Newspaper of Evening Star, May 12, 1876, Page 1

Newspaper of Evening Star dated May 12, 1876 Page 1
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V?. 47-N2. 7,216. WASHINGTON, D. C.. FRIDAY. MAY 12. 1876. TWO CENTS. THE EVENING STAR. rfBLISICI DAILY* Suiajt excepted, AT THE STAB BUILDINGS at Tbe Eftnirg 8tar Newtpapw Company, B. H. A .4 UFTMAJTK, Pr**'t. m Ev*wtwo Stab U imfll ftjt rairUrt to mtomUli ul Ten Ccuti per week, or Fortjr *>nr Centi per month. nt IV rottnirr, Two Cent* eacb. By mait-pottaqe prrpmO Blxty Cent* a montH; one jear. *6. T?* WixxtT 8TAB-PM?u/i?l on rndav ?1 a year, pelage prrpmd. UTAH tubv-rif Hon* inrariatfy in (rtwi. gy Rain of adtertmng fumithtit on SPECIAL NOTICED |V'^? H YEBBl^NS Of lNDH?TB1f-r,OLI ? U-> HI A I/O I MOIL meets THIS BVBN1N9 Bvittx ?tint ertbwes* *crs?r Vib ?nd O stree-s, entrsncjoo O Barfing by Mr JOHB TWBBI>Al?B. It' T. M. O. a 15103 B1VIVAL S1RVICBJ 1* HWOLH HaLL PA* BATH AFTERNOON, AT 3.H O'CLOCK. Mnii led by COBB BT. The annn?l eetli ? U>r election of nffic'n wi!l b? b?.<l on MONO AT. ).Vh in?t.. at TS '> cl ck roy12-tr P'?," iU? CUKistlAS MINION, torm r y U^-y located on 7?h sT?e? anrthwes:. b?tw??B U ott !i ttrftii. *Ul fc? ntnliaHMl in the LINCJLN Ml??luN Hl'l lil'INU. c-ner 11th anil H street* ><>nk?rat t.ntfrr tb- aa*pic??of ths ?>?n,i-esational Church 0*rTlcrf ?ill brkrld (V CK) STBBIBG. (vBiLrirlii FrliUl next, the 12.b i#?Uit.?t7 ? p. on inTll St ?~-t? BICHOP HAVEN on AMEBItJA'd TO tkiV MOKBi W, rniun It. B. Church. BOS) D \Y *VEJ? IIIJ.Iv Hth. Admission, 25 CM. myl0-3f A CABD-DB. LIKBBBMASN has dis [Ly c< ntltu'd ?he practice of Lis profesel ? o* ?ccrnnt ol impaired health. mt< ?t' KBV.HENRY WARD BBBOHBB WILL Lecture at the Academy of latlc. <Baiti *.ar.H?T Utb. at 8 o ck ck Bnbject: ?'B?nnna in Ideation " Tickets (1. at McCaffrey's Hniu pfr* sad at the di ?r. pit 4 th.s.m t.wttn * H B B B 8 T. MILBIEH3 CO PA WATER HATCBAL SPRIBQ WATBB8 oa Dratight. ICE-COLD TEA, COKKEB aad CHOCOLATB. 1419 PlSXSYLVASiA Avnri. apU-tr near Wlilards. HBNRY WISE GARNETT, A TTOMIKT AT LAW, Mo. 1 Colombia Law BnUdlng, a?;j iro Btb street, bet D and E, p^K. W WU1TM&EB, h-ntrnl Cinim in* Cblltrtton Atent, Mo. 71ft 15th street. near Trea.'oiry Department. District Claims, Pension aud Boanty Claim*, a Specialty. ??U ? BBRYOCS BXHAUSTION -A Medical B?nt> comfilaiEC a wnea of lectcrea delif at Kaha'? 11 nuanin of Anatonir, New Ycrfc ?b tbe caoae and cor* of Premature Decline, (bow n| tndinatablr bow loat health may be recained, *7n<igi ? clear ?jnepaia of the hapedimeu'a to rria?e, and tbe treatment of oervoua-nnd physi cal debility, being tbe reenlt of ? ya*r?'e?Ber:enoe. Price, 2> can's Addreaa tbe aothor.Dr L J.Kjhn, c?ce and reaidenca. 51 Baat W'.h ?t., II Y. apl ^ai H D. VOOil. J*. A OO , BABE EBB. npW-tr 1419 P street bTBATPOBU * EHUALL, 4iS Lon'siana avecne, ATTORXKi AT tA W. LEWIS JOHBSOB * CO.. a a n k m * s. e] 10t? Strut asd i'caaty rnata i??s?. Dealers ht OoTernment and District Beccrit.!"* Voreiirn Exrhanre and Gold. aepu ly dABLEL O. YOCMO, ?OTABY PUBLIC, actl7 tt Qttici?Btar Br:ig;^?. OPTICIAN.- To Ikt Public.?My n?wlyjnv?nted Bye clae*, wbicb I now maiiufac tnre ?itn ei*ht tnre with eight workmen, surpasses ?ny Eye flva ia tbe whole world. They can be regulated by two small screws to exactly fit the noa* wfboot any pnia or nnpleaannt foeitag. They ?re trade of Brazilian pebble acd tbe newly discov ered kpssia rnby claaa Por naatneaa nod lichtneaa tbey cannot b? snrpaaaed. Measure taken a&d order Blled in blteen minntea 1SAA0 ALB\aNDEB. 1119 Penna. av , ? Inventor, Patentee and Manafactnrer. FaA""?!,o?r?^S. ?o 1S97 Piivtlvi<iia A<-isrt Pennine Brazilian Pebble Bpectacies. d?<-7 ly.lstp 1011 f"aby1011 C L O TU IJT G . 8PRIKO AND BUMMER. drekn coats Aim vests. Ot1?bU1 Bilk Pl'd Wonted. fJO Northampton Silk Bibbed Worsted, 315 > lenna Dlaeonai Worsted. 116 AO Blackiagtoit Black and Gold Worst*), flft CxtrVU* Fancy Bilk Worsted, til HkTtiUNtl fucj B1 k Worsted, 110 BIS15ESS SUITS Tins Blboeci Bprtif Oaaa Bait, fJO P!t?e Deiatsrre Plaid Cms Snlt, #19 BJaard Harris Hair-lias Cass. Suit. ?16.40 Tbe Versailles Checked Cass. Bolt, <19 Tbe Diagonal Bibbed Cass. Bnit. ?14 Oea'ne WMhtafton Mill Biae PlAnnel Salt, ?13 Borth Hooaic Block Cass. Snlt, ?11 Hercniee Scotch Cass Bolt, ?11 Bngltob Strip* and Plaid Cass. Bnlt, ? 10 Knickerbocker Check Cms. Bolt,?9 Baolstnry Brocken Check Cms. Bait, ?9 CnioB Cms Bolt. Frock and Sack, ?8 YOUTHS' Sdl Mlllbnrfl Dlaconal Worked Bnit, ?18 Llppin Bilk Bibbed Cass Bnlt, ?13 ??son's Hair Line Cms Bnit, ?11 London Plaid 0ms Bolt, ?9 Bsw Yrrk Mills Cms. Bolt, ?T BOYS' BCTTH. Borwnlk fiKy Wonted Bait, ?10 OMBdm Plata Cass. Bait, ?? 8bow flake Fancy Cass. Snlt, ?7 Knickerbocksr Check Cms Salt. ?B Inlos Oms. Snlt, ?8 A. STRAUS, 1011 PBHNBYLYAB1A AYBBVB 1011 ?pK-tr Btrwiw 10th a*d 11th Htsbit^. jjRKAP i.i:MiiKli. Having a larg.> stock of SPRUCB LCMBEB we bave concluded to sell It at tbe following reduced prieM. This Inmber is water seMoned. and of tbe very best tanlity. SB ?M fret reach, S inches. ?T H per ? 1x3 and 3x4,2d 'insBty.... ? ?13 88 per M T. CBW CLARK A CO, Wharf. Yard aad Plating Mill, foot of 4tb street I, arar U B. Bavy Yard. m?6 Iw ^JL SPRING HATS. iX Onrsnppir Ot Bgrin< aiul Bnuimsr HATS now C ni plet e. BBGL1BU DBBB1*8, all nsw colon. BO FT FB1?TS, nil lew culets aad shapM. DCBLAPB NBW YUBB. N0YBLT1BB. JOst tetrodaced. Ml???8 AND CHILDBBB 8 LEQHOBB. MI LAM AMD WAMTOB BTBAW MATS. In Ml mrooR stock is thk laiqmst. WILLXTI ? BIOI K, ?i*t4 tw P?11?TLVA*1* Avti"?. ^|M!OBTAM TO MUVSBMBSPSB3. f. ?tber Beds and Puiows and Ualr Matt?s ?? ^ ated aou maM bnoyact Bad iBbdorocs by lia |r> <nl ap? atloa of steaiu. Mattresses r? BBhol a?er<^by j T. HCSTEk, at sms lilacs. Ooodotty gvfcreacM givsa for work alrea^ i Jons CHAPMAB, ??. 1137 Ttb strewt aortb U/l AUMVBlTlMfl DAILY FMOM OUB lijtsr# ss?r*5?ffj(r sU1#! FINISHED 8HIBT8. mads of tje Beet Wamsntta ? aalia an-1 Tweaty-oas H icred Linen, at tbs CH BALT1MOBB BMiBT FAOTOBI, ?0. DMS. F .^lMBBT DBBBB BH1BTB MADB TO OBDBB ofttei * QPTICIAB BOT1CB-H*?**< Mteadto baseness pwr<eM..p. Ily ^ ^ s=sf5f^3v^yi Ml tv 4*3 Pa. sts., oonsr ?M strs< EVENING STAR Washington News and Gossip. Government Receipts To-day Inter na 1 reven a e, ?567,395j?jj?uiitoms, ,533.10. West Virginia a Unit for Blain*.?A private dispatch from Clarksburg,We*t Va., received here, f.ays:?"All delegates for Blaine; reiolutior.s declare him first choice." Kx Se5ATO? Hendricks, of Indiana, a prominent candidate tor the democratic nomtration for President, was on tbe floor of the House to-day, and received q alte an ovation from his friends. The Indian appropriation Bill.? The House Committee on Appropriations to day finished the Indian appropriation bill. If appropriates three and n half million dol lars as against five ami a half millions ap piopriau i last year. Kttu Brute?Mr. Olover. of Missouri, has prepared a resolution, wbicb he will or fer at tbe first opportunity, setting forth that It is tbe sense of the House of Representa tive* that L. H. Fltzhugh, its doorkeeper, should resign. Hon. James F. Wilson, of Iowa, has ar rived in this city to testily before the Con gressional committee Investigating tbe af fairs of the Union Pacific Railroad Com pany In connection with tbe Little Rock and Fort Smith road of Arkansas. The investi gation will be begun on Monday next. Silver Not in Demand.?There has been comparatively very small demand upon the Treasury for sliver in exchange for Traction* al currency within two or three days, and tbe amount of silver coin paid in cashing oidinary checks according to the recent direction of Secretary Brlstow, has not been so great as it was expected it would be. Mr. Cowlks. the Moth Killer, is here to testify before Clymer'a Committee. Cowles claims that be can demolish Donn Piatt's statements made before the commit. tte. ai d is anxious to have an early bearing; ii.ivirg come all tbe way from California vo'untarlly, he says, for that express par prie. The Letter Carrier System.?Tbe House in Committee of the Whole to-day voted down tbe paragraph in the Post Office bill to exclude cities of less than 40,000 in habitants from the letter carrier system. Holman, tbe economist, labored bard to carry his point, but was badly beaten. Tae la * wiil remain as it now Is. Hjme from the Centennial aoain Secretary Bristow and Generals Whipple and M cCook, and Colonel Bacon, of General Sherman's staff, returned to the city last evening. Tte President and several members of the CMbmet, General Sherman, Col. Audenreld ai.d Col. Tourtelatte are expected here this evening. Jchsny Davenport is not to return here next Wednesday, as was originally agreed upon, Caulfleld'8 committee having decided tnls morning to send a sub-committee to Ntw YorK, which will conclude his exami nation there, and be better able tosirt the truth as regarts Davenport's election work. Mr. Mtade. of New York, wiil be the chair man of the sut>-committee. He expects to leave here next Tuesday. Congressman Phillips, of Missouri, to-day appeared in the House with his hand in a bar.dagc. '-The other man" is probably laid up with a sore head, and eats his meals with bis back teeth. Ov?r Ju the City of Brotherlv L9ve. cn \Vednesday. a roug'j clArftctef pushed the R;pi^eunUye> wife, wherenpon the Congressman* pr.^ef "!^' to knock him down, whichhedid scientifically. His rand, though, bears the imprint of sev eral front teeth. army Orders.-Surgeon George M.Stern berg is relieved from duty in the department the gulf, and will report In person to the i-onimacdiDg general, department of the Co lumbia, for assignment to duty. Leave of abfecce for fifteen days, on surgeon's certifl* cate of disability, is granted Captain James W. Piper, 5th artillery, cFort Monroe, Va ) The leave of absence granted 1st Lieutenant C. T. Hall, -d cavalry. (Fort Laramie, Wy oming territory), April 6, 1876. from heal uuarters, military division of tin Musoari, Is extended three months. Gen. Banksmad^ quite an effective five minute speech to-day In opposition to the recommendation of the appropriation com mittee to deprive cities of less than 40,000 in habitants oi the letter carrier system. Tne law row allows the system to cities of JO.OOo. He taunted the democrats with having voted away a gooJ share of the people's money In a river and harbor bill. The proposed amendment of tbe commit tee will cut off 55 cities from tne benefits of the letter carrier system. The Programme for the open air concert of the Marine Band, L. Schneider,,leader, to morrow at the Presfdent's grounds, is as fol lows-. 1. National Air. 2. March?Op. Ayda; Verdi. 3. Sympbonla, Pastorale; Beethoven. 4. Plccola Fantasia, Op. < >rphle aux Enfers; Ofienbacb. 5. Grand Fantasia, Op. Romeo and Julletta; Gonnod. 6. Waltz, Madame Acgot; Lecocq. 7. Duetto, Op. Moise; Rossi ni. x. Campaaelio Polka; Glorgla. 9. Galop Bacephal; Dessams. io. National Air, The Weekly Star, now ready, contains all about tbe Centennial Opening; all the Investigations of the week; the Proceed ings of Congress; the Belknap Impeach, ment trial; the Methodist General Confer ence; the Revival Meetings in Washington; Sketches of German Life?tbe Prussian Mil itary. George Eliot?Life of tbeGreatN ovel i-t; Social and Personal Gossip: Political Notes- Court Proceedings; Choice Stories; all the News of the Week, general and local; Poems and Sketches; Agricultural and H<11 set old Matters, etc., etc. Tmn?: *2 per annum, In advance; postage prepaid; single copies five cents. In wrappers. Hkn ry c. Bowkn Resigns?At the meet ing of the American Congregational Union in New York, reports were subnalttrd show Irg receipts for tbe year of *4C.xi<: balance May. 1875, *3,581); expenditures, <50,3:.'l. Rev. I?r. Storrs resigned the presldeucy, and Al ired S. Barnes was elected In his place. Last year's vice presidents were re elected. Of tbe trustees, Dwlght Johnson, Henry C. Bowen, Rev. G. B. Wilcox, H. J. Buttertield and David M. Stone resigned. Stone was re elected. but declined, as a new departure in Congregationalism was coming which did not agree with his Ideas. UAMttLiSG Leads to Defalcation.?A Chicago dispatch states that tne city collec tor of that place, George Von Hollen, left Wednesday night for Europe via Canada; that be confessed to his friends that he is a defaulter in tbe sum of *100,000. and this confession Is verified by aD examination of bis accounts. A great part of this amount has been used to pay his gambling debts, which, it is said, he was constantly con tracting. Floods in New Enolahd?Trains on the Passumpslc railroad In New Hampshire, stopped running yesterday, on aeconut of a wa*hoot. Other railroad comTiunlcatlon Is interrupted by the Farmers along the Connecticut ei s heavily damaged. The paper mill da<?i Well River, Vt, is expected togivp ?.n ? . i " ?od tne village. I eople aie cha:l?-g ?>?f hou?*>*. AN Extraordimaly Ice bridge was formed In the Niagara river, below 'be falls, en Tuesday. It extended almc ;t op to the Hcisesboe falls, which was never known to nccnr before. No one remembers an ice midge below the mils to late In tbe season Several persons have crossed tbe bridge, and It is believed that the wonderful structure will rtmain intact for two weeks at least. death of A Son of Gen. Roskcrans. The Rev. Adrain Rosecrans, one of the Paullst Fathers, and eklest son of Mai Gen. Wm. S. Rosecrans, was seised with a stroke of socplexy in New York an Wednesday evening ana did yesterday morning, VTbe stri king Chicago brick makers yes terday attempted to coerce those still re maining at work, bat thirty or fbrty of them were arrested and the rest dispersed by the police. Tll# Aiyln a IdrMtlcaUai TBI TEHTIMOJfT TO DAT. The Committee on tb? Expenditures of the Interior depart meat resumed their In vesti gat'on of the affairs of tbe U. 8. Insane Asy lum thin morning: Jai,iei JVicc testified that he has known Dr. Nlcbols for 20 years, and has beea etn ployed hy htm fnrSyears R? was at the a?j Inmln 10C5, bat never noticed any abases. Dr. Mcho i was very careful of the cleanli ness of tbe liiStllat.on. Francis A. Young testified to the general goo I management of the farm attache J to Hie asylum. Ucder/tood that the at ten i snrs atd patients bad ait the fruit they de^ sired to eat during: the fruit season. The grapes were good, the horse? and cattle were k.pifar the hogs m good condltlon. Have never been inside of the Institution, but have steij Uie pat ents lookingonl.of tbe windows and have seen patients while workin' on the .Have never seen any of the wards all be knows about the asylum was what he has heard about It. At present wU-Tess is aoout starting a brick yard there. Have with?he*l?vinmn<2nW.,tb any??e wiin ine asylum, and never spoke to I)r Nichols tntil a couple of days ago. Have fl?e,liaDy P?"??ts working on the river wtter. November ?P to their kuees in By Judge Boone:?Am not a practical far mer, but have a good Idea of earleninw he^oroiL00"1 th,lrty flve cents foJ each head of cabbage raised there It was not too much; published, several years ago. a small paper, for several months, called the Uni'tn. toHm.Advfrtiter, In which he criticized Dr i c ? severely; there were one or two artl" CI'" furnished by Dr. Darby, now deceased rhlC.h?,We. oT. Dr< Nichols rather nfughly ? m satisfied since that Injustice was done Dr. Nichols hy those articles. KBwk, pastor of St. Peter'sfHath HIJ1. testified that since ltt_ he has been an acting chaplain at the asylum and served as sSch without p!& Hold services there everv Sunday for two months; the remaining Sundays other pas tors are there. Know nothing of any abuse to patients at the asylum, and have never encountered aty of It. Have heard attend, ar ts say that Dr. Nlcbols often vlsltad the several wards, looking after the welfare of the patients, at all hours day or night. Tue majority of patients were incompetent to at tend to their religious duties. Have never h^ard any complaint of abuse from auy of 11 e patients. Think that If they had been abused they would have told him off! Consider Dr. Nichols as the embodiment of kindness, high toned and conscientious and .b,gh for him. Many of Catholics, and am satis fied that had there been anything wron* there they would have communicated It to nim. llave been summoned there at all administer the sacraments of the Catholic church to the dying. In this wav visit all of the different war fs, and find the patients clean, and their clothing, body and hed clothing dry, tidy aud clean FaS Boy le sooke of Dr. Nichols and his manage ,, the asylum In the highest and most complimentary terms. 1 Wm. Woodbum testified that he is at pre sent employed at the Continental hotelof iinimL steward. Was from 1871 to 1875 employed at the Insane asylun as an at tendant in Maple want. Left there hec^e his health was bad and thought his health would be benefited by leavlDg there. Never saw any ill treatment or abuse to patients but heard of attendants being dismissed for tTnrf??r?; ten or Rto at being dismissed. Many attendants were dismissed because they drank liquor. Everything was kept In perfect order and the patlenta ard beds were always clean saw no neglect thereof any kind whatever Remember a patient named Van Kewan He was paralyzed in one arm and side. He was an apoplectic patient. Never saw V?m Kewan ill tieated. Hi-was a very childish young man, and a patient in Sycamore ward. Sawhim threeor fonrtlmesa day Alter he *as transferred to Maple ward did not see Um acre than once or twice a dav I.emembers wii?t he left; helped to dress hi-n ? Le day his mother took him away there '' re co bruises about his head; did not *2 any vPrrri!n 0n ft!m. Was j-' tliet^whJle Dr. TVxkY. of New York wls i Patient there. He was treated klndiv an<i Win. respect. He was outofhisntlndwheS he came there, his delusions running on re igious matters. He refused to eat ortake his medicine, having an idea that every ui'ig was poisoned, pnt a straight jacket cn him, acd required him to take his medi cine. George H. Burns was an attendant in ? ?I?5,waiS- f*ever neanl of *n attend ant striking Dexter, or using profane lan guage towards him. B>' Mi. Mutchler, chairman:?Tbe roof of lb* room in which young Van Kerw^n was Kent did not leak. He freqaently had fits In hi? room. Presume that he was washed be fore he was taken down to see his mother. Helped to dress him. It is customary for all patients to clean up, or are assisted to do It by the attendants, before they are taken down to see such friends as call upon them. Only put the straight Jacket on Or. Dexter but once. The Jacket was taken off after the mcdiclne was given him. liichard O.Mellon,a Metropolitan police of ficer, testiiied that he was formerly an at tendant; was not appointed on ine police ??by Dr. Nichols; went to the asylum as Utttoidiot in 1M9; remained there for four ??(?ot *now of any patients being abused while be was there. The food wa? good. Never kn w of a club, the size of a base ball hat. to be kept in Gray A ah ward J? regulate the patients with, or strike or tuSLlVt2?'h ?eard that tbe meat was at hot never saw any of It. Wm. P*l,enl while witness was there. Van Kerwan was in Sycamore .f""*1?1 him for a year. Cannot re call a single Instance of any abuse or nez llgence towards him. When witness left there Van Kerwan was still a patient there. The committee then adjourned until to morrow morning. ?r^5..^BMY ?r TH" JAMES.-The fourth ? of 016 Society of the uJn.L? ., ? James, will be held In Philadelphia on the 7th of June. Tneora ^delivered by General Joseph R. Haw ley. of Connecticut, and an original Ppett */? he read by the poet of theS Mon. It is expected that President Grant, Secretaries Brlstow and Robeson, and other prominent officers of the army and navy wf?c'. Governor John F. Hartran ft, and Hon! W. 8. Stokley, mayor of the city of Phila delphia, will be present, and that there will be a fall turnout of all the old officers of the Army of the James connected with the asso ueaded by Major General Benjamin e^211?1&aL5*>nammild<*. and Major cletyf u* Terror, president of the so tESTiKsiAi Nom.?In the Women's Centennial Music Hall last nigntTh^fo!? Thomas repeated me magnificent progr^me of the inaugural with his orchestra of lSOand nearly 1 000 voice*. ? ? ? Sir Edward Thora ton gave a grand dinner last night. Amona the guests were Dom Pedro, President Grant* Secretaries Taft. Chandler aud Robeson Chief Justice Waite, Attorney Generai Pierrepont and others. ? ? - The Presidential party expect to leave Philadelphia to-day fr?r Washington. Secretary Brlstow and Postmaster General Jewell left yesterday. Thk baciwg at Louis villi, Kt., ye? 'nterestlng. The track wm fast and the three races well contested. The mile and a quarter dash was won by Baiar, beat 9n<? Gold Mine and Gyptls, in 2 00 The betting was about even on each R?^UU'JhS?i?^SrlOD? dMb WM woa hy Bufbrd s^ McWhlrten, beating nine other oolta, in The dash of one and a half mllea was won by Eleml, beating Carrie Anderson, Cbeeapenke and Phrebe May vo7ite' 2;38*? Cheeapeake was tbe fa ?* *"AM?atCA!? BfBLR Sot I El V at the annual meeting in New liter ?.,?>w reo?,P*? for the year of M/7.HW-, expenditures WW,281. Including there la still left on hand >8,980. During the vear 876.770 Bibles were manufactured and 850,470 dlstrlbated In this and twenty foreign eountrles, having it ^"-^uage^ Nine mem of the board of managers were elected Ttie next annual meeting wUl be held In Philadelphia, May 16. 1877. Th? Pop* has sent a reply to King Al fonsos letter In wbleta be thanks the Klnir "?nranoes aa to Spain's Catholicity, but -olds the discussion of the religious que*. vot* of cmsubs on the course of the British government In connection with toe royal titles bill, was rejected by tbe House of Commons by a vote of 33t to 22*. ?TThe Cincinnati Commercial is autborl y, tor the statemeotthat oie Bull's young wins, who lives in Wisconsin, left himi * cause of ill *?* 1 i on 7T- ro i n Tii coxa bess. Fkidat, May 12. SEN ATE -The Chair laid before the Sen ate a communication irom the Governor of Vermont, arrounclng the contribution by that elate of the statue* of Ethan Allen to the National statuary Hall, and the delivery of the same to the Arebltect of the Capitol. On motion of Mr. Morrill, of Vermont, the communication was ordered to be printed and laid on the table. THE DI8TRICT PrBtlC SCHOOLS. Also, h cnmmurlcailon from tbe Coram is "fouersof the District of Columbia, Indorsing a report from the Hoard or School Commm e'orers In reply to Senate resolution as to whether any distinctions exist in the stand ard or qualifications of teachers, or of text books, Are., in the District of Columbia. Tne Commissioners state that no distinctions exist, and they are not aware that necessity exists for any legislation on the subject. Tbe communication was referred to the Com mittee on the District of Columbia. Mr. Edmunds Inquired whether a quorum of Pe. ators was present, and on the roll be'ng called 33 Senators answered to their names. I less than a quorum. Mr. Ingalls moved that the Sergeaut-at Arms be directed to request the attendance of the absentees. In a few minute* several Aerators entered and a quorum was secured. Tbe jonrnal of Monday's proceedings was then read. A RAILROAD RING. Mi\ Sargent presented a rneraor al of cer tain stockholders of theCeutral Pacific Iiall rcad company, complaining that certain managers of the road had formed a ring and built the road so as to enure to their own profit, charging prices greatly in excess of the cost; that the ties aad the rails, the depots, workshops, Ac., are constructed of tbe poorest material; that if Congiess will appoint a competent commission of engineers to examine the road it will be round that the cost should rot have exceeded ?35,000,000, The petitioners also set forth a variety or other grievances in the management of the road for which they ask redress at the hands or Congress. Tbe memorial charges dishonesty upon Crocker, Huntington,and other managers of the company. In conclusion, they ask the appointment of a committee, to sit In San Francisco during the recess and take testi mony on the subject. Referred to C jmmlt tee on BailroadB. Mr. Camerou presented petltlous asking Intervention In behalf of Ed. O'M. Condon. Referred to Committee on Foreign Rela tioi s. Mr. Boutwell presented Joint resolutions of the Massachusetts legislature la behalf of E. O'M. Condon. Foreign Relations. Mr. Edmunds, from Committee on the Judiciary, reported adversely the bill ex tending tbe time for presentation of claims berore the Court of Claims and the Southern Claims Commission. Placed on the calendar with tbf adverse report. Mr. Wright, Irom Committee on the Judi ciary, reported adversely the bill to repeal tbe last clause of the sundry civil appropria tion bill of March 3d, 1875, aad it was indefi nitely postponed. Mr Dorsey Introduced bill authorizing the ?a!e of the Hot Springs reservation. Referred to Committee on Puoiic Lands. Mr. Wright, from Committee on Claims, reported adversely various private claims. Mr. Booth, from Committee on Pensions, reported favorably several private pension bills. Mr Morrill (Vt) stated that he had letters from the Secretary of the Interior and the Commissioner of Pensions setting forth the Imperative necessity for the construction of a new building for the Pension office, and a'so a letter from the District Commission ers in reference to the removal of old mate rial. On his motion both of the letters were ordered to be printed. Mr. Wright callcd up the mil for the relief of Angellne Liogan, which was passed. Mr. Edmunds, from the Committee on the Judiciary, reported with amendments the coi stitu'.ional amendment proi^iee i by him. vet-ting tbe e* nnting of the electoral vote for Pr?s dent and Vice Pi sldentln tbe Supreme Cvnrt, The Senate then adjourned till Monday. HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES ?The Home was called to order by Mr. Adams, he Clerk, who announced that Speaker Keir was still absent. On motion of Mr. Morrison (111 ), Mr. Cox was elected Speaker during the present tem porary of the Speaker, and the Clerk was directed to notify the President ?D<1 Senate accordingly. On motion of Mr. Hoi man, the House went nto Committee of the Whole on the post filce appropriation bill, Mr. Springer In the hair. The pending question was on the motion or Mr. Mntchler to strikeout the proviso limiting the free delivery system to cities of 40,000 inhabitants. Mr. Hoiman suggested a modification of the amendment by striking out that portion of the proviso whlcii proposes to abolish the carrier system In cities of less than 10,000 that now have it. dir.Bale (Me.) hoped that would not be done. The Committee on Appropriations had agreed to this clauad, aud he did not wish the committee to yield now to the com bination of representatives or cities of 49,000 or less. Mr.Tarbox (Mass.) favored strikiug out tbe whole proviso. He believed the carrier sjstem was a necessity and not a luxury, aLd it was not economy to abolish It any. where. Mr. Harrison (111.) also opposed tbe aboli tion of any office. It was a retrograde move ment, and one which the people did not ask for, and did not desire. Economy was not always retrenchment, and this proposition was not good economy. Mr. Reagan (Texas) thought the bill as re ported In this respect should be sustained, because this carrier system was a benefit to tbe few at tbe expense of a large number of other cities. It was all wrong to compel a large nnmber of cities to pay tosupport such a system in a few. Mr. Hardenburgb (N. J.) thought the House was doing Itself and the country an Irreparable injury by attempting to strike down tbe carrier system at any single point. It wonld work Incalculable injury to deprive cities of 20,000 inhabitants, that now have it, of the advantages of carriers. It was not in tbe direction of progress. Mr. Bradley (Mich ) argued that it was a mistake to say that the greatest expense came rrom small cities. All the large cities except Boston, New York and Philadelphia, were behind hand In receipts. Mr. Cutler (N. J.) contended that there was no necessity for this proposition, and the Postmaster General blmseir showed in his report that the postal revenues were in creasing steadily. Mr. Hoiman said he offered his amend, meet in a spirit of compromise, but would prefer to have the clause stand as reported by the committee. The exigencies of the service demanded this. Mr. Banks (Mass.) said it was useless to say that the malls should only be carried where they could meet their expenses. The malls held the country together. It might be said with as much propriety that the country should not defend its territory, un less tbe people of tbe neighborhood to be derended paid for it. If gentlemen who ad vocated tbis measure were In opposition and wanted no government then tbe ground they assume Is right, but ir they wanted a gov ernment they must extend the postal facili ties and not take a retrograde movement. How could democrats expect to get men Into their party If they put up such a bar aod gate as was proposed in ibis bill. He, for one,would extend the postal facilities to even smaller towns than those that now bad tbe carrier system. He wonld give It to plaoes of even one thousand inhabitants If it was neeessary. Mr- Chittenden (N.Y.) said it was no donbt the duty or the goverament to oarry the mails, but It was not Its duty to dellvsr let ters and papers to every cltlxen. He believed the letter-carrier system was carried to ex cess. in his own city of Brooklyn this was tbe case. He could ses no reason why there should be five deliveries dally. He woald vote to reduee the times of delivery, whether bis people liked It or not. After further discussion the amendment to strike out the words "and may be con tinued In elites of not less than 40,000 Inhabi tants where now established by law." was rejected. Tbe question was then taken on striking ont the whole proviso which limits the de livery system to cities of 40,000 inhabitants and over, and the motion to strike oat Mi\?oster (Ohio) suggested that the ap propriation would now have to be inereaasd. Mr. Hoiman thought not. He believed the amount appropriated was sufficient, even with the proviso strleksn ont. After several clauses had been read, Mr. Foster moved an amendment to appropriate 000.000 to pay for letter carriers in el ties of less tban 4o,ooo inhabitants. Mr. Holman made the point ttat t?e amendment wm not p?nn*n?. The chair decided tft? point well taken. Mr. Foster appealed from Uie decision of j the chair. The committee then rose and the point of order wai* stated to the Hou?e. when the Speaker (Mr. Cox)sustained tbe decision of the chairman ol the Committee of the Whole. Mr. Pouter appealed from that decUlor, aid Mr Randall moved to lay the appeal ra trie table, which latter queellon wai a tree 4 to?yeas nays 64. Toe House then again went into Commit tee of the Whole on the bill. Mr. Holman moved to amend by striking ont the appropriation of f H.TOO.OOO for Inland transportation, and Inserting as follows ? For railroad transportation. S&.862.119; for stage routes, steamboat*, and all transpor tation. except by rail, #6 237,*51, maklug in all f15,000,000. Mr. Harrison (111.) offered an amendment to increase the amount for railroad trans portation by *350,000. He believed this was necessary to oontlnue the services of fast mail trains. If the gentleman from Indiana was willing to go back to ihe days or staze coaches, when yon bad to wait weeks for your letters, be (Mr. H.) was not willing to do so. The slow days ard slow malls may suit Mr. Holman, bat it did not suit the peo ple or the northwest generally. This fast mall line was an actual necessity to the peo ple or the west, and it was unwise to cut off anv racillty. They wanted rapid transit ror ma Is in the west. M r. Phillips (Kan.) argued that the amount recommended by the committee would only tend to CTipple the service, when it was well known that the transportation routes were continually and necessarily increasing. redaction and Suicide. THE VICTIM BLOWS BIK BRAINS OtJT. Burday afternoon last the little city of Union SpringB was thrown Into a fever-heat by rumors of a young lady committing sui cide, which rumors proved only too true. For the past year a Mr. Bauraont has been paying his respects to Miss Mary Jane, daughter of Mr. John Hasky, an honest old English gentleman, who, ever since he left the "old country," has resided In Union Springs, much respected by every body who is acqnalntcd with himself and his family. Mies Hasky's record for good behavior and chastity haa always been unimpeachable, until lately suspicions were entertained by some persons that all was not right. Mr. Bauir.ont Is a little Frenchman, a married, and a member of the firm of Baumont A Roaenthil. Miss Hasky was a klud, unas suming lady, about twenty four years of age, ard a mem her of the Protestant Episco pal church. Mr Baumont being a married man, hia marked attentions to her natu rally arcused suspicions, and the neigh bors began to talk and wink at each other, and very soon the old English gentleman and bis better-hair smelt a mice, a large sized mice at tLat. The girl was rigidly questioned and finally confessed her guilt. The old gentleman was overwhelmed with grief at bis daughter's dowafall, and imme diately swore vengeance on the author or Lhe miFchlef. Sunday artemoon Mr. B.,as usual with him, called to see the young lady, when she informed him the "cat was oat of the nag," and that her rather bad sworn to kill him on sight. It was about 5 o'clock. He bade the weeping girl good bye and took the G o'clock train for this city. Soon after be left her she procured a loaded pistol, and placing the muzzle to her white temples, she lulled the trigger, and as the blood and brains of a fair woman bespattered the room a soul went out to meet Its God. the Judge of the quick and dead, who we kuow will be compassionate with the erring one.?Mfci lama State Journal, Wth. An Exciting Scene in Plymouth Church.?There was an exciting scene at ffce Pl5ln0uth Church meeting on Wednes day evening, calltd to receive the repot l of the special committee appointed to investi gate the charges made by the examining committee against Mr. H. C. Biwea. Tearing the proceedings Mr. lieecher arose to speak, ?nd had ?aid, "I am chatved with an infa trous crime"?when Dr. Ward, counsel for Ti.wen, shouted, "Ard you are guilty or it " A scene or tremendous excitement followed, a dozen members ilsing to a call f >ra retrac tion of the objectionable words, while groans urd hlfse ? came from all parts of the room. When Moderator Egerton at length suc ceeded in restoring order, Mr. Howard de manded a retraction, or else that I >r. Ward Te Immediately ordered to leave the room. I?r. Ward refused to retract, and the mo ie ? ator onlered him to retire at once, which he Jid, amid another volley or hisses. Firemen as iiccE5Diabirs.?At I'ater -on,N. J., the trial of the Passaic Incen diaries began yesterday morning in the Passaic county court. Barnaclo and White, two of the five men implicated, were respec tively foreman and assistant foreman or the McLean Hose Company of Passaic. An affidavit or Sproul, one or the inoendlarles who is not on trial, was read, detailing many plots for burning houses by the gang, some of which were concocted in the hose rmck bouse, where they stored ksroseue and other oil for starting Area, aad others were plannt 1 in the drinking saloons of the town. White and Barnaclo selected the buildings to be tired. Frank Talbot, one of the ac cused, has turned state** evidence and gives important testimony. Among the bnlldings believed to have been fired by these lrcen diaries was the Roman Catholic Church. Tbe case now on trial relates to the burning of Robert Fould's carpenter shop, May 15th, 1875. ? Mother Wits esses her daughter M arc led ?Passenger train No. 4, on tbe St. Louis and Southeastern railroad, when about two miles west of Mount Vernon, III., Tuesday, struck and Instantly killed a young lady named King, who, against her mother's protest, attempted to cross tbe track ahead of the engine. Engineer George Sceets, an eld and reliable man, did every thing In bis power to stop tbe train and save tbe young lady's lire, bnt all efforts were In vain. Conductor French backed bis train to Mount Vernon to convey physicians, coro ner and Jury to the bloody scene. The mother of tbe deoeased witnessed the terrible acci dent. Mrs. King was so affected by the oc currence that she is now In a very precari ous condition at her residence, about a mile and a half from where the accident occurred. She became insensible a few moments arter the accident. Her daughter was about 25 years of age. Red Cloud's Paralysis.?A scout came in riom Red Cloud agency last evening aud reported that the Indian chier, Red Cloud, is apparently dying from tbe eilects or a raralytlc stroke. A large number of horses nave lately been stolen from tbe agency by Northern Indians, and Red Cloud's band now offers to fumlsb 300 warriors to aid in thresh ing them. This ract was given us a few days sluce by General Crook, who will shortly visit tbe agencies and complete the arrange ments with his auxiliaries. This will give the young bucks employment during the summer and .probably save our people from molestation. It will be accomplishing two desirable objects with scarcely any outlay by the Government-?! Cheyenne A terrible outrage was committed on Mrs. Lissle Jackson, of Detroit, at Buffalo Snnday. She, m company with her husband and her three children, was en route to Bos ton. where they intended to go to work. Mrs. Jackson left her hotel to inquire the prloe or tickets to Boston. While on the way she en countered an Atlantic and Pacific telegraph operator, named Collins, who pretended to be the ticket agent. He took her into a room over 208 Main street, where be, with the as sistance of a pal named Carmichael, com mitted an outrage upon her. Mr. Jackson informed tbe police a little later, and both brutes were arrested. Collins confessed his crime. West Virginia for Blaine.?The West Virginia republican convention assembled at Parkersburg yesterday, and elected delegates to Cincinnati. A resolution of preference for Mr. Blaise was adopted: also a resolution complimenting Mr. Brtstow. THE TROUBLE IN TU COAL REGIONS Is not yet settled, and no Indications that they will be shortly. This state or affairs is aa outrage upon very many laboring men. That ??corporations have no aoala"ls as true as Holy Writ? [ wuiiamtpm-t {M,I) PUrt. *7*Blsbop Simpson prayed for everybody except the newspapers?(.8o*on Pott. ?7* Mrs. Harriet Hall Briggs, widow of the late Gov. Briggs, of Masssachuseus, died at her home In Pltuflekl yesterday morning. ?7"The international regatta for the Onsen's or Ameriea challenge enp will take place on the MHH, 12thaad l4th of July. tarthe Kmneror of Small minutes to his dinner, and everything shall be pinna on tbe table at I once, Instead of being ssrved in ooorses, | Telegrams to The Star. BRISTOW BLACK BALLED. THE WHISKY RING. THE TURKISH MI DDLE. DOM PEDRO ON THE WING. THE GREAT SHOW TO-DAY. KIR I.K.N KEWN. Brtttah llewaad M Spain I.ON don. May 12.-In the House of Co<n moi s tot ight, Mr. James Johnson Grieve, liberal member for Wreenock, will a-fc Mr. Bourkewnder, secretary for the foreign de parimentwhfther an immediate ana search ing erqulry It to be made into the alleged capture of the British ncbooaer Clementina by Hpanisb revenue offiefais, and the killing of oue of ber crew with the view to the In demnification by Spain of the owner of the Clementina and the relative* of the unfortu nate iwaman. together wttb an ample apolo gy to the British government for repeated insults to her tlag by Gaarda Costa* in the viclrtty of Gibraltar. IHatliofa I'mrh cabliet Wlalaior. Pakis, May 12?M. Amabie Ricard, Min ister of the Interior, died last night at raid titsht of heart disease, from which he has been long suffering. The Tarktah Complication BSKLiif, May 12 ?The rumors of a general European conference on theaituatlon lnTur key are premature, but it Is thought prob able flat tiie question of holding one will be considered, should Turkey herself propone such a course to the guaranteeing powers The first conference of the three imperial chancellors?Count Andrassy and Princea Uortscbafcoff and Blamarck?was held yea Unlay, at Prince Bismarck's residence. It is understood that Count Audrassey's note will form the basis of tbelr conferences. The Turkish ambassador has been lnatructed to express to the representatives of the great powers the Porte s deep regret at the Salo nika outrage, and to give assurauce that the guilty persons will be punished. He is aiso j instructed to declare that the Porte la will ing to meet the wishes of the three emperors regarding the execution of the programme embodied in Count Andrassy'a note, and will raUe ro objections to the guarantee* which may be required by the powers. 1 he Time* on the 4'<enlennl?U. London, May 12 ?The of to-day has a warmly congratulatory editorial on the successful opening of the American Ceaten ulsl exhibition. THE EXPERVB AMU CMPREN9. Horn l'e?lr? Clone West and Mouth. pHii.AVEi.HHia, May 12?The Emperor and Empress of Bra/Hand suite, numbering sixteen persons, left this city at 10 o'clock this morning, In a special train, by the Phil adelphia and Baltimore and Ohio aud Ohio and Mlsssisslppl railroads 'o St. Louis. The tourist agents who have charge of the travel ing arrangements In this country for Dom Pedro announce that the imperial party, alter leaving Louisville and the Mammoth Cave, on Thursday next, leave fbr New Or leans by the steamer Great Republic. Tbey will return to Washington by way of Mobile, Montgomery, Atlanta and Kuoxville. The tour will be completed by visit* to Niagara Falls, Toronto, Montreal, Quebec, tne White mountains, Boston, Saratoga, Al bany and New York. ? THK C'KMESkXIAE llie Great Exhibition To-day. Puit.Ahst.PHiA, May 12?Tue crowd at the Centennial grounds is not as largt? as yesrerilay. Work Is still going on In the buildings, and a great Improvement is r oticeable. A gang of laborer* are employed on Belrront avenue in clearing away the rubbish, etc. In Machinery Hall many peo ple were attracted by the numerous prl itlng presses upon which editions of the New York papers are being worked off. The Executive Committee of the Woman's Centenn ai Union met tbla morning at the Womau's Pa% lllon, acd discussed various routine mat ters. General Hawley stated this morning that the list of Jurors will be publishea very soon. ? THE WHISKY FKAl'DM. A Wviuan Wttnesa Agalut McKee. CINCINNATI, O., May 12.?A St. Louis special to the Commercial says that the wife of John Leavenworth, deceased, who was the paymaster of the whisky ring, has made affidavit that she was present when money passed, at both hsrowu and McKee's residence, between ber husband and McKee In amounts reaching thousands of dollars. Sbe makes this statement to mitigate the punishment of Zeb Leavenworth, her bro ther In-law. BHIKTOW BLACK BALLED. What interest (watrola the laloa LeagsfT New Yoke, May 12?Toe Union League Club last night refused to admit Secretary Brlatow to membership, there befvg twelve black balls. s Incendiaries Arrested. Fitchbcso, Mass., May 12 ?State detec tives have arrested three men, named War ner, Hinckley and Davis, comprising a gang of incendiaries who have infested this sec tion for some time past, and who confess to burning *<50.000 worth of property, besides robbing stores. Baltihoss. *M?r 12 ?Virginia consolidated, 6?.'?; West Virginia. 8X.; North Carolina sixes. ola, U bid to dnr Sngar autstand staadr.WsiO, B itTixoas. Mar u ?Oottoc dnll ana nominal? middling, llXali^. Floor firmer sod mora active? t il? hllla extra, 4 Ba7?0; <>?!??* grades nacbanssd. Wheat drill ai l heavy?Bo a eastern red, 1.3ial 40. i??.Quaylvanla red, 140*1 ?5; Maryland red, l.tfta IS; do. amber. 1-50*1 63; do. whits, 1.45*1.42. Corn-souther*, quiet bst firm, western, active, kmiintaiil higher: dowd cjoiet. southern white. 62*43, southern Hiow, <1*?3. wsstsra minsj.C ?po , and Mar, ? I'i Jnns. Oat* ssslsr: dviutnd moder ate?sonthtro good to prime, 4t*4S, west em si btts, 42. western mixed, 31*33 K?s da 1.72 *79. Hay anil and unchanged . Provisions dull ard besvy. Poik, 22 00. Bate meat* nominally? abonMera, 8; clear rib sides. 11. I<x)*r: *'?%12 sacked. Bacon?sh< n'dera. 9l?*9H; cle*.r rib suit*. I2S*1ZV Uams, 15*16 Lard dull and weak?rained, IS* Bntter quiet?food to flue vsetara frsss. 12*27 P< tr. leuiu uc?etilel; impusslMe to (ire accurate jnotatiobs. Coffee juhrt bat firm, ancuangsd w hitky doll.lllH Hiw Tons. ?*? IS ?Stocks active and ?teedy. M^ney.S. Gold, 12'4. Exchange, long, MM; ahort, SB >?. Governments active and strong. flaw Yosk, Mar 12.?riorr unlet sal trn Wheat * Hhade firmer. Corn * rauct*f. t>OMx>N. May U, 12:20 p. la ?OoasoKMs for rouer and the account. Kris, II1*'. lev York Central. M. The amrvnat of balh'te wlthlr*va from the bank on balaac* to day I* ?I83M. Silver Payment again Checked? Why the Corn u Xot is New York City Haver al of the bank offlclala In thla city are com plaining this morning tha'. It la Impossible to obtain sufficient silver coin to supply tbeir customers, and that the Sab-Treasury official have ahut down upon the supply de livered to the banks, thorsby prevanting them from complying with the wishes or their depositors and correspondents. Oar reporter called this mortlng at the Sub Treasury and ascertained taat over Si,900,000 worth of silver had been issued op to noon Uaday. and that the banks had been very liberally supplisd.bat that the officer* of those institutions, lustead of kseplng the coin in the city for the ass of buslnss* nsre, bsd not only snipped It to banks In different parts or this stats, bat also to those in other States, thereby taking it oat entirely from locsil circulation. It has, thsrsfore, been found necessary to place a check on the smount* lasosd to the banks, and only pay oat small nms for the prsssnt, notwith standing the fact that about ?2 000,000 iD ooln remain* in the vaults of the Sab-Tre4kaury here.?JV. 7. loimmercial, lltA. s^The only way to atop Plp-r'* "conrets lcg"ls to hang him.? [So?r<M r.Mf. ?9* Uoose ?cgs ths tlae of taiutons are re ported frsm Louisiana. A thoughtful Cincinnatia;i prevented bis son's marriage last wssk by asttiug him very drank on the day est for the wedding. "Jos Jefferson has nlnsed hlssngagement in London, having played "Rip Vaa Win kle" 156 nigbts. Vs should think he'd be tired. farl\. is thought at Columbus, Oeorala, that Bash, the lather of the girl detected in criminal Intimacy with the preacher Hend rick, will kill the latter whenever he Is re 1 from confinement In jalL UCOLlJtCTlOVS or TO OLMfT JMClT rtrwr. A H?* Tort HcraM nporur hMkMu iBUrMtoi talk wltt FMMr Joka McKiroy, who is tun la aervtce at tbe Piwttrk*. Md., dotium*.uumii*o(h PoUo*1o|1iom of bis reminl "I ?M born la Um prsrlMr or L'Mar, nost northern provlnos of lriUDd, la HHL . la Um county 17K, tod am at prw rat the ohl?st OatbelM prteat la Um Oaltad 0UIM, and bar* btto tor Or* Mtn the aid set J malt la tbe world, a cuNafM I* kept of Um births. >l?aUM and period of talaletrw tiou of all tbe Jmiu throughout Um world, and becce I am abM to au? Um statement lib juentej. At tbe Urne of y Wry Catholic emancipation bad mad* no beal * ?j la 1 related, aad bM 1 rwdTH etaaply a common education. such as wa? gi v?, to Catholics at Uiat t:me. I loft Iralaad for America, la IMS, wber teaatj H yet__ old. 0*000noil bad J Ml mad* bla debet la ?o character of an emancipator, and nad IlT?UiDibrb?( little prorata* of tbe ax ireoralnary vigor and i<o? er of control Una popular wntlmaot for which be afterward ?>f*nM^a?> fawwir I laoded first la BalU. mora, and went from tbars to waorgetowa. JrfTei>on was l'rretdent of tbe Unit.-! (Malta when I landwt. 1 nave met bim aeraral Mmea, and often had occaeton in admire bla tepubllcan simplicity. Wnea 1 toofc tbe siege in UelUmor* to come to We?htngton It wap an old. rickety, open wacou. with leather curtail a flopping In toe wind and no ? rringa to It. Aa wo cam* down Capitol Hill aid aaw tbe cattle browning about Pennsylvania aveone. 1 asked when would ?? get to Waahli (ton. and was scrprleet to Warn U at we w?re there already. Tim frraldenfa be u*e mw tbe only pia.-e worth looklna at In the city. There we* aa old l?*t office wliere tbe Patent Offl w la now, and a <x>lo ly of Irish had rqnailel no tbe hill, who couldn't speak a worJ of Kngliah. Oecrgeiown *a? a mu.-b m tre active place of bustnes? than Washington, and Alexandria wa? far mo'* important than either. 1 kn?w Captain Hobart. the archi tect of U,e White House. ll? told me he Intended tt> put another atory on tbe building, but Washington did not approve of It. and be abandoned tbe Idea. Speaking of traveling In those days, a per ant) left Die stag* office at tbe Union tavern In Georgetown, kept by Mcl-aoghlln, who. I believe. was afterwards associated with Barnntn In Baltimore. Yon left tt?e office at 5 o'clock In the morning, went to Roxbare and took breakfast, dined at Waterloo, and reached Baltimore at ? o'clock at night la the winter the passengers were compelled frequently to get out and clamber over tbe fercee, and often (not it tarough the fields for long distances. Tbe horses could hardly draw tbe empty stage. The trip was not **fe. I rfinfmbfr on one occmIoh m father from the college waa goirg in the stage, but when be got to the office It bad started. There bad been a fresbet. and wben tbe driver got to the branch near Bladena btirgtbewater waa even with the bridge. He thought he knew the rlKi t road, hot be missed It, and tbe stage horses and rxnscn gers were drowned. So, you see. he had a narrow escape. Waahlaglaa la 1?7S. i Mwt 'The AKfer'a Dieam," by 7-Via H' /a*-, f| Bo you have not removed the capital from w aablnaton In these hundred yaarkf" "Not at all. What was the use" ft waa a very beanUfnl city when yon went to sleep, but yon ought to see It now. The old white House la removed out to Meridian Hill. Kverj oneof our sixty-six statea hat a bean, tlftal resilience for its two Senetora, while all tbe member* of tlie Cabinet are provided with handsome paiaoea by tbe government itself." '-How mauy people are living in aahlngton now."' "Let meaee. In 1*76, ore hundred and twenty thousand; In 1?76, one million." ? One million'" "I think It le tbe moat attractive city on the oooUneot, In some respects, and 1 muat not forget to add here that a man called Boa* Hnepberd, who lived In your time and died In !*<?, la aUli remembered as the best friend of the national capital." "How abont the Capitol building ltaeif?' " That haa been extended eastward, and la regarded as the flneel structure of lta kind In the world. People go to lire In Waablcgton row In tbe winter, Juat as they go to the While Mountains lu toe Hammer. And whet is curious lu Washington is the fact that the colored man is as much respect ed as in bis own chosen region." " What do tou mean by his own ehosen region?" "Why, 1 moan tbe colored race has txwn ia full pos session, for the last seventy years, of the states of South Carolina. MlaslsKlppi, Ixni lslana, and Alabama, and the extent of their learning Is proved by the fact that their schools and statesmen and phllosoper* are known all through the civilised world.' "Are there any mat ufactures in Washington?" "No; it is a city like the English Oxford, abonndlr.g in college* and libraries and sci entific Institutions." "What about toe Smithsonian Institute?" "I am astonlebed >cu have not heard of that. But then I outfit to recollect your long sleep. It take* up the whole of the square on which it s'xmd a hundred years ago. But eveu that Is anr pasK j by the Joecph Henry temple, which occupies the site so long disfigured by the utlyold Washington Monument." "Did yon fee Joseph Henry?" "Yes, and loved bim as ir be had been my own father He waa old, but very fresh wheu I saw him last." "Well, be died in l?<0, and shortly alter the Joaeph Henry temple, dedicated to pure science, was begun as a monument to his persevering labors and his unrewarded genius, front ing the Potomac, it Is only oversbadowed by the Capitol ltaeif, and by tbe contrlba tiem6 of W. W. Corooran. a rich citizen born In Georgetown, In tbe District of Columbia, who died one year after the la?t Centennial, leaving tbe most of bla immense fortune to tbe District in which be waa born." " What about the southern country and the civil war of 1461 and 18C4?" "We remember it now as we do the War of the Roses between the bouses of York aud Lancaster, and the Scottish border wars, and the wars of La Vendee during tbe French Revolution, and the dreadful Commune of 1870-71. Yes, It M even as UtUe recalled as the massacre of Mt. Bartholomew. There are no southern men any longer In the United States, and no northern men, and no western men. All are North Americana." Tks Via Kb or Faithful l^ove Ten years ago a young man was sent to tbe peni tentiary, from Marshall county, Iowa. He waa engaged to a worthy young woman, and wben be went to prison she made the Journey wltb bim. He waa Intoxicated when tbe crime waa committed, and otherwise woakd not have committed It. Tbe woman haa kept her faith through all these years. Sbe bas regularly visited him, and. for the paet few yean baa made constant efforts to pro cure bis release, but the executive baa tent ed a deaf ear to her entreaties. until, a abort time ago. abe appealed to Oor. Kirk wood with such devoted teal that be granted her request, and, with tbe pardon In her | sloe, abe hastened to the peniVemtkry and presented ber papers. The priaem doors awnng open, ana leaning on tbe arm of him abe bad lost and won, sbe made ber exit, a happy ami le of victory wreathing ber face. Chaplain Williams courteously tenured nla services to complete tbe fruition of their hopes; but the patient maiden replied that after ten years'waiting aftw hour-'de-lav oould be endured, so that her friends mighr share with her thejtya of love's la oor waa. [Chicago JStUtmi. A Rati.road Tckhle?By the breaking of an axle, one coach of aa excursion train on the Nangatuck railroad waa thrown over an embamkment rtnefeet high into lhe river, neer Plymouth i^narry. Conn., yesterday, wnile going at full speed. Tbe coacb was crowded with excursion lata. Some twenty persona suffered con tualcna of more or lees aererity. but ne?ne were killed or drowned by Uie rapid filling of tbe coacb with water to the depth of Ave feet Tbe shock waa miU gated by the cnabion afforded by the water. A broken arm waa the severest mishap. Tbe car was wrecked. Hie* at tb ? cehtehniai?Lager is retailed to thirsty customers at ten t JOT a giaaa within the arooads, aad it le abt1 particularly good. That large clees of tbe population wnlcb considers Ufa a burden with UM at ten ceo mercury at eighty degreea aad bear ?? v^nta are pronouncing the Exhibition a failure, and tbecommlaslon an asaamblag* of Incapable* Soaoe of the restaurants oulv aeU beer In bottles, aad It ooeta twenty eeete to open a bottle. NiAkLT KiLLxnar a Hen's Claw Mr. Aaguatua Lungmaa, of Cedar ~ 1 biallfe li la., nearly loat biallfe laat week by betas kicked by b ben. He bad tbe bird m btM hands and in bar struggles to get loose, i? dug one of its sharp toes in Dlngraan*s ner . eauing a deep and painful wound deee t ? the jugular vein. Amxrrn Mcnaa re> Two < A negro robbed a aegreaa of twe e ber throat and tbew bar la tbe Savannah. Her yells brought a : VA Nevada ooart greats dti one mats subjects tbe other vale to* cruelty." MTA. Canada editor dlacuaaea tbe probler i whether it is beneficial In schools to bav >. compulsory kiaalcg. He la not able to lecki because be la not going to aehool. a#"BeII earrings are tbe lataaL They at supposed to be tbe Iadepeadeaee Hail Hng? in miniature, and are made of goli and t . WTbe ox-eye dalaMa on tbe new borne ? term a oorooet In front, and a lone trTr . dAlalei t.ed?Li ^auc2Ma etOai

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