Newspaper of Evening Star, May 15, 1876, Page 1

Newspaper of Evening Star dated May 15, 1876 Page 1
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V?. 47-N2. 7.218. WASHINGTON. D. C.. MONDAY. MAY 15. 1876. TWO CENTS. THE EVENING STAR riBLUIII lilLV, lartaya cucptc^ AT TIIM 8TAB BUILDINGS, Pgaaaylraaia Auih, c?r??t llta meet, ?T Tkt ET?m?g 8tar Hewspaper Oompanj, 3. a. KAvrwMAJfir, rr^u ? Th? Kvmrrwo Star u ?rrxed by txvrim to Mfcamfrr-t at Ten Out* per week, or Forty ton r Centa par mootta. ftypun at the mmtrr. Two Cent* trneh. By mtul?rprepa*l? Sixty Out* a raontto, ou? year. 84. Tbi Wisilt STxn-tiuUu/udm Friday- j 9S a ymr. potage prepaid. 9TAU ntbacriptxm* invariably <n drftwwi. mr Mate* of atiwrOsbtg furnitfiert on appHcatttm. SPECIAL NOTICES. |TS? BOTIi.'B ?There will b? a HMtlsg of IM In- " P1SN8YLVAHU BBPCBLIOAA AsS'J rr.tlus at Marlnl'? Hall, IUMD&T ITKHIIO, M?) 14. 187*. ft! 1% o'clock B?eeti?t? of Officer^ It* tr=^ TUk.HK WILL, hi a. M ? ? TI N() or IkiTthe VkBSONr STATE REPUBLICAN ASSOCIATION *l R.?rni 3ll L? Droit Bnilding. TVB!-I?a*. lullil !87?. M 7 SI p m All Ver meil tere temr>?erify reeilft e in the city are cordi ? It lnlhJ to be trtwit. 'i ti- c metimtl >? will be renoy f r?cei, ? th? <l|MtgrN of the member* By ordtr of the ireeldtnt. my 5 It CUAKlK!! I PBB?OS9, Secretary. fr^iTH*?*Tlll?rD*Y BOLD TO Mr 8tM L^/ CUT INJHOFllliD ud P J.DCrKYmy ? i.lire intreet la tfce American H?tel reeling thankful to mr friend* aa 1 ihe piblk fjr their lib - ?ra' petroaage, 1 etnlj aollcit a con'Jpa*t<'e ?-f the ??in* t >r af ii'ceeeore Mi IcImlliTil l? ?tenth lai >rl ...d f?'OC?Mr ksnea her*, having been for ? con b^r cf t ?ar? rom.ected wi;h thr Bureau of Batrratiag a> * Printing in the Tre*?ury Deptrt Beiit. Mr Dart/ hae been la my eapl -y for the ptsi ten j*?r?, daring which lirab? hie coarreon treatment. be ba? mala a ho t of frieada, all of whom hr will be glad to aea. N B ?All peraon* having claim* against me will tl*%w pr?<-n th?m for aettl?-ment at Jtiee. Th-x* i d-1 tea to me will ?!????<? pay t ve ??n>e t ? M?"??r, B Aeld * Doffy fmlMKI JOH* B SCOTT rci? THIBI WILL BE A MEETING f ir the puraoea of era*n<zlag a NBW BUILDING ASSOCIATION no Tl'KeDA Y. May S o'clock ? n .at l>aTla Ilall, No. fill 7ih afreet D'rthwMi. AH y< r<fi< wlahine t* couaett th maeleee with *vch an a??ffmtioi are inched to attend. m H Jc f^?CH APLAlB McCABB WILL B?PEAT HT* BLOViUENT LBCTUBB. _ ??Tfil Bbisht Sidbof L:ri I* Libbst Pkisos, AT WACflH M K CIFIUiH. 1 CBS DA T ETICN1SG. 18th .^T , commencing at 9 o'clock. Admiaaion 50 Cant". ^ jT M 0. A . IS ION BUVIVAL SBBYICS9 n LINCOLN HaLL BABBATH ABTBRBOON, AT 3H O'CLOCK. Maaic lad by COBB BT. The ftannal nieetteg for elaction of officer* wil be Be Id on MONDAY. 15:h ia?t,at7X o cl <k. myl? tr rd* BISHOP HAVEN o* AMEBKJA'd TO U>r MOBBOW. Cnion M. B. Charch. IOND\T BTBB1MQ. May Uth Ailmtaaton, 25 cM. mrtOSt* T H ? B B S T. MILBUBB'S BOP A WATBB NBTTBAL SPBINO WATEU8 o? Draught 1CB-C0LD TEA, COFEKB and CHOOOLATK. 14BB Pen ?.-?? V4.n a A ? * aplk tr near WlUard ? ra>I W. WHITAEEB, l?7 (in/ril Clntm an* Colltttitm A*ml, No. Tift lftth -treat, near Treasnry Department. DletTfct Claim*. Pension aud Bounty Claim*, s apll BatttUlB BXHAL'StiOM.?A Medical Baaay, comprlaing aaeriea of lecture* deliv ered at Kaka'a Msaenm of Aaatomy, New York ca the caaee and core of Prematare Decline, ?how Bg iTxftaywtably how loet health may be regained, affording a clear aynopeta of the Impedtmenta to Barrtage, and the treataaent of nerroo* and ahytl eal debility, being the remit of90yaar*'exD4r1ence. Frii-r. U ceata. Addreeatbe author.Dr. L. J . Kaba, oMce and reatdence. >1 Baat lOth it., H. Y. apl-gm H. D. COOKB, Ja * OO , EABKEBB. tr HB9 r wreel. CTBATFOKr PBflfALL, 4iB Looiaiana ??eana, _ ATIOKyMT AT LAW. LE W IB JOaNSON * oo., BAB ZM&St t/Wk Strut and ft*a?y.'raata Peal era ta Ooveraneat and DlatTlct Beearlttea Foreign Btchti.#e ami Qold. aepll-ly iBAML'BL O. YOUBO, ?OTABY PUBLIC, . ?ct!7 tf Oyr'CB?Stab NtnL?i!ia. OPTICIAN?Tu !M Public?Hi newly lQTented Bye a'.aae, which 1 aow ma tare with eight workmen, *ar any Bye glaa* la the whole world. They can be regulated by two snaU acrew* to exactly At ihe aoee without aay paia or anpleaaant feeling. They are made of Brazilian pebble and the newly diacov ered Bnaaia rnty flasa for oeatneae and llghtneaa they caaaot be *nrpeaaed. Mteaao re takes a&4 vrltl Blled ta fifteen miontea . ISAAC ALBaANDBB. 1-239 Penna ar , ap> Inrentor. Patentee aad Mana^ctorag. F""n'"ofr?Sl?. ? ??. ltBT P?ntLVAHiA Arim. ?eaUae BraatMaa NtM* Bpettadaa. ?nf lyjB? ?i rc a ?m r T O U n OLD CLOTHES, AND TAKE ?8 ?? W ?>? AND BUT ?12 112 111 tl'2 WOBTH or NBW 02IBS. TABB Bio 11??910??10 ABD BOY ?13 BIB BIS Bis WOBTH Or CLOTB1NO. TAKE lit lit?HI 914 AN& BUT WOBTH Or CLOTH1BU. TABS ?16 ? BIB ?!? H? AND BUT 823? ?aa BM ?? WOBTH or CLOTH1BO. BBS WORTH FOR ?'.?. BIO WORTH FOR B30. BOY'S CLOTHl?lta AT SAUK LOW RATK8 AT HABLE BROTHERS, Merchant Tailors and Fine Clothiers, ayll tr Corner Sranth and D ?ire?-ta. 9L SITIOG HATS. 9L Oar aapply el String aad Bummer HATS aow BNGLISB DBBBT B, all new eolor*. 80TT TBLTB, aU new c. lor* aad ahatea DUBLAP'8 NBW TOBK N0VBLT1B9. i?at AND 0H1LDBBN 8 LBOHOBB. MI LAM ABD VANTON STBAW MATS, la aU mruvR stock is the la*?kst. WILLS IT A Biorr, ?<ay? tw rat*"*TLTaSIa Avitm. I? raetury, (a BalttBera.fraah*aaaUa?of Ihoaa LEGABT hi OBNT uirLBUtiBD. and 81 IN1SUKU SH IBT8, Bade of the Beat WaoMBtta St ?19 V atowt. Vulii|t?i EVENING STAR. j ?????______ i ~ ? ???? ?_ Wa8bington News and Gossip. Govebnxbnt Receipts To-dat.-Infer nal revenue, 3T09,19936; customs, *373,533 9<>. The Fiizhuoh Investigation.? Toe Investigation Into tbe Fitzhugb letter ?rill be b?gun to morrow. It appeabs that Dr. Jeffries, assistant printing clerk of tbe House, taaj not be -n removed. He has only "Sub let" tbe place to a Kentucky friend or Clerk Ad ?ms. Silyeb.?The report* of exchange of ail ver for fractional currency, and In payment of checks, np to tbe 13th Inst., make tbe toUU of iM.C-'I.CuO. Alts. Fitch s l>iA.Mo>DS.--Ttie House this afternoon suspended the rules aud pssscd the bill t:> allow Mrs. Minnie Sber iron Fitcb to receive her diamond present from tbe Kbrdive of Egypt wituout pay ment of customs dnty. .A moko THE callers at the White House to-day were the Secretaries of State, Tr a sury, and Interior, tbe Attorney General, Justice Strong; Senators Logan, Paddock, .Kruce, Robertson, Alcorn, Hitchcock, and Oglesby; Representative* Mtlliken, 8.-Ule, and Dlbbrell,and the Commissioaer of In dian Affairs. The *ifl,ooo,oco Silver Hill Killed.? The House this afternoon refussd to pass the Frost bill, reported from the Committee on Hanking ami Currency, authorizing the secretary of the Treasury to exchange *10,000,000 legal tenders for a like amount of sliver, to be afterwards replaced with frac tional currency, which is to be destroyed. I'angerous Counterfeits it is stated that a large number of counterfeits have re cently been received at the Redemption bu reau of the Treasury than ever before in the same length of time. Among these are two dangerous counterfeits, one a ten dollar note on tbe National State Bank of Terre-Haute. ii)d.,ar,(l a five dollar note on tbe First Na tional Bank of Louisville. Naval Orders?Lieutenant Charles H. Bcckwell ordered to the Adams as execu tive, 1st june next. Mister Carl R Hirer to Newport, R L, 1st June next, for torpe to in struction. Surgeon H. N. Beaumont aud Assistant Surgeon D. N. Bertoiette to the practice ship Coostellatlon. Passed Assis tant Surgeon a. M. Moore to the practice steamer Mayflower. Commander Francis *? Bonce, detacned from the navy yard, Washington, acd placed on waiting orders. Nominations.?The President the follow ing nominations to the Senate to-day: Na than Goff to be U.S. attorney for the district of West Virginia; Andrew J. Evans, same for westt ra district of Texas- Virgil S. Luck same for western district of Nortn Carolina; Hedgeman Slack to l>e U. S marshal for tbe district of West Virginia; M. A. Sweeny, of Arizona to be agent to the Indians of the r agency. Arizona: James McLean, of Ob lo. receiver of public moneys at Chilli coibe, Obio. Also several postmasters. Secrbtart Bri>tow says that the pub lished statement that there is a letter In St. 1-onis written by him, In which be sets forth tbat he resigned his colonelcy In the army because negroes were enlisted, is unquali fiedly He never resigned at all. but did change from one regiment to another. HrHler n ,,iat?,te that the question whether negroes should be employei In the f!fnLy ?r KOtwa* for the government to solve, his duty was to obey orders, and he did so. The Executive committee of the Jockey Club held a full meeting this after noon. It was decided to open the grand steeple-chase puree of *\ooo to all comers, ? i!{>?haiw? eauaace, which, u was believed, would insure a larger field. Toe 8 rice of admission to the grandstand was xed at fifty cents, and it is understood that large nnmoers of ladies will attend. Ar rangements have been made for special cirs for ladles on the trains from tne Baltimore Ai d Potomac depot. McKee and MAGc:a*.-Tbe Attorney General had a long interview with tbe Pres ident to day regarding the pardon of McKee snd Magulre, and the case was referred to ?he Attorney General. After his return from the White House Hon. I>. W. Vorheee. counsel for Maguire, bad a short interview with him, Magulre remaluiug in tbe ante rcom. Mr. Knox, of Wisconsin, counsel for McKee, also saw blm. He will recommend tbat the law shall take lis coarse without executive Intervention. The lecture on Japan, by Gen. Capron, before the Philosophical Society, as reported In The Stab of the 9tb Instant, was deliv ered In the regular session room of tbe society at the Army Medical Museum, and not in the Smithsonian building. The society is not Incorporated, but was organized by a num ber ot gentlemen acting In a private capacity {or the advancement of general science and their own edlflcatlou. We state tbts by re quest of some of tbe parties concerned, in 7i*w ?f. rec*al publications in reference to tbe matter. ?2,500 a Yeab fob doing Nothing.? George W. Campbell, of Chicago, testified before tbe civil servlee committee Saturday tbat he was brother of the marshal of tbe marshal of the northern district of Illinois: tbat when Gen. Sweet was pension agent at Chicago witness got appointed to a clerk ship in the office at 82.900 per annum, whlcb was afterwards reduced to ?1,500 per annum; tbat be was so employed for two or three year* and had no duties to perform; tbat his official condition was a mere sinecure. B. M.Johnson testified that be was a clerk in the ?rae office, and tbat he never knew Campbell to perform any labor there, and tbat be only came to the office once or twice a month. Joseph F. Loekey, formerly dep uty commissioner of pensions, testified that he visited the Chicago pension office, made an examination of tbe accounts there, aud found a deficit of 93,000, as testified by Miss Sweet. Miss 8weet told witness tbe circum stances connected with the deficit. While witness was In Chicago be received a dls Bstcb from Gen. Baker, Commissioner of ecsions, telling blm to let the Chicago of fice alone, as he, Baker, would attend to the settlement of tbat matter. Political Notes.-A meeting of the re form element oi the Cnion League Club or Philadelphia was held in tbat city on Friday nlgbt, at which resolutions were adopted en dorsing Mr. Brlstow tor the Presidency, and calling for a conference meeting at New York to-day. ????Tbe conference on tbe Presidential election to beheld In New York, in response to tbe eaU Issued by Carl Scburz, Wm in lien Bryant and others meets at 3 p. m. to-day at the Fifth Avenue Hotel. About one hundred and seventy gentlemen In va rious parts of tbe countrv have accepted the Invitation te be present. ????The inquiry "bow Blaine made bis money," which is Just now so interest log to democratic journals, is answered by the Portland < Ma) Advertiser, which explains that In 1*1 tie purchased by auction mining property In Pennsylvania tor ro oeo the present value of which is MOO.OGO. Tne property tor several years has bronght Mr. Blaine an annual lneome of Bio Fibs in South Carolina Nearly ? he whole baslness portion of the town of 1'srlington, S. C , huroed yesterday, in cluding the store* o' M*ones, IIyams, Hig ?ii s, Watson, Etelnocrger, Williamson, Welch. Calmu?. Low~int)?l *u<l others, with Mrs. Gibson'* fl> e re?:denee. The loss Is ee timated at upwards of ?19u,u0 partially In jured. The 300 Mjlb Race against Tive.-To mtrrow the relay race against lime will ame off at Fleetwood Park, commencing at 4 a. m. a veritable Mexican ranchman, with relajs of 30. wiry, grass tod steel frsmed mustangs, will endeavor to ride 308 miles in fifteen hours. The stakes amount t o W'1 ?' m) . El Ppeakeb Blainb was given a reoep tlon ia Philadelphia on Saturday even lug bv Mr. Clayton McMlchael, at tto Peon CTub. Among the gneets were Prot Areber, British commissioner; Count D'Oatrelmont, Belgian commissioner, Mayor Stokely and Secretary Brlstow. VUnde William Allen, If elected presi dent, would perfcape elevate Ohio to tbe i # <m mtm tmm ia r The Blafae IaTwUfatln. A tub- com mitt ee of tbe House Ju<liclary Committee this morning commenced the In vestigation Into Uie *64,000 scandal charged a;alnst Mr. Blaine In connection with the bonda of tbe Little Roc* and Fort Smith Railroad company, of Arkansas. Mr. HarHxofi, of Indianapolis, WJU first sworn. He testified that at a meeting or tbe beard of directors of tbe Union Pacific Rail road company Mr. Rollins, tbe secretary and treasurer of tbe company, bad asked htm not 10 press an examination as to how the iionds or tne Arkansas road were acquire t by the company, for tbe reason that It would involve Mr. Blaine, and future his chance* for re election to Congress. He stated that tbe interview printed as having been ti<*d with blm by a reprtsentatlve of tue ladian a polls S'-nUnel was correct. Mr. Mulard, a government director of the road, corroborates Harrison, butsaia h's un derstanding of Rol tin's objection to the in v?tigation was that It would involve a prominent man, and taat Mr. Blaine's name was not mentioned. /fon. JaiHt* T. nV-ton, another Government director, testified that he had neVer told Horace White, of the Chicago Tribune, or any body else, that Mr. Blaine bad ever made any statement with reference to tbe matter other than that made by him publicly from hla seat In the House of Representatives. F. M. MoUuis, tbe treasurer of tbe company, said that he bad heard that Blaine would be InvolvM by an investigation because be bad beard irom some source, which he conld not, now remember, that he would be. H-? de nt <?d, however, ihat he drew Mr. Harrison asiie to make the statement, becaue the room waa a small one, and he could not well bavedoue so. He ala'? denied that he t<Sld Mr. Harrison that Blaine would be Injured in bla Congressional election by an investi gation, and for tbe reason that be could not have done so because Mr. Blaine had been triumphantly elected In hia district threa days before the meeting of the board of direc tors took place. Mr. Rollins further teetifled that to satlafy bis own mind in relation to the hearsay that Mr. Blaine would be involved by an exam ination of tbe matter, he made a thorough examination of the books of tbe company, and every other aource calculated to confirm or dispel tbe charge, and be long ainee be came satisfied tbat tbe rumor was a mistake, and tbat Mr. lilalne bad nothing to do with tbe transaction. in tbe moat remote or indi reel manner. Witness waa long since of tbe opinion that tbe charge waa a cruel alander on Mr. Blaine. The Planet Mercury.?For the re^t of month the planet Mercury can be seen in our western sky under circumstances un usually favorable. At about eight o'clock in the evening, looking toward the west, where the horizon la nearly clear from ob struction, Venus is seen, nearly at lta great est distance from the nun, and approaching the time of its greatest brilliancy. Below, and toward the right, will be seen two atars; the lower one, shining brightly in tbe twi light, being Mercury, and the upp9r, fainter star being Mars. By watch'.ng these planets from day to day Mercnry will be seen to ap proach Mara until May 25, after which .t will rapidly approach tnc horizon; and soon after Jane 1 both will be lost in the twilight. I will add that just above Venus are Caitor and Pohux, the Twins; toward the right Is Capella, and toward tbe left Is Procyon, all bright etara.?[ Henry M. FarkJiurst, in y. Y. Jhrald. ? _ Extortion on the part of the restaurants ou the Centennial grounds Is already attract ing the attention of the preas. The N. York Tribune puts the French restanrant, the ' -Trols Freres," as oonsplcuous in this course. A late letter of its correspondent says: "A distinguished member of Congress witj a party of friends took a light lunch there. There were five of them, and they drank no wine. The bill was S12. Two bunches of lettuce, that cost perhaps three cents apiece, were charged #1. A Pniladalohla journalist went with a lady to this tempieof high living and paid ?4 for a very email chicken, a little bread and butter, and a bottle of claret that would fcaye ranked in Fiance as vln or.U nalte, and been included In the menu with out charge. A New Vorker went in and, ai tounded at the charge of ninety-five cents for ft cup of coffee and two cakes, refused positively to pay. After a consultation be iweenti.e garcon and the restaurateur the bill was reduced to tb.'rty-one cents." Dilatari for Blaine.?a apecipldis patch from Wilmington, Delaware, to the Baitlmo.e American says: Republican pri maries to elect delegalea to the Slate Con vection, which meets at Dover, next Thura day, were held Saturday afternoon. There was an active contest, mainly involving the selection of the Senatorial delegate to Cincinnati, and the result mean* a Blaine triumph, although the delegation was un pledged. Delaware's three delegates to th? National Convention will therefore, It may be asaumed, vote for Blaine, bnt it cannot be definitely atated that they will be ao In structed. Ait Underground Pipe for Crooked Whisky.?Revenue officials at San Fran cisco have dlacovered an underground pipe from Bayview distillery, South San Fran cisco, to an outlet under the wharf of the es tablishment, aome hundred yard8 distant, whence evidently large amounta of crooked whisky have been ahipped. An assessment or *175,000 baa been levied on the Antloch distillery on account of alleged crooked whisky manufactured laat yean The pro* firletor, Charlea Yoat, claims the aaseaament h in the nature of blackmail, beoause be re fused to Inform on other distillers, and pro - poaea memorializing Congress to that effect. The Sex or the statue or Liberty.? The dreadful oomplalnt la made by the Woman Suffrage Convention that the are?, tion of a statue of Liberty ou Bedioe'a Island would be an insult, because It la proposed "to represent Freedom aa a majestic fena"le form In a state where not a woman la free." Very well, Miaa Susan and Mra. Blake. Aa tbe legialature la unlikely to extend tiie electoral franchise, the only way to avoid this Inconsistency is to make tbe statue of Liberty a man.?[.V. T Herald. Don't Want to re the Custodian or the Beechee Secret?Rev. Wm. M. Tay lor. of the Broad way Tabernacle, New York, declines the proposal tbat he should be pres ent at an interview with Beecher and Bowen to listen to their statements and be bound to secreay, except under compulsion of a court of luatice. He cannot, hesaya, aee any ob ject to be gained by being made tbe "aafe" in which the secrets are to be looked up, while, if It la expected be ahould expreaa some opinion, be cannot accept the respon sibility. A most diploraiiLB afpair occurred in tbe little town of Dahlgreu, Hamilton county, 111.. Friday night. A party of young men gaveJobn Sturman, recently married, a serenade. Sturman ordered the party off, but they not leaving at once he fired into them with a gun, killing Willis Lowery and wounding Bud Burton and Frank Taylor. All tne parties are highly respectable, young Sturman being a eon of Jndge Sturman, one of the most prominent cltlzans of the county. Cowardly Cut Throats?Capt. B. H. Largs ton, Deputy U. S. Marshal of Spring field, Mo, visited Ozark county a few day* ago, for tbe puiroaeof serving United Stataa warrants upon aome illicit dlatlllera and counterfeiters, and while riding along the road in a baggy was fired upon from the bruah by aome unknown aaaaaaln. One shot took affect in a leg, and one in an arm. The wounda are supposed to be fatal. A Fight occurred at Camargo. Mexico, on Saturday morning between the government troops under Eaeobedo and tbe revolution ists, la whteh MM wan kilted and 1.000 wounded. Eaeobedo la marching on Mats moral. and the re volution lata are preparing for a stubborn resistance Many families are lt-aying tbe elty In anticipation of a bom* bardment. T us Louisville. Ky? races eloeed Sat urday. The winners of the day were Red Man, mile beats, in 142#, 143; Novelty, mile and a half dash, In A lis tides, two and a half mile dash In the unprece dented time of 4.SX#, Mating Bazar, after a close contest, by a length. The fastest time for two and a half miles heretofore waa made by Katie Pease, at Buflalo, N. Y., In 1874, The Centennial exposition waa vis ited Saturday by betwesn 40,000 aad 50,000 persons. The regulation requiring a flity at note or a silver half dollar for aid miss ton now been done away with, and hereafter arty cents of any kind arlll admit a visitor. ? mass meeting was bald Saturday evsning in Philadelphia, which adopted reaotutloas against closing the exhibition on Suaday. ?7*Tramps are sat ta work at Norwich, Cv, ant since the adoption of this systaaa bey do not flock UU than Riddle to Btalae. Mr. A. O. Riddle, of this city, Is out with ft reply to the allusion made by ex-Speaker Blaine to J. W. Knowlton, a deceased news paper correspond en t, and a son-in-law of Mr. Riddle. The latter gives a letter from General H. V. Boynton, in which General B. says of Knowlton that he erjoyed a high reputation among his associates as a man of unblemished honor, was a most careful and exact correspondent, and daring Gen eral B.'? dally and close association with Mm, nothing was ever brought to his atten tion at variance with that reputation. At one time Mr. KDowlton told him, General Boyuton. that be was a law studeat In the off ce of Stewart & Riddle; that one night he wa? sitting In the general room of that offl-*e when Mr. Blaine called and asked to see Mr. Stewart, who was In his private room. He pa*se<l into that room and remained there with Stewart for about aa hour, when Stew art came out of the room with what proved to be twenty-five 81,000 construction bonds of the Union Pacific railroad, eastern divi sion, and asked Mr. Knowlton to sign them, as witness, to a transfer. This Mr. Knowl ton did, ?nd Stewart took the bonds back into the room where Mr. Blaine was, and In a few moments the latter passed out. Mr. Knowlton did not claim to have seen these bonds delivered to Mr. Blaine, or to have any other knowledge of the transaction than that recited above. After this conversation General B. and Mr. Knowlton found that it bad been heard In part by Mr. Gibson, of the New York Sun, then in the f ront office; aud Mr. Knowlton said to Gen. Boynton that he had charged him In the most emphatic man ner cot to use It; and bedld not at that time. The next day after Stewart's arraignment In the House as a contumacious witness, an lccorrect version of Knowltonli statement appeared in the New York Sun. which, after referring to reports io circulation concerning alleged relations between Mr. Blalue and Mr. Stewart, continued: "A clerk In Stew art sofflce tens a circumstantial story about a visit a certain gentleman paid to Stewart's office late one night, and how 821,000 in guar anteed bonds of the Kansas Pacific road passed from Stewart's hands to the certain gentleman aforesaid." NVneu th's dispatch returned, Mr. Knowlton was exceedingly surprised and aunoycJ, and consulted me at length In regard to the matter. Gen. B. ad vised him to print the very exact statement he bad previously given him. He replied, that under no circumstances could he do this, ar.d that he must at all hazards avoid being railed before tha committee In regard to it, for, in the first placc, he bad a friendly regard for Mr. Blaine, and admired blm greatly as a politician, and he would not appear against him- In the second place, bis associations In Washington aud those of bis family, aside from his newspaper friends, were chiefly with the bar of the District, and that his ap proaching marriage into Mr. Riddle's own family would largely extend his associations in the same direction. As what be bad done and seen in the ofilceof Stewart 4 Riddle took place under the privileges and confidences which attach to a lawyer's office, he was unwilling to subject bis friends or himself to the criticisms which would follow him lu the circles wbera they moved, If he ware held up to them as one who bad attacked a public man by violating the confidences of a law office. Ai\er examining the despatch in the Sim, It was fourd that, strictly speaking, it con tained several errors, and Mr. .Kaowlton hen decidcd to go directly to Mr. Gibson and assure him of the incorrectness of his dispatch, and say that, if oalled upon, be should be oblige^ to testify to that efl^ct. Subsequently he, informed me that Mr. Blaine had sent for him, aud thai Mr. Blaine bad further sought to convince him that It was his cousin, Gen. Thomas Ewing, jr., who had legal relations with Stewart, who was in the office with 8tewart on the night In question. Mr. Knowlton said to me in relation to this that, while ue was absolutely certain that It was not a case of mistaken Uentlty, and that mere was a tacit under standing between bimself aud Mr. Blalue ihat it was not, yet in view of the great em barrassment that would certainly come both to himself and Mr. Blaine, If he should tes tify before the committee without qualifica Mon, he would be gl vl, If possible, to let the matter pas 4 there, if he wassummone J. iipm any declaration which Mr. Blalue shoal 1 make that it was a mistake in identity Mr. Knowlton further took active means ?o stop the circulation of the story by assur ing several other correspondents that Mr. Gibson's special was rot correct, aod tha' he shojld be obliged to so testify if called , before lhe con mlttee. As a result of his efforts the story gained no circulation In the press. Mr. Knowlton, however, continue! greatly disturbed over the matter, fearing that If summoned be might be too strictly, questioned In regarltg hl?.T6al conviction regarding; Ihfe tnalter of identity, and so long as there was any probability that the cottitolttee would take up the matter he kept close watch for all indications that tbey would do to, and had his baggage packed for quite a time in order that he might leave the city, and, if necessary, go to Canada to avoid testifying, because, as be declared, if put under oath and questioned closely, he would be obllgri to swear with positiveness that it was Mr. Blaine who visited Stewart's office under the circum stances already related. Io several subse quent conversations Mr. Knowlton went overtbis ground, always affirming the cor rectness or bis statement regarding the night visit to 8tewart, end never, under any cir cumstances, alluding to it as the transac tion which was charged and afterward re tracted in the New York Trib>me of Septem ber or October, 1872. ?.JJ. General R- D. Mussey writes Mr. Riddle a letter, under date of May 8,1876, saying that be was a student with Knowlton in Riddle's office; that he remembers that Blaine was there once, but don't remember the eircum stances; and that Knowlton told him the same story he told General Boynton. Mr. H. L. Brldgman, formerly a Washington correspondent, writes Mr.Blddle, under date of May 4th last, to say that Knowlton also told him the same story be told General Boynton. Mr. Riddle contends that Knowlton's ver sion of the story, as told to General Boynton and others, was correct, and says that though true it does not follow that the bonds were transferred to Blaine or that Stewart deliv ered them to him. Stewart says be did not, aDd Mr. Riddle does Dot intimate that bis is the position of a man wae has received a woman's favors, and feels bound to protect her name by a denial of her frailty, nor does he comment upon the conclaslve nature and value of such evidence. Mr. Riddle gives Stewart's letter to the president of the Union Pacific Rallroid C >m pany, dated April 23, 18?8, In which James jUatne figures an holding fifteen construction bonds, and asks: "Who is this James Blaine? In the absenceof anything I have yet seen, I think he was the man who received the twecty-five construction bonds, and the holder of Stewart's order for their equiva lents in land-grant bonds, mentioned in Stewart's order to Ewlog, and this In the face or the stipulation In reference to J. E. Blaine's fifteen bonds." Mr. Riddle gives several reasons why be believes the James Blaine was really J. G. Blaine, one being that 8tewart in subse quently giving a list of those who had re oelved bonds omitted the "James," writing simply "Blaine." He says: "This omission was by design?purposely made, without a word or explanation then and none now, with all the Intervening time in which to invent one. It was to serve some purpose, shield some person, gain some point desired by both parties to the suit. I quote from a oarefully prepared oopy of Stewart's deposi tion in an abetract mod on the trial of said ease in 1872, at Topeka, In the preeeuoe or the original. In answer to cro^s-Interrogatory 178 he said: ??I further state.astndlreet ex amination, that the president of the defend ant, grljUCTp. Perry. amjJU ?mnsei, Hon. John P. Utter, h*v8 botn repeatedly ?taitd to mi, and 1 teller* Io oUiere. mat 1 was entitled to my hoods sod ought to re eel ?e them whenever I should be able to pro dooe the said series B bonds. Among others, I am Informed and believe that Mr. Usher made that statement to Mr. Alexander Hav and Hon. James Blaine In Washington." On turning to the record, copied from she same paper three yoars later. I find the Hon. James Blaine changed to the Hon. James Lane?not jameaHTXane. There seems no ecd to the so ?*lled mlrtntow in thta name. No man would write Blaine tor Lane In 187* There may bo a reason tor writing Lane tor Blaine In IMS. ?5eame Blaine lost his James in W73, aad has tost his ?B" and "1" aUBHSS&KE into a Mugle garland all the remaining slan (trnifitnit blm, and witlMr Uwm with a scornful Had; be MM to My one word of, or In any way to notice this Stewart letter and 1U copy, though placed In bis band* /bar month* ago, that hem'gbtmeet them. Among all the letter* and statements taken fry Mr. Blaine to disprove his connection with this bend story, or all living men, why has he not produced a statement or this John E. Blaine? He knows bow many bonds he received, and when, and whether ha is tbe Jas. Blaine of Stewart's letter. In a seclud ed part of bean ti To 1 Oak Hlli is the solitary grave of James W. K cowl ton. In late April a slender form, robed In black, aided by bis trusted servant, was seen tenderly removing tbe foreign and foul drift of the winter and early spring from It, and restoring it to comeliness. Like her, I bave only attempt ed to relieve bis memory or the unseemly drift of scandal cast upon It." Westers Bssk Csaesra. A ETOBKT DAY IH TBI METHODIST COI* _ FRRRHCE. For a second time during tbe sessiou of the General or the M. E. Church at the Arsdemy of Music has tbe soene been one which it could hardly seem possible would ever occur In a body of a religious character. The trouble was tbe Western Hook Concern again, and tbe attempt made by Dr. Lanahan to fasten the source of the memorial, charging it with bankruptcy. Ac., presented a week ago by members of the Baltimore Conference, upon statements made by Dr. Nelson, one of the New York book agents, before a committee of the Balti more Conference. Dr. Nflaon emphatically denied tbe charge, and there the matter rests for the present. Rev. Dr. W. H. Hunter, of Central Illinois, acting chairman of the book con cern, requested a suspension of tbe rules for tbe presentation of tbe report of tbat committee touching the memorial referred to them in regard to tue alleged insolvency of the Western Hook Concern. Tbe rules were suspended unanimously and great In terest was Ehown for a bearing of the result of the Investigation or the ootnmiiiee. Tbe secretary read the report, which closed with the following: ItesolxeU, That tbe assertion of the memorialists that tbe Western Book Concern Is " practically Insolvent," and is "in an unsound, dangerous and bankrupt condition," is both unjust and untrue, and entitled to no consideration by the public; and that any member of the M. E. Church who was instrumental in its clandestine publication in the newspapers deserves the censure of this (General Conference and tbe condemnation of every true friend of the church. AW KXCITIHG EC-IKE. A t the close of the reading of tills report, whlth was received with a tremendous burst of applause, Dr. Hunter moved its adoption, and a hundred voices seconded the same. At least a dozen delegates rose in an Instant to express their feelings on the subject, but Rev. Granville Moody, of Cincinnati, with bis usual success, was tbe first to obtain re cognition of the chairman. He said: These memorialists, In my opinion, are mere sinned against than sinning. If they had looked through their own eyes Instead of through those of another, they would have seen things in adifferent light, and I think some Inspiration has led them on. Rev. Dr. Lanahan gained the flior, and said: "I do not desire to prolong this discus sion or to go again into the history of this memorlai, but the remarks made by Dr. Moody make It obligatory upon me to go beyond what I originally Intended. When ever a book concern is touched a volcano breaks forth. For three years I was perse cuted for my expose of the swindling in the New York house." Cries of "Order!" ''Order!" accompanied by very audible hisses, arose at these re marks,and the chair ruled that Dr. Lanahan must confine his remarks to the subject of the report before them for adoption. Dr. Lanahan.?I was only illustrating. 'Laughter.} He continued: Dr. Moo-ly sees lit to compliment these memorialists. He thinks some Inspiration has led them on. I corroborate hit belief, and think I can show where this Inspiration began. Hcthenwent on to charge Dr. Nelson and Dr. Phillips, of tbe New York Book Concern, with being "tbe sonrce of inspiration." Rev. Dr. R. Nelson, of the firm of Nelson A Phillips, the New York agents, said: Tne untruthful and apparently damaging decla ration* made touching myself, by Dr Lana han, would give me some solicitude If they ? ame from any reliable source; but coming as they do fiom a man who is koown as an ?'accuser of the brethren," I care little for them. After further debate, Rev. Dr. J. P. New man moved, under a suspension of the rules of order, tbat as, be said, a discrepancy ap peared between the statements of the me morialists and the statements of Mr Xelfon, a committee of five be appointed to investigate the same. Rev. Dr. W. H. Oltn.of Wyoming, said: I suggest that we proceed about our own bus lncss and not go off on an exploring expedi tion after investigations. [Applause ] This disease is a little oontaglous, especially in the latitude from which the brother comes who makes the motion, and I am afraid he is affected by It. [Laughter.] On motion of Rev. B. I. Ives, Dr. Newman's resolution for the appointment of a commit tee waa laid on the table amid great ap plause. Rev. Dr. Nelson said be desired to express a willingness to appear before the commit tee of the Baltimore conference, and that be bad made no charge of misrepresentation, but of misunderstanding.?I Baltimore Ga zette, 15th. THE CtlBBILAHD AMD PRNW8YLVAHIA Railroad.?The Cumberland Civilian of Saturday says: Yesterday Messrs. Walsh and Cox, counsel for the American Coal Company, filed a bill against the Consolida tion Coal Company to enjoin the Consolida Uon Coal Company or the Cumberland and Pennsylvania Railroad Company from charging a higher rate of freight than that allowed by the amendment to Its charter as made by tbe late Legislature. The oourt has ordered tbe Consolidation Coal Company to show causa by the 30th of May why the in junction should not be granted, with per mission to take testimony previous to that date. The same paper says: Tbe American Coal Company bas resumed shipments by canal, and yesterday sent out a number of boats, as will be seen by our canal trade statement. We bope there may be a oontlnued increase in shipments, but under tbe best circum stances we cannot expect as heavy a trade a* laat year, since the demand bas largely :alien off. ? The Molly Mao uires.?At Pottsviile, Pa., in the Molly Magulre trial Saturday Kerrigan was recalled, and corroborated the previous testimony given of what trans transpired at the time of the shooting. Other witnesses were called to Identify the prisoners, one bringing a pleoe of wood with a bullet bole in it to show tbe size of the cartridge used. Tbe last wltneaa called by the commonwealth was the Rev. Daniel O'Conner, tbe priest or Mabanoy Plane. The dersnoe then opened their case by refer ring to McParlan*s testimony as being given In a professional way, and as being or a dan gerous kind. AMixhtbb'8 Bastardy Case.?a special from Plqua, O., May 13, says: The Stephen son matter la not settled yet. Miss Alice Brown, having no fixed reeidenoe, made an appearance la this city foned a charge of bas' the cross-examination of Urbana, and tared into a feond or *3M for his appearanee at court. ah o? JfUtaa Fiaz, Jr.-For over a year past Mr. William BarUett, the Surro refaraeand aadltar appointed by ax-Su gate Hutching*, bas bean engaged in the amfnaHon offe* aeeoantsofMr*. Lacy ruk, Theresa the azaaatrlx of hsr husband. tlaas to the amounts filed in tbe nfTlf>s hsswis ths rsjarsoes tom*M? the proasr legal inquiry. | ?. been taiea, and man? elatma allowed, and a few not considered. The auditor will hold further sittings, and saake hi* report within a few wsaks ff T. A Prixst abb Wsxn Killed at Prayrrs^-A telegram from Rio Grande, City, May tt, says: At daylight this morn ing Escobedo left Mlar with us forces, and there has been hard fighting naar Camargo. It is reported that Ma ware killed and A stall struck a ehurch la C go killing a prlsst and fbar woossn who a at yaysr^Fonr-large boa^are^landln| river. In St forth at FORTY-FOURTH CONGRESS. Mo*day. Mar !&? SENATE.?Mr. Conkllog present*! reso lution of New York Chamber of Commerce concerning silver coinage, thesignal eervlce. and the New London t*yy yard, which were referred to appropriate committees. Mr. Sherman presented remonstrance of citizens of Oblo remonstrating against the till to incorporate tbe National Surgical In stitution. Referred to Committee on Dis trict or Colrmbia. Mr. Wither* presented Joint resolution* of > irginla legislature aatlug the refunding of the cotton tax. Referred to Finance Com mittee. Mr. West, from Committee on Appropria tions. reported House bill Appropriating ? 9 000 to pay tbe expense* of tbe Committee tolnveatlgate the federal officers In Louis lara. Passed. Mr. Wrigbt, from Committee on Claim*, reported adversely on bill to extend tbe time for tbe filing of cotton claims, and It was indefinitely nostponed. Mr. Boutwell. irom Committee on tbe Re organization of tbe I>epartments, rrporiea a bill to provide for tbe more speedy adjust ment of accounts In tbe many departments. Mr. Sargent Introduced a bill to restrict tbe immigration of Chinese into tb> United States, which was laid on tne table; Mr. Mitchell desiring to submit some remarks npon it. Mr. Allison Introduced a bill to amend section -441 of the revised statutes. Ke ferred to Committee on Public Lands. Mr. Paddock called up House bill to amend tbe act to encourage the growth of tlmser on Western prairies; approved March 13, 1^74. Passed. Mr. Wright, from Committee on Claims, reported formally the bill for the relief of Enoch Totten, administrator of the estate of Wm. A. Lloyd, deceased. Also, from the same commlttoe. unfavor ably the following bill, which was there upon rejected: For the relief of William Ka tberford, of Washington, D. C. Mr. Wlndom callcd up House bill to ex tend the time to pre-emptors on tbe public lands, and tbe substitute reported from tbe Committee on Public Lands was agree1 to, ?nd the bill then passed. impeachment rmiAt.. Legislative and executive business was then suspended, and the Senate resumed tbe consideration of tbe articles of Impeach ment against W. W. Re.knap, late Seer* tary of War. On motion of Mr. Ingalls, tbe galleries were clearc J and the doors were closed. HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES? Under the regular Monday call of slates for bills, very few were Introduced, and tbese were mostly for pensions and pri vate claims. Among the public bills were the following, which were referred: By Mr. Jones (Ky.y?To construct a rail way from the southeast Atlantic seab<>ard to tbe lakes. " By Mr. White (Ky.) - Authorizing the Postmaster General to provide an envelope for the transmission of letters by members of Congress. By Mr. Willis (N. Y.)?To provide for tbe repeal of all taxes on the capital and profits of national banking Institutions. By Mr. Scales (N. C.)?To limit tb? time ior entering suits on bonds of collectors of Internal revenue. By Mr. Yonng (Tenn.)?To provide for the refunding of direct taxes illegally assessed. Mr. Page (Cal) offered a resolution re questing the President to submit to tbe Sen ate an additional article on the treaty with Chine providing that tbe government of the United States reserve* tbe right to restrict or prevent the immigration of Chinese Into the country, and that tbe empire of China reserves the right to restrict or regulate the immlgatiou of Americans Into Chlua. Re - ferred to Committee on Commerce. Tbe House then proceeded to tbe consid eration of resolutions on tne calendar upon which debate bad arisen, but which were laid over under the rule. Tbe following resolution; offered by Mr. O'Brien (Md.) on December ltth, was agreed to: Jtfsolvfti. That the Secretary of the Treas- I ury, if not Incompatible with the public In terests, be directed to i ommunicate to this House, at tbe earliest practicable moment, in wbat manner, with due regard to economy and dispatch of public business, tbe various duties now assigned to tbe Buieau of Inter nal Revenue may be absorbed by the bureau under the charge of tbe Commissioner of Customs. The following, offered by Mr. Backuer (Mo), was also adopted:?That tbe Presi dent be requested to transmit to the House all correspondence in reference to tbe dls m'ssal of John B Henderson as one of the special counsel in tiie prosecution of tbe whisky fraud cases. The following, offered by Mr. Hereford (West Va), was also adopted .-?That the Secretary of tbe Treasury inform the House of tbe names of the various persons or offi cers whose accounts have not beeu settled, or who have been defaulters to tbe govern ment since March S, 1806, together with ac counts of each, and by whom appointed. Tbe following, offered by Mr. Randall (Pa.) on December ltth, was then taken up: Betoli erf, That the Secretary of the Treas ury be, and be it hereby, directed to trans mit to the House, copies of all Utters, tele grams, orders and instructions relating to the organization and prosecution of the pres ent movement against tbeso called "whisky rings" at 8t. Louis, Chicago and Mllwaudee. Mr, Page (Cal.) bad no objection to the resolution if it was made raspecfnl. He wanted the words insered,'-lf not incom patible with tbe public service." Mr. Randall declined to mollfy bis reaoln tlon, and the yeas and nnys were demanded. Tbe resolution was adopted?yeas 141, nays t?. Mr. Payne (Ohio) moved to suspend tbe rules and pass tbe Joint resolution hereto fore agreed upon by tbe Banking and Cur rency Committee, authorizing the Issue of ten millions of silver in exchange for green backs, the latter to be reissued upon the re ceipt of a like amount of fractional cur rency. The bill was rejected by a vote of 133 yeas to 73 nays, two thirds not voting in the affirmative. Mr. Morrison (ill.), from tbe Committee of Ways and Means, retorted back Senate bill to allow Mrs. Minnie Sherman Fltcb to receive the Jewels pre*eat?-1 to her by tbe Khedive of Egypt, and It was passed by a two-third vote. Tbe hour of two o'cloek having arrived, Mr. Buckner claimed the floor for the Dis trict of Columbia Comm. ttee, and tbe com mittee proceeded to report District bills for action. EMwItMi Tells 4is?isr fettory to ?tber Hub. 7b the McfKor of the T'ifune?Sir: Having read tbe statement of (ion. H. V. Boynton, dated Washington, May 4, 1376,1 desire u> say that it is not "precisely identical wltb bis account of tbe same matter." referred to in my note of the same date to tbe Hon. A. O. Riddle. All except that which relates to the simple alleged transfer of bonds by Mr. Stewart to Mr. Blaine is quite new to ma Mr. Knowlton's statement to me of the transaction between Mr. Stewart and Mr. Blaine was that late oneovsnlng during hi* ( A Riddle's law of. ? of study in 8tswart i ? ???? Ilea, Mr. Blaine called, and after aa inter view of an hour or more In the private office with Mr. Stewart tbe latter brought to him (Knowiton) fifteen S1.0M bonds or tbe Union Pacific railroad, eastern division, blm to sign them as a witness to a f Be affixed his signature, and Mr. Blains rt the office left the office. Not until a com paratively recent date did I know that Gen. Boynton had been the recipient or the state ment from Mr. Knowlton, and our compari son ot facu went only and solely, as above stated, to tbe u?mention In the office of Stewart aad Riddle. Permit me to add Umt while tbe theory or mistaken identity wae " Sstwsen Mr. Knowlton er admitted a poosibte Stewart's visitor was any on. James O. Blaine, at tbe time of oar conversations Speaker of UBtloo House. Respectfully, R. L. New York, MijH. 1876. [iv. F. Tribw*. May UCJL The ram BXPKBoas have come to a complete understanding, ptoific bat firm, in regard to the Turkish question. Tnepjwer* will strengthen their naval forces in Turkish wsters tar tbe protection of Christians. Salon lea is Nfrrktifod daring the pending ln Moody awoSakkst arrived at St. L?mls iturday, en male to Kansas City, Me. bald a Gospel meeting in tbe Rink en tbe Central IMWl* IMlWplujw Telegrams to The 8 tar J LoaBon. May i* -TMC. Um two Iu?!tan* of lbs r, who left ? olf lo rutctfy ID I anded. Pasta, tmbi Bkblih. Mir I* It tar V Pait.A0Bi.pBiA. Mar IA?Tha Ma Woman's RafTYag* AwncUUon, la IB ar.erof iupno< ipi?o( proiwt again disfranchisement of one-naif Uie utla the republic, bti opened Centennial 'ilBBrtMB at Ho ?<n Arab street here, the manamifrii or tlisabetA Cady I ton. president. Wweeii B Anthony. Beer* _ tod Matilda Jnalyn Ui(?, cbalrnaa of executive committee UARBiHtl, MB., Mar '3?The ttpUla, wi'b bit wife bt d child, end the crew of IM schooner .Mary A. Rice, wblch wai suppose! to have been mirk wtth all oo hoard. la A collision with the brig Ancle l? Fornay. oa the 15*b ultimo, arrived here to <tar. bavtag been rescued br ibe schooner Jetraie Mld i ietoa. vj The 1 mmtmmmy Blei Nl* York May li-Tb? pontes ml lion dollar suit against sweeny and dtp,! one million dollar suit against Tweed, were I today adjourned by Judge Weathrook. of Mnprrme Court. to J uoe Mb. taU honor beta* encased in trial of canal riug suits M Albany. I Cifctbitati*May""is'Tue Koaperor aA Brasll arrived this morulng. After having waa eeoortol by Mayor Joba-I ?ton and other city dignitaries to Bf park, the Zoological garden and other | of Interest In the city and auburba. of o Ktllflraae BALTTMORB, Mar 15 ?Sister Agnee Mr-| Oswald, sister superior in obargeof the Mary, land I'niveraity Hbapitai. died yesterday I morning. She wa? a native of PbiladstpblaJ where she entered the order. Bsmtwobb^ May U?TBrglale U ?H. Wat Ybytnie. A, Berth Carolina Mia, rik mw I bid to ear. Bager gi?i*t I at * b>LT:x?(l. Ms* lft ?Oottoa dull luldaiina, 1 lit all's Fkur qalet and ataagy?I Howard atraai and wsstera as per. xmmiM. go. extra. 1MB; Be. tell?, ? aae7 ability HUM ?user. 3JIM4 00. do estra. ? Ma7.CS. do. Bio r?* fP tegSjjj*ag- j&sflSSffla whit*. IJWA. tV>n??souther*. j?l?t aad ( wastera. fairly Mitt ltd Brw. eoatbara aklB, OOaO. southern yellow. Mad. ?sst*r* mil ad ? V ?pot. a. Hay. Oat* active aad higher-aoathara ?ocd to grlot. ?aa44; weeaara ? bias, ileal, waat era aiixed. By* do I, 7?s*? Ua< doll and beat >-Mary I aad and Peans> Warna, F* "SaMjta. Protislons firmer t>?t gated. Pork. MM Balk on* finarr b?t ??M. Fork. MM. Bask I aboaM*r? . f?. daar riksMes. 11. I *a. Mtattl tack'd. Baeoe?abrii'date,fV*f>a, clear rib daa,| USaUV Bam* UaM LaM firmer aad hi regbed. UfcaUV. Better 4alet aad staaiy *ra good to miw {raw. SUJfc Bo gae. tr lecu dull aid ?taady eiada. rt*fixed fee aatat but By 1* rargau*. i&SaV*; MaWH Whiaky "nil. 1UH ? aw Ton. Ms* U Money. 3 OoM. 1JS B 4MH. H in ii laws11 si 11 ? Jaw Yost. May IS ?Floor qatet _ Wheat e absrtf finaer? more arttv* Cora l?oab<>!i. May IS UIOi a-l? 8 old, lot*; 1*7 a. 19$% Brie, 14. PgjritBTLVASIA COAL Tbadb. ? The Pottsvllle (Penn.t Mlner'a Journal of the I2tb Instant ear* The quantity of coal shipped from the Schuylkill region tor the past week waa, by rail. 103.SW8 tons, by canal, an.023 tone, total, Ii3.a.t4 loua, against 23J03 ' ~ for the same week of last year, tnci 100,081 ton*. The qnantlty ?h rr for the year so far waa 1.217 ,T?; tana, against 611,MS tons for the corresponding of last tsar; lncreass. 005^22. The quantity from all the regions fOr the week was: An. thradte. 434,682 tons; bituminous. 63.773 b total. 4W,437 tone, against 311,346 tons thraclte and 70,258 tons bituminous tor tba ume wrek of la&t year. Increase of anUira clte. 113.216 Urns; decrease or bltum.nous, 12,483 tons. The uuantity shipped from all the regions for U>S year was AnthradlB, 4,900.13? tons: b.tuminous, 1042.321 tons; total, 6,002,430 tons, against 4.o?t,000 tons an. thraclte and 877,738 tons bituminous, total 5.021,733 tons, for the corresponding period of l aet year. Increase of an thraclte. >16.13* tons; Id crease of bituminous, <>4,586 tons. Total increase, 930,724 tons. Thk Hors*-Br*wiwf; CosaprmAcr?XV failt of 'he Plot, at tobt Lrxter Onlh im l'""ermm Tetferday?In the trial of the Paasale fire men yeetenlay. Frank Talbot testified that I be was implicated In ssttlng Coar barns oq fire, and the bottles containing the keroasae were given lo him by While and Barnacle at lb > boee carriage bouaa. John Chans tss tlfled that be mat Barnacle and Waits In a saloon, and Barnacle said be had found another place where there was a good hoass to burn; It was unoccupied. He tea tided that be set two bowses on flrs. and aaatstad the other prisoners In five other casss. Tba cro*F examination elicited a lut of them. In cluding the barn* and stables or J. V. Kyer son. Marcellus A Poalds, Hudson's black smith abop. and a dwelling booas la Baygoo county. Henry A. Talbot, a brother at tba defendant, Talbot, testified that be took A letter from bis brother to Barnacle while the latter was In bed sn&tering of injuries, the snbstance or which was that be thought tba only safe plan was to throw lbs Maaa on Chase? (A. Y. Sun, 13tA "Thb Old, Old SToar.M ?Appllcatloo was made to Judge McAdam of toe Marina Court, on behalf of a young girl named Ana Tiernsy. for the arrest of John tk, vi 'Unty. In an action rorklO.600 damages Tor breach of promise. The plaint:* swears that the defendant gave her all hie a-taction aad kindness during the happy days of ooorttblp; that through bis promises she expended money for her wadd log outfit In gipr "**? of the prom lead marriage; that wneo dltlon suggested to htm a speedy manee of the marriage rite the i* rafussd to fulfil his orosa Isa, hsaes m lion for damaces. The J odice granted application, and axed ball at 63,000.-[ It. PJ Commercial, Wth. A Horsm Bcabbd fob Ibslbascb M< kbt William H. Van Dlne's bouse li Spring Valley, N. Y , thai was to bars b sold yesterday under forecloeura, aad which was 610,000 insurance, * yestsrday morning. Abram B. i bar i lived in the bouse, was arrested, and he_ ressed to setUng It on Are, being paid MB doing so by Martin Kelly. He was bald the grand Jury. Kellywas arrested and oral" y diacharged. The loaa was 64 [fT. T. &*n, 13M A BCDT KBPT IK A Hopss FOB YBABts?The Brooklyn bealth autborlt were yea tarda? informed that a body bad i malned lu a bouse on the hill tor erven j?" The name and street are withheld, favorite child, aged two yean, of a i ~ , and the ft tala died in the sooth, i the body In an air light metallic oof it lo Brooklyn, and contrived lo smuggls II into bis bouse, and It has rami' ~ He wishes to move away, eo be e? aecrat to a physician that the ebtld sat be burled In Greenwood-|df P. Ahaa, UIK TWM COLOB LlNB 19 TBB EpIBOOFAI Cars cm MOOT a?The quaalloa tor aton oi colored Protestant Kplsoonal * galions to repreaentation, which had tated the South Carolina dloeess (or two < three years paet, has been set Use warm discussion in the dloeeee ooai at Charlestoa by rejection of the appli of 8L Mark's Churcb for admission to body. The majority of the clergy fa* the a pp.: <ali on, which was rejected By vole t?: lha lay del eg at sa. ? MIMISTMB Subfeb i>bd??The Rev. 1). Parker, presiding slder of the Asbl cKy.) district M. ETcburcu, aad who delegate elect to tba General Oonft now la seasloa in Baiumora, baa baaa guilty of laMMiUf aad uaaslab duct, and wlllTul (Alasbaod aad by A committee of mlnlstsgB of b and suspended from all mlnlstr * tlve until the next ssaslss of 1 tar that svsaL tbat the fight woSd aog on the 8tb af Seatamber. in the vie lull Cincinnati, tor t2UM6 a stds; 1 jm of is already ap^~rBread%a dryas. ttin. A HALF Wim? IVCBKDIABT. Has Carter, a half-wit in um a? of flriag a

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