Newspaper of Evening Star, May 8, 1876, Page 3

Newspaper of Evening Star dated May 8, 1876 Page 3
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PRY GOODS ^'ORMtLLt'i, 609 NI5TH STRUT, THBCHEAPEST 8T0RB IB TBSCITT K<wl>ed to .lay from Importer! taction, At* PUABOU, In all new st vies PUia Bilk, Btlk S*rge, Turkish Brccsl ?. end bordered. >n'* the finest food* lmp*rted. n?d will be bold It leee th ?n tfce y eoet to menafectare. Anotter l.'ge stock of BMBROI DERI ES re Cslved to dev. mji tr tk ?ILK?, COLOhKD SILK8, PLAID ud STRIPED BILKS B" ? unii' MUli D1 Ilir&U Bilbao Jut rec#iv*d from suction forty piecM of BILK, m hlch we ere selling at greet barge Ins. WM.V BIUT, myl ?t 71S Marset Space. W" A? BELLIBQ^DRY GOODS VBBT Beaatlful Sprtrg Dree. Goods' 18, SO, Si. SI, 37, 40, 80. Bilk and Wool Drsss Goods- 37 Biech Bilks, ?>. #1.S>. 91 SO, #1 73. Black Caehwere.'s. 87. *1 Black Alseca. doable width, SB. SI, 37. Black Bilk*, Mohair Alpaca, SO, worth 7S. BUck Grenari"*. 13. 37. Nl CABTKB'N, 707 Market Sport. KxeelUct Oalinn, t\. Good Oottoa. ?\. Wide Shesttng Cotton. SB. P ABA SOLS, PARASOLS, PARASOLS, - Ten Yen Cheap. Very Ch->*p. ClothsyCatsiineres, for Hen aad Boy's we?r, 37,30, Good Etccklnr*. IS; Llm n?rd*erchi?f.. 6. Lines Towel*. 8. Excel s?c.t Hea Tick. SS; H >n?{ omli Qnllts.flB;b antifel L?wn<. ll,?\H'eat inill ty White P. K . IS; ver7 Sua all L'uau Tab.e Damask. 3u Men". Shirts. made of Waatsatta Cotton, Linen Bd i in, W. my 1 tr J^ISSOLLTION Of CO i'Aft i'N?Rl!lI P. 6TOCK A SO FIXURTS FOS SALE The ee partnership of J.O WIBWALL A 00. expiring fcy hintati-n om July Iji, our stock MtSI BK CLOSED on or before that <1 \te. We shall ?ffer to morrow, ard eontinna to sell 'or so '/??.*, ear large and comp ete stock of DRY GOODS Bt GBEAT SACRIFICE O* ORIGINAL COST aad all go. d? remaining on hand June 1st. will be ?rid at AUCTION WITHOUT RESERVE. In crder to C7o?? m 30 Van*. A REDUCTION OF FIFTY PES CENT, a 111 be made en a large portion of oar stuck. Prints, 4. S sod ?>? cents per yard. Browa Uottoii*, 4 cents per yard. Ftgared Grenadines, ?>?, 10 and 12>4 cts. t.reaadlnes In Stripe*, at 10 eta. Hlk Grenadine. below cost. hammer Hlk*. 37K cts and upwards 1'ere Black Mohairs. 30 cts . worth 65 Fine Bl?'k I)r?-w? Bilks. 85 e'? .worth #1 40 S i??J yartf ?< I'lack Alpacae, to S7X cts, PARASOLS at cost. . LsrfsltlTsb'sDsaata Nspklns. ^Ine Cloths, ?*iano O >trerK, Ac . a* lens 'ban N?w York C 3st. 0VGREAT BARGAINS in everytfcing. J. C. WIBWALL A OO, apTTtr 31Q 7tb ss.? near Ps. are. JHE blLK AND LliKtS GOODS 1IOU8E or WASHINGTON. We invite the attention of the pcblic to oar la taense sssortn-mt cf new styles ECBtltb fclLKS ABD GRENADINES of all shades, in stripes and plaids. Large ttcck BLACK. SILKS of al celebrated makes. SPRING r EiSS GOODS of the most attractive ?tyles and ctlors. MOURNING GOODS, WHITB GOODS, CASS I M EUES. CERTAIN LAOBS, BILK I'MBRELLAfe and PINE H39IER Y In great vsritty. at leas than New 1 ork prices. WOLFORI) * NHILCLRQ, SIT MARKET SPACB, apS9 tr Third door from f?b street. [\EW STOCK SPRING GOODS. Slightly soilo* Blearhed Cot?on Sc., worth 10c. Bnd* best Calicoes only Sea, ard Plaid Drees Good. 10.12*. IS. SO, JSc. Drees Gocd* very cheap in varied qualities. Wash Poplin* 9c.. worth 12)$c. Silk stri??d Dress Goods cheap. Ali-Woo! Deb ges, Pong?? Bilks, cheap. Elegant styles It Lawr.* 13-SiC., worth Sue. Victoria Lawns 15.1* SO, S5c., very low. White Nain-"ols, Pinuee.Tarlatons, Lace"tripes. Black Alpacas cheep, pure Mohairs sacriflc-.d. OIK CALffcT bioCK ??? be slaughtered lor the CASH. _ Jntt receivirt. White?nd ?'h?ck Mi'tfnr Be. &m dettimin J to meet tae times aud sell goods Cbf*' T. N. BArDAIM, ap29 tr T09 Market 8p?c?. J\|OUK SEW SPRING AND SI MM SB DRESS GOODS Jnst open'd fr ra the Largs An'-tion Sales in Nsw Verk, Lupin's Pare Bilk and Wool Black Grena dmes, at tu. 6SK> 78 cents, fl, and Bl^?-a spactal Bargaia . . _. Black Taini* Cloths, Cashmeres, and 6 4 Drap D'ete; Pine Hsck M> hairs aod Alpacas, cheap. Special Berg tics in Fine Drets fiilkf, at B1SS, MlwO. B1 7t. n? t? 03 6?. ? 9imCO I Ottuu DRESS GOODS, _ 80 tl'cee sty!i*h Pongees, Mohairs, Plaids, Plsln and Stripes, from 2* to 81.Sc. 1UU pi c^ bands,me Lawns and Per< alee at 12*c; *? ne? ?tyl?s Parasols and Ban Tmbrellae. Pine Olot^s and Oassi ?*res fjr met aad boys' wsar, at low prlsee; with a fill stock of Boaaektetina Goods of the beet class, at the low est market prim at J W. COLLETK (HEAP ETOBE, *0T, COBNEB *TH ST., apM ti Market Space. ^kw riut ito. " 1014 BEVBSTII BTBBBT. Best Bilk and Wool Pongees,40c., worth 30c. Goat's Uatr Chant Cloths, 3oc , worth 37*c AU Weol Sprirg I>e Begee. 4Uc , worth 60c. Best Pacific Cambrics ISHc . very Cheap. Plaid aad Buipod Snltiags, B*c. ns tj A*. W hits Pi^nee and Victoria Lawn. 10.UH? 13,80.SSc. Black Silks cheap. *7*. ?1. 01 SB, 01 JO and OS. fc y's Casstmere. at low prlcee, a specialty, ay Parasol, and Bnn Usabrsllas In great variety. ayBagle' Bhirts, made of tMSMM*MU,SM tompUUly finuk*4, only ? 1.SB. (wtib?at baHoa Lolee osiy Bl.> WM. BIRi> H YLIE. eptMr 1014 7th street northwest. J^IJLCIB UiSia PRICES I BBODHEAD * CO , 939 PEts.. Avi., between9th and 10th st?., OS'FKR A PULL blNB OK FORE my AAD DOMESTIC DR Y GOODS AT MOST ATTBAOTIV* PRI0BS < Afeay ArtfU? kn-m* btm Reiwt&i is Prut jrom 1 ? to SO ft' Cent. Black Iron Or> na4ia?.. 37He ; former pries S0C, Black Ire u G re aad tnes. <S0c ; " ** 73c. Bleca lr?'t: G'enadiass, 01; ". fl* Black Flat Slesh Orenadines.73c ;former price37>4. Black Flat M?.h Grenadties, 01 23; ** J?1-40: Btrtped, PUided and Damase Gretadlnes, also at prkM. Black Lyons Silks at 96e and tip. inclaUng B', Oulnet.B'll as and Parlous'celebrated makes. Beat faelllc Lawns, < fa?t olore. i ISSc A fall line cf Linen Lasns, In b*euufal de.lgns, A fcw'p'iec'-s o?PsBTnmer Bilk, reduced from 01 23 to ? 1 per yard. These goods are pore silk and ef theVrst makes White ?betlan<i Wool Shawls #1 SB. Block of Dcmmtic* ocmplete. and pric<^ gisranteed. l^diss' and G< n:s Underwear, direr from the manufacturers and itrporter., loaer thsn ever. A most execi'ent 3 button Kid, In ail colors, (late shade.. I 0 i 3i per p?lr. Wamsntta Ml. ^hel Cotton. 13*c. per rard ???" ' ???? * agS-tr 939 Ps. sve., l>et . ? h a-d 10th sts OM* T MITCHELL. 931 PEBShYLVABIA AVBNUB, J OJers the largest and choicest sel^ion of DBE38 GOODS ever shown In this c?y. Bolt cMae ng all wool materiali. la shaded stripes, fcr oesrdreesee. .DamUkia* s and Damasss Goads. In aU the nsw shades. Zeihir^oltltifa f reach Cambric.. Percales, Preach Jaconets, and Btri n"1' 'rtnl*d Linens, Glasgow Checks Snmnter Hilks from 01 to 01 SS. verv cheap. Brocade Gr-nedmes. la blark aad colors. Broca>ie Bilk., Brocade Caihmeres. fiUk B*1?? trry mu to o?> fiint Cambric, percais. Llnsn and Zsphyr Cloth Suits frcm 0? to 01>- _ Dressing Backs, wrapper* a-d Skirts, eery chsap. Bscqass si d Dolwais, in Silk,Cashmaie and Drsp d Ete, from ?ld to 0*9- _ * 1 st- <.k of Boa Umbrellas and Lace Ttimmad Aa inspect! n of so stock will eon vinos gar chasers taa: we are offsrtng the best goods, la all Taristtss. at I <es pt less thaa ever befjre sold. Oae Price Oily. JOBS T. MITOMBLL. ~ ? 931 Peaaaylvaala avense. NOW IS lot B TIME. One snore ctax.ce st thoy splen<l!d Ti CANT DBB8S 8U1KTS, ?ais of Waeisatta Muslla and best twenty-one hcodred Liver Byioas. guaranteed to be eoual la qnalltr, b th oH g >odssnd making, to any Shirt now offered In tt ?p?krt far B1 SO 0?-ly 71 oanM for Bias Dress Shim, at the Branch Baltimore Shirt Fjjjor., i.i. t MlB-lm J W. PAKE,' UOCTM V? AtMINHfon DRV <H?OOM. 5 Whtts Ocrdad Ptaass at 1SM? ; beeutifal Colored | Flfared Planes at 13c.; Whits Goods, each as Mar ssjllss, Plai l Strlss, aad Plain Baaeooks; Tlstortg La was aad Cacbrke. from SOe to SDo ; SAW yards ?sbarg EUst gs fross 8 to Ole per yard. Spring ssGoods. PU"j. Plata, aad Striped, from fijee. ? rxo. Black Alpacas la Spring Cssslmrrss, , another log ot those Demirest. JOB. B, W7/is'dspoTs.7s^ r **?" ^yytttfSSfa^BBB?JSr* IT DRY GOODS. VIW GOOD! IIUIIH CHEAP. i> JO Hmn Spring Silks, 87*. fl, u< ?Ui. at Mo. 314 BIGHTH BTBEET Ift placet Black Silks, from T? eta. to t?J0, at Bo. 31 4 8th itr??t; M pieces Japan Bilks,? eta., worth en. at Bo 314 8th idwi; * p'eoas Black Grena dines. all itjlM, at Bo. 314 8th stiuat; ? pieoaa Black Tameee. fin-goods, at Bo. 314 8th street; 30 plecee Black Mohair*, all Ho. S14 8th Xr?t. 80 placet Bilk aad Wool Drees Uoods, all %ualitfee and price*, at Bo 314 Bth atre?4; 10 plecee irown and Gray English Wonted*, for travel Ins snlta, at M cts.. worth 4J. at Bo. 314 8th atreet: J00 Paraaole and Ban Ossbrellas. at Bo. 314 8th street; a fall stork of While Goods, Linen* and Table Da Kka. 1JO0 yards Vie Lawns in abort l?c??h?, at eta , worlh St. All Doaeelc Goods at yricea. Th? above Rood* are all freak aad new, and * 111 be acid at price, which mutt give entire i faction to all. BV-HemeiLber the Ration. W. M BBOWH, r *r Mo_3l4 4th atreet. near Pa. are. RAILROADS. gALTIMO&B AMP OHIO RilLPnin, Ana 30th, 19TB. kyU. WABHIBOTOB o. 4 4?B eltbaore. Annapolis, and war statloM, Main B?en?0C*" in te? mediate stations, 2 AS~S*IMlS*rf *U! Alexandria Janctloa. P OO-Arte York, Philadelphia and Boston Mx rVi' '?"?aa Parlor Oars. Leave* at P I0 a m Banday. stops ?t Way Stations, ai-d connect* for Annapolla.,. St Louts and Pitisbwj Wr Irvderiek, Hagerstown. and Valler of B',ck* a?<l ??? stations. i?IJ~5,,ll,lln(,r' *Bd w%* station*. 10.14?Baltimore (Jullmitod hxprens. Si art at He _ in. P m IB: 14? Baltimore. War Stations, Bllicott City and Anna>?lla l:30-.f??e York, Phi!adtlph,a and Norfolk Mx tress. On Sunday, all War Stations and Baltimore < nly. 3:30?Baltimore acd way stations. i:30?Ba.'timore and Laurel h'Tprest. Bllicott City, Frederick and May biations, via Be lav. 4:34?Frederick and Point of Bocks,(via Metro poritan Branch). 4:44?Baltimore. Annapoll, and war ataMons. 6:14?fHiraro, Cincinnati anil Louisrillt MTprtst. Except Saturday, dally to Columbus Louis l*ville by 11:30 p.m. train oa batarday. lias r?town and Wiicbeetpr. Rl>eajii| can to ? incago, Oiocinnati and Louisville. 4:30?Bi itmort and Pki tcn'phia Express. Fred erick end Way Btati ns, v*a Uelay. <Cou . __ recte lor Annapolis fund ay.) 4-34? Baltimore, Itladensburg. College, Belts ? 'H-. Lenrel. Annapolis Junction. J 00?Baltimore ane way atationa. 0:10?Baltimore. Bladensburg, Beltarille, kau ri 1, Belay. 8:80?Pittsburg. but no connection beyond Mar tinsbn-g by train leaving Suu<1ay night _ way Btationa on Metropolitan Branch. 9:30?New York and Philadelphia Night Express a m ?'?*p'ag Cara to New Tork ? ;2?~?"'tini<>re and principal way statlocs, 10:30?Martinsbnrg and way stations, Mutropoil t in Branch. 11:30? St Louis Mi-press. Chicago, Colnmbna, t*?cdusky, Newark Ob Saturday for Loais vllie. . B;14? 10:1? a m ; 1:30,4:1.'..4:30, S-34, 7.10, 8:10, fr iiO, 9 30 and 11:30 p.m., OB'ty a All other trains dally, except Fnn4ar ? Ho connection on Snnday tor Hegeratown or Val ley Biacch or for New lork ana Ph lsdelphia at 8 a m. and 1:30 p. m. For further information apply at the Baltimore an?i Ohio Ticket Office#, Washington Station, aud 4 94,601 aad 603 Pennarlvania avenue, where order* will be taken tor baggage to be checked and received at any point In the city. THOE. B, SHABP, Master of Transportation. L.M. COtiK. Senxral Ticket Apent. OBO. B. KOOHTZ, General Agent. aplA-tr UNIVEMSAL R R. TICKET OFFICE. BAILBOAD TICKETS te or from all yolrta booght. exchanged or *old at a rrductton of osik dollar upon any other ctEce or depoi In this citr. Tickets good till nted. Baggare checked through. Apply to M.V WUITK81DB. apl ly ?1? Penn. are . Washington. P. O. 1876 rEiJIM^LVAJHA 1876 ROUTS To tht .Worth, Weft, and Sontbwefta 0**bU> Track, 6tert Mailt, Splendid Ho?n ery, Jtaonljlcnt JBi/uipment. . . , Mai ??th, 19*6. rralna leave M aahington, cltr time, from Depot, aad B atreeta, as follows: mWi'foKfu'X'TT.S 5: S.W,'.SS Ss??$?,M ,{m ? "?W. BAUxlilUtit AflD POTOHAO BAILBOAD. For pacan<]b!frca, Bocucattr, Buffalo. Hlagara Falls, and the Berth, 6 a. e. daily, except Sua daj; andT:40 t m.dallr. except Saturday, with Pa!act* Cara t>. Watklna For Erie, Canaodalsua, Br ffaio, atd N iagara FaUa, 11 :*0 a. m. daUy, ax ctptBnixfay. Forliew Jfork ani the Bast, 9:10 a m. daily, with aitached: Limited Exprena of Pull mao Parlor Oara. 9 513 a m. dal'v. except 8r.cday. For Hew York as J the t a-t, 1:30 p. m. dally, *x _ca?'i,ficC' *\ with Parlor Cars attached. For Philadelphia. 1:30 p. m.i'ally, except Bunday, and 4:30 acd 9:10 p. m daily. Limited Expreaa, 0:43 a. m. daily, except Buaday. Accommodation for RalUmere. 7 50 a, m. dally. _and 4:B0 a. m dally, except Sonday. For Pope's Creek Llna T:?#*.a. aad 4.S0 p. B. daily, except bunday. For Annapolis. 6 00 and 11:40 a. ?. and 4:30 p. so.. ?ic?pt Bandar ALEXAHDB1A ? FBBOEB1CK9BCBG BA1L *AT AN UAL EX AN D KIA * WABH1BOTOB HA ILttUA D. For Alexandria, 8, T.B:0S, ?,10, 11 a.B., 1,3, 4:M0. B, 6. 7:00, and 11:40 p. B. On Bandar at 0 a. at . and 1 and 7 p. m For the Booth, via Blcnmond, 11:40 p. m.dallr, except Bunday: and via Lynchburg, 8:00 a. u. and 11:40 p. m dallr. Trams leave Alexandria for Washington, 6, T. 8, 9,10.11 a. m ,1, 3,4, B.d.and T p.B. Oa Bundar at T and 10 a. m., and 4 p. m. Tickets. Information, Bleeping and Parley Oar accommodations can be procured at the Oflcea:? Northeast corner of Thirteenth street and Penn ?yhanla avenue, Bortheast corner of Blxth street acd Pennsylvania avenae, and at the Depot, where orders can be left for the chocking of Uegaaca to testisatlon from Hotels and Beeidences. .o * A?n'1 Passenger Agent. FBA5K TllOMSOH. Gent Manager. jauJ-ly THE TRADES. A LEXANDEB BALL, WILLIAM BALL, A (Lots tetth O. W, Barker.) ? . BALL * CO., Manrtacturera acd l>ealer* In Door*, Bash aad Blinds, Ola*. Hardware and all Buildicg Material, ?!4T Maieachusets avenue, between ?th and 7th streets northwest, sell good* ?) per cent, cheaper thea any other house, fiall and examine, jeg iy [{ i n o t i ^ JAMES r. BRIER, TL LMBKK AND GAS tlT7 EE, snarT tr 811 Tth BT. NOBTHWEST. ^ W H 1 H e E . JOHH O. HOG AH, T13 Mark* Spa*, Manufacturer of a Hewlr Patented Spring Boilsr and Ventilating Awninf for 8torea, Hotels, Pablie Buildings and Private Dwellings. Flags aud Tents f?.r sale or rent. Bole Agent for the oalr genuine Mildew Proof Awning Material. seplAtr BANKERS. BSO, BlOO, *200, |300, Bl.OOO. ALtX. FBuTUINGUaM A to., BAKKEBS and Brokers. Bo 10 Wall atreet. make lor ca^t mers desirable inve^m?nta of larKe or amall ao.o?nta in stocks of a legitimate character, which frequently jay from five to twenty time* the amjunt inv*tt>-d every thirty days. Btccks bought and carried as long as desired oa deposit of five per cent. Circulars and weekly re ports it at free. a pij poly $100 p'aVdV PBO? i1^!f 81,700 duricg the past few months, under our improved systsm of operating in Stocks. Kiska rediioed to nominal tnma and profits Increased. Book contain ing toll UuormaUon sent on application. TDMbUl DOB * CO.. apS8-tr Baakera and Brokers. 0 Wall St., B. T. HORSE FOOD. SOEDOMfl FOOD BOB HORSES AND CA1TLZ. KCOROM T.WIGOR.SPBMV, PIMM APPMAM AXCB.SOOND HEALTH, SM CUKSV BY ITS USE. 1BGBBDIEHT8 ALL TBGETABLB. Baapla 100 Beads far SB 00. Dapot la Washington, BOB Louisiana avaaaa. aclO-eoem C. P. UUBEEBOI A CO. LUMBER! LUMBKRl H RE AT REDUCTION JIT FMIVME. MUST BELL ABD WILL BBLL. TIBG1H1A BOA BDS, good. #18 par M. JOIBT and SCI AN TL LEG, ai Ungtha and slasa. 'el&'&IFt!tas ?" GOOD *EGIBIA FLoOBIHG. ?04 H. S& Cr. aS^/iEAT CALL WILL SECUtLE MAM trAlrfSn SEOE6I H. JOHEBOB, ? ?? feb4-ly Corner lKk aad B stnsa north ATIOMAK. SAFE DEPOSIT CO., Comer Ulk ft. and New fork stnst. F1EB ABD BCBGLAB PBOOF FAULTS. N AU kifwts of valnablsa taken oa depsaft. Balsa hot rent. Office hoars, la.n to 4a. a, GEO. H PLABT, Prealdeat. GEO. W. B1G0S, Flea P rest deal. |alB-nolT B F- BBTPBB. Becrtarv. TO HUMBUG ?L. E1CB will >ar a fair cash " > for any klad of Ladle*. Gents' and Chll ifE? ssdad to asarl-lr' auction sales. *?!? lumna BANKRUPTCY: WAiH. B. WILLIAMS. Attic, '"wk' JJMPJf OIK M.AB.J.MgStaroAOo.,ofBow torfcT I* P?BT AWT TO THITBIPI AND PUBLIC. FOREIGN DRY BOOM COD O.. a tu>*dat, April lsTisre. n^n/jsi. con,,ftm*?t of Foretn and rwistic a$-W"* ?f _? D ?;? "d. French ar^^p^arsaj^vBa. ?3"2&^te?^3&&it.S?a ^,'b* l???*Ac*"* *e*lr*bI* Bhawl?. BwlM Hot bSKS. <* i?E2 &??>&%??? ?r *' A U W <?1 Merinos. DtUioes* Sateen Cloths ft*. AIimm, Iin^rM Clothe..Ac i Ac a very rich Mid rtrt aeeortment of ?%Twrtii ud fine Plash Sutt BI?fchrJ?*P?WM?fci<Cottons from Ami?) * Ur*8 >ln? or English and American Blankets, Flannels, Ladle* ?. Goal's sod Children s%Hoffsrjr. Glovei, Ac., toffoth^r with * 237 a?"d V ?electwi stock oS*Vet*et. Bros TrOB EnOM*Vr h"#7 Md ^graln OA KPET 5., 7.11 C ,4f:-A!'0,n to 11 nest im port edMarecfllae tod Turkish QnMts. mad a variety of/tkgi gocds too ucmernns to mention. _ *7 to continue from day to day until the 2Jk ?# 18 C'?p- eed of. The whole to he told wr h ot rest-rve, in lets to *nlt, all for cash bales conunenco dally at 10 a. m., ? p. m . and 7K apl4 la J^DWIN J. 8WIIT) Auctioneer. TRrPTWS SALE OP A FINK, LABOR STOHK M&*UG?iTOGETHEB WlVH THE " od MILL AND FIXTUBBS AND LIAHt o* J'Bl'Q SIOBB AT TBE SOUTHWiRT OOR ho "bbetsnokVhVest. . * r? d,?}.of ,ru,t *? rae' dated De ^?T LHer N^' ?ii f li ^r '11"1 20,f ^corded la M Lll>or No. 814, folio 87. one of the land record* ??| 'or the District of Colombia, I will eell at A^U ,?rw5lHt*. on 8ATCBDAT, April i9ih, lfr.d. at 4 o clock a. m , a Urge and flne Vr"^' Perfumery. Tolfot Article*. Ac .Ac J? entire stock of Drug Store No. 1 949, west "oa"1**" corner of 7th and N street* north y'* CM*?- .a <??0rtt of 91,800 required of the purchaser at time or Bale. If the tera>?^f eale are not complied with ia two dars after aale, nn^H^A^M.^ 1L1a sssws myl OEOBQE J. BOND, Trustee. fJ'H08 DOWL1BG, Aoctlonee.. TBUSTEE'8 SALE OP VALUABLE PBOPEBTT ysoktstfsn "" ? "hss S>?imtsra.ff,?. VrVt'S"; srsfsr Liber N C. T. No J6, at folloa 13* and undeisigned will sell oa MONDAY, the 29th day oT May.A.D. 1374. in front of the pre Pg.nbartoa street, at 3 o'clock * ru.the S?f?/v5 . fc ?? *? ??- '? ?t"1 87- '?> Beall's ad flit?? V??^Krf* same fronting thirty (SO) feet obdvdbftton street and extending bask or feet faimmvaSh^th " ? h5nJre<1 ?nl twenty ir?i, lxnprofed with t comfortable dvAliinv k ? D^in^Vrton'Mreet'^anS"the o^be^p^r'ie^b"^'*'^ ra* tx of?iao,S?*t30 f<et on street aua h*Tln? Terms or sale- One third cash; residue in two equal payments at six and twelve ninth*, with in ? . 1? Kcnred by deed of trunt A201 dapoiit f! utS ?track ofr, which Is to be for Bot co,nPlle<l *??> within five purctaMr's^Mtaeuie conTeyancio? ?nd recording at T "CS1 a pWv'i'DBliS ^BTAT ? 4 N D ??? B. iSl'^f.* decree of the Supreme Court of Klllie District of Columbia, passea 3d Slav, ist? Vr^ri"^ ????' * '?i!LT ?ocket H' wherein husan' plaiLtlff and Moe*s Benedict Pr>rtnoe and "1?.f?"<latits, I will, on THUB8DAT, the tn liuf ? v^*} ' at ?X o'clock p. m.. proceed Ik^iIL F auction, in front or th^ premises, the lots of ground lying in the city or Washington! -r ih" ** Lols '??tered "A" and "I! 'of ^V!?rM7 P'^ipssMbdlTljioner original ?ots Nos. ^1? *hnn ilL^KM8 iNo' fM". Lot A fronts ? feet on !^?.^LP"Sr!?tbT*S??*h 2ljw Teet ???> ia uulai proved Lot B also fronts 30 reet on said street, by ?JL mx left, and i? improved by a inbstaa f ijU fif' Brick Dwelling. Tlie ptoport? is SdtSd 4K stre?tsrweef. ?f *?Uth D ,treet' ^0tw"a a J-TS^iT vT "Ie; 9Df th,rd C3,h: ?nd thP balance in 6 ard 12 months; deferred payments to bear interest ?:.V"'^L6of f1* P" cent per annum from day of s?le. A deposit o! 86<J will be required at time of rmri haeer *aC AU C0BTey??cin? at cost of mUs^T5#r'Auct- i?5N r- ?NNI8. Trustee. n?? eoAds F P. CLEABY, Salesmsn. STEAMER LINES. ???}}' *:*pHmM LIhK bet??en ?pTiiL^iABH^GTOBACKOBCE iii v ~i ^ef* leave Philadelphia WEPME8 I)A> and SATl'BDAT, at 13 m. _ LefN^.!',''.or^tow,1' DO.. mmiuv5-,/ya^ *"4 IklpAY _at b p. m. Freight tecelMalil? until ? p |ni. Through bills or laden given Tor Boa ton and 1 rovidenci Conalgneee wishing their goods iaLded at Georgetown, will order them marted "via Georgttown." G.F.HTDB,d? Water st., Ge rg?. PhiiiH W?.P.dLTB? A od? ia 8. w barvcs, Philadelphia. miyl ly \'IW DBPARTIRE -OLYDB'S WASH INOTON. PHH..n?i?in.? B03TUBAB D pb<. VI DEB (*E 8 K M WEEKLY STEAMSHIP LINE -Oa-MBafi and trier WEDBEESDAV,/piil l?ih, the Steamers or the above line, with dirtct connection with Bos trn and Providence, will sail from Philadelphia for hVtt-E^ v Hi .?Te7 WEDNESDAY and DATK^?a rkft?awi,n.g' '??^Washington MON .Ik .nd *B1DAY8,trom Johnson ? wharr.foot of lJth street southwest. Through Biils Lading is ?uid to atd from the above p jrts Freight rer?.Ti?<i abd delivered daily from 7 ?. m to 6 r m Trdw r?r dellvy7 o<freight, Ao., received kt 1803 F it and lllil 9th street northweet. _ W. P. CLYDE A CO., So. 12 8. Wharves. Philadelphia a.u 9n> '? ?? J0HH3OB A Co., at" ^ Agents for Washington. T^h? i^Ai?*?^ABPiHQ*B WLL^ LEAVE tva^v l*th street) ? mik ? fVELY MOBMKO, at 71. n., for Potomac Fisheries and IntermediateTriau!?^^ FrHght and pasaengers taken at lowest rates.' MM if ^________M^B^QBBQQ, Captain. ITOR NORFOLK. ~ " f STEAMEB LADY ow THE LAKB fiw 'l' b i for Nor Betsiming. leave Borfolk. Tueaday^llurr iv *4? ??,ord?Li?* * 9 rn. Fare. #4; roind frip, Tickets good until need *"?? FOB POTOMAO B1VEB LANDINGS 8te?mer JNO. W. THOMPSON leaves Company*? Wbarr, root or <tb street, every TUESDAY, at 1% m., fo rOurrk>? an and intrrmedlate landings, and ?J?ty FBIDAY.at7 a, a.,fwy Coan Blver? stoaairm at intermediate landings -iver.sioppL ? For ibfurmatlt-n apply at the office of the Com P*cy, nnder the Metropolitan Bank, Uth stroet, Ih'JSr tb0 ?"T. or to the Ageut, at the wbMT_ mart7 1y "DEOPLES' LINK" FOB nomjyi. MATTQX CHEEK, WPP MR MA vhouocand mtrkkedutm _ , landings. The rldewheel Steamer "E. MOBBIB," . Captain *7 B. Baldwin, Will coscmenoe running to the above laadli Monday, March Cth, leaving from whaiiloot of ?th street every MOB a DA*andTHUBbDAYat8a.m. an^PBIDAY^atV a"m* "0minl W TUMDA* fetM N. B. F1TZHDQH, Agent. (]??a?b % m m . Jf Q tic iis With vtfw of dlrotnifihlne ehsn<K* aj ma llat^'L.Uc BtojLEf57i or this Line t$xt * aDociflafl oourea for all seMona of ttoi year. ,"clW Ou the outward passage from Ua senatewn to THK BRITISH AND NORTH AlfEBintw ROYAL MAIL STEAMSHIPS, BETWEEN new TORE and ljfem pool, vall1no AT CORE HARBOR. ? FiomBiwIoii. I Fiwliw Yoai. ScyIlia. Wad., May 10 Scythla?.Wad., June 14 -Sootla..?... Wed.. May I7|Algeri^??Wed.! Jane U Bothnia.?Wad., May MI Bothnia-.. Wed., Jane J3 kil S Ittey- -ss- J.;i; j s?&2s2ssi??:*gm AS: Betmrn tickets oa favorahls ?er* low Belraat ^e,sht and paasage apply at tha Company Is offlee, J ?f?e and cabin rui IOKLYIi t ???M ALLwSonT'il^OBBTBON IttBly CRAB. ?. FBABCI ENCOURAGE TBDBEB TOY ThbNl B MBB, CABTiLAVB BOB FIBB WBIP8, 1 Truksaftwr style ?ATCHEL8 F^'Llg^" '?? CH"D"? ?ATOHBLS FOB MBB. ?sf^* ^8^i?b? i'oov b bJ. uABBESS, SADDLES, Bro. yla made to orAar on the prsastaaa A* ?B# Tth Bnm. lAAjatoU^Oid FeUoy^HaB,; fey rmuwKB maummmi INiUwvmi. AUCTION PALES. raw irntwoon. |)UNCAHSOH BEOfl.. Ancttoaeoci. 6 A LB or r IK BUT BU1LDIHO I.OTS IN THE OITT. 8ITUATBD AT 1HB GUSHES Of - I AID K STREETS NOBTHWBoT. On MONDAY AFTERHOON, Mar 8th at '4 o'clock, we will ?ell. la front of the __ _ i; ui aa.le front of TS feet M the Intersection at K aad Lot 11 baa V??clc<k,?a will eell, la front of the 12 ^"mtesa, Lot U aart part lot 11, In umi? Io.? Lot 12 hoe a front of HI IS faat oa It street; aa Tbeoe lota are eoch M IM ti depth, aad are moat Aaalrable batiding aites in WoshlAxtoD. flat of thfe property caa be aaea M tha oftra of ooctloaeora. and will bo abown oa tha ?;eiaisso on the dor of sale. Tbla propertr wf'l ba offered as a whole, and If cot aoM will bio offersd separately, a? aboro. Term*. One quarter caaa; balance la one, two and three roora. note* bearing Bis H* coat. Inter eet, and arcorod by daad of tram on the premises ?old. A depeolt of |M will be reqnlr.d aa aooo oa ?old. * DUNOAHSON 8BOS. mort-d [Boy J Aoctlooaaw. ?pHOMAB WfUia, A IV VALCABLB BU81HE88 PBOPKBTT OH THB KOKTH BID* OP PENNSYLVANIA AVE NUE, BITWIIM I7th AND IBth STREETS >l)BTU WK8T, AT AUOTIOH. M On MON DAT. Mar 8th, 1876, ot ?H o'clock H? m ,1a front of the premlaaa, I will sail that verr valuable buslaees propertr on the north aide of Peansrlvoala avenue, between 17th and 18th ?treats northweat <Ko. 1T43>. being Lot Ho. 7, la Square 146. haying a front of SO feet br a death of lol 11-11 feet to li ? U V ot aller. and Improved br a two atorr Brick Dwelli&g kaown aa the Star and Oorter Restaurant. Tetm* One third caah; balance la ?, 13 and IS morths, no tea bearing loteroat ot 8 par rent, per *nnnm, and secured br deed of tiust on tke prop erty. A deposit ef a 100 required at time of sola, ill convsj anclng at the cwt of tbe aurcbaoer. a?S6 d THOS. DOWLINQ. A net. ~ TO-WOKKOW. IkUNCAHSOE BROS., Auctioneers, I f Corner f.h and D streets corthwaat. BOSEWOOD PABLOB SUITE OK TEN PIECES 111 MAROON AND BLACK 8AT1N PROCATBLLB, MADE BY IK IBB If, GRAND RuSKWOOD CASK STEIM WAY PIANO, P BENCH PLAT* MIBHOB. R1BEW00D BOOKCASE. OIL PMNTINQH AND WATER colors, marble topcenter andcard TABLES, JAROtNIEKS.HALL FURNITURE, DINING BOOM OAK r CRN IT ORB OCT AND PLAIN GLASS-WARE. CHAMBER. WALNUT AMD COTTAGE BATS, rEATHBBS. BRUS SELS AND THREE PLY STAIR AND CHAM BER CARPETS THROUGHOUT THB HOUSE, MATTINGS, Ac., TOGETHER WITH K ITCH EH FURNITURK. AT AUUTION. (71 <)n TUESDAY MORNING, Mar 9, eom V-V uienclna at 10 o'clock, at No 1? I j N street fV^ northwest. we will sell tbe entire furniture I 1 Icontained ia aald dwelling, o part of which !? above enumerated, all In good condition, and to wh'chwecaU the attention of bnvore *?? St DrNOANfON BROS., Anot. JJIU. W. 8TICKNEY, Anctioneer. PUBLl'J BALK OP AN ELEGANT OODNTBY BEAT JUST NORTH O* GEORGETOWN, IN THE DISTRICT OP COLUMBIA. ? Br virtue of a deed ot trnet, dated April K. 1874, recorded in Liber747,f~lio H5, of tnelaud r< cords of the District of Columbia, we will offer fc ea'e at public auction, upna the premises, r TUESDAY, the 9th day of Mar, 1376, at d o'rjo-. p m .the valuable tract of land, situate in ? District and described aa follows: Part* A a tract ol land called "The Rock of DunbartoB,'' or '-The Addition to the Rock of Dunbarton," or "Prettr Pt< ?pect, " or ' Ciilton,"or br whatever the aame ?H be known or called, consisting of four several pai ?? now united In one. which were held br Brook Mackall, and by htm aold to Henry Gildermelatcr, aid which said parcels united in one are bounded on tbe south br tee land* of Edward Llnthloum, aa conveyed to him br Brooke Mackall; on the weet by the landaof Morrla Adler and B. A. BUanon; on the north br tbe lands of Margaret C. Barber, aad Bobeit Barnard a belra.and on the eaat br the lanrie ef Wm. Morten and Bobsrt Barnard a heirs, and containing in all forty-five acres of land more or less, and being the parcel of land conveyed to the lata Charlea Ellet, jr., br Henrr Olldersaelster. Tbe property ia Improved br o commodious Dwel ling, Ac. Ternia of aale: One third caah; balance In equal installments at twelve, eighteen and twenty four months, the purchaser to give hie notes forth# de feircd payments, bearing interest at the rate of eight per cent, per annum, and secured br a deed of trust on the propertr. 8500 down i* Convey ? 1 aplS eoAds trust on the propertr. 8500 down at time of aale. " tig at cost of purchaser. EUGENE CARUSI, I Trn.t?. ROBERT B. PRESTON, \ TRUSTEES' SALE AT AOOTION OP AN BLEGANT DWELLING ON I STREET, fcBTWEEN VERMONT AVENUE AND lbTH STREET. SBr virtue of a deed of tmst to us, dated March SS, 1874 and recorded in Liber No. 747, 117, one of the land records of the Dl?trlet of Columbia, we will, on THURSDAY, the 'J7th dar of April, 1874, at 3 o'clock p. m., in front ot tbe premises,sell at public auction. Lot No S3, in J. G. Bcrret'a subdivision of original Lot No. 6. in Biuare No 199, said subdivision D?iog recorded la Liber H.D 0., folio 144 lntheoffi^ of the Surveyor of tbe District of Columbia. This lot frouta on 1 street north, and runs back to a SO foot alley; is Improved br an clegaat three story Brick Dwelling. (No. 153T I atroet north west,) with baeement, attic and bask-boildlng, and ha? excellent furnacf and.rasge. - ? Terms: One-third of the purchaae-money In cash, acd balance in tbree e iual payments at t, IS and la month* from dar ot sale, fjt which tbe notes of the purchaser, bearing Interest at the rate of 8 per cent, per annum, and secured by a deed of trust oa tbe proterty. aball be given. A deposit of >1,000 will De required of the purchaser at the time of sale. All conveyancing at the azpenae of the purchaser. If the terms of sale ore not oompllfd with wtt bin one week from tbe dar of aale. the trustees reset ve the right to resell the property at the risk and coit of the defaulting purchaser, upon giving seven days' notice In the National Republican ond Evening star. GEORGE W. RlGGS. i Tmst?es ARTHUR PENDALt. < ""tees, ?pll [Bep.] DUNCANSON BROS., Aucti. KTTHI ABOVE BALE IS POSTPONKD until TUESDAY, the 9th dar of Mar, A. U 1S74, at the same hour any place. Br order of GEORCE W. BIGGS, I Trn,fftM ap27 (Bep) ARTHUR PENDALL,( Trustees. r|,HOMAS DOWLINQ, Anctioneer. HIGHLY VALUABLE UMIMPROVED HEAL ESTATE, AGGREGATING ABOUT Sft.OOO bOUARE FEBT OP GROUND, AT PUBLIC auction. On TUBSDAY AFTERNOON, Mar the 9th, 1876. at & o'clock, on the premiaea, 1 shall (all the following describe! property: Lite No. 4, 7,8 and 9 in aquare 70, on the east aide of SSd atroet, between M and N streeta northwest, lot Ho. 9 in same square, on the north side of M afreet, between Slst and SSd street*, lot No. IS in aame square, on New Iiampahire avenue, between M and N streeta. This propertr will be aold in original lots or in ?ubdivlilona to ault purchasers, and being in ene of ths moat rapidly improving sactions of the city, should demand tbe attentioa of parties desiring srofttable investment. Terms: One-fonrth cash; balance in f, IS and 18 mortbs, with notoa beat log Interest at 8 poi oent. per annum, and secured by a deed of trust on tbe property sold. 880 deposit on eacb purchaser at time ol aale. All conveyoncing at eoet of pnrchaaer. apS9 dAds [Bep] THOS DOW LIWQ. Auct. rpHOMAS DOWLINQ, Auctioneer. EXECUTOR'S S tLE *OF VALUABLE PROP ERTY IB SQUARB NO. 99, IN WASHING TON CITY. mm By virtue of tbe last will and testament of K1 James Green, lata of Washington cltr, de erSTed. tbe undersigned will offer at pabllo aale, on TUEKDAY. the 9th dar of filar, 1376, ot ?be hour ef 6 o'clock p m., on the prem ises. tbe following described propertr, situated In Washington cttr< District of Columbia, being part of Lot 4, in square 99. beginning at a point on the eaat side of Slst street distant S7 foot oi d S Inches from the Intersection of New Hamp shire ave. osd Slst st.. and run southerlr along,the aaid Slat street IS feet and 5 Inches, then east ft feet, then north IS feet and 6 Inches, then west 90 feet to tbe plac- of beginning, containing 1,1.7 aquare feet Abo, all of Lot E. being a subdivision of said square, the said lot fronting 42 feet and 8 Inches on New Hampshire avenue, the north line being 97 feet deep, and the aeuth line 115 feet UX Inches deep and the roar lloe 27 feet S Inches, with the buildings upon the some, containing 3.531 square ftt* t. Terms of sale:'One-tblrd cash; balance In sis and twelve montha. tbe purcba?er giving his notes, bearli e 6 ret cebt. interest from tbe dar of sale, a deed given, acd a deed of trust taken to secure de f^rreo p?>ments All conveyancing at the coat of tbe pnrchaaer. A doooalt of CSO tequlred when tbe property la .truck off p j ^0KP0Si Bx,cntflr mrJ THOMAS PoWLIHG, Auctioneer. THOS. E WAQGAMAF, Real Estate Anctioneer, S19 7th street. VAI UABLB IM PROVED PROP1BTT No 311 0 STRBET SOUTHEAST, BETWEEN THIRD AMI) FOURTH ? On TUESDAY, May 9, at ? o'clcck p. m., I will offer for sale, in front of the premises, ottered N.ln square 791, 17*70. improved by a tbree story Brick Houce of 10 rooms, with mod era conveniences. Terms dar of sale. _ . mjl eoAds THOS. B. WAGGAMAN, Auct. PUNCANSON BROS., Auctioneers TRUBTEB'8 8ALB Or BRICK HOUSE AND "ot oi K STREET BBTWHEN 1?TH AMD 19th 8TS. NORTHWEST, AT AUOTIOH. Art By vlrtoeof a deed of trust, doled ISth doy Mpf September, AJD. l?7S,duly recorded la Lioor Bo^OS, f Jlio 61. one of tbojaad rtcordsfor Waah lngton county. In the Diatrftt of Oolambio. oad by reqoeet of tbe party eeenred thereby,! wRl sell at public aucti an |on THURSDAY the SfttaAarof May, A. D. W76, ot S o'clock a io front of the prem n>4 s. all tha* certain piece oi parcel or pr? mises situated and lylag i a said otty Qi.WabSi; ton, District of Ooiombia, oad knowa aad doseribad as tbe eost half of lot numbered tour.14.) la aquare nrnbered one hnndred oad sevea, (jm.) together ? Mb all and elngular too improvements prtvtlsgsa otd app rtenanoes to the aa?e belonging, o? In amy nia c f^sale: do-third of the #archsoe mlasy in co'h; the balance In ?oa^ InstalMaoats of notes ot 6, M and 18 months, with lst? S per ceat. rer sLnnm,said notsssscured by odeed of Uudoo the pnmisee sold. Oonvevoaclog, Ae., at purchoo rr*s cost. A deposit of S?***'4 K M nisnL leii_ In co'h CCSI ? ea W m a# sk a * _ m bood the property It knoofced ofT^lf terms ?C sale are not ooiplled wltb In one week from day of ?ale the Jru^ee reserves ther.g_ht toreeelltho ^ro? etty ot the risk and coot of the dsfoahlng isnkiwr upon giving fl?e dors notios^t wJLht^ ur.*" aesn tb jn4illl>thMAtdts Trostee. ? WILL SELL. AT PUBLIC AUOTIOH, OH " MONPAY, at 1$ o'clock p. na. *-'*'C/4, tn froat >ka arssnlaee, two three storr Brick Houses, Nos. 184 aSTjSS ?d atroet Mg&grt T?*s mado ka wn oa B. C B.^ aS^Sh^ down MAN A OBBBH^An ^ts. ? . 0. LUTTBBLL, Selesmaa. apldOtaw mr THB ABOVI SAL* 18 .POSTPONED wUliMOBl>Ayrth. SSd VEgBGV'y?JowiB^ tJT' ?^ftfcWdWasis; AUCTION SALES. \Y* L. (UaHlthia. uraor. _'BQMP4Y, Bit lltb, 1ST6 M bc'rl^i k n m? corn** i?th m Md W? twHit....!.,1.* do?B. [mj3 id.| NEL^N m;SOB. Proprietor?^ " Vo. 1101, aotUvw ooiMr Wk ?a4 D M >r* riffiSSk1 TOP BIDE BO AMD. ?At IBS CtOTH ROCK - ITC WA,?i KITCHlm CTBS MLS. if I'SsT^rrr I IWlStftlltb street. fcetvtoD M an 1 N >tr?l^ I ihinlh th* tbo>e o*ll*cf ion of faraitor^ ti>o~ i' ,.nich oCr rS'rtdiJ^ *fl*r" *n? ?????*.. lO Teimscash. WAflTJJ WILLIAMS. Anct. ?rr,.??,roOIDJr5Jihbi; wib3" <k,nu,us 11 "a *?m < t ? flf??-cu*7#lll55ijj. T*?ll4J,,, to **??? Botae trarir e itterf-.' / it in? ?? ^Te ?4r'' 'or and ?e< urtd by H deed V* i?t^n ?^T Banum* of the purchaeer at time of mis d * *feH 15 WILLIAMS, (.?p?-?- ? Auctioneer. tf. W ABKKli, corner 7th ajj g street* mssmm Tii IBI> STREETrii?8lIA aV.^FJ1 *N1) MT?bVm *2Tri? " M8VLV AM IA AVI HVK. EA8r. T??B1> AMD KOUBTU STKIirg M,,PJ ?L}wa d<*H ? of Jtro?t dttrd Mar ?' <ro"Kiri^,;? iBest of tbe parties aecored thereby, 1 shall eel I 4?*re nnmb-r" ETvI n?bu?id^"^oTn inVt y'(Vjo f ctfltmii for thefeame at the MrthweJt J"4""*' thei.ce east ?laag toe line of r.nusy? JI? i?n?# 'JDe hundred ind thirty-th-?*> ,Sst ,*?i s'VX.''itch*'; thenceson 'h war JI y wvontv (Til iMti tbpnce weitwirtllf rtjlitr ?ii ?r. <nche*; thenw nonh ^n. The Mm HiertKtTi?-"* hnD.dr"<1 r,d ( US'fwt to m?BtS?Ac betlnniof, with toe improve T*?*- Onefr nrtb of the p:rthu<> m?Bey to be ?iV?# cm^? the talaLc*1 at alx, twelve and tlfh.een Bontbi, with lotorer from day of Hale to be s< cured by a detd of trnst oathe ??rt? rtd time ofMio ?nJ?? V,U *** re<lu,ro4 <>i> &*co boose at com ofgaloand allconveyaocing at ,r..cbawr i Bl0?faffl?f ln ,he ??MtftF ofWa.b mwXn&T? 9Xlb' my*eoAd. j V. OOLlPwELI.' I \LMOAHBOM BB08 , Auc ion#*r(, ojatbeaat comer ?ih and D streets. ^A?'8 BALI OF A ^TOCK OP (iRncir ?JL'? _LIQOOEfl, OaMNKD OuODS TCAS CBOOK KRT S?AP* WOOD1M W a h K, tSrv? ? ViOOOD8. 8T<>b? |'1\ iUt onRKM ni1??11 BT?B* 8 'OTti MOBTHHiIf\^^?OM!,U " 1. ?',v,r,t100 of ?n awUnment given to me, l?.h ?Ti ? 51? i DAT MOBS1H0. lOtb May,commeoc<Eg at 10 o'clock, at ^?Itb- ?bvT uanitxl ator-', the entirec -?nteiit* CuiiaiaiiLg of a gt-aeral a? >rm?ot of Orocerie*. * ?' Jamm l. BABBOTB. - DCMliAs'ifoM6 BROS.'. Anct 'paoaAS 1)0WL1MU Auctioneer. UAJH CLOTH PARLOB bUIT WALHTT Riru CASKS, M^BLf TUP TABLES WAL^r WBATMUT, LOFNCBfl ANif?5,t cukris flM* AMGBAV1MUS. DKOP LIQHT. WAL O'AMl M1UBOH, M A X 1 i L aKh BLK TOP ?8Vru??UT AND MAB Eu*c^TSo?M?5SMVTuacTD|^^AiVn UA1B MAITBE8S?8. FKATHKB VIL. AfO D BO Li r * BS , M OBO I'lTO (*NO?T BBl'HSALB, THBK* PL* aNO 1 NriltiV "ABPAT8, AXTBMSIOM DINING tAIi. ) Ift I>0 AMD Ol HEIi OH a 1 R c K r ? i' d I ,8> I871' at 10 o'clock, ?BiJli wli. ?? U4S C>rcorao atreet. o? f *K < Hth tor,hw??'.tl'e Ab )*e Pur Tenci ?Mh excellent conditian. npgrtti THOS. BOWLING. AucUoneer. pflAHCIKf BALE OP VALUABLE IHp. TBWiP*V'MTI011 K STBEET, BE TWKKR i 1th AMD 1)Ith BTRIKtm ^ OBTH W?8T. BTMIW *j?.J.n.7n5nc2 of f d?e?? in the canee of liiai Armrttao Bet-d v?. Joaephlne Tvler et al . In fe unity otubberid 4 4S1 rocket li, made by the jiia ilce hoJdi. gtbe E^nlty Term ? iy Sd. 1876. ?a?oint I?f V1 eM ? w"*1U-on W Etfi?ES fi A '? 'n "ont ?f i lie ?r?mijN, ?t b ! J ? Jt ?".1' Public .luetion, all tha* piece of land in the city of W nshingt^n known on ih? plat of ?aiOclty a* lh?wen twent\ fl.e fe.t of L,ot^ Bom' berec ten<10), Jb 8.juar? numbered three hnndred and m> en teen (317), together with the ImproTementa 2?My^T'Pf ???# itory Brick tloase ^7 Jecree, ire One-third <^nkf R>U?li'i!t*eIS?**/ ? cfcihi BQ<1 the remainder la eqaal iaaiaU?nanf, at (fx and twelve month* frcm the day of tale, the deferred payment* to b. ir lBteret-t aad to b? secnrtil by a lien upon the aroa SUrtS- One hundred doilati in ^h muft h. the property ti knocked down, and f?t^ot?.r^A?.t.?t w"?> wl't'lo one week trom Ine day of sale, the property Is to be resold at the rlek of the defaulting pnrehaVr 0M at ? , HEMBT WlBE UiBMKTT. i ????.Coj?U^CoUeftLawBull? Xni|tow< eter Law BaUdlcc,) Wtbeter Law BDildlEg DnnraLSon Broa , Aucta. myS yoCHG * MIDDLBTOM, Auctlonacrs. TBTBTEEB'BALB OP ALC ABLE PBOPEBTY ' ABOOT SIX ACKE8 AltJolM lfcG 1HE BEPOBH BdlOOf. A HI) A1 BABE HOI SE AMD LOT IM EQCABE ?*?<. ?. ~7 Tl'?u* ot ? ol tru? dated May 16th. ln Llb"Mo ??'J. folio lia, i- .i ?S?.?/Jh?f?cords for Washington Cjunty I"'I16 ^tri?j of Columbia, and by directi on of the r*rty ?ecured thereby, the nnder?isrnftd Trn?tee? ?i! BRinaV !lc 'H0.11?11'.'? fr '?t of the property, ^vi?5 *? i!,a. 8,,,h of **7? *? a 0 clock p m , ali thai piece <tr parcel of land in aa:d DUtrlrt,being partor parta cf a tract S^i Iv co"an^ awJ Barbadoee enlarged, beeinai og Btone planted in the gruncd on the fSL-" ,*,0'",e turnpike road leading from the city 01 Washington to Bladenibarg, and standing at the correr of tbefaimbow owned by tbe Reform Vhtol, and rnnning thence, reveruing the line of the eatire tract north02 degree>, eait 19 perchee; thence north 71 degree*, eaat 21K perches; thence ???nth 11 de ?rw? '?> M* perch?H; tbence eonth 7J'4 degrees, ??*t SO mitIim; tli'?nc- aocth SI deg-eu, want 41; Brcb?*; thence north 64 degree*, eaat 71V perchea Boreorlea** ?' bt?,nnlB'' conuining 3lvacre*, AI?o, at 4 o'clock p a. of the ikme day, in front of tbe proDerty, ali that piece or parcel of groond iyir^and being on 4ih -treet east, in the city of Washington. D. O . wtteb U known a* lot >!, in John tt- Adams *obdiri?ion of criginal lots, (guar* Thit lot is improved by a Prauie Dwelling, and kHifrootiii of Wfeet by ? depth of las feat and one iron Term* of ea)?: One third of tha purchase money for each parcel to be yaid in cash: one half the bal ame at tbe end of one year, and tbe other half at the end of two rears from tbe said day of aale. a d? poait of SiSO from tbe putchaaer or porchawr* of each parcel will be required at the tiiae or aale. The credit piyment*, with interest thereon, at the rate of t?B percent par annum, payable seal an nually, from and after tha day of aale, to be secured by tote and deed of trust on the pro pert? sold: or, "theoption of tha purchaser or purchasers, tha whole ol the purchase moner for either parcel, or for both parcels, may be paid la cash. CoBreranc log at the eost of tbe purchaser. Unless tbe terms a# falla a/ J IlL M a a . - ^ ??uoiui pnrcbwi ? Biivr kiviqb m\ IOMI isn oati' notice "y public advertisement, and the casbde posit will be fcrfeited. PHILIP A. DAhEILLB,/ GEOBGB BABLE. < Trnitees my6 eoAAs lOHBO A MlPPLBTiJM. Aucm. yoUBG k MIDPLBTOBL TmTw?wa JWBfafeBS:>"'? "" m t Bdar aad br virtue of a 4aat ?f treat to M. ?dated Angast btb. A. D 1874, Md daly racard SS% LiberA. B. Mo. I,folio 387, at seq"^ MaVrftAe lafcd records for Prtaoa Gee: ge county. State of Marytaad, aad by dtrectien of the party aecursd tbereb*. 1 will pel], at 4 Ho'dock p. m .on THDBS DaT. tbe llta day ofTIar, A. D. Wf, Ss the pnmlts. all that certain p/eoe or pareel of laikl, sltaate aitd lyltg In the oounty of frl?oe George! Bute of Maryland, known and daacribad aa fallows. BegiBi-lng for tbe ssme at a^oiat OB the saw cat toad, distant fit feet a^terly t of *aid road wltb the District Has. awl opposite a white oak tree standing lour (4) feat with!a tbe Cm of feMe OB eaid road; tbaaoa north 77 degrees if mmates eaat 840 feet aloag aald road; tBrass north 11 degrees a micntes west 1JM fsot; tneaee sooth 88 degr?e* 30 minutes waat MM feet; tbeacs aoa<h 1,440 feat to th-place of begiBBlag. eoBteiaiag ?S fcTJSt-T.'.'St" iUe"'J * " Tetmarf rale: Bf Ad* ka cash, of which a ImmK of 03SO will be reqoirad at the time of aale; aad the balance ta Ms. twelve aad eighteen moat hs.secured by a deed of treat qo. ^ pco^erS s oUl iZd S notee of the purch ? " yet ancir g at tbe i sale are not comp! teervta tbe right to resell the property at thi snd t 8?, * VOCMG * MIDPLtTOJi, Aucte. EVENING STAR UTS* A Paul* for ??tflcM ??? ? TCT5G OIIL 8ATIP riOM DtATI RT THE LATIRG OH OP HARDS. The astonishing care of a supp-js^l fatal by the oAiilpnltUao of DmkIi oh the hc'y of Ice patient l? reported to the hmllr of Mr. Charles H. Benson. one of the editors ol tbe Jersey City Kvening Journal. The patient wm the eldest child of Mr. B*nsoo, ? girl of 9 year*. Her recovery from a dan geioua illness. and her oompteie mtorauon to health, as described by ber parent*, miv be considered by some aaa manlfa*tat 103 of spliluaalistle power, and by other* aa the re sult of animal magnetism. Mr. awl Mra. Benson say that their daughter was pros trated by acute bronchial affectloa in the early part of Mtft August. She had all the symptoms of consumption. Her cheek* ahowed the beetle flash of dleeaae. tbe palae wax quick and Irregular, and right aweata and daily fever* reduced bar body loa skele ton. A bard, racking cough at night, and constant expectoration In tbe day marked the case. Three physicians said thai she could not possibly lira. Early In January, when tbe girl's destb was dally looked for. Mr. William Wlnslow Bennett, a next door neighbor of Mr. Ben con's and an avowed believer In spirituals tic manifestations, called Into Benaoo'a at 3?2 5th street. Jersey City, and said that the Utile girl's cough kept him awake *t night, and he desired to have It slopped, lie said that he could bear hercougbtag In the room where he alept Mr. Bensoa tol 1 him that the noise of tbe oougiilng woult not trouble blm roach longer. Mr Bennett replied that he had come to care the cilld through tbe aid cf the spirits, and he aske 1 the pa:ents' perncl?ston to lay his hands on the Invalid. Not having any f*l;h in spirit ualism they refused to oonseut to his mode of treatment. Mr. Be.inett renewed bis offer with such persistency that both Mr. and Mrs. Benson decided to let htm try h>s powers, lie at onoe went to work. He Aral bathed bis bands In salt and water. Tbe child was piaced ou his lap after being clothed In a loose garmeut which would admit of the manipulations over the flesh. Said tbe medium, ??I will not move ray hands, but will await the action of the spirits who are present." In a lew minutes his band began to move around the throat ot the sufferer. That nlglit her cough was not so bad aa it bad been. Mr. Bennett continued his laying on of hands every night for three months. He began his operations regularly at 9 o'clock. One evening be was twenty minutes late, and be said that be oould not move bis bands, as tbe spirits were not In the room. Mr. Benson says that his daughter Is entire ly well. It is said that Mr. Bennett has made other equally astonishing cares, oae being that of ex-Congress man Lawrence, of Ohio, Who had pneumonia?[A*. F. Sun. 6Ik. Turkish Fihahces?Until lately the rule was that, though every soldier and or dinary civl! servant in the country should go without bis pay, tbe sultan's household must have theirs. Only a few weeks ago, the sultan, hearing that a sum of money had been placed on board a skip la order to be transmitted to tbe seat of war. sent for It, and bad It taken on shore for bis own pri vate use- Every effort had been made to keep tbe fact of transmission secret, in or der that palace cupidity m'Kbtnot lay claim to It, but in vain. Nor Is this by any means an exceptional instance. Whenever any department has been In the receipt of cash, demands have come for the transmission of the amount to tbe sultan. To the vultures of the palace the safety of the country Is a matter of supreme Indifference. I could give many examples of tbe Interception or attempted Interception of money on Its way to the public treasury. There ought to be uo longer any necessity to disgalse the fact that the first step in financial form In Tarkey is to limit the amount which shall go to tbe the sultan. 1 do not require to be told this is In theory already done. My answer would be that everybody In Constantinople kuows tbat tbe saltan constantly sends to one de partment or other, ordering tbe delivery to blm either of a particular sum or of all the cash on hand. This process Is now going on, but yet, In spite of It, so impoverished is tbe treasury at this moment, that even the salaries of the palace are, a? I have said, 1150,000 In arrears?[Omttctntinf>)>le Letter. Marrvikg Intemperate Mkn.?In a ca>e of divorce heard by the Franklin Coun ty Court. Vermont, ou Wednesday, divorce was asked for on tbe ground of Intolerable! severity, and was rerubed for tbe time being. The St, Albans Messenger gives tbe follow ing account of the salt: "The evidence showed gross ill-treatment of the wife, the petitioner, by the husband when Intoxicated and tbat he was frequently lti tbat condition. At the bearing tbe court asked tbe petition er, the wife. If she knew when she married her husband that be wa6 a drinking man, and she replied that she did. Al ter tne evi dence was in the court remarked that they w? re not prepated to grant tbe divorce at the present time, but wished to consider the case, and tbat they were Inclined to think ihat, ?ben a woman marries a drinking man with full knowledge of his habit, she n-ust stand by the risk she has knowingly taken and that a divorce should not be grant ed on tbe ground of abuse by the husband while at other times treat ing ber a ell. On tbe coming in of tbe ccurt t his morning tbey further commented on the case and the rule that in tbe minds of the court soouldapply In such cases: and said that iu this case tbe habit In the hus band baa ty come to gross,having grown upon blm duilng the five years tbat the parties been married, and the wife bad suflered so much from blm that they would graat the divorce In tills 1 Liabilities or Married Womew?The NewOrleaus Picayaue says: ?-Io the case of Mrs. Mary Pilcher vs. Walter Pugh and otbers, JfRuce Morgan read yesterday tbe opinion or tbe supreme court. It was held that wben a married woman had been au thorized by a Judge to borrow money, and tbe mortgage was executed by ber after sueb authorisation, she oould not set op that the money was not for her own use and benefit; that tbe holder of tbe mortgage note, who acquired the same iu good faith or In the course of business, need look no farther tbaa to see that tbe married woman bad been au thorised to borrow money. Evidence will not be allowed to contradict ber allegations, made before tbe judge at the time when sbe applied for authority to make tbe mortgage. The concluding language of the ooart is as follows: 'All, In our opinion, which the holder of the note under sucb circumstances | has to sbow is that tbe requirements of the law have been compiled with. And In this case we t bink tbey were. It Is therefore or dered tbe Judgment of the district'coart be 1 affirmed, with costs.' " The Girl or tub Period?She wore a round bat pat upon tbe back of ber bead like the aureole of a saint, to whom her sweet face gave her an appearance of kindred. Her bodice was close-fitting?Indeed, drawn tight about tbe waist, like tbe bark of a young 1 tender tree. Her scant skirt. pallel tight la I front so as to show ber form, and "tied back,'' terminated beb.nd In a short fan-like tall, like the tall of a mermaid. She was mounted on shoes seven sixes too small lor her feet?indeed, only her toes appeared to I have accommodation In them; and the high heels coming under the Instep tilted her for ward and completed the graoe of ber car riage. When she walked she put down one | little foot after the other as 11 each leg were as elastic as an Iron rod. It was a great pleasure to see her pepping along, a thing ot perfect beauty, like some of the drawings of some mythological biped by one of the old masters [Hartford Timet. UiSIHBTKCCTRD AKD UlCPLEDOED.?" My son," said a Boston parent, as his eighleea-1 year old offspring stood, carpet bag In band, upon the threshold, "you are golag to the centennial, promise me that, durlag yoar ab sence, you will shun bad company and keep yoar feet tron the doors of ale-houses and billiard saloons." "Father," replied the young man, with the memory of tbe last caucus floating through his mind, "I cannot. I go anlnstructed and unpledged."?{Boston Transcript. The Spirit op tee age.?The other day a lad thirteen years of age was eaptured in this city, having ran away from his home In Fiftieth streetTNew York. He had thtriy nlne dollars with him, atxLoame, be said, to Hid tin centennial." Young America was returned to his parenta.we cannot, of course, Indorse this kind of adventure, hut it shows the rage of the times. "Onward to Philadelphia" la tbe watch-word for the summer?[PhUa Ifecowt ?^-Whvdothey tana it "an assignment for the benefit of the ered ment Is plaln enough, but wheredoes the benefit come In?"?{iwrou prat jtwi. fcj-A voung girl of Indiana who was una ble to Induce any ooe to ed the remains of ber lngsnt sister and bwrl ^1 them beside ber mother, In aeoordanoe wl?h the dying wish of the lattev. ?7*" Don't come to see me any mora Just vet, John, lather has been having his hoots half-soled, with two rows of nails aroond tbe toee," wrote a guileless girl to ber love*. f Brooklyn Aryvt. ar Atlanta OonsUfoUonalUt: People who dont want to lend aaoney had better be shy of the new currency. It Jingles, you. know, and too can't look a fallow la tea lace and ?ay. "I ha vent amy email ohsnfs about Methodist calls attention to ths Edwin Booth I ,mei that Edwin Booth made ot his recant southern toor of a #f w ?41600 for that parted. TE* WILT VIaVIR (MlAiin n ?*?*-* woKotarrt aAUuTrra (Pmm IV .Vm W in r*n^|iiw) I ,.?* wonderful little spider which turn ?fflasgaagag,es.: It* herculean U#k and flliiec U*e P??<*? who vt?u || with cnM?? astooiening 111tInert Is of Ute cle?, and I very ?mall. a ten (Ml \ which it now prrrmM the Velloo*. Tbe Bnwr was aocnMl on a predatory rxran>loo, to bole ui:<l?r the bench wiww ar.d mm Into the otrpmiara . b?ndi Tbe enterprising bad no doubt watched for ? lot* D-ovfnmiu. laid ? (nip for ib? n?_ T< ?r ? m?uee. and on Monday Hinril^.Urt*,.?alOB ,u root**. lli^rsste wiK> T* o" "?? -oo4o.ra mod im Uu??4 whim ku? ted mMrJ ^uLVn V?' h,tHl "*? ??ed ?-*? ?w *'?" ?n tbem u it pmki out of the bole mon wenred IV I m mediately after tbe l>ad beet caught tbe spider Um?d to the mooM i i*i i, and after aev hour*' eon*taut work iDcowMHd In ran ber "Try. bind quarters and continued dole* until the Up of the moose's o?t? a touched the floor. Havlug thus rralM 1-elplees, ibf 111tie apider In tu*trioualvm wcik multiply lot IK fkitMilun Afu nw moi. boom' labor the mouw wan rai on* I neb from Ibe floor.fhe spider work In If With a puller. In its terrible contort! to release iteelT the monte manatred to m tl e foster unfa auMii.d I Ik bind Hwa bu ? trot g were tbe threads which euspende . In the air au<1 no securely were tbej attar to Ha tail tliat all efforts to hrnu tl proved fruitless M ?\ <rro?. taking r interest in tbe proceeding*. left tbe an undisturbed. ar>d during a I moat tbe wbo M<*n ay night, with several frleuda. wau laLSCK"* atteutlvey. The little I Da I bfler "?ktna b?-r poalilon no lier victim's I ectnt leooc I manipulating the threaia i working. <>ra<ltially could the aetoou witnesses of this wonderful feat M?e mouse creeo up, and tbe threads, -Ira nan.' from tbelr fastenings under tbe corner of bench to tbe mow* a tall. lncmuod In n net, and daring tbe 24 hours ending * eater evening Uie thread* bad *.> Increased tb< became Impossible to count Uteta and mouse, whtcti waa atlll alive though q\ w< ikened. had been raised from one to U and a hall lncbea from the floor. Tbe ap daring the whole time of It* work eat on moose's tall, only leaving tie position long Interval*, when tt woald caoUoi creep down the tail to Its root, and tbere i upon tbe blood of tbe nioune. Then rosi Ing lt? position on tbe end of tbe tar would again begtn Ha work. This uubt of capturaof a monae by eoamali an in and lta Ingenious manner of elevating it excited the wonder and admiration of U ? and* of visitor*, among whom may be n Honed several scientific men and phyaicli wbo assembled in large crowds at Mr Or carpenter shop to witness the program of gigantic task which the little spider ha* dertakenaud la so aucceatfully brtngim an isaue. Mr. Oro** will leave them uu turbed and carefully watch lite reauit, everjone la auxtou* to see wnai tbe apt will do with lta eaptlve after It dlea liow far It will elevate It. DAgRt I>KKW'8 BAD 1'LIGHT ? frienda of I Daniel 1 >rew say that be la c pletely demoralized. His style cf boat haa been very peculiar, and In Lie end been rutnona to htm. Having unbouc conddenoe In hla own Judgmeut, be kepi money in htaowu hauda, paying only inter eat to paruea to whom the money longed. He did not even provide tor household. I nstead o 1 aettllng hla floe n ?ion on hla wife, as be might have doni covered it with a heavy mortgage, a I closure of 972.000 has jual been filed with clerk of the court. Another mortgage eg ti large la ready for forecloeure. Inatea giving hla children property In tbelr i right, be gave them no tea. Ilia aon bai cured a place in the n earn boat offlaa wi for miitiv years hla fatber ruled aa a n Of theaad oonaeq uencea of hla a J*r- I?rew waa fully w&rued by bia busli frienda, many of whom are amoag the i business men of tbe city. He expresaea c ?elf very plainly about tbe folly of hla I nesa life. Before hla tight with tbe 1 board he could have retired with seven i lions of money. He la now absolutely p with an enormous debt banging over I sick unto death, and with the prosper leaving hi* family, as thousanda of imc tore have left tbeira, to the cold chart I i the world?I ' Burleyjh ?" Letter to li< JvuntaL Mokk Home Ki li.-Harry iwboae n has Just gone to the school for yeomanrj ficera at Alderabot): Mamma, what papa learn at thla school? Mamma: He I be taught how to command a troop, ai great many things you eould not on I stand; hut then- la one thing, Harry < imc aivelv) which all soldiers must learn, which 1 very much wish I could teach y, to do exkcily as they are told. Harry (re lively ): Papa won t mind that much, h< way a has to do It borne! Harry can't tt why mrmma la so croas all day. wo a privately if she will have to go to school o (strictly private hopes so?[Judy. , i^Boys are not to weaj- oat their knuc hereafter In "knuckling down." A pa bas been grai ted for a p.ftol whleh is >iea ed to shoot marblea by the aid of a aprini rench ladles now aliow cigar* other lree and easy ways in the drao room. In order to keep the gentlemen th who. It waa found, were rapidly preferi stables and ciuba. ?'"The girl wbo can pat a aooare patct a pair of (taruioons may not be so aoo pllshed as one wt.o can embroider and w green worsted dogs on bloe ground, but will b? more nseral at tbe bead of a li family?(.V. O. Republican. H ABBINOTON - BTCABT. la M. p< church, Baltimore, on ?th of April. |H7g. C" y.fA'**1??.aaq.,te Mlsa Viaoi*.* w. Sri, au of this dtjr. MD, COPTELLO. At bit lau roafdeoee, U?9 street Dortkwest.of eaesiiioBla, Th> as? Coots 1a tba tort) sixth year of his ifi. TL.-mea CoaUllp was a tisur. of tba Ooaatr wsy , I rtlsnd, ai d served tlfUwa rear. In the Ci States a? "i*. Ha ?a? hoL red and r???< l?d b ? ho knew turn. The dscaased leaves a widow I'-eslr regrets her loas. Biassed arr tbe Aaad d e ia the Lord. Tbe faaseal will take tUe his late rsaidence, on Tuseday. Mar t. at 3 o'? 0\SEIV8. On Sunday taomlag, Mar 7tb, ? lEeiRia CiiRtiiM. wif. of Was. H. Otal ar d ascotd daifbtrr of the late AbaaleM aad ( ariae leelsitos, aged SI rears ud ? dare. The filters! will take plaoa <a T taadst eeei at 4 o'clock, from ber Istc re?ld?no?. Ho SI1 xtreet nortbwaat. Beletires and frlsads an ??ectfnily larlied te attend MA'TAKLANU. Oi Batardar B)?ran.?, I 1W?, Jen-Era Mt saiM<i . to tbe Jith > ?ai age. Ui* fnsadt and tbe frterds of tbe faaillr art ? IHHtf. laviud to s'.ui ' hi- funeral fr<>ii 1st' rsaidenor ITgT F street. Mlcbiei Place Teeeday morr,log,at 11 o clock. M( 1>IVNKLL "ii ths *tb ot Mny. iri-. Psr MoOixssll, Id th* >5ta year of ins age, a aati C-vao ouoty. lielsne Hlsfu .ersl will tak< i 'ase froai tk? b.- >oii 1l law, Ge, -gs i:.'>d l*g? Ks northwest, os Tneaday atteruoou, a* S o'clock i lb' frteads atd relatleaa of tbe faad> are ree tally invited to attend. OIJI8 On Sabday. May Tib, ISTt, at 13 ? S. m , gasML .i 6. Oeih, agad ?4 years ara. It ia friends and acquaintances are li rlted . tend bis tun?ral (rota his late rsatden e, lie. IStli. between I and K streeta netday afternoon litib instant, at SM o'clock. fcMlTH. On Ui ftt cf Mar, Utt. jJ Smith. In the sixty slxtb rear of blaa.-s,a e| of Scotland, hut for tbe laet forty roars a i of this CltJ' ? Bit tiiueral will take alaos <i foar o'i tbe nlntn instaat. at war o'rieck, b- .a thai dense of hh son ia law, lo. lt)i Third I tween Q aad B streets aortbweet. > rt uusliitaaeaaar* raapecSfntly Invited to i YATES. On tbe Ttb of May, tS7t, of aceriet tl Lewis Tsrts, s- a of JasksMi aat Loa aged 4 years aad ? moMbs EolatlTes and triaodi of tbe fMally are aoO HMCtfnlly invited to atsaad bis fuaeral ea ToJ| aHsraeon. at 1 o'clock. fu?n bis parents' I Mo 4?? Married aeeaae seotbwat. UNDERTAKERS. ectl-ly

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