Newspaper of Evening Star, May 5, 1876, Page 2

Newspaper of Evening Star dated May 5, 1876 Page 2
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EVENING ST Alt WAaniNG TON: TBI DAT n?r 5. !*:?. CKOSHl B- SOTW? M" Read eg Matter on Everv Page ClBf l LATIOK OF THE ST AH. Sworn HUlemfit. Monday, April 21th 1\5<* Tuesday, ?? 25th 1S,19? Wolnwrtay,'? 2?<Ui. 19,041 Tnareday, ? rth I5,l2n Friday, - 15.000 Saturday, 44 2>th 18.43S Totmi fmr th? Wth 9/,00* Ar~rmv DmUy Circulation 15,1Z0 Tte bill to repave Pennsylvania avenn? l><uod the Senate some time ago. and oar citizens are anxious thai It should receive tbe early consideration of the House. This won Id seem absolutely necessary If ire would have a new pavement before fall. No one denlea the Imperative necessity for the reha bilitation of onr present thoroughfare, anl every one regrets that ourexp?cte?i visitors from the centennial this summer must see It In Its present wretched condition. There seem- to be soue hitch between the two houses as to wboshall compose the commis sion to direct tbe work. Toe property bold ? rs and business men on the avenue take no 1 art in this controversy further thau to a*k that thoroughly competent men should be designated on the commission; men who will attend to their duties too. so tuat there will i ot be a repetition of the bjtcb work of the pre?en: pavement. ? ?? Tte f tringencv of the timet io New Kng latd Is illustrated by the f*ct that within a few days there have been mill failures in Massachusetts, alone, throwing out of em pioyment some nine hundred |>eopie. In tiie irat ufacturlng towns oi Maine recently, co les* than six savings banks have bus perded, thn? aildlng greatly to the distress airorg tbe laboring people. ????? It is rot surprising to hear that the .Sioux have finally determined to resent the forci ble seizure of a portion of their territory by gold hunters, and have already killed and wounded quite a number of whites. Tn<- un authorized occupation or the Bla;k Utile cannot be Justified on any principle of right and fair dealing, and those who found their way there againat the wl*be> of the govern ment and the Indians should have under stood that In thus forcibly possessing tbem ?elves of other men's property they were taking their lives in their own hands, and could not In justice ask the protection of the military. Judging from lateacsounts the expectations of the gold hunters have not been realized, and they would now be Flad to get away with their lives trora the region which a few months ago they looked t pou as a new Eldorado. ? ??? Tbe authorities of Philadelphia are mak Irg vigorous war upon the telegraph-pole misanee In that city. Can not our Congres ? Soral authorities do something for Wash ugton In the same direction? The finest MirtU and avenues in the city are disfigured ? y tbe t? !egraph poles, which for ugliness :.nd clumsiness surpass those In any other city In the country. There Is a pretty general expression of i ress opinion censuring the determination of tbe Centennial authorities to close the exhibition on 8un<lays. It Is suggested a* a compromise that the exhibition ba closed until after the morning services In the churches, and be thrown open to visitors in the afternoon. Tnis the Baltimore Sum thinks would give all clashes an opportunity to visit the exhibition without unnecessary offence to conscientious prejudices, and would enable thousands of persons in towns and cities wlthtn one hundred and fifty miles of Philadelphia to leave their homes Saturday afternoon by rail to be in Phila delphia 8unday morning to visit the churches in the forenoon and the exhibition in the afternoon, and io return home by Monday morning. ? <??? ? In view of the frightful Increase of infant icide It will be a matter of public congraT il lation that a conviction has taken place In our Criminal Court. a woman who neglected her Infant at birth from which death re suited, having been found gnllty of man slaughter. ' * Tbe law committee of the Brooklyn board of education recommend the non-employ ment of married women as teachers In tbe public schools, not because tbe bare entering upon the matrimonial relation Involves any duties hostile to those required of the teacher, bat because those duties necessarily prevent the performance of the duties required of the teachers. Tbe board finally amended the rule so that when a female teacher marries, her place sbail become vacant, but sncn marriage shall not be a bar to ber re appoint ment, IX the board deem it ex|>edlent to con tinue ber services. This virtually nullifies the rule, the only advantage being that It Will give the board an excuse for dropping ?ucb teachers as they regard Incompetent or nnworthy. Tn Wuxlt Stak. now ready, contains all the InveaUgatlons of the wet k; the Pro. ceedlngs af Congress. tbe Belknap Impeach, ment trial; the Methodist General Confer ence the Revival Meetings In Washington; New York Fashions by Jeanle June; Social and Personal Oossio: Political Notes; Court Proceedings. Cnotce 8t ?ries; all the News of the Week, general and local; Poems and Sketches; Agricultural and Household Matters, etc., etc. IVmu ? ?2 per annum, In advance: postage prepaid; single cople* five cents. In wrappers. J J CSBWOBTB. J'tr- . JO t 7tli and B *tr<??t? ? MWlb?Mt.?111 klad? ot Watches, Clocks a-*d Je?alry repaired at r?-a? <naU? pricaa. All work Wfntptfd < o? yi-tr m>S tw' -AKB1VB D*ILY AT TlTjc >oB ? tm tars, CU i. Turtles, Ac. & ers. Clans, Turties, Ac. N xv mxB A Od. B?>l !? M 1L* At K ? K HUl K , NILWAl&EK L\QKB BEEB. CHB1>. HADU . . mj? st luth an^ g ?tr?wts K OeESDaLE C1MBRT ASiD LAT115. t>< hooLft Wm Rrment tn nnw discharging 1 5<?) t.srr?U BOMMiALI CKMlM.sod acno?nar K. f 1( CiKbargln# 9UU me Ba-gor LS rUS. Ap ?'.? t L. W? OU1NA.ND, Hjif 693 Looiai tna itnm. "pr hiW S< ALU run OLD OMB3. Pfl rove to Ho 409 9th street. Y HPVi i, a. BnUfla*. sod trad* i ft jF?ar old . ?. ? M?trt ? ?t Of ib?- iUPBOVtD HOW g 8 ? OtL A > U U S 'i 80Ai,li< ?ni op in tin or cocntty at abort**' tionce J OH a J JETr.A^-nt Per- n It t?'l? T strft ay1 if LUNtilK ?N, FOB TBAVCLKB? *.\ JCB810N18T8, PIC BIO PABT1BS. SriCBD POTT CD M CATS, (la tins.) BS-POTTBH Has ai.i BBir st 25 csnts a can, Moi|kljrMW>l?ich?tur ill i^riuu. Also, CAMS. DUCK. CHICKEN. TCBKEY. I*. W. ?I ICHKLL, JWH' 13.V.I r tif t. TAN'S CRVSTAI. DISCOVERY FOB THK HAIR. } OH Bg^TOBlVG OB4T OB raDBD HAIB TO life NATI BALASD YOlTHVl'L OOLOB. It aUn brash, dry aad Wiry hair wooth and rl>??r It (rad'.eatan Daadruf. and Ita occaaioaal arstKatl. n arsfri ts and stosa the hair falllaf. WarrasteO t r? ?tor? tba ?oloria thres to ten Says. CoaiaMn* bmIiIik whatever of aa aahsalthr or VOlaoB- u* u?:or? Dom boI r??4nlrf shaklnc: doea let at LI lifttt or the fir car uaila. nor. In tart, has tt aai of tba tij<cttona ao natty nraad a.-ainst 'ha ?aimor a?.d Urad reaiorativaa is tba tea^kate Has oaad for nrarir eigat yaars now with coastaat veea n*?o :..r o> ari? -igat yaars now vim Jnsu Xj tacr*Mirw f.*?>aad. AS.MtS HA?A?,rDrafVUV.oB ?7J tr M aad D stossta aorta?? |BPOBTA3iT TO HOCBBBSSPSaS. Fsathar Beds aad Putosra aad Hair mooted Md atM baoyaat and taodoroaa by tea pro*ft ?iRA*loa of tetaat Mattraaan re-aahol dersd by J. T. BIKTKB, Msmm alaoa tiood City rsftesLi -?* fitta for work alrradr dooa a^U la* ?<>? 11** Tu *is?t amliMt, {JON SOLLY'*, 6ft? NI8TH 8TBEET. THE CHEAPEST STORB IN TOE CITY. Kfccl*ed to 'ay from lr porter* auction, lire cases PARASOLS. In all bcw les Plain Silk, Silk Serge, Turkish M um. Bricsde, tad bordered. The?ea-e the fln--?t go3s Imported. acd w.ll be ?old at lees than tbe> cost to manufacture. tsctkst large stock of EMBROIDERIES re ceived to day. niyj tr THE NEW HATS. 719 '?Ml LIT AIRE AND FIFTH AVENUES LAST OLT. Jl'ST BKJBIVED AT DAVIS', 719 MARKET SPACB. i?l> 1 w Corner 8th -?tre*t. ? ^ SHOES -?^ AT SPEt IB BaJIS: S3 to French Kid Bntton, ?1 SO Laced d >. ~ 1**a tr-raji, f I w)fVia|r*?i, i ?S Box do ?1 90 F >x a< tter. 1 ill < hud'?,<?<> 10, * I 25 Hattoa. 50c Buskin*. 7tr Sllppors, 1 ?S Men ? Cotgress, 9 1 23 Boys' Congr ss, l 25 Newport*. ffl.#?' Hutton do. With o new stock STBAW H ATS At J. W . ISELBV'S, m'.v tr 19I ?! 1816 P? ?t . b??t. 19,h and ?uh ?t?. |VY? II HA/EL. By author of Wide Wile Y> World At.'BHAH A New Ereland Li'e St'i^y. rRFK. V KT F,>RGIM> THBI ttt> W'N CH AINS. M.*T(C1 MUST TH'afiHT* Br Bn?kl?r. Al l iiESStS b\ D. L MOOD*. Bevised. By l>iai? If MIMOIB r> NORM*N Minimpv T? I) TM SaNITaLY DRAINAGE OF HOUSES AND iOWNS. For ?ale by W >1 H tLLAlTV^lE, mjatr 1<? SEVENTH STREET. JO?. J. MAY S Jl|i' PAKls. Km GLOVE DEPOT, .}y ti-' MU9 F' >ih *D!mH "i A' tnr'. K re;v< d to tfey 50 dor en 2 ;>nd 3bn'ton GL0\ CS, choice spring rotors atxl Bl:i< k. excellent <i'i?lity, at ?l-tl 2i*r 1 >1 fO niv5-2t |x NIGHTS TEMPLARS' KEG ALIA. W arc prepared to furnish RB> ALIA for WASHINGTON COMMASDERY, No. 1; < OLUMBIA COMM ANDEKY, N >. si; POTOMAC OOMMANDERY No 3; Bi.MOLAY COMMABDEKY, Ne 4, OA SHOUT HOTICk Oar stock cf Sli: KNIGHTS' EQUIPMENTS Is Complete. Ail ><>rds ao!<l gaaronted to be regulation, ond at Factory Prices. wili.ett * trorr, irr ? 2w 'JOS PENNSYLVANIA AVENUE THE IMTROVED KITCHENER Will do the family c?oktng with one half the coal ' required by any other la the market; eosta one half a* much as other R?npe* of s;iiue c tpecity. willstve its price ia o I,. - years In the items of re pairs, and save Its price every year in the coal bill; is mcdeled by the best skill known to the art, with aii>wtotlie greatest convenience; is what every facily wsnts. and, having. w aid not psrt with. We have Small and^e Foa-ily, Rejtasraat aal lUttl Si/ee. The larg'st a-sirtmect of SLATE an! WHITE marble mantels slj parlmr urates m the ity. IIAYWOOD A UrTCHIXSOX. 31 T 9th STREET NOBTUWBST, nitt tr STOYFa*! I'Ll'MMX'. HOUSE. 1 SPRING HATS. A O'jt supply ct Spring an 1 Summer HATS now c .'iipltte. ENGLISH DEBUT'S, all new color-. SOFT FBLTS, ail n-w c .lor* and sh ??e~. DUKLAP'S NEW YORK NOVELTIES, jait Introduced. MISSES AND CHILDREN d LEGHORN. MI LAB AND fc'AHTON STRAW MATS, lis *11 ?hapefl. OV S i-k >ilh' Iar4'!t. WILLEIT * BI OFI'. !1H'4 >w 90a PeN!?-TLT-a>:a AvlXBE. (rj ECONOMY IS WEALTH 1; [^| ORIENTAL TEA STORE, 409 9Ti. STREET, T. M. C. A. BUILDING. grGAB-" A' Clarified 10 ponnda for fl. -? " Gran lated,# pound* for #1. " Cut Loaf, 8H poauAs for fl. TBA?Nice Imperial SO* . 50c. " f west Oolong. 10c , 6ftc. " Fine Japaa.luc , 7tc., and higher erodes. COFFEES AND SPICES AT LOWEST BATES. CHEAP PCBE ! FRESH " tu])3to J. W ALTER Dl VALL. Prop. ICE t MCEt ICE! THB INDEPENDENT 1UE COMPANY Eeeire< to id nn Cos*! kii? or lei that they are now shipping from their Hoi*<k* on the Ki.\ messc B ut, Maii>e, to this market, the test quality ot Ice. which still be furnished to our P ifciij at the loweet poesible rates, by the Ckrgo, 7 h or PouH'l, and wUl insure satlsfiicUoo to all who favor us with their patronage. Depot?S*h street Wharf. Oltoe? 1'ilB Pennsylvania avenae northwest. W. H. TEBKES Superintendent. %r Be srre and look lor the INDEPENDENT ICE COS WAGONS. apJ9 ?t CHINA, CKOCKIRY, CUTLERY, PLATED-WARB, EOU5EFURNISHIHG GOODS, REFRIGERATORS, ICE CHESTS, COOLERS, Ac. WEBB * BEYEBIDGE, op-' tr 1009 Penn a ave , gear 11th street. {??} REFRIGERATORS. 'am ?PI The Dry, Cold Air, and otherfl^^M ???Wbest makes offered at prices to soit? '? W the limes Also, WATBB COOLERS. On bond, full ll'e of the Warren and other tint close BABGES. E. F. N1XPSOX, apt? 7t Sttsrort Storehouee. 100^ Pa. pre. TAYLOR * HUFTY, ?S3 PENNSYLVANIA AY EN OB. HAVB BBDDCBD THB PB10BS Off THB1B LSLMBRATED DOUBLE YOKE SHIRTS Ok FOLLOWS : Qaolltf No. 1, IN N; Formerly 0?4i. " " ?, 9B4K M BUM. M H S, t?M; " BtfJi. 4, t?Ji; u itfB .... r .SiViiKtSi: ?BB-B OABT-OFP vzsxgrsxs. w \v w WANT^. WAMir-Bf a middle aged Whits W man a SITUATION te work by the lay. Apply iOO 9th street, t->rvr E, up my3-3t* WANT* J??Twe hcrse WAGONS tohtsl s?nd. 'v K. LlO>8, i? Water stieet, Georgetown. m)I ?t* i WAH1 ID-Ad ?tstrlctn IN8I3B FL vG. to or 12 feet lone; must be is good order. Add ess *' Flag,'' At this office. If ANTBD-A 1 WHITE GIRL for <f?n-ra' h use work a' the N'? York Bleachery, tf'J-J 9tb, bftwNL 11 u.d I northwest. _lt TlHTSD-A t ? ci..? WAITER; mustcome well recommended Apply lmm-diately at JC? 12th hiimi (between E ana ?. It LT A NTKD- lamediately -Several good DRESS . > VAKKBS ard an Apprentice Apply ?|i? Mtv^pno " M'AMrai?% TIC AN T f ?r two Unfurnuh d >? E ?nii on second floor, snitnble for housekeai ir,g *1 h sec ol bath rocm. No 203? 17tn ?^r*?t n rttwast my* It 1VANTID-A DBkBSBAEBBln a pri.atefam t? Uy, oce * ho oDderwtmtid* tii* bastn*??. Atftf ?o931 V'rglnla avenne southwest, between loand 11 > m. miiSt* WANTEH?At 1010 K ?treet northwest, two L'HaMBKRM*1US Hooe bn' those with the best of reftrence need apply. Whit* pre fer rid. ? WaBiTBI)- a ?mall HUU - * ?itb store, or with p ivilege of making ? store. ceotra'ly l->c?ted Addrei?'*U O Star ufflc. stating terms and lo ralitr. ni'> 3t* IViHTll)-PakiiipKi aoaptej (is Brewery. ? v atthin the l'i<tr*c? or a: Alexa .dr'a. Address MALTSTER. P. O B.fcin <re. with full p?rtl<-ii Its. j ni> i 2.* \V'ANT*.I>- B) a tup n-ible p,rt. I'H tK^il v v OF TU K HOUSE of ? f?o i'y leaving the city f r the *UTnni-r B st of references giveu. Addre?a .1 ? R.,SarOffire mjSSt' \% * A NT n A t-'en ?g'aptiic wrrit*r le-ir-s aa v? k NG? G It M k N'T a? Krnacn-<s to a gPGtleman or laflj t ngsc d in work 'fa li'er?r~ or ba?to>a? nvure. I ? ;i\e < reel - at Sur Office f r SI E Steu-grarhei. tnyS J: " < ANT* D?A "POSITION a? S'n^tr .--a or Chambermaid; can furnish Wheeler A Wilson u chine. Address Mrs. C S.P O. in, I 2t* \\ ANTII>-DB*8SMAKKB; expjrL>nc*l hand "* otily. til 1 1 street northwMt. 4 3f B. PI'SCK. U'AM KI>?A wiiite \Vi?H aN to c - k, a?lb ?Ld iron; most come well icommen l d tu ? inire at IS10 Utlistreet northwest. tnvl 3t* U'ANTBD-A middle aged white W OM \ S^to 8 < a short distance into the conntry, to caok; e 4 ?i g"? paid, refe.ence rc'iaired Address ?i"X 9. S!at cflic. rnyt-St* W'AMKI ? Br a retpectalle olored Woman a " 8111'ATION to travel as Lady's maid or r.ursf, g od rvfeicnis. Apply at 141t? I ?tr?9t b 11 l w.'-t. m>4 3t \% ANTE1)-'J.'> good WODENtirsil hswes in the ci'v atd c inntry, and to tn?v?l ?itb fami lies i an.iiit -- needing good telp to call at the ?nr<k& fcmpl-j ni? nt 907 I< street. royt ?.t* Mt- L'H'jSK r. BI'TI BR. ANTAI?Two UtttHsMa K KK3. turea white COC-KiJif FARM H\NDS a--d two W > MKN for 1 he country; good ?ltnati->ns. Families ?uppli>d with help Na'T-nal Employment Office, Boom Ut.7.h and ? streets. tny4 2c" w w \\'ANIID-A coniaetent OBBBSM Ai\ KB as v? partner; a single lady preferred; the location is a m. Ht disirtib e one for that businesi. Apply lm m'<iatily to I1ADAMB GOBIN, 911 K street northwest tnyl It* n'ANTID?A first class Dry Goods SALESMAN i: a pr'tninet t bonae, who bas the ability f r ?ellirg fi;e gon!s. gtod salary paid; yonog man prtferrfd; must came well recotnmendeti^o other will at.suer. Addresi at once "H. W Star cfflce. %V'ANTED?By a family of three persons, a mid ?* <)]?'aged white or ol-x-ed WOMAN, who is a first ra'e cook, w asher ar.d Ironer; beat of tefer ences r- inlred; No. 1?03 11th st. n w. my3 3t* \1" AN TED?A young MAN. with ona or two It years'experience in the drng business, Osr man preferted. JOS. N HoDOKINS, ilOOft 7th street i-orthweat. above Boni/darr. my3 3t* ll/i?TTID-An actl?e, irdnstrioos white WO v* >UN for general housework In a small faui 11); d list ctme well recommended; a go..1 home ar d liberal wages offered. Apply at 933 M street toithwest. roy>-.<;* VVANTED?Ay ung man of unlimited ednca ?? tion and mora' habits desires BMPLOlf B ENT in some bom ral le calling; best city r< :?r ences given Address E. O. O., t>23 Massachusetts aveLue r.ortheast, or call at that number. m>3 it* ?1 AMEO-A good, reliable white WuMtN " ( Protestant l to conk for a fanlly of t*a p?-r gon?; to sncb a woman, who is able to do light ? rk. a good, permanent home can be given. Ad dr'-s Box H. Star office my3 St %1'ANTBP?An f xptri'-nced and competent m!d 11 die a.'ed WHITE WOMAN as ^)V?rn,-?. to tnk? i its i u- < 1 a resld'-noe an 1 the rare cf children. A;>p'> at I'Jitl N street noitliwest.hotween 11 a. m. aLd 2 o'clock p m my2 it WANTED? An* human beiug witb brains ran v v make ?i00 a mouth selling oar Letter Copy lt g B? < k Any one that ha- a letter t<> write will bu> it. No prets or water u??d, s?-nd H3 T?r sani ?!??. or stamp for circular. EXUELSIOB CO.. Iti Tribune Building.Chicago. 111. niayl lm* W'ANl ED?Carpets infested with Mothi to clean v v at d at the same time restore them to their orl nai Lrigbttess. witb or without removing from tiie f.oor. IlL and grease sfots a specialty. Washitis* ton Carpet Benovatinc Co., 1414 Pennsylvani i ap28 Im \VANTED-BOCNTV LAND WAKBANT8. ? WILLIAM H. BE JK, apl9 lm* Cor. Lcnislana ave. and S:h street. WAh'l al>?U?JB8?S to pasture or feed; farm v v on 7th street road, near tillgo P. 0 , Montg >m erv Co . M.I. O H.CLABK. >pl7-tm* W'ANIED? CAhPETS TO CLBAN at Kic?\o >t Si'nm B'atint Works, 490 Maine avenue, between 4* and 6th streets southwest. CalWd for and delivered without charge. apll ly WANTED?Oentlemen to know that WILLIAM TV MOO BE. Merchant Tailor, 1011 New Tork avenne, make* a specialty of cutting garments to b? made at born*. novl>-ly LOST AND FOUND. S- BEWABD? Loet on tbe 3d day of Mar. is the i) 1Kb Mreet crs. $19 in a BID POCKBT i.uuK. The above reward wi.l be paid if left at Ho. 1901 F Htteet. my* It* STBATBD?Proin Washington Driving Park on the night or April 23th a MARK MULE. ?orrel color. A liberal reward will be paid on her return to the atablea of ALBERT OLB s BUN, i) street between 7th and 8th. my2 <t* c;THA T*0 ? Krom the stable of the subsciib<-r on ^ tbe night of April 23th a full blooded AL-_ as I'EBNEt BULL A liberal reward will be|LjP . .. ^ paid to any one returning him or famishing^ tLlormation leading to nis recover/. ALBKBT OlEa^ON. <J (treat, between 7th and 8th. my2-8t* KEFR1GEBATOU5 AND WATER COOLERS. Large stock of food make*,at' low pricag. GEO WATTS * CO., Hol'sX FtRMSHISii STOSt, ap!8 ly 314 Ttb street,above Pepu. avenup. ?yilE liEbT MARBUBO BROS. BEAL OP NOBTH CAROLINA bMOKlNO TOBACCO. apl3-lm 10 AMD 80 CENT PACKAGED. \\'ALL PAPER & WINDOW SHADES. ?The finest and large't STOCK, Including all the novelties in decorations, and at prices lower than any store in the city {Will be foond at TUBMAN'S, 413 9th street. K^*The b?at workmen employed and satisfactioa guaranteed apll tin" THE MOTH QlEHTlON.?The WASHING I TON CLEANelNG COMPANY guarantee to thoroughly clean and purify FURNItUBB, OAB I'ETS .cranykiud of goods Infested with Moths. Chinches, or soiled with sreaee or ink, by a new patent chemical process, without ripping or shrink ing. or in any way aff-cting the work, color or ma terial Office, 1414 Pa. ave. apli-lm PTIC1AN NOTICE?Having dispensed with aU sales-men apprentices, sc.. 1 /~\ I attend to btisineos pnenaily. My*?P know ledge of optics enables me to procure only th. best UAyVFACTOKlMO OPTICIAN. ?pl-tr 4*3 Pa ave . corner street F .J' H >u^-^(?rIto Vl P. Louden * Co.,) CITIZENS, ABMY AND H^.]iANT TAILOR, Metropolitan Hotel, (late Brown's.) jjl-ly No 3bX Penn'a ave,. Washington I niWII AKIS BE?T TOMATOES, 1? S8 I .(Mils ?i/e. is cts p.-r can. 1,000 cane PEAOHBS, large aize, 20 cU psr FAMILY KamiOgocBBi'*) Dlk j tr 191?? Pennstlvfcnl* av?mi4. o HDHBCO ?L. HI CI will pay a fair cash I\ price for any kind of ^1 ifft? *HOOT4 dren s SECOND BAND BOOTS, >HOES, Ac. 6il3 7tb street, betweod * And1Q sout^ 8 cte by trial I promptly attended to Maylly ?Hi CENTENNIAL BAROAIXS^ nl at HEILBRIKS HHOE STORE, 404 Ttu bTBEET B0BTHW1ST. W hite f boes fcr May Ball*, at cost ?a w lien's stitched Gaiters and Ties, ft 10 French Eld, front seam, button (1J0 Bid, Button; flW Pozed, Button. #1. Lace Gaiters; SI CO side lace. ~lt OU Congrese, 10 cents Bnsktna. >2 M Laa'ing Front seam, Button. [l.OO Boys' and Miases' Prhool Stoea. II 0) Posed Balmorals; 90 cents Infants'. 11.M Man'a Gaiters; 01 so Calf Boots. Juckakta, Bid and Lasting Gaiters. N. B -Look for " Old Wanna with KChildren.? in window. apM tr I'MBBELLAS AID P ABA SOL8 00 V I BBED AMD BEPA1BBD, ST THB MABCPACTOBT, a>M I?* 013 D street northw?>t. U/l ASS SSOSITISO DAILY PSOM OUB JJi'JktU? suts FINISHED SH1BTS, made of the Best WansnttA TAcnrokl1. so. dsss, i I7ISMT DSE8S SHIST8 MADS TO OSDSB MtS-tr J.Wi PAJWi lSN'i FOR RENT AND SALE. F?aoomg/iaao?r 1 or h l'*> ?^r? BUIV.K. 1 1 .? tm 9>. ? ncithwect; QUI p.r month akIiiiKvxji). A ?p Injetl Bureau. P u D?.Hr(w<nl mTj n? L Ob 5*c*1, fu'Ul-nri Qf KdOMS maun ?lrm W8*t- P ??? ?? ** m0Bl^:> ? t.r QC|'?WU ?f """ rwlL' h 'irr'ii/vijk ?.'*riu^ "?uck houki, w,. *Zi A J 1 ?? ? Po?Cwd TrTlPJ'r ?l!t* wLlh fjnr "">"?* ?n ?oruer ^ 1/tu 8 re*tt, K-iit rA?i'ol rent vi in "???! a uitc-t' S . r*. op op> P(,r #r j(. F?l 5lVl?tk"Ii*jBKIlK ldfU.17. * ? 14tb s<r<M*t DorthdPHt jmt ?-a? > p ??i a streets Apply to J r OliTi^SriL;^ F^E **>T-A <. *17 l:';h street. Vll m *TTa 'tr1?-tKMi ?ra&Sur* F"^-5 a.^ 7ih ? reet. *'9 liuusl N) 1914 ??th s,r*?t northwest. tali ?t,i ; toll!rJ' k?kV^ ?jir? u^rk?d la front d M L?W-' BEfcCE, >503 K ?rett northwest? my#At* P?? '16 Uth itrw northwest- 13 I r.jonn; bath with hot and cold water ? L* robee, and all modern conveniences Aaalv^Ir National Savii KilUnk, 1Mb afreet and NewY.k av.?ne; ?9U> per annum m FH8 ?l-gact new STiKE, snt'tThU 1 nr , l'??? or Ftncy bu<.io?w>*: dwe'll. 1f ?-i?fri Will rent together or sepM-Uefy *PBly.<i * miSSt !*U?U * uaT'JHBI , ""Ai? < ner f ?pd nth struts, F^f hlJ5 NT-Two P*KtiOBS.~nofar A ni-h-d.on second fl>or; private iamtly hmw ft Zlmoomin^h i?2,ov<*'nU ?" ? imdso*. a*il ? on th rd tl wr; terms r.asouable ion 8th ?Irtet.ctrLet L. northwest jt 1 F^Y hi? r'.Tiu*-? "S"* north?e?t. f jur 11 .fur wat.r^a? V .L?r h*?*k?*P"?*. ~?oad rt ..r, hroon' ?od iVIam 1 k V' lhe<? r' "^d n.arket*jvei> d?j wtfhia htl* n t'li urt*. rppt $ ii in a 1\ itnc Dt^S 3t" KVno NLKB-m VVNT-.VLttY L,OW-I)W?LL 1 ? ?. ? Ho 630 I sirtet * 'Uih?mt, (><1 iar? m's Iott 3 to 6,) w fth atx ut l.ttoif. e' f ? n'd t S^Ho/isT ? mlT,,re ^"r-rty. .INfJK-. a ! iiuJAhT. Pallitriore mv5,6 S,'0 12 11 |,H7H lit NT OB SMt -A HOI. .-K la throu, j ^Vm m ^ "?hlu?ton. will bf ? .Id ,?r i exch?rK^l for city property, or r.- ted furnished or nntiirniclKd M? ?rr>* of L*n?l, ceir ^.iji-r* Houi? on ihe P ictof^ hitilro?d. Apply ? 1-?.I4 1 str?ei n<>rtliwe?t niys-ini L, OK 8ALK?H0U8K I00'> H street porfh?e-t i ? e eveti rooni?. raoge, hi,t and c >M water in <ei rn nw, marb'f nsautvU, < very modern cjcveuiacce Price fff.MQ. Ipoureof KBANK LIBIiEY, Lumber M^rchait, m) 5 lm Cor 6' h wtrret and New York ave. L^OH BKN I'- Nicely luri i?hed front OH - MMKK , aifo. frobt and back nnfaruiahrd c:>mauiQtca[ ? i r KoOM. ?onth front, batbronm and wa-or clo^e-' on recond floor; rent very low to a gjoi tena-it ?ppl? at No. J149 K .treet, near Va? i "oil _ . - - mji 2t" Kn? ?.M?T~Tt18. thre.e st?ry BK'CK uTTrdK, o air?et contaif.iu* 8 roonii! boi" immediate p >8?e?8lon; price fK' poi Also. So. 300 1st -treet sontheaat -orner 0. oon #a^frtf?B,t0hm,'<",'W*ter *L'' blthro?*; rent No. 1534 8th street northwest, containing six rotn.s; iott t U so per month in advaor" * . ?, .. HTCH, rox ft CO , ro\5 1309 Penn?ylvanla aveuus. I^OB BKNT?Two UPPEB If LOOIH of~| 4*i ? L; uiglrti.a a%eLue, 7 rooms; #ia in advance Apply at Boom 'i mav4 it* ipt'5~B?rin^jooo~^T7BF^n(rijZinrrB-rr~a .?.-f."!?1 ,.oc**:on I'T any kind of baxiness. B?. 21 j9 II etreet northwest; will be rented very low t?> go-0 tenant myl 6t* L^OB KKNT OB HALK-A furnished B0U8K of A ten rooms; street cars pans the hou?e Bone. ??'? . PTiI?oli h ,n *<lv*noe. Call after 3 p. m at 121 ?? lit fi street may 4-St* BINT?110 B street northwest, sis cha7ir hi,, ?l,rlir? d'nlng room, bath room, ? lichen and cellat. Apply to OBU COl'BTNBY. c -iner 6lh w'rett and Lonl-iana ayenne. tny4 3t* P^t.i NT?The first cltsi HOU8C No. ?1"5 J'1" ?" ni 'dern improvemeDt?; U man ?^tk,1.1<' per month. TllOS. B. WA??iA iQAM, 119 7th street * my4 3t |<HiB BENT?A HTOttB a..d liWtLLl NU~of ? M'vtn rooms corner 3.1 and 4 streets southwent * le*!* w'" l,? given Apply t-j M. NN, corner Sfst acd II strc^et n. w. <u> 4 3t" L^OB liKNT?On 6th street, Imtween M an<l W A II Ithuf-t. ;tu elegtiLt small BBKlK HOI*-IE. KOBT W" ?r*N\VlOB, Li Ore it building, Boc-m as, corii3r 8th hu^ k " iii)4 3.* *,M| "reet northwest, three ?(? ry Bt>H K HOTSB.six rooms in?rl>le n iiiiteir. ?fl. per month, lnanire ne^ d "r or laUts ore 1-J17 Bstnet. ooor w ?'H3t* w HPTHEBFOBP. ^OB HINT-UijIMIMu 2 H 4>? street north a w.'st. I>?tween Pennsylvania avenae an] O street, Containlrg SO rr cms Terms verv r-asona b ei - PoWNMAN k OBBBN, my4 3t Ret I Estate Brokers 41-J 7th sireet n.w. F*0B BBMT?C street, belwetn 1st aud 21 tiS Jd street, between D and K Sffl, N slreat, be' tween ltth aLd lath, $ leu. L street, between 13th tiLd llth, S?0, corner C and 2d. %40. , K. K. WILSON, my> 8t I R-P 1 ?11 7th street. l^OB 8ALB-A fine BKICK HOLBE on Oth street, 1 tetweon K and O. with modern convenlen>es. aNo. an t ight ro< m BBICK <>a Connecticut ave nue. Letween L an.l M streeta. ?. ,o , * K WILSON. _m! 4 8t I Rep 1 311 7th street. F*OB hBNT? No. 102U ?th street north wit, con taining nine rooms; 1U06 Mas*.tchnsetts ave nue, containing thirteen ro..ins; No. 1110 H street northwetit. containing eight rooms; Bo 11 111 H ' c<:n'*'n'r'? nine rooms. Th^se houses contain all n.od* rn improvtmenta; bath room, gas. water, range, Latrobe, Ac. Also, Ho. 939 1 stre?t north west coctainlf e seven rooms and No. M 4 Blth str??-t,containing eight roams: both have gas and 7fmrn?Cr^.lL1-tre ?! JA 111:8 W.BaBSBB, 110<> U street northwest. my4-3t L^UK RINT?A flva rocn. HOUBK. half s.jnare ? fr.?m B-stre^t cars; gaa and water No 40 Dan barton st., Georgetown Iagnlre at No. 49 myj 3t* POB BBNT-ri'KNISHED BOOMS.en .or . r.V l'J34 14thstreet,cern.-r of Nst. north* es^ m>3-3t l^OB It KB T?A HOUSE and t T J R ETonoTtreeT J one door from corner of 231 Atreet northwest Apply at corner of 6th and I ata. a w. my3 6t* F'OR KaNT-lhree desirable B0OM8, suitable for ottc*; No 4i9 Penna avenne, between 4K an* 6th sts. Apply to B. H DDVALL. m>3 6t F2tfhB.B.H7.MrOMI?Illu HOUSE, to parti-<? * without children, or two genUemen. f >r summsr S;.flT.e rocm*. saa and bath; ? 40 per month. !.*?'? Ht- myl 3i* f^^L.B*?TrH,cely f" ?>l?l>ed HOCaB, on very moderate terms, containing 11 ro >m>, with all modern improvements. Heveral boarder? la ths houae. Apply at Ho 304 B street n. w myj-lw* FSB A STOKE and two untarnished Rooms; also, one Famished Boom, separate, on second floor Louisiana avenue, Ho. 610. Apply on the premise-. m.3 " ll'OK BENT?No. 914 Jlst s*re<-t northweit. T 3 ttory BDICE HOUSE, with back buildings la r Bent'#60 per month. Apslv to E S.WK8COTT,corner 20tband 1 street* north W(>t- my3-2w* l^OK BENT.-The LaBCE bTOBE No Pa. ?. avenue is for rent; the location is c-ntral, and I^h^,n re**?n*^'P *!??i ?ome *ery desiraole fnr i?'?'!.Uo,,1#bed ,ioOB? 'a the same bnlldlnc. Apply at fe*49 Penna. avenue mr3-St* FhI'sihSIT v u?Zi. * ri,,,rT?nd l,w,em?Dt Brick 1 1 f with all m)d?rn improvements, and bsiidBom> ly Inmlabed; larg. yard an.l fine fralt tret*; till delirhtlolly located; suited to a -mall f?m li> , terms moderate. Inquire on premisos. 43< 3 p street northweet. myS-3t* l^'OK KENT?8 rooirs No 10 Urart s'reet n.w 11 * ro< uis. niodtrn ccn>enlence- No 1913 1 -f.-.-t n.w., fumlsli^]. No av!4 1stst.- e.,9 100ms, mod ern convetieMJea. No 1393 Corcoran st., 11 rooms, modern conveniences. No. 309 7th st s w . 11 ro< m-, m. dern c' livenlenc s. N ,. pa avenue ?' ?" ? ? 2d> 3d 4th arid 8th floors. F. W. MILLER A CO., No. 915 F street northwtst. my3 3t OB RENT F THEO. F. OATCHEL. HEAL KSTATE AND INtUtiAXLB. Corner llth and F streets. k n w - mod 'mp ts, #83 33 per month. S 1113J11 n w "? B4t per month Ho. 44? P st. n. w. do. SIS per month. ?0 4 1 Defrees street not th west. S?> perin.ath. ?o. 39 Defrees street northwest $ .0 per month. J"o 530 .Mhstre<>t northeast, .?2I? eer moath. No. 9004 Bom.Ury ?t. n. w., .?1# per mouth. Le Droit Park, 12 rooms, mod.Imp's., ?6S do. my3-lw fj*OK RENT?BOOMS In all portions of the city. Description and terms given. Apply to B F, FOSTBB. northwest corner 7th and Q sts. m>2 6t* ffOR BKM-KOOHS-Lirg?, plea-am and we!l Furci-hed BOOMS, with or witnout tJ arJ. Titble Boarders desired Mo 939 B street, brtween f*h and 10th streets. ptyl-Sw* |?0B T-'a" uAKKtiY, DW K t,Lil(4v> A fcT?'KE. with %n established trade of two ye*rs' standing: all the conveniences of a first cl tag busi ness; ti99 H street ? ?rth ast For terms. Ac. fpp yto B. B.COTTliELL, corner 11 atreet and IVOR RE is T~ A small F ARM c?o be rented cheap A half a mile t?v ??ntee a Matlon, on the B. and 0 K B., aixteen mile-,! from Washington. Itcon tains about 40 acres, with 800 peach trees, beat.lse other fruit. (Prospect for peaches this summer Is fine.) it has A fine Dwellit g; -??ler conveni-nt, and for other information refer to W. J. P*RBT, Con or, JAMBJB NlWLANDS.'Cha/rtoiii of Intelferencee at the Patent Office. my? 4t* 'f OFFICE BOOMS In ?becliy; 6SI F street "f^t^yeat; l uMdlng formerly occupied by the Fac k?i *!!."? B*"- fTBVBNBON A AO BERTS, gem Estate, Loans and Insurance. mylAt Frmtif.lT?HOrSB .408. Hew Jergey aveone * southeait. pieaaed brick front, with gas. bath rcom a:,d every convenience; a delightful cool raa ?? **" ?V?ih If desired, the furniture will be sold on monthly payments. W. W. MET- ! WA1'F- my I K POB REKT?A comfortable DWELLING, cen loca*?d, 995 B street; terms moderate to srelitbla tenut Apply to J. T GIVEH wood yaid^JOth, near E street Bent ia ""^ IrOB BENT?A beautiful three story HOUSB- ' containing thirteen rootng, ^lVr7oms. wa "r riy*i Latr?.be, hot and cold watar he ' nt^M:c*rrV?e b,on'"; fl?? J ?rds; i?o * marble coplrg, fountain. Ac ; one square from streetcar;; atreet eonerated. Bant for aftltoa rood tenant. fM par month. In advaaoa. Btabie aud c^ > ?M.e be use caa be raated. Inquire 7E'* 1 BVaBB. 999 13th street southwest ,|B1? ' FOR RENT AND SALE A "M" BOUKI. th->reachly fnm ,h* ?r*,?r Jn->? ti I th?- t.r?! of Oetob*r. K- ni m *?erat?? t.. a d?r? ble tenant Ot^d refer,tic.*? re-juir, <i 4<13r?.? ?Prrpiah?d HOff K.'* Star Offics aaft <1* t'OB Kkfti?\ rare\ sari f > nirilv i*.kt<nfini***? H0C9K fcr bou?<ki?pit *. in a 1* li*htcl locality, on th* line n? l?h ?tr ?i ra ; ??om c?r<; ?" ,h' rn improve* 14M qi&s?' Tfcrd ?*?*"?????<*? ??. |fOB BENT-HOCSE 1^.941. oa ritn^tTb* ?LiKLtk1 ??d Vhli, containing ro >mi J*? ^T; ??* ?od^m Im^roTMuenfs, rc .4 1^Ur** r * m* ?witatie f >r offl Jtiuire No 4 03 7th ?tr??t nor l.vr?t. *pl^ Iw poBBBBT- rtrat class BKiutv ?.wi.a tj K, . ?r*? ,T.?rwT*p "*'? on Bho1# I.UnJ a?e . J*?- 1313. wUl be vacant some time doing tb? of M**' Apply to J . J PHKI>D. 140* ltih ,u** _ mp2? In FSli>~wlLr'.''?'Irable^new Brick ti i . * * Jd ,,r**t aorthwe.t, >n S',^1 Tojutire ^?*roTea,*',lt*i P~~-.oo ?"?? .. . . JAMBS T DAVIS' SONS. ap24 lm B81 Pa. ate . m.der Metropolian Hotel KoB**LB-Pwo valuable LOTS ID by 1<? hrt. I cb 8th street, bet?~ea P and <J; # K? ra?h. bsi 9* cent mtcre?t. ltmire *t 6jT 7th street northwest aptl im L'UK SAH-Nf* HOCSB.hve romns. water end 1 ether conveniences. No 161 9 4th street, near H endary. Long time riven Price OSAIO Apply 10 ?a i ? ? WILlET A LIBBEY. Cor Hew York ? ? and (ia street. Is'CB BsJLE? Or exchange f ir other property?A ? 'w BKelDISl'l overlooking the city, and ?1th a rlea of Sit miles d< wn ibe Potomac. All j nudern <v-nveciei c?s. 18 000 feet of land ('heap and i>n (UK-d term*. [ J swkct. "P11 J* ail 7th street. F^'BHEBT?Puralahed or ti:)fiirnt?hod, the nn-ii J** .* *D p!?n??nt ?itbur>>M BRSIKBMCR in the Pwnot 7th * .. i mi lee fnru citv , .V? v?rd? li. tii Mlv. r HpimK d-pot Mtr p Iran K B.friii'. iisnil'ft. Ice and p?*iore In at Ii:.d?i:ce. U ro >tu<: ?. Lid tot < hje.t to r. ntuie ' r ?umn,er b ??rding I on e >?it of rent teken iu b ard apl9 In pt'B bKNT-A three ?tory ItBlOK HODSB.T^n , rov?ms, t a* gae, w?t*r. hvh ro tii? d lmb la t-a'-enent. kf ch?-n. ?? ,| |, B-ut .f?3 per n" ' ^ ppi) si 139 f -tr<-.- x>rthwe?t. ap 17 t* * K?,!'uJitA,1 .K,~'n '.h." 0?nntry ? \ ComforMbi* n V of 1.4 rwn, within five mtnnte; Ti ? ? VHiruemji]e, I:alIimore ?n4ohio rnlr?.i. auo. One Bclldi!.* Site,, K..|lnlK and B^ant^ful Addr KOB ?*KT-HOWKNo ill N-w Jernsf ave ? Doe n>itl.w<4t, between F ai.1 U <ttreer? 9 r i?j. gaj ?B?i go<d jard. per m i.t'h Apply to W.O JOHNfON, 7 I * 13th ?treet n >rth | *>13 lm !<>ciW.IiTrIhrw> *,orf Ki d ? *s''"-d' bbiok r LWELLINO with brick (table, l?im in ti street notthwest, for health architectural d?iaa ?bd h< me ccbi^ rts i? tint>tirp%?nd SMALLWOOD A MOBBISON, Mo. 21.'t 7th stre't. F mott~coare" im.i^ HOIJSES in the District, with all modern intprovomentN.and containing twelve, eitn attd corntr 4th aud O atreetn ? ntut-Mt Bent BtO jer month o a carefnl1 and Meady tenant Apply to L y ' Anil, 6)13 Loqhiiu iveDQe north west- ipll-im | pOB BENT-HOUSE 46 O ?tr?et northwest. 7 .T, w?"r-*c T*rJ. conrenlent to ttrrc lines of atreet cars ?2S pt>r month in a.| T"ce. IPWABD O CABBINSTON? Jr." At r??i tAi ' * lwniaian* avenue, opp Mte C1,Z aplO lm BOOMS, fnntt'iM ai.d anfurn I Uhed. in all parts of th? *ity, 'run *5 to CUV W D-L,?o?AJ"ly mt DOHBEfB BOO 31 AOKN ( 1 ? Bo. 9'iO r s reet northwest. ap7 la* OB SALE OB BXOIJANOB POBCITY PBOP uPr'oc*? George s county, ?Q" B'XT^EEH AOBES of LiAND. with doable Frame House, good water, an abundauce ef fruit ? ^'R^aiid healthy l >cation: twelv? ""pntes walk to the Hyattsville depot, Baltimore and Ohio railroad. A ahotograph . f the house can h ,H^?M??f2?$er.!,n,'ir?!,ktlon obtained from B H BTINEMETZ. Iit37 Pa aye. mar*7 yOB BALE?HOC^ES for #904100, B30 000 f B'S.OOO.JilS 000. ?12 000. B10.0U0, Bli**l,t7/W0, B<i 000, B*.UW. 9*M)0, 91M0, si.000 Veil located and on easy e rtna. B. J. SWBBT, Mtt tf *11 Tth street. DEAL ESTATE BCLLITIR 1 THUS. E. W AOOAn A PI. ?1? 7tn Bt. chaxgbs ma: e kvebt wbdscsoat a Mb ^atvmijat . Brick Hoaxes Jar 8ale. 1'JO? ?'l *t. n, w .all m<ja. imp- . 11 rs B7j)u0 ! 131 C st. s. all mod. imps . 10 rs a..xi 1 32 I st. p. w . all mod. tmas , 8 rs... 8 OUO 9.C Rhode Island ave., a l moo imps.. 10 r?... BiKli 3il (J st s e . all mod. impr .. lo r". I Vjr< I ? w" ftl1l,n,oa',n">" i0 " ?... S.'Jt? !i . VA'li' ?a" Bl<xl' ""Pt ? 9 rs s,i 110 ! 1240 <2*2 N. Jer^av., a:i m >d. imps., 8 rs each 5." ??? 1 31II st n w.. all m"d. impn . 8 rs. 4 yj>i IS19loth st. n. w., all m-nl imps.. 9 rs 4 >41 31i 3d "t. n. e., all m<fd. imm..iu rs 2.titv Tiro Story Uric/:anil Prattle Houses Jor Sale 8?7 4to st u w. 1 I. imps.,6rs. * ?*j>j0 ! Ht9 list. n.#.(B. H.). mod imps .8 r7::::nr*i5? li 18 M> rile st. n. e , ( B. U in >d imp- , 7 rs J 01W 'ii!7 9t-0 11 n <1 itups.cra 1 sdi rf.h ?. n. w., V H - r?od >n pA . 7 ? : iZ, Jf?,L5,yP,t 8 V.'.1, u imps .5r#... 1 313 Iji.h ^t s. e. ( F II >. mod. iojps , 7 rs ........ 1 sw 9?! a .?"' ave" ? V.B H"''i n" J* irn?>? ?< f? Wm 230 B st. n. w.,( B U.l mod imps.. t> rs 1 s,?j 18II 6;h st. n. w . ( K U 1 mod imps , 4 rs 1 <vm Cedar st.. bet. Id and 19 n w.,i P H .in 1.. ? r? IJim tl'J-512 26th st. n.w. ( P H t, mod. imp-., 6 rs. . l,4U.i Unimproved Rro}terty far Sale. Biees st , bet. 13tb atid 14th sts. n. w., per ft... 68 B st ? bet. 10th and 11th ets. n. w., per ft, &j I unbarton st .Oeorgetown, p-r ft "* gy New Jet-soy ave.. bet. 1> and K sts. n w.. p^r ft bo lwth St.. bet Band P. n w.,p.rft so 4H st bet. Va. ave and L> at. s w., per H... '. So n,h .t <L*T? V^f ?P *Dd y ?"A w ' *?T ft ? llth st., bet. M and B s e., per ft >0tti at , bet. L and H n.w, per it %i B ?t ,bet 22d and 23d sts. n w.. per tt 40 Blth st , bet. B and S n w.. per ft jj Houses for Rent. 215 4>i St.,garden and rest uirant.B) rs ,p an.ftl.600 Bouse and Parm 80 acres. 1 per an nam 1 DO rs,_._ ?r?) 1718 U st . n. w .turn1 .an mod. imps . 13 ri 200 10X3 Vermont Ave.a *11 mod, imn*.. ll rs. niii J75 1213 K st. n. w.. fnru all mod imps . ia rs 17& 2t>*7 | ,t. n. w .all mod. imps . 22 {? 91817th rt. n. w., an m^nl imps , 13 rs ~:Z: l^n nusT^"1 n w '.V nio<1' t??*- M r* loo 9U? II at. n. w., all mod. tmpa . 13 ra? iou *Te- n-*?" mo<l' tmps.. 13 rs <3St W B at. n. w. all mod. imps.. 12 ra ?? ? 1104 6th at. n. w . all mod. tmpa., 12 rs 78 <06 B at. n. w.. mod. imps , lo rs u ?,M ? i.e.,mod imps . 14 rs M 20JO P st. n w., mod imps., is ra go 21JLBt n-w . mod Imps lo rs yj ?y Met. b.w., mod. tmpa.. tore 2? A st a. a., all mod. tops., lo rs. 6ci "I- n-w .mod imoa.. 10 ra_ w 1633 14th at. n. w., mod. Imps., 8 rs.. 40 II K st. n. e., mod Imps., 10 ra. u 1813 15th st. n. w.. mod. imps., 8 ~ .* 311 O st. a. e., mod. Imps, ( ra %j ? ? - mod. imps.. ? ra .....'ii.TZI 3o 1010 N. J. ave. a. mod. imps., 10 rs....^.....^.^ 30 Loans. 2'f B1400 each, 2 of #34)00, asd I of #1,C0C 2 per otai for nefotlatinc. ? Auction Bate. On PBIDAY.May 6th. at ? o'clock p. m., ot the premises. Ho 1619 14th street northwert.'aS fitor> lirick honse, oiinflird roof. TVrmi st nale. BOAR nixo. C UMB8T-CLA8S BOABI) for Centennial visitor* 5k,.*2.235^55* b.V?r??r"- S0,J ? idii str. Ht, Philadelphia?beantlfol locstlon my5 2t* ENTENNIAL! P1B8T CLASS BOABO #3.50 PEB DAY. 1613 fcUMMEB STBEET. fHll AUKLFHIA. l)OABV ANO LOlx; INQS?Por Kent, and lals dVe ?lf W?*?' 1o- 7- l4? *"*'? ?W Ad . 'tb,# ?"'ce' ?t?!lrg terms and location. U-l> FLKSJ ^LA8?r ! 'BOABi.-Lar.s H. ?>? ?ttnated, about a mile from H at,,,II<1A" Apply to A B.O .Oton Uiil post cflice, Prince George count)*, MJ nil 3t* ST?.Fa!rJt90Ji UIB,E *-CHEAPEST TiBLE BOAal) lathe city, at the Parkinson H. use, 3d atreet and Pennst Ivaui* aTejue. A liberal red no Uon nrnls to re^alar boarder* mylJt* A.PABK 1N8HN, Proprietor. TV 8J- CEOHOE, Masanir T'tnple, 909 Pat i#re Board at #% per month. Call and see bill of ?P24 ??? J H. TAYI.OB, Proprietor. S1"?**4" BOOMa' ?? ^ts per, -7. from #2 to #3 per week: B<>ABD or HK\LS nno^*11011* r*tes, at No. 4?<4 Pennsylvania ht*. _r?; ap*t 2-u* /^ODNIBY BOABMNG food water, and abade abua ..ili""" . JOHN 8 LUPTON, apl2 lm Winchester, Frederick Co . Va. P?T.BQVMB~4?P GOOD BOABD can M 1009 MarylaLd ayanae, v mxl erate rat^s. In a private family. mar27 6w* I- OM BENT?Very desirable newly furnished A BOOMS, with first class Board, at low rates ta'rd door north of T Itraet, 608 12th st , north tMt. Tracsient Board. feb28 10#* |\JINNE&OTA FLOUR. or^eiceHed*bTaay ^ aatr If KAai ?' ??^AM # BBO , _??27 tr 609 Pennaylranla arena*. K?kp's patent partly-made DBXS8 8IIIRT?, IwmMm or the An Biz fin* r, toaySJlffiX'"'' ?" - B?Sftf>25 We are Sole Agenta. w. w. bi mdette A CO.. Ila A4k? - _T ap27 tr S'la w. ? Mo. TOO I street a. w. SPRING 8TTL18 ^ NOW READY, T AEtSSji, ~ Alao, flae Soft 1 > BILE DMBEELLAB. 1 SUM CMBBBLLAB. U1BIBLLAI aad PABABOLB i 141# PEBISTLVAM1A AVBBUB, AWn WIMI BUSINESS ClfANCFS. AMAktl MEW ao^A rol?TAlB w?h Iwo lit r>f* tnd ?i|hl nr>i| eplg'*** tor aale ch ip liujuiie at ?0<. c,'rn?-r 7.ta n 1 ?'imttM*. ?ri<*r>t<o ' nr5 li" M'~IBY L?ND A\ EN I E. cora-t Jd ? i--t. VA ( ANT L>?f. t?ar 'lltoi ?? n i . t r aate I a cot talnin* over U <DM??4. TIN'Jk* .t 'A 1 <i ? Aht. T?? 5.o < 10 11 U I/O* MX II ?>'.?- a -i. - H ?' sV*. ilint fj ??!? VI cortkw ?( ?? 1 t*e ri tlxeaid (or tOrwr 1 >' ii ? bi<la?< lealitv. r 1 >r other Cttiufi Pn'P?ft?. In itlr* ol PITH A IIA RVEV . 3?A rthMrMH'nk*'r. nut H" [\ItiBEY' TO kt**rni>ll iin I *. I'l on . ,.ll?t?r?l- N>>t*s of stort date da.i> du . unt<d. Mi'hn cv -fully l*< *?t?d "" AHBlRY G APPLBBAN mv? ll So l4i <KP> ?'.,tf>rllru (?*< ? i HTBY PLA< E FOBULBUl HIT.?MT I uiontown. on Good II pt rotd ten mtnat ? ' walk from S?, j Yard feiidt* Nir* Pw-llu.g Oat-bulldlrg*. with ?b ??? ??> wr?t, frt.|?. Ac TIN-; ?t* A tAKDIANT iry (.<.$) 10 11.13 10 Uiltii i )i . Baltic >>* LMB bale ob b\ohemue-e r A E V of ro I ?(Tr?.ni|fin?4 b) ? two ator> fr*?? h >?<<? . it rAmi. barn, nil n>r???rr out bntldmg- eaversl hundred apple end |?<'*cb tree*. g<x>4 arable mae.1 ? end iihIm Unil. *<11 fenced ?> dIIm fr >m it< n< >r f?iin t Orerf W Rup. nnd edjotnisir Ta-m <>t Geu Beale r,l(rotil? ? - H'. ? d vnj t,imi THBU r Q\r< dIL, tujJJt | Bep.l C rner II h nnd T stree'a. * H. B''Y A FIR*T 'LAPS K\ V?)?" H1BITIOB . wtth everything m ptete Halt cn?h. balance Id ?> day*. ?a'ja!a toriiy >? cured A"i<rw-?:f id u mi t i?* EM'K "ALE- OSo'('? kV f??< iv aud~ F J \ P Tl'BEs App y 9*i7 nn.l M-J ? L.-aiatsna a>? , bet*<er ? h and wna rata my4-J." S 8EMCII EH-fc 8M>? OH rX HlNUI ?\r a Hi?> <r ? >Ubt C? fin*-, i nc 0|>n< ? W \ OoN . suitable for ? l?nU.h~r ?.r t.i-"cer a0 drea? B J T. !>;?r ? B*>. m?S St E^ O B B A L B L> t IS f |U*re l<i 25 !<*! "> ti,cbes ?-y Id ?? I.I.. (.1 ?' 9 ?? l>. fi " 17 " R'l. ?> " b? n. S S Lot M. Fjtmi" l-'l. ctcs bT "a " B. ?? UK. IS ? Wt*i Part* A nnd B. '? Kt ii " tjr *' Pt Lot 17. ? l"t.4? ?' ?? ?? by 111 ? ?? ii ?? B'3. 4i *? I " t>r 114. Tho above Lot# nrentl lo. n'wl iu fir?t rl?.. Bfiib bit*liu>-di> a:.d ?111 l>? ???'d on tn mi to ?u<t 4'ii, McHIV TO LWAN nn first cU?? B<"?1 Is tntr rKttlitt ? A. A. Wilson A to . t?9 E 0TKEET. ttjJ 51 Op(.4'tc Pixt itfflc*. L'OK li^LE OR KXOIllHiiK-t t. i pt ^M ? or in tb? noath. n doltflittn! Coo .tr\ K?r*l l'(h' ? nod I KtIT f \ UK r**r v* ?a uii|'i<ii In jiiiie or nddrets CHiS E BlSUor A CO .611 /tbntiert. HOrSE FOB BEST OB LBA~>E \SD PI' HNI 1 I BE FOB SALE -Ttio l?nr aturr HBI<'K II' I >E aitn?t<-d on the nortbwmt rorwr of <\.n fw nod Dumbarton ?tr. et>. Georgetown. C'?nt*i!. alDitix 18 room* nitb nil modern Impr >?em?nli, w?H ?ntt?d for n laree fnmtlf or nn e\ten?.xe B >ir l lr? Hi a* Lot 1*' feet M'mre, Hon-i 12 f-st fr jnt, and u t Ii back bnlMlnfff I3> feet .leep Arp'> to II. I'. DODUK.IIo. II1W f it northveat unl6t TWO HBW HOl'BBS ?OB BALB ? ?t P.ll. Church, Ya . on lone time. n*^r clia' he? n nl food ocho?>U Apply to W ELLS F<>BI>ES. on th* preiLiae*. or GEO. A. L. BEBKl FIBLI>. B > >tn 4ft. Pfntloti e. apt- lin' \VT AMTED?To exchange Lea BEFBI(1Bb\ YV TOl?8 and SYOVB8 for Old Uuea.atRUT LP H'8. corner 6th ?' d B ?treei? w rthwwat. 8ni ?** I bin.De)* cured, trom #5 to $.! po apllln* yo PBOPBBT?~0* NBBS! Owner* of Beal Kata'e DAHAGBD l<r the recent lm?rove*i. r??, eape. tally bj a thar.??- iu cra.1". will fluJ L to their interest t" call oa me lief re inahlug theirclaima. Ji'HN W. P. VYEKl np2l 2m Office, Tift IS'h afreet MAMTKLS AT OOfiT, at ?1. ROTH W ELL P. aplS Sm* 11 3 B atreet ? >n'hea<t MONEY T(? LOAM?luaiitnatoault. on latklfac tory ?< curlty. JOHN BHEKM\B, B-al K ta'e Ag-t.t. aplS-lm* BocmS.St CI >n1 Bullin g SOOLDBTK1B A CO., tOA X AND COMMISSI?* BROK KKi>. OOBhBB 10th AhL O BTBEETb MOSEY LOANED or ADYAB<'ES MADB on ralrable personal propert? to anr am. n-jt. and for abi tune deaired, on very rraeonable term* Also, G<x<da fcold on Ootrmiaaion. At Private Sale?Very Cheap?A large lot of I'l redeonwd fledge* and C.>mmia*ion Good*, new aJ a<cond hnnd Every article fully warrant..<d. All bnainewi strictly confidential 1 he oldeat and the Boat rallal'la bonae In tr-e City mariC tr l^|?'NKY TO LOAM f 4ft.OOO to loan on choice rea. estate, tn aarnt of from gfui to #1 nw) at y and 10 per ceut. lutereat A (ew laiiii at 8 per ciat Id from 94,l??-io aAi^uuo 8 H WABNIB. marll corner 7th and T atraeti CI- fl 4 E T<' Bft.OOO IN VEHTEU IN PTO<,K PRIVILEGES PAYS LA BOB I'BO FITS Write for 7J page book- Hen and ldiomto! Wall at and Wall at. Review 8ENTFBEK. JC-U N Hit k LINO A CO., oct7 ly Banker* and Broker*, 111 Broadway, N Y FOR SALE. LM?B BALB-A BINQEB bBWINO M a< H.NK, 1 in perfect ord -r, with tiKkei lo-iuiie at VII O Mri . t ii rtbweat - : i ' ng r Pony OKI , UD ,3^ F^OR HALk?A focond hund finr paaa 1'H .1 TON . neariy ne? . for ??? A ?? limber of aecoL I hand CAB R'AGEBof tvery d?acripti> n. Alao, a large atock of low at > le Carrtag-'i and Ph.? ton* at Muctd yricw, at B II. GaAliAl 8 Carriage B? p *ltory, 410 411 8:h atreet north wnt. m?8 St 4 l^OL SALE?A nioe MABE an leara old, na ? irained; trotain three mi.inte*or beti<*r. i < an be peeii at PBICE> gtablea, 6th atr* et. t near C Price moderate my4Ti BMaLL, UANI SOME M * EE. amiable for* light Buggy or l*adiea' Pha-ton,for aale . or eicbange for a work llorae. Addresa B x t>94 City Post Office. m> 1 6t' ONB FINE HBW GKAk'D CPBIOHT PIaBO, tally warranted, for sale m a sacrifice at No. 7ii3 7th atreet Darihweat, bet*n|MBS| (i and II atreet*. myl it* '''IF" p O B 8 A L i ! Promiaisg yonag. well bred trotter, bloo<l BAY. with btack poluta, aoucd. "tyliah. and teryrv *p?edy Alao. pair Sherman Morgan MABE8.*** ? l ay a. very handaome atd tait a perfect ladle* team This la very desirable atock and ia guaranteed lo every particular Apply toTHOS. HrOONBELL. Wa?bington I'riTing Park.or address P II SL1 CBB. Bo? 3**3. Baltimore PostOffioe. apt' 13t* L'OR BALE?Serv iceab'e, floe toned, sis oata. a r Chtckering PlANO. ..nir 046. mn-t be, h?ld: chu be seen at aouthweat corner off Llth and U street* n w . No V3b.a*2"2* C' ^ABBIAGBB, CARH1AOE8, OABB1AGB8 - ? The largest and most varied aeeort . Dient of latest at) le of Carriages. Ooupne.V Kockawsys, Jump-seat*. Park Pba-tons.J Jaggi-rs, Top and no Top Baggiea Alao, ee'eral fii.ea*cond hand Panel Carriages and Higgle* on h&ndat P. D 6CHM1TT A OO., ma' 13 ti No 31? 11th at., bet. ? and D , n w. L'OR 8ALB?NOW 18 THE TIME r I I.are on hat. 1 ilO SPRING WAGONS, batlt In the best styls. u itk the Sar vie wheel,. Tepai Bo top Bt'GGIBS for sale oni tn. i-thlv paymeuts, at my new Factory,J 3? Prospect st , entrance oc Bridge st.. near new market. Georgetown D C. mar!>3pi* J AW EH K P BOBBY. ACBB?>B WAGONS NEW BTOCB. IRON AND SUKLL9KE1N AlLtf ? IKE liOUM. TWO H'irub, THREE HOBSB AND rOI'B HORSE WaGONS He Dave sold HundrnGa of these Wagooa. and the general opinion ia thai they are the cbeapwt and hast W agon in use D. W. McOBATB. febSl Sin Corner of Haiw are and I struma, m. J PERSONAL. p L A * E T K E A II E H . MRS DB KLL1S will remain bo: two w ekl lotger. Ali who wi?h to lesrn the trntn ,.f Pw, Pr< aent and Kntnre ?hould call a?d consult the Doctor ln.i e<liatelv. She givea Inf .rmatioa on a'l ar.h.ecta of lite 1 OOO F street norma --t; entrance lUkh^reet. Bee circular 4. tnar31 eoim ? S T B 0 L 0_G^ Y . MADAME R4IKV Thia celebrated Lady Aatroioglat aud Healing Me dium can beccmsnlted at No SiOl Decreet, o-ruer o' U ncrthweet. She baa no nuptiii.r in delikeating the Paet. Present and Future In love or bu-iaeas her advice Is invaluable, dractlbing your fri> n4s, poll ticg cut yonrsremiea, and InfomiioE yon of the Mire a ay to success iti atl endertakiuga. 'km sulfation strictly confidential. Lad tea, ?1; gnntle Den. fl W aepl-lp VUE liKftT " &ODA WATER IS D E * *" IBOI BLOf B-TIn UHID STEEL FOl'XTAlXS. Dealers ?U1 do well to secure a supply for the sea son trim KAM'L C. PALMER, DEPOT, ftT GREENE BTBEBT, GB0BQB TOWH, D. 0. V. B ?NEW FOUNTAINS now I Mng received. COCN IBB AFPABATCS for sale, rent, or loaa. ap?7tr ArriKTONI AMERICA N CVCLOPB 01A Approaches eoaspletica. It li ksnw a rsry large Mia. Parties la W astalcgv.n or vlciutty cealrtng this grret work will be supplied. :u mostaJy i .stall ?ante or up to press, from the agency. 414 Ilk ilrgljWkwMli atylsaof biiuliMaay be s?r^ FV ?-?jay A. BBDTEB. FOBTBB P. WOOD. toUUuttma mmd Hjtrmmttom Q*oa. Gem*ml Atemey mmd tMlsettswj ORca, 4BS 7th street, beiwesa DaadEa v. ? gives ?? Baatlng Bo M> M rnoFKSSfiiNAL. I )lL \ BV . DBBTMT totbe I .<4 ' , B ?fe? Naval at 4n?>ar ? i . fur ? t ?Ur < f year*. tnr ?ti ; | Nwf .-Car* H# piute*rl **?-hurt a. IXT.e, ijj C ? r-*t a.xtAwea- (? tweeti fife at <1 il'h epAi !*? nB J CI KTI>B 5* IT Ilk VmSI H>. im ?r P*Be y\ ? , ? fi-i L" U H1RM V, a a. MTTOKSh Y MT f.4 ?r, N riliMt cor U. ?<? boo "th x . H ftp ?* Iruei t.tfl f 'tt r um ?nuf u> if) :' r?rt n ?<? -'rw* >v/ ? IDWI? I j jvsTa'n Or thV pbjcb. Mo ?'?*TtA ?r?it w . up?*tta Uil*! ?*a-e* M?H QSo? < Ml 4? r?tr- f?-?WW ??????.? W* I? w HI TTtR ft H.k?r.l1, ^ r7> r? . l>I.'<i|iaitl and every dewr*1*1 ?f OKNABIMTAL *ad I'LAIB UlNTlku, 7*7 fill Mrwi ? .-.-thweet PPBC1MBB K? >*, ?* i?? ? are-1 nurtbwsst, jaall ly ?*CHINtiTMS. |t O. ? -Trim pet bob t i r f STrl t h kb jaW". ? / DPI I ? PB\TT. OrvlutM rftfJKA (laic (Village of Dental P 'W'T u4 H<-ah 'luff *>* "fetrag-. Ill Tfb RtSm, e.? ?M?. anrwer of B 8m Bud chl >rof tit need IB nwtlM iwtl ?mll lf MFPICAL. Sc. Mkx an\?tt. ?amii ? . . r? L M ? I ?. Pll YM< I ft* ad MIO*l?K .a I* cot?ilk4 ?< |rr?tif -re at T"J-> *'h m n >rih r??>|>'%i? t? t ?frMtlti < ?ll or ?ft* I it |? (mb tr m V a ui to I r "? >ii It nijjo^f.n, ar ?( tm' nK LSU^. Tm ft . ?i h i >?? taf (>?i| lUlttbU p?;.. ?1 -a |V'?, ea? t<e *0??0U?1 Tor?1i\ ?i<4 i* fc. *^tl H XrwH tr * iii I t- ? I ii rliack Ml fmii I1 *fn^'?lBta ,m *l> ci;r-d Office a-id i:?t Vgor N IM W , l/Hiti4ro i*r?t. HklMmit* apt* l?* K1 *?Kl' I ? l*K KK I H?.!> l>\ I.J V?? OKATIBO ? <? bi I M. falh t> n? aap i a?e of xinnal ?<akie*? I . s* f p *-?? i>r ln<r - l* lire lifllcc an.l ral,.ry nil, |t urn i ? nib, < rp-?l?i-Pnillt-i ??ii iyfi ;?* k' W A1 IC P ? , H 1 per | ' t- I'r pat< I accord*:>? t 'he ? ? 'hum foriB dili) rr.|ii;!),a' ll? is itrMl, u?. ul P"U? ?> lttbia nrr C tiKQl all.-in tree apS lin' nB KOIifKTbliA. a hi ? ">.rttkC'>i 1 ?' ? i 4 !l ? l ? * . ft . . r t ?lt^ it* Ua? 0<r f. i v?r? ^Bi'NK?l>\* ?n4 (?ATI KUA V,froti. it '? * r m.,In *11 Winnf < lUl rairj Oi(?n< Ucnorrl., i MiUnr*, f) fhil'r ao 1 it' a Cmti k! li oi. :rb?* tvo Lilt fi uti at ted cure) tu llol .Ja*? 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U?aiJ Mtwi, Halnmora maris >i* A I A R U.?T. all w?io ar? ?c)Terli'B fr n. tb? error* and Indlucre-loiia ot r"<>tb. Berrou* *'-akb?w. early 'ecaj. lo*? uf o ai h ?od. . I will o-tid a roclae that will care j.m. KHKK OF t'llABUB Tbt* great restedy vaa di?nien4 br a nitiMiii nary tnk<>otb America. Pei>4 a *elf al!r-?..-d enveloae to tbe &??? JoSBPU T. I.MIAN, Htaitoo D. Bible Hoa*e. New V< rk cite. Bia'S a?lh^in PBBtM HIPTlOB riFKB r<i* Ttitt HPBKDT Cure of tWnlual Weakuaaa, Loat Maoh <nri. aai all dlBerdi-r* trooiM oa t>T Itdlarrett -n* or U ?**? Act Vrctgif* kM the Ingredient*. A 1dtea* DAT IDBOl A (X? . ?e?l> a.wj.lf _?*?? Bew Tors. | Vl B. T JOMH 44 Hunk ?av ?????. tfa'i* i ' tr.OTt, M-f. (Late K?at *ai,t Ph-.air'au and Sar ? a to pwerlal H"?p'tal fi.r tb- O"tilto?Pi'narp I'naM. 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Leilrult Uuildinr c .rear uf V arid 8th ttrealB. Thl* ?tacorl. oM cotiipanr I'M te*a lu "peratloa for thirty Ave r?ar* Bet a-?-t*. ?SA.ttMW aaS-tr J BO?BLL BABB. Amt. COAL AM' Wonl*. (H)AL AND IUXDLINU WOOD. Onr atock of GOAL la tow ??i?l?t?. ?akr?clna all tbe cbolce ^nalltie*. and to whicb wa IbiIM tb* aCtoution of oonanuiera. Onr PATBBT BUBDLJCD B1HDLIBO WOOD, with a fire lighter In erary bundle, I* the best la oa*. Bor Bale b> all HWibh B| B. Bo aBarlaca. ?aper or Aeroaana oil ragmred CHEAP- SAtB. CLEA B. irEPHESWOI A BBBft ? 11! and Depot 7tb atreet Wharf, leu* ly Branch OfBo* 1*1* PennsrlraalB a*eaaa. ^'UAL ! (OAL ! WIHIU ! MtfOII F CHEAP' CHEAP' P<tR CASH! TaOl fABDB OB TOB8 OBl'KKBU Arrl^inc daily, catfoea of the beat varietiaa of ail kfnd* of OOAL and WOOD Bow ia tbe time to bay ' If yau wonld aarr money (et a r?>Kf i?? ? a?d iwt ?????, >J4?i p- ood* tc the toe, call on tba and -r aiened before yon boy. H a\ lor two of the larceal w burrae in tbe I>irr1"f. and all tbe farll'tl.a ?- .*it l? thereto auaeied fur - - - 4ir tbe dr 11 vary of Coal direct from our reaaal* t<< tbe con*umer, we can certaialy off.-r eaecial lolnoe a eiit* A ?lalt to oar * barte* an 1 Depot will Ttnceon* at a glance of onr niiatiraam a adiantacas. Good I'lBB WOOl* delivered M low aa #*-*0 per Oord. Oo. d OAK WOOD datirared aa law aa tb to ?T per Cord. A alngle trial la all that I* neceaaarr to oonrlnoa the public of the at.ore fact* JOUHBOSI ?tR?THCM ? ale Office and Depot at Jotinao* ? Whariea, tiMt ot i2U? and IBB atraata. Office*? MB?!' T atreet northweat un,cee- ^ , j Mh itreet at?^S ao EDUCATIONAL. %B/Bt?T B.ND 1BBTITUTB tmmtl* e, r*. ?? Yovnt Lnh-i Bra 0 L ('?: y. Principal New Haven, t'oun Send for circttlar mar3 to The BPiscorAL ibbtitctb. (jWBt lb:A nn<t I It*(1(3 BBV. r L. KNIGHT. D D , hta t Jtfa*tar; PBOP JciUN LrWKY.A M.-J.f TbeBistb AntiUal Se*?ioii <T tbla church ach. ^l for b jy* will com ti - n WIDN BSD A Y, the -.A of BeMaafev. Burtber Inlurniatk.n oan be uad ftom tbe Kit t. L KNIGHT. D D,. BtiaT* tt Mill Oorcoran etroet ENGLI-fa PBIMOH. AND CLAKfK'AL feB i I I' T SCHOOL BOB VOLBO LAK1B8. ?1* Nra York avenue n. w.? Mr* ANGBLO JACK BON, Principal ?Theeighth annual aaaBina beclna oa tbe l?th of Bapteciber. 1S74 aq^l-ly THE ST Ue?l?E. iA The Hrnl and On Iff KWigMf ^3 Heating Kunite WE 1:. 'be market UuM^ied* <4 tae^e kmy * hav? been i tit np br me in thl* city. ani aaaya gna sat Ulac'lou. B^"Por aale oaly at C M BIB BIDMXETR, TIA AND TIT Tm t>TBKKT NOBTHWBXT. W here * III al*' be found tbe t^at *cl*tlM aud tb* large*'variety of 8LATB M IBTEL8 in thia citj , from B18 upward* h<>le ag-at for tba BADIANT HOBt rUBNACB. Tbla Pnraace ba* been put to teat by coaipatent jrdges and prooonncad to be the B??t Purnaoe of the kind in tbe ma:bet Parties will find It (r*atlr to than advantage to call and esaaUl?? tbla PL'B N AC A before making tbetr a*l?0cisa 1 KuN ABI' TBBBA OCrTA YA9KS In Ibtb* h rletr LaTBOBBB *^ QEATKS of every dea-rtp t)<?? .odnced prloea. THB M'BMl K UrBBB oil vook Store, tbe beat aad aafaat oil world TIB Boor IB 0 done by the ?-fT bast w rkmen. All crdrr* promptly exacutad ai-fl good woik gnaraoteed A full aapply o! WATBB (HK>LCKB. BTABDB. KBBBIi'BBA TOBS. CCTLBBY. Plata and faatr TIN WAKB. wboUaair atd retail Don't!^rfMtb* place (?bib Biounra irort II Beat ? ply BTPBBB HOBB IBs r r foot apBt lr kncouelaqb M TBCBCB ^ ?>DfcVuV0B.,P...

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