Newspaper of Evening Star, May 16, 1876, Page 2

Newspaper of Evening Star dated May 16, 1876 Page 2
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EVENING STAR. WA8HIN0 TON: TriKDAT May 1?, 1S7? ClOABT S. IOTB. \Average fkiily Circulation over 15,MM)f-being more than three timet* that of any other doily jtaper in Washington, TRAD K BSAVBSR - UX National Calamity .'??.ihi.VMk Wonder If John Thomas huirftie mnct by hi* parsimony and sticks? I tYipval. . . . >'ow that the campaign la closed, we tjoder that D. P.. who ls not wanting in t blvalous frankness on occasion, doss not own np that be bu been badly beaten by John T- Ford, or "John Thomas," as he styles Mm. And, by the way, bow U It that Donn, wt'O la In the habit of complaining that 01 ;y thin-wit ted people, who can't handle any other weapon persist in calling him "Dunn Piatt," "Dom Pirate," 4?, should have no other weapon In bta armory to fling at Ford than a alang name? The aad truth mnat b> confessed. as Illus trated by the reanlt of Ponn'e ferocious ra'd vipon "John Thomas." that the public care \ery llUle for theatrical "criticism," socall kd, especially when an anions of pi<i?e or ;rm cal hostility is transparent. 8lnee Doon |i.r?t came in collision with Fori, aad the l.t'et wrathfully bat not very sensibly thdre m his advertising from the CapUuL, that paper has brought all it* vitriolic bat teries to bear upon Ford, to breai down h'a business. I?. P. has told the public abundant iteration that his name was John Thomas; that bis company were worthless sticks, that his stars were flftn rate; his rrebestra vile; his stage appointments execrable; his theater a dingy bole; that there was nndoubtedly a malarial cesspool under It; that theater goers entered the building at the risk of their lives from Are; that assassination was the likeliest thing in the woild to happen at any theater managed by Ford; and the amused public have won dered that Donn hesitated short of charging npon the wicked John Thomas thedellberate design of mtrapplng Congress, the Execu tive, and the elite of Washington and the nation into hla "National Calamity," and Mowing the whole concern skyward with an unparstnr onions amount of dynamite. Well, the grard result is that Ford, instead of be ing crushed out. has bad, for theeedull times, an exceptionally successful season. The public have discounted all the f\tpitaTx John Thomas, stick stock. flre-fl?nd ebullitions; aad, saddest of all, have seemed to delight to crow ! the "National Calamity" In the fees oj Donn's moat terrl 3c blasts of warn ing. The fact is, John T Ford la a good deal of a man; as the people of Washington and Baltimore, who have known him for thirty fu'ly appreciate Ills own city has shown that appreciation by placing him Irepeatr !'v in her foremost positions of honor ~ " Ins*. Probably no other theatrical er in our country was ever so compu ted for integrity, business capacity and good citizenship. His long record as a suc cessful manager la especially honorable to him. He understands bis business thor oughly. lolfils his contracts to the letter, and pays his bills. He la not of the spread eagle Style or green managers, with which Wash ington is unhappily familiar, who commence ? season with tremendous promises, and ?oUapse disastrously half way through, leaving their company and a host of cred itors unpaid. Ford, indeed, deserves the special goodwill of the Washington news papers as about the only manager who hasn't swindled the printer. Toat he knows to cater for the public Is shown by bis ' success; which would seem to be the direct test. Ford is a keen, vigorous writer, too. D. P. ?seers to Lave been considerably astonished by the quality of the adversary tie had waked up, and paid Ford the oompllment of charg ing that be had employed some trained writer to carry on his part of the controver sy. But every word was Ford's own; and the public began to suspect that. Instead of Piatt being able to instruct Ford as a mana ger, Ford could teach Piatt a wrinkle or two In Journalism. Now, that the two comba tants have fully tested each other's prowess, we advise them to drop the profitless con test, and learn to entertain that mutual liking that Col. Dumas tells ua in the play, we feel towards those with whom we have rough t. ? mmm ? Blnee the agitation of the aubject of the ass of unfermented wine for sacramental purposes many persona have inquired juat what unfermented wine Is. The Rev. A. C. Bowdlsh told the New York Methodist min isters at their weekly meeting, yesterday, how It could be made: The way to make it, Ls said, was to boll the grapes over a slow fire until the pulp aeparates from the skin. Add sufficient water to prevent burning, then preas the jalee through a fine cloth, than add lour poanda of sugar to every gallon |ef Juice, bo.1 again and put the wine Into the Jars. While very hot. This cost* about one "dollar per gallon. He prwluoed a quantity |of '!?!? wlae, which was 'sampled" by the treacLers, who pronounced it "very sweet." Certain residents of Petersburg, Virginia, liaaded by the mayor, propoie to celebrate Vlueen Victoria's birthday on the -itb of this month, and the New York Rtcnii*g P"-*t thinka that while it may be all right and proper, there ls a point of view from which It is entertainingly odd, neverthelesa. The circular, wblch ls signed by tbe mayor, and the "president of the celebration," asks "one and all to join in bononngthe birthday of ber Majesty <^ueen Victoria (and it might bare added impress of India"), and in add ing one more lluk to the golden chain of aCectlon which binds together the people of (be United 8tates and the British people." It may be said In explanation of this cele bration that it has been tbe custom of the large number of British immigrants who iihin the last t*n years have made Virginia Ihtir borne, to celebrate each recurring an niversary of tbe Queen's birthday, and that pruning celeoratlon is doubtless under I heir auspices. Tne mayor of Petersburg and otb*r prominent natives of Virginia see fci to participate lu it. and by ao doing express their respect for an estimable woman f * ?iae ruler, and In this it ls hard to see ?y lac propriety. [WEST UEAF T*A, > TtiMA MOMMA, iOe 5?c. 40c. SOc 30c Fr*jc act. (U?wt and superior la STery r?*#?ct to lea ?.ld at thai ar'ee. C. WITHER. FitlM (? MOiMKIKS, ajW tr 12IB r?DC?>lraui* ?veati*. r > i ? *. EH _ Marti j Wuasd the .KTN A LIM K MLB of S. D. a?w L.?c?f?ciar1na ? superior grttUeu LIMB at oxs*?S1(ikI) low Oar > Ufii^a lock Bill Su?wn m Maoafto Usar aad ..^rWr to sot in tha m irkit W? aid i am bans PLABTBK CBSIIT aad Hal a .. - - _ 'articles will do w*U br giving I a aUMwt parchaatoc rU?b?r? s>mV cockaaBia. a blabh;ib. OAT BBS. MO I SM MA ISM* AND MO VMM, sad lr*M bo&Ms raW?d aad ao<id tU Is' SSI* K Hfw aortfcw?t. 'ABLY YA0OTABUE6 aud FEU ITS, Br VOKreLK fteansn erery UBrBKSDAT, TBIDAT, aad HOB OAT. IGTTBE, Ba?8, saS POCLTBT traab daily br Bi>nss ma* ooBiota Atip o sts. k.w._ |MB. L. p JBABBBRBT WILL OFBB A ISS*? rta> at of 1MPOSTED DHKvXS. lohctv*, and Drssaas LS Of hr| OWB _ I M ta* , h< rv??t Dotlc*. _ i l?rlm ika iadi? la g?a?rsl. 1'iSS Psnaarl ? -re? mi* laa PIBLIBBSU. A BBACTirOb BlLUAD Ited T?m." words lad mute by fLOcBsr- Tato la % charm tag balla>l. watch 'VrtSltf ** r**XI Frlto.Js E?yU-?r ? BLLIB A OO.-B. b' ktMfTJfaa. OrOTBS, Ac , BQCOBT, aad tf ? ,b'rt cash ?rtoss sail, aad uUUn ia...rir?lgrcMl. W. BUTHtBFOB?. m.U u Oar.MUaaSeato .OBSawcibesst. $1.60 $1.44 F11vis UED, READY FOR USE. A GEJTTLEJnjtJr 8 SHIRT Of Yiasitta lisiii u<i (ltd lim lUson. FOB tl 44 R1T CABH. The popular idea of value la linen* la Iudm, This ia on? element of value, bat anly on*. Another Ml very mcwuvi element is roaudnesa of thread. Both IInan and cottan are vegetable flbrea, bat char, arteri ttically different, linen having a greater power of absorption thaa cotton, aa mar be proven by very simpls experiments. Hence the advantage linen haa over cotton in absorbing and retaining starch There are alio difference! of degree in regard to this quality in different grades of liaaaa, the roand thread llnena havlog thli juaMty in a greater degree than the flat thread. Theae Fblrtsare made by th? oldest housa la th* trade; and, being no novices, th*y have neiectad a linen not only for !ta fineness, but with reference to actual valmin practical ??. The price at ahlch I off^rth^ns, 91.&\l*ss 10 p r cent, for cash, or ?1.44 net, is lower thsn I sold similar gocd* seventeen jeers, and at the price must c mm *nd le*-e* *a'*s TbU offering la tpecial an<! I* not mteudel to interfere with my regular stock shir ta. ONE PRICE ONLY. CASU l)Is CO UN T TEN PER CENT. QEORQE C. HENNINO, 410 BEYEXTH STB EXT. mjlfi tr F '?H TUBCENTEBBIAL EXHIBITION FIVE THAWS DAILY. EXCEPT SU.WAY 1 iVIl BALTIMOKB A POTOMAC BAI LBOAD Owmtm'iiij Wrdiiemlay. May 16ih. The Baltimore and l'otomac Bailroad Company will run th" following trains < tl rough to Philadelphia with out change of cars, leaving the depit, Pennsylvania avenue and flth street, daily, except Sunday: l:iit a v .and arriving ia Philadelphia at 1:90 p. x , dally, except Monday. 9:93 a m .aLdarrlviDg In Philadelphia at 1:9ft p *.,dally, except Sunday. 1:30 p m., and airlvlug In Puiladelpkla at 6:30 p *.,daily,exceptSunday. 5.30 p *t.. and anlvlcg In Philadelphia at 11 r m. daily 9 10 p. m., and arriving In Philadelphia nt 8 35 a. m .daily. Sleeping cars attached to the train to Philadel phia leaving at 9 10 p m . and persona securing berths can remain In the car nntil 7 o'clock a.m. S? rare your t*ck*ta at the offlce of the company, northeast corner 13th atreat and Pennsylvania ave Lue, and northeaat co-aer of 6th"street and Penn sylvania avenue, and depot of the Baltimore and Potomac Baiimad com t any. IBANK THOMPSON. Gen. ral Manager. b)M lm D M BOYD Ja . Pen. Fas. Agent. DLIGANT BLACK AMD COLORED QRBNA L PINKS. RICH 1!LAGE AND COLORBB DBE8S BILKS, HEMTIFUL bTBlPKD AND CHICK. BILKS, LFPIB 8 MOUBBIBG GBENADIBB8 LTPIN 'S TAMISB ABD TAMIBE UELMNE, 8 * HEAVY SiLK AMD WOOL OBENADISES, ALL BILE BLACK HERNANNI, LUPIN'S CAMKL'H HAIR DBLAINK. Aid a or mplete assortment of ENGLISH CBAPES ind OBAPI V* 11,9. and all other MOCBN ING OOOD8, of the beet quality always; ou band. B f UN K FBICB IB PLAIN riQI BBS. W. 91. IHVSTER fe BBO., It 919 Ptnuayivaaia avenve. OFFICE OF The Mutual Protection Fire Iui. Oo, OF TUB DIBTBICT OF COLUMBIA, (CHAKTSKFD BT ACT OF COSGRE**,' 13C9 Ptnnsjlvaaiaavenue,<opposite U.S. Tres'y.) OKFICtB? OFORCE TAYLOB. Pr?s JAS E PITCH, H M. BALLABTYNE, V. Pres. Bee. and Ti*a<* TBHSTBE8 G-crge Taylor, Win Ballantyne, Chae F Peck, J<s?ph Tswy, JobnC Barkneas, A B Perry, lkm J.Bibky, N.W Burchdl, JasH Bavllie. The above C, mpany is row fully organized for bctiictM and prepared to issue policies of losnrance on mo. t favorable terms Pamphlets containing th'- act if incorporation and br law* will be fur bi h. d on application. JAMES B. FITCH, urn >3 lm Secretary and Treasurer. DASTUBAGB KABM 1M GEOB<? ETOWN FOB a KENT. Apply t<> JOHB LBB, 3d street, be twe>n Lincoln and Warren streets, near Georca town ( allege myU 3t* JUSTBECE1VED F BOM SARATOGA SPRINGS a barrel of BXCKLSII/B **? ATKB, which la on d'ansbt. G.G.C SIM Mt?, Druggist, my?-3t* Cor Iith st. and B. ? . nr. fllE GREAT ANODYNE AND NERVINE. BELT'S STOMACH AND TONIC BITTERS. It la an unfailing remedy for DTBPEPS1A and LIVEB COMPaiAIBT and every species of IB D1GE0T1ON. It la the only cure for SICK HEAD ACHE. It never fails to reliera in MIASMATIC FBVEB8, FBVEB and AGUK. COLIO. Ac. It ia a swift and invariable cure of the PBB1LITY. DBPBBSSION and HBADA^HB which follow LNDUB STIMULATION. It overcomaa imme dlately all BBBTuL'SMESB a-d removes all traces of a nlabt's DISSIPATION. It does away with the u*<- of OPIATES and to those addicted to the OPIUM HABIT: it ia a pleasant and perfect sub stitute, curing the bad effects of this drug and de stroying all desira for It. To V k*<i at all Ihwmst.' an l G^owr*. Sen I for PampkUt. BBI T S BITTEBS DEPOT 13 Camden street, Baltimore, Md. BAJTL TYLER, Jr^ V HOLE9ALE AGENT, my 13 3m* !?99 19th street, Washington. D C. ULABHffilK, CHINA, CBOCKEBY, HCUSEFCBBISHIBG GOuDB, BBFBIGBBATOB8. ICB CUBITS. COOLERS. Ac. ayUtt 1009 Fann'a ave , near 11th straal. MAJOR, (OK, NEYLJTTH AXD B BTBEBTB, HAS THI COLDEST AND BEST SODA WATER IN THE WORLD. myU 3m TBT IT "THE L1TTLB BIO BE ABOUND TBI COB A EBB." J. EAKIN UADIBT, DEALER in FINE FAMILY GROCERIES, WlNE*, Bo. tMi twentieth btbBbt.b.w., Penna avenue and I st., ay# lm Wsaklagtop, D. O. IyNIGHTS TEMPLARS' REGALIA. Wa are prepared to tarnish BBO ALIA tor WABHINOTON OOMM ABDBBT, Ho. 1; COLUMBIA; POTOMkO COMB ABDBBT Ba. 1; DkBOLAY COMBABDEBT, BO. 4; OH SHORT MOTICM. Our stock of SIR KNIGHTS' EQUIPMENTS la Corn ptata. An gooda aold guar an ted to ba regulation, and at Factory Fiioaa. 904 PBBNS1LTAB1A ATBBOB. SBOOMP-^ABD C^THIBO^ FCMir 0 ikB SSSa By WANTS. TED-A EliO WAITBB at MILLl BB"8 HoW.rtmrlMui Beta bMK' \V41TID-Iwfi em-cltu OOAT ? ?? <J ?* one for PuUIoom or Vast*. Ap?ly ?< No. fOl.emtrofMud HatntUaorlkv"' W iKTM-i competent HADBIIktr**. a ?v ir t'.td dif<? with coo* rafereocee, at'.l Ida situation D street eoath- a?rl* \VABT?I>-A 0 AT SEE It or good CJOB The iv bMt of rofersLcea required. iyilr )U ISk rtrwt northwest. It* \V*fTB?-Two WBlTB OIIIi8,?tM hou?a " girl, one M anree. Aptly SOS C street north west Mo'l CMHwdl reromsaeuded. wyldM* U,'ANTII>-P.mni wishing to here SaWlaQ " DOM Bet their houeae, please addreee "J I/,. 903 7tli street northwest. myd 3t* WASTED? A WOKiH MaarNudtoaoctaa " berwork But krliitlw M ntniMi f? ply at Bo. alia ml*-*' WaNTBD? By an experienced oolorei p >rter a '? MTCaTIOS; mod rtfwMMi. fl?t* ?d drets POET IK, Star Office. my *4 3t* \LT AS TED?A VOEil to ?o hoaaswork for a V-"? """'afcsrmgg \V*A STEP?B/ ( rtQicttblf whit* worn?n a 1* 1ITUATIOH m MKMrtit 0o?k. Gool ref erences. Addrt m -'COOKi'" Star Offioe. If Wa?TBD-\ BITOaTIOB m Gardener by a vv cm<etsnt whiie mti who a'so uaderetends horses at-d drlviag. Apply 1804 H str<e: north *m<. mtM-if WASTED? A teacher wieheeto ride several af ternoons in the wtek- with a family or p >ra n. Rt'eretcf * eich?ug>-'l. Adlrvss. stating t*r ns for ot,* nvrth, "M. L W Star Offioe. myl4-3t* VVANTBU-On- ??od HAND at Dre,sa>ekinr. Alio one APPBESTIOB. Mr*. Borr. I rowmtker. myK St* 9'JO Pennsylvania tveane %** ANTED?To sell or evbai??e for other furni *> lore. estra'l Parlor OB9AN or MEL"DXi>K; w ill f elt" * pmMl cnurch. ITiiet cl?ea muor ana very ??eet t< ne; 116 CI street northeast. m?14 3t \\j Ah i AD?lti.timliatelv?ai So. t llrect II rortLwMt. as<ttled WOHAS to' take charge of ?u infant. Good wage* given to one wuo U fox pettiit. >?.' WASTED?A respectable wfcite want* a SITC A1 lOS as cojk atd aasi.t in housew irk. and ran g"? sootj rtference. Apply lUJl L street. be tween iOtti and tlat streets. It* %VAVTRD-t > Mil. Pa'ent Ofice BEPORT* v v (m< 1S47 to 184i, inclusive; alio several odd Lumbers, very cheap, at Bookstor*. > aV9H 7th street ncrthweat. It* \\7aSTED? \ re?j> xtable colored youth actire-t ' ' aSlTCATI >S to leava the city with the fam ? ir o.' ??" niber of OvDgreaa or private family to mme fttKhiii1 b#?t rer?recce? can be ob tained. Box 8. Star OlBce. myl6-3tv WASTED?By a rtnglegentleman, a Fiirni*h?<l BOOH, fnclng aonth, in a house containing in< d?r n iniprovemcnta. between 7th and 17>h streets ar d r ana M stree ts. Addresa Poet Offic? Box #*?T. my 16 3t* 1E/ABTID? By a coi. red man with good recom v v mrndatioos. a t ITUATION to attand bona* or drive Can woik on a farm. Appiv to PETBR D"BBET- Star, toil's alley, between K and Land 13th ap* Hth streets. It* WASTED?To give the (M of SINE HAND ? BOHBLV rCBNIHUBD BOOMS in a h >nm iig every convenivDoaa for tk? board of tbree p?r?)ns. Addreaa J. W. 0ABTWB10HT. no le-3t IVaSTED-A SITUaTIOB by a yonng amen v v can woman aa Housekeeper or Oovarn*>ss, or acnM do light chaml>erw( rk and sewing Will be paktltfied with ?mail compensatloa. Beferancea tir>t-cla??. Address "Caa ilia." Btar olce. mlg 3t* W *STEI??All persona having fie wing ST v T chines that do not work to tbelr satisfaction to have them repaired at 110 9th atreet. betw<>?n B and K streets All a^ta of AttMhmetU and all s'rts of Sewing Machlnaa. my M St IVANTIU-A Lady or GEBTLBHAB to take v v charge of the Ag?ncy for Georgetown o' a f\oe iUueirated work, beautifully gotten na; takea at fight: must bea resident of the place. Also, two Agffcta for W aahiniron. Thla is a good ckanoe for thcae wlahlrg profitable employment. Ai ress 104. Pes' Offlce Box, Washington, giving yonr ad drtsa and 1 will call upon yon. It* WASTED? A co?pe* ?nt Book and Jafc Printer ?ishos a SITUATIOB. Beat of reference* aa to ablUty Addreaa "LPX," Star Office. b??15 If WASTED?By a fl^t class colored i nrae a SfF I'ATIOS. The beat city rtferetcea given. Applr 34 > W street southwest myli Sf WASTED? B> a young Woman a PLACE to ?* travel with a lady for the summer, as a laly'a moid or to take care of a'child and aew. Addr?sa 1 343 S street, between 13th and 14 h. mylB It* WASTED?By a reaptctiibl* colored girl a SIT ' v UATIOB as nurse and Chambermaid, or to travel wI'll a lady. Good references. Applf 1144 *0th street northwest. n.yU-3'* WANTED?SHOP suitable for Paint Shop, with " or without three rooms Al?o. BOT with "?f knowledge ol the trade. J. T. BOOTf, iWti f b street northwest. m l> 3t* W^ANTED?YODHG MBS for taliroad and busiotaa narp<>?aa. Good salaries wi^en gnall ltd. Telegraph, phonograph, bankiog; busloesa instructions sen fr*?. Addreaa Sapt. Polrtechn'c Co , Baltimore, Md. myl> lm \V"ANTED?( H \MBEBMAID8, Nursaa, Cooks, vf Waltera, Farm Hands. Drivers, Ac. Oied placea in city and conntry. National Employment Office. Brom 44,corner 7th aad T street*, rami Uis aupplled. my'tt It* tVANTED? FAMILIES 1<? CALL aud get sup v v plied with the b*st of Wrli r*commenaed whi-e and colored help la the city for all klnos of wo-k, Hervantn can ftod aocd homes at tha Eureka Em ploy ment offlce, 907 Dstreet. my 15 3t* Mra LOfTISE 0. BDTL1B. WANTAD-A White OlULi that ?nd?rstauds the v v care of cbil<iren, d dne cbambarwork and plain aewing,in a private fan:ily that will remain a month bar* and four month- In Philadelphia. Go<4 liberal wages will be paid. Muat be >oung ani bealtby and wall recommendad, both in regard to cbaracei>ni abLlty. Addrca Box 90, City Pot Offlce tor two day a mrilti' EE/ABTBD?A good reliable WOMAN to cook, TV vraah and Iron for a tmall family. Apply its? mediately at 493 7th street southeast. my 13 St* WASTBD? A SITUATION aa hja?a and dlnln* v v room maid by a youag girl who can bring ex cellent recommendations from ner present em ploy ar. Addreen ''Maid," Btar offl a. myll St ANTED-A good COOK, WA8UEB an 1 IBOHEB; good wages ti one who can do the work f?r a amalI family in Georgetown. Ap " tbts office after 9 a. m. my w ?y at 3t WASTED?B> a middle-aged lady, with no fam 11' , the CHABUE of aHonse during the ab set ce of tha family. Addreaa Mra. J. B A., thla office. ?TUSt* WASTED-A CHILD TO NUK8E; milk aix it weeks old. Apply to Mrs CH1PMAH, V attret, south slda, between 11th and ltth streets northwest B?yl3 3t* WASTED T<i BUT?A light one horse CAB if 11IAGE for foor per'ona. Must be late style and ch*ap. Give deecrlption aud price H. X po-'. c dice. myll 7t WANTED-A STl'DIO. An artlat returning to America de?lree a large, well lighted BTUDIO in Waahirgton. well altuat-d, furnlabed or nnfur nlabed wi?h or witbont apartments. Address BOB EBT C. HINCKltET, Northampton, Maasachu setts my 6-IOt WASTED - ABT HDMAB BB1NG WITH II PH*1WB caa make BSOO a month selling our Latter Copying Book. Any one that haa a letter to write will boy It. No press or water need. Send for circular. EXOELBIOB OO., 16 Tribnaa Build leg. Chicago, 1U. ; may! lm* taBTED?Oarpeta infested with Moths to clean . 1 and at the same time restore them to their ort nal brightness, with or without removlngfrom the floor. Ink and grease spota a specialty. Washing, ton Carpet Renovating Co., 1414 Pennsylvakiila ATetne. mpM-lm W W L'ASTED-BUUBTT labd wabbabtb. ^ ao *?*/ WILLIAM H. BBOB, ap!9 lm* Cor. Louialana ava. and ?ih street. IVABTkD?HOB8AB to pasture or feed; farm If on 7th street road, near BUgo P. O., Montg >m er> Co . Md. O.H.CLABH. aplT lm* ASTED?0ABPET8 TO OLBAN at Sfam Bratin* Workt, 490 Maine avenue, between 4X and <th streets southwest. Calbd for and delivered without charge. apll ly VVrASTED??entian?en to koow thal WILLIAM ? MOOBE. Merchant TaUor, 1*11 Hew Tork avenue, makes a specialty of cutting: garment to be ?at hoaae. novtt-ly LOST AND FOUND. F^OLND-On Monday, May ?tb a POCKET BOOB, containing a small sum of money, which the owner caa have by proving ?rop?rty aad pay"* for tbla advertisement. Address H. n. SMITH, City poeteffixe. It C^AME TO MT PBEUIBSB-May 14th, a dark / bay M ABB. The owner Is requested to | come forward, prove property, par cbarg-a and take ter a*ay. JOHN BURT, Burnt' Brilge road, naar Ublobtown, P. 0- myl? 3t*a f OST-On May 14th. on Penna avenue, bat*eea Li SOth and Uth streets, or on lath street, between Pent a. avenue and Bhode Island avenue ,?f 1N E GOLD BBCKLACE. Tha finder will be liberally rewarded hy returning it to Bo. 9134 H a?. awth west. BfM 2f (in RBWABD.?Lost?A LOCEBT, Bade of ^ 1II bloodstone and eardonyx, engraved with ti e letter "B ard I oldlag a palntad photograph of aa anbnra haired lady. Any oneret*r?lag this lock't to Boom Bo. 6, War Pepartmew*, will re ceive the aboia reward. aaaylJ-ao3t f OBT-A GOLD LOCEBT, with the letter " H " Ls on It, in tne" Soldier's Home," on Baturday aflernooa. The finder will receive a liberal re ward upon leaving it at lilt B street northwest. myll St* IVJ0T10E ? ABB1TB DAILT AT THB NOB PI FOLK OYSTER DEPOT, BUI B street northwest. Soft and Hart Ofenha, OyiJV tars, Clams, Turtiee, Ac. mayt lm H WHITE A CO. fAYLOB * HUFTY, BSS FMBHBTLTAN1A ATIROB HAVE BBDUCBD THB PRICES OF THB1B QKLMBKATKD DOUBLE TO KM 8HJMTS AS follows : Quality Be. L BMST. Formerly BMM ?? " ?, ta.?; M |B? BM-BO; ? 9MM. ? - 4. #41 Jl; " B44JI. SALT 1 BALT ' ?SB.000 Backe Llverp-ioi Ground & Alum and Fine Bait Ash ton's. Desk is a, Ver din's aad Evana' brands. WA8S buaksto Turk's Bxee Dairy aad toe Bait Ashtna'a, Deakiue, Var ?' brands. WASS bualtoU Turk's Island. ?0/t? Bags aad B;xas Dairy aad Table Bah; for aale la lots to sale delivered in Depot, Waahirgton. about Baltimore ALEX. EEBR A BBO . dl fc.utkii Jfi N h IBS A KEBB'd * harvee, Baltia FJjoX1 Itghtful for FOR BENT AND SALE. Fos.f"jh^ptooMflT, sag asK iss ?otttwwt. WH> of ?lt>8tt bo?H. MT fcwwl ate* nhnliM ROOMS, * ?i flight, healthy locecloe, d? dMlocinutmirk^ 091 1701 llifT-Mo. BO.5 BOOTH A BTII1I, h?r 1* 1m seodera hiiwwit to. tee ROOM a Re at MHrMtk. THOS.B. WAUQAMA* #19 7 A ?beat mjH-X frOR gVt-kOOMi. Wltd OR Wthopt r bo?4. it H? 19 tM !? VT?alB| alrMl,W?it Philadelphia. Tiki the Hark el stre?t ear* Co(ag veet. myl6tni PR UIT-A euite of fire ROOMS, oa eecoad floor, with all couTeateacea for hoa?ekeeping. rrnlif without will children preferred Refer eute repaired. laqnlre at 1 street a?rth west. aHlii' COR RRMT-A OBNTLBMAN a HI) Win r deehlng lour or ire partly famished ROOMS, wtth conveniences for h?uaeke?pta?. for theeurn toer.ata low rest, may call at Mo. 11*1 H (tnei ?ortkwett myl( Jt* t?OR RRMT-rOR riVB OR BIX MONTH 4 J OAna* ? ? ? - i-fiSS-ArSSEfjS""; ?*? T?'.???'Ah. dreea A L B . Star office rate ctan cr lawyer at 11?3 r etieet n. w "i'I." T?Three ait room Brick HOC8RS westTnear T2^'Uf ,nd b?'". on Ts treat north g? ggy'&teif.'nw^g-y >^;gt f1";".?1 H uee. an1 ccTtai'o' , Nd! B' lJ l,' CM' PleMe 0411 *nd ?"? tbea t 'octav* KoMeoid PUMu b? d*t poeedofa^TVi!?"d'i1 fir?tr|?" Piano to 2r*"t'dha?0ne,e^ being ' bI>*** *? Art with ft;"lt"s ajar rkszsr^'iuKsst F^, t8-anrltEvra'?VC-i"iI"<e.f"'r 0, ? ?'r JP" 'f Wttb an ??. ?Bo?nD, h op*, frnft an l ihid? tr?M on cmrriaf? war Soldier.' Horn" ca? itS'thS to'T,' 'T1' :,^r?om B'jvsiXuTt northwest northweet App'y at 100B H ,t. "" w in f 15 Jt* P<"R RRNT-t)KLIOHTrrL~ROT>MS r.r*W. wfit""""' ** ,he corner 01 ?th end O ate. north F^ro NJ?7?,3^711 ,tr,et ?outliweet; coital ns n.,13 3t ' THOS B*WAQQAMAWYl'snfc.t KS^Ll^ATooVr^trsj'^'vsi.-i" eorthm?Dd W0Ldah"1- * No?li t ?ire^t sSSigpRKll ' month. myl3fjunel* Ka'Ta^ntab^d T?H^hif05r vZrr ?'*?*Bnt BOOMS, g&^ffgS5*5gre?g FSiSf EfcSf&Ka w !;^ksk?^s fFS^swMMMtfSE ?*j?js^%es&gsii!r "sum* iAiA ?Ve.,?i!Hf J. btU St* Fh,*l B*,VK-rBA** nWBLLIMO, 7 iooirg PUc* ????? between B aad T ?te. m. lj lw? ti^O* RRNT-HOUBB ?OH H.w JeT?*Ta?T?n? * ntheae'; preeeed brick fron'T hi rTmi 22? ?oeet end New ^orh arec 0ALF' C??(3 ^,U I^OR RKNT?Near the War and N?tt Dea?rt' ^^lltltnated and thoronghly farn^hi B'UbR of tat-lve roo?e. inciudin* a Ur?? fr<.^ . ffi-e room; a ill be rented for one rAr of lower P(i? ??*T->.n?w H??D8?. I0rooma No tbe?^a?lern ? at 109 C ?treet eonthanet, logic PUpe b,t!2 fit* 7 m,,*? from the cttr: street noruTa^t?^ 'and. Apply aW^O H K ??eBIl?iiS^Trnl|^e. J J10.0 * 8 ? en "?'te or lu mf> ???h 7 located tor enmmer. taw N$w HODSJB of six rooms? w^tAr 11.1 ?f ?roaad, on D atr-et, b'etweon p JSU^iJ ^ itreeta iou^bei?t. Ipqalre it 1416 P^i'DiiylvaiiiA ftv#nue. opposite Willard's RotAi iTaVJS "Iy "fDKOO^st^arnl.hTo'h^'Vo guitl* irwr. Inqnire aputalra, aa abore. myll 6t 1^9,? Dew, ?n<l handsome DWKLLInIo' Mm ?25S' ' minut?e' walk of Belar ? admire' TeVrn.' u^iwll'y0^^1 Af.ply tT" ,n WMhln?to? OM ||o/i,fK.'?l?VS?.90J'w F?;J fflVJSfSffSi S."'?r in.\rttS'? SttuV&AiSBS* ??' treat bargain, LOT M*113 on ?"^-.WOOP 1 MOKMyV ? KI,'nrkBn?171?? ?,'cfmaovon room preeaed . ' ^ Py 1LLIBQ. b>th foftn) g|g hitll t W ?a*p!{>rL^Ithb0r?00<1 ?? A "ont?* Key ?irwt D w *' A-PMILLIPb. 6031?tn ? ?* mj 10 tin ?n<1 tl'tant HOUHB with * And side lots AttRChfd on Irtf mt nft-.u *a?t, imnifdiately north of Capitol gronnite Will ???!??onth? lonie^SfSUT " i^hVtrLr^,^^^ ?f T Fw^J^iZr^K n'V BKIUK UO0SB4, with ia/l ?*th- water oloeet, Ac : largi- yard? ^l1*.4 * an<l lU43 6th street, betweea M ?d a ?h hvod and location excellent Ap 5'4 ti?tt??Vi.0r ** 1303 N atreet, or atBwfu mr-o ?? Buildi"*' corner 8th and T etreete ? R W FBNWlf!K . r Hfc?he5LT"^I?<i?0,?'{s,rn'tbeBK,cK hocsb . acmneaet cun>er <if Market and ut mtw^r. t? M^B Mli*IfKHdefi??dn??Teh<)*,B front- a7A u, ~?i. ? "ILLKB, 103 Bridge ttraat my8 1m F0AopLEKTTVhrr^lr,bl" ><>?? of IMPBOVBO B>Pk, IMh at ,opp Treasury department ro? eoim FHI^'?^ ACBKi of choice gerdanlna anfarbUtied 6^ *L'XJ Zt' ?f re^t6d forniahed or faSSi^|A*&a'S!S? sn"-sa?sa Pri? tli? "an re o"fT#rT m0<lern C0nvenlonce mti L1BB1T, Lnmber Merchant, nil 6 lm Cor fl,h atrtet and New York eve. CpOR RENT-No. SU j|?t creet northwest, ? HODBB. with back bnildlnga: 11 jixpi^btth^KM^lc. Rent per month. Apply to uib. UBIU. ((U, sc. tt?ni ?w per mouiu. Appiy R 8.WR8U0TT, corner Wth and I street* north ?? myS-Jw* L OK RRBT?Nicely fn nlshed H0Ut?B, ou Tory A ? ode rate terms, containing M ro. ni?, with all modern teprovements. Several boarder* la the honse. Apply at No 304 R street n. w, FOB BENT?BOOMS In all portions of the city. JDeeeripUon and terms rtren. Apply to R. r, FOSTRR, northwest corner 7th and O sta. my]-22t* t"OB KENT-A comfortable DWRLLINO, In I tboiongh repair. ceatraMr located, 943 R ?tract; term# moderate tea reliable tenant Apply to S. T OlYRMi wood yard, 10th, near R street. Rent ??0. ap? laa F)R RBMT?A rare chance?A part of a nicely fntn'shed HOC8B for housekeeping, in a dt lightfnl locality, oa the Use of 14th street railway; half square fn* ears; all the modern teprore ments; flee cellar aad yard. Raftrenoee exohasgad. 1481 y street. apS lm LOB 8 AL E?Two -story Brick HOUSR He 809 A 4th street northwest, containing teres rooasa, water aad gas, back aad atte allay. For partlea lais apply oa the praasleea. apM las PJR RtRT?Eirst-cla? RK^l DKMOR, with all mod?ra toiarovearenW, on Rhode Island a vs., Mo. till; will be raoaat eoase time diriic the m< nth oT May. Apply to J. J. 8HRDD, 1408 14th ?tree* apl4-lei F)B SkLR-TwoTalaable LOTS ? by 100 feet, oa Mh street, between r aad Q; fHWoaah; bal aace In Ave years at six per cent, latarest. laqnlre at 697 7th street ?orthwSt. apSl la :ablea. Ice, and pasture in abundance; *B ro ou; ?ege tables, would aot object to house; part of rsat b Ohio railroad; Minntes 1 UUo ^n}TA?K%3SSj e Biattsrllle depot, A paotognph of the I are. ? II ftfe i DIAL UTATB IDLUTIR THOI. B. WiMANAII. SI* Ttfe Sk C1AMU KADI BTSKV WBDXKSDAT iRS tATTADaY. Brick Hou*n for HaU. BO I at. n. w., all mod. t m pa.. M re. fWJno M A at a.e., til sod. tmpa., M n, Tjmjo HO Peon in. n. w . all m. (dim.. Iln 8 out MM li *t. n. w, all ?<>?. lmaa. 11 re 7jm 1H4 #th at. a w.. *11 mod im pa . U ra.? . 7Jon M-1W-11C K at. a. w.. *11 mod inn ? 11 ra. 7 jM 3 aad 5 M at. i l , a'l mod tmpa , 13 PA? 7.388 KN-111 D at a. v.. all mod tmpa , U r* 7JN8 4(7 E at. b. w., all mod. tmpa.. 10 pa? ? IM 191 Oat. a.?..all mod. tmpa . li ?a .. ....??. ajon 111 O at. ? a., all mod. tmpa.. 10 ra... 4 sou aa 1 at. a. w.all mod. imp* .8 ia__? FU'o'story Brick and 'frame Houte* for Sate. 827 G at. a e. i F H ) mod. Imp*.. 10 ra. fJ.'W lxa ? at a ? (F.H I m 4. . 8 ra? - a.*w 4MH. J.ave.n w.<B.B.),mod. lmp? .7ra. 3.8U0 MB L at. a. w..< B H i. mod. Imp*., a ra a auo l<no8ttaat. n.w (F H ). mod. tmpe . 8ra..___. 3 Juo 431 o at n. w.,(B H.tmod tape .8 ra.? ? SM 1X14 Pa. aT a a.,( F II ,1 mid i:npa,7ra 3.100 Hate. are. a. e.,( F-11. i mod i nips. 7 ra? S.<?? 81.112th at a.wjF H ), a.od tmpa., 10 ra t.i?0 >? H rt. n.e.(F H ?, mod imps . 11 ra........... 3 (*?' 4U3 iOtb ft. a e. < F H. I, mod lmpa .16 ra 3AJ0 Unimproved Property fur (jiif. Bridge at Geo town, bet. Market Jk PrertTtat 91,80) Prospect at.. Geo'town, bet Parkn k Fred'k 1JOU 3d at., bet. D and B n. w., aer ft I Ml K at. bet. 16th anl 17th ata. n w.,pertt l.Si L and M .n. w., per ft...._ I/O for lltb atid II sta. n e . per ft I uu Pa ave , bat. 34th and Kth sta. n.w., per ft..... 1 ia? Bat.,bet. 13th and lltb aU.,n. w .per tx , 75 >uth at., bet. 1 and K n w , per ft 75 Houset for Kent. aw N. T.a??.n.w.i(nrn.,i ell md. lmpa , 13 ra. 1173 1114 N. \ . ave., (furn ,1 all tnol lmpa . la ra..... MN J ave., < furn ,1 all mod. lmpa.. 9 ri 931 K rt n v.,all mod. lmpa.. 10 ra. Hj a IK A at. 1.1 , a'lmod laps , 11 ra ? 75 006 11 at. n. w , all ni^d. imp*., 10 ra .. ... 62 1319-12j1 10ih tt n w? all mod imps , 13 ra.?.... 61 627 Pa ave.,(atore.> mod lmpa . 3 ra .. ao 3410 Pa. are., mod. Imp'.. 11 ra to Cor. F and 13th at , (atsra.) m d imaa., 1 r. BO 1115 A at. n. w.mrd imps.. If ra ..? 138 Bast Capitol at , m ?d imps . 8 ra? K<)1 SStb st. n.w., mod imps . 10 ra...?. t?i9 M st. n. w., mgd tape., 10 ra 1318 V at n.w .mrd. imp* ,7 ra. .... 87 High St.. Georgetown, mod impa.. 13 9 K at. a. w . mod imps., il ra? 48 lat. n. w., mod Imps., 10 ra? 717 10. b at nw , mod. lm pa , ID ra 1314 Pa. are. a. ?., mod. Impa., 9 ra.. 133313ib at n. w.,mod. lmpa , 8 ra... 1AM loth at. a. w.. mod. lmpa , 8 r 31 K at. a.*..mod- tmpa., 9 ra ..... 337 Utb at. a. w.. mod tmpa . 9 ra. 3136 Pa. ara., mod. tmpa.. 3 ra ? 71 Bridge st.. Georgetown, m >d. lmpa., 13 31-3818 Myrtle ft. a. ?., mod. lmpa., 7 ra . UlOXthst. n.w.. mod. tmpa , 8 ra. 440 1 ft a. w.? a 418 fl at. n. w.,7 Loan*. ?10 080. In fame from fSOO to ?3,800?3 per oant, for aagotiattne. mvl3 tr BOARDING. P^OB BENT? Two large rnrniabtd BOOHS, pleasantly located, rnttable for two psraons; rontb front: wltb Board; 1314 K atreet narthweat. fee of atable if rennlred. my 13 3t* ANY ONE DaSlBlNQ BOO Ml, wit * flrat c'ass Boaid.can be.aoooaunooated bv applying at 1213 I atreet aoi b-eat Bat-renc?a re <jni/ed. m.l2 6t* <T GBOBGE BE^TAl'B&HT, 909 F at -Try W? tbat excellent B ard. only 930 per month. Moat qnlat and attractlra for ladiea espec a'ly?all aball l>e pleaaed. myll tjonel |/OB BENT?WITH Bli - BD?Elegantly far P ntsbed BOOMS, on flrat floor; also, Boost on tblrd floor, at Mrf BINES', Nua. ?09, MO aad t?13 12tbatreet northwest. myl??.* JINGLE LODGING BOOMS, 60 cents per night, ^ or from 63 to S3 per week; BOARD or HEALS at reasonable rate*, at No. 4^*4 Pennsylvania ava nne. ap30-3m* PbK&S&NT BOOMS AND GOOD BOARD cam bv obtained at 1009 Maryland arenna. at mod erate ratea. In ? private family. marX7 8w* COUNTRY BOARDlXd. PLEASANT BOOHS AND BOABD FOB THE anmmt r, alter the lat of Juu?,at Oottage Hill P< miuary, 1 ork, Pa. Addreaa Miaa H.J HIP' LIN. myl3 6C_ C'OL'NTBT BOABD?12 or 1^ aingle Gentlemen / can be accommodated ?itu tir-t clasa BOABD, at reaaonaMe ratea, for the summer montha. A h? a!thy sltnation and tnre water, within five miu - nte?'waik from Benning'a ~:aM >n. B. A P B U 2>t milea from the city. For partlcnlara apply to 8 H. WAtiKEB, Retl Estate, m yl3-7t" <>30 Louisiana arenne, r'Ol'NTBT BOABD? \ private family, realitrg ' in Londonn eonnty. Va., three mdes aonth of Hamilton Station, W A O B. B., laa healthy lo cality, near the Katoctin Houataln, desire to take a trw BOABDEB4 fr'<m the city. Any tnfrrma tl' n c?n b* obtained by ad>1reasina tbe proprietor, B. K TATLOB.Hueli?-?ville,Loadonncoiiuty,Va., or F.A. LL'T/,497 Pouns)Ivania araaue, Waah ibgton, P. O. mvlS 6t* B. F. TAYLOR. | \KU1BABLE COUNTRY BOARD?targe rooms, I ' large ?a<d, t?o mil- a from Siilckeraville. at base of Bin* Bldce. Correspondence solici'ed my9 >w? 1<. WITHERS. SoickersTllla. PERSONAL. A PREPOSSESSING YOUNG LADY wishes to make tbe ac<inatntance of a gentle nan of m~ana. Addieaa Miaa LILLY BiBUCTT, P^at Office, city. my 1< 2t NOTICE.?Tbe public ar* hereby caatloned aot to advance any money, by loan or otherwise, on tbe property aaaeaaed in tbe name of Patrick Kagan. as the undoraicntd. as bis lawful wife, will not content to fian any deed of trait, or other aa atiranoe In law,Tor the payment of the aame. and will by tbe law, claim her tight of dower in ail property owned by him. niU St* CATHABINE [her X mark I RaQiN. PERSONAL.?No matter whether yon r<*t or I. otra yonrnoaae^en should read B. H WAR N PR'S column of " wanted' tn tbe Republican, my 13 3t \ 8TBOLOGY. J Thlt oatatrated Lady Aatrologtat and Healing He dinm can be oonaulted at No. 301 D atreet, oorner o' 3d nortbweft. She baa no anperior in delineating the Part, Preeent and Fntnre. In love or bust neat her advice la Invaluable, describing yoar friends, pointing cut your enemiea, and Informing you of (be acre way to tucoeaa tn all undertaking!. Con aultation atrlctly ooafldeattal. Ladiea, (1; gentle men, |160. eepl-lp OFFICE OF GBIAT FALLS 10B COMPANY, IOtr Wuiat, Washington, D. C., Hay lltb, 1878. NOBTHEBH ICE Furnished in all parts of the City of Waahiaftoa and in Georgetown by tbe GREAT FALLS ICB COHPANT, The Original lee Company of Waablt gton. ESTABLISHED 1S6?. This Company will foraltb to the public Northern Ice i.f the best quality, taken from their own Ice Woika, on tbe Kennebec Biver, Maine. Warranted frfe from all In pnritiea. at tbe 1, weet price-, and delivered by careful, accommodating and axpe rleiffd drivers. Ice Ticketa in auintitles of $8.00 aad over will be furhtabed at a liberal dbcoaat. All communication a may be addreeeed to J. C. WHITWELL, General Saperintendeat, my!3 tt 10th Street Wharf. ECONOMY IS WEALTH 'Il (x OMENTAL TEA 8T0BE, 409 9th STREET, T. H. 0. 4. BUILDING, SUGAB?" A" Clarified 10 pcundt for HI. Granulated, 9 ponnda for HI. M Cut Loaf, 8K pounds lor ?i. TEA?Nice Imperial, 40a., 80c. " Sweet Oolong. 40c.. 88o. Fine JapaaTiOc . 7tc? and higher gradaa. COFFEES AND SPICES AT LOWEST BATES. CHEAP! ruun fb*8h::i my8 3m J. WALTEE PIVALL, Prof. KIKP'S PATENT PARTLY-MADE DBES8 8HIBT8, Tbe Graataat Invention of tbe Age. Biz Baa Braat Shirt a for at x doll an, (?8,1 aot to be had la any ot liar at ore it. this city 9T We are Sole Ageata. BFBDRTE * OO^ ?o. BBS Ttfe i ap37-tr Ho. TB6 E i J'HE BE6T SODA WATER IB DBA W I r BO B BLOCK.TIR LIIVBO STEEL FOUNTAINS. Dealer* will So well to aaeare a aapply i BOB from BATL C. PALBEB, DEPOT, ST OBBBN| BTBBBT, OBOBOB CO^r??AFPARATuiJf?r SS?, r*5f arloaa!1 BUSINESS CHANCES. f.)Or WILL BI T TBI bToCK ai.d FIX C?Z<) HKBBof a CIGkB STORK. f r aellttig going lata otk?r baalnfSS. l<Mn? "Bnaiae^. aiM M* \\ ABTED-To Borrow-fa.AOB at ? per eeat., ' * t-.r bn* or fl ?? ?< an. m real aetata w-> th 9-C ?M. So rotBlltioiil wUi ha pa*. tMna "Uw ? Star oSk? ?tH? L'OU hALI-?t?l of ('fllli.OKOCKClY %o4 r GUU?a(I t-TOB? 184 Brlge rtrM, OircH.*!. I t It k(??M br B Work. 11 <jnlre of J B. HATS.Georgetowa. Att o>Mr for Ai?)q?* JLLU?* |?H>B PALI?A 140ACKB LAID WAUAHT r AdditM, ilatial ?k?t ?rto? ?UI b? ?%>d, -lOKK,' KmlD|l'?MffM nir ? Jt TO LOAB t'N HEAL BBTtTB. 1 OKI TO THBII TBAB8. |1M, |l,ON, |UH. Md # I OOO It DIM rr est. nj)lM( GEO. TBrBBDBLL, ?8? Tth afaat. |iH>B BALE?OOOHTBT STOBB Th' pr^rtt r ktowi m Darcey ftvrf.on tk? Ga^rget >wa m< Bock?ille Turnpike being oae ef lh? km i? Montgomery oonnt) Immediate po??esai ja.HU# perfect. Term* ?ur Apply W bABrtOl B A HAMILTON. flr.on r;H *t C99C-1WU UCNHBBD AMD TW?t( TV C<>^0 FIVB I>OLL A Be will birin.riU (x Die BIGG I, w kick kw beea n?ad oaly at at dm il im iihk et.d coal oriditUr |IW A||lr at rLlWlKG'8 Llreri Sul ki* >trMt, bMvxo ?S and Kb, mylHi* BUSINESS CHANCE -A l?tclaee STOBB Hd IJ HOl>E for r?ni in the corner of M: *i ? d k str???l? north* <'?t. lug-tire on the premiss ?!) Jt' LADT S BO A B PINO H*1AS. FIBST CLAM. FOB 8-iLE OB BBhT Adore- A. B P.. Har office i> U St V .t mm * i? L Bi V T?>? sr-x'K . riv TIB'S edG'MD ? ILL of afl-i. ??;??? tiKDCi |:Y STOKE. ?-ll and d In a (f< od bnalce**. or will et?tiaog? f>rclt? property Ft p*ri!culara aopiv to W. H BK'iWM. *tt<*ni?')-%? L??.43i ftjiit mil It* <ik?k<l "*'* L'MN in (IV? Bi Hr{t> HEAL ESTATE, for Are year*. ?t 9(?rc?at,alM,il,300 ?a4 M?p, J ftTaNLKY JONK4. n\ll 6t itlTik ttrwt. F*ob hale. ok bxohabuk r??B oirr PKOPkKTI ? Having reir;.? .-4 to Washington I will e< II or exchange on* ?f the fln?st Ooaatr* K EVIDENCES In tbe utete of Bwrlkad.iititUd V ot a n>il< aoath ot HiiT'ti'Wt.ooiitilDlDi 14 *crc< I'aseetore land,3 ecre? of which are in OrtpM, S la Frtilt, the remaiu'er in Gram Improved with a new B atory B i.k Hoa?e.?Sbi 33 .Vet,containing U reom?, wltb gaa and water, aud all a?ce?anr) oat batldini* in excellent c .onttitn. ?uch a* ?taMe>. carriage huu?, io* hou**. Ac. Addrea* A B AC I'LKMaH . Citizen*' Na'.ivtial Utah, Waal iagton, P 0 m ? 9 1m will bi v a riKsr <;l?m kx vUU H1UITION. Wiih evei ythlng c jmpl< te Half carh; balance tn day*, aatialactoriiy ee enrtd Andrea* 9a* ad ??re??t ri<>tthw??t aiyt tw" WO NEW UOL'SKS KOB 8&LB-?t F?ule Church. Va . on long lioie: near chat?baa a i4 food achoola. A paly tc WILLS FOKIIES. on the preKiaea, or GEO. A. L MEBKiriELO. Bom 42. Ptntlon Offica. a|V la* WANTED?To exchange RCFKIOBbX TOKB and STfiVBB for Old Hnea.atBUT LB R'8. corner tth a-.d B *tre?ta northwaet. Haokr Cbinineya cored, from B6 to ?i5<>r no p ty aptl la' Mantels at costVat WH BOTH WELL *8, apl^ tm* IIJ B atrwei a>a?hem?t OOLDBTE1B * CO.. 'kOAN AN It COMMISSION BKOKMHb. OOBftBB 10th AMD D 8TBEETS ?OBET LOANED or ADVA.BCB8 HADB on raJoable aaraonal property to any aaoant, and for any time deoirad, on very reasonable term*. Alao, Oooda aold on Oovmiaaion. At Pmate Sale?Very Cheap? K large lot of Oa rede>m?d fledgea aud <'<>mmiMinn G?od?, new and a>cvn<l band Every article tally warranted All baaiDeaa atrlctly confidential. Toe old eat and the scat rellabla bonaa In taa city mar IB tr NEY TO LOAB. |41,O00 to loan on choloa real atati, la anna of from #800 to #1 0U0. at ? and M) per oent tnu-reat A law aoma at 8 per o?nt in from f i JWto BWAH B B. WAKNBB, marll corner 7th and T atreeta C|Cn TO BB.000 1NVB8TBD IN 8TOCK OOII PKIV ILKGES PATS LA BOB PBOFITS. Write for 72 page b<>ok. Hen arid Idiom* af Wall at. aud Wall at.Beyiew. SENT VBEE. JOHN HICK LING A OO., oct7 ly Banker* and Broken. Til Broadway, B.l. FOR SALE. ITOli HAT I?A dark b*j HOiiSB; ?lifoeu tnn<!? A. high; five y<*iri old broken to har. < aii be a?en at J W A N8T A L L8 i SUNB. . ^ 19th atreet, bat ween H and I. my 16 ; EjH?K SALB. CHEAP?A tlx and three-tou-th? r octave Knabf PIANO. In yrf ctOT'lw^ Apply to DUBCANfOB BKutL. corner 9lh acc Dttreeta nortbveat. my'.i Jt 111 all Ij^OK SALE?An elegant PONY PA.fCr^N Beat Wo.>d body, with top n? a-ly pew arid . gnao in goo<l order" atJA^ KKi-I kS'IiSR1 HEB S Stable*,8.batreet, btiweanDandkS&=3ES B nortbweat. m. IS Jt* L/OB SALB-An elegant COCPE BOCKiwTf, r n< arl> new, caaa hardened aiie-. patent boxea, aLd atat-l tiraa It - shifting front, and la In every way ele 'anto finished Can be a>en at LEADIBGHAV8 Stsb'ea, H atreet, between Uth aad 14th. m*tt-4t* t'OK 8ALE?A go-XJ Family or Ho*ine?- UOKSE, Bu-lneaa WAGON and HAKNESSBV-^ nearly new. ln<iaira at CBANDALL'd ?T Booklfore. corner^th and D rreeta n w. mtiT2w /^ABBIAQBB. CABBIAGE8, UABBIAGB8 ? V The largeat and nioaJ varied aaacrt aient of lateat etyle of Larrtagea. Conpea,1 bock away a, Jamp-aeaU, Park Pb?eU>n?. ^ Jaggera, Top and no Top Maggie* AHo.eereral fltie fw-ccud band Panel Carriagea and BoagiM or. handat P. D 8CHM1TT A OO , mailS tr Bo SI? 11th at., bet. O and I? . n w. ti^OB SALE?NOW 18 THB TIME. ' I bare on hand 110 8PK1NG WAOON8. Onilt In tbe beat atyla, with the Sarvln wheel,. Tea and Bo-top HI GGIBS tor aale onj v?litkly payments, at my new Factory .J M Proapectgt., entrance on Bride* at., near new oibrket. G.-o'getown, D. 0. mar?-*n* J All EH B. PBOHBT JACK.BOB WAGONB NEW 8TOCB. 1BCB AND 8HELL8BB1B AXLB8 ONE UOKSE, TWO HOB8B. THBBB H0B8B AND FOUB-BOB8B WAOONB. Wa have aold Handrad* of tbaae Wacona. aad tbe general opinion la that they are tba ch?ap<?t and beat W agon la ua. D. W. McGBATH, fabSl Bm Corner of Maaa. ar*. and 1 all eat a. w. BOOTS AND SHOES. B H O K B AT BPECIB BaSIB! B3J0 French Kid Button, Bt.BO Laced do. B l.ou Halmorala, ?' ^ Oongrrvta, 8 i U Fox do pi 60 Fox Bettor, 81.00 Child'*,B to 10, #1 ? Batton, BUc Baaklna, 7?c. Bllppera, BI St Men a CongraM, BI J# Boya' Confre**, ?1 2> Newport*, #1.5(1 Batton a*. With a new atock 8TB1W HATS - At J. W. BELBVB, mvr. tr 1914-1916 Pa ar., bet. lSihand BKh ata. CENTKNNIAL BARGAINS AT HEILBKCKB BHOl STORE, 408 7th 8TBEET BOBTMWEBT Whit* Shoe* tor May Ball*, at oort ??.ail Men'* atltch?-<3 Gaiter* and Tie*. ?4JU French Bid,front *aam, batton. miM Kid, Button. 8180 Foxed, Batton. #1. Lace Gal tor*: SI *0 aide lace. ? I 00 Congre**: BI centa Ba*klna. 5 2 00 Laving Front aeam, Batton. 81.00 Boya' and Miaee*' Bckool Btoaa. SI 00 Fexed Balmoral*; BO cent* Infanta'. Bl.M Men * Gaiter*' |1 M Calf Boot*, iIn, Kid and Laating Gaiter*. Buckaktn, Kid and Lasting < . N B -Look for " Old Womaa. In window. apafi tr d CHRIS. RIESSXER, Tl? AND TIT Tth 3TBEET N. W la Bole ageat forth* District of Oolambiafor the ? T. BEBBBI, Tbe only RELIABLE HEATING BANGEinthe markat. Mr. Kala<nar baa ant up hnndrada ot theae la this city, aad la all caiea tb ; bar* flaen Uw Btinoat aitfiafaction. B.U.O. ?^t-g-aSASV Id price* from #18 npwardi. Mr. Klaaaner I* Bcle Agent for tbe BAD1ABT HOMB FUBNACB, Which ha* been thoroughly taatad, aad proaannced by *xpert* th* best fnraace now ia ate. LATBOBBB AND GBaTBB Idjnreat Taristy-at freatlj rsdnced^rloas la the beat aad aafast oil ator* la tba world IBOB ABD TBBBA OOTCA VA8B8 Embracing all tba latrat design*. Also, a larp stock af BBFB10EBAT0B8, WATBB COOLERS, STANDS, CDTLBVT. Plata ?Ld Fancy TIN VABB. wholesale and retail. . Beat three ply BUBBEB HOSB, only li oeata per root ^ TIB BOOF1BO, 8POCTIBO, Be . dm promptly by the b<at workmea Order* ia*ired _ CHBIB BIE4BREB. nyM tr TIB aad TIT Tth street anrtb* y^ALL PAPER a WINDOW SHADJCS. i la' IB BIB i PROFESSIONAL. htlTlHTlT ? i ? .ibb?. o |)i '?!. vutoi. rkrtlktlotk* CalM fesv^i cajrs'asss ?fl ~ r?K SET BITHBB JAk\ y"a?. ^ * ? r flMUBOIII. 0~n tZm ill Cik^5lv- W1IMDIH1, |Ht ?l rr? l ' ? w- aj*? AoM nitlM* i|MB^|a* BBM a II fir? ,?S ^vn'lTllp**"' baa 1?"*?4 ? ? ^tmsfeaaaajry. ^.d_'": ??. ?ru?. -tt r M i ?JDWI<* BillNH|k. I:?m&j^r^us'sisu ^ ?*" *? ???WM.I Hi tv s< ???*?? ?av!?"riA"-' f7 f'r-*? Mt?|[|, ?nm> .,.s~ ??-' ?!?*?. err. r of \> v3^k?i21 j. 17 l* ??tract* ag teet b " r"' '* MEDICAL, Ac. i/.!k11 mti **???* cob I lr ** ik b??.THIkv.u alt irr-g iian ie. ?ntui. ***** ?'f 'WMuf ? r 4Hir?t* h??>t ? lib th? a. 8 . UtTiL^ ' * *,r"1 ??p-,U _ nif?? vi i i It* 1m4#W &'>/<?*<A| 1 ftm k ? ' *??*<? LoJmi' st., ,#<| rvoz* Lmi2 .?,h r%^eoe^, 5? ?*_r.?.dt .^rg>n*- Ooporrh.ra, oi?-?. Bfrlemra, ?rphllta aad Bganaatorrt-aa. < Wa of Ooaaorrbaa rec* atl> ooa? ractad ci.rtd l. 3 to t day* Br phi lit la o?rad. **4 "?? r*?aoa aattratp ?radiratad from tbe nmn. with ?nt tba dw <>f ?? :uiy. Bpenuatorrb ?a. broagbt oa by nr im >ad abate Id r??tk, c*artn| l?t of MaK>rv Ml taaaal t>. rtieraJ debility. organic weakness, impotrecy, wrw-niliT(ul>ilitr.?)BMmni of oomaaipttoa. to ?s5i *iiJEX!\?d?LSSL ftctrt cared by Milf dtaeovarad aa placing thfMrirN In Dr ft <? .''-1** tclawiincaUr u< boa & eds^s a ax*!. ?*?'4*4 ?^mi??gtZ b- Howard itrM, Baltimura. maris 1m* m. D.. a tboroaihly ?? Mrtaaord aod tcieotiftr COkm' Pbrrictaaaad ? ia?1fe of V rears practice. attaadt Udiot at tbetr n mat, or comfortable prtrata room*. carafol aara |n*.- ??j1 ,h* l"** aiedloal attaodansa at tba Dot *riT*t# rcoldknc* Ladlaa placing tbamaaltas ubdar the car* of Madam* >?atjl trt (?%raataad acieattflc trotateu and a wwdy cara. Offlea and r ?fonce, ooraar of ftoai t. Sharp a ad Dorw a'roata. Pal tun ore, iksurakce! |OPM T. ilftl. D. v. k.bt0h4ji. imsojLAma*d t<> Deoit BciLcma, eoraar of r a ad atfe ibisl'kftbob of fvikt db8cbiptiob wbit Mrf tr tbm OB THB BkBT tkkms u bmoTHT a nnivyi'jp* ?'i*? l*0OMWOFIMI*BDJB *j?ob coiipab1 bat tnoa mnc tad to bra Mo. i?' L*I>rt?H Hnlkllti(. corner of W aod ttb atraata. J*1* *^och oM oot ipany baa been fa >x*raUoa for tblrtrflT* yaart fcft a?eta, f* A?i?. J bd8bbll baftft, Aj?I. . educational. ^octukkm HhHI SCHOOL. ~~ 197 A N chablbspt . baltimobb. HP. _ . 1-tiULi.Ull. 194S bjabp1m; AMD Da* fc'HOUt FOB toubq L API BH tep?mber f,,ll" thied weobebdat ta Priscipau. { 5? *t'1 Wil?o> k can. _ . t Mat Otsi J.'hm pt ,?A* Fretch tbe language tpntt-o To aoc^wnodate (nrtfct v|?itint tb? f- u'eaaU!. ynnna ladim may be enU-red prior to the beginning of ?cb<? I term. Br^Mto 1\?1 bkd lbhtitutb ara^. ? bsijtosr ?h? Jyffr1- lsfs? en^fcsssra^oavartt.? n"? Tork areuoe n. v.?Mr*. AhQBLO JAOft PIANOS, ac. 'phb il'mllls BLED lOOLIUftli PiAJTO. bba. Sola ft grata. t 43 7th atraat. jbtl p2??? ^?u.?<,n57e* ? nTTTi ?" tc,m auy uali?bt oatib ft oo l OBABD. bucabb hatis ?3ES. p1as2^3 >!h?tdd.."i!!a?!afto** **aft^ftilrttti W" VoVlD ?EnV)S?HBD PIABOfl, re Grwtd.fcu?- " " 1 "hb BB8T MAD abratad Orgaa* *o???w Organ*- aaw atria. Alao, a '--f" m_ aaaortroent ?f Ptaao* which hara bt?7k|d^ aac a abort Una, for gala and rant at rar; hi in ootU-ly COAL AND WOOD. c?AL AND iokdumo WOOD. Omr Mock of OOAL la bow ?. wvn!l nttTB t' CP <t?' *Oa^? Vblck ??**??? rATBMT BUNDLED ftlHDLIBO WOOD, ?m a Ira !l*htar to rrary baadU, It tb? b?at to aaa. Par aaia by all grooera-try k. Bo abartaaa! ?agar or karoaecia oil raqalrad. tUMAJT^ ***"*_ *LKA" mui and Da pat Ttb atraat Wharf, laato ly Branch OBoa Idle Panbaylrarla araaaa MEWS WE AM. " 8PRINQ GOODS. NEW STTLB8 FINE GOODS. TO NUB TO iuku SUITS TO ORDER. r?ob ?3i op. READY MADS SUITS, fBOB ?ld UP. BBADT BAPB SPUING OVERCOATSt ?i* DP. * ooj um r btl i^dmbkbi LUMHBR! tr MMD UVTIOH is fMJl sdruttji ?2k. ^Zihg.

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