Newspaper of Evening Star, May 9, 1876, Page 3

Newspaper of Evening Star dated May 9, 1876 Page 3
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DRY GOOD: {jonxoLLV'ft, * 609 SISTB STREET, TUICH KAPK8T STORE IS THE CITY. Received to dap from Importers aictloa, fire ohm PARASOLS, Id all bow strlee : Pla.n Silk. Bilk Serge, Turhlah Setla. Brrci .1#, and botdared. H'? th? (o?)i luitrttd. ard wlU be ?old at lees than U?! ?u?t to ninihctai*. AnotLer large stock of BMBBOIDBBIBB rs celrpd to #??. . mjl tr C K klLKH. COLOKED BILKS, PLAIP and 8TBIPED BILK.9 B?a ruaiu >aq omirftu oiuao init r#rf irrd fr^n tactloi forty of BILK, which ws ars selling at grejit bygBiae^ W RILfii myl ? TH Mwin Space. \UM ABB bELLIBG DBT GOODS YBR* fT CB |AP, Beentlful Spring Dreeo Goode 18,30, 23 31. 37, ?0, W. Silk u< W.?r.| Dr?? Ooode. 37. Block Silk*, Si. Bl*. SI 30, ?1.73. Black Caoh&ere. 79. K7>1 BtacS Alpaca, double width. SB.S1,S7. _ Bltck Sllv, Mohair Alpaca, SO, worth <3. Block Grer.a/line. 28. ST. M CABTKBH, 797 Market SjxH*. EvcelWnt C?li'o, ?V Good O?tton. i\. Wide ?he?tlrs Cotton, 9. PABAPOL3, P^BABOLS, PARASOLS, Tin Ct 's T?r. Cb?ot Very Cheap. CUtfc'yCei imeree, (or Men oud Boy's wsar, 37,30, Good Btocklni*. 13. Linen Uaodlrerehfe*. 4. Linen TMtta.*. Exr?iieLt Hed Tick. 13; H joe* comb Qul'ts. Si. h ant if w I Lawn*. 13; excellent quali ty White P K, 13, very floe all Linen Tab.e VMMeh to. Men1* Sb'rts. mads of Wamaotto Cottoa, Lfren Bo arm, M mvl tr D ISSC'LCHuA OP CO rABfMKBSUlP. STOCK AM? riXll RIfS FOR SALE The eo partnership of J.O W18WALL ft 00. trrtrin* ly Irm >rau-n on Ju'y l>t, cur stock Ml ST Bfc CLOSED OB or before t fcnt data. *i shall iffer to morrow, aid contlna* to sell 'or 30 Jay.', ?nr large aid corny'ate stock of DBF GOOD H At GREAT SACRIFICE 021 ORir;iHlL COST and all go< d* retraining on nand June M. will be ?old at AUCTION WITHOUT HESBBVE. 1b ordar to C.o*t m 30 Days. A REDUCTION OF FIFTY PER CENT, will bo matfe an a large portion of oar stock. Printa, t. land t\ oeata par yard. Brews liotfoi.s, in I coats ?cr yard. Figured Grtpadinea. ?l?. 10 and 12H eta. Grecadin*e In Stripes, at 10 eta. Silk Grenadine* below oo*t. Summer Pilt *, 37H cts and upwards. Pare Black Mohair*. 30 eta , worth 83. SiBoBiark Drew bilks, 83 c"? . worth fl 40 ? WO Tarda Kleck Alpacae. XS\ to 3.** cts, 1'ABAPOLSat cat. _ Large lot Tab'a Damasks- Nsp*ln?. Wine Cloths, Piano Ojw?. Ac . a' lea* 'ban N-<w York coat. VGEIlT BARGAINS ia everythirg. J. c. W1SWALL A COh tyS-tr 310 Tth as., near Pa. are. THE SIL? AID DREtS GOODS HOUSE or WASHINGTON. WelBTitetho att'Btion of the public to cor lm :?en*e iwhtent of new styles SUMMER 6ILK8 AID GRKBADINB3 of all shad'*, la stripes and plaid*. Large tUtk BLACK 81LK8 of al celebrated Baakea. BPBI50 TBfbS GOODS of the most attracUre ?tjlea tad c6ot?. MOCEHISQ GOODS, WHITE GOODS, CASPIM RBE8. HUBTAIB LA IKS. BiLk I'M BBRLLiAP and USE HOSIER T In great variety, ?t le.s than New loik prices. WOLPORD A NHILBLKO, 917 MARKET SPACB, _ap? tr Third door from 9th (tract. ^EW STOCK SPRING GOODS. Slightly soiled Bleached Oot*on 3-., worth 10c. Bids beet Calicoes onir 5c a yard Plaid 1'rt-sa Goods 10.13^. 13. 10. tSr. Praaa Ootids very cheap in Taried ^nalitiefl. Wa'h Poplin* 9c., worth 13)fc. Silk atriped Drees Goods <. h> <?p. All-Wool Debepes, Potige* Silk*, cheap. Flegant at; lea in Lawn- 13Hc , worth 20c. Victoria Lawns 13. la 20. 33c .very low. White Maia*ooka, Pi ines.Tarlet ms, Lace Stripes, Black Aips<ras cheap, pare Mohairs nacrifictd. OCR CAii'iT Bllitll to be slaughtered for the CA 5? H Jnat r?celei *, While ?nd <;tieck Matting. Me. Am deuic, ..-d to meet the times and eell gooda CbM| T. N. MAT OAIH, ?P29 tr 709 Market Bpaoa. 31 ORE NEW SPRING AMD 81MXEB DBMS9 GOODS Joato*en-d Ir m the Large Auction Sales la Hew York, Lcpm'. Pure Silk ?nd Wool Black Greoa dlars. at IS, 62 >i, 73 ctntg, fl, acd SI 16? a special ^^iKck T%ml*e Cloths, Caahmeres. and #-4 Drap D'ete: fine black M ha'ra ar.d Alpacas, cheap. Special Bargains in Pine Dross Silks, at #1-31, ? 1J0, ?17?. up to ?3 3*. 1H1 COLOR *1) 1JRESS GOODS. ? 10 flccee stsilsh Pongees. Mohairs, flaids. Plain ?tid Stripes, from 2Stol3Sc- loo pi c<m handsome Lawas aid Perrsles at 12Hc; 300 new atyles Parasols and Son Umtrellas. rine Cloths and Oaasioseres for mea sad boy*' wear, at low price* with afuU stock of Hoaeekteiing Gooda of the beat claaa, at the low ?st ?aas>k?.? m. iv ? a* eat Barkit piic^s. at" J. W. COLLETH CHEAP STORE, **07, COBBER **TH ST , ap2?-tr Market Space. NEW rhicjto. 1014 SETIMTU STREET. Beat Silk and Wool Pongees, 40c., worth 50c. Goat's Hair CbaUl Cloths, 30c , worth 37*c All Wcol Sprirg De Begee. 40c , worth 30c. Beat Pacific Cambrics. I2*c .tery cheap. Plaid aad Striped Suiting** 1334c. up to 10c. W hite Pi iuoe and 7 .ctoria Lawns 10.12S? 13 , 30.23c. Black Bilks cheap. 87H. ?l ?1.33. ?1J0 and #3. Boy *a Caaaimerea at low prices, a specialty. Parasol* and Sun Umbrellas In great varietT. ?^"Bagli ' Bbirts. made of b*tt matt*tilt, and romplutly fimi'ktd, only Al 31. (without buttoa bolee only *1.1 WM. BIRU WTLIB. ap3?-tr 1014 7th stre?t northwest. ?T1CIE LASIS PRICES I IIRODHEAD A CO , 939 F?"iNi. Avi , between >th and 10th sta., OrrEB A ri'LL LIMB <>r FOJLKWX AND DOMESTIC DH Y (WODB AT M'>ST ATTRACTIVE PBIUB9 I Many Arti Us s/ir?a? h^n Htlmcei t? Prict from |.? to SO Per Cmt. Mack Iron Grenadines, 37Hc.; former price 30c. Hlack lr?.n Grenadines, 4Cc ; " " 75c. Black Iron Grtnadiaea, ?1; " " BIAS. Hlack Plat Mesh Grenadlnea. 73c ; former price 87*. Clack Plat Me-h Gfoadire*. fl a, " lltl. ttriped. Pl?id>*d and Damase Grit-adlnes, also at reduced | ri<ree. Black L} <>n* S.Iks at 93c and np. ineladinc Bonnet, Quicet- B 11 >as and Parsons' ce: -t rated makea. Best Pacific Lawns, i fast colors,) 12liC A full Use of Liuea La ens, la beautifal designs, from 15c. op. A few riec-e >* Bummer Silk, reduced from B1 33 to B1 per yard. These gouda are pure silk aad of tU best makea White Bhetlan-1 Wool Shawls, >1 39. Block of I>ora -?tic* complete, aad prices guaranteed, l^iea aad Gm'a' Underwear, direc from the manufactutera and importer-, lower than ever. A most excellent 3 button Bid, In all cjlors, :late shade* ) O l 33 per pair. Wamautta Bleicbed Cottoa, 11Xe. per ;ard. ~ I, Plain ar "1 Btri^ed^DrewaJixHls, Cheap. BKAMCH STORE, IBM F 8TRBBT. bo? 13th and 19th told stand.) BBOPHEAD * CO. ?pan> >39 Pa. HI., bet. ?,h and 10th *ta lOlUI T MITCHELL. " " J 031 PEBHbYLYAHIA ATBBUB, _ q Cffan the largest aad ch^iceat aalootion of DRESS GOODS eter a bow n In tbia city. Soft cttagir.g all wool Bsaterlals, ia .haded stripes, for sssrlr<s?s. Damlakln a acd Pamssss Gooda, in all the n*w ahaAaa. Eeihtr eniilaga fiiath Cambric*, Perealea, Preach Jaconets. Liaaa Lawna, Printed Linens, Glaagow Check! &~danunerlilks from ?1 to f 1 M. rerr cheap. Brocade Qreaatfinaa. In black aad colora. Bieewle Stlk*. Brocade Cniumer . ^ z#fhyr tiaaih Cambric, Percale, ciotteuiuri.niSJtoBW- Bi* Draaalag Sacks. Wrapper* aad Shirts, vorr cheap. Sacqaes BLd D dwans, la Sllk.Caahmsie aad Drap d'Bte, frott S '4 to ?30 . _ _ A large stock of Boa I mbreUas aad Lace Tr will eooTiaee . ????? ? - ?*? ? beat goods, la VBSMtes, at 1-a* prices than ever b-r <re eold. Oae Price Ouly. JOHM T. MITCHBLL. apSUr SSI Peaaaytraala arsaa l\TOW IS TOCB TIME. 11 One more chance at taoee splendid 74 I'lHT DRESS SUlRrs. Made of Wa-n*ntta Masliaaad heet twenty one haadred Liu* n Boaume guaranteed to be equal la qnalits. fceth o'g^xjdeaad making, to aar Shirt BOW offered ta tbe w?tket far B1 M Oely 79 coats for VtoaDnae ihlrt*. at the Branch Baltimore Shirt Factor*, 10111 P street northwest. apU Im J. W. DAUB."Manager." fiOVTH WAININSfOR DMY HOOD4. B Wkl>s_Oordr1 Pljaee^at 12*c ; heantifnl Oolor^ DRY GOODS. IV?w POOPS SHUIRfl CHEAP. (?rim Silk., g7H.fl. aadflSS >o. IK BIQHTH BTBBBT. ? Xlftl5!eW!!M?fro? n ew ,oat ?<>. 'I* *'???? Japan Silks, If cts.. worth ?*, at So 314 Mb street; 34 Black On dtDM Ul styles, it Ho. 114 b itrMt; ? p4< *'*ck Tameee. Bne gooda, at Ho. J14 8th street mi ?}***? Mohair*, all quaiitk *. at Ho. 314 ?th ?*?*?, to >l?wi Bilk and Wool Dress Qooia, all Inallues and pricss, at Bo 3 14 8th street; IT pieces rown atd Gray Bnglish Worsteds. for travtlinc smta, at IB eta.. wo'th 4J. at Bo. 314 9th street; SCO 1'araeols and Son Umbrellas. at Mo. 314 8th street' a toll stock of While Ooo4?, Lluw and Table Da-' ma*ks; 1UC0 yards Lawn* Id abort length-, at 13H eta . worth 34. All Domestic Good a at *r*nti pricee. The above tood? ara all fresh and Mt aid Ac'inn to'al?* ?r*Cel which Boat fir a entire satis %JT Be member f ha location. W. M uinva ? yttr Bo. 314 Pth strsie " near P? ave. YOUK ATTENTION PLEAbK f WE PEOPLE WONDER BOW WE DO IT, BUT WE DO. THB CHBAP CASH STORK IB BTILL THB CEHTBB OX ATTBACTIOB. 8th.wri. 4?0 ranis 0rSIff(f iBKfcS GOODS, In all tut new Abide*. Cream. Bavy Blue, Scroll Damasse. and 2^7?2?f"in5 {?* ? ??** c?0d? aotd last week at 0 c.lU Bl'k lot g?e, BaWrno, Btripe Pongee, U'^ ea- Plaid and Stripe Gods. Steel mixed The Bi'./f.Tt ^'?""B 8nlta,?,37H and 90 cents. ll?0BJ'<*'? ?'??* Mohair Alpaca, 9uo fAT ' MTIr ander 48 centa. '??Xn Jf!2rlm L,"n *t ?** centa, aold at 38 SSm rlii? VJSf IV ?ft* CaJic ? ??'! ? oenta. i SI. ?2wiZ2f*"J'<e ,9*ton< ?' 5 conti liso !!? 9" ^ Otlor, at 17 centa. aold for i J,nrt opened M) new styles St mSZ,Parasols, from #1, BI B. #1.80, B1.73, f; ?'i etc. Centennial Handkerchief*. l>< cents; very beat at IS centa. O cents. Linen for Saita. all if S?*'?n .1** ..Qrsnadlnas, from auction, as low as B), St, 80. Si and 80 centa: all 31 per cent. Us* than regular prices. Black Silk, from auction, all best makea.9 cents. ?l. fi *s. fi jo, ?l.7S, 91, ete. rre?h Matting, jnat ofT the Sterner, at 2-1,38. 80 centa, etc. Light Caaaimerefor Boya'wear, S5, 30, 371 Cvi Ptc ? C3n?ton>er? will pleaae call early in order that all may be waited upon without being detai n?d. ?. M. TOWSOX Be CO., m;4- ''r *3fi Pa are, (louth aide), near 7th at. (JDEaI'I CHEAT 1 cheap! , AUCTIOB ^2 Vctnria Lawns, in abort lengtbs, from 1 to 14 yards, at llfcc., worth from 37 to 60c. Wi% > aids Twf?d, f??r bofa near, at 37^. worth fr)c. A large assortment of Caasimeres, from ftOc. to #2 50 r j aro. 13 pieces Hiack and Colors Silka, from anction, at (real baraaiaa. Presa Good, f^m 1S^ to 50c . in great variety. 100 new atale Paraaots. from B1 to B7. Blaak Oaehajare and Mohairs, yery cheap. at that f ??' ?Wrta at fl 2S-best in the clly Prank Lealie'a Cut Paper Patterns. M ?i? J. lOHKNOH * CO., at23 eo 711 Market Spaca, RAILROADS. I^AITIMORI AND OHIO BA1UOAO, APBIL 30th. 1ST?. AK^i_H?iM?BAV,i WA8HWOTOH Baltimore. Annapolis, and way stations, Mau, B?em *** lntern?edi?"1 ?tatlona. Z *2! Alexandria Jnnction. jSS ST 1*1 aid Boston Mz JTVi" Pul'man Parlor Cars. Leave, at ?'i? ? ? bunday. atopa.t Way Stationa, M. - "?naacta for Annapolis, c.lii?t^nrtfiiKirt, St Lovis and Pittsburr JT.t f redenck, Uaferatown. aad VaUey ^ f ? of Bock, *nd wmT etationi. I . r.?fc-5* ,'?ore Aa,i W l* "tatlotis. 10.15? Baltimore Cnluaited hxpreaa. Stops at Be lay, P M. J j|;14-BaWm?ra. Way Stationa, Bllicott City and 1:30?Acta York,Fktlmdeiphia am i Norfolk Kx Bitltiraore ^nl/ Jf' ^ W" ?UUoM ^ ? l5~?*',tin:ore an" W?T stations. A:30?Jhalttmort an t Laitrd Btpths. Bllicott City, Bredenck and May Station., ria Be 4*^2St2?2lEtL?** or Bocks, (Tla Metro 2 ti~Annapolis and way aUtions. ?.IS?Cincinnati an t Lomstille Erprtit KioeptBatcrday.daily toColumbns. Lonis ijylle b> 11:30jp. m. train on Saturday. ? *Lr,t wn WiLoheater. Plrcpin* cars a tn ^ blc*?o< Cincinnati aud LounctlUJ V^Ta ?!* X*rrt,s. Bred erlc* and Way Btati ns. r?a Bslay. (Con Dfci? AnnapollaSunday.) 5 33? Laltimorc. B.adensbnrjr, Oolleee, Belts 1 no V.r.'j '? Annap-lis Junction. i ftu !S0M *Da wav ?t?tlona 10 Bladenaburg, BelUtille, Laa B:S0?Pit'sbnrir. bnt no connf ctlon beyond Mar f>nstip* by train leaving Snnday night Qto Metropolitan Branch. 9 30?N?c York and Phtladtlphta Ntg/U Exmtu .]. oX~?*'t:! ?">d principal way stations, IU..40?Manicsbarg and way atationa, M-tropoll II oa d2r ?rmnch. 11:30?& Louts 'rrrtst Chicago. Colnmbna. Bj.ndnsky.Kewark. Oa Saturday for Lonis dafla! ' e;10, i0' 9 30 *a(1 11:30 All oth*r trains daily, axcapt Snnday. !??,oBi)n Snnday lor Hageratown or Val l aBm^CCd i?Sofp. SV *Wk Ph'liaelphl* ?? 1E ^ nn at ion apply at the Baltimore Si mi Waswngton Station, and ordtrs hi'\JL'?3 Pennsylvania avenne. where ordara win b. taken tor baggage to be checked and anv point In the city. l *^t*r of Transportation. ^X)LK. (toneral Ticket Aacot. _ OBO. B. KQOBTZ, general Agent. apU tr |JMlYgRBAL R. R TICKET OFFlCa, BAILBCAD TICKBTS to or from ail points benght. exchanged or aold at f ? a rtduction of om nor i . t BBT :JW ?ac*or V&TJ"*tuI a"* apl ly 913 Penn.are., Washington. D.Q. 1876 rmm ni a 1876 forth, Woct, mm4 loitbvoft. OvubU Track, BU*l UaiU, A^M Botm trV> Mk/mipnunU. rralaa leave Washington,'city him from Dapot corner of fth and B struct* aa follows rp.r?rrfe I- S" ? 2JS s?s.syr."^ ?AHlBUBt AMD POTOMAC BA1LBOAD * M s^LdM 11 *? ?? for New "fork and the Ea?t, 9:10 a. m. dafly. wftM viw attached: Limited axpreas of Pnll Care, 9:<J a. m. dailr. except Hunday For New Tork atd the Ksst. 1:30 9. m. dallyf? oaat Srt/t* with Parlor Cars attached for Philadelphia. 130 p m !aii, Bnaday S^3*'50 and 9:10 p. m dallylxiniitcd Bx press! V:B3 a. m. dally. sxoept Babdap. Vcoommodatlon for Bmtimer*. T.30 a. Si. dally. and14:SIO p. m^dally, sxoeat Snnday. ?**? Por Annapolis. 6 00 and 11:30 a. ?. and 4:20 p. Snnday. A^*XARDB1A a PBBDBB1CB8BUBO BAIL BAILBOAD X A * WASHIHOTOB Por Alexandria, B. T, 8:04, 9,10, 11 a ? . 1 a Por the Sonth; via Bichmond, 11:40 p. m. dallv uSTIi-bVpa? dui7.u L,DCht>ur*'? ?? Traina leave Alexandria for Waahlngtoa, 0, T. 0. 9,10,11 a. m , 1. 3.4, B.-B, and T p. ssc On Snnday at T and 10 a. m., and ft p. m. Tickets. Information, Sleeping and Parlor On accommodations can be procured at tbs Offices'? Bortbeact oorner of Thfrteeath street and Pena sylvania avenne, Bortbeast oorner of Sixth street aad Pennsylvania avenue, and at the Depot, where orders can be left for the checking of ?*trn to destination from Hotels and Beeldeaoes. P. M. BOYD, Jh., Oenl Passengsr Aseat. FBABB THOMSOH. Qeal Manager! janl-ly HOBSa FOOD. OOBDOrfl FOOD VOB HORSES AND CATTLE. BCOMOM 7, VW OR.seBED, FINE A PfEAE AHCMO'idlHiSM 1BOBBD1BBTS ALL TBOBTABLI. tple 100 Vaads fat SS.00. LAUBDSOB 4k CO. I^UMBXB! LUMBER 1 9MMAT DEDUCTION IN FMI mVWt BBLL ABD WILL SBLL. CBDaB POSTS, 80 aad 30 eeaU. All other iMs of LUMBBB, Dussii ar Boagh, at lass than market attcee. A assaU lot of OAK, ASH aad WAU PT that 1 wlU sstl at oas half ths Jab if callowill secoee bae NO HCMBDO.-L. BICB wtu pay a fair sash price for any kind of Ladies, Oeata'aad Ohil droaV BBCOBD BABO CIsBTBlHO, BOOT4, KSga.Vi.'ayaianr "tagy. Tost avsssa._Thssneat prtraSs L '^"^altBeloi AUCTION SALES. THIS CTIilllia BANKRUPTCY] WASH. B. WlLLUlS, Auctioneer. 7H^MPnthT?Nr uZr?Y?RK WHOLESALE IMP OhTINO HOLS E AT AVCTIOX. LA BOB BABKBUPT 8 A LB OF DMT Onnna Cot in |iart of the Stock of the late firm ' of B. M. A B.J. McStsveA Co., of Bow fork. MPOBTAWT TO THB TBADB AND PCBLIC rnR*?^?.1^*00 WORTH OF FOREIGN AND MnBITIC DRV GOODS AT AUCTION. "* n~ jf oonafinmeut of Foreign nd b imoellc FaSTCLSSkFrench, Engliah and Scotch ' loOtf* 'Bh2M* . VStingT tiiihn LvZ,1 Ac**4 4*lr*bk Bh*wU' ?*??? Hot BuSr'iSS, ftS??3 im?"!! ??rietT, ?nch M heavy pJ^Sf?i"inw0r<J1?llV' 8VlD''; lr,?h ??<? LyOM Poplins. All Wcol Merinos. Delaines, Sateen Cloths, elegant imported PI aids. Alpacas. Bmirw *W rich and rare assortment of LyocsSUk > j-lret*, VoItMsoos asd fine Plnsh Salt ings, Prints, Bleached and Unbleached Cottons from one to'three ruts wide, a Urge lino of English and A";erUan Blankets. Flsnnels; Ladles'. Gent's and Children s Hosiery, Cloves. Ac., together with a Terr choice Bed well selected stock of Velvet. Brns Ti!n? *nd I?*r*ln OABPBT 1*G9, KUGB Ac., sc.. from medium to finest 1m Marseilles nod Turkish Quilts, iq<] i vsriBty of ? trer goods too DomtroQi to mention. *5 Salt s to continue from d*y to d*r until the ?ntlre stock is 0i?p<?ed of. The whole to be sold without reserve, in leu to snit, all for caih. Sales commence daily at 10 a. m., I p. m., and 7K 9 a?U la I M??vnV vCLK A3 PJDBLI? ACOTIOB, OB fv !i ' . 4 ?W?ek ?? ?? *phil 114, tn front ft^TETs'SS' two three story Brick Houses, Not. 124 and liib 9d street southeast. Terms known on day < f sale. GBOBGE OOWIE. Bec^JftT,*vS- ?? * Association. M O LrTTRi?. 4 AnoU. M U. LiTTUELL, Salesman. apl0-3taw Ef~ THB A HOVE 8\LE IS POSTPONED until MOB DAY, the Jl'id dav of May, same hour and piace. GEOBOE COWIE, .... iecwtvr B O B. E. Association. M. O. LCTTLBLL. Salwman. STEAMER LINES. ('fuIV,?L\V **PRB?? LIN? between lLAp*LpHi^A.W ARB lBGTOBAGEONGE TOWR.?Steamers leave Philadelphia WEDME8 DAY acd SATUHDA9, at 14 m * Le?',J',H^)r'r.Ct0Wn' D.O.. MONDAY. ??? t>pm. Freight received daily until 6 p fm. Through bills of laden given for Bos ton and I rovldence Cods'gnees wishing their good* larded at Georgetown, will order them marked "via Georg? town." Q. F HYDE,?? Water St., George" town, D. a ^ M. P. CLYDE A CO.. 11 8 ^ hsrree, Philadelphia. may l-ly NBW DKPARTl RK.-OLTDI'g WASH INGTON, PHILADELPHIA -? BOSTON, AND PEOTIPENCESIMI Vfgf* WEEKLY STEAMSHIP LIN ^lV,e?r ^""MMWAy.AptU 19th, the Steamers of the above line, with direct connection with Bos *??<> Providence, will sail from Philadelphia for HATTI?nSv Du-,C ' V7 WKDBESd/t and naVh^?sn?AUi-?.,!'Washington MON DAY B and FBIDAVSilrom Johnton a wharf, foot of lith street south west. Inrongh Bills Lading is ?n?d to acd from the above ports. Freight received and delivered daily from 7 sTm. to 6 r m/orden ?..^?l72rL8ffreight, Ac., received At 1903 Fat and Ilia 9th street northwest. *?"? m n. ? W. P. CLYDB A CO., Bo. lsi S. Wharves. PhJiadelph/i J ?? ?'OHNSOS A do7 Agenta for Washington. rTH.ABBJNCEB WILL LEAVB ? VKKV f00t ^th BV (hi BOBMfcfi, at 7 a. m., forAtf^^BK r?0i?h,Ir.1.,Merlfs *nd '"?rmediatoTRSSS^ f"'Kht Wd passengers taken at lowest rate*. ?>10-'r M. B OItEQG, Captain. L'OR NORFOLK. F STEAMEB LADY OF THB LAKB iieaves the OoiLpany'a wharf, fool of 6th street "7T MOB DA fr w E DN K8DA Y . ?Diii 81 ^ ?**?? m ? for N r ??2j^B^ f*lk. Beturntng. leave Norfolk. Tu^a^Tn?? 'V *5? Ksturday, at 4 p m. Fare. #4; roind ??. Tickets good until used .. FOB POTOMAC B1VEB LANDINGS. Stesmef JNO w. THOMPSON leases Company^ wharf, fwot of #:h street, every f CE8DA Y, at 7a. Si^V2V2Wn.%n- l?ndings, and 'fc' C?*a JUver',to??ln? For information joply at the office of the Com S?e Metropolitan Uauk, Uth street, opposite th? Treasury, or to the Agent, at the wt>*rt mari7-ly i(pEOPLE8' LINE" FOX NOM1N1. MATTOl CKESK, WPPER ma CHOVOC AND {yTKHk/viATM The ildewhoel Steamer "E. MOBBIS," win T. E. Baldwin, rP,nDll;f *o the above landings on Monday, March 6ih, leaving from - Jrr*-?T wharf foot of <tb street every MON-?A2S^K? DAY and THCBfcDAY at 8 a. m. aad KB?D/TWi?7lT*m ,iomlII, "verT TCMDA* febM N. B. FITZHUQH, Agent. 0'iaid & m ?. NOTICE. With tM now of dfanlnisblng tlM chaaoca of ecl tlsion, tha Btearners of this Una take a neclflad oourse for all seasons of the year ' w?,k^S??I!2lI2rd ******** (Jneenstown to Now 1535 E1K''iSSSfJ1"""""01" " "?? Ia? 15i?"I8H AND WORTH AlfERIOAJI Royal mail steamships. BKTWKKN NEW TORK ANDlIVEE, POOL, CALLIJSU ATCORKHARBOiL **?1?*". I FKOMNIW YOKK. S2?^ **7 }? Scythla Wad., J una 14 S*r 17 Wad., Jane M Bothnia.^...Wad., May 94 Bothnia^. Wad.. June 23 Jill 1; ?3s^.:%; 5 Si;? DATCTrf^ yS3?. W?MI)AF aad BATON - do not oarry itat Ratmov Pa??a?.?OaOiB, #?. tm and 111, ?????'co<'?^oa Tickets to PAria ?>rmf additional Botorn Ucksto on btTorabls Bteerags ticket* to and frou aU Mrts of Bttroas at l*\l lew rates. Through bill* oflading glVro f" B^tti Glasgow, Havre, Antwerp and other port* on the Oontlnsnt, and for Mediterranean porta. For frrlght sndpaaasgs apply at the Company's offloe, ? ?!. ??Ti?R^!*S,,Lor *t?erage and cabin to SMALLW00D A JfOBBIBoN Bo. ?f$ Jtfc ? QHAB. 0. FBABCELTB. Agspt ^??? HOTELS. YyKSTHlllBTKR HOTML, OB THB BUBOPBAM FLAB, ?J?wJ'.rTlntPl*oa ?nd Wk street. Haw Fort. One Block from Union Square and Broadway, ^2?* f??* F* qnieteat location In Uta nTSR,ent tbe 're*t storea, theaters and .r0^- Elevator, and all modern Improvement*. Juges^^ 10 *** 0f 0117 br rtr*^ O*" "I ??pM-t,thA*Jy Q. B FBBKIB. Froprtator. XNCOUSAGS ?OKI IHDtJSTKIKB. '.hiaiiS FOB LADIES, TBITNBS FOB MBN, .ATCH.L. '0,i BATCHKL8 FOB MBM. BHAWL STRAPS FOB ALL. 0ABB1AQB BOBBS, HOBSE COVBBA '"SS5i2?WS?i2S:' M FBACTIOAL MABUFAOT?&BB. TlgBB.eovaiaf?B,B~'tty w* MAKE ONLY STRICTLY PUBS GOODS. DAYIS, CHAMBERS dk OO.I BTBIOTLT PUBM WRITE LEAD, rilTBIUKQRi FA. f keg of our White Laad bears tha following it, and we guarantee a degree of fineness and THIS FACE ACE CONTAINS Pure White TitH I OB IN ISf IB GOLD wlB Be paid to any one finding the co a tent* of this '? a-lF FOB BALI BY ? DLL] 3BT 9th street north* ( A* MARCFACTC 7*1 LAD IBS' TBATBLIBG SATCHELS. ??AWL MRAPBnaSFOOURBOOtt. DOCBLB and S1BOLB li LAP BOBBS aad B01 AUCTION" SALE TM?? AFTIBMOOS, (^*0. W. STICENEY, 4K(i0D??r. PI BLlC BALK OF AH ILKQART (lOrNTST S*AT J 1ST WORTH Or GEORGETOWNl5 THE DIbTBloT OF COLOMBIA W ' ** ufe i:?nt fl E5?j?sr ^0,orM.:w??Hl Dlsirict. lid dwrlW as follows- Parts f . of Isad called "The Rock of Danbai^ "'*<!&? Addition to lb* Bock of Dunbartoa ''? ?wJ,.Z C?* ?r ' Citi.on." or Srih?,r.r u/S^ ?J be known or called, consisting of finr Eat. now united In on*, whlc "iwW b.B^k MkiUi ud hr bla Mid to Henry Gildermeiater and which said parcels nailed lew en eSSto SSZL'S&itJv US<,, of M ward L tnth ! s nm. as PODtejed to bin bjr Brooke Mick&ll * An tw? ? by tbe tend* of M.fri, Ad" aadW A* ?&&.?? tbe north by tbe lards of Mar caret p" .S K^asflSEf$s3S$51 In^/ffen'tTil t^eW.^iEbSm S?nid-?aTm,B?^b?rerJ0 * hii no*?e tor tie de' HrUK'lUi bearing Interest at tbe rate ?r f nobee cabustT i - apl8 eoAd, *? PM?*0H. ( T "h b"3iT 0" ??" AMD ??J ? deed of trait to at, dated M March 25, 1374 iod recorded in JLtber Ao 717 #vi!? !1ki one ?!itia l,nd records of tbe Distrtcffrt Columbia, we will, on THUBBDAY, the artb dai of April, 1878, at 5 o clock p.m., Cffro.t of tSe irtmises.sell at public auction. Lot Ho IS. in J Q gf? ? ?;&&? &,????" " - ??"?-?! This lot fronts on I street north, and run* back to a 30 foot alley; In improved by an elegant tnree *tot7, Pw*Hin?. (No. 1537 I street north r-?:'^V,h b.*rmtnt' ??J? *nd bask building, and has excellent furnace and range. Terms: One-third of the purchase-money In cash, l*Bce three equal payments at 8, II and l? months from day of sale, fjr which the note* of the purchaser, bearing Interest at tbe rate of 8 aer cent, per annum. and ground by a deed of truit on the pro?erty.shall be given, a deposit of mi.OM will be required of the purchaser at tbe timer/sale, A11 conveyancing at the expense of the purchaser. It tbe terms of ?ale are not oimpllfd with within one from the day of sile, the trustees reserve the right to resell the property at tbe risk and Co it of the defaulting purchaser, upon giving seven days' notice In the National Bepubfic&u and E*e<..&g Star. GKOBGE W. BIOG8, f - " . ? ABTHra FBNDALi, \ *rmtee?. ??U [Bep.J DUNCANSON BEOS, A nets. TPMrft vAJ!2I!t ?AL*I.2 POSTPONED until TUESDAY, the 9th day of May, A. D 1378. at the Mice hour any place. By order of _ _ GKOBGE W.BIG09, | _ . ?par [Bep] ABTHCB riHDAbl,{Tn"ttw 'pHOMAS D0WL1HQ, Auctioneer. *125*1.??*" DMIMPBOVKD BBAL s?t? lAfs^rf/t4AH0rT 60.000 ADorfoH. 0 GB0UfiD' AT PUBLIC i?in T.lI*?D*Y AiTEBHOOBI, May th? 9th,M W?; V ? clock' on ttle premises, I shall tellBB 7 Si?H?oWi ^ d"clt^*d ?ro??rt?: Lots No. 4, Z 70' or.the eMt ?<<Je of ?d street, *n<1 ? ?feet? northwest, lot Mo. a in same square, on the north side of M street, between ?lf* s,(l. ?tree's, lot No. 12 in same square, ou U*?P?blre avenue, between M and N streets This property will be sold In original lots or in ?h ? ?on* Vii,nlf ?nrchM?r?. ?nd being in ene of rapidly Improving s:ctlons of the city, att,,unti"B ?f Mrtie# dMi"n? Tetmi: One fourth cash; balance In ?, II acd 13 moLths, with notes beating Interest at 8 peroent. per annum, and secured by a deed of trust on the property sold. #90 deposit on each purchaser at time of sale. A1Jconveyancing at cost of purchaser. ap*9 dAds | Bep| THOB DOWLIMO, Anct. rpHOMAS DOWL1B0, Auctioneer EXBCCTOB'8 8*LE OK VALUABLE PBOP ?oh city8QUAB* no- 1M wAPH1*o Br virtue of the last wM and testament of ( James Green, late of Washington city, de-M ceatrd, the undersigned will offer at public sa ?-n I'1* 9th day of May. 1576, at b??r t\. 6. oclJocfc p m-? ou lhe preni Jee?. the following described property, situated in Washington city, District of Columbia, being part of Lot <, in square 99, beginning at a point on the east side of Slst street distant 57 feet atd S Inches fmm the Intersection of New llamp ? I*.fie-**d Hat st., acd run southerly along the said Slst street l! feet and 5 laches, then east 9u feet, then north 12 feet and ff Inches, then west 90 feet to the place of beginning, containing 1,117 square feet Alio, all of Lot K, "being a subdivision of tuid sqnate. the ssid lot fronting 4} feet and 8 Inches ou ?ew Hampshire avfnue, the roith line b?ing Q7 fe?-t deep, and tbe south line 116 feet 11X inchos deen and the rear line 27 feet t inches, with the buildings upon the same, containing 3.U81 square IW1! ? Terms of sale; One-third cash; balance in six and twehe months, the pnrchater giving his notes, tearii g 8 *er cent interest from the day of sate, a deed given, and a deed oPtrust taken to secure de f.rteo pujments All conveyancing at the cost of the purchaser. A of (00 lequired when the property is struck off B P. JACKPON, Executor. ju?3 THOMAS DOWUMO, Auctioneer. TH08. E WAGGAMAH, Beal Estate Auctioneer, #19 7th street. YAI UABLE IMPBOVED PBOPEBTY N. 311 AND *"BTlpTfl*ABT' JBETWK*a TUIBD r "nTCESDAY.May 9, at ? oclcck p. I will oner for fAie, iu front of the pnml?t*i E3 lot lettered N.ln square 791, 17x70. improvea oy a three stor) Home of 10 rooms, with modera convenieeres. Terms day of sale. niy? toAds TH03. E. WAOQAMAN, Auct. , TQ.WOB.ROW, ?\UH0AV80N BROS., Auctioneers, A-' Southeast corner 9th and D streets. ASSIGNEE'S BALE OT A STOCK OF GBOCE _yyOOBS, canned OUOD8, TEAS J.S? ?5 *B'fcP,0BS. SOAP. WOODEN WABE, ^SB?-5,ylT^.BS?L,, OOODS. 8 TO BE FIX S55iS/,.A?i(lllf.NTAI,!,*I> 1N STOBE S >CTM EAeT COBNEB OF 19th AED K 8IBEETS NOBTHWEST. AT AUCTION . B7..vlr, of..*n ?ssl?nment given to me I Wills* II oa WEDNESDAY MORXINfl .S-f-H 10th May,commencing at 10 o'clock, atSBfj tbe above-camed store, the entire contents, consiotlLg of a general assortmeit of Groceries. Ac JAME8 L. BABBOUB. ' ? _ _ Assignee of J. J. Flak. 3t DCNUAE80N BB08.,Auct. |^0WNMAN 4 QEEEE, Aucta., 413 7th street rr a ^ TBUSTEE'S SALE. Under and by virtue of a deed of trus*.M ? *riL li,> snd dn,L recorded In H2 Liber T atd B. No. 11, folio 337, oue of tbe Cia records for Washington county, la the District ef Columbia, and at the request. In writing, of the bolder off tbe note Intended to be secured thereby, I Il^*??r;iVKJ>i,$-*u.Cwt,0??'Ilfr?nt ofth? premises, 0? WBDEEoDAY. the 10th day ol May, A. D. 1^6, at.i 30 p m .all that piece or parcel of land city of W ashingtoa, and known and de scribed on tbe ground plat or plan of said citv as Lot "B," in William A* Bradl'v'? saMH Isfo" of rqaare numbered four hundred and thirty-four (4.14), together with tbe improvements Teimsof sale: One-hair cash, aed the residue In two equal Instalments, at tlx and twelve months, with interest from the day of sale; or all cash, at the option of tbe purchaser; deferred payments to l>e secured to tbe satisfaction of the trustee. If the terns of sale are not compiled with in one week, the trustee reserves the right t? resell at the risk and co^t of the defaulting purchaser, upon tve days' Df i W. In some new spa per printed and published In the city of Washington. AU cou lhe 50*1. the >UI cltAeer. #100 to be kid At the lim* of 9ale Tf A. THOMAS BB1DLEY, Trustee. . it i , DOWBMAE * OBEEN, ap!7 lawlw AeoIwAds Auctioneers. 1^H08. E. WAGGAMAK, Beal Estate Auctioneer, 619 7th street. On WEDNESDAY, Msv 10th, at d o'clo< kfl^^ p m.. on the premises, Bridge street, George^ town between Market and Frederick streets, a** va'liable Lot, fronting80 feet on Bridge street. Terms, day of sale. myS eots ^ H. WABMEB, Corner 7th and F streets. TBUBTEES' SALE OF A DESIEABLE B17ILD OE THE NOETdEAST GoBNBE OF i"*OHT AYEECE AND K BT. HOETH w EST. . BJ virtue of adeed off trust dated March A. D. 1873, duly recorded ta Liber 709, folio 380, one of ine land records for the District of 0?l- *? a at the r?qnest of the party secured thereby, we will sell at public aaetioa. In front of V1? on THDB9DAY, May IS, 1871. at ft:30 o clock p m., the following-described Beal Estate, situate tn tbe city of Washington, District of Columbia, to wtt: AU that certain piece or paroel ?Jf. ^ronn^.k^?WB *nd described as Lot numbered thirteen (13) iasquare numbered two hnndr?vl and Mventte. ( tl7V acoordlngtoJoha JL. EldweU'sTe cc rded soldi vision of Mid laQirt. Terms; Oae third of tbe purchase money in cash, ?adibe balance at six and twelve months, with ln teiert at tea (M) per cent, aer annum from day of sale, and secured by adeed of Uuat on the property aold. A deposit of 1300 will be required of the pur chaser at the time of sale, aad all conveyancing at the *x pensejof the aurchaeer If terms of salsare D<t complied with in seven days the trustees reserve ' to reseUtheMropsrty atths risk and cost suiting purchaser, after five days' adver WILLIAM 8TICKWY.?T.n.T... ^ 0E0E9E H. PLANT, J.ta j. T. OOLPWBLL, Salesman. trv? vs'isi ari the right l of tbe d? fault! tlsemeLt. my4-thj,ta H. WABE EE, ooraer 7th aad F B. TEUBTEE SALE OF EEAL ESTATE " (faV80 UT H W EST*COB W { K By Tirttw off a deed off trust to ase, bearing date on the 1st dsv of July, A. D. 1874, and Po ? -- - sxS tdtd In Liber No 734. folio 317. of the land reoor lor tbe Distriet of Columbia, sad by tbe direotiua the party seeor. d. 1 wlU sell, at public anotion ia front of tbe property, on wfcDEESDAY, the 17th day off May. A .tT UW, at 6 } clock a. m., aU tlsl parcel ef gronnd 11 the city of WasWagtoa, dIT. knows and d?scribed as lot ntimbered one hundred aad sixty (MOi. In Sbepheid% recard?d subdivision off equare cumber'd six hundred aad twenty three (OS), together with tbe improvements, consisting of a aeat three-story Brick Dwelling. Tsnns: One-third cash; halsaai ia six and twelve MSUH, with Interest at eight per seat, per annual, secured by a deed of trust npou the aroperty. <ion yeyascicg at purcaaeer's cost. tWdoei at time of sale. If terms ?f sale are aat caasplied wbh in ive days from day off sale, tbe Trustee res arise tbe right to teesll M risk aad coot of defeating pur chaser. *. OpRD^B. Trustee aM eoAds J. T. OOLDWELL. r AUCTION SALES. BOnSBBOLD FUEB1TCBE. MABTBL HIR HOES. HALL MAT BAOE,<"HEST OF TOOL*, (tut ttUlsoeed.'ASJOBTMENTOE pice lea. cannedcoops. (OTlbbt, nam*. W4Rr>?0BB0. IXTBSMOH TABLE* ? AT Tk A^BBH. 400 > BBT OF B0(I.{?1<k ?'ODP LIhGS, Ac.,) 8ETT8 HARBEnS. WITH A OBNC^AL ASSOKTMBNT or GOODS Of k VERY DBSCBIPTION. ATACCTIOB On THUESDAY M0KH1NG. May llthJ cokimkIk tl IB o'clock, In froet of o?r| Motion room*, wo shall toll IN above-men % % ^.od^, *t.hom WM. L. BEAMHALL. Auctioneer. FlXTrBKB AND LEASEof PALACE MAEEBT FOB BA LB A"1 PUBLIC ADCTIOH. On TBCBSDaY. Mev 11th. 1574. at So clprkg. m.. corner Utb st. ml New T ork avenue no ribwort, at tbe risk aid coot of defaulting purcha?er at sale of Kit 3d. 1876 Palo nerempvwv. Terms: Oaeh dewn. [au8-tdsl NELfloB BtSSON. Proprietor. WASH B. WILLIAMS, Auctioneer, Ho. lOQl.POtthwfct corner *Kh and D sts. HAIR CLOTH PABLOB FCBNITUBB, WAL BUT PBAMB PABLOB SUITES. UPHOL STERED IN EBP; WAl.HtT BTIgiKB. M1RKOR BAOB; MA BULB TOP CBMTEE TABLI8, PABCT CHAIRS, WALBl T IV 1 T.N MOB TABLE AMD fclNING KOOM t HAlBB. MARBLE TOP 8IDBB0ABD. ?AL BUT CHAMUKK SU1TB8. W AMDBOB BB, WAIKIT BEDSTEADS. BUBBAT78 AND W A8H8TABD8, WALBUT OAHB 8BAT < HAIR' ABD B9CKBRS; WALBl'T CEBTRB TABLB8,OTTOM?B8, HAIR CLOTU EOCR BBS, FAINTED Bl RBAl'S, WA8BSTABDS ABD BEDSTEADS: OOTTaGB *C1TB8, BEL8 hBL.S. I BOB a IN, THEBB PLY ABD OTHER CARPETS, BRl'SSELS HALL AND STAIR IaHPETS: MATTING. F'NK FEATHER HEP", PILLuWS AND BOLSTERS; HAIR, DISK. AND COTTON TOP MATTRAsSES; WINDOW SHADS*, CHIB4, GLA84 ANl> ChOCK ARY V ARE; EITOHEN UTENSILS, ETC On THURSDAY. May 11.1?*. oommeuc R| Int ftt 10 b'c!i?k a ni , 1 i^tll sell, at So.VA liliS Utb strset, betw. r. M acd N streets n rtliw?it.ihf at^ite Cf '-e?iou ot Eurui'ure. ' ^ ? which i? rfcct order *nd i(l.r? md act in ants to the m> in search of Euruwure. TtiDii cash. WAEII? B. WILLIAM*. Anct. ALSO. On tbe (.ame day, at A o'clock p m. 1 in fro> t of the premises, the tlirr ?t".r BRICK 1>WI LL1NG, with th.eestory Ba k Building. wi'h allmudt>.n improx emen's; ' atr.'be stores, range, hot acd cold water. lli? Hons* contains II well ami ged rooms. with l a? wlnii jw. TMs property is well located being central atd convenient 10 cam. making it valuable to thone in want of a fir*t class residence. Turn* af ??le: Cue tboueacd dollars cash; bal ance in one. two. three, fonr and fire rear*, for Botes bearirg interest at 10 per cent per annum* and f ecu red by a doed i.f trust on the property sjld All conveyanclt g at purchaser's cjst. A deposit of fJCiwLlbe required 'f the purch?eer at time of sale. wash. b. williams, mj8 d Auctioneer. rpHOMAS DOW LING Auctioneer. HAIR CLOTH PABLOlFiuiT. WALHUT BOOK CASES, NaBLBTUP TABLES. WALMCT WHATBOT. LOUNGES AND BA4Y CHAIRS, f 1NB ENGRAVINGS. DROP LIGHT, W AL Bl"T ) li AMB BI1RROR, MANTEL ABO OTHVR OBNAMEM8. WALNUT AND MAR RLE TOP CHAMBER PI RBITURE. I'AINT ID COTTAGE FCRNITITRE. HPSK ABD HAIR MATTRESSSS. PEATHER PILLOWS ABD BOLSTERS, MOBQl'ITO CANOPY, BRUSSELS, THREE PLY AND INGRAIN OARPET8, EXTENSION DINING TABLE. 1 IB IN G ABD OTHER CHaIRS, B BE RIO ERATOR. 8AEE, VELOC1PEP*. HEaTIBG KTOYE8, KITCHEN RKQ11B1TEB, Ac., AT AUCTION. On FRIDAY, May 19,1S76. at 10 o'clock,! I wi l eell at No 144 3 Corcoran atretrt. 6?-r tween Utb and Uth northwest, the above Eur niture. w bich is In axccllent condition. Tent* cash. m>8 dts TH08. BOWLING, Auctioneer C^HANf'EBY SALE OE VALUABLE IMP j ROVED PBOPERTY ON K STBBET. BE TWEEN 11 tu AND 1STB STREETS BOBTHWEST. Jn pursuance of a decree in the cause of j Atmstead Re d JoeepMue Tyler et tl., in 1 .. Einttr nntubered 4.4al. Docket 1?. made by the Jus tice lioidirg the F inlty Term Ma> Id, lt7?. aapoiot Irg the underslened Trusteee.wewill.on W EDBES I?? Y, Mav ITth. 187#. In front ?f the eternise*. *t 6 o ekek p. m., sell at pobllc :iu?tlon, hII that piece of laiid in the city of Wn?li nrfton known on tbe plat of said city as iheweit twebty flee feet of Lot num bered ten dOMn Square numbered three hundred and Heventeen (317), together wit b the ItnprovemsuU ther-OD, coneirtlrgof a two story Brick House T?mss of ?ale. as fixtd by decree, are : One-third ot the purchase money in ca*h, nod the remainder in e.iual lustaihi.euts, at six and twcUe montlis fr m the 'lay or sale, the deferre.l pajmentf to b?-*r intent and to be secured by a lien upon tha prop erty rold. Oce bundled dollar* in caMi m-i?t be raid at ta?- time the property is knocked down, end if the terms are not complied with within one week from the day of sel?, the property Is to be resold at the risk of the de'anltiofr purchaser HENRY Wife* OABMC.TT, \ No.2,Columl ian('ullegeLaw Building, < Tru>ti^>s JAB. G PAYNE, ( lruiiowi. Webster Law BaildiEEt? LuncatiSOE Bros , Aucts. my6 Y'OUSG & MIDDLBTON. lieal Estate Aactloneera. TRUSTEE'S PALE OK A DESIRABLE COVN TRY PLACE < E SIS ACRES, W ITH FINE IMPROVEMENTS, WITHIN FIVE MILES I ) THE CAP110L. Urder and by virtne of a deed of trust to ms, dated Acgnst 12th. A. D 1874. and duly rcc -rd ea in Liber tt. B. No. ?. folio 387. et eeq.. sno of ttie ImLd rtcords for Prlnoe Gecrge couuty. State of Maryiatd. ard by directlen of the party secured tleiebi. 1 will self, at 4X o'clock p m.,on THURS DAY the Utb riay of Mar, A. D. I3T?, on tbe pr< n Ui. all that certain piece or parcel of land, tilnate at d lyltg in the county of Prince George, State of Mt?r) lacd. known and described as follows: Bttmtiibg for the stm^at a pdnton tbe new cnt t i?d. distant 5M f<etea>terly fr-m tbe intersection <if said rosd with the District line, and opposite a * bite cak tree ?tandiDg tour (4) feet within the line of tence i n said road; thence ncrth 77 degrees 13 minutes east 3*0 feet along said road; thence north 13 degrees 45 miLntee we?t 1M feet, taence south Sd dean es 30 minutes west645K feet; thence sooth 1,440 i?et to the place of beginning, containing IIS acres, more or U ss; the said pi? ce of I ?nd being part of a tTact known as "Cblllen Castle Manor," and tie same land conveyed to Richer J B.Mohan by Wm F Johoeon in 1366. Terms <f tale: #*.500 In cash, of wh'ch a deposit of B2S0 will b? required at the time of sate; and tbe balance in six, twelve and eighteen months, secured by a deed of trust upon the property sold and the notes of tbe purchaeer, bearing interest. All c?n Teyanclcg at tbe purchaser s coet If the terms of sale are not complied with in fifteen dare, the trus tee rrserv?s the right to resell the property at tbe risk and cost cf the defaulting purchaser. ANDREW C. BRADLEY. Trmtee. myl 8t YOUNG A MIDDLETON. Aucts rpHOMAS DOW LING. Auctioneer. CHANCERY BALE OF BEAL ESTATE AT AUGTION, DN THE WEST S1LE OF 14th fcTBBET WE8^ By tiitueof adecreeof the Supreme Oourt of i the District of Columbia, parsed in equity caw Ho 4 5(4. we will offer for rnle at public auction, iu frertof the p:en?lsee,on T0E8DAT, Miy 16,1874, at 3 30 o'cU ck p. m , a part of lot BO. In s uare BM4, beainr lag for the same at a point 17 leet south from tl e ncrtbeast corner of eata lot at>d square, and rrm nirg tbence - utb on tbe we-t line of l?th street wist 17 and 32 100 feet to the north line of a pait of said lot BO, owned by Mary Hnm< ?; thence due west lOOftet; thence due north 17 and 3/ 100 feet to a point 17 feet stuth fr>>m the most northern line of sMdlot, and being the south line of north U street; aui thence due east 100 feet to the beginning, and improved by a two stor* frame stable. Terms e.f sale: One-fourth of the par ha?e money cash on the day of sale, or within seven days tnere after, and the residue io three equal Instalments at six,twelve and eighteen months from the day of sale, tbe purchaser or pcrchasers siving his, her or their promissory notss for the deferreo pa> meats, bearing Interest fi>>m the day of sal* at tbe rate of eight per centum per annum until paid; or the pur chaser or purchasers ma? at bis, her or their elec tion pay all cash on the day of sale or within serea d?ys thereafter. A deposit (IN will be required of tbe purchaser at the nm? of sale. If the ternsof saJe are not cemplltd with, the trustee! reserve the right to resell the property at tne risk and cost of the d? fa ni tint pumii??r. ?ft?r t<*n dtys advertiwuent. ^ V WARREN C. STONE- t Trn#Uie, UENRV ^ GARNETT.t my4-eotd THOMAS DOWL.IBG. Auct 1)"""""' * ?""J *?"? AactlonMrt. No 412 7th street ujrthwe>t. We w ill sell at public auction, to the highest Mm bidder,on THCltBDAY. the 11th day of May.^F at a o'clcck p m., aU that certain pt?oa or par eel of around know n and d'acribed upon the p'at books of Washington.D C .m lot10, la John W. fttrr'a snbdiv i.ti&u of lots 1?8? 3,4.6? 6,7, and 9* 1b squsre 131. OB Boundary street, between 18th and Tsrms^fsale: One-tbird cash, of which ?30 most be p^id at time ot sale, and the balance la sdx and twelve months, secured bypurchaser's notes, bear - Brest* m f tbe ing seven per cent interest, on tbe premises sold. ^onveyasciBg at purchaser's c*st. my < ec3t M O. LUTTRBLL, Saleeman. rkOWHMAH A GBEEH, Auctioneers, LP Heal Estate Auctioneers, Ho. 41* 7th street northwest. We will sell at public auction to the highest AM bidder, on SAT CRDAY, May 13th, at ? o'clk ? p. m , all that certain piece or parcel of ground, known and descrieed upon tbe plat books of Wash ington. D. O., as lot 7. suuars t44. together witk the improvements, situated on F, between BdaadSd streets northwee*. Tsrms of sals: One-third cash: of which NB0 most be paid at time of sale; balance la six and twelve ssonths, secured by purchaser's note", bearing 7 per ceat. Interest, on the prswilm sold. Convey ancing at purchaser's c?M mj?eo M. O. LI TTEELL, I gDWIN J. SWEET tgrcsssaggft W1L " ~ DEC HER By virtue of a deed of trast to ms, dated De- m cember l, A. D. 187B,aad dalr recorded lafB Liber Ho. 814, feUo 87, ess of tke land reoords )H lor the District of Columbia, 1 wiU eel] a? C? public auction, oa the nyamlsss, on SATUEDaT, bv gSteiSSte'ti Ac ^siagw entire stock af.Drug Qtors Ho. IB. sals are sot complied with lata BP THE ABOVB SALE IS PONTPON Bl> until THUBBDAT, Maj 11th. MS, mase how sal *myl' ?BOMI I. EOHD, EVENING STAR 1IIXDAT tlTTTOriTH MRS SENATE?After our report elo-ed_ ni eonunued bis tr^u>n8ot on *!! . Jurisdiction In tbe Betkuap L55mo?'? n mov?d that the dctn ?*/'??* the rali?ns? clears ? P- m. the doors were reopened and the chair anuoonoed mat h!S adopted two orders: "That until notice tbe attendance before u? , tbe manarer* and theTSSJ&ttSu*^ be required. That when Ihe^enaiTiuthSl ?? r "?"" "-SS Adjourned. HOUSE.?.After oar report eiieed Tbe Hawaiian treat/ was taaen up and dircuMed. Speeches were delivered by sev eral members. Tbe bill was pasted by a vole of Hi to 101. ' ?sras's Diflimitj On Easter ere, says Max Adeler, as I>ea cod Home came home from class meeting, be thought be would buy ? few ee*s to color f<>r the children, and so he steppM in at the gncery store and procured half a doz9n. which he placed in the pockets of his coat tail. The deacon Is an absent-minded man, sod by tbe time he reached home he bad for gotten sll sN>ut the egg*. so they remain* 1 In his rockets. He wore the coat to church next day. and sat on three of the egg* during a large portion or the service without bel.ig aasre of the situation. Just before the ?>i moii he had to take up toe collect ion, aj.1 tie Marled down the aisle to do so. as be hr.nd ed the box to old Mrs. Coffin be thought he saw a bu* crawling on her bonnet, and while she was getting her money ready he put bts band In his coat tail pocket to i*t his hand kerchief to brush it off. As bis hand de scended, Mrs. Coffin observed a look of au ?? k??? across hts face, aapl. as she thought be was angry because Abe hain't given enough, she exclaimed oat loud "It's none or your business, an v way. what nl'jZ, Ill g!Ve.Jl,,t *hat I please. &d SS'thaSlS" * al me la 1 iJ,bi.l^ma4e the deacon so nervous that he hlt .r?^PT^r'^ of mlDd- *nJ pulling out his hand, which was covered with broken yellow string* dangling .r'?'1, 5 rle<J10 brush that bug from Mrs. P' bonnet with it. As koou as sqs caught a glimpse of the bedaubed hand, she n*?tfoU?Kni?er brandished her umbrella ^*??? ? n?ie. shrieked: '** ^y,rTotn bore'- Q'way from here this iSr^?? I??wput Lbat na"lr "lnfr OQ ni? K"*' *il *nock ">? breath outen yoi wi!h thl1 umbrella. G way, I tell yon:" ? *b? f"*"?? felt ready to faint, and he clutcbedlhe UyoCtbe pew to keep himself from ftlllDf. Noticing the smear maie by his band, be dropped the box and held on with the other hand. Then it occurred to him that he must pick up tbe box, and be did so. collecting the scattered money with his egged band, and getting Into an awful condl cJ h?.- broken eggs began to ooze through his pocket, and he stood there in the aade with a thin, yellow string dripping SSJSSf.Sfyf11' untl1 Brother Smith suggested that he was spoiling the carpet H?wi5e#n''.w "S1*1" desperation, the deaoon darted for the front door, taking with him the money box, and oonflrming old Mrs. Cof fin's suspicions that he Intended from the first to rob the church as soon as he got a chance. She was about to stand up and err ? tblel! ' when Miss Coffin explained the matter to her and she subsided. Ttie deacon Sff.1? 1 *TTnJ"0 eburch since Easter. He is getting his 8unday coat cleaned and his feel ings soothed. Talkiko at Tablb is one of the very J*j'jthere is no tonic known to equal it, as it is of the kind calculated to Eremote hilarity and good feeling geners'ly. '9"'' parents are prone to prohibit their children from laughing and talking at the table; it 1s onpbysiologlcai; It is a cruelty. Joyousneu promotes the circulation of the blood, enlivens it, invigorates it, sends it tingling to the remotest part of the system, carrying \7ith it animation, vigor, and life. The louder the little ones laugh the better; the raster they talk the better, for then they r? ? a *lven time, consequently chew their food more thoroughly. .-S180*,1? controversy from the dtn?ng table. 1 'iscourage all subjects which Invite political or re'*gious rancor. Let every topic Introduced be calculated to instruct, to Interest or amuse. Do not let tbe mind run on business or previous mishaps or past disappointment*. Never tell bad news at the table, nor for an hour before. Let every thing you have to oommunicate be. If possi ble, of a gladsome, Joyous, hilarious charac ter, calculated to bring out pleasant remarks or agreeable associations. On the other haLd. never administer a reproof at the social board to either servant or child; flad fault with nothing; speak unkindly to no one. I r remarks are made of the absent. let them contain some word of commendation, which, if repeated In their hearing after ward, will kindle kindly feelings, and thus will thoughts of the family table come across the memory in after years, when we have been scattered and some laid in their final resting-place, bringing with them a sweetness of emotion which makes it a pleas ure to dwell upon them.-iffotf's Journal of Health. CAHDT ASA CArHK OP iMTAtRKD SrnRT. Dr. E. Cutler suggests. In an article pru.led in the Boston Journal of Chemistry, that a free consumption of candy may be a partial cause of the impaired eyesight which pre vails to an alarming extent among the chil dren of the present generation. He cites the statement of Dr. C. R. Agnew, that, out of 1,000 children under the age of 1* attending a certain sobool In New York city, 703 were found, on examination with the ophthalmo scope, to have defective organs of vision. This large percentage was assumed to repre ieut the common average of defective eyes among young people. As It la a confirmed fact that a teasponful of a saturated solution of sugar, Injected beneath the skin of a frog or a gulnapfg, will produce blinduess In half an hour, Dr. Cutler proffer* tbe query if it be not reasonable to suppose that sugar taken into the human system in undue quantities may injuriously affect the eyesight. Sugar is wanting in nutritive qualities. Jn tests applied to dogs, it has been found that death resulted In forty days from an exclusive diet of sugar, while the eyes of animals sub jected to the experiment ulcerated and dropped out. The starch which forms so large an element of white flour is identical In Its chemical formula with sugar; and, as this constl tu tes a chier article or food in most households, Dr. Cutler urges that, In aldi tion, candy or sugar can hardly be regarded as an innooent substance. A sad story was told in the Washington Place police court In New York last Friday. A Plrl testified that she left her home In Sayres, a., two weeks ago to aeek employment In ?>ew York. In Jersey City she was acoosted by a man and two womeo, who professed to be interested in her case, and offered to pro vide her with a home until she oould find a situation. 8he was taken by them to a bouse lu Greene street, where she was grossly abused and kept a close prisoner until Thurs day night, when she escaped. Justloe Duffy warrants for the arrest of Fisher and all the other persons in the house, who were arraigned In the Washington Piaoe police court-bis wife Josephine, six girls, and four ? of Uie house. Fisher was held In default of 95,000 ball on a charge of abduc tion; bis wife was held in default of *3,ooo for forcibly detaining the girl, and In #2,000 for keening a disorderly boose, and four of the girls, with the complainant, were sent to the boose of detention. A YauComioi Pbofbssob Ecohbbs Bsbbcm.?P. T. Barnum isn't so shara but 'b*1 Prof. Marsh, of Yale oollege, reoentiy *ot a goodbargaln out of him. He bad left ? lot of Central American idols, that be had sell, and Prof. Marsh bought them ft* SIM. Barnum not knowing what b*d happened, met the professor one day and said be bad a lot of old Idols for safe that cost him ?1400, but "ths fact Is," said Mr. Barnnm, "that the first dav after their arrival la New Haven some fellow came in and offered the man In whose charge they were left liso tor the whole collection and ?ot them." ??! am the fallow," said Prof. Marsh; and he says the Idols are worth far more tnan they oost the showman.?[2T. Y. Exprtm, UK. _ M. Roubbb is like President Grant-he holds fast to his friends, his particular friendship being for theex-Empreet Eugenie and the boy be would like to see Emperor. This fidelity to the Napoleonic dynasty is considered infidelity to France, and he Is in dat>ger of prosecution by the government be cause of his recent letter to the electors of Corsica, wbleh is held by fa any members of the Assembly to be eedltfcma OrrPBAomjhe popular French oompo ser, arrived in New York last Friday mora. dob. ^S^An Englishman who Insnlatrrd his broken-off bottom of a glass bottle, says the effect was magical, that hs had not the application of the Insula tot* a mu?r A ?rbMl IMrl wtu H?r N?ir* MMI ?A ??}!?? ??MM*. Kisui), PA-. Mat ?. 1?T? - Amonj tbe {'*?? people Of UN bwt circle of Kldred. Cookloo, af<sl 16, Mopud daughter of Jercsne CooktTo. * rlofc hmncr. *M aa wkici fdkM iNifr. She r*n?(> returned tome ftv.m a Philadelphia boarding ? where ?l>e ba J been a pupil Ibr frtur making c wiml Ttaau MM. Oa om of ttx-e visits, about a year ago. sbe noM Alva I'vanv the ton of an Iron IbMdar.of La don, Canada. He waa rial line LtiU wri too with a party of other young n??*n for the pur {?? of trout fishing Eraoi Ml In l?r?*1lh Miw Conk too. The reeult was Ifeat a ear n *poiKlenee was opened and kept np be t?i? D t' ? t w<> and a marriage fixed apon, la be ror?umm?t?l when Mm Beeale sboald have reached the age of eighteen. The room tnate and ??particular friend ' of the joung aady at acbool mi France Peleta, of PdrniM, N. Y. Abe vaa two T'ars the ten lor of ?-BlesMe.'* and tea school aome time before the latter Mias Peleie 1? a blonde, exceedingly attractive, and of a dashing and nckl?w nature. At the h<iu?e of a mend in I'biladelnbla aha met l<aae Bell, a toqoi man. rcprMantni to be of an old end woSiuiy famUyT tS young )MO|>Ie forme 1 aa attachment f?r esch other-at leaat Mlaa Patera Ml deeply In love arlth Hell. As her parent* ha I oiuar n atrlmonlal prnepecta mnrked oat ror ber at home "lie kept ber acquaintance with yorng Bell A n I'Rtr fmm th?ni. but. tt aeerus, pronlM to marry 1im at aome future day. Nut being able to MM tier lov. r vlait tier at home Mtes Patera trade an arrangement with Mia Caokton by which sbe was to pay the latter avlalt. when Mr. Belt waa to go also and atay a few days. Toaod to the completenessof the arrange met t ?<Ble?-t.le" wrote to her OuMlaabe trother and he waa to Join toenailing party. Mim Peu rr came to Kldml about tne mid dle of April, and In a tew dam thereafter Isaac Bell made hln api>eerance. Mles-Biee ?le" liked blm from the nrat. It wan near the latter part of April before Mr. F.raus came from Canada, during the two weeka that bad elapeed alree the coming of Mr. 1>? 11 Cookton II.* 1 traiisfet re ! her a".-c t oni to her friend's betrothed, and bis lore toward Mlaa Peters bad visibly crown cold, it did ? ot take the Jealous eye of Mt?n Peters and the young Canadian long to aotlee tna change, aa It atlecied them respectively, but they had no Idea that K was anything mora than a temporary flirtation. On tbearrival of youug Mr. Evaus "Hleesle" plauued A MAY BAT PARTY for an excursion to Ui< mountains. On Wed needay morning the party started in accord ance with previous arrangements, Mlaa Cook ton and Mr Evans In one carriage and the visiting couple in aootner. O a reach la* the woods tbe party strolled at randon. They naturally g->t somewhat separated but while Mtss Peters and the Canadian ware al ways In hallooing dlstauce of each other tt seemed that the other couple strolled further away. The occasion aeemed to be one of no pleasure to Evans and Mies Peters, and they, after an boar or so, met near the edga of the woods and sat down to wait the return of the other couple. They sat there talking for an hour or more, and aa there wa* yet no sign of either Bell or Mtsa Cookton both Ev ans and Miss Peters betrayed evidence of uneasiness and alarm. Tbe Canadian told bis companion to remain Id ner aeat, aod he would walk baca over tha hill and look for "Blesste," a* he was fearrul abe had lost ber way. He was absent a long time, and dually returned, looking pale and anxious. He bad teen nothing of either of tbe mlssiug younx folks. Mies Peters was C. KXATI.Y AGITATXD over the result of bis search, bat neither she nor Evans at that time entertained tee slightest suspicion that tbe prolonged ab sence of the two waa by design or that they were together. They returned to the farm house where the carriage hat been lea, In order to give an alarm and have a thorough search made. Tney found that lbs convey ance In which Evans and Bessie" bad come was gone. For the first time A TCKKIliLB BlSPICIOM CMMKD THXIR MINI - A farmer told them that a young man a jd a young woman bad come off the mountain about noon, and gelling into the carriage had driven rapidly off In the direction of Mi not station. Evans would not believe that the conduct of "Rleasie ' and Bell waa anything more thsn a girlish prank, and was confident that they would rind them at home. On reaching the farm they foosi they were still absent. Miss Peters hastened to her room to hide her emotion. In a few mlnulea she sought and found Evans walk ing In the yard, and placed a note In his band. It read as followe: ?'Jtear ^Yank?Ho greatly do I love Mr. Bell that 1 have given np all for him. 1 hope yoa will be brave enough to bear op and think of me as tbe most cruel creature in lbs world. Tell Alva I have not the eourage to write to him. cor to father and mother. We aregolneto be married, and Intend to re turn to Eld red when tbe gusslpa are through I * lib us. Farewell. Frank. Bid Alvattt* well for me. I hope he had learned to bsie me before this. B. C." Evat s coolly banded tbe note back to Ml? Peters, and remarked quietly: "I am glad to have found the young lair out before 11 waa loo lata." ATTEMPTED BrlCXDB. The same evening be was dilven to M railroad and returned to Canada. Tbe far mer's family took the matter calmly. Miss Peters, however, wa* found lying in her bed, about seven o'clock tbe same evening, covered with blood. With a small penkalfe ?he had severed tbe large arteries af botb arms, and was nearly unconscious frdb loss of blood. But for the timely discovery of ber situation sSe would soon have bean past ail aid. Her wouads were boffnd up and a doctor summoned, who now has ber In charge. Her parents were sent for and ar rived here ibis morning. Tney will remove their unfortunate daughter to her booie as ?OOn as they can with safety. A ROM All TIC M1BTOBY. "Blessle" Cookton has a remarkable bie tory. She was found in tbe summer of lfttt I on tbe doorstep of Farmer Cook ton's bouse In a basket. Accompanying the infant waa thla<note: "The child's father le lbs son of a 8 an a tor of the United Slates. Its mother is a gipsy girl, who baa been converted to Christ and cannot bear the thought of this Innocent creature growing up in Ignorance and vloe. is there room for it here? Its little wings are weary, and like the dear Jesus, It has no plaoe to lay Its head. Turn it not away, bul keep It. for tbe love of Christ." The child was a bright Utile thing, and, aa the farmer bad no chlldrsn, be aod bis wife concluded to adopt i i as their own. It came to be such a sunshine In the house that they kave It tbe name of "Blessing." which waa subsequently turned Into "Blessle." ay A woman at Wichita, Kan., lost one of ber eyes In a singular manner last week. In stooping down suddenly nesir the cupboard or safe, one of the doors swung back and ibe cover came In audi sudden and forcible con tact as to destroy It. MOBGAH-PABIrtBB. At Philadelphia, Pa, Ma? 3.187C. Mr Chas Wilxott M<>Eoas to Miss Katk am ilia Paeisss. bctb ot tbisctty. PBSKSOa-VKk.SON On tbs woralag of 1 da> . M ay 9,187?, at tbs r?sM?nos of tb? brtds's pa ttiti, bi tk?K?T. Dr. Wills, Isaat Peasaos aad Maeis Louise Vissoi. both of this city. * 8TAHABD-&BBLBB. Os the 7th of May( MTg. t>? the B?v Jobs 0. Pu.tth, Btwast Ntaxaed.*? Bichxaoud, Va.. to Mis* Clara Bsellk , of W??h lagtos. Mo cares. ? DIED. Bit YAH. On ths 9th of May. im, Bdwaes Fktat,eldest con of Bdward aad taaa Br sa, axed 3 rears. M m isths. It dass. ganeral vill take place at 3 o"click Wedassgsr t-f-.rcH.L BehtUvM aad frlaada of tbe fsaiilr era iBTited to atteod. Bcsidsscs 4*9 M ttres* asrtb BAKBR. la Mew Tort, oa Moaday ssaralag, Ma\ 8, W? btTs, " Brow ale,']_) second d Oeorgs V aad rl ot George r aad ricrsacc T. Baksr, agadli sod ? ssoaths. Cl'BTIM. Oa M<>adar ?vesing. Msy t, MTi, Mi cbael Otetis. is the 7Mb year of bis a aattvs of Oosaty Cask, trslaad. parish of i?ugalr. Mi? fsasral will sake plaoe from ths rasMsaessC Ms eos^Btshard OsftbjMM ?ntk^NrMMi Jft ?r coo a? tile Mtb. at I|!sM& f> tosdaeaTraT atiTM of the Mailr are reepactfsllr larllsd is st ead [Msw Tock papt rs plisss eopyTT GABD1BBB. At bsr rssldaaea. Ms en tea Bih April. 187S, Ixdiaia Ieehb, wife sf Dr. J.O. Gardiasr, aad elde-t daoshssr ot tbs Wta MM aed Chrtstlaas M. OMry.e* sb<setty. ? R. V. HABVII, III ? ?>. r MAMTKT.

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