Newspaper of Evening Star, May 6, 1876, Page 4

Newspaper of Evening Star dated May 6, 1876 Page 4
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EVENING STAR UTrMlT Way t, 1SW. V tather Probabilities To-day* Otfici or Chttf stow jit. omen, > Washiisoto*. May e, 1ST?. I In tbe middle states, stationary to rising ?isrr> meter. southeast to soutbweet winds, slightly warmer. partly clondy and clearing except lower temperature In north ern portion. LOCAL NSWS. J Theater,?Kom Ey tinge as "Rom MmM." Theater Ccrmque.?" Mwrco, the Pwarf," and varieties. TaUn-.otfte Hall?Prof. Plstorlo's compli mentary toiree. Gectlemen, reed T*r Gaz'fU to-morrow. Tee Jurors In the Criminal Court were dis charged to-day for two weeks. Bible society anniversary meeting In Lin coln Hall to-morrow afternoon. See advt. Judge Oliu, who has been absent from bis cfllrial duties by reason of sickness for some liBepast. Is last recovering. Ahout 12 o'clock last nt*ht a coal oil lamp exploded In tne hou?e of Wm. A. Wnlte, No. ysjj street southwest. A colored girl named Nelly l>avls was badly kernel. J C. Parker sends "The Lakeside Libra ry." containing l?aU 2 of Jules Wrne's "lly?tfr!ou* I?lard;" ?l*o />'!"'??'j JfosUtf.y lor Jur e and Hmrptr't Iinnvr for May 20. I r. R. A. Vanee. of New Yor*. lectured before The alumni of Georgetown 1'olversity !a*t night, on -The M<chaul??r. of the Cere bral Circulation and it* relations to the Kn cei-rallc Structure'." llr J Mf.rTt?->n Harris, of the Baltimore bar, has accep'ed the Invitation of the senior cla?sof tLe law department of Colamt>lan college to deliver the usual address at th< Ir eommcnremenl, wnich will take place at the Nsiloral Theater on the 14th of next month C barles p.lgler. a cattle drover, was severe ly gored by a furious bull vesterday after noon ou 7th street. Officer Cooper conveyeJ him tr a drug store near, where ther* hap pcred to be a physician, but he positively refused to render an v ass . stance, stating that tbey should go for the police surgeon. l?icklu?op Council, No. 2, Select Templars T ofH. a lid T-. installed offleer^ on Thurs day evening last as follows: E. ?>- Eaton, chief of council; J- E. Darnall, senior of council; J. W. Van Vierk. junior of council; L. B Pieklrson, recorder; J. D. Munn, treas urer. J. H. Butt, chaplain. The Belt Railroad ivnrii. wsktoiu or tbk stockhold*rs. The arnual meeting of the stockholders of tije ??Belt" railroad was held to-day at the rffice of the company for the election of director* acd to receive the annual report of tbe President, S. II. Bond. esq. Mr. Bond was chosen by the stockholders to preside at tbe meeting. There was but one ticket presented, and the following were elected directors for the ensuing year George A. Mclihenny, Charles White, B. F. Fuller, C. C. Glover, Edward Temple, J.|D. Clary and B- H. Warner. Tbe president read a full report of tbe con struction. equipment and operations of the road np to tbe end of first fiscal year, April M. lKTri, showing the length of the road to be a little over five miles, with a complete double track, except on O street. The cost of construction. Including nearly #20.000 for paving, bis been *T7,702.21; cod of equip ment. Including 24 cars and 73 horse*, ?29.735 2!?. coet of ground, consisting of 3H 190 square feet, and depot, stables, blacksmith shop. harness, Ac- *23,66:1 wv, salaries and miscellaneous expense*, *6,74-"5.11- Total, #1J7,M?;.M. Tne first car was run upon the road I*ecember t'th. K5. Receipts from sale of stork have b*n #11* 9X), and tnera Is now due on stock. *1.two. Receipts fr>m passen gers bave be?*n *1C 2t 2 ??>, an 1 the running experses 911,000, leaving a net profit ofabouf #1,7 0*. THt I'llOV RKVlVAt. MK?Tl?*r;S.TTll'i u?cal morning meeting wa* aeld at* tno Lutherau church this morning. R?v. Mr. Micbt'ls read a number of selections of Scrip tures on the exerc'se of faith. Reports were called for, and Mr. Hammond reported from tbe meeting at Caivary Baptist church, Mr. Wolfe from the North Carolina M. P. nals sion. Mr. Perdel from the open-air meeting, a lady from the Georgetown meetings, all of wnich were cheering. Mr. Wolfe re'~" 1 that a police officer was among the con errs, and Mr Peodel related that a young lady i an actre4*1 was dceplv concerned. Dr. Noble made nome reraarss. and Mr. Hammoul read the requests for prayer, and offered a petition to the Throne of Grace. A prai?? meeting followed. A nnmber during this meeting a?kcd prayers, which were otTerei by Rev. G. A. Hall and Rev. Mr. Doraer. Thai ks were given for the conversion of a yonr.g lady atheist. and the convlcMon of an In infidel. An Inquiry ireetlDg followed. Tbe committee arraoged yesterday that the day meetings next week be held at the Assembly's church. iRev. Mr. Little's,) cor ner Mb and 1 streets. at noon. Tbe revival spirit seems speeding in tbe churches. ard to-morrow eveoiug. at tlie Fo indry. M*J >r H*ll. Mr. Cheek, Mr. Nye and others will spesK. ? AJirsrMkXTH? Mulvnnl Thea'er ?Ton'ght will be tbe last opportunity to see Miss Rose Eytiuge as ??Rose Michel." Th:s play has auadliy gained in popularity eince tbe first performance, and all should see It before It Is wltbdrawr. Neat week we are to have a farewell Tint from the ever-welcome ?*Votes.'? Tbey are ^o well known and ap preciated that no extended notice is neces sary. T%rxCr ?The attractive pro gramme which has been offered this week ha? drawn crowded houses nightly. Next week an entire change of bill is promised. TaUitatl'jt Hail? Prof. Pistoria gives his usual complimentary Saturday soiree to night, from s to u o'clock. A full orchestra wul be In attendance. <>ycr<t Iloujtr ?Tomorrow evening there will be a vocal and instrumental con cert. with orchestra, in aid of the "Home for Aged Colored People" A>g/uA Opera? Prof. Falrlamb's amateur opera troupe will present the favorite opera, ??Tlie Bohemian Girl," next Tuesday after noon. Tbe same sble singers who took part In tbe presentation a short time since, are to a pear next week, and a very enjoyable ren Hoc may be expected. In riew of tbe frightful increase of infant icide it will be a matter of public congratu lation that a conviction has taken place in our Criminal Court; a woman who neglected ber infant at birth, from which death re sulted, having been found guilty of man si an gb ter ? 18tar. Which, what acd how? Who dled-the woman or Infant? Wulcb wan found guilty of manslaughter?the baby, its ma. or tbe court? Awl. bow manslaughter when both persons were of the feminine gender. It would really be a satisfaction to know.? I" Hliiui uU Po$t.*rripl" MepulAisan. We are afraid tbe "Editorial Postscript man of the RejiuUvan fass overtasked his remarkable bead la bis painstaking etlorts to say something smart in his column. He Will naidly find anybody able to see the riant of bis " Which, what, and how. 'or of Is "manslaughter" criticism or witticism. But as be told bis readers the other day th-it ??an immense muttmr* of ladles and gentle men Inspected the treasures of art at tbe Corcoran Art Gallery last evening" It Is to be feared he hardly knows gool grammar when he sees it. Orr for Ai.RiKY.-Tue ttllowtug pris oners left the jail In this city lor Albaoy penitentiary iast night: George Perry, for grand larccny, sentenced for three year?; Jack Wiinams. alias Richard Williams, manslaughter, four years; Richard Jones, alias John Johnson, burglary, four years. Emma Wllhams. manslaughter,(killing her infant.) two years; George John on, larceny, two years; Charles J. T'ppels, rape, twelve years; Samuel Ber amln, false pretences, oneyear; Thomas Curran.alias John Humes, assault with Intent to kill, three years. TwbFtnist BtntiiNO Lots In the city will be sold at public auetlou on Monday af ternoon, May *th. at 9 o'clock. They are sit* Mated at the southeast ooruer of 16th an<l K atreets northwest, which is one of the fineat hailding sitae In our city, being in the lm mediate vicinity of tbe President's Houte. Lafayette bquare and 1 >e pert meats. f Rial Estate 8airv-llemn. Young A Mlddleton have sold for Mrs. Rebecca K Milan and Mary R. Ham Matb'a, trustees, east half lot 4. square IM. Improved by b'.ack sn th sbop and small 2-story frame house, for #2.130. ? Bbst aksobtvect summer and black alias, also piaid and stripe grenadines i j tre city ai the right prices,can be fouad at Wol lord A 8hllberg's,8i7 Market Spaoe.?A 'i*. ? Romaw cold, silver. Lake George dia ?sonds, onyx aod gold acd jet i*w?l' y. re ceived at Prtgg's jewelry store, No. 137 P* avenue, near l\ street. FIM *AUlT To-DAT?Hold by K. A. ?olden * Brother, ash agenta-i.<wo shad, for "?""**ior,iM Bbap. Aba?i, whose newsroom, by the way. to open on Sunday mornings, ha* one of the largest and best stocks of crotiuet goods to be found in the city. 1 GO TO WCAbQraaTKkA for the Ine King Kefrigt raior, 1221 F St. Ben. p. French, <(Mit Atkt. bubtiis rum water. Diver*. DlaaM? Drills mm* sitro Slyer rise The work of removing a bed of rock which hss for a long time been a dangerous ob struct Ion In the channel of the river opposite the foot of Potomac street, Georgetown, cow in progress, has been briefly mentioned tn ih?.* J?,f Proeeases u?ed are novel in noticeThi ^*<!<*TLTe * raor* ?*tended notice. The work la being done by the m tlocal government. and la under the suDer vlaion of Col. 8. T. Abert, and in the ul granite,mixed with qaartz and mica aad LL>bo5>l.90 yeet length and 4."i in width. T^e highest point of rock was at low tid? only a boot #; feet below the surface of the ? **** of rock which was 10 or ll Koil? ?-rL wat?r marc ta now 17 or 18 feet below. The existence of thin rock In waa owing to ltd lardnesa, and -? Le J Kontr b,Qe va* worn and washed away by the action of the water these masses of hard granite *rttbstood It! Tn many places the soft streak* In the rocic have been washed oat leaving d< ep holes and large caverns In the granite. THE PAOCESS. !? ,rem?ve lbes? ro;ka the first tbn g that Is done ia to And oat where they are, their height and extent, Ac , which is ?lore by sounding with long poVes. The diver then goes down and adjust' the drills at sr me points where a blast If desirable. The drills are worked by two r?tary engines npon .pi.tfonrw h 1 ch is lowered and raised with the tide. Tfce drills aie cylindrical, made of ? teel, with rough aiamonds inserted in the end. Th*y cut luto the hard roc* at the rate or a foot an hour, leaving Inside the drill a ? lean core of cylindrical atone, which is withdrawn and the charge inserted. These d snr.oud drills are worth from ?40f>to*sflo mini r'0ni CC? l? ,,00? re*olutiocs per BtASTIHO. i enre '? token ont the diver in serts In the hole a tin tube filled with nitro glycerine, which is discharged by means of an electro-battery. When the blasting Is to be done, the entire apparatus is moved at a convenient distance, to prevent anypossi. ble damage. On account of the heavy pressure of water, ro rock* have a? yet been thrown to the surface, bat the water is thrown to a considerable height. In con nection with the drilling engines there are Pan,pa which force water down tbe c> Under fpon which the drill works to keep the diamonds cool and to fores up the dust. JlI*m?cd8 never wear, but tne steel in wMch tuevare placed does, and sometimes ^11 &ar n'lh"" ,osU After "!e rocks are blasted, the diver goes down, fastens a chain around the detached portions, and they are brought up by a seven-horse power ea gire. T poo ?he top of the rook a propeller win* was found, which was lost, of course, by some steamer striking the rock; a part of an anchor was also found at the same place. THI DJVBB3. Two drivers are employed, who work five hocrs a day each and receive glOperdgy. They ray the sensation when one goes down for the lirst time la fearful, and a "fellow good many things he haan't 0^2,ht ?f for * ,OD* l,me." Sometimes, too, blood spnrta out from the nose and ears a sharp pain like the ear ache goea through ' ?? bf,1 ??erythlng elae, you aoon get used to it. Their armor Is unpleasantly suggestive of a burial case, and has glass about three-qaartera of the way around the ^ "ie dlVM <*? ??? a>l ' about him. The divers are sometimes under water two or three hours at a time and come t?F bleeding hands from contact with the sharp corners of the rocka. Their shoes are clogged with lead to keep them down 'Jl!Ie"llne !.at,tocheti 10 them held (>y a man above, aad fresh air is regulariv supplied to ".em by a pnm^TbelSSfty of the diver can be aeen by the babbles ' shell ' 1116 air forced out of his rubber The Board of Health. Bt'SIXCSS /.AST NIfJHT. The board of Health met last evening, and Dr. Cox, from the sanitary police commit- j tee, recommended the appointment of W J OABBARI. H?>oi??BnI2uu,catlon WM received from tlie heaKh cfflcer. stating that t*e barrels now ren?o*Iw5 co"t??t0" for the collection and ve^etlhie -Re refuse animal and ^ egetable matter are not air-tight nor sealed when filled, and asked the ^ard to instra^t him if any particular form of barrel and head ?CC w 1)6 or If the contrac tor are expected to use such barrels and i^tird^s/i'?!"P1 *1?elr. CODveDience, pro- : when fl ted f?,L~a??T~U*bt acd **52 wnen n ted. As tbe warm season is near. It Ihi'h?**?*? that they be required to place r o r condition specified In the nances to the committee on ordi- , __ ^ , DOGS. .^2? i1 ofl!cfr *?ked authority to give or,in H^.af .t"'ement of the lm pounding of all dogs found astray after the 15th Inst w?g?nEt^Uiei:OKda^' acd the authority v\^?UIi]c*Uon.was received from Geo. . ? at>klr.g that bunting (togs be ex empt from the ordinance of the board rela tlng to the Impounding of dogs, and it was tbe orxnmlttee on Srdlnances \riru uf^'Lo0 the coroner for the month of i ^'8ilOWlllg 13 inrtuest" to THE ABATTOIR BILt. r, ''pmtotinlcation was reoelved from the or thi.CKiu?tm?18,1'on?1"s- forwarding a copy i ^rv lfii?^i?^co,porate,tljeNalionlLl Sam of Ute^board*. Company tox ?-'xamination icInt^T.ta,T1iead a letter from John R. be i,ii .a CotBmltlee of butchers abattoir W11* arlDg m 0ppoalUoQ ^ u was QbestlonaMe SSrtS,'Sif ra"e yr. Maroury said that ha would om>ose recommending any bill which glvea any ^rn5,nn,?m0nK0pol,y,aod which contend I riataa putting butchers to the trouble of LMstrtct kllllD* dooe at one of the moved that the snbject be re- i ? ^ n a committee, whicti wm agreed to and Dr. Verdi and Mr. Marburv^^? pointed; and on motion of Mr. itfarbury the boarde-greed to hear the bakRm' TH* *KP0*T or VITAL STATISTICS lowing tbe mortality for uL uat V".*0' <22 u ani last wee*,) or at the rate of 26. per l 000 Pf .ifDnnra' ^ccreaae of the population by Miths (rejwted) over deaths waa 15, or at th? rate of 4 *75 per 1,000 per annum. Rate U? popul*tlon was per anna1", while the mor colored population waa ! KT.k. '"the aame period. Number of I births reported daring the we^k was ii wh te. 43; colored, 52. Rateoflncreiwe of the ceV W?0Pwh*li?th,blrLh* over J?ath8,2 713 ; per l.oco, while the Increase of the colored K?Di 2il?n by blrUl8 over deaths was in 4 KT#i^!5rF*LK?S.u^* tjaaths corresponding wbll6, 3^: colored s?* i/?tqi ^ i ?t t^e rate of 24.7 per l ,ooo per iwnum Dea'thi tictober 1,1K74, to April 30, 1875,2J92; deaths t? "?75, to April 30, 1S76, 2,1?2; show lit: a decrease of deaths against same nerlo^i of ast year, 230. There were 37 whites and t. cr lored.44 adults and 36 minors. (? whites and' "?der 3 years o^aJe > There * re is deaths from consumption. lr? irotn pteumonia, 2 from whooping cough. ... A ?2 KEX. - ir. Langs ton. from the committee on or dj.arce, reported the following ? ?r 11 r fd i ?rTi1 T1 r eacb search of and cer r\lVL Itfrom the records of mar births or deatb8v kept in the office of ' t^?^f?0f?rtal ?????"? Of the District of #2 ^t2^de u.'fhJ1,6* Charged lfae ,,,ra of io oe paid to tbe treasurer of the board and passed to.the credit of the contingent fund, to be expended for sanitary purrxMes as the board may direct; the orde? to^ake Adopted :?ree rwm 15Ul lnsta"t rvaxn a co.'s claijc. ,.Tbe committee on ordinancea, to whom the communication of H. F. Turner 4 Co asking to be reimbursed for losses, was re-' 2E& fhat on the 22d day of March, A. 1). 187 >. the Board ot Health made a contract with Messrs. H. K. Turner a?To and they find that the Board of Health ha<i In no respect altered the terms of the con tract, but that the same is. in all respects. auba1*t,nf ?ud of full force and ef' feet, and are of opinion tbat the board can comply wi"! what they under 2 !? ^ request of H. P. f unier A U>-, ard therefore recommend that the board adopted*0 grant th? Tbe report \va> .. . ? WAfeHmoToir, May c, 1876 8TA? r?i:,ST^K Pett^m published in Ta* nr4. di.^LT^J',drawn Iiona ^e associm" regard to tbe decision of ssswi CV^^or S? YorkM uS SiS^S! te result. The Mutual Lift holds about s&?? three mllllona of dollar^In bSSd.'^SdSSt gages bat la restricted by law. la suchTn vestmtmta, to property located in New York and the adjacent statea-a rostrlcuonVhilh applies also to all Uft companies dbartered l^paw York leglalature. It waa oneof nfiSIil11"?1 L"' k, Tbe Tntlli t '?**** ai Washington thi ? ??*r B?on?n*'!' station, on 1 ?nmta. f ??' Mlnctod a very large of "Peetatore yesterday. Tbe pi? 10 two race" instead of three. Tb? 2.23 class and tbe fr??-for all class not having been filled *" . . A SpXCIAL RATE between Nellie Gray (formerly Ella D.,)and weorge A. Ayer was trotted m a substitute, n?W by NeU,e Gray, taking three 2 +? trotted- Time, 2:41, 2^7 4, THl SKCOITD EAn was for horses of tbe 2:32 class, mile beats, three In five, for a parse of f1,000. There were six entries, but only four started, as follows: Lady Morrison. Jacob Leraln, Bine Mare, and John 8. Heald. Four beats were trotted, tbe lady winning tbe first by tr'o lengths; Heald second, Leraln third, and Bine Mere fourth. Time. 2:33. In tbe second beat Ledy Morrison came In first, Bine Mate second, Heald acd Leraln neek and neck, , but on account of Blue Mare's rnnnlng she was placed fourth, making tbe beat a dead *od Leraln. Time, 2 30. j In the third heat Blue More won; Lady Mor ! rlion second, Heald third,and Leraln fourth. Time, 2:33*. The fourth heat was won by Lady Morrison by a length. Blue Mare sec ond, Leraln third aud Heald fourth. Time, ~ .\i. Ladv Morrison took the first money 1 and Bine Mare the second; John 8. Heald ' tbe tblrd, ar.d Jacob Leraln the fonrth. Lady Morrl?on was the favorite In the pools and Heald second choice. THE SUMMARY. Special race, mile heats, best lhree in five in harness; puree cot named. Nellie Oray Ayer 2, 2, 1, 2. Time 2:41. Second race, for horses that have never beaten 2:32, mile heats, bests itr 5. in bar ; for a Pu?e of si,000, S.-00 to first horse, 9srn to second. siso to third and sioo to fourth: Lady Morrison, 1,1,2,1; Jacob Le raln 3. (I1.4.3; Bine Mare. 4, 4,1, 2; John s. Hcftlrt, 1,0,3,4; Clifton Bay drawn. Lady Patterson drawn. Time, 2 33, 2.30, 2 33 4, ??3?. u.K?* TJ1* ( "msiAL-^ fine Piece of Oneo/^ (Uhingtmi's St. UM Warkmett? Mr- Ororge Motts, of this city, has com pleted and sent to the Philadelphia exposi tion a magnificent set of light buggy har wi" be ,he only set of the kind on exhibition, and it will undoubtedly at tract much attention. This set Is manufac ^?Ly .9f_ the finest russet leather, with silk twist of colors, which gi%es jt a rich and beautiful appearance. . i ? Motts was engaged In manufacturing the set for many weens, doing every stitch himself, after his regular working hoars, at night. As a specimen of fine workmanship he?"ty of design, probably there will be nothing of tbe kind seen at the Centen Jhat W|U e^ual Mr. Molts, while in the employ of a large har ness manufacturing company in this city, made many articles for which bis employers rectived prize medals. He displays the greatest taste in bis work, and there are few, ll- & more skilled workmen in his line than Mr. Mot ts?[RtpiiUican, May 5. Bcildwo pkrjhm issued by Inspector PlowmanFrank Henabaw, a two-storv d^rell,Df' "?uth?"ide Danbarton, b<? tween Congress and High streets, George town ; So00. Mrs. A. Fletcher, raise and r"P*,r? brick dwelling, south side F, bs n-nHnd 2lBt ?,treeU northwest; *3,000. ?*?. ? Hare, repair six two-story frame dwellings on it>th street northwest; ?-',000. I .THE COrRTS. vR?IMi?AI'rfzOVRT?Jutloe Ma?Arthur. Xt. ! ay> Chnrchill Carpenter, charged I with larceny, was convicted. In the case of J???"?. larceny,* nolle pros^wa* TO DAY. i 0811611 attention to the case of (,uy,:U-Thompson and Thos. J. Lazenby convicted of conspiracy to defraud the Dis trict government, and remarked that the who tried the case would not be able iOD.. 'be exceptions for some time. He would therefore ask that they be taken no TV rm tbe Ca8C C0Ula 80 lo tbe ?eaerai Mr. Cook remarked that the term of the court at which the trial was held had passed a? nothing had been done, aud this was the final day. and it was therefore im Tnrt?o *ke matter artetl on at once. Judge MacArthur said lie had no doubt but if application was made to the General Term the case would be placed on the calen dar and a hearing given. caien o C hristian Johanneson, convicted or an as Mult on an Rfficer, by his counsel, Mr. Ca hill, applied for a new trfal. Judge MacArthur said Uiat there were so mo?thappfal Sfl?" brouKbt "P and deserted jbat there must become check,and he would hereafter not open judgment unless tne costs of the prosecution are paid. Trie defenlait ?grred to comply with this order, and a new 1 trial was granted. Echols, a former clerk of the Post I or?ohir nJlF having, on the Htb of I '^r last, robbed a letter directed to Lynn Moss of #4, was arraigned. Belva A. Lock fordanf^Th^VP' Kld?le' esqs.. for the de. rend ant. The circumstances or this case as i related by the witnesses lor the prwe?tfo? are about as follows: W. T. Henderson?sih? plfr n.glbe letter in the box, and 1 ,be majl (where it should ***n) went into the office and ar I rested Nichols as he was about leaving ?i,a building, and found the money on him. For f?e?fj??n0* 1118 c,aimed that the defendant over the letters observed the money fai, out, and picking it np he looked ovf r the letters to sceif of them had been opened, but not finding such letter, he went Th??perU,t*l?!eDt' bnt tolled to see him. The case was on trial when our report closed. T<v,i?fQHIJY^CoCRT-^ud^ w?lie T?>day, Harkness agt. Fitzbash- order fiLaiiy ratifvicg gale. Colt man agt. Moore aaterM?fi??: 8p?clal auditor. Miller agt. Miller, order appointing guardian ad litem Cratty agt. KeSdal et af?o?der dU order' Phomix M. L euro S Mgro K^i1, of reference. Flor I? 8 Abrahams: order for spe orSL 2ff'-?ovey ?l ah McDonald et ah; a? Triw hnLre. clllof 10 ^ filed. Hwd liL'Tni *Ppr2.Te<1, Laws et al. agt. Lee, bill dismissed. Fant. atrt. i*endaii overruled and auditor's report'eon ?ngreie??2. **t" McGulrt:i decree dlrect Polio* Cottxt-Judoe 9nea. pJ.H^y'Jb10?&' Cady, Thomas O'Day and ? Welsh, assault on August Doiier Holme. *i^LCO"U" Gant and Thos! '# - y *rocerlf?. Including a bsrrel of flour and other heavy article* injall^ eTen* "tore; 8ix months each i u ^ boots coii*. fhoma?' colored, alias "Sugar Mouth, was charged with obtaining *"5 hv fT.l!Cke.r'a P??r colorS woman! bj means of six pieces of base metal tsniei mark,) each having tbe aooearanft2P I nlted States gold coin. His counsel waived S 2.Xirn n*tlOD, and asked that the ball be MSAr Th?r,^1' ln ^-ereuin Sr P'f Po> erlJ ? Tbe court remarked that had theoffenre been perpetrated on intellieent mJ8ht affect bis Judgment, but to harVA e P0*?1" 'f^oorant people out of their bard earnings by this deception was to his mind a greater offense, and he would fix the bonds at #500 for the grand Jury. . . _ _ , all sorts. in the r"akln? an excavation suspended rfT,n 2JltJLrermlt: J^Kment nepenueu. John Meserode, protanitv u Thomas J.Davis, loud; *.-5. Milly Mnatren' WmeMaCnlL7er' wa* flned James Morln! collateraf^ Bei'ili?mi^? 1 Barke: ^rfelted SSSSS5r*S& 8 tepMrt 0lc 'id ran k?ar'd'ifl^tI n? "sf^kda 5?Pt w^rn "1;*3' J?me? Ureea, a va feited Tollat.^ii w Atchison tor Ma^ Wex Samuel H?"conway ?U.VS2s?'6lssv is.'vi^g'u' Kr? c?tn" ?"? directs that shall be investedth^ M^M/?r. the ^nefit of bU^SjbtS? wuSSiSi 5ss'u??ss |?awsiarK? MM* ?i?? tore invest f10,000, and pey toe intiiS2??? blj mother, and at her dwlth the infp^t ^ be paid to bit sisters, Mrs Bevins, and tbe principal to the^ chfldrtm " alao, that be Invested for th S; of bis sister Leliza, and at her daath ?bove mentioned, to his slater Bridget ha leaves the interest on thn^ ** ber death the amount to go to her 'ch?N dren. To his sister Clara, wife of Bievens. tbe interest on 920 ooo and nrine?r^ her childj?. To 111 *ill# c,ty, *fi,000, and all tiie residue of bis property, tnth wmnWi.TwJ otherwise, be bequeaths ui hUTwT2^r? event of his daughter dylngl4foreheri^ e?inyi2w \r!20lA,8*ne5e leava,to his moth er* ln law, Mrs. Ann Pray, the 1 -**~? * ?? ?10,000; to tbe children of hts sisters-in-law Mrs. Brown and Mrs. Julia Martin - * on $10,000 eacb. to Mre. Florincai W.or*>, to bis brother in-law, Henrr pI?? KvTiiSSiZ)^ GEORGETOWN. Canal >*? *?.?Tb? coal tr* e on the canal ia almost snsuended. and It la feared that It will even be worse. The great body or roal la all going by way of tbe Baltimore and Oblo railroad, ft will ba noticed In last evening'* Stab tbat but !>,309 ton* of ooal were received by canal last week. Rate* muitcome down to compete with tbe rail road, or tbe canal will be "banted." Grain.?By canal?Boat Caledonia, wltb 2,000 bushels corn and 1.OG0 bushels wheat, Pnnslgred to Hartley A Bra; also, 65 barrels flour, to T. C. Wheeler. ALEXANDRIA. ratification or thb amindid Citt Chaktik.?In accordance wltb tbe action of tbe city council, authorized by the legis lature cf Virginia, the amendment to the city charter, as passed by tbe legislature, was yesterday submitted to tbe voters of Alexandria for ratification or rejection, as tbe people by tbelr votes might determine. Tbe number of votes cast was 1,756, of which 1,198 were for tbe amendment, making a ma jority In Its flavor of M?. Troubli at a Fihhiho Shor*.?On Wednesday a colored man named Quander wss assaulted and severely beaten at the White House tlsblug shore by five Washing ton roughs, who are employed there. He obtained a warrant from Justice Kerby, of Fairfax, and to-day tbe justice, with Con stable Bar tain and a posse of men, started for the shore to arrest tbe malefactors. Fish?Receipts of 2,000 shad at *17a*18J50 per hundred. 100,000 barring at ?lla? 11.50 per thousand [Smtinrl, nth. . ?#?-? K^The buil frog crawls from out his lair and humps bis back to sing; the shad mau's carol rends the air?all, all betoken spring. ! 1011 peh^ylfaeia 1011 CIO T U MJT?t. SPRING AND BUMMER, DRINM COATS ASD TESTS. ? Oriental Bilk Pl'd Worsted, 9*u Horthampton Bilk Kibbed Worsted, 319 i Vienna Diagonal Wonted, gib CO U lacking ton Black and Gold Worsted, S li j Cxbridge Fancy Bilk Worsted, 91-J Harragansett Faacy Blk Worsted, 910 BUSINESS SUITS. Fine Blboenf SprlBg Cass. Salt, 9DO Fine Delabarre Plaid Cass 8ult, 9 IS Bdward Harris Balr-line Cass. Bolt, 916.SO Tbe Versailles Checked Oaas. Bait, 913 The Diagonal Bibbed Oaas. Bolt, 914 Gen'ne Washington Sill Bine Flannel Salt, 913 Hortb Hooslc Block Oaas. Bolt, 919 Hercules Sootcb Oass. Bait, 911 ?cgtlab Stripe and Plaid Caaa. Bnlt, 910 Entckerbocker Check Oaas. Bolt,99 Salisbury Brocken Obeck Casa. Bait, 99 Colon Oms, Bolt, frock and Sack, 96 YOUTHS' SUITS. Bllibnrg Diagonal Worsted Salt, 91* Lippln Bilk Bibbed Oass. Bait, 913 Mason's Halr lina Osas. Bolt, 911 London Plaid Oaas. Bait, 99 Hew York Bills Osss. Bait, 9? HOTS' SUITS. Horwalk Fancy Worsted Bait, 910 Oamdan Plata Cass. Snit, 99 Snow flake Fancy Oass. Bait, 97 Knickerbocker Check Oass. 8nit. 99 Union Cass. Stilt, 9* A. STRAUS, iOl) PBJHHBTLYABLA AVBBUA ...1011 ap38-tr BKiwtit 10th and 11th Stseet*. MENS WEAR. SPRING GOODS. NEW STYLES FINE GOODS, TO MAK.B TO MBASUUB SUITS TO ORDER, FBOM 933 UP. READY-MADE SUITS, FROM 914 CP. BIADTMADI SPRING OVERCOATS, 910 OP. DBVLIN 4* OOJ U99 w mm. JHD CHINA, CHOC KIR Y, CUTLERY, PLATED-W ARK, HOUSEFURNISHING GOODS, REFRIGERATORS, . ICS CHESTS, COOLERS, Ac. ' WEBB * BEVEBIOeB, ap29 a 1009 Paaa's aye., near lltk street. ia' ip ja'isr ci sr i'X'isi j 8TBBL PBNS. Fsr Sale by all Dealers In Stationary. l/OB the convenience ol those who majr wish to a try them, a SAMPLE CAB? Containing one each of the Fifteen lumbers of these Pens will be sent by mall on receipt of Twen ty-five Cents. IVISON, BLAKEMAN, TAVLOR * CO , my3 13*? acd 140 Grand street, H. Y, WE MAKE ONLY STRICTLY PURE GOODS. SATIS, CHAMBERS A OO/S BTB10TLT PURE WHITE LEAD, P1TT8BDKGH, Pa. Brery keg of our Whtte Lead bears the follow Ins warrant, and wa guarantee s degree of fineness aal whiteness unsurpassed: THIS PACK ACM CONTAINS Trftt White Lead. _... ...II parts. 109 993 IB GOLD win be paid to aay one Hading the contents of this keg different front above analy sis. DA TIB, 0HAMBBB8 * 00. FOB BALE BT rBAUCIS KIUEB, teMi-eo? 30T >tb street northw eel. OOKB DBL1TBBBD TO ALL PABTg 09 TEE 01TT AT THM SAMS RATB. Hew schedule?Full load of 41 bnshsls for 91. Smaller loads I seats per hnshal; sartage, M cents Apply to OFFICE 0V W A1H1BGTOE GA9L19HT OOB C IT T IT E MS. Try thk csr.vbra.tcd Pilrir b*ri,on draught at u?nr|[e w. Driver's. earner penn sylvania avenue and4v| itrNt. 3 wajftki?-etery one to know that the ?can for the sale of the Ice kins R?rrlgera tor, all size*, from fho up to ?ui. u at liii k street. Bit P. Frirch, Agent. ? Cn?cn?*ATi. piltu. akd Bock B?ti. on drangntat Driver's, corner pennsylvania avenue and street. 3 Cakriagb Drsraas. la treat variety and at low prices, at the harness factory of J as. 8. Topbain, 423 Ttb street, under the big wire sign extending from the roof. 3,o.eo3 THB firibt LAOIR ik axbrica is the Cincinnati Pllsen, on draught only at Geo. "W. Driver's, corner Pennsylvania avenue and 4)| street. . > Pbckch Pwci. 75 cents. Stamped di for children, at Maurer's Htamplng Depot, 617 7th street, opp. Patent office. 3.5,3 ? Hats?Be sore and call at 1/ewis', 920 7th Ftreet. between I and k, before purchasing your Spring Hats. You will And a large stock, prioes reanonable. and polite attend ance. New supplier of genU'and boys' Fell* and children's straws received to-day. 2 ? C'eras Extracted Withsat Pala. Bnnlons, Ingrowing and Club Nails, Vas cular Excrescences, and other ailments of the feet successfully treated, at Dr. White's f eiablisbment, 1416 Pennsylvania avenue, rppo?ite Willard's Hotel. Fee ?l per visit. Established In Washington 1801. Trt Marburg Bnw. Heal of North Carolina Pmoklng Tobacco. 10 and 20 cent pack ages. 4,13,1: No kstablishment in the city more prompt in attending loall orders for Sewer work. Plumbing and Gas Fitting than Ham ilton a Pearson. Y. M. C. A. BnUdlng, 9th and D streets. They employ none but the best workmen, and consequently give satis faction In all their work. They keep the largest stock of Plumbers' and Gas Fitters' supplies of any bouse in the city, and are therefore enaMed to do all work at the most reasonable prices. They give low estimate* on all contract work, and guarantee satis faction in every Instance. Give them a call. They are good responsible n.en and deserve encouragement. 3,18,wdts,3: VAT.T7ABI.b A5D IlBLIAR li. ?"BrO'CH't Bronchial Troche?" are invaluable to those exposed to sudden changes, affording prompt relief In coughs, colds, etc. ? Dr. C. W. Benson's cblbrt and cham omile Pills are prepared expressly to cure Sick Headache, Nervous Headache, Dyspep tic Headache, Neuralgia, Nervousnes* and Sleeplessness, and will cure any case. Price, 60 cents. Sold by all Druggists In Washing ton, Georgetown and Alexandria. 2,24,eo Or 1 its thousands of victims of con sumption and kindred diseases in our cli mate. a large proportion would be saved by using Baf:cr's Cba Liver VU ami I'hoxpha'e of Lime, which, as we prepare It, Is a decidedly Jileasant medicine. Try it. See that the abel has our signature?John C. Baker & Co., Philadelphia. Halt!?Stimulating Liniment cares all Pain. 4; ? Re nseval. First-class and dtbinq. A. Fischer enlarged his establlshmest by removing tobls new building, 906 G st. north west, three doors west of 9th street, very near his former place. By promptly adopting the latest Improvements, whether of American or European invention, be Is enabled to do any work In a manner not to be equaled by those not possessing these facilities. i/" Ladies Dresses cleaned and dyed with out being tanen apart. s6t Crape Veils reflnlshed nice and cheap. %jr Grease stains removed effectually. bv Gent's garments cleaning and dyeing a specialty. Prices lower than ever before, to salt the times. GEOR GETOWX AI > V ER M TS. j^pking and bl.mbkk. pkemium 8tkim DYIIXC AND sizoubisg, *i wh H whetticv'4 OLD AHU AJtLUBLb MuTA 8 LiSH M s.V T Ladies and Geutlemen can have their Spring m l snnner Wearing Apparel cleaned or Colored in the wry Lest manner, also, Winter Clothing, Car p< t< Rlarikfta, Ac , ac . nicely cleaned and tak-a t ire of tinlil ne. Jed, Work Bent for ac<l delivered withent eitra ( barge anywhere in the District?je ceived fr m and remrnrd tjan. place In the country it mail or express. Office and W -k?. 4 JefTr- >n street, Georgetown. D. O.; Fost Office B x, 7*3. Office hours? 7 a. m. to 7x p m Saturday, to 9 p m. myg-tr I,""OB baut?i>w ki.LISO No. 47 . s >uh side 1st street, between Market ac<i greet rick street Arply at 124 Dunbarton street. ni?js-3t* B AUG VIMS m DKY go0i s. La-lire Dress Gocds la all the new material* and st\lea; Black Grt'adiies, at 25 , 30 , 4?l, 60, 75 cents, 31; Black Bilks, from 01 to <3: Black Alpacas and Mohaiis; White goods of all kind* for school rnnmeLCemeai dress**, cheap: good Cali coes, faat colors, at S, #'? and Scents; Best Percales, l2Ho nts; ? a>?imert? and good- of all kinds for iu?o and boy*' wear, Tery chesp; Paraeols, from So rents to 95; 2-bnt <>n Kid (i'eves, 01 and #150. white ana Oheik'd Matting. 29 35. 3v,35,so *?.d SO centt mv5 tr BKNJamim MlfaliEK, 103 Bridge st. li'or KENT?No. h7 Bridge street, corner o' r Jefferson. 12 noma, with modern convent-nce->. in nice order and line views; g od \ .ird and cellsr; cheap to a good tenant. Apply to Dr. cb\GI N . l'j? Cnmharton street. a?27 eoot J\KW SPRING AND SUMMBE GOODS AT ATTHACTlVJi PH1CES jho. II. SHOOT * BOX., NO. 119 BBIDGE ST., gcobgktown, d c , Bare received from hew Tork and are offering at Popvlar ch.'/i Pruts, LADIES' DBBB8 GOODS la new designs of Plaids, Stripes and Plain materials: heat make* Black Silk from gl to (3 to, bl'k and White Striped and Check 811k; Grenadines trom 38c. to #123. Moorting Goods of all the best make* and fast Blacks a specialty; Cotton Goods and Sheetings at the lowest reduced prices; White Drees Fabrics from 12? cents ap; House Famishing Goods of the beet makes; Gent's and Boys' wear, Ladles' and Gent's Underwear; Kid Gloves,1 button, at si and ?1.50. Hosiery in great variety: Parasols and Umbrellas; Prints S and sc., best sj ; Percales uxf., with a fall liae of other goods, te which we are adding dailv snapliea at low prices. Goods sent to anr part of the cfiy. apM lm jxo H ?moot * bo*. eboaemvews^uj^bise. ?.c Bank beers,* a.m. to 4 p.m., aad ea Saturdays (te receive deposits! nntil ? ?. m. Interest paid oa depealts. General Banking Business doae^jand ool lectiens mads on all aeoesaible points. Dlseoaat days; Mondays. H. polkimhobb, Ptrttnl, 1. W. Baeaitt, OasUer. AHfgetor f. h. Polktnhorn, i Tbos Dow ling, i J. T. MlteheO, henry Dickson, B. L. Oropley, Fred. W. Jonee, Bliey A. Bhinn, 11. V. Hartley, | Thomas Kaowie ?ayU-te^aJy GEJTTLEJiEJ*%>S OUTFITM. Every Department Well Supplied. GAK1EITB TO mbasire. A large assortment, probably the largest In washington, of poods to select ftom. Fine Plaid flnltlngs; Plain anl Fancy Worsted Coat ing a and fuiiings; Bine and Black glann-ls; Blue, Black, Plaid and Mixed Cheviot Salt ings; Bine, Black. Brown, Olive. Dahlia and Mixed Cloths and Ooatings: Handsome Panta loon Patterns; White and Fancy Veatings. Gentlemen of qnitt tastes are pai liculsrly in vited to Inspect. Pnits made to nieeanre from ?? upward. Orders promptly filled, aad in the best manner Good Bolts, reliable goods, dealrabIe and new sty lea, for fm. Black Worsted Coats, with Vasts to match, from #17 .m to Haadsoase Pantaloons from #? upward. Spring Over coats. in choice assortment, from gu to gas. Bine and Black Flannel Bolts. Bine Cheviot buits. Drap d'Bte Coats, Taste aad Pacta loons. 'SK.1 JS2f ajLSSBS; EHnderwear of approved makes aod ju all ties. id aad other Gloves. French aad f-g"-w Bnspenders and Bracsa from 36 cents to ?4. Plain and Fancy Half Hose from a cento to i |1.b per pair. Gymaaat Skirts, Tights sad trunks. Boating and lachtlM Shlris. Many biMlot possible to ea?bb ONE TRICI ONLY, 1m XVKB Y DEPARTMENT. QEORQE O. HENNINQ, ?!? BITKHT1 mir, ?tr SIGH qf THB goldbm fmmqb. SUMMER RESORTS. TBt ,tssB,A7v.%a;,? __ ^ AT MIR rtkK .?nc b*?*** rot vi?iroiu?o?tk?i?TR or JHIB.W4 tb-ir 51* H' TIL M O? A L . Z Uad M IK. i?T or JCLT iMlictt' fMi or'?fomietioe ?45rew tbe aa 1 a T Oakland, *t+rr~t coatif, 1 '?* 'J>!i JCII 1 PA1LET. Ma: w BOOK S A X I> ST A T IPX ER V. ^TWorMM4Zml" "tkor <* Wide Wrte rRBB*TM*?l?Z??.\rl*D4 *-l*Sln?y. FOiOINQ TMKUi.w N CHUM* ?BLCm^T*'JSr ir ?tao l at I J???"** n it or h'obsu ?r.r j^TwTsvrr 1 ' L'f* L#tt'r*- b' TXtHrn. ^Sfe^SESiaSS?^ K&wspr^'a "?====!? Ina WmUr Olty, by Oni4* " ~ , ? KBowW^bTiUbV: I M wWl ??*A?r of "WM| Hid* j n?i published andfair sat* b y 1 00 ?7 >-tr Bookseller. ?j ? t?* " ".r?n? * ? *'.'T, THE NEWEST PUBLICATIONS.?1 Bi?rk> ^Tr At,f of ,he W<rM, embracing iTie.l ji?coT(rtf?, udotherthiofit mtt 1. Bauer ft a History of ib* Uait<<l &ut?a tJom.R " ' VMFz&srfr ???cSee. ?T,?? 8 Halo, ?3 10. 4 On ^nM?utioa. hw p tkhntxepberger fl to I ( tare *) 1'rewW. by Allot*. (fro the Trench >, 91. 6 Phystoafeuj BeligTcus Kno?M(f. br Bixbv. ? ' JJ ? it?, rt?* of ramiliar Books, by Or W. B Reed. ? 1 is ^Uhaia.1, or, Intba Dep hs. by Mrs 8inthwor?h. ? 1.7# ? Leslie Tyrrell, br Oooriiti* M Craik, -?Si H'meand School, by Anna Be*, ter and Ida Eliot. ?1 3 11 Attwood a Modern hf m'CV M??,n "te*?? .,S * u Shallowed Peril.. T^in! .Vv^V/V?1^ " Auctent Berime, br ET'J*'8n- l4- PloTeno* Marryars Lucky Die appointment. Me. SOLOMOSP A CHAPMAN, Agents Utrtac* 1 ' Pnra Llnau" Papers, >11 FwmtIthUithim STEAMER L1XFA Bir"i/SSTii17, :rr*'T': ?Jiigg il!i MMiW10?"*: D c'- MOX"*V-S-"q ^r nMii ? . !L it ? J?,, 'reight until 6 pAoa. Through lulls of lideo dven for Boa iin^5^ !' ^?%,a?tca. Consignees wi-hinc their goods laided at (.eorfetown. *111 order them mart.-d"via (?eorf? town. ' G. r. HTDB, ?? Water? .J^ri-! town. D.C. VH. P.OiiTbl A 00 m 4 *barv??, Pbils lelphll. * "j^yl lp S?XARr.1. HK.-fL.TDEB *ajh 1 N QTO N 1 p 111L A 1 a BOSTOB, ABD PBOVIDBH<FB SEBI <#8ES JI**Kl,T?T*AM8Bir LINB-VD^MBk and after WBDNBBDAT, Anil Uth.tL- Steamer of the above line, with dirtct connection with Boa ?E.d Pro^fnce will aail from Philadelphia fJi ?ATrSnS v lLf? ' .***7 WKDBB8DA* and da I*.*?Magtoa MOM #? 5!5 FBIDAla, from Johnton ? whmrf. foot ofUthrtM'UombiMl. lorootb BUla LtdiMi? fgA^^ina^yg-i. w tIs ? W. P. CLTDB * OO , Ho. 14 B. Wharrt*. PhllMlelpbfa. _IIW J. H. JOHNSOB A CO., apiimi Agenta for Waabituttoa. T^h. rTVAB";I!AE?i*0*a wua* L*^vi ?a M. B. OBBOO. Captain. I^OB NOR BULB. r ? T 8TBAJMBB LADT OB THB LAEB w*TM the tVnpao a wharf, foot of Kb street ????T M OB DA f/ WKUM T m J ? ? and >BIDAT, at I p m , for N-r ftlk. Botarning. leare B1.rfoik.Tn?TTr^Tr^r ?V *? Saturday, ?t Ipn. rare. #4; round trip, B<- Ticket, good until n?<i rOB POTOMAC B1VBB LABDIB08. .B^^ JNO-W. TliOMPBOB l??vea Cotnpwtrl wfaatf, foot of 6th street, titty TCB8DAT, at 7 a m., for Cjirrtcmaa and int< rmediate landing, and erery t 7 a. m , f?r Com Blvar,atoppiLS at intermediate ludines -nw.aioppinf Per lnf .nuatlen aaply at the offloe of tbeOom V?nr, nnder the Metropolitan Bauk, ISth atrwet. opposite the Treasury, or to the Agent, at ?he wh*rf- marT7 1y tt rot pKOPLKB' LISA HUMJIfl. MATT01 CHEEK. tPPMR ISA CHOUOC AND jyj HlikhVUlM ? w LANDINGS. The (idewbeei Bte*mcr "B. MOKBIS, ' Captain T. B. Baldwin, w ill ?otcm?t>c? running to the above landlna ?endar, March >th. l-a\lcg fr<m wharf loot of 6th street every MOM DAT and THl'RSDAV at 8 a m. jftsshUoaiiai ^ TC*fl0Af -frbati M B PITZHCQB. Agent. c m a k o fc mi. NO TICK. ? WKA. ?. qg dtmtnlahtm tai rcaueis ot <?t tWon.the Steavers of this Lins take a sat'lllec coorse tor all seasons of the year ^ On the ontward passage fr<j? Qaesnstown to Bew Tork or Boaton, croaalng Mertilut of 10 at 42 tat . 01 nothing to tbe north ol4S. On the^homewardI aaesaye, eroa^na tha Mtldia. of 10 at 41 lat., or nothing to the carts of 41. THK BRITISH AND MOKTH AMEBIC.a y Royal mail steamshlps BXTW&KJX JSHW TORK AND rt rm a FOOL, CALLING AT COKKHARBol u Fro* New Yoki. 1 rualtwfon 2'T IS Hc,?thu WeaJune 14 Al*erta. Waa.,J,., Jl B' thnla.?wad., Mayt* Bothnia?. Wad.. Jun^ ? ?gafcrSarJSS'! & DAT do not carry 1 BiTM or PassAai.-Cabin, ?81, fW? and mm terroa ?adfttonai. Bet an tickets oa tarorabls 8111 siags tickets to aid fma all partiet biium h 5S3Li2wZTt*' Mils oflad: ag gives for Benh*. Glaagow, Havre, Antwerp and otner ports oa the Conuneat. and for Mediterraneaa PTo? s'c'i1' ro w ttJrSEJ?"7 ?*?9<*>9*ZT*om?, to BmalI.wSod a kqbk 1 ivSr'a^*$it %s I?n-tt OHAl. a. rBABCBLTM. AgssTt THE TRADES. A LBXABDBB BALL, W1LLIAH PALL, 1 B Mil:M hi'x,km-] Hi???t#oMnr?r?i *5? D*le? In "boors, Bash and "*M?" *?a aU Building ? atari* 1 .. 7 f avaoae, between 6th and 7tb J?***1 northwest, seU aoodi M per oent cheaper than any other house. Call and ekamla" j^a? 1^ U ? n ? ? ? Dj JAMBS P. BRIM, TLUMbMK AND GAS tJTIMM, ?ArtT tr ?ll Tth BT. NOBTHWBST. A WN1NOB. JOHN O. HOQAH. 7IS BtrM IftBBfictvm of ft Hew I j Patented Sminz Bollei ^ ^QtilitiDi Avniiif for Stores* Hotels Public Building. ai>d Private Dvellinp rKd Bol? Afent for the omiy mo in# 1 Mildew Proof Awninf Meterial. nepli tr BANKERS. PUTS, CALLS Je SPREADS Oa ail the acyivg stocks at best market ratas We aarise when aad howtooniATlnriLT. Bock | giving full information on Stock PaiviLKex*, eent trve. Addrea- orders by mall and telegraph to bixteb * CO., BANKMMS AND BHOKBK&, marlS jAKly IT Wall atrast. Bew Tork. SI00 AVdWb'o0^ $1,700 raring the pan few moatha, under on improved system of operating la Stocks. Bisks reduoed to nominal sum. and profit. Incrsawd. Book coataia ? ing full Information sent on application. apS8 tr Baakersana Broke^^luV^.V T. IJAZAR PATTERNS, HAZAR PATTERNS, AUEBCT AT C. BACK'S, 4M 7th Street. AGENCY OP THB MBW AUTOMATIC WILCOX & GIBBS SI WING MACHINES. LADIES UNDERGARMENTS AT ABTOllSHUa PRICES* Maae of the beat Oottons ail bast t C. BAD if a a ANITAS Y CORBET OB AHT BTYLB BADS TO OBDBB. C. BACH* ASS l 4thpjr JMPOBTAHT TO HOOBBA1 LADIES' GOODS. TUB XEW HATS. 719 "MILITAIRE axd FIFTH AVty&t," LAST OCT. Jl ST BE ?H1 VBD AT ? ATI!', 719 MtlK |T IFICI. ?|i )? Omw M mim NIM K A- MtCfiairt. nr?t? vtuit. rr cwcd bcilp Dailj nmIiIii iB IV l*M MomMh 3? IBUJ CBif aDITBiV BPMHBTV HATP. LACKS ILOWIU, Ac . Aa. Udteeaf *Mkte|M ud rMallr ??i owl I aad examiae MKk. J. r. FALVKR lit* a tecterrbs of PABIB BOBBE~*S aad UATM. Trimmed M4 P?t?!????. Is Ohi?, Puivtu^rw iMkd BUk ?4 EIUm rm pbbbcb flow ems. ucu and botbi TIM. V Spatial attention gltsa to Ordsta MM. J. r. WALMI m KUW r stress. ?n?m 11th, M WILLIAM IB TUB SOLB AUBBT n>? . tbe .*let-rated J B P. OOBJSBTB aud uv? BAIIBB WATEBPEOPtB. M* ILL1AH. SOLE AQBKT FOB THB CRL . ebmtr.l PEBfOBATED BKBfiElH CH DEB VKST8 ap 10 1m MBI. *. J. KRT Would call tha attention of tb? ladles to ft larga a? sortment >4 PBBHCH and ABEK1CAB PATTBEB BOB METB. ( MTR1MMED HATS, ta irwl variety aad S Button kIL) GLOVES, at ?1 3. > * ? W II HI. RBRBOIPBRIES oa Pl jwe. Oambrfc and Brsiiu ?t Oreatly rrtni. apT jt OPENEIt LACB CAPS, HaTS ABD BOH BETS, Por Infante Md ( hOdrt-o. Ot the latest at} l? and m -at attractive design* Ftne selection of HABBCM EM PBOIDRK T ABO TBIBBIBOC* 1BPAMT* LACB OAPB made to < ?MM. NF.LBA BIPPI lltrV tt ?I4 fttb lUint. opp Pft'rat Ol LADIES' SnOIS, BADE TO OBDBB AT ? IB B(A Stun, Orri'ti* flint iifi.t. A lap, oft baad.ft Baa stock of LADIES BOOT? ftt tba following prtcea French KW t> n.1 ? |T N English " " , - B ?? French Pet tie M _ t AO Tbaaa Boo* ara all ft(4? at ?> eetabll.-- . ano are ruarant-^d to ba ?.aal to any work bui factored is tba Lulled Males mAr28-tr JAB. BE. TEBBILTE. ^rkat lAiBinc^or hcmar maim HAIB BBAID8 at Bit. former price ?? 40 H AIB BRAIDS at ??, farmer price BIS. *<> U AIB BRA U P at f?, form< I price fl BS BAIB B RAIDS al |l W. format prtcs ?? A LA BOB ASPCRTMRBT OP CBEAP BAB BIBU Bl)GIN ft* and IBSEETlOMd. Aftll limb or ladies cbdbbgab MAM Tt? A PAKAHOLB. aatt^oa r? ar-'ees of coal. ** IADIEB CLOABS AMD SUITS, at ? great ro t dnctlon. |^EAL ABD lBITATlOB LACBS. ' OH HAMD AMD BE( EIVIMO DA1LT. ft largo aeerrtntert of BILLIPEBY COOPS. Tba lataat styles of BATE. KIBtloag. PLO WBBS, ate. Also, st bbobived. md<tn ib?tto? KID OLOVBB.ftU abaAaa. and the baat la tba markftt. for #1. W"B IHVITB TUB LADIBB TO CAl*li AB-> "" (xtaliit uor atnek a>art4 If 8 HELLBB TIB Bftrkat S?%c? ^rttlALTItb, imtlALTlBB. DOUG LABS'. MIBTB AHP P-BT. CLOTD COBBBIB, SKIRTB, Bl'ITLBS, rBEMCH LAOMDBT POBPAIK*DBS. PADS, SHOLLDEB BRACES. BOBIBBI, LADIES' OOTToH ABD MBB1BM "?r*BM BAB BID GLOTBS Stock of Fancy Oooda coaaytat* BoTiltlaa i***Kad daily. Agaucy lot Dotnwtlc Faabio?. KB tr PROPOSALS. rhvrmu run riKL DkFOT Qi AkTlKMaiiTBkV Orr:cl D C. Bay I?t, 1676, WEALED PBOPOSALdl,lairip'toata, wttb aCupr of thla adyertlarm-nt at??( b?d will b* racMvpd at thii cS)ca. until IB i 'clock m . Jntf I.U7I, t> which glare aod time tba* will ba opened la the presence of l,i lder?. t > d< li*er, aa raqnlred. dnrlnk ike flaral y?ar comib?nclDC July 1, ISA. ftad endh.i Jane X. U77, at tbe vari<.aa cBcaa ltd oSlc<r* itiartcraln tha Diatrlct of C> 1 crubta.aod at Port W hiyple, Va , aboot cnra> ' 1! Wood, Oak, aawad aod ipllt ard tntbeatick: S"1 cords of S>R SF<>od, Pfae, aawed aad split and iif tba stick; and 17l? toi.sof Autbracita Ooa'.Wblta Asb and Bad Asb. or Lyten's Valley, of atzeaa may be cail<4 for. tree from alata dnst, or dirt, aad to walrb IJau rot da to tbe toa.ftndab i:t K tons of Bltaataaw nm* Coal All the Wood aad Ooal to be of Brat class met. ban tab la ^aal.ty Back l>M abonld be a* I .< ? mpaiiltd by a gaaraataa, fotm lnrta b?d by this office. Tbe lowest ktrrf rate bid for Wood or Coal, or botb.Vill be entertained. Tbe r if lit is rafterved b? tha roTsrftflMnt to raje~t an* and all Lids, aad tiiaaa arop aais are m*it? 1 nnderproTiao that ayrr p atl. a aha'I be made for the supplies by C<iftal?s. but. if olh<-r? he G< i will not aooept any hid or aatsr lata aoa tract. A arafarenca win bft (iTen to art tolas of dsmattr production and manufacture, oaaditloas of prtc* ac<! anaiity btiaa egnal.aad such pretaraaea will be giToa to articlea of AmM lean prodac toa aad ?aaafactnra produced aa tba Pactftc ooaat to tBa extant of tba required By tba pabli ProaoaftSTabanld be ?ai kad "Proposals lor Fael,' ed eddreeead totb.--indaralgaed. Full laforasaUjn on afpbcatjoaj* tbla o?ea. myl ft A. F BOCAWELI Daaot ( PROPOBALB ^a/UEACE ARU Dim QrttTiiHA<m's Orroi. Washiiictor. D. 0., Bay 1st. MTB SBALBD PBOPOSALB, la trtpttcatft, snh|??l to tba aanaJ conditio as, will ba raoal\?a at tkia cfllea until il o'clock, aeon, Jaaa 1,1871, at which time aid place they will ba opaaad In tba praa?o?a of biddtrs. for dotlrery darlSK tba fiscal year oofti ?endng July 1, IKTf, and 'tiding June B. 1877. of alf tbe Ourn. Oats. Bay aad Bye Straw required at tbe rations corrals and officers' <jcarters in this dtr Md<>?rMCowa. D 0.. Soldier* Home. D 0 ? an<t Fort Wbiapia, > a. Tbe right is reserved by tba Ooreniaeat to re ject any and all bids, aid tbeee propoea's are la %lted under proriK) that appropriation aball ba ? >?da for tbe supplies by Oua^rasa; but. If other wise, tbe 0ov ernmeat will not aooapt aay bid oc ?ntar lata contract. A prefceaeee aill be riree to articles <?! inanUo prtrfuctloa and manatarture, roudMaan ot prloa and qnatlty t?lr? ? ,ual, a-d such prafsrepce wilV be giren to articles of Amaricaa arodnctloft aa<f manufftctare produced on tba PaofA<- coast to tha extent of tbt coftsu nipt loft required by tbe public %VTX\C* tbH#< Printed circalan, sUtlsg the ktad and eaUmated quantttiee required at each port or place, aatf git Ing full instructioas aa to tbe maaaer of bMdlna. cotdilirns to be obaer\ed by bidders, aad tat in i of c ntra< t and paj ftsent, a ill be furalsbod oa appttoa* tloft to this office Prrpoaala abould be marked, " Proposals for For age and Straw at WaabingMB. D. 0./"aad sddi?s 1 totbe nadetalcaad, A^JT^ROCK tTELL, PBUPOIALI ' OB^ W,ATBB TBAMSPBR" Dim QrtiTiiitilm'i Orrics. WasHiRcToii. D. Oh Bay 1st, VCt SEALED PKOPOSALB,la trlpUcafta, will be ra 9 oelted at this offirs uatll IS a clack, aoaa, Jcof the daily traftsportation * err loss by thlschy and Forts Foots aad Waabtagtaa. w itch aay ba laaairod bp this Psparf sat d tbe fiscal year oodin^June^, 1877. ? , c*rs aad sla ^ . _ by a guaranty of twa I tba oc ? tract to ba< ' |0|| (J tba aer fices by OoagrwS^Vat^attsrwios, QKBt lBB

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