Newspaper of Evening Star, May 15, 1876, Page 4

Newspaper of Evening Star dated May 15, 1876 Page 4
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EVENING STAR, ?Q*?AT May 1.% V ttUher Probability To-Hay. Otvicr or Cwttt siasAX. orrxcn,) Waohihgtos, May 15, lflTe. S In U.e lower lake region and middle states, failles barometer, warmer, easterly ?oath erly wli di>, increasing to Drink, and in former to ~g*l*s, and increasing cloudiness, with iilo io iormtr and hortneru portion of lat ter. LOCAL NEWS. Ir<u*mf.-cn Sehnetzm Park -May Festival, (ahnry BqptiM CtiwreA.?Strawberry Fes tival. Litxci* Hall? Ron* D'Erina. Thtvrr (<rmi?ve.? Ktrst-cla?s varieties. Vrf n fjrrxnfj Bchmetmm Park.?Seventh Pie of the Waverly M a iqueraders. The street lamps will be lighted at 7 15 d mM -d at 2 a. m. P _ yesterday found the body of male Infant, suppose I to have been Whn *l tb? time of death, In the ?I^?nS:o.K,n'),* Clnb. Inst-a1 of >npn*' trip to the M>a shore S pkm- a?re^1 to extend their vojsge loPbiladelpbia. to give the member? an <?p visit the Centennial. They 11 last of August. - Indiana r. publicans on Saturday 2252&"?S2.* reP?rt of the executive committee wmcb recommends that each ?f.lfJ^TC^.U'U,a,e*;i tor central com ??2i . J wer* delivered by Jmig* Yes^nik/? ( apl- May. and other?. #3, *"*** 1 J * * >oung man namrj wagerof *100 to ron r 45 nolr.utea, made tbat distance, [?m Adt 8 hr?w*ry. corner of Pem J?venueand nth street east, to the wasfcington bouse. In Bladensburg. In 43 ?Dil ates, thus having j minutes to spare. Decsrailoa Day. PROOR \ MMR OF CIREMOSIIS MAYJOTH. <* J-f Army of the Kepablle, through **? JRrlous committees, are making exten ''** preparations for the proper observance 2L\fi'5onltl.<?n da7* At Arlicgton the oration wILESLS81 JSr General Stewart L. *>oodfor<l, of New \orfc; the prayer will be by Rev. Colonel Granville Mr5dy, the light ing chaplain, of Ohio; and Benjamin K. Tay 'Zftt 0t-Chicago, Illinois, is preparing *"? W1'' the poem. A series of floral areh<s and decorations of the amphitheater nDknowE'? tomb will be erected tl. lhe ""Pulsion of Comrade James T. ^ ^f,tKCOfnman1?,eri *??l#ted by Mr. ^,iAV,7,p!J*rcll,t?ct- Comrade Coil JS^n^?KIln.J?ndem of u,e cemetery, has w . grounds and amphitheater oJ^nmV^8' Ho??- Battle, Glenwood. -V.V ?ongres.i?Dai an-I other ceme s!^i m-7. L baye their tribute. At the<*ra?t?ry the usual t<w ? tkUMXheld. An oration and poem, together with an ode written by Comrade win'iSt cfiaP,aln of the department, will be Id tfce programme. A general order is published by the depart ment commander, Colonel B. P. Hawse., as ftdiows: "In accordance with the rules and ?">??* ?a 0rand Army of the Ke *>e observed as .^y' to decorate, with fltting eerfmonies, the grave? of our fallen com Invite the cooperation of comrades not member* of the grand army, of ^? clergy, and all others who feel lntereated in tbesa memorial serv ices. Let all loyal th? patriotic work of doing memories of those wb6 gave . lh.e ?avlD* of toe Union, and ? single band shall strew with nowers or otherwise decorate their last resU iL'iSg^^cT"1 ackDQWkHjgmeat of Co NT* ST?The contest in n?f^*ls' WQlPh took place at the foiufws Inaiii *' on,/na*y. resolteil a? loliows ? 1 n the seventh grade i bovs tiie 2?a^hir,0Tll? lhe third district, Min Nourse teacher, two pupils perfect; same Kra>le (glrls? to the third district. Miss Davis all perfect. In the sixth grade (boys > to the secood district. Miss Howe teacher m^?VPJiJPVfecVJoUn KlDg- Who takes ?ho S?^J!i?SgT,2*(*1r!") 10 the fourth J^ora teacher, all perfeci In M '' to Ul? seoon j dLstrict, *^o perfect; same (crate ??. second district. Miss Baser teajcher, three perfect. Miss Kowe sent pupils Pn EL^.JE^f8 atLd took 111 e medal in r?ui. In those schools where there are two or more lo<1*termlne which one of the pupils ?hall have the medal. In this case^ there must be five new trials. The papars in this d2?tTit^>nldH?ibeexamln*^efore ?a'or *t mhffijh?0 examination was finished L.k OS2 C"TAIJ? "!?t a new door "fj*1 the House will be electeil. Ii is gentleman of sense and .1 ere.ion will be selected. There will be eeveraj candidates for the position, among themone from Missouri, who has been ln ?,rJTrl y ."f 5*" L?u"? T'nvs as follows : _"p . J -**111 _ W. Polk, of Kansas City, has been In 8t. I^ouls for several to-morrow for Washington, and Jf"^conie a candidate for postmaster of ? Qotaoel Polk has been long and favorably known both in the South and nSSuyft-CTT?"the Qaaliocatlons . I1 tbu tmportant omce to the fooiple* satisfaction of all. His democracv l*?J. theold-fashioned kind, and his per' and integrity of character la ? theequlUble dlstrlba HyV y. offices. It should happen that theTofif thinwSf?*ii ?f Pftronage falls to Jf' i?f.or *oe West, Missouri would ask that ?'Colotiel Polk be considered in connection with this position, satisfied u ebe^of hie ability, l^rlty\"nd dem^ 'AA*orrth*Totrno Dibctaxti, Mary A wpxasoy?a lady correspondent, who has geatbeyomg Mptiut for dramatic fame, ~.%l7,v,Aad^noo\ to us as fol Although yet In her teens, she has . too-roles that aave been made famous by Charlotte Cush *?*?' Adelaide Neilsoo, and other ar'xxttx 2S5*?eXi^K,W)0* tx?n un ??5?Uoo<d- In ber performance of Jallet rnri r/n^1. IS5V* for *?T aetress?the er conception of the part is wonderful in ooe so young. From her dawn ?"emy of her houss. to 5f,' de^tii on the t>o*om of her lover her deroai?1 th???i ?a{*0rbed in her love a? iTr?.b*1 t, - n?i ac/?"f which we ?ee? it is reoft/y. It may be possible for pro ! ?r.Hi Ue"'10 w'Dom ^ theper a^ famiulr^ Qu??as o/ the drama f;?2l',ek or to rltlcise her ^2i.i^H.oru,#p^t; but to a sincere lover tLn MlM Anderson s persoua 5i?U be i temln,D? creation ?..l . Picture for the memory almost Without a blemish." 1 t.?i.^Ir,KlLL*D ?* TH* Kailroab -Y^ w' afteritoou a white boy, named Will o ac^of -yf*",?f whlle in to*5 2S n5?S5FJ5f track of the Baltimore G^'o railroad, near Bhwlensbur* was struck by the engine of an ii wardT?or i<i . body waa brougut to city and taken to bla parents' house ?j$&ZS?,SSt T? ? it appeared In evidence that this boy was flrst soen when the engine laa'to 5? of hlIa' *nd attempt. abonP-iJ??,^T ^?S^*,ln?ek *?d knoeked ^ r06t. The train WAA An mi mm ^bich was running about 33 or 40 miles per ^21iaf?LrWurnfcl * Terd,cl that deaS reaaon of injuries received JL engine I'M, Baltimore Thit liSi ?^Ut"d: further flud the T*i* whol,7 aoeldeotal. and Lroadofflelais were in no*manner to ?lame in the matter." IU AIDTItl f,!*?"0* *A***1" CO*PA*T aaraggsa&tig - - 5rS52;?sa2EM*s. ?; *???? i2*** "?0 It will be ^Smemberei iMtanf i?Srtn?aU ^ parties who show ao dtsposiUoo to pay up stoe arrearages iu whole or la part shall be reported to the court with a view of summary proceedings. It ie probable that but tew If any will have to be reported as the dealers are generally coming n p and making satisfactory arrange ments with lhe reeelveie (Messrs. Elliot and Chandler) _ Oar HILL CtRm*T?i/r. JCrh/or ?Vis itors touakHill cemetery yesterday,among whom were many strangers, were struck with the overgrown appearanee of the grass uul ahraMMFV In 'k- - shrubbery In the lots, in manya? the walks and roads whleh, under the ???? age meat of the predeeeesor of the in cam. heat, were AalUeealy neat and free from ?ticks and stones. It Is deplorable that this Rsost besutjfnl elty Of the Jead should be' lb us neglected. A L^t Owns. Tfce MMrlft li The District of Columbia Commits* will this alterroon uk the Houm to pasa the fol low log bill#: For the relief nfEl'a Long. For the relief of tbe estate of Mrs. A. E. Hall, widow of Dr. David A. Hall, returning S1.J-3P, tun illegally collected. CLAIMS AfiAIVRT THI POTMCT. H. R. st: fi. providing for the adjuatmeot of rlaima a g sin at the Diatrlct of Columbia. It provides that the President of the Senate ?ball appoint one District claim* commit ?toners and the Speaker of the House two, tax payer* of the District, who ahall each give bond In 930,060, and who shall advertise for tbe presentation of all claims whatever against the District government, not hereto fore presented, and snail examine the same and determine the amounta due. _ THI ICBIIBAR KAI1.KOAD COM PA X T. Hoaae bill >M, to lc corporate the 8ubur ban railway company, of tbe Diatrlct. It names as Incorporators Geo. E. Kennedy, G. W. Browning, Hawkins Taylor, Robert K. Elliot. Say le.? J Brown, B. F. Guy. J. Q. Howard, Henry L. Carlton, Wm. C. Dodge, Jos. B. Bryan. John J. Johnson, Caas. Ken nedy, Oc? W- Llnvllle, Wm. J. Murtagh, Amos Hunt, W. G. Palmer, Apoleton P. Clark and H. Nelson Chapman. The roate of the road is to commence at the crossing of C street northeast and Delaware avenue, ihence to lta Intersection with Maryland avenue, thence to lt3 Interaction with the highway formerly owned by the Columbia tmopike corporation, thence continuing on i he rl?ht of said highway to tbe line of aald District. The capital stock of the company is not to excecd ?250,000, in sharea of #50 eacn. mortgages. H. R. 1022. providing for the recording ot deeds, mortgages, and other conveyances affecting real estate in the District of Co lombia. It provides "that sections 4k! and 447 of the Revised Statutes relating to tbe District of Columbia be repealed; and there is enacted in lieu thereof the following. All deeds, deeds of trust, mortgages, convey ances, covenants, agreement ?,or any Instru ment of writing which by law la entitled to be recorded In the office of the recorder of deeds, shali take effect and be valid, as to creditors, and as to subsequent purchasers for valuable consideration without notlcc, from tbe time when auch deed, deed of trust, mortgage, conveyance, covenant, agreement, or instrument In writing shall have been acknowledged, proved, or certified, as the ca?e may be, and delivered to tbe recorder of deeds for record, and from that time only." BILL TO PAVI PE55HYLVASIA AVISCI. The committee will also report the Buck ner Pennsylvania aveuue paving bill as printed in full in Tbi Stab last Thursday, It has been amended so as to drop AdolPh Clara and Cbarlee Masoo as members of the hoard of paving commissioners, and retains enly the army officers, it provides that the board of water commissioners and the Wash ing ton GasjCompany shall lay and replace the water and gas malna as directed by tbe pav ing commissioaeTS. Tbe bill also appronrl atea rwm.PCO for the paving, and directs the District Commissioners to Set aside from the District revenues a like amount. KBEI TUBS PIKE. Also, House bill 2,Ml, "To authorize the establishment of a certain free public high way in the District of Columbia," which di rects the Commissioners of the District, within thirty days after tbe passage oi this act, to locate, construct, and maintain a free public highway on and over that part of the G orgetown and Rockville turnpike mad wbicb leads from tbe boundary of Georgetown to the boundary of the Diatrlct toward Rockville.which is atyled tbe Wash ington Turnpike company, incorporating said turnpike road aa tbe line of tbe most direct and practicable route from tbe boun dary of Georgetown to tbe boundary of tbe District of Colombia; and for tbe purpose aforesaid the aaldCommlaslonersof the Dis trict of Colombia shall have power to take any real estate or franchise of said turnpike company necessary for tbe construction and maintenance of a free pnbllc highway, and no more: Prxnultd, Salu Washington Turn, pike company shall consent to surrender and convey to the Commissioner* all the real estate and franchises now belobglng to them. BII.L8 PASSED BT THE HOUSE. At twoo'clock the District Committee was called. Tbe Aral bill passed was to allow tbe Capitol and North O street road to lay a track on P street, from 4th to Uth streets. Tbe bill to Incorporate tbe Joint stock com pany of the Young Men a Christian Associa tion was also passed. Tbe bill gives the company the power to mortgage tholr build ing to pay their note of #33,000 to the Freed rran's bank. Tbe Senate amendments to the House bill providing for the re? ording of deeds, mortgages, and otber conveyancing sheeting real estate In the Diatrlct of Co lumbia, were concurred in aud the bill pitted. 1 he Insane Asylum Investigation. TE81IBOSY TO-DAY. The Committee on the Expenditures of the Interior department resumed their investi gation of tbe affairs of tbe U. 8. Insane Asy lum this morning; Veorge Oreti* testified that he was an at t<s aut in the ward in which young Van K wan was kept for sixteen months, when tainted meat was sent np the orders were to return It and not feed it to the patients. There was sometimes vermin on tbe patients ard noticed some on young Van Kewan. When be discovered the vermin he combed hla head every day with a flue-tooth comb. Do not know of any ill-treatment towards him. Got him ready to come down to see his mother In twenty minutes. Took bis clothing off and put clean clothing on him before he was brought down. There was head and body vermin on him. They had only been on him for a week. There was an other patient?an Insane man?kept In the same room with blm, who also baa vermin on him. There were five or alx in that ward, out tbe thirty- five there, that bad vermin on them. Left the aaylum because his health sot bad while there. Neve/ struck Van Kewan but once, and that was accidentally; struck blm on the bead with a ward key, wbicb cut the akin; atruck him but once; never saw any other attendant atrike him. He was a troublesome patient, but was harmless, and It was with difficulty that they could keep him clean. Witness left tbe aaylum two years ago. Tbe committee then held a short secret session to consider some papers and affida vits in relation to the case or Dr. Dexter, of New York. In a abort time the doors were reopened and Dr. Morrill gave additional testimony in regard to the condition of the patient Van Kerran when be was admitted in tbe asy lum. He was known as at) epileptic patient, and bad fits frequently. His mother visited blm several times and gave him articles of clothing and furniture for bis room. On September 10th, 1873, bis mother bad an or der from the Secretary of the Navy. Came there and took him away from the asylum. Usually saw him twice or three times aday. Remember when the attendant, Owens, struck him with a ward-room key. Owens explained that be gave blm a little rap but that It was accidental; waa present when Mrs. Van Kerran called to take her son away. His condition was Improved. Mrs. Van Kerran applied to him to see her son, through the janltresa. Did not think that she bad to wait as long to see blm aa she testified to, (two hours and a half.) Do not remember that he said to her, "my dearlv beloved mother take me out of this horrible place: this temple of satan." Kuew that vermin bad been on him, and had ordered tbe attendants to have them removed from him. Only dlacovered the vermin on htm a few days before bla mother called Tor him. Do not remember oi there being any vermin on blm before that time. Van Kerran waa not properly lnaane; be was Buffering from the peculiar condition of mind consequent upon epllepay. Tbe committee adjourned until to-morrow morning. TAXPERIKO WITH A FlBE ALARM BOX. This morning Sergeant Mil a tend, of tbe seventh precinct. In trying his key to fire alarm box 12. discovered that some one bad been tampering with tbe lock, and that hla key would not enter the lock. He notified Superintendent Miles, who repaired to the box, corner of 2d and B atreeta, and ujpon examination found that some malicious person bad inserted an exploded metallic pistol cartridge, completely encasing the post oT the lock, and sealing It effectually against the insertion of a key. Tbe perpe trator or this outrage, if dlsoovered, ought to be sent to the penitentiary. Tn Mutual protbctiow Fire Iwsur ascx Co. advertised elsewhere, is founded on tbe popular principle or oo-operation. Each person Inaurlng in It beeomea a mem ber or the company, and aa auch shares, by obtaining Insurance at a reduced rate. In tbe profits accruing from a careful and econom ical mararement. The names or the mana gers are all well known to our cltisena, and will give confidence in the sucoess of tbe compan y. _ Maeeiage Licbkbss have been issued to John Qreenand Susan Baddyj Jos. F? trail Osboro; Ernst Dlppold and Annls McDon ald; Martin Perry, or Altoona, Pa., and Mary Cover; Jas. Crutchfleld and EUxabetb Kamellboth, of .Lancaater county, Va. Wbitb Burn aid Vests for children and boys, at B. Hoblnaon A Co.'s, the boy's Pennsylvania avenue, next to M. Wil liana. j XIRTIBG OF Til NATIONAL JOCCKT CLt?B. Tte officers and member* of the National Jockey Club need entertain no fear* of U?e inettH of their first meeting. It shows ef ficiency in the organization and eoergy of the members to bare so floe a start of racers at the Inaugural meeting. Among the run ners at the stables are the following: ?Hugh Gaffney'* stable? Burgoo, a years, by lra Eited Hurrah; BiU Monday, 4 yean, by ?ers; Leader. 4 years, by Leamington. Richard Sbea's stable-Kadi, by Lexington, i full brother to Tom Ochiltree. L. A- Hitch ! rock's stable?Oalway,? yean, by Concord; Cariboo, 6 years, by Lexington; Busy Bee,? jean, by War Dance; Spriuglet, 4 years, by Australian; Vlneland, 3 yean, by Vandal; I a two-yearold oolt by Virgil; a two-year - ' old colt by Planet; two two-year-old fillies i by War Danoe, and a two-year old filly by Haywood. Governor Bowie's stable?Cat i vert, 6 yean, by Baltimo-e; Keene Richards, i 5 years, by War Dance; O/e Knob, 4 yean, by : I Hckens; Mary, 3 years, by Dickens; Eclipse. filly, 2 yean, sister toCateiby; Kingfisher, eolt, 2 yean; Primrose, 2 yean, by Vanx ball. Alexander D. Brown's stable?Coronet, ! 6 yean. by Jonesboro; Austral, 6 yesrs, by ! Australian; Paladin, ? yean, by Leaming ton. Major Patterson's stable?Electro, 4 Kan, by Dickens. Fred. Carter's stable? nver, 4 yean, by Pimlico. Hon. J. F. Lew is' stable?Danville, 3 yean, by Kingfisher, i Matthew Byrne's stable?Nettle B, 4 ye?rs, by V? ndal; King Bee, 3 yean, by Hamburg. ! John Fletcher's stable-Hartland, 6 yean, by , Australian. J. B. A W. K. Davis'stable? ! storm. 5 years, by Curies: Smart, 4 yean, by Ba> wood; Test, 4 years, by Baywood; Rom | ney. 3 years, by Curies; May Dee, 3 years, 1 by Enquirer. J. 8. Owen's stable? F?iday, 6 ? years, by Conductor. Joe. Donaboe's stable - : Sptniirir, by Bonnie Scotland; Stanford, by Bay Die*; 'Deadhead, .5 years, by Tobias i Andrew Fitzgerald's stable?Caroline. 4 years, by Kentucky. J. F. Wilson & Co. 8 I stable-Tom O'Nell, ? years, by Lightning; i Jack Trigg, 4 years, by Lightning; Leap Year. 4 vears, by Leamington. Greene Mor ris stable? Enl ster, 4 years, by Enquirer; Alton, 3 years, by Pat Malioy. out of Alta Vela. T. G. K. Lawrence's stable?Resolute, 6 years, by Revolver; Risk, 4 yean, by Re volver. There are other noted hones on the road en rente for the meeting, and among them rep resentatives from the stables of Mr. Lorll lard and Major Daniels. ? short and caraful review of this list will demonstrate that some of the finest stock In the country will participate In the races and contest for the purses. There Is Kadi, cred ited with the fastest mile record, and a full brother te Tom Ochiltree; Hitchcock's Gal way, 6 years old; ex-<?overnor Bowie's Keene Richards, aged 5 years; Joe Donohoes Springdrlft; John Fletcher's Hartland, of Australian pedigree; J. T. Owens' Filday, a representative of the Conductor blood, and Hugh Gaffney's Burgoo. 5 years old, and reli able to the eod of the race.' The Trotting at BrlghlKOAd. There was a large attendance at Bright wood Park Saturday, and there were two fine races. THE FIRST RACE was tor the 2.37 class, for which the follow ing horses were entered and all started: M. J. Doyle, Savannah, b. g. Faugbaballagh; sired by Legal Tender, dam unknown; T. M. Brads haw, Lynchburg. Va., g. g. Gayo, aired by Young Mambrlno, bis dam by Kos snth; Thomas Joyce, Washington. D. C , wh. m. Nellie Gray, unknown. Faugba ballagh was the favorite. The following was the summary of the race: M. J. Doyle enters b. g. Faughaballagb, T. M. Bradsbaw enters g. g. Gayo, Thomas Joyce enters wh. m. Nel lie Giay, 2,3,3,3. Time, 2.40*, 2.40*, 2.38)i, 2.43 \. THB SRCOND TROT was for horses that never trotted faster than 2.30. The following horses were entered, all of which started: John E. Turner, Philadel phia, b. m. Mattle Lyle. Lon Morris, Bos ton, br. g. John 8. Heald, by Whaebone Knox; dam's pedigree not reliable. J. H. Goldsmith, Blooming Grove, N. Y., b. m. Effle Dean, by Hamlltonlan: dam by Long Island Black Hawk. Thorpe & Cbamber lin, Anbnrn, N. Y., bl. g. Clifton Boy. M. D. Van Scoter, Hornellvllle, N. Y., r. m. Blue Mare. Effie Dean was the favorite In the pools bsfore the trotting, and her frlenda supported her until It became manifest that she would not win the race. Heald then became the favorite, and finally Mattle. The aecond heat was dead between Heald and Effie. In the second beat Blue Mare was ruled out for running, and Clifton Boy was ruled out after the fifth, not having won a heat. The following was the summary: J. E. Turner enters b. m. Mattle Lyle, 1, 4,2, 4.1. 1. Lon Morris enters br. g. John 8. Heald, 3,0,1,1, 2, 3. J. H. Goldsmith enters b. m. Eflie Dean, 2, 0,3,3,3,2. Thorpe A Chamber lln enters bl. g.,Clifton Boy, 4,3, 4,2, 4; ruled out. M. D. Van Scoter enters r. m. Blu9 Mare, 5, ruled out. Time 2M),, 2 34,2.33 , 2.33 l!36*, 2 38 y. ^ A Card from Mr. Wolf. To the Editvr of The War: In the Capital of yesterday there appeared a local, charging me with "having plagiar ized a Masonic speech and passed Itotfas my own tome three months ago\ and of having swindled the Boldien of tbelr pensions/' which I have since learned was communi cated to the editor by an anonymous corres pondent, to which I answer: 1st. I have not delivered a Masonic speech In thla city since 1868, and then under the following circumstances, which were gener. ally known at the time. I had made an en gagement to deliver an address before a chapter of Masons, and while preparing the matter for lt,domestlcaffilctlons Intervened, which so unsettled my mind that I sought assistance for its completion from a well known literary man of this city, with a full knowledge of some members or the Chapter, who palmed off upon me what I supposed to be original matter, and which I afterward alscovered was copied. This waa fully and satisfactorily explained to the body before whom the address was delivered, and I was Invited by acclamation to deliver another lecture at my convenience, and subsequently the Cbapter voted me a aeries of compli mentary reaolutlons, which are now hanging In my library. 2d. Subsequent to this, in April, 1809, when my name waa before the Senate for con firmation as Recorder of Deeds, this same charge of defrauding tte soldiers waa made, and the Dlatrict committee put itself into communication with every department as to my standing and oondact as an attorney. The answer from every branch of the govern ment was not only to the contrary, but that 1 had in inamm instancet prevented fraud, and that among the thousands of attornles^wrn? stood Mi/her. The original letten are now In my possession. The same charge aa to my Masonic speech, then fresh, was submitted to the Seoate committee and fully d lspro ven, all of which transpired seven years aoo, and now rehashed as of recent date, for purposes of blackening my name and standing in society. 3rd. 1 challenge anil invite a most thnrowth imxstit/ation uito the btfore named and every other act of my life, and fear nothing except the unprovoked attacks of ancnjrmous scribblers. 4th 1 feel confident thai Col. Piatt, the editor of the Capital, will on 8unday next do me the Justice that he loves to reoeive at the hands or others. Very respectfully, May 15,1876. S. WOLF. Drownrd is Chisapiaki Bat?The schooner Brutus reports that during the gale on the loth Instant, while she was off Point Lookout, one of the bands, Sam Rloharda, was lost overboard. While gibing the sail, the main boom caught the man and carried him off the deck. The man was seen swim ming for some time, but the gale was so strong that be oonld be rescued, and be has not been heard from since. Richards was a white man, bailing from Massachusetts, and shipped for the trip. RoSA D'Erij* a.?This vocalist, Ireland's queen of song, will give a concert at Lin. coin Hall, Monday evening, under the aus pices or the mem ben of Carroll Inatltate. She baa appeared In the principal citiea of America, England. Inland and France, and everywhere won the enconluma of the press. See ad. Bishop Havbh on "America's To-mor row" at Union chapel, 20th atreet, near Penn aylvanla avenue. Bee advertlaement. Court in Grhrral Tirv. To-day, James A. Maloney was,on motion of Mr. B. H. Webbs admitted to the bar. Jos. Joseph filed his application for a eons table's com ml as lon. Hoffman agt. Washington Market CO.; submitted. Clark agt. Baton et I.; argument resumed. Circuit Court?Judge Humphreys. To-day, Joyee act. Painter, Judgment set aside and submitted to a Jury: verdict for plaintiff 91-78. A number of judgments by default were taken. Lasenby ana Perry Od in lnistra ton against Webster; on trial. EQUITY Court?Judge WyUe. To-day, Bergbmans agt. Porter, order to complainant to file bill of review, Ac. Bart lett agt. Bartlett; decree of divorce. Smith itliT ? agt. McMamara; decree pro confesso. Mc Glenan agt. Lane; order appoint! dtan ad litem. Fant agt. Gordon; lion until final bearing. Miller agt. decree for sale. Roche agt. Roebe; d confirming auditor's report. Smith Smith; commission to seleet guardlai litem ordered. Bo wen agt. F. S. a T __ deeree for aeoount. Booley agt. Booley; or-' der appearance. Cowel agt. Burn side; decree annulling nlease and substituting trustee. Stanton, receiver, act. Martin: order for composition of certain claim. Hoeppel agt. Soeppel; order of reftorenoe. Ryneal agt. Tnrnburke; Hagerty agt. Tyler, and Smith agt. Pope; decrees pro eonteseo. Earhart for sale. & Joyce; decree for sale. Barbour agt. Book; decree notifying auditor's re port. BcbnlUe agt Sebulf ie; guardian ad litem appointed. Sblelda agt. Ayer; order overro lira root loo to rommlt rpcrltl audl ?T,*? rTP^rl .to.tbe auditor. Gallant agt. Gallant; bond of trustee approT?l. Tor too aft. Toloor; amended decree of aale made. ? , Policb COVMT?Jyctffe 8M. Saturday, Tloma* Banks, pettlt larceny **clothing; ??, or 60days. AIfo, fTtod larceny of tonio ctrMts tBd nr tide, of value, tnm OU. bT^w; *^ Jury* Also, larceny of some table linen in >lf*'?ad ?nilty, and was sent T-/J^. i'Dry- Jo**P*? Downing and SiE# miStF"11? ?r*>nae playing cards am JLnh l-nrJ ^ fn'?*y and were fined #10 each, or COdeyg m Jail. John Wa ?J ?6veo P*,r8 of shoes and an entire kit of ab< x>mafcinK tool* the en tirecon tents of the sh?hSofH^ 57'P' Frederick Straumbarg-, M. h rede rick Straambcrs, agsauiton ILarrv J> Frankland; t5. Albert Newton, assault sault and battery with Intent to kill Henry ?-s. ? * o^ctTed March 16, 1875, Bush having been attacked and badly cut with a butcher knife by Washington?in a house on C street, between 3d and 4,S street* s?uuf '" kif re a party of colored roughs were gambling with cards. The attack with the knife was proven, ard defence was that the first attack was made by complainant upon defendant, and that several of the routes took the part of Bush against the defendant, who was also badly beaten with staols. The e ?,;o?e*bout the result of a game of carda In which a dollar was the pool. Case ?Ur.j i.6r. ^ n t'nued. Margaret Hughes, lou I and boisterous In the county; *.1. Frederick Btraumbeiger, charged with breaking in the gsrlor door of Sarah Frankland: ?io. Tbo>. ^-m8'? ?zor; *50or ninety days In jail. Wm. Brooks, a butcher knire flnnr H??fi?WT*^ned??? ?f n,E?ty days In Jill. SfJf^inson, enticing prostitution; ?."> Michael Human forfeited collateral. Mat thew G. Winter, same. James Brown and James Li brand, same. ,,, ? ? TO DAY. W. H. Roan, affray; *.5. Geo. Iagle, as. sault and battery on Ignatius Tinker; six months in Jan. Jos. Miller, petit larceny; *5. Wm. alias Bldney Brooks, assault and battery with Intent to kill Carter 8tarks with a knife; committed for a hearing. Wm. Brown, profanity; f5. Susan Webster and Delia Johnson were fined *5 each for ailey ra jglng and cursing. Robert L? e and Peter McGlntls, forfeited. Mary O'Sulllvan. for feltedi collateral. Lewis *>. Heimer?same. Geo Mansfield and Edward Hough, dlsor derly in the market; *5 each. Michael Cav anaugb, forfeited collateral. John Kemp, larceny of *1 fM>m Henry H. Smith; *5 or ten days, and restitution of the dollar or dered. Semuei G. Kennard. :avAnnV NAr ^i.n(?piRn*: *' 6r t?n days. Je^ny Neal, astaul' on Catherine Morton, break ing ft pop bottle on her head. This grew out of jealousy on the pari of Catherine, who stated on cross-examination that Jenny had been staying with her husband; *30 and cost. Appeal taken. Wm. H. Roan, pro faulty; fo. Alphonzo Moore, charged with being a tramp, was allowed to go. Arthur Burr, disorderly; *5. John Trlckard, lade d r lVlng-IeS)1 fe' ?5' Thompson Craig, fast LETTERS FROM THE PEOPLE, The Caalratrlee at Aloyalns. EdUor Star: The public were alvertised In the Saturday 's Stak t*at a lady singing celebrity who is to appear In her specialty before the Washington people the present week, would sing at the Aloyaius at 4 o'clock p. ro. on Sunday, I went down. Long after the exercises commenced the seats were not one-third full. Finally, a person, the sex too, or some one acting aa such, passed up and down aisles and selected whomsoever be would and gave them seats, and still there waa a crowd waiting for seats. These seats were not full when I left the church. The membership of every church may exclude without complaint from me, all persons not apart of that membership, but when the general public are invited to come to church conrtesy.and duty require that the sexton shall seat the comers without discrimina tion, until such accommodations are all oc cupied- To do otherwise is to treat the pub lic shabbily. . L. 8. A. Centennial Conrteay? E<l>lnr Star: Crossing Lafayette Square, from SU Jonn's church, yesterday afternoon, my attention was attracted by a crowd of men and boys following and hooting at the heels of an old man, travel stained and sun-embrowned, wno was evidently, by his garb, an Eastern eecletlastlc. His long black robe and red fez seemed to be especi ally distasteful to the esthetic tastes of our H ashington riamuu, and the old gentleman appeared to be almost at his wits ends at the shameful treatment he was receiving. Join ing him I learnea be was a Greek monk, from Jerusalem, a missionary to the Indians, (of Alaska, I believe,) a poet and a historian, as be said, and was nt route to the centennial exposition at Philadelphia. He bad proposed visiting our public buildings and varlousob jects of Intereat at the national capital, but the "public reception" he was receiving in Washington had determined him on leaving our city that very evening. If oar foreign visitors, who may chance to wear their na tional dress, are to be recelvel in this man ner, what idea are they supposed to carry home with them of America's centennial courtesy? K.H. h. GEORGETOWN. Bittei* by A Doo. ? Mr. Simon Dentz. Saturday evening, about o'clock, while at tempting to part two or his dogs, (one New foundland, the other a bloodhound,) was suddenly attacked by the former, and bit ten severely about the legs. Having a pis tol at hand he shot the dog. which atill furUier infuriated It: finally, by meana of axes, Ac., the animal waa driven into the stable, and every one being afraid to open the stable door afterwarda, a portion of the toLn i2?'#Srd "L6 do? was >hot *t, and finally killed fto n above. Canal - Boat Ellen Brooks, with 1,300 bushels wheat and 700 bushels corn, consigned to J. & J. M. Waters. By River - Schooner Kitty Ann, with 1,780 bushels wheat, consigned to Hartley & Bro. ALEXANDRIA. ClTlzKHS' Tickkt The fol lowing i headed) ?'Cltiaena; Ticket" la In ?^ulition tHS U la stated that It waa agreed upon by a S?2ilDi'^0,m^08ed ofaU Parties, held in the l*?t night: Mayor, Dr. J. B. John r-ODi R^ATiTaf,arer' M- B: Harlow; auditor, wmB superintendent of police, wm. B. Brown; city scavenger, Edw. Evans, colored; keeper of the almshouse, T. I. Ede lln; superintendent of gas, M. H. Nash. Among those agreed upon for policemen are two colored men. F. A. Kerby aold today, for Samuel Pulman, truatee in a deed or trust gona John Ash, Jr., two tracta of land In F^rfax county .com prising 140 acres, to rn!' Monch, for *9 per acra?[Sentinel, lit I , ?STEx-Police Justice Joseph Dowling, of New York, died yesterday. ?*EJirTLEJftE^r>8 OUTFIT1. Every Department Well Supplied, eillDTS TO IliHUBE. ? Aw?R-!rort,,,;,,,^lro5^>,y.tha In di ff? -,'00 to xeleet from, fine ?1^*, Brown, oTlrs. OahU. Sd Baits mads to m<ia*ur? from ?M upward. Orders promptly AIM, and la Um beat manner -MASK 0AI! Good iBita, reliable 'aRei2dKS?Hs.ndk,? ONE PRICK ONLY, ui EVERY DEPARTMENT. QEOROS O. HCNNINQ, READING NOTICES. Cmmka VbL ladles if you wish a Comb tbat will not break Uk for The Crown Comb Unbreaka ble. CIT r IT_E MS. Fihb SamrirK Flakxii. Scire. ent to lit. In any sm le; easy to make; for fT .*>: at Moore's, IOU New Tork ay cone. 5,15,6 Less ef Jirrrttir, In peroons of sedentary and literary pur suits, If Um brain ie overworked and the moielM underworked, the appetite Is very ept to fell, from a general atony of the ?y? tena. The Peruvian Bf/rvp restores the tone of the digestive system. and consequently the appetite, by supplying a pare blood to organs loo weak to make it without as?l?t ancc. Sold by All druggists. eo ? Havi Yom Homn clbattbd and yoor winter clothing saved from moths, by nslng Bart's Roach Powder. 1212 F street north west. 5,10,6 ? Tn National Savinob Bank, corner of New York avenne and l5ih street, pays 5 per cent, per annum on deposits for each cal endar month. Banking hours, 9 to 4. Sat urdays, 9 to 4 and 6 tO_S. 21(3,14116 Coras Extracted Wltbeat Pain. Bud tons, Ingrowing and Club Nails, Vas cular Excrescence*, and other ailpaents of the feet successfully treated, at Dr. White's establishment, 1416 Peunsvlvaula avenne, opposite Wlllard's Hotel. Fee fi per vielt. Established in Washington 1861. ? Removal. First-cxaw! 8cocring? and Dtkxng. A. Fischer enlarged his establishment by removing to his new building, 906 (i st. north west, three doors west of 9th street, very noar his former place. By promptly adopting the latest improvements, whether of American or European invention, he Is enabled to do ? .?? ? v..v*wu| uv ao vuawivu is/ uu any work in a manner not to be equaled by those not possessing these facilities. Ladies Dresses cleaned and dyed with out being taken apart. W Crape Veils redulshed nice and cheap. Grease stains removed effectually. ?7* Gent's garments cleaning and dyeing a specialty. ?V Prices lower than ever before, to salt the times. GEORGETOWN ADVER'MTS. FOB BENT-DWBLL1BG Ho. 4 7 ,?ourh ?Mie l?t street, between Market sad Frederick stre-ts. Apply st 124 Dunbartnn street. myll 4t* J^PIUKG AMD tjlUMEB. PiEMlCM 8TKAM DYklNG AND BCOCBISO, ll?M. H. WHEtTi.IV1* OLD AND AMLIABLB MbTABLlSHM B.VT Ladles tad Gentlemen cab h??? their Spring and Bntiarr Wearing Apparel Cleaned or uolortd in the verr best manner, also. Winter Clothlnc, Oar pets, Blankets. Ac , Ac . nicely Cleaned and taken cure of until ne?-ded, Work sent for and delivered without extra charge anywhere in the District?re celrrd from sad returned to any place tn the ooautry by mail or express. Offir? and Works, 49 Jeffertoa street. Georgetown. D.O.; Fast Office Box. V03. Office hours?7 s. Si. to 7>< p. m , Saturday, to 9 p in. myO-tr |?ABGAIBS IB DitY GOODS. Ladies Dress Goedi la ail the nsw materials and styles; Black Grsradices. at 25, 30, ?, M, 6iS. 7S cents, 41; Black Bilks, from #1 to OS; Black Alpacas and Mohairs; White Qoods of all kic.d? for school commencement dresses, cheap; good Cali coes. fast colors, at ?, Cfc and 8cents: best Percales, 12K cents; cassimeree aud goods of all kinds for men ana boys' wear, very cheap; Parasols, from 90 cents to f>; 2-bat'on Bid Gloves, fl and ?1J0; Whits and Checked Matting. ?. 26. 3u 35, <0 and 40 esnts. my?tr B EH J AM IB M1LLBK. 103 Bridge st. J\IW SPRING AND SUMMER GOODS AT ATTRACTIVE PRICES 1KO. H NIOOT * BOM., BO. Ill BB1DGB ST., GEOHGETOWN, DC, Have received from New Turk and are otleriug a: Ptpylar Cask Prices, LADIES' DBBBS GOODS ta new designs of Plaids, Ptrlpes and Plain materials; best makes Black Silk from flto ?3 S0;BI'kand WhiteBtrtped and Check 011k; Grenadines trom 29c. to ?1 2S. ?onrnibe Goods of all the best makes and fast Blacks s sp<ci*lty; Cotton Goods and Sheetings at the lowest reduced prices; White Dress Fabrics from 12% cents np; House Farnlshicg Goods of the best makes; Gent's snd Boys' wear. Ladles' and Gent's Underwear; Kid Gloves, S-button, at 41 and 41 M: Hosiery in great variety; Parasols and Umbrellas; Prints S and Sc., best 8j.; Percales 12Hc., with a fall line of other goods, te which we are adding dally supplies at low prices. Goods sent to any part of the city. ap2fl lm JXO H ?H?OT*?U1. SUMMER RESORTS. 1'US BALTIMORE AND OHIO BA1LB0AD COM PA HI'B HOTEL, AT DBBB PABK. Will be OPEN FOB VI81TOB3 on the 10TH OF JI7NE, and their NEW HOTEL at Oak I. laud on the 1st OF JCLY. Ap?4icants f]?MV for Bo?n.s or Information address the nn derslgned. at Oakland, Garrett oocnty. Ma. ap28 tjyls JOHB DAILET, Manager. BOOTS AND SHOES. ? HOBS ??rfr_ AT SPECIB BaSISI ti SI JO French Kid Button, B2.I0 Laced do. 1.00 Balmorals, 41 0? Congress, 124Foxdo. 41 to Fox Better, 1.00Child's,*to 10, ?i? Button, dOc Buskins, 7fc. Slippers, fl 28 Men's Congress, 4123 Beys'Congress, 1 21 Newport*, 41.40 Bntton ?. With s new stock STB AW HATS. At J.W. lELBYf, my5-tr 1914-1916 Pa. av, bet. 19 th and 20th st*. CENTENNIAL BARGAINS AT HE1LBBUKS SHOE STORE, 404 7TB BTBBBT BOBTHWBBT. Whits Bboes for May Balls, at cost. as.00 Men's stitched Gaiters and Ties. ?4.40 French Ktd,froatssam, button. f 2J0 Kid, Button; 41.M Foxed, Button. II. Lace Gaiters; 41 AO side lace. 1.00 Congress; 40 cents Buskins. 12 00 Lasting Front seam, Button. 1.00 Boys' and Misses' School Bboes. -it 00 Fexed Balmorals: 20 cents Infants'. il.S Men's Gaiters; 42 M Calf Boots. Buckskin, Big and Lasting Gaiters. II. B.-Look for u Old Woman with 24 Children." tn window. apM-tr Toil 1011 ci o THIJT G. 8PRINO AND SUMMER. DKBM COATS AID ?1 Oriental Bilk Fi d Worsted, 4BO Sort ham pton Bilk Bibbed Worsted, 415 Vienna Diagonal Worsted, 416 AO Blackingtoa Black and Gold Worsted, 919 Ci bridge Fancy Bilk Worsted, 41B Barragaasstt Faacy Bi k Worsted, 41* BUSINESS SUITS. Fine Blbcenf Sprlrg Osss. Butt, 4'iO Fins Delabarre Plaid Oass. Salt, 410 Bdward Harris Hair-lins Oass. Buit, 416.AO The Versailles Checked Oass. Bolt, 413 The Dlsgonal Bibbed Oass. Suit, 414 Gsa*ns Washington Mill Bine Flannel Salt, 413 Horth Hoosic Block Oass. Bntt, 4IB Hercules Scotch Oass. Bait, 411 ?nglUh Stripe and Plaid Csss. Bolt, 410 Knickerbocker Check Oass. Buit.49 Sanlsbury Brock en Check Oam. Bait, 49 Union Oass. Bull, Frock and Sack. 46 YOUTHS' SUITS. MUlbnrg Diagonal Worsted Bait, 41B Llppla Bilk Bibbed Oass. Suit, 413 Msson's Hair lias Oms. Bait, 411 Loadoa Plaid Oam 4olt, 49 lev Tock Mills Cam. Butt, 4T Bait, 41* Piala Oam. Bait, 49 4T Cbsck Oass. Suit. 46 As STRAUS, 1611 miULTUU ATHVB 1611 ktr Bbtwxm 16th and 1 Ira Brasrrs. UMnHttK^B??ljl8SKUPT AT THB MASDFAOTOBT, a* 613 Di REFRIGERATORS WATtB*COOLMR8. ef good makes, at imrgs stack ef geed makes, al^" lowpriom. ?gO WATTS * CO., SpBB-ly >14 ^OVTIBU HOME 4CHOOL, 19T * 199 S.CHABI.S4BT .BA1,TIM0BB,M?. Establisksd 1940. B0ABD1NG ABD DA^Y^ SCHOOL FOB TO DBG Fall msstsa tegias TBIBD WBDBBSDAT la r.'t'MM. (?*"T' AMUSEMENTS. NATIONAL JOCKEY GLIB. iiivvriAL biiiiss aurm AT WA&HIHVTOX DKIVIM FABK, B?BMISO'S STATIC!*, Begin* TO aoilOW'TNrftr 1I.U7.,) AS I) 0?WT1BCE3 TBBEB DATS. Irt 1VS1I* Pm)> V?? ? Kll? HMi frliMr OM? 1%J S MILS lit AT? HCBDLB*. ,, ) Mile r??h. i??? J >*? Bil-? S MIL! HBAT9 ALL AQU 1 Mil* r?t _ 3d ' Cltlr.eaa' P?r*. t MUe? Dtt.l Ooaiol?tloi HiiMflcii uk vu> e rtsPLe chase Fp*cial traine leave the Balitmore MS Batlroad depot ?? 1'Si, IS? ? o'clock. iu ? u rwiMprt at tl>? |tU of the Pari. Boaid irtr ti?rii *1 Oats Bnre* begin tlSHo'tl'fk llnib<-n of the Club ou now proc a re their bad*** <tf the Tituortr Quarter stretch badges fx ?be NMoB,|lMtb, ran ba procured at any of the Ho.via. AdujioK l to tb* Park, AS Cents The only proaramv>-<> allows on tb* krrnada will br lb>i? (SciallT leaned by Mr B B ehwlff A i tor mea.bcrsblp may be mad? to any n ?ml..r VI tb? *IH"?t?* Co~-ttil t*? BIt'HABD * ALlAH. President. |t I N Hi RtiiTT. | moLR ball tuesday IVSmTkU. May Id, ltf?. RMcini'ii'O of ROSA U'KBIKA, To nl(M. by aitdal tM" ?f? It Fa hfr FB*ke'? lectur* OB *b? N?TI?N?1. Ml'SlOl'r IKELAND, Ir roduclr - tb* "Id Nation*! Atta ?.t aiii. A< mission. 3? t?. Daoraopen at 7, tctam'cce at 8. It NATIONAL JOCKEY C L 1* B. IMIUI RAL 1CISIX6 HEETISU at BrjSINU'S STATlOa, MAY IS, IT AMD If. i 11 BEE BACB8 BACH DAY. Bftcial Trains lasre Baltimre and Potomac Bafir^ad Depot, landing pauengeri at the gat* of the Park. Scsnd TriS Ticket* V c?tw, Batf? t*cm ?t 3 o'c lock. Admission to tb* Park 50 cents. P'T? W DliOFEbSOK BHBLDON'* T? EM TY-EiOH iU 1 ANNUAL .may ball AT tallmavoe HALL, OH FB1DAY EVENING, MAY 19, l?7b. Tick*t? SS each, admitting a family. or a **lU* man and two ladten. ..... Ocicinenceg at t? o'clock. myH tt ^ 8TBAWBEEHY FESTIVAL WILL BB HKLD AT THE CALVABY BAPTIST CHCBCH, I LECTURE ROOMJ OB THI EVENINGS Or MAY ItiTH AND 17th. Admiaaion 10 centa. LUNCH will be nerved betwc n I J atid U o'clock May 1 titb and ITtb. m> ? ?t ^yAfcMNGTON SC'Hl'ETZEN I'ABK. MAY festival: MOSDAY. MAY li, 1-76. TBl/.E SHOOTING AMD BOWLING' conoebt, dancing, Ac ayll 4t ADMISSION, CTS. I IdlUil HALL. 4 MONDAY. MAY 14, la7l. BORA U KRIS.4. lBELAND'S QCBBH OF SONG, in one of her celebrated MUSICAL EVENINGS, aa performed by her with complete suooeea apward of on* thousand night* throughout the principal cit'.ea of Europe and America. Ticket*, 30-enta: reserved a?ata 3ft cents extra to be procured at Elite' Music Store. Doors open at 7 o'clock; commence at 8. my 11 ?t TUKATEH COMIQII. Elfftitl Itrnt, 1 Btiow F*?*'vtraMim A*t**4. of en the Tear rounv. Performance EVEBY BIGHT. Matinee for La die* and Children bvbby WEDNESDAY and OATIBDAY AFTEBBOOB. FIRST-CLASS IN EVERY RESPECT. Tarlety. Drama, Bnrlcaqoe and Comedy. novaiy Old No.) On Kxhibitioa cNbwNo, 4M \ mm* Salt ] ?? 7TM 8T.S AT ( 7TB 8T. Vf. (SI Tit str$ti, txnrem V and E ftreal*, *U? door I abort Odd FtLUnet' Hill. Chotoa OU Paintings, BngraTtcra. Ohromos, Be. Also, largest stock of Paper Hanglcfa, Winder hades. Pictures. Frames, Picture Oorii MS Tat ?la, Blnga, Malls, Ac., la the J BrTnai Cash. _ ibar lam* aad Nnmbtv Jyl-ly EXCURSIONS, PIC NICS, Ac. OI1CB, 1 would raapactfnlly ann^uco* to my friend* and th* public generally that 1 have rsated aad "A fitted up tb* gronnda on " ABALOHTAM ? ISLAND" for tb* pleasure of picik and Ok tesdT otber partiss dasiiiug a resort eaay of , and affording all tbs enjoynaenu aad lnxartes da aired. Good ferriage and terms eaay. Fee Infor mation apply on the gronnda to the uadersigi -d . Bout running every day from the foot of H lgh *re*t. my is St* JAMBH OOLB ttlVEITB GBABD Pit,'BIO OF THI WA O* YBBLY MAB^OBBADEBS, To be afren at &A GBBEM SPBIBr. BCHCBT/EB PABK, B 'JB MOBOAT, MAY 15. jflE Ticket, admitting gentleman aad I ad lea, SOuflB cents, bv ordar conaittee. G.J &1LL1AV, J. B. BHBMABTBAUT. myLVlf The steamboat maby wabhimgtom will leave her wharf, foot of Tth street, MONDAYS. P . and KBIDAYB. at 9 o'clock a m., GLYMOMT ard Intermediate Landings, returning about 4 o'clock. The other daya in the week s&e can be Chartered for Bxcaralona or other purp^aee For Information apply to G Y.AtLEE, Agent, 31 ft 7tb at , oapoaite Post Office Dept.or on board. Excursion, for round trip, single ticket. Mc. " '? club of? p^rsoaa.eOc. each, u ? ? H aarxina. )M each. Children under It years or age halt prioe. my 11 6t J. W L. BOfiWBLL. Oaptaln. RAZAB PATTERN sj BAZAR PATTERNS, AGEBCY AT C. BAI M'N, SOB 7tk Btr??L AGBBCY OF THB HEW AUTOMATIC WILCOX A GIBBS 8EWING MACHINES. LADIES UNDERGARMENTS AT ABT0B1SHIH0 PB10BB, C. BAVJT8 SANITARY CORBET OB ABT STY LB BADB TO 0B9BB. O. BAVI. -4thp4r QBBViBB ??Vim LA PIES owns. RECEIVED. A larr* a! FBAB< H FbOWEEI. ALSO. A fail Uae of Bee FA BS which w-r? boagbt ? ? R b*n?t?,M< ?l|l beeotdloy AU tt* W?? ??*??? tieala Cbip aAd hrt< BtTt aad BOX BETS n oetied daily Sp*cl?l at*?atte?Bl?^ InKI. ?( VT. btU ?r BiM_aad_Bii?_?_ett^?_ IC1ITID A Urt* m4 IiImi AwHBiH of EMBROIDERIES. FOB TB1BB1BQ LA DIBS L1BBB 6CITS flMMidtN of C H1LPKFX~8 LA CM CAPS A AO.V5II1. At mi. an Hill tr >11 Itt HWK.OW |5 SI MMER STVLIS >' I W HATS. THE HIL1TAIKB Uf HILSIIT BAT HitniT le' Hir. PABABA.U4 STItW, juat Special attends* given to ordere. BB? J. P. PAIVBB. nfV tr B?. 1IX > mwc. M. lli> ?X MA. * MIBB K. A. MrCMBiri. d? ?Xi MTh STBBBT. BT CLOCD BClLDlBOJ Dklli rtNitlBi all tbe UM Bor CHIP ABD STBAW PONBBTS. BATS, kAl'BB FLOW BBS, Ac.. Ac. Ladle* oI Wellington and i total ty are call an.1 examine. LADIES* SHOES, BADE TO OBDBB AT ? It lit SttMf. O^fDfiH flMM CIN. Ako.ta band, a Im Muck of LAO IBS' BOOT!' at tb* following wrier* Fretirb kid Bnitoaed?. - <T ?? M M_?- -? r * It rrencb Pebble " -.V.'.m. B A0 _ mm Oooda an all aoade at air mtblhlawl and are raaraateed to be a^aal to aay aorB mean (act n red la tba luted Ctataa. rx-ll JAR. H TEBXILTA. <:tlAT lACAiriCBOV HDNARMAIH >1 ?IPBBB* H A IB BEAID* at St?. former price f* 4 0 HAIR BBA1DB at B8.for**r arte* BIB. BAIB BIAIM at ft, form.-r pr1c? ?* BB BAIB BBAIP* at ll ?. loraw prl" || A LA ROB APBCBTMEBT OB (HEAP BAB BLEU BOOIKOW and IBBEBT10BB. A or LAD1BS CSDBBOAB ALABUB 8TOCB wr 81 B CMBBELLAS aa? parasols. eeilma ryaral? ot coat. LAOIES CLOABB ABO SUITS, at a (r?at re d DClio D. Real abd imitatiob lacbb, _______ wear low. OB KABD ABD BECEIVIBB DAILY, ? lam aaeortmort of M1LL1BBBY WOODS. Tb? latest atyle* at HATS HIS BOBS, BLOW BBS. tie. Also, just bbobivbd. m a?r*m ibattoa BID QLOYE0, all abeda*. and tb* baat U tba Baiket. far #1. \VB IBVITB TBB LAOIES TO CALL abo " itmIii BBB atock If B HKLLBB. TIB Barkat Spaae J^riCIUTlIB. SPBC1ALTSBA. DOUOLAW. BIBTB ABB P-BT. CLOUD OOBSBTS, BEIBTB, BOTTLES, FEEHCH LACBPBT POMPADOCBS. PA!*, HHOLLMB HBACBS BOSIBBY, lapibf' oottob abd MBBiBO UBDEBWEAB. bid OLOVBS. Black of Faacy BooA i Boreltte* raaoKad Ball; t r for boa BOOKS AN D STATION ERY. WICH HAZEL. 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