Newspaper of Evening Star, May 9, 1876, Page 1

Newspaper of Evening Star dated May 9, 1876 Page 1
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vst. 47-N2. 7,213. WASHINGTON, D. C.. TUESDAY, MAY 9. 1876. TWO CENTS. THE EVENING STAR. FTBLISBEB DAILY, Sunday* excepted, AT THE H7AR BUILDINGS, BY The Evnimg 5tv 'eirspAper Company, J. JET. KjkCFTM ASN, Fr?a>t. ? THE Ev**r*? 8TAK U *rrerf by rarrVrt *o BN&srr?6<T? at Ten CcdU per week, or Forty foor Cent* per month. (>wi <*l tkm counfrr, Tiro Cents each. By vutU?jioiUng^ prrpttui? Sixty Ont* a month; one year. *6. TBI WllSLT 8tA*?PuMuAed m Friday n a year, pnttatjf prrptmL tSTAU tutmrrlptions invariably 4n advanr*. MT RaHt of adrertistng furnished on appticntion. SPECIAL NOTICES. ATTENTION Tb?r? will be a sp rial . r meeting of tkd BBI'KLAllBV 1A TiUB TO BlOHT. at Columbia Hsl'.oi D str-ej, B?tween Sib acd rth sts ifrtbtut All e?? inT.led. U GEO. T a TAYLOR.Cor.8fC. an anjotaaBD mb?ting or the PEOPKBTT OWNEBe. BESIDBNTS and BaKKIT t)IALLK? orj 14tk street end vicinity. Will be held on THGBbDAI EVENING, the llth l?st . at CUbMit Ball o> Itth s'reet, between C>rt .rao ae<l B streets. to nerfece measures tor Ml* ??t* tJiLmn.t cf a Market Hon* for th%t ?*t(oiior the cits. All y?rtoDi Is'irMtrd arc rsspect'nlly lulled lobs present. my9 it I'CBLIC TEM PkKANOB MtET'.NO by Ue-V BBS1 tB DIVISION. Bo r.B ofT.,int!w {? itiarc rtK DiotY M O A.,on TO;SDAY EVSS K?..t?ar 9. at i o'clock Ad<ire?ee, recitations, ^ erd -noMe All are invitrd. mtS J:* S^S?~THB JA'.KSoN DEMOCB\TIO ASSO CUTIOM will a>?t*t Beck n Halt, L';ni?i nr <% a*enu*. bstw*. n 6 ft and 7th rtreeto, on H EO >' Bhl'A t BVEBINW. Jo.h In-tani. %t 7\ n-cl.K:k. Bll el? rt 1>, legates to the National <>ou\ e till on muSt* JOHNS SUKa'S. Pre,i tent. THK BKMI ?NSPU COMMPBIC\ L- TIOS f the M. W GKMiD L'iUGE or Tt.r I 1?Tkl< r or COLLMBIA will bs hrll V > I>> K* i>j? Y. Mar 10, at 5 o'clock p. m. By order *f ?b ? M W. C ? er ?j- 2t WM. R SINGLETON. G.Sej. I IV-^* THkBB WILL IT Be A MEETING at ??? V*-y Tj? Uall.No ||3 Tib street north v- at, oa Till K>L) All RIGHT. Mot IS, at S o'clock p.m. for t;.a e? crgariztrg a nr-w Bnil'ltig A?o nation. Allp r?"? ?i-hing to connect tli*-ms<.-lves with ?nch an aiMotiation ate ipiitcd to attend and yartlctpatr. in>4-?t jT9 T*1I B JiKrBtt^ON CO OPBBATIVE BU1LDIBG aSMX'IATION will h?ll Ita *nb reenlar n>?eticr for the paymt-ni ot dues a-ud Biak . ? advances,'? I SJbAl. May 9th. 7 oYI>ck i.B , at the B^ard of Tra<> B-onn, S'9 M*'ket (pare. Advance* made to st<"<kbolder? are diiiued ltilo 120 c<i?al monthly in?talmen?*. ' J/SMBS XB4SBB. PreMffit. JSO JOT BP8QW. Bec*r. Til Q. it n.w. m1* It TUB AkLIXOTOH IDOriSSlTlTK BL'ILDING ASSOCIATION holds ita Sth T*?tilar nx'Otbiy meetii f, for the p?yment of does ncd ? akiic ad?anc*?. ?? BPSESOA Y, May l'*h. st 7 o ck-ck ? tu . at;h" Boar J of Trade Booms, ??I? Mark?t Space crsm\d? to rtockkuider* are itbly iosta ments. THOMAS HYDE. Preaident. Space. returned in monthly iostaiments. THOMASHYDl JPO JOT EDSOS. hec'y, 711 G a*, n.w. m* St A CABD -DM. LIKBEBUANN ha* dia 1^ contlsncd the practice of bn profession on ?ccennr ot impaired heaith. a>Ht' "KBV.BEMBY WABD BEECSIB WILL Lecture at the Academy of Music i lUiti ?>< re.l MAT llth at 3 o cl< ck Bnb'ec : "B^l sion In ECncatton " Tickets 91. at Mc^iJrey'a Muaie gt. re a ad at the door mr? th.aja t.w ttn I'BBSOM 8 PEBIBIKG TO BCB3CBIBB to the BALTIMOBE <? AZETTB will o!ea?e lerTelbe'r na*-e at ICNCTI )!? NEWS DEPOT, corner 9th and 7 streets nortkweat. Orlers will recelse prompt attention and the paper will be f^ith fnllr served THE B BB T. MILBCBB'3 SODA WATEB. FATCBAL SPB1I9 WATBS8 o* Draught ICE COLD TEA, COFrBE end CHOCOLATE. 1449 Pus^tlvaiia Arwri, ?pU-tr tear W11Iar3'?. BEBBY VMBE GABNETT, ATTORXST AT LAW, Bo. 1 Colombia Law Bnlldlns, aplS-liB 8th "tr?rft. bet D asd E r3>B. W WH1TABEB. VniTat n<itn tn'i Oi/ Mioa J"*l. Jio Tt 3 15'h straet. T.e?r Tre,*-nry Department. District CiAlma, Pension and Bvosty CUiits. ? fdaBy. ?pll BEBYOCS EXHACSTION -A Medical K?say. comprlalug a series of lectnrea delir at Bahn'a Mnsecm of AaAtomy, New Ton en the canse anl care of I remain re Decline, Bho? ? m Indisputably kow lost health may be regained, %tt< rding a clear synopsli cf the Impediments to ?errlag-. acd the treauraot of nerrotu aid Pky<i eel debility, being the res-jlt ot?) years' e*?eri<'nc'?. Trice, >3 cents. Address the anthor.Dr L. J. Kahn, cffice and re?idence. 81 Ba?t lO'.h ?t ? N Y srl 6m P^?U. D OOOKB, Ja. a CO , BABBBB8, a?U 't nai r rtrect kTBATPOBD rkBDALL, 41? lionlsiana avenne, ?m ATTOHXhr AT LAW. ? LEWIS JOBBSOH A CO., B A H K I B Is flbf *?r 5/ MtA Slr?<( and femut'taMia Artnut Peelers to GorerniDetit end District Beeaiitles Foreign Exchange and Qohi. sep.i ly bAMtSli Q IfOOflG, ?OTABT PUBLIC, oetlT tf ott:ck?Btaa BrrtPiBs OPTICIAN.-To tkt Public -XT newly InTsnted ?ye glass, wtlck 1 aow maiiofac 'tors wlti eight workmen, My Eye slats la the whole World. TUer can be regnlatedby twe unAll serewi to exactly fit the boss without say pain or nnplsesant feeling. They ere made of Brazilian pebble and the newly dlsoor ered Bnssta raby glsa. For neatn-ss end lightness they crBBOt be surpassed. Measure taken and order Bllsd in fifteen minntes ISAAC ALBX ABD1B. 1429 Penna. ar , Bp** InTsotor. Patentee and Mannfacturer. fmamb,amoftwmtljnt ?e. 1BBT Pl5?TlURI* AtBWBB. ?setlne Brazilian PeBMe Spectacles de?7 ly.lstp "J BJlLJi" FOR THE HARD TIMES. READ THIS. A GOOD FCLL BUT POB ?<?. Actual Value ? l'i. A VBBT CE9TKEL SLIT BOB *10 Actual Veins #14. <jLITE A B1CB 1C1T POB (14. Actual Value 817. PINE ALL-WOOL SUITS POB 913, Actual Value f id. ELEGANT BUSINKSS SUITS POB ?13. Actual Value f ii. VBBT aUPEBlOB SUITS POB 9*0, Actual Valne 9if P1NB CI STOM-SlADB SUITS POB Actual Value ?3J BOYS' CLOTHING AT TilK SAMS LOW KATK6. MABLI BROS., Tailors and Fine Olothlen, Career 7th eed B streets SPRING HATS. Q Orrsepi' cl Sptiux ?ttd Sunuowr HATS djw CtmpUte. EN o LI SB DEBB1 S, all usw colors. lOFT PBlsTS, all sew c. Ijrti and shapss. DUBLA p s BBW TOBK NOVELTIES, jtut MUSES AND CH1LDBEB S LB3HOB9. MI |.aa ABD eaBTOB STBaw mats, lu ail On Sick u (As 'at it ft wiueit ? ?rorr, 99i Pl.ttMLTl.1!* AvHH. EVENING STAR Washington News and Gossip. Govhwmwt Receipts To-day inter. nal revenue, .'?3 Jl; customs, S31l,996.&5. CorsTC. Lewishaupt, the newly a.-> poinWJ Swedish Minister, yesterday pre sent* l bis credentials to President Grant. C" W. Holcomb, recorder of the General Land office, yesterday tendered his resigna tion, which Las been aceepted. Mr. J. Q. 8xitii, Commissioner of Ii lian A flairs, has gone to his home, In OUio, to be ab?ei1t a week or ten daya. Thi government of Luxembourg has at the eleventh honr accepted an Invitation to participate in the centennial. Mr. A. E. W'ilwos, chief clerk of the Treasury department, has returne 1 fron Kntncly, where he has been for the past | two we* ks. Naval Ordrkd.?Acting Carpant?r John G. Tilden ordered to the Adams, 1st June; Midshipman George F. Emmons to the Alert. From E. M. Wbitaker, Vernon Row, we have tte admirable April number of the Britxxh Quarterly Kerien-; also, the "Guide to the Centennial Exposition," published by A hltakcr. Capt. H. T. Brian, of Baltimore, w?iohas for some time been foreman of the govera nient printing office, has been appointed one of the Judges on printing for the internation al exposition at Philadelphia. McKee.?Attorney General -Pierrepont yt sterday sent the papers in the case of Mc Kes'g application for pardon to the district attorrey at St. Lonis, with orders to send a full report on the matter by mail. A kill introduced yesterday in the Hoase of Representatives provides for the cjnatrac ts n of levees by the government in the states of Louisiana, Arkansas. Mississippi, Mit-souri, Tennessee, and Illinois, and ap propriates for that purpose the sum of W 172,000. The U. S. Supreme Court yester Jay ad journed an til October next. Two hundred and six opinions have been delivered during the tt rm Just closed, and three hnndred and thirty cases b a ve been disposed of. Tnerere rr.ain on the docket nlue hundred and seven ty- three ca*es. The clerks of the Pension ottleo export to spend ail their salary this month for pocket handkerchiefs, so gre#t is their grief that Miss Sweet's testimony should cast any suspicion on Truthful James, the sur veyor general of Minnesota, and the former provost marsh a! of that onreau. Tiie atirci Pavement Bill.?Judge Buckner'a bill to provide for the pavement of Pennsylvania avenue, in addition to naniirg as commissioners Edward Clark, Architect of the Capltoi; Adolf Clnss and CharUs T. Mason, as announced In yester day's Star, also names as additioaal com nilfsioners Generals GilLmore and Wright, I ? S. A. Secretary Bristow Is again the target of the slander circulators. It is now chargei upon him that he suspended proceedings against John Bnekner, who was collector of revenue at Louisville and defaulted ti the extent of *100,000, because M.. Miles, t e foster father of Mrs. Bristow, who diel .ecently, leaving Mrs. Brlstow a handsome ' ,-a^y. is on the bond of the defaulter, an t to proceed against him would involve the estate. It Is further said that the matter has been quietly Investigated by the Ways and Means Committee. Tiie Winslow Extradition Case.?The letter of Secretary Fish to the UniteJ States legation at London for submission to Lord I??by, in regard to the Winslow extradition case, takes the decided ground that the I Dittd States cannot recognize any efficacy in a British statute to alter a treaty, and should Great Britain aJhere to the position that the United States must guarantee that cr minais must not be tried except for of fences lor which they were exiraditel. this government cacoot avoid regarding the action of Great Britain as an infraction and termination of the extradition provision of the treaty of 1*42. No response has been made as yet to this letter. Distinguished Visitors to the Cen. tennial.?The limited express train on the Baltimore and Potomac railroad this mom lug was one of the finest ever run in this country, consisting of eight elegant Pullman palace cars?the Pomona. Python, Saratoga, Sidonia, Java, Ocean, Rarltan, and Fair meuut. on this train was the President, with Mrs. Grant and Mrs. Col. Fred. Grant, and on the same car?the Pomona-were Sec retaries Fish, Brlstow, Chandler, Taft, Poet master General Jewell and Attorney General Pierrepont, some of them accompanied by their families. Tbe diplomatic corps was represented on the train by Sir Edward Tuoratoa; the Japanette, German, Portugese, Danish and Turkish ministers, and repre. sentatlves of other governments. There were besides the officials some two hnndred and twenty-five persons. The Funeral op Joseph M acFarland, the well known and respected Washington correspondent, took place from his late resi dence, No. 1727 F street, this morning, anl was largely attended by the nnmerous friends of the deceased, Including the representa tives of the leading newspapers of the east and west. The expressions of sorrow among them showed how much they esteemed their late co-laborer. The remains were encased In a bandeome burial casket, with heavy trimmings of silver, upon the lid of which rested a profusion of the choicest flowers. The funeral service, quite au impressive one, was pronounced by Rev. Dr. Mltche'l, of the New York avenue Presbyterian church, who spoke In feeling terms or tbe departed. The remains were burled at Oak 11111 cemetery. The following acted as pail-bearers ?George W. Adams, of the N. Y. H'orfd; H. J. Rams dell, JV. ? Tribune: D. C. Forney. Mirney't Chronicle; B. D. Kleni, PhUatlelphut Press, Donn Piatt. Capital; Z. L. White. JV. Y. Trib Ht*; H. V. Boynton, VLncnmafi U'tzeUe, and I. N. Burrltt, of \h?8whIu>i Herald. Kx-Secretary Belknap indicted The grand Jury of the Criminal Court of the District of Columbia to-day found a true bill of indictment against W. W. Belknap, late Secretary of War. The Indictment sets forth that he was Secretary of War oa June ltftb, 1*73. at which time a certain question, mat ter, cause or proceedings were pending In rotation to the appointment and retention in office of the trader at the post of Fart Sill, In tbe Indian territory; that be did unlawfully, wilfully, and corruptly accept and receive the sum of ?1,700 from one Caleb P. Marsh, with Intent to bave bis decision ac.ton on the question pending Influenced, Aad did appoint one John 8. Evans, and did retain John S. Evans as post trader In considera tion of having received said sum. Tue addl tt'jaal counts charge him with reoelving *i 'oo for the same purpose, on Novem*ier ub, W3; January x&f, l#7l; loth April, 1874; -4th May, 1?73, and November 15th. 1375; and ?750 January 13th. lS7t>. Mr. Blaine's Lettsk is thi Mary land Convention.-i: frrence has been made to a letter from Mr. B tiae that was In tome wsy Intrcdnc: 1 !?> the Maryland con vention. The clrcuui>tauce4 which led to the letter were these: A promluent *n<t dle tiLgnish d republican of that atate, a warm personal friend of Mr. Blaine, wrote to him R few days before the convention as follows: ??Eveiy county in the state has chosen dele gates to the Frederick convention favorable to yon, acd the delegates to Cincinnati will b* /or jcu unanimously. Would you desire stmp y to have your recognised friends chosen, #r won id yon prefer a vote of In stinct Ions in addition? You can have which ever you prefer." Mr. Blaine replied as follows: "Ordinarily I should be unwilling to express any prefer ence aa |p what a state convention might do touching myself. Bnt of late, as yon would know, a very persisted attempt baa been made to throw mud at me, and a pmooonoc 1 expression from the Maryland convention lu my favor would at this time be gratefully received." ?ES. HORACE CAP HON OX JiPl*. lateralis* Tmrtm Abont (he Cenili? MBit lb? l*?o|?le General Horace Capron, by invitation of Profef sor Henry, the distinguished President cf the Philosophical Soclcty of Washington, lectured before that body last 8atnrday night on his mission to Japan a* adviser to the government in Ihe development and settle ment of ihe Islands of Yesso and Soghallen Tne audienoe was composed principally of the members of the society, of whom there vas a fnll attendance, and among them General Humphreys, Dr. Woodwarl, Dr. GUI, Prolesfor Coffin, Professor HilgarJ Hon. Peter Parker, De. Otis, the venerable I>r. Gale, and other philosophers of .nore or le?s rote. The General introduced his subject by relating an Incident or two of THE VOYAIJK TO JAPAS, v! ich began on August 1st, i*;i, and lastci -C days, as evidence of the regularity of the movements of the vessel? of the Hue to which h:s belonged he cited the exch*n$lng n"ii's wlta the inward-bouu'l Mearaer in mid ocean, on the sixth lav o-it tn'thin a r'nw moriu it Is of the time predicted for tbe meet ing of the vessels; he also male graphic mention of the encounter by his steamer with that scourge of the eastern seas, the tj phoon. ARRIVING AT YOKOHAMA, r.e remarket!.that beautifal Japan laid before .im clad In richest emerald, wniie Tnjict it, the "peerless mountain," sixty miles away, towered majestically far above all surround ing objects "while her snow clad summit re flected the morning rays-the whole view presenting one of the graudest sights vouch safed to human vision. The speaker recounted briefly his transfer to his residence atToklo, reception there by the authorities, and an ua:.olleitel audience with HIS MA.J?8TY, THE TESSO. This audience was the first ever granted any 01 e under the rank of accredited representa tive of some foreign government. At all points the General was received with marked honors attended by all the pomp and cere mony of oriental hospitality; imposiug pro cessions, salutes by Royal troops, as guards of honor, and splendid banquet! were among the features of the presentation to the Em peror. On this occasion the Tenno was seated on a throne, richly attired in robes of silk heavily wrought in gold, while on his head was a cap of state which can only be described as unique in form and of oriental splendor. WITH Mf.ASDTO YKSSO, the island, the speaker stated that the island tad, until his arrival, been considered a bleak, barren region, and unproductive. He found, however, that, the climate was semi torrid rather than semi-frigid, and that it was capable of the productions of the tem perate zone of America and Europe. Though much snow falls in winter, tne temperature seklom reads as low a* zero, Fahren heit. A small population was found, p-inci r ally engaged in fishing. The fisheries ot Yesso, the General states,are Inanutiss. has seen l,0?0oftbe largest salmon taken at one haul, while ?; times as many is no nn usjal single catch. Prop?rly managed they were capable of yielding mUlionsof dollars in revenue, whereas now the retu n to the government is but about ?? 530,000. Tney are farmed out by the government, a small tax being enacted for uie privilege. At present Chinese and Japanese markets ar? tne only markets for these fi3herie>, but with the pro per methods of curing and canning ones un derstood, the fish of Japan will find m irkets in all perts of the world. AS TO THE PEOPLE OE JAPAN, the General considered them as contented and happy, though lacking every comfort consldere l esseutial to the happiness of tiie average European or American. They are quiet, good nature! and easily controlled; turbulent assemblages are never kuown, and tt eir only demonstrations, when g i tiiered in crowds, are laughter and applause. Tnough traveling mu<h throughout the empire during more than four years, the speaker had never, either on lonely road in the inte rior or in the crowded street of the city, been ii suited by act, word cr Look! Tney are im'ustrlons, frugal, and as workmen gen erally expert. Almost every man is a laborer, while the majority are skilled in thfu- respective lines. This skilled labjr, wuich in tne centuries of nerexlsie.ieejapm h:<s utilized In trifles of uncommercial vain-, '>T in temples rapidly perishing from neglect, it is predtcted will yet command the atten tion of the world. There is no government or individual wealth, which, however, can scarcely be expected with a system of labor under which an able-bodied, skilled work man receives hut from 10 to 15 cent* per day, subsistence included! .Shehas had no loreign Uaift nor lerge periodical balances to pay, and thus deplete her treasury. She presents no preat public works as monuments of a previous condition of prosperity and wealth. TEA AND BrCB are the principal exports, but quantities of the latter are stored throughout the empire to guard against famine?a necessary pre caution wltn a people dependfng entirely on one or two articles of subsistence. Now, however, this precaution will be unneces sary, a gieat revolution having taken place In the matter of food supply by the introduc tion of flour mills. Formerly bread was not made or used In the empire. THE COOLIES* Till lately the coolie was both draft and road-horse; now steam and other methods of transportation are used. When the first saw mill was started 300 cooliea were near by sawing timber by band, 20 square feet being the average of each, daily. The capacity of the mill being 12,060 square feet dally, this one labor saving machine la the equivalent to the muscular energy of 600 natives. Closing, the speaker referred to the Idea advanced by some that the introduction of the luxuries and expensive habits of foreigners would not only entail great expense to this people, but most likely work their disadvantage and unhapplneM. As to the additional expense, It was remarked that thin would be more than offset by the opening of her ports to the comraeroe of the worii, and the expor tation of ner surplus tea rice, silks, iVc , while the revolution now going on was necessary TO CHRISTIANIZE THE EYPIBE and to give her a position eventually among wealthy nations. Were it desirable, how ever, be continued, to eradicate the foreign ideas already introduced into Japan, it could not be done. The officials are more eager than ever to know more or the world from which they have been shut out so long, and it is'doubted whether with the entire foreign element banished from her shores. Japan Would abandon the new regime and resume the ancient customs she has now thrown off. "The seeds of western civiliza tion sown in Japan,''he added, ??have al ready yielded much fruit in a yearning on the part of the higher men of the empire to know more of nations whence came these wonderful and powerful germs, while they have taken such deep root that it would re quire more than human skill to stay their reproductive power." Want of space prevents a more extended notice of this Interesting lecture, wnlch elicited, tt it well deserved, an enthusiastic reception. Don Pedro Owing to tne bad weather the Brazilian Emperor did not go to Mount Vernon this morning, as he Intended. He breakfasted about 10 o'clock, and spent the remainder of the morning quietly in tne Arlington. He left on the 1:30 train this af ternoon for Philadelphia. Before his departure?about 11 o'clock?the Emperor visited the Treasury department, and was escorted through the building by Assistant Secretary C. P. Conant and Mr. H. C. Jewell, chief of the Bureau of En graving and Printing. The distinguished visitor was followed through the halls by a crowd of eleru, eager to catch a glimpse of his imperial highness, and some watc'ilng a ci ance to ask for his autograph. WhfreThbt Will bc Entehtainbd. President Grant and his wife during their stay in Philadelphia will be the guests of George W. Chi ids; Secretary Fish and Mrs. Fish will also be the guests of George W. Chi Ids; Secretaries Robeson and Chandler and Attorney General Pierrepont, and their wivee, will bo entertaiuf J by A. E. Borie, esq., ex- Secretary of the Navy: Mr. and Mrs. Bnstowwlll be the gueets of Mr. Jno. Welsh; Secretary Taft and Mrs Tart will be enter tained by Mr. William Welsh; Postmaster General Jewell and Mrs. Jewell and Gov. Hartranft and wife will stop with Mr. 8.1. Comly, and Chief Justice Watte and two Associate Justiess will be the guests of Hon. TbonH H. Dudley, of Camd*n, N. J. A grand reception will be flve^ oy Mr. Chllds on Wednesday evening, afur the opening of tbe Exhibition. Invitations have been ex tended to toe President and bis Cabinet, to ihe Army and Navy officers, to tbe members of tbe Diplomatic Corps, to all of the Foreign Commissioners, and to hundreds ot leading men in tbe oountry. SORTY-FOURTH COSQREUS. TrrsDAT. May 9. SENATE?The 8-nate met to-day, but adjourned without transacting any business. HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES The House was called to order at 12 o'clock SS&iXi.'KSS,??"""? ?ot ? After prayer t>y the Chaplain On motion of Mr. Morrison fill 1 th* H'.ucp without reading t^e journal ai Jcurntd to Friday. jjuruw, at Th* itblisheu hTatiments that Mr. hiries s. English, collector of the port of Gee rgetown, was to be suspended or relieved weel< pr Irregularities committed In the course of his othoia! business, are in correct. He cxnnot be relieved during the session of the Senate, except by nomination and confirmation of Ma successor. Engllsn ^hf h10 explRiatf,ie transaction re ? erred to, \t hlch was the allowing of a who'e !?J? V,,,UPr dealera ,n thls c"y (not 8ev-ertl such dealers a? erroneously puDUjhe'l) to enter Honors without paylug do va the duty due (vi 700), and on the that taey would pay the duty soon thereafter. I Army Orders?Captain Wru T. Howell, assistant quartermaster, will report In per son, without delay, to the commanding gen eral, department of Texas, for further orders. Assistant Snrgeon John W. Brewer Is re lieved from duty In military division of the Atlantic, and will repair to New York city to accompany a detachment of cavalrv recruits to the department of the Platte, and wiii report lor assignment to duty. The lTrI,?.fri?bfe!?ce. granted 1st Lieut. Wrn. ,nf*DtrT. from headquarters of i ? extended two months; also, that ?ranted 1st Lieut. C. G. Penuy, regimental ;iu?rtenii?8tw, ?">th infantry, (FortBuford Dakota teirltory.l Leave of absence for ?nr*6 ?onths ,s granted Assistant Surgeon J. C. Happersett, (Philadelphia, Pa) P. p Carroll, superintent of national cemetery. Baton Rouge. La., and H. M. Fowler, s iper ?^fin t of Chalmette national cemetery, will excharge. | ?.??* P*wwstlvai?ia Coal TR\DS?Tae anthracite coal trade continues iu the same discouraging position as for the past month. There is a superabundance of coal oa the ' a?lyel the BaPPly Increases on the tonnage of the previous week, the prices by cargo as well as by retail continuing nearly sttady. The outlook of the coal ?nd Iron . not Improved from last week, and is about as discouraging as we have ever known IV The return of the trade from all her^ionstor the week ending on the 29th ultimo foots up 4* 0,063 tons, against 31C ^51 tons for the corresponding week last year snowing an Increase of 123,802 tons. The tota amount of anthracite mine 1 for the year is 4 535.3.W tons, against 4.450.023 for same period J ?,^ar' ,**?. increase of 83,333 tons. The quantity of bituminous coal sent t* market for the ween was to.ota tons, against 75.736 for.s for corresponding week last year, a de crease of 9,6e7 tons. Tue whole bituminous nV?8?\c (rora tbe beginning of the coal year <s9C0,55j tons, agair-st 901 477 tons in corre ???tl,uiefIa;t ycar> an lu?ease of 39,070 lone.? (/Viiii. l.rthjfir, A New Outlet for Petroleum.-Rich mond Is now formally iu the rt-ld as a com pt t.tor for a share of the export trale in pe troleum. The oil Is coming forward t j that point via the Ohio river from Pittsburg to Huntington, West Virginia, aud from II jn I K?,??.,easiwarjl lhe Chesapeake and Ohio railroad. Export buyers have already availed themselves of this source of supply wen,ly cbartere<l vessels to ioad at Richmond for European port*. Including a German bark, 751 tons, with 5.000 barrels refined petroleum, for Bremen, at 3^ r,j. Der barrel; another, with 3,000 barrels, for Lubec, I o , ' ^ud a Norwegian bark, with about 3 a* barrels do , for the Baltic (Norwegian or Swedish), at 4s. 9d. per barrel. Tfipse charters, the first eirected 'or this route, were o.ade thiough Messrs. Funch Edye& Co shipping merchants, of South William street in this city. The new soiree of demvid for tonnage for this l.:ter?^st is considered ai en- I co,.raging 'stgn of the times." The Cestinsial?The preparations for 'he openiug of the centennial exuibit'on to morrow were carried forward yesterday with jreat activity. Already a large number of 'Mstinguisbid arrivals have registered at the yariona hotels, including governors of stf tes, oteign representatives and others. A tr Al ? 1 capacity of the Catholic Temperance Fountain, which is nearly completed, was ?nnde yesterday in the presence of the board of nuance and a large number of clergymen l4B,i,F.ov?',J<,D,te ""^factory. The right to oublish Wagner's "Centennial March" has <*-en awarded by the Women's Centennial Commission to a Cincinnati flrfn. and the \vomens department will be pecuniarily benefitted by its sale. The Work of the BlaciThills In dians ?Among those recognized as having been killed and wounded bytheladians in the Black Hills region are: April 7? New roan Horn, of Van Buren county, Ind. April ^Pd Mr,< of Laramie. April ie-Mr. Bergessen, of Virginia city, mortally woucded, and Mr. Gresham, of Halt county, killed; colorrd woman of Laramie taken prisoner and killed, and Mr. Pel ton WOUadeU. Apill 2-P; Brown, of Chicago, mortally ' J; Beeker, wife, and two children killed near Custer city; Charles Norton, of Nebraska, killed and scalpcd at Raptds cltv, and another man wounded and captured. The total Is sixteen killed, eleven wounded and one captnred. The New Railroad WAR?The latest report concerning the railroad war is that, in consequence of the reduction of the tariff on passengers from Boston to the West by the Grand Trunk, the Erie and Pennsylva nia roads have agreed to cut down the rates from this point to Chicago tosu (a reduc t on of?*>, and that a corresponding reduc tion will be made to St. Louis. The reduc tion, it is further said, will go into effect next week. There Is nothing official in re gard to the matter, but aocordlng to the best sources of information It is pretty safe to say that the roads in question nave adopted the reso ution that Is here lndlcated?f j?T Y. tVr. J'hiia. Jiecortl. The Black Hills Thoublih.-Captain E^an, with bis own command, company K. of the 2i cavalry, and oompany F or the 9th lnfanLy, one hundred good fighting men in all, left Fort Laramie yesterday morulna for the scene of the late Indian troubles on the Cheyenne river and in Red canon. The oitlcf ra are efficient, and will be apt to make it lively for uhe Indians if they have an op portunity. This little expedition will afford some measure of safety to persons going to the Black Hills. Captain Egau expects to be absent about three weeks. Lieut. Robert son, of the nth infantry, and Acting Assist ant Snrgeon Pettys accompany the expedi tion. The Aeolition or Capital Ponish Hon. M. H. Bovee, of Wisconsin, well-known afe the systematic and success ful agitator against capital pnnishment, is to open a public canvass of Connecticut during the coming week, expecting to secure the passage of a law entirely abolishing the gallows In that state, during the present session of the legislature. His opening speech will be delivered at Litchfield on the evening of the 12th inu. Five states have now totally abolished the death penalty, Ialand, Michigan, Iowa, and Wisconsin. WOKUEBFUL DARIKQ OP AH IOWA LAD. The other day a boy aboHt 13 years old, named Sol Alien, while out hunting a lew miles north of Sioux City, drove a large gray wolf Into her den. The boy then aet to work digging her out while his dag stood gnard at the opening. The boy soon reached tue nest and succeeded, after a hard fight, in kiilirg the old one and seven cubs. His ex ploit created quite a sensation in the neigh borhood. A. Coach mo Project A bait doited project or establishing * line of ooaehes between New Tork city and Philadelphia has fallen through. Colonel Kane hasde cltled that It could sot be to pay ex penses. The fare could not be fixed at leea than seven dollars, and it seems extremely doubtful If enough patronage could be se cared to warrant the undertaking. A LADT OCTEAQED bi a TnAifp?a young lady, aged 18. while returning from Sunday school last Sunday afternoon, near Dnncannon, Perry oounty, Pa., was out raged by a supposed tramp. Her assailant fled to the mountains and has not yet bean apprehended. _HATif* Declared Ma yob or Chicaqo^ Tbe Chicago oonncil last night canvassed the vote east at the Meant election and de clared Hayne mayor of that city. Colvln, the acting mayor, will contest the ease in the courts. Telegrams to The Star. ? NAVAL INVESTIGATION. Testimony of Ship Buifder Roach, BERGEN HILL EXPLOSION. THE JERSEY CITY DISASTER. METHODIST GENERAL CONFERENCE. ? AMEBIC AN CONSUL IN TROUBLE. 1 11E HETHOMKT <?!:>!.R.1L (OS riHEXK The I'rnreedla^ To-<?y. Baltimore, Ma.cb 9? Bishop Merrill pre sided at The opening of the conference this a. m. Bishop Hat/Is aonounc 1 t'>? commit tee on the propriety of publishing a catechism in Norwegian. AW INVESTIGATION WANTED. C:en. J. B. Weaver, or Iowa, said it was publicly charged on thin 6oor y eater Jay that a large amount of money hail been stolen from the funds of the church. He asked a t-uspeiiMon of the rules to enable him to offer recolutlons providing for a special commit tee of seven to Investigate the charge and re port to the convention. On motion of Dr. Hatfield the matter was laid on the table. LAY DELEGATION. Dr. J. P. Newman submitted the follow fnglng: Whereas, Provision is made in the constitution of the church tor a three-fourths vote of tne annual conference oa all the alterations of the restrictive rales; and whereas the delegates of the lay electoral conferences have the right to participate In the two-thirds votes ot the general conference but have not the rlgbt to participate in the three-fourths vote of the annual conference: and whereas such a participation would harmonize with the constitutional rights of the lay delegates in this body: Therefore, Jtesoiierf, TbaJ. the committee on lay dele gation shall consider and report on the pro priety of so amtndlng the constitution or the church whereby dnly elected lay delegates may vote in the lay electoral conference? on all proposed alterations of the restrictive rules. Referred to oonominee on lay representa tion. THB COLOR LINK. J. 8. Smart, of Detroit, submittel a reso lution that all papers in reference to the or ganization of separate conferences for whites and blacks be returned to the conference from the committee on boundaries and be referred to the committee oti the state of the church. The action of the committee on boundaries rras final, and giving the matter to the committee on tne state of the chnrch would brlLg it under supervision of the con feree ce. Discussion ensued on the resolution, and it was finally adopted. FRATERNAL. Bishop Janes announced that the fraternal delegation from the British Wealeyau caurch would cow take formal leave of the confer ence. Rev. Wm. B. Pope and Rev. J.H Rigg then made FARIWF.LL ADDRESSES and bid the conference wa.m farewell. Dr. Pope said he wou' 1 carry home an affection ate rembrance of his visit here, end he hope! the apparent entanglement would be woven a beautiful gai ment. Dr. Rigg, In bis farewell, took occasion to advert to and comment on, the school and social question. He had not referred to thcte questions on Saturday last in his introductory address, bcause he did not feel like It. He was aware of the difficulty here on THE QUESTION OF EDUCATION. I-i England they we4-e diviled on many ill n .s, but by a l>igc majority they were agreed on the polut that there w?? do law of the land walch prohibits the use of the scrip teres in the schools of the land. [Applause] TLls is a testimony he should bear to this onfereLce. The education question for Eug lai.u is one thing,here It la auother. Com mon schools had their origin M christian energy. He would now present a paper, and fur doing ko had obtained t le consent of tne bishops. Mr. R.ggthen presented an address of tLe Wesley an society for securing the re peal ol the contagious diseases act 'o the conference of the Methodist-Eplsco cal church in it76. This question had re ceived some local consideration in this coun try. With them it was a serious one. Mr. Rigg then took farewell of the conference. The address was referred to a special com mittee of 7, to be appointed. Resolutions expressing gratification at the visit of tbeae gentlemen, and wishing them a sare and proeperoua return, were adopted by the conference. Rev. E Louadsberry and John McDonald, e?q., M. P., fraternal dele gates from the Methodist Episcopal church of cahada \cere severally introduced to the conference. The address from tne church in Canada was read by the secretary, after which Messrs. Loundsberry and McDonald delivered in teresting addresses on the state of their church,and bearlug testimony of their fra ternal love. A communication from Revs. J.A.Duncan and L.C. Garland, fraternal delegates from the Methodist Episcopal church aonth, announcing their presence in the city and readiness to appear before the conference at any time designated, was read The letter stated that Rev. Lrovicb Pierce, a fraternal delegate, and who was the author of the address of the church south to this conference, would not be present, being de tained by infirm health. Dr. Walden said on the 21st of May, a hundred tsars ago. an annual conference was held in Baltimore and he moved that a special oommittee o five be appointed to make arrangements for suitable commemorative service; adopted and the conference a ijoumed to 9 o'clock | to morrow. THE BROOKLYN IAVT YARD IS TERTItiaTlON, Tntimoa; ofBoaob, the MblpBuilder Naw Yukk. May Tne cession of me Navy Yard Investigating Committee at the Astor Honse yesterday was chiefly devoted to bearing the testimony of Mr. John Roach the well-known ship builder and contractor The direct examination of this witness watch was commenced at 10 o'clock, lasted until 4:30. and was conducted by Congress man Willis, the chairman of the committee. Mr. Roach gave a detailed account of hts transactions with the government during the past ten years, denying In toto the charges or improperly influencing govern ment officials, and challenging the com mittee to find any flaw In bta conduct as a business man or a citizen. He showed that there was do truth in the inalnnationa that had been made In reference to bla acquiring money of these contracts by "CREEPING" rids, (i.e., by bribing the government officials whose duty It was to open the bids to in crease the amount of bis own bid to within a fraction of the next one above it.) He aatd the accusation that In putting ber new en gine Into the Trenton be had injured that ship by cutting away the wood work of ber stern, was false and Incredulous. He claimed that everything throrgbout these transac tions was fair and above board, and that be had KOTHISO TO CONCEAL from the Investigators or the public. He ad mitted that be had sometimes paid political assessments. On one occasion he contributed towards the elecuon of Governor Hoff man and be had generally given as much in this way to one party as to the other. The charge that be had sold a floating derrick, which cost blm *25 000, to the government Tor ??o,000 waa aa unfounded as any of the other allegations against him. Ttre BargM Tsssel Explosion^ New York, May Toe contractor at the Bergen tunnel, where the explosion liox place Saturday night. sa>s that he saw'12 or 13 tunnel men come from the direction of Hoboken on Saturday night and go up the "Hundred Steps." After they reached the top of tbe hill be heard the report of a pistol, and soon after tbe explosion occurred. He did not dare to go oat, as be was afraid of his lift on account of tbe strikers. He stated that tbe iron door of themagaalae was ftmud in tbe Elyslan fields two miles distant yes terday afternoon. New York, May B. fcSe ?. m ?Common! cation with Europe ay tbe Anglo-Amerlcat eable Is now restored. rOREIHX REWR. Tbflltark ra iho i?*rt< ?if At Naloalc*. Pills May 9 ?From detail# of tbe out r*ge at Kalonica received here it appears ti'Ht the I*. 8. consul interfered for Uie pro tection of the Greek girl who waa the Inno cent cause of the disturbance, and conducted inr to the consulate In a carriage. An ex cited mob thereupon am roundel tfie consul ate, at.d the French and German coram*, who *? re broiher?-io-1??, and both related by marriage to tbe American eon?nl. bellev l?.g him to be ia danger, proceeded to hla as sistance, and on the way thtlbef were at t*ck<d. Ti<e Italian consul Informed the g >vtrrroeut of the state of aflaira, and he sent trmps to the relief ot the American consulate, which wax besieged i>y the rabble. More Abont the N^lontra Ontraga Lu>ro5. May P.?A special dlapatch Irom Periiti to the Pail Moil Mcurt.'e says Germany law accepted tbe Porte's offer to give satis faction for the Ralonlca outrage, provided tt.e rron; 1 se? te carriei Into effect imme diately. A Curofeaa raaefava The appniaebing oonferenoe betweei Prit.ce Gortsenskott. Count Andrassy Fr<nce Bismarck will be held at the tatter's cfTiclal residence. A Blif Nht p Loj??os. May 9.?Tne iron armor-plated w?r chip Temeralre eight |UM, MIS tons, an! 7 0?0 horse power, was successfully i?iiumed at the Chatham dock yard to day. Tbe Rl^ht Honorable G?*orge Wart Hunt, first lord of tbe admiralty, performed the christening ceremony. Damage* Awarded. Losi>OK, May x?Tbe owners of the steamer Ktrath Clyde, which waa ran Into and sunk in the English channel by the steamer Franconia, have gained their salt for damages acalnat tne latter. Tbe damages were laid by plalntifis at .145,000. THE 4 ERTERRUL. Ku Route Tor the Show . Jersey City, May 9.?The National Lan cers, o! Boatou?Capt. C. C. Emery and 119 men, accompanied by tbe Chelsea band, ar rived here shortly after 7 o'clock this morn ing; they were accompanied by a number of Boston editors. The party breakfasted and left for Philadelphia at 9 o'clock. A special train ia In waiting for Governor Rice aod statr and the first corps cadets. All train* on tbe Pennsylvania road to-day are rannlDg extra cars to accommodate tbe immense throng of people proceeding to the Centen nial opening ceremonies. Among the pas sengers on the 9 o'clock train was the gov ernor ol Maine, who was accompanied by hla family. TRIE STREET CAS ELEVATOR AC tlDEIT. Twelve or Fonrteea People Injured. New York, May 9?Ttierv were A |>as sergera on the street ear which fell from the ? levator at Jersey City Heights last night. None were killed loutright. Mrs. Catherine Hastings, Miss Melnken, Julius Grlahell and a joung man named Himbrock re ceived injuries which may prove fatal. Eight or ten oiners were hart, most of them se rie.usly, bat none dangerously. The cause of the accident Is attributed to the careless ness of the trackman, who rang tbe bell for the engineer to go ahead before the car bad passed safely on the track. ? Fire la a Theater. Kill DOEeoRT, Ct., May 9?Durlug the cU.sing a.-t of Barry Sullivan's representa tion of Richard III., at the opera-house last night, smoke was seen to roll in over the stage. The entire large audience arose to leave, and a stampede was Imminent, but was overruled by the act-jr stating that the fire had been extinguished. The smoke soon became so dense that the play was necessa rily suspended, and the audience retired, bat so orderly that, although the narrow atair case irom the nail in the second story was the only means of exit, all escaped Injury. The fire was la the basement of tne 8turte va:.t hulldiug, adjoining the opera hou<?. t he damage was not very great. Death of Knbenstelii. the flurderer New York. May 9?Pesach N. Ruben stein, the murdtrer of the Jewess, sarah Alexander, died at 10 o'clock this morning, in Ins ( ell at the Raymond street jail, Brook lyn. Tbe cause ot bla death was general de bility . New York. May 9.- Rubensteln was die covered shortly before 10 this a. m., breath ing laboriously, and physicians were sum moned, who prescribed for him, but without avail. He was given a bath last nigut and took his medicine, after which he retired to bed, and when fouud this morning wa? un conscious and died a lew minute* after with out a struggle. e Fire la tbe Monntalae. Milfokd, Pa , May 9?The rain of last night extinguished the fires which have been raging in the moantaina In the lower part of Pike county. Thousanda of acre* of valua. ble timber land were bnrned over, aod the timber destroyed. Fire !? Malae. BOSTOH. May 9.?A considerable portion of the buslneaa section or Kenduakeag. Me., was burned last night. Loss about * 1W,00U. Death of Majer ?< New iohk, May J?Major Alexander 8. McComb, formerly of the army, died here jesierday, suddenly. ^ Flaaadal. IUw York, Mar 9 ?The Pott's tiiaarial art?c'e u;a Geld opened at 1 IIS. declined at MjM to 1.ilk . and all sale* bate since been at 1.12*- On g' Id loene the rates have been laS for carrring. Ex* b*nge, ?liile -irong, is very anil, nominal rates a>4S8* and 490tt,and actaal rates about 443 and 4*9* and 490. Money te abundant, at 5a4 for call loans, and 4*a6 for prime nieroastila paper. Gov errment botidt ire qoirt tad th? tnly change having been a decline of S ia new fcves. In the(tock market pi Ice* opened wltb no Import ant chaoses. During tbe Irit boar Michigan Osn rnU fell I?, and the remainder of tbe list Sett Slnoe then Michigan Central has recovered IS, and tbe remainder of tbe list has advanced JW'alS. led by St. Paul preferred? tela. Baltixobb. Mar 9 ?Uotton doll and heavy? middling. US. Hour eaeier. and uot <i?i<*anl|r lower. Wheat dnU and lower?Mo. a western red. 155*140; Penney Irani* red, t?0al.48; MarvUnd red. 1 15al 4?; do amber. 1 80; do. wh.te. 1 3Se 1 48 Corn?eouthern quiet aid enter, weetern eeei er for ?pot. demand moderate, future* higher? southern white, W*6< do. yellow. M?61. weetern mixed. M; spot,a>X, June. Oata dull and lower soutbern geol to prime, 41a?6. western white, 42. do. mixed. S9a40. kre dnll,70a?8. Hay dell and Irwer? Maryland and Pennaylvaata, lOseaMOO. PiovIsIol- dnll and weak eork, BJI. Bulk meats cominsl?sbouidtrv, 8a8?, clear r<b sides. IIS. looee; HHall sacked Beoon?ebanlMn ?S; clear rib sidee, 13\. Uams, UaM. Lard na ntter ds'i changed. Batter dsll and beavr?weete.n choice, 2SeV; do. line, Petroleum dull, sod un changed. Coffee steady and nnchangtd. Whisky <iuiet and steady, 1.11. _ ti*LTi*o?s. tiar S?Virginiaeoas^lMatad, MS; bk* to dav Btwsr firm. #Sai0S. Hbw Ton. Mav 8.?meeka acdrs and I>etter. Mien, S Gold, 13*. ?(Change, long, lid: short, ?MS. Govern menu aerfive and steady Haw Toak. Mar 9 ? Flour dnll aad deoltning. Wheat qniot and nnchaaged. Cora doll aod un ahaaged !*?*!>??!(. May 9, 11.90 p. at ?Oonsol*. 961 M for aroney and the accost. 0. B. toads, new flvee, M*V mmm Grave CHAKOKti aotxst a Politi cian.-Charles Keeuan, a we" known dem ocratic politician of Jersey City, wag yea terday arrested on warrant laauerf by J usiloe Aldridge, charging him with embezzlement. Tbe democratic eoanty oommittee In tbe late spring elections became responsible to thecouoty clerk for the expee^es attending tbe naturalisaUon or democrat!e-rotera. Tbe Mil amounted to *97, and County Clerk Braine gave Keecian an order on the ooanty committee. Instead of paying It over, Kee nan, It t> alleged, appropropriatad the money to hla own oaa Uaooa bis arraat ^ Tne tecu being brought to the notiee of the ooanty committee, of wnleh be waff a mamfcer, be waa expelled. Hewri at one Ume ohlef of police of Bergen city, and baa been Bocoea 'lvely. but not aubceaafallT arfad by tbe eoanty txmam ttee a* a candidate tor the city clerkablp and the bead of the police depart ment of Jeiaey City.?^V. Y> Star, "tA. 8LEEPI5o m wis Coma?The Rev. Q. W. Manning, rector of 8t~ Pet rock Minor, near Pad stow, died suddenly on 8atorday niabt. When tbe Owaloa Ferry tombstone case was decided, declaring that dissenting Minuter* bad ae food a right to style them selves "Bev." as clergy men of theeetaWlehed church. Mr. Manning advertised that he no letters a " " ~ ahould answer no letters addreeeed to hlaa with the "now dea^crated title of Ber.," and requesting his oorrespnndeots te plaee after hla name tbe Initials of parish priest. Lat terly Mr. Mann lag exhibited ?aanyeoceo trlcttiea. 9ot tome time be dept with hie ooffln under hla bed. and foe the leet tort night took hie night's rest la the coffin,whleh be bad enlarged to make It mora comfort ktlT [ * ??? rwT v? startling (MtMlw ?r 1*1 I I tub iirariB m tiii mrtT or1,.. lonon rirtt ? akd tbat or R^tH>rr L AFDKIOiB COXTtMIO HV 111 TO IU ? rrui. A MMdisratch to the New Ynrt BM f- ? m Bo*' m. May Kb. mv?. IWM W. > |rr. Uf MXtW Of tfe? VWTfD A ItOW I l urch, vko is ?rtfn MMnm*of d?tfe tar | ?i e muid?r of Uir 0t? ffWoMcUlil. Mabel Yo?B|, la Uir r*:fr-T of t he roared. to day. It t? rrjort 1. *:srtl?d bis counsel, Kdsrmnl P. krrvn. who was m rrgsrdlrg lb* mot loo hr ? m* trui, V to he argueden tbe supreme court ~7. by letting oat by dsgrses a rvmfm Uj" reurter. and rirthermare u>at *>m sion of ?? ?- .-x> i >?? * i in u he <ih tiM nurdmr of Bndt^i Uitdnvti ai l>oirtwitr.on the night of IteoamberMb. 1>?3 of eblrb crime b? baa been loog under 'uspiclno. and that bc?u principal In Um nijstertons, and nearly fat*', assilt on ??*7 Tytier, la Ox'ord street, to Uila city, J a*o. Piper declares that pa cad co motive ft* tbeee crimes. parUca '?riy ?n?1" of the child. ar-d cannot understand bow lie came to commit then. ^ WM ae?at*d only by a Jet dl?b love of b o-d'bed. like u.e bn/jesae Pom'-ror, wbo ami he* in tea. Piper savs "ia? beraa t lthir'o Ikl alnct tbe maitar lo blird bla counsel. knowing that be eoald not set Uieir a'd It they for a moment be lieved In bis en it. He baa of late been rap'dly breaking d ?en In strength and tie* I Hi, through b?i greet menta: agony, and It is tr ought that if allowed to emcape tbe gallow*, be coo Id rot live si \ weea*. Hu ewcutUa Is ?t down fur tbe 2;th of una month. Ibc Hr! 'jet Lsndregln caee hu bean wrapped In the de? peat mystery. Tbe girl * a* a domestic of cmxl repute, and wblla returning u her mlstres*' home at about 9 o'cloc k at :1ght fmm ? vi?tt to ?om< rneoda, ?aa ssaaulied and brutally dubbed to death at a |a.tof I>wche<t',r known aa I pttam i corner. Several arrest* were made Piper* r>elr g "te of th'm, but sufficient evidence could r.ot be obtained Rgaitint any of the prisoner*, and each waa discharged Soon artcr examination. It waa for murder t tiat Thomas Ohlil. who want soon after lite tminltr to Ireland, waa extradited a^d brought to thle country by the de'<-cllVM He WW a former sweetheart of the girl. but no caae whatever couid be made agamet him, and he tu discharged only to return to Ireland to lieblmaeIf murdered there. Mary Tyner waa t girl or the town. aod waa f mod one night In har bed. Insensible and horribly marglcd. iSba waa taken to me hospital end managed to live through. A lover of here named Colby waa arrested for tbia assault, but she refuse*I -to fell what Kite knew of tbe case, at d be waa discharged. THI Ml (DIRIK h KTATCVKBT. P>p? r. In lila confession of lac in aider of Mabel Young, nay* I took tbe bat from the lower room befdrt or abont the commencement of school, to kill someb<idy At that time I carried It ap Into the auditor um. but during the??w*lan of Sunday school took It from the auditorium and carried it to the belfry. After the close of acbool 1 came down stair* and opened tbe doors, then I went up again. At the time 1 aent away tbe boj a who wore playing In tbe \eeilhule. After tbe bojra had gone oat aod 1 was stlM In Uie vestibule, wtien the lltUa itlrl came up stair* and I Induoed her to go with me inta the belTry. Tliere I atruck bar with the club two or three limee. and she fell where tbe blood waa foand. Ttien I picked her up and carrleil the body to tbe place where It wa* dlaroeerrJ. ilia confession of the murder of Bridget I.andreflii on l?ec*>mber 5ih, lata, was equal ly explicit. He was under the Influence of whufcy and optnm, and deliberately pre pared a clnb to kill some one. Heaft* Hrld ket on tbe street ai d followed eloae behind her. Heaayk:?"I a truck bar; Immediately she fell down, and I struck her again, while I waa atr optng over tbe body I saw a man coming, ao I atari*! up and ran away; I got over tbe fence and went along tovarda the railroad, while I waa at the ralixoad some body called out to me and 1 then turned back, took a roundabout course aid got home; on the way borne It occurred to roe that 1 had a knife In my pocket, whleto rnUbt be reecjnl/ed in some manner, and ao I threw it away." The Rcatou Herald aaye: "There li a feel ing abroad among lawyera, detectives aad the public generally, thai tbe emtradlctory statements now put out by PJper are tbe re sult of cool reasoning on hi* part, and of such Ingenuity as be la po?ae*eed of In order to throw doubt upon bis sanity In general, or else to sbow that he has a . uncontrollable mania for blood, for which lie Is not respon sible, ar:d a chance In his statement, either in the confession of more mnrders or tbe de nial of all, would not at this moment aston ish the community." Tnr. hVLLOati Rxriosioii-rkr Prrp rrrtaion* fur thf JiUntmy < tut o/ Ihr Kcut Kivrr'h ? While watting for order* to charge the borings for the flnal blast at Hell Uate, Capt. Heucr Is (xperlmentlng with varior* kinds of cartridges 6ent for trial. Tbe Vul can, the dynamite. gun ootton. and the Vig or! te, a naphthaline prout.ct, have all been tested near the river on the Astoria shore, tbe mode being to bore from U to IS feet In the rocks, at an angle of 45 degrees, a id then to load with the explosive to be tested. The relative destructive power of the various ssetta employed may be Judged by the great heaps of broken rock that mark the spots where the blasts have been made. It la prob able that the choioe of explosives will lie between gun cotton and dynamite. Car tridges of the latter are being perforated preparatory to Immersion, to test their lin Krvionsr.ess to water. It la thongbt that e glycerine will be washed ont of the ordi nary dynamite cartridge, in which ersat every cartridge would have to he protected by an air tight metallic case. Capt. Heuer will require about alx weeks for ihecbarg. Ing; for. to guard aa much as possible against accident, only a few men at a time w;ii be employed in this dangeroua work. It is esti mated that at about 5oo of tbe plugs lbs water pressure will be as great as 13 oouods to the sqnare HiCb, and It will require flva men to bold a scantling lu pos'ltoo. Tbe chief danger is that this iremendoua water pressure may produce a premature explo sion of some of tbe cartridges.?IJT. Y. ?ua, ?. A WOVAICS 8TRAWOB RrrciDB? Miss Li la Kelsey. aged 36, oommitted suicide yea terday at tMi Grand street, by cutting bee throat with a raror. Miss Ksfaey hired the premises on tbe 1st Instant from A. Kmssc laer, having agreed to purchase the good will of the former occupant, who kept a lodging bouse, and Miss Kelsey proposed to oontluue tbe place and retain tbe persons who lodged in tbe bouse. Irately eevaral lodgers left, and Miss Kelsey appeared an noyed about it, aod converged about prop erty left by her rather, who was a lumber in spector In the Navy department, and who committed suicide last fall by cutting hia throat with a rasor at Madlsoo. Conn. Yes terday morning she ordered har coffee of bar housekeeper, wbo. when it waa prepared, went up atalra with it, but found bar mis tress' door locked. Believing that she bad gone to sleep, the housekeeper did not at tempt to disturb her. but later in tbe day, receiving no response to repeated knocks at tbe door, a policeman was called in. and oo breaking into tbe room discovered Miss Kel sey In her nlgbt dress and quite dead. Bhe had cut her throat in a terrible manner with a large-bladed razor. A few trluAeta were under ber pillow, and paper and writing, materials were on a table, but there was no clue to the motive for seir-destruet'ou. Cor oner Woltm an baa charge of tbe caee.?t-V. Y. World, Hh. Ah Iitkoc*j?t Ma* Hairio ?A few days ago the Tunea published a orW tele graphic dispatch trom 1)oiU;? City. Kanaas. announcing that a baud or vlgiiants bad bangrrt two men near Ko<*t l?lge for steal ing horses in Sumner county. Kanaas. Hnb seqnent inquiry, made by the grief-stricken rather of one of the men banged?a young man named Ca!sban, son of a preacher in Tope as?proved beyond a doubt that Cala han was guiltless of any connection with the crime. He wax engaged in gathering buffalo bones on the plains, and nad been hauling some from his "dug-out" to tbe rail road when one of the horse-thieves earn* to his place. Ht gave him shelter. While be was there the vigilant* from Sumner county came up and arrested both parties, and, not withstanding calahan's protests li oos ac t hia endeavor to sbow ibat bs lived there aod bad not been to Bumner county, took htm with the guilty man and hanged blm than aad there. The Rev. Mr Calahan says tba< bis murdered son was In no way iatp Ilea let In this crtaas (A'aasaa City ? ~ witwYor*bi22> 17"Hon. O. 8. Orth, U- S. minister to VI enna, arrived at .New tor ay Jesse Pomeroy te la good health an t growing stout, and will soon be strou enough to bang. ?7"Tbe Indian agent at Red Clond WHU-w that there is no foundation whatever to tt report ibat the Indiana of that agency are l i a starving condition. 7*A horse car waa thrown from Uie clewa tor platform at Bergen Hill, K. J., yeste day, snd two paweagera killed aod sever KrTbe Mississippi river Is rtsti* rapM * at St. Ixwis, aad already a port??wi oTur " city la submerged. A heavy titabat is appro law authorise* Plaint of twa pii^-uST'tor^e liquors are 1mm at any place for i ry lo Ut, JkTthetr seUure and j

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