Newspaper of Evening Star, 8 Mayıs 1876, Page 4

Newspaper of Evening Star dated 8 Mayıs 1876 Page 4
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EVENING STAR, MKIAT l?y ?S IWI. Wmthm 1YebaHUUie* To-day, Offici of Cmzmv R row at. Omen, i Washikotoj*, May *, 1816. f la tb? lower lake region and middle states. ll?g followed by rising barometer, fresh i brlak southerly winds, veering to west and southwest, cloudy and rainy weatner. reeded to-nlgbt by cooler clearingweather LOCAL NBWS. r.?The Yokes Family In ??Belles of the Kitchen." r CenriOM*^-" Rsl Mneab; or, The ijan Fire King," and varieties. WiUnrxt Hnii ?Grand concert In bonor of Kiss Zaldee Jones. ran'i?n???i*,V21r roond lrlP ticket to the mtJj???ercmy. *'**rDOOn Officer Kdelln, of the <??' kLUed a mad do? lj billow Jj**_*u*y. The dog bad bit several mea aada horse previous to Oeint; shot. J???fJ***\_ V the parsonage of St. Ctnrcb, last eveniDg.of Mr. J. A if^blppensbnrg. Pa., and Miss Wfcaefcan,of mis city, was witness* I ***!? number of friend*. tickets Ior Mr. Beeehers lec tnrelndieatee that every seat win he so'd In U2l!^!.?,oh"w>t,nre- Al Wbi taker's book ?tore, Ml Pennsylvania aveaae. reserved Mats car. still be bad without extra charge ??iL t. r'ra!' Club nas elected otll W!:. ? Br,en' president; Cba*. 2m! president; B. B Wnitney, r^TnV>?o ' , 00 J'nes, treasurer I.e. J B Jod#s'Hudson' director*; and Jr JODw, fomnodore. a crsiy iran named Wa. A. bails from Hillsboro, Ohio, whs 2M2-S? the B * ? d,pot and takVn to iiqoarters. He xiaiei mat he had ^ i 11 rn'" bald-headed ele S^en Tf pl^i^.^ * broUwr DOW ln "?? *'"bfngton City Bible Society cele forty elgbtb anniversary yesterday afternoon at Lincoln hall. Kev. A. ty. Fitter prMldlni;. After the religious services th3 | ?J?r made some introductory remarrs. addr? wes by Rev. Thos. L. Poul. E* Ilodge followed. i J-8P?>cer. of this city, Is an- 1 J**-0' the ?P**kers at the Na Y?k??wff 8uff"?Ke Association in New week Vti. i n*fi?/ian(41 TbJ'?d?y of this *?**? *lss Lily I>e Losier Wood will also ?n A' LrK"*worKi. esq . b?lng StOUf COUrU WlU *? unable to thirty-stxfh anniversary of theorza wa? ceieh?^ Z1?D. W,e8iey Monday School ?** wltbratfd yesterday afternoon In the and*?' "?,,thTe*'t' between M div i^y.P!pe.r- Pre,ld?t of the 8un J-nlon, delivered an interesting j"f c??' *nd remarks were made by Mr. o . roTL?' of t'nlontown. and Rev. ***????*> 8 and ay Schools P 2P?HLWashington were preseut. Mr. W. ?.?y ? secretary of the Sabbath Schoal Inlon, waa introduced and delivered a ii?e la^ Jo8*Ph Ambush, ones president of the nnion. -,?M?s?ilF:rr9?-Vo/Kmof Theater The pop alar \ okea family commence their fare we/ engagement here to-night, when toe favoTite wllM^S^'nr^'. ?^Be:lea of me Kitchen" The Public never tire of thl nsnai and undoubtedly S2T-?1 honT1 WU1 them. IKrfntl complimentary c"?n sTne^r MfsT/a'i ,l?i"I*v*QlnK tothe popular -!-?!? V..T Zaldee Jones, who will be as tbe euy toe beHt musical talent of TaUma<iye Hall?At the request of many or ??fE?nM-!?1 c U"ecs-wonderful young S2; ; "^P^annoa, will ap l?*rt,?*ue?day and Wednewlay evenings, giv ifr an opportanUy of beHrlng |b!f, S?t^ c?!fe^?y h" deparlure ror tlie Mngtuh Optra ?To morrow afterroon the popular opera, "Tee Bohemian Girl," will be t'^^d at the National Theater Sy thf *airlamb amattur opera troupe. There is ?oai compose the attractive bill offered a' th? popular Comlqne this week. * >rr?RA?s AT TDK CewttxvrAt. ? \ regular meeting of the Veterans of the Mex ican W ar was held Saturday ovenln? waer IhoTiVr'J3.^1 dhat ^ejo'ut r^olnuon aa tborizlrg the Secretary of War to loan t*#> nse of tents and camp equipage for a gran l eocampTiier.t at the Ceniebnlal gToac<S^Tor MB War v-fo^L*11011*.1 Awocla:<on Of Mexi War \ eterans and their guests the Vet wans of 1mi ?, which has p*?^ the House nHHr*^^ receive the concurrence of tae .a^e soon, was to enable the committee "Sements to erect the encami'me"t ZSW r:,ay- Colone? W. L Sch*y,rcha? ? ? 2} committee of arrangements, at h )Jj?P,rT' wr?l? that the encampment will m"* west Of the Centennial gBMM; will be known as "Camp Scott," ^ V ma?ageraent "'*? *? *? * andenbnrgh. The headQ!iarten> '*f?oclation will beat this enearnpmeat 'be tth of July. About S or Uie medai badges have been sent to members. KLookout?Messrs. o. A. Klrkiaiid A Co., auctioneers, sold on Sa'ur ?ay at the Exchange Salesrwni that v^iua ln Ul? Flrst election district the Po?lmL.B ??naty' ?t the confluence of ?>e Potomac river and Chesapeake Kav aCT*rn Th?Pi?lnt L00^001* containing 161 acres. The improvements npon the farm o? kdweiling house and neces ?ao_ootbuildings, and those of the Pavilion bathing establlsbment, a larse hotel an(i " cottages; also.i w^atia^lTarr SwJn^c?^?^^1100- Tfata rammer M.c'ow^ 1^1 on account of Mm oo UQlt<d 8tat*? KovSrnm^t I M iZ ^7^i'?ar'^ alw m ll? *?leetlon ! as the terminus of the projected Southern I llroad* ^t affords every facility for 'he_re>^stabilafamept of the summer re ?Dru Pnrcbas?i by Frank Hume (of Wash ington) for >30,300? i Halt. Gazette, 8tfi. ,D'H to Phii.adbi.phi a for the ?flW ^ w111 b? immense, Jadgiuz from the numbers who have already left and During the P*ft w***^ the sale of Philadelphia tickets anU 'be trains on Sat wSsiTfliuS TT? ^r?,ay hoth depots were 2Tbad^ iSinmii ?2??!"T$n}hei rftlQction to *mm!VJ5SZ?- .T2i,1?ya11 tbe trains f cr?Wtledl ?nd the 9:30 Pullman U"B * P H- H" biS op, and numbers of camp cnairs ln tbe aisles were also flliea Tim morning trains on the B.40. were all full tbi? morning. The sale of tickets is brisk cm both rtma,. bnt there are many who are holding back yet for lower ratos Saturday nlgnt a u*0?1". named Margaret Jeddy, let her infant, five mouths Sd?b^r?^mcLaUl of u,# ?'b "treet sewer, H? |b? ">unty. Sne was detected by a man Pt?^ neighborhooJ, and arrested by Ptaff'^ho took charge of the lufant Sh9 rtd of th2 taSK11, t?at ?be intended to get tbe tod^oA ^LS r?,.V ay *fteru<K>u JJv?^?7y a Jead mate colored infant was n^a ??wer trap on the corner of 3d and P streets northwest, and taken to the M nw by om?*r Cl?r*. Corrmer ^isrsir," ?wrt"iciw * - J" KxcrRsto* TaAiws to tit* c*??. 7tOA^ b TBB BAtTIMORk AMI) OHIO uaiShi w^??1 P^ut indications It Is likely U^JbaBalmwe aad Ohio roa.1 will have is;. rr,f; Jsy, at 5 p rn.. and WwneJSy. at ??5^?m' r*m lysd-trlp rate of MT^rtainiy lo^; a^ttu t?mJ?U^ Z27 maQy to make a trip Tickets, good for three davs he bad at any time from thu nrASAn, .. * to frui m. m ? ? lrual "ie present up *???-"? a ? ?? %?? or ?elves with clouiing^uitah^ ?or Vt?e Ui9,n' mr, when tbe thermome ^ r*n^ ?* weattl* nineties. Mr A i^T .^ K0" among the Pennsylvania avenue, i/as * larie'l*' 1011 meot of thin and stylish wiS^ assort iriva."^ ?>~E^'"5iAKa Issued bv Insp^tor SSrjgy.SP* * Karnabaw, a br:ca stored vi southeast, between M ^l^t\L'* ula avenue:Dr- Rleble, between M*ClS^?ryf^0<w?WoWTi; S!,2no J as ?oath^td^ ni torjr fr*m-} dWellir.e, liKlKn^VtS be several races. ^ wbeo Uum- wt;i R*AL US TAT* HALK.S B. H W.m? ?state broker and auctioneer ?oij -^raoon. at public auction^ f?\u??Z fraaM bon?e, on L street, betwe?n 5th iI cS*"*1* 10 Jame? McUrsv. foJ TBI D1STKICT I1ITE1T1SATTOSI. iMtkfr from Expert tin*. Mr. Adolf Cluss. as expert of the Hnu?e Committee on tb? Districtol Columbia, sub mitted the following report to Chairman Bnckner Saturday: ??I have the honor to report upon the prac tice of the late Board of PabUc Works in pajlng for work connected with the grading of streets. Earth was measured simply as excavation excep t in rases where no suffi cient quantity for a heavy embankment was available from the streets. If authority had been given to obtain the same from private sources, and It was proved to be a proper charge, allowance would be msde in toe fill for the difference. Material obtained from excavation was not at the disposal ofthe con tractors, but was reserved for the District, to be used for embankment elsewhere. If the excavated material consisted of valua ble cacd or gravel, and such d'd not reach the designated dumping ground, It was to be charged to contractors, but this was ex ceeding difficult of control. On September, 1CT1, the original list of board price3 was adopted. It Included: "Grading, 20 cents per cubic vard, and earth to be deposited without extra charge '' (Rep. Invest. 1874, p. ir<.) The long hauls mostly required made this provision lmpracticaole, and on Jan. 22, i?7_\ the board "ordered that the price of grading be fixed from and after this date at 3) cents per cubic yard, including the Lading rot to exceed 2ro feet. For each aiiditlotal 1W feet, a cent additional will be allowed." Excessive quantities were subse quently aliened lu court, before the investl gatlrg committee of 1*72 and elsewhere, to have been -measured" up in many cases, ai d the'e allegations were In a number of cases austalted by the remeasuremeuts of J. Flicker sderfer, Jan., the eminent Ohio engi neer, called In by the joint investigation committee of 1?71. The attention excited by the subject caused computation to be made by the t-r sinter ofthe board of public worxs in the .-prlDg of 1>73 as to the real cost of haul. Taese were based upon the distance a cart hr.rse can walkand draw in a working day, upon the cubic contents of a cart, and upon a remuneration of f2.50 per diem for horse, cart and driver. They showed that the established rate was Inadequate. Hence the engineer, In order to be enabled to enforce honest measurements, recommended the price of hauling to be raised from half a cent to 1 , cent which was approved in July, 1873. Difficulties arising In cases where grading vras commenced In IsT. and finished in 1873, the auditor recom mended In September, 1873, that the new price be applied to the whole jobs in such cases. The verification of the quantities to be charged being In those cases nnder the control of the departments, the engineer In dorsed tue auditor, *nd U1* recommendation was adopted. The operation of this rule, however, was excluded in all cases of still cpen contracts, where the grading aud haul bad been finally measured In 1872, and sim ply surface work or sewers were done in 1873. This was done because the grading for those early cases had been measured mostly upon arbitrary assumptions, aud the quan tities obtained were not ba&od upon an accu rate survey of the ground, as ft was before the grading was commenced. The compen sation thus allowed was found to be ample, aid the payments had all been In cash. The reversion of tbisactlon by the board of audit, or its subordinates. In 1875, even without taking any testimony from these who guarded the public interest In 1873. Is diffi cult to explain, and was a hazardous enter prise arter the lapse of three years. In filling the old city canal the mode in vogue for having the public grounds brought up to the ground was prlmarly adopted A compensation, five cents per cart load of one-third of a cubic yard, in the case was held as an Inducement for any one who had surplus earth to dispose or, to dump the same Into the canal. The same allowance was made to street contractors who were at that time required to deposit their earth without extra charge, but were put to un reasonable expanse by the increased length of haul. A'ter a compensation for haul was allowed tue for the dump In the canal became illegitimate. Allowances may have been made subsequently by oversight,, cr for special reasons. But whenever such a case was regularly brought up or detected It was promptly rejected. Tnere was one ex ception to this rule, and the cases relied up>ou in 1875 as precedents for reopening these old accounts are probably of this class. In the price paid for patent pavements two f'-et of grading was included, and whenever this eath was dumped in the canal the com pensation for such deposit was yetadmlsst. ble for a while. Before long the claim was successfully carried to have the haul al lowed for such earth excavated without special charge, and then of course the com pensation for dump stopped. In tnis com {illcated state of the case the reopening of he old accounts In 1?75, resulting In heavy allowances for dumps cannot fail to have been one-sided affairs. Another class of cases Is that of streets aue?t from le72tol?73 and remeasured as "f ml" In the fall or 1874, or even 1875, be cause. it is claimed, the contractor did not a?k for the final measurement at an earlier date. These cases occur on Table 3, fur nished by the District Commissioners to your committee on April 5th, and are, per these records, virtually confined to the con tacts e>r Albert Ulea-on. Deputy Engineer Oertly measured these streets lu the sum. mer or 1873, as "final to date." The pre scribed percentage to be retained on unfin ished cot.tracts has not been withheld, hence the^e we^e. prima facte, final measurements where no work is proved to have been done afterwards. The additional allowances made In 1875 I have traced to be improper to a great extent. I have examined the ac counts and cross sections for grading of Del aware avenue, between I and K streets vortbwest, a^d find that Gleason Is credited with haul for a distance of 3,440 feet on total imount of excavate*! earth. But I have as certained that Gleason commenced to exca vate. along one side of the street, went from 12 to .5 feet below grade, contrary to regula tions, In digging for sand and gravel, which he put to his own use. The sand and gravel . have not been deducted from his acoount, i and for the earth from the adjoining bank, which he simply threw In the deep ditch first dug, be was paid this long haul. The records of such of the other remeasured streets as I have examined, for evidence, E street southwest, show similar Irregulari ties, and do not constitute any sound basis for legitimate charges against the District. The cross-sections made by the leveler, from which the quantities are derived, are not hased upon a personal knowledge of his of the state of the surface before the work was core menced, and his superiors throw the re sponsibility upon him. as attested by Mr. i Oertley's testlmooy.''^ The Colored PakUe Sehseli The reports of the colored schools for the past month show that In the high school there was a total of 109pupils; average num- 1 ber enrolled, 106; average in dally attend- I arce, io?.; percentage of attendance, DC; cases of tardiness, 1; percentage of tardiness, .0002. i Number of schools in all the districts, 76; wt.ole number pupils. 3 343, an increase of | 282 over the same month In 1873; average en rolled, 4.209, an Increase of 242; average dally i attendance, 4.123. an Increase or 277; percent- , age of attendance, 97.9, a gain of l, cases of tardiness, 36, a reduction of 133; percentage of tardiness. 0000; cases of corporeal punish ment, 32, a decrease of 30 cases; cases of sus pension, 17, a decrease of 6 cases; times teachers tardy, 2; days teacher absent, 39. VPSLLIHG FOR A MIDAL. A spelling contest tex>k place Friday after noon for a medal, and resulted as folfows: Seoond primary grade?Carried by Primary No. 1, First district, Miss M. L.Lawrence, teacher, snccee^ful competitors, Ellle Bran son and Carrie Brown. F irst Primary grade-Primary No. 1, Flrit autrlct. Mis* C.A.Jones, teacher; Mary Payne, eighth gran.mar grade?Grammar No. 3, First dis trict, Miss C. A. Patterson, teacher; success ful pupil. Mary Wayman. Seventh gram mar grade?Grammar No. 2, Third district. Mrs. M. E. Tucker, teacher, successful pupil. Wm. Young. Fifth grammar grade Grammar No. 4, First district, Miss Alloa M. Pa/ke, teacher; successful pupil, Adele Hughes Fourth grammar grade?Grammar No. l, Fifth district, Miss A. T. Howard, teacher; successful pupils, Betsy Pry or and Sarah Coakley. Third grammar grade Grammar No. l, First district, Mlas L. P. Matthews, teacher, successful pupil, Mary Champ, in Uie second primary and fourth grammar grades there was a tie between two pupils, which will require a contest between them to decide which shall receive the medal. Makkiagk li causae have been issued to John J. Holcer and Clara J. Busey; James H. Granger and Parmella Mllburn; Luther Harrison and Mary E. Kane, both of Alex andria; Frank Bvas and Jane E. Taylor; W. H. Lee and May Stewart, both of Montgom ery county. Md.; Frank Fltzhugh and Fan nie Caslier; Isaac Pearson and Maria LouUa Vernon; Lemuel Trottman and Hattte Davis; James Jackson and Alice Dudley; Wellington Q. Alexander and Hattle Koger* The Crams Cms he I'skrsskaMs. Ladles if you wish a Comb that will not oreak ask for The Crown Comb Uubreaga ble.? i Advert uemeiu. FIMI MAIin To-day.?Sold by R. A. Golden * Brother, fish agents- i,000 shad, for ?i3a?in per hundred, *>,000 herring for tSa*10 per thousand. _ SrratAL very desirable bullying lots near the British legation will be sold upon easy terms at trustee's sale to-morrow afternoon at six o'clock. e aiLvra, coral, Lake George diamonds, let, onyx and gold jewelry, received at Prlgg's jewelry store. No. iJi Pennsylvania avenue, near 4* street T** IctItsI SMtlnx*. ?Lflf w*re inaugurated for this U^y: at "?? Assembly's S cbarebt (corner of 5th and I * VTel? 1 ???. W. 8. Hammond preside J, Mr. Little, Mr. i *' ^r*? and other ministers ?*r "loglng tod prayer, Dr. Presbrey read of the healing of the lame man by Peter and John at the beautiful gate, as related In the 3d chapter of Acts, and commented thereon. Reports were called I for, and Mr. Nye reported a large meeting at I Foundry, bnt the Inquiry meeting was not largely attended. A cheering report was made from the Lutheran chapel on Capitol Hill. Mr. Pendell and Dr. Presbrey made reports rrom the meeting at the Congrega tional church last evening, at which there were a number of Interesting cases, but a some mistake the gas was turned ofT. r. Cheek also spoke of the meetings at the Foundry and Congregational cburahes. i Rev. Mr. Oraef reported that twenty six or ?even conversions had taken place at the Lutheran Chapel, on Capitol Hill. Rev. Dr. Noble related that at his church, (6th Pres byterlan.) yesterday the meetings were Im pressive; that an extra ? ommunion service ' was held and a number Joined church, msiklng about no who have Joined thus far, and many more have been c.inverted. Dr. Noble also related that at the meeting at the Lintheran church on Saturday four men ! who had come in from the street were con verted. Dr. Gray said at his chapel, the North Baptist church, the services were Im j p>esMve, and there was more Interest arno g the corgregat Ion than since the meetiu rommenced. Rev. Mr. Little report?! that his meetings * ere well attended. Rev. Mr. ; P tzer, (of the Central Presbyterian church,) I related that there was more spirituality la in his conu're<ratlon than usual, and he had the names of 15 or 20 Inquirers. Rev. W. 8. Hammond made a report for the Saturday lilgnt meeting at the English Lutheran j church, and a;sofrom his church, (yth street M.I ) Mr. Hammond read the requests for { prayer In which were several for relatives and friends in Baltimore, and heofTerei a fervent petition. A praise and inquiry meet irg followed. ? ??? ! F Ao * *AK,ruL Blow- Fatal Remit Feareil ? ' vorwo?d, a shoemaker, struck and ! CI* 18 feared, fatally,) Injured a mm named i v oss this morning. Norwood, whose shop is on 8th street, near the Post office, had done?ome work for Voss. and having failed to su t bim refused to pay until Norwood j had done it correctly, wherenpou Norwood becoming en ranged, picked up nn Iron rod and struck him in the head, causing a very dangerous wound. The wounded ma.i walkrd [ as far as D street and dropped down in the I street., from he was takea to his u0mc< IE2S1I>?Yesterday, at the residence of M/. Samuel Handy, living on 4th street, ?cfar ? northwest, Mr. and Mrs. Handy, Mrs. Gbedal and the servant, were all taken violently sick directly after eating dinner, they partook of canned tomatoes. *r- /ranzoni wan called and succoedci in getting them out of danger. It is supposed that the poison was from a green tomato worm which had been canned with the tomatoes. As it was, the family had a very narrow escape from death. Have your trunks and traveling bags repaired at the factory of James 8. Topham, 4-? i th street, under the big wire sign. f THE COURTS. Court in General Term. Today, the April term of the Court in General Term was convened-Judges Cartter. Wylleand MacArthur present. Mr. Riddle called attention to the cases of GUT H.THOMPSON AND T.J. LAZENRY, convicted of conspiracy In the Criminal w^lch exceptions were taken, and stated the dlfhculty he had in getting the exceptions signed, in consequence of the indisposition of Judge Olin. AfUr some con- ' sulfation, it was suggested that Judge Mac Arthur bear the case in chambers. THE WASHINGTON MARKET COMPANY I General Butler, who {with Messrs. Brad Blrneyand Chandler) appears for toe Washington Market Company in the case of Hotlman against the company, and the company against Hoffman, called attention to the importanceof the case, and asked that an early day be tixed for the hearing, and suggested that it be pnt down for Thursday. Messrs. Merrick, Elliot and Cox. who ap pear for Hoffman, said that it was desirable that the case be heard by a full bench, and as Judge Olin was unable to attend by ill ness, that was impossible. Toey might, however, have Judge Humphreys on the bench. The Court was inciined to set the case for Thursday. Mr. Merrick remarked that tbpy would he ready to take up the case if Judge Hum phreys could act. After some further proceedings, the coun sel agreed to renew the motion to-morrow. . . OTHER BUSINESS. .? 2 b2ni" of^W- U Fra3r8er. W. C. Harper and Z. B. Brooke, as justices of the peace, were approved. Mr. Cox asked that the case of Cochrane et ai. agt. Deener et al?the patent process in the manufacture Hour case?be put down for Monday week, (22d Instant,) and the motion was granted. T-THl?14?.nd.ate.fl the 8upreme Court of the I nited States in the cases of Barnes, Max well and pant against the District of Colum bia were nled. Wm. Yorke AtLee was admitted to the bar. Mr. Merrick presented the petition of 100 member* of the bar. Judge Cartter "A centennial petition." Mr. Merrlck.-?And there is no better time than in the centen nial year to present it." The petition, it is to be filed rules, and it was orier&d Calderon Carlisle's application for almis "ie bar wa" referred. In re. estate of i? 5. Ame": placed on calendar. An an Fels Was 1Ued for a rule 00 JosePh Dan The court proceeded to call the calendar. _ , a prize case. --t Crnze or Coigns agt. Florida, in which Messrs. Hackett, Chandler and Butler appear for the captors and District Attorney Wells and Mr. Corwine for the United States, was taken up. This la a suit for prise money for the capture of the rebel ram Florida In the harbor of Bahla, Brazil, 7? ?4 Y?8 claimed to be an Illegal act, as the Fioi-lda was then in a neutral harbor,and the point is made that she was not a lawful p rize of war. Cwnrw COURT?Judge Humphreys. uiT? Si 7 t?rm of this court was convened this morning by Judge Humphreys, and the Jnrors were called. Chas. G. Glover, Crosby H-D. Pbeatt, John H Berry p. McKnew, John Lynch and Albert G. Hall were excused; O. S. B. Wall was declared exempt, and F. B. Robinson failed to an ?war ? Criminal CouRT-./?<fo? Mac Art tow. ,t15P ?*,tun,?y John W. Nichols was cou i? . ?/. m*n robbery and sentenced to one year in the penitentiary. Christian Johan tria'lC?nV ?f as8ault? was S*?nted anew Today, Churchill Carpenter, convicted of iarccny, was sentenced to six months iu Jail. Equity Court-JiuIqc Wvlie. 11wve.y 1,010 aKl- McDonald; time allowed to take proof. Miller agt. MIL ,. Hempster agt. Dempster; reference to ?, Shields agt. Ayer; argued; decision J. ^ *?? a?Gordon; decree. Willey wK 8tro.n* ag1" Willey. Edwards agt. Willey, motion to consolidate filed. Alexander agt. Bouillon; decree adjusting rights of parties. Adjourned to 15th instant. roLicE Court?Judge Am?/. Murphy, Thomas Fitz a?d TH?m,a" Jones, charged with wmil' and Charles ,^ei?arg!i 95 each" Rob?rt Jones, WOIW, larceny of eleven pairs of 6hoes worth ?27. Six months in Jail and pronertv restored to owner. Margaret Jetty, colored, ^i^fttemptlngto rid herself of her illegitimate female child by throwing it over a fence near a sewer opening; aix months in jail. Milton Moss, assault on Morris Wolfe; ?5. George Stafflu, trespass J* Street psn-fc; *s. John Vanderbllt, for feited his bonds; charged with assault and battery. Vincent Flood, laroeny of a quan tlty of fractional currency from Thomas McDonald; *2 fine and restitution ordere 1 to fnllii? Lpng' Wes!ey James, and Frederick Chilton, larceny of a sold watch chain from W. L.' WllkeVson. g^nd jury! wS*Si?12?r,,.^Manitou Samuel Browu. wm. Ray, assault on James Carv: *3. Jas *f8<tu,t on Phima Jones;' A1? ^ar*!^ with assault on Mary i \Tl\. Uo' cb,lrK^ with assault bn? l^L^f~??iiTaDdJury- Wm? HeP Cfuu- O'Connor^ ?K;1,nChl<l Pord, Raffe Ore *nd Michael Mc Tratt nld a th were arrested Red way and omcers ^d McGraw in the Kalorama woods, owned by Mr. George s. Lovett, on the ??come 1110 custom for disorderly and disreputable persons to congregate on these grouads on Sundays, and the owner has determined to pot a ston Jolt. Fences are climbed, and warnings un heeded, so the court flneo them S5 each, as they all pleaded raUty. Frank Washing ton, assault and battery with Intent to kill Henry Busb; con tinned. Glad Tidlnrs threats to Mary Tidings, his wife, who tohf the Jodge that she had not been living with ber husband for three months, and yester day the met bim on the street, and he threatened to crnah ber to powder; ?loo bonds to keep the peace. Kate Mack forfeited col lateral. Alice Fitzgerald, cursing; ?8. ?*-lt is suggested that James Partou can ???hiTi&.GoT- ao# ,or veto KTTbe condition of Cardinal McCloskev now lying sick at Set on Hail, South Orange! If. J., remains unchanged. * ' GEORGETOWN. Resignation.?Dr. W. W. William*, roe tor of St Jobn's church, vbo*e call to Old Trinity chnreb.fcew York, ? few wmIci tr> was noticed In In Star, made known 10 his congregation yesterday that, after lone deliberation, be Intended to accept 1U The regret of bis people la very great, and daring bis remarks many were in tears. Be goes to as?lst Dr. Tyng. Tho call Is a Tory flatter ing and important oae, and no on? blames the doctor for his conclusion. He goes with the good wishes of all for his future success. Tbi Revival?There will be a "grand rally" at Dumbarton street church to night, and the interest then manifested will deter mine the continuation or conclusion of the meeting. Accident.?About 8 o'clock this morning a man by the name of Albert Lntman, while Jumping from a canal boat to the bank, broke bis leg. Dr. Bowie Tyler was sent lor and soon adjusted the fracture. Baptizing.?Yesterday, at 11 a. m., about forty colored persons were baptized by Rev. Mr. Alexander, of the First Baptist chnrch (colored), In Rock creek, at the foot of Oay street. A great crowd was present to witness tt>wwy? ALEXANDRIA. Whipped for Stealing?Wm. Wiilte, eo'ored, who was arrested in this city several days since on the charge of stealing a watch and some clothing from another eo'ored mau named James K. Williams, near Accottuk, was tried today before Justice Kerby of Fairfax, and sentenced to receive 39 lashes, well laid on, and to leave the county. The sentenced was executed at Catts' tavern, West End, and Immediately upon Its c ?m pletion White was rearrosted upon a charge of stealing gash from Frauds A. Dickeus. Still another charge of larceny has been made against him, aud will be tried after the present case is disposed of. White is a notorious character. Registration.?There is considerable dis cussion In town over the diverse opinions and action of the registrars in the several wards on Thursday last. In some of the wards they refused positively to register voters on that day, and some persons were thereby deprived of their right to vote; in others voters were registered, and in one it is reported that some were registered In the morning, and the decision reconsidered and others refused In the evening. There Is no fixed statute to govern special elections, the law at present only providing for the open ing of the registration books before the regu lar elections. Fish Report The catch offish at ail the shoies continues to fall off, aud most of the fishermen regard the season of 1876 as about over, others, however, still entertain hopes of a heavy run about the middle of this month. The large schools of herring from which Uie heavy catch of the early part of this week was made did not reach the upper shores, thus showing that there could not have been a large body of fish behind them. Since yesterday's report there have been re ceived only 5,100 shad and 86,000 herrings. Shad sold at from $17 to 820 per hundred; herrings from 810 50 to 812 p?r thousand. Of other kinds of fish, such as rock and perch, there are not enough arriving to be quota ble.? [ Gazette, 6M. 1011 P*HH8YLVAN1A 1011 CI ? THIJTG. SPRING AND SUMMER. DRESS COATS AND TESTS. Oriental Bilk Pld Worsted, $JO Northampton bilk Bibbed Worsted, 31 # Vienna Diagonal Worated, 916 .AO Blackington Black and Oold Worsted, gia I'it ridge fancy Bilk Worated, 919 Narragansett Fancy til k Worsted, 910 BUSINESS SUITS. Flee Slbcenf Sprit g Cass. Suit, 9*40, Fine Delatarre Plaid Cass. Unit, 918 Edward Harris Hair-line Cass. Bnit, 916.30 The Versailles Checked Cass. Bolt, 313 The Diagonal Bibbed Case. Bait, 914 Oeo'ne Washington Villi Bine Flannel Salt, 913 North Hooelc Block Cass. Bnlt, 913 Hercules Scotch Cass. Bnlt, 911 English Stripe and Plaid Cass. Bait, 910 Knickerbocker Check Cass. Bait,99 Baals bar? Brocken Check Casi. Snit, 99 Onion Cass. Salt, Frock and Sack, 96 YOUTHS* SUITS. Klllbcrg Diagonal Worsted Salt, 91# Lippln Bilk Bibbed Cass. Salt, 913 Uason's Hair line Cass. Bait, 911 London Plaid Cass. Bait, 99 New York Mills Cass. Salt, ?T BOYS' SUITS. Norwalk Fancy Worsted Salt, 910 Camden Plata Cass. Sait, 99 Snow Bake Fancy Case. Salt, 9T Knickerbocker Check Cass. Salt. $ 5 Onion Cass. Snlt, 9i A. STRAUS, 1011 PEN NB YL YAB1A ATBBOB -.1011 ap28tr Bktwkss 10th axp 11th 3tebet?. 9L SPRING HATS. JL Oar supply cl Siting aud Summer HATS now complete. ENGLISH DEBBI'S, all new colors. SOFT FELTS, all new colors and shapes, DONLAP'S NEW TOBK N0VBLTIE&. just Introduced. MISSES AND CHIbDBEN'S LK3HOBH, MI LAN AND WANTON BTBAW MATS, In all shapes. Out Stck it tht (arttst. WILLBTT * luorr, mayl-lw 9M FimsTiriitu Avixvk. MEN'S WEAR. SPRING GOODS. NEW STYLES FINE GOOD'S, TO MAKB TO UBAB0BB. SUITS TO ORDER, WHOM ?33 CP. READY-MADE SUITS, FBOtt 914 OF. BBADT?HABB SPRING OVERCOATS, 910 OF. 1199 W LUNCHEON, FOB TBAVKLKB8, BXC0BS10H18TS, FIG-BIO PABT1BS. SPICBD POTTBD MBATS,(In tins.)' WPOTTBD BAH and BBBF at a cents a can, eaougk for saadwickes for six persons. Also, GAMBi DOCK. CHIOKBB, TOBKBT. N. W. ICtCHKU, aul tt liM Fstrsat. LAOBB BBBB? my*-* 10th and B streets. . CHBIS. KABES. VMI W. B. TAFfAJI,? ,?MF CITY IT_E JUS. H AVI Tori T*rsKB and Traveling r?p?lml at tbe factory of JaniM 8. Topbam> 425 7th street. nnderUie big wire sign eo3 Consriti?Tiv*s. don't let CO your hold oo hope until van bar* tested tbe properties of Bo tor'i (XkI Ijrer Oil and r?*itph<Mt<' of Li.Nr. Thtre In testimony of tbe highest class to show tbat its effects In Pulmonary com plaints have been almost miraculous. Pleas ant In taste. 8old by druggists. Juo. C. Baker A Co., Philadelphia. ? Grr tbs Gnrrim Aa-riCLK?Ths great popularity of '? Mkir'i Compound of OodLitfr at rmtt Limf," bas Induced some onprin clpled persons to attempt to palm oil a simple article of tbsirown manufacture, bnt any per*on who Is suffering from Coughs, Colds, or Consumption should be careful where tbey purchase this article. It requires no pnfflng; the results following Its use are Its best recommendations, and the proprietor bas ample evidence on file of Its extraordi nary success in pulmonary complaints. Tbe pboephate of lime possesses a most marvel ous Sealing power, as combined with tbe pure Cod Liver Oil by Dr. Wilbor. It Is reg ularly prescribed by tbe medical faculty. A. B. Wilbor, Chemist, Boston. ec3 " It's Oaly a Cough,1' fa* brought mary to untimely graves. What Is a Cough? The lungs or bronchial tubes have bten attacked by a cold; nature Round-, an alarm-bell, telling where the disease lies. Wisdom fuegests, try ' Wutar'* Haina n of Wild Chirr*/:'' it has cured, during the last half of a century, thousands upon thousands of persons. As long as you cough there is dar ger. for the cougn Is a Safety Valve. Use "Wis tar" and be cured. 50 ce&ts aud si a bottle. Sold by a'l druggists. # CmCTVXATI. PlLSEX, AND BOCK BEER, on c!iai:gntat Driver's, corner Pennsylvania avenue and 4 v street. 3 ? Frksch Pique. 75 cents. Stamped dresses for children, at Maurer's Stamping Depot, C17 7th street, opp. Patent office. 5,5,3 ? Thk Finfst lagkk is amertc v is the Cincinnati Pilsen, on draught only at Geo. W. Driver's, corner Pennsylvania avenue and street. 3 > Corns Extracted Without Pain. Bunions, Ingrowing and Club Nails, Vas cular Excrescences, and other aliments of the feet successfully treated, at Dr. White's establishment, Ult> Pennsylvania avenue, opposite Willard's Hotel. Fee si per visit. Established in Washington 1861. Try Marburg Bros, seal of North Carolina Smoking Tobacco. 10 and 20 cent pack ages. 4,13,1: ? Try the Cblebratid Pilskn Bker.oq draught at George W. Driver's, oorner Penn sylvania avenue and street. 3 ? LoifO?ftLOWAHi) Harry Bassett.?Ed wards A Hutchison's Btlmul atlng Liniment Is the best thing for injuries lnHorees. 4; Removal. First-class Scodriwq Aim dyctwo. A. Fischer enlarged bis establishment by removing to bis new building, 906 G st- north west, three doors west of 9th st.eet, very near bis former place. By promptly adopting the latest Improvements, whether of American or European lnventlonr be Is enabled to do any work in a manner not to be equaled by those not possessing these facilities. Ladies Dresses cleaned and dyed with out being tasen apart. Crape Veils reflnlsbed nice and cbeap^ */? Grease stains removed effectually. Gent's garments cleaning and dyeing a Prfclftlt v. ttr Prices lower than ever before, to suit the times. GEORGETOWN ADVER'M'TS. ^\K1B6T GRAND BI MMKB OPINING* MBS DIVIDE TOUXG*. a On THUBSDAY, M?t 11thi 1*76, with a fine display of IIATS AND BONNkT*. Ladies are most re?pec tfnlly Invited to attenl, st 113 Bridge street, Georgetown. m.3 3t J^PKIMG AMI) BUM 11KB. PBIHICM STEAM DY*INO AND S'JOUBISU, At WM H. WHEATlBY** OLD AXD AMLUBLh EbTA B L1SHM B.VT. Ladies and Gentlemen can have their Spring and 8nn.n>r Wearing Apparel Gleaned or (Jolortd la the very best manner; also, Winter Clothing, Car pets, Blankets, Ac , Ac . nicely Cleam-d and tAken car* of nntll needed, Work sent for and delivered without extra charge any* here in th* District?re ceived from aBd returned to anv rlac ? In tbe country b> mail or express. Office and Wo*k?, 49 JefTdr*>n street. Georgetown. D. O.; feet Office B'*, Til3. Office hours? 7 a. m. to 7H p. m ; tfatardav, to 'J p m. myt tr I/"B BtNT-DWEliLlNONo. 47 , south fide 1st JT street, bstween Market and-Frederick street-. Apply at 124 1> an barton street. msy8-3t* |gABGAlBS IS DBY GOODS. Ladies Dress Qoeds In all the new materials and jtylee; Black Ortr adile*. at 25, 9U, 4U, 60, (Uiy, 75 cents, $1; Black Bilks, from 91 to ?3: Black Alpaca* aud Mohairs; White Qoods of all kinds for tcliocI comtneLC6ment dr^ssss, cheap; good Cali coes, faat colors, at 5, anil 8cents; best Percale*. li'Ko-nts; < a?simere? aud goods of all kinds for men and tor*' wear, very cheap; Parasols, from Su cents to 91; 2-bnt on K'd G'tvee, SI an 1 ?180. White andChetk'-d Matting. 29. 23, Sj, S5,?0 and 50 cents m)5tr HBBJAM1M ItlLLltK, 103 Bridge st. IAPIBS LOOKING FOB PHkTTY AMD -a FAMUON A BLK DltESS GOODS, will And a great variety at the store lately remodsled and bean tified. No ?130 Bridge (tore, Georgetown. Dam*w and Cingalese Suitings (neweet thing out). Mohair and Camel's Hair Dress Goods, Lacegooas for Over skirts, Black Grenadines, Tamise, Pacific Lawn, new styles, (not side bands), 12)4: Linen Lawns. 25; Swiss Muslins. 12H to to. Bulaed Mu?lins, 12)4to 26; Plaid Muslins. *> to 37*. We also sell good, fast colored Oalico, 5c.; brown Cotton. 4c.; bleached Cotton- 6c., and all kinds of Domes-lc and House keeping Goods at the very lowest 'prices. Parasols and San Umbrel'aa. W. F. GIBBONS A Oo., W. F. Gibbons, 130 Bridge street. J.Bich*?d BrRaorcH^. n?y3-eo3t ]\*W SPRING AND SUMMER GOODS AT ATTRACTIVE PRICES JHO. H. SHOOT * SOS., NO. 119 BB1DGB ST., GBOBGKTOWM, D. C., Uate received fro? New Tork and are offering at Popular Cam Prxtti, LADIIS' DBMS GOODS la new designs of Plaids, Stripes and Plain materials; best makes Black Silk from ?lto S3 80; Bl'k and White Striped and Check Silk; Grenadines from 28c. to ?1 25. Mourning Goods of all tbe best makes and " it Blacka a specialty; Cotton Goods and _ nestings at the lowest reduced prices; White Dress Fabrics from 12)4 cents up; House garnishing Goods of tbe best makes; Goat's and Boys' wear; Lad tee' and Geatt Underwear; Kid Gloves, S-batton, at tl and #1 8S; Hosiery in great variety; Paraeols and Umbrellas; Prints 8 and l., best 8o.; Percales UXc., witk a fall line of other xxls, to which we are adding daily supplies at low rices. Goods sent to any part of the city. ap28 lm J>Q H IMOQT k IOH. JJAZAR TATTERNS, DAZAR PATTERNS, AGENCY AT C. BACK'S, 408 7th Street. AGKNCY OF TUB NKW AUTOMATIC WILCOX & GIBBS SI WING MACHINES. LADIES UNDERGARMENTS AT ABTOKIBH1NO PB10KS, Made of the best Oottoas aad best workmanship. C. BAUWS SANITARY CORSET 0B ANT STY LB MADB TO OBDZB. C. BAUH, 408 Seventh street. spM 4tkp^r A THB A IMPROVED KITCHENER Will do tbs family cjektng with ons-balf tbe coal required by any other Range in the market; ooets one half ss muck as other Ranges of same cipaelty; will savs its price Is a few years In tbs items of re pairs, and savs Its price erery year tn the coal bill; Is modeled by tbe best skill known to the art, with a vitw to tbe greatest ooaeenleaee; is what erery thmlly wants, aad, having, would not part with. We hare Small and Large Family, Restaurant sad Hotel SUee. The largest amortmsat of SLATS and WHITE MABBLS MAITKLS and PARLOR GR1TRS ia "is city. HAYWOOD * Hl'TClIIXSOX. 317 9*H CTBKRT NORTHWBST, my 4 tr STOVE m*4 PLUMBIBQ HO OHM. IMPORTANT TO HOPS! renovated aiulmMebaoyset aad faaodoroWs by? titer* Jpzsrs&st; p given fcr work r*? *? ?o.i mbusissffi.. AMUSEMENTS. N ^ATIOHU TMEAT1 _w ? f?? vo|n family Tb- I'filott n <.1 F :in. Tb? Ben*si?? of Ilrt?>; " "'arwwell of Vict****; aresrell of fn<; the ? ??' < ??? ir* i U run. 1 ^ tbe Farewe'l ot B< ?tn?. tbe Farewell of _yicterle; cf Jeeele; lb* Fi of Fawdon. U>dn*.dar and Thu'rVd?TBi*:hte^?lFlii A FOG Friday ud Saturday Sigh'??WBoBG Mil IB TBI BIGHT PLACB. To b? innd^t eeeh rTmisi or the two act coMfr. ? _ THB CB 1MBII UOBBBB. Matinee ? at order at I May U-BBVABVB MIBETEELS'. mv?-lr_ JJIV. HISKY Will IIBCHU. COBUBEG ATlOB AL CBl'BCH. Tenth acd Q atreet-, EE J OA Y EfEMHH, MAY 14, At 8 o'clock Pnt.?r( 'BBLIGIOH IB SDUCATlo* " Tkktw Dit Dollar. Bo extra charge f.* ra f^rvc^l fi(<g ti Diagrams at Whltaket e Bocks'ore. *41 Pnai averne. mrt Tt |^'lTIO?fAL TMCATKR THE rilKLlll OPEBA TBOCPE. (lxmrt,) By General B*qneet, M \T1HEE?TCE>OAY. Mat 9. "THE BOHEBliX 1<IKL " UKAXD D IS PI. A T. Popular Prietc?30. 7i Cent* and *1. B^x Sh ?t at S tlwoU l uiy t M G HAND COHCBBT, IN H0S0B or MIIB Z&IDKI J05IEB WILLABD 11 ALL, HCNDAY EVENING, MAT "TB, 1Mb. Mi*s Jor.e* will be a?rtsted by Mr*. 9 P.Car.l field, Mir* Jeanne Kith . Mi** Su?ie Johnson. Or. J P. Caulfield, Mr. John Pugh, Mr. W. A Mid C<?i'ck tt? fir rale at EUI?" Music Store and Thomp son'* l><-aR Store. A tiniiesion, gl. my 2 #t Theater comiqi e KirT?itiiuMt Btlote tmnwlroMia Atmut. OP EX THE "yeah H0 0.W. Performance EVERY MG11T. Ma'ine* f.-r La die* and Children EVKBY WEDNESDAY and SATUBDAT AFTEBHOOB. F1KST-CLASS 1X~EVERY RESPECT. Variety. Drama, Burlesque aad Comedy. ly ROBERT PURTNEH'S RI MBKR OAK DEN, In Alexar drla, i* opened again Tor tha aeasos. where the bent L a OK R will always be on draught. (apdlm'l HBBBT BCHEBB. Bnpt. Oip No./ On Exhibition \Hiv No, ?? '?? JJ*' ***? Oda FtuZf. .. Indow Bbades, Plctnrea, Frame*. Picture Cords aa< Taa el*, Birr*. Ball*, 4 BrTiim Cash. ober Hum ud IT cm bar. )yl ly EXCURSIONS, PIC NICS, Ac. ()PEK1BU t KHEMU.1lEB. CRN IENNIAL EXHIBITION. THE BALT1M0BB Jr I OTOM A< B. B 09. Will run a SPECIAL FAST TBA1N, throwth in f"*i honrnnrt thirty mthit'S < leavingtbe Passenger Depo'j ff the Baltimore A Potomac K & , -'.tb street and Pennsylvania avenue, AT 6 U CLOCK A. M , WEDHB9DAT, Iottt. Carrying passenger* to the Centennial ground* b lu-SOa m B'turning, special car* will leava me gToutd- at ti o'click p. m. Passestrsr* can hr re tte addition"' privilege of renaming In Philadelrtiia until tie foil' wing d a >, Thursday. tbellth. and r tcrn on train <taring Ir??' Phita-itlphia at a o'clo k * FABB FOB BOCMD TBIP, #3.00 Ticket* and information can be yrccansl at tb Office ol tbe Coinaany. northeaat corner Utb "trw t and Penntylrania avenue; northeast comer 6tti ?treet aid Pennaylvaaia avenue, Depot Baltimore & Potomac B. K , Itb street acd Pennsylvania are me, on Monday, Tuesday, and ob Wednesday trerijo* to Martins < I tbe Sptcial Fast Train. D. M. BOYD, JR , KD, 8. TOOB ?. Oea'l Paasenter Agt. Asst (ien'l Ticket Actt myS 2t Tub pakk or THE WASH190T0H SCHLET/.EN VEBIBN. loca'ed on 7th *treet road, can be rented for Pic ttics and Festivals during the coming sea?on by ap plying to the Preaident, 8 Wolt: Vice Prsnident.C. Bci pert; or the Treasurer,C. Xander. m?3 St C^UEAP KXCrltMLN TO THBCEHTKEMiAb BXH1B11ION. The fine sailing Tacbi LOBL1E can beV%* c bartered fur tripe to PHILADELPBIA. or??** for ezcuralona down the Poteniae or Bay. She baa good -icarters Tor 10 or 12 person*. The ownrr would di?poee of share* in this boat at rery low llgur**. Apply at the MOBUAM HOI SB, Oworgetowr. D. 0. apK eolw BALLS, PARTIES, Ac. ABINI'B FLOBAL MAT BALL, WEDBESDAT IVEN1HQ, Hay 10,1376. At MAB1BIV BALL, ? strut, betwesn H 9tb and loth sts. 81 Tickets, admitting a gentleman and one lady, ?3. Doors open at 7K; commence at 8X p. fc/"Ticket* to be bad at Maalc Store* or at tbe Hall. apMtd SUMMER RESORTS. TUI? B^rMI?A0.RTVHN0DT.?Ll10 RA1LBUAD _ AT DBBB PAKK Will he OPEN FOB V1BITOBS on the 10IH OF JCNE, and their MEW HOTEL at Oak-B. - A land on the 1st OF Jl'LY. Applicants for Bo?n.s or Information address tbe no- IrBl demigned, at Oakland, Garrett county, apJ8 tjyH JOHB DAILBT, Manager. M GEATTLE-ytEJr>8 OUTFITS. Every Department Well Supplied. GABBEITB TO BEAII EE A large assortment, probably the largest in WsMkington, of good* to select b-oan. Fine Plaid Bultings; Plain aad Fancy Worated Coat ings and beltings: Bine and Black Fla:.'ials; Bine, Black, Plaid aad Mixed Cheviot Suit ings; Bine, Black, Brown, Olive, Dahlia and Mixed Cloths aad Ooatiags: Handsome Pant a loon Patterns; White and Fancy Vest ings. OenUMMB of ?niet tastes are gnrtlcQlarly In vited to Inspect. Bnits mads to measure from f M upward. Orders promptly fiUad, and In the best manner Oood Bnits. reliable goods, desirable and new styles, for ?M. Black Worsted Coats, with Y ssta to match, from f 17 00 to ?J8 Handsome Pantaloons from gl upward. Spring Over coats. In choice aaaortment, from gU to f 25. Bine and Black Flannel Snits. Blue Cheviot Bnits. Drap d'Ets Coats, Vest* and Panta loons. UI6EB1E Perfectly fitting Shirts, White and Oolored Stlk and Linen Handkerchief*. Collars. CuOs. Scarfs and Ties, dance, Ooesaasr, Merino, Silk, Fianaei. Jeaa, Llaen. Thread aad other Coderwear of assroved Bakes and quail ties. Bid aad other .Moves. French aad Baglish Bnipender* and Braces frsm ? cents to g?. Plain and Fancy Half Hoss from U cents to glJI per nair. Gymnast Shirts, Tights and ONE TRICE ONLY, IB EVERY DEPARTMEirr. OEORQE O. HENNINQ, ?1? HTEVTB RBKR, >|B-g BIBB OB TBB QQU)BB TLBBOB. CHINA, CROCKERY, CUTLERY, PLATED-WARE, HOUSEFURNISHINO GOODS, REFRIGERATORS, ICS CHESTS, COOLERS, Ac. LADIES' GOODS. "15 Till NEW HATS. 719 "XILITAIEW AND FIFT1T AVENUE," LAST OCT. Jl ST IK BlTEi) AT D if IS*. 71* ? \BRBT SPACE. ?yf lw Oftn Mfc ?traK IA| Mill K A. NcCtlKirt, dfi R^TH STRUT, (IT. CLOUD BUILDlBt^J Daily racatvtng an the lataat S veltlaa la CHIP ABD BTBAW ?omiT?. H ATS, LACKS WLO w KB?, Ac , Ac. U<l?i of WhUiiM u< ttetany are tavttad M call and eiaailoe. i?k tt ^ nm j. r. riLMKH Hhi twtmbf ?i if i lit of PAEIS BOB BETS U4 HATS. Tifiil and CatrtiuBod. ta CM* raaaaaa^ltraw; Baakat 841 k m4 Btbtx* Ftaa FLENCH FLOW EES. LACES klU BOVEL TIES. SW Special attention gi*?a to Ordan. BBS. J. P. PALBEB, iiij Bo. im t inm.nwww titsm lath \1 WILL1AN IM THB SOLE A'< EM T FOB 1M . the cafebrafd J . B P. OOBSETti aud OOB BAMBB WATERPROOFS MV 1LLIAN. SOLE AGBNT Ff>* THB OBV . ebr.t.d PERFORATED Bl'CKBKlfi I B DEB VRSTB apIO !m *IRS. n. J. lit *T Would call the attratVw of the lallea to a larsa ??^rtinent of FBKSCH and AM ERIC AB PATTEEB BOM MKTS. UNTR1MMBD 11 ATS, In greet rarWtf ltd MrlH. S-Bntua Ell) GLOVES, at ft 3. 3 ? at B1M. EMBROIDERIES ca Pi^rta. Cambric and Mnrftrt at 8p ?t'j Htdtc<d Ptipm. ap7 tr OFA.Bh.D- ~ A law and aelact aaarrta&eu? of LACB CAPh. HaTS AND BOMBET*. For lnfanti aLd tulldrfti. Of the lataet at) lee and moat attract!ve daatgoi fine aelectloa of U AM Bl'KO ebbeoldbby ABO TB1MM1BM, IBFAMTB LACB OAFS na<1? to order, ?8 ?KM HF.U1A ICPPEirH| ?wy tr aid ?h itnat, epf. Patent Ofltoa. LADIES' SHOES, HADE TO OEDEB AT SIS 9th Strut, Qrrcrtu Fmumt UF>a. M.s'tafrs-ijr 01 lidi" "WW Jr.aK.^ .!-??*? ?? ?? French Pebble M **"". j 40 ,? ?r'eatabM.hBant and are g?arent~>d to ba ajcal to a&y work Bans* tortured in tbe Unlttd Hate# mar2W-tr JAB. H TtlKHTA. (iRK*T BACB'F,CS-OF HIMAB HA Hi HAIB BRAIDS at |lt. fonear prtr* |B. dO HAIR BBAID8 at |8. fi rmer yrlca |l|, ?? JJJ5 BEAJDS at ??, fonu?-r price ?8 BS HAIB braids at 2l M furaier prlc" ??. ALABGB ABfOBTMEHT OF CHEAP HAS Bl BG EDQ1NOK aiM INSERTIONS. A lWEfilsilMB ?F LA1)IM UMDKBGAE Alabge stoce *r scb umbrellas and parasols, ?'nn> r-g?raic? of coat. IADIES cloaks ABO SUITS, at a treat rt j daction. Real abd imitation laces, _______ ?er| low. OH HABP and RE<?E1 V1BQ DAILY, alarn a?w rtnter t of M1LL1NEBY GOODS. Tbe lataat atylea of UAT8. Rl BBONS, FLO wees, etc. Also, just received, no do**a i button RID 0LOVKS,aU auadea. and tbt beat la tfea | market. for 01. W'B INVITE the LADIES TO call abd ? V exanjiut our au<cfc. BiarH if B HELLEB T1S Marker Space t^ftCIALTltE. SPEC! alt ibs. DOUOLABB'. BIBTH ABB F-ST. CLOUD. COBbBTB, bRIRTB, bustles, FBKN? H LA0B1*RT POBPADOOBe PADS, SHOULDER BRACES. HOSIBBT, ladies' OOTTcN AMD HBB1BO rSDERWEAB. KID BLOVES. t of Fancr Oood* oomalata Bc\tltlta received toll;. Acancy for Donaatlc Faabloaa fet>M tr BOOKS AND n ATlUXEIiV. W'*' H HA/.EL. Br author ot Wld. Wide TV World. ACBSAH A New Er?land Lite Btn'r FREE. VET FOEGIBO TH EIB t-V N CH MBS PLATO* PEST THOUC.HTM By Bo'kler ADDRESSES b; D. L. MOODY. Bevmad. By hi ma* If. MEMOIR OF KORMAB M AOLEOD?, D D THE sanitary DBA1BAGB OF UOQSE? 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B Baad, (lJi. 8. Ithmael, or, In the Daptha. by Mra. Bonthworth, 91.11 ? LaalleTyrrell, by O^orglua M. Oralk, 80c. M. Poatry for Hume and School ,wy Anna Baa* ter and Id. Eliot, #1 * U Attwood'a Motorc AaMrlcaaBoaaataada, Bl SI U. Shallowed l5rK bp M. A. Avery. Bl 2? 18. Anclant Bactma. by Taiae, BSSO. 14 Floranoa Marryat'a Lock 5 D?a ktmaat, ISe BOLOMOBS A CHAPMAB, A?enu Law ran oe1* -Fira Llnan" Pa para, tr 911 Paaaay I vaala aaaanr ITa* rCMflf . KNGLIHH, 8W1S8 AMU AMBBQMI ?? BT ALL TUB MOST CELEB BATED MAR A Larte Aaaoronaat at Vary Low a 4BWBLBBB. Wa ara aallla?? ?? greatly radacad prlcaa, LAXDAISt LUBAIUETB, CBtPB Bad OOCP LIGHT LANDAUS, and FALLING FKONT BERLIN COACHES ore Uu kmt rng Cumoffet of the Oa*, mm* /or H. KILL AM 9k OO,, SB CHE8TXVT 8TMKM7 OOBN ooxa DBLIVERKD TO ALL FABTS OF TBI CITY ? MMaka-^J SAMS RAT*. ^ ^ Amt? ****** OFF1CB OF WABHIMOT^B GABLIOBT OOM 4111Mb atraet aorttiweet 7 11 Mi ?agar...

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