Newspaper of Evening Star, May 8, 1876, Page 2

Newspaper of Evening Star dated May 8, 1876 Page 2
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EVENING STAB. WASHINGTON: MOSDAT May *, 1?7I Beading Matter on Every Page Areraye Daily Circulation over J3,tHMP,?beiny more than three time* that of any other daily pajM-r in Wa*hintjton. Let Ike Taa-Fayera of the District Have ? Voire. Mr. Hendee, la bis speech la Uie House la iiror of the tax-bill reported by the ma jor" ty of the District Committee, made the ft l owing remark* inbehalfof the tax payers ? 'theDistrict: ' As I said la the opening of rov remarks, 1 believe the people of this District tboula t ave a voice in this matter. When I first came to Congress, three years ago. I felt al most a hatred toward the D strict of Co lumbia. Why 1 did not know. I had re reived information regarding this District by way of newspapers and otherwise that led me to believe that there was a great c'ral of rottenness here, a great deal of fraad and misappropriation of public money, i I ad made up my mind that that was true, and I have no* 'he slightest doubt now that my conclusions were correct to sora? extent, vt bile, however, that may be true. I do not ?1? sire that my hatred shall exten t to the en tire body of theeltlzer.s of the District. Let ? urern ity rest upon those who have com mitted the frauds. While there may be a Mildred or more men In tne Distric. of Co cn.b a woe have done public wrong, who Lave appropriated to their own use money ??lor King to the people, there are perhaps forty thousand men and tax payers hero wuo are eutirely Innocent. ? TL.e representatives of those 40,000 inno cent men, not of the one hundred men who fcave committed these frauds, came to our committee and said, "How much money do you want the District to raise?" We re plied that we thought from $1,700,000 to ?.'.CO,00>j would be required of the District. Tt.ey said to us, "You shall have it, only give us the poor privilege of saying how the citizens of the District shall raise the amount of money you ask.' We gave them that privilege. They took weeks, I was go ing to say months, to prepare a bill. They did prepare one,mad submitted It to the en tire District through the papers and in other ways, and ntoe-teaths of the eatlre popula tion of this District, I believe, have ex pressed themselves entirely satisfied with the provisions of that bill, which is the ooe the majority ot the whole committee now present to this House, and unless the substi tute can be perfected la many of Its pro visions I hope It may not beaiopted, but that the bill presented by the chairman may be passed. "Now, why should Congress interfere and say that the people who are to pay this money shall not pay it la their own way? I say we should give the people of this Dls. trict the right of designating the manner In which they shall raise these taxes and upon what kind of property they sha'l be assessed. "If the House shall prefer the bill of the minority on account of the manner la which it reaches personal property, I certainly ?lall concur, only hoping it may be perfected t tfore it shall become a law. Charles Franels Adams, who has been a standing candidate for the Presidency for many years, has been Interviewed. H? re tards the present state of affairs as chaotic, i ad graciously deigns to bestow faint praise ? a one cr two of the Presidential aspirants. ' But. what the country needs, 'says Charles I iancls, "is a man with a head on his uouiders." And thereupon Charles Fran cis straightens himself up wltii the air ot a man who wears a No. lo hat. The present arrangement for taking excur fc.onists to the Centennial from here excites dissatisfaction, not only because the fare is too high, but also because the time for using the tickets is too short No visitors need pecuniary advantages more than the Gov ernment's employes, but this "reduMon" is a dead-letter to them. Their regular vaca tloa is thirty days. These thirty days are very preclcus to them, and are generally spent north of Washington and further away than Philadelphia. Tney may not want to spend the whole vacation in Philadelphia, but they do want to stop there and then con same the rent of It, as usual, In going toother points, without first returning here, and without losing the benefit ot the excurstoo tickets. To return in fifteen days is to throw away half their vacations, and not to retaru la that time is to throw away the beaeflt of those tickets. They cannot afford to throw away either. Now is the time for Col. Scott to show his sagacity, his usefuluess, and his good-will. Let him run a train or a car en tirely over his own roads, making the round trip fare about S5. and the time thirty days. He will then carry everybody, pocket ail the proceeds, and really accommodate an un lucky city whoee friendship is worth culti vating. ? 'Sl>i There is a certain degree of point in what the Boston Watchman, m religious Journal, says of the Congressional investigations. That paper thinks it is about time to tarn around and investigate the investigations. It compares the latter to a dark lantern as used by a burglar?"a little light is let on certain spots, but if there Is any suspicion that the holder of Ike lantern is suspected by the good man of the house, out goes the light." The democrats of the Connecticut legisla ture will bold a caucus on Wednesday even ing next to select their candidate for United States Senator, in place of ex-Governor Eng lish, the preeent Incumbent. The contest be tween Representative Barnum and Mr. English is exciting great interest In the state. Both arpi rants have done their state much political service, and have always been liberal contributors to the election funds. 1 be question of who gave the most seems to enter Into the canvass. The friends of Governor English assert, for Instance, that be gave his party this year *21,500, while Mr. Barn urn's advocates retort by saying feat their man has given more than twice that sum annually for years. From this fact It is Inferred that considerable money was spent in Connecticut at the late election, and that the democratic pile was rather heavier than that of the re publicans. Some one has characterized it rather aptly as not an election, bat an auction. A PltUfleld, Massachusetts, Judge recently t,a\ e a curious decision in a case of Sabbath breaking. An Israelite was brought before him charged with violating the Sabbath by fishing. The accused pleaded that bis Sab Jbath was Saturday, which he always reli giously observed. The Judge fined him a ?mall amount, on the ground that while the statutes of the state permitted him to trans met his regular bus loess on the Christian Sabbath, they did cot authorize him to go Ashing on that day. The killing of the German and French con suls at Saloolela, European Turkey, will coat the Sultan dearly. Although the pablie punishment of the murderers has been or dered, that will seareely be regarded as suf ficient reparation by the French and German torenuneati. It is reported that the Amer ican consul instigated the Christians to res cue the proselyte of the Mahometans, and thus was Im *ru mental in bringing about a Woody riot. IX this be so tne sooner he Is re tired from his present positioa the better, as bis interference was plainly unjustifiable. The men 0o not seem to be as good story teller* as the women, Judging from the result of a com petition Jbr prl see tor stories, ottered J>y the Baltimore Werkly Sun. The first fire prises were carried off by female writers, and only one, the smallest prize,was awarded go a maie. This only means that women nave more imagination than men, and does not Justify the Inference thai they are lsee jtfuUiful. The Investigating /ever having r?nhftl ^Tiseonsln, some racy developments have g>e*n made in the ease of the "reform" ex Governor Taylor, who, according to the tea* fiimory of one of his former clerks, appro priated enough of the state stationary to last aod his friends u* uaiX a century. T>H0P?*AL8 FOB BUILDING ABOUT 49* 1 L'M&t riiTor TH1M& walls vr TBI JAMES CRBSK CANAL, AT N >-TBKr.T BorrawvsT. and bbpla'jibo TUB PBB8ENT BB1DQB. fssmm'iOrnci, Dirrmicr or CoLrxiTA.t , _ ?ul?GTO!l, B?rld,M7l. ( P"W Proposal* will be received at thi* office nnttl I'Jo'ckrkm , TUESDAY, Mir Ittk, 1WC for ballding about ?M Unea' f*et the B^ Walls cf the Jsmt* Creek Cut], ud replacing the pre?rnt Bridge, *t ff street *euthwe*t, In the city of Wash listen. P 0. B auk forma of proiouli u4 specifications ru be obtaln-d H this once, with all nec*asary iaf irmt tlon. ok>ti application therefor, and hide upon thee* f< rns ?l l alone be considered 11} order of the CommlMtooera of p. 0 B L HOXIB, mjlft Llent. Bng'r*U. 8 A .Bng'rofD O. BURCHELL'S 8PBIWG LEAF TEA AT 3d CISTS A POUND It has been thoroughly analytsd tid proaonnotd pure. OBLT BOLD AT ?>t?t 133S Estreat. aasrBhhitt Howe. airmK or thb commissioned of thb * J ulNEIBO FOND. Wasmihgtoh. D. 0.. Mar Bib, 1874 ?Healed Propnaals will be received at thi* office until WBDSEBDAT, Hay IT, I??, at 19 o'clock eooa. for the sale to the Oomaalsstoaars of the Sinking Pond, of Ten Tfcoasaad Dollar* of the Pis Per Ceat Ten yearBoaen) Bonds of the late eoi pcratlon of Washington. The Commissioners reserve the r1|bt to rtj?ci a"T off-r watch they may i<A deem advantageous Bj'rJerof the Com . 1j HQ3 laH.Mjt] MoSEa KKLLY. Treasurer. CAIT ' SALT '?90.000Brtck?LiTer?x>lQr"ind Alum and fine Bait Ash'on's, Deakins, Vir f in'? end Kvena' brand*. 10,1100 bushel* Fiuk's lsia?d. fOfi 0 Been and Cases Dtiry acd T.b'e Felt: for sals io 1-t* to sul?: delivered in p<-fot. \Va?hlrgton, about Baltimore ptires. By At P X K Kf l! ? HBO 41 fouth street, and JH> h IKS A KIBB3 Wharves, Baltimore. Dr. 8 lm "1'llL L1TTLB ElORB ARjCND THE Ct B 1 NAB." J EAKIN ?.\D*BV. ! DEALER JN VINM FAMIL) (i K OCERIEE, WIHMS, Lt'JV thS &?-. So. *?'l TWENTIETH STREET, N W . lie twee a Penua avenneaul 1 St., m>8 Jm W?shltigton, D. G. . J 11 SQIUFR A CO., BAXKltKS, 1416 FlSXSTLTAitlA AVEXIE, Pay fip*r cer t intereet on deposits, ptyable on i de-macd. Sptci&l rates on time deposits. Interest paid January and July or credited.m< lm BETTER IB PAILB AND TUBS, Fresh arrlTals every morning. FRESH WIBOHEBTBR EGOS B>)8 6t* ( OBKBBIOth ABD 0 8TS. B. W. Bo. 4391 jBo. 439 7th Ct. ( HOUSEHOLD I Tth Bt. DICOailONI, PA PI RHA NGIXG 8, WINDOW SHADES, PICTURE FRAMES, dtc. Bow opening the largest jswest and choicest col lection of PA PEBHaNGIBGB, artistic la deelgn, and of the beat fabrics and finish in the District, tmbracibff-Plala Tints, Gold and Silver Ground, Emboeaad. BtaBp Gilt, Bronze, Oriental Batla. Pat ant Iiaitatioii of Wood, Waahable Oaks, Satin, B1?nIk *nd Grounded Paper*. Fresco. Gilt, Tel ret aid Imitation Borders, Center*, Ac , Ac. We do not limit thoee seeking for fine goods to oar large stock, but hare made arrangements with one cf the leading manufactories, and hare sample book* of some of the finest paper* marie, and will ta;v* aay of the pattern* made to order la colors to suit the purchaser*. WINDOW SHADB8 ?Gilt Band and plain goods in popular color*, which we makeup In shade* to order. FIOTUBB FRAMES, In Walnnt,all Gilt, v> Ivet, Chapel and Ea*el patterns, the laraajt va riety in tbe city. Frame* made to order. Brewer ton's pcpnlar PASTEL l'AINTIBGi; sola agent for the District Fine aaaortment of gannina Draa den Porcelain Painting*. A few choice Chromos, Er gratings, Pohtographa, Ac. Picture Cord, in Gold. PUrer, Tinned ana Worsted; Picture Taseels, hiL-g*, Nail*, Ac. Pnrcha-ing and Mlllngfor cash, tbtte good* will beofferad at the lowaat remunera tive pticea. A call solicited to examine our *tock. ? J. MARRRITIK, Bo 4 39 7th at., 8 doora above Odd Fellow*' Hall. ?^"Tenascash.'XB On free exhibition and sale, an ori*iual painting by Leonardi, of Rome: Bub j<ct: Beatrice di Cencl In Pi (son the night before her Exicntion. The H>-adof Cencl,from the ori ginal In the Barbcrlna Gallery. my6-6t* 1776 1876 CJLN1ENXIAL CELEBRATION. CHAS. E iriHER R? jrf*'" bis mai: y friends and risitors esnerally fr. m baitlikOie and WaaLiagton, to give bim a c^U at bl* WINE BOOMS, 403 CHESTNUT STREET OR AT HI = CIGAR AND TOBACCO 8T0RK, Bo. 9 SOUTH BRO \D STREET. PHILA. Sleeping accommodation* for f>rty can be ?settled or tan* application. All information furnished without < liarge. Street car* pais bo:h h jusest < aud fr? an the gruaLd*. mytj It' ?)HEAP LUMBER. Haxlcg a large stock cf SFRUCE LUMBER we l ava concluded to sell It at the following reduced pt i <*. This lumber is water aoaaoned. and of the vtry beat quality. itS. 9x4, and Sx4, any length B15 par M 1x6.16 ftet rati* ?18 par M 4 i Boards...... ...?15 per M 5 lach J'ista. a IS to Bis per M I it *b J' i?ta..? T ?1? to il( per It 4H feet Pickets, (palings) .? 19 per M 41 (Ot feet rough, 3 Inches |7 CO p ?r M 2x3 and 3x4,2d juallty ?.?12 N par M T. EOW CLAEK A CO, Wharf, Tard and Planing Hill, foot of 4th street eaat, near O. B.Bavy Tatd. my6 Iw J J UNBWOBTH. JtwtUr, 901 7th and B streets ? southwest.?All kind* of Watohea, Clock* Bv and Jewalry repaired at reasonable prices All work warranted oaa yexr. myS Sw* & mayllm ? HOBS AT SPECIB BASIS! ?SJO French Eld Batton, BI M Laced do. JIM Balmorals, Bl 00 Oongre^i. I M Fox do. Bl M Fox Better, l.M Child*a,? to M, f 1 M Button, SOe Buskins. 7fc. Slippers, ? 1 26 Men s Congress, B128 Bays'Congress, #1 IB Newport", #1.60 Button de. With a new stock BTBAW^HATS. . At '? W. BELBY'S, mi5 tr 19H-191B Pa ar., bet. 19ihand 20th sU. J^NIOHTS TKMl'LAR.V REGALIA. We are prepared to furnish REGALIA for WA8HINGTOB COMM ANDERY, No. 1; COLUMBIA COBXASDRBT, Ns. 9; POTOMAC COMMANDERY, Ho. 3; DeMOLAY COM BASDEUY, H?. 4; OA SHORT NOTICE. Onr stock cf SIR KNIGI1TS' EQUIPMENTS Is Complets. All poods sold guar an ted to bs regulation and at Factory Piicis. WILLETT ? SCOFF, my4 2w 90} PBBNSYLVABIA AVENUE. ECONOMY IS WEALTH I CEIENTAL TEA STORE, 4*9 9tu STBEBT, T. M. 0. A. BU1LS1NQ. BUQAB?" A' Clarified 10 pounds for il. " Granulated, t pounds for BL. M Cut Loaf, BX pounds for fi. TEA?B!cs Imps rial 40s., SOe. " Swaet Ooloag. 40e., Me. " Fine JapaaTsOc^, 76c., aad higher grades. COIFEKB ABD SPICEb'aT LBWBST BATES. CHEAP: rUBB!! FBB8H"! my8 3m J. WAlitlB PlTUi, Prof. fAYLOB * HUFTY, ?99 PMBBBTLTAMIA ATKHOB, MATS BBDDCBD THB PB10BB OF TMB1B CELEBRATED DOUBLE TO KB SH1RTB j AS FOLLOW! : QaaHtF Is |M?i ? M t, tBAt; M " ?, M; m 94141. mm? * ?.??? 1,000 cS^2rToL**ATOB* *"? cmh PEAOMBB, larga sixs.20 cts. par OoodBarrsl FAMILY FLOCB. B8. . C. W1I11B, MB>l t> avaaaa. 1AM BftMFI L. WANTS. ABTIB?A god OOJK t.<l BTEWAED at the lrctcoTt Hou?? m/8 Jt \v Wanted?two appeemtiobs for drew making. Applv m Mad.Vi* BUTH, ? ?? Itlh street, b.twesa T aad 8 o'clock a. m. If WilTIl1-An eaerg?tic voting >1 AM to ?ol ctt ? ;?*> pr'r Ung; But know ki* business. 0*11 tt Le I-r 'it Ktiitllii. R v tr 9 It IVAHTrD-Om OPEBITUE **4 one TI# ** IBBEBon lin? coats Alfo.tMll to MU coata. Apply 30V lOita .treet nor.hweet. a/8 tt* WANTtl'-A white OIBL, well Sto do housework an4 take carp of chlldrtn. "? 20 I street northwest, onotll* bt. AIotM) ?? rrb. ?yty \HjmiBD-Br t re>|]u(bl? tenant, i Hull TV HOCSBcf<or 7 room*, located west of 7th and couth of B streets. Addrs*. statist term*, location, dc . Box 83. City Pot Ogee. It* I1/AHTI0-Two ladies de? I re to take charge of ? a FUBMSBID HOUSE for the summer \\^ issSf^w ^ ^ ^ pectsbl* c >1 orwi <lr 1 a HT ? * ||* WAoVtV/)AWHreVec",bl* white girls BIT t > travel. i*l*a*ecall at l#4i h h*' ni? *?**?>? 1 side dror U streat) * *'" h w,d u sSvSfiaJS ?,mc>:ATytlt^ ?',1 '? not entirely Flt_o> i " ?,* Wl&TRSft!? *?>o want to CO to the Ceiiten e. ivrrfrVri?5f,lVi H*?' *? this mr>rnio* re. cZ Vk., , or * l?r*a tumher of H ELP, such a, W()M K*l fi??K mu *n<? wl'treMi Alio, 2.5 g >>xf New l^nrri/ Jf ^n6 *;.coc*8 *T,(* cb*?b*r maid* for m'nt cmS?' to ~A??ytOtte Eureka S bdtleh 907 * rtrwt- **8- totaA h. _ _ v ; . niyB-Jt* ?VAfnrnf.h^1RonL'i11"?* p,r,1I 'nruisbad or^ kf?ir? ?Kt.?22. .M ^-c .nd fl >or f?r hou?e atepii g. State prica, etc , B. A.. thU office mt it* VVA]RONIlHi,?COOK. WASHES and !HiS^fMn11'' A"?;.at,r0 VVAeffl^^?.bi- McbarAnd0f,fi*"' witkon* && ? ^ W A,VtV^ B/* r??rwtable colored girl, a BIT tsasgmswmt S?=a?4?fcx55 "Before"?^., igf%Tia?-mrw?si^i?^ W Vaa IV.?T for ? cew HOUSE, No. _ ? w A 91 reel oorttiwMt' ?!* paaim* <>i? ^ ? the Patent and Port Office,, p" thl^ut IJt?" VV Vl Tn a t i? fiu*. mMd'?.Med White W man a itv^saast.*sraaj^ ~ 12 a. m. ? * avenue aouthaeet, between kiand calitr. H H ' 8Ur 0fflce? tenb, .?d to >V ^Vthb HonasTl? u;,b'? P?rt/ CU aBGE \WiX^w?" AB* HPIAH being with Fr? *r?-' floor iia 2^'ZLiior wi]bont r?noTln?froin the -?^ ApM* I m lYAhliU-IIOCHTV LAHI) WAKBAHT8 a>M ltri* Qo,. tsVJSli* IVAlil ID^BOIMaS to pa* to re or fs#vl * f?rm ?r0o?: SS'TWa'ES?'' '? W^IKU-CAUPETO to CLEAN at RtC* Steam B'at'vw Wrvk* jqa m.i.. . A,M s \ W vtiriSTW^cCf tJcv.Ti ?SiL}? sa? ssr ? lovH-iy LOST AND FOrvn diL/> aLd proving pro pert t ' ?>8-3{? I of Crimson Striaed ODRTaTvA" o,"V'" " m"~> ?? ???! ???3? S'A'JS.Wip, ?orrel color. A liberal reward will be ? ^^TOrt^be^ei? y^WtS1* "OIL A liberal reaard win b?fTj* Mid to any one retnrBing him ar faraiihlnixiL O lA? *?^03,< rtcoftrj. ALBEET O-EAtOM, Q itieef, between 7th and 8th nti-it* REFRIGERATORS 4IB WATER COOLERS. l*rg? rtock of good makes, at' low prices. ? OJEO WATTE * CO., yHE BEST ~ MARBURG BROS. SEAL of hobth oaboliia SXOSIHS TOBACCO. apH lm 10 ahd ao PENT packaoee. WALL PATER & WINDOW SHADES. n "J*?* ?Cd BTOOK, lncladlng all the . in decoratloEs, and at arioea lower any ?tore in the city, %1U be fooadat U"n I1SwuWi Twatr??t fttsgsgwrt^a, issa,Sff igf Cblnchee, or soiled with f resaiorl nkb. .nil' flTi<'ntre.^in,c*1 9roc?-- without ripping or shriLlT fe' ^ osstf Ksat?ss?.',fc? ?"?? attend to business personaily. My f kncwiedgs of osties enables me to grocura only the beat goods for tbs i l&KOPTt*Ak% - *?l tr 4?3 Pa, >t> , oorasc 4K street FJ. HE1BEB0EB, . (coooMsor to H 01T1ZENB, ABUT AS MstrotoUtan Hotel, (late Browa'sJ Jyl-ly Mo. 36V fsm^a asa., Waehti T. Loodsa A Oo.,) AND IATT MERCHANT TAILOR, j\ATTA2TS CRYSTAL DISCOVERY FOE THX HAIR. FOB BEST0BI5G OBAT OB VADID HAltt fO IT8 NATUEAL ASD TOOTHVUL OOLOE. It makes brash, dry and wiry hair smooth aad glossy. It eradioates DsMdraff. aad Its occasional aaaileatton arsrsnts aad stoas the hair fall lag. WarraaXed to rtstore the oolor im thrae to ten days. Ooatalas aathing whatever of aa aahsslthr or poisonous aatars. Does sol raquixe Asking; does not st U Ubsb or the lager aails; nor. In fact, bas it any of tha objections so justly urged against the Sulphur and Lead restoratives la ths markets. Baa baea used for Marly sight years now with" " "iiTiftS-" myS-tr M and D atrasts northwest P A. BBOTBE. romi P. WOOD. ?'^jsff^^asss.0^ t^usursisvrtsjsi s, FOR RENT AND SALE to no** Q rtr^t a-irtbw?t. ?.i8 3t* tonble lot, #V>. Iaqntrt. 9 19 O ?tr~*t pott a wet. my6-3t* t^,Sh Vo-?v"? ;-x-s? K<L*JM^.Tr^.TO*K??'-?o* ' fa tut wit ? Wo iflS?,ri5"r*"for *ery ckM|. Inquire _ ***** B?rthr??t. jnjMf ~ ~~ ?e BRICK HOUSE I ?D<1 l?l HIWU. 13 ; iLv- 9M. *??!? *" _- 1 Brtdge ttr<-et my8-6t F f?r5J2J~iuinMi?0*r<1' a"7- ?' elr 81 ? im^Tn . ' f?l? or slfgle. at Mo. "*???? Alfo.thwTABLKBO&RDIKS """* ?t* r???5y*~ "?.?at. neatle Inruiihrd rtuRT i .?oq b * *?l ,wo Hnw of nn. No. (,,IM " ' aorthwest. Modern ?<wiveni hi*8 ?? E-Tr^Mybwany i*it?i uois* in MrtoSt *? nrTvft, ' Ho- 5'?? * ?* fszs&maJUS."V4LL' ?* ?*m*\ ? t M90 M street. thr?? M8,0 fth 'tr~l ? ???jr F*nishid Vo|BRK^J^ ? I Ta fn . - r..*.,,;'o",-,ijv^. na -.y.'.sy'v, j? b wd 110 I street northwr** in* ^w)nf?fc j# klB* ?.cl,amb?r?i saloon parlor, din nn^ik^PV h tcb*ni J"th room and cellar Apply n?Mh?et? comer 6th afreet u? Lou.iaua"7 "" . my8 K ? Tfcr?? unfurnished ROOH^jiu ??JVr?r bonsefceepln*; watei aud ga<;guM) If, ?. L?JB i J?jl?l,?,od??**o ?>od tenant wj it 6th ,irM' **??? I" 0NBnB;?J^'rrat large aa d commodiout HOUdH i0*7 1 "*'??*? having 22 rooms, and all K7m^r?o"bn,,; fir*,cfa" neighborhood ftu,}8 3. IBOB.E WAOQMltB 3H>7ths?. F?^,r^HT75nnw?!lr0e 6,fe" f?rni?<* c,m * . ?"'"'call g ROOMS in a private family, on ?e ? ?, ?. ??r'wj,h *m8' *,teI ?a<f b%fh r H?m; wH rent t< get her or tcparetciy. Bent ito each 521^ n street north*est. F atreet cars paw the door. It* L OB KENT?Ho. 1916 SOth afreet north wont wantSf* 2^T^?*.?0t,,S,,?1x f00"' ms/blo MU^'-ore'lS^lS^?- lB1TJlre neXl d*>r or m>8?t' w BrTHgBrOBP. JSW. cswoft; eob?ftii6lit to bor^e car? ar><! ch&rlow. Kent m'Q ? *????>*. Befotenco rejulrM. Acaraae B >? 10,8tar oflloe. myg ? ^JolBlng lodging rocm^, cloteta. Ac ; in ??e moat central acd pleMant part ofthecitr. In a?drR C* ?9? ?th atreet, b.tVeea I ata k, opfogit# Bcott ?qnsre. my?-3t F'Siehr^,?Mr\n*T.I "\?rT_}nd basement Brick . . BKBlPKMOp, wHh all nodetn lm?roTPinpnt<, fr?Ia^ .tfjSKfcrV.*''?*? J*r?* ?nd floe Trait *eH?htfoU7 located: aaited to a am*11 faV. ?} , urine at derate. Inquire on prtmlaea. 1303 p ??.?> dpi ??i mySSt* 408 New Jerae? avsuae I couthtaat; prwsed brick frent; 10 ruoma ru, water aLd ereri modera convenience; a pl<>eeant ??j? "n the aame. Small pajmem d >wa S5?J? U.d ffii'fcJiJr- *?TUALPr, wrner Ukh at wet and New Tork aTenoe mvy 3t PJ? 8ALK OB ^XCHAHOI?Tor city property, ? Angiconrt'' FABM or 115 acre*, hfjfhfy ii xz? m T flna orchard of imported fruit tr?e?, ilf- ?? ?*V(1 b?rn;?lt',*?^ on Mew Cat Roai, l irvTn J Aaylnai. Inquire of k. 17th rtr*#t "orthweet, between I aLO K atreeU. my8 lm* ???T~*n?>,h*dor unfurnished BOO>!?*, i F, Jl i-i'a^q 5?? b?fcr<Ji food locality; reat low. Arply 1308 9th w'reet norfSweat. mjt at* IT0* BALI?Ghoice LOT on Oollega Hill, luh f,. "Safii oa;?ott favorable term? '^^OOP ? MOBBIBON. tit 7th at. ?{ 1m I/O? "HT-8e<?n?, third and fourth FL00BS a In Ko. ear Penrniranla avenue; gaa and waUr throughont; rent ???.?? and ?2S; or would ?ia^SS^2?f0r?,M' T^*S WAG3AMAN, A19 7th atreet. may6-St I FOB BIHT? 50 ACBES of choice gardening Laad,< room Dwelling. Bars, Ac.; admirably *f!< ,tf?Jor.aa*,r'i at the flrat atatlon out ? ide ofthecity on tne Baltimore and Ohio rallroal rent very moderate. J BtANLBT JONES ni< 2w BKNT-rmt andaecond fliOOBt) of H <u?e * 34 J PttiDSTlTama avenue; four roomsonfirnt "0f,rJ^ three on the second; modernoonrenlenoee; will rent aeparate or together; suitable for hou<e keeping, Ifiulre at the ?re?laea. mr? 3?' F?R"?*~?93 II atraat ?OTthweat;-44 4~P atreet Lorthw??t; f rociua; all Impeoveme jti; #,0; 1417 8tti ?r*?t n w; nrat floor, 446 P?tr?Jtii w^one 4-. oom HOUH*. *??m 30, ?h ard r "treeta porthweat. mt^6 3t* FHwo^V?!/* oSI- ^onr vc?rj Fwrtv ? . fcrei PA8TU KK L4li D. aijoltiiDC tn^ cit?, ir? ?*t*'e?lr jntioa oa H->u"d o^Ti i ? Borthwe?t. Inquire of H. O. INOEB n?aj#-Tw ' *tr*et, Le Droit IT0?,fornlitej or nnfar lotted E BOOMS, 12*^0 f atreet. 5.,{.? ^OB BBHT?Threa-atorv BBlOK, 714 l<?t at. r north we at; ?fiu per moath A ?#1 y at Boom 4 i, A ppointmcLt Bureau. P. O Department my8 St* KRf?NJ"h?.?i'i^i 3f0 ,tr*?t "onthwoji, being *.r ? _?ODg* of ?*??!> rooma, havlig wt t*r cn the pren laea. myt 3t* Kllri?*2 wTv10 with four roomi on corner *? cf 0 and 17tb ? reeta, Caat CapiU)l; rent #8 80 'o ?d?ce- Inquire at Mr. DUWall 8 Grocery Store, oa opp ooner. m8 3t* p01^*B*X-???ht-r'>om BBIOK HOUSE, No. E 151V Mth atreet northwest, bet wee a P and Q f-eu. Apply to j. r. OBAEH. Ho 1s-jo liti s rf*t- ' myS-St* |^OB BENT?No iit 19th street, all modera A ImproTtmenta, ten rooa.a: rent 435 per month TUo8 WAGOASaK, "B>8'8t fll9 7ih?ireet. F?* .Mi.!-A' ?w_jt*r moath, HOUSH Ho. ?Sth northweat, bail and 7 rooms, IJLff1?* ^'kad In front. D. M. L \W KENCE, m09 K atraat northwertj m>8-4t* IT OB BENT?An elegant naw 8TOBE, aultable buslneaa; dwelling attachi-d. Will rent together or separately. Apply to ? THHo.p. Satchel, myBJi Corner w and 11th atreeta. F ??Uhjs HT?7>M9a^ *tJ^etJlorUl"*rt" ro?f nifur ?*?OM8 for housekeeping, second fl or; Cola-' half a-aqnare; '~L_ w?' sewerage uolim? afiJ?1 u-?*? feet of ground \V,>nld SAkflSKlT n.wV"01* Pr?Mrty. TIHQE8 A BAKQEAHT, Baltimote my8^ 8.<0.12,13 K?.!L VMT ?41>*-A UOUOE In the coau Waahlngtoa, will be sold or 'J-*! ???'rty. or rented furnished or ?i Xt*nd' near Soldiers' 9Jff? the Poiit of Hocks Bailroid. Avoir at 1334 1 street oorthw-t. mwf-im ^OB 8ALB?HOOSE 1006 H street northwest rc>r,mi m?Jhu'Sf:hot ?nlfo'0 water in ted Fnuu, A*'ofT*rT m?*?TD conrentonce . '*AIK LIBBET, Lumber Merchant, myB lm Cor. 8tb street and New York ave. P^5^5*T^ne~?hrMli5ry-BBicirHOUeF, ?. 0 iU**L,Jorth*Mt' containing.8 room* asotth Immediate poaaesaion; price $40 per 1,1 rtr*?* southeast < iraer O, oon - ^H! rfr ?onth.m*'gM,WMer ^ bAthrooa; reut He. 1434 8th street northwest, containing six rooms! rent |8 80 per month in a4vauoe. mr? ? 1 ?AftFJTCH-.rOX * OO . my** 1809 PenaayIrani* avenue. F'&SKSr.^sf, V DB BHHT?O street, between 1st'and 2d 943; 3d street, between D and E. f78; H street, be 'yyp .1 jtfc *gd **'b? between Uth aLd lith, A40; corner U aud Sd. J40. r? , E.K.WILSON, [Bep.] <11 7th street. F?B ?ALE-A ??S BR/OB HOU8H on 6th street, V betweoa P aud O. with modern convenleatea. Alao. aa eight room BBIOK oa Connecticut ave? Due, between 1 ai>U M streets, a.ra.m , * ^ WlLiOH. B>T4"at [?Ol All Tthstreet. F??B ***r-ajlov&k aad bTOBE.on O street f one door from corner of tSJ street northwest at corner of 4th and 1 iti. s. w. my3 8t* L*0B BaHT-Three desirable BOOMS, suitable I*^^u{ig'^tt.a hn"; an R?f* taKowBmta brtral boarders la the hooae. Apply at Ho. 304 H street n. w. myj lw* sti&iissizjz'jgjsesi. &&>. ^OB BEHT mjS ^ *? THEO. P. OATCHEL, mmaljssiatm 4*,o in*ukanlm, 11th and F streets. I?'?}?'>?? w.fmod. tmpta,MS3 }? * * *? t?- III per month |o. 44E Pst. n. w. ir - *ree? aorth west, ~^aet northwest , osii northeast, myl-lw 41 fir month. f rnyTW* ?A ?AaJE..KJ< DWHULlhO tb aa sstablinhed trade of two years' 1 of a flrat clissbuai FOR RENT AND SALE. F?.1 F >B KENT-Ne 716 lith Hreet north weet . U ?<tw; ktlk.fttk bot ard (oM vtttr. riiif- . b<'ri>t(*. udlll Bolero c.'nTMlcor#* AppJv *t dux nil Inltn Buk 1Mb itmt ?&d Hot Y -k SAeperanLun: ?;! ??i F'OB B1KT-4 r*r? th?ue?-* part ofla-nlcly fnnlik?4 H0C8M f r hMwkM^iif. Is i j? llfbtftl locality, on the I Id* a* ltth ?tre*t ktlf (gear* froa car?; *11 ?ta- mod?cn taprov^ menta: flee cellar and yard fteftrenoee 1491 Q atreet. i|? la L-O* BEMT-A beaatifal three story H0C8B, I cottkUbi tUrlwi iwmi, bath ro?i, ntn < loei f, ntn, I at robe. hot and cold water. Ac.; ??M?,carriage honse; floe yards; lion ruling * Birtl* coptr ir. fountain, Ac : om msw* from rtrcet c*n, atreet corcreced. Beat for all. to a coed tnaRl. |M |w aootk. la MabM aal car riKf b< u?? f?? b? rni?4 Inqntre of B*t. V.g. BVAMS-839 Uth atreet eonthweet ?M? ? I/O ft SAL I?Two -etory Brick HOGSB Ho *09 1 4tb atreet north*art, containing fares room*, water and gas. bark and aid* allay. For part tea I at ? apply oa the premtae* apM la OBBBBT-Pirat claea BE*1DEHCB. with all _ Dudrn tmprovaw enta. on Bbode leland ave., Bo. 1413; will k? vacant nai tiaa dnMag tba m nth of May. Apply to J. J. SHEDD, 140-4 ltth atreet apt4 la FOB SkLB-Two valuable LOTS 20 ky MO 1act, caSth atreet, between Paid Q; flOOcaik; kal acre to five jeara at etx per oent. later act. Inquire at 627 Tth atraet aortbweaV apJU la FOB BENT?Pnralsbed or nnfnrnlabed, the moat detirable and plcaaant aubnrbaa BESI OBBCB In the Plairlct: 7th at., 4 mllaa from CMy; M yarda from HIti r Sprint depot. M?4roaotttaa K B vepe ab'ta, lea. and pact ore la abundance;* roans; would not object to renting for noaaw boarding bouae; part of rent taken In board. apUlu F)U BEHT?ft three etorr BBIOK^^ODSB, tea rooms; baa gee. water, bath row. dnnib waiter la basement, kiichen, and beater. Beat #44 per month Apply 91*39 P street aorthwest. apl7-3w 1/OB SALS ? In the Oonntry ? A comfortable r DWELLING of Urooaa. within five mtnatea walk Of kmmendale. Baltimore and Ohio railroad; also. fine Boilding Pi tee; K. I 11 n and Beantlfnl f'onntrt; will-watered. Addreea DANIEL AM MEN. Belleville. Ml apl4 3a If OB BINT-HOWk Mo 61X Maw Jersey ave 1 nee noithwtat, between P and O atreeta. I r cms. pas attd water: go< d yard. S30 per month. Apply tu *.0 JOHN&ON. 7 l!? Uih atreet north west. apU la L^OB BENT?Three atory ai.d banement BSICK r DWELLING with brick etaMe. 14(9 loth street coithwest. For h*alth. architectural design aud heme c-mf' rts Is nr?nrpac?ed SMALL WOOD A MOBBISON, apll-lm No. Hi 7th etroet. L'l'B BENT?One of the i iccat and moat coave r nieLt UOUBE9 in the District, with all modern lr pro ementa. and containing twelve rooms, mo ated corner 4th and G etre?ts a'-nthee*t. Bent fttti Ier month to a careful and steady tena at. Apply to i. W', Gl'lNAND, 6S3 Lcntsiana a<enne north west. apll-lm POB BENT-HOUSE 46 G street northwest. T rooms, water. 4c Large yard; convenient to three line* of atreet ears. Sfe per month in ad vance EDWABD V CABBiNUTCN, Jr., At t'tney at Law, 434 Louisiana avenne, opposite City Hall. apfa lm F>Ob SkLB OB EEOHANGB POBTITT PBOt EBTT?In Bllaville, Priace Oeorge'a oonnty, Md., SI XT-EBB AOBES of LAUD, with doabU Praise Honae. good waist, ba. abnadance af fruit trevs, gTapee. Ac.: highOTM|nfc><etion; twelve Bilnntee' walk to the Baltimore and Ohio railroad. AjMlMi^UV house can ? fp<?n and farthe^y^ywi BW?d from B ftio^on riw.- B. J. SWBBT, All 7th atreet, DIAL ESTATE ICLLETIN THOR. K. WASeAMAN, SI* Tth SL CBAKSU KADI BVAAT W1D.1U0AT AMDSATCBDAT. Brick Housrs far Sale. 1529 Colombia at. a. w..mod. Imfs.,8 rs ?4/100 J2.VJ27 c at. a.a., mod. tape., ? ra. 4 JBt Tj$ 6th at. n. w., nod. tmpa., 8 r* IAuO 1922 Uth St n. w,? ?od. tmpa.. I re. 3-SOO 1914 17th at n. v., mod. lape.. 8 ra. ... ? 3.400 I.H6 12th at. n. w.( mod imps , K> ra. ?? 8J00 ISKlSthat D.w.,Dod tap*.. 10 rs 2.100 249 3d at. n. w., mod. imps., 7 ra. 1 aoo 247 3d at. a. w.? mod. iaps.,i ra 1,160 438 Uth st. a. w., s ra. ? 8 0 624 K. ?t. a. a., 4 ra. aoo 7V? Story Brick and Frame Hcnutt for Hale. fi21 K at. a w.<r. H ), UK.<1 imps., 4 ra. 01.*? 711 *tk at a. e.,i F. H i, mod imps .4 ra .. i,a? at. n. w. < F. H ). mod. imps., 7 ra........ ISO 614 26th at. n.w. (P. H >, mod. Imps., 7 OM 1(105 B O av.. a. e .( P. H ,)m^d tmpa , il rs SW 1 and 6 alley bet. T and l ,(B. H.,? I rs 7uu 7th st. read. (P. H .,) irs. 2 Ntw Jereey ay., bet. P and Q. (P. H. > ? rs 2 000 Unimproved Properly Jar 8x'.e. I at., bet. 6th and 7th n.e , per ft - 23 7th ft , bet. H and I n e , per ft 11 M H., bet 3d and 4X a.w., per ft? 26 Ilowaid University, r.w , per ft. 23 Alley bet 16th A 17tb A- L and M n w., p -r ft. 20 7th st road.n. w.,< 10,000 feet,) pertt... ......... Ost , bet. 1st and 3<l sts. n w.. per ft?... .. %) 0 at . bet. Del. ave. and 21 at. a. w., per ft?... IS D at.,bet. Uth and Uth. n.e., perft...^. SO Ye. ev.e a., per ft. ??mmmmmm? 16 s ^ . t 2, a , per fL............................................. 16 1 i t.,i, it., bet. N and O s. W.. aer ft ...... 10 lid at . Let. M and M D, W. f ft ???** ????????some 10 Hoaxes for Rem. i3ll M st ,(ft>rn.,)mod tmpa , 10 rs .... 973 ?i? N .* . svs.n.w (fnrn.l. all mod. impa , 13 ra_ ITS 1114 M Y ave., (fura .)all mod impa .la ra 26 M.N J ave., <fam .) all mod. lmpe.. ISO 911 K ?t ,mod. imp*.. 10 ra........ .83.33 'Al A at. a. e , mod. laps . U ra ..... 76 627 Pa. ave. n. w., moa. imps . 3 ra ....... 6<J 1J19-12U 10th at n.w.. mod imp* , 12 ra ...... 61 1410 Pa. ave. n. w., mod Imps., 11 ra 40 134 Bast Oapttol at , mod imp- . 8 ra ? 45 hoiMth st. n. w., mod Itnpv. 10 ra 40 2J0 > M at n. w , m id taps., 10 ra..^... 40 111413th at n.w .mod impa . 12 ra^_^. 50 13*8 V at n w., mod. imps ,7 rs... 49 717i9 bat n w .mod imps ,lorai. 35 48 1 st. n. e.. mod Imps., 10 ra.._. 34 71 Bridge at , Oeorgetom n, mud imps . 12 ra... 30 67 fliah at.. Impa.. 12 r*..-?. 34 IA 6 loth at. n, w? mod. tmpa.,8 rs..?.90 li'.a 13tb at n.w., mod. tmpa . 8 ra 36 M22 G at n.w., mod. imps . 4 rs 24 43 Gav at.. Georgetown, mod. Impa.. 4 ra?... 14 S1-S6 Myrtle at n.a .mod. impa.,7 re?..? SO 1414 3d at n. w..mod.laea ,6 ra. 20 ls2i Vermont ate. n.w.,4 re. 15 339 B at. a. v., ? ra ? 14 1819 Cedar st. ?.w.,4 ra.? U Loam. 3 ef S3,000,1 of ttftw, 2 of ttoo-l par cent, lor negotiating. _ Auction Bale*. On WEDNESDAY, May 10th, at 5 o'clock p. m.. Lot on Bridge atreet bet. Maiket and Pred'a at , Georgetown my4 tr BOARDING. OB BEST?El*??nt?crrB8 or ^ ?iag'e Rooms.with B<>ar?. l*?? 1 ?* nlT< 7t c 1 ^Q& 1 STBBBT?Pront aad back PAftLOB. I ?>00 with other farniahed Booaa, and b at of Board. my6 It* ENTERR1AL! PIB8T CLASS BOABD, fii 50 PEB DAT. 161SI BUMMBB STBBBT, m)6 3t PHILADELPHIA. STOP'-LOOK HEBB -CHEAPEST TABLE BOAbD ii tbe city, at the Parklneon Home, 3d atreet and Pennavlvanla avenne. A liberal redao Uon made to reKulai boarders. mj4 4t* A. PABK1NSON, Proprietor. THE BP. GBOBGB, Tempu, 909 Pat Board at #20 per month. Call aad aee bill of tbre. ap34 2w* J. H. TATLOB, Proprietor. UlNGLB LODGING BOOMS, 40 c?ata per night, 0 or from ?2 to ?3 per week; BOABD or MEALS at reaeonable ratea, at Mo. 4S4 Pennaylvania ave nne. apW-2a* / ''OLNl BY BOABDlNG. v Booma large; good water, aad abade abun dant. Addreea JOHN S LUPTOM. apll lm* Winchester, Frederick Oo . Va. DLBASANT BOOMS AMD GOOD BOABD caa 1 be obtained at 1009 Maryland avenue, *t mod erat* ratae, tn a private family. m*r27 7w* jyjINNHbOTA FLOUR. Waahbnrn Mllla, Mlnneeoto PLOUB not eqnailed or excelled b) any in the conntiy. I< la oar Inten tion to kef* aeappiy of tbiace#br*ted Plonr always on bat d All we ask la ? trial to aattofy the moet last id ion*. Tor aale by J. B. BBTAH ft BBO.t apP tr 60S Penaaylvaala aveaaa. |^EKr a PATENT PARTLY-MADE DBIS8 8HIRTP, The Oreatoat Invention of the Age. Six Ha* Dreaa Shirta for alx, (04,J aot to be had In aay other atore lb thia city. He are Sole Agenta. _____ w. w. Bptpim # CO , Mo. SSS 7th atreet a. w. ap27-tf Mo. TOO K atreet m. w. rm STRING STYLlS NOW READY. BBOADWAT aad PIPTH AYEB0B STY LB 0EMTLBMBM* DRESS HATS.S4 aad BO AJao, lat Soft aad Stiff PBLT H ATS oftba Ml appeared patterna. Eagliak aad Aauloaa SILE CMBBBLLAJ. Ladiea' BUB UMBBBU^I. CMBBELLAS aad PABASOLB1 1410 PEBBBTLYABIA AYBMDB, aart ly Above wnurd's U""l^da.ddpabbawils|0?t ft* THB MABUPAOTOBY, a* ois D BUSINESS CH ANTES. 61,(>00 if^l?ruuEMDou real mysSt TOUNG B M1PPLET">K ?? Mtt special Improve meat rmTrncATis ??p^t m; 9 ft TBOi* B WAGGAM *N. B19 7tb*?. L^Ul h%LE =S3 SB o^d w iii ?Tl>T7iii r 314 ?H ?.reet ?.ctbw*?t. Appli on th> prrjr I'M. 1" C | "na ANP |*M IO L"??i n?.?i itii v l|i)UU cumbtuii jtt.AL estate Apply to vi Eiuoom. myB-ft* BBS ??> *tr?? sortbwet ftw nnn Tu luan o? ki.m ?st?tt for VC?,\JUIf t<? j?*r? w 8 **t caat. Stcurur lbU?t t? ample ft .?*l I* R*<ll ?ysft ?M8I ?inBAM."lorn IW F OB 8*1.1 cheap ?ub cash?Ths rnur* a*d Show Cwn of a CIO A ? ?TOB8 l?lU *. K- g'lng into other bwiiM. Address CASH," Pow Offlce city. my* St* - ^ ? ? A BABE BUSINESS CMABcs.-FjR BALB? Tt? Oooa Mil flitWM of A 8r?t class GBOCLBT tTOBE G rir* la leave ?idwutwll A p?h ?t or addnse "QBOUBBT 7 34 7U ??H!l itbfMt. tu % ? tQ l^nn t>W '?*** 0LA8* KB A L 0,3UU IfTiTlM UMrrnt for from na to five ys* r? Addrew? B ? ,B>ar office. m?? X I4V B BAH-Tlft fHeKES OF 8TVK K tu tUe 1 Columbia Mrept railroad A|>plr t> A. H OLiDRuN ,Wll,(i)tiiK K In itmti o^ith weet mid St' fi^OR BA LI? At ii?crificf. one of the M located KKSTAl'IASTS is th? city. bow dolig i g tod bo*ttfM Hrttun for ael.ic* o?n?r engaging In an<<tbei bc-iueea. A.^mi u fall name mt* >? WANTU'?To purch??*a .tjc* of CL<?TH I\ * Boors ard 8fOt<. UKV or VAN Y GOODS frc.m ftl.liM t.-> Bin ?XI for c%??. Trwtc t?on conSOntial. Addrs?*EX Mllt( HiBT.rm of Post Office. atyti St* MARYLAND AVENUE. coriKr 21 ? rest, VA CANT LOT. near j*tltvl for aale I .w. containing over 12 000 leet. T1NGK* A f*\ * GBABT. Baltimore U ffOB B\< II aNG*-A sice FttAMB U'tjE. situated cn 3d street northwest. v II be ex charged for a Corner Lot in * b utiles- lo -alii v. rr lor otber Unimproved Property. In.nlreol PETTY A HABYEY. 302 7th ft reel nortlvtlt. df> St* MUMV TO LOAN. Is Urge or email mm<.I.w, on collateral* Noteeofelort date daily di cunttd. Mcnsy carefulir inveated ASH l'BY 0 APPLES1N. royS St No lia^X P> a*-.,near Tr ?aa. Dept.. City. pKHNTBY PLACE FOB BALI OB BE9T, rear v/ L biontown, on Good Hope road ten nitnutaa' walk from Naxy Ya^d bridge Nice O welling aud Out-building*. vitb t:t 40 acre*, fruit. Ac TIBGAS A SABGBANT. ncyS.6.8,10 12.13 60 Leilngt n it . Balttmoia. L-OB BALB OB BXOMANGB-A FAB * of XT0 1 acre*, la proved by a t wostory franc honte . U rroma, barn, all n<ce?>arr oat balldiaf-. nsveral hundred apple and p-acb tree#. |?od arable tnaad w and timber land. w?ll frcc?d 8 mile* from cltr.near farm ? I George \K . Bui?. aad adjolnire fann of Gen. Be*l?. Pi Ice only B* .0W. aed very ea?y Urnu. tubo r qatcuel, n>|5 3t [Rep.l Cturner II'h and F atreata. C['nn WILL BCY A FIBST OLACS KX COU" HIB1T10M, w i'.b e\ erythlnc c Jinpleta Half ca?h, balance In 60 day*, aattafactortiy ?e enred. Addrea# 93** 3d street notthw?-?t rpy? ?w' Li^OB SALE OB KXCUABG?-For ct'y property r or In tbe aonth. a dellgt.tfal Conitry hESl PEBCE and FBDIT FAB* ce.?r Wa?hin?ton. In anlre or add rata CHA8. B. B18UOP ACO.,?>l? Uhatreet. nyl-2?* TWO HIW HOUSES FOB SALE-At F*lla C'hr.rc n, Va , on lone time. Dear charrbea aid good achooia. Apply to WELLS FOBHBS. on tbe preatiac*. or GEO. A. L HEBUiFlELD. B?un 43, Penalou OtBca. apfS lm* WABTED-To exchange Lew BEFBIGEBA V? TOBS and SrOVBS for Old Vnea.MliUT LIB'S. corner 8tb and B atreeta nrrthwe?t. tlx kt Cblnineya <nr<d. f rom #5 to B2> or no pty aptl 2a* Mantels at cost, at Va. BOTHWELL-S. aplSto* 118 B atreet aoutb??*t. \fONBTTO LOAN?In anniato ault. oo eatistac i'l tory tecurlty. JOHN SHBkMAI, B?al E>ta*e Ag'L?, apl31m* Boom 3. St Cl od Bnltdl:ig. U~~BOLDBTE1N A CO., loA.y AUD COMMJSSIOX FKOKKRS, COBNEB 10TB AND D BTBEET*. MONET LOANED or APVABCES KAPB cs valcable peraonal property to any am^nnt, and fvr any tUre deaired, on very reaaonabla terma. AUo, Gooda acid on Coa>mtaalon. At Private Sale?Very Cheap?A large lot of L'a redeem*d Pledges and Commfaal&n Good*, new aud accvad band Every article fully warranted. All bnaineaa strictly confidential Tbe otdeat aad tbe Moat reitelle bona* is the' City aiar!8 tr M OBEY TO LOAl. ? 49,000 to loan on choloe real estate, in aniae of from #300 to #1 Out), at S and 10 per cent. Interest A few acmi at t per ??iit. Is frooa fiaHrti B?aKIU B. H. WABNEK, a?rll corner Ttb and F at root a &'A TO B?,000 INVESTED IN STOCB OOU PBIYILEGES PATS LABQB PBOF1TS Wr.te for 72 rage book. Hea and IdionM el Wali at and Wallet. Be view SBNT FBEE JOHN HICK LING A OO., octT ly Banker* and Brokera, TB Br a 1 way. N.T. FOR SALE. L'utt SALE-A Covered SIBGBB SEWING r MA CB IN E and Attachment a. Inquire at ft'21 11th atreet uorthweat. tnvj 3t* I^^OB SALE?A good Family or Bn*ine?? HOB8E. r Bnstaeee WAGON and HAB>B:?8 ~ noarly new. Iniinlra at CBANDALL' Bin kat re, coraei 7th and P atreeta n w. mr? ITOB PALB OB BXCIiANGB-A BQCKAAYAY F CABBIAGB. in good order. Oall, at 401 H atreet north*-rt. Price) B?- my8-ft' l^OB SALE?PB .? (ON with Bumble, very little I u?ed To be eeen at < HaBLE?!j H IA EL'S Stab lea, 90B aid -II 19th | etrtet. my8 St* FOB BALB?a BAT PONT, *xcellent_nnder aaddle and good la haraeei, without fault or trick; 1013 17th atreet a w. m>6-2i* , FOB SALE?CHEAP?HOB6E, TOP BI GOT, and HABNBSS Horae young, eonnd. m ftC 'd al/e gentle and kind: buggy in good /OV repair. Addreaa H. M. BXNhETT, Id A'ldtt .r'a Offlce: my I St* FOR BALI?A aecoud haad four aaaeenf r Ponf PHATOB, nearly new. for BBIt! .no. A n ember of eecond hand CAB ^doced pricee, at Cmrn^g^t anrf Ph? t ? *:M*AHa?8 Carriage Bepoiitory, 410-414 8th atreet north m;fl St Promlalag youaf. well bred trotter, blocd BAT, With black point*, aoucd. atyliah. and very t ap>edy. A l*o. pair B bene an Morcan MA BBS. bay a, very handaome and Taat, a perfect ladiea Thia I* very deairable atock aad la guaranteed in eiery particular Apply to THOS. Mr OOKNBLL. Waabington DrlTlnc Park.or addreaa P. M SLi CBB, Boa 8?3, Baltimore Poet OIBee. ap? ISf l/'OB BALE?Serviceable, fine toned, alx oetave r Cbickering P1ABO; only |(l; mn?t b sold; caa be aeea at aoutbweet comer of 13th and H alreeta n w , Be. t36.apK Sw* HUM CABBIAGBB. CABB1 AGES, OABB1AGE8? Tbe largest aad noat varied aaaort-.jwma, meat of latast style of Carrlac**, Oonpen,VaR]E&? Bockaways, Jama-seats, Park Phu-tvng.iaf BB J aggers. Top aa9 ao Top Buggies. Alao, ssreral fins second-hand Paael Carriagee and Baggies on hand at P. D 8CHMITT aooT, mat!3 tr Ho 810 ISth at . bet <) and P , s.w. >B BALB?NOW IB THE TIME. . IhaTeoa haad BB BPBlNG WAGONS, Ball! In tbe beat etyls, with tbe Sarvla wheel,. Top aad Mo-top BUGGIES for wle on< F?5 monthly payments, at my new Factory,J S7 Prospnct St., entrance on Bridge at., icarket, Georgetown, D. 0 aart-la* JAMES B. PBOBET JACBBUB WAGONS. HEW BT0CK. I BOH AND 8HELLBKBIB AXLB8. ONB-UOBSB, TWO HOBBB. TBBEE-H0KSX AND FOUB HOBSI VaGONB. Ws bar* sold Bandrsda of thess Wagons, aad the CasfwaBMta'%m ^kb*r ***th* ?^"*?est aad ?. - . McGBATH, fab21 ft Corner of Mass. ars. aad 1 stmt i PERSONAL. ALL PEBBOBB ABM FOBBWABNED from crediting ay wife, Mra. Ma BY B1EOLEB. oa debts of ter c jauaci td bv-a-d B1LLIP B1E3LEB. 51 account, as 1 shall pay no ft g, she baying leB my bed aad m>B-Bt* >B1I pi.Al.MT KM_AD?M. MBS p.m. ELLIS will raaala bnt two k>f gC; All who wish to lears the trathof Pest, L't ,J Fatars should oaU aad ooaaolt tbe jr'n'rliii I?ilflki Bhsgtvss laforaaaU >a oa all sublets of ms. Aaaa, stair* Bssstrcnlaft. ?arSl aoB? A B T B O L 0_G T . fHl Bl&T SODA WATER IB DBawi fbom MLOCB'TBM LIMBO STEEJm FOUXTAIN8. , i will do wall to sacars a supply (sr tas esa ^vi rr" "iM? oJcJ uS?Zp$A$51c?1tir a^a, rsatf sOeeeu*' PROFESSIONAL. DVLVV1^?' DEBTI?T MM r?.^ at; k vxtua ?.j iMuffl?1 W..b rrl? Ofc?,?t3i| B atrial northwest. hT t?#? B tMh U4 ID.k |K ? t* D lAtRPJ, Ii> A TTUhNBY AT LAW, Northeast eor. La ?t? Bad Ttb ?< . B x?i 4 ??J1" Waahtof*ot I? O llBWIM ri?MAKR, I-* JUSTICE OF THM Ic Hlftt euwrst*el 'cm??"*** l *'l? *u4** (Alt 44 Pm*r?Bwrmm i??Wlt '?ssTiSsssn^'fttiTOW?:^ til #lb Ml*4 MllklNi. . rridlll K^V TII t?rH lonbtM. jKttSl 1? W ASHINGTHM. P.O. ? 7 fffirrvk HH1, IITHIlg 51 tip* A - PRATT. OnlHk Ala Ooiiaja ?r ivtM tvprr. aad ofWPP Bash Oo'teaa of Ill fib mm, in #H, ?nw c-f D. On m4 cktontoia aaad ? Wimtl- wrth aagUIr MEDICAL, io. ME8. ABMBTT* %ILSoN t foar^** ** mi.t puysiciab aad iiooiri r.( U co*>tl?l aa k??!of T? ?t fit dth at a?etfc ?m r>?%??? o-xnylfticU m ?tnltlw. Call at ?ii?a. (M be mi fruM B a ? te 1 p M . mm* fr mlloT r ?? *???* * ))%? LBVII. r?? ?W? f - *6,'t<Be* ??I (Mil R*l*mtU Lilwi' P4??i ||< O'l. ?l be ooaealled ?Tin Taeaday a ltd Satordar M Be ??5T* tro,? ? t? ?cl?* 41) r?aal<- O-tnaU-ate i r n V/rSy*^ M'4 B-Uaaoe *? * ?* fT lin?bai-d atr?I, Baltimore. hh lar *>? it 4S A.Tl8?.ArTI0* t? r US? ^ ae*>rdTM to UM oriataal I* by Dr. Dirt ;.at 11 <* *H ( ?) I Vat la at- 0( inl:?tt 'D? fl ?I* by Dr Dart., .at I I * ?H atraat. cos" s( S?f. fn* MIh 4 B KOKKHTBON. '?a> ba.tfK~i,o aulied M III lAih atrial a?rtbwe?l, i*tr|i I) ninnn ?>? Kin?ri? ?cr,r,*M. mMi oa r< in# the On Offloo, *? -r? W BDNEkUAT aad ATl'BDAf, froa> B l? ? p m., in *11 Pi??i at th*l'nMr< OrftM, Itomrb'i'i. ttld. Mrlctw*. ?j4 hf-rnd irl.i't Oaan of G?a?"'Trl?ee rtcriitlt ooilrtrlMl tnNd U S l? llkfi. 8apbl'?ta ill iia ?! ?*?? tilrklr ntil. (Kl ttx MM Nllr?? trutldt*) fr> in the pimm, ?itb >at UM iw .4 m*r -?i?. Pp*auUorrb->-a. Irouikt o* by e*ca?? .ti abnae is Ttuth, i?oiini Una of iim. ry ??<* ttuul t> . I' BMil d?-bilit> , oriioK Uaaoteu. y, cer'oaa Irritability, e>aij<( <im of coMWftlni. ta 4:mMt>>B. palpua-loa of tbe baart pa?a* In bark, .tin. area of M(bl or jrlvM'tieae, ertl forat>ojtus?, aatf di? mat. It , McodUy c?irl l<y newly ll? 'tw*| r? ci?HliM. ?^t.UVnipe ?Wiu<ih ? n|v?*? it Di I ? Laiid cu rati Mb^ rtwtllr*ll; iiil b>a n?tl? trr?ted K<'.n to tba li.cb iaatiai ui?la ubicb be tc? bold* tr in tb* Mtci pbiaicltua of Balttm rr OSoalill W.b itrwt ?jib*" ft ? B to W ? m tB?rW-ly DB BCCEL.BB JOHBB -Twanty r?^m iimI' m I mc*li Vrtuttlr In ?aaa. Iiti<(tur;'laa. On riaxi Tnmori, ?narant?~ ?*tl*tectlon, or o<> rhatwaa llnm'H CvLf.Janttal. B?>ua (or ?MI?d'i f*? N H ???rd ?traw. hklttai.T*. n arll t?*?? A CARD,?To ?il wlio mrm fu1t?rlam from tba rrruri an d tudl?cr?(toai mt yoatL. nrrcna wvmknmi. Mrlr d?<?y, loaa mt Mi>h k>; Ae l a ill arod i riclw tLat will cnra yoi, rail or CU A BOB Thta fraM roMM^y m diao<??r?4 t.y ? Bill"! j In Donlb InrrlM, 9?MI . aeif wMi ???! KHTrloaa to tba Ber JOSBffe T. IBM AN. j|iBl> m>*l? Hon>??. h?-w t< rfc citT. tail aolbJlmt PBBSCBirTlOH f KBB FOB TUB HPBBPT B On re of t^mloal Wealnai, L<w HanbooO. Mi all disorder* tronrbt ob by ItHw aUoaa ar as aaaa. Bay Drnggirt aM tbe 1ii*r?dieota. B?ldraaa DBYIMoi * OU.. anUjp.aJJy Bo? B?1?B B?w T. rB. DHB B. r. J0NB8. 3? AariA timm r?i, limit* ?iwi. Mi. iLale kil tit Pbit 11 aadSar riL to Hrcial H<j?pltaJ for tbe Oaalvo?CilMrr ?rcBn*. Pali*. I Ou?raiit"e? ?r^edy asd oartata ra l?f in all Vim*mmm a ad lrraeularlttaa lacM?al tm W otLen In lmpotency and Btlrll tty, and all Ilia ooffoBttMt wttb abo?e ol itiral law irU-Bi* Li *rf of .rratiPMi! and a ?o*ady ettra wroer of Soutt bUarp and Davar ata , BalUn ra aepty-ly" INSURANCE. Jouh T. ABMe. O. W K.BTOUAM. AK1B * ULTIKI4V, h?\tHAL IASVKAJSCB AUEMTS A.Xfl. bKOKAtiS. * L* Tpoit Braciyi, corner of W and Btb trmmrn I IS PI KAM'E of BTBKT DK?OBlPTIOa W BIT mai8 tr TIK Oil TUB PBbTTBUBiv Removal Ibeofttce of tba LTOOHIPO riEB IBSCB ANCB COM HEW V baa been rancrad to Bo. ni No, 30. UeDrctt Bnlldlnc, coraor ol ? and Btb atraaBT 1 bi? ataincb old company baa boon In oaaradjafar lblrty-fi\a yaara. BHiwti, aiM wo. a?S-tr J. BCbSBliL BBBB. Er?at COAL AND WOOD. (JUAL AND KIXDL1XG WOOD. Onr stock of OOBL la now eomplrte. amk-adt^ all tba choice qcaUUea, and to vblcb va tavlt* iba attotitlon of coattiniera. Ocr PATENT BUNDLED BIN DLIBO WOOD, ?1th a Ore licbtar la erary bnndla, ta tba baat la naa. Bor aale by all (rooera?try it. Mo aLt :ob?. ?a per or keroaeue oil ro^aired. CHEAP. SAtM CLEAN BTEPH EBBOI ? BBOi . Mill and Depot Ttb atraat W tart. MM'Iy Braoct Ofica 1819 Paiimlyatla atnaa. ^OAL! COAL! VOOtti W4K>D! CHEAP' CHE A P ' PGR CASH* TbOI babdb or TOES obdebbd ArrtMiig daily, catf -ea of tba beat rartatlea of bli klnda of GOAL aud WOOD. Now I* tbe tlaia to bay ' If yon woald aav, aionar tot a famd mnirU aad ? n*i. JJio poncda to tba ton, call on tbe ander a pried before yea boy. Uavlnc two of tba lanrart wbarraa la tba Dlatrirt, ard all tbe facll-tlt* aowlbla tbareto ana- * ad lor tbe deltvary cf Coal direct from onr wmmmii to tba ronaumer, are eau certainly offer aaeciai indace rnti A Tlalt to onr WbtrvM ai,.l Depot will coa ttccecne at arlaceeof onr ansnraMaad ad rant a# aa L Good P1NB WOOD daliverad aa low aa per Cord. Oo. d OAK WOOD datirared aa ljw aa $t to $t per Cord. A air.fiit trial la all that la aacaaaary to aoartaop tba pnbllc of tbe aboTe facta JOBBkOR BMTMIBE Main Office and Depot at Jonoaoa'a Wbarraa, loot of ISth and 1Mb atjeeta Pffim, c most F atreet nortb?-_. Utncea? ^ atraat - mHI io EDUCATIONAL. VI, MT END 190TITUTB Pmmtl* &-WM. fm " Invar La it(j. Mn B L. Cast, Prti^lpal. Baa Harcn, Conn. Baud for circclar. mars ta TBI BF1B00FAL INSTITUTE, 1 (tnwr 15ik mm4 I ttrtmt. BBV. r L BRIGHT. D D , ti*m1 Mm$w. PROF JOHN L' WBT. A. MAn AJiw Tbe811tb Annnal Baaaion of 'tbla cbnrcb acbool for boy a will oouKence on WEDN BSD AT, the 8U of b< vmbcr. rnr.her Information eaa b* bail fro?Jhe Est. ?. L. BRIGHT. D D? antBT-tf 1418 Corcoran atraat. ^ I7K0LI8B, PEEHCH, AND CLABSICkfa EM- ' El LBCT BCHOOL BOB YOl'BQ LAP1BB New Tork arenne a. w.?Mia. aMOBLO JAGB 80H, Princlaat ? The aijthtb annnal aeaal ? beftaa OB the 14tb of September. 1871 avcBl-ly PIANOS, Ac. PI ARC'S AND OKGANS AT OBBAT HlB . UAIBS. ? 4 O riAHOS from fit to B'OB f&pft 30 OEOANS aad MBLODEOBS froa ? TTlTl Ik to 0300. New PIANOS from ?Xt> and c?. new 0BGAB8 | front 6 7S kud J r ELLIS ? CO*. 9B7 rennayivaciaaranna, Bel* Aff-cU for Cblikerit-f aad W eber Piano* aud fn.ltL An trie an Orfa*.? apt* Iw 'j'HE HLMMUHTbIbD (OOLIBB1" PiaBO. Tbe nalleat aad the chaapaet flnt elaaa m la*e PIANO ??: made. OL. WILL I, BBO , ?~U Atenta, T513 Ttb itraat, betwM Q aad H atreeta Berth weal. Pianoa and all lastrtuaeaM TCBBD PA1BBD. ALLBT DAT 19 A OO H 0BABD, BQDABB aad CJPBYuHI PIABCS for Bale or. ^ Bocthly laitalxcenta Celcbra rtty and aweetneea of toae. Bae , Btb atreet i >V" WSo Grand, Mj*art THE The favortte McOaamoa Pianos; BBNOWBBD P1ABOS, ebratod Oifif.MV at;la. Alao,a l?r-- aaai assortment af Pianos which bars baaa b f*3C%1 aaaa abort time, for aals aad rapt at rst^ ITT\T 1 ?eOB-Iy BBS 11th al.,a Caw doora abora Pa as ^SL S%e Beat and Oafy Br^alll ?[ WP Hejltlrg Racy CMBIBBIilUiE TIB ABD TIT Iti BTBBBT BOBTBWCST, UriV*' rartaly vIlTt-s 'izii?? "?? ?"JUMt'ISKTSUSc., isvrj&sz tr? larffxri KtSyS~uT'5^ ??i*?SL, ?**7tT IiacbLW? i?>m

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