Newspaper of Evening Star, May 12, 1876, Page 2

Newspaper of Evening Star dated May 12, 1876 Page 2
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EVENING STAK WASHINGTON: I RIPAT?*f?*?????!????? May ia, im Beading Matter on Every Page Average Daily Circulation over 15,000,?being more than three times that of any other daily pajter in Washington. An interesting lift insurance cam vm re cently decided by Judge Lawrence, of the New York supreme court. It appears that the Connecticut Mutual Insurance Company on October 28,1MB, lwned two policies or ta rn? ance to John Q. Voee, Insuring his life f. r 91,GOO and *20,000 respectively. Vose as. ? -rned these policies on November 4, 1872, to Lis four minor children, of whom be was the general guardian. He paid the annual pre miums during 1870,1*71 and 1872. The poli cies contained a clause to the eflect that If any subsequent premiums on the policies should not be paid when due the policies | mould cease and determine. Op the 28th of j October, 1873, when a dividend was declared by the company, the Insured, bad be paid | the premium due at that time, would have ? been entitled to $210. Prior to and at this time, however, be was Insane, and failed to i ay the premiums, although bis family had sufficient funds to do so. Suit was brought Mgalcst the company by the assignee of the policies, sod the former set up a general de murrer. Judge Lawrence overruled the de murrer, taking the ground that Vose's Ina bility snd omission were not caused by his own act, and It would be harsh and inequit able to distinguish this case In principle from tba; which holds sickness to be the act of God, and a valid excuse to prevent a for feiture. Insanity like that described, which destroys all mental capacity, is no less a consideration than physical disability to avoid a forfeiture, and appeals with equal force for equitable relief ex rigore juris. A large number of authorities were cited in support of the decision. The New York Evening Espreu, a demo cratic organ, has deserted the ranks of Til den's followers, and a long double-leaded article protests against bis nomination at St. Louis. It believes that if he Is nominated the vote of New York will be lost to the democratic party. It is hinted that two or three other prominent organs of the democ racy In the interior of New York will soon follow the Etyrt**, which will be bad for the reform governor, The republican party may thank several nltra southern democrats for valuable ma terial for campaign documents. Mr. Toombs, of Georgia, has kindly contributed at dtflTer ? it times, and now one 8. Taylor Martin, D. ' >. of North Carolina, disregards the warn - i g voice of the thoughtful men of the south, * .d utter* words which will be copied east * ad west to the disadvantage of his people. On May ?_'0tfe, last year, Charlotte. North Carolina, celebrated Its centennial anniver ? ry In commemoration of the Mecklenburg ? ^deration of independence, and northern .d southern orators vied with one another expressions of friendship and good will. *? uis year on memorial dav Mr. Martin was ? elected as tne orator, and In the course of Ms remarks said that "the south is to day I uled over by the miserable thrall of Yan veedom, but they cannot muzzle our chival ry and patriotic devotion to tne lost cause." After alluding to the causes of the war he proceeded: "Slavery is a divine Institution, and we must have that institu tion or the south will ever be bankrupt. They speak of our cause as the ?lost cause.' II so, shall It be lost forever.' Nol A new generation has sprung up, and at a not rar distant day there will be 'stars and bars' floating proudly over our sunny south. In the next political campaign we must, even If in the minority, support a southern man who will bnild np our Interests and hurl the Yankee pickpocket* from our midst. We are to day united to the Puritanical host by an artinclal tie; but we are a distinct peo ple, and God and the right will enable us to show the world the truth and the equity of cur claims, our statesmen now In Congress are the cream of that body, and are the only element that reflects credit on the United States." It is gratifying to know that his tirade was but slightly applauded, and that many person* in the audience expressed their disapprobation of his sentiments while he was speaking. It is pretty certain that this reverend lire-eater was not in the ranks of the confederate army during the rebel lion, or be would not endeavor to set the two sections by the ears again. ? <?? ? It now appears that Henry C. Bo wen ham pered the arrangement which be made rela tive to telling the Rev. Dr. Taylor, In the presence of Mr. Beecher, what be knows or the shortcomings of the latter with the condition that his communication be re garded as strictly confidential. This action on his part Is wholly in keeping with bis course throughout the entire Beecher busi ness. The Indications are that the Chinese ques tion will soon command the serious atten lon not only or the people or the Pacific slope, where the Celestials find a lodgement, but or the entire eountry. A protest against Chinese Immigration now comes from Brit ish Columbia, which is also suffering from the competition of "chcap Chinese labor" With that or the white population. In a speech delivered In the Senate the other day Mr. Sargent, of California, dwelt forcibly on the evil results of Chinese Immigration, and expressed the opinion that If some restric tive measures were not put In operation, California will become an Asiatic colony. Notwithstanding the bad treatment the Ce lestials receive at the hands of the white laboring class, they continue to emigrate, la l?*a, lO^sO arrived in California, and last jear the number landing In San Francisco was 19,44*. In January of this year, 1,177 arrived; In February, 1,191; ta March, 1,818. Since lawJ, 10,wj reached San Francisco direct from China. Heaiheulsh in their prac tices. and in every respect undesirable as an element of our population, it remains for our statesmen to devise some humane but ef fectual remedy for the evil complained of. It seems to be a conceded fact that the Centennial Exhibition is a success. Bayard Taj lor and others who have visited Euro pean international expositions and therefore are qualified to speak, pronounce It superior to the one at Vienna. And yet the Ameri can eagle does not scream very loudly over the enterprise after all. The Western Union Telegraph company has begun the work of laying underground pneumatic tubes and telegraph wires In New York. The carriers In the pueumalic tubes, consisting or gutta percba pouches covered with Kelt, can contain fifty messages each, and will be forced through the pipes by a new duplex pump in the basement of the West ern Union building. While the laying or ?uch tubes is an experiment in this country there can fee no doubt whatever that they can be operated successfully if properly con structed. Congress spent -12,000 for a pneu matic tube from the Capitol building to the Government printing office, but though be gun it was never completed. It was made of thin wooden staves, was liable to fee broken by the weight of earth upon it or Injured by the action of the water, and after inspecting it it was not deemed advisable to expend any more money to complete what would evidently have tuned ont to be a atuare. In New York the pneumatic tubes ?WQlbrasa. f Paul ds Cassagnac, who hasn't killed a nan for several months, now hag a golden opportunity, having been challenged by M. Heavier, a radical deputy In the rrench leg islature- He will, of coarse, accept, and, Judging from his previous exploits, will sesmiy fail to bring down his man at the Out Ire. a," Star ofloi, atating pnce inn. avUH* uboohd hand rouiTvu. ? __ w BTOTM. Ac . BOUGHT, ?c**h flcea paid, ud ?old at ra duoed prtcea, for CMk. W. RUTHERFORD, myuiy Cor, uth aadot*. ea a north we*. Aciur PABABGLS FOB CHlLDBR.Sffc * from auction. I -Cfjtf'iil BLACK, BLU^ BBOWB Ud OH***, ranaln* fronjjfl iti to Jtf iO W. M. BH1BTEB * BBO., " >19 NwiTlTlllt M?M?. PACIFIC uwm AMD PlBCAtll. *?o*a, BBADTIFDL STYLBS, jort ra C*ivsd, at UH eea'? mt yard. W?rrwt?l fast color# mid the beet good* made by tb? Padfle Milla. W. E BHTSTEII * BBO , It mFwuylfMlumw. MAJOR, COS. BETOTH AID H STBEBTS, HiS THB COLDEST AND BEST tODA WATER IN THE WORLD. myll 3a TET IT Murk new dresi moods f&om auction Joit r* wived from auction ?n->ther beautiful sorimmt of?RATCH*CK BILKS; beautiful nMt Black and Strife* in (<xd quality and at very low * VtVy bandeome Black-etrip-d and Check G REN API BBS All wool LUPIN'S OBBNADIHBS. Also. A lot of Oiy teit Check 0RKRADINK8, of Luptn's superior make, all ailk and wool, mad* ftr Mourring A new and beaatiful ar ticle. w. ?. BUIBTER A BBO, It 919 Pennaylvaalaavenoe. OFF1CB OF GBBlT FALLS IOB COMPANY. 10th Stkkkt Whuf, Wa?h:>'.to5, D. 0., Bay 11th, 1376. KOBTHEBS ICE Furnished in all parts of the City of Washington and in Georgetown by the GBBAT FALLS IOB COMPABT, The Original lee Company of Waahii gton. BSTABLISHBD 1964. This Company will farnleb to the public Northern Tce<f the beet quality, taken frma their own Ice Wotks, on the Kennebec River, Maine. Warranted free from all impurities, at the k west prices, and delivered by careful, accommodating and expe rienced drivere. Ice Ticket* in quantities of $1.00 and over will be furnished at alll>eral discount. All ccmmnaleaUon* may be addreeeed to J. C . WHITWELL, Oeneral Superintendent, myII 6t 10th Street Wharf. 6 I ?*E Jt WJi 1* YOUR OLD CLOTHES, ABD TA KB 88 RS 8* $S ABD BUT ?13 912 918 til WORTH or NBW OBBS. TAKB 810?fio?910?910 AND BUT ?13 815 815 913 WOBTH or CLOTHING TAKB ?14 814 ?U 811 AND BUT ?20 820 820 139 WORTH OF CLOTHIRU. TAKE ?1? 816 816 816 AND BUF 825 825 823 829 WORTH OF OLOTHISQ. ?S5 WORTH FOR 823. 8tO WORTH FOR 830. BOY'S CLOTH I SO AT SAME LOW RATES AT HABLE BROTHERS, Merchant Tailors and Pine Clothiers, myUtr Corner Seventh and D streets. JUST PUBLISH ID, A BBAUTIFUL BALLAD entitled ''Bearer Thee;" word* sod music by Harry K Ocffey. Thi* tea charming baUad. which will be appreciated la every household. Price, Su cenu. For *ale at mayll-dt BLLIB A 00.'8. EARLY VEGETABLES and FRUITS, By NOBFOLK Steamer* every WBDBESDAT, FRIDAY, and HOBDAY. BUTTBB, BOOS, and POULTBY treah daily by Rxpre**. myll gt* OOB. 1?TH AMD 0 STS. N.W. pABBLAOBS: n CARElAGBs: V CABBIAOBfl All the lateat sty 1** of Spring aad Bommtr Oar ?ie?ee, *t every deecrlptioo, now oii^flBf. band, are being offered at greatly r? VaOgg dnced price*. Second hand Oarrl*i??at?^^c a aacriflce, to cloee ont. Repairing done in the beat manner. At ft. H GRAHAM'S mil At Repuaitoi y A Factory. 410- 414 3th at. n .w. <?CRCBBIHO MADB BABY BY USING PIBSUHO S PATKNT BRUSH. Familiee are reeaectfuUy requested to allow per ron* ( presenting tbeee brn*he* at tlulr houaee,) to ahow the person who doee the ecrnbbing how to n?e them. Bone bat re*pcc table persons will be aMowed to solicit ordere. For sale, wholesale and retail, by JOHH i J BIT, 40??tbst?l. M. 0. A. Bld'g. Sole Ag*nt or the Dlatrf t. Agent for Howe'* Improved Scale*. myll-3.* TH* BTAaMBUAT MARY WASHINGTON will leave her wharf, foot of 7th JP*?k ?tmt. HOBDAYS. w*n*?ant?* and KRIDaTS. at 9 o'clock a ULYMOBT aed Intermediate Landing*,returning about 4 o'clock. The other daya in the weak ane can be Chartered for Bxcanfone or other purp"aee. For in'ormation apply to O Y.AtLBB, Agent, 413 7tb *t , oapoeite Poet Office Dept, or oa board. Bicursloa, for round trie, tingle ticket, toe. " " clnb of* persons, 40c. each. " " " 10 aer*on*,3Uo. each. Children cnd*r IS year* of at? half price. myll *t J W L. BOSWRLL; Oaptaln. CHRIS. RIESSXER, Ak ^*T1# ABD 71T TlH STBBBT N. W la Bole age at for the District of Columbia for the ? T. CBBBSI. The only RBLIABLB HBATIBO RANOB In the market. Mr. Beiaioer luu ant up hundred* of thee* Rangsa la thta city, aad la all caaae they have given the atmoat i?' ? He haatke larc*et aad beat stock of SLATB MABTRLS la Waahlnctoa. at pricea from 8M upward*. Mr. Rieasner I* Bole Afont for the BAD1ABT HOHB FUBBACB, Wfctch ha* been thoroughly tee ted. aad pronounced ate5K?"agi8gb I $oi?.ro ? p& HW TA818, Uft,st,o!ri?r9HiarA?Ks?* WATBB OOOLBBS, BTABDi, OUTLBR and Fancy TIB WABB. wholesale and retail. Beat three ply BUBBKB HOBS, only U cent* per ni BOO FIBO, BPOUTIHO, Ac . doae proanpUy by the b**t workaew_prdar* invited iyW tr Ti: aad TIT 7t* etreet aorthwert. BH A Mms. l. p. jbahbbbst WILL OPBH 4 large aeeortm*at of 1MPOBTBD DBBSSRS aad alee aoae of her own ?annfhrtare; and Pre*aai made on the ehortaH eatlce. Bha layitaa the ladiea la geaeral; 18#t Pan nay 1 ?aula avenaa. mat lm TAYLOR * HUFTY, BBS PBHBBTLTAHLA ATKH0B. HATH BBDUOBD THB PB10B8 OP THB1B flf.f Bif>gn DOUBLE TO KB EHIMTB j a* foliowi : WANTS. WAiS?yg7^'?ji*? ??> WjKSttFffi*?}FHi sat. Mu" ?*?tbuc*ob to give j *!?"? a la l??m Ad ?"? ElvU???rm? Q.3. W , fraroMoe. |? W Aw**?*.? plait ?- ?& "SSi? ?m?* b.epbce. WAiriial ?? Umait^^ *mmor? and Ohio Depot R?. ^AkTBV-A good MILLIHBB Im^dUt^IF. nlJZSV** ** "?? 7%b ,,I**? batweea H U? O ?tr?ets myll 3t* ?IL.c!iiMr*nt2*5l,<1- ???tofoAretAkM Kefir *Wr aouthaaat corner ltth and U weeto north wot. H, t>-2t* W bSTIS #T0?"?T-4 u**? ??? borae CAE ?IT ,k!^ nl* ??T P*r???- M oat be late style 0lT8 deecrtption and prlce H X , IMiole*. my It St* W ???%(]?KS ASM for acsvared Singer Jin ?i J Acai"'Mtr??tt?cta?nt?. ?urrhaaar a few instructions free of charge. Inquire 4'21 lltb street n. w m.U Jt* WANTK^TAi5i^riE3r?iiM7^b^r? Within ??. mll~ o' W?<W ?ton. Ad *77.' .TilL.t"1001*"' D H "BMT, >31 0 w? t' lo>TD*a?t my 12 Jt W'aNTBO?>i? ODuKs Ana UUOAI Q1BL3 ti lljZlmZVttlW' ^ 2P?IP*? 2K. ? Jw ?<xd BIllVAiM for ihl< city ApVy 444 rih ' trtet northweet. A leo, FARM HaHDs wiowd It" W1S;JS;A ;.??i? ?<? iv.?svT^i^yyr f?' ?" \VANTBD?-Bramiddle ??ed "ilnrod vontn i in7to i J.i.K ^ JJ#C?*9b*rB,*W or nnri ' Wili Pnil?&??.TtL b ?rt?* *be 0"OtennU>. ?t(ln a fq i?^I ? nC* '1?*1 if paired Iranlr* gn- *' 9 Hew Jersey avenge nonh my 12 it* W ??!???^TiPi11? y^11' Coachm ?n, four W bit < * ? Colored Oook* end tw> Women to - ?o nnirl N?tlnal Employment Shed ' " 94'7th and 9 etr-,,'l, PatHI*. enp tny^l ft* \V??hE??7? middle aged WoM IS. to cvk, from mi,r of ?'*? fonr mll-s AddlS^t^?. m ' one tliAt (Otto, town. ' Box **' offlo?' 0#?ree \V^i?"of I<*di?K to call And me tlfnl J?l?SZ^1T1,ft BOAEU male AbUu nialI0"*,.? ' Ot'do to ihs< jnten WW. wU.V.'l^.Sl'X.i"1 ? w^KsM^ar.vaarwjf-,,5, AM lltb. my 11 s, \V ?FB8B- wh0 *?? the yT SOmmerinthecoantry. Apply, with recim m-niAUoM, At 1537 Stb rtreet nor'hw,," iu 3?? VVA??U-a wn HCIW*. la^aire r?9 fl myl1 D* BBHKCND. WHn,T?-D,7HOB8" wmntod for hi? k<vpln. * i~i> ,}?JAbe ?apmer month*. Apply to KIT 18 m CO., Htb rtreet between B And ?; m>11#" VVJ"*- rnmlihed KO<>M with f rnrnl.hed Boom with BoArd in pelihborboAd. for gentlemen And wife, between 3d, n<M~ d y Addraw "BOARD," Port myll 3f WANTbb-M WOMIB. for Cooki, ChAmb'r . niAlds, and two fl ret el am DreesmAkere and S^Mthe*Oenf<!^>'<tH ?n,t brin* *c>ck1 ret?r?ncee. JO <hL gf Oentanaltl home* are wattiu. Apply at mfii^Vf Bmfl0fV2iO.,l!l?' 9#T D?treet. m?iL* MBS. LOU18B 0. B0TL1B. VVj?7.*?~A PUBOH ABBB for a BAT HOB8R ?a>T?it ?libAnd? hifb'aonnl And ?la.tafsi \VTAHTBD?A I Ad 16 ye?r? old, good Addreaa And a II.TSBl!S?SSa?li5!^?*" 8ITUATIUB In l..,jn' T . . ' ? OllUailUfl 1 a law cffioe or to travel with some gentleman lo WAjee eiptcted. Addreae H W.,8tar office. mlO 3 * W MJ.I?^7^ 1?*^ to waeh and iron. V oonebut Aflrst clAee one need Apply. Go id r?I#r?tce> WQOlreU. Addreu C. P., btar utnc*- mylOit* wyxrsii tsm ^.tibss?uda VVA^TID-To rent, a F ABM of ISO or 100 acre*. sssvS?""""1 Bw? ?' --z-Z? \\ exchaV??.\ 6 room BBICK * , H?C8B, pearly new; ba'h. gaa, Let robe, froat At.1 back jArd for a HOU8B of 8 to 11 room" ?? *?<21, building lot. Difference in' Addre?? Mo. H14 lot^ street n. w. mylO Jf \V an AmerlcAn woman a P08: ?UJ5,0".w.lth ? lAmiiy; williag to mAke 5? 2T! wag?? not so mnch an object a? a K BO J*cti#n t0 tnkT#l- Addreu A. M. ?' B'Ar cffice. my 10 3t* WSTUDIO. An artist returning to In de*,rS* a large. we!l lighted BTUDIO , u jf I gton. well fcltoat'd. fnrnlsbtd or anfnr l?t C*HM( Ktir' apartments. Address BOB c *1IHCK1iE*, Borthampton, Max-acHii \\ afnrt,^? iTrtBJ fcH?!LK" bbinq with \V A.rJ 5,C.rU'r?0t'1 c Moths to cleAn ll?e restore them to th?ir ori gyter.?fc? Wl!b?m '?"o^x>?jrom the noor. ink and grease spots a specialty Washing oo., srnrwSRSa ^ VVANTBD-BUCHTT LAHD WABBAHTB. Apl> Im* Oor. ? apllly W Vofti.,t^rnt,?M? S? k.naw thmt WILLIAM ,JL r ii,1*11 Sw To?* LOST AND FOUND. &T*?mVir2L?'m2S l?tof M" ?">? from pno,;,V ..IS"*1, northwest, a white ^---O _wit.h ? P?ak and white ribbon a'ound berneck, and angers to the name oTTaT ,"m ** L^ass.1C A'oB uvsrS: panr. Bo.>511. a liberal re TArd wllI bTglten^ud avsarssssA.'*"""'*????stw.v to come forward, prove property, m!7 m'na'mab* *5^?,^r, ??r Br. ioySuL ?cWAMABA, Ho IQ Q street northwest, mil at* *2 0 '*!? rtreet. between Q Aid KK .rifeHH" :' {}&" Ho 131 a V ?twt^?orthte?tr0 * tb# g*m# t0 myll 3t? MB8. O. K. WBLL8. BBWABD? Lost tbis morning. Hay 10th. *?Ln* ,rt lD 10th Md Lonliiara i?Snne i?ao?5"l th*B street.a roll of MONEY, ? 98 25. The above reward will be given if re u! '".curncr 8 h and T streets northwest. 10 <t RIOHABD A. iHBBTB. ?8J?*?* loth, between Baltimore and Ohio Ww? .'aput and Washington Bailor's juivery Stable, a handle of BILLS and NOTES Tb. y are or no nse to any one bnt the owner. The i?tto4 L?*J,b#rBUy r?wmrttd bT th?m " l*" 7th rtreet northwest, or At BCUWINd A CLABK 8, corner cf 7th and G ?ts d.w my 10 St# PERSONAL. I/J>Y.I5-5M/ *OORNING. PA38IN9 CITY aj Hall Wednesday about S a m a ad noticing ??atlrmAa on slewv If agreeable, please send her address to AMBRICQB, btar office. myll 2t* ptAW?> tlADlli MBS. PB. ELLIS will remain but two weeks longer. All who with to leArn tba truth of Past, Pr??ent and fatara should call and oonanlt the Doctor Immediately., She gives information on all ?nbjacta of Ilia. 1S13 Pennsylvania avenue, np stAirs. Beeclrcnlars. mAr3l ?^<m ^ ? T B O L Q oTT This oaiebratod^adv AsSo^rtaad HaaUag Ma dlnm can beoonraltad at No.SOI D street, eoraar of W northwest. She has no superior In delineating the Paet, Present and Future. In love or busiaesa bar advice is invaluable, deaertbinc your friends, Minting out your enemies, and Informing you of tba snra way to sacoeea in all undertakings, Oou sultation strictly iwftiaattal. Ladiaa, fl; geatla men. jl ft. ae^l-lj N0^a-AB.%T?* gli%.*IJE8 !!?*: ssncKvaos!4 a" *#f N WHITB k 00. J^NIQHTS TEMPLARS' REGALIA. We an prepared to furmlsh BIO ALIA Cor WABH1HOTOH OOMMAHDBBT, Ho. 1; COLUMBIA OOMMAVDUY, Ha. ?; POTOMAC OOMMAHDBBT. Ma. S; DxMOXiAY OOMMAHDBBT, Ho. 4; Off SHORT NOTICE. Oar ktoekof SIR KNIGHTS* EQUIPMENTS U AllgooAssoid guarantee to be ragulaUon, ami at Factory Pricea. "" ?>? ?w ?ti PHHHSfLYAHIA ATHHOH. w WABHIBO wltt Mot ha. FOR RENT AND SALE. COB KMT-1TIII?M. two rciSUBID * ftOOHl; iimtkMi Nfo?sn. fcM?B liiT -A new HrtCSB. M room. Ho. r B street southeast. ail modern improvements. Iaguire 990 Bth str-et south-as t irllW |T?* BBB*?Three aafurn'ahsd BoOMd, wtth F |M.v?ur, Hd bath, conwMkui LitnMi porta west if FOI?BBBT-8CI1 E of BO Id.mUllriMitd; ?? Hr mo?tb; It 227 M itrMt north west. Tim' ITOB BBBT?Om steely furnished BOOM on mc' I end fl. or; water. gaa. *11 modern oonreoieace*; terms modern?; T16 Uth Kr**t. between G and uj m at* P?B RBBT-Three untarnished BOOHS, ?rst floor fcot ud oold water, cellar, and every con reel*nee for hcusekeepirg. 1005 9th street north ,t,t ni|T a ?? F>B BBBT-ityeral owe uafnrnUbed BO9MS; J41* *f ?,*'** tenant; beautifully located; 105 Sm* between Ut and Id. Caa?to| Hi". My IS m* KHfnnrV* tPyfJl?0iif.*u*~Two *torT J,. *.***?"' |M and sewer; large Jet, Bo. 9316 H stiset, between ad and S4th ?r?ta. ??!! ?t? ITOB BBBT-Two BOOMS and K1TOHIN on r first fl .or. ranted together or separate, for boowkNilig at 913 13th atreet, between F acd G KrlliwNt If I^Oll.BBBT OB SALB-^A new UOTTitttl at College Lawn, with handsome gronad* Asalv to WM H FUL^iBB, D O M 3 U.corner of Pennsylvania aveiiue and U'h stie?t Mr 13 St* )B' BKN r?Two or tbrm ubfumiehed Boo B<*, suitable for light housekeeping. la a d-sirabla location. Apply at 010 19.h street, corner Per?u ?jlvania avenue. inaiU ft* E*OB BBBT-Oord. airy BOOMSTMlHil B hand omelv farniahed, ? or en euite: house baa all the modern improvements; 1003 fths'reat pcrhweet. myll J.* F^OB BEBT?BBIOB UOl'NE, atx rooma, water and da*. N atreet. between rith and 9th north watt. Apply to J AS. H. STONE, cjrner 7th and L street* northweat. myll St* EM>B REBT?Nicely furnished PABLOBa-idcon r nectlng BED BOOM, drat floor; ilu, one alee, large, cojI. front BHD BOOH. water; terma mod erate. Apply southaeat coiner llih and U atreeta northwest. my? 3t* FOR BALE?Bewly farniahed three story and back building POUSE, with the Modern Im provements; price 97XU0, on good tlm-; or will rent t? good tenant, with or without furniture Apply at 109 O street southeast. Ingle Place my 12 6r* IT OB BBNT?BBICK HOUSE Bo. *08 ?th otreet B north*eat, with 8 rooms, water and pa<; newly papered and painted: ?*?. Bit AMI B< >l'dB No. 1*333 M atreet north* e?t; 6 rooms; moiera iw ?Ovtn<enta; SM. Apply to JoS. F. KELLET, 09 W'b street northwest mylt 3t >B BBBT ?The old established OBOOEBT STABD, corner 8th and B streets northwest, detaining six rot ma for dwelling, store room and flxtnrea,celiar, water and gas; rent cheap. ApbIt to J AS. H. STONl, corner7th and L streets north er ?t- mrHSt* HOUSES N?s. 104 and E 108 Oay street, Georgetevn. with il rooms aad all modern iaaaror. menu. Inquire of Jus ? KBu LET, 90S 8ih street northwest, or BBAN0I8 WHEATLET, Mo 98 Gay street, Georgetown mjl2'3t EM)R BBBT?Three unfurnished BOOMS^>b first B floor, suitable for house keeping, Bo. 1111 U Street nortb west. myllSt* Ij^OB BBBT?A H0U9B 3H miles from the city; Ml rooaaa; a acres of land. Apply at 1720 H street northwest. myll St* FOB BBBT?A large south front flight, wall furnished. Inquire at 103 B street northwest. myll 3t r>B BBBT?H0U8B Ko.4'39 fith atreet south west, between D and B.6 room* aud kitchen; water ard gas. Inquire at 4 IS ?th street. mrtl-St* fc^OB BBBT?Boor commuoioating BOOMS, suit ? Able for light housekeeping. Bent BIO. Also, two BOOMS for $7: water in yard. Apply at 1806 7th aircet noitbwest. myll St* C^OB BBBT?Unfurnished BOOMS, en suite or I single, pleasantly located for summer; new houae, with modern conveniences, one square from oars. Apply 1134 18th street. nullCt* ITOB BEBT-HOUBB Mo. 14'30 N street. three S story brick, 2S feet front; 10 rooms; all modern fmprovementa. Bent ??). Apply at the houm. myll at , F'OB BBBT?FUBBI8HED BOt?MS-One larni front aod one back room, on 3d fl >tr, alog<e ?r en mite Also, ball room, and large r.'omoa 3d Oio'-.Terms reasonable for the summer, at No. 334 IStb atreet northwest. myll-Sf JB BEBT?DesiraVIe three story Brlca OWKL. 1JNG, with back building, SGutbea<t corner 9th atd H streets; Bodern improvements: every room heated by Latrobea. Apply to J. W. BAIBH. 913 H aireet. mMl-St* F'OB BENT?bix room BKH'K HOUSE. AM conveniences and stable, 1833.l b street sou'h weat; ?16 per month. Als >. Ft R NITUKE for sal^ or exrbanse for light Oarriaga Apply toJ. V\HC( LEW 18, Roctn 43 I eProit Building. myll S.* I^Ott BEHT-No 9010 F street; 1? rooms: m^d B ern improvements; extensive grounds, worth 91(0, will be rented t r $Sf per miiiih. TH03. K. WAQ3AM \N. i"?11 3t 319 7th street. ITOB BENT?Kew HOUSB of six rooma; water B and 13 000 feet of groand, on D street, between 11th and 13th streets southeast. Inquire at 1416 remsylvania avenue, opposite Willard's Hotel. Two large airy BBDBOOMS, furniah'U, cheap to gentlemen. Inquire upatairp, as above. myllSt )B HA LB?A new and bandaome DWEOLINO, 10 rocma, a few minutes' walk of Belay; admira bly tuited to any ouedoing business In WashiuKtoa. Terms unuaualJy easy. Apply to J. P. KIOH ARDSOB, myll lm* Old Hotel, Belay. B. A O B.fa. L*OB BEBT-Ad old established GBOCBBK and .k' ?ne the beat l>cati >ns Jf.'^cUy of Waahinron; a Dwelling attache*!, with 8 comfortabls rooms: gaa and water; near Pi nn?ylvania aveaus. Will Be rented on moderate terma to a good tenant. Apply corner lith and O Lorthweet. myll-St* large handsome ly furnished frent BOOM,on aecond floor. The tou -e has all modern improvements such as hot and Cold water, baths, closets, Ac ; sou h front; location cool acd airy; 903 O street; convenient to all lines cars. Best of Table Board. Terms m ^der A'e? myll 31* |^0B BBBT?At a great reduction, to suit the ???S,1",* 1'mo# ? two moat desirable new i HOUSES,three stories and basement; bay windows froat and rear; a brick stable; ventilation and modern improvements unsurpassed; in the most ???'thy portion of the city; Ncs. 1*19 a' d 1291 10th streat northwest. For the summer month the rent will be extremely low. Apply to ?.n at TH08- * WAGGASTaB, fy" ?t 319 7thstreet. POB BENT-HOUSE 9207 H street; po'seMimi .??,Li??VnM Ut- A">1' *? TBlkBLB, 614 13th street. mylOSt* FOB RBBT-Om large BOOM, rumisbed, on 3d ?tory, and small BoOM adjoining with bath roon ; rent low to a good tenant. Boarding bousa next door. 194T 7th street northwest. myl0-3t* Jennont avenue; a com i->rtal>Ie little Ucuie;flT? rooma: rent #16 ner month. THOMAS B. WAOOAMAN, >19 ?th t^t It 1031 I^OB BBBT?Furnished, a handsome large and 1. ?lr? BODMe three winduwa, taitable for two persons, with Board; 1914 K street northwett; use of stable if required. ntylO St* FOB BEBT?BOOMS, furnished and unfurnish ed. in all parts of the city, from ?S to fl<* per ?oni?lo?Vp,J^t boom AGENOT, Bo. 990 F stieet northwest. my 10 1m* ronm BBTCK HOUSE, Bo. r 1319 Uth street northwest, between P and Q "If!*?- AM?7toJOHB W. GBBEBB, 1320 Utn myH) 3-.* 1 L*OB BENT?The new WHABVES on Water E street, between M and B and N and O. Alss the V, HABF at foot of 6 h street ^ _ FITOH. FOX A CO., jnjlOJt 1309 Pennsylvanianvenne. L^OR BALE-At a great bargain. LOT MxlU on ? 9ih street Lortheast, between B and G, cloto to street cars; would mak?thre? aooi bntidiuc lots. SMALLWOOD ft M?>RK1S0N, my 10 1m SIS 7ta street. 1^?A ,B.I,NT~rirrt ^thlrJ FLOOB4 of houae a. 1S?11 K atreet northwest; three rooms on each flof.rvT*ier !cd wt" *??t separate or together; suitable for housekeeping; oue square to cars. In quire on - he preml??a mylO St* An elrgant seven ro^m presaed ? brick DWELL1BG; bath-room, gas, wa'.er, hall, ac ; desirable neighborhocd ?W p?r month. Bey ?t 939 P etreet n w. B. A. PHILLIPS, 603 Uta street n. w. my 10 ion E^OR BENT? FurniwheS or nnfarnlahsd~to a a private family, HOUSE Bo. 1903 Pennaylva nia avenue, between 19tb and 30th atreeta northwest; It oobtalis 14 rooma. with all the modern c onve niences. Apply on the prt miaea between the houra of 4 and 3 o'clock in the evening my 10 4.* li*OB BALE?LOT on north side of F street, be B tween Sd and 3d northwest, >4 fret front, wide alley in rear: bouse a ith some repairs wilt make a comfortable dwelling. Small payment down; bal-' ance B* monthly. W. W. MET''ALP, my 10 St Corner 13U> street aad B aw York av. OB BBBT?A large and elegant HoUSB with ?table, and aide loU attacheS on 1st it. nortk? east, Immediately north of Capitol grounds. Will be ranted lot B7*per month. House open from 3 to Jo^lcck p. m. ^nqnire of T. UALL1Q \B, 308 13th street northwest. mylB Ut* P>OB BEN T?Beco i. d-story F LOO It, unfurnished; Mr south front; delightful rasiaeaoe for summar; conticnona to street can and Market; 601 P streei northwest. myt-H* tea. tH>B BBJMT-lHItghtnillir loaatod HOUSB <U ?y vB2; JWgS """ ?>80" W BUTBBBFOBP. POBBBBT-A thoroughly furnished HOUSB x from Jane until October; aiiie rooms; good lo cation; convenient to horse cars aad chariots. Baal Kssswsf.rsiwr- sxp* |. ~TT fr if afcaim n.iwi.i FOR RENT AVI) SALE. BEBT?Sl'MM *B BtglMNOIon ?etr> poiitan railroad. fifty miantee' rile from Wash fngto>n; three micute*'walk from th? ratl.a com fortable trick d?-e'.lirg house, abundance of milk end butter on tbe place. aod lee. Apply t < riTIK A HBNDEBBON, Bcck'iile. Md. my 10 eedw IfOB MIT-Two a. at BRICE HOISE4, with til _ rater. cm. bath. water eloeet. Be ; ierge yard. Hot. Ill 1M U4S Ilk Mrwt. I wd ?; ' wut neighbcrh.>d Kd '..cation exoellent Ap at the hoaaea, or at 1 SOS H miw.w? Bno Le Droit Building, ooraer 8'h enif rtreefo bt;o?* b. w fbnwiok. POK BBBT-Ho. |? Grant root.?f F era cokmlntN, #74 No. ktIS t *treet aortbw.wt, 8 rocm*. furnlahed. #W. 481 lat street southeast. ? room, wideru eoa veniencae, fltl. 1 IIS Coraru atreet north vast, II ioomi, aodtrt ?xattaiivCM; BM 111 TIB street eou'hweel, M rooms, m 4. ro convenience*; |M. 4ST TtB wrK a uikwitt. 9 room*. modern convenience*; IB. 144 3 T atrtet nortbwaet. 6 room*. m lira conve niences. 034. 1434 Q s'reet nurtbwaat. It rooaa, u<m crarnMicn; #74 9*4 W Hint north w.*?, 16 ro^ir.s modern coBv*al*u**a; |lll 31, 3d, tth and Kb Floor*, 683 PcBaitlraaitiT. ?-?. F. W. MILLBB B OO - niyW.1t lU TliiaM Mrtk pOB PA LB OB EXQH ABO B?For ?OB?For city property, or 114 aeree,highly im I of Imported fruit tn ??. 'Angicourt'' FARM aror.d, with flna orchard dwtllirg houae and barn; situated on Baw Oat Road, ona mile from Insane Aqlu. Inquire of I. j A< OB. Ho. 990 17th street north weet, Mmaa I aid K streets. Byl la EH>R 8 A LB OB BBBT. TBBT LOW-DWBLIr r INO Bo 111 I atraat aoatkwai, (aqaare ITS. lota 3 to 4,) with about 13.040 feat of ground. Wnald eichaige for Baltimore property. TINGE* B BaKGEABT. Baltimore mr? J 8.I4.I?,U P)R RBNT?Ho 716 Utb atreet north weet. 13 n?aa; Bath, with hot and cold water, range. b?t robes, and all modern convenience* Applv at National Bavirga Bank. 14tb street aad Haw York avtnue; B9U) parannnm. my?eo4t |jM)B BALE?HOC SE1006 H atraat northwest t eleven rooma. range, hot and oold water ia tod room*, aiarble manieia, ? very modern convenience. Price #4 SCO. Itiqnreof F BAN K LlbliEY, Lumber Merchant. nn8 lm Oor 4>h atrtet nod New York av*. yOR BENT?Nicely fa nlahed HOL'nB, on very B node rate tonne, containing 11 room*, with all modern improvementa. Several board en la the houae. Apply at Ho 394 E atraat a. w myl 3w* fOR BENT ?No. 819 slut a*raet northwest, r 3-story BRICB HOUSE, with back buildlnga: 13 rooma, bath, gaa, Be. Bent #40 per month. Apply to E B.WE800TT,oorner SOth and I atraat* north wtat. my3-t?r* L^l'R RENT?BOOMS In all port!ona of thectty, r Dearription and terma given. Apply to B. F. F08TBB, northweat corner 7th and Q ata. myl lw* FOR RENT?HOOK8?Large, pleasant and vail Furnished BOOBS, with or witn<>ut Board Table Boarder* deaired. Bo. 9)1 B street, between 9th and 14th streets. myS 3w? |7>OB REHT-A BAKKuT, DWEULIBG aud r bTOBB. with an established trade of two yeara' ataadinc: all the convenlencea of a firat cl ta* bnai neaa. 689 B atreet norhraat For terma, Ac , apply to B. B. OOTTBELL, corner II atraat and Indiana avanna. my3-?w FOB BEHT-A comfortable DWELLING, cen trally located, 994 E atreet. term* moderate to a reliable tenant. Apply to J. T OlYBB, wood yaid, 10th, sear B atraat. Bent ?10. apM lm C*OB BBBT?A rare chance?A part of a nicely i famished HODSB for bonaekeeplng, ia a da ligbtfnl locality, on the line of 14th atreet railway; half tqnare from car*; all the modern teprove menta; fine cellar bad yard. Beftrencea exchanged. 1491 Q atreet. apM lm F3B BALE?Two-atory Brick HOITBE Ho. 009 4th atreot northweat, containing pevea rooma, water and gaa. back and aide allay. For particu lar* apply on the praatiaea. apS4 ~ FOBBEHT-Fint claaa BE?1DEHCE, with all miKltrn Improvaarent*, on Rhode Island ave.. Ho. 1513; will he vacant rome time daring the ni' nth of May. Ayfly to J. J. 8HEDD, 1409 14th atreet ap*4-lai FOR 8ALB?Two valuable LOT8 fl> hy 100 feet, on 8th street, between P and Q; flOUcaah; bal ance In fivayaar* ataiz par oent. lntaraat. lnqnira at 68T Ith atreet northweat. apSS lm FOB BBNT?Faralsbad or nafnrnlahed, the Boat dealrableand pleasant anbarhaa BESIDBBCB in tbe Diatrict: 7th at., 4 milaa from city; MO yarda fiom Silver Spring depot. Metropolitan R. R ; fruit, vegetable*. Ice, and paatnre in abnndaaoa;M root; would not object to renting for aunaar hoarding bouae; part of rent takaa In board. apll la FOB BEHT-A three itory BBI0K HODSB, ten room*; haa gaa, water, bath room, dumb waiter sent, kiichen, and heater. Bent #44 per Apply 9189 F atreet northwest. apl7-4w* rooms; baa gaa, water, bath room^dumb waiter la basement, mofrth F'OR SALE ? In the Oountry ? A comfortable DWELLING of 13 rooaaa, within five minutes walk of Ammaodale, Baltimore and Ohio railroad; aieo, flne Building Bitea; Boiling and Beautiful Oonntrv; wtll watered. Addreas DAHIHL AM MEH. EeltrvlUe. Md apl4 3oa F^OR RENT?HOUSE No 613 New Jersey ave nue noithwrat, between F and O street*; I rooma. gaa and water; good yard, B30 par month. Apply to W.O JOHNfeeH,Yl? 13th street north wm. ap!3 ixn LTOb BnLK OE EXCHANGE rOBCITY PBOP r EBTT-In EUaville, Prince George'a county, Md., BIXT.BEH AORE8 of LAHD. with double Frame Honae. good water, an abundance af fruit tre?a, grape*. Be ; high and healthy location; twelve minutes' walk to theHyattavUle depot, Baltimore and Ohio railroad. A photograph of the house can be seen and further Information obtained from B H. BTIHEMBTZ, 193T Pa ave. mar*7 DEAL ESTATE ICUETIR TS?? E. WAGOAnAN, fit TIB ft. CBAM6K8 MADi iVKiT WAIl.\BSl)AV AMSSATCADAT. Brick Hoiuet far Bale. Dnddlngton.wltb extensive rrounda, 13 rs...BBBJM Continental Hotel. Pa ave , all m I.. UK ra. S JM m m Del ave , el. mod impa., 17 r* WAX) Pa ave. n.w., all mod. impa . 10 re. ....JB.O 0 9i9 M st. n.w., all mcd. imps., <3 ia 17.400 939 K st n.w.. all mod. lmaa.. 11 ra ? 14480 ?? I3*h*t. nw ,all mod.Imp*., lira. U0U0 730 13th at. a. w., all mod. impa . II ra ^..lAiWO 7SH13th at. n. w.. all mod Imp*.. IS ra- ISAM ISO E at. n w , all mod. imaa . 14 ra ..11SUU Sil A at.a a..ail mod. impa.. IS ra 10JUU to? B at. a a., all m^d. impa , 10 r* IjM 7\<v Story Brick and Promt Hoiuet for Hale. 3131 Pa av n.w.,(F. H .) mod.imp*.,Bra f8 004 2109 Hst n.w.,(F. H ,) mod. Imps.,I r* s^JOO 1011 Fat a. W .( B. H.) 4 ?*. ? ?.?0 SKA at a. a .(B H.) 4 ra ? . 6.0UU 43 lat st . (ieorgatownj F. H..I mod. impa .* r*. 5 t*?) 19th at (F H.?,mod. impa.,H r* ? 1.000 1317 7th st. n. w., <F.H.,> mod. impa^ 7 r* Ijwu 818 lat at. n.w. <B H ), mod. impa.. 7 r* 4 800 Corner 11th and Data, n.e ,<B U.).7 ra. I 500 913SOth st n. w.,i F H.t mcd. Impa.,7 rs... 4M) 3S3 Va. av. a. w ,(B. H ,) mod. imp* , < ra. 4.400 14611) st. n.w.(B H J, mod. impv.'r*. 4.100 Unimproved Property far 8Me. Sd at a.a. and Bo. Oarollaa ave ,a?iuare #40,100 17th at., bet R and 8 st., n. w 1J00 Bat , bet. lat and 3d. n. w.. 1 ?? lat and M. Capitol *t..~~. ..?... 1.000 8ih st . bet. B and S n. w 400 10th at., bet. V and W a.w......? 400 17th st, bet V and Boundary? 310 I at , bet. 17th dtid 18th ata. a. w., per ft. 1.74 Vermont a v.. bet. L and M ata. n.w., per ft S.0Q 10th at., bet. H and Grant at n.w , perft..??. 3.00 Hoiuet for Rent. loss Vermont ave., all mod. imp*.. 11 ra S174 1714 H at., a. w .fnrn .all mod. lmaa.. IS ra juu 1313 K at. a. w., fare, all mod Impa.. 14 re. 171 *)i7I?t.n. w.,all mod. tmpe.B ra.~~~. 134 1933 14th at. n. w.. furs., mod. impa., 4 r* 30 909 M at. n. w? all mod. Impa . 13 ra 100 91817tb at. n. w., all mod impa , 13 ra luo 4*4 IStb at. n.w., all mod. Impa.. 14 ra? loo 1(83 Pa. ave. a. w., all mod. impa., 13 ra._ .83 S3 S07 B at. a. w. all mod. tatpa.. IS ra 83 J3 1104 4th st. n. w . aU mod. impa., IS ra 74 SOU F at. n w? all mod Impa.. 14 re. an Cor. Slat and Fata, n.w.,all mod. Impa,, 14ra 41.44 Cor llth and D ata. a.a ,7 ? so t39 K st. n.w., mod imps., 14 ra loo 331 Bat. n.w., mod Impa., 10 ra - 40 331# M at. a. w., mod. Impa.. 10 ra au SS3 A at a. a., all mod. Impa.. 10 ra. 40 713 N st. n.w.,mod. imps., 10 ra 40 163314th at. n.w , mod. Impa , 8 ra ? 4J II K st. n. e., mod Impa., 10 ra ? 44 1813 14th st. n. a., mod. imns , 8 ra. .. ?. fo 311 U at. a. e., mrKl. impa. I ra ? 40 3113d at. n. e? mod. Imp*.. 9 r?. ?... ss 334 O at. a. w.. mod impa , 7 r* SS SIS 10th at. a. e., mod Imps., 11 re SS 40 44 Myrtle at n.a..mod. impa..7 ra SB 3701 B at. a. w., mod impa ,9 r* ............ .... so Loans. #10 000. In sums from #fi00 to #1,800-1 per cant. lor negotiating. my 10 tr BOARDING. Amy OKI Dusisma booms, ?h , Am cm. Boa: d, can be accommoaated by appiylag at 1913 F atreet aoi h?eet. Beftrencee re quLed. m<134t* ST OBOBOB BBKTAUBAHT, 909 F el-Try that excellent ??ard, only #SS per month. Moat quiet and attractive for ladlea eepee:aily?all aha]I be pleaeed. myll tjuael pOUSTkY BOARD ? One large B <on, alx mllaa v from Waahlagtoa; aallk and fruit la abuadance. Board, twenty flvedollara. AddraaaHOMaBrBAD, Btar cfBoe. myll 3t* F)B BBHT?WITH BO*MD?Elegantly fur niahed BOOMS, on Brat floor; alao. Boom* on third floor, at Mr* BINBf'.Hoa. 809, BIO and 819 1MB atraat northweat. my 14 4t* DESIBABLE COUBTRY BO ARD-Large rooma, large yard, two mile* baae of Blue RUge. Oorreepnndence aollclted. mySSw* L. WITHBBf .Baickerrvtlle. l^OB BBBT?Elegant 80ITBB OF BOGMd; atao r alagla Boca*,with Board, Iff0 1 atreet north s'tfsi tgViiiJSSFjsspjrwtesi at raaaoaable rata*, at Ho. 484 Peaa*ylvaaU^ava DLBaSaNT BOOMS AND GOOD BOABD oaa 1 be ohtalaad at 1009 Maryland avenue, at aaod arata ratea, la a private haily. aaarSf 7w* PATENT PARTLY -MADS ~ DBE88 SHIRT?, The Orratet Invention of the Age. #ix flna B Bhirta for alx dollar*. < $4,) not to be Bad la other store la thU elty B0^ W* are Bote Agei BUSINESS CHANCES. |kK(H> 0 OBI ru? MLI -That aeai little I " DICti STOCK, IIS Nutlrui* (tmm. fur Hl? CtMy, tk4 ot M(r Mnw Vll raBALK?SBOOT1BG OAl L*KT OCTPIT. Ia41ng small ittck of "U?r?, On?? M<1 1?' r?U. i?., k Apply at t hooting Gaiary. 3 U Foaa ue my 11 l?" #Q Ann W LOil fw It? lHf? at alft Oo,UUU per oewt oa >** o4?U wi uf, ta Uik. waltlcg ABM * ft bbtcbam. -to r ?*. ?yli 3 ?25,000 ?vx Si*" "**? ?1 "*oi ?/"' wlK All lib street. Thb btbamboaT-poiomm' l* r??*?x CHA NOB for CITT PBOP ? ^IT^? fc, BET Y'; can b*w?i for two 4a> ? yrT*ij?g.vftsaa"~< ^7p $5,ooo, tJK'u.v.rL'k,To ?. r&m E/CR HAl E-TI>e Hock. and Good Will r ot? CBOCBRT noil, well -atabliahnd and Mritj k>4 toMMM for partKule-a, appl> to W. ?. BBOWBB, ittorwr itlit, Mo. 417 7th trot i) i?-3t* UB1CB TABU TUB BALB-Bow ?wthMtr D log Bricks; tbsUuct of clay. Will r*nt or excbaagefor improved or ntmnprored ctty pr >p erty. Al?o. t Itrte lot of Btirki. rhNi fir cash or trad*. Appl>to B 8 JOHNSTON,493 TtgUWMt. pXf FOB SALE, OB B\(JHAM9K r-?B CITY PBOPIBTI.-IIit in# rtoox d to Weehlagtoa 1 will (Mil or ?icku|t on* of the fin "at Coast rv RBSIDEBCB8 In t)M state of Maryland. altnatad \ of a nils south ot H*g?r?towu, containing l? acres limestone land, 3 a< re? cf ? tiich ar- Id Grape*. I id Fruit, the remaleder la t.raas Improved with a M? 1-story B'lck Bo??. 48 bj 32 feet.containing 13 rroma, with |ai and water. and ail wcmut out bnildtnia la excellent condition. rack a* stalilM, (?man kcgw, loa Knw, Acv Mdreea A. B. AT I LKMaB. CUlrena Kati.nd Hank. Wa*Ltagt n, P 0. ?l? ??n WANTID?A few 8 per rent Upeclal Improve ? v tuoul ffBTiriCATrS A pply to n?|8t TH08 B WAOGA M AE. >10 7th at. |\f ABTLAND ATBNCB. corner 3d a.reet. VA l'l CANT LOT. near Japltol imnndt, for aala l'W. cot.tail ing over U 000 feet. TINGES A SAE OBaBT, Baltimore mr 6.4.3 10.13.13 f^Ol'HTBY PLACB KOB BAl.B OK BEBT.near Vy I nlontown. on Good Hvpe road, tan minutes' vtlk froa DtTjr Tar4 triilg?. Mm l>w?llirig aid Out-bull diLgs. with abont Si acres, fruit. Ac TIBGaB A BABGBANT. my 8.6.8,10.11.13 00 Islington at., Baltimore. C'nn Br\- a FIBST OLAOO EX ywwU H1BITI0N. with everything ompiete. Half catb, balance In do days, aaltstactonly ae cnred AtdrtM SI*) Jd atrwt D?rtk?Mt mrt Iw" L^OH 8ALB OB EXCHABGE?Tor city property r or In the aonth. a delightful> REsi DIICI and KBCIT PARB near Washington. In ?re or addreaa CBA8. B. BiSUOP A CO ..614 street. myl-l? WAHTBD?To exchange Law BBTBIOBBA TOB8 and STOVBS for Old Onee, at HUT LB B "8. corner 4th and B atreets ncrtbwaat. Omokv Cblmiiera cnrcd. from to fiSor so piy aptl la* \f ABTKL8 AT OOUT, at ItI VM BOTH WELL'S, aplS-lai* 113 B atraet a->cthea?t nOBBY TO LOAB?In aumato ault. on aatlalac tory secortur. JOHN 8I1BKMAB, Bval K?ta*e Agent, apU lm' Boom S, 8t Cloud Building ^ OOLDOTB1B * CO., AOAJV AND COMMISSION BROKKRS, UO&BBB 10th AMD D 8TBBBT8 BOUT LOABBD or ADTABCB8 BADB on ?alliable aacaonal property to any amount, sad for any tlaae deairM, on rmrj reaaonaLla tarma. Alao, Ooods aold on Oommiaalon. At PrlTate Sale?Very Cftwap?A large lot of On redeemed Madges and Comaiaei. u O^oda. new and arccad hand. Iv<-ry article fully warranted. All bnsiceas strictly confidential Tha old sat and tAa Boat raliabla boo?s in the Otty. maris tr OBEY TO LOAM. $48,000 to loan on cholca rwal astate, la nua? of from #800 to #1 OM, at 9 and 10 per cent. Interest A lew sung at b per cent, la from ft A* to f*'-J0U B. H. WABNEH. aarll corner 7th aad T streets to B4,ooo invbutbd ih stock CO" PRIVILEGES PATS LABOB PBOP115. Write for 73 page book. Hec and Idioaa of Wall at. and Wall at. BeViaw BBHT PKBE. JOHN H1CBL1MO A CO., octT ly Bankera and Broken, T8 Broadway. M T FOR SALE. ffOB BALE-Three riding aad drMng HOBsES, icung.aound, and gentle Arply t .A? GHBAB A OBBOBM 8 Itables. 62T aad A^V 609 O afreet northwest. _ _ idj 12 St* B. 0.A6HBT. P>B 8ALB-An elegant COUPB BOCBAWAT, nearly new, case hardened axlaa, ratant boxes, atd steel tires It has afluH shlftiag froat, aad I* in every way e?a-BE3^^^ rantly flniabed Cau (>4 M4D 4t LtAUllGtiAH S Stabjeg, H ttreet, between 13th aad 14ta. myl3 t>' CHIK BALE?A Bargain-The Stock. Fnrnltuia r aid fixtures of a BBtTAUBABT, No 344 Pecntyltaala aveana north?e?t. n.yllJt* LADT WlBHBb TO BBLL a spltndld la right PIANO, in food order, for caah_-OT?^ at a low figure The instru aent can he ten-jCJa at 40T lOih street aorthwest, and the owi-'il 111 ?r at 3S4 Paana arc. myll-2* IOrttic 1 170B 9ALB?A fine BABOOCBE. with twe r seats If gold before Baturday ne\t/ will aell it yery cheap. It julra at OtarS office. mylO 3t* J FOB 8ALB?A large Sorrel BOBSB, 14 algh, sound la every aartienlar; will do for Buggy or Carriage. Beaaon Ibr wlah mIO St l?M bo farther 1M for htm. A Mir to w PDI4PBBBT, C St., bet 4* and g'h its ! A VOftSION MII18TKK who H IcitIdc tb# ^?EJzBBOTT A CO B Music Store. ITWTt PannaylranU aveaaa, near pth at. |T?* A good Family or Baaineas H 1 Business WAGON aad HARNESS I nearly new. Inquire at OBANOALL'S Bookstore, coraer 7th and D treats a w. n F my O B 8 A E i Promising yenmg. well bred trotter, blood BAT, with black polnta, sound, stylish, and very; speedy. ""Also," pair Shennaa Morgan MABEB.'^SS baya. very handsome aad last; a perfect ladles team. This la very desirable stock aad la rnaranteed la ?* 9 THOS. Mc COBB ELL. ? or address P M. 8L1 PoetOffioe. ap39 ISt* flue second-band Panel Carriages aad Buggies hand at P. D SOB MITT A CO., mails tr Mo S10 Uth at . bet. O and D ,n.w. Li-OR BALE? NOW IB TBB TIME. E1 I have on haad 00 SPB1BO W A JONS, bnllt In tba best style, with tbe Barrln whe< I.A^nBB. Tep and Mo-top BUOOIB8 for Mle tvQMXK monthly paysaaia, at w aew Factorf.JiM ? ? ST Procpeot St.. eatranoe oa Bridge it., aear aew ?y^P^^JAMBB K. PBOBBT. JACBSOB WAGOB8. BBW STOCK. I BOB ABP 8HBLLSBB1B AXL1 __ D. W. McOBATB, MSI Mi Ooraer of Maes. ave. aad I ntreet MBira WEAR. SPRING GOODS. NEW STYLES FINE GOODS, TO MAXB TO KBAf UBB. SUITS TO ORDER. BBoa ass of. READY-MADE SUITS, VB01I14 OP. SPRING OVERCOATS, ?IB OF. PROFESSIONAL. lct fc&vsjtf u?w??5sh[ eaafcdffir *"' ?"* ~*s~y e?_*baa 2 ?ji) * /nr<ru*. ^ ^ -? -&s jtevi, fmacb, ??? hi ru Euea^a. w., <y**? wh iwm l^w 44 ^W^-Barae* swill.' lerW ly S.Bi??ak?A?-fc?m rBBBOO. rt'X>?ATl*? aad mn a..,,,.,.. , ? t,.l? s-*f ".totwcsr rreribeebi^^M^rtv t >aaM ly WABHINUTBB. 1) hk pranees s; jus, *< v.r;,'n^5r."3>4< xtjxaito? is*z*i."!'* . a?trf. MEDICAL, Ac. i i% ou*n tuatfiiM mm Oak /iM?0.r L'l iits ptpftrt,ia tk* Oi?, ml t* IT, ?TT '/ "W DtMinilT L _ U ?r*rt frowi 111 o'ci>?ot Mi Venal?? ( >m?i* i'm s2s *nd ?^??srio txvy voaibaro Btltlmnra >a|i ?-? i ilmti lilttmow ayl> la* "?A ?n>lit<(cvf?. ? I MrkoT eil b?%r ?" tbeorl^jplm i . U*' / ?' II9 4H MTMt, M. ef r*t| OlTuU ?tp Qoarol ?Uom fr?e M? fa i)? JWBIITBOK. fr#? /iifiMirt, cm b? eon ?"** aartbweet aeart/t, r^vf biw^ ???* ?*?* end fkli j!:?atAt^ *????? ??.. ?? ?ii (>????? 1 l^i.^?*rl.V,,%a*" Uo?wr*'??. Oto-t. Btrtoor rmMbmtrKMcuN(laJt?id?ri Beaton* in ^lvivi? i!str1401 ci1 v C2T^' ??tiro f eradicated fr.iis the IfMNl, vrhml UM nee of (let *P?n?ilorrhip?, l<roa|kt ?i by nomw i?| ?fcf" '? yeoth, cmMiii I :m of ?wnii ltd Inum ty.f-aeral debility. organic wm~ t*l d<-btllt j , organic >?aiNi, tmnoteurr. ce* Irritability, ?? dii>( <nu of eowemwttoe. m J.r^tlon. r.IpU.vloLo"ih? litj;. dim MM of et?ht or rtddlneee. evil forebodlncv e?lf. dietraet, Ac., taeedlly cared 1.7 oawty die^-ov-red remedlee. Gentlemen biarir.c tb<?>Ml< m la Dr B *? hmj?. ?V ???>*?? .cleoMflcally aad be orfcblx trwu^. E*f*? To the bi?b toetia >ntal* morn bold* tr-ni tbe leadlag pbyelrleu* 4 Baltlmote Office 4 li4 Mtfcetreat a rthweel fr >m *u>?? m. marB^ly p~ic?f^jkrj^\r5uki.r,k M ? Ho?trt rtrwt, tUlttnora atari* 2m* A CARD,?To all who are raffMiDf rro? u? ??tTV">'.id ,?""?c.rrH"'<_? of ro?th. MffMi **rl? lo? of Uth KXI, Ac . 1 will si*?'- ,*i'1 !<*?? r??M; ?m diro<?i?4 br a bMomt; la loath iwrlM, B*a4 a aalf "lilrraul p.'ii?ti:a.y..^:.yga,t 'ija^ar p^^'gas, m til dlaanton. broaaht oa by indue"..* ? !? t^ti'~ n'OT.i'l'. oo . ?*?u ?.WJJ? Bo I ante B?W Tork. h* ? r. J0K?8. 34 North ?a mm. jt*t ./.t*! jl, ***????? Ffarafcfaa and Bar fs2l? i"*'? ?* Oaalto?Drtaaj* '? : " gnaracUac ayoadr and aartala ra ? la all DIkmii aw) Irraaularitla* lactdaat to V Jim. In lmaotrttcr and Btlrilfty, aad all UU eorcomttaat with ?bu?r of aatcrt ii lawa aiarll-ta* IMTiLL. II J)., a ihoroachlf ??? Mrtaa??-d and arimtiflc Ladi - Pbralciaa aad ? iaa1fa of * yeaii p-actior attend, ladia* at tb?ir Toomt-caracul onm jn?. and tbe l^?t BM<dlcai aitendanc* at the IV>| 1'j* b^'vat? rraiaance. Ladlaa plarlac 1 li?ai*el t?< tiuder tbe c?r? of Madanir K??t?il are tuaraotead ?cienttflc tr< ?tn?M ar.d a *pr<adf enra. OITIca aad ? CcrBe* of Bom Ii Sharp and I)jtw w* ., Baltimore ^lll insuraxce. JOUB T AbMB. P. W ABTUaiM **?? * KETCH AS, *e.stkal ^sr?o^:vr*s agents and L* Dboit Bran'*#, ooraat ?f 9 aad 8th atraati IIBCkABC'l<4 BVBKT DBBTBIPTIOI u nit B>ar8 tr ttl OH THE BCbT TKMMB duoul: amobMMv? l-toomi?Q i?Br? f? . Jr?? * b?? b?m macTtd t? u>Kin ?. 30. LcDrolt Boildii,*. corner of t atd Btb atreeu .>^.*^"Dcb 0,4 "S'aaaf aaa been iD oparatloa tvt tblrtr-Bra yean filet a^aet*. m< -pStt * ECSBBtl, B4EK. Aft. COAL AND WOOD. (^X>al and ICDiDLLNtt WOOD. .Ipjl* *? aow er rrplete, anbrartc.1 ^ choice qaaJttla*, and to vblcb wa larlia lia* attention of eoaeomar*. Oar PATEMT BL'fiiDLEI' KIHPLIHQ WOODs with a Ore llfbter la arary bundle, la tbe baM la oae. wor aale by all groowre try ft. lo abaTiact ?aper or aaroeana oU r^uired. cheap. bafm. tLEAN. Mill aad Depot 7tb street Wbarf. toMI-ly Branch OSee 181* Pennarlvaala aTeaae. (JOALi wal; wood; Wood ; CHEAP! cheap ! l*or CASH f arrljlsyiilfiii>* ?* l0*8 OBDIBEO Arrlrinf daily. carcoae of tbe beat variedee of all kinda of COAL and WOOD. Bow la tbe time to bay ! If yon woald eare money (at a f<wY an?'^ and ?wn ^ ??i"'?* tbe delivery of Coal oireat from oar aeeeala t the vent* A i afcr eaecial ln lnca a % lalt to oar W barbae and Deaot will ooa rincaoneatajcUtaeeof oor ? pe?<Oord WOOD ^'"-"d - tow ae |M? Be<r?6ortiAK WOOD <WiT*r^ ae low ae ?6 to?V ?"js 22t."?tss - Officee? i !??* northweet. Ujj < >tb rtwt " aagff eo educational. \l KPT BMD IHBTITCTB >eoiij* srkiel fm jz^sss: j& isr ev^ls?s%/foDo?^k^k soswb^a. on tbe 14th of Saatombar. 1OT PIANOS, Ac. piAHOB AKD 01.OA N S AT OBEAT BAB dO TIAHOP frcni ?15 to e?"o?e*lkMe *Bd "'W'ODEOBB 111 Mrw J^BfOS from |ni aad op. new OBO ABB from CTI at.d ay, at J r. eluh ak co*. PtmiL Amrlcti. Ot|ic*. apX3 lw rjpHE HLBM1B0 B1BD (OOLIBB1) riA*OT~ taj* PIABO em? BBO^Bole A?enu. TH3 7tb etraet, betweeelKaHl ? H etreeu northweet. ittttl _Plaaoe aad all iMnMea TL'BBD a^ u. PA1BED. tlnmtt JJ^AA A OO.-B OEABD. tql>a"g^ PIABO" * Oalebi toae. Be f v??t?sa HADUT PA TIB A OO. 'P OAA1D. loliTii Md DPBIOBT PIABO? for jhi BEST SODA WATKR IB DlAVI VBOB BLOCK>TlN LINE* 8TEKL rouxtaixs. oftryirEEBIrPAB5irtte ss, ss!f jpbjr*' jhi BEST maebumo bmob. IB W BB< wall PAPER * WINDOW SHADES.

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