Newspaper of Evening Star, May 9, 1876, Page 4

Newspaper of Evening Star dated May 9, 1876 Page 4
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. l?y ?, IW*. Weather ProbabUitie* To-ilay? Omci or cwnry ?i??At. Or rrcsa,? WAJHtJtGTOJ*. May 9, t*T?. J In tfce middle slxtes, falling follo^vel hy ri?it* w stationary barometer, variable wir?i? shifting to northwest ar?i snuthwe-' ardcrot rainy w??mihtr, succecde 1 to night by clearing weather. LOCAL NEWS. n>?frr?The Vol** Family in ?? BeUes of the Kttcbea." fVrtfer (jor-ivrp*. " Ral Mneab; or, The Kaftan Fire King." ami varieties. CemleMed Leeala. At a meeting of tbe new board of directors of tbe Caplfol, North O street ?nd?SS2 *7 JS*,lV' Company la it evening Mr Ldvaril Temple, of the Bank nf w?h Jngton, was elected preildent^tnd Mr. R s" Cowing secretary and treasurer. llTlaa "at *??ann*IT>f 1 Backer, i "treat northwest, let fall a bot w,t>? th? *??? gulThwl r tbe n*mes w5ro extln O-A. Hail, the former secretary of J?* J. M-C. A., of this city, who haa been the pa.-t wlr.t?r engaged a 4 an evangelist, t*WJ!r*?Ktiw \V'e,.po"ll,on nt ",Ht" *ecre jjf ?' "" V- M. I. A. of New York, will enter on the work. His l.eadqnart?r? will be New York city. ,TI,,.,n,m{t,iate|ir cnu* ou a lour through the slate. ? GMMMA9-A "KMCAX lilPUBMCASJ A ma?s meeting of German-American repab Deans was held ?t Beek's Hall Inst evenlnr and the following officer* were elect |; if*! Ji;_ ^ KRD'?a?"o. president; E. Honnen berg and Joseph Gerhardt, vice presidents <? Thomacn and Cfcaa K. Behle secr^t-a. ie?' fc?erce"^*iTere dec,arln* 'heir ad rlrtrfH.t \^PriliVP,?I0f toe ?*PabliCM ? i. they will uphoi 1 i1)? nou secta rian characterof the public schools- th^t ft'1 uaii^r fn ^lnetfcer be^,n*,n? to 'he' Indivld m Mi *1?n*corporatlana, should bear at . SL"f^If Pro,Porti'?n of taxation, wh ^ ehouId be taxed for that ttii fostered at We expense of VnlStm \ * legislation and all special 11^11? tending to abridge personal liobnoilwigand deserve condemna _i?. ' ?? .'here CMn he but one class of citi Ikmiii ii ?*??Du***'ve 016 "*me protection ?hwttd aa at boma; any discrimination be I ween lh(*e adopted and tfcoe to the 4*mannr of know notblngism. and la unworthy of th?Crennhl^i1t>I*n*hi.P; ihal 016 8l?cccss of . depends essentially PJ*1?. 'he nomination for the PrcMdency of ? by tto? Cincinnati conven ti?I? ho will npoold the oonsiitn wtKMe official and private me?r?e^CJril?ii ^p,re lce COD thence of tne ? will give guarantee of thoro. ,i th^T^wJ ? ?^branches of the governm?ut; that five delegates be elected to lay thnse resolution* before the republican couven ??n_. ^ h#,d al Cincinnati, and to make all effort* within their power to have the spirit thereof em tod led In the platform of the re P"hJLcaJj P?r?y; that an executive commit tee of flrteen be elected, with InstracMons to wing about a unification of the Germm Amerieans throughout the land for the pur P^f* nw?lfle*l In the foregoing resolutions. The fol lowing were electe.1 a> the execu 11 ve e?cnmittee General Jopeph Gerhardt, Hlmon Wolf, Dr. School J. George, Major liehle Cart. Burchardt, Werner Koch. J. Mother! E'Sonn'nb?rK' E.Adler, G. Hchnltbelss. Angust Karpelm.und William Mubllesen. The following were elected dele **'?" to the Cincinnati convention: Km'l Artier, Simon Wolf, C. E. Behle, A. B*u;n grass, and W m. BurchardL ? m-ICT. ?r t??ued to residents Of Sg 2fay9t^nT6clrg,nla' for weekend Mmi,lai?l~M. Amanda Wilson, ol Balti ruore, improvement In abdominal suppor - MUnor, of Baltimore, im provemeEt in extension wagon bo-liee; Dan iel M. tsbamberger. oi Beckleysville. im provement in ticket holders; samnel JmProvement in coffee pots. John B. Weaver, of Baltimore, improvement in machines for println" menimsb<^W'M,0f BaItln,ore' lmr Yiryima?Benjamin F. Jaques. of Pet^n oarg, assignor of Augustus Jacktoo.or same P^a**, toproyem?nt m plug tobacco boxes; nomas U alker, of Pniladel^ia, Pa., and '?? tmbry ?f Fauquier county, a? aignors to tnem?elvfs, Joaeph W. Bancroft and H. Henry SaiTord, of Pniiadelphia. Pa ImprOTttnl in apparatus for drying aad viMl.n5.f Trade mark*?Watson and M j bts of Petersburg, manufactured to'jac. co, (i caefs) Ho: FOR THI CoiTkjryiAt?Dnrin? the "tllce Of the general igent 5 i ?*^'?ore and Polomic rail* 'eselged with persons makln^ ,he tral?- About II o'cP ck ?xcurslonlsts commenced to arrive for tne train, and half hour later^ the hanTf Tnere were pre lent k2K? Capt. Brock, and Lieut. ^ T of po'.ce, who a.^lsie-1 ^? S employes in directing the vamengers to tbe ears. There were 30 coaches In tbe depot, 11 being set apart for th? train leavii- g at noon. One of these was as Cameron and his friends, ?** *P?rt for the newspaper man, and the others were quickly filled upas ??nll!0.Zf/'Prcy**tl9d ^ helng so mueS " ? rush that by some means a lady's slinner ta?nJf ^ p:al/orm- This train con m persons and left promptly oo time, and pamengers by it *\3*ct ts* Pbu*dwPula ?' ? ? o'cloci ???'??-? oi aadlenca.^ Tba \okes- nave loa none of r,rw^ru?ScfP^; lly Will be found to succeed them. Dom Pe dro occnpie>l a private box last evening, and ff the entertaloment. programme offered include? many pooj?s hpp.. ssss "zz skHS1^ "*s^uno^fnY oc??rTence" are always ant?. uiT^ui DCT re byUl? ?,ll? of io*?ty. Prof. Mannl always takes ereat SJ!!!^r??neS^,22?i, the pleasure ^hts mSS^ySTh^T 1 at ^ muMie Twr Kbvival Mutihg To-day?a i/ij. it^tbe ^ TVyr^^Tblsmorning, 7h-JrL. T ? Preebyterlan Church, erjr !,r*e a'idience, owing *J?^>rrn' A'ter singing and prayer ifMwiL-fmrn the tbird chapte!* SdcSS? John US bLP.-. " ?- Hammond real the ^ Dr- ii*nkln ottered II?.for thesubjerta. a number of ln *?lridenta were related by Dr R^ii K?V" Mr ^ttle.and others. Pra,fcJ and Inquiry meeting Sf^f^.Tba general nnlon meeting wiu \ii^ Congregational church to-nigbt. h^V?, . mmond and Bentley will arrive here to morrow night and oooduct the mass SrAef -IT, Northern (Savace j?, ?a^ ?? '??'ng fitted np for tne oc wiii^^mJL. i"hP?rU>d fwat "*P halldlnz win m Oiled. The Assembly's Church w? il be opened for the logniry meeting W1,1 C**?t*bt Lot holo rSt.? w? ailmly attendel >ast aiV busing j?tQ u ' lf'<>u.1 transacting saaia.'.'Asfgsg.'a.'gjg ?^SiS??Su5 gay.'.fff % j?nfci j^iwrw.'ST, Sg * between T and U, Improved by a t?,I! tory fraaMdwatling. toOwen 8be-kf?ll. f0r No. 7, in square !??. and lm u Hordarmau, for a? 130 Man j'nu and sV. ton. wm' wwdon and KaunyJom jivelingSH^rs or ha've *5t,J yoor Truaka, *'KSS,TSEAi^?14??Ltt a . * Brother, flsn ag^tilvw ^^i hundred, 20/100 herring lor*w'^lr District ?*Vfran?nt ABitr*. TBt T4XPATIRS' PETITION. Tbe ret IIion to r;?,ugre*? signed by a nom ter of re?p? ctabie and influential citizens of the Dlstilc* for acbaDge of government here, ported in Tnr Star yesterday. makes can! <lry et-argra against the present government. Jt on befa*lf of the Commlsalon er*. that the following la a complete answer to all that la material tn this petition i?r The reductionIn amonnt of annaal expendi tures for salaries ander the present *overri lEf nt Is *271,761.80, as nSSSuS^rtVS^SSl mer sovrrami^f? S? J??*1?* Qnder l&e for ?w jovti uiBtut, That la, the average an. that *iJ1nnr0tli0f % present government la that amonnt leva than that of the Drecedinz S????*2- coat of compfS thl 22Bo*ra of PaWc Works by ?*.J'-^!:oneri 18 *372,047 59 less than ^ * would have been the coat of oomnlet Ih5 to the plan of cleht ^^,?L llc ,Wor1"- 3d. The funded debt and temporary loans of the late District ??*nl of PubllS Wcrti Pil Commissioners since their en ?fflc* ??*>]? h W?4. ?? fl.K4.M3 36, appropriations by Con from taxes and other Dis trict income. ?i.l?,634.11. So much tbe Commlaalonera show by their answers and their last annaal report. As to iv?Kap?reh0DS,9n exP?ssed In the petition ? ?c ?f?g?T.of ** HxWiDltn increase of the mii t t. D,~tr?et under the preeen t govern nnerit. It la sufficient to quote the second sec * Joint resolution of Congress, ap , ?T iiarch H the laat, and which la aa fol ??Sec. 2. That there rhall be no Increase of amonnt of (he total indebtedness of the District of Columbia, and any officer O' person who shall knowingly increase, or Bin or abet in Increasing anch total lcdebt '?dness, shall be deemed guilty of a high mis demeanor, and, on conviction thereof, shall oe punished by IraprlHonraentnot exceedlug ten years and by fine not excelling ten lhna^und dollars.' n ???? ?Llb* m!*t Prrtnlnent signers of the Petition have addressed letters to the Dls 8ta?r? that they I.gJ ,L'^e.?ame im,l(r a misapprehension fV5 . ' not to give their npon the District nUgTit ?r char*P8 allecting their Tiik \. M. C. A. AsHviiwARr The 231 anniversary of the Young Men's Christian Association wai held last evening at Lin coln Hall, and a very lartre audience wai present. Prof. E M. Gallaudet presided, and after prayer by Rev. Dr. Rankin, He v. Byroa SnrderlaPd read a selection of Script are, and I rctf. Gallaudet delivered a short aJ irass welcoming the audience. Rev. Theedore L. Cnyler. D. D., of Brooklyn, N. Y., was in tre^uccJ, ar.d delivered an address, which was listened to attentively, and he was ,WlUlorefia?nt manifestations of ap P? S ? ?ev* A* Hall followed In a fhort address. and the exercises were closed Hammond pronouncing the benediction. ? Tne summary of religions work in the an nual report fcbows that during the year 1.300 meetings of all kinds have been held, with a" 8?p(gate attendance ??' sustaine 1 entirely by lay work. Over 00,000 persons fca\e visited the reading room daring the y ea r ? EDKD?We had presented for inspection to-day an Invention that seems - desideratum, it la a combined P'ypt 'lat and wire acreen for railroad cars, which Is so arranged that It will exclude d ust cinders, and sunlight wl thout obstruct ing the view or interfering with the free ad mission of air, and la easily managed. This ingenious and much-needed contrivance is an Invention of Mr. Wm. H. Fletcher, of this city. It ought to come into general use. CANARIES AND FANCY BIRDS TllOmiS itTI ?g ha8->U8t received from the lmport ge5?JL tnmen* ot saperior catiaries ?lrdS; wh,ch he w,!l dispose of at private ?ale. Partiea desiring a first-class bird should call early for first choice. Y?T'WIi?H to rent or sell your property. go to B. H. \V amer, corner 7th and F st?. t ? ?- 1 Attxmpt to Cowhide a Minister. Wm. and J, A. Richards, twoyoang men, attempted to cowhide the Rev. O. 8. Rowe rooming, at the corner of Eutaw and Baltimore streets, the affair creating considerable excitemeut. They chargetl Mr. Rowe with having Insulted their mother, a* i(l *n apology. Some words en sne<l. and danng the excitement Officer *mUh appearc J on the seere and arreateJ the two yomhs. who were subse inently re leased on hail, at the Instameof their father, \[ir a bearing before Justice Peters to day. -Mr. Rowe, who is pastor of the Lexlngton street Methodist Protestant church, states that during tbe service on Sunday night Mra. Richarda disturbed tne congregation by laughing immoderately at one of the brothers who had become spiritually affect ed and was giving public expression to his .? el legs. Regarding her conduct aa anjusti h.tie. the pastor requested Mr. Richards, sr.. to bring tne matter to her notice and re^ <u:est more dftrrom in church In the future. When told of the matter, Mra. Richards and her sons were very Indignant, and the latter determined to demand an apology, which ?Jle wltil the reault above stated (Eallo. Vazrfle. 8th. A BLOODHOCSD AS A DETECTIVE A j?? f?nt issue of the London Times gives the particulars of the horrid murder of a little tflri in that city and the detection of the murderer, ? barber named Kiah. The wretch tecojed the child into bis place, outrage! ar.d lira murdered her. He cut up the body and attempted to burn the nead and arms, ri- JSltg ""'efM'nl he took the trunk of the body and, after wandering aboat with It tfarew1It over a fence. Thedis T.of 11 cau?ed gre*t exclttment and ln dlgnatioD. a large reward was proolaimed i0rfi .hrresl ?r the murderer, aud the raiice fvaii Bin.?"!? Very aftlve- but wfthout avail, finally a man who owned a blood the animal and let him smell of fT? .^y for s?me "me, and Uien traveled through several streets with him. At last he au>pp: 1 short of the shop of Fish and re Ll^L}?,,KO iarther" uP?n the dear being dof r""he0 "P stairs, and in the ?*? found the limbs of the child. The vl^m at once confeaaed ol-e'r onL .log* WM P"" ?? "? TAHT??K^^R^BL"hT 0F A Breakfast fA.L*.8fAT?A dispatch from Oshkoah wiiw.v5Jirs s '"T'-apd to arouaed the ire of the aiater 15? # ?. dn?J>e<1 a cup of coffee down hla ',n f*10"1' "ecured the coffee a lai*e. amount of boiling hot coffee !?? doused It over her bead. Tne result waa the loss of her hair, a hadly scalded face and neck, and the probable loss of one eye. The gin has an tiered great agony, and as Srurace** "et lD 8h? may l08e her*life in A Lady Missii?o._Mrs. D. D. Cooley.2C years of age, of alight form and In ill health, * ?eb" on M?nday, the 1st Inst. Tja Chicago, for Addison, Steuben county, Kn^i ? '^' !?Latlv?s- She arrived In Buffalo on Wednesday noon, since which ''iT? n.? l?*?f Is known of her. The railroad of. Il,uffalo have spared no pains to h?2?! ?i5* *?7; Police of Baffalo have also done all in tlieir power but nn tra^e has yet been found of her. The lady is well connected east and west, and the ut moat anxiety Is felt for her dlaappearance. Invalid, and it la feared in a slate of derangement. *450 KOB ANALYZING BLOOD SPOTS ? Among tbe billa which the Brooklyn board wn^nlV*01'' oav,e iat*ly hna h^fore thern was one from Prof. Eaton for examination and analyala of the blood spots on the cloth ing and boot* of Rubeuateia. The bill an5tlhe committee declined tr> audit It because they thought It too larse The rornmittee asked the Profesaor lfTe could not make a reduction, and the Profes sor replied, "Not one cent." The <v?mn^t t?e are going to consalt the dlatrict attSrney to tee if they are obliged to pay it. Ik tT is Immoral on Sunday Why Nor k?tor THE Week??There ia no harm In looking at a fine work of art on Sandav 11 wa P1-** Invention, or in study mlnd- The tl aae long since r?*sed when the auppreaaion of Intellect was thougct to be a duty to Heaven ami mhon Immoiallty was believed to exist in a^un? set, or wickedness in a walk in tie IV i the Influence of the exhibition is immoral on Sunday, then It follows that it talmm^l ^ve^r other day in the week.-[Sp&ito/ the Additions to Dr. storm s Flock.?The ton who joined, as dldrt^tof the^h^ M aocesslon aggregated Ui._uv. vi hilmWe a aa Skndino Orrx ut?>Aa ARIEBl?Five hundred anrl .1. m-rf. y/.O** lor dlvoroe were made 1m? JJi for the single county of Coo/ }q ?uaMjagrsyaHigasgg ilS^^S-nd,D? ?-STJS3S: THK COrKTH PrmiJIB Coitbt IX Gemeral Term. This morning, Shoemaker agt. District; submitted on bilefe. Campbell agt. Ameri can Popular Life Insurance company; judg ment below affirmed. Mcintosh a/t. Mcin tosh; appeal dtimlu^l. Crimihal Cocbt? Jixiije Mar Arthur. To day, Albert Cumberland; forfeiture of recofnirare set aside on payment of costs. Thomas Williams, alias Keatbley, convict ed of burglary, was sentenced to three years in the penitentiary. Indictment* ware fonnd ajalnst W. W. Belknap, obargnd *11 h receiving bribe*; Ephralm" Duckett, Henry Williams and Robert Goodman, bur glary. (two cases); James Lee, do; Win. Hamilton, perjury. Circuit Court ?JmUjt Humphreys. Today, Clements agt verdict for plalnttfi. McCartny agt. J. and J. Wholly; no. Nturoth agt. Pepper; do. Bell agt. Healy; do. Several Judgments by default were taken. Police Court? Jwin* Ghvea. To day, George Smith, larceny of a coat, shirt, and blanket; *3 and costs. Jobn Dunn aDd James Donohoe, aflPray; <5 or ten days each. Dennis Johnson, colored, petit lar ceny; *5 and costs. Thomas Kelly, forfeitei collateral. Anna Reeber, drunk aud dis orderly;*.?. Wm. De Neal, drunk and dis orderly,?.?. Matthew Ford, lndeeeot expo sure; *5. Daniel Buckner, loud; #.5. Charles Beckett, a vagrant, was sent down for thirty days. Charlotte Beckett, fo.ind lodging in a gentleman's stable, was sent down. Peter Brooks, disorderly conduct; ?*.5. Mary Scott, loud; $5. Hoses Htpklns, a boy, throwing stones;?.*. Wm Clements, found drunk on Cstreet and b1ckin?ln tlie dor of a house of prostitution; *10. James McKenna, for faited collateral. Henry Boswell, same. Amn?a Mormon, drunk and shouting; 93, Lizzie Herbert, drunk, shouting and cursing; *10. Ellen Ale. drunk and disorderly; #10or thirty (.ays. Jenny Bnsey, a while school girl, assault on Sarah Woods; $3 aal costs. Moses, larceny of a pound of chew ing tobacco; *-5 or thirty days. Emma Shaw, cr-lorrd, larceny of ?V) frona Martin Hunt: continued. Frank Washington, larisnyoi a saddle; !?20 or sixty days. Dan Buckner, assault on Sara Dixon; and costs. HOME FROM THE LODGE. Robert S. Fergusou, assault oa M*ry E. Fercnson, his wife, who te3ntied that h^r husband came home Friday night, she did not know what time it was, and he woke her fiom sleep and struck her several times in the face. Mr. Ferguson Lad no witnesses, but ho m ule a sta* ;ment that he had been to the lodge. When he came home she askei him what woman he had i?een visiting. lie knew do woman but his wife, aud because t-e did not choose to tell her his lodge secrets she commerced to kick him out of bed and plncb him. To make peace he got up and sat by the windows for an hour until he thought her asleep, when te again retired, but she commenced a?a'n and h<> could notsi^nd it any longer, and slapped her. She th<m bit him, and he had to get up a^ain. Mary said she wanted nothing to do with hlin any furtuer, as she proposed to leave him. The court took his personal bonds to Keep the peace. A WIFE'S FORGIVENESS. Frederick Schlosser, assault and battery on Delia 8chlosser, his wife, wno state 1 that she bad pardoned her husband and did not with to prosecute him, as he had promised to do better; personal bonds to keep the peace. A lfred 8nowden, disorderly eorduct; ?5. The Crown llttlr Urnnheo, male from the best of Russlau Bristles. Tney arestifl and penetrating and will cleanse the head thoroughly from daudrull and dust? IAdvertisement. ? Farriery in the Army The Army and Navy Journal looks for groat improve ment in the health and longevity of cavslry horses from the use of the Goodenough horse stioe, a general order or Febnary 12 having adopted it on the recommendation of a board of officers. The shoe has been on trial in the amiy for some years. The new shoe aban t'obs the theory that the frog of tne foot was not made to walk on, and does not attemnt to ;-aise the horse on the corks. It is only hulf the weight of the old shoe, and is oily fastened to the toes, and the heels being left free to expend as nature made them. The heaviest work romlng on the toe, the shoe is thickest at that polut, and only half as thick a? the heels, where there is little or no pressure, the elastic cushion provid: 1 by nature in the frog taking oil the concussion of the foot on the ground. Tom the shoe, only the wall of the foot is cut llat, sole and and heels and frog being leitas nature made tbem. The shoe is fitted col l and can be taken Just as It comes from the factory, and applied, even by the ordinary tiooper of in telligence, after a little (earning. Only one tbirg car. be said against it for army use. Its universal adoption will deprive the com pany tarrlcrs and veterinary curg mi of naif their occupation, and. tbe-?^ore, they are all apt to fight against It. Tne work of a smith at the forge has hitherto conslstel mainly in reshaping factory shoes, cutting off heels, turning them up, putting oa corks and burning a hot shoe into its be J. j0 fu ture all this will be changed. Even an anvil is not necessary, for a wagon tire has been fonr d all-sufficient to open out or close the heels of a "Goodenough shoo," to flt a given horse. CALIFORNIA'S BIG LUNATIC ASYLUM In California, where everything is b'g, ths biggest luukLie asylum in the world is now being erected. It is bigger, at any rate, than any simitar bnildlDg in the United States, although there is ore of about the same size in New Jersey. The circuit of the California asylum falls only 200 feet short of a mile in extent. It Is to be built of stone, with cai ?ed corridors up to the roof, aud with the words '?Dignitas"and "Opulentla" everywhere en graved. it ?s torost Sl..ri00,C30. Maple, red wood and marble adornments will embellish the interior. The society in this institution will be the choicest in California, and the iDmates, happy in their escape from the at mosphere of humbug that pervades the so cial and business circles of the state outside the walls of the asylum, will dwell Indignity and opulence, and thank the gracious power that made them lunatics instead of knaves. ?[ Chicago Times. Joseph Guibord's Grave ?a visit was, ? a few days ago, paid to the grave of the late | Joseph Gnibord by a Witness reporter. It 1 was with difficulty that the grave oould be : picked out from the surrounding soil, for In. ! stead of forming a mound, as Is usually the case, it was depressed several inches below the surface, as though the earth had settled after the excavat'on had been filled In. No headstoneor momiiaent marks the spot, and It wears a general air of neglect. Near by were the pieces or Ma l ame Guibord's cross?splintered, muddy, and well whittled np by curiosity hunters. It is now proposed to mark out the bounda ries of Guibord's lot, and seek subscriptions in order to defray the cost of a new and dur able monument to be placed over the grave of the deceased printer?[Montreal Witness. A question of Morals?The Wheeling (West Va.) Intelligencer remarks; ?it has leaked out that the date of Mr. Dauford'a re cent letter agreeing to be a candidate for re election to Congress, shows it to have been written on Sunday. If this is true, that he was actually guilty of writing a political let ter on Sunday, it affords good grounds for defeating him, and sending some fellow to Washington who will date his Sanday let tere on Saturday." An Absconder Captured?George E. Schooley, the money clerk of Adam's Ex press office at Nashville, Tenn., who ab sconded with ?10,000 belonging to the com pany on the ICth of April last, has been ar rested in Canada by Detective MacPberson. The prisoner c/tufesst d, promised to refund the money, and consented to return without awaitiDg extradition. Ships Among the Ice?The steamship Sardinian arrived at Father Point Sunday afternoon. About five miles east or Cape Roller she passed the steamship Pho neclan, ship Glenbervle, barks Ocean Phantom and Clydesdale, and some sixty sail among the ice. The Sardinian passed through a heavy field of Ice thirty miles above Cape Rosier. The Liberal Republican National Committee met in New York yesterday. Among those nresent were Lieut. Governor Nickerson, of California, Judge Clarkn, of Connecticut, and Hon. C. 8. Dawes, of Mas sachusetts. Resolutions were adopted call Ing a convention of liberal republicans on the 2Cth of July next at Philadelphia. Meeting a Thief at the Window George Bassman,of 679 Washington avenue, Brook ly, beard some one at work on the shutter of his window early Sunday morn !H?* club he stood io wait until a man's bead peered in. Then he knocked the Intruder, Thos. Burke, unconscious. Political Conventions?Republican conventions for the purpose of choosiuc del egates to the Cincinnati convention and pres idential electors, will be held in Michigan at Grand Rapids, to-morrow, and in WefTVir ginia, at Clarksburg, on Thursday. A riot occurred among the union and non union Chicago lumbermen yesterday, in which the police were also attacked. The rioters were defeated and a number arrested. Some of the striking miners In the Massllon Ohio, coal regions have resumed wark noder military protection. Stokes?The writ of certiorari in the Stokes case has been dismissed by the court at Pongbkeepsie, N. Y , and the action of Judge Dyckmaa dismissing the writ of ha beas corpus and remanding Stokes to prison confirmed. The ease now goes to the Court of Appeals. GEOIiGETO Wy. Revival.?The meeting last ntibt aiMl ,he tnteref t maul ran ? ZrlZTFI?*1 8,x or *'RhtMrmn. , ? payers, throe or whom u Jt SJ k^T?01 50 *rr,J,e' ??<nlf>lng 7 k*! been converted daring Uie A v"y "Olenin feeling ecUreaMt'mh,Jr* S*eet Itieft M K rhnr^T place, (Dumbarton Rev? Mr.' Hnwe ??rricet conducted by "r*IOW of the George r took Pia<* at Muonie a p!?i iTSL *,on whlob occasion Prof. H. iu.WwP^f'^^i surprised with a hand br Vr V b iartar#, Which was presentcl 0b5,f'4-.njMp"V?i.' SS' a^d*s another presentation, in the shape of ahand i?at ?Jrti%!&& Prof- H- A Orws, in a s^SL' V* daly responded rholr a^ p 0 OWb? The offl<*rsof the J8S ic^d^ H Pre*lden^ H. A. {. ,;. icaaer, H. A. Gross, organist* W tl'ry! treasurer; C. F. khctePl s'ecrl -.?iHE B?"*** 8t*kt ForjfTAiw -The eitisena of Georgetown wish to innuira of ho may know, If this fountain *? to be used an a fountain or as a make-beiipvp and a target for mlsch levon* boys. it is so rarely In play that one would imagine there was a scarcity of water in Georgetown. b? ??' IL,t?tAMa, of Christ church, g >es to 8t, George s church, and not to Ola T - ur v as previously slated. i.muy. The Ladies of the Union Benevolent So ciety cleared 93.% at their recent May fj? bara/" of/w?tS^?S?8ofraiiTfSiVS SSiVrT^Sij;.busdfcls of rye' "u Bpiiniso Association?At the resrui^r ?.MLy,m?L1fg-of u,e *lh * aS share nlSht,. shares were sold at 120 per ALEXANDRIA. Disobdkhi.y. ? The warm weather nr . aturday night and yesterday seems to have heated the brains and awakened ttie pugnacious feature in tne dispositions of a part of our population. Saturday nlsht Green Crawford and his wife were arre .ted for having a little family flght. Yesterday ???i??;*hout Alexandrian ' y Pu,mn?elf l ?nd usr I up by a \V asbington friend, with whom he haJ been imbibing on Royal strrst, near the market. The parties succeeded In getting away how" ever, before the arrival of the j?u2?' Yes terday aftei neon Moses Kltti and Llge Tay lor undertook to get up a flght in R-izzarti'd Roost, at the northern end of Ro/ai str^f lhe fen5ale ^eni z e ns of t ha t localltj. They were speedily arrested how ever, by Constable John R. Gray andcarried ^Cu%,J"/l,ce *Iay- Fishtowu wou fd S the list of disorders at ten o'clock last night sbad and ^.2o.C00 herrings. Some sturgeon and small quantities of rock and perch are also arriving and sell rapidly. Shad sold this morning from *16 to 919 per huudm S'".1 herrings *11 to?l2 per thousand A rkwi dale fishing shore cut out yesterday ami ( apt. Jerry Robb, at the Gums,cutout to day and brought his outfit np to Handy r??* , ?n,HiPHVa"llllg opinion that the tfsherv l? rapid y drawing to a close, leaving man v pfople who anticlp-Ueda S season?[ Gazette, fvh. y oOOJ The Phenomena or noath A'New York Friday evening Dr. Frederic . Marvin gave, in a lecture,a rbvslelan'K view of death, bis subject being "The Phv Biology of Death." Tne history of death 66 Pfr,ods, the fabulous, the SUperStltiOUS, ai d th6 Dbiloflonhiosl ?T) , [f/^^Pfrlodwa., i? ^VSSlilmM ? mi death was personified a? the goi (Icss Mors, the glance of whose eye was fatal* S?.Mr^ti,.LOUR Pra wa" that lon?VSiSd 1 in which death was regarded as an mstaiita F'oy-change; a stroke that came^nd c^t oTr I km whole body at once. Oun is the 5ge- The lecturer had exp'r ? nftirnp inD ?J? l,tgcover the order I / ln whlch the senses die. To one r"antivVe,^nntr?0!d' Tne secondd^i P0,1? hls introducing a needle into the medulla oblongata' and tiie tMri S?"." ??. "> *?? last the ord^ of !? w?'?.8i6ht, taste, smell, hearing touch; which established the fact that the senses disappear ln the same oTuer as they do m sleep. The human body Is an aK-reea^ thai ?jLFUZ- 'jl,e is the sejmentation of 1 cefl dlet for^Klhrlr(.(J,8lntegratlon- Earl1 i r i ,* Ior liffelf. Lvery moment cells 1 'nto 1 ife; every moment cells are dying. Our belies are cofthxi^i nf ihnc-. no?M'X>,p?' Tahe them away and there is I nothing left of us but the connecting shreds There are dead cells in your br dy, and wnen jou are dead there will for some time eon '|vlnK ones. We shall ail at somn n? i ? d. tn carhonic aeid, water foil! r mlneral elements. The whole sur & ,of our globe- Rald the speaker? lias been dug oyer 128 times to bury 1 is deu<I even sirv^n?t1by8mLreiAnga?eof lh0Woi ',l whica 1 given it by mc Jern science, and we Inbalp uPJ>n elements tbe very atom^ that heen living human beings before!' The f. ad, he contlnurd, live agai*, and we ^reet them in the perfume of the city, in toe Tight "irl? t ?,r,r th?h.e ",ousat?l tea ves of the Thc-l' il ' 6 ^oc'or says. Is painless There is no moment in our lives in w'lieh molecular death Is not going on in us. The ihV?WO ?'? multitude 01 persons Indicate that mere disintegration I* painless To d . ury? ?n^eVhe fl"18*ony?s over l? llnx ury. 80 is drowning. The smii? nr TiJaih ihttPr oTde8th? ?ome? to ail features after the ri^or mot lit. This is over in three M<>8T DBtlSKKMNISS WHERE THE l<'riv est Public Houses-The London Tim^ In attempting to prove that the Increase of '"temperance is not so great as i?22Srt2d Temperance League tr<vp? sr mo highly Interesting statistics, ilierohas been ?n Increase ln consumption of five bushels head of the population in Eng land ln the course of the last fifteen years or an increase of 35.7 per cent, o^r the con sumption in I800. In spirits the increase is less, amounting to 28.5 per cent, per head of I depopulation While^howevVthe^opS 1^67'^nd^s-J1^If Increased 6 ner cent, between ^4: DDIDber of cattle reared in mt P*J! ,ncr?ased 20 percent. , . tim?8 ft8 much ham and bacon, neariv twice as much butter, more than tvrlce as much cheese and cocoa, 37 per cen? more grain, over three times as many eggs six "mes as much rice, 42 per cent, more ISgar twTce7aB^ i'nu'*'und more ttiao the number of persons summarily dealt wi?h for drunkenness has Increased ss V?r during the last ten, the Times enmpa to the conclusion that statistics are no gauge of the question, from the alleged faet that intoxication is greatest where there an thl least number of publte hou^ thCrC ar<? toe A jtewsi'apkr at Las Animas, Col men tions a singular electric phenionenou whh h was observed at that place some Ume aio ? wa* frying some fresh fish in ?'?'? cohered with a Un lid, in at tempting to remove the lid with a steel r,ir? found her arm was so?? shocked" by el^trfe ity that she could not remove it. She r<i 11 a<t ficuUySbA ?naWh? exper,enced the same dif ro&nn happmg noise and viaient shock, a b'fftp? ?^ ar.m to the ?houlder as from Hdm-sSilet^ P Wflen he ^"Ched the hA,WAO Who had wrapped a piece of cloth having the word "Centennial" on It around P^ami 1)01 lld "!? lhat word ap on,Uie ?hell> ?adly deceived a (Goun.) farmer, who took it out of MKi? ? ..where 11 heen placed and ex. hi hi ted it at the office of a local newspaper UmJET* Bllte,1 manifestation of the hei?s m. UuC States. 8? 0f hlHtory of lh* Judge Neilsoi* sat on the platform while *je*cher spoke, subscribed cioo, and Uien f^*)k hana? with the orator. If be bad done less shaking during the trial he'd be easier In his mental mind to-day. However, a?loo h?l 1* a good plaster.?[X Y. mar. ' ~ f 8111/ Chicago woman wan u a divorce from her husband because he kent secret i?2?k h?tore marriage the fact that he had lost by au accident all the toes of one of his ?'m^^ti7J??.womBi? advertises attendance by Dr. Benjamin niiit diea 1? that city several years acting aS thJ ?T2tf?!,?d ?Ptrttual medium, earthly vpokesman for the Uead physician; and she oollects the pay, too. PAnnSSAPl,rPf1nUUAQU WOM OOW8 U4 *22, Ocorgetowa. Parnent r^n^tT^ ?^* aalS-ie* \lHiWAUatE MUUK. * ohuS'aAtf" "?????? W-ID,4 *t Mtk and M str?ts. JiwiLirr WlLVMH 4M) "ILWiClII Bi c""^?slaa?B-.. P*?WZL?', fJS-") C IT r TTE its. PrilllC ffFAKTRS ASD SIKOKKS Wl.l flDd "Jfrosrw'j BTrmrfrial 7Voc/im" beueflclal Id cle&rlrc the voice before speaking or singing, and rellevlr.(t the throat after an v exertion of tbe vocal organs. For Coughs and Co ids the Troches are effectual. ? Cri*Cra?ATI. PlLS*Jf, A*D BOCK BRt, on draught at Driver's, corner Peanay lranla avenue and 4% street. 3 Carriage Dvstrrs. tn great variety and at low prices. at the barotas factory of Ja*. 8. Topham, 429 7th street, under tbe big wire sign extending ftom the roof. 9 ?eoS Thr Fihfst Lagrr ia amebic* Is tbe ricclnr.atl Pllsen, on draught only at Oea W. Driver's, corner Pennsylvania avenue and 4)g street. ^ 3 ('eras Bitriritd Wildcat Pais. Bunions, Ingrowing and Club Nails, Vas cular Excrescences, and other ailments of the feet successfully treated, at Dr. White's establishment, 1416 Pennsylvania avenue, opposite Wlllard's Hotel. Fee f 1 per vlalt. Established In Washington 1361. Trt Marhnrg Bros. Peal of North Carolina Smoking Tobacco. 10 aad 20 cent pack ages. 4,U,L ? Trt thi celebrated Pilse* Beer, on draught at George W. Driver's, earner Penn sylvania avenue and street. 3 Dr. C. W. Brhbox * crlrrt A?? CHi* omil* Pills are prepared expressly to cure Sick Headache. Nervous Headache, Dyspep tic Headache, Neuralgia. Nervousness and Sleeplessness, and wf ll cure any case. Price, V) cents. Sold by all Druggists In Washing ten, GeorgetownardAlexaudrla. 2,24,eo OrcHl Those Pains!?Use Edwards A Hutchison's Stimulating Liniment for Kheuz&allsm. *; Krniiitil FIR8T-CLASS 8COURINO AJTD DTO50. A.Fischer enlarged his estaf?lisbmest by removing to bis new building, 90S U st. north west. three doors west of 9th street, very near his former place. By promptly adopting the latest Improvements, whether of American or European invention, be is enabled to do any work In a manner not tc bo e^ualttl by those not possessing these raeilltles. %jr Ladies Dresses cleaned and dyed with out being la sen apart. Crape Veils reflnSshed nice and cheap. Grease stains removed effectually. *jr Gent's garments cleauiug and dyeing a specialty. tar Prices lower titan ever before, to suit the times. GEORGETOWN AOVER M TS. ^KlHtTQUAltD t*l MMEBOPENlNCm JT MBS VAVIllE TOU5IG'*. a On THl'BfDAY, fil.T 11th, 1"?76, with a floe disp'ay ?f HAT8 AND BONNET*. Ladies are nu st respectfully invited to at'?n 1. at 113 Bridge street, Georgetown. m.8 3t UPB1NQ AMD eiMHKB, PREMIUM STEAM DyTiNO AND SnOOBING, At W>1 H WHKiTHVt OLD AND It KLlABLH MSTA BLISHM B\T Ladies irni Gentlemen ran have their Spring and Bnn-iter Wearing Apparel Cleaned or colored in the vers test manner, also. Winter < 'lothtng, Car p<ts, Blankets, Ac , Ac . nicely Clean -1 and taken car* of until needed, Work sent for and delivered without extra charge anywhere in the District?re eeivfd from and returned t.>an> place In the country by mail or express. tJfflce and Wn-ks, 49 Jefferson street. Oeorge'own. D. O.: rest Office Box, 7*3. Office hours?7 a. m. to 7>i p. m . Saturday. to 9 p m. myg-tr |?ABGA1B8 lhi DBY GOODS. Ladies L'.ess Goed? in all the new material* and styles; Black Grtr adi >-a. at 25. 3U,SI, OJW, 73 ceuts, (1; Black Bilks, from #1 to S3' Black Alpacas and Mohairs; White Q jods of all kin<l? !? r tchool commencement dres?*<e, cheap; good Cali coes, fast colors, at 5. 8t? at 1 Scent*; bes Percalei, 12H c<-nts; ta^i meres and eood- of all kinds for m?n and boys wear, very cheap; Para*.-is, from *> ce its to S?; 2-tmt:.-n Kid Gloves. ?I ml glSU; Wnita and Check'-d Matting. Al 28. 3m. 35,eU and SO csnt*. npStr BENJAMIN MlLLEtt, 103 Bridge st. Fl*OK RENT? No. 67 Bridge street, cjrner of Jefferson; 12 r< oms, with modern ?onvenl' noes; In nice order and flue views; u od j ;ird and cellsr; cheap to a f. od tenant. Apply to Dr. CBAGIN, 12* Dumbarton street. ap27 eogt ]\EW SPRING AND SUMMER GOODS AT A TTHACT1VK PRICES JNO. H. NHOOr A SOV, NO 119 BU1DGE ST., GEORGETOWN. D.C., Have tcceiicd lro-n ftew York and are oiltring at Popular Casn Pnrti, LADIES' DHItSS GOODS in new designs of Plaids, Stripes and Plain materials, best tnakei Black Siik froin ?lto S3 SO. Bt'kaud Wh:teStriped and Chick Silk; Grenadines trom 22c. to 91 23. Mocri ibg Goods of all the best makes and fa;* Clacks a tp'ciilty; Cotton Goods aad Sheetings at the lowest red>ic?d trices; White Dress Fabrics from 1-H cents up; tlonse Varnishing Goods ot the best makes; G>nt's and Boys' wear; Ladies' and Gent's Underwear; Kid Gloves,S button, at &1 and $150: Hosiery in Creat variety; Parasolx and CnibreUas: Prints 6 and Ixst 3j.; Perciies UKc., with a full line of other goods, to which we are adding dailr supplies at low ?rices. Goods sent to an* part "f the city. ap23_lm J\Q H S^IOOT A SO^I. f^KOHGKTOW^ SAVINGS IS A.1ft., D.C SJ *1 HIGH 8TBEKT Bank honrt,9 a.m. to 4 p.m., and oo Saturdays (to receive deposits > until Interest paid on d'T""its. General Banking Pnsine?s dons, and col lections made on all accessible points. days, Mondays. H. POLKINUOBH, Prsaidsat. B. W.,Cashier. Hirer! or j. B, Polklnhom, | Thos Howling, I J . T. MttcheP, Henry Dickson, I B. L. Crepley, I Free. W. Jonss, Blley A. Slilnn, 11. D. Hartley, I Thomas ftnowls Saa as 11 ? W-. IJAZAR PATTERNS, BAZAR PATTERNS, AGENCY AT C. BAIS'N, 408 7th Street. AGENCY OF THK NEW AUTOMATIC WILCOX & GIBBS SEWING MACHINES. LADIES UNDERGARMENTS AT ASTONISHING PttlOXS, Hade of tbe best Oottons and best workmanshlf. C. BAUWS SANITARY CORSET OB ANT ST VLB MADE TO OBDEB. C. BAin, 4ot? Seventh Street. ap>?4' 1011 *IHAVBN0E.!,IA 1011 CE.O TIIIJTG . 8PRINQ AND SUMMER. DRKS8 COATS AID VESTS. Oriental 811k Pl'd Worsted, trie Northampton Silk Bibbed Worsted, 919 Vienna Diagonal Worsted, gl6 AO Hlackington Black and Gold Worsted, ?15 Uxbridge Taney Silk Worsted, ?I4 Narragaasstt Taacy Bl'k Worsted, 910 BI'SIXESS SUITS. Tine Elbosttf Spring Cass. Salt, fge Tine Delabarre Plaid Cass Suit, 919 Xdward Harris Hair-line Cass. Suit, 91<i.30 The Versailles Checked Cass. 8olt, 913 The Diagonal Bibbed Cass. Suit. 914 Oen'ne Washington VIII Biae rianaei Bolt, 913 North Hoosic Block Cass. Butt, Bill Hercules Scotch Cass. Bolt, ?11 Bnglish Stripe and Plaid Cass. Butt, 910 Knickerbocker Check Oass. Bolt,9? Baulsfcory Brock en Check Cass. Bolt. SB Union Gap. Bolt, Frock and Sack, 9S TOUT US' SUITS. ?Ulfeurg Diagonal Worsted Bolt, 91# Lippin Bilk Bibbed Oass. Bntt, 913 ?aaon's Hair line Cass. Bolt. 911 London Plaid Oass. Bolt, 9* Hew York Hills Can. Suit, 9T HOTS' SUITS. Hcrwalk Fancy Worsted 8nlt,910 Camden Plata Oaas. Suit. 99 Snow-flake Taacy Oaas. Bolt, 97 Knickerbocker Check Oaas. Bolt. 96 Onion Oass. Bolt, 9# A. STRAUS, 1011 PBNBBTLTAJI1A AYBIOI 1011 apT-tr Bstwssh 1?th asp 11th Srxsrrs. JMPOBTANT TO BOPIBkllfMB. reat her Beds aad Pillows aad Hair Mattressss renovated aad made buoyant aad tadsross by las gg>yi!jig?^5JgiBrag? trr. -??jaEy,fPni?a.. atB-ta* le. HIT 7th stoest antkvsat. AMUSEMENT?. N ATIONAA. THE4T Tl!? r?tnti"j r??: tfc? htiliMCf Mtrtv: tte r?r?w?'l il Bniii. ths r?r???'l *lct wt?; the Ftrrvtll c( Jeeeie. the Farewell of FtWi the Farewell of Kswdon. MONDAY ?*P TE?T>*t NlulirS. BELLES IS THE ElTCBtM Wednesday aed Tharedsv Bl?ht*-?l I IN 4 I OO rriday ud Mo'dtr Nlgh?*-Wftv>BG MU IB 1 BE EIGHT PLACE UIMRY WARP BIK To bo |r(c?iiM ??ch ?T'ntn? by the too l THE CHIMNEY UOBSEB. MhIM? ? U*r4tf M I ?? ??-BEYABTt MIBPTBEIP ?>VtT R?T. C0BGEEC.AT10BAL CHI BCH. Tenth and 0 str<?4?. FRIDAY STSniHO, MAT 1?, At 8 o'clock. Puljeet: " RELIGION IB EDUCATION " Tickets Oce D<Uar. Mo extra charge fo* f? DiifniBi atWhitaker* Books'oce, ?4l Per re ml h N ATIONAL THEATER. THE FAIBLAXB OPERA TKOIPF. (Aatnn,) By General B?<ine*t, M \TtSEE-Tl ESDAT. Mst9. "IHE BOHEMIAN UIBL" GRAND DISPLAY. P()jnlsrPri??-.lO,Ti Cratiud ?l. B t Sh"*t at M ? t?ervtt'? nn 4 ?*L THBATER COMIQl E. Kleeeath Itrttl, i>tiota Arewtu. OF EX TUB I EAR ROV.SU. Performance EVKKY WI1HT. *?-?nee f. r La dies aid Children EVFBV WEDNESDAY aud SATlBDAY AFTEBNOOH. FIRST-CLASS JlTsrKRY RESPECT Variety. Dr%roa, Burleaqne aaj Comedy. dot?1 tf Oi?o No.) On Kxhibitioa (New No. *S0 S an?l Sale I ?3o Tth 8t.\ at ( Tth St. BAIRKITRI'H, /*?. 439 7t* *W**t,fteftpeew L **-< A ?rv**U. ???? rtootf nhort Ot-t >'?.Vw?' HnU. Choice OU Paintirgs, EnprnvluK*, Chromoe, A*. Alt?, ItrcMt Mock cf Paper Hanyiaa*, WIl-c* Bbade*. Picture#, Frames. Picture CrCi no 1m ?els. Ktr*?. Ball*. Ac., la tb? District ?^Th? Ca?h. VPleese remember H?me and Number. )yl-l? EXCURSION'S, ric NICS, ?c. II 0FOB CLYMOAT F'rit (irtnd Itcartioi of tho K WI'.HTS OF ST. 1'ETLK t? < l>moot, oo TTESDAY, Hay 39, ls76. The Committee [>le1*rj themselves to spare nnthtr petes or* ? xrense to make ?tu- the b? of the ?eeeon The steamer J aHE MOPELBT will leave 6th ?Ireet wharf at 8* a m and IS p ni Tickets, :3 cent*; children t. m II to II years of Me half price, tinder 12. free. It* O PERIRO 1 KRBMUIIIRI, CENTENNIAL EXHIBITION. THE BALT1MOBB A- POTOMAC B. B. 09. Will rug a SPECIAL FAST THUS, tkromck >? /oar 4o?r.? *n i thirty mtnuitf < leaving the Pas-rnger Depot/ of the Baltimore A Potomac* H B ,'.th street acd Pennsylvania avenne, At to O'CLOCK A. M , WEDNESDAY, 10th. Carrying paseengers to the Centennial groundsb 10-20 a m B'turning. epe<"i.,| car* will leave the ETonnds at C o'clock p. m Paieet.ers can h**e 'he woditioLal privilege of reaamlngln Philadelphia until tl e foil'win* dav, Thni?dsy the lith. and r - trrn on train -avn* H - > ( Ipnia at 6 o'clo a * FABE FOB BOUND TBIP, ?5 00. Tlckt te an<l Inft-rmatioii can be pr< cnr?-'l at th ? C'lf.ce ol the Compan>, northeast corner 13th ?tfe? t and Pentfj Ivauia aretine; northeaat ?or?er ?tti street ard Pencej Ivania avenna; Depot Baltimore A P. tcn ac B. K . 6th street and Pennay Ivania ave me, on Monday, Tnesday. ard on Wedneeday prevons to rtartlnx ' f the 8p< ctal Faet Train. D. M. BOYD, JR , BD. 8. TODB1. Gea'l Pamencer Aft. Aaet (i?i I Ticket Art' ncyg 2t 'I^H WASHISGTOB S 111 E I'/EN YEBIBM, loca'ed on 7th street road, can be rented for Pic Bice and Festival* during thecomln* wmou by a* ?lying to the PreMdent, B Wolt: Vice Pre-idei t.C. Bcppert: or the Trcaanrer.O. Xander. iuy.l 6t BALLS, PARTIES, Ac. E PAKK OF TH* M AB1M1 a FLiOBAl may ball, YYEDBESDAT EVENING, May 10.1ST6. a At MA P.INIU B-ALL. ? street, between 9th nnd lOih at*. Tickets, admittinE a gottletnan and one lady, #.'l IVoreopen at7X; cotrmence at 8Sjp ?n ?^"Tickeu to Ui had at Maaic Store* or at the Hall. *PW H SUMMER RESORTS. HE BALTIMORE AND OHIO BA1LBOAD COM PA Bf'8 HOTEL, AT DBBB PAKK. Will be OPEN fob VISITOHSonthe 10tn O* J I NE. and their NEW H(?TEL at Oak f land on the 1st OK Jl'LY. Applicants' f^r H vn.s or tntormatiou adJrea* the nn der?t?iteri. at Oakland, G?rre?t ooctht. Md. ap2S ijylfi JOIIN DAILET, Manager. GEJTTLESiEJr'8 OUTFITB. Iff Til U' ?ail Every Department Well Supplied, UARBESTN TO BEABIBE A large aaeortment, probably the largest In Waehincton, of >oo6* to select from. Fine Plaid Suiting*: Plain aad Fancy WuratedOoat lngs and BultinEa; Bine and Black Flannels; Bine, Black, PUld and Mlied Cneriot Suit ings: Bine. Black, Brown, Olire. Dahlia and M :ved Cloth* and Ooitmgs: Haud- -me Panta loon Pattern*; White and Fancy Veatln#*. Gentlemen of quiet Uataa are particularly In Tlted to inspect. Bnita made to meaaare from CM upward. Order* promptly filled, and la the beat Banner ?EADT lADI CABMEirra. Good Suit*, reliable good*, desirable aad sew ?tylee, for 916. Black wonted Coat*, with Veets to match, from 917.M to Handsome Pantaloon* from 95 upward. Spring Over coat*. In choice assortment, from 911 to 9?. Blue and Black Flannel Snita. Bine Cheviot Bnita. Drap d'Ete Coat*, Yeets aad Pants loon*. UIGBB1E. Perfectly fitting Shirt*. White aad Colored. Bilk and Linen Handkerchief* Collar*. Cnfl*, Bcarfs and Ties. Qauze, Gcsaamer, Merluo, BUk, Flannel. Jean, Linen. Thread and other I'nderwear of approved makes and >iualitlea. Kid and other Glove*. French and Baglish Bnependcrs and Brace* from SS cent* to 94. Plain and Fancy Half Hoee froa M cent* to Sl.SS per pair. Gymnast Sbirt*. Tight* and Trunk*. B utirp and Yachting Shirt*. Many article* not possible to enumerate. ONE TRICE ONLY, IB EVERT DEPARTMENT. QEORQE O. HENNINQ, 410 HEYESTH STBEKT, tpMtr SIGH OF THE GOLD MM FLBEOB. HD CHINA, CROCKERY, ?? CUTLERY, FLAT ED-WARE, HOUSEFURNISHINO GOODS, REFBIOEBATOES, ICE CHESTS, COOLERS, Ac. ap? t> Psaa'a ave.. near nth ?W<. ^ TH* A IMPROVED KITCHENER Will do the family csektag wtth one hair the coal required by aaj oiher Bangs la the market; eost* one half a* much a* other Bang** of ?* capacity, will save Ma pries la a few rear* la the Manas of ro paln, aad an ttt price svsry year ta the coal bill, la Modeled by the beet skill kaawa to the art, wtth a vUw to the fhmlly wtata, Md, havtag, Ws havs Small aad l?arg? Fa Hotel I The largeet aseortmeat of SLATE aad ~WHXTE Ma BBLB MABTELS aad PABUOB GB ATB3 ia tho dtp. hatwood * incunoi, )1F ?*? ITKEET RORTBWMT, I mj* tr BTOVM aad FLVMBIHO MOVMM. LADIFS' GOODS. _? 71^ THE NEW HATS. ?M1L1TA1RE AND FIFTH ATMS 17E." LAST OCT. JUST BE 'SITED AT DAVIS*. II* MASK ST SFiOI. /> iw Ooraer ?> <w?< Hll MISS I. A- MrCStairi, dfi ?W^B?B STKBBT. ?rr. CLOCD BClLDlk^j P?il? NMtTlM tt( lataet lonhiM la CBir AB i.' STRAW B <M BITS. BATS. LACKS f LOW kKS. Ac . Ac. Ulh? of Wwhloitoa u4 vicinity u? mini M oil ml eiaaloe. ??M b ^ HHI. J. r. fALlCR UwttwlmM wriHnil of PA BIS BOB BITS and HATS. Trtwra?d and Oatrtaaaed, Id CM* rmiri and Strew BaaAct Silk aad Bit-boa Fta* FkEBCH FLOW BBS, LACKS aad BOTBL ?i mm TIBB ms~ Special attentive to Order*. MIS. J. P. PAL1EB, ?*!i Bo. n?i r p<wh, t?twe?? ma a?d b^b. M WILLIAM IS THE SOLB A'JEWT r??M . the celot 'atari J . p P . OORSkl S aad OOS EASBB WATRRPBOOFS. II WILLIAM. SOI B IQIBT F ** TUB ? EL 1*1. ebr<t..i PERFORATED Bl < k*kiN (.1 BEB TEfTS lapMI tin MRS. >1. J. Hi IT ? V*o&ld call the at'entica of the ladle* t a tare ?' aortmetit uf FRENCH a < AM ki.lCAB PA1 1 Ihl BOB BATS. PRmm RAIK In groat variety and i?rU S Bn-.on KID GLOVES, aft >3. I 3 M at Si M SHHK<<II<BRIBV Ml n<r*.Cawbrtc and MaMBi ?i ttroatlt Kedaod Prt-n. apt <r OPKilEB A large and ae'ert MBcrUoeat of LACK caP*.HaT? ABD B'i~BBKT?. For Infai U aid Children. Of tb< latent et> !<?? and aaa^atlrwctire deetgn* rtoe arleotkw of H M Pl'KO KMUBOIDBBY ABD THIMB 1MWS IB EASTS' LA' E CAPS Hade an orte, HNS *?.IJBA RlPPftl . but tr bit Mb *H Pat-tit Ol VKKBlLTAi LADIES' SHOES, ? A 1<K TO OBDKB AT ? 10 Sl*B'Kt >(^r?iil|J>?liW UA ?. Atoe. cm band, a Sua *tuck of LADIES BOOTt ?t the Tc|lowit.? ?rto-? French kid Buttoned 9T ?? Baglleh ?? .. - a SB French Pit Ma " . A *0 Tbeee Oooda are all atade at Br e,-aMI?hBent and are rnaiaDt~-d to be a^aai to aL> murk Bans fact<:red In the LalUd State* mar^tr JAB. M. TIIULVA (,KUT SAt KIFIt r. OF ULMABHAlk U HOIISt. U A IB PB A I 1>S at a IS. former price B* t 0 I1AIK VBAIKS at ??. f?.rB*r yrne Bit *0 H A I k R MA H P at B?. f.>ro?er price ?8 BA HAIR B RAIDS aijlB. lorBer price |4 A LA RGB ARM'KIMSBT OF CHRAP HAM BIKU KIQIN<>< a. d IBSLRTIUBS. AFCLL LIBB OF LADIES INDKBOAB BABTb. A LARUE STOCK ?F BtB CBBRELLASaad PARASOLS, rt-aaraleaa of iO(t. LAOIK? CLCAKS ABD SUITS, at a nal re daction KM KAL ASP lBITATlOB LACKS. eery low OB HABD AND RK< EIVIBG DAILT, a larg* aoaorUuert of BIlLLlkEBl QO?PS The lateat itjle* ot HAT?. KIBPQWa, FLOWKKS.ale. ALMKil'HT BI' KIVBl). SBO d^ren I button KID QL0TKtt,all akaAea. and U?<- b?at la tka Barkai. for ?1. ll'l ISVITB THE LAD1KS TO CALL AID *? esaniiii' tnr et cfc Btrtt If B. H KLLKR, Tl? Mark at lywa ^fkcialtick. ircciAiiTiu. POl'O LABS'. ? IHTK ABW F-BT OLOPD. OOB^BTE. SK1BTS, BCBTLKS, FkrK' H LACBPBT POMPADOOBB PAl>B,SHOrLI>EB BRACES. HOSIER*. LAMIAS OOTTOH AM? BKklBv CBDEBWBAB. KI1' QLOVKB Stock of Fancr Ooudf ooo?alete Borrlllf* receUed Jalij. Agei c> for Doncatk Faabloaa tekS4-t? BOOKS AND STATIONERY. \\ *f'H H A/EL. Br anther ot WMe W'J< *t World ACUHAU A New Kr eland Li^e Bin ?. F KEB. > BT KURUIKU THKl B<?W N CH AIBS PLATO'S 15EI?T TBOrGBTM Br B?!'k!^r. ALl'kKBfckr b> D. L MOODk. Beviaad. Br blmarlf. MSMOIIi OK BORMAB roiunp'. P P THE SaBITaBV L'KAIBAUK OF BODSKS ABD lOWKS. For sal* by BM BALIA1TV1B. B)? tr ?<* PKVKB1 H bTKEBT jy K W B O V K ?. Macaolaj'a Life and Lett ra, br TrcratyaB. VOl. E .................. .|.l II. n I ............... B The A|e ot Kliiab?-tb,bv M<>rrta. Epoch aeriea. 1 A riwrnlatliiB, tf fcbnt7.?aberg?r, later. Si. Bal!wav iippiiancea br Barry Z S B Tlie PlleoiBa A novel P*p-r 78 In a Winter Oltr. by OniAa. I I* Pbratcai and k*liai n? kncwlwift, t<? BUtr . 1 W Wyeb the author of -Wide WW World' - - t 00 J ad i' t . ? l and lor aaie br BBOMrft BROS., n ' 1-tr Book?lleraand "tadeiwrn. nil Pa. it <H L BE WEST PUBLICATIOBS -I Blaofc 'a 1 Oeaeral Atlaa of tke World, anbractaa lakae dlaeorertee. new t <-indarlea and other ch.oaea, BH I Baccr ft i Uiat?r> of the Oalted 6t?te?. Cerj.ea Ola* edltleo. ?ol?ni? S. *? I. Orchard Or.tture. by E 8 Hand. BS ki 4 Oa Fermentation, by P. Scbntzeabeitrer. ?1 B< I Charcoal Prawtaa, By Allorae (from the French1, SI. t. PbyaMBi aad l>;irion* Knowledye. br Blxtoy. 01 SC. 7. Itmo rlea of FaBlllar Book*, by Dr W. B Beed.KlJi. i. ltbrnael; or, In the Depth*, by Bra Son*hworth, SI 75 ? LealteTyirall, by Oeorclana M Craik, SOc. Ml Poetry for Bone and School, by A&ga Baa* ter and Ida Bitot, |1 B. II- Attwood'a Bodere A Ber ican B cm fetearti. ft M 11. Shall ,-we.J Perlla. by M. A. Arery. B1JS II AartMl Tain- , ?Jfc). M. FloreDoe^arryafa Lncky Dia appolatnjent. S5e BJLOBOBS A CHAPMAB, Agents Lawreooe1* "Pare Linen" Paper*. apM tr SI 1 PoaaaylTentaaeeao* BANKERS. PUTS, CALLS A SPREADS Oa all the active stocks at beat a We adriae when and how toorxkATi *arat.T. Book firing t?U IntorBation on Sntck Pai viLk.*a?, aaai free. Addraw order* by Ball and telegraph to BAXTER A CO., BA A A KBS AND BhOKEKS BarB jAKIy IT Wall etreet. Be*r Tork. SI00 JRlVmim 81,700 daring the yac: few m?ithi. under oar iByrored ?5 ?tem ol operating la Stock*. Biak* redaoad to noBinal aoaB and pr?&ta Incraaaad. B <^k coatala iag mil lblortnatloa sent on application. TUB BRIDGE B CO , ayg-tr Banker* and Broker*. B Wall *t ? B. T. THE TRADES. A LKXABDBR BALL. WILLIAM BALL, A (Lau <riih(i. W.baiMm.) BALL h CO.. m *Lclactcrer* atid Dealer* la Boon, BaaB aad Bitada. Glaea, Bard ware aad all Bnlldiag Maaartal. S?T Mnaarhnaeta aran je, between <i.h aad 7tb mm i Baiaa rnaaaM avan je, betwaea t.ti aad 7ih ?treat* northweat, aeU g -xlt SO per cent. chaap*t than aay other bonae Call aad esamtae. )eW ly R * M ? T ? L JAMBS V. BRIM, FLOMBAB AM) HAS tJTlAA, ^ Bll tTB BT. BOBTHWEST ^ W H I S ? B. JOBB O. BOBAB,~ris Maaataotarer of a Bewty aad VantilaUDg Awnlog far Bnlldlcgi and Private lor aateor root. Bole Mildew Proof wjtrcmuB ?B0LJ8H, HW1S8 A5D O O I DKLIVKRKD TO ALL PABTS OF TBB CITY BT THB SAMA AATA.

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