) ! ^*h'' *'* *lT*^ ware house, south side ti. ?>etweS^id^an^M * streets northeast mm Vr?i,7? " and 4 , StwZZ dr'"ngvw^t ^fweeu I> au'l K ?treeu soutliwest; Golden A BrotherTfl^agenu-s Sio ^iiad* ffoM^r SSJSST1'*** <oi .."?J- Hewry Ward Bieohek lecturas *n d^v^til rJOre,Aca<*e,uy of Mli ,c ?? Tnurs day evening of next week, on the Interestimr subject of "Religion In Education, * I The District In Coapmii. BILL TO GIVE CS A"ZOO."> Mr. Hamlin introduced a bill in the Sen ate to-day, which was referred to the Dis trict Committee, to establish a zoological park, near the Capitol, and to incorporate a company to maintain the name aid con struct a street railroad thereto. It na.wj %s Incorporators Messrs. Jacob Roth, G. W. Linville, John N. Olllver, Sol. 8. Henkle, George Juenemann, I). 1). Foley, Jackson Cole, and Lewis Neurath. The bill gives tnem the authority to enclose Mulllken Hill, on theuortheastern boundary of Washington -a track not exceeding 150 acres?and name it the Zoological Park; to charge a reason able entry fee to pay expenses; exempts said park and its appendages from taxation; re Gala the act approved Jane 21, KO, estab hlng a similar park: gives them authority to construct a street railway by the shortest practicable route between the Junction of ? th street northwest and Pennsylvania ave nue, and fixes the capital stock of the com pany ai. ft.00,000. A rrriTro!* signed C. M. Matthews, Prank Jones, H. M. Sweeny, George W Itiggs, W. W. Corcoran. Arthnr T. Brice, Henry H. Dodge, E. P. Berry. M. J. Adler, J. G. Waters. H. I). Cooke. Walter 8. Cox, J. G. Berret and oth ers, was presented in the Senate by Mr. Bnirslde. and referred to the < ominitu e on Commerce, asking an appropriation for the removal of certaiu rocks altove the rocks in the Potomac known as the "TnreeNi*. ters." The petitioners represent that in view of tha recent construction of an outlet lr?ck for the Chesapeake and O- io canal, whereby the shipment ot coai will be largely In rtas?d Pt;d the cost diminished. mr-v rocks, which obst-ruct navigation 'etveen said outlet lock and the anchor<ge of coal vts<:els, ought to be remove 1. ? ? Important Arrest l>y Onr Defective*! CaI'TPHK ok "KKOKtSSIiSE UlUHOC," PAL OK SSYHIK, THI PERRY BUKGLAK. A few days since Major Kicharl3 re ve.i a teU-gram from the independent detective firm Knox .i Wren. Hichmond, Ya., sta ting that Mr. A. B. Snow, agent for the firm -^n? A' c?" extensive Jewelry dealers, >o.Maiden l.ane. New Y or*, who was a guest at the St. James hotel,of that city,had been robi ed of .<l,oco worth of sample Jnwel IT' asking him to oe on tae lookout as 11 he thief was suspect C. of comlnj. this way. \esteniay morning Mr. T. W. JJoennlger, proprietor of that no'.el, arrived in this city and proceeded to headquarters, gave a mi nute description of the thief. Major Rich ards suspecting who it was procure! the plc J,hr?.JrV',I, ,he J,ot?' ea'lery ot George ??? alias "Broken-nose George," when Mr. Hoennigerat once recognized it as the man who was stopping at the hoiei. and was noticed by him to be shadowing Mr. Snow, and was 6een to enter his room. All the trains and boats arriving from the south have been watched, and this morri o'L w,1? wa8 on the "pipe" at the Baltimore and Potomac depot, discovered his man leaving the 4 10 train fro-r. ou ?lt8 arrlval here. At fh? same moment Broken-nose George caught a' jumped. Mr. H followed, but before he comd get the services of an o!Tl-er ?'?hl of him. Mr. H. reported the .a?d De*?c?vcs M., McLlfresh and Miller started out at.d scoured the town, and just as they were mm 8,'ve un.the .chase, they discovered him aid took bim in. Mr. Perry wa? at once notified, ami repaired to headquarters, and general congratulations followed. Tnis ii-?e08ar?P man who witb Neddy Miller, ??P*rt cracksman, robbed In* J 0 Messrs. perry on Sunday, ?ljQne- mr>< of *4,300 worth of silks! escaped, but Neddy was cap tured next day, an J was subsequently bailed out by the -bogus Kdes," and has since been traveling and following his old trade. A few months since i>f ectlves McKlfresh and Sar h?m~t.r7Ck,h,a ,.raM ,n PhiladeTphirTbut he ra hey Wfre Rt*>ut to pull him. it it rfJI? y na? not yet heeu recovered, but it Ik likely our detective* will recover It. If teems that he has been following Mr. Sno.v I cSS ^'asnsrsrtsssa? siocers met last evening; present Me??r^ i A ?!? <Prtsltl?ut), Heed (secretaryi, Tail ; Coillr s, li omas, and Bacon. * ' ' IX,rf1!-!'r fwrgJ,nee.ruCronln ""Emitted bisre mmjth oi April, that during :he I ,wer? twenty-one alarms of fire, nn ^ 1o"s of .**?*?>? with an insurance on the same of ?.,coo. On the'4h of April James Auams was appointed a temporary ' ?renmanV^e K!UhDS' 1 Fra?feS,',*!??,'James Harrou.dlsnnss.Hl. and r rank Sujdrr, vice 51. J. Ridgway, rosimi ni Iransn rrr *1 ol No. 3 company, i ,ran?ferrcd to engine company No. 1, and f *r'mt s?- ' to No- 3. Engine No. 1, which is b^-ing rebuilt, will, in a short time, befiuished and re-ady for service and MCr?^WW1" >" " Superintendent Miles, of the fire-alarm ^?Icgrapb, also ?ii4liniltte<i his report lor April. The wires. Instruments and a >;m* prope'rfy^1 10 SOOd ?rder acd are working ! ..A-PP1'cations wrrp received from Drs. .1 F. Hartlgan and J. T Sullivan lor t ie i*?l i exaiuiulu6 surgeon ot the depart , * A communication wa^ real (referred to frtlrvi /a? t>latrict Commissioners} H making application for a cortrai t to do the washing for theea glpe houses ??nd police stations. Th '^.-n municaticn was ieferre.1 back to the D!s nJS, th??.^i?iODer? Witb tbe recommenda tion that no change be made in the inaauer of doing the washing for the department UIaVr i^at^r0r>itiH 06,1 to compotltion. Application? for (MMitions in the lepart V i Marion liosweii. y* ? Thomas. John L. Kastman, James \u dei^on. and James H. Lyles. ? r,!^LriiaUer of preparing for the District Commlsaioners ',etranscriptof theproceed J. ? 81 the special meeiine un ?^ir,iheitol(1 had a hearing was brought up, and the secretary was allowed longer ? *i^-?.A written statement was received t ?P'i'Porting to be his testi * before the board at the special meet f,0r jfctlona were made to transmitting it to the Cejinmisslouers as Kelbold's testi ?s lntefP?!atlons had t>een male, and 5 fc5,! meut differed from the testimony as ? , "'V or Hand'1- Hmu a Chee/cj (S'.'lr *Heet an<l Bre'"t J^ eiry I,,'o i'rof Phmi, w^n.Rr V<,D,turer calling himself a dav nr wn L on^ London came to town u.. i f ago, and engaging TaUmaJee entertainment, proceeded to ad vertise by hand bills and posters, a gift en ; h?rn ? scheme, Uj come off last night at the hail named. The entertainment purported iSii??atbVrg? v ^r iiand,aJrair the eutrance fee y \ ce",',? aud-each holder to draw a pri/e. Among the frizes to bedrawn were enumerated: a horse, numerous gold and -silver watches and Jewelry, groceries dry xoctls, articles of clothing, Ac. Ye>?ter lM,?.b?lued a lickety old horse, and cov crlug hia bony carcass all over with his bills rode him around to public school buildings and dlstr.buh.d his bills lo the sch<s;i^ dim. at the same time presenting each bov andgl.i wima ticket for the Rfjernwn e'f ,e,il,'K them that they must ?V !fn ec us ?'ach to pay at the dr>or when they would get their prizes Their' f -'rV ;" WMdrawii from their studies and forViwTmr their papas ai d mamas was n ? ,eu The result The'ii ???i ^t,c.rammed f'Jl1 OI children, i - (! t< rta.i.iceiit was ot to account nn ed tenchM fh !: eve.ryon/9 w"? could moiiat gh n r ? ?UQalU r chlldren were bustled a! i J ,irl o " "*parated from their mates, f? r i ^ iiumher of parent* were geekiu,v ? S "P '<> H late hour im ? I L having the show, each of the chll key iUi*- whVcn;^. s.niy COS1 me showman tlsty cents a thou sand. The entertainment fast ni?ht was a repetition of that *ri\eti in the aftercoou but the dupes this lime being adults, some of back rex^et^l, r-" d,ema^?d their ^n?Miey n? ^ close of the performance Oili stepped up and took th' enter prlsii<g Siiow man Into custody on ti e char^o ? W' having the proper license, and tockSd tJ!lVi'nPi the central guardhouse, probably rani rrl!? f **** blS bacoa? aB an lndlg. , .weJe a* ?r h.s scalp. In the Po lice court today LI'^j was charged w th Mr DBi?n?ve gllt ent?rPrlse without license. ^ oonscntetf to a piea of guiitv Curtis Traveler, alias Traverse us???? Mr* " ens proceedeti to sum un for thp irov eminent tbl? afternoon. P ? lDe gov aar?w. i, km-h: .,?? wf^lr **ll ia confined to the west, ^.t. Louis and Chicago caring most for . ?rNew Haven l? for English and Hartford neclfcutrDDm f?r 8' Senau,r fro? Cou ay-A boy at Cambridge. Mass.. has just *e*n sentenced to eight years in a reformato ry for stealing four pigeons. ?^"Pioria, 111., proposes to devote two d avs jea^ iel?bratJou of the tth of July tmi Ikr Tr?t1l>c Bum Y* Mertl?y. The second day's race** at Wellington Driving Park. tear Eennltig's Station. oa the B. A P. R. K., weie well-atteuded yester day. THE FIRST TROTTING RACK was for hordes of the 2.37 class, mile heats, best 3 In 5. tor ft.OOO. The first heat was exciting. Oscar led off. but wa? soon jjMsed i hy Gavo. Fan&baballagh. .Id, Nellie 4ih and i Nellie Grey 5lh. Faufcbaballa^b broke at the quarter and fell to fourth i>l*ce. but crmirg clown the home stretch he pressed forward and passed the ^Mreaneck ahead, Oscar and Nellie makinr a desd heat. Time 2Jt>jg In the second ?,eat Faughaballagb took the lead and won easily by four len*ths, Nellie 2>'. Oscar 3^, Cayo 4th, and Nellie Grey distance*. T'.oie 2.28},. In the third heat Faughnballugh again took the lead and won the heat In 2 36, and the race. < >scar ' 2d, Nellie 3d and Ga>o4th. O-car was the favorite before the race. Faugbaballagh Is an Irish Dame, which may be translated "Clear the way." TBI SECOND RACE was for the 220 class, mile heats, best 3 in !?, for IH.C00. In the first heat Huntress took ! the lead, Adelaide 2d. John H. 3d. Annie i Collins 4th. Huntress won easily ln2 28v The second heat was also an easy triumph for Huntress. Time 2.25$. Huntress also took the third heat and the race, having during the t eat an Interesting brush with Adelaide. Time 2 26#. Ade'aiie took the second money. SCMM ART. Pmse *1 OfO for horses that have never be>uter 2 37. mile bes'*. three In five, in Har ness, to first. S2">0 to second, ?15? to third. SlflO to fourth. Faughsb Ulagh l i 1, Os ar 0 3 3. Nellie 0 2 2. Gayo 4 4 4. Nellie Grev (formerly Ella L>.) 5 d!s. Time, 2 3-'^, 2 2?},. 23' ,. Purse a I COO. lor horse * that have r.ever tenter 210, mile bests, tl ree in five, in bar ness, foflO to first. S'J'O to second. >1.V> to third, *100 to fourth. Hnntress 1 1 t, A la laide 2 2 2, John H..3 3dis. Annie Collins 4 4 3. Time, 2 28 k. 2 2.26#. Retail Prlets, Center Nsrhrt. Msat ? Beet, porter house, a'a25 per lb.: Kirlobi. 1 10, round. 15: r< filing riec"?. 20?2J; corned, leal*; dried, 2U; sliced 25; chipped, 30; Pork, 10i2i?, j rnrii?d, Sal2$4; Mutton, l.'aaic: Limb, 18?JD; Veal, I 15*25: Pried Bwf. 20*25; Haius. whole, 17; cut, IS: sliced, 2.'.; Middlings, 15: cnt. 17als; Shoulders, H whole, 15 cnt. Tonenea. SOaOO each; Lard, i(jc. per lb. Fish.?Kock. 4l.a50 per bntich. Perch, 35a4U per bunch; <'atti?h, 25 p.-r bnnch; Halibut, JO p-r lb.; Perch, yellow, 40 p-r bnorh; Salmon, (Calif..ruia, I 40a50c. per lb ; Cod. 12 V'S per lb.; Hal-lock, 12a 15c per lb: Lobater, 12.'jal5: Blue F:sh < largo), 501 1.00 each; 15 crs. per pound; Shal, 5n?*j p?r pa'r; Herring, 25, Smelt, ' Boston,> 20. Mackerel, (fresh,) 2i each. Terrapin", 50c a?2 ea b Vkgetab-ks?Potatoes. Irish, 25 per pk: yams, 3<>per pk; Onions, 50per pk; Cabbage, 10al5 per bd; Carrots, 8 per bunch; 0*ster Plants, 5 per bunch: Spinach. l?;per pk; Parst)tp?.25 eer reck. Lettuce 3 a5: Kale, 2" per pk: Horse Radish JalO each, Kali-li. 5 per buncb, Rhubarb, f< per bunch: Asparagus, l.'.aat per bunch; Tomatoes, , Bermuda' 25c; Peas, 65?:.'. per pk J.I per bo*: Onions. 10 pprbox. Frcits.?Oranges, SOaSO per dozen: Lemons 2^*10 per dozen; Apples, 50*75 per pk; Cocoanuts. 6??> porqt ; rach, BanasM 6kV. perioz, StrsTberrles, 75 aftl per box. Phied FRriTV?Apples, lOilJ p?r ponnl; Peaches, peeled, 80; nnpecled, 16; Blackberries 10; Cher ries, 20a26 per lb. Bittkh.?Philadelpht? print, 5 5 pe ? lb.; New York Creamery, 45; choice roll. 40: fair do., 25*3?; Egg*. 20 per d. zen; Cheese, 2'ai. per lb. PorLTRT.?Turkeys, 2S per pound; Geese, 1 00 al.25 each; Chickens, dressed, 1,26al 50 per pair; eprire,6.00*8 CO per do/.en. Dncka, 1.00*1 50 per pair; do. dressed. 1.00*1 50 per pair. GEORGETOWN. ARREST OF a Srsj'ECTKD BCROI.AR ? Last night Lieut. Hurley's men arrested a notorious colored sneak thief and burglar, ramed Bob Goodman atlas Hen. Williams, who is suspected of having robbed several residences In Georgetown recently. He Is held for recognition., and in the mean time his mug wiil be taken for the rogue s gal'ery. Revival. ? The meeting last night at Dunbarton-streot M. K. churc'i was con ducted bv Rev. Mr. Nourse.of the Presbyte rian church. The attendance was large. Grain?By canal Red Eye, No. 1, 411 bushels wheat to J. G A J. M. Waters. Cattle Market?[Rrporteilhy /at K' d<i \ "". ' -Number of cattle on market. Iff all sold at prices ranging from 4 tot; 4 cents i>er lb ; Lumber of shi-ep and lambs, 500?2(rt left over, 7CO sold?old sheep bringing from 5 to fi | c nts per lb ; <2 to *t. per hea l. Ten cows and calves sold from S-5 to 515 per ' head. Market brisk. I ALEXANDRIA. Arrested on Suspicio.f A yonng wo man named Jennie Havenner was arrested at Guilford to-day by Constable Thompson, of Falls Church, and brought down on the W. A O. train to the latter place, on suspi cion of being ti:e woman who tnrew her child | into the well of Mr. Fowler, as noticed lti yer-terday's t,uzeUr. Hhe came home from Washington on the day Mr Fowler saw tho woman at ills station, hut bitterly denies having stopped at Falls Church, although some of the railroad men say that she did. At'Cident to a Steamer.?The steamer .TaDe Most ly, which was running in the place ol tho John W. Thompson, which Is temporarily laid up for repairs, when oil Maryland Point, about fifty miles down the river yesterday, blew a hole In h^r smoke , t ?x and was thereby disabled. Theengineer. I Charles Bailey, was badly scalded about the , teet by the escaping steam, but no one else 1 was hurt.? [(iazrttc, Zti. Shot nvKis Brother ?On Sunday even lit: a little son of Mr. William A. Withers, who resides near Castle Craig. Campbell co., was shot and iustantly killed, accidentally. ! by ins older brother. The older boy, about i l years of a^e, tired at a large hawk that was Hying very low near the house, putting i the whole load in the little fellow, who was I only about 8 years old. Mr. Withers is a ; brdtberof Senator Withers. Fish ?Receipts of3,000shad at *l5aM7 per j hundred; 200,000 herring at ?loa?12 per thou 1 sand. Very few sturgeon are arriving.? j .Unitine), 3?l. A Fighting Congressman The WH , mington (N. C.) Htr.r says a personal colli I sion toak place ir that city, a few days I since, between Hon. A. M. Waddell, member ; of Congress from that district, and J. J. Cas j sidey, one of the ed:tors of the Wlimington Post. Col. Waddell struck Mr. Cassidy two 1 blows with a cane which he had in bis hand, i when the latter drew a pistol, which was fol lowed by a like movement ou the part of Col. Waddell. At this juncture parties interfered, I ai.d the at!air was brought to a close. The i attach was made In consequence of an arti j cle in the Post reflecting on Col. Waddell. SriciDE?Peter E. Abel, a well-known citizen of Philadelphia, and for some years manager of the Chestnut-street theater, committed suicide on Tuesday night by jumping from Girard avenue bridge into the Schuylkill. A letter was found in his coat pocket stating that poverty led to the deed. I The Orkgon Republican State Con vention yesterday male the following I nominations ?For Congress, Richard Wil | liams; Presidential Electors, W. H. Odell, J. W. Watts. J. C. Cartwrlght and JuJge R. P. Uolse; Delegate. J. C. Talman. Murdered hy a Woman At St. Hene dine, Canada, Miss l.abouillter, a young seamstress, shot and Killed Mrs Murphy, : tor whom she was working, and then gaih I er*d up all the \ aluabies she could carry and decamped, but wag arrested. I Jcpge jERtMlAH S. Black has wriltena leitci to the Pittsburg Post declining to be I considered a candidate for the presidency. ?/"Mr. John G. Whittier is talk" ! of fot I delegate to Cincinnati from one of the Ma^ I sucl.usetts districts. ??/"The Boston Advertiser hears that Geo L. Fox has become so violently insane as to I require a padded cell. Every thing was quiet at, the Massilon i (Ohio) mines yesterday. Cnder the protec tion of the militia the non-ut ion meu are working. The strikers declara they will ! never go to work at the reduced rates. B^The extensive mills of J. G. Miller A Co , and ei?ht surrounding Cul ! popper C. H.. Va., were destroyed by tire Tuesday morniDg. Loss about t'20,ou0; part ; ly insured. C4KRM4VMB. W? arc MlliBgi at ir.ntly r.doc.d LAHDArH, LAKDAILL'TS, CLAKEXCEN, CO AC 11KN, WIPES and COI PELEIS. Our Patent OnmUr-balan&d FHmt FIVE LIGHT LANDAUS, and FALLING FRONT BERLIN COACHES are the leoO irtQ IXarriage* oj the ilay, and for beauty of de iiffn, lintpiirit]/ and Ihorougfineu in construction, are umurpaued. The Milling Front* to both art , niceiy counterbalanced bp a Mj/rtng, (which ar. ' rangrmnd u patented,*) andean leith mm be ! lowered <md raited with the finger. We guarantee our work to be FIRST CLASS, and to pleate in every particular. 1 *Nr> infringement of our rig Mi, wvitrr the above Patent, unit be aliened. H. KILL A M 8c OO,, ?9 CHESTNUT f.TKSKT, dec< nAtblr ASH HAVSM.OOflM. CIT Y ITEMS. ( era* Extracted wiihtai *?ala. Enrions, Ingrowing ami club Nail?, V?? cnlar Egeresoencea. an.l other a'lment* of the Met successfully treated, at Dr White s ?stablUhmer. t, Ulf> re-insi-lvani i avenue. eppo*lte Wlllanrt's Hotel. Fee $1 per viail. Established Id WaMitrgton 1861. For rcalth anil an increase of vltn' Uy, use the Health Lift, at 923 Pa. ave. 4JS _ _ Rapiiiir < ore Tram I rofessor lUintxiw * s love-fitting Tru??? no metallic or rubber sprint*, no hard p*d?; Rive* relief and comfort. does nol Interfere with labor, pleasure.or sleep. At the Health Lift Parlors, sr25 Pa. ave. 4.29 Try Marburg Bros. s?alof Xor*h Carolina Smoking Tobacco. 10 and JO cent paek 4,13,1: Dr. IHtow. editor^of the flMpd, New York, says: "The Lift Cure Is the most com prehensive treatment of the body, and a? an equalizer of the circulation is the most phy siological remedy yet discovered by the wit of man." Parlors, 923 Pa ave. 4..5* V alfabi.r A!?n K it 1.1 a i: f,R?" Brown'a Bronchial 7Voc/ir*" are invaluable to those exposed to sudden changes,affording prompt relief In coughs, colds, etc. ?. Dr. C. W. Reason's Cclbry awd Chah omii.k Pills are prepared expressly to cure Sick Headache. Nervous Headache. Dyspep tic Headache, Neuralgia, Nervousness and NleeplesMn-ss, and w .U cure any ca?e. Price, 50 cents. Sold by all Druggists In Waaiiiag ton, Georgetown and Alexandria. 2,24,eo AcctnrxT?Edwards A Hutchison's Stim ulating Liniment cures Spraius and Bruises. _ Hemoval. FlRST-CLA?8 SCOCRINO A!fd Dtetwo. A. Fischer enlarged his establlsnment hy removing to his new building, 90S (1 st-nort u west, three doors we*t of 9th street, very near his former place. By promptly adoptlug the latest Improvements, whether of Amerlcau or European invention, be Is euablnd to do any work In a manner not to beequaiedbv those not possessing thet-e facilities. fcr Ladies Dresses cleaned and dyed with out belug taKen apart.. ?*"" Crape Veils reflnlshed nice ard cheap. %JT Grease stains removed effectually. Gent's garments cleaning and dyeing a specialty. Prices lower than ever before, to salt the times. ion ion C L O T II I.YG . SPRING AND SUMMER. 1IKKKN COA1S AMD TESTS. OriecUl Silk Pl'd Worsted. ? jo Northampton bilk Bibbed Worsted, S 1 ?* Vienna Diagonal Worsted. fib SO Blacklngtoo Black aud Gold W .rated. * li Citrldge Fancy Bilk Worsted, 11 'i Narraganaeu Faacy B1 k Worsted, 910 BISISESN SriTH. Fine llbffnf lirttg Cms. Salt, |i0 Fine Delat arre Plaid Cui. Salt, 91 9 Edward Harrta Halr-liae Cass. Suit 916.30 The Versailles Chocked Cast. Bait, f IS The Diagonal Bit bed Cass. Suit. 914 Geo'ne Washington Mill Bine Flannel Salt, 913 North Hcosic Blcck Casa. Salt, 914 Herculee Scotch Cass 8cit, 911 Ingliah Stripe and Plaid Cass Bnlt, 910 Knickerbocker Check Cass. Bait.99 Saalsbary Brocken Che, \ Cass. Suit, 89 Colon Caas. "alt, Frock and Sack. #6 Tomis' nuts. Hllltnrt Diagonal Worsted Suit, *1 ? Lipptn Bilk H'bbed Cass Salt. 913 Mason's Hair line Cass Sail, $11 London Plaid Cass. Bait 9r? New York Miils Cass. Salt, 9? BOYS' SI ITS. Ncrwalk Fancy Worsted Bolt, 910 Camden Plain Cass. Suit, 3 9 Snow Cake Fancy Cass. Bait, 9 7 Knickerbocker Check Cass. Salt. 96 Union Cass Salt, 91 A. 8TRAL 8, 1011 PENNSYLVANIA 4TM9U* ...... 1011 apM tr Binvm 10th a it 1 Its Stbeet* GEA'TLE*HE*V>8 OUTFITS. Every Department Well Supplied. var?ksts to nctMRi: A large assortment, probably the largest In Wsshingtoa, of joods to select from Fine Plaid Baitings; Plain and Faucy Worsted Coat l?.*9 ?JJ? Suitings; Bine aud Black riannels; 15.ue, H.ack. Plaid and Mixed Cheviot Suit BU^ Brown Olive, Dahlia and M.xed Cloths nod Coatings, Bands-i|?e Panta loon Patterns; White and Fancy Vesting Gentlemen of qaitt tastes are particularly In vtted to inspect. Buita made to nxakaro from 9J5 upward. Orders promptly fillod. and la the best manner REART MADe (M9XEXTS. Good Butts, reliable goods, desirable and new styles, for ,$16. Black Worated Coats, with V est* to match, from 917 30 to $25. Hani.tome Pantaloons from $5 upward. Spring Over coats. In choice assortment, from 912 to 925. Flue and Black Flannel Suit*. Bine Cheviot baits. l>rap d'Cie Coats, Yosts aud Pauta loons. LIS!* ERIE. Perfectly fitting Shirts, White and Colored. Silk and Linen Handkerchief., Collar*. Cuffs, Scarfs and Ties. Gauze, Gossamer, Merino, fcilk, flannel, .lean, Linen. Thread and other Underwear of aparoved makes and qualities. Hid and otarr Gloves. French aad Bnglish Snspendern and Bra ss from S5 cents to A 4 Plain and Fancy Half Hose from 25 cents to S1 IS per pair. Gymnast Shirts. Tights and Trunks. Boating and Yachting Shirts. M ?ny articles not possible to enumerate. ONE PRICE ONLY, IN KVKRY DEl'AKTMENT. QEOROE O. HENNINO, 410 SEVENTH STBKL1. aptt-tT SIGN OF THK GDLDKN Ft.KECl icei ice: ice: l IlK IM>ErgNDKNT 10E COMPANY Desire^ to inlorm CoM-iMSts or lea that they are uow shlppiag from their Hotsks on the Ki> Jieukc 11;vca, Mat>H, to tfcis market, the b<-at quality o! Ice, which will be lurnishei t^ our >"'iirons at the lowest possible rates, by the C< *0, 7V/i or fount/, and will insur.- sattstacUon to all who favor ns with their patronage. Depot?yfb-str- et Wharf. Oflice? 1U1B Pconsylvsma avenne northwest. W II. Y'KKKSS. Superintendent. Be sure and loik for the 1NDCPKNDBNT 1C* CO S YVAG0N9. ap? ?t IJAZAll PATTERNS, JiAZAR PATTERm, A<.*NCY AT C. KAIU N, 409 7th AGENCY OF TUX NSW AUTOMATIC WILCOX & GIBBS .SIWING MACHINES. LADIES UNDERGARMENTS AT ASTOH1SB1NG PKIO'KS Mads of tue west Oct to as a--d beat workmanship. C. LAWS SANITARY CORSET CK ANT BTYLB MADI TO 0BD9K c. BAT Hi 409 KfTfllh Stmt. apl? 4tbp,'r GEORGETOWN ADVER'MTS TBKMHORI'8 MKIkT M P SABJiTa I (I'UOOU. b* a m< of the N?! *1 i?t? f the Pi-:ria will gt*a a i; >wrl. I\lu' *t' ?r ?T t ? ?T!tef<r>i?i T'? Patty a? t Cnrtie ?* n I Bnftdmr TU 1> K* a. N I at ? o>'? k. wiyl-'t f'OB RENT?No. ?>T l<ridfa a?r?et, ?jri?r of J- ffeiacn. 13 r- ooj?. with iwoAatn ?o??<-nt at ? in ni. e ord> ? >U lot ? i??n. e nd irl *u1 c?ll?r, rl*t lt. h f -d tntti.l. Ai|lr l? Pr.CBMi". a. 12* I'lwlirim atteet 11 \ EW >1 KlNli AND bt MM?K H?DS AT ATTRACT! rs PRICES IMO H AHOOrAftOV. SO 119 BB1DGE ST . GBOBGKrOW .1. P C , ? Si? lurk >u4 ar* of!?. n ? a: Cum LMHIS' DBAs" ?OOD* in new deslers of Platd*. Srr'p-? and Plain matertale. t??e? rr ?k<"* Clack Si.k f; m 11 to S3 W. Bi t at: 1 Wh t. Snip- 1 and fc h?tk Htlk Grenadine* from 26c to CI J9 Moaning Oodi of ail Ik* beet and lut Flack* k ?r'Ci?ltj, Cotton G--oda kii4 sheeting* at the loweet reduced prices, Whit* V r r*? Pa uric* flviu KM '??!? up; H U*e Fnroiahirc Goods ot the beet mak-v G >nt s pi <1 Boy* ?far, MlM and G"?t a I o?W<' ?? Kid Glovs?. 1 fcutton, at #1 *b<1 glte Hosiery in mat tkiu ti. PkrkH'l? and CatrHln Prints S and 6c . Nut 8j.; Pe?ca!ee 13 V'., *rk a full line <>f otb< r S'icdi, tw which we are addirc dailr enppUee at low ? rice*. Oidntul to anr part of the city. api? ltn J NO M JkMHOT I ?0> \EW ftPRINfl MOO I A La Lad lee* Dreae G< ??*?. 11 Plain. P'al.1 and Strip. d &<>?da. at US. IS. *>. 2S, *n. .?. 40.4i and k*. Black Sitka. Tameae and 'Wlkateree. A t?rgeatoc . Silk fir ieh-d Alfa a* >nd M tialre HAW yard* at V?,. and the beat at t c*. fftCklM. P juea and White Dieaa G oda, very tktlk. A Kennt.'ul a?*cr?jBeiit Paraecle acd Sun Cm breilaa. Cotton Go^sla at loweet price* BENJAMIN MILLEK, ktl tr 10.1 Bnlge ?,re>-t. Siill vt tiM< in I'Lu^i ot it rkiiaJfl THE BISH IS OVER TM?o*s t./>our kit.d for their tndalgence dnri ig tfce part Fall, ? ben auch ?H tbe rash of ?or? iron, ail aetticna at to make It Impoavlt!'' I flilordora i> promptlp - intllkM Vein* a?- ' that Itew- iV when flstahed gate ? ntlre ?ait-fbc tK>n.we aohcit a ontlr.nance of f Jbl P?<u L*gf. ati! crcrnlae food work at fVr prV ja In from ot c t dent ilkt? Work aent for rr del.rered la an* ?art of the l>??trtct; received and re.npx.ed to %ci nvw axr part of tba ecnutr ' ? niall ?r expr<<?. ?N. H MHlATLUf Btevu PT?l=f *cJ Bconr'a* Bftntllal rr- nt. 49J?fferaon aue^t. #?or|tuar,P *' ? e,*t'*?h?d !8S1 iantf SUMMER RESORTA tail i A ?KW til MMICB I OABIJEBS ' A utt.-lat dwn - nt rta !? l> i ,u ? pri ?te lacilly. eight- ;? n - i ">* v l- "? .""Srnrr,-. I b*B ^ Betera to J A 8 ^ ; 'ZKyiwU ?Tei,ne. cltv; op. atfly to PHlull r j Bi rlnf. Md. | T"1 ""ttSy/W w,n vt L>rtsAF"Hll*ipi^yn" ';"('(hrinin or sas; r. w "v, ?????' f, r U'vti.w . r It ! M ia; a ???? b - Oakland, ?m!ooS;. ?UMW PIANOS, ttc. PI A S OS AND ORGAN? AT O&EAT ItAB G AIF >. ? 40 PIANOS from ?15U ?i.? BcjKi OBGANB atJ M*uOI?EOH8 frcra'lHTI tS3 to aav New PltN08frno|M aed r.p, new OBGANB fritu ?76 and op. at j r i ? co 93T Pfnnatri*aLi? a\acue. gole ARrnta for Clilck-rtn* and Weber tiatio- and Eiuitb American Orfana. ap.'y lw fJ'UI blMBlHG BlBU iOOL1UBI7piANo! Tbe rmallewt and tbe cbeavaat flrit claM a Ut? PIANO e\er mad-. G L WILL) A Tbe amallfwt and the cbeapeat firat cia-a eeren-oe iaT? PIANO e\er mad?. G L WILD Jl_w^ f HO .8. le Agents. 7 7th atreet, betw?eK|la^B| G and H at ret ta nortbweat. ?l" wit Planoa and ail La&trooiesta TUHKD acd BB PA1BBD. U biS tr HALLKT DAVIS A CO B GBANU. 6Ul iHI a jd I'PKIOHT Pl.AKOt* f? r aala ?r_ m< ntblr ln-t?lmenta Celebrated f >t pn K3BH| rftj and aweetneea of tote. Bee Afeot, Mlinlr 9tb atrett northweat de^X IVH klTB K k CO.'? ? WOULD B KNOW N ED PIANOS. Grand, ticniw r (Jrnnd. tk/ivrre attU Ij/rifihl, TUB BEST MADE Thefarorft'' McCanunon Piano*, Shcnenier aeel t) rated Or-,an*. new et>le. Alao, a l^rre? ai* r':.iri.t of Pianoawhlcb have been inaaiS9| n?e u ob< rt time, for aale and rent at*ery?IIETt low prKe?. Tuulu* and Repairing promptlp at tended tc, at HKK HESII l< H I P / A * O WARBtiOOhS, oeflS-1? 4 tiS Utb at , a tew doora above P? a*. PROPOSALS. PROPOSALS tOK rCEI. DkTOT Ql AK1 IR \4*~ rKk'? ot FTK WA?Hl>i;r<>S, D. C.. Map lit. I $ ClA'.ED PBOPoSaLS, Id triplicate uith a o >pj ? of tlila ad vcrtiM in nt a!ta bed. will be ra< <H*?c at tlnai ttico. until k*4 o'clock m., June 1 . 1-7'i, a wbich pla i' and time tliev will b? op?n<-d in tku preiw riceot 11 id?r*. f . delirei, a* re-jnired d rlug lie fiscal >? ar .cminencluc July 1, 1S ?. an I eudin* Jnne 30, 1877, at tbe Tir^ui ofBcea <u>d offir. r* unartera In tbe District of Colombia, and at fori W Lipple, Va., about 6U0 c<>rda<T Hard Wrod, Oak aawed and split and lntheati>k, S^corda ot S I W"Od, Pine, sawed and apt t ar.d in the stick; an< Z7'0 toil* of Anthracite Coal, White Asb and tt-i A>h,or Lytei.'a Valley, of ataa may be c*il Jf r tree fr< n.i stale daat, or dirt, and to wei b Pineda to tb ton: and alout X) tona of Bttum n >oi Lump Coal All the Hood and Coal to be of first claaamer bantable inalitr. Each M sboald b? me ? ? irpaiiitd k> a guarautt?e,folic f iiti-bed by tbii (?fflce. Tbe loweat aggrerate bid for Wood or Coal, 01 loth, will he enter tame I. Tbe right i* reserved bv the CO' erouent to r^je-t an> and all hida, acd theae aroposala ate mv - ni ilir t: n lac that appr. pr atfoa aha I b ? ma<!? : i tbe auppiie* by *. on. re*? but, if other v. We.*ht> Got ernitett will not accept any t idor entor intoeou Met A preference will b? given *o art!0l??a of I inie*t!? production ac I man'Jac'nre. can.iiti >na of pr'.' an I quality bt t>* e-jral.and ancb pre:er?nc?? wl be givea to art clea ot An.-i at) prudoctua ani manufact'ire prc?i..ed ou the Patifl. coaat : . i.v extent ol the conaumpti li re jairel by the p'lbii eerv ce there. Propoaale abonld be marked "Pt p >$*!-> for I'n l. and addreaae l to tbe tindsr*ign"d. Kcli informatijE on applicat i >n at thl* oil: >. A. r HOCK WELL, myl^t Depot <Juarterni??*T. I KOPOI.1LV I OK KORAI.E A > II ?TRAU. Dgp?T ^I'Aktik y*>TKk'< Off:eg, WaaHIN'.Toil, D. C . May l?t. 1^7< ! CIAL1D I'BOPOBALS. in tripllc ite. aubjeti ; ? ? the usual cucditiona, will be received at tht* I office nnttl ]J o'clock, nron, .lone 1, M76. at which tine atd pl? e they will l>e per??d In the preaenoc . of buld? r*. for delivery dnrire the fl>cal year com mencing July 1, IS7?, and ending .1 tine 30.1877, of all tlie Corn. Oata Hay aud Bye Straw re-, Irtd at the varicia corral* anl oflieera inartera in this err ard Ge. rgetown D. C., Boldlera' Home, D. 0., an I Port Whipple, Va. Tbe right la rea?rTed by the Government to re i ject any and all bida. and these prop >sals in i v ited under proviso that appropriation sL.i I ?? made lor the euppliea by Oooereaa; but, if o her wise, the Government will not accept any bid or Ieuter into contract. A preference will be given to article of duceatic prodcction and manuta< tnre, condltiors ot price i and juatity Ning> iual.a'd auch preference will 1 be given to articles of American production an l ? iratnifactare produced n tbe PaciOc coast to ths : eiteut ?>f the coLaumption re. ited !>y the pablic aervica tbeie. Printi-d cir clara. atatitg the kind at;J "atimafcd j inantltits required at each post or place, nnd fiv Ir g full inatiU' tiot* aa to tbemauner cf M. 4), ? C"id!ti< i,s t' be obaer-. e.lby bt-lders, anl terji'<>f j c ntra< t ai d paj me:it, will be lurniihed vu ac| . a ; tion to ibla cfti. e . Prcposala *hc aid bf n.ark> d, " Prop' sal* f.'r K. r ate and Ftraw at Wasningt n. D. f and sJ Irra*, J to the ncderatgned, A. P. ROCKWELL. mylCt Depot'.'uarterniaa;;>r FK0I'0?\L% ION VV ITt'K TH.\\NPOK TATIO.1. DkP<>T (Ji AHTHVA Ith OF^ TF. U A-ll'N. r-1, D.C., M?y l?f. 1 7?. ^KAI.ED P UrsPOBALS. In tripticate, wi'lb^re ctix.-d al thia oftire nntfl 12 o clock u on, J 0" 1. 1-76. at w liicb time ar.l plar they will be opaaad In the presence of biddera, for the performance of i tbe d?ily tran?p<jrti?ii --r> ira* l,> sat< r i?t tlis city and r 'rt- Eoote and Waahinrton. ? which m*> le re, ui d by lliia Department datiac I the fiscal year ending June 30. 1^77. Bidders will atate the price b<t man and tbe pt ce ? per pound; alao tbe rate per diem at who h they * HI : carry tte naaaecKsra and atore?. Bach bid m-i-t i e accompanied by a guaranty of two reap ninble p -r aona that the cobtract to be entered into wiil b? | duly e\ecnt> >i. The right i* reaerved by the Government to reject | any acd all bids, acd theae proposal* are invited i uder pro*iao that appr. priation aball be mad* for I tbe a*r v icea by Conereaa, bnt tf otberwiae. the Gov ernment will cot accept any bid or enter intu own tract. Proposals -hocid be marked." Propoaal* for Water Tranaportation. and addrenaed to tbe naderalcre^. Any further information deaired will be fnrniahnd .. ...L.C.OO , |0rKWIL[, Blllt Depot tjnartermaater \yS MAKE UNLY bTBICTLY PURS GOODS. DAT18, CHAMBERS A OOH MM PURE WHITE LEAD, PITTSBURGH, Pa. Every keg of our White L^i bear* tbe following warrant, and we guarantee a deg! ee of flaeneee ai.d whiteneaa Qnaurpaaaed: THIS PACK ACM CONTAINS Pcre White band 91 part?. OU ? " 100 IN GOLW will be paid to any one Badtna tfce con ten t? of thla ka? iliffetent frotn above aialy ? aia. DA VIA, CHAMBEKS A GO. FOR RALE BT CRAXCIS JIII.Lf.R. I?rL34 c.9b> 30? 9tb at reel ncrtkwaat. LADIES' GOODS. Us K A. M<?*?n*ilt fc IS 9th mat at ( loi n ?.< i ?tf^, I>a:lf rtoef*in? all tt- k-nf N.?*e:uaa la CHIP ASDfl B?W btibbbtb. oats l.rt, Ladleaof arJ vtclattf are te*i ?<j ta ca'i ?r 1 f\*n ij,? Mi?t* MRt. 4. r. ru?u llun^nrhf wrHtnl ?f PftBIP BONBBTB aad HAT*. T'-mn.-d and UttrlraaMd. tr CAM, Wl* ^ *??*?>? riM TIES 'WWIM, LAI Et* to4 no TEL A/" J>p*<.ai tiUmVii tl<ea to Qt im J. P. PALMES. . *'?_?*? 11** f lit t> and lira I\1 * IB Til *"LE tbiMT r<>tt 1*1 ? tb?ff!4 i'?<t J H r (ji, BAMBB WATIKr*00?S._ *T" ** 008 J\f ^ILtUlf. SOI K A<;*\T ro( THE i Kl v!h ?C. E.?,5rr? **m?i MRI.M. UT WoBld rail tboattaattoa of th+ ladfcM to A lam aa ? i4 F,NETB a"4 AMkuiCA" rAITik* BUM I NTK1 V MED H*TB, to treat aadat)l?Ni M Buttoti KID ?l ?. M (I N BMHBOIPBf.lES na r?jw.Cambric aud ( (PHI I. A l?rt? an-! ae'ect am rtmect of Ltd ? in H aTS AM? BuNNRT? it* .h- . . r?* at.d ChtWrea. t>t the iate?i atytea and m.>et attract)ra daalitiia ? ina -eleotloa >if HAMBl RQ EMI BOIDEUV ABO TBIM M I N we tA? B OAPS nift > toor(J?r,n BUS Sl l.ti % RIPPlRrn _"**r 1 fl ?1? Hh MPft..>r> l*a'>Bt Olllr# ?UB1LTAB villk LADIES' SIIOKS, made to oureb at ? 10 J :t iin !. Ui pcn:i fuum ?? ?. 'u<k of -4Di"bwTt f"retx-h Ki<T UuiUiivJ ...... *7 aa Bnchrh ?? ?? ?w' 7" Fretich Pel Mi ?? " "" 4 gJJ Tbrpi G - ?< -0 * are all dad* at l.r M*ttih?hnniit AM are ,? d to be 5^ to *7*^*122? factured m tba Laifed ?tMaa 1 *?rl B"1"" 1 JAA H VIRHIIT4 (iRUT SA< HAIL f/MfftS?.?1.*"'? ?* ?o Hilt ?A ,,' 1? ?' ?'? fc r*er pr ca $ If. o? u J J Ij ? JJ* J* J} ?* ??. ft-ran r pri.-e f * ?E4IDH^%t II MV for ojir |rur |< A LARGE AW'KTMIlNT i'T )'Hr?r u . _ BLEU ETUIS';* ?. d 'NBEKTlUNg A VanTt1** v' LAU1KB IMIKOIK A V/maaoIK,,wr ", !* I" M H E E LA ! anO ?** "AHABOLB. tellmt re#aral?a? ct co?t. I/dXt"CL?A" A*? BClTB' " ? *TW ? IM:AL EBD IMITATloa lacep. ??_ 'erf low ( \n H AltU AND KE< EIVIBO PATLf, a larva . ? ot ?Jl'LlBAK* ?<h>|\8 Til, lalaat atfleaol MAI 3. KIHBomd. PL< >W EK8. ?* A^Oji ST KE< E I \ ED. S54I d' 7eo t tott p K ID ULoVES.all ?baAea. aud tbe Lectin ta<. ?iffiirtoii.' *a4U>* b^,,n ?? \\"B INVITE the ladies to call All ' ' ttauiifieunr at.<k ?art! If B HELLBB TIA HarkMBeaoe j^rktiALTiEE. irscimlti rOlGLABB-. BIBTB Ah w r BT C'LOl'D I COESET8. fEIKTK. Bl"TI ES, rurst h LACBDEY POHPADOCKB , _ PAI>b, 8HOI LDEB BB.?< E? HOSIBBT, LADIES' OOT'OB AND UEK1BU < JI?"IiHEAB. B'D?LOVE?. rlociof FatiC) Go<?tn cotcalata. Boreltiea receivad d?lly. Ayeticy tor Dnracatlr raahloiw. febft t? BOOKS AND STATIONKR Y. jy K w B O U k B . M icAiilAy ? Life and L? lti r?, t>jr TrrrelfMn vol. % ^ ^ ? The Ave Ot EliraVeifc. fc\ M rrta, Eaocf ?irte? i f i r?o< i tati, d, by Pcbni abervr, lt,t?-r B.-I. MflH .... ......... . If ? APP''aiic?? b> Itarrr . I ?' Tli'-1 i.ettnia a uo>?l Paper n ?R.*^'?t<,r51*T,t* I '* I r >#.<?> antlK. us. up Ktiovlidce, But ? I tr Uoi c*f^'b* ,be antbor ot "WM? Wide Jutt putu*b?d and Tjr aale br 1,1 ' iTl-tr Bocfc*?ller<ap.l ?0?4*fa* ?t. I1*? newest PL IILIC ATI ON B - I IHa r". <t. Atla? Ot the World, etnbraMM ?t, f I s nr!" ?Dd Iber. ,n?2, gv i 2 Barcr ? Hi?' .r? ol he Ltiitt.l iu ". 'I I h?? ' L5'*? 3- Orchard filtre ' L'\, . "" ? On P fcbnt/etl <-rt--. (! so 5 rtar',*l i?r.l, ' JT 1 Allot *e (lr a the rreich. tl fi I U'.l* u ?!? K iij* ledffe. |.t Butir. B1 411 7 m rie. 01 EaA.iliar Ho< ka. ty |?r W ttel| ? , " Ntjmael or. In the Iteittl,*. b? Mra M, 'hvartH*' *r ^inL1*"' bf O^fA'ana M. Crai JO Poatr* for u?<ineitDd Sch h>i t,, 11..' t r Arid Ida tliot. ?] a II Attii^ , M.^r. American U- tc-ftaada. ?l 111 11 Shallow, d P^fTi " Pf M. A Axerj. Bl 2j. 13. Acclerit _ Tain- 80. 14. I"l, 1 ence ?arr>at a Ltck? i)m ? I polntnient, 36c. Ba^OHOB* A CHAI M A N ?pi? L*wr~ce.'11'i?Lh^ p?^ ? Bl 1 Paamlra tla avenue TH* ABl'liM kEblHI. By TafaJ A EDgll?fc Literature 3 ,,.|<t Tatna Toward-the btraiiht Oata % Hn^' Pat ton"! t""rt't" Aan?n ?f Dr Illnrtratad rrn mentarr on tli? AcU at the _ Afj-atlaa. Hr Lyman Ai bott Tfc? ?irtwi Prmnm. a, Doocea Mac - 1*1' u ?BB7tb - " I ;; i/EXS WEAR. SriiTXG GOODS. NEW STl'LES FINE GOODS, TO MAKE TO MEASIKB SUITS TO ORDER. FBOM %3i IP READY MADE SUITS rcoM tu vr. LEAD* MALE SPRIXG OVERCOATS ? i? cr. djeivu^ am 004 UM W MTl HME BK0L18H, SWISS ABU AMlrnr^ Watches, * ? I all TUB MOST CELBBBATBD A Lint AMortaaat m T?tr Um 11V JMPOETANT TO UOUBBEBBPEBS or work alreaoj ioaa. .? it,TUJSts^ PaatlMr B-l* aad Ptiiowa aad Hair .,,, SSfSiKJ'-'iES! ?tf^sjrsxa a?tA-l?? |t,< A. BEU7 EE. rOBTBB P. WOOD trtmrnl Jnui:itmtammd ?ew Ofl<t 6?e?. Jlnf? and CMImImm. Offlca. 4EA 7th atra>H. ba?%iaaa D and B a. w. BpacMu attei.iiua girra to flillii Hooam an<* *?? ?"??" "??t*luea^Aod Baaiofara r Ultmittw fttta la all 1

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