Newspaper of Evening Star, May 8, 1876, Page 1

Newspaper of Evening Star dated May 8, 1876 Page 1
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V?. 47?IS2. 7,212. WASHINGTOiN, D. C.. MONDAY. MAY 8. 1876. TWO CENTS. "THE EVENING STAR. rriLlslEft DULY, SaWiyi excepted, AT Ti:K STAR BUJLD1XG8, P?BB*ylTaBia !????, cWMt 11th tired, BT The ETmiisg Star Hewsrwpw Oompanj, b. a. MAvrrxAxir, pr?>t. ? Til* EVEJtiJ?o Ftab U ?m*r1 by crvrim to mbtmtm <d Ten tenia per w?k, or Korty ?onr Cent* per month. Or*** at the courtier, Two Ceote f*ch. By imut? pottage prepaul? Sixty Grata a mootti; ooe 5**r, M. Taa Wrim.T htab puUuheti on Friiiay M a year. poatao* prepmmL UTAU mU*eriptioni intaridbly In nthrmce. mr Ratea of nrttvrtirtnff/umOAeti on application. SPECIAL NOTICED 1. O. O. r-BXOBLflOR LODGE, Nj. w_, IT?a (nil atteadanoa of the l? r *M?t d at the brdga meeting TO BlOB J. MaySth, So Mkr arreagui*ntafor tb> taaeraieof Bro*. J??. (una end W. B. K WiLLis. By ord?r of the BetOrud. _ _ . It r. O. DAK?. Secretary, S PUBLIC TEMPERANCE MEETING *<y I,--' RES'.LIB DIVlMON. B ?,? cf T .intne l>i'nr*-lKiai<f T St O A.,o? TDE8DST HT(B IB' Bar 9, at 8 o'clock Ad.lreeeee, recltatioaa, aad n.atic All ?r? In' ltd itifi J*.* 1Ht~J ACK!"N DEMOCR ATlC^SSit lk,??' CIaTIOB all! m<*?t at Beck'n Hall, Loniai ai.a ?r?n :*. b?tw?. n ti.h and 7th itr>-*ta, on WKD MfDAI K VEN1JIO, Httb ln-tant, at 7\ o'clock. Bri*l>rt Dtltgktr* toth- Suiootl <'o&T?nttoa ?)i r JOHN E BORRIS. Pre,idcnt._ THE K'MI 4NNI \L COMMTBICA* b.y TiO? of the M. W G?*ND L?IM)E or ?Tit* rifTitti'r or coli mbia will be b-ii ? <r> E - I'iT. Map JO, at S o clock p.m. Byorder of -h? M U G my* :t WM. R 9INGLKT )N. 0. 8*5. TPr^I WILL HI a MlBTIBG at Hi ? - < ? IK B.. ??i u 7th ?tr?et cor; lr? -st, oj ?tiri" l>l>S t NIOHT, Id,at 8 o'clock p. TO., for tte tii'r new PniWing .*??> (ivim. Allpere ? - ? i-hir.? to caaect tlume-lre, with >u< ?- ?NKiuijii ate invited to attend and par u-ipair. in t -K rri? 'T I I Jl FKEKSON Co OPERATIVE KClLfMNG iS-SO" l?Tll !( wll h'lt Ita Su b itfiilut m?eii: t f?r the pa>meat of do?? ard ?ai t| ??!> >kw,i( KSI'AY. Map 9th, 7 o'clock a. ?> a: the Board > t Tra?e ft-om, *19 V ?rk?? Pf fi .?<li ?i.c*? m?l? to ?*<-ckh- l.ier* are divided liito liO r teal rnoMbty i-wjeHwaie. J%?IE9 FRASER. President. JSO JOT KDSOX. 'i. 7 11 U. ?t n.w. it TM E ABLlS'JTON to Ul'EtATlTC _ B( I Li11N <4 ASSOCIATION huld? Its 8th reaa'ar moLtb.r iceetlDK, for the p*Tt?.e',? of dnM atd ? aklnc adf atce?. v? EDN Ksl>A V, May lo:h. a* 7 o'ck ck p tu , at .he B .ar t > f Trade Boonn, *>14 ? arktt tpa. - Alvucn oi-td* to atovkholders are rttorced in *30 monthly iD?:a!ment?. THOMAS H Yl'E. Pres: !?ut. JBO JOT EPSON >ec y,7U U ?t n.w. mM 3t |v^?'l>liTRICT OP COLOMBIA. L- ' Of HS4LTH, Wa<niBGTos, Slay Sth, MM. iVo(>r? ij ?? ?.f ->rm that.on and ?ftf SIOI. PA 1, 14'b i oat ant, atd an til October 16th, I8"?. all [Vga f< n?d at larfe in the cltiea of Waahingtoo aad (iaorfetown not properly mnz'led will bi takea cp asd inplanded, and if not redeemed within twenty f<"ar h< ar? thereafter wilt be akot. By order t f tha Board. It J. M LAXQ9TON, SecreUry. ra? A CARD -DB L1KBERMANN has dis B^y Cvntlnn?<l the pra< : ice of hia profeaai-n oa acc> cat of impaired health. my(-9t* trc& THB WA9H1B?;T0N C1TT PESTAL BOO'BTT' will hold lt^ r*gnlar meatlnir at the offii-e of Pr.J B TIN ET? K. on MONDAY BVES ING, May 8th. at 8 o'clock J. B TEN BYCK.Sec-etsry ALBNWUOU vBMETBRT. _he retclar monthly ni-etlrcot the lot proprie tor! of (ilenW"?>d C?-oj?tery will t>? teM on HON PAT BKEB1NG. Hay a. at 7:30 o'clock, at tha lUard cf Trade Rootoh. tkird door frpm cmer 9th atrret and Fa ait. A tnll attendance l? requeatod. J C Mt RELPEN. Pre.. ap< at* WM LORD. Sec. W *SHIN*;TON GROTE CAMP AH8 ) r I AT ION ? Ttp annual meeting of 8TO< K bt LflRHof thl? ASSOCIATION will beheld in Vonadrp Ctmcb. MONPAT. May 8th, at S p m. bmSji B. F. SIMPSON, Secretary. Wss* Nav? Hi lU'lftii AHS'XIATIOM ?Tti? third d'?tihlT tne?ting ? f K AST WASHING TON BClLPlNG AirSOCI \TION. No. X. wl l b beid at McCanUr'a Hall. \!0*t Pennsylvania are , Capitol Hi.1, MOM'AT. 8th inotaot. at 8 o'clock 9 m R. B KEBOI SON. Stcretary. ai|? 31 1 R-? A Critic | r"a? KB V. H EN R T W A R l)~ U E EC HER WILL U?' Leeture at the Ac*den.y of M t^ic.ilU.ti aoe, MAT lilb. at i o click Blbject;-Rjliifiin la Etf^caUon " Tickets ?1. at Mc<'aflr?>y'a Miiatc Ptc r? aod at the door. m<4 tli.a m t.wktb PBB1M>B? l>B0iBMG To SIBSCBIUB to th** BALriMI'RK GAZKTTE will al??a?o lew* a their nas ?*a at JCNiTIIoi NKW9 PEPOT, coraer 9th ard P -tr^ta n rthwMt. OrJ?*r? will r??-e|-?r prompt aliention an<i the paper w:il be faith fully nerved mr3 ft* T M C. A . CKT. THEOtOSE L CC1LBR, D. D , cf Btacklyc.aill addrtaa 7H k TWSM TTti KV AHXIVEKSAH Y of thla A??ociatton ION DA Y . M AT *'TH, AT 7 >4 P. M mr3 tr IS" T O B B B S T. IlLPCEN'S SODA WATER MRTTRAL SPK1MO WATERS oa Draught. ICE COLl) TEA, COFPEB and CHUCOLAIK 14)19 Pl&MTLPA2I1A Av?.\rt, apU tr near WlHard't. UEBRt W 1SB GAliNETT~ ATTOAJfbf AT LAW, Ho. 1 Colombia Law BciMini, apll lm tth ?treet, bet D and E. ?vnrv. WB1TARER. ? IJy tjmrrml Oflim ???/ CulUrtton inal, Bo. 71 J 13th atraet, near Treamry Department. DWtrtct Clalata. Penoloa and BoOnty Claims, a naJty. M?1 BBRTOCB BXHAC9TION -A Medical Jaaay.cociprlalng aaanaa of lectnree deliv at Kaha'a Mnaenm of Aaatcmr.New Tork oa the aaaa? aad cure of Prematnra Decline, ahow> ag indtapaUMy how loat health may be regained, affording a clear ayaopala of the Impedimenta t? ?arriagr, and the treatment of aerrotuand phyii aal dakuny, b- <ig the raaalt ofMyeera'exaeri >nce. Price, M caata. Addraaa tha author J>r. L. J. Kahn, office aad reatdeace. i | Baat 10- h ?t . N T at'. 6m U. D. OOOBB, Ja. A OO , lim f ttreat. ITlATy^p PBBDALL, Loolaiara atenne, ? ATTORXKY AT LA W. 'LEWIS JOHBSOB * CO., B A n X M * S. MM Sirm and P*aaiyiraata 4?mm, ?y & . ta Gorammeat aad Dlrtrlct Secnrltlaa Exchange and OoU. aepll ly OPTICIAN .? Tt :kt Public.? My newly Invented Bye claae, which 1 now mannfac-^^^^^ tare wita eight workmea, anrpaaaea^*^ aay Eye glaea la tha whole world. The* can be ?Walatedby two aatall acrewa ta exactly fit the wttbont aay pal a or nnplaaaant feeling. They tadaof Brazilian pebble aod the newly dlecov Boaala roby glaea Por naatneaa and 1 ightnaaa taey cannot be acrpajeed. Meaanre taken and order ?lied in flftaaa minataa ISAAC ALBX ANDEB. 1-' J'? Penna. ai , laventor. Patentee and Manofactnrer. FaA""i"ofrT53iT5. Bo. 11197 PtM>TLTUlt A'llt > leaatwe Brarillan Pebble ?pe<-:eclp?. dee7 lyjatp FOR THE H ARD TIMES. READ THIS. A GOOD FULL 81 IT FOB ?*. Actual Valna ? 1 J. A VBBV GEBTEBL 81 IT BOB 810 Actnal Valae ?!>. gi'ITB A B1CB 8tlT FOB ?14, Actnal Value *17. PIN* Att-WO"L SCIT9 FOB It ! Acfrtt" V .loe #9i. VlIfl.lM BC81BISS IVR8 FOR 819. Ac'na! Value S-v. TERT fCPEBIOB 8D1T8 FOB 8iO, Actnal Valne ft" FINB CI 5TOB MADE 81 ITS FOR 84*. Actnal Valac #39. hoys' clotiiim AT TUB SAME LOW HATES. HABLI BROS., H?roiiA2it Taflora and Fine (Jlotkien, apffn Cwmt TtB aad ? airaata. EVENING STAR Washington News and Gossip, Government Receipt* To-day.?Inter nal revenu*,?l,orw.*v. 3i: customs, SC2J,362 6*. Thk President and part* will le<\ve to morrow morting at D 23 o*cio:k for Phllalel pbia. DOM Pedro wiu visit the National Thea ter tonight to witness the performances of the Volkes' family. The District Commission?* will ae. company the Congressional party to the Centennial opening. Nothing of interest was done in either Hou*e of Congress after our report closed 8# t onlay. Sckofon Edward S. Mitchell, U. 8. N., Las teen ordered to the naval hospital, navy yard, Mare Island. California. Pardoned.?The President has directed a pnnlon to issue in the case of James E. Marsh, one of the gangers convlc'ed In (be western district of Missouri of false returns. Representative Hoar gave a dinner jsrty to twenty-fourof his colleagues Satur day. Ex-Speaker Elaine was one of the guests. Among these who called upon the Presi dent to-c'ay were the Secretary of State, the Attorney General, Senator Morton, and Representatives Hamilton, Piatt and Hop kins. The amount ok silver la the Treasury departmentat the time of thespecle resump tion act of January 14th, 1375, which, accord ing :o the recent directions of the Secretary oi the Treasury, will be used in ordinary government disbursements, is about two and one-half millions. TBI Supreme Court met at 11 a. m. to day and delivered a number of opinions, after which it adjourned until October. The decision in the celebrated "Granger cases," it volving the right of a state to ivgulate the rates of fare and freights on railroads, was jostponcd until next term. Speaker Kerr has telegraphed Hon. S. S. Cox to request the House to further ex tend his leave of absence ten days. If Mr. Kerr is not considerably better at the expira tion of that time he will resign, as bis physi cians have notified him that It is Impossible !or him to recuperate any strength while he is sut ject to the mental strain Incident to his duties as Speaker of the House. Army Orders.?The order relieving First Lieutenants W. H. H. Crowell, 6th Infantry, and John J. Clagne from dnty at the Leav ? nwortb military prison, directing them to J in their companies,is suspended until Sept. 1. l-Ttf. The order detailing Major A. J. Alex ander. Pth cavalry, for duty In connection V ttb ibe International Exhibition of 1376 is r?voktd at his own request. The New U. P. R. R. Investigation. The fuh-commit'ee of the Houso Judiciary rommittee who are to examina Into the transactions of the Union Pacific Railroad Company in connection with the Little Rock ai.d f ort Smith Company of Arkansas have summoned Mr. Harrison, or Indianapolis, and he has responded by telegraph that he will come. He requested that the committee i'su a subpo->:.a duces tecum for the books of ihe Union Pacific now in Boston, which will be complied with. Col. Taos. A Scott has aho beeneabjusnaed. Nominations?Tbe President sent the following nominations to the Senate to-day: seth W. Clark, of N. Y., to be recorder of the Geneva land office. James 8. Kutan, of Pa to be consul at Cardiff. John Nazro. collec tor of customs, Milwaukee, Wis. A. F. Ili ard. naval officer. New Orleans, La. Wra. T Jackfon, pension agent, St. Joseph, Mo. John M. Cross, register land office, Hunts vllie.Fla. Jam** McLaughlin, Indian agent, Devil's Lake, Dakota. Postm%sters-Chas. M. Warner, at Jordan, N. J.; Cdas. T. Jack son, G shen,N. Y; A.M. Waecler, Danville, N 3L% Decoration Day.?Governor Hartranft, ccmrrar.der-in-chief of the Grand Army or t .e Republic, appoints Tuesday, May 30, as Decoration day ror the graves of deceased soldiers of the late war. He adds: "In this centennial year, when each true patriot hopes to see the proors or peace and good will, and we meet as a united people to com er em orate the events connected with the birth of our nation, the memories of our dead comrades, whose lives were required for ?',* establishment of that peace, should b? trerv SSSrilSS?' heartS aQd 001111X1411(1 Choicest The 2jtPEAevM^TT Trtal.?In closing ihe argiu??.%tjt on the question of jurisdic ^OQi^tbe impeachment case Judge Black ""as at times quite facetious, and on several occasions the demonstrations of merriment were so uproarious that the President pro tein. was compelled to give notice that if they were repeated be would have clear tho galleries. Amoug those in the Senate cham ber to-day were ex-Senators Gwin, Wac'e and Fowler, Hon. Ben Hill and Chief Jus tice Waite. The number of Representatives present to-day was considerable larger than on any previous occasion during the Im peachment proceedings. Gov. Richard Coke, elected to succeed Morgan C. Hamilton as Senator from Texas, whose term expires on March 4,1S7G, is a na tive of Virginia, who emigrated to Texas about twenty years ago. During the war he was an ardent confederate, served in the southern army, and is described by disinter ested persons who are familiar with his sen timents as being still Intensely southern in all of his propensities, and rather non-pro gressive than otherwise. At the election held in December, 1?73, he was the demo cratic candidate for governor against Ed mund J. Bavis, republican, the preceding lu cumbent or the office. The result or the elec tion was a democratic majority of about 50,000, but the Supreme Court of tne state de cided that the law ordering the election was unconstitutional, and Governor Davis then a. tempted to keep Coke out of offl -e, but the President, who was appealed to, declined to interfere. Governor Coke was inaugurated r?n January 15, but did not succeed In get ting undisputed possession of the govern ment until the20th. Miss Sweet'* contributions. HER TESTIMONY BAD FOE CAMPBELL AND KAKER, OOOD POR GRANT AND LOUAN. Mi^sAdaC. sweet, the Chicago pension agent, testified before the House Committee on Civil Service Reform to-day, that Mr. Klakely, her predecessor, resigned tbe o&ce on condition that she pay a sum of money to U. 8. Marshal Campbell, the father-in law of General Babcock, which Blakely said he owed to Campbell. She agreed to give to Blakely over 91 500 per annum. When this money was paid Campbell said Blakely owed bim ?A,ts>o. and she would have to pay the rest. She objected, and steps were taken >>y Campbell to have her removed. She 1 arnlng of this hastened to Washington, !iAW THE )'RESIDENT, and demanded a hearing before she was irov*d. The President told her that if she paid anymore money to Campbell she would i * removed. Blakely l^ amea defaulter to iieamonutor half of which she had '?> j ay thiough th?* r?>' of the then C?.mmls#'oT er of P?" mo- s g, n. Baker, who ? roe J her per uq. ?r.l> to close up the defi ciency on a c* acting in conoert with I lakely. Baker is now surveyor general of M luiiecota. Before she came here Campbell waited on her, and WANTED TO HCSH UP THE MATTER, ard to have her sigu a card exonerating him, wi ich she refused to do. He wanted her to n ake her statement as brief as possible iaufchtei ], and on the laat day before her de parture fiom Chicago he asked her to tell the commltue that he would refund the money to her if tbe committee thought it was wrong for him to take it. Miss Sweet exonerated Gen Logan from all complicity In the trans action. Miss Sweet is a thin little woman, with pale tace and light curly hair, and showed great Intelligence in her examination. *7The Mexican congress has granted President Lerdo extraordinary powers for tfce cctdnct of the war. DOM PEDRO. THK BRAZILIAN EMPEROR IX W1SH1XGT0N. Tbe Emperor of Brazil arrived in the city, with his suite, yesterday morning, ami regis tered at the Arlington hotel a* Due de Bra ganza, his family name. He was met at the depot by Senor Borges, the Brazilian minis ter. The Emperor attended St. Matthew's (Catholic) Charch yesterday morning. Iti tbe afternoon he visited the Capitol, and spent the evening at tiie N-ttional Observa tory in company with the Brazilian minister and Professor Newcomb. AT THK SMITHSONIAN INSTITUTION. The Emperor and suite ai<;se early this morning aud visited the Smithsonian Insti tution before breakfast. They returned to the hotel and breakfasted abont ten o'clock, a:ter which they visited tbe Capitol. AT THE WHITE HOCSK. At a quarter of 1 o'clock the Emperor, ac companied by the Brazilian minister and suite, called at the Executive mansion and were at once ushered into the bine parlor. The President soon appeared. aoisompanlsd by the Secretary or State. Secretary Fish made the formal Introductions, and after 1he usual expre ssions of pleasure at. meeting they proceeded to the red parlor, where Mrs Grant, Mrs. Fi6h, and Mrs. Fred. Grant were in waiting. Here the whote party en fcaged in a very pleasant conversation,whleh lasted over half an hour. Tne visit was a pnrely social one, and all the formalities usually incident to the reception of royalty were done away with. After bidding adieu to the President and family, the Imperial party entered their carriages and wore driven to the Capitol, it being their Inten tion to witness the impeachment proesei Irgs in the Senate chamber. ^THE CAPITOL. The i^sRprVrtSfcl at the Capitol at 11 o'clocHnpp^jgAMgMMifed to the diplo matic of R9pre?onta keeper, was the first man WiSm. and made a double-quick passage Op Stairs io greet the royal visitor. He went Into the gallery and introduced himself to tbe Dom, remarking tbat he had "charge of the south ern wing of the Capitol." Hls"i/tf<?" of doing the honors was first to scrape the acquaint ance of the Dom, and then Introduce Acting Speaker Cox, who was In the rear waiting. ?'Fay"did not accompany his father. When Dom Pedro was introduced to Cox he was so overcome with the attentions of Fltshugh, whom he seemed to regard as a sort or lord high chamberlain, that he scarcely no'iced the diminutive Speaker, and did not even condescend to get up from his seat. Tne Emperor, after remaining in the gallery a lew minutes, qnietly observing the Ameri can system of buttonholing Congressmen, went down to tbe Speaker's room and was quite surprised w.iea formally intro duced to Mr. Cox, as the Speaker of the Hnnse of Representatives, a really bigger man (officially) than Fitzhcgh. In passing Irom the House to the Senate side of the Capitol he was besieged by an army or page boys for his autograph, but he snoot his heaJ, as If to nay he be "domed" If be would and he didn't. He then returned to the House gallery, and when the chaplain t?egan his prayer he ro?e up, but finding tbat It was the custom of the members to worship In a recumbent position with their heels on their desks, he sat down again. The Dom stands over six feet In bis low-quarter shoos. He tas a full growth of gray beard and gray hair. He was dressed to-day In a fall suit of black, and wore an old-fashioned nlng hat, something after the style which a Galileeaa fiNherrnan puts on to attend a Sunday fune ral, He is apparently between fifiy and sixty years of age. lie is somewhat a->ove the medium bight, with verv broad shoulders, and is qui'e stoutly built. Oil the whole, Lis i ersucal appearance is qnlte prepossess ing, aid l:e ha* left a very favorable Im pression wherever he has been. At twenty minntes after twelve o'clock 1 ^preventatives Faulkner, Springer an 1 Williams, of the Foreign Affairs Commit tee, called upon him In the gallery. The Dom shook hands with them. At twelve o'clock aLd thirty mlr.utes the Ernpsroraad bis party went over to the Senate. The Eirperor entered the diplomatic gal lery ol the Senate at 2 p. m. He had been Informally invited to take a seat on the floor of the Senate, but modestly declined, pre ferring tne diplomatic gallery. It Is almost needless to say that he was the target for every eye during his stay. The females Wrre esjec'ally carious,as usual, and many afitr neck was craned to get a square look at a "live emperor." THIS EVENING. The emperor will dine at 4 o'clock, and at 3 will visit the Government Printing office. This evening he will occupy a box at the National Theater to witness the Voke* per formance. If possible the imperial party will visit Mount Vernon to morrow morn ing, and will leave on the 1:30 train to be present at the opening of the Centennial in Philadelphia. The District In Congi NATIONAL DROVE YARD COMPANY. In the Senate to-day, Mr. Davis, by re quest, introduced a bill which was referred to the District Committee, to incorporate the "National Drove Yard of the District of Columbia." Tbe bill names as incorpora tors Messrs. 8. D. Linn, L. D. Means, L. C. Sileot, James E. Yates, J. T. Varnell, Thos. Burch, Jas. F. Brown, finil Fling, Robert Coster, Richard Smith, W. W. Scott, Chas. Becker, Wm. E. Clark, Jacob H. Kingla, gives them the usual powers of a corporation, and authorizes the company to erect at their own expense in the northern or northwest ern pari of the county, the site to be ap proved by tbe Board of Health or health offi cer of said District, yard pens, scales, and all neces*ary buildings for tne accommodation of live stock, and to feed tbe latter at a fair compensation. The bill further provides that all cattle bought or sold in the District sball be weighed on the scales of tbe com pany which shall receive two cents per hun dred pounds weight for all live stock sold by weight, and for cattle not weighed ten cents per head, for sheep two cents, cows ten cents, calves five cents, and bogs five cents. The bill requires the company to erect the neces sary buildings, &c., before January 1, 1877, and to give public notice when ready to ac commodate persons dealing in live 6tock) provides tbat all other drove yards doing buslnees in the District shall then c?ase such business within thirty days; and allows the company to issue stock to tbe amount of #100,000 to be divided into 2,000 shares or SCO each. BILL TO REPAVE PENNSYLVANIA AVENUE. The bill to provide for the paving of Peun s> Ivan la avenue introduced in the House to day differs from the Senate bill In the fol lowing particulars: The Commission instead of being a detail of army officers Is named as Edward Clark, Architect of the Capitol; Adolf Cluss and CharlesT. Mason. They are to lay such pavement as in their Judgment Is deemed best. Tbe stretch of pavement between 9th and 10th streets, or so much thereof as Is new, U not to be disturbed, un less It may be necessary for grading. In other essentials tbe bill is the same as the Senate bill. Mr. Buckner, when the Senate bill ccmes up, proposes to lay It on the table and press his own as a substitute. Sad Death of, a child?a little eight year old son of Mr. Virgil Johnson, of Bar ren county, Ky., met with a most shocking ard appalling death on Friday last. He was ridlr g a mule, wbich became frightened aud ran away, and the little fellow, In falling or attempting to Jump, got bis foot entangled In a chain which was fastened to tbe mule, and was beld tight wblld the mule continued to run. His neck, legs and arms were brokea, and nis body and head were frightfully mu tilated. ______________ MR. Walt Whitman contributes an article to a late number of tbe London Ex. amineron "Tbe Future of the United States," wbich concludes as follows: "Tbe real his tory of the United States?starting from that great convulsive struggle for unity, trl nmpantly concluded, and the south vlctori. ous after all?Is only to be written at the re move of hundreds, perhaps a thousand years" *7*The archbishop of Serllle is dead. ?r Mil lions of grasshoppers are exuding through tbe surffcee of Colorado. W A Doy lee town dame unhinged her jaw 19 tbe course of her morning gape. ?7*The "Centennial" hat Is turned up both skies and pointed back and front. ' rrirhe eovERxiEix or the RISTB1CT. Petltloa to C?itew. The following petition was presented in both house? of Congress to-day: "Your petitioners respectfully represent that they are citizens of the District of Columbia. That the doubtful political rela tions existing between the District of Co lnmbia and the government of the United States, the prodigious debt,of which scarcely more is known than that it is constantly Increasing; the uncertainty of the amount of the taxes to be levied and collected from year to year; the reckless and improvident manner in which the public moneys have been expended; the enormously expensive Improvements made-many of which must now be replaced; the complicated Hystem of government, extravagant in its expendi tures bejond all precedent: the selecting of strangers to administer the government who are ignorant of our laws, unacquainted with our wants, indiOrei.t to our necesrltlos, and not in sympathy with our people, have hroueht fluauclal ruin and <!isgraC3 upon the District, Impoverished many or its citizens, rei deml property unproductive and depreci ated its valne. made the cities of the District unattractive to strangers as a place of per manent residence, repelled capital that would otherwise have sought investment in the District, and have, in a wont, brought practical bankruptcy on the District, to the dishonor of the general government that has ?the power of exclusive legislation over it.' Your petitioners, animated by a sincere desire to restore the solvency, preserve the honor and secure the permanent happiness and prosperity of the people of the District, humbly pray that your honorable bodies will promptly consider the subject, and so legislate that cur rights may be protected and preserved; that the people of the Dis trict may fee wholly relieved from the un lawful debt created by the agents of the general government without their con sent, and over whose official conduct they had no control whatever; that unnecessary and wasteful expenditures of the public moneys may bo arrest J, rigid economy be enforced; the form of government simpli fied? its relations to the general^overnmetit ascertained and fixed by stable laws; a ad the necessary expense of any future govern ment be justly and fairly proportioned be tween the general government and the Dis trict. And that these things may be fully ac complished, your petitioners further pray that a rigid, thorough and exhaustive in quiry and investigation may be instituted to ascertain the true character an* nature of this debt, and how mncb thereof has been created corruptly, dishonestly, or unlawful ly, and that all wrong doers may be made to feel tbat dishonesty will be certainly sought out ard Inexorably puni6hed. W. W. Corcoran, A'exander Hay, George W. Riggs. W Gunton, Edward Temple, H. K. Randall, J. C. Hall, M. D., J. C. Willanl, Wm. B Kibbey. John P. Franklin, G. W. Ut ermeble, H 8. Davis, John E Norris, A. E. Perry. John E. Kendall, F. NVheatley, C. M Matthews, Joaiah Dent, trustee of Lln ttlcum estate; Joslah Dent, Wright Rives. J- Nan Ri&wick, G. E. Kennedy, Francis Mohnn, E. E. White, H. Polklnhorn, John C. Harkness, Thomas C. Wilson, Tharaas Parker, Michael Talty, John Riley, H. Clay Stewart, James W. Barker, Charles B. Church. L. F. Clark. M W. Gait & Brother, A. A. Wilson, Joseph RecJfern,HenryTdorn, Co umbus Alexander. A. Hyde, J. B Bryan, BfrJ Bcall, Thomas Francis, Thomas B. En tw;sle, Samuel Stott, Charles Edmonston, Thomas G. France, J. Shlllington, George M. Oyster Thomas E. Young, S. D. Castleman, Thomas Berry, John M. Young, John H. Nairn, Noble D. Earner, A. Pollok, James H. Embry, Edmund lianly, A. Hiss Ray, Charles Sioussa, Johnson Bros., Jacltson, Hro., A Co., H. 8. Johnson, Dauiel B. Clarke. W. M- Gait, Andrew J. Joyce. Michacl Greet ,C. F. E. Richardson, John W. Wright, Charles D. Maxwell, J. 8. Hopkins, James W. Pumphrey, J. P. Klingle." Association of Tax-Pay era ? W. Corcoran and a number of o'ber citlzei.s of the District have formed an asso ciation foi the following purposes: " First. To secure the substantial pros perity of the District of Columbia by obtain ing from the general government a proper recognition and form of government for said District, with honest officeholders, bylse curing the passage by Congress of just laws, fixing with precision the relations of said District to the general government, and es tablishing a stable system of taxation, in quiring the general government to pay a just and stipulated proportion of the ex penses of said District. Second. To ascertain the nature and ex tent of the Indebtedness of the DUtrlct, by inquiring into the expenditures of the late government ot the District, lnclndlnar the Boi?rd of Public Works, of the present Com mlsMcners of the District, and of the late Board of Audit. Third. To relieve the District of Columbia from all debts still subsisting unlawfully or fraudulently created by the agents of the general government. Fourth. To oorrect the errors of preceding governments la improving the sewers, ave nues, streets and roads of said District. To secure hereafter permanent and proper im piovemenU when and where needed, and to secure the passage of a law by Congress re quiring all eon tracts for Improvements to be let to the lowest responsible bidder, after public advertisement, with sufficient bonds and ample seenrity. Filth. And generally to aoeompllsb.ln the interest of the citizens of said District, the purposes expressed in the memorial signed by w. W. Corcoran and others." Disgbace, Desertion, aid Soicibe - A young woman was found unconscious at Marcy and De Kalb avenues. Brooklyn, last evening In the hospital it was ascer tained that she bad taken chloroform. She recovered consciousness enough to say that bor name was Katy Lee, and her home Chi cago. She had been Induced to forsake her home with her lover, and he had taken ber to Brooklyn and had deserted ber. 8he was out of money and In disgrace, and receiving no answer to iter letters home, and having no place to go to, she bad taken chloroform to end her life. There is little bope of her recovery.-[y. Y. 8un,6th. Parson Glendenin's Troubles. ? At the session of the Peoria (111.) Presbytery last week, Rev. John 8. Glendenln, whose scandal baa become a national one, was re fused admission, and the church at Henry, where he has been preaching for some time, was ordered to dissolve its relations with him. There has been a protest entered against the action of tbe board aad it is thought that, in addition, tbe church at Henry will refuse to obey tbe orders of the Pres by tery. Rats Nearly sink a Ship?The bark 8kevr> vere arrived at New York Saturday from Melbourne, Australia, with articles for the Centennial. On the voyage the ship sprung a leak, It Is supposed rrom the work or rata. The leak wm stopped with a sail, and it took two days to pump the water out of tbe shlpj COMPROMISE OF AR EMUIZZLBMITT Caps?Arminlus H. Guden, glass manu facturer, who disappeared some time sir ce immediately after drawing from bank *2 150 belonging to the firm .has made a settlement with Alphonse Peltier, with whom he waa associated, and has been re leased Orom custody [JT. Y. Commercial, (UK. Exporting Dry Goona?A small ship ment of dry goods has been made to New Zealand, and the Fall River manufacturers, encouraged by tbe result* of tbe visit of Mr. Hathaway to Europe, are about to send a gentlemen to represent their Interests to Sontb America.?(if. Y. Commercial, eth. The British CentennialJcdgrs sailed from Liverpool Saturday, except Sir Sidney Waterlow. who leaves Thursday. The French, Belgian and Russian Judges sailed from Havre Saturday?Dublin University win send a crew of four to take pari In the boating eon lest at Philadelphia. AH Embezzler Convicted?In tbe United States district court at Norfolk, Va., Saturday, Rock ford B. Stephen, late deputy collector of internal revenue or tbe 4th dis trict of Virginia, was convicted or embezzle ment of ?2.000. Georgia Politics?The Georgia demo cratic delegation Is uncommitted, but will vote for any good man tbat can be elected. Bayard is the moat popular. Tbe republican delegation stands 13 for Morton, 7 for Blaine and Brie tow, and I for Conkllng. ?? 110,000 for a pyrotechnic display has been voted by Philadelphia oounclls. ?STThlrty thousand Turcomans net at Mery and agreed to solicit Afghan help for a holy war against tbe Csar. ? - %r A Papal brief authorises Um crowning of the statue of tbe virgin at Loiudes. The ceremony is fixed Cos tbe 3d of July, and all the French prelates are to be invtted. bomty-jfoubth congress. The IupMehMCil Trial. UoHDiT, May 8. 8 EN ATE?At 11 a. m., pursuant to order, the Senate (silting on the trial or impeach ment) momed Its session. The usnal proclamation made by the Sergeant-at-arms, and the Secretary was directed to notify the House that the Senate was ready to proceed. The manager* and the counsel having en tered and taKen their seats, the minutes of Saturday's proceedings in impeachment were read. MR. MANAGER KSOTT then addressed the Set ate, resuming his argement from the point whera he mspeud ed on Friday last- lie said the line of argu ment which he hsl proposed to maintain had beeii so ably and powerfully followed by his colleagues that tut little remained for him to do, except, perhaps, to recapitulate some of the more prominent points. He held that this mode or procedure (impeachment) was designed to protect the purity of the public service and pro\ lde against misde meanor and malfeasance I*? office. Accord ing tc the learned cenusel for -heaocused, the role objeci aimed at Ik to secure removal from office. But the ure&t men wno made the constitution had different ideas. They provided that not only should the criminal be removed from office, but be shonld be perpetually dis qualified front i.c'dinK office. The.r design was to exhibit such a historical ex. ample as would prevent the imita tion of their crimes by their successors in office. It was designed not for th-a harra?s n.ent of a single individual, not lot purposes of vengearce, but for the sake of example, as a precaution against future o:Tences of the same kind. He said the learne 1 counsel were dignifying their client tex> m.ich when they supposed that this proceeding was merely for the punraeof harassing and dis qualifying him. The House of Rtpresenta tlves, in sending these articles hare, had a far higher purpose in view?the vindication and the purification of public irorals. It would be extraordinary for the Senate to de cide that such a momentous anomaly ex isted in our institutions that a party enter ing an office, with all the responsibilities pertaining thereto, should escape those re sponsibilities by resigning. If it had been intended that only the*e> in office should be Impeached, then why did not the framers of the Constitution insert a clause "that oulv those In office should be impeaciied If they had Intended that no man should be impeached except he was in office, then they certainly would have said so, for they were men who always said exactly what they meant. The very fact that they omitted to make this distinction is conclusive of their intentions. The impeachment claise Is not only not susceptible of the constrt ctlon put upon it by the e ounsel, but It does not admit ci any such construction. At llSJ&m. Mr. Ilam'.ln move I that the Senate sitting in Impeachment adjourn till 12.15 p. m. Agreed to. At 12 o'clock the t*eiI8LATIV* SESSION OF THE ATE was called to order, and prayer eifiered up by the chaplain. Tbo legislative journal of Saturday was I read. The chair laid before the Senate a commu. n! cation from the Secretary of War, enclos ing report of Assistant Adjutan: General Vincent relative to the bounties to the evjl ored soldiers. Referred to Committee ou Appropriations Mr. Davis introduced bill to incorporate the National Drove-yard Association of the District of Columbia. Referred to Commit tee on District of Columbia. The Senate then resumed the considera I tion of , IMPEACHMENT PROCEEDINGS. Senator Morton propounded the questlan whether there had ever been an instance where a party who had been Impeached by Parliament bad afterwards been tried in the courts of justice; or of a party who, having been tried in the courts, bad afterwards beeu impeached by Parliament. Mr. Knott said he did not know that there was any 6uch case. Mr- K. then resumed his argument in elefence of the Jurisdiction of ihe Senate, characterizing the position of the respondent's counsel, when workci out to its lexical conclusion, as ridiculous, aud as making impeachment a fare-?. Ia con clusion, Mr. K. said he was perfectly con tent to leave this qu<*tfon witn the Senate? perfectly satisfied that no large bo.iy of right-minded men would condemn the House lor what it had done, or condemn the Seuate ."or lt? decision, whatever that decision might be. He could make no passionate ap peals to the Senate; be could not forget that It was sitting here the highest constitutional body In the land, called upon to decide the gravest question that bad ever been brought before it. He trusted that verdict would be that the American Senate, unbiased by party or partisan clamor, would have the sterling virtue to administer the law. He felt sure that the counsel ou the other side would agree with him. On closing Mr. Knott was greeted witn applause in the galleries. Judge Black said that he felt aa keenly as any one the Importance and the gravity of tire occasion. He asked that If in his embar rassment or bis haste he should say anything that was improper he would be censured tor it, but that they should spare bis client, who bad suffered enough. He agreed that this question ought to be, and ha believed it would be, decided on the law of the case and free from all outside Influences. He would cone directly to the subject before them; first, whether or not this party here was liable to impachment by the House of Representatives because he was lately Sec retary of War, and second, whether his resig nation as Secretary of War took him out of the Jurisdiction, and whether the fact that bis resignation was made to avoid such Jurisdiction had anything to do with the question. This latter tact had nothing at all to do with the main question, it was purely of a speculative nature; improper tor the 8enate to determine, and wrong for him to discuss. He did not deem it necessary for him to go over the ground of bis colleagues, but he would address himself to some or the points or the managers. There were some points to which it was Impossible for him to reply. He had listened with great admiration to the manager who had last spoken on Sat urday, [Mr. Hoar] It was the most finished oration to which be (Mr. B.) had ever lis tened. But It was given In great part to the abuse of Gen. Belknap, which the honorable manager bad no right to do. He had assumed that everything charged against Oen. Bel knap was true. The manager had no right to play the part of Cicero and set up Gen. Belknap as an imaginary Marc Anthony. HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIV ES. ? Under the regular call of states the follow ing among other bills were introduced tot referense: By Mr. Blair (N. H.)-To facilitate the sale and settlement of the public lands granted in aid of railroads and telegraph lines. Pa cific Railroads. By Mr. Meade (N. Y.)-To amend sections 2,93? and 2 943 of the revised statutes. Ways and Means. By Mr. Randall (Pa)?To provide for the issue of coin, and for other purposes. Bank ing and Currency. _ By Mr. Rollins (K. C )?Bill to amend the bankrupt act. Judiciary. By Mr. MUllken (Ky.)?To amend chapter 4, section B72, of the Revised Statutes. Ju diciary. By Mr. Clarke (Ky.)-To provide for the appointment of assistant naval constructors by the President. Naval Affairs. By Mr. Wells (Mo.)-To provide fir tin Issue of subsidiary sliver coin. Ban king and ! Currency. Also, bill to enable purchasers of lands granted to railroad companies to exercise certain corporate powers. Pacific Railroad. By Mr. Buekner (Ma)?Bill to authorise the reravlngof Pennsylvania avenue. Also, bill for relief of Patrick Burns, of Washing, ton. Also, bill for relief of 8ophia 8. Wash ington. Also, bill for relief of ft- T. Mer rick; all of which were referred to the Com mittee on the District of Columbia By Mr. Flnley (Fla)?BUI to exenopt cer ?in steam veasels mm Inspection and iimbis laws. Commerce. By Mr. Willard (Mich)-R'll to Incorpo rate thaWashington and Bl*ie^s?ur< rail road, and to prohibit the use of steam ur -re on. District of Columbia. A number or private bills were offered wi der the above ealL ?? Mr. Hale (Ma) ofltred a resolution direct ing that the several committees of the House charged with Investigations shall conduct the investigations with open doors when testimony is being taken The Home by a party vote refeed to sec ond the dssaand for the previous question? seas 69, nays 91. Mr. ^ate then moved to refiar the resolu tion to the Committee on the J sdieUry, with instrrctlor *> to report berk, upon which tbe yeas anil nays were demanded. The motion was rejected?yeas, W; nay*, ill. _ Mr. Sayler (Ohio) a*Iced leave to offer a resolution directing Ifce beads of the several executive department* of the government to report what orjectiou* there are. If any, to making tbe metrical system obligatory la all government transactions. Mr. Kelley objected. Sir. Payne (Ohio) offered a resolution, which was agreed to.directing tbe Commit tee of Ways and Means to make an Investi gation of tbe management of tbe custom boose ai New York, and to report what further legislation is necesssry to secure a more thorough collection of tbe revenue, with authority to report at any time. Mr. Wells vMiss) asked leave to offer a joint resolution authorizing tbe Secretary of War to distribute 800,000 rations to tbe sufferers by the late overflow In Mississippi. Mr. Caldwell (Ala )?There was enough of that business last year._ A Terrific storm burst over Leaven worth. Kansas, Saturday morning, destroy Irh everything In Its patch, and causing damage to the extent of a quarter of a mil lion of dollars. Thus far no lives are report ed lost. A hurricane of terrible violence also swept ever a portion of Chicago Saturday afternoon. doing an inrmense amonnt of damage. Church steeples were prostrated, many buildings Mown down or unroofrd, trees torn np t>y the roots, carriages and ve hicles of all descriptions demolished, ani general havoc made wherever the storm struck. A large nnmfter of casualties are re ported. several of which will prove fatal. The damage la roughly estimate at *.30.000. There was also a heavy rain storm at Kan sas City, Mo., and every railroad leading into the city was so badly washed aa to cause an almost complete suspension of traffic. Andrew t^hnson's pepasii ?w the First .iatiosal B\?k.?The Me- nhls iTenn.) Avalanche savs; We learn from g- ->d authority that the heirs of ex-Presidei ?. Johasou have succeeded in collecting thi residue of the money belonging to him and rn deposit at the First National Bank at Washington wben that concern collapNtd a couple of years ago Our recollection is that tbe original amount waa about *60.000, and that before his death Mr. Johnson obtained 40 or 5o per cent. His heirs have been fortu nate enongb to get tbe balanoe-a fact wbicb will he received with gratification by the public, as the sum loaned tbe bank waa the greater portion of the savings of a lifetime of economy. A Krw aw ay Matci-A telegram from r>avenport, Iowa, sa.vs "A day or two ago there arrived in Rock Island Mr. and Mrs. James Home, of Belott, Wis , and stopped at a private boarding-bouse. There appeared on tbe scene on Saturday morning Mr. j. O. C'harooerlln. an unci* or the young lady, In searcb of ber, and with tba aid of the mar shal th< parties were found. It was a run away match; tbe father of the lady Is very wealthy; tbe young man is poor. The match was forbidden, but this did not do any good. Ttey were made one, and he is now at work In one of the mills, and she went back with the uncle to pacify the old folks ana pave the way for a happy future.'' Civil. Rights Case in Pittshceg-t/. ?Jury foil* to Agree and u Uuchargeit?The cat-e of the United States against C. A. Moore, which has been on trial in tbe U. 8 court for a day or two, has attracted consid erable attention. Moore was Indicted for violating the civil rights law, in having re fused Charles Thomas admission to tbe par quet In Trimble's Varieties. The ca?e went to the Jury yesterday afternoon, and after having an all nlgbt siege came into court this morning shortly after 10 o'clock, having failed to agree upon a verdict. They were discharged, and the case will grobably be irled again at the next term.?[PitUtowry Let* tier, Cth. AN explosion OK GIANT POWDER AND glycerine at the magazine of tue Dela ware, Lackawanna and Western railroad, on tbe Jersey City palisades, took place on Saturday, killing one man and shattering the windows In hundreds of bouses for two miles aronnd. The explosion was .nearl with startling tfTect throughout New York city. It was supposed to have been tbe work of Bergen tunnel strikera, but it it now thought to have resulted from spontaneous combustion. Over 4?.000 persons visited tbe (?cene yesterday. Many house* were riddled with bricks and stones hurled through the windows by the explosion, and it la wonder ful there waa no more yoss of life. The Colored methodists.?The Gene ral Conference of the African Methodist Church, in Atlanta. Ga.. have adopted reso lutions of tbanks to tbe managers of tbe Centennial fit recognising the Sabbath; and of fraternal greeting to the Methodist Church North, the Methodist Church 8outh, the Af rican Methodist Zion, the Colored Methodist, the United Brethren of Christ, tbe British Methodist Protestant, and the Methodist True Wesleyans. A telegram of fraternltv was sent to tbe Baltimore Conference. The Ardcctioh or ? Child.?Mary Sle vert, of M Willow street, Hobo ken, made af fidavit before Justice White yesterday, charging the abduction of her daugbte<-, Emma, aged 14, by a man named Miller, of Jersey City Heights. While standing on the Hamburg ateamer's wharf one afternoon last October, Emma was suddenly seised by sev eral men. thrust Into a eoach. and taken rapidly away. Her mother has not beard from her since then?(JE Y.8un,6th. Whisky Ring Sentences.?Sentences were passed in the United States courts at St. Louis, Saturday, as follows: Lous Kel lerman. ganger, six months In tbe oonnty jail and Si 000 fine; John T. Howard, ganger; John A. Mead, ganger, R. B.Jones, store keeper, and Henry Arm stead, storekeeper, each fifteen months In the county jail and $1,000 fine._ Xn kevelatioss in the Chicago whisky cases indicate a very desperate state of af fairs. If the testimony of Bergen thai, the distiller, is to be credited, tbe conspirators not only contemplated arson, but murder, to conceal their crimes. Wben we read of these r onstrous oflbnees we can hardly help ad mitting that, "disguise tbe truth as we may, we men are a little race."?jJT. T Rcra'iL The Centennial Openino?ii having been generally understood that no one but Invited guests conld witness the opening ceremonies of the Centennial exhibition, the Centennial board of finance state that all persons will be admitted at 0 a. m. Wednes day next, on the payment of the required fee, fifty cents. ? srppofcTD ikcendiaby kire at York, Pa, last evening destroyed Parquhar's large brick machine shops, and seriously damaged a warehouse adjoin) rg, the St. Charles hotel, and a number of brick and frame bulldlaga. One hundred and sixty working people are thrown ont of employment. Total loss prob ably ?40,000; lnsuranoe S28,000. A disastrous pies occurred at Williams, port. Pa., on Saturday, oonsumlug the lum ber yards of the Beaver Mills company, Bar row A Co., Taylor A Co. and A Smith, and was tbe most extensive fire ever had there. Tbe lumber burned occupied about twenty-five acres, it was the work of an incendiary. S7*Camella won the 1,000 guinea raoe at New Market, England, Saturday, beating the favorites. BfiTE. T. Fitch, at Tuscaloosa, Ala., while shaving, remarked to his wife, '"I believe i will kill you," and cut ner throat with the raior. gyThe Jury who are to try the seven mil lion suit against Peter B. Sweeney, la New York, have been selected in the private office of the county clerk. ^"Governor Heudrick's home Is at Shel by ville, lnd., whleh tbe republicans oarry this year by 97 majority, sweeping every ~ Is Is a gain of i? over last year. ward! Thls~ls a gain 1 | S7~Tbe U. 8. Lsw Association has arranged for a congress of lawyers In Philadelphia on the JOth of Jane, to consider the unification of the laws ot the several states. s^-Henry A. Solomon, formerly receiving clerk in the office of the register of taxes In Brooklyn, has been arrested on the chargs of embezxlii g while acting In that capacity. SE7"In tbe circuit court at Omaha, tlatnr day, Justice Miller, In the case of the United States vs. Burlington and Missouri railroad, In Nebraska, confirmed tbe title of the road to U0,000 acres of land involved. EST A riot occurred at ttakmiea. European Turkey, between Christians aad Mahome tans about a Christian girl who desired to be' Mahomed an, during which the French aad German consuls were last general meetingof the woven Is centennial union was b*M at New Tor* Sat urday. Tbe tot* 1 amount collected far tbe women'* pavilion at the centennial exhibi tion was rnict. Telegrami to The Star. AFTER BOSS TWEED. Narrow Escape iron. Capture THE BOSTON BELFRY MURDER. cosFEssrox or piver. methcdist general conference. 1 HE ?ITTMWBIftT WKHrtAL <?! runic **a PnwrMlM* Te Baltimore. May <C-Titat>op fotWr rr? f 'tied at tbe opening of Vh* conference Ull mornlnc Immediately after religious ser vices, Dr. Hitcbeock. senior acent of ttw hook ctaerrn M Cloclnytii, raw t to qaM t on of privilege, and inquired of Um secre tary why and mtough whom tbe paper rrr setitrd to Uta conference by I>r.1 " thfln oa Hat unlay laot. in reft renoe to TBI VtmKR BOOK COKrKRB, had teen fur > ? jed U*e Associated PrtM. Tbe secretary. Mr Woodruff. disclaimed any knowledge as to 11* belt g given out. lie Had not lorniabed it- l>r 11.lot.cock proceeded with tarrMtnmi and war nit a to oommwt on The memorial presented by Dr. 1 .an ah an on Saturday laud charging the toKolvaury ot the western ben>k 'wwrii. and contending tnat the all egations of the memorial wor? ut; true l?r. Hilcheoek oonicn.led thai the repr-rt of the book eo lmlttee nhowii k that t^e asset* of the Wat era Hook Concern exceeded It* liabilities over half a million of dollars, was strictly comct. He satd tho reports of twodlfTfcrent ? umlDfri of the Western Book Concern ?meed In every particular la eiU^IIHUac tbe correctness or the exhibit < : i ,e book committee. The only disagreement, which wm> a small matter. *m m Vo the value of real estate he'd by the Concern, whlob l>r. Ultchcr. k skid w?< undervalued Instead ot overvalued. Air.oa Kblnkle and Dr. Waiden. Jr., agent ol the Western Book Omum, roM successively to que*tlona of privilege and earnestly protested against Uie statement made In tbe nncmortal. I?r. Wa'den Kkld the ATTACK ON TI1E Wk?TKB!f BOOK ? tSCF.EH vat a blow at Ita credit, and the sislement chargtrg Its Iraolvency given to the preea, we know not bow. waa fall of mUrepreeenta t lot*. He read ^statement ol ttiepmntaol the aeve ral agencies of the western ouncern, showing iff sourd condition. At theconeln ?dor of Ela remark*, Dr. Walden offered the following ?'Whereas', the memorial in regard to our publishing interests, prev-nted on Saturday through Dr. Larahau, and signed by C Her bert lUcbaru^on, John Miller. John Baer, ?xd Jesse C. WarOeld, contained d imaging atementa touching the flnst.clal condition he ?>?? i 01 ihi muiuion H*1* Western Book Concern at Cincinnati; acd, "rpa*. the*? damaging statements In some wa communicated to the press, have been ma<s public, to the detriment of said corcem. s?*refore. I Rcaotved. ?. at t!ie committee on Uie book Tconcern la bei by instructed to consider the 1 subject of bsio memorial and report at the .earliest moment irsctlcsble upon the flnari clal condition < the Western Methodist book concern. ? ON TV. ED'S Tit All. Narrow Escape of tbe Haas froas Cap* tare. Niw York. May s - The AirraMhs? a let ter firm Midland OfQtflSn Bay, Canada, stating that Boas Tweed and two compan ion* apeot the winter on Mnakoka river, thirty mllra from Mil laud and 100 mile* from Toronto. It appears that Tweed and two men loaded a small steamer laat No vember. Ju*t before the close of navigation, with a great ?iuamity of provisions, aad , went to Parks Kill, which ha* not been running. Tweed and hi* companions lived I In the cottage all winter, the ?? lt-iss" kneping dumb, and it being given out that he bad received a paraiyUc shock, o.i the fttb of April tbe suamcr that took them up laat fail, arrived there again with provisions on board, bat did not leave for I a few days. < >n Friday, the >th, two detec tives left Midland, went to Park's mill, reaching there Saturday. On being liacor ered. the whole of Tweed'* party Qed on hoard the steamer by small boats, tbe one on Khlcb the Boss embarked being snnk by icesbd he getting a ducking. Their eooapa In the boats was covered by some four men I on tbe steamer with revolvers, and sbo's were exchanged with the detectives, who were <.n t..e dock. Tbe steamsr escape.i with Tweed to Georgian bay. l e detective* ' itg unable to follow. Tney aspect soon to I capture him. I THE BOSTON BKLFBT HI BDU. I onftMlsi of Piper. BOSTON, Mass., May * ?Jt is reported tba* Piper has confessed to tbe murder of Mabel Young, and al*o the mnnler of Uie I,and re gan girl, of which he was suspected twoyssn ago. LATVK. XI c report oi Piper s iull confession of tbe murder of Mabel Yonngaud Brldg-t Landre I gan l* pnbll bed, and has created much ex citement, and any doubts existing as to its truth were swept away by tbe statement ol E. P. Brown, Piper's counsel. In Lbs su preme Judicial Court this morning, Mr. Krown said he would rot praos the motion for a new Irlal in view of a eooversaUoa bo had had with Piper. Jadges Colt aod L?ord thereon overruled the motion. No details ot the contoeston are ;et published. Tbe state ment was a verbal one, and Is not yet wrtt ten out. THE ANCLO AIUUCAI CARLES Tke Bepatra Mat Yes Dsae Ntw Yoax. May h.?The Western 1,'nton Telegraph Company make the following an ?uatimept: Nsw York. May 8. a. m?"Csaawaalca tion between HL Pierre and PlacenUa has been interrupted. It is supposed the tronble is caused hv a repairing party waiting at the cable, we shall probably be la working order In the courss of a fsw bonrSjJ^^^^^^J In Vi ?? N*w York, May k._ ai the regular weekly meeting of the New York M?thodl*t Minis ters' association to-day,a committee was appointed, to report at the next meeting, on the desirability of using unfermented wine for communion, in place of fermented, now in use. Celai Pavama, April 27?A report baa re Ac bet Bogota that tbe president of Venezuela sent an embasay to Kcoador to aaeertaln what attitude she will assume lneaae of hostilities between Venezuela and Co lumbia. PopQHKaarein. May s,_At me^n,, term or Uie suprome oourt this moraine ?or ^>e*iac'J ^ ? Ruben stela moved to strike that oaoe from the calendar which notice tbe oourt denied and the case was nut down for F rlday next. ? trenaSewtb A us art ca. Pa HA ma, April 2T .?Peruvian at vices says It is rumored that Congress, in Jane next, will ignore the presidential election, dee tare tbe present incumbent. Don Manual Pardo. provincial president for two years. Another Chinese rising tn Pern was frustrated. la Bai^ ^rihe pie ? i' ? ^_-<vrgus, '?? MK*rjrosrow jA *mrm* Vsa^i, Nkw^OkKTlIlay ?.-fhe'oaA oTu'oaltw agatpat Beecber was, by oonaeut. put 4o>u for Thursday next. ' p BsLTiaoks, Msr^i^oettQa^aU a*0 jMbUli^. U, flour sSsstlr, j-isr< muSiTtI low are street and wsstem saser, s smW s fSaillr. IMJs"Sty'Mui, Dl?-r. .V. I Ai M- <to Avtra a OB. A. Wi V . V r s-H. as* * June Oats easl.r snd toirTr s?Uv?-' c flrtt ? anv ? ? I iftfllM It. - ? -iu? '?555ofc,^r I. 11s. wit. ?7>Latest iron the Black Hills. "No-Ma or set of soon, so far as I sen learn, *es ever takes out poM enough to pay tor gran."

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