Newspaper of Evening Star, May 11, 1876, Page 1

Newspaper of Evening Star dated May 11, 1876 Page 1
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m fat V?. 47?IN2. 7,215. WASHINGTON, D. C., THURSDAY. MAY II. 1876. TWO CENTS. THE EVENING STAR. FTBLIUES BilLY, Sulajf nicpIN, AT THE STAB BUILDINGS, rmnylTaaia A>rn?, (MM 11th street, ? T Tta Evening BUr Hewspspsr Company, 0. H. MAUrWMAMW, ~ " Erranw Sr*? u treed by earrlert to ?rfm-rtfy-t at Ten Cenli per we**, or Forty Sbar l>ote p*r month. n>pir* at the cotmter, Two On I* each. By vutU?potlape prepaul? Sixty Cwti ? month; oue year. *6. Thi Wiiilt 8ta x ? inMuhed m Frutay? ?9 a year, pottage prepaid. mTAU mifcripttons invariably tn acfcxmre. mrJintf* o/ mh*rt\*HU} fltmixluxi on <*tm. AMUSEMENTS. \\ AMILNGTON SCHUKTZEN I'ARK. MAY festival: MOSDAY. MAY 1*. 1*T6. PBIZE SHOOTING A*D BOWLING CONOER T, lAM'IVUJc ?311 u a i>m 'ssmx. Ji rrs. | IUOL1 HALL MONDAY. MAT 13, 1871. IMA D ERIXA, ' IhlLAND f (.Tits or PONG. ia cb? of her celebrated MUSICAL EYEX1XOS, ?? |*'fo*n>wl b? her with c mplcte tucess* npTard c.f irt Oonwiii nt?h?? throiighont taepriucipsl citif ? of Errrrpe ard tlMIri. ?I ?f ket?, iOcent*. reserve* s"eT* J3 cents extra to be procured *t El!t*' M<:gir Store. Door* open ?t 7 o clock, commence st $ mill it l^&TIOAAL IHEATIKr LiSTWHK Of TIIE S1AS0S. "LAD.HTEB HOLE1NO BOTH HEB9IDE9." Tl KKS' FTN lN~A~eOG ' TO NIGHT. voi? its : ris in a Foa ! to biqht. PBiD ? T AND 8\7T BDAY EVENINGS. WBUIIO MaN IB TBI BIGHT PLACE. Co?sie?ciB?r ?eeh sver.ins with NAVAL ENGAGEMENTS. *r 't?~ 8to k Coniiitir MATINEE StTlBPAT AT 9. rnyl |?KY. HE>KV WARD BEECHIR. CONG REG AT10SAL CHUBCB, Tenth sod 9 str?-et?, FRIDAY EVE*IPG, MAY 13, At 8 o'clock. Pnbje?f 'RELIGION IN EDUCATION " Tkim One Dollar. No extra charge fur re served seats. Diagram at Whitaker ? Book*'ore, 941 Peons. aveeire. m>S7t THEATER tOMiqi E. Eleveatk Street, B*loio Pumtiflramim Artnut. of My the Teak kov.w. Performance EVERY II9HT. Matinee for La dles aid Children EVE BY WEDNESDAY and BAT1BDAY AUTEBNOOH. FIR STCLASS IxHrEKY RESPECT. Variety. Drama. Burleenoe sad Comedy, iwgjy Old No.) On Rxhibifcion (Mew No. ?M > and Salt 1 439 TT* 8t. \ AT ( 7th ST. IAIK KITKI'S, iVe. B3t7l* htm, tHUetm I) and E .icmm, net door* mdovt Odd Filiates' Hall. Choice Oil Paintings, Engravings, Ouromos, Ac. Also, largest stock of Paper Hsuglnys, Window Shades. Picture*. Frames. Picture CcrSa SAd Tas ?els, Hlrp, Malls, Ac., la the District. WTxsm* Ca?H. ber Name and It amber )Tl 1? EXCURSIONS, PIC NICS, Ac. W l NDAT exoubmons. a? Tfcs st<smboat MABY WASH INGTON will ctmmetce. on S?y 14th. leaving bsr wharf, :jot r.f 7th* street, at 1 o clock p. m., for Gljmont and Interme diate laidings Fsr?? for round trie. *22 Cents. Children under four rears fise. mjli 3t* J.W L BOSWLLL. Captain 1011 1011 C LO T MM iJT G . SPRING AND SUMMER. DRESS COATS ASD Tl Oriental Silk Pl d Worsted, Hcrthampton Hllk BiLb-d Worsted. $ 19 Vienna Dfagosal Worsted, 916 iO Blackinftoa Black and Geld Worsted, Hi lit ridge fancy Bilk Worsted, 91* Blarraganaett Faacr Bl k Worsted, ?10 BTB15ESR Slim Ttae Elbanf Bprirg Cass Snit, E'JO Plus Delabarre Plaid Cass Snit. ?18 Bdward Harris Hair-line Caes. Snit, 916.40 T*e VersalUes Checked Caes. Bait, ?13 Tfcs Diagonal Bisbed Caes. Salt. 014 Geo o? Wesktagton Mill Bine Plannel Sdlt, 013 Bortk floosie Block Caes. Bait, 019 Hercules Scotch Case. Salt, 011 Buglisk Stripe and Plaid Caes. Bait, ?10 Enickerbocksr Check Cass Snit,09 Bailsfcsry Brock en Check Cass. Bait, 09 Colon Cess. Salt, Prock sad Back, 06 YOrTHR* SUITS. ?lllharg Diagonal Worsted Bait, 01# Lippia Silk Bibbed Case. Bolt, 013 ?aaot'a Hair Use Oass Salt, 911 London Plaid Caas Bait, ?9 Sew York Mills Case Bolt, 0T Berwalk Pasty Wonted Salt, 010 Oaaadea Plata Cass. Suit, 19 Snow Baks Paacy Caee. Bait, #7 Knickerbocker (.'heck Cass Salt, f 4 IeIoi Case. Suit, 04 A. STRAUS, Itll -. PBBBSYLYEBIA AYBBDB -1011 apSB-tr Btrwiis 10th asd 11th Stebet*. (JHEAP LUMBER. Having s larre stock of SPUl'CB LCMBEB we bars ccacladed to sell It at the following reduced prices. This laaaber is water seasoned, and of the very best ?jnaliry. 3x3,1*4, and Sxi. any length Sli per M ilB pec M IlS pr M ?.013 to 0IS per H .. 014 to fl? per M 4H feet Pickets, , palln?s). i IB per M 4o OCt fret roach, finches. .07 W per M XxJ and 3x4,2d iiiality... 011 <4 per M T. EST. CL4BK A ? O , V barf. Yard and Planing Mill, foot of 4th street t, near P ?. Bsey Yard. my6 Iw ? HUBS ? , -> AT SPECIE BASIS! JIJD Prsnch Eld Button, SI SO Laced d >. 1.00 Bala*orai(, 01 uO Coagre?4. IBB Fox do. 01 SO Fox Better, 100 Child's, Bto 14, Si 13 Button, M)c Bnsklna. 7le. Slippers, 01 IB Men s Congress. fl 28 Beys' Congress, 01 U Nswports, ?1 SO Button ds. With a new stock STBA W H AT9. At J. W. BELBVB, BBTS-tr 1914-1916 Pa ar , het. l?th and 20th sts. rs SPRING ST I LS5 ^ NOW BEAD7. I BBOADWAY and FIFTH AVENUS STYLB a SI LB DMBBBLLAS. SUB DMBBBLLAS. PABASOLS recorered. 14It FBBBSYLTAB 1A AYBBCB, ?Art ly Ahoro Wlllard s Hotel. armB tf BEAM t) FACT BSEEB' ^ ffilS pbicsb. $4 Uedtat'asd 9eatB TEAVBLIBtt TEOBAS with (BcMerrny t Patent Trunk Stay attached LADIES' TEAYELlhG BATCHBLS SHAM L BTBAPS and POCBET BOOES DOUBLE aad 3LSULE HA BE EM LAP BOBBS and HOE8E BLABBBTS. SADDLES, SB1DLBS aad WHIPS. i to erdev I to Bteitw. ^ iicHDSBAT. M4 Market Spaee JBPOETAST TO H()VSEKBBPBB3. Feather Beds aad Pillows and Hair Mattresses r*novated aad made bacyaat and lnodoroat by 1m prered apaUcattoa of n,am. Mattreesee re nphol atsred by bTT. Hl'NTKB, at sams alace. Good city rtfersacee gi?sa for work alread) done 8 F. CHAPMAN. a?lB-|?* Bo. 113T Tth strest aarthweet. ?Au_ fittra r' ,Ti*?^.?sTAfr" - * BmtiSmrr9 SPECIAL NOTICES. r<j> MBMOBIAL OHUBCH, corner 14th and N ?mS* streets. MmuIiiI Sunday School hi Bin TO-MHHTM 7:30. A veritable Bm Hi re., Hecltetions, Plosrers. Mottoes. Bs charge for ad ?ittatce. Everybody welcome. It r? TBI GBBEU&L IXIOrTIVI O0? L^IIITTBE of ?OMAIH FORBIQB MIS aruBAkT SOCIETY meet daily it the Metropoli tan II. E. < nurcb at ? a. m. Friday, 1a in., <-?n eral Conference concerning Method of Missionary Wort Friday,8_n. m . Anniversary, addressed by Dr. Thou a;*. Dr. Hibbikb and Miss Cum Bwata, M. p.,of India. . ? ir^? THB CHRISTIAN MISSION, formerly u-c-jr located on 7?h street northwest. between M ai d N aireeta. will be continued In tbe LINCJLN MISSION BCILD1NG. corner lltb and B atreeta northwest, under the auapi.-esoMhe^ne^gettooal itaat, at I X mvll S? n icuivn uuiui'inV) c'tun *??" northwest, under th- auspicssof theOoui Church Bervlceswill bebeM EVEBY I c< mini ncing Friday next, tbe 13th in*1 ?? *>? C^*I ? BlfilOP HA> EN on AMKK^A S TO -?-r MORROW, Union M. B. Church. MOMDIT K VBBIMP. May 18tb. Admlesion. 2i c?. mylU 3t |V^? AN ADJOURNED mei ting or THE 0^7 PBOPKBTY OWNBRS. RESIDENTS and MaBKftT BBALEkS on M:h itreet and vlclaity, will & held on THURSDAY BY EN IMG, at o>lcck. tbe 11 b Inst , at Clabaugh Ha'l. on 14th 'treat, between Corcoran and U streets, to perfect mrunni for the isbment of a Market llo'i.e for that aection of the cltv. All persons iuterea'ed are respectfullr invited to he present. m . 9 3t ry^> TUEBE WILL BE A MEBTIHO at Ba I Uw?' vis'Hall. No f>i A 7th iitreet northwest, on THi'BSDAY NIGHT. May Id, at 8 o'clock p. m . for the purpose ef organizing a new Building Asso nation. All persona wishing to connect themselves with such an association ate invited to atienl and participate. m)3 It OABD-DB. L1EBKBMANN b?l dis fty-y contlnti'd the practice of hia profession on account ot impaired health. myt-4t RBV.HENBY WABDDBIOHBB WILL Lecture at tbe Acadnmy of Music, i Baiti ,) MAY lltb. at 8 o'clock Subject: ?'Hittgion in Education " Tickets #1. at McCaffrey s Music Store and at the door. mr< th.sjn t.wAtb THB B B B T. MILBUBH B SODA WATBR. NATURAL SPR1B0 WATERS on Draught. ICE-COLD TEA, OOKFBB and CHOOOLATB. 14?V Fl^XBTLVA!(IA AVlNvEt apit-tr near Wlllard't. HEBBY WIBB GARNETT, ATTORNEY AT LAW, No. 1 Columbia Law Building, aplS lm >th street, bet D and B. PS*B. w WH1TABBB, 1^7 General Claim and Colltftton Afnt, No. 714 lith street, near Treasury Department. District Claims, Pension and Bounty Claims, a specialty. ??" r"?5* NERVOUS EXHAUSTION.-A Mwlical Iv?/ Esaay. comprising a aeries of lectures delif sred at Kahn a Museum of Anatomy, New York >b the cans- and cure of Premature Decline, show* ng indisputably bow lost health may be regained, iffonting a clear synopsis of the Impedimenta to marriage, and tbe treatment of nervous and physi cal debility, being tbe result oTSO years'exaer ence. Price, 26 cents. Address tne author.Dr. L.J. Kahn, >flr? and residence, il East 10th st . N. Y. a pi fan ?"a?H D. COO BE. Jr. A OO., BABBEB8, tiii-tr 14BB W treat. rri> BTBATFOBD FEHDALL, yjy 4(9 Louisiana avenue, MiHB ATTORiV EYAT ia&iS & LA W. LEWIS JOHNSON * CO., BACKERS, tfWkSlrtU ?*<< Fmniy.tnnim A*t**t, Dealers In Government and District Securities foreign Exchange and Qold. sepM ly jPasSAMUBL O. YOCNO, BOTARY PUBLIC, octlT tf Qyyici?Btar Bpilbin*. OPTICIAN.? To" :kt Pubht.?My newly invented Bye glass, which 1 now mauufac-^=%^?^^ tnre with eight workmen, surpassee^^ any Eye class in the whole world. They can be regulated by two small screws to exactly fit the aose without any pain ur unpleasant t<?eimg. l uey ire made of Brazilian pebble and the newly discov ered Bnssla ruby glass. For neatness and lightness hey cannot be surpassed. Measure taken and order ailed m fifteen mi antes ISAAC ALBXANDBB. 1229 Penna. av , ip!4 Inventor. Patentee and Manufacturer. Bo. 1397 Fi!?s?TLVA!?ia Av?w*?. ieaulae Braillian Pebble Spectacles. de?7 ly.lstp "J BJ?sV>' FOR THE H AR3 TIMES. READ THIS. A GOOD FULL BUT FOB Acti al Value Bl i. A VERY GENTEBL BUT EOB ?10 Actual Value ?13. QUITE A N1CB SUIT FOB B1J, Actual Value flT. FINB ALL-WOOL SUITS FOB S13. Actual Value BLEGABT BUSINESS SUITS FOR SIS, Actual Value 9Ui. VERY SUPERIOR SUITS FOR ?'JO, Actual Value f FINE CL8T0M-MADB 8UITS FOR rJ?, Actual Value (33. iJOFS' CLOTHING AT TUB SAME LOW KATES. HABLI BROS., Merchant Tailors and Fine Olothiers, apIT ty Cerasr 7th and U streets. JL SPRING 1J ATS. J Our supply ot Spring an>l Summer HATS now Colli piste. ENGLISH DERBY S, all new colors. SOFT FBLTS, all new colors md shApee. DUNLAP S NEW YORK N0VBLT1BS, joat Introduced. MISSES AND CHILDREN S LEQHORN, MI LAB ABD WABTOB BTBAW MATS, In all shapeg. mrOVR STOCK IS THE LARGEST. WILLETT * ElOir, may* Sw 90> Pit^TLTA^lA Avkirtk. 11/! ABB BEOBIY1BQ DAILY FBOM OUB W Factory, hi Baltimore, fresh auppllee of those BLEGABT CEBT UBFIB IB BED. and fl FINISHED RHIBTS, Bade of tbe Best Wamsatta Muslin and Tweoty-one Hundred Linen, at the BBABOH BALTIMORE SHXBT FACTOBY, Bo, IBIS F street, Waablng'on. **_ *J W DABB, M L^IBBBT DBESB SHIRTS MADE TO OBDBB r of the very beet material and in the aaost elegant manner far AS SI. at the BEABCH BALTLMORB SHIRT FACTORY. ltl? ? etreet. saarlA-tr J. W. DABB, Ma?M?. (^KStlNK BlILWAUBKB SIEft I For 8tls it CHBIS. MADEb' HOTBL, sp 17 lm Corner of Mth and E street*. u ' MBBBLLAB ABD PABASOLS^OOY apS4 lm* EBED ABD BBPA1BBD, AT THB MABUFAOTOBY, 013 D street northwest PASTUBAGB? PABTURAQB FOB COWS and BOUU Apply to B. LYOBS, ?? Watar street, Georgetown. Payment required la ad vaaae. apllha* SECOND HAND CLOTHING, FURB1TUBB Ord.r. bf Mil , OO , Wtu-IF Vtrwtt Wtk Mmt Ib4 PtBB P ?TF, EVENING STAR Washington News and Gossip. Government Ricfiprs To-dat.?Inter nal revenue, <5*6,801.58; ens to ma. *60* ,503 71. New Pi*blicatioss.?From C. C. Pur fell we bave the 10 cent Centennial Exposi tion Guide; from E. M. Whltaker tbe Stun Tific Monthly for May. W. H. Howard, of Washington, D. C., has b^en appointed an assistant railway post office clerk between New York and Wash ington, with pay at the rate of 11 003 per annum. Petittons have been presented to the At torney General and the President for the pir don of a number of persons convicted In the routh as illicit distillers, and a strong effort is being made to have their cases favorably considered. the petitions setting forth that the parties have already been safficlently punished. Michigan for Blainr?Private dis patches received here from Michigan state that a majority if not two thirds of the dele gates to Cincinnati from that state will vote for Mr. Blaine as first choice. Another telegram from Grand Kaplds yesterday states that Mr. Blaine name was "greeted with thrice the applause of any other." The Presidency?The New York Trib ute figures up the chances ot th? several re publican candidates for the Presidential nomination, as far as indications now show. The republicans have held conventions in twenty states and three territories, repre sen ting 410 votes In tbe convention, being a majority. Of these Mr. Blaine's friends claim 134, of whom 27 are Instructed, and 100 will give their votes for him alter the "la vorite son business" Is concluded. Senator Morton has 56 instructed for hlrn, and claims 34 more, making 90 in all; Senator Cons ling's strength is 79; Gov. Hartranft's 58, and Mr. Bristow's friends claim 48 for him Gov. llayes has bis 44 votes from Ohio, and Postmaster General Jewell 10 of the Con necticnt votes. On the democratic side, Gov.Tllden is said to have 118 votes; Gov. Hendricks the 30 from Indiana, and claims the 58 from Pennsylvania. Senator Biyard has a possible i; from Connecticut. Tbe New York Herald casts its horoscope as follows with reference to the second bal lot at Cincinnati:?Blaine, 310: Cookllng. 288; Morton, 224: Brlstow, 100. The vote of Ohio is conceded to Hayes. Tbe same paper thinks that at present the south is pretty equally divided between Gov. Tllden and Mr Her.drlcks. and figures up 294 vot^s for the former and 252 for tne latter as against any eastern man. Political Conventions The follow ing political conventions are appointed for to-day and the remainder of this month: To-day, West Virginia, republican, in Ciaiksburg; Tuesday. May 1(5, Alabama re publican. in Montgomery; Wednesday, M*x 17, national greenback. In Indianapolis, In diana; Wednesday, May 17, national prohi bition, in Cleveland, Ohio; Wednesday, May 17. New Jersey republican, In Trenton; Wed nesday, May 17, Tennessee republican, in Knoxville; Wednesday. May 17. Ohio demo cratic, Ciucinnati; Thursday, May 18, Ken tucky republican. In Louisville; Wedues day. May 24, Illinois republican, in Spring lield; Wednesday, May 24, Alabama republi can. In Montgomery (minority call); Wed nesday, May J4, Minnesota republican, In St. Paul; Wednesday, May 24, Missouri re publican, in Jefferson City; Wednesday, May 24. Kansas republican, in Topafca; Wednesday, May 24, Michigan democratic, in Lansing; Wednesday, May 21, Kansns democratic, In Topeka; Wednesday, May 24, Colorado democratic, in Puebla; Thursday. May 25, Kentucky democratic, in Louis ville; Tuesda: , May 30. Louisiana republi can, in New Orleans (to elect delegates to tre national convention*; Wednesday, Maj 1, Iowa republican, In Dot Moines; Wednes Jay, May 31, Alabama democratic, in Mont eomery; Wednesday May 31, Virginia dem ociatlc, In Richmond. The Bituminous Coal Trade.?Tne E i gineering and Mining Journal says: "The shipment* from Central Pennsylvania con tinue to be in excess of those of a year ago, and tbe lndlcatlons'are that the same ratio of increase that ruled during I875 will be con tinued during this year. There have been no faither large sales .reported since our last. >et the orders already secured are sufficient t > keep the mines working steadily for some time to come. The shipments from the Cum berland region last week show a falling off of over 31,do tons as compared with the cor respond lug week lu 1875, and from January 1 a falling off of about 114.000 tons. The sea son has now arrived when tbe shlpmeuts from this region should be quite large; but it Is sans to predict that unless some speedy action should be taken to reduce the cost of mining and delivering coal at tidewater tbe productions of tbls region for 1870 will fall fully three-quarters of a million tons behind that of 1875, which also showed a considera ble reductlou from former years. There Is but little change to be noted in tbe position at the mines. Tbe New Central Company has resumed operations temporarily to fill some pressing orders, but it is thought that It will soon stop work. Tbe Consolidation Coal Company still sucoessfully evades tbe law calllrg for a redaction of frelgbts on the Cumberland and Pennsylvania Railroad. This matter has become quite complicated, so much so that even though tbe company be compelled to submit to the law It will be too late to enable the mining companies to secme their usual business for the balauce of tbe year." cjteen Victoria has been officially pro claimed Empress of ludla, after the me din>val fashion. On Tuesday tbe heralds and trumpeters went forth, and tbe sheriff* read the decree at tbe Royal Exchange, at Charing Cross and the Townball, Brentford. On the following day the imperial announcement was made at Edinburgh Cross. The Scotch ceremony was most picturesque, and was conducted by the heralds, pursuivant* and the Queen's trumpeter for Scotlanl, the Duke of Albany, (His Royal Highness) the Duke of Edinburgh, who read the proclaraa tian, which was responded toby the Mar quis of Bute as pursuivant. Illness of th* Pop?.?A dispatch to the New York Herald, dated Rome, May 7, says bis Holiness. Pope Plus IX. Is very fee ble in body. He has to be supported by two prelates or tbe church, and on the occasion of Vatican receptions alleges his bodily weakness as an excuse for not going round to bless the trinkets and other matters wbich are presented to blra. His voice, how ever, is of undiminished {power. His holi ness, on account of his weakness, refuses to speak in any other language than the Italian. The National Woman Suffrage As sociation. In session at New York, elected Mrs. Elizabeth Cady Stanton president and Mrs. Susan B. Anthony and Mrs. Ltllle Devereux Blake secretary of the association for the ensuing year. A campaign commit tee for 1876 was appointed, consisting of Sns%n B. Anthony, Matilda Joslyn Gage Phcebe OoMjM, Olympla Brown and others Cotton reports from eighteen ont of thirty-one oountles in South Carolina show a decrease of 4 per cent. In area planted as compared with last year; that the crop is seven to twelve days later; labor and fertil izers about the same as last year; season not so favorable sluoe planting, but plants still coming up. The IirDSPKVDniT Greenback Statk Co>vention was held at Madison, Wis., yesterday. Tbe attendance of delegates was very small. Delegates were chosen to tbe Dailonal convention at Indianapolis. Among tne resolutions adopted was one nominating Judge Davis for President. Political Nora?The democratic can. ens of the Connecticut legislature last night nominated Hon. Wm. H. Barnum for U. S. Senator. ???-Tbe Michigan Republican con vention met at Grand Rapids yesterday and elected delegate* to the Cincinnati conven tion. Tbe delegation Is unpledged. Dr. Wm. W. Hall, editor of Hall's Jour nal of Health, fell In a fit In tbe street at New York, last night, and expired In a few minutes. Dr. Hall was slxty-tbree years of age. and the cause or his deatu is not known. ? AT thk Lexington (Ky.) races yester day the sweepstakes for untried three-year nids was won by Bullion In 1:46 % and Tbe sweepstakes for the four-year okls, two and one-eighth miles, was won by Aristldes, beating Tenoroeck in 3:45#. Telegrams to The Star. THE CENTENNIAL TO-DAY. THE SALONICA SENSATION. The Situation Critical. THE MOLLY MAGUIRES. IOWA'S GREENBACK CONVENTION. THE CHINESE QUESTION. ?? METHODIST GENERAL CONFERENCE. ? THE METHODIST UESERAL CO*. 1EKE.V4E Ibe Proceed I To-dny. Baltimore. May 11?bishop Haven pre sided at the opening of tin- general coufer erce tliis morning. Bishop Harris announc ed the committee on John street church, N ??? and to nominate trustees to Ail vacan c es in the board of trustee* of the Methollst KpUeripal church. E. O. Haven, of Central New York, submitted the report of the com mitter to which was referred the bishops pastoral address, approving the address and recommendtng that it be read In churches on Sunday, July 2d. The report was re celved and ordered printed in the dally Christian Advocate. Mr. Held, of Michigan, irom the committee on memorial services of deceased members, presented the report of the committee recommending that Tuesday next, at 11:30 o'clock, be fixed upon as the time for holding said services. Adopted. n, V*"*1" B1?HOP WASTED. L. O. * Isher, ol Georgia, presented a me morial, signed by a large number of colored ministers. setUng forth the tact that there !D tlie M- K. Church 180,000 members of African descent, and asking tor the elec tion of a bishop. The memorial was referred to the committee on the episcopacy. . ?; C\Hartzell,of Louisiana, submitte<i the following memorial against separating an nual conferences: OH THE COLOR LI1T?, signed by about 400 persons of Louisiana. Vvhtreas some conferences and brethren are advocating the organization of white con ferences and colored conferences, and me recognition thereby of the distinction of color, and with it cause prejudices in the kingdom of God; and whereas we have hith erto, siuce the advent of freedom to the col ored race, worked together as brethren in the bonds of christian fellowshipaud in a happy self sacrificing toll for the Master; and whereas our labors in this spirit of union have been acknowledged and blessel of the L,ord until we have grown from a small plant into a vigorous and fruitful vine, and IT the present happy order Is left undisturbed we may hope for yet greater blessings and Pr2?rfrity. and wber?as we see no good and sufficient reason a for the proposed separa tion, and we do not think that any of our colored membership desire such a separa tion; therefore we wi>h it uuderstoodthat the proposed separation of the races in conference relation is in our Judgment ui wlse, and we humbly pray your honorable body not to approve or adopt or In any way recognize such separate conferences on the line of color, but on the other hand to strengthen the bonds that now hold together the children or God and the laborers in this vineyard. Referred to the committee on the state of the church. G. B. Jocelyn, of Michigan, presented a memorial from Michigan Conference pray ing amendment of discipline to forbid min .lers jpsrrying persons divorced for causes other than adultery; also prayiug the enact rner.t of a rule prohibiting members of the church from allowing dancing In their houses. The memorial was referred to com mittee on revival". foreign Britain a Fntnre Ruler Home Again. ?; 2 P" m.-Tne H?-rapis with the Prtuce of Wales on board, together with the royal yacht O-borne and the steam frigate Raleigh, pas ed Hurst Castle at ii;30 oclock this morning. The yacht Alberta, on board of which was the Princess of Walts ?td the royal children, met the Prince In the ^oleut, and all the vessels then proceeded to Portsmouth, where a landing will be effected and a public reception tendered to the Prince. Derby's Answer to Secretary Flab. Londow, May 11?Lord Derby sent on Saturday last an answer to Secretary Fish's letterof March 31, In regard to the Wlnslow case. A Duel. LOUD03*. May 11 ?The Post says that r^,A^?ande.r Auersperg and Count Kalourat fought a duel at Prague on Friday last. The Prince was shot in the chest and his wound Is considered dangerous. _ .. *>???* Election. Parts, May ii?M. L)e Maiiy, radical, has been elected deputy rrom Isle de la Reuuiou. .... A Bonnpartlst. At the opening of yesterday's session of the chamber of deputlee, a Versailles bookseller named Rastoun, cried out from the gallery; '?In the name of God and Joan of Arc, live Napoleon the tom-th; down with the Gam bettists and Orleanlsts." He wai arrested amid considerable confusion, the majority however, considering the episode as a freak of Insanity. On appearing before the oues tor, Rastoun said: "I have fulfilled mv duty you can do what you like with me." He was released. THE TI'RHISH COMPLICATION. The Mtuatlou Critical. Loudon, May ll.?The Daily Telegraph, in an editorial, says: If we are not mistaken Uie English ambassador at Constantinople uas informed the government that the situ ation is critical. A violent outbreak, of which christians will become the victims may occur at any moment throughout Tur key aud even in Constantinople. We would nol be surprised, therefore, if the English Mediterranean squadron were ordered imme diately to Beaeklr bay, at the mouth of the Hellespont, the same as ou the eve of the Crimean war. iaitiiai Intervention. A special dispatch to the Post from Berlin says it is understood that Count Audrassy the Austrian premier, has expressed views strorgly adverse to Austrian armed Inter vention in the Turkish complications. THE MOLLY MAG HIRE TRIALS ? Continued Interest. Pottsvill*, Pa., May 11?The oourt house continues the center of attraction, and is this morning thronged with people anx ious to hear the evidence In the Molly Ma gulre trial. This morning McCannon, a po lice officer, who was on duty with Yost when the latter was shot, testified in regard to the Immediate pursuit of the murderers in the dark. The court announced that it bad de cided to bold sessions from 7 to 12 o'clock, then take a recess for an hour, meeting again 1 to for the purpose of proceeding with the trial of Manley and McAlUatar charged with the murder of Wren and 8an pece?A "*Qry w111 ** en?Pann?llwl during the the centennial show. Good Weather and Largs Attendance Philadelphia, May fl?The attendance at theexhibltion to-day is estimated at from 23,000 to 30,000 up to one o'clock. Mauvof the distinguished guests who were at the opening yesterday are visiting the exhibi tion today. Several foreign ministers, in cluding those of England and Chill, are now on the grounds, and there are many Con gressmen, army and navy officers, and near ly all the state governors and other dlgnlta ries who attended yesterday. The weather is delightful, with the exception of a high wind, which raises a great deal of dmt? Iowa's Greenback Convention. Das Moijcas, Iowa, May 11?The state greenback convention met here yesterday There were 38 delegates present. The usual greenback platform was adopted, and dele gates were elected to the national convention at Indianapolis. Resolutions were adopted directing the new stale committee to eall another convention, not later than the 13tb of August, to nominate a state ticket. Pirn. Bii.i.ows Falls, Vu. May it The resi dence of Chester Pike at Cornish. N. H., was burned this morning. Loss, *30,000; insur ance, ?11,wo. The Cklanc QsmUm la Britten C*I ?Mkla Bah Fhanckoo, May ie.?Adlgpatchrrom Victoria, B. C, say* a revolution pasted the Hod i? without debate, declaring It expedient tbat the government take steps to prevent the province from belhg overran by Chinese to tlie Irjury of tbe white population. Financial Kiw Ton, l?f 11.?The Pou'f ftnutUI article it)i i.oUigened At lU'?,in4 hu ?l 111 Va'a O* gold l<an? the rtt'i toft #*<?? la2 for earning ud ' Bat;" the evening ret* mm* I* ?* chat ge (hare* the genaial dnllrw**. and Millie bat. Iters' s.'erliag Is 4<8 atd f>r boiiaeM. ?lth oonigal rate? 43SH aod Min-y, J??, wtth J.:, the ruling rate tor call 1. an*. Frtm* Mer cantile paper unchanged (.ovei crneat bind* ara <i?i t- t?? on'y change io the price* i? e decline of ^ la ?'? of 1881. old ? ?. end logo* Tbe stock nirkrt at the opening waa irregilar. Lake Short. PkIOc Mail. Ohio and Miseiaa.aaipal, and Dflawtrt. Lackasaaii and Western ? ere >4? H higher than at the close yetterday; Western Union Telegraph. Milwaukee and 8*. Paul pre ferred, N.-rthveit-rj end lliln>ta (Vntral were lover, and the r'mainder of the li*t ?a* no cianged. Dnrire the gr?t hour there vasa <Wilne In the geteral list f '^al't, the latter Michigan Central In the next t>alf honr there wa* a recov ery of Si*V- the latter Michigan Central Siocs 11 30 the niVtket ha* teeu heavy and the recovery Las been lost. ? The Market*. Rittmon, May 11 ? Virsioia consolidated. tf'? lii'l to day. Sugar quiet, i?\*10 Balti*o*s. Mar 11 ?Cotton doll and weak? tntdaiing, la. Fl. ur moie active and flras, and un changed. Wheat dull anil nochanged. Corn?? >uth ?rn white firmer ail h'tbtr, 60*41; son them yel low nor mall j firm S'.'aou. western mixed firmer end higher. 62*a, spot, <2H May. Oattdnllaal b<tn sonthern gCK <1 to prtoie, 0?44. western a hit*. 42; western mixed, 3$a*l Hie do'l. 79a75. Hay doll end acchanged . Provisoes <lnll and week Potk, 22(Xi Ruik meat*? ""boulder*. S?>. clear rib tides, 1C\all, I rose. ptclitd. Ita-on? ?hen ders. 9.'4p?H; cle*r rib Bidt?. US*liV- Ham*. I5al6 La-il dull end lower?refined, n^alVi i Butter dull but steady?western prime to tins. 2?a 28. Petroleum dull?erode, 7\tT\, reflned. ItH. C ffee tteady and Ore-Hto cargoes, l&Sat*Ag; j,l> | tUg, 16al9H Whitky dull ar.d Iow-r. 111*. Maw Togg. Ma* 11.? Btoces dull and lower. Money. S. Gold. 12 ,. Exchange, long. 483*: ? b<-rt. ?S* S ? Government* active and stead v. hiw Tost.May il?Flour steady. Wheat inlet aid very fiim Corn quiet and steady. bo*iH>n. May 11, 12:30 p. m ?The rate of di? connt f< r three month" bills In the open market is I1.' per cerit . which Is *? telow the Bank rate. Coosol*. 98 9-18 for groney and the account D. S. buLda. lu 4U's, ltlJ'i trie. 1J\. preferred, II. The Pacific Hall Scnadal. HOW THAT *750,000 WAS PLACED WHERE IT WOULD DO THE MOST GOOD?IKWIM RE PEATS HIS STORY. In the people's suit against Richard R. Ir win. before Justice Blxby. In New York, Tuesday, Id whicb he is accuged of embez zling *790,000 of Pacific Mail's money, Irwin testified that be uged tbat amount by the company's sanction to obtain tne govern ment subsidy, of this amount <M.5<I0 was paid to Boyd, doorkeeper of tbe Houge of Repreeentatlveg, to give tbe company's Mends the privileges of tbe floor. Jobn J. Hearsev, doorkeeper of tbe 43d Congrats, vu paid ?10,000 to ascertain tbe movements of the enemies of the bill and to distribute tbe company'g pamphlets among members Among the enemies to the bill was 11. q. Fact, acd through Kant witness learned tbat at tbe time of tb? vote In tbe House Fldrldge, of Wisconsin; Voorbees and Kerr, of Indiana, and Sbellabarger.of Ohio, would be absent. Irwin further said that be paid ex Postmaster General Randall *.;5.000 at < ne time and *10.000 at another time for big influence; to Jobn C. sebnmaker, who was then an attorney-at-law and an ex-mem^er of Congress, witness gave *;im),000; to Wm. B.Shaw, one of the oldest of tbe Washing ton newspaper correspondents, ?21 000; to William 8. HuntlLgtoD. cashier of the h irst National Bar k of Washington, f.; 000; to Richard 8. Hsrsons, marshal of the 8u preme Court, *2,000; to tiardner O. Hooper, S_',i)00; to ex-Postmaster General R<tndali, for expenses of Senatorial contest in North Carolina, to Colonel 8. Sawyer, elec tion expenses lu South Carolina, fall of W5, *5,000; to fall election campaign of 1?72, ?32,0(0; to William C- Ralston, *25,000 :n gold coin, tbe Pacific Mail Company's share toward tlie expenses of the campaign la Cal ifornia; to Charles A i,ert,*t,?;oo, to Benjamin K Morton. *2 t?0; to R'.cbanl Fansbaw. agent of the Central Pacific railroad In Washing ton, *1 000. Witness gave *20.<>00 to an un known person upon the recommendation of ex Postmaster General Randall. Wltnegg solemnly declared that he never saw the man before tbat time, nomas be seen him since. Mr. Irwin said that when the subsidy bill at Urst failed to pass In tbe House Mr. Stockwell reproached blm for not spending more money. Mr. Stockwell said ??Vou have been stingy and have not given enough away." Tbe money was paid out in tbe best interests of tbe Pacific Mall Sieamship Company. Wmiskt Frauds in New York. ? As sistant U. 8. District Attorney Roger M Sherman, In gpeaklng yesterday of the prosecution of parties In thig city connected with tbe wblgky frauds in tbe west, stated that they promised to meet with every suc cesg, acd demonstrate also the success of his visit to tbe west. This, be said, was already evident to a great extent. When he left the city there were pending in the United States courts eleven suits for tbe forfeiture of spirits lu this city, tbe necessary evidence for wbicb could not be obtained here. This bad been obtained In the west, and tbe govern ment bad proved successful in each, and ob tained the forfeiture of spirits valued at over *20,000. Beyond this, upon the evidence secured, thirty-two indictments bad been found in different places, against persong connected with these fraudg, those found in this city implicating about twenty Indi viduals and firmg. The expenge of the trip to the government bad only been about *100. It is stated, but not officially, that a number of tbe persong Indicted have already tied to Canada, from which place they hope to effect a compromise. Tbe larger dealers will probably stand their ground, and the trials, which will cot be called until the Junetermof the Circuit Court, promise to be of great Interest.-[JT. Y. Timet, lwft. The Southern Baptist Convention, which will be composed of abont four hun dred delegates, will meet In Richmond, Va to-day. It will remain in session about one week. The convention was organized in 1845, in Augusta, Qa., and for a time met biennially; since tbe war it has met annu ally. It is a representative body of Baptists from all the southern states, from Maryland to Texas. There are In tbe south l,2>;3,k)> regular Baptists, not counting the minor sects, known as primitive, separates, free will, Ac Of these about 850,000 are white, the rest colored. They publish twenty-two denominational papers, and have forty-one educational institutions, wbicb have prop erty to the amount of *13,751,000. The oon. ventlon has missionaries In China, Africa and Italy, as well as in destitute portions of the south, aod among the Indians. Beecher and Bowen.?The special com mittee on tbe matter of Henry C. Bowen re ported to the business committee of Ply mouth church last night tbat they found several of the charges against htm gusta'ned and that be Is guilty of equivocation. Clerk Tilney presented a resolution of the gpeelal committee that Bowen having been guilty of violation of tbe covenant and unehrigtlan conduct acd equivocation, be be excommu nicated and cast out from fellowship ot the church. Mr. Sherman proposed that Mr. Bowen now toll what he claimed to know about Mr. Beecher in tbe presence or Mr. Pratt and Mr. Beecher. Mr. Bowen slgul - fled big willingness to tell all to Dr. Taylor, of the Broadway Tabernacle, In the preeenee of Mr. Beecher, and a resolution accepting the oCCr was adopted. Tbe resolution to expel Mr. Bowen was then laid on tbe table and tbe meeting adjourned until Thursday week. Suicide Vitiatimg a like policy.? There was an interesting argument yegter day In the go parlor oourt, general term, be fore Judges Sedgwick aod Spelr, upon tbe question whether smeide vitiates a life pol icy. Tbe arguaaent was In tbe suit brought by Hartey weed against the Mntual Benefit Life Insurance oompanv to reoover *10.000 insurance on the life of James M. Benedict. Tbe policy of Insurance was tax en out in November, 18*4, with a clause In the policy that the same should be void incase the In surer committed suicide. Three year* later Mr. Benedict shot himself In the boad. At tbe close or the argument tbe court took the papers.- [.V Y. Herald. 'Ma Three-Card Monte Men Beaten.?The Jury at Omaha, Neb . in the suit brought by one Thurston, a gambler, against tbe Unioa Pacific railroad oompany, tor ejectment from Uta cars by employes on aceount of his known profession, rendered a verdict for the plaintiff for *l -n, the amount paid for a ticket, which bad never been refunded to him. The result of this case tried In tbe United States court Is to ths effect tbat rati* road companies, for tbe protection of passen gers, bave the right to eject three-card monte men from tbe train. THE ( EHTEMIIIL After Iwrtdewta m lh? ????* l> tm Hlvhtrail. On thecuncluseon of the exercises at U>? grand Ktaod Uie crowd began to expand and extend Its limit* and moo occupied the en tire sronnds. About two o'clock tbe mili tary formed at (be north and of Machinery Hall and paraded about the grounds. mak ing a fine display. The order of the parade wan as follows: Boston Ca.leu. company of United State* marines from the Coarress. Hebor l regiment. National Guard. First Regiment, National Uuanl; Fourth K?gl m? nt. Grey InvlnelbleS; Company ??, Col ored Tiw.p; Kleventh Regiment, National Guard. Wecearoe Legion. While President Grant and tbe Invited guests were ilolog the Main Building end Machinery Hall the multitude bethought Itself of dining, and attacked the restaurant*. The bat tle raged fiercely for hours, aud was only euded when the ammunition gave out. th* grcb gives ort. The accomniodatl??oa were evidently inad equate to feed the Immense and hungry ciowd. ard when President Grant, Dom Pe dro.and l>lreeior general ?;oshoru visited It there was not a morsel to be had for love or money. Meanwhile, the Wom-o ^ Pavil ion was being opened by the Empress of Brazil. Tbls building remained closed until about half past two o'clock, when the Km press, accompanied by Mrs. tyrant, Dom Pe dro. and a number of la?i ios and gentlemen, arrived. She was received by Mrs. Gillespie, pnildtntof the Women's Centennial Com mission. After the party had made the cir cuit of the building. Lad v Alcantara pulled tbe lever that set the machinery going. The pavilion was then thrown open to the pub lic. By this time the crowd was pretty well dispersed throughout tbe grounds, and the crnsh which had marked the earlier hours of the day was a thing of the past. A BTAMPEDE. About half past 4 o clock tbe rain began to fall, and a stampede for cover followed. Mary took fright at tbe prospect of a strug gle for self-preservation in the rain, and the patent exits began to thresh them out of the grounds. The ladles were rather airaid of the operation at first, and it waa not until they had watchcd the process of ejection safely performed that they timidly entrusted themselves to the arms of the stile. The carnage gate at the intersection of Belmont avenue was thrown open, and with Increased facility of egress tbe ground* Were emptied gradually but surely, and without any of the discomfort of tbe morning. By half-past 7 tbe only occupants of the grounds were a few exhibitors and employes, though it was long before the street cars, which were Oiled to ovfrtlowlcg before they reached the grounds, ce.uld carry off tbe watting multitude that thronged about the Intersection of Kim and Belmont avenues. THE Ml'MI'.ER OF VISITORS ESTIMATED AT OVER 200,000. Tbe facilities for obtaining with accuracy, at any rpeclfted time in the evening, tbe number of dally visitors to the grounds, are. so far. Inadequate; but computing the amount* of money received at a number of tbe turnstiles and striking an average for the rest, It was estimated that from f TV 000 to 4100,000 bad been paid for admlsslous yes terday. from which it would appear that from 1C0,0(H) to .*10.000 people wore within the Centennial encloeure, exclusive of eihlb iters and guests. At the two principal gates on Elm averue tbe number of persons pass ing through in the course of one hour was about 2 000. It was impossible to ascertain last evening the number of passengers car ried by the street car companies, but their capacity was taxed to the utmost. The fol lowing are official figures ?Philadelphia and Heading railroad, to the grounds, .11,000; from the grounds. 43.000; Peniisylvania rail road. 19,070; North Pennsylvania railroad, 4,000; West Chester railroad,2 865. Tue Phil adelphia, Wilmington and Baltimore rail road are unable to furnish official figures, but their carriage was at least 5,ooo passen gers. The Camden ferry boats and Delaware ri\er steamers also brought about ">.00<i vis itors. All the leading hotels In the city were filled to their utmost capacity yesterday momlug, and by noon those in the vleiuity oi the grounds bad exhausted their accom modations. STREET ?CE1?*8 DrRING THE SIGHT. Tt.e nlgLt closed in on tbe city much as it bad lifted, with dismal skies and miry foot ways, but. in spite of every circumstance of weather, the celebrants of tbe day peopled tbe streets With crowds still greater than those of mid afternoon. Chestnut street from Broad down was tumultous long after the tober hours bad passed with sightseers, and, incredibly large as were the throngs that filled the same thoroughfare on New Year s eve, those of last niarht were far denser and more enthusiastic. The Illumination.though general, was not conspicuous except on Chestnut street, where a number of business firms had ornamented their fronts with de vices in gaa jets, with which an eftect ex ceedingly beautiful was produced. Toe prin cipal feature of the evening was the reception TO THE PREKIDEHT at the residence of bis host, Geo- W. Chllds, esq. Among tbe guests which composed the most brilliant assemblage ever gathered at the bonse of a Pblladelpblan were tbe Em. peror of Brazil, Secretaries Fish, Tart, R?be son. Postmaster General Jewell, with their ladies, tbe judges of the Supteme Court, and Generals Sherman, Sheridan and McDowell. Most of tbe theaters and places of amuse ment generally were crowed to excess. ? rhila. Timet, to day. A Domestic Tragedy.?Wm. Russell, a wealthy fanner, residing near Rosed ale, Pa., committed suicide on Wednesday last, by barging. Last September Russell, who was a widower, married against tbe wishes of bis daughter, who left her father's bouse, and weni to a neighboring village, where she was married to a young man to wbom she bad been engaged for some time, bat who was objectionable to tbe father. When Rus sell returned to bis home with his bride and round that bis daughter bad left, be hastened to tbe village, and rushing into the room where tbe bridal party were dining, with a butcher knlfejattempted Id kill his son-in law, who, in self-defence, drew bis pistol aud fired at Russell, but tbe ball entered tbe brain of the young bride, who bad at tbe moment attempted to get between tbe cora i %tants, and sue fell a corpse, whereupon tbe groom put the pistol tobisown bead and blew hli brains out. Miss Dickixso* s Debct.?The critics of tbe New York papers concur in expressing the opinion that Miss Anna Dickinson failed to achieve any dramatic laurels at her debut In Boston on Monday evening, when sh? ap peared as Anne Boteyn in her own play, ? A Crown of Thorns." The Tribune says 4in art she was callow, her presence as a queen was puny, and her voice was often nasal and tbin.'' While some of tbe critics also con demn Ibe workmanship of the play ltseir, others give Miss Dickinson creJUt for literary ability. I Death from Parimg a Corx?David Belvln, aged twenty-four, who from a child lived in the family of Mr. George W. Beck, at present proprietor of the Central house, No. *2 Center Market Spaoe, Baltimore, died in Philadelphia on Monday of lockjaw. Mr. Belvln was employed as engineer in a Phila delphia malt bouse. Several days since be used a razor or knife to pare corns on bis feet, causing tbe corns to bleed freely. He was taken 111, tetanus or lockjaw ensued, and death resulted In three days.?; Bail. 8w%. lOi/t A Hcge Pioeom Roost?A wild pigeon roost has been discovered In Pike county, Pa., five mile* long and two miles wide, and the number of pigeons which nightly assem ble there is estimated at mnlions. A party of lumbermen raided on them a few uights since, and with long poles suooeeded In kill ing over ten thousand. :ach one brought away as many as be'could earry, which waa a small portion compared with the number left on tbe ground to feed tbe foxes and wolves. ADDITTOSS TO PLYMOUTH CHURCH-? Fifty-three persons were propounded for membership in Plymouth Church on Sun day?nine women and eight men by profes sion of faith. After the prayer meeting on Friday evening sueh of those about to unite with the church as desire to will be baptised immersion. "Because." sal J Mr. Beech er, when making the announcement, It Is just as good as baptism by sprinkling, for, after is not the symbol, but the thing symbolized that is of consequence.1' A CREMATED Baby?A woman named Sarah Stevens, 26 years of age, enter<sd the station-bouse at East New York yesterday aud confessed that, five years ago. sue be came tbe mother of an illegitimate child, and, assisted by her mother, they burnt It in the stove. Uer conscience now prompiel ber to reveal her crime. It Is thought that the woman is insane. VNinety members of the British bonse of commons have slic ed a memorial asking for the rcleate of the Fenian prisoners in Eng land. ?>*?? I ? ? ? m iimBiN ooWLict with tcuiti The Correepnodanc* I alvaraalto ?J? IM foreign idiwuiwM bav*l_ lowing MKMDt of tbe origin oI tb*< anee at Kaionica to UMtr 1HHIM la ?Tte American cooeul wm M Um railway lUUin when bt* attsniioe wm tttiwM fcy the crle* of ? cbrlauaa girl. mended by t non of Mi vtot(4 to t?k? btt (orrtMy " Tkt coneul took tbe Ctrl oi While be wm seefclag tar inl Mr mUomuii;. UM ately Inl ; to their itMM into a jtly repaired loH thry were bMtea lo deafh." ? Tm rwt* rorr?poB.l?t of Um Timr* Imrii thai tbe AmfrlrM rtaaaat1 I log VDe mob wruM aueoaed lo b< ua*. ?rr.t tlx girl lo UM^wMnaiHH Ti>? mob In tbea*os<iaaermpeiled Um Oar MOO inHU to atga at Kir tar hm <? livery, and tben murdered blm Tti# Rtanlud t enrropobdMil at Berlin Mkj? -II la gen? rally Uina|tit hm that UM ? affair will prove total to Tarkoy. fb? ta Urfrrtiw of Um Kumpnui powers benefit of Ilia cbristiais 11 una ?OOM u(-avoidable, as It ta evident that Um NlM | I la pow*rleM to protect UNO agalMt out break* of fBnaudsaa. ?? TritKtHH KIM or TWB ITOiT. ? The Porto haa wot by telegraph Um fol [lowiug account of tbedisturbance In Hatooi I co to tbc Ottoman amneaaador ta Uatfoo: ??The convert toMaiinm?l?' I'm arr.v*d rt I Ra onica by railway Tin Maiiomedane orooeoded to conduct her. according to cus tom. to the reawa nee of Um governor general, I a lien about one hundred and fifty persona, whom tbe conaul of Ibc I'M ted Htateahad assembled, rnsbed at the ma vert, tore ?f | I ber veil and mot.tie and <-?rrled h<jr by t.iroo to tbe bonte of a Christian. Tne excited I Musaelmen procecJed to the gnv.Toor'aTes* derce ai d it vmtrd tnat the onoxert should I be brought T;>e governor, hearing I that tbe Oerraaa and French eon aula im entered the mw., te. which wa? i evaded by I a crowd, went tbere to Induce Um console to I withdraw and to calm tbe pmpie. All hll I effort* were useless. The populaee wr.nehel I I tbe bare from tbe grant.g fell upon the eoa I ouIn and atrnrk Uiern down to spite of the i desperate effort* of tbe governor to shield | them wlUi hta own person The troops ulti mately dispersed the people." m l ati-t tn CAtU. I An OdeMa dispatch aaya The Haloolca [outrage wan premeditated. All the coneuls except the British had warned the U n-vrnor and the forte thai the maaaacre wa< intend ed. A feeling of luaccurlty pre valla among I Christians aud luropeaus In Turkey. ? A farla diepatch aava The inlet. i.-tnge of [\lews at Berlin on the Salon lea a f air baa reunited In a collective demand on the part or European power* for the execution of the I murderers. lnderanlfl< aUon of the fa to 1 Ilea of the victima.a aolemn aalute to the Franch I and Uerman flags by tbe Turkish authori I Ilea, at.d guarantees against futu-e maaaa icrea. ? A special dispatch from Berlin to the Pall [Mall uar.ette aaya Uermaoy bat accepted the Porte's offer to give Miliafaciioo 'or the I Kaionica ouirage provided tbe promieoa oo carried lntoetiect immediately. I A Dbai> Body or thi VKIU or ah Abobtiow Focsd ? A apodal telnaiam from Raton, Ind., May *. saya: ?'Mary Poor man suddenly disappeared from her homo ?ome time laat Novens be*. >o trace* oonld I be fauna. < >raveauaplclona ware entertained. I Yesterday ber brother confeeeed that the terr.ble crime of abortion bad been pracUced upon hla sister; that aba died during the ope ratlon. and waa burton In a louVly awarap about two mllea aoutb of thla place. The grave waa opened, and all Uiat remained of I the mi fortunate girl wm there, M Indicated I by tbe brother. lie gay a that abe wm aeduced I by Nat. Smith; that ha eoooeotod to the crime to cover up the ahame. that Dra. Man | aiter ar>d Mcllvaice produced the abortion. I All of tbe |>arlh>a were at once arrcatad, and are now In jailawaillng trial It was all the officera > ould <lo to keep the people from I breaking In the jail and lynching tbe phyal clana and ae<lucer. A guard Is kept watch ling Uiejall/] I Hour Misriobabt Wobk -At tbe an [Dual meeting of the American Homs Mis alooary aociety. In Ne w York, the re porta Hbowed that ITS' minister* bad been engaged In the service of this aoclety,9.' churches bad I been organized, and revl vala reported la J00 cburcbea.and <>.29T oonveraloos. Tbe recelpta for the year were S310.0?:, and expenditure* There wm still due the mlaalona | rlea 113,1k, and appropriations becoming due, a"7,!?i5. making total pledgM ortini,>>l2. I Towards meeting this there WM a balance lo the treasury of I luring tbe year 4,do children were gaUured into Sunday schools. Tne contributions were ?t ^17 more thaa lo I any previous year, and legacies amounted |toa4i.-V9. Rev. Dr. Thee. D. Woolaey waa [elected president for the ensuing year. I AM UnroRTt-wATB 8pbbb?A gentleman fof fetersburg. Vs., on the eve of big Id tend ed marriage with an estimable lady of that I town, dlaappeared, and the nuptial cere n o'iy did cot take place. Indignation wa? high against blm until tbe publlcauon of [this card: ? ?? To (he PnUir Mysnddcn exit front Pe tersburg, on the .'?itb ult., which cauaad mm much excitement, wm not to escape marry - I tr g the lady In anywise?wbOM character la above reproach, and a lady In every raapMU | I bope the public will ca'xt no reflec Jons. To rrake the matter short. 1 met with many friends on the 2Gth, and was mad* very drunk, which I regret very much. 1 had oo I other causetor leaving the city." A LlVBtr FlfiHT ALL ABOFSI) -At rniontown. Pa., Iaaac Hutcbinaon and Wm. Nycum, quarrelled about a woman. Oa Saturday Hutcbinaon and his brother Jamti attacked Nycum lo the blackamltb abop of the latter'* rather Tbey broke hla log with a atone, and shot bla father In the shoulder and In tk* thigh. They then shot the crip ?>led ton. ooe ball entering hi* bead, and one odglng in hla aide. While lying on tba B>ound. be drew a revolver and shot Isaac enderson, bringing him down. Jaa. Hen derson then fled. Young Nyeom'a voooda are fatal, and hla father Um Lb a critical ooc dlUoo. 72.000.000 Paobs or Tba era?At tba an nual meeting or the American Jraci Society In New York, yesterday, the -sports showed that more than 72,000.(**0 pages of tracts have been diatribe ted doling the year; receipt* for the year, Including ?10l "i* lo donaUeae and legaclea. ?45*2,232; to wbloh add tl2.3K baiancea, making total reaourow for tha K| tr *304.577. The expeodltorea have bean ?l.i03. leaving a balance In the treMury of ?2.773. William Strong, of Philadelphia, Wgad choaan preaident for the enaning ; Cumkibland Coal Tradb ?The Cum berland Civilian give* tba folio wing moat of tbe coal abipment* of that region for the week ended May 6: There were shipped dar ing the week 3* 514 tons; of which 16 *54 tone oi 12 cwl by the Baltimore and Oblo mil road, 16 520 iocs 14 cwl by the CtMaapeaka and Ohio canal, and 2.138 tons 14 ewt hy the Pennsylvania rosui Tbe total ah I p man u fbr the year are t:tl ,701 tons or 18 cwt Impcbb Dbibkibo Watbb ?The New Yorkers are loudly oomplainlng in regard to the unpleasant tMte and diaeoiorad condi tion of tbe Croton water, tbe cauae* or whlcu are Flrat. the a pawning of tne flab In the Croton river; second, the ??riling" of the water and the spring floods, and third, the depositor sediment In tbe feeding pi pea. Libbbal Oirrs.?The New York Epiaco pal Church Journal announce* that John Jacob Astor and William R. Aator a few days alnce, bearing that 8t Luke's boepltal wm In need of fuuda. aent 11 eacn rrt.ouo, a aum sufficiently large toeaable It to continue Its benevolent work without enibarraag ment. Pii'KB, thb Fibhd?la addition to bla conleaalon or murder*, Piper declare* that be baa a mania for burning buildings, and that on tbe i*nh of December, 1873, he fired Con cord ball, and also attempted to barn Brlgg tf stare on the night of tbe LAodregan mnrder. He oonflassed that he alao mad* a mordaroua iult oo a girl naased Sol 11 van. 8TBTKB XX CHICAGO.?Th* brickaaakere of Chicago lnaogurated a sulk* yesterday morning. About thro* nondred of them, armed with clubs, kalvM and revolver-, marched in a body to tbe yards and de manded higher wage*. Tha police promptly on hand and topprenad the mob for the time a?"Ralph H. Oravea. principal of lb* Rllla boro' <N C.) military academy,died saiga. - ly j citerday at HUlaboro'. aTTbe silk macufacturera, Kdward j. Wataoo A Co , of Pateraon, New Ji have railed; UabllitM* i Judge Treat bM graoted a farther *ta<* f "*k?ai or execution in th* McKMaad Mag a ire * for one week. ?7* Willi em Varley, better known as "R*ddy, the blacksmith," a wall-know t character of New York city, died laat nigh . of consunoptlon. a^The flood at St. Lonla eantlooed yester day th* lower par t? of the city batog ? waiap - ed by UM MUaisslppi. Tha damage aj tar 1* not maieriaL m*Th? supreme court of Maaaachaacr? ha* decided that th* Old Mouth church i ? Bo*too can be aoid; alao that Um tan-ho law la eonetituUonal. ?y Ex Gov. I>etcher at Virginia has recov ered from bla attack of aaralyaia ao (ar that he I* able to walk out. He I* at hi* home in Lexiagtoa. gyPat Lynch, a policeman, aectdentalljr rhot and instantly killed btaaaairto Atlaata. Oa.. ymterday while cloalng th* door of a ceil la theatauon l

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