Newspaper of Evening Star, May 10, 1876, Page 2

Newspaper of Evening Star dated May 10, 1876 Page 2
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EVENING STAR. WASHINGTON: WIDMND1T Jlny 1U, 1H7? CBOdBT m. IOTBm Ml tor. Reading Matter on Every Page Arcrtifft I hi ill/ Circulation orcr more than three limen that of ani/ other (laity jm/M-r in Washinrjton. International exposition* are of compara tively late origin, the first bell being by England In tbe year 1?51 Purely national exhibition* were frequently hMd by tbe dif ferent countries nf Europe long before tbia uate. Tie Idea of International exhibitions i" ?ald to have Or*I been conceived by Prince A.bert.of England, aud tbe auceess of tbe English enterprise of 1<>1 due princi pally to tbe substantial e a con rat" m en t It received from blm and hl<i rosal apouse, Qneen Victoria. The government Itself looked coldly on and gave it no assistance* Oae objection orgei It wonld not t>e to the Intereat of the tra les In England to bare their prodacta brou jht ln'.o c-ompetl t ion with foreign goo Is, a 11 an abs jrd ap prebenaton existed that the country would he endat.^ered by the sullfi lull ix of thou sands of foreign visitors. N >' withstau ti *>11 tbe obstacles thro wo In the way of its pro moters, the exhibition prove! a grand suc cess. financially as well as otherwise, & bal ance of-'N-o 000 remalnin< after expenses were paid. England ard her colonies occupied one half the space at the exhibit ion, the other ?alf being accorded to foreign exhibitors Tbe exhibit of the 1'nlted .states at this exposition, though small, was highly credit able, embracing, as It did, reaping and mow ing machines, and other prolucts of Ameri can genius, nugget* of California gold, anl Powera Greek Slave. Copj ing England's example, France held an International ex hibition In 1855, wblch was |Ulte successful, there being as many as .4 000 exhibitors, an 1 the Luml it of visitors being very large. In 1962 England essayed another international ? how, but, owing to the fact, that the war In Italy Lad just cloaed, that Prince Albert, one of its principal promoters, died during tbe preliminary preparations, and that the civil war In the I'nlted States was In progress, thus preventing large and valuable contri butions from this country, it was a compar ative failure, tbe pecuniary loss being about *lGfl,ooo. There were, however, 22.000 exhibitors, and more thau C,000,000 per sons visited the exhibition. The French eld another exhibition in 1*67, which was eminently successful, and In wblcb tne Americana made a very excellent saowlng. The last International exhibition held In Europe was at Vienna threa years fjOi and In this also the United States took *> cieditabie part, bearing of) nine diplomas *>f honor, besides a number of medals. Over ? 000,000 of people visited the exhibition, aud the number of exhibitors wai larger than at any previous enterprise of the kind. Nat s' ltbstaading this the result was a financial i<4S, which was generally ascribed to the ? ict ttat the Viennese put up the prices of r.?d and shelter to an extortionate figure, t'ms 'riving away visitors and injuring tbe ? ahlbitlon. Here Is a lesson which the Phll i-dtlj Lians will do well to heel. ? <??? ? ? TLe belief is expressed In Berlin tnat the balonlea affair will prove fatal to Turkey, aLd that the Interference of the European powers for tbe benefit of Christian^ Is now considered unavoidable. No one would re gret such interference, since It would be in the Interest of civilization and humanity. The " barbarous Turk" should be taught that be must respect the religious opinions of the Christians within bis borders. Tnat he will be forced to do this sooner or later there can fee no doubt. The political organization known as the liberal republican party, though somewhat fteble as regards numerical strength, still In sists on an Independent course of action In the coming Presidential election. Tuey will probably make no nomination, but will sup fort the candidate, either republican or democratic, who combines In himself the most elements of governmental reform, ac cording to their ideas of reform. The na tional committee of this organization met in New York on Monday, and on calling the roll It was found that no less than thirty-one states apt of the thirty-seven were represent ed. Among those present were Hon. Ethan Allen, the chairman; ex-Uovernor Warmotb, of Louisiana; ex Senator Fowler, of Tennes see; and ex-Lieut. Governor Nlckerson, of California. Letters were read from Hons. O. H. Browning, J. 1>. Cox, George W. Julian and Frederick Hassaurek, and Gen. Robert Brinkerboff, insisting that the action of the committee should be wholly In the interest of reform, and suggesting as a means to that end that there should be a national conven tion of the liberals called to meet at Phila delphia on Wednesday. July at, at noon, to consider the political situation as it may ex ist at that time. The writers concurrel In th* opinion that If tbe republicans should nominate Secretary Brlslow or Gov. Hayes, or, Indeed. any one but Senator Conkllng or Morton, at Cincinnati, tbe liberals would give the republican candidate an honest and hearty support, but that should an objec tionable candidate be nameu, and the demo crats should pot forward Governor Til den, Senator Thurman, or Senator Bay ard, tbe liberals ought to support the deme>cratlc candidate with equal earnest Ma, In ease of either of these con tingencies, it was tbe general opinion that tbe chairman of tbe national committee abonld be at liberty to annul tbe call for the National Convention, but that otherwise tbe call should stand, and tbe liberals ?bould meet in Philadelphia on the day named and consider what next they shall do. Tbe discussion which followed devel oped a unanimous concurrence la their views. The democratic liberals while for Tilden first, expressed a willingness to sup pott Brlstow or Hayes if nominated, and tbe republican delegates expressed their readi ness to waive their political predilections and support Tilden, Thar man or Bayard, In case neither Brlstow nor Hays Is nominated at Cincinnati. Nearly all those present fa vored Brlstow as their first choice for the Presidency. During the meeting It was as serted that the liberals bold the balance of power in Ohio, where they have 15,000 votes; that they, with tbe independents, have full control of California; that ex-Senator Fos ter beads from S.noo to 10,000 liberals in Con necticut; and that, in fact, the power of tbe party is such throughout tbe union that the two great parties cannot a fiord to ignore Its wishes In their national conventions. We shall see. Just now it Is Interesting to know to what extent tne lovers of fruit will be able to in dulge their appetite in this direction during tbeooming summer. Much has been written in la spring of tbe injury done the fruit by tbe cold weather, but as similar reports are current every year and yet average crops are marketed, little attention has been paid to tbe matter. A correspondent of the New York Timet, who seems to bave taken much pains by personal observation to inform Mrcsclf as to tbe fruit prospect in Delaware aid Maryland, expresses tbe opinion that those who sat peaches this summer will find them an expensive luxory, and that there will not be more than one-tenth as many p aches grown In Delaware this year si there were last year. From present ap pearances be believes there will be a fslr crop of pears, apples and cherries, while the blackberries and raspberries look unusually promising. What be says In regard to the jailareof the peach crop in Delaware ap plies, be thinks, with equal force to tbe fruit region of Maryland, it is quite poaai j>te that tbe damage doas to tbs fruit U over estimated as usual, but that tbs cold back waid *i ring has Injured It to some extent It U it a* unable to suppose. [VIA LE SUGAR! MAPLE SIRUP!J 1 4C0 FOUNDS CHOICE BUGIB AND ANOTHEB LOT PURB MAPLE 8YBU? Jcat tfciiTtd Dlrert from Vermoot. blX P0CNO8 FOB ?i. ALSO, A FRgSU LOT OY Ah RON OAT Mill AND GRAHAM We iNfMkiti) constantly the celebrated I?*>M1LLI K *.) GUAUlH MEaL. JEROME T. JOHNS OX ? CO., fcuccsaaor* to ELPH0N7.0 YOLNQS A 00 , I:; T (mrU, tth and F atreata. CHRIS. HI EISNER, 713 AND 717 Tth BTBEET N. W la Bole Kfit for tbe Pi-trict of Oolnmbla for the It F VKOBtIK, Tbeotly BELIABLE IIBaTINO HANOI In tbe nark*t. Mr. Bei?-ner naa pat n? hundred of tb^e BU|4 la thin city, and In all ca>ea they have g T#n the utmoet eat infection. Ue large*' aid t>?at afock of . ? t BLATBM*MTBL8 Itt Waabingloa at rrice? from 014 upward*. Mr Bita?ner la He l? As* nt f,r tSe BALM ANT Il? MI FURNACE. W'lich hi-thoroughly teite<*. and pr.uonncjfl by tipt-i ts tbe beit fnrnac* n jw iu n-e LATBOBES AND GBvTCS to great ??rie?r-at arre*t|> re<lar?d ericw TUB K'HMEK QUEEB OIL COOK 8TOVB la tbe teat and ?af??t oil atove <u tbe world 1 BOM ABD TBBRA COT J A VASES, Embracing all the I ft-t d?af?na _AUo. a lar*f. ?tcck of BEFBIGEBATOR3, WATIB OTOLF.B8. BTANPB, CUTLEKY, Plata and Fancy TIN WAHB whnieta'e and retail. f B<*t three ply BL'BBER H03B, only 13 cent* par TIN BOOKING, SPOTTHQ, ,1c . done promptly by tbe t>< at workmen OtVer-i in? i'?d <11 KIM BIIXSSER. mylO 'r 715 atd 717 7tb atreet northwest. SIMMER STYLES N E H* // A T 8 . TUK MIXITAIBB ai.d HELM ST n\T, PANAMA, and BTBAW, jmt received. Special attention given to ordera. MRS J P. PALMIER. nylOtr Ro. 11Q9 F atraet, bet . 11th and 17th. PROPOSALS FOB FRESH BEEF. I Ft ice Acting Cpxmi?uit or BrBaiaTi.xcs, . . Fobt Whipplk, Va , May 10, lS'S - ^'A '.ED F BOPOSALS, In duplicate, will be re c i?ed at thia office until 11 o clock, noon, Jcn? ,^la-'/c.r TnrnHhinf the Fieah Beet repaired by the Bubaiatence Department, C. B. Army, at tb'.s rat, during tbe ilx month* commencing Jaly 1, 15/ o. Alao for atich choice atd other cut* of freah m^ata ae may be re,mired by the offleera an 1 their families. J be bidde a will aaecify in their prop >iala the price per round for which they will furniah and de , ?r.V roTt Br hippie, Ye , the meata roqmred; and at*?!* "' ?oa,ld for furnlahlng it from thiir 11.formationi aa to condition*, iu?lity of beef. Ac , will be furnithed on application to OEOBOB 8. GRIMES. lat Lieot 2d Arty A. O. B. -18 18 TO OIVI NOTICE, That the anbacrlber baa obtained from the Sapreine Coortof tbe THh ? ? - ?? ? ? ?awi awaw v/a ww osuiuflUU HVIi kl . \J ? ceceaaed. all aersona harinf claims againat the aaid *** warned to exhibit the aame, with the Toncbera thereof, to the aabacriber, on ?f b^lnre the #th day of 51 *y next; they may otff,r*'*1 br>w be excluded from all beneflt cf the Mid aafate. Giren under my hand, thia ?th day of . WM. A. OHAflCEY, m; 10-w.lw Executor. JN THE 8UPB?**c<^?*,OiF THE DI3TB10T Srrriai Term. Probatr Jwi<ittct>on, Miy 0:k- 1ST6. In the matter of the eitate of GAO. W. BOOT T. Application for lettera of aln>ini-*fration on the e* taie o' Gto. W Bcjtf.of the District of Colombia, baa tbia dar been made b? Maria cirtaeell. All rtraona IntereattKl are hereby notllled to ant^ar In thia court on TL'EBDAY. the 6tn day of June neit, at 10 o'clock a. m..toabow came why lettera ?f edtrit iatration on tbe eatate ot the aaid de ceased abonld not lame aa prayed: !>ror\dt<i, a copy ef thia ordvr be published rnce a woek for three week* in tbe Ereni?? Star preriouato theaaid day ny;o w it* A. WEB?TKB, Kegtuter of Wji)a. M.MB. L. p. JBANNBKBT WILL OPEN A lane aaaortm< nt <>f iMPOBTtD DBKS3K8. and a!?o acme of h<-r own mauufactnre; and D; oaaes made on the thcrteat nnt'es. She inntea the la.he* in seLeral; l!i09 Pernajl Tanla avenue. my9 BURCII ELL'S SrRIFG LEAF TEA AT SO CENTS A POOND. It haa teen ihorouglly analyzed aad pronounord pure. ONLY BOLD AT 6t 133W F etreet. near Ebbitt Honae. CALT BALT -BO.000 Backa Llaerp ?1 Ground ?7 Alum1 and Fine Bait Aahton'e, Deakin a, Ver din a and Kv?n?' branda. 10.000 buahela Turk'a ? d B*?8 ???"* Bjxcb Dairy and T. b e Fait, for a?l? in 1 jta to ?ult: delivered in Vtftr' Baltimore price*. By Ail\ K KB K A BBO . 41 Ccnth atreet. and JINAIH8 A KEBB'S Wharvea, Baltimorr m< 8 lm ii'puii LITTLE Bl^?BKtAEJOSD THE 00B , _. . ? J. EAKI.1 GADRBY. MALER JN Una FAMILY GROCERIES. B*7 NMS,LI^JUOH8,lrr. ?o. Hll TWENTIETH 8TBBET, N.W., . , Between Penna. avenne and I at., m>8 lni Wmblngton.D.O. No. 439/ i No 419 7th6t. { HOUSEHOLD } 7th St. OICORTIORI, I'A PERU A NGI.XQ8, WINDOW SHADES, PICTURE FRAMMS, Sc. ,J!?w J?weetand cholceat col . yPaNGIEOB, artiatlc la deaian, atd of the beat fabric* and fin lab In tbe Diatrict. ??>rad?/-flalaJttnta, Gold ana Silver Ground. SffiSWlESA \* edo not limJt thoee leaking for fine gooda to 'Y?* ?toek. tut hare made arrangomeuta vitb one cf the leading nianufactoriea, and hive aample bookaof aome of the finest papera made, and will .hu*i,',KTp^der In'c^r. to' 1 n^opnJar co lori^w *ch~we'nSkkJ? up*^ if'a had^? to onfrr. PIOTUBk WalaStfill GUt? VdTet, Cbapal and Eaiel patterns, the largest ra riety in tte city. Framaa made to order. Brewer fC?.h/ifi?.,V#FA?8T*lj ''AINTIBG-); Kle agent for t he Diatrict Fine aMortment or genuine Drea d*n I oreelain Palatine*. A few choice ( hromoa. *c' . Pic,nre Oord, in Goid.BilTer, TianM and MTorated; Picture Tas-ela, fciiig*. Walla, Aa. Purcha<lng and aclling for caah! tbate gooda will be offered at the loweet remuaera tlve price*. A call aolicited to examiaa our *tock J. MARHRITER. No 439 7th at.,8 doori abare Odd Fellow*' Hall TTenia*caah.-X? On free exhialtion and *ala, an ortainal painting by Leonard!, of Bome: BnD rct: Beatrice dl Cecci in Pilaon the night before per Execution. The Head of Cencl.from the ori f lnalln the Barberlna Gallery my4-f J J I NBWOBTH, Jetetler, %o\7th and B atreeta ? aocthwe*t.-AU kind a of Watchea, Clock* and J- welry repaired at reaaonakla price*. All work warranted cne year. my8 Iw* ^{J[ IVOT1CB ?ABB1VB DAILY AT TUB NOB 1^1 FOLE OYSTBB DEPOT, 6?1 B ?trtet northweet. Baft and Hard Grata, Oy* tera, Olama, Turtlee, Ac. IC^i mail lm N WHITE A 00. |?NIGHTS TEMPLARS' REGALIaT" We are prepared to fumlah BEG ALII for WASHINGTON COMMANDERY, No. 1; COLUMBIA COMHABDEBT. Ne. 9; rOTOMAC OOMMABDEBY. Ho. 3; BeMOLAY COMMANDEUY, E9. 4; OiV SHORT NOTICE. Our atcck cf SIR KNIGHTS' EQUIPMENTS la Completa. ?,u,*nu4 *<>u regulation, and at WI1XETT A BCOFF, ?T4 Sar 90A PBBKSTLVANIA AYEBOE. ECONOMY 18 WEALTH I [y ORIENTAL TEA 8TOBE, 40* 9TB BTBEET, T. M. 0. A. BUILDING. BUGAR?"A" Clarified M pound* for ?1. Oraaulatad, V pound# lor El. " Cut Loaf, expound* for ti. TBA? Btce Iaipartal. 40*., Ma. 44 Fiae JapaiXc^Tfc., and higher grade*. COFFEES AMD SPICES'at LOWEST BATES. CREAF! PURE'! FEBSR.'!! ?" >? J? WALTRR Sl'TAU, Frof. TAYLOR * HUJTY, SSS FRRRSTLTARLA ATRROR, RATE RRDCORD THE FBIOES OF THRU CELEBRATED DOUBLE TO Km SHIRTS A* FOLLOW* : . 1, >. ?MAO: ?. SR40; 4. SOJi; WANTS. WANTIC-A gvod 8BAMSTBB#S on paute 7T Applv 931 P street aorthweet. It* 11'ANTED?A WO HAM to cook. 1Mb aod ir jn e? Befcrence r< mired. Apply et No. 316 ? street north ?eet myMtt* \\: AfcTltl?-Udj and ^ntlMeiOitVJLSSIKj * ? fir* city for m? Musical Pnbllce ti n A pr I? to or addtess J W PICKBBIBG.ctr* W a MAZ \BP. No. 1411 Pennsylvaala ave It* w Aft T *1' ? a competent HoUsfcK KEPEB and " LAl'NDKESS ail BDdinUDli ikt hotel basi ns is. at Lafayette Hoose. ooraer Sd and B limit northweet. G BO HOB DAT, Proprietor. mylO ?t* WANTED?Bye settled and ex pertenced Cham t cr.nald, a SITUATION; willing to nurse and d piste sewing; would travel with a lady. G?1 r*f. r'-pce* Apsly 9'49 17th strost n. w. mylO-tt" il/ASTIP-i lad 16 year* old,good address and " well recommended. de-ir?s a SITUATION In ? law i Rice or to travel with some gentleman, low wages expected. Aadreea H W .Star.fflce. nilO 3-* W ANTBD-A food WOMAN to wash and iron. "? Vote but a flr?t clnaa one need apply. Go id reference* required. Addresi C. F.? War office. mylOSt* WANTED?\ compete it end experienced Drug c'erk d'sires a ttlTUATIOB. The beet ref erence Ad<?r<ss DBUGS.Box 1?3, Alexeudr'a, Virginia my 10 tt* WA*T*I)?An honest, re table \VOM\B to 7 7 cook, el o, a 11 v>0eK GIBL to assist la with In* ai <1 iroiiiB* Aptly at 81 Stoddard st-eet,c r n?r of Oreen. Georgetown, I> O. myiu-lt W'ANTEU?By a na.aH f?uitly. witboot children, to t?ke OH Kll'Jt of a fn'iilih. n home. B. at of ref? reic< ? given Address TKNiNT, care if 9*t> Stw York avtnne. mylu St* \VTANTKr?Te^rent a FABM oM50 or *? acres. vv on Bitliis.tire ?ni t.Li) railroad: suDablo for dai'T ptrpo-e,. a ddres# ?> TINT. 1?9 * 4th etreet nor'haest. alto, MILK. KoUTE tor sale, offoMy gallons a ray. m'10 3.* \YrAHTEP?To exchange, C toon) BBICK ww HOUeE, nearly low. ba'li (an Letr jbe, fro. t a-<1 back yard for a Hoi'aB of 8 to lironn , tn ?ern bnllt.or good building lot Difference In C4-I1 Addr<s, No I 114 iota etreet n. w. mi 1U 3i* WANTED? One Coabtunai. five Fa-m Hands, three Nnrwi. four good '*ock?: gool Na lorial Bmplo; n<ri t Office, Ron 44, corner 7 h aud F i-treeti families wauling 8>:tv*u n plea,a write an 112.* ll^ANTED?By in American woman a PCM - " TION ?ith a genteel tatnily; willing t urates hS'Helt ustful; w?g-s not so n.nch ii objjct a-a f vd hon.e: no objecti.'n to travel. Addrets * M. S , Star i ftiee. m. 10 3.* WANT BD?About oLe lniKlred feet of~TIN0 IBG; wood prtferred. Address 11 , No 919 P tlri-et my3 It* WANIBP?By a renp?ct*ble white girl, a pta~e as COOK aiid to w AhU and 1BON In a small ii. ailly. It ijalre at 1387 Vtrnnnt avenue, betw -en h ?Ld O gttee'.g. m>9 2t* \VANTBD? By a yoangmiD, who ar.derriftnds ' * his tui-itee*, a situation as GABDENBS. Good references given. Apply at No. 1S04 H ?tr et northwest. my'J 3t* w r ANTED?By a respectable white girl a SITU ATION to do plain sewing and ch tmberwork, and make heraelf generally useful. Address Ho T?3 3-1 street, between G and H. my9-3t* WANTED?Three unfurnished or parti/ fu* nlshed BOOMS suitable f >r light housekeep l( g, on first cr second floor. Address, stallag prloe aud conveniences, K. H . thU offioe my9 3t* ANT ED?Bvery lady to know that ther can purchase r&ENoH P1QUB STAMPED TBB88K8 for children for 71 eenta at HACBEB'S Btampli g Depot, 61T 7th stre> t. m>9 3t WANTBD?A white GIBL, well recommsnded, to do hon<ewcrk and take csr<> of children. No. 20 I street northwest, opposite tit. Aloystus Ohorch. m> 3 3t* IVANTED-Two ladies desire to take charge of W a PUBM3HED BOUSE for the summer months: unexceptional retorencee given. Address A B , Star cffice. my8 3t* 11/AH TED?A small llOUBB. with yard and " stable attached. AUo, two BOOMS on the ground floor, on or near Pennsylvania avenue. Ad ure-s p. L., MUikln's Hotel, with price and partic clers. my8-3t* W/ANTED.?All who want to go to the Ceaten ' w aial to call at once, a* I have this morning re ceived orders for a large number of fl BLP, each a* cook, chamber maid and waitress; also, 2.) goid \\ OMEN for the city; cooks and chamber maids for New London, Cenn. Apply to tke Eareka Employ ment Office. 907 D street. MUS. LOOldE O. BUTLEB. my8 3t* 11/ANTED?A STUDIO. An artist returning to iw America desires a large. we!l lighted STUDIO in Washirgton. well situatid furnished or nnfur nUbed. wi'h or without apartments. Address BOB KBT C. HINCKLEY, Northampton, Massaohu ?etts myfi-'Ot WANTED-ANY 11L MAN BEING WITH V* HBaINS can make ??*? a month selling our Le; ter Co?Ing Book Any one that has a letter to write win bu/ It. No press or water used. Pend for circular. KXCXLS10B CO., iti Tribune Baild Ing, Chicago, 111. niayl lm* WANTED?Carpets icfeeted ?ith Mothi to clean ww and at the same time restore them to thrir orl nal trigb'cess, with or without removing from the Coor. Ink and grease spots a specialty. Washing, ton Carpet Behovating Co., 1414 Pennsylvania avenue. ?pj lm VVANTED-UoCBTY LAND WAKBANT8. ? WILLIAM H. BE'JK, apl9 1m* Cor. Lcnislana ave. and S li s reet. WANTkD?UOB9aS to pasture or feed; farm oa 7th street road, near ellgo P. O., Montg m eryCo.Md. O.M.CLABK. aplT-lm* W'ANIED?f'AAPETS IO CLEAN at Hue's 77 Sixim Workt, 490 Maine avenue, between end <th streets sonthweet. Calbd for aud delivered withont charge. apll ly WANTED?OenUemen to know that WILLIAM MOO BE. Merchant Tailor. 1011 Hew York avenue, make* a specialty of onttlng garments to be made at home. novlf-ly LOST AND FOUND. ? BKWABD?Lost this morning. Mar 10th, la ?J going from 10th snd LouTslana avenue '< ugh D.and then sp 9th street a roll of MONEY, 19^ 3d. The above reward will be given if re turned to corner 8 h and T streets northweet. mjlO 3t? UinHABD A. SHBEV. Q C?L.OB1 ?On D street, 10 p m., Saturday, May 6'b, a small English Black and Tan 1KBBIEK UYP; answers to the a ami- ofaijCk ' Beauty;" had on when loel a collar with padi jcfe: slso, a tax tsg engraven,' Paid 1874." reward w.ll be paid for her return to thoGaxetto office It* LOST?May loth, between Baltimore and Ohio BaHrosd Depot and Washington Bailor's Livery Btable, a bundle of BILLb and BOTES. They are of no nse to any one bnt the owner. The finder will be liberally rewarded by leaving them et 1897 7th etreet northweet. or at BCUWINUA CLABK '8, corner of 7th and O sts n. w mylO St* C^OUBD?A POCKBT DIABY, containing a r small mm of Money. The owner can obtain the same by calling oa M . 1. VOUBG, Becood Au ditor's Office, and Koving property. my8-3t* MEN'S WEAR. SPRING GOODS. NEW STYLES FINE GOODS, TO MAKB TO MBA8DBB. SUITS TO ORDER, VBOM ?33 UP. READY-MADE SUITS, rttOM 914 UP. RBADY-MADI SPRING OVERCOATS, ?to ur. DBVUN * OO4 UM f BTl REFRIGERATORS WAT MR 'COOLERS. Large stock of good makes, at1 low prices. GEO WATT! * CO., _ . _ Horsa PtJRJUSHING Stosb, ap* ly 314 7th street, above Pean. aveaae. THE best MARBURG BROS. ?BAL OF BOBTH OABOLIBA apl3-lm 10 AMP BO OBBT PAOBAOBi. yyALL paper a window shades. The laest and largest STOCK, lnclodiag all the aovelties in decorations, and ai prioee lower thaa any store In the - TUBMAN'S, 418 Mh etreet. wortaMS employed aad eatisfactloa tltl-Ui* Til MOTH 1 TOB C ~ thorougkly PBTS.or a W^I ?*Ooo4 Barrel FAMILY FLO C. Family r Itl FOR RENT AND SALE. POB BUT-Two or three unfurnished ROOM *; i-.-VJ'2 il*" h ">?*keepiDg. Ko I4i0 Ik 'ie laiatd ??bmi. y. mi 10 rr fr?'* BHT-HOl'M a807 H ? r?o(; po-e?a*i u TK1HHLK *? I 4 icTLstr^et. a>yl<} 3t* FCJ* 'j.1** ROOM farnlthad, 03 21 ^wb ??*rj** ?dJ<>'n,n? ?itt b*u 22 'Al* ?mlz B larding tone tmtdoor. I84T 7th atreet con>.?nt. my'A St* K f Stable Mule0!!1981 J,ni,oat ?*????; ?o? ? ii/tk iiiiAH .f( u,,i r >om*. root A S p?r TH0MA? ?? WAQOAMaH, ftl?? .tb Ktij*r?llRnnSlr??BUted; *> haoaaouie large and * J. ?*1 ??. auitable ler two uaeTf at ahii^r ??? f' K ?trr?>t north we-1; uee >.f liable If required in?IP Si F?* ? * ?,T~5?1 'r*^' 'ornished an* anr<irni,h fd. in til pftfti of th? ftt?, ffom ffi ?) a ion _Ar BgatoVgAiggs*?f*Asi& t"itSt".Tf!oiV,BOKysXttrWi Uveasxi jssseri.?" kksvss^ SEvs? ren?fl6 in advance; modern ia?provrrue,.tel5" qnire ob the protein 9 ?HM lt*a I^O* H B K T ?I) uf or nl * ht <1 PaKUms on firs! r floor. ??. th'ee k(Xm?oa (bird n, , <-5 If bona* keeping dea?r? < can h*r, Ith'j .j" enc- Ad'tn* Mr- W O H -ci" p o ' rft':f" L'OB KKMT-Kight r^'Di BKIi K. H.tli^a: IT r 1418 )?th??re-t I). rtbwMt.b-'wB.,, p an<?o rtrojts. Aprly to JOHN B? GBEESE.liaS 14,^ '? m> lo \ ? L Oil KIHT-Tho tew WHARVgj ,,n w*, r r attest. t>etw? ea M and N and N and O - ai? theWHABiatfootofehStr",. D<1 ?* AU>' -.i?? riTOH.rox *co., ?J?_? 1309 Pennsylvania aren-ie. F"*0K SALE?Atagreat bargain. LOT SSxlU ^ - re*t t-0rthe??t, between B and C, clow to f teet cars, woulo mak ? thre- go->o bnttdnis I >t? m iu lm SMALL WOOD I M'iRKISON, n>rM-ln? ftia Mti.TM. FLOORS of U .use l 1"?11 K .treet torihwest; three ro mi<-n m-h floor; water and ga? WM rent w tira t nr" , .th.i suitable for hoo-ekeepiu*; one square to cm* ln ijmreon bfprnuKu tnylOJt monlcatlnffurnhhed R00M3 Term* m \tt P'**-*11' *nd convenient Would be rented f?rliehi hofls-skcepinij to a family with eut cbi.diea. my 10 2t* Fi'P? BIHT?An *-knit aeven rojru irMwi. Ii ii D^ *LL,Ji9vl'MJ1 r?"ni' ***? w? er, h-4ll, ac ;d'*frable netghborUxd ?? p.rm..n?h KeV at V33 P itrcet n w. h, A. I HILLIPi, ti03 Uti arreet aw. BylO l?n L'OK MIBT-Sl MM UK RK8I i ENOKon ??trT a politan railri ad; fifty oiinntea' rile from Wash W?lk from the .tatbii c' | furjabk brick dwellicf hou-e; abunlan^e of mi!k an<1 batter on the plitoe, and ice Aanlv (?> ptrill All! M DBE8QN.Bockv llle. Md. * "'mVlO F^OB *?HT-Ko,ni,be4 or nnfaraiihtMi to ? private family, HOUSE Ho. 1905 ^p?n, |fl! ?Dd 30tb street* toutbwe^t' Ji r001^' wltl' ?? the modern c !LvJ-* the prmunee between the honri of 4 and 8 o clock la the nealnf only. mylo 3>* I^OB 8&L1C?LOT oa north aloe of r street, be I tween V and 3d arrthwrnt, II f?et fruct vfj" ?Hey in rear; honae ?ith aome repair* wllimakea comfortable dwelling. Small payment dowo* bal ance #M monthly. W. W. MET-'alV mylO 3t Corner 15th atreet aad N?w York a'v. *Bd hTTFbk ?Hh * *nd ?We lota attached, on l?t at. north S2^ii5!f?^S5/ north of Capitol ground*. Will ?Ovwir /?tn*7i**T Bonth Hon? opnn from .1 to ?<> i ^ ! A^'n<,nir* *? OALLIO\N, iOs 12ib ctreet northwest. my 10 lit* I^OU BKHT-HOL'Sl Nu P3I l4ib atreet, .ext g to corner of I atreet, and aJjoining Franklin 8<jnare, containing 1] room*, all modern Implore" mtnt*: moat de*li able and healthy location in the GEO weyn?IV?ltd iB th? ^.r0* 8tor"- Apply to a * ixTtr??Hn 1R COrmr l enns"^7fir-. P?B EJCST-Uci nrat UR1UK HOL'SES, mtti, ? w?ter, go*, bath- water cloaet, Ac ; larco rard i0*- ' and 1843 6th atreet, between M aL>l N; i jiasant BfighUrhcod and location excellent Ap' ?l? at the bona#*, or at 1303 M atreet or at VCf L? Droit BuildiLg, corner S'h and T atre?-t? J m> '? 8t B. W ken WICK . F'OB BENT?Bo. 10 Crant atreet, 11 rojms.m >d ern conyenienc^a; #70. No. 1913 I So?h.^V,?r^?mLfaI a fdl ta0> aa?l?t atreet /? ' rooma, ?(d?rn conyemencea: mn 1383 Corcoran atreet northwrit, 11 room*, rnrdlrn c nvanlerce#. *M 308 7th -tre?t ao?hw^s?. 10 rooms, mid'-rn convenience*; g4-J. 4 37 7th atreet ,"1^**.', arco?"' modern conveniences; 035 144 3 T *tri et northwest. 0 rocma, tn dern co?ve. *M M3?Q2Sfrt "ortkweat l" ^ s w^ .fi,5,0nTet"<>IJ?*i #7S y.04 r rt'^t north w'l^ibrocu R iDodriicooven enoei: iiu n 4th i>nd 5th Floor., 083 P< nnaylvania av n u ' ' F. W MILLER k CO., n.> 10 3t__ 91 $ F atreet north weat. I^OB SALE?On eaay terms?SMALL FABMSof i ^q^i^iTAh8.0!^^1" cl?nVW JamE8 KELAheb? 48S 1^ ??ODBI, containing focr ? 7 ' atreet, between L ami M streets IfrelS r"t8, lL?ulre#t 1010, corner 13d an l L my9 3c" K0ardBKhJ~??L'5K mitA 8TOEE. corner 8 h tinv # Kh^eI?I*td avenne. al'T one ?oxi i0e BOX for a ale. Icjufre of SaM'i bS HOOVK It con er ?th and H atreet*. 15 lo,9 3t* nonifwTt* to ,trtetca" "d M?rktf; 60lpr;z?< l^""OR BENT?To a g od tenant?1 Large and i Baiidaomely Furnished besidence, in rasfrviiB^ ?y. ?>?? -ir$: TnPn8? N?' *<*3Corooran atraet, 1 ArP'T to 1 IQh Q street north wet. n,y8 it* Sf."!-?,0??* 386 sooth A atreet, Oapl dont,e ,0?; ttt- Iminlre 919 O atreet "'r'DWest. my8-lt* Oeo'K?to"n, the BRICK UOUdE ? fcotMitt corner 01 Market and l?t iirMt?- it an;:tt,gfi'Ea.';.-s-BlSdr^y?' toiu"Jd.WW>H- A"?-*f,w TABLE bo FMiS>n5BT~P,eV*n,:De*,,? 'nnttabed FBOBT i')on ? to two llaesol cara. No. 1880 8 atreet northwrat. Modern bonv^t <LC**- my8 St l^'OB BtNT? UtllghtMly located HOUba (II SLtiSSSt lirv??. ' Ko- 409 ?th atreet Petnsylvanla aienue^ "I'' ** Mtr^t and Fw,,?.S.?rC8* ^0? 1480 H atreet. thre^ * _ wo?y brick, 25 feet front; 10 rooma; all modern impr^menta. Bent *00. Apply at tie tow* F?.? h?filJn,BJiub,e fof f ??na!l family, a for ?.? HOI BE, contminiEf six room?, h%ll. m*itr??fIL*n, ( '^n>mer 14hei>; location one of tha It iai 14 J& S?!!* TV"118, y*Tf "nodera'e Ap ply at No. 1440 Bbode Island avenne mS-St* FOB BFNT?106 ard 110 ? street northwest* ?*chcontaining frchambera.aalooB parl9r,dln' '"g room, kitcbea, bath room and cellar App't no,ihBe.t corker 6th atreet aad Loul.Una av,7 my8 W ?*?T~Tbr#? OBforBlaind BOOMS solu ble for housekeeping; water and gaa;good lota Ko i J"0*1-r*t? to good tenant. Apply at northw*?. 6lh "re*t' betw- B * ^ i'trU I1 H??B5n Jr^h- '*r8eaad conimodlons HOUSE ?08T 1 having 22 iooma.andall R^tlMmp?r>Jomhn,<; firnc"MS neighborhood. my8 3t 1 HOB. E. WAOQAMAN. 519 7th at. BENT?Ho 1816 90th atreet northwest, mantefa6 ?20TM?m^?h ^0U8H, at* rooms m?rble rahl vore'airitS^t ln<,?ire D"t do?' of rnj_8?r W BUTHEBFOBP. BENT?A thoroughly furnish*! HOUBE m. from June uotil tctvbor; nine rooms; good lo cation; convenient to borae cars an<l charlota. Bent avSSIf'o10 .* tenant. Beleiencee required. Addreaa Box 10, Star otBoe. my8 ?t? F^.k'nrnlahed PABLOBS, a with adjoining lodging room*, cloaeta. Ac ; in tl e moat central and pleaaant part or the city. In quire cn the ?remlaea. 980 i5ihatren, between 1 a- (l K, opposite Bcott aqnare. my8-3t F?,^_' "\?rT *nc1 bMement Brick RESIDENCE, with all modera Improvement*; ?nl handaomely fnrnlahea- la?ge yard and line fruit tree*, all lellghtfuliy located; aultcd to a small fain til; MIDI ttvdeiktB. iBqolre on prtmlaea, 1303 P srjtet not tbwo- mj8 3t* pOB HENT-HOUB1i 40S Hew Jeraey Bvanae r (OBthfaat; preaaed brick rrsnt; M rcoma, gaa, F*ttr acd every modera coBveBleaca: a pleaaant hctL* Will aell the aajaa. Bmatl pajmeit dWn aad Ik1 monthly- W. W. MBT0ALF, corner 14th atr<M ?wj> New York avenne miH & C*OB BBaK-i> AOBEB of choice yard*??!?? ? Laad, 6 room a ??2v*c'' IMl'*,r*bly Bdapted tcr a dairy; **? 'rat atation out ilda of the city on tie 8ai ?Wo rallroM; reat very moderala. J QTAn. *^ JONES m6 2<r IT OB BENT-For tha tatm of w*?* rear, Furtr *\ *craa of PAiTUBE L AND, adjab^,B* ?"? oltT and known ? **" * ? ^ ^ ' Hon? d ?nd known a* "ha Lltt^ ^te,fr0.n yfl V*y a?fthweat _ Inquire of H. v. F?Aff&-.iLf?JX-VSb JSTrMoi: ggf'j'fg^w^iasaviar^ SiiJSRll *S[ ?E?'rtT; ?f >*alad farniahed or ???aratahed. _60 acre* of Laad. Aoidiera' an imCkli i* ???ss larstaaea or ?"?vntkbed. 60 acre* of Laad, near Soldiers' r???'.0* * he Pulat of Bocks Ballroad. Apply at 1334 I atreet aerthwaat. mjt-lm t^afevV,1^1^8" W6 5 ?H=T55Sh^i P?*4 wa?ar la cad ISSf?,*T#ry mo*n 00ar,ml0*0B . FBAHK LIBBET, LnmbM- Her chant, ?nUm Corlh atr%a?as^ Hew Tort aVa. |fQlB>kt-flw< hTJBE aaiT" fi-tnodloeatiOB for aay klad at to jeU l22rtBort*wwt; r ?3WSVSJ?.Wi.S.5^ CELLAB U a my 4 At itTfif& batwaea ?34-M [Bap] " *l7/St?2. FOR RENT AND SALE. IT"1* PAL* OB EXCHANGE ?For city propvty. r '? Atgtconrt'' F*HM of US acre*, bu*il7 ira p,ov?d. with Cue orchard of imported f nit c?> 111r | b.-n?e Md l>ain. si mated on Rev ? 'at R -a1, 'K mi.e from In* >n? A*rlam Ioqiire of K JA?'<?b. No. 940 17th atxeet ?>irU*Mt, b*vreen I ?)0 K *met?. mvS-lai* |^?B PALE OH BENT. VKBT LOW-DWSLL ? ISO No 630 I *tr?et *xtib*e?t. is.iaer- 3*8. lot* 3 to ?_> with about l-lift) f?-et ?f ground W -old eschar** for Ba'?i*oie property TIKQE3 A S \ KG KANT. Baltimore myi.? 8.t 13,13 L'OB BI8T-1* 716 11th itrcft n >rthweet; IS I rxoBi*; bath, with bot and ctld ?ktrr. rti.c. I?vrobe*. and all m.xlern convenient-** AppW at National Snvtre* Bank. 1Mb atrce; and Haw > ? k av. nue: #900 par annum m?S e^4t L'OK REHT?Nicely fa-utahed HOfiB,"oaV?rT r n cd<ratf term* containing 11 ro ni*, with all modern improvement*. Pevrr*l boarder* la ?h? b uK. Apply at Bo 304 K atreet n. w my3 FOB BENT?N" 9I< ll<t ? re?*t nortb?*?t, 3-atoif BBICK HODhE.with beck bai ;dlags: 12 r<~f m?, batb. cu. Ac. B<nt B8U per month. Apply to B B.WKSCOTT,corner SOtb and I street* anrth w?at. mrJ-J** L^OB BENT-BOUMS In all portions of the city. r Description a fid term* given. Appir to B. F. FOSTEB, northwest corner 7th and Q eta. my22w* my2-2w* FOB B? NT-BOO *6?Large. plea-ant an<1 well ? Furnished BOOHS, with or witoout B>*ril Table Boarder* desired Bo. 934 I street, between 9th and 10th street*. ayl l*' LTOB BKNT-a B&hKst. DWELLING a?d r fcTOBI. with an e*t*bli?h?d trade o? two years' standing: all the <onvenlenoe* of a first cl >as bu?l neea: 689 H etreM ti r h ?st For terns, Ac, apply to ?. B. OOTTBKLL, corner II atreet and Indiana avenue. iiiyl-l* L^OK BENT-A comfortable DWELLING, cen ? tra'ly located, 944 Esti?et. term- moderate to a reliable tenant Apply to J T G1YKN. w>od yaid loth, near E street Bent #90. apft lm ETOB BBBT?A rare chance?A part of a nicely JT f!irni?h?-d HOCSB for housekeeping. in a de lightful locality. )n the line ol Uth ??r>*t ra l?a>; half r<jnar* from car*; *11 the modern tmproye n.ents: fii e cellar and yard. 14*1 Q sir-, t. ap?J lm I^OK BENT?HOCSE Mo. 949. on F atreet. be I tween 9th and Bhh. containing seventeen r m? and batli-r. om. ?Itli m>dern improvem.-at*; ???< -id flo< r containing f velargt room*, suitable for o(B -?a. lluuiie No. 4 03 7:h atreet nor<)iwe*t. ap2-> Sw L,M)B PALK-Twostory Brick HOCBE M. -OH I 4Ui street northwest, containing aevea r.>ms, water and ga*. bark and hide alley. For partici la>!. apply on the premteea. ap24 lm l/OBBENT-Firatclase Bt'i DESCB. wl h alI 17 ni<?l<ru Improves ei.t?, on Rhode I'lanl ave , Bo. 1513; will be vacant ?ouin timn da tng the tn- Dtb Of Ma jr. Apply to J. J BUKDD, 1404 ll.ti street ap>4lin PI'OB PALE?Two valaable L0T8 9n by luO f?et, on 8th ptreet, betwten P ajd Q; ?Hv>cash; bal acce in fhe >ears at *tx per ceut. tnterea;. Ir inire at 64T 7th street northarst. ap21 lm Ij^OR RENT?Farnlkbed or nnfnrnl?hed. th<? most M. desirable and pleasant snbarbaa KKSI DKMCB in the Dlatrlct; 7th at., 4 mi lea from city; MO yards from Silvi r Spring depot. Metropolitan K. K . fruit, vegctablea, ice, and paatore in abundance;? ro xns, wonld not object to renting for summer b earding bouae; part of rent taken in board. apl9 lm Li^OB BEBT?A Urea story BBICK HOUSE, ten A rooms; baa gaa, water, bath room, dirab waiter la basement, kitchen, and beater. Bent #46 per month Apply 8ia0 Fstrtot northwest. ap!7 >w* L'OB SALE ?In the Country ? A comfortable r DWELLINO of 13 rooks, within Ave minutes wait of Ammendale, Baltimore audUhlo railroad, also, fine Building Bites; Bolting and Beautiful Coontrv; w?II watered. Address DaNlEL AM M KB. BellsTilie. Md. ap!4 Sen F'OB BEKT-UOU?E Bo 613 New Jer*ey ave nue noithwst, between t and O streets; 9 room*, gas and water; good yard, #30 par month. Apply to W.O. JOHNbOB. 7 1? I3ib street north we't. ap!3 lm fi*OB BENT?Three story aLd banement BBICK DWELLING with brick atabie, 1419 lo:h street northwest. For health, architectural design and borne comforts is unkurpassed 6MALLWOOD A MOBBISON, apll-lm Bo. fll3 7th street. fl^OB BENT?One of the ?lce?t and most conve nient UOl'SEH in the District, with all ruod?m itriprov cmentfi. and conta'ning twelve rooma, sitn ated corner 4th and G streets s^atneast. Bent #?4 Ier month to a careful and steady tenant. Apply to 1. W . GL'IBABD, 643 Louisiana avenue north west. apll-lm LAUB BENT? HOUBE 46 O street northweat. T r ro<ms. water. Ao Large yard; convenient to tbr<e lice* of street Cars 0t5 aer month la ad vance EDWABD O CARRINuTON, Jr., At t' tnev at Lav, 454 Louisiana avenue, opposite City Hall. aplO lm hj^OB PALE OB EXCHANGE FOBCITY PBOP ERTT?In Ellavilie, Priace George's county, Md.. SIXTEEN AGBEB of LAND, with dor.ble Frame House, good water, an abundance of fruit tre* s. graphs, Ac.; high and healthy location; twelve Biinntes' w*lk to tbe H>atts\llle depot, Baitimcre and Ohio railroad. A photograph of the house can be seen and further Information obtained fr m B H. 8TINEMITZ, 1437 Pa ave. mar37 LOB SALE-H'TCKS for #304)00, #?>iMn, r #18,(Ml. #16 U0U #11.000, #10,0110, #8 000,?7JUU, #6 000, #0,ouo. #4JJ00, #SjMM, #_l,UO0 Well located and on easy * rmg. B. J.PWEBT. octB-tr SI 1 Ttb street. ||EAL EkTATE BCJLLKT1M THOB. K. WAOOAMAH. *19 Tth SI. CBAM6ES KAIlt KVKRT WgDSt-UAT ABD4ATUAOAT. Brick Hoit-ies for Sale. Drddiiglon.with extensive gr<'uuds, 12 ra...#mijno ContiLentai Hotel. Pa ave , all m l. lUO rs. 13 000 Jif 2?7 D< I ave . al n od imps .17 rs '"t.ouo 6^i P* ave. d.w , ail mod. imps . 10 rf M 0 0 y< y * st. n.w., aU m< d. imps., j3 >? ......17 Aoj K& K st t>. w.. all mod. imps.. 11 rs 14 uou 630 IStb at. n. w , all mod. Imps , IS rs 15 out) 'SO 13th st. n. w , all mod. impa . 13 rs ............14.0">j 73813th st. n. w.. all mod Impa.. 12 rs_. . ..12.000 UUEst.n w , all mod. imps . 14 ta 11.1V 111 A at. ? e . all mod. min* . 12 r? 10 Jou 107 B st s e , all m d. imps . 10 ts 6.0.A) Tiro Story Brick and Frame Homes for Sale. 2i3l Pa av n.w.iF H .) m jd.imps, 8 rs #8 000 2109 Hst n.w.,(F. II ,t mod imps ,9 rs 8,<JU0 10:1 F ?t n. w .( B. H .1 V re. ? 6.140 315 A at a. e.(B B.)? ra.? a,o<o 45 lot *t . Georgetown^ F. Hmod. impa 4 rs. 6 to) 1 th st (W H.?,mod imps., 11 r? 5.000 1317 7th st. o w., <F H.,? m-d. impa . 7 r? 818 1st st n.w. 1 B H >, mod. imps.. 7 ra 4 500 Corner 11th aud D*t*. n.e ,(tt d.).7ra i 500 913S*thst n. w ,( F H.i m >d impa., 7 TtA Ya. av. a. w .< B H ,) m-d impi , 6 ra 4 AO 1461 b st. n.w. ( B H.I, mod. imnt .7 r* 4.loo Unimproved Property for 8lie 2d at a.e and Bo. Carolina ave , a t iaare. 17tn s?.. bet H and 8 st., n. w.. Bat . bet. lit aLd 3d. n. w 0 at , bet let and M. Capitol at. 8<h at., bet. B and S n. w loth at., bet. V and W n.w......? 17th st , bet. V and Boundary ...... 1 st . bet. 17tb and 18th at*, a w., per It... . Vermont av.. bet. L and M eta. n.w., per ft.. 10th at . bet. H and Grant at n.w , par ft.? Howes for Rent. 1013 Vermont ave.. all mod. lmpi.. 11 ra....... 1714 H at., n. w .'urn.All mod. impa.. 11 ra.... 1H3 K at. n. w., fura . all mod impa., 11 ra *117 1 at. n. v., all mod. Imps . SI ra if32 14th st. n. w.? fui n , mod. Imp*., In. 909 M at. n. w., all mod. tmpe , 13 re 91817tb at. n.?., all mod. impa , 13 ra 5 5 lltb at. n.w..all mod. Imps.. 1< ra 100 1?2 Pa. are. n. w., all mod. imp*., U ra ... 83.33 107 B at. a. w. all mod. Imp*., U ra 83 33 1104 6th at. n. w . all mod. imp*., IS ra 75 3010 Fat. n w.,all mod imp*., 14 ra..? 60 Cor. Slat and Fat*, n.w.,all mod. Imp*,, 14r? 66 66 Cor 11th and D ata. a. ? , 71*. ao 939 K at.a.w.,mod imp*., 10 ra loo ?1 E *t.n. w., mod Impa., 10 ra 50 S3:k M at a. w., mod. imp*.. lOra.? ao 323 A at a. e., all mod. Impa.. 10 r* to 712 N st. n.w., mod. Impa., 10 r* 40 1M3 Uth at. n.w , mod Imp* , 8 r* II K at. n. a., mod impa., 10 ra 35 1813 lit h at. n. e . mod. impa , 8 ra , to 311C at. a. e., mod. impa, 1 r* ao 311 Sd at. a. e., mod. imps.. 9 r?. Jt 3364i at. a. w..mod Impa , 7 r*- T 23 3i9 10th at. *. e , mod imps.. 11 rs. 25 40 46 Myrtle at n e . mod. uopa.. J ra ? 2701 K at. n. w., mod impa , 9 ra so Loans. #10 000. In rami from #500 to #3,800?S Bar east, for negotiating. mylOtr BOARDING. LOB kEMT?WITH BtleBD?Elegantly fur ??>? li'i1! on. A >or; also, fcooot* on tt 14 12th ktrett northwest. my 10 61* DKSIBABL. COUNTBf BoaHD-i-arge room;. At ?Utaircm8iiickersvilie,at baae of BlueRldge. Correapoude nee solicited my9 Sw* L. WITHEBS, Snickersvllle ^B BBBT?Elegant RUITBS OF BOOM8; alao aiog'e Boom*,with Boaid, 1336 I aireet north 178 7t* STR,f?'r^?0^ HBKE -OHEAPAST TaBLiB ^ BOA bli l'i the city, at the Parkineon House, 3d street and PennavivanU avenue. A liberal redao tton made to regular boarder*. ?y*f A. PARKINSON, Proprietor THB ST. GEORGE, Alumni- Temple, 909 Fat 1 Board at #3U per month. Call aad aaa bUl ol IBT9. ??" ??' J. H. TATLOB, Proprietor. U1BGLB (JUDGING BOOMS,ao oeau per Bight, lS or from #S to #3 par week; B'tABO or MEALS at reasonable ratea, at Mo. 484 Pennaylvanta ara aaa. apSD-Sm* P?OCHTB* BOaBDIbG. a .**??? Ur?*: *ooi aad akate abna T> LB ASA NT BOOMS AMD GOOD BOABD I be obtaiaad at 1009 Maryland avaana, at ? erate ratea. In a prlrate fbaallr. nam 7i j^jl^NEfcOTA FLOUR. Waahbnra MMla, MIbb^"0** %?D?i or excelled by aay fnjhe aoa^'.A' Hon to keep a supply or fhta oetebrw?" on band All we ask ta a trial to aB??"' taatldiooa. For aale by . J. I. BBTAM * BBO., aplT tr ess Penaaylvaala aveaa* I^XKP'b PATENT PARTLY -HADE DRM88 BHIBTP, We age Bote am BUSINESS CFIANCES. on j T J nnit ?oo, ?i.??< loam oa bku. est\t? -rato koine* try W ec.V Ho HKi F ?trw \V ANTIP?To LOAM for three a-d oa> be f " ?? at* ?7 io ?ecsr'd oa |r*t . K ?trw; Trop?rty. valued at ?J.7W. Add; A O . * ?? c ftise. - > 1 tt t?ti trsixEM cii?< c -rjK mt TteQo<J *?Ut.*t>ck aad rIvt'^re? ot ? llr?t fiviOEWKKV STOKE G .ion tj ear* 11,? nty ? id > est sell. AppU ator addrees "GBOJKKY. " I * F greet K Btb?w>. mrW->' ,\10*?Y ?>N HAND AT ?? AM " ?? PXKCKMr. I8TIUIST lu lou oi g.tod K*?l se *?**'* CA**IN A LlKHEUMAN V a.y9 6t 1 330 F st a w.,ofp Ebbilt House. |VOk S*l -E?1 he Hock. Flxtar<? audoT>oi * ill K of a <;RO< BKT MotK,?*ll ?(ablt?hn1 *u! dotn* a bu-meas For particular*. apply ui W. 8. BBOWM, Attorney at La*. Sv?17 7th B*1<A T A kl> run ?ALI-H ? at?imf.c<nr In* Bricks, ebnrdacce of clar. ?i! Mt.r f s< bftuffi-for improved or unimproved city pr p erty. Alio * large Ijt Bru k?. rhtir * - c?? ,.f tra2e. ApputoB 0 JOHNSTON . 4?.i l"eon?-1 T?pta avenne. tm> ? y>OB SALE. OK BXCHAMOK K'?K "CITY a PKOI'EBTY -llatinf rwu><4 to w ?<^g|'K I will a*ll or eichatif mi of the finest Conor* KBB1DEN0BS In tbe state oC Mar) land, sitaated \ ot a n ile south < f H ?g?r?t<wo, cobtatatng U acr ? l'w?to?f Itud, J r?> ot ?Wci ar? In G^ape*. s ib Frui?, the r'trail der to <.ra?? Improved with a tew t story H I t H^nt. ?> br 31 r?-et. containing !J rtom?, with g*? and water and all aeoe??vr' oat tuildtnts iti ex<nlei,t c.'ioittise. ?urb a* iMUMi carnage bouse. iv kbn^.te. Adgreos A. B. AC |XE3lAf* . Citli-na' ha'l.nal Htnk, Wa?ki''(i 'ti( ? i .<>oo i ??4i: ?*To m>a \t young % MinnLgT.oy. \V*K 1 M1?A t' ? < r I Crl.t .-p-< 1*1 loipt >??? 77 meucEMi IfiCAT^S *ppi>t > pi)8 <t THOS ?. ? iCGAM?i,>l?7ihrt. C;J mill TO TmTSi UN Hill. A> I ? TE (or (m> at S p-r c nt. s y n.u-i be ample. Ma#n in l'a'>k mys 3t ABMg A K Kft HAM -IP T at o w L\k S?i.E?Ata?afrlfto?.?nrTe|??r ? tHANsiY r Hid i OEPaS." net cf L.?w Te*t Bx*?tC ?law I i?n C< *?t of Abstract V> t?. OCloe T*?>Ie, ? dp Orocer'* Wagon Apply to OKU. F UAM . B ? ni aa.M Clond bullditi* ?r Jt* MA KV land aVEHCB. corcrU rreH, YA CANT LOT. near J*pltol r un it. f. t ?*!? I'-w. coLtalnlnf over Lt 000 iWt. T1X(3E,? k *\H OBAMT, Bmiim 'ta npft oji U (MU'STBY PLA? K ?UKlTALBUK liiti r7^-*r y I'ciootown, on Oood IL>p? road te^ ml?ut-*' tUlk itcj* V?T} yDwrlliug aud On-luiidlLj-. with at" nt 4<i aero*, fru!*. ** 7 I N i. ? 8 A 8ABGKANT, 10.1J.13 OO L?-?iDst n it . BiHIan*. C-An W'LL Wl \ A MKSr . L*8B KX U1BITIOB. with n?r>thir.c < tnplete Half c*ib; balance Id 60 d?y?. aatiitaitortly aa coted. Aailrii< H3* iJ ?irwt mutlir >t lurl >w' L'UH hAU OB EXCHaNUK?For city ?rJ^7^> E or In the aonth. a d<-ltcl.t1nl Oomtry KE8i> I'ESCE and KKCIT FAUV o*?r W.%?hicr,n'i It) aulie or addreat CBiS. B. BlSUOi* A CO .<.?* Ttb atreet. m yl-fw * TWO HIV UQ18B8 FOB BALB ? At F tila Oburch, Va . on lone time. n>-ar chu" h** aid good acbool*. Apply tu? ILlS FOIIHS*, on tbe presiiaae. or GEO. A. L. MBBHIFlBLl). K > >m 4i< PtBtlon Offira. h?1- la* WANTED-To exchauc? l?w KCKKI^EK^ TOB8 and PTOVE8 for Old t?ne?.atHUT LEK'8. corner Mb and B ?ti*?*t? n^rthwh#:. Omokv Cliinineji cored, from B5 to fiS.T no pij aptl 2-j* MAN TEL8AT OOaT, at WI. BOTH WELL'S. apl.a tm* USB itraei ?juih?a?t. MONEY TO LOAN ? Id ?nm? to rail oo nattsiac tory aecniitr- JOHH 011EKM AB, H ?: K-ta'e Acst. aplS lm* Bonm S. 8t Cl-md BnlidltiK ^ GOLDSTEIN * OO., "loan ahu commission hkokkrs, OOBNEB 10TH AND D STBEETe MONEY LOANBD or ADVANCES BADB oa *alcable j-er- i ii property to any aao. t, and tar any tune dttired, on rery raaaoaaola tanua. Alao, Goods aold on Goirmiaaion. At Private Sale?Very Cheap?A large lot r>f 0> red^-omtd f*ladg** and CommiMion Guoia, new aad atevnd btnd E^ery article fully warranted. All bntineai itrlctly confidential. Tbe old eat and tbe Boat reliable hooee In the City. tnai-16 tr ^JOBEY TO l?OAB. ((MOO to loan on choloe real aatate. In rem* of from fSOO to #1 OuO. at 9 and 10 per cent lnt?r??: A few acme at 8 per otut.ln from 9*?**" to BBi/JOO B H. WAKNKK. marll corner 7th aad F ?tre?n &r<k TO BA.OOO IN VEbTEU IH STOCK C.)o PK1 ViLKGES PATS LiAKGB P BO FITS. Write for 72 nase book. Men and ldioma of Wail at. and Wall at. Btview PENT FHEE. JOHN 11ICKL.ING A OO.. oct7 ly Banker* and Brisker*. 72 Br ad?ay. R.l. FOR SALE. L'CB SALE?Oteeetof Tinpaltb eTO.JL^. Call A at YKNaBI.B'S. cornet of 7tU atrcet and \ tr 11Via avi Navy Yard. lt* ?-"OK VaY-B? A fine BAKOOcUC, *itb two I reata If told before Satard>y ?-e\t> a ill kell lt very cheap. It iQire at Biar) ofiice. my 10 St* FOK BALK?A large Sorr. 1 HoB?E. 16 baude bigb, ecund in every particular; will dj (jv? for Buggy or Cairiair*. Keaou fcr ? iih- /Ov ing toaail. no furtb?r n?e for bltn Aaaiy to Jik1. W I'CMPBBEY.C at., U-t ?%ai.d ? h >U n.10 St L'OK SALE?At a nacrilice, a Black W alnu' BED r BOOM Sl'ITB.wlth ?attract" ant two K-a*h r PiilbWa. Apply 719 Bbode laland are. an>9 It* FOBBIGN MIN1STEB wbo la lea tbe conntir < ffere for wale a line tteinaay PLANO. little need; to be ee?n a* ?J; - J MB1ZEBOTT A OO A More Store, "Tl 111 my9 Ot Pennnyl' anla avenne. near >th at. L'OB SAI K?A Covered MbOlK SENSING r MACBINK and Attachments. Iniaire at &UI Utb atreet northwest. nn8 St* L'OH SALE?A gocxl Family or Hn-ineM (1UBSK, r Business WAGON and H ABN ESB <jV-m I T ? '?%* nearly new. In jnlre at OBANDALL'^ Bookstore, corner 7tb and D treats n w. my fvc FOB SALB?PB.CION with Bnmble, very little u?*d To be seen at CHaBLEM. H L ABL*S Stable*, SOD aLd -11 I9tb{ stnet. my8 St* Prcmislsg yccag. well bred trotter, blxslBAY, wlib black polnta, SwUbd. stylish, aud yen n\ speedy. *1*281 Also, pair Sherman Morgan M ABES. ^7 a bay*, Tery handsome and last; a perfect ladirs team. This i* Tery desirable stock and Is raarantead in every particular. Apply toTHOH. MiOONNKLL. Washington Driving Park.or a-idrees P. M. SL1 CBB. Boa a-3. Baltimore PostOBBoe. ap7.' Ht* L'OB BALK?Serviceable, One toned, six-octave r Chlckering PiABO; only |U must be sold; can be foen at aoctbweet comer of ?., 13th and H street* n w . Ne. 73fe.apte It' Hi / ^ABBIAGBB, CABB1AGES, OABB1AGE8 - V' Tbe largest and moat varied assort-, meet of latest sty le ot Carriages. Ooapee,Y_^ Bockaways, Juma-seats. Park PbKtons.Ju^ J aggers, Top and no Top Buggien. Also,sereral fine h. cond hand Panel Carrlsires and Buggies on har.dat F. D BCBMITT A CO., mat 13 tr No 319 11th st.. bet. O acd D , n vr. ."OH SALE-NOW 18 THE TIME. F I hare on haad SO BPBlNG WAGONS, built In tbe best styls, with tbe Sarrln wheel,. Tepand Bo-top BUGGIES for sale enV monthly payments, at my new Factory,J 37 ProeMctst., entrance on Bridge st.. near nsw market, Georgetown, D. C. marS-Sm* JAMBS K. PBOBBT. J AOB.BOM WAGONS. BBW BTOOK. I BOH AND SUKLLSKK1B AXLES OBK-hOKSE, TWO HOUE, TBkKE UOEM AND FOCB HOBSK WAGONS Ws bare aold Hundrada of tbase Wagons, and tbe general opinion Is that ibsy are tbe cheapest and best Wagon la nas. D. W. McGBtTH. febSl Sn Corner ot Mass. are. and I street n. w. PERSONAL. pLANETRMADMM. MBS. DB. KLLI9 will remain bnt two weeks longer. All wbo wuh to learn the trath of Past, Present and Fntnre should call and consult the Doctor ioii.ediately. She elves information on all sub.ect* of Itfs. mis Pennsylvania avenue, tip stairs. Bee circulars marSl eolm A BTBOLOOT This celebrated Lady Astrolorlst aad Sealing Ms dltun can be consulted at No. 801 D street, corner of 0d northwest. She has no saperlor In de'laeatlug the Paat, Present aad Futnre. Ia love or buviness her advice Is invaluable, deecrlbiag yonr friends, pointing cnt your enemies, and Informing yen of to eaossas la aU aaOerteblngs. Ooa tbe sure w ay t ? sultatloa strictly oonbdeatlal. Ladlss, (1. g^nile msa, >1 00. sepl ly [RATTAN'S CRYSTAL DISCOVERY F95 1H F^11* FOB BBSTOEINQ GBAt Oft f AbiD H><3 TO ITB BATUBAL ABD TOLTHFL L OOLOi. It ?akes braab, Ary aa< wjry hair smooth and bWF? It (rAdiOAMi Daodrnff, Md It# ofyMnjoaa^i ?Bllc,tlw ytwvsnts aad stoas tbs bair talliag. nnrtiiSL1"******* ?**?' ?oiM^tM aatars. Dose not r^u" ?baklngl'd *?>? ir?* acr, la fact, has tt ~~~ " ~M rears now wlib cowstsnt PARI, DrufisL aad DinaMDorUvMt ?y-tr CENTENNIAL BARGAINS i *A* PROFESSIONAL. |\bkti?tbt ...i LI%VB ""V*? fBAVTlCE<jC=; ** 1110 fitnit mnbin* **?? ? _?T? ?n> i B OHM, IWtm. !>' |B J K Willi ? : ?NTi-T talk, r ' t? .t~ N ?> ?l A.aO-n . m a , T.-'?.">*^--< Md , for a anatft <f year*. r?*i><-ctr< ,'CBS ,3???* Hs?T? K ? ?A>m^ ?? 4 7T<?*MV aT LAW, ar'^T cor- U Bad Itli at . R m* 4, r^- . * aehlnyt..? p | ( lOWIfi RlllMHKlT ? Bo oooftfc^i/ 7"/yA / B4CB. ?Tt> m*rn*rn w. ?|0^>? CM Ota*. <? HITTLK * K vk ?* AHTli-T* UlltW'O. M"'OR*TI?? ?nd er?rf daarrlrtlaa o* vuahi?tal>b4 i-laih riiMTiiia, 7*7 0<h *tr?et * . -thwart. ortClllI k ami aorthwart, jaatl If WASHINGTON. D O ??% hkht fun mm -? - - 5' P? AO FH * TT, Wradiate IM-lo 'Y> o| IVntal fotar*. tut n k?tiM'1)al' c? o? 401 7th ?r* , < a-t aide, ortxr of 1) Vm <td ckknturn w*4 it "itrvrt'.M tortfc aa?ll Ij ? MEDICAL, Sc. \|k!? AKMTT* WIlHOh. , f ro i? ? M'l.l PIIISIGIaN a MX HIU*iri fail i, ( rr at to- ath at nirifc ?aat )--n-?le c?<iipUta*? a ?p~aialtf. fail or arlta. I m b? mt, (r.? 9 a m to 1 r ? . aod ft. tn ? tc T i. tyU H' I kH. (.tvn. 7 ?? (?.!.?! A- |>?H aa 1 I' K*!%?'U L*4i" P(??iii? <a i*> (M?, can l>* WiitlM H"f| Twalii and C*'i:r4? at No ti? H airt-H from I tot o'd.<oA All faaaal* Complititiia Kill cnr-d IWI# ai d kxaldaaea B<> 7?4 W. it-ard atraat, Baltimore. apli l>' ATlMr vt ll<?H-a Maii<??c?!*.aiMlM * tia rr< runl accntdiki t tha original ficrr ola ?-y I?r. l>ait'i .at 11*4% (traat, co?. al Pena a?e 0? trnnl ?tli in fr-a aaS tin hu HOTI kTSON . f'om fia''in?i,cinl*fc<t ml ted at 4U4 l.?ih atreat a?>rtawaat. i.earlr op r-wlta tt.r <.}?. Qtfrv, ty*rr WIliNK""Al at?d *11 kDA Y. fr.* 0 to W r m.. la all 1>1?' ? -t tb* I rinary Otfant. Gonorrhea. Gtort. Otrtotnr. ayphtlia. ani Sptraiat >irt?-a. v>a??a of <i"Bt. -"he* *? * * - - - ?> Ht pfcilo la ?tirair h^ut Uta u*a <?" cniT Prariratorrli.fa. l-riiu#L al r?a in oatiatii* l m ol ^ru. .... t> . f-Baral 0 i " <rca^| ?<-akca?a. I"i^>:an?y, orr .or? itrfTal iltt*. ?j o pflfe* of couaaiHfilOB< til Hcaatton. falclta'ion of the haart. pain* In La. k, *'*? ueai of aljht Of "iMi?aa? a*U f,.ra?> <diiig?, a^lf diairuat, ?c . ?|>?r lllT enr?^ i>f nawlf UK?T?r)( f. n.<-d',a? Oartl?-m--n rla< lux th -niarl< t * Id Dr B '? baud can r?-l? cr a Mu artaaMflcallr and b >a MaMr troatavl li<-Vf? tc> tba liltih ta?t1?n.>t?lala a ti.' h he Boa bold* tr m tba I?a4lw ybralclana of Kalim pa 0(B<?4tf4 MRb atrart Bortfe?rc?<- frtxi 4tu?p m. ' aarO-lr DB Bl t-KLIiBJOMOO -TwMitr jraara aiMfi at.ce in trwalr IUm^hw, Iri ecolarit'aa, D?a tian Tumora; coarautac^ ?atUfactl.>n,or a.. cbar**a Hu in>aa coubdaulial. for patiant* |?>4 N . Boaard -treat, llalttmora. mar IB !m* ACARU.-T11 *11 ?bo arc aaftaiinf Iroa ux . Mrora and lnJl*cra.l"ua of fowk. aaraoaa aaakuoaa. rarlf .l^aj. loa* of tai l. xkI, Ac . I a til ?~ttd a rac'aa tliat will cor* y n. mil Of niALCK Ttila ar. it ra*ad7 fv Jiac >fri>d l)f a oitMiunary Infc 'Otl, Am? rto?. Hand a a?>lf addnainj etral. pt to tha H- v J< >^BPH T 1M II AN . Bta'tuu l>. Htl'la Hon** N?? V' rk dir. maM ?o,t fc,?m ulbUBlPTlOB-*^!^ ^TuB~TB1 HPKKVf Onre of btmlnal Waakcta. Loat Maub<H>4. Hi Ul dla? rdem fcroofbt on br ludlacrrtloag at ?? va. At./ l>tu(f>t kMlkt liifradlanH. Aidraa* DAV1POOH * OO - ? r'* m.v.f-lv ttot 00*0 Saw Totk. IIk B r JONU. so *? > I ' M t. (Late K'-at'eat Pl.ralnan andSar troc to fti- cial U. -rttal for tbe Oanlto?Utlnarr t?rira:i?. Parln.) Ouarantaaa and oarialn ra M in all l>n aaaa and lrraettlarlUaa tocMaat to A'oDurn In Imao'aDcr and Btiril ItT, and all III* ?o??c< irlta&t attfc at>t.?aof tiatnre'a lava marII tut' 1* ADA MB BC8TBLL.M Ii . a th?roa?hlr et 1' ? rartovod and rim Jfic Lali ?' l>b< aictan and M vt!e l 2-' jea?? aractirr. atttnd- ladia* at tb*-ir ii. n-aa,i,r r< mf<>rt?bi?- prltat* rooma, e?r?fol ihii N*. and the l>a?t medical aMandance at tba 1< t. r a 9t|\at? rtaiitanr* Ladlaa rlactac tliaai4al\a? 'ttwfar tl e c?re <>f M?d?Tu- k'?'"ll am gnarantae l actet.tlfc tr?atn.< i t ar.d a ?p??dy cn-a office and r M 'euc?, c rLer . f P n i Sbaryand l?. r?-r ??rert?. BatMmcra. ?e?l7 1) INSURANCE. Jt-HK T. ALMS. It. W kiTOdAH. ARMS * KintHAM, GSM SEAL 1MSCKANCB AH UMTS Ay it ii L> DAorr BriLCine, of f and Stt atraau IB^rBAN' E'f KVBKT I'B'M'BIPTIOB WBIT ?tare-tr TIN ON TUB BKbT TKkHS KBHdVAlT " Ike office of tba LYCOMING BIBB IB8CH ANC'B AHJK i'AN T tin bocn ren.ctod to ko<>ni N >. ?to. Lal>rolt Bnildti.c. corner of f and Stb atrmu. Thia atanccb old con panr hM be?n Ir. o^eraUoa Lr thirty live > nan &>t a-?'t?, f? (W a?J tr J KCS8BLL BABB. A?at. COAL AND WOOD. (_X>AL ASD MLNDLUi^ WOOD. Onr atock of GOAL la bow complete. aa>traei-| all tba cbotca qoall'.iae. and to which we tuma lb* attor.tir c of oonaonierf Onr PATENT BI NULEP k IN L>LINU WOOD, irltb a fira ll?btar In aaary bundle, la tba bwt la oat- For aaU bj all (tr or??tr> It. Hu aUMuti upei or fceroaaue oil repaired. CHEAP. SAt*. CLE AH. bTEPHEKSOR * BBO , Mill acd Depot 7th atrart Wbarf, I'tk lr Branch OfBoa 101? PaatiarlTaBla are?aa. (JOAL! 1VAL! HOOU! WOOUf CHE A P ! CFIF.A /* ' F*)R CASH t TnOl PANDU or TORS (TkliEKEO. Arrlvicf daily, carfoaa of the beat varlatiaa of All klcdaot COAL and WOOD. 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