Newspaper of Evening Star, May 6, 1876, Page 1

Newspaper of Evening Star dated May 6, 1876 Page 1
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V?. 47?N 2. 7,211. - WASHINGTON, D. C.. SATURDAY, MAY 6. 1876. TWO CENTS. T THE EVENING STAR DULY, Sonday* excepted, AT TUK STAR BUILDINGS, PiamylTaiiia A venae, caraer lith *tree?, IT The Evening 8tar Newspaper Company, B. U h.AVrWMANN, JPret'L ? * Tb* Ev?j?ij?o 8ta* 1* *rrr?t by cmrUri >o W4?-n/? ri at Ten Cents par week. or Korty four Craii per month. nt the wm/rr, Two Onto each- Ry nuiU?pottam prepaid? Sixty Cent* m month; one 5ear, 96. TBI w***tr 8ta R?rnMitKed on Friday ? ?1 ? ye?r, po?tag* prrpauL MTAil mlmriiMions inrttrinblv tn flrYrnv*. mr Rain nf ifh-rrtixing /umuhed on AMUSEMENT?. 'UUaiOHl HtLL. tjirr cr the young ob.iTor suanson W ??H1XG ION, D. C , Mit 1,1S.*8. J U ittnjuvn 1 ear hir We. tl?<? nnderwiKEMl. ri?i*enscf Waab if r i n. hat lDthx) the pie*Mirs of ;.-;ertio* torecs u:i is |ivci by >onr lull* ? a. H *rt?r J Horry Shsaicn, ir'Mocr him >? moot wonderful child, uc ifotl? r?.jo??t that tju illow htm togite H? f r mrrf rntrrtair mrriii. at l^ut. ia one of ocr pn> lie ha 1*. b?-fo-?- hi? .t-psrfiire t >r the Eaters citi??, that -or lit;* -n? iii?t bare u opportunity of wituessiag the greatest livit* <-U?uti'>nist of hi ??? . Hi'ii- Jedge VacArtLnr. Ms.; r VC Rirharde, ?* S. C. r<>Oi*rn< , I" tt. M tr.hal Phillii t, ??AO Rtdd!. J hn T Gi?en, K T Meriick. W a M *se. " r (! (k>i, Hall ,t M'im*. "MO ?iri-ry, **'ill am H Dnnn. ? 8 Heik>. T'lrk r ,V ?h*r nn, " Pnacan 8 Wslksr, WilleC A RaoB, P T Snlt. T r. Oatrbel. B? *h?!l Bnwt, Milter A Junes. ?A. 9. Sol. ns< r?, M. P. Morris. ? * U hi e, and I.T7 other*. Th* miDtitn fcitf re- ponded favorably to the it. it ??:,?! Kanimu will;?i|e?r ?? Tal!msf?*? Hall t TUESDAY pud *t;ij?jD\V E\ E?i 1N0S, May 1 atd 10. It J H SHANNON |^HV. lil>K\ WARUUeKt HIK lONG&EGATIONAL CHURCH, Tenth and 9 Itrecw, fhJl'A T EVEPINd, MAY 14, At 8 o'clock. Snl.,?ev " RELIGION IN EDUCATION " Oi. D.liar. No extra chtrge f>r re served irptf. Dia*ranis at Whitaker * Books'ore, 911 P<*nn* avenue m?5 Tt RATIONAL TIIEATtR. THE FAIKLAVB OPERA TROUPE. |.\YiTtri,) Br General B'-nest, K ATINEE?TOE^DAT, M*v 9. "THE BOHEMIAN UIIL." UK AND D JAP LA Y. Frjn'ar PTice->? 50, 7 5 Cents pud fl. B >* Sh^et at ??iitrtti p ?n>4 5t poRD * OPERA HOUK. STRPAT KVKMNO, MAT Tth, VIAND VOCAL AND IN?TRI MCNTAL con CERT. WITH OB< HKSTRA, In aid of the "H0EI FOR AGED COLORED PEOPLE." TtcketP. 50 rent*; reserved .eats, SO ceats extra, l? ??* had at EUip' pnd Metzerott'P M'leic Store*. ai?lt* ^ j KAN 1> CONCERT, IN HONOR OP Mill /AIDER JURIES WILLARD HALL, MONDAY EVENING, MAY ?TH, 1976. Misa Jones will be p-?lite<l b? Mrs J P. Canl Br"Pn Mi^ So*ie J ~ hepon. l>r. J P Caalfleld, Mr. John Pngh. Mr. W.A. WW "fick't* for *p|? pt EIHs" Mnsic Store and Thomp poa'e Drop Stcre. A(l:Li?e:"u, #l m>2< |yT A TIOMAIj theatekT MAI 1, OMR WEEK. OBLT. RONE ET T1 >'?JE Is her wonderral imper*una'lon ol HO* E M14 11 LI., rud tj the <'orapinT of (Jaijn S jnare Tbea ter. Be* Vork. HEW f< ENERY, C05XLUE8, APPOINT MENTS. H? SE MICHEL MATINEE B\TnBP*Y. May 8.1 be celebrated VOk as ?rA M1L Y Mar 1*. the func^ American aevrea* M>?s M ABY ASIEHMjN. myl-tr Theater c?.ni?ii,Ei*nau Jitinu PtHify.'Dn* itnw . < Qi?y jtiB Tzar nouyv. Perfontaree EVERY RIGHT. MaMueeforLi die* and CtiMren EVE BY WEDNESDAY aai BATIEDAT AFTEBNaON. FIRST CLASS IM &VEKY RESPECT. Tprlety Drama. Barlee^re pad ?"omedr. ao "O If KUV?.MT CVKTNEM SKl.nnit 8AE 1>E M. in Alezacdria, is opened again for lb* pee*.o. where the Lr-t LaGER will plwayp he 09 Araa^bt. lapg lai*) HEBRY BCHERB.Hapt. Old So.) On Kxhibitiou INewNo. 4M J and Hal? I 43? m 8T. \ at ' 7** ST. jIAIKBITE f'l| ill. 131 Til ?T?. V und B nf* rfeert titer* 014 Flllote?' Haii. Obctc.t Oil Palatiscs, EqgraTlngs. Chromop, A?, Also, iarr?^ et-ek of Paper Hanflnap, Window Made*, Plctnrea, frames, picture Oorw Pad Tpp 1 Rlagp. Rail*. Ac., la the Matrlct. ip m? Ca?H. aber Ipim pad Nambar Irl-t? 4 BALLS, PARTIES, Ac. j^JAklEl 8 FLORAL MAY BALL, WEDNESDAY EVENING, MP7 10,187?, At MARIR1E HALL, ? ptrpet, between ftli led 10th st*. " Tlckeu. admitting a and on* tody,?3. Door* open at 7X; coirmence at 8S a. a. ?^"Tickets to be had at M aaic Store* or at the Hail. aplAtd EXCURSION'S, PIC NIC3. Ac. TBI PA kh. OF THE W A8HI SGTON 8CHL ETZBN VERIRN, k*a?ea oa 7th street road, can he rented for Pie Bic* aad PeptiTpip dnriac the eomiac season 1 y ap rtjti* to the Preetdept. ? Wolt; Vice President. C. Rap perl, or the Treasurer, 0. Xapi*r. ay 3 St "jI FOR THE HARD TIMES. HEAD THIS. A SOOD PCLL BL1T TOE 9?, Actnal Vain* 11 Aetna! Valce $15. gtllE A NICE SUIT PUB 111, Actnal Vain* $17. FINE ALL-WOOL SC1TB FOR jl Actnal Vain* ?ij. ELEGANT BCS1NESS SUITS EOR v 19. Actnal Vain* %-ii. > BET BCPEEIOS B01TB POR ?40. Actnal Valae |3?. FINE CUSTOM-MADE SUITS FOB |il, Aetrs' V .lae |)'i r.oya' clothiya AT 1 ilX SAME LOW KATES. HABLI BROS., M?duat Tftilon and Fine (JloUilen, apg tr Cera*r Tth aad > attsatt. Have voce umbrellas and Pasa SOLA COVERED AND EEPAIE ? WM ROGE' a?n to* m Hth pt, above ND PARA ^ 'AIRED, atfll ?GSRS' ^ Peaaa. pt*. I PABTUSAGE? PA8TURA0S FOB COW8 pad ROUES Apply to E. LYONS, S3 Wpier PtoMt, (korgetowa Paraeal repaired to ad SPECIAL NOTICES. MEMORIAL UHl'R'H, 14tb atreet Circle. Free eeata. Paator, J G. Bi rL?K T?lllght B?r*tce f?>r Spring and feu mine i resumed it ( i.n, Service at 11 a m. aa nanal. li* WAUGH ? 1E. CHCECH.-Preaching To morrow at 11 a m Mil i p ? , by Bev.J. F. Chafla!!*, D.D delegate tJ the G-neral Oo'ifer eneottheM K cnnrch. It* FIHST BAPTIST CHURCH, l.l'h street. Un>Mi> O and H at*.?Rev. Dr. Cuthbsrt, pastor. SerTieee Moruicg and Evening. All wel pDMT. It CHRIST! aN OHl'HOH,\ ern.ont avenn?. lietwi-i-u N tud O Btreet*.?Preaching by tb-? Fa-tor. F D. Power at U a m. and 8 p. ui ban day Scbocl at 9:JU a. m. I riei,d-t and stran -<rs all welc<,a.e. It UNI VKRSALIS 1' SERVICE^.?Re?- C. H. Fav will prjarb in Talim.?dge Hall To m<>r ?ow at II a. m m<1 7.*) p. m. communion a.ti>r morning service. Sncday School and Biblo Clase at 9: *6 a m. 11 bT. PtUL'aBSti LUT11EB\N BHUK' H, comer of 11th and H stre.-te -:iervicej la this f l urch 7o mcrJow i Seed ?y>. at il a b. anaMI p m PreacMtC by the pastor, R-?v. S. Do.*KR. feats free?all w t-iceme. It* MOTBTVEKBON I'LaCE M. K. CHURCH SoI'TH.corner of 9 h and K sireets norta ?,.t ?trt irbicg T'> morrow (Hunda?) at 11 o'clork a m and 8 p m , by the pastor, Rev. A. W. Wsl D. D. Public are Invited. It "UNITa ltt AN SEBYICE* -The Eev.CA. _ Staflk', of Providence, R. I .will preach I ,~tbe In l irian Cturch corner of fih :?*>d D street*, Sm r*ai. at 11 ft iu ai.d7.43p El. Sanday School at S si a m It* jr".^? KGUBDRY M. E t'dUbUH - S?bb.?th J>-y Seitices at 11 a. ui , preucbiag by the pastor. Rev 11. I'avixt Brow-., tmlowed by the Oom union. At 8 p. m , Lay Service, ad lr*?ae? by Me or Hall, General Ch;itsj?oe:?, Moasra. Nvk, jA%it '. ai d other*, of the new eonverta. it* - VfiuilCHAPEL, corner 8th and F streets ? Rev Ura.nvli.k K. MoodT, Dt'e itai* tf tie General Conference M K chuih, from Ohtc. wi'l prtarh to morrow mori.tng at 11 oxlMht Interesting spcci'U services at 7>6 p. m. All are in vied. It r~<a? UN IOM CH A PEL.?The Rev ait,. W. Smith. D D., a delegate to the General Con ferencetr<'m the Rock biver Conference.wilt pre?cb a- I'nlon M. E. church.iJOth street, near fun*, at. ldf.i lo-moi row at 11 a ni. and 8 p m. Come ?. d l< ar hinr. It* Mcl\EN'>KKE M. ?. CHL'Ri'U. Maw. avenue? IJ-v. John H. Da*H'ill, D. D., pa tor. Sunday, 7(b May, 1976, 11 a in , preaching by Bev. R. Anori*. D. O., (formerly preeide it ol Itdtana Asbury Uni'eraltv. now pastor of Trinity ihurcb. Lvanaville, lad.. 8 p. m , Sacrament eer vice. It* "Trs* THl KlRTY RIGHra AMNlVlCKSVRY 4-5? tf the Washington citt bible m> CI ETY will l>e held In Lincoln Ball,To-MORROW ? KTE HBOON. at 3 30 o'clock The Rev. Thomas Povlso*, of Baltimore. will deliver the address Paatoia of chnrcbt- and the B~>ardof ManAgera are invited to meet in the parlor of |tce T. H. C. A., at .*i :o p. n. it_ \VM?T IS 1 U It OOSPCL. ANDIOO THE __ CLEBOt PREACH IT" Anawer.d from tbe Bi^le To morrow i Sunday,) at 11a. m.,in the < hrKtadelph*an Eccleaia. ia the Circuit Conrt Kcm m {City llall ) All interested a?e invited. Mo coPrctioD*. B.B.?Thia Eccleaia will give to any ciergimaQ o? any other person ?WU wno will clt^ one Text from the Bible that tearhea that Adaaa or Itoaai cuated wltli an immortal aonl. It* ST. JOSEPH'S HALL,coreer H and 6th atrtet.?Prof. J W.Pikb.oI Vineland, will ler>nre t\>ry Snnday in May at 11 a m. and - p. m., ? n tc.en'.ific and rellgloua aub t-cta. Admimo fre^; If THE -WASHlBI'iTON t 1TY DENTAL IL^y SOO'ETY' will hold it* regular meeting at tv ?? < fflre < f Pr.J B.TAN EY< K, on MONDAY EVENING, May tstb. at 8 o'clock m>6 2i* J. B TEN ? YCK, Secretary iQ? GLIKWOOl) CEMETERY. The rerclar monthly lneetiE2 of th^lot proprie tors of Glenwo?d Cem?tery will be hetil oa MijN-l > AY EVKB1NG. May 8. at 7:10 o'clock, at the It ardcf Trad*- Rooms, taird door from corner 9ih street and Pa. ave. A fall attendance is reijueate-J. J. C Mi KELOEN. Pres. ap6 2t^ W?. LOBD, Sec. W A SB 1BGTOS GROVE CA*P A SB ) 11^' CI A1 ION.?Tie acnnal mtetin* of STOCK HOLDERS of ttis ASSOCIATION will be held ia Ponndry Cbarcb, MONDAY. May 8th, at 3 p m. m>5 3i E. K. SIMPSON, Secretary. H' lA-fit'' assooiATioN.?Ihe Jsf' third monthly meeting of EA8T WASFIING ION BUILDING ASSOCIATION. No. 2, will be l e a at Mcfanl?f'i Hall. 200 Pennsylvania ave , Ctfri'Ol Hi.1, MONDAY, 8th instant, at 8 o'clock f m. R. B, i'EBGCSON,Secretary, to;S it [Rep AC'ritic ] r-w. KEV. HSNRY WARD BEECBER WILL'''.re at the Academy of Music. (lUiti n.. re,I MAY llih. at 3 c cl< ck Pntjec?: "R-l?gi-n in Ecncatlon " Tleketa SI. a' BlcCaffrey'a Mnaic St re and at the dcor. my4 th a.m t.wAtb VETERANS OK M EX 10 ' N WAR.-8.j u'ar iii'r.tlilr inee*lag wili t> li^ld SATUR DaY EVENING. May ft at <9 o'clock at 111-1 Ptctsil* uirt avenn? Bv erder JAJ1ES W. DENVER, Preaident A.M RENADAY, Secretary. nii?y4-3^" 'j; To. ARLTNG-r7VH FIRE ?<y T*SCBMiCE COMPANY FOB THE DIS TRlCT OE OOLUMUI A, No. 140". Pennajlvania avctina. north of C. B. Tr?aanry. Wasui??gT(in. D. C . May 2d, lo7J ? The Board of Director* of this Lomrany have declared a seui anijn*l dividend of S per cent rip >n the capital strck. payable at tba ecu ptuy < ofhee, en and after tbe 10th it-t. my? 3t KRANE T. RAWLIMOd. Socretarr. PERSONS DESIRING TO 8CBACR1BB to the BALTIMORE OAZETTK will dleast, their natr-a at JUNOTIOB NEWS DEPOT, coraer 9th and F street* n rthweet. Orders will receive prompt attention and the paper will be faith fully served myS (Jt* T. H. 0. a . EEY. THEOrOEE L CUTLER, D. D , of Biatklya, will address THK TWEX7Y THiRU ANXlYK/iSAHY of thia Asaociatloa MONDAY. MAY8TH. AT 7HP M my3 tr T H E BBS T. ? ILBURN'S SODA WAT1R. ? ATURAL SPB1HG WATERS oa Draught ICE-COLD TEA, OOFVBI and CHOCOLATE. 1449 FK31M1LV1KIA AVENC*. apl? tr near Willard a. id EERY WISE GABMETT, t?T ATTORNEY AT LAW, No. I Colnaabia Law Bnildlngt apU laa Rth street, bet D and E. t^o?E W. W H IT \ REB, General Claim nu t Col!f lion A"nt, Ho. Tift litti street, near Treasury Department. District Clalma, Pension and Bounty Claims, a apaclalty. apll r^j? NEK VOL'S EXHAUSTION -A Medical Esaay, comprising aaariea of lecture* dettv tred at R aha'a Museum of A a atomy, New York 3B the canae and cure of Premature Becllne, show Bg lrdiapatably how lost health may be regained, affording a clear aynopala of the Impedimenta to marriage, and the traatmaut of nervous and physi cal debility, being tbe reenlt of 90 yeara'experience. Price, 0 cents Address tbe author,Dr. L. J . Raha, 5Wee and residence. 21 Eaet lOil. St.. N Y apl Sra r?R D. COOEE. JR. A OO , BABEERS. a?19 tr 14 F street. 6TRATKOBD KENDALL. k57 4A9 Lunialana avsnae, ?ni "'w ATTOHHE'r AT LAW. ?LEW 1ST JOHNSON A OO., BANKERS. r ?/ 10i? Sirtit and PtMmsylvantm la Goverameat and Dlatrict Seouritlea foreign Exchange and Gold. eepU ly aRAMCEL G. YOUNG, EOTAEY PUBLIC, -? aatlT-M Orrici?Stai Bpilpiw. OPTICIAN ? Tlo tk* Public.? My newly invented Bye glaas, which 1 aota manufac^ tare wtth eight work*ao, auraaeaea*-^ aay Eye viae* In tbe whole worl*. The* can be regelated by two small screw a to taacdy Rtthe new without aay paia or unpleaeant feetftig. They are made of Brazilian pebble and the newlv dlacov ered Bueeia rmby xlaae For neatneaa and 1 LtAtneaa they caawot be aarpaaaed. Measure taken alfil order tiled la fiftoea minutea ISAAC ALEX ANDEK 1 Peaaa *v , layentor. P?te? tee ?r,d Manufacturer. VmAmmiAU0t T?Sl.fE. ?a. 19BT Fti.wnvt.stA Av axtra. 9?atae Brazilian Pebble bpectaclea. deoT Iy Jatp I^OeTNDALB CaMBNT AND LATHS. Schooner Wm Bement la now dlacharglng 1JHQ barrela BOSEN DALB CEMENT,and acaooner V. F. Ball la Aiacharging 300A*0 Bangor LATHS. Ap ply to L. WM. G0INAED, my? 3t Sill Lonlaisna aveona. LUNCHEON, FOE TRAVELERS EX JURS10N18TS, PIC BIO PARTIES. SPICED POTTED MEATS, (la Una.) B7"FOTTED HAM an4 BEEF at a cents a can, enough rar aaadaichea tor etx peraons. Alao, GAM, DUCK, CHI0EBN. TUEEEY. H. W. BUMCHKLC., ?yt? 1339 F itraat. EVENING STAR Washington News and Qossip. Tni attorney General returned rrom New York last evening. Gov. Ricbard Coke baa been elected U. 8. Senator lrom Texas. Private Bill Day?The House yester day disposed of seventy bills on tbe private calendar, leaving but a few to be acted upon. Gone A Fishing.?There was no official business transacted at the White House to day, as the President spent the day with friends, at the Great Falls, fishing. Personal.?The Hon. Horatio King and wife, wl?o have been in Europe the year past, rail for home to-day on the Bothnia from Liverpool. The only Senator not yet s vorn into sit on the impeachment trial is Mr. Alcorn ot Mississippi, who has been absent for sev eral weeks. To re Paid in Silver ?The Secretary of the Treasury orders that on and afcer Mon day Dext checks on the U. S. Treasury will be paid in silver, If desired. Avery and Magciri.-Xo action has been taken In reference to the application lor the pardon of Maguire and Avery, which was referred to District Attorney Dyer,at St. .Louis, tome time ago. Silver for Green racks.?It has been arranged that tne Frost bill authorizing a change of ten million of greenbacks for sub sidiary silver coin shall be brought upon Monday aud put cn its passage. Sam Cox makes au excellent Speaker, and has a facility for transacting business in an txpeJitious manner. He has proved to be about tbe best presiding officer the demo crats have yet put up. Government Receipts To-day Inter nal revenue, *798,033 48; month to date, f3,1*2,773.86; fiscal year to date, $97,178,5^.01; customs to-day, $190,353 ?J; month to date, S2,229,!/J3 81; fiscal year to date, Sin ,51.3,273.36. Steaker Kerr returned from New York last night, where he went to consult Dr. Hammond. He left for Richmond this morn ing. His friends say that bis health is bad, at d that there is but little hope of bis recu perating, unless he gives up the arduous du ties of speaker for some time. The Freedmkn's Bank Report Mr. Douglass, chairman of the Committee on tbe Affairs of the F reed men's Bank, to day sub mitted a draft of his report to the full com mittee. It will be presented to the House early next week. It Is said to be particular ly severe on Alvoril, formerly the president of the bank. Cowles, the Moth Man.?George A. Cowles has arrived here from California as a voluntary witness before the Clymer com mittee in tbe Investigation regarding the preservation of army clothing aud equipage by tbe firm of G. A. Cowles <V Co. Tae com mittee asked Mr. Cowles to postpone his evi dence for a week. It has tieen KRRONEOL'SLg stated that General Meigs after his return from Kurope went bacK to his old home cn the corner of Vermont avenue and N street, and that tbe Attorney General, who occupied the house, bad four d quarters elsewhere. Tne fact is Judge Ph-irepont still remains lu theele gar.k residence that was made so pleasant fast wtuter. ?Y*?U be took the house he en sagfd it for a year, and will receive Ms nu merous friends there for some time to come. Tiie Original Declaration.?General James D. McBride, of Philadelphia, called r.n the President yesterday, and succeeded In having the order changed that directed the exhibition of tbe original Declaration of Independence to he male in the government building on the Centennial grounds, so a^ to l-.ive tbe document placed on exhibition in <>ld Independence HhII. A. Bell, chief clerk of t*:e Interior department, left this city in charge of document this morning. Military academy Cadets?Among the candidates who are to be appointed to the corps of cadets at the West Point Mili tary Araderny ar* Isaac E. Hess and Bertram N. Stump, mt Maryland, Andrew M. Brent ai d Lyne S. Thomas, Virginia, and Edward S. Avis. West Virginia. The following ap pointments were made at large. George Belt, Oberlln M. Caster, John B.Ray, Harris L. Roberts. John D. Ruff, George H. Sands, Albert B. Scott, Henry G. Sbarpe, John S. Summers, sr., and George W. Upton. Newspaper Correspondents and the Centennial? A meeting of newspaper correspondents was held this afternoon at House of Representatives, at the request of Mr. Hopkins, chairman of the House Com mittee on Centennial, at which a committee, consisting of Gen. H. V. Boynton, Geo. W. Adams and Crosby S. Noyes, was selected to prepare a list of bona fide correspondents who are to accompany the Congress to Phil adelphia, on ibe invitation of Col. Thomas A. Scott, to be present at tbe opening of tbe Centennial. Tne hours nf leaving for the extra trains which go via York, Pa., on tbe Pennsylvania air-line, will be announced on Monday. Only regularly employed news paper men are admitted. The New Swedish Minister.?Count Lewenbaript, Swedish minister, and wife, and M. G. de Willamow, secretary of the Russian legation ai Washington, are among the passengers who arrived at New YorK in the Scythla. from Liverpool, on Thursday. Count i^ewenhaupt succeeds the late Minis ter Olaf Steuerson, appointed minister to Washington on the 13th of October. 187o, and who died at Paris on the 9th of December last. Count Lewenhaupt was born In 1835, and early entered into tbe diplomatic ser vice of bis country. He was attache at Paris, at London, and at St. Petersburg. From July till October. 1870, he was charge d affaires at London, after which he returned to Stockholm and became chief of the con snlate department. In 1871 he was trans leired to Vienna, and remained there for up ward of a year. He then returned to Stock holm aud ??f made cabinet secretary in tbe .^foreign office, which post he held till ap pointed minister to Washington. Among tl-e decorations he bears may be mentioned tbose of Kulgbt of the Order of Nordsljernan (North Star), Commander of the Order of the Danuebrog (Danish), Knight of tbe Order or St. Stanislaus, second class (Russian), and Commander of the Order of Leopold of Aus tria. The new minister Is highly considered in diplomatic circles, and will doubtless be a favorite here. Who 8cbp<fnaed.Hallkb, and What For??Yesterday a pale-faced man dashed into tbe Indian Committee room at tbe Cap itol, trembling with excitement. He rashed np to Chairman Scales, who was there at the time, and said, "Am I In time?" This excited person then displayed a subpu-na niJtn the Sergeant-at-Arms, stating at the same time that bis name was Hall sr. and that be lived in Central New York. He Is a small dealer there in eoantry produce or something of that sort. He never was west In his life, aud knows nothing about Indian aHa rs. He said be was surprised one day eariv in ibe week by receiving a snbptuna of the House 10 appear before the Indian Com mltt-e. He left for Washington at once, but by missing tbe train be arrived here one day behind the time, specified in tbe subpoena. This was what caused his excitement He supposed that his failure to arrive on tbe day specified had placed blm In contempt, and that he would be imprisoned. The sabptena was then examined, and the chairman said be did not remember of bavlng snbp enaed blm. Other members of tbe oommlttee also denied any knowledge of Haller. A visit was then made to tbe Sergeant-at-Arms' offi io, and it was found that no such subp<T>na bai ever been lssned. An examination of it by tbe Sergeant-at-Arms revealed the fact that It was a forgery. ? clerk In tbe office recog nised tbe writing In the subpoena, and will be able to identity the writer of It. A war rant for bis arrest has been procured, and a deputy 8ergeant-at-Arms sent for blm. Mr. Thompson deel loss to give bis name, as It Is expected that Mr. Scales will bring him be fore tbe bar of tbe House on Monday, if be Is secured. THERE WAS ? U.IM ATTENDANCE In the Senate galleries to day. not more man one hundred and fifty persons being present dar ing the argument of Mr- Jenks, of the In. peachment managers. Mr. Jenks read his argument in a clear and distinct tone of voice from manuscript. Qeneral Belknap was on band as usual, but only two of bis counsel (Judge Black and Mr. Blair) were present. 8ii.vrB.-Kor the purpose of relieving so far as may be practical, thescarcityof small change, tbe Secretary of the Treasury has authorized the Treasurer, the several assis tant treasurer*. and tbe designated deposi tories of tbe U? Ited States to pay silver In the ordinary* disbursements or the govern ment to an amount equal to the sliver coin on hand prior to tbe passage of the specie re sumption act January lttb, 1875. Tni t'rxTBSSiAL Opening In view of the fact that both Houses of Congress will be In session on Tuesday next, the special train which was propcsd to be run to the centen nial will not Itaveat 12 o'clock. It Is tbe In tention to have the trains carrying Con gressmen leave the 6th street depof. at 3:30 o'clock in two sections. The President and Cabinet will leave Tuesday morning, on the limited express. National Basks?The Treasury now holds ?315 9' 2,850 in bonds to ??cure national bank circftlation, and ?18,(523.000 to secure pub'.lc deposits. U. S. bonds deposited for circulation for the week ending today, ?f5.5f*>; IT. 8. bonds held for circulation withdrawn for the week endlns today, ??818 000. National bank circulation out ?tandlng, *330,520,930; of wnica amount *2 091,190 are gold notes. Confirmations?The Senate yesterday confirmed the following nominations; John W. Baroes.of Nebraska, receiver of public moneys for Beaver fand district, I'tab; Chas. M. Howard, or Michigan, register for the same; Robert W- Patton, postmaster. Lewis town. Pa: E. W. Guernsey, postmaster, Klienville, N. Y.; third-Lieut.Jas. B. Butt to be second-lieutenant, and Chan. B Man son, of New York, to be a third-lieutenant in the revenue service. William McKee, of the St. Loots Globe. Democrat, now under sentence of two years' imprisonment In the oommon jail, for com* pllclty In the whisky frauds, arrived here with nls attorney yesterday. Mr. McKee has been granted a stay of commitment for two weeks, In order to enable him to en deavor to have mitigated so much of his sen. tence as commits blm to'jail. It has been erroneously stated that some ten days ago the Attorney General referred the matter of his pardon to District Attorney Dyer, at 8t. Louis, who declined to recommend If. Toe petition for his pardon was not presented to the President until yesterday, and this morning wss rtferred to the Attorney Gen eral. in addition to the petition signed by numerous editors and prominent citizens of St. Louis, tbe attorney General has nume rous letters from prominent individuals else where recommending McKee's pardon. No action has yet been taken, but It Is generally thought the case will be favoraoly con sidered. ______ President Hinckley, of the Philadel phia, Wilmington and Baltimore railroad, was before Congress several years ago to securc additional compensation for carrying the United States mails. Falling In this, he bas from time to time annoyed the PoJt Office depart mem with threats to theeflect that he would not after a certain time allow mail trains to pass over his road. Owing to the entirprise and publicsplritof Col. Scott, id the Pennsylvania roa<l, who stood ready to carry the malls over his own liues, Mr. Hit ckley, finding he could not (as he evi dently hoptd to do) iucommole tne govern ment ?nd the public, and that he would lo?? the CGimtfESiHiOU he ivas receiving alto gether, hnaliy consented to allow the old arrangement to continue. He uow snows the resentment he entertains towards Con gress by refusing to allow Col. Scott's special ttain to convey Congressmen and other in vited guests from Washington to tho Cen tennial, to paw over his road. As Mr. Trots would say, ?'It's not of the slightest conse fiutnce,' since the train will go by w iy of York aiid Lancaster. It Is fortunate for the traveling public that Mr. Hinckley does not control all the railroad highways between Washington and Key York. Death of a Washington Correspon dent? Joseph Mac far! and, well known as a newspaper correspondent, died at his resi dence, No. 1727 F street, this morning. List winter the deceased had an attack of hemor rhage of the lungs, which confine! him to a sick bed many weeks. Subsequently be ral lied and was able to be ?resent at t he open- ' tug of Co^rffi, slbft6 wnich flnli&HjS io* his I <<uu tllnefc* tie was able to attend to bis pro I fesslonal duties. He still suffered much from pulmonary disease, and was quite feeble. About a week ago be seemed to lose all hope, and going home one afternoon after his labors, lay down upon tbesofaand remarked significantly to bis wife, "Now I have come home to stay." He served with credit some times as chief and sometimes as assistant Washington correspondent of a number of prominent journals, among them the New York Herald, Philadelphia Frew, Philadel phia Evening Telegram, New York Keening Telegram, and Boston Globe. He was the Washington correspondent of the last named journal when he died. He at one time, under Colonel Forney s ownership, was managing editor of the Chronicle in this city. He had entered his 36th year at tbe time of his death. His death will be deeply regretted by his former Journalistic associate*. He leaves a widow and four children. The funeral will take place at ll o'clock next Tuesday morn ing. _ _ C*ntennial appeal fob Woman Suf frage The District of Columbia Com mittee room, House of Representatives was thronged this morning with a flue, culti vated audience of women, well known as artists, authors, teachers, wives of leading , citizens, wives of Senator* and Representa tives. and women who earn their dally bread by bODest toll. Mrs. Sara J. Spencer, president of the District of Columbia Wo man Franchise association, *ead the centen nial memorial; reviewed the various court decisions, appealed from their Inconsisten cies to common sense, justice and humanity; showed the desolate condition of tbe much abused District, whose jails and alms houses were her only thriving quarters; reviewed tbe arguments of SeDatois on civil rights and tbe woman fjuestion; reviewed popular objections and theories, an?t appealed with startling power for protection for the pcor, the Ignorant, tna betrayed, the outcast, the downtrodden of her own sex. Miss Lily D. Wood, vice president of the local association, said men should be too brave and courteous to women to treat them as they had the colored men, making their enfranchisement a political neoesslty only, not a question of Justloe and right. Miss Mary Foster, secretary of the D. C. associa tion, gave reasons why women dare not, can not claim tbelr rights as a mass, any more than other slaves. Tbeir opportunity, even to toil, depended on the good will of men their masters. Mr. Henry Wilson, of Eng land, upon inquiry by Mr. Handee, of Ver mont, said that the discussion or the social evil licence laws In England had tended largely to popularise woman suffrage, and ??bat women householders there now vote on the leading issues of the d&y. Mr. Buckner or Ma, asked ir they dli military service. Mrs. Spencer asserted that women, as mothers, furnish the whole army, and that at a prioeless cost,and when men are slain their hearts are broken. Women would vote for peace, not war, arbitration, not bloot shea. Th$ committee asked that Mrs. Spen cer's argument be printed for distribution In the House and Senate. Politics ih Richmond?A special dis patch from Richmond, dated yesterday ?av s: The contest In the democratic prima ries in this cUy to day resulted In breaking up the old line conservatives' slate, and leaving the -ins" out in the cold. W. C Carrie gton was selected as the candidate for mayor by 400 majority, and James M Tj ler for city sergeant (marshal.) AH Affectionate Family.?X street fight occurred In Monlton, AJa., last week, between two brother*, James and Elijah Parker, on the one side, and Jamea and A1 fired and his son Alex, an the other. Elijah Parker waa killed by a pistol shot, and the other three parties were badly cut, Alex, and Alfred fatally .with pocket-knives? JonrnaL Dom Pedro arrived at Chicago yesterday morning, visited the crib which supplier the olty with water and left at 9 p. m. He will stop at Pittsburg and Oil City, Pa., and thence proceed to Philadelphia. The Immm AtylM IaTMtlK?UM. TBI TkSTlMOBT TO-D AT. Tbe Committee on Eipenditures of the Interior Department resumed Its investi gation of the affair* of tbe C. 8. Insane asylum ttals morning: Mil. a. L Kenan text:fled that her eon *M at one time an inmate of the U. S. Insane Asylum. He was an epileptic patient, an I wa? paralyzed on the left side. Had an Interview with Dr- Nichols, when she told him the history of the case. He said he would extend to him a father's care, and that her son would not be put among insane patients, I not among convalescent cases. The only tl 1 s required was restraint. She was show i I a \ e;y comfortable room In Beech ward, an t was told ibst her ron wonld be given quar ters there. After leaving b*r son wltb l)r. Nichols she went to New York, where the wa? taken sick. She then went the fall after wards to California for her health. Her house in Chicago was burned during the Are there. While in California s^e frequently wrote to her son, but did not receive an answer. She then wrote Dr. Nichols, but received 110 answer from him. She then learned that the pension of her son bad been stopned. Asked General J. H. Baker by letter several times why the peaslon was stopped, but con Id get no satisfaction. In ? August, 1*73, she returned to this city and I called at the asylum to see Dr. Nichols, but was informed that Dr. Nichols was on his I summor vacation, and bad gone away with his wife. Asked to see her son. and after waiting at the asylum reception rmm two and a half beurs her son was brought down. ? She did not know him. He wa? looking li ke a haggard old man. He was shivering, and water was dripping from him. She saw that he had been bathed and scrubbed up so that he would be presentable. He said I to her," Mother, for God's sake, take me out of this horrible place!" He screamed out as he saw her. Hi? head and body were tilled with vermin. Kxamlned him in the prej ence of Dr. Morrell. His head was a living mass of vermin. Dr. Morrell a*ked her, ??Do you think your son has changed.'" She answered that she would not know htm ex cept that he was lame. When her son came down Into the reception room he was dressed Jn a new snlt of clothes, the same suit that she bad 6ent him six months before that. Her son, as well as the attendant, told her that he bad never put the clothing on be fore; that he was not allowed. Asked Dr. I Morrell in what ward her son was kept, and he told her Sycamore ward. Her son said mat he had been placed among the crazy patients, and that he had b9en beaten by them, and was all bruised up, and was covered with sores. Dr. Morrell said lie found her son In tnat werd when he came to the asylum, and that be (Dr. M.) was not responsible for her son's condition; asked Dr. Morrell to put bltn In another ward and be said be would. 8he hardly knew what to do. Her son was in such a terrible condition tnat she could not take bim away until he was cleaned. She bronglit a clean suit of clothes to bim a few days afterwards and took bim away. She called upon the acting secretary of the Navy and related the case to bim, who wrote to Dr. Nichols. He answered, denying the mam charges, but admitted that he was covered with venniu. A lady who resides in Wash ington accompanied ber wheu she visl ed the asylum, and with her saw the vermin on her son. He was put there in O:tober. K9, ai.d remained there until Sept, 1^73. Went to see Commissioner of Pensions Baker and was told that he was oh on his summ?r leave of abscnce. AftewarJs went to tie Seaton House branch of pension ofSce, and I there learned that no clothing had been furn ished to her son, when she knew that she furnished it herself. The next day she called and saw Baker and related the case to him, I that her son was a nava! pensioner, and that his pension had been stopped. Gen. Baker said that Dr. Nichols had drawn the pen sion. Baker gave her no satisfaction, and I really n suited her. Tbo reason assigned for I Dr. Nichols drawing her son's pension was i hal fcftd f himself tip as a w.ird of her son, and drew her oeCBlon. She then learned That all of the letters that Kuc had writ ten io Baker had been given Dr. Nichols. She de mai ded her letters, and told Baker that Dr Nichols had them, and asked wdo gave them to him. Baker Mr. Prior, one of his subordinates, that the letters must be returned to her. SLe said she would not I cease to investigate the matter. Baker Anally told her that he would not let her ? have bis pension, and that he would take his guardianship from her; that Dr. Nichols I bad sent In such a big bill for the bjard of her son that It had eaten up her son s pen sion. She told him that she would not pay I Dr. Nichols a single cent, as the government gave her the right. Whoa she left biaa in ihe asylum she felt confident that he would be well treated. Aftei wards General Baker came to the conclusion that there was some thing in her statement, and had the case In vestigated by a physician of the Pension office. This physlc;an reported the facts to Sec mi BAkW.wbo ordered her thai take her son away from the asylum, fey ?ug: ??lam satisfied that r?r. -..Cuols has been traducing vou and misrepresenting this case, and If you "do not take him away I will do so myself, as be Is a ward of the government." She then got an order to take her son out of the asylum. She took him to610 ltth street, where she resided temporarily, and after wards, through the kindness of Gen. Baker and other officials, pnt her son in the Mount Hope asylum, near Baltimore. 8oon after wards she took bim to her home in Chicago, where hs is now. He is very studious and , very fond of reading. His mind is still weak. Afterwards the pension was fully establish ed again, and be now receives a pension of #50 per month. His pension for one year had been suspended. Gen. Baker said this was all brougbt about by Dr. Nichols, who bad maliciously misrepresented her, ana that be said no clothing had been sent to her son, when she possessed letters from Dt. N ichols acknowledging the same, and or plenty of clothing. (These letters and receipts for clothing were presented to the committee by the witness] There was no furniture in her sou's room, although she bad sent some there. I Mrs. Van Kewan then presented to the oommlttee all the papers relating to the case which bad passed to and from the Pension office. 1 There was an arrangement between her father-In-law and Dr. Nichols to get her son's pension money. She showed Gen. Baker by Dr. Nichols' own letters the falsity of Dr. Nich. ols statements to Gen. Baker. Baker said that he intended to take all the soldier boys out of the asylum, and that It was lubuman to keep them there In such a condition. Her son was forced to lie on the floor without a mattress, and was required to sleep In a the roof of which leaked so tnat he got wet while asleep, from which he con tracted inflammatory rheumatism. Hereon was a christian and never used a profane word. He is now'J5 years of age. Attend ants there told her tbat Dr. Nichols did not know anything about tbe patients; tbat be paid more attention to pigs, bogs, tbe farm, Ac., than be did to tbe patients; that be took little Interest in the patients, and visited them but once a week. Her son said tuat the meet was often bad. Mrs. Van Kewau said tbat a man, whom she afterwards saw with Dr. Nichols in conversation, called to see her several times and asked ber how much money she wanted to the city. He called to see ber at 610 14th street three or four times. He said he wanted her to leave the city, and that he would pay ber a good round sum. She ordered him out of ber bouse. Beveral of tbe attendants have told ber tie at they could give damaging facts against Dr. Nichols, but that Dr. Nlcbols' local Influence was so strong tbat be would prevent them from getting work if they told anything against him. [Mrs. van Kewen Is from Chicago, and ap peared before the committee iu accordance with a subpoena ] The committee then adjourned until Fri day next. A Lawtxb Comvict*d oriFOKOcrr.? Capt- Richard 8 Parks, commonwealth's at torney of Page oounty, Va., was oonvlcted on the charge of forgery In the U. 8 district court at Harrisonburg, Va., on Thursday, and sentenced to two years' confinement In tbe penitentiary and to pay a fine of *500. It was charged that Parka oollected from a client in bankruptcy the registrar's fee, for which he gave a forged reoeipt in the nww ot the registrar, and in addition failed to turn over the amount of the fee. A Babt Stbawglxd?Mrs. Latz, or Kee dy svllle, this oounty, the other ?ky left tier bouse to visit a neighbor, and before going she pnt ber little child, between six and eight months old, In the cradle and tied a string across It to keep the child from Calling one When she returned she fOuod tbe child dead. It having struggled to get out of the cradle and lndoing so the string caught It around the neck and strangled It to deaths [Haffentoum May 5. K7~Dr. Henry 8. West, medical missionary of tbe American board, died at Siral, Tor key, April X MOBTT'FOUBTR CONGRESS. 8ATr*r>AY, May C. SENATE ? The Cbalr laid before the *eo ate a communication from the Secretary of the Treasury relative to tax oollected, *c.. on saving* institutions; wblch was referred to the Committee on Flnanee. The consideration of the article* of impeachhbxt was then proceeded with, after tb# usual proclamation made by the Sergeant at wer?*err,adn,,le' ?f ye*terdly'" proceeding* .tillL.?Iana.Kei! Kl,ott *?'?? that when he 'topped yesterday he was su fieri ng from a ^ /,U1 of hU ,le wa<* In no c99*tu?><j this morning, and, if the . enate pleased. he would ask permission to procee.? colleague, Mr. Jeuks, ?? o^J'Cion, Mr. Manager , . . to tdilifHc ihf ll#> held that every case must he indtnl i">? it* Miry to'arrtve'at *'ha,*vcr r*c?* were neoes f pro|<er conclusion shoul t ? COD"'(,?*tlon. lie then said CV 'T. wan necessary to subserve the end* of Justice, then the court might recoziize fractions of a day: bnt this wE ?otne?? ?hIyVard 1couKI not *** con ten led. He would therefore leave this pilyt at stated by the dre*shli^?^rt.he.K,llana|rer"' *nd would a i I ssasasar1 ?"*?? <* ?Jsk> I . HOU8EOF REPRESENTATIVES.?Tbe oath of office was administered to Hou. John X J?S!r,ya'; "?n?ly declared elected from the 3d Illinois district, vice Farwell. on MinV.r.b*Jr liriL>* from the Committee tS?, ?.,.k yA a,r,> I*Pf,r?^ ? Joint resolu tion authorizing the Secretary of War to r^?I.,?,ieJ?,S c*mP *n<i garrison equipage for the use of veterans of the war of 1M2 and 2^'.? WV ?? Mexico, at the Centennial ex hibition In Philadelphia. Pastel. I '^rK Introduced a bill to grunt " l? the "t*te or Arkanaas ior sssSiGsr--K<f/<rred 10 Pubuc Land' mwrwmtloo in Arkansas. Referral ^Com mittee on Private Land Claims. Also re gorUd?.bill-far^ rel,ef of B F. Bevertdge Cornrolttee on Indian Affairs. I Mr. Gibson < La.) introducedahin toamend ,1? *5} fftabH-hlng school ships approved June 30, l*t-i. was to extend its provisions to nah^rt mT.V ml x,eV^ShKrlesu>n ? H?var. Cnniinlera Referred to Committee on .hIb?^!!liiaror!!.<'rL1*T,D< t**0 demanded, the Speaker said that was the unfinished terday8" p6QtliDg at Uie rument yes I Mr. Bolman made the point of order that wa"s tl^.Ta? ,TTV* b,U henc it ?n v *e Kil7iJ.b"lne#'' 01117^ * blowing Th? *Pf*k*r.fUKt?lned the point of order. (h%,H"UM weDt >nto Committee ol . ,? Whotoon the Post Office Appropriation I bill, Mr. Springer iIII.) in the chair. L 0 CAL NE WS. District Goveraiaeal Affairs .?,? ovenMir Do^nlson returned to this ifV t *?21?..?* fr*?m tlls l>ome In Ohio in excel l ler t health, end resumed his duties at tL I Columbia buildings. THRKATIMED SUITS AGAINST CONTRAC _ _ TORS. mJJSJZllrr'ctConainlasionere this morning addre^std a eommuuicatioii to Assistant Attorney Blrney requesting hiua t j make ??T?U examinat1on of the testimony taken by the committee ol the House of the It pre tentative* ?n the District of Columbia ?n relation to any alleged over-pay menu male ^?.^e ra" ^?arJof public works or ol tiie board of audit to Albert Gleaaonrr oui. r * fh? i^>rjtract^?r,t 2T rtlllms arising out of the same; and If sufficient proof t>e f.iunj of fPJ.AHP*? .overpayment, imm-Jiately enter suit to recover any aad all such sums so overpaid and inform the Commissioners of his action Ln tlie premises. Phof. Marisi's May Fsstitai. For many years Prof. L. O. Marini's dancie academy has been the retort of the elite of the city, and there is scaroely a family of prominence in the District but has had chil dren trained in the graceful art or dancing by this accomplished teacher. Prof. Marini's seventeenth May Festival, to take place on the !0th. is to be celebrated with unusual spirit. The Queen of May is Miss Anna B S.'.S, Uod^ ?f Ll*?erty, Miss Louise Mitchell; maids or honor, Miss Nettle A. Riley and Miss Lena P. Plater; crown bear? Miss Maud Rmoot: flow*- u. . r ^ ? ? McCMriPH \r ifc *>* 'f't* Ills# HfOOin? M c2S?ttM H?.V*gW Robinson, and Miss rraud entree win take f "te. u o'clock, and will be fol <owed_ by the coronation of the qneen. attended by speeches and responses. T'ie flowing programme of lairy dances will then ensue: Tarentella, Miss Maud Trimble; Cracovicnne, little Miss Maud omoot and Master Owen Thompsoj; Hicb Maggie Weaver and An nie Thompson; Ln Manola, Miss Mamie Joyce; Sylpbide, Miss Mary Entwisle; Straspey. Miss Annie Prall and Master JJarTf I'ponard; Village Hornpipe. Miss Mattle Owens; Irish Lilt, Miss Mamie Ma gee and Master Alexander Merchant; Sailor s Hornpipe, Lrneet Thompson; Baden-Baden, Mi*6 Lizzie Ellis and Ifaster Frank Mer. chant; Cachuca. Miss Carrie McCallum: L Arw, Miss Nettle Sharer; Zingarella H?*, M*mle L**ttu-0P and Master A. Mer .Mr^ McGtowan's Reel, Miss Mary FniTJ?Ie; Bmolenakl, Master Willie Jovce and Miss Mamie Joyce; El Bolero, Miss Jes sie Joyce; Chinese Dance, Masters Harry Cook and Frank Merchant; 8klpping-rope Dance, Miss Annie Prall; Pas de MatelAt, Master Harry Leonard; Medley, Miss Mamie Magee; May-pole Danee, by twelve misses twelve masters: March, Lancers, and Polka, by all the pupils. After which the floor will be cleared for adaltK. "Brokex-Nosk George.''?To day, De. t?ctives McDevltt and McElfreeh took Ueorge 8beckells alias Broken-Nose George into the Caiminal Court and delivered him to Marshal Phillips, who sent him to jail. He 1? cbarged wltb having been concerned with Snyder ln the Perry robbery, and also with another party ror hotel robbery In Ricbmoi.d, and be will probably be lu licted there. Marriage licisso have been is?ued to J:If; N" famplirey and Eliza V. Sherwood. a|rf*x county; James A. Hu tebleoo. of Shippinaburr Pa., and Mary F. Sbeehau; G. W. Donaldson and Fannie Strolher. ot I7^-D 1 ^' Va ; E<t*arJ Htaaarlaul ' i South Carolina okmocratic cosvewtion at Columbiayesverday electou w^ratt?"/. Ho1 H D- Porter, I). wyatt Aiken,and oen. J. D. Kennedy dele *t lsrge to the national convention. -.x.^GoviwPerry ig "one of tbe district dele gates. They are unlnstructed and have dtr rerent preferences as to candidates, but will vote In convection for the candidate most likely to win. A heated debate occurred last night on a platform pledging the demo ff^t'e party or the state to aocept the na tional democratic platform and to the nomi nation of a straight democratic ticket, with a prospect of its adoption. Tun ciTizEivs of Philadelphia are begin toprou^l against closing the Cent en i? ?! ",h,blUon on Sundays, and last nirbt held a large meeting and adopted a reeolu u,?p, expreeslng the opinion that tbe opening of the Centennial exhibition on Sundays would do much to promote every object for which the exhibition is beld, without en dangering any public interest whatever. """"" HovniCKwsss ard Rsligioiv?At Provi dence, K. 1., Miss Margaret Demuth, axed twenty-seven, a native, of Saxony, and a domesue la a family, Jumped into the river l^nrsday aornlng, and was drowned. Her mind was effected by homesickness aod religion. . Thr shootiso hatch at ludiananoiis yesterday between A. H. Bogardus, of il.l P? h' Price, of London, Eog 1P of the woril and ice Is still so heavy in Lake Erie tbat vessels are enable to get through it. *^-Tne Pennsylvania legislature aJj>urn ed ????*"'? - Baltimore city councils bars ordinaaoe prohlbltiag peliUoai "Acting Governor Antolne, of Lmiil I **ward tor the ao est of tbe Ccaishatts assassin. Telegrams to The Star. METHODIST EPISCOPAL. The General Conference. THE SAMOAN TROUBLE. Consul Foster Removed. REPAIRING THE OCEAN CABLES. 1HE ?I THODIMT VEIEBiL rfl rCBUCE. lb* in* rrMMflMi t? te* Baltimou. May ( lutor uwrta pre sided at the open ing or tbe rmfitMN tnls moroiag. A communication from the blab ops wu read ? xpraaaive of pleasure tad gratification at the manner to which the fra u real ro?a*iip,ni from lbe ia*t general eon bad Offtl IWlTtHl hy the |tmn conference of iheMeUiodi?t Episcopalstiurrh eouth. Tbe paper was adopted and oilwn published wild tbe address of tbe blsbapa. MV. J. LAnahan preeented a Mmmrmrt. Hon signed by certain ministers of the Metb oii?: efcureb la lb I* city, which was reierred lo Lbe ooaamittee on book concern, without hfii l read. The paper Ueais of tbe Tnsnage metit of THK ervritAT. BOOK CO*riM*. and co tclodes a* foilowa ?? Tbe foil owing co c uMotia it seems to your psMttouen oat u rally sti?o4| themselves as Ike outcome of the lac1* Malta In these annual et - First. That tbe New York ooutern la la a sound and sa.'e financial condition, Willi abundant means and resource* u> pay every iollar of tta Indebtedness. 1. Tnat from lbe large amount of capital Iberia la* ?WM, now over one million dollars, and the steedy increase Iu the amount of sales, reaching tow nine hundred ttioiMaud dol lar*. there should lie a better income than elfcht per cent. Tblrd. That the Wmtera Kook ( oneem is practically Insolvent, I la liabilities low 'm itig (.m.jmUover its avail ai> e aw?tf, and requiring tbe sa'.e and coo veralon of It* entire a took of iioofcs and sta tionary In tbe boaeee of Cincinnati, CM* csgo, Ht IxMila and Atlanta, to tbe payment ol it* cuUtacdlng obligations, lu order even to make the above exhibit. Fourth Thai whlist tbe receiptor tbe Western Boat Coo. c. m for tbe qnadrennlotn for sales average seven hundred tbouaatid dollars per aanam, tbe profit* are but little more lb an tbree per cent., and that daring on* year (toe 001 cern actually failed to meet it* expensaa. Firth. That the church needa bul one print ing and publishing hou*e. with dep..?itoriea located where needed, aud Lb at two are cer tainly ton many when one la I as r>! real. Sixth, That tbe periodical depart-nent ol the Western Concem, ss now constituted, le a constant, ard increasing loss lo tbe church, and that rawer publications would not only meel tbe wants of tbe cburch bul result la placing ttem upou a secure and sound finan cial bat la. Seventh. Tnat tbe general con ference should strictly require of the book agency a compliance with section i.iS of tbe discipline, r.nd at Its prtweut session demand frotn then rial tbey set for lb In tbelr re port "The amouot of sales, receipts and ex ? penditures foi b-tok*. periodicals and depoet taries under their control, with whatever profit or loeee* may bare accrued In aaeb, aud aa lu dutv bound, Ac Signed ; -C- Her bert Richard?on, John Miller, J ohn Bier, Jesse L. Warfield. It may be proper u> add In connection wltb the above statement that the report ot tbe Book oommlitae on the West tq Book Concern, presented yesterday, uiakes assets ?907,710 l', liabilities, *4*6,483 43. A showing which differ* widely from tbe above. Judge Lawrence, from tbe commission of six?thrre minister* and three laymen?ap pointed by tbe bubops under a resolution of tbe last general conference to prepare a Succinct Cede of Ecclesiastical Jurispru dence and Proceed ore, embracing general pilncijles applicable to church trtaie?sub mitted the report of tbe commission. Tbe commission, lie said, were unanimous lo ;? inptirg tbe preliminary chapter, but were not of one opt i.Ion as ttie cote. He was In structed by tbe majority to present a re al i t. and I>r. Mi ley would present a minor ity report, Both reports were presented and oidircd lo be printed. a TIIE ANCLO AMERICAN fARLES. Repairing lh* Krmki Nsw Yost, May A dispatch from tbe MUKK' t <>i i ie St. Pierre office to the West ern Union Company here, timed *30 <St. Pierre time) tbi* morning: "Spoke steam tug from *t. John maklug first splice. Will protably fiti!*h in abort two hours. Is put tirg in two miles of cab|e. Rbattuck ithe d.spatch suatnet. leaving Ml* Pierre 7.30 last eyealsg was bound in at Piaoentla with n catjl' t-ratcs forwardei from New York." Later ? At y ^0 ibis morning the manager and superintendent a: St Pierre telegraphs a? follow*: "Placentla will cjunec*. us with Heait's Content in an HOCB OR TWO CERTATH." Pt Pixrrk, May ?. 10.-0 a. m ?Tbe flrst splice has lart t*een pnt overboard, aad pay ing out slowly to connect the other and which Is two miles distant has been cim mer cf i. All Is going on well and tbe wratber is fine. Con.muuication wltb Eu rope by tlie Anglo American Cable will be restored this morning. TYTff < AM A AS TlOriLK. ( ousnl Kwater Besastetf ss4 MeCoc Si5 Francim>?. May 5.?Dispatches hare betn received here from Washington dis placing Foster, tbe American consul at Samoa, and appointing in bis place Jamee Xf. Coe, who arrived bere to day b> tbe sieamship ZealaDdla, from Fi'i, behaving been taken there from Samoa as a prisoner on board tbe Br 1 tub war veeeel Barracoota. Tee dispatches arrived in time toco by tbe schooner Ada May, which sailed a few days ago, but owing to some misunderstanding sne left without ber. A steam tug was sent in pursuit of the schooner, bat Allied lo over take ber. Tbe dispatches will eo by tbe next vessel. ? KOkElUI MEWS. Am Eoftlleti Besit rew for ike t^a Londow, May ??A* roring and boat clubs of tbe liublia UnlvenUy have organ ised a joint representative crew of four to take part In tbe contests at Philadelphia, consisting of Messrs. Pen I land and HlcfcaoD. of tbe rowing club, and Messrs. H. t. and C. B. Barring ton. of tbe boat club, the latter being stroke oar. Tbe crew practice dally, and are already In capital fnrm. It Is proba ble that Mr ;Lauatt,of tbe University rowing club, will takeoreraeeall as a private indi vidual. ? New York Bank RUIesisal. Naw York, May &?The following is the weekly bank statement:?Loans, decrease. *4.8'.* 400. specie, decrease. 2,T?T,hi?; legal tenders, increase, a3.du?.lu0; deposits, In crease. 3.133,900; circulation, decrease, *63 400; reserve. Increase. *1.^04,27% a 1 be Mark eta B?LT-M<>t*. Ksr ??Uottva a.jss'nai? mMdllag. IS lunr OLcr.sns.-j wvtat dmli sud v?ak? No. I wmt-rs r< a. 1 M. p.ot.?rl*sBl* rs<i, l 4Ssl.4); Msiilsnd red. 1 iOsl ll; 4o. satbOT.iaualU.4o. who*. I 40al M C?>ra?south** a dull ans bsev? ; *sl>ra (air 1> active arxi IIi aier?sootbsra ?Ut>, 60sCI. 4<>. > allow, <0; wtatMu mixsd. SiM; s*ot, ?I. Hs).( Jans Ostt doll sud heavy?aoatbsra gooito srlata IM, aaa'ora white. 44. do arixsd. *'s4l bir doi: si-1 L^ainsi. H?y Msadr, dsmand tsir. nrcbsnged. frovUI >na CrsMr bat Pork, n Sft Bulk meats?sbosldsra, 8W; dnr ribald**. 11\. I kjss.b ,*lt sacked Bsooa Sers S\: ejesmb stars. 1J ?. Bsass, UsW iisrbsDasd Batter <loll bat stxedy-wmt* to Ise. Petroleum dul Srsdl. 7\. _ lJHal3\. Ceres ^nie? and stsadv; osek W hiaky <islet, 1 11. kngar ?. na. Osmaad g?od, M'.. _ MwlToil. Mar ?-Ptoofes aotlT.. . arioea. Mos-r. 3 OoM. 1I"?. Itchasgs, SN-M. sb rt. 4*. Oossrasssat. as*it. aad taady. tisw I ix, Mar ?.-r?o?r unlst aad as w test d?Uai,d suchaugt-'t Cora doll aad droee BRTTT^H i STIKVIKTIOM rn flAkOt ? Atitertccm* an-i Md/ivet Jmprixmed The Ze is nil la. tbe first of tbe Brltlah steamers of Um mail line to Australia, arrlvod In Sao Proa cisco yesterday, having among ber paasae ger* A. W. Coe. tbe former commercial acnt of Samoa, wtio states thai after tbe dethrone ment or Maleota by tbe natives, on aoeoaat of deposing Stainberger as premier, Captain Stevens, commanding tbe British i Barracoota, landed wltb a foroe of i and went to lbe council boose, wl legislature waa assembled, with tbe tlon pf enthroning Maieota. Tbe ebleo or dered tbe native guards to tdtfee posttloo in tbe vicinity of tbe eoanetl boose, ^irtoin Stevens ordered his martoee to disarm the natives. Tbe guards resisted aad a fight er smd, la wbla four of tbe marinas war* killed and eight mortally wounded. Thrs r natives srere killed and five allghily wound ed. Tbe natMws were In sufficient force l ? have exterminated tbe marlbos bad tbey wished to do so, but tbey were restrained by tbelr chiefs, who told Captain Stevens tbey had no desire to fight, but would dereod the r rights. Tbe British took three chiefs a bostagse. Meantime tbe Brltlah steam r sapi-i ire arrived, and the chlefli ware trans ferred to her, and the Barracoota aalled tor. tbe FIJI Islands, taking stetabargar, hie brother aad Coe, wbo was caiitadaway sim ply for his loyalty to his natiragovemnsan t, pr^oiiers, and landing them at rip. l.hrrucouta baa been uiiered ta Aaok presumably far the purpose of bsving went, also, to ?oaflno?rt

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