Newspaper of Evening Star, May 10, 1876, Page 1

Newspaper of Evening Star dated May 10, 1876 Page 1
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V?. 47-n2. 7.214. Washington, i). c.. Wednesday, may 10, i87??. two cents. THE EVENING STAR. rrBLlSHEl) DI!L?? Sundays titrpttd) AT TUK STAR BUILDINGS, ? T The Evening 8tar Kewspaper Company, *. if MAirraAxrr, #vw?. Twv Kxthjiq Star t* wrmf fty rnrrtrrn tr> H/ wrVxTi a/ Ten Oil* per w?k. or Korty fbor Out* p*-r moo b. at the rotmter, Two Onto MM-b. /?.(/ n*nU?poitnrjt pteu<tui Blity OntA a naonUi. one je*r. ?6. Thk Wuklt Star-vuMuhedo* Frvlrxy 92 a year, pontage prrpuiiL BTAU mtl>*cHpti<yn? inrrvuiN'/ in uhw?. %T Kf? o/ <*h*,n\hert art apptfrntim. SPECIAL yOTICIv*. BISHOP HAVEN en AMEKIO\'< To BC W PbUd M K. ' hirco. If oNDaY BBINW. May )5tb. Adalwln,25crt. royi*' J.* riSTHUBULUIXO AsSUJI aTlOB, ' ? 'J.? *lf?j -HI b monthly u;-ei;ag in 1HIBSDAT E\BNINO,llth io-tint. II ?M. w MOO if. IWu'wr. JH'Nd O* Jotl >U.\U ? * up* . ?*, m ?'iiu? ?e' ?' lb. Ol:\Nl? < CU*OlL will be h-l.l .2 ma ? II* I t;.?wi nnnh.i,.|*?W8 h aal7th, ??/UCfcHAY EVSNINt. M?t 11th, ' K. gt'6Dlil, Grand Sejrattrr. LJ* * s B0 M t ? T I Ro'of fuE kKKT I>BA? ci-WNfEK* RE-n.*NTS a d Cn i kL **',*?* "b 'I h -?r-ft a- 1 Mcimy, J!.? *".^1 \? T,,^a?l>A* AVBNINO.the 1Kb ' *| CUfcaoMh Bali oa 14rb ? rt?t, b?i?wu ?V?f M"! *?????? lo iwrftci ii!ea?nr?? for tli* eattbmhlimit of a Market lIon?e for th *t ?<?ct;o? of I ?.cliV ?? rai-a* latereated ar? rc?pert'nli? ?o l>? pr*<< m. n,vj St .TnJt J 4CK US L'KMU! R *TI<; A3SO. ??-X ? urioa W)II n^t?' II.It. Lonlai v .'vV?. ". blt2VJ' 0 ? a*,<! 7,h "'-tv on WKll ii.. . B * fcNIN??.'0?h ln?tat>f, at 7'i n>| , i 1 D. I rhe National ''nervation ??" 3l J<>a.N ?J?_01fa'S. Piafcknt. (P>*, iT^nVT'* Vr*! A MIITiS l'at Bi I. .V 1 N.O.IT. M?y 18, at H u\ lock p.m. for the mr. < rfauf ir* a n*? Bail-lac aa?> ria?t..j. All p? r??;.* wi-biag to connect th ma Ira* ""? *nf h " ?ceiatk>? aie;,d to attend aud panic ?,?? IT*^CJ* THK AKLI NijT?' s ' (> OPttlTITK ILP1N ? A>?? JCIATIOM h " .', Ith r?*c ?r n T.tb.j aj. ?tit k. for lh? piTmon' of due* ?i.UaiuK).arcH, * BTPi KM)A V. M ?v IMh. 7 o clock p pi ,at .h? Boara. I Tr?de Bunrai. *? 14 . A,"'."nnJi t > ?t .cth laer? are ftiQiDta Ju -2U n.oDfM) inst?inx>it'. i?? I.,. HYDB. Pr?nf l?*t. JH<> J?>> II?QH Wy, 7 I I G ?t. n:-J 3t > A LIEliAb>IANN h? e< ::tltun| ?b? pra< ic? of bn prt>f?>??i >ti on ?can' of impair*.! htmib. nu8-4t* KlV.HKNhV U \KU BBC'JtiCU WILL --? Lrf?* ,f"' Acad -ay of Jl'i-ir B?-ti ??rf.HAI IH b. at ^ o c'? c k Hnbjer*: ?? U lu-i o In Id acatton " Tlckeu 91. at M ;?-?ttr*y ? M-mic ?tcr? and at tbe dc??r. mi* th.a m t.w.tra TUB BBS T. ? II-PrBB'S f?OPA WATIR. H %TrBA L SPKia? W ATKB.1 om Urarstht. 1CB COLD TK\, COFrrB aLd CHOCOLATB. 144V ru?Tlv?su AVI.1CR, Bear VflM'l, tr UB.NBY H1SB GABNBTT, ATTOaitST AT LAW, No. 1 Columbia Law Building, ?pH lm 8tb street, bet D ted E. |^?B W WUITAKBB, Vr li-M'Titl Cum /?*?/ Cn'JtrUrm A"nt, ?o. Tii Utb street. Dear Tremarj OeMrtiodDt, l?i?trKt Claim*, Pmaiun ai.1 B- anty CUi~* ? apll BBKVOC8 BXHACSTION.-A M?Jic\l ? cooipriilug a a<riea of lectnrea de!if ?wd at aabn ? Hc?nm of anatomy. Now Y rX CB ? "M**1 o?* ?f Prematcre Decline, Phow ng Irdlapntatly how lo?t bealthmay be regained, affording a c?*ar syn^pMa of tbe iaapedUneutp to ?"? th* of nerroaoand any*l cal debility. being tbe result of au >ear?'exp^riepce. Frice, JS canta. AUdreMtbx aotbor.Dr. L J. Kaba, off ro at.d re?<decc?. ?'>! Ba*> lfih *t , W ?. ap1. So I) (X/OB S. Jm. & CO , BARK BB?, *>r,-|T iivi r rti6?* 9TbTIiATKOBI" KSNDALL, ?>"_ _ 4*0 l<6liia!at;a avenae, jar* ?w ATTOKXSt AT LAW, Law la jc/Hjison * cj., b A UK BUS, ??r*?r t/ 10!4 Strut ani fita?v>rn*ti A?*m?4, _r?al?T?_!E Gorernment aud Dlitrlct Swr'tlsj y<-rf;gi> fi-(i>a|f ?ii-l Q(|<1 sepl4-ly ?CA5l L'BL U. IOLNG, HOTABY PL'bLIO, f Oyp:c??Star Butikji. OPTICIAN ? To tki\ Putin.?My newly in\ented Bye cla*?, wbich 1 Bow miLul ir *nre with eight worttren, ~vJ^ any kyegiartiln the whjle w^rH. They c*a be grgi.a cd by two -mall -cr-wj to exactly fit the 2LanT.?1^*1 n or naplea?*:)| t?eiic?. They Zh Vf b7z?,i,m ?od the newly dlpodr fL. elw rnrn?at:,M and Mghtnew IluIa ? *?} Mt??nre taken and or^er Blled in fifteen minntfp ?i??-le?EtoAYnt55X*??**? ,8M ? y * , *QTentor. Pat?-n?e> anJ Manolactorer. L BAMktl.1 * ia4 * OPTJCJA.VS, aAn Ho. 1397 PtiiMLTiSu Avitci '"CJ* B ns'ae bra?llian Pebb!e Spectacle d*c7 ly.latp ".1 B*iLSl? FOR THE HARD TIME3. liKAI) XIIIH. A GOOD FULL 81 IT FOB $*, >aine $U. A VCBT CBNTBBL SUIT EOB 010 Actcal Yalne 913. Ql'lTB A MCB IC1T BOB ?14, Actnal Value 517. ?INB ALL-WOOL SClTd FOB i\Z, Actual Value BLBGAMT Bl SIMBfes SUITS FOB 919. Actnal Valna ? Ji. YBBY 8UPBB1UB SUITS FOB CiO, Actnal Valne BIBB CLSTOS-MAOB SUITS FOB ?i3. Actaal Valne 939. LOTS' CLOTHING AT THE SAMB LOW KATES. MABLI BROS., Mtrohar: Tailon and Fine Olotkian, ?wB a Caraar Tth and U ttraata. SrRLNG IIATS. Our aapply tl Sprjii< ai l Summer KITS now Mi|ht?. BNGLISH DBBItT'S, all new cjlori* SO FT FBLTS, all i'w r<-lor? .itJ ?hip*". DUBLAP S SBW TOBk. NOVBLTiBS, ja?t hMacd MISSBS AND CU1LDBBM S LBGUOBBT, HI LAB ABD teABTOB S1BAW Mild, iu all ?ha pec. tour stock is ths lakqmst. WILLE1T dk BCOFF, _ ?74 7w VMS PBBMYLTAJna Atm?. WI*1 Atl KBCBIVlftQ DAILY FBOB O ? _ Fyctcf y. In Balt:iuo*#, frnab auppllea of tb ? f.^BGABT 7i CEMT UBFIBISIBD. aud 91 > I31SBBU SH1BTS. Bade of tba Baat Wam.m > P L?, ?,B*1 Tweaty-oae H nod red Lioea. ?t the 8H?T FAOTOBY. Bo. I'lHf airv?t. Waabmgtoa. ?bmgton J. W. DABB. Maaag-r. DBK8S SHIBTS M%DB TO OBDBB ^ Tf'* Bfttarial aad to tbe moet ceot ?rati . j w ot DABB. VuM?r. For Bala at _ ? _ CU BIS BADH' HOTEL. aa!7 lm Ooraar of UWh and B atractp. , LM.BBBi.LA9 ABD PABASOLS CUV BBBD ABD BBFAIBBD. A* TUB ? ABl'FAOTOBY, M< 1b* an D atn*t aorthweat.^* ^ P9? 1 0OW9 aad * Apply U> M. LYONS, >i Water Gaorg?town. Payment re^.trad la ad a pin a ? !\1ILWAIBIK RU'-B. l ', W1^"L,J" "" ' " Ifth and B atretti. EVENING STAR. Washington News and Gossip. Govirn^ent Receipts To-dat.?inter ! cal revenue, ?153 91*u3; customs, f4tl,615.*6. I)k Ji kkkies. Assistant Printing Clerk, has teen removed oy Clerk Adtm^, of thi i Ilou?ecf Representatives, to make room for I a democrat. Naval Orpf.ks -M:ister A. C. Dilling ham, detached from tbe Nantucket, ana placed on waiting orders. Lieutenant W. N It Islnn^er, from the hydro^raphlc of!l:c, and ordered to ordnance duty. COL. Norton, president of the Mt. Vernon Military Arademy, situated at Morgan Park, tear Chicago, arrived here this m jrn 1> i? 10 make application to the Secretary of AVar for ca and rifles for tne ca lets of iiit arsdemy. The c*<ift# will visit tbe Cea it-! i;al r.xliibitiun and also this city la the I n.oDtb ol June. Mr. Cn a s. English, cdlector of the port 1 <? Georgetown, against whom charges have t> en made for allowiog the entry ol llquori without compelling the amount due for nnties to he j?ld down, has paid luto the Treararj ti e amount due, ?1,70D. Nothiug fi rtffcr will be done In hit ca<e until tiio s? cittary icturns from Philadelphia. The Latest Bkistow Rcasdal Ex plained.?The published statement that .secretary Biistow suspended proceedings .-ali st John Buckner. collector of internal r? venue at Linlsville. wiio was a defaulter to tl e extent of *100,oon, hecau-e Mr. Miles, t ^Pr fatner of Mrs BrlstDW, who dlej and ;? ft her a t audsorue legacy, was on the bond i? positively denied. Backner's cashier, Jacksoo, robbed him of ?t'5,0?>o and 6Ubse <,nei tly committed suicide. Miles's name I l- on none of Buckner'a bonds, which are for ! 1150,Mo. and arrply secure the government. Bfniamin Wilson, Representative In Codgress from the Wheeling (W. Va.) dls tilct. who was for a lung time so dangerous ly 111 here, has so far recovered as to be able t>? leave for his home this morning. He hopes tn retain again by the 1st of June to r*stime his duties In tbe Mouse of Repre sentatives. ^fter going through a severe siege of typhoid fever, Mr. Wllsou suflerod from successive hemorrhages, which left htm In a very precarious couditiou, and his cure ami unexpected reepvery are pronounced by his attending physicians, Drs. Thompson nr.d Gamett. to be almost without parallel. In two of his hemorrhages he lost no lesK than live pounds of arterial blood, and was racked with a physical pain which any but the n.o't extraordinary nervo and vitality iitu?t have succumbed to. army Orders.?A general court-martial 1* appointed to meet at West Point, N. Y., May iHib, we, for the trial of Sergeant Jas. >i*>.raii. company E battalion of engine?rs, and other pri^oi.ers as may he brought before it: the court to be composed of Captain E. B. Beanmout. lit cavalry; 1st Lieutenants Sedgwick Pratt, 3d artillery; T. H. Barber, l-t artillery; Cnas. Rhaler, orenance depart ment; D. I). Johnson,5th cavalry; Jl Lleu U aats Ol L. Hein, 1st cavalry; Wallace Moft, ?th Infantry, and 24 Lieutenant H. L Harris, 1st artillery, to bejudge advocate of the court. The superintendent general re?ruiting service will causel'*) recruits to be prepared and forwarded, eighty Ave to Bi-marok, Pakata territory, for ?:th Infan try; eighty to Fort Abercrombie, Dakota territory, for 17th Infantry, and twenty live to Fort Si.eillng. Minn., for 20tn Infantry, t ap'uin Jame9 W. Piper, battery C, and W. F. Randolph, hat'ery A. will exchange posts. 1st Lieutenant J. A. Fesseaden, bit tery G. and Frederick Robinson, battery A, will also exchange posts. Leave of absence for one year, on surgeon's certltlcate of dis ability Is f ranted 1st Lieutenant G. 8. Jen nitgs. 1st lefattry, Fort Sully, Dakota ter r tory. Hours ok the Exhibition?Tne Phila delphia Inquirer earnestly advocates tiie ,,^'uiiigof the Centennial erbibition at sis !n the Tnovni^S; Instead of nine, as agreed o i by the piar-a^rs^Qn the jnjund that many tucose thai tim6 as k matter oi coii venlei>ce. small tradesmen and tbe like, who could return to their stores before the rnsh of business begins, whilst others would choose the cool morning hoars to avoid the glare of the sun and the rush of the people. The Inquirer also expresses the opinion tnat the p'lce of admission will be lowered to twenty- Ave cents. attacked by School Boy9.?A crovd of school boys set upon a market mau named John Reed Monday afternoon as he was on his way home from Lowell, Mass., to his home In Chelmsford. One of the lads, named Edward Connor, pulled out a pocket cistol and tired at a barrel In tbe wagon. Tne ball struck Reed on the right side, making a dangerous, arid perhaps fatal, wound. Connors fled, and has not yet been arrested. A Monarch ok the Turk Disat. t.ed. The report concerning the breaking down of the gu-at Blue Grass colt. King Alfonso, has teen confirmed. Mr. Swlgert, his owner, had detected something wrong In one of his forelegs, and, knowing that a large amouut or mo-'ey would be staked on the King, ran him a trial race, tbe result of which waa the di covery of a broken tendon la his right foieleg. Hayne has been formally sworn In as mayor of Chicago, and tne council has passed a resolution instructing the heads or depart ments to recognize Hayneonly. Mayor Col vln presided, but Immediately after issued a proclamation ordering headsof departments not to recognize Hayne, and declaring the council proceedings illegal, revolutionary and void. The .Striker*- War in Ohio.?A Cleve land, Ohio, dispatch says there Is much ex. " lterr.eut tn tbe Masslion mining region, and further trouble with tbe sinking miners Is anticipated. Non union men are worklug ncder military protection, and two more companies were ordered to Ma?silon last night. Hard Time? in the Coal Rkcions Advices from Scranton, Pa., state that there ;s every Indication that there will be a gene, ml suspension of mining operations lu the anthracite coal regions at no distant day. Collieries are dally closing operations or be ll g worked on greatly reduced time. An Embezzler arraigned.?Dr. W. D. Nolen.ex collector of customs at Wilming ton, Del., appeared before a United States commissioner yesterday, and waiving a liearirg, gave bail In ?5.9oo to answer at court the charge of embezzlement which had been preferred against him. Colonel Gordon, the Afrlcau explorer, has atuLdoced bis proposed expedition to the Interior, owing, it is said, to lack of funds. We rear that the exploration of Cen tral Africa must become, after all, an ex clusively American enterprise?f.V. Y. Jler. aid. In the Yost mceder trial at Potts ville. Pa,, yesterday tne detective James McParlan, who iiecame a member of tbe , Moliy Magulres in order to ascertain their i schemes, gave a rull history of their outrages and murders In the coal regions daring the great strike; Failure.?Tiie grocery Arm of Dufresne A McGarity, of Montreal and Ottawa,Canada, have suspended. Their liabilities are be tween t wo and three hundred thousand dol a-s. It Is undershoot th*' the liabilities are < xceeded by ti e <t .d all claims will I } >obat>ly be met The8tokis('*-k -T - a rit of certiorari lu iheBtokes e<^ ? v. -n iKnu-sed yesterday, atd the action oi Juige DycEiaan dismiss ing the writ of habeas corpus aud remanding fctdke* to prison confirmed. Tne case now g< es to the court of appeals. Bow-en to bb Bounced?The final meet ing or the Boweu Investigating committed was I eld last Light. Their report will be sut ndtted at a busimws meeting of the Ply month Chnreb to night. It is thought that I It will lecommend Bowen's expulsion. THE INSURRECTION in BULOAEIA Is much or ore serious than at first sa pposed. Hid the Turkish government Is sending ail 1 la available forces vt the scene of dlsturb as rapidly as possible. Pkookid Whisey Indictments.?The giard joiy of the U. 8. Court at the New I York ) >Mi rday presented thirty Indictments atfilt st pn minent llqaor dealersof that city < lu tiauactJon* in crooked whisky. Telegrams to The Star. THE CENTENNIAL. OPENING CEREMONIES. A GOOD "SEND OFF. 33 THE RUSH TO THE GROUNDS. . * y IJJIfEXSE CO -VCO r HSE. THE PRESIDENT'S ADDRESS. Other Opening Speeches. Th c Pt-a if i r a u d t h c 11 y nni. METHODIST GENERAL CONFERENCE. The "Book Concern" Charge. THE NAVArj INVESTIGATION. Testimony oi' Henry Clews. HIE fESTESjjm EXHIBITION. OpeulusCerenioulfn To.Ua/. Philadklfhia, May lO.-To-day beinz a ?gal Holiday in this state, all the places'o: Opines, in the city are closed, an J buntln, is displayed in pro.asion on all the t'aor 2SSEK? w""""""" THE UATEft OI'gSKD. The gates of the exhibition were promptly opened at 9 a. ra. since that hour there has been at all the different entrances a continu ous jam. The clouds, which had up to 7 a m been very threatening, bave now entirely disappeared, and the indications are mat the day will be extremely hot. The forego com missioners and other distinguished Kueus aie being seated with very Utile confusion their entrance being etlectei ti ro i^h tho main exhibition building wijictf ^u V main closed to the general public^i'U noJa THE CEREMONIES OPENED At precisely 1015 a. m , the nat o iai u.r.^r orchestra.3 ar? bPlaS perfori?'M lar*e Jt Is estimated 5i00) people an- on i>i? grounds,and the populace is still pressing at ail of the\arlous entrances. Everv avln abl?- spot in the neighborhood of t le tfrand ?,dK iuirou,.of Memorial Hall is occunTe { t>y the crowd, who are now irnnat e' fv a wailing the arrival of the Presld^JtV,r l "ited Mates, who has just been tse >rte.| to the main entrance by the Military. Tje s is low shining brightly, and the mud i? the i HE IXAl'OCRAt. CERKM02TIE4 are now (UMo a.m.) fully under wav it I* SSffSUSRSG uraEK At 10 30 a. m. Bom P-lro ftr-ived and was ' nijr'/lpj to llis fi"nl l,y General Hawley At :o ? Genial Philip Sheridan andv^fcrass e over trom the building to the m-i- a in ofte?natY l'ui'H' Halld"' '? SerendHlon .i"i? Hati<?ial aus, and he tva* greeted with Meat applause, which he tracefullv a.>i j owieclged He was closelv follow ly ?" the front ol the plat form! O, vernV Har, iai f , General IUwley a:;d lioj f, j v?"' rill c cupied seats on tils lef. ^iiiie vit^rV John Welsh and Uo'hom 'VCre n ii. riD. ' dable amusemen; was caused bv the sudden appearance of Krej l whn had bv sum,, mis- n?neH "??"?? a. iZ to hilpiiSUr'SJ I'-?"orm, He was greeted with caoers. THE PLATFORM presented a tine appearance, as the diplo matic officers and attaches were in full uni form, and there were many military men from all parts of the country present. The orchestra was all In place before to o'clock, aud at precisely 15 raiuu!e3 past 10, Gen Hawley waved his handkerchief as a siguai for commencement of the national airs of ah nations. At M minutes past 19 the EMPEROR OF RKA7.1L and party came to the platform and were lS^dl.T? cneered. The orchestra played the Brazlliau national hymu as he mounted the steps, and was greeetrd by Oeu. Hawlev and o here of the commission. Toe Emperor w is ai?J wore a decoraUoa con C6Al6d under th? l&ppel of his cort Th#* lid m?ntas by this time much crowded, seau At7iiu^lf0 1 unPr<>vlfl,'d with seats. At 10.48 the signal was given tor the muhlc to -top, and 5 minutes later THE PRESIDENT, escorted by General Hawley, advanced to cl^e^dntTh?tor,.iPla,iror.I?1,aDa was loncl|y cueered. The orchestra then played "Hall ?,duLiDg whlcb time the Presi ?? ?book hands with the Emperor and &**??ts. The Philadelphia city troons which escorted the President, fllei down li^tftHVh6 grantI 8lai'd and somewhat re Pressure there. At 10 50 General Hawley gave the signal to the orchestra which played Wagner's grand march. The music cloe d at ll.lo, when General Hawley ^i^hop Simpson would in ? blessing. Conversation cease 1, and throughout the prayer tne entire assem blage maintained excellent order with the flon? D ?f Bomeo1 1,10 uio.e dlstaut por l'raytr by Rt Rev. ln?liO|i Simpson. Almighty and everlasting Uod, our hea venly father: Heaven is Thy throne, aud the earth Is Thy footstool. Before Toy ma jesty anu holiness the angels veil their fac-s and the spirits of the just made perfect bow In humble adoration. Thou art the creator -h1 . Jthe preserver of all tnat e\,st, whether they be thrones or dominions, or principalities or powers. The minute and the vast, atoms and worlds, alike a'test the ubiquity of Thy presence aud the omnipo tence ol Thy sway. Thou alone art the H >v erelgn Kuler of nations. Tuou raisetii ud dowu aDoU>or, aud Tnou glvest tlie kingdoms of the world to who u sceverThou wilt. The past, with all its re thr rViSu "'f. nn'0ldlng of Thy counsels and Hon S?1,zation of Thv grand designs; we as our r,*hlfQl Raler; the King f^waIl. ?,morl*1 and invisible; tne only true God, blessed forever more. y onr on this glad day, oh, thou God of tbe8e courts with thauki d Xif 5.^ Into these gates with praise. We ?* Thy Wonderful gooJness in Uie land which Taoa sravest to 11,? ?at^er".' * l*nd veiled from the eyes of L nf M world, but revealed in the full Tn?u rtldlt'Tei?. hvyT.hP*en peDp'-' 1 ui u i.inst lead by Thine osrn ri>?ht hmH vaVt'^Tt^f bllrlo."s ot tbe deep; a"*laud of Jextent, of towering monntains ana proJ""* pH2,aV?? aca sacritlce, who braved mSiti Uled dangers rather than denie their w?u sctences or be nntrue lo their God; men w o laid on the broa^i foundations of trut'i an i juMice the grand structure of civil fr^om rJ\f Hrals^ T,lt0 for UlP <?'<>#!.K century for the founders of the repnbl.c; fir ?,.*? ini-' mortal Washington, his gratii asso'fat^l lor the wisdom wi'h w(uch lhey planned knd the flrmness and heroism which, undpr Tny TS w?JCtLl|breShi.n triumphant success. 100a wfifit their shield lu hour^ of dAn9Ar ^ flrrePhiVtlf10,^oby ' their piflar of Ore by night. May we. tneir sons walk We fhank XhLTf lmltat^ the'r virtues, rro'fJrUv ?., i ?oclal an'l natloual y progress, for valuable dls multiplied Inventions, for U>?or saving machinery, relieving the toiline masses; for schools, free as the morning light for the millions or the-rNln* ge )erttlrKr; for ar<l periodical* scattered litre leaves o* autumn over tbe land, for a*t at d ?i-!cnr \ frr Ttertom to worship Go I according to the d ctatesof conscience; for a cauieu unfet tered by the tram rnels of state. Bless, we pray Thee, the President of the United States arid his constitutional alvi s*ts, the judges of the Supreme Court, the Senators and Representative* In Congress, ? ho governors of our several commonwealths, the officers of the army and the navy, aid ail who ar>' In official position throughout our land. Guide them, we pray Tnee. with Thy widest counsels, and may th<*v ever rale in rlehteousuess. We ask Thy blessing to PitufO ) the president and members of the Centennial commission, and npo-i tbos" as sociated with them lu the various depirt ruerts, who have lat?or??d Ion*and earnestly, amulet anxieties and difficulties, for tbes.ic c?s? of this enterprise. May Tny special blessing, o thou Gil of all the nations of the earth. rest UjKin our national guests?onr visitor* from distant lai ds. We welcome the n to saoros, and w<* rejoice In their presence amo.ig us, whelher they repre^eat thrones, or culture, or research; or whether they come to exhibit the triumphs of genius a>:d art, iu the devel oj merit of Industry, and In the progress of civilization. Preserve Thon, them, we be te ch Thee. In health and safety; and In due tirro may they be welcomed by 1 jved on?s again to their own, their native lands. Let Tny blessing rest rlc lly on tills cen tenolal celebration. M*y the lives and lealthof all inte-ested be precio-is In Thy sight. Preside iu its assemblies Grant that this association in effort may bind more closely together every part of our great re public, so that our union may be perpetual and indissoluble. Let lis influence draw the nations of the earth Into a happier unity. Hereafter we pray Thee may all disputei questions be settled by arbitration and not ?>y the sword, ami may wars foraver cease among the sous of men. May the now ??cu tury be better than the past, more radiant with the light m true philosophy, warmer with the emanations ol a world -wide sym pathy. May capital, geuius and labor be f;eed from ail antagonism by the establish ment and application of t>uc'U principles of justice and equity as shall reconcile diver sities interests and bind in imperishable bot ds all parts of society. We pray thy benediction especially 0:1 the wf men of America, who for the first time in 11 e history of our race, take so conspicuous h place lit the national celebration. May the lUhtof their intelligence, purity and enter prise shed its beams a'ar. nntil in distant lan ls their sisters may realize the beauty m lgloryof Christian ireedora ani eleva tion. We beseech thee, Almighty Father, that our beloved Republic may be strength ened in every element of true greatness, until her mission is accomplished by pre senting to the word an illustration ot the happiness of a free people, with a free chuich. iu a free state, under laws of their own enactment, and under rulers of their imn st lection, acknowledging supreme alle * 1s tee only to the King of Kings and L'<rd of Lords. And as thou <'i 1st give to one of Its illustrious sons nrsl to draw expjrimentally the electric spark from heaven wnich has since girdled the globe in its celistlal whis 1 < r- of "G'ory to God in the hig rest; pe;ire on earth and good will to men," so to latest nine may the mission of America, under divlr.e inspiration, be one of affection, brotherhood and love for ail our ra-e. And may the coming centuries be tilled with toe gioiy of our christian civilization. And unto thee. Our Father, through Him whose life is the light of men, will we ascribe glory and praise^ now and forever. Amen. This was followed by the renJition of Mr. vl hittler's hymu. II3111U tiy .lultu Greeuleaf WJiittier. Mufir by John K. Paine. of Muss. Organ a,"t Orchestral accotii/xtniineiU. Our fathers' Gol! from out whose hind The centuries fall like grains ol' saad, We meet to uay. united, free. And lo; al to our land and Tine, 1o thauk Tt;fe for I he era done, And trust Thee for the openiog 01c. Here, w Ik re of old. by Thy design, Tee lutntrs spake that word of Tiling, Whose echo is the glad retrain O' lenOed bolt and fulling chain, To grace onr festal time, from ail The zoLcs ?f er rth cur guest? we call. Be with ns wi.ile the new world greets TLeold world thronging all its streets, L'i.v? Mug a;l the triumphs won Ky rit or toll beneath the sun: And uiito common gcci ordain This rivalchip of hHnd and brain, Tt.oti, who hast here m concord furled, Tbe war flogs of a gathered world, Eem-ath our Western skies fulfill The Orient's mission of good will. Arid, freighte l with lovt's Golden Fleece, Send back the Argonauts of peace. For art and labor met in truce, For beauty made the bride of use We thank'Thee, while, withal, we crave Tbe austere virtues strong to save, The honor proof to plate or gold, The manhood never bought nor sold ! O! make Thou us, through centuries long, In peace secure, in justice strong; ArouDd our gift of freedom draw The safeguards of Thy righte >us law; And, cast in some diviner mould, Let the new cycle shame the old! Mr. Welsh, President of the Centenuial Board of Finance, then,at 11 2?i o'clock, pre sented the bmldlrgs to the U. 8. Centennial Commission. I Mr. Welsh's Addrew Fmentation of the BmUHrv/s to the United S'ates C< triennial Commission by John Wel*h, Presi dent oj the Centennial Boarxl 0/ Finance. Mr. Presulent ami Gentlemen 0/ the United Stolet Centennial Commission:?In tbe presence of tbe government of tbe United 8(ates, and of the several distinguished bodies by whom we are surrounded, aud in behalf of the Cen tennial Board of Finance, I greet you. In readiness at the appointed time, I have the honor to announce to you that, under your supervision and in accordance with the plans fixed and established by you, we have erected tbe buildings belonging to us, and have made all tbe arrangements devolving on us necessary for the opening of the ??In ternational Exhibition." We hereby uow fo'mally epproprlate them for their intended occupation; ana we hold ourselves ready to make all further arraagements that may be needed forcarrjlng into full and complete eCect all the requirements of the acts of Con gress relating to the exhibition. For a like purpose, we also appropriate the buildlrge belonging to the state of Penn sylvania and the city of Philadelphia, erected by usat their bidding, to wit: Memo rial Hall, Machinery Hall,and Horticultural Hall. These and other substantial offerings stand as the evidence of their patriotic co operation. To the Urlt3d States of Ameri ca, through Congress, we are Indebted for the aid which crowded our sucess. Jn addition to those to which I have Just referred, there are other beautiful and con venient edifices, whlcb have oeeu erected by the representatives of foreign nations, by state authority, and by tudivldua's, which are also devoted to the purposes of the ex hibition. Ladles and gentlemen, if In the past we ba%e met with disappointments, difficulties and trials, they have been overcome by a consciousness that no sacrifice can be too treat which is made to honor the memories of those who brought our nation Into being. This commemoration of the events of 1776 excites our present gratitude. The assem blage here to-day of so many foreign repre sentatives unlttDg with us In this reveren tial tribute is our reward. We congratulate yon on the occurrence of this day. Many of the nations have gath ered here in peaceful competition. Hach may profit by the association. This exhibi tion is but a school; tbe mora thoroughly Its lessons are learned, the greater will-be the gain, and, when It shall have closed. If by that study the nations engaged In it snail have learned respect for each other, then It mav be hoped that veneration for Him who rules on high will become universal, and the at gels' song once more be heard? 'Glorj to G<k? la the highest. t. nd on earth p?ac?, ?ood ?lll towards men.? | Tbe speaker was frequently applauded. Gen. 11 aw ley then arose and said the President of the Centennial Commission, aac cepted the great trast confided to them by the board of finance. At ll.i* began the presentation speech by Gen. Hawley turning the exhibition build ings over to the President of the United Stales. General Hswler'* Addresi. Prtuntatum nf the inhibition to the President of the United t/tates, by Joseph Ji. Hauley, Pre sirtcnt of the Uniteit btatesXJnUemtiat Comntis *i.? I? Mr. rrendetit:?Five years ago the President f the United States declared it fltUngt&at "the completion of the first eontury of onr rational existence should becommemorated fcy an exhibition of the natural resources of the country and their development. And of Its progress In those arts which benelt mvi klnd," and ordeied that an exhibition of American and .orelgn arts, products, and manufactures shoul.l be held, nuder the aus riiees ol the government of the Knltest Ntate?, n the city of Philadelphia, in the year i *7tJ. To rut Into etrect the several laws relating to the Exhibition. the I'nited States Ceniea 1 lal Commission was constituted, comp >set of two commissioners from each state and territory, nominated by their respective gov ernors. and appointed by the Presl Jeut. rue Congress also ereateJ onr auxiliary and a??<> ciate corporation, the Centennial board of tlt.anee, whose unexpecte 1 ly heavy bur.lei's have been nobly borne. A reinariah'e an t prolorgea disturbance of t::e fit ances a id industries of the country has greatly magni fied the task; but we hope for a favorable .Imliimtiil of ihe decree of success attaint 1. July 4. ls.3, thl? grour J was dedicated to It* present use*. Twenty-one months ago ti?i? Memorial hall wa? begun. Ail the otir r o: e liuiulr il and eighty buildings within the In ciosuia have l?een erected within twelve months. All the buildings embrace 1 io the plan* of the commission itself are finished. The demands of applicants exceedet the space, and strenuous and continuous eTorts have been made to get every exhibit ready in time. By general consent the Exhibition Is ap propriafely hi Id in the City of Brotherly Dove. Yonder, almost within your view, staid the venerated editiee wherein occurred the event this work Is designed to commem f rate, and the hall in whlon the first Conti nental Congress assembled. Withiu the present limits of this great park were the homes of eminent patriots of that era. where Wasbir -ton and his associates received genet on*. hospitality and able counsel. You have observed the surpassing tieautvofthe situation placed at our disposal. Iu har mony with all this fitness is the liberal sup port given the by the state, Uie city, and the people Individually. Jn the t.atneof the United states you ex tended a resi?ctful and cordial invitation to the governments of other natious to be? represented and to participate In this Exbi b.don. You know the very acceptable terms in which they responded, from even the most distant regions. Their commissioners are here, and you will soon see with what e.i ergy and brilliancy they have entered upon this friendly competition In the arts of pe.i ^e. Jt has been the fervent hope of the Com mission that during 'his festival year the people trom all states aud sections, of all creeds aud churches, ail parties and class* e. burying all re-eutmeuts, would come up to gether to litis birthplace of our liberties, tt ktudy the evidence of our resources; to meas ure the progress of an hundred years; ano to examine toour profit tiie wonderful products of other lands; but espeeially to join hands in j>erfect iraternlty. and promise the God of our fathers that the new century shall s ir pass the old in the true glories of civiliza tion. And fujthermore, that from the asso ciation here of welcome visitors from all na tions. there may lesult not alone great bene fits to in\entiou, manufactures, agrlcul ture, trade and commerce, but also stronger international friendships and more 1 toting peace. Thus reporting to you, Mr. President, un der thelawsof the government a id the lis ige of similar occasions, in die name ot the I nited Htates Centennlal t'ommission, I present to your view the International Ex hibition ol W6. The President of lbe United States at five minutes of 1.' o'clock, amid treat applause, delivered his siw-ech accepting the trust. The President's Kpeerli Aibhis* hi/ thi J'rrsiiicnt of the I fifa/ t, rout J*rr* lama ion "/ rhr fijKninrj ?/ the In'. <"Uu i'ul / j htbitic-it of l?tc. My FtUon countrymen: it has lieen thought appropriate, upon this Centennial occasion, to bring together in Philadelphia, for popu lar inspection, specimens of our attainments in the industrial aud fiue arts, aud in litera. lure, Fcier.ce a::d philosophy, as well as in ?lie great business of agriculture and oJ com metee. Tha' we may the more thoroujlily appre ciate the excellencies and ded.deuctts ox our achievements ai.d also give emphatic ex ?re^eion to ou? earnest desire :o cultivate he friendship of our fellow-mcnherj of the great family of nations, th?enliuirened ag ricultural. commercial, aud manufacturing peop'.eof the world have been invited to sen t hither e.oi responding specimens of their ski 1 to exhibit on equal tei ins iu friendly compe tition with our own. To this Invitation they have generorsly responded; for so doing we render them our hearty thanks. The beauty and utllityof the esontr.bu'lovs will this day be submitted to yourin?pec tion by the managers of this Kxhibltlon. We are glad to know that a view ot specimens of the skill ol all nations will afford to you uralloyed pleasure, as well as y ield to you a valuable practical knowledge of so many of the remaikable results of the wonderful skill existing In enlightened communities. Oue hundred years ago our esountry was new %nd but partially settled. Our necessi ties have compelled us to chietly expend our means acd time iu felling forests, subduing praiiles, building dwellings, factories, ships. Jocks, warehouses, mads, canals, machine ry. etc., etc. Most of our schools, churches, libraries, and asy lums have been established within an hundred y?ars. Burtheued by these great primal works of necessity which could not be delayed, we yet have done what tills exhibition will show in the direction ot rivaling ok'er and more advanced nations In law. medicine and theology; In science, literature, philosophy and the tine arts. Whilst proud of what we have done, we re gret that we have not done more. Our achievements have been great enough, how ever, to make It easy for our people to ac knowledge superior merit wherever found. And now, fellow citizens. I hope a careful eiamlnetlon of what is about to be exhibited to yon will not only inspire you witna pro found respect for the skill and taste of our friends from other nations, but also satisfy you with the attainments made by our own people during the past one hundred years. I invoke youi generous eo-operation who the woi thy commissioners to secure a bril liant success to this national exhibition, and to make the stay of our foretgu visitors ?to whem we extend^ hearty welcime? both profitable and pleasai t to tbem. I declare the Centennial Kxhlbition now open. The President was then loudly ch-??red, the Emperor of Brazil rising in his seat and jeiining in the demonstration by wariug his hat. Oic llnndred Ttaonxand People It was estimated that there were oe>t far from KX) ooo people in the assemblage at this time. The Cantata. At 11:35 Mr. Lauters' Cantata (heretofore published), music by Dudley Buck, ot Con nectlcut. was rendered with very great eiJect. Every word of the basso solo, by Myron W. Whitney, of Boston, was distinctly acdible at the rear of the guests platform. Tn? as semblage maintained excellent ord>r throughout, aud they loudly applauded Mr. Whitney, who acknowledged me compli ment by repeating a portion of the Cantata. At the close the members of the chorus called for Mr. Buck, the composer of the music, who made bis appearance and bowed an ac knowledgment of the compliment. At Hlfb Kmb. At precisely 12 o'clock, at a signal from General Hawley, the American flag was unfurled from the main building. The Hal lelujah Chorus was rendered with orchestral and organ accompaniment. A salute of 100 guns was fired from George's lllll. together with the ringing of the chimes from parts of the ground. During the performance of the chorus the foreign commlstoaer* passed from the platform Into the mam building, and took places upon the central aisle, before their respective departments; after which President Grant, acccompanled by Director General Gosborn, followed by the guests of the day, passed Into the main building, and from thence to Machinery Hall, and from there to the lodges' quarters, where a recep tion by the President was held. The Ceremonies Closed. The procession, beaded oy President Urint, after pasting through thn main ?x>ili>titoa building, pa?eed to Machinery Hall, where the President, at Ifip m. put iu motion the great engine, thus starting ail tuachiuery in that building. This closed the formal ceremonies of the day. Tke Centennial In Hew York. NSW YoBK; May 10?Xnere lsqulteadis f>lay of bunting here and frem the shipping n the harbor, in honor of the centennial. At aarstsgs. SARATOGA, May 10?Many of the promi nent buildings are decorated to-day with the national colors. In honor of the opening of the Centennial Kxpositlem. The bells of the town ball and churches were rung between the hours of 11 m. and 1 p. m. to-day. HIE MKTHOnifkT UERKBAL ?<?!? rCRUCK lb# ProrfMllMK* To 4*y. Paj.ti Jtoitr.. May 10.?Tbe general onf.-r ei oe was called to order tbi* mnroii g t?y Fisbop Andrew*. I! shop Harris announce! the follow!i f committees for the m:ii niini oatlon from the BrltUh Wesleyan con'er rnce Jf hu M. Waiden, Cincinnati. R ?nert M I1*ttVld. Phi *delpMa: George W. Fi?h. Detroit; J L. Walker,St. I?f?uls; T T. ?'h^e. Nmv Ha mpshlre, A. H^'imar, Baltimore; F. fcehrW-r. N?iitlern German. O.i r.n iu? mi ration services to t?e heId M*y J'??: J. Smut, lh>ini|i; W. I'. iM'puiw. In-tiana; W 8. Birch. Northei .1 India is; K B II ?t? l:n. Central Pei.nsj T. II. C<tr?k 11 ? ?'? u. Baltltuore. An*mtTCErsx. I J McKerrle. of Nebraska, ottered a res w lntion deploritg the ab?enee of so til l <y uumt? r* during the o,?enit<g relUious scr I vices or tbe dally ? eaMous, which was I *?!< j ?e>l. C. K. Herdrickson, of New J?>r?ev. offeref a m ;<>Inttoo requiring tt:? agent* of th? b>o* I coi cert* to lay (Wore th# annual and rr>i ersl conference* a de?*M< d sia'ement of fie I receipts and disbursement.* ..f each refemd to the committee oo the book c ?a I tfrn. Bishop Jane* presented a greeting from I ihe get eral conf?rer ?*of the African M. K. church, expressing the hope that soon all w:li b^ one in church; referrelto the com I mltte-e on fraterr:al eornispondenee. M. L Senrider, of New York, moved the I appointment of a committee of live to In ? <|inre Into the proceedings or the tranters of I Nt John'* cburch, New York, during the past four yearn, and to report the nam<>* of I 1 Ire persons to act as trusteesoi that church; which ?a? adopted. OFFICIAL PATRONAOB. J. M. Buckley, of N?>w Ywrk east, offered ? ti e following: Whereas ttie (ieneral Confer I ? n?e has create<l and gradually Increased an ? < ttkial patronage, until It now gives a sal aried office to more than one in ten of Ita I c>iical members; and wherea* there are ? often several candMates for every office. s0 I that ambition for office and the emoluments Introduces bargaining, combination, con tract* and promises. t.esldes being prelu II I clal to the exercise of Impartial Ju Igment on ? the various questions submitted to the gen eral conference, therefore, JifMMiti!, That the committee on the sta'e of the church leiiiMriiftel to consider the ten I dency ard effect of the state of things abive described; and, secord, to consider whether such r fflcial ratioi see can Dot bedlmtnt'bed. I>r. Cnrry. of New York, said lie bad tx-eo ? 'hree times elected to office and hal never made a pioml6e, nor. as far as he knew, did bis friends every make one forblm. After corsldcrable debate on the subject the reso lution was, on motion of W. P. 8towe, of Wisconsin, indefinitely postponed. I. 8 Bicrham, of northern New York, offered a resolution referring the <-onsoiidatton of t wo or more conference, or the division of con h rences during the next qnadrennlum to Uie decision of the presiding bishop of this gen eral conference, F. C. Hoi U lay, ot southeast It diana, offered a substitute leaving the I subject in the hands of the committee on boundaries, provided it shall not effect the color line. The substitute was a lopuxl. L. C. Matlock, of Wilmington, presented a report of the iraternal del -gates to tJe <.;ei exnl Conference of the African M. I*: Zion chnrch, which was ordered to ba I printed. J. P. Newman, of Washington, presented a resolution to send fraternal greetings to the executive c jaiin.ttee of tb ? Woman's Foreign Missionary Society, uow I In session lu Washington, which was I adopted. Bishop Janes presenled the gree* ir.g from the fraternal delegates of the Methodist church, which was reaJ. It I gives a succinct history of the church I in America, its progress and divisions, and ex pi esses the hope of an ultimate union of all Methodists in the couatry. R?v. Dr. I Alexander Clark, fraternal delega e from I the Methodist Church, aa-i tben presented I tiy Bishop Janes, a^id addressed the eouftr erce. He rejoiced in the wonderful success I of the M K. Church and tavored the absorp I I'on of nil alienating and disturbing ele ments. lie said color lines should be lost m I MirMiine of bicr-sed hrotherhol. The gra: d I oM we/rd "Methodism " ram^-s all. and ;s a worthy nppliratlon. Methodism has bat one heart, we are all brothers, an l our hou -t hoid faith Is a divine structure. ? ? FOREIGN SEWS, Liberty or lounelfarr In Npalu. Lusdos, May 10?A special dispatch to the Times from Madrid, saysCasteliar spote yesterday in the Congress lu favor of com plete libeity of conscience, and urged the alteiatlon and extension of article eievea of ibe new constitution. Erninn Prlsonerm. The Me.rmng Post says that I0H meoobers of Parliament have already signed the me morial a?King for releafeeoi the Fenian pris oners. Mcotcb Shooters at tbe Centeunlal Match. Losroj*. May 10.?Tbe Scottish 6mall-bore marksmen recently held a number of meet ings at Edinburgh and Glasgow for the pur rose of maturing arrangements for tbe ae lection of a team to represent Scotland at the American Centennial rifle match. Col. McDonald, of Queen's Edinburgh rifles vol unteer brigade, and sheriff of Invernesablre, has been elected captain of ttie team, and Col. Wilson, of the Stirlingshire rifle bat talion, adjutant. It has been determined that Uie team shall form a camp at tbe Cen tennial match, and already <3,000 have been firlvateiy subscribed to assist in defraying he expenses of the trip. About twenty of the crack shots or Scotland have siguifl<)d their intention of participating in the competition for the selection of the team, and more are expected. When tne shooting begins two sets of trial matches will be shot each, extending over two days. The first will take place simultaneously with the Elcbo shield trial on the 12th and 14th of June at Caw glen range*, near Glasgow, and second on the 2?th and 27th of JuueatCa pello, in Renfrewshire. Every competitor will Ore fifteen rounds at 800, 900 and 1,000 yards each, and the ten highest aggregate scores three out of tbe four days' shooting win be cbosen to go to America-eight as ihe team, with two reserve*. The team will leave Liverpool on a Cunard steamship July imh. the Cunard line only cbargtug a single fare for the round trip. Not Coming in tbe Onteanlal. Loxcoa, May 10?Tne presideut of t*?e Cambridge University Boat Club. Mr. W. B Chase, has written to the New York As sociated Press agent here as follow*: I have officially declined tbe Invltatioi of tbe United Association ot American Colleges to part<clpate In the Centennial regatta. In con8ee(cence of inability to organize a rep resentative crew. I hope some college four will go to Philadelphia. English Usees. Tbe race for the Chester cup, rnn h day at Chester, wac won by Tom O'Shanter, with Km man second and Grey Palmer third. Wlnslsw'* Case. Lokdon, May 10?The U. 8. legation has not been advised as to what conrse England will aoopt when application ror Wmslow's discharge la renewed. It's believed inofficial circles that no fnrther opposition to bis release will be ottered. The American rep resentative here will probably so nothing, so tbat whatever action is taken the respon sibility theieof will rest eolely with Eng land. ? MOLLY XAiriBI SECRET* Ol'T. Attempt to Break Dewa Detective ?cPariaa'a Testimony. Pottsvilli, May 10-?Toe cross examin ation or Detective lie Par lan was resumed this morning, and tbe witness was very mi nutely and severely questioned. Tbe object or tbe defence was (as bas already bean stated in their written oliter to do eo.) prove that the witness was, by his own abown.g, TBI OB'iADtZll or THB CRIMES which be was endeavoring to fasten upon others; that be led Ignorant men on and of. fered them rewards to oommlt crime, tbat he knew of meditated murders and did noth ing to frustrate the plans of the conspirators. During this croas examination be admitted that be KS1W THAT TOHM WAS TO B* A84AIISIlt ated; he knew it at 10 o'clock the day before tbe oeed wan committed, but tratbecoald com municate with no one but Franklin. He ? new. he admitted, of the Intended murder of SaDger, but be did not know wnea or where It was to be committed, and be was "shadowed." Ha thought bis own life was of more value to Mm uan the lives of all the people In the court room. On bis reex amination he said he knew Jones was being constantly guarded. He (witness) warned Governor James, arid so saved his life for a time. He saved tbe lives at different times of a boss panel Forsyth, at Hbenandoab, of Dr. Btsseil.of J*asle and Wm. Msj.w. ana of Wm. Tbomas, all of whom were threatened end their mrrder teeliy contemplated. Hmri t lr?? ?? ? Wit Kiw Yokk. Msy 10 ~T??* a?l ??? <* IM a< *?i<>ti of the n?Tjr yard m.t'?e wax I eld 0?j|?> Willi*. atd Corgn s*n en Lewis art Wnltt hone mere prcsert. Hrrrr ri?w? trttilM t!>?t be J rew tie *?> ?clu?UJit ftvotiri ttf d<?nc* li itklri irer.i Krrn'i li lr?m lUr;- s Bros. 4 Co , ol lxtC?iop. In Avrrirtn rtr-n* n atnly ?y r?? konof tbe met aclrg attitude tbe?? <M?Mng |r>g h?tween this wimlry ?' <1 Km ?record of the Alabama claim* ~i ? Tt-e President ru *1 t? r< I H KAftV t sr th* jnTfrnwn' hnltct and wwli to le n<: flilid to faithful. patriotic cutsets. ratber than to It oae who would be likely lo Join tbe ei.ctn v Hi the event of the breaking out of hostilities between the t wo nations. Mr (Itwasaid further that the Pf-i lent w as of opinion that tt was the duty 4* U*a goxett.Biet t lo I've a'.l honorable ??Iran )?(<> tn it* po*?r to It* owncttlseoa In |**f ereree to for?lfi ?r*. In reply to a queettaa a* to whether hi* Ami wa* In n?? railroad enterprises at the time c4 their i pi ointment a* the l/ir^oi fl: social Hk.<rt* of the t'ntte t Mates. Mr. Clew said tb?y were, and that Bering Kna. A Co., the former agent*. were lanreiy rwumllM to ai d Involved by many enterprises of Ida autre character. wme ot them | >-?wltt| much Itss Intrinsic merit than any lit* flrm ha.I been corn eet??d with, a id from trlnpti, by common report, they had sutTerM se verely both In loan of ra<>uey and ore tit. no moksv rain ron rarircivcc. Mr. C'rw* alao Mated that b?- bad paid no ir.oney to any officer of the government or t > any oueel*e for his Influence. la answer to a ?tuition by the c >mmittee in regard 1t * letter purportI"g to been a l tresse t to h'm by Hecrrtary It-toeeoa and published In a mornirg pap? r. he said that while he bai received a Utter almllar to the ooe pub. lsh?d. he could not swear ?o the acearacy ol the copy of the original having been Hill* FROM Ht* PttVATt PPK, at d therefore not In hl< p> .?????? i<?n. Several othc witness wore examined During the tuva%|tgati?Mi tt ban ??c?me known Lieut Bra i ford, assistant quar '? rmaMer. and son of Payntaaier Geoetal Bradford. although be haa leen In t'ie navy seven jeai>. ha* had no aea duty whatever cxeept a trip to F.urops la IT* as b arer ot di-|>atcbea to til* father Lieut Bradford ei ti n a the service in p?'>.aud now hulds the p?nl of a-?t>-taut ? , larter.-na'- er at tbe Brooklyn yard. l>urln( the pre.e-it at-asloa, which Includes ??igtit working lays. the commlttce has isam'ned ov<t o:e hand red u - j.1 ixkc <?? pnk.< -s of ie-timony. The entire expen??e* of the Investigation aa stated by the clia'rman have beeu only liW. a nil. lElllOlllsr IU?4?K 4 4?!V4 EBN. Itr. I.nitnlinu a t Mrte ?t iMmltraey. Cimissati, May in. -in regari to Dr. I>ai>ab*.u'sexhtbtt of attain of the M ihodlat Hook Concern in Lbe west, -nd to hia charge of inaolvency of the coticorn before tha ooo ferenre at Baltimore. I?r. Might, elltor ot the thriftimm an*wnra that tbe cnarge I* not true and the exhibit ttofalr: mat tbe large building* corner 4th and Home nr?et* and xth and Main atreeta, tn tin* city, worth aaw <?*>. were uol Included hi theai.*et*; that U?e Weatorn Concern waa rot e*tat>ll?>h?*l U? mike money an l declare dividend*, but aa a mtaMonary ?ftort to pub lish and circulate periodical* that were not eelf-eustalnlng. Tbe one one hundred and fifty thou Rand dollar*' w<irth of checka I?r. Lanahan displayed a* having been stolen. I?r. Hlgbt a>s<rta, were everyone of them canceled and of no value whatever. ? riooki n whiukt The (tea Turk ladlrtmeata New York, May t*? ? Partlea ludtcted by tbe grand tury In tbe U. H circuit court yea terday.on the charge of complicity In tbe crobkcd whi*kv fraud*, are txdug arrested and t.rought In to day by deputy tnarshala. The names of partlea tboa far arrested ?re Kdgar P. Hit1, W I'road street; K. O. B ?yd . ? Hr? a?l a'reet. Joa. Autdo iy, 2*4 eaat street; Wm. S. Mider. 51 Broat *t-^et and 218 Pearl idreet. Ball U fl\ed in each caae Mt from *j?,(kio to ?20,n<H?, with two huretlea. ? The Ohio Mrlkera ClivWasd, May l?.-A ?o?npviy of mi litia left M?s-illon this a. m. an J went to Lawrence to make arrest* <U pera??na Indict ed by the grand jury f??r riot No op?-*ltlon was "male. Light arrests were|waJe, and tte prlsourr* teut tc Cauton. i>ue miner, wbc refua?d to atcp when ordere<l to do eo, was sbot through the bowels, %ud ha* aloce die*i. Much excitement prevails among tbe Rtiiaera, and it l* stated that a ma?? meet log of miners of the entire Tuscarawas val ley will t* held to-day or to-morrow. Tbe MarkHs B?lt:xofb. m.-Oott w dull atil keavy nidaina, U ? Fl or du.l, aud k**i> std aa cl aitrea a ueat doll?*utwr, liOtiM; otk?r tru>< ? dcctaifi'd <\?rr?auiitbera *t^?<li ? we*ara inner but ..riot?eoiithcr* ?Llt?-. do. jei low. W*f". s***assa niix<d. sj><%t. ?; 6iH bid tfii*. Oats dull aud t.?-a\y? ?.utll?Tu gsoi U> Ciuue. 4**4^. v?*irru ?biu-, 4i. do. oiiisd. I'adU. .!?? dull. ,"0*75. tiny doll ?jd tiDcii*ra>-l. Pro \lsu>u-yni*t ft*1! ruchiD|i' 4 eijrk, S3 2S. Lard ?jtne*?f< 6n* '1. 1', Bntiet ?t?a<tir and flrm?w*a? etn |>iinf te tur ln?. icm.S4?2* PKnltoa at cbaic'd. Colw L*llj aiitbangtd. Wbiakr 'butixoh. Mar hJ ?Vfirliila eoc* Itaatad, Ma; West Va . ?)*. Wor<b t'arolifc* ?a, ?4d. U. aew, 8; do. fp'cirl tax, 2 bid tb dar. bogar ? vler and 4m rusiic f*lr WiaW ? ... _ New toax. M*? lc.-*tooks actWs aa? ?tioag kootT. ?. ti^ld, U ?? Etckaag*, l?ag. *b?.rt. 49t . 0<.?erDHi?ni? dull aud Maadr Msw Voli. Way IS ?rioar doll asd aucbaagag. a b-at unlet atd a.ady. (>>ra ^otet and ?^4*. l<oxroa. Mar 10. u? i- a ?i>in*jj- Mt H fbt butb bcdst ard tbe aecoaut. Krie, W* DEATH ISaCLl'llHOCHf?MlJ* Ale* ander H. Ma. omb did suddenly In his chair In Uie Union Club house at 1 o'clock yester day afternoon. He waa the son of M*Joi^ Gen. Macomb. U. 8. A. He graduated ?! West Point in 1*13 and served until I#U, be ing on lnmtlei duty at Leavenwortb .Kanaaa for two vears and later, In IbW becoming] a Captain In the Second Dragoons and an Alde-de Camp on bis father's stafl. He then resigned from the array, and married a slater of Geo. Phil. Kearney, aud bad two aaugh ten, one or wboiu it lbe wife of Mr. D II iuU* ville of this ctty, and the other Is a Mrs. Kane, a member of tbe family of the Lari of Westmoreland. Tbe large possessions of tbe Macomb", tar up town, ooce Inclnied Macomb's 0am. Mr. Macomb's deaih waa cause<l by the bursting oftheaoita. His age was t3 tetr*. He is to be bnrled from tbe residence of Mrs. D'Hantevllle in Twenty first street? l-V. Y- 6*nw. Mh. THI Cl!?f IK*ut CtOSl SO OS SUWAT. It was bat last Friday that the assembled preachers of Methodism at Baltimore passed a special vote of thanks to tbe caitennlal commissioners for their resolution to cjo^ the exhibition on Sunday, yet la^t Monday was a day of the very hardest kind or w?r* In the buildings from morning lo nigh*. Tbe builders had their bands at work; the work men were engaged In moving aud placing goods which were brought in by i*aiiro*3. and a multitude of visitors were aimittM to tbe buildings. We abould suppose that wben the Meibollst Conference al Balti more hear all this they will feel It to ba their duty to pass a vote of censure up-> t tbs par ties who were responsible for tt. Tjeir vote of last Krlday. was put through two days too soon. To look at the sh^w on Sundar cannot be a greater wrong than to work at It ?[.Vrv I'or' Hi was a DefAtrt-TEB -Tue telegrar't brings an abstract ol the testimony in tbe the libel snlt. now In progre** In ?an Fran cisco, of the Bulletin aud Call against tbe Alia California, from which H appears, by Lbe admission ol Mr Ml Is, the present pres ident of the Bank of California, that the charges of defalcation made agalust tbe lata President Kslstnn were bnt too trne, and that that ard his ovei-ls?.ueof slock to cover un his deficit was tie cause of the failureOC the back. One of Ii iiston'g fsvorite method* of opera thai wss to borrow the funds of tbs bank through a third person, for whom b? indorsed. ______________ A Nbw HKroRS Move*awr?A political rampaign organization called "The NatJr oat Reform League." with Headquarters In Hew York, Las been formed by a number of gen. t it men, lnclodlrg Rev. James Prseman Clarke, George Cary Eggleaion, Dr. J. G Holland and others. Its laoepUaa date* from early April, and it already number* about ooe hundred mem>>ers, aistrlbate V through thirty States. Tbe address of tha executive committee states that the league proposes to give form and sxpresalon to tha: sentlmevt or tbe people which everywhere demands civil servios reform aad uo<v i govern meet. ComoLiDATioM Coat. CoarAJrr.?T ? sail instituted by AUorue* Gsasrai Owtn . on behalf of tbe slate of Maryland again*' tbe Counolidation Coal compary indlcau ?* by tbe papers already Sled tbe status of U. < state s case The suit is a petition for sett, facias tor forfeiture of tbs charter of th Consolidation Goal eompauy bneauee of fro J?St alleged vlolattooaofifii charter, and* r circuipstaress stated tn the attorney gene - al*s petition. The caae is fired for bead before the AHegany coUDty circuit uourt ou tbe -"Cth of May. Dl**, tbs Mexi an revolu'.loL corn mander is reported to be retreating ?? , Ma< atnoras, being unable to peoetrats to the in teiior owing to the scarcity of provisions a: r water. In London, yesterday, a p. IdStri named Vaughn, walked 120 miles in Z'. f and ?it minutes. Inst one may boy fire certs' of something tn Caiilorata, lbs ativer dime having been In traduced. ?TTht; spirit of Vaaqoes, tbs < r. la bandit, has revisited earth, and is to teg stones at bouses in broac*. daylight.

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