Newspaper of Evening Star, May 9, 1876, Page 2

Newspaper of Evening Star dated May 9, 1876 Page 2
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EVENING STAR. WA8HINQTON: TTKHDAT Mny 9, 117? ClOBBI B. IOTBm H?W. Beading Matter on Every Page . I ? Average Daily Circulation over l&yiHHty?being more than thvee times that of' any other daily pa/M-v in Washington, Oar latlMMl Exblbltloa. The great Centeonlal exhibition In Phila delphia will be formally opened to the pub lic with appropriate ceremonies to morrow, end the Indications are that an immense j f rconrse will be present. The Centennial miji.nrities have been Indefatigable In pre paring for the occasion, and there Is every reason to believe tbat the arrangements made for opening and continuing the exhibi tion will be as near perfect a? possible. The exhibition, which is of coarse regarded as a prolonged celebration of the one-hundredth ini lvtrsary of the life of the republic, was first suggested in 18SS>. The suggestion met with general favor, and during that year several delegations from the states went to Philadelphia to confer with the Centennial committee which had alrea iy been appoint ed by the city couuclls. The movement took form when Congress In March, 1871, passed a law providing for an iuternatioaal exhlbi- ? tion, -the appointment of a Centennial commission, Ac. Tne international fea ture of the exhibition was opposed by maty members of Congress and by note moie earnestly than Senator Sum ner, who urged that the exhibition should be distinctively American, sinca Its main ob- , ject was the celebration of a great national anniversary in which the monarchical gov- | ernments of Europe hail no sympathy and should have no part. The last speech of his public life, delivered in ths t'altel States Senate, was an earnest protest against this ftature of the bill. In 1372 Congress created by law a Centennial board of finance, with authority to raise subscriptions to the amount of ?10,000,000, la shares of not more than 910 each, for the purpose of erecting suitable buildings. Pennsylvania, through her legislature, contributed ?l,ooo,ooo, and the dty of Philadelphia MOO.OO?>. Bincethen liberal contributions from many of the northern and western states have been made In aid of the project, and the present Con gress appropriated si,*00,000 for the same purpose. It Is not a matter for congratulation that while the exhibits of foreign nations are comparatively complete and quite in readi r ess for inspection, the representation of the 1'alted States is behind hand. Foreign na i'ocs took time by the forelock in the met ier, but many American exhibitors delayed until the last moment before placing their goods in the buildings. It is to be regretted that the exhibition of ihe interesting mate rial of the different executive departments nf the government must necessarily be re stricted because of the failure of Congress to trant the appropriation asked for In aid of this r*rresentatlon. As it Is, however, this feature of the exhibition will doubtless bean Interesting one to visitors. The clcsing of the Exhibition grounds and * ulldlcgs on 8undays Is meeting with a gen. ?ral protest. The Philadelphia Times be. llevts that the action of the authorities will be reconsidered, and urges not only tbat the grounds and buildings be thrown open on Sundays, but that the admission be free on such days. thinks, involves no ab rogation of the Christian Sabbath, while it would deal generous justice to the poorer classes, who can spare neither a secular day from labor, nor the necessary expense of ad mission for themselves and families. The Preu suggests that the grounds be opened free of charge on Sundays, and also the Art Gallery and Horticultural Hall. It now remains to be seen whether the people of the Centennial city will fulfil their promises in regard to moderate charges for the accommodation of visitors,or whether they will allow the latter to be made the victims of the landlords and landladies. The latter classes have an excellent opportunity to make plenty of money during the great ?bow by charging moderately for their ac commodations, and it is to be hoped they will Me the Impropriety of practising an extortion Which will not only reflect on the good name of their city but keep away visitors, and In the end operate to their disadvantage pecu niarily. The various advantages of Washington as a bright, pleasant, healthful place of resi dence have been noted by visitors, and now Col. Forney calls attention in the Phlladel. phia Prtu to the fact that our city Is much better lighted than Philadelphia. He says It cannot be denied that with few exceptions the streets of Philadelphia after night fall are dim and consequently dull, and he pro ceeds to urge a reform, pointing out the va rious advantages of having the streets and ?torea well lighted, botn for the sake o: cheer fulness and the protection of property. The horrible confessions of the brutal mur derer, Piper, In regard to the killing of little Mabel Young and a girl named Landregan, and of the terrible beating of another female Who Is now in the insane asylum, probably from its effects, Is regarded, says a Boston dispatch, as an attempt on his part to pro duce the Impression that he is Insane. The brute says be don't know why be slaugh tered bis victims except that at times an un controllable thirst for human blooi took possession of him. Tuis seems to have been the trouble with the un hung boy flend, Pom eroy, who tortured and killed his victims to gratify a similar demonical passion. Hal similar crimes been committed athmsand miles west of Massachusetts the perpetra tors would long slrce have been summarily dealt with without tbe formality of a public trial. Tbe astonishing part of the matter Is tnat people can be found to sign petitions for tbe exercise of clemency in such cases. Both Piper and Pomeroy should mount the scaf fold and expiate their crimes with their lives at tbe same time. The fact that they are ex ceptional criminals, and the motive for slaughter leg their victims was the same, suggests the propriety of a double execution. Tbe young king of Spain In readmitting to their former rack In the army twelve hun dred cheers who deserted it to serve nndet Don Carlos, has shown a magnanimity quite unexpected from tbat quarter of the globe. Perhaps as a matter of policy this action Will do more to strengthen tbe government and prevent a recurrence of International strife than the wholesale punishment and ostracism of the offenders. There is a possibility that after March 4, 1877, tbe democrats may have a majority in tbe Senate. On that date tbe terms of tweatj-six Senators expire, and of this num ber seventeen are republicans, and nine are iIsmih ials If tbe latter can replace the re tiring democratic Senators with others of the same party, and can gain six or seven Sena tors oat of tbe seventeen wbicn must be elected to succeed tbe retiring republicans, tLey will have a oom for table majority in the body In question. They bare already elected Governor Coke, of Texas, to take tbe place of Hamilton, a republican, and will undoubt edly send democrats in place of Claytao.of arkaneas, West, of Louisiana, and Alcorn, o? Mlestssippi, since tbe legislatures of theee atates are pretty certain to be democratic. Tbat precious young Munebauesn, Jlm uny Blanchard, who personated Cnarlie Ross a few months ago, thus distinguishing hlm Mtf aa a flrav claaa liar, now turoa up as a atrf, having stelsr a borse and wagon and isa for parts unknown. If the young raeeal U let alone be will yet' distinguish bimaeir la another line having a noose at the end a* t I)"V5??V BEAMED PBACTIOE < at 1110 r -traet Donh.Ht. mil In J B OIB BS. D^utirt. FlfMB. L. P JBABMBBHT WILL OPH A IyI larte aasorti??nt Of 1M POBTID DKE33K8. and al?o ?on;" of h-r ova maijufaclare; ani OraMM tttrfe r.n the ahc rtsat nottca. 8h# inyitae (be Mlw In gNtral; 1J09 P*rn?l Tanl??",M> bit9 IT A pplbs: apple*:: AFFLKI!!! SO till, cboiea Tork t 'ate BU8SKT APPLES, juat rtctitt'' and for sale twj low for caah by J U.CKABI, 460 Pcmii a*?ntie, It between 4H and 6th nor b"Ml IB TUB SUPBEMB COl'Rr OF THE DI8TBI0T OF COLUMBIA. HoUtint a S^trtal Term, Mat 9tk. 1871. In thecaaaot Davie A Chambers. adminiatrator ot BBIBGKT BOLEB, deceased. the administrator af< rmid baa. with the approbation of th? Supreme Conrt of the District ofOoIombia aforesaid. appoint ed TUESDAY, tba 6 b day of June next, for the flaal sMtlemekt and distribution of the personal aetata of ?aid deceased, and of the assets la band, a* far a* the eame bare kma collected and turned into ?oner, when and where all the creditors and beira of said dKeased are notified to attend, with their claims properly Touched, or they mar otherwise by law be excluded froen all benefit In said deceased's estate: Provided, a oopy of tbla order be published once a week for three week* In the Evening Star pcevions to the aaid day. Teet: in 3i? A. W EB8TEB. Belter of Wills IB TBI 8CFBBMB OOCBT OF THB DISTRICT _ OF COLUMBIA. Sf*t>al Urn*, Probate Jwrtfitmon. May 9th. 1871. In the matter of the will of JAMEB FIT '. PAT Bl' K: Application for letter* testamentary on tba estate of James Fhzpatrick, of the District of CulumMa. baa this day beeo made by Peter P?nl Fltzpatrick. All persons Interested are hervhy notified to appear in this conrt on TUBS DAT, the fih day of Jane next, at 10 o'clock a. m .to abow cause why letters testamentary on the eeta'e of the aaid dec*a?ed ?h u d not issued as Iirsyrd. proridfif, a copy ot this order be pub l*h?d once a week tot three wn*k?, tn the Evening Star fe*i/-?i? to tb? "aid day. Test in) 9J n A2___A:jn^TB^Be(rlstero^ PROPOSALS FOB BUILDING ABOUT 4*4 l.'NKAU riEr OF TDK HBA WALbS C'F THB JAMES CRE?K 0 \ N \L, AT N ? TRF.FT SOUTHWEST. AMD BEPL.V'JISO TBI PRESENT BR1DJE. ESGISMH's OFFICE, DlSTPICT OF COLUMBIA,I Wa?Hi3JKa, May Jd, 1874. { Pealed Proposals will be received at this office until 12 o'elrckm , TUESDAY, May 16th, 1<7?. for tuildicg about 484 lineal feet of the Sea Walls of the James Creek Canal, and replacing the present Bridge, at II street sonthwest, in the city of Wash irgton. D. 0. D ank forms of proposals and specifications can be obiaiLed at this office, with all necessary informa tion. nprn application therefor, and bldi upon these f< rms w I I alone be considered By order of the Commissioners of D. C. B L OOXIB, nr.j8-7t Lieut Eug'rs U. S A.. Bng'r of D. 0. B U R CIIE L L' S SPBIFG LEAF TEA AT 30 CEHTS A POUND. It has been thorongbly analysed a ad pronounc?d pure. ONLT BOLD AT n;8(i 13311 F street, near Ebbitt House. C ALT ! SALT ' ?94.000 Backs Llverpxri Ground 0 Alum and Fine Bait Aahton's, Deakin s, Ver din's and Evans' brands. 10,000 bushels Fink's Islaid. SO.O 0 Bais and Cases Dairy and Tsbla Bait: for asla la lata to salt; delivered in Depot. Wsehlrgton, about Baltimore prices. By AllX. KEBR A BBO , 41 South street, and JIN A INS A K EBB'S Wharves, Baltimore. mj 8 lm "Thk L1TTLB 81 ore abound the cob 1 BBB." J. EABIIB GAD?BV. DEALER JN F1NM FAMILY GROCERIES, WINRS.LIOUORS. I'. No. 911 TWENTIETH BTBBET, N.W., Between Penna. avenue and 1 st , tny8-lm Washington, D. 0. J. H 6QCIEB A CO., BANKERS, 1416 Pessstlvasia Avenue, Pay 6 per cent interest on tfsaesits. payable on detuned. Special rates on time deposits. Ii tereat paid January and July or credited mS lm BITTER IB PAILB AND TUBS, Fresh arrivals every morning. FBBFU W INCBEBTEB EQG8. npSBl* COBNBBIOth ABDC 8TS. H. W. No. 439I .1 Ho. 439 7th iT. \ HOUSEHOLD { Ttu St. PICOBTIORI, pankhasgiyas, window shades, PICTURE FRAMES, <fc<\ Now opening the largest, newest and choicest col lection of PA PEBHaNGIBOS, artistic In design, aid of the best fabrics and finish In the District, embracing? Plain Tints, Gold and Silver Ground, Embossed, Stamp Gilt, Bronze, Oriental Satin. Pat ent Imitation of Wood, Waataabls Oaks, Satin, Blank and Grounded Papers, Fresco, Gilt, Velvet aid Imitation Borders, Centers, Ac , Ac. We do not limit those seeking for fine goods to our largo stock, but have made arrangements with one ef the leadicg manufactories, and have sample books of some of the finest papers made, and will have any of tba patterns made to order la colors to suit the purchasers. WINDOW SHADB3 ?Gilt Band and plain gools in popular colors, which we maksup In shades to order. PI0TUBB FRAMES. In Walnnt.all Gilt, V?lvet, Chapel and Eaeel patterni, the largest va riety In the city. Frames made to order. Brewer ton's popular PASTEL PA1NTIBGi; sols agent for the Dhtrict Fiae assortment of genuine Drea den Porcelain Paintings A few choice Chromos. Etgratings, Fohtcgrapks, Ac. Picture Oord, in Gold. Silver, Timed ana Worsted; Picture Taseels, hinga, Na'ls, As. Purchasing and selling for cash, thtae goods will be offered at the lowest remunera tive prices. A call sollcitsd to examins our stock. J. MARK BITCH Ho 439 7th at., ? doors above Odd Fallows' Hall. ?^'Termscaeh.'XB On fraa exhibition and sale, an orisiDal painting by Leona'di, of Bome: 8ut> Ct: Beatrice di Oetcl in Prison the night before rBseculion. Tbs Head of Cencl.from the ori ginal In the Barberlna Gallery my4-4t* CHEAP LU1LBEB. Having s large stock of SPBUCB LUMBBR we have ooreluded to sell it at the following reduced ptiees. This luaber is water seasonsd. and of the vary best Quality. 1x3, tx4, and 3x4, any Isngth ?f 13 par M 1x4.14 fret rails. #14 per M t Irak Joiata f 14 to f 14 per M *% fast Pickets, (palings) jlf per M 40 000 feet rongh, finches. #7 60 par M 1x3 and 3x4,23 maUty ....#13 SB par M T. EDW. CLASH * CO, W barf, Yard and Planlag Mill, foot of 4th street eaat, near P. B.Bavy Tatd. my6 Iw J J UNBWOBTH. J?te<2er, 901 7th and B streets ? sonthwest.?AU Binds of Watches, Clocks JS. and Jewelry repaired at reasonable prices. All work warranted one year. ??? ??* Ala Notice -arbivb daily at thb nob FOLB OYSTEB DEPOT, 691 B street northwest, Soft and Hard Crabs, Oys Urs, Clams, Turtles, A?. . *? ^ mayt lm H WHITB A CO. ? HOBS w-ii K% AT 8PBCIB BnSIS! French Bid Button, B1J0 Laced do. 11.00 Balmorals, ll ?0 Congress, II U Fox do. 91 M Fox Better, )1 CO Child's,!to M, ?118 Button, S><c Buskin", 71c. Slippers, :1 ? Men s Congress, SI 29 Boys' Congress, 1 a Newports, il.W Button de. With a new stock 8TBAW H ATS. At J. W. BECKY'S, miS-tr 1914-lBISPa av., bet. 19thand Wthsts. |yNIGHT6 TEMrL.Ulb' REGALIA. We are prepared to furnish BIG ALIA for WASHIKOTOH COMMANDBBY, No. 1; COLUMBIA COMH ANDEBT. Ha. 9; POTOMAC OOMMAHDBBY, Ho. 3; DeMOLAY COMMAHDERY, Hs. 4; OX SHORT ItOTlCM. Onr stcck cf SIR KNIGHTS' EQUIPMENTS la CompMt. All goods sold guar an tad to hs ragulatlon, and at Factory Prices. ? wiixkit * scorr, my4 Iw 903 PBBH8TLYAHIA AYBBUB. ECONOMY IS WEALTH II ?? OBIENtlL TEA BTOBE, 409 STB STBBBT, T. M. 0. A. BUILDING. BU GAB?" A" ClartAsd M pounds for ?1. " Orasulatad,* ponads for ?L - Cut Loaf, expounds for SL TBA-Bios, M ^^=li.T7>eT^d I COFFEES ABD SPICES AT LSWBST BATES. CBBAPt PUBS'! FBBSH'!! myl lm J. WALTS1 PCTALL,fw>. fAYLOR * HUTTY, SSS flllSTLTARlA AT KM CM. MATH BBDUCBD THB PB1CBS OF THB1B CMLMMRATMD DOUBLE TO KM BHIRTB A* FOLLOW*: ?0.U ?? B. ? S, ? u WANTS. tVAKTIP-ia eiptrifoetd RUUI. App'y at " L? uhlans atenqe. It* AS f EI??A settled white QI Hl> or tn mtt.-od a baby. 1642 llitta street nodhsrest, Ixf *f? d y audi ? It* W# KTI^-U the WlD'iir II <n<f.i trs'.-els-e floe WADUHtud 1BOMEE. al?j, ft MAS o carv. It* IV As l(l>?Mx>ut oue h u a<i r. <i fwt at ??<! " 1NG, wood preferred. Address If , Ho 919 P r.reet M) 9 ?>* W'iliTll'-By a respectable wftite mri. a plese >? m COOK Md to ??8B ud IKON 1ft a email l m llj Ir quire at 1397 Vermont avenue, hetw<*en ft end O stieets. mj9 >t* \E/ABTED?Br * young men, ?fco understands " hi* bn>iDW, ft situation u GABDBHB8. G . od references (irtn. Apply ftt Ho. 1944 H nr^t nor liweet. my 8 ?' W.? NTED? 1*t ft respectable white girl ft SITU ATION to do plain sewing aad cbtmberwork, ??d make herself |m?rtllr oesful. Al.ireee Ho TM3 Al street, between Q end H. mr9-3t* WABTBD?Three unfurui.hed or partly far* Lishrd BOOMS suitable for light housekeep i> g, on first or second floor. Address, statin* pHoe and conveniences, K. H., thle offloe m>9 at* IVASTID-Irfn Mr to know that tk?r nta T? purchase FBEBuH PIQUB STAMPED r BBSS KB for children for ?? oenta ftt MAOBBB'8 8tam?ltg Depot, 6IT 7th street. ?y9 3t WANTBl>?four M EN, who are willing to do ft fair day's work for a go d dav's wagei. Call ftt 409 9th street, Y. M. 0. A. BuiMing. 1 * JOHN J. PITT. \Vr* NT ID?Espeiier ced Li'XDS t? work < n ' ' floee or Singer's Sew Irs; Uftcblnee Mast u. i'e ,'sud rnffli' b and tmk're. A*ply for two da?s ?t II. SaCUBBMAH 8, 649 4* street tenth west. !>' WANTEH-A n-od OOi>K and STKW.tBD ?t tbe Tp-ipo't House mvW tt WANTED?One urKKMult ?'<1 one glN ISH KB on fin* coats Also. ft M \H to make coftte^ Apply 309 IQih street n< rthwest. mr8 >t* WANTBD?A white GIRL, well recommended, to do bon-ewcrk ftnd take c?re of cbtldren. H". 20 I street northwest, opposite St. Aloystut Chtrch. my? St* \Vr ANTED?Two ladies deeire to tftke charge of " ft Kl'K.NbBID HOUSE for the snmmsr months; anexoeptionftl references given. Address A B , Star tffice. my8 3t* \YrANTEI'?Br ft respectable white woman ft v? SITUATION to ccok, wash ftnd Iron; no ob jection to leftve the city. Addrt? 107 Maisftchu s tsevennen w Good reference meyS-tt* AI?TED?A small HollHB. with yard and ?table attached. Also, two ROOMS on the ground floor, on or near Pennst I vanla avenue. Ad ores* p. L , Mllikln's Hottl, wi;h price ftnd partic ulars. mj S-3i* and BOOMS for telf ftnd wife W'AIlTED.?A gentleman. new comer, went* " plain BOABD and BOO ftnd three miall children, in nrlrate family; Oath olic prtferred; references exchanged. Addre s B. B . this office, stftiing terms. m>-8 >t* YV*"TED.?All who want to gj to the Csuteo ?? niftl to cftll at once, fts I hare this acrolng re ceived order* for ft U/ge number of H BLT, snch *?< cook, maid fthd waitress; ft!so, 2,1 go id \\ OMBB for the city; cooks and chamber maids for New London, C?nn. Apply to ttt Bnrekft Employ mi nt Office. 90T 9 street. MBS. LOOISB O. BDTLBB. myS-Si" W'AKTBD?Beliatle MAN ftnd W1BB, without cbiMren, io t?ke charge of fftrm ne*r city. Apply ftt BBNNBDY'8 Beal Bstftte Office, 15th street. . my< 3t YY^ANTBD-ADTUDIO. An artist returning to If America desires a Urge, well lighted STUDIO in Washirgton. well sitnftt>'l, fhrnished or anfnr nlshed. with or without Apartments. Address BOB EBT C. H1HCKJUEY, Northftmpton, Massachu setts. my6-0t U'ANTED - ABT HUMAB BEING WITH VT BKAIH8 ca* make fflOO a month selling our Letter Costing Book. Any one thftt has ft leitftr to write will ony it. No press or water nsed. Send foi circular. EX0BL8I0R 00., 16 Tribune Build ing. Chicago, 111. mayl-lm* YVABTED?Oftrpets infested with Moths to cle?n " fttid ftt the sftsae time restore them to their ort ral brightness, with or without remorinAfrom the floor. Ink ftnd greftee spots ft speciftlty.* Wftshing. ton Carpet Renovating Co., 1414 Pennsyiranu arecue. apM-lm YV^HTED-BOCHTT LAHD WAKBAHT8. M WILLIAM H. BB'JK., apI9 Im* Cor. Louisiana are, and ?th street. \\7ABT1D?HORSxS to pasture or feed; fftrm r ? on 7tli street road, near tillgo P. O., Montgom ery Co, Md. OH. CLARK. ftpl7-Un* YY'ABTED-OABPETS TO CLBAH at Hue's T? Steam Beatmt WarKt, 490 Mftine avenue, between 4X ftnd 4th streets southwest. Califd for and delivered without charge. apll-ly WANTED?Sentlemen to know that WILLIAM MOORE. Merch*nt Tailor, 1011 Hew York avenue, makes ? specialty of cutting garments to be mads at home. novlf-ljr LOST AND FOUND. f O&T?On Saturday, the 6th instant, a greenish LiCANARY BIRD. The finder will be re sprjp warded be returning it to corner K. ftnd UthmO streets. It* OoT?On buncfty, May 7th, a buncbof KEYS, en swsn hill ring. A suitable will be given if Uft at the ? store of P. R WILSON, cor. L reward will be given if Uft ftt the fTocery store of P. R WILSOH, cor. th and K streets northwest. It* FXiL'ND?A POCKET DIARY, containing a small sum of -Money. The owner can ebtain the same by calling on N . B. YOUNG, Sec >nd Au ditor's t ilice, and proving property. myd-3t* MEN'S WEAR. SPRING GOODS. NEW STYLES FINE GOODS, TO MAKB TO MBASUBB SUITS TO ORDER. YBOM t33 DP. READY-MADE SUITS, FROM 914 UP. BHADY-MADB SPRING OVERCOATS. aio or. DEVLIN as 004 1106 W RT1 REFRIGERATORS AMD WATER COOLERS. Large stock of good makes,ftt' low prices. GEO WATTI * CO , Horsk fCRMSHlMG STOkg, apgly 314 7th street, ftbove Penn. avenue. TEE BEST MARBURG BROS. 8BAL OV HOBTH CAR0L1HA HHOEIIO TOBACCO. apI3-lm 10 AHD 90 CBHT PACKAQB1. WALL PAPER A WINDOW SHADES. 7be finest and largest STOCK, Including all the novelties in decorations, and ftt nrioee lower thftn hk KTTbe keat workmen employed ftnd satisfaction gu?ranteed. TBI MOTH QUH8T10H.?The WASHING I TOH CLEANSING COMPABY guarantee to thoroughly clean and parify PORHITUBB, CAB PBTS.or ftny kind of goods Infested with Moths, Chine bee, or soiled with grenes or ink, by ft new patent chemical process, without ripaing or shrink ing, or In ftny way affecting the work, oolor or an tetlal. Offloo, 1414 Pa. are. apM-te LUNCHEON, rOS TBAYBLBB8, BXOCB8IOHI8TB, PIC *10 PABTIX8. 8P1CXO POTTED MB ATS, (In tins.) VPOTTHU'HAM and BBBP at B oenta a can, enough for sandwiches for six persons. Also, GAMB, DOCK, CHIOKBH. TUBKBY. n. W. BUECHKU. TIE 1?H ? strest. 1.000 S^ScSSr1^"^0" !>??? cane PEAOHkS, Urge Mse.a eta per large ?Ue,? Good Barrel FAMILY te ieBp?22{?" ealft ssayt tr 1,19 ^rPUtORV 1NIK1?AR CTCLOPB if. this great wort F. BBUTBB. POBTBB P. WOOD. Csasral ils dBSfthi m. w. FOR RENT AND SALE. I/O* SALE?Os easy terms?SMALL FABMH r trni t > lr? M'w.lall*i (mii dt;. THOS. I. WMOtHAN, 319 7th >tr?t. my* St FOB lWT-BlkH^ HUttl, coctm'niDg tlx r5T.Ti,w5,*r **?? I**; ?** Miesonti m?d?; *??! vsj ?? .v.if.** FOB EINT?A BRICK H0C8I. OMtiiAlsc fjor /*?*? o? 2V h+^LlSrTT^; r?".S Inquire at 1010, corner SSd and b itreeta ?y9 k' fr>0? BBNT-HOCSE ?m1 STOEB. corner Fh Bktdr Illttd it?diw:i|> > nu tool IOE BOX for sale Inquire of 8AM . ?S. HOOVER, cor er 4th and N streets. m/?3i* FIR BBBT?Beoot d-etory FLOOB, o?fura!ahM; scutb front, deiichtfal re?iseuc? for pnrutner, c?D*i|ao? to street can aad Market; 601 P street northwest. my9-4t* PiB BBBT?To a *~od tenant? ^ Lars* tod Handsomely Furnished RESIDENCE. In Georgetown, (convenient to both Uoaa afreet cars.) with all modern c n ran lent a#; co >1 and plea?an; ryeceeien glvan Jnno lat: rant. ?109 par month. Addreea " PRATT, Star effloa m>9 3t* frOB BEBT?HOU9B No. 1443 Corcoran atre-t. Apply to 110* Q street northwest. ^y8 St* P)B RENT?BOl'PB 39? aoath A irrftt, OapT U1 Bill; donbla lot; ?36. Inquire 919 G street northweet. my8 St* 1/OB EIM?t?ofnrilih?d BOOMS, comment r eating. No. 40<i. weet tide of 6ih street aor h ww?. myS-?t* l/OB REBT-8T0BB Bo. 909 9 h street north 1. ?f?t and fixture* for aala terj cheap. Inquire at Ho 4OS 9th atreet northwest. mj8-Ji* |/0K RENT?It. Georgetown, the BRICK H0U*E ? tenthea?t c, ot Market and 1st atreeta; 13 reftna; larjre garden ard porchea in front. Apsly to Mr. B. MILLER, 103 Brldg- *tr<-et ny8-6t FOB BBMT?With Board, several air* ni ?lr furnished BOOMS, an *nlte or alr ple. at No. 610 13th atreet. Alao,a few TABLE BOARDERS toliilted. ^ mys 2t* ?/OB REST?Plea-ant. n?e*ly fumish?d FRONT ? ROOM, c<-nvenitnt to two linei ot cars No. 1*230 8 ktreet northwest. Modern cowv<ni* ?now. mvS 3t* L'OK he NT-iHItshtfullv 1-cated HDI Da ill F room*) faclrg the park. No. 408 :>th at-e?t northwest A. B DUVaLL, corusr 4H str et and Pennsylvania at enue mys 4t F'OB BENT^BOCSE No 1430 N strength ret atory trick. 25 ft"t front; 10 rooma: all modern improvements. Bant (60. Apply at the house. my8 St FOR BENT?7breenoftin.ished BOOMS, suita ble for if?lit hou*, keeeleg; In adeslrable lo:a tion. Apply at Bo. 8i0 1# Ustreet, corner Penn sjlvania avenue. mj8 tt* FtTRBEBT-BiHt.l.le for a tmt'l family, a fur nUhed BOL8B. containing aix room*. hall, water, gaa and mmnier kluhen; location one of the m at pit aaaut Id town Term* very modern'e Ap ply at Bo. 1440 Bbodc Island avenue m-VSt* F'OB BENT?106 ard 110 B atreet northwest; each containing 6 cbamfcera.aaloon parlor, din ing room, kitcbee. bath room and cellar. Apply north* ett coraer 6th atreet and Louisiana ?v? nue. my8 It" "l/OB RBNT?Three unfurnished ROOM4 sulta r ble for housekeeping; water and gaa; good 1 oca ton . Tetma moderate to good tenant. Apply at No. 1310 6th atreet, between M and N xtreeta northwest. myH 3t* F'OB BBBT?That large aad commodlona HOUSB No. 309T I atre>t, having 2] roona, and all modera improvement*; flrat class neighborhood. R-t t ?136 per tronih m>8 3t 1HOB E WAOQAMAN 518 7th st. OR BENT-Bo. 1316 Kth atreet northwest, three story BfclCK BOUSB, six rooms, marble vntiteia. ?20 per month. Inquire next door or paiLtsiora 1H17 Estreet. m ID)8-3tw W BOTHEBFOBD PIB BENT?A thoroughly fnrniahad HOUSE from June nettl October; nine room*; good lo cation; convenient to horse cars and chariots. Rent mf derate to a good tenant. References required. Andreas Box 10. Star offlce. my8 6t* FOB BENT?Two newly furnished PABLOBB, with adjoining lodging rooms, eloeeta. Ac; in ^e moat central and pleaaant part of the city. In quire rn ihe premlaea, 930 16(h atreet, between I at'I K, opposite 8cott aguare. ray8-3t PIR BBBT?A naw 1 story and basement Brick RE8IDEBCE, whh all modern improvements, an1 bandaomely furnlabeo large yard and fine fruit treea; all leMghtrully located; snlte-i to a small fam ily ; ?ms moderate. iLqulra on premlaea, 1303 P si> i e* not' awe* m> 8 3t* L'OR BANT?Bol'SE 409 Naw Jersey avenue a. fonth?aat; pressed brick 'rent; 10 rooms, ira*, water and every modern convenience; a pleaaant b< tne. Will sell the s*me. 8mail paiment d>wn and 440 m -nthly. W.W. METUALF, corner 15th strict and New Tork avenne mys 3t IPOB BALE OR EXCHANGE?For city property, "ADRicourt" FARM of 116 acres, highly im prov<d, with Una orchard of imported fruit trees, ciw> lilts house and batn;sltnat?d on Hew Cot R ut, one mile from Ina^ne Asylum. Inquire of E. J ACOB, No. 930 17th atreet northwest, between 1 at-Q K streets. my8 lm* L^Ob RENT?Famished or anfurninhed BO<>M~, r wltb or without board; good locality; rent low. Atply 1303 9,h s'reet northwest. ' my6 3t* FfOH HALE?Choice LuT on College Mill, lath and Boundary streets on mo*t favorable ttrtsi 8>1 A LLWOOD A MORRISON, Hi 7th st. m6 lm F'OB BALE?Three desirable lots of IMPBOVBD PBOPRhTT; good investments f<>r the money, lrqnl.e of W. N. ROACH at Oitixens' Bstional Bank, 15th at ,opp Treasury department m< eolm F'OB BEBT?Second, thitd and fourth FLOOBS in No. 637 Ptfnraylvania avenne; gaa and water throughout; rent W>, ?u atd ?W; or would r.nt the whole for ?Rt). TUOS E.WAOaAMAN, 419 7th street. may6 3t L/OR BBBT?50 ACBE8 Of choice gardening r Land. 6 ro-wi DwcIUuk, Barn, Ac.; admirably adapted f< r a dairy; located at the first station out ? ide ot the city on the Baltimore and Ohio raitroal; rm'ver> in derate. J BTANLET JOBE8 m6 2w L-OB RENT? First and second FLOORS of House I 343 Pennsvlvaalaavenne; four rooma on first fioor atd three on the second; modernoonventenoea; will rent separate or together; aultable for house kts ping. Inquire at the premlaea. my6 Jt* f^OR RENT?9?3 M street northwert, ?43 P atreet northwest; ? rooms; all Improremeita; 4 45 P atreet northwest, |B; 1417 4th street n w., rrst floc-r; 446 P street n. w., one 4 oom HOUHE, ?16 IB. HOLLO.OB, Boom 30, 8th at.d F streets noithweat. may6 St* CpOB BBBT-Por the teim of one year. F^rtr r Acre* of PA8TI'KB L ABO. adjoining tno city, and known a* the Little estate,fronting on Bout d ary street northwest. Inquire of B. 0. IBQBR SOLL.Trustee, 91 v F street, Le Droit BolMtng. mayd-lw FOB BBBT?At ?18 far month, HOUSB No. 1814 ?th street northwest, ball and 7 rooms, In nice order; parked in front. D. M.L\W RBBCB, 3408 K street northwest J myi4t* l^OR RkBT OB 84LE-A HOUSE In the coon a try, five m'lea from Washington, will be aold or exchanged for city property, or rented forniabed or nnturnlahed. 60 acres of Land, near Soldi,rs' Home, on the Point of Bock* Railroad. Apply at 1534 I atreet nortbweat. myft-lm |/>OR BALE-HOUSE 1006 H street aorthwe.t r eleven rooms, range, hot and cold watar in i ej room*, marble mantela, < very modern convenience. Price ?4-600. Inqu re of FBABK LIBBET, Lumber Merchant, m] 6 1m Cor. 4th street and New Tork ava. F^OB RENT-The three story BB1CK HOl'SB, No. 139 C street northeaat. containing 8 rooms, gaa and water; Immediate poaaoaaiou; price ?40 pej month. Also. Mo. 300 let street aontheaat .corner 0, con taining tea rooms, gaa, water and bsthroom; rent ?rt per ncntb. No. 1534 8th atreet northweet, containing six rooma; rent ?9 60 per month In advance. FITCH, VOX * CO . m?6 St 1409 Pennsylvania avenue. |7>0B BANT-Good bT JBE and OCIaLAB In a r good location for any klad of busiaeee; Mo. 3139 H street northwest; will be rented very low to good tenant my4 4t* {.'OR REBT?C atreet. between let and 24. ?46; 3d atreet, between D and B. ?74; B atreet, be tween 14th and 14th, IICO; L atreet, between lSih and ltth, ?40; corner 0 and 3d. ?40. E. K. WILSON, my4-4t igaj 411 7th it rest. L'OB BALB-A fine BRICK HOUBB on 6th atreet, A between F and O. with modern convenleniee. Also, an eight ro< m BRICK on Connecticut ave nue. between L and M streets. B. K WILSON. mj4-4t [Rep ] 311 7th street. li'OR RENT?a HOUSE and tTORB, on G street A one door from corner of 23d street northwest. Apply at corner of 4th and I ets. s. w. my3At' Ai OR Ra.NT-Three desirable BOOMS, m'tsW# r for ofEcst; No 44* Penna Avsnoe, batwsea 4H an6 4th ata. ApplytoB.H DUVALL. m-S 6t Ii<0R BBBT?Bicely fu-nlsbed HOUBB, on very moderate terms, containing 11 room*, with all modern Improvements. Several boarder* la the house. Apply at Bo. 304 B street n. w. my9-2?* Apply at HoT~3?4 B street n^ w. " myS-2?' FOB BEBT ?No. 81 Mst s'reet northwest. 3-story BBIOK HOUSE, with beck buildings; It rooms, bath, gaa, Ac. Bent ?40 per month. Apply to lS.WEBOOTT.oorner XKfcand I streeti -orth wtst. tny3-2*' F^B R*STTHEO. f. gatchel, HMAL BSTATS AND INtUKANLE, Corner 11th and F streets. No. 606 Fat. n. w., mod impts, ?a5 33 per month. No 1613 Pat. n w. do. ?44 per month. Bo.444 Pst.n. w. do. fapermsnth. Mo. 41 Defreee street northwest, ?? per month. Bo. 39 Defreee street northwest. ilO per month. Bo. 430 8th street northeast, |B per month. Bo. 3004 Boundary st. n. w., ?14 per month. La Droit Park, IS rooma, mo4.Imp's., ?46 do. myt-lw PL" BENT-BOOMSlnaU portions of thec*^. Description and terms given. Apply Is B. r. FOBT1E, north west oemar"th and Jg. n>'?*; IT" OB BEBT?BOO MB?Largo, pleasant and well r Fnrnikhed BOOMS, with or witnont Board. Table Boarders desired. Mo. 939 Bstreet, betwee 9th and MU atreeta. myl-tw* t>OB BENT-a BAAEKT, DWBLLIBO and F BTORB. with an established trade of two years' standing; aH the oowveniencea of a tretd?aa bost asae; 639 H street northeast For terms. Ac , apply to M. B. OOTTBELL, coraer 14 atras* aad Indiana avenne. asyf-fw r)B BBBT?A comfortable DWBLL1BO, cen trally located, 994 B atiwet; tense moderate to reliable tenant. Apply to J. T ?IVBB, wood 10th, MSf A ilmt* w* ^^4 m0*Ib ?_ yard pOB[ MMfT?HOU8B Bo. 999, an F street, b^ cAfi, oo^crtt^ l?BiBl,^lprMUi,ia SHMBke tewed. Inqsire (MUv^FjT pOMl FOR REXT AND SALE. L,-OB H?>T-r?lr*Mf OFFICE BOOMS io the ? batlo-al Safe t*pc?u rngiptaT'a building. co?c?r Uth ? r?et and Sew York itikM App , ?l the WTHW *? *?1S ?oiw_ r hruiiM H0U8I for bouvkM^ai. ta t d? ligbfcl UoaJlty. on tb? lie* ot Uth ?tr?rt rtl?*n balf iiicut ma mh; rll ?k? modern tairorc rnli; Ai?c?)]|tH4;ud Bef?rences *icha:>ged. 1481 Q street. >? -. ? - ?* i p1^ ? L^Uft SAtI?Two i< -rj Brlfk llOl'SI Hk ?09 I 4th street northveat. rotUinlBi mea tx?f, nttrui gas. back and aid* alley. For particu late apply ea tM pranlM aaM La F)B BBBT?Flrat-?la?e BE<1 DBBCB. with all Di<<J?ro krrorai n |?, ?i Khodt Island an., Ho. 1913: will k* vacant wt tin* dartag the m nth of Mar- Apply to J. J. eUEDD, 140a Iiih street aM>la FOB 94LB?Two valaable LOTS ? by 100 brt, oa 8th street, Mann Pacd Q; Slot rash; bal aare ta firs j ears at six per oent. tnteraat. Ioaaira at 687 7th street ncrtfcwraC aptl lm FOB BBNT?Furaiebed or uafurnUhad, tba most desirable and pleasant suburban BK8IDBBCB in tha Pistrtot: 7th St., 4 milss from citv; 888 yards from MlTtrfprini dep<>t. Metropolitan B. B.; n-nlt, vegetables, lea, aad pasture ta abundance,36 ro woald act object to" renting for aumassr boarding bouse; part of rant takaa la board. apN la l^OB BENT?Ath res story BB10E BOUSti.taa r room*; baa gas. water, bath room, dnmb waiter la basement, kitchen, and beatar. Beat |4t par month Apply 9199 Fstreet aortbwaat. apI7-tw* FOB BBXT?Three BB1CBB, of eight rooms each, at #M p.r month In advaacs. YOUNG A IIDDI'ITOR. ap!7 eolOt LeDrMt BuHdlaf. L^OH bil l ? In the Country ? A comfortable r DWELLING of IS rooms, withla five minntee walk of Ammendale, Baltimore and vhto railroad: alio, fine Building Sites; Boiling and Beautiful f"ountr?; w.ll waterad. Addraaa DaNIEL aM MEN. BeltsvHle. Md. apl4 3a> F-OR BSNT-BOl*E No 01S Maw Jersey avo I cue noithwrat, between F aad O atraat*. 8 M'Bi. |U and wan-r; food yard. #30 par montk. Apply lok.C. JOBKkON.718 Uth street north wet. apU lm fpOB BENT?Three story aid basement BBIOB I>WELLIN G with brick aUble, 1819 W;h atreet northwest. For health, architectural d<-sigu and home comforts I* unsurpassed 8MALLWOOD A MORRISON, apll-lm Mo. 815 7th atreet. 1/OR BENT?One of the i iceat and moat conve r nient BOUttlD In the District. with all modem implements, and contairing twelve rooms, situ ated corner 4th and G streets snataeast. Bent (ta Ier month to a careful and steady tenant. Apply to W. GllN AND, 643 Louisiana avenue north west. apll-lm l/OB KENT?HODBB 46 O atreat northareat. 7 r rooma, water. Ac Large yard: convenient to thr?e liLea of atreet cara. 91s per month la ad vance BDWABD O CARB1NGTON. Jr., At turner at Law, lit Louisiana avenue, opposite City Hall. .aptO lm FOB 8 ALB OB BXCBANGB FOB CITY PBOP BBTT? In EUavllle, Prince George ?a county, Md., SIXTEEN AOBE8 of LAND, with doable Frame Houae. good wikter. an abundance of fmlt trees. grapes, ko., big'j and healthy location; twelve minutes' walk to the Byattsvllle depot, Baltimore and Oblo railroad. A ahotograph of the houae oan be aeen and farther Information obtained from B B. STIMBMBTE, lS.tT Pa ava. aaarg POB SALB-HOUeES for #30,000, ft SO 400, T #18,000. BIS 000 #12.000, #10,000, AS.000,#7,100, #sooo, is.uoo. ?4?M7ts/no,\iym. Veil \Zokua and on eaay a rma. " " B. J. 8WBBT," octS-tr <11 7th atraat. DUL ESTATE BULLETIN THUS. B. WAOOANAN, SI* Tth St. CHANSKC MADS IVKAT WitNE'DAT AND SATCADAT. Brick Howtfs far Sale. 1829 Columbia it. a. W.. mod. imp*..8 r? ?..?4.n00 S1S SJ7 C at. i.e., mod. Impa., 9 ra. 4ML 72SStb at. n. w., mod. imp*., 8 ra. ? 8.601 1923 12th at n. w., mod. impa.. 8 ra sAW 19?4 12tk st n.w.,mcd. Imp-., 8 ra. S.aoo 1926 12th at. n w , m< d imps , )0 ra S Sou lS3813thet n. w.,mod inpa., 10 ra 2,200 249 Sd at. n. w., mod. Impa., 7 ra 1J00 2?7 3d at. a. w., mod. impa., ? ra.? 1,350 438 Uth at. s. w? 6 ra ? - - . 8 0 834 K at. a. a., 4 ra. sou 7V? Story Brick and Pravie Hence* for Sale. 821 K at. a w. (F H ), mod. Impa., 4 ra 1.M 711 Stk at. a. a.,(F. 11),mod. Impa..a rs ? UOO S27 S8(h at. a. w. (F. H ), mod. impa., 7 ra. .. 1 514 36th at. n.w. (F. H. J, mod. imps., 7 re 8>M Iiiob B.O av.. a.e .(F.B ,'mcd Impa , 6ra 9ta) 2 and 8 alley bet. T and l ,( B. H.,) 4 ra ... 7uo 7th ?t rt ad. ( F. H .? 5 ra 2 25ii Kt* Jersey ay., bat. F and 0,(F. H..> 4 ra 3 000 Unimproved Properly for Salem I at.,bet. 6tb and 7th n.e , parft ? 3S 7th Mt , bet. H and I n a , per ft >5 M *t., bet 3d andaKa.w., per R...?_ 35 lioaaid Cnlveralty, r.w., per ft - 35 Alley bet. !6tb A 17th A L ana M n w , per ft. 30 7ib ?t road.n. w.,<10,000 feet,? pertt ?? Oat ,bet. latand 3d ata. n. w.. per ft. SO G r . bet. Del. ave. and id at. a. w., aer ft 15 D st .bet. 11th and Uth. n.a., per It. Su Va. av.a e.. per ft 15 6th *t. 6. a , per ft... ? IS I'uion ot., bet. N and O a. W.. aer ft ?... 10 22d at , tat. M and S n. w , par ft 1U H'Aise* for Rent. IS LA M at.. (farn.,J mod impa . W ra ?75 9i? ?. * . ave.n.w i torn.). all mod. impa , ? ra- 178 1214 N. Y. ave., (furn .1 all r.od impa . hi ta 9fc> Joe N J ave.,<furn .) all m>d. lmaa . S ra ....... ISO 931 K ft , mod. impa.. 10 ra .33.33 222 A at. a. a , mod. laps , 11 ra ? ?_. 75 627 Pa. ava. n. w? mod. impa . S ra SO 1Y19-j211 10th at. n.w., mod impa , 12 ra- 6> 2410 Pa. ava. n. w., mod. imps., 11 ra SO 136 East Capitol at , mod imps . 8 ra 45 loot 26th at. a. w., mod lmps..lo ra. 4" 33U< M -t n. w , mod Impa., 10 ra. - 40 1114 Uth at n.w, mod impa . U ra 50 U'8 V ?t n.w.,mod. impa ,7 r? *? 717i9that n w ,mod lmpa.lura 35 4S1 at. n. e? mod impa., io ra ........ 3* 71 B'idge at., Georgetown, mod impa.. 13 ra 38 67 Hlab at.. Geoigetown. mod impa.. U ra SS 16'i 10th at. n. w.. mod, impa.. 8 ra. ?30 liu 13th at n.w., mod. impa . 8 ra 3S VW G at. n w.. mod. imps . 6 ra 38 42 Gav at.. Georgetown, mod. impa., 8 re. 38 SI 36 Myrtle at n.a,mod. tmpa.,7 ra-?. ..... SO 1418 3d at. n. w.. mod. imaa.,6 ? 30 l-.'l Vermont ave. n.w.,8 ra 16 339 B at. a. w., ? ra 15 1818 Cedar at. n. w., ? ra U Loans. 8 rt ?2,000,1 of tew. s of tfoo-l per oant. for negotiating. _ Auction SoUg. On WIDRISPAY, May 10th, at A o'clock a. m.. Lot on Bridge atreet, bet. Matket and Frod'k at , Georgetowa m;6 tr BOARDING. DES1BABLB CODBTKY boABD-Large room*, large j ai d, two milesIrom Sbickersx Ule, at base of Bine Bldge. Correspondencs solicited. mj9 3w* L? WITBBBS. Snickersvllle. f.vOB BBNT-Elegant S01TBS OF ROOMS; also aiagls Kooma,with Board, 1336 1 street aorth wsst. my6 7t? 1 8TBBET?Front and back PABLOB. aith other fnraithed Booms, and b> st of 1538 Board. myS-tt* c ntennial: F1B8T CLASS BOARD, ?2.50 PBB DAT. ISU SUMMER STREET, m)g 3t PHll A PEL PHI A. STOP !?LOOK BEBB ?CHEAPEST TABLB BOA t> D in the city, at tba Parkinson Bouaa, 3d street and Pennsylvania avenue. A liberal redac tion made to regular boarder*. my4 8t* A. PABK1NBON, Proprietor. TBS 8T. GEOBGB, Maionu T-mf/f, 909 F st Board at #30 per month. Call aad see bill of fare. ap24 3w* J. H. TATLOB, Proprietor. ^INGLB LODGING BOOMS, 60 ceats per night. 0 or from ?3 to ?3 par week: BOARD or MEALS at reasonable ratss, at No. 4S4 Pennsylvania ave nue. ap?-Sm* /COUNTRY BOARDlbG V Booms large; good water, and shade abun dant. Address JOBN 8. LUPTON, spU lm* Winchester, Frederick Oo . Va. PLBA8ANT BOOMS AND GOOD BOABD can be obtained at 1009 Marylaad avenue, at mod el ate rates, in a private Csmlly. marZ7 7w* jyjLNNEbOTA FLOUR. Washburn Mills, Minnesota FLODB. not equalled or excelled by any in the coantty. 1> is our inten tion to keep a supply of tbts celebrated Flour always on hatd. All wa aak Is a trial to satisfy tha most fastidioos. For sale by J. B. BRYAN A BBO., ap27 tr 608 Penaaylvaala avenaa. I^RKP'S PATENT PARTLY-MADE DRESS 8HIBTP, Greatest Invention of the Aga. Biz flaa Dress Shire Tor six doll an, (t<>) not to be had la any other atora In thia city ? We are Sole Agents. W. W. MJBDETTE * CO , ?o.SSS 7th straat a. v. apZT tr Mo. TPS E straata. w. 1 SPRINGSTYL18 ^ NOW BEADY. T BBOADWAY aad FIFTB AVBBCB STTLB QENTLBMBB* DBBSB HAT8, f 8 aad S? Also, Ins Soft aad BtlB FELT BATS of ths SMgl approved patterns. Bar' th aad Amsrlean BILE DMB BELLAS. Ladiss1 SUM CMBBBLLAS. UMBRELLAS aad PAEASOLS waswM. 1419 FEB B8TLTAEIA ATEMUE, marB-ly Ahovs WUImS'b Eatd. o-^awafissw AT TBB MABCFAOTOBY, SIS D i / \ PTIOIAB NOTICE-Bavtag i V ?Wk'ttota. 4a.i I i parasnaflfc. My sa ?smp ma"vW?? ; goods for tba aaaar. BO*. J irr tailor. lyl-ly Ma. M8 Peaana ava.. BUSINESS CHANCES. \\" A N TF U? *'l. tSM. Id a bast " ?? already srahllshi 1. payln. from i "? |?rcHt. ?. 1(* \IO>kT uN H>S'u aT ? Airnt ra^Nr WI IIT1BIST to Iom oa i?o4 K**l A?ta-? ee caiity. Oiffl * LIIIIMlHI. ?>>W 13 .to F at 1 w.epp. Ebhwt Moasa. A( BKi<>" LaWTKB aUbse to coanact him ? Ml ?ltk I'ttrit Att rw;?, u< do iWr ??? orilgilaw A. H SIM' >B fOB,J?6 ?tl. a? ??? f*--- ?&sr it* I V A KU ru? MA LA -Br* es?eaf?.ur I - _ Brick*. tbsnlMM f t clay Will r?n or ncktip for improved or aolMprerad city prjp erty. Alio, a larrs lot of Brtck*. chMi for cwli vr trad a. Apply to H S JOllBSTuN. 493 Penastl mla am?*. P)R KALE, OB BXCBABQK l-?B OITT PROPERTY -II at in# nmt<4 to I will aril or nckaii' cm of the finest Oowt? KBMDU0B8 In the stste of MirrlMl, ilnti?4 V ot ft villa south of Ha|*tito?>, omUIiIdi M acr?-* I'maatore land. 3 ecrae of ?klek ar? la Or??w. I m rnlt,lkttfMla4*r ta Oraae Improved with a aa* 1-story B'tck Hoaee. 44 by n hat.eoiulDlut II rsom*, with gas and water ana All aecesean out bnildtats ta HtaUtat ?'n?lti <n. mch aa stable*, carriage houee. i3efein?e. do. Address A. B. AP PLEMaB. OMzeaa' Bati.nal lUak. WaafclogWi. $1,(500 i?MS,0? T0 LI!"' "?L niy? St TOI KG A MIDPLETOB. \\7amtai'?a ????? p?r r^ut EhB Emm I If nifLt OBRTIF1CATFS Apply to my 8 St TH08 B WAGOAMaB, lit* 7th at. | c> a riiii Ann ??on to L<>?a op ? nam C I )JU'' cumbeitd BKAL t>T*TK tppl; to VI RILOorR. B|j St* Sd.1 ?>< Igwt nortt.west flllll To LOAN ON UaA L ISfTB tor fl\e j i art At 3 aer cent. !* vurity nis?t b* airal* M >u?? In Fa~k mys3t ARMS d KKU HAM. ?*!<> Fst n w F'OR S*LB CHEAP r?K "ASH-lb* F?*tur?e at d Show Casts of a 01GAR STOKE. Mn?U? ? Id; reason* for arlling. going into other Lo?ine??. Addreaa "CA8U," Poat Office city. ?i*V L'l;B SILB?At a sacrifice, Snrveyor a f"RA> PiY r aadTOMPABt1. eet of Law Tut BaoktiC 'lw lian College), set ot Abstract ttooks. Office Table, 'Of Grocer'? Wagon Apply to Oil). W. <iK4 HAM. Boom aa.ft Cloud Huildirt bi> If A BABE BISINKSs CHAKCB.-F >K 8ALB Ttr Onnd Wllliftock and fhtom of A flr?t clase GRCCKBT STOKI tl.-lig to i?a*a tlia ?-i?r ard aiust tell. Apal> at or addrtas "GROCERY,' 734 7th street s. uthenst. DiyS 3. ?*o ? QS ^nn t^2'0*N "BST OL48S KEAL C'JtwlIU ESTATE at 10 par cant f r from oa* to five years A ldree? K M , Star olHc?. m>4 3t t\K SALE-TBft fcH a RES OF STO< K t.i the 1 Columbia Hrwl rar.nad. Appi* f> A. U OLADMoB , SB1, corner B abd 9ta atraata north waat. mr? St* WANT BP?To anrcha?? a atock of OLOT U lNl. BOOTS and SbOB8, DRY or fAHCY GOODS from |1.UKI to (10 000 for rub. Tmua ttoB conMentUI. Addraas BX MBBCH ABT. care of Poat Office. aiy6 St* ft 'AA W'LL Bt'V A FIRST OLAfS EX v??" HIBITIOB, with etarything complete Halt ca?h, balance (n <0 day*, aatiataciorily ?e cnred. Addrea* 9Sr? 3d *tr?et noithw??t my? >? li'OH 8ALB OB BXOHABGB-ror city pn.pert* r or In the aonth, a delightfal Ooautrv RBSl DEBCE and FRDIT FARM near Washington. In ?inlre or addraaa CHaS. B. BISHOP *CO.,6tl 7th rtreet. inyl-tw* TWO RIW H018BS FOB BALB-At F?ila Ohnrch, Va . on long time; near cbnrrhM aid good achoola. Apply toWBLLS FORHSS. on the preaiaea. or GloTA. L. HSBKIFIBLD. B>? 4 i, P?Btlon Office. apti Ira* W| AHTID-To exchange law BBFR1(3BR< TORS and 8TOYB8 for Old Vaea.MHDT LBR*fl. corner Mh and B street a north waat. r?ni k? ChlniD*ya cored, frotn #3 to C2Sor so pay apt! In* MABTELS AT WM. ROTI1 well'S. apl9-te* 11? B atreet aJuthaa?t. \1 OBEY TO LOAB?In atim* to ?nlt. oa aatlalac lU tory aecnrlty. JOHB 8IIBRMAB, Baal K.ta'x AAent, Apl3 1m* Boom 3. St Olond Bttlldlng. <? eOLDSTBIM A CO., 'lOAN AttO COUMJSSJOn SB OK MRS, OORBBR 10TB AMP D STREETS. MOBET LOANED or ADTABCES MADB on raJnable paracnal property to ati amoont, ai.d !.r any time desired, on very reaeonable tarma. Also. Goods void on Gotrmtaaion. At Prirnte Sale-Very Cheap?A large lot of Ua redei-m<d fledges and Commission G- ?od?. new a&rf mot ad hand Every article tally warranted. All bnstneas strictly confidential. The old eat and the Boat reliable house in the City. mar it tr lj||VM TO UUAl. $iS.noo to loan on choloe real estate, ta rams of from #800 to #1 000. at 9 and 10 per cent Internet A law actus at 8 par o?nt la from ?4j0i?tu ?M)M0 B H.WARNER, ?xarll corner 7th and F streets. &en to invested ib stock OOU PRIVILEGES PAYS LAROB PROFITS. Write for 71 page book. Men and Idioma at Wall at. and Wall st. Review SENT FBEE. JC HN H1CKLING A CO., oct7-ly Bankers and Broken, Tit Broadway, B Y. FOR SALE. f^OR PALE?At aaacritce, a Black W*lnn> 11ED ROOM M'lTB. with Mattrans and two F-ath^r Pillt/Wa. Apply 719 Rhode lfland ave. m>V 2t* FOBEIUN~MIBISTER who la karicif Tfce conntry < ffera for sale a fine tteinwar PIANO, little na?d; to be aa?n a* MB1ZEROTT A 00 '8 MuaTc Btore. Itllll m> 9 (t Pennsylvania arenne. near tth a*. P)B BALE?A Covered SIBUCR SEWiNQ MACB1NE and Attachms&ts Imaire at S'il 11th street northweet- mrti-St* li^OB SALE?A good Family or Ro?ine<a H?>BSK, r Bnolncaa WAGON and HARNESS nearly new. Inqnlra at OBANDALL's JfVw Bookstore, corner 7th and D streets n w. nirT;<r LMR PALB OB BXCHABUB?A BOCKAWAY r CABB1AGB, in food order. Call, at 461 H atreet northwest. Price) f. myS>f J Li*OB SALE?PH.CTON with Bnmble, xery little r osed. To be aeen at (b \BLEb H EARL'S Stable*, 9?t aid 911 IMiMH stnat. mySIt* Ws^MM OB 9ALB?I HEAP?HOB8E, TOP BfHK.Y, and UaKNBSS Horseyoacg. aonnd.MV-^ gcod alze. gentle and kind: buery in good /Qv lepair. Address H. M. BENNETT, 2d AnditT.r'a Office, KM' |f? O B BALK. Prcnlsipg yonaf. we'l bred trotter, blocd BAY, wiih black polnta, acuad. stylish, and very ?FiedT. Also, pair Sherman Morgan MABES.^3 baya, very handsome and last; a perfect lad us team. This la vary desirable atock and is rnaranteed In ?very particular. Apply to THOS. McOONBELL. Washingto n Driving Park.or addraaa P. M.8L1 CEB. Bog 393, Baltimore Poat Offloe. ap?9 Hi* FOB SALE?Serviceable, fine-toned, alx-ootave Cbickering P1ABO; only |B; most be^jws, sold; can be aeon at aouthwaat corner of 13th and H streets n w , No. T36.apSS Iw* ?TTTTf /CARRIAGES. CABB1AGES, OaBRIAGBS V The largest and most varied Msort-^SMa. meat of lataat style of Carriages. Ooopes.QKKR' Rockaways, Jnmp ssats. Para rb*tous.JK??? J aggers, Top an) no-Top Boggles Also, several fine second hand Panel Carriages and Baggiss on hand at P. D 8CHM1TT A CO., marU-tr Mo SIS Itth St., bet O and D . n.w. L(X)B 8ALB-NOW IB THB TIME. r 1 have on bawl ?? SPRING WAGONS, bnllt In tbs best style, with the Sarrla wheel,. Top and Mo-top Bl'GGIBS tor sals os( monthly payments, at my new Factory,J ST Prosjisct St., entrance on Brtdgs at. market. Georgetown, D.O- ?? ?? marital* JAMBS B. PBOBBY. jAOKSOB WAGONS. ?IW STOCK. IKON AND SHELLSKBIM AXLBS. C'BB-HOBSB, two hobsb, three horsb AND F0UB HORSE WAGONS We havs acid Hundreds of thsss Wagons, nod tbs gsneral opinion la that they are tbs ebeapeet and Beat Wagon la oas. D. W. McGBATH. tsbtl Mi Corasr of Masa. ava. aad I atreet a. w. PERSONAL. 0 L C 0 I. ner aavice u invaiasMe, deecrfblng your frienda. pointing cot your aaamlaa, and informing yon of tbs inr4 WAT to saeeaas in aU awdartakiaga. Con snltation atrictly coaBSaatlal. Ladlea, f 1; g^ntls maa.jl W. sepl ly ^ ATT AITS CRYSTAL DlSCOV*RY FOR THS HAIR. .It ttakca braah, dry aad wiry hair aaooth aad If ??? tA aaa -a m " ? " ? the color la thS bssa ossd for asarly atght yaan now with coaati" ?yS-tr M?IB?Niaai CKNTXNHIAL BARGAINS AT 4BB Tra STBBET BOBTM id fcwat baasoa' ?? Bj PROFESSIONAL. lit JU?? WALTOP. DABTIST to (b? ?' W??a* *"?' M AtM?. It* 4-^-^m offBr* h<a ?ro#a?*K?a?i artloM to iw rtti^iUlV W?fctrrt? OMca.VS* K rrr?4 ^?^***1* twaen ?th aad MKt -ff xm* P D BiRirv; ?<?_. 4rT()liJ??rAT LAW. ? mtlwii oar. U. m# aad 7th at , H^cm t. M* *? ?~kJo*t m d O tf!~ rilSIT IITHHJ4W7 ?> v"? br Dr A I C. Vil?UBOIH. /V? Sf) l<u.(?iu<k^rwti ? Al*. Md naiege *w M p,**. and apu ?? ^__P- 1IIM, uwrm, >m MutW t? B- ,H"|J IINI.| f M ? Itro? OiklfttM adriiptatarad. apl acta L1 %H'krmACB, ??..??? ru obm* mm*. i*?i U fwT-???K> ^anu.l <a?M l* W<Hrfftl* RAKWKAft, " ^ AKTisra rBEBCO. PBCOBaTITB mm) OTOT7 tMorlMkatf OUIAIlllTALtM PLAIB PaINTiCST 7*7 Hh.tiw BPBCIMBM Boo* ? 10 I?M frttivM, janJl ly WASHINGTON. D O I7.MKHT roit tastM. H. 11a ?-v *? i7,?? f. i PBaTT. WWuM^aS a W0'r*", ?* lir>r,t*4 PnrewrT. ??? B ah M.dl al < -Ibr- of Otktio. ??! iiri. , aa-t *lda. c Tr?r of I) 6 m ud rhioeoloe* m4 ta e?t^rtln? Wlh ???II ty MKPICAL. <tc. M i?. ?, ?XTi.*iLtw*? ? c*??tni rc ^ ? I? * mnoiri ru De con-olud a. b.r.tffr. at T*i ?th at u ?ib W* PeMale euanplMata a tp. ataltr t ail ar write Cm b? aeen (root i t b tolr ? . ??< fr. ni 1 to 7 r. ?> ap? Hr DR. LIWIV. Tm iHi*m iM Ua>i | Kt'tatU Latiw' Pt?> " It <*. <V?.*aa b* WWtllid tmi T?lldl| and Sl'iiriM tl tlo Ml* H Mrt-rt 1 to ? o clott All fMtlf Ooul*liM ltiic?ly cur.-d U4otlldM4Ml|o ti((. Lombard atreet JUItjmor*. aplk iai* ?'C*TI(HCT10N ?A MiliTr<?n,tl(Mtw k tl* Prepared aoeordtnc ' Ihr ?rl(lMl lura cla by Dr Dart ) .at I I ? 4* Mmt, cur. of P*aa ay Mania aw. Otwlarluwa Iree t?l lilt ROHkBTBON. frem i>a/n<a??r*, can be bob IP ai.lted m 4J4 MXh atr*et wni,???, nearly op Boatte the Oi* Offire. ?*ery ? BDRIODAT M? p AT I HP A V, fr<>m M x- ? p av. la all l't? a.e. >4 tbe I'rtnary Orran* t,< nori 1 ? a. Ulaw? . mnrtnra. Pyphilta and t-p-'rniM ir> ea Oa*> ? of G >nn<>rrbaa rvceBtli contracted cored lu 1 to * <1aye. SrpHHiala a.I It* aU*e* .jntckl* rcrod,??d lh?-^oVa-.u aatira.f rredictira Tr <m (fer itiimi, vr.h mi tba uaa .<f mt*r coir. Bp*rmMorrb<f?. Iir<->a?ht ua br (HMM Ml aluar in ytnth, c?uait4; '. m o( Maotory and tca?:il tj . |TMrtl d**bllttr ? orontc ?MMa. Inyot^Mcr. urr\ ?u? irritate Illy. ?> u? pt i><. .1 MMM|M. It JlraaUvD. palyltaUM / tba bwn. |*Im Ubark, 4lni??aa of alrat or rldillMaa. *?ll foratowdlafa, avlf din mat, *r . ap*<<!ilr mr?i4 l>? D*w1? dl"<-.>T??r?4 rmirUiM. O' iitJ.-iii.-i. platiuc tU^MMivaa la Ur . K '? haiid can Hi i^d I" Im aclw<IAc?llf ?od boa ?rat It tr?atM E<>'?r? to tba btch tMtl? >DtaU ? blob be bo? bold* tr m tbo laitdlaa pbi^iliM of Balttm ra Office 4-J 4 l?ib atTMt aortbwMt. froa ? to 9 ? n?. aaiVIr DS BTCB LRU JON H -Twwtf nan' at pari ? acre in rornate Dtmaaaa. Irr*calartt??a. Ova riu Tmora; ?uaranta?? aatlaMctkxt, or mo rbanr** Bu tn'aa coDfideatial. B -ma for >??!>??? 11>4 B. Boaard atiwt. Halttaaora narlt la* ? \B B~r JONBS. 34 Hcrt* 0aa tntm, ?*Ut if mart. Ml i LateBaaV'eat Pbraltlaa aadBar Ci to Pa- lal H<.>pttal for tbr Oaalto? Drtaarr ?ana. Parte.) Guari?i,t**-a *p?>edjr aad oartMo r* ItoT tn ail I>ta? aaaa and Irraffiilarttlna larMwl to WonMa. la taftbHT aad Btiriltty. and all Ilka oooc<mltant wttb at.i.?* of uatore ? law mtU-Ib* ?ADAHB BIITILL. M D.. a tb?roacalr ?? Mrt?ao>d and aci -nlIflc LUIm' Pb? <trtao aad ? idaira of ?> vaai ? aractlor attend- ladiaa M tbetr bocuaa.or o<>mfortabie yrliaKNoM.carafalaara in*, and tbe txwt n,. dlcal aitaadaooa M tba Dot tut'?pl?aUMill?Me l.?.1 ?? plarla|th?aaalTM ubdartlacara of Madame Beatetl are tuaraataad arienttflc treatment at d ayedf oi^. OIBw ant M r tl'tncv coraat of Bout li /har?at>d Dorer atraau, Bal;l?cra. aaylT-lr INSURANCE. | OU K T. AMIS. D. W B.BTCUA* UE> hRAL MSVKAMCB AGENTS AHD hhoatks, LB Dboit BriLcma, cernar of W aad StB Mi?M ISSrBABCBof BVBKT PBBTBIPTIOB WB1T mate tr TBN OB TUB BEST TKEM8 RHBBOVAL. 1 Lt office of tbe LTOOHIBQ B1BB IBBl'B AMCB OOM TAB V baa baen r?Btcvad to Boom Be. .HO. LeDrott Bnll<llb(. corner of V and hb atreeta Thla manncb oil oodihiT baa baea In n|arattoa |gt tblrtr Ht? yaara Brt a?*?-t?. BtASBjMU. aaS-tr J BCbSBLL BABB. COAL AND WOOD. (JOAJL ASD KIKDUNO WOOD. Our itoek of GOAL to now c-xnplete, ?Bbrac1n* all the choice gnailtif-. acl to vbicb we m?tva tba atteDtloB of ounanmera. Our PATENT BUBltLEO E1BDL1BO WOOD, wltb B Crr lUbtar In nary bundle, ta tba beat la aaa. Bor aalc by all froceca? try It. B.? aaper cr iiroaaui oil ragnimd. 6MMAP. SAtB. CLE AH HrEPHEKBOH * BEO, ?til aad De^ot 7tb (tract Wharf. MB ty Branch OBce 111* Pantiaelraaia areatia. EDUCATIONAL. WMT *Sl> IkMTITOTB hm,!* bnwot fm "? !"?*? La4\ti. Mn B L. Cadi, Prlaclj ?aw Bbtcb, Cobb. Band for circular. r Tbl EPlbCOPAL IBUTITTTB. 1 Ci*w U:? arad i BBV. P L. BRIGHT. ? D ,b?4 Jftilar: PBOF. JOBS L' WBY. A. B .lii NcJOT Tb? Birth Annual Beaaion tbta cbnrcb acbnol for boyi will oofcnjeDce cm WBDN BSD AT, the fttb of Septenibar. Further lnfurmaOloo eas ba bad fro?n the Bit. V. L KMUUT.D D? MgW-W Id4 J Oorcoraa atiaat. ENOLl-B. FRBBCH, AND CLASSICAL BB LBCT SCHOOL BOB TOl'IO LADIBB. tit Near Tork arena* n. v.?Mr*. AN9BLO JAOB BON . Principal ?The eight h bbbbbI >?*alQB baiftaa ob tbe 14th of Baatewibar. ICT aa?M-ly PIANOS, Ac. PIAKOS AMD OKOANS AT OBXAT BAB E UAIBS. ?w?-^ 40 PIAHPSfrcm #1M,. B OO mjO 30 OBGAMB Md MBL0DK0B9 frotLHUII ?M to BMS K<a PIANOS from B30U and n?, mi OBOAMB from ?71 and c?,M ?. r. ELLIH 4k COB, KIT Pcnaariranla avean*, 8ol? Af^nt* forChick*rtrf and V* eb*r Piano- and Snilib American Organ*. apS* Iw rpHE MCBLklMQ Ml BP (OOUBE1) PiAMM. * Tbe ?aiall*rt aad the cbaiaaat flrat cIbm m tar* PIANO eter made. <). L. WIL OA. HBO . Bole Areata. 7B3 7th atiwrt. betwaa. ha 0 and II atreeta nonbweat. III rtanoa and all InatruacBt* TL'NBD aad PAIBBD. fabM HALLBT DATIH A CO * GBABD. BQDABM I aad CPklbHT PIABOfl for *al* or^ ? Bioattly InataluiMita. Ottjetratod for pi. ^"3^^ rlty and iwaatnaaa of toae &?* Ageat, I bth atreet aorthweat. dacM M. MNABE fe ro.-s WOBLD BENOWBBD PIANOS, Grand, Square CMinrf. &ntart and UvnaUt, TBB BEST llADB The farorlte MoCaaaoa Plaaoa; 8boB*nc*r 'a oal ebrated Orgaaa. new at? la. Alao. a l?rr- wtk aaaortn.ent of Pianoa wblcb bare been li V? IJ aae a abort Urn*, for aaie aad rent at ran ITT % I 1 low prtcea, Toalac ru4 BepaUrlaa aromatlr aA irbd-d tO,.tpjAif VCA WJ 5?^ octU-ly 4SJ3 lltb ?f.,a few door* abor* P*. a*. A THE BT GEOBCE. ^ The Brmt and Oaa/y EWioMe ^3 Heating Range Wc ia tha market. Uaaoiwda o? Btn?w bar* baea pnt up tr me ia U?'fc jif, aad Mwapa girt mt itf action. aaie only at A*tm *ia BIMff Tift AMD TIT Tth 8TBEET NOBTdWBST, Where will ala3 Be toend the b*M aelectloo aad tba larteat variety of SLATE MaMTBLS la tBlaMty, ?"* ?"?BSli,,6,o'firiKKCa. Thla Paraakoa baa beaa aot to t*t by 1 tr aa tr taje*a aad Brraoaac?d to W 'b* Bad Pnraaaa of itb.-d In tbe maikat Parties wUI flat tt grMtly to^biafr ** ,0B *IBONbABDTBi?A ??rA VA6B8 fa larfa ra rt"?BLATBOB?f mJ ?Th'b"bI'MM^t tk?n at traatlv rodaced taJ*** Ql'IEB oil Cook Store. UM ^ Mora la tha world. TIM BOOPIMG ,,H rery beat worka>M. AU order* arotnMly at?c?^ kTOTM AJIDMAIITKLWABMBOOMB, MaMl a^f Br^BEB HOSB !>a. Bar toot. apMIy THi liJCsT SODA WATER IB DlAVI VBOI MLOCK-TIM L1MU . STEEL FOUNTAINS. Dealer* will So wall to aacar* a aeppty for ta* *aa HAM'L C. PALMEB, DEPOT. ST GE?M^ ST^BMT, 0M0B0M M.M.-JIBW POrBTAlNt BOW Balas raaMvaS. OOPM ?B APPABaTDS Sm aaia, rMt? ar iaaa IBMMD SMIBTS. Mada of tha I 'r?^i^Jfo3?EiBrt ixJrJk?. ?T EUMBMT DBMBB BMIMTS MADM TCOUBB *Brittl:' ??

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