Newspaper of Evening Star, May 16, 1876, Page 3

Newspaper of Evening Star dated May 16, 1876 Page 3
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DRY GOODS ULACK NIfKS, LOW PRlO*D. MEPfU M. FINK AST) SUPERFINE. mr all tkry cm map" re??T * BROTHER. _ T'*" Pennaylyanla aynns and >th street. Ik?OLID COLORS" DRES* SILKS, LOW PAlGBP. MIDI1M, FIBB ABO K/kftFIHI.(Select Rh*d?i > *f~ ALL DKCUlBD HARGAIMS. _ all. KlffDi or DB* GOODS, for Famlliea oixi HoiitkwMn mr CA'i PAlCt OXL Y, Mtrktt ?a Plain JPtemet. rfRRT * BROTHER, P-u ijrlTMi* itmm >gd ????(. ?!?? B*a->H*bc 1 H44 1)BY OOOD3 LJL?S THAN AUCTION prices. Callcoe* in nny jnnntity, 4*A-.. Blenched Cotton. ?c ; worth 10. l>r? ? FlaM*. 10. 11H. IS. M. Mc. Onr Drt" Un"<l4 bar* aft been marked down, uJ CT>*t bartrsirs ar* now offered all through. Lnpin '* G Sil* Stripe* and 11-raanaie GrmMiDH Jo, 12* 13. n, "_v Victovla 1 a?n* cheap 1I,V 19.18. 20c Lac* St'ipel and O rd?d r K . lowpric s. IVeet flgnrrd La?n. HHc ; worth *>. Cassimeres lower th to ever before kaowa h? stock moat be re>lace<l M atHtgs 2C*2Vr AU Carpei* at coat to close ont. t. m. maidai*. mjII 709 MARKET aPACB. ]\OW Ii I OUR TIMI NOW IF EVER. We have ?p?-rd dnrin? la*' week. aad thai! offer ?t price* ee??r bet <r* r?-?cue 1. if pi?c,? ? nmnfr Bilks 80 puree B'ack Grenadine*. l-i plec** extra d > la Black*. Browns, Blue* and EilrerGray Piaids for Overdrea*. ?> pteee-i Black Bilks from 75c to R2. 8 piece* do1., extra fine <jnalltie*, at 10 psr cent. be low market rate?. ?? piece* /11 *on? and Silk a ad Wool Dress Good*. '? pl*r * AH wool De3egeat 31'4o; good* la Jhe city fcrtho money ?) do/ Ladle,' Colored asd White Skirts from 74c to |> Wtarh WW and G*nt s Gacze Underwear. A fa'J at- ck I*?wn**Hc G<v?]* at Agent*' price* By-A. member location. W. W. BROWN, Biy iS-tr Hn 314 8th ?tr?et n w., n??r Pa. are. (jjKEAT LAK GAIN'S IK DRESS (;Or D9 FROM AUCTION. CD piece* hard'cee Plain. Stripe and Pimnk Mo ban* at 37. wortn 6" !?.?' piece* l.anlK me Lawn* atd Prrca m. warracted f*?t Color* at 12* per yard, nest >'rip? rinmtner Bilks at 74, 37, ami SI; rich ttl..c* SI'k* Mohair*, aod Alpa-as, 1,1 alJ tv-<t 1-ad-*, ar l- w price*; Lupin s All Wool, and Bilk and Wool liUck i.rnia.lin- *, very cheap. IN MOURNING GOODS. JFioe Cashmeres. Cretoaa. B mba/ ne*. PeLain* Mid Tamese Cloth* In all best mike*. 10 4, 1] 4 L net SLe- ting*. Table Uamaaks. Hapkius and Toweling*, all at low d/wn price*, to anit the prea anie, at J W. COI.*.EYfl CHEAP CORNER. SOI, !>TH ST., my!3-tr Market Space. U l ABB EKLLIBG PRT GOODS VEBY CHEAP. Beahtlfnl 8prin? Dree* Good* IS, 30 , 29 , 31,37,40, K. Bi.k and Wo i Lreea Gond*. 37. Jilack Bilk*. *1. #1 J?. 91 90, 01 75. Black C aabktre. 75. U7. ?1 Black Alpaca, double width, ?. 31,37. Black Sill*. Xchair Alpaca, 90, worth 75. Black Grmtfti"*. i*. 37. 40 CAB 1 KE N, 797 Market Si?tee. Xvcellent Oali-n, 4X. Good Cotton. ?. fride Sheet;ra Ootton. M. P ABA SOLS, PARASOLS, PASASOLS, Very Cbtsp Verv Cheap Very Cheap. Clothe, Carsimem, for Men and Boy'* wear,37,50, a. 75. Good StockInv*. 13; Linen Handkerchiefs. 6 Linen Towel*, b txceheat Hea Ti. k. W; H ne*-comb Onl't*. 84. b-antiful Lawn*. IS;excellent anili ty White V It . 12; xer7 fine all Liaea Table vanach si B(en> Sb'r* xade of WaiDsstta Catton. Llren Bo *rm,? mTl tr D JBBOLLTIOS OP CO FABTKKBSU1P. MOCK AM* rixn RVS FOR SALE The en part|,er>t<tp of J.C W1SWALL A CO. ?apiriax fry Um t:a:wn on July Ijr, onr stock 31C ST BE CLOSBD 6n cr before tha* ilate. We *ball ofl r tomorrow, a^d continoa to aell 'at 30 iay<,?nr large *Ld complete stock of DRY GOODS At GBEAT SkCBlPICE OH OKIGIH AL COST nnd all Kord'rerralnlre on haad June 1-tt, will be ?old at AUCTION WITHOUT HESEttVE. In crder to Ciose 1* 30 Day*. A REDCCTION OF FIFTY PER CENT, will be made en a targe portion of oar stock. Print*. 4. 5 and 6'-? cebt* per yard. Brown Gotten*. 4 cents per yard. Ftgnred Grenadine*. 6V 10 and 12>4 cts. Grevadlnr* In Stripe*, st 10 cts hilk Greradine- below eoet. Summer Silk-< 37* ct* and tip ward* Pore Plack 51.?! air*. S) ct?.. worth 65 Pine Bla'-k I>r?*? bilk*. 45 c'? . worth 91 43 ?.WO y ard* lUack Alpaca*, to 37Pi cti, PABA^OLS ar r< *t. Larg- lot Tab:e Damasks Napkin*, ^in* Cloths, Piano C ver*. Ac ? a' In. 'ban N<-?r Tork co*t. ?^GHEA ! BABGAIMS In ererything. J. t WISWALL A ? <>., ap29 tr 3IP 7tn n . pe?f p? >?>, fUE SILK * A?D DUE*8 GOODS HOUSE or WASHINGTON. W e IcTite tbe attention of the public to our Im mense wHT'tm of new style* feLBMEB SILAS ABD GBEBAOINES of all shad'*. In stripe* and plaid* Large tUtk BLACK BILKS of al celebrated tbake* SPBIKG FKKSS GOODS of tbe mj*t attractlTe Style* Hbd eou 1*. MQUBflNG GOODS. WHITE GOODS, CA>SIU I.KK9. rCBTAIM LAOES. S1LW. 1 MBbELLASnnd P1BEH0SIES Y In great le.-s than Hew Tork price*. WOLI'ORn dk SHILBERB, 817 MARKET SPACB, ^ay29 tr Tblrd door from 9ih ftrae*. [\SW l'KICJtS. 10H SEVBHTH 8TBEET. Beat Silk aud o?>l Pongees, 40c., worth 50c. Goat * Hair 1 ball! Clothe, 3Uc , worth J7*c All Wcol Spring Pe Bege*. 40c , worth 50c. Heat Pacific Cambrics l>Hc . Tory cheap. Plaid and S;ripe<| Snitiors, 13*c. np to 9i?c. W bit* Pi ,ne* an-1 Victoria La?n< 10.12H. 15, JO 23c Black SiUs chrap -.7)*, B1 B1.25, B1.5-J nod ?2. Bey s ( aacitnere* at low prices, n sp>-cl?lty. B^Para' I* and Sun Umbrella* In great variety. ?^"?EaM'e" Sbirtx, made of t>et ma:?ria!r. ami rnw.pU: ?*t*u<t, only B' 25. iwith"nt bcttoa hole* only B !.l WM. BIRD WTL1B. *p29-tr 1014 7th st re, t northwest. ?P?C1? liiSIS l'RICES! liROIIHKAD dk CO., 939 PENS* Avi , bet ween 9th and W.h *t?., OiKtK A PULL LIMB OP FVKKl*i.\ A MO DOMK8TICDR Y GOODS AT MOST ATTRACTIVE PRICES I Bm? initio w-im t"? h i*'- i in Price Jrom 15 1* 20 Per Cmr. Plack Iron Grtnadii**, 37*c ; fonnei price 50c. Black lrcn Grenadine*. 40c , " " 75o. Black Iron Orenndia**, Bl; " ** 91.25. Black Flat M.-sh Grenadinea. 75c ;former prToe 87X. Black Plat Ste?h Grenadli ?*, 91 25; ?' gl.40. Btrlped. PUi'1-1 and Dama*e Gre.-.adicei, also at rednced pru-e*. Black Li ii- S lk? at 99c. and op. loclallng Bonnet, O.itnet. B II ns and Parson*' celebrated makea. Bent Pacific La*n*, 1 ta*t color*. 112Sc A tall line of Linen Lawus, In beantlfal de^lfnt, from 25c np. A few piece* o* r amaa?r Silk, rednced from ?1 25 to Al per yard The?e gooda are pare &UA aad of tbe beat astro White Shetland Wool Bhawl*. RIM. Btock of D, m "tic* ctmplete. at,d price* gnaranteed. Ladle* and Gents' lluderwewr, direc from tbe manufacturer* aod i*porters, lower than ever. A most ezcei-ent 3 h ltton Aid, In all color*, | lata ?hades, i ? I 34 per pair. Wamratta Hleiohel Gorton, 11H?. per yard. Baisa*', Plai:, and Btnpnd Dres* G>^ds, cheap. BHAHCH STOBE, IBB* V BTKBBT i?*t #? and llth 1 old *tond.> BRODHEtU A 4>44. * npK-tr 039 Pn. a**., bet. 9<h a"d 10th st* J OHM T BITfHELL. 031 PESiBfiTLVahia atbsub, Offera the iarge*t ?nd choic>at aeleotion of DBBSS GOf?l'H ever shown In thl* city. Boft cttnrlne all wool material*, In shaded (tripe*, for oT*rdrrea**. Dnmiskinen *rd Daman** Good*. In all the new ?hade*. Ze?h> r Hnltlng* Branch Cambrics. Percales. French Jaconet*. Linen Lawn*. Printed Linen*, Giaagow Checks Bnmn erVlks fr' tn ?1 to #1 M. very cheap. Brocade Grenadinea. in black nad color*. Brocade Sitks, BrornAe Gaahmere* Bilk Salt* from |?1 to French Cambric, Percale, Linen and Zephyr Cloth Bnit* frt n. |i u> |18 ?>??lug BsrM W rappers avi Skirt*, very cheap. Kcqna* a?d P ha *,in tUlk.Cashaui* and Drap d Bte.frw $'4 to R50. . _ . ^A taarpatock of Boa Umhrellaa and Lact Trimmed Aa lanecttvB of ear *t <k will oonvlnoa p?r chaasr* taa- we are offering th* he?t good*, la all pniiatlee, at I as ptleaa than aver hef <r* sold. Oae Price O-iy JOHN T. MlTt HBLL. ? 931 Penasylvanla area a*. eooM Hfnl Oolotai ISvsS,0s1^^"^9^l MmgB&mw taw.; the heat he nad THc. Black Alpaca* la tewn; all nnmber* np to 74a j Spring Oaaalaatas, ?or hoy* and g*ata, 25e to ?1, ano'.b** lot of thoa* Ooc KM*. Agenc-r for Ma * Diasorst. JOB. B T, aoraar 7ih aad F *4s. DRY GOODS. ?1'&LN0 AND MMMEU SILKS. Mr ALL GRADES GRB4T BARGAINS. PKBBT * BBATHIB, gyl5tt P.nt*y Ivaata unm and 9ih ??re?t. DBSTKABLS AND CIIJSAP. Another caael JOCrarde White Victoria LAWS ia abort lengths. at llHc , worth VSc 10 pieces Plair Plaid, and Striped GBENA DlKfcS from ZOc toftilt. Su piece* Plain. Pla?d. and Striped MOBAIBS at II o red need from 17 He. Gaod Black P1LR . 71c , #1 and 23 piece* MaTTlNG trom auction. at ?0., JJc.. and Me . the S&c n timber worth 80c A fall ttock of UBDBBWKA B cheap. 'J** Leelia'a ent paaer PATIEBNH. All the el ove goods bought since the decline, which Lablea aa to offer great bargain*. SCO J. IOHHHOI * CO-, mi13 eo Til Markat ?hc>. YOIH ATTENTION, rLEASI! DUT QOOia FliOM AUCTION, AT to wsoh a r o .' s GAlZC UNDEBW BAB, for ladies and g?n?s, a* low a* 50~ BLACK ALPACA*. 15. 13 aa 1 29e. DtuMe width At PaCAS, beaatiful black), at 25c. HANDK KKl ll 1 If > JHc each. B?lee yard *iti? I JOT TON, 6c ? JJUO yard* b-nr.tifal PUiJ and Ptr!p?d PBK3S GOOL>8 in all the newest aha lea at tic., sold at 10 eta. Black CAPH M EBEB, Ppricg weight*, an lew a* 50, 62. 74.87. #1. etc. French LA W NS. new styles, ljc. CiMtWMb POPLIN, 8Hc. Victoria LAWNS ch-ap U. 15.18,?0c ,etc PAKAS'ilS. hew at) la ba .die*, ?1, gl 2S, ll.W, ft. $2 SO. etc. 0K81LK8, very rbeap^ GBOS ('.BAIN and TAFFETAS, Bl, 51.25, #1 30, CAf&IME^Bs'for Men and Boy*' Wear 25,57,50, 62.75 87c . Bl.etc. 100 toll* MATTING, freah and green, 8>,?,30o., (tc. ?. M. T0WS03 A CO., myll-eot* *36 Pa. are (south side), near 7th st. RAILROADS. |f ALT1MOKE AMP OHIO RAILROAD. APB1L 30th, 19TS. A.M. LBAVB WASHINGTON 6:45? Baltimore. Annapolia, and way stations. Point of Bock* and intermediate atationa. Main Stem. T:10? Baltimore and Alexandria Junction B:00?JV'tf York, Philadelphia and Botton Br prest. Pullman Parlor Car*. Leave* at 9:10 a m Sunday, atopa at Way Station*, and connect* for Annapolia. 8:14? Cincinnati, St Lou is and Pittsburt Bx Frederick, Hageratonn. and Valley 8 20? P..Itit of Bock* and war atationa. t?:4 5? Baltimore and way stations. 10:15?Baltimore Unlimited Express. Stop! at Re lay. P M 1B:15? Baltimore, Way Station*, Bllicott City and Annapolis. 1:30? York, Philadelphia and Norfolk Bx pres*. On Sunday, all Way StaMon* and Baltimore only 21-30?Ba'timore and way stationa 4:30?Baltimore an t Laurel Brprest. Bllicott City, Frederick and Way Station*, via Be lay. 4-35? Frederic* and Point of Bocka.tTla Metro ao'itac Branch). 4 - 4 3?Bait mi. >r<?. Annapolia and way stationa., Cincinnati 'ind Louisville BrprefS. Except ttHtarday ,da ly to Oolumbu*. Louis i?\ ilie by 11 SO p.m. train ou Saturday. Uag>r-t ?o and Wi ichester. Sleeping cars t-> ? ticago, Cincinnati and Louisville. 4:30? Baltimore an i Philadelphia Jirpress. Fred erick aud Way Stati -n*. via Belay. (Con nect* lor Annapolia Punday.) A'3ft?Baltimore. Bladensburg. College, Belts vi 1-. Lacrel. Annapolis Junction. T OO?Baltimore and way stationa. ?:10? Baltimore. Bladensburg, Beltsville, Lan r?l. Kelay. S.tfO? Pittsburg, bnt no connection beyond Mar tmaburg by train leaving Snniay night Way Stations on Metrop<aitan Branch. 9:30? PI'W York and Philadelphia Nifkt KxprtSi ?leep-ng Cura toK?w Tork ?:30?Brtlt n.ore and principal way stations, 10 30? MarticaV nrgand way stationa, Metropoli tan Branch. ? . 11.30?Si L< mi.i trpress. Chicago. Colnmbus, H mdnaky, Newark On Saturday for Loata Title. T:10. ?? 00. ?? 15,10:15a m ; 1:30,5:15.5 30, 5.35, 7:10. ?? 10, ? a0, 9:30 and 11:30 p.m., daily. All othT trains dally, except Snn<Jay N'o cottection on Snnday tor Hagerstown or Val ley Bianctj. or for New York ana Philadelphia at Sam. and 1:30 p m. . ? ... For further information apply at the Baltimore an<l Ohio Ticket Office?. Washington SUti .-n, and 4*5,601 a^d 603 Pennsylvania avenue, where ordera will be taken lor baggage to be checked and rer?iTed at any p..1nt in the city. THt S B. SUA BP, Master of Tran*porUtion. L. M. COLr Oenetal Ticket Agent. GEO. B. KOONTZ, General Agent. ap!5 tr IJN1TERBAL R. R TICkliT OFF1CM. MILBOAD TICKBTS to or from all pointa b<Webt. exebangfd or a.dd at < a redaction of osb d^llaBi upon any other office or depot* in this city. Tickets good till used. Baggage cheeked tbroagh. Apply to M. 1>. WH1TE81UB. apfly 9J7 Peon, ave. Candy at.r?. 1876 f m bmmt'l v a (i i a 1876 ROOTS T* tbt Rorth, Wen, ad4 SoBthwcit. thnMe Track, StcM Hails, Spteadid Scen ery , Ma'jnilirent Equipment. MAY *th. 1 *T6. -Trains leave W ashington, city time, from Depot, corner of 4th ana B streets, as follows: For Pittsburg and the W'eat, 6 a. m. dally, with Parlor Car to Ftttabnrg; T:40 p. m. daily, with Palace Car to Chicago, and 11:50 a. a. dally, except Sunday. BALT1MOUX ABI) POTOMAO BAILBOAD. For Oanaidalgua, Bocbe?ter, BuSalo, Niagara, and the North, 6 a. m. daily, except Sun day: aod 7:40 c m daily, except Saturday, with Pataoe Car* t< Watklns For Erie, Canandaigua, Br r'alo. and Niagara Falls, 11:40 a. m. dally, ex cept hurdav. for Ne? Tcrk and the Bat, 9:10 p m dally, with Palace Car* attached: Limited Exprea* of Pull man Parlor f ar* ?:tf3 a. u. dall?.except Sunday. For New Tork aid the Ea-t, 1:30 p. tn dally, *X eer* ??rr(,?. with *>arlor Cara attached For Pbiiad -lphla. 1:30 p. m. ? ail) , exoept Srnday. and ? 30 and 9:10 p. m daily. Limited Express, tt'33 a. m daily, except Buaday. V<commodation for Raltlmare, 7:50 a. m dally. I-1.. lade! phi a aLd New Yotk, daily, except 8un d y.on Sunday,to Baltimore only, and 4:*<40 P m. daily, except Sue day. For 1? pe's Creek Line 7:40 a. m. and 4:90 p. a. dally, exoept Sunday. t r Annapolia. fc 00 and 11:50 a. B. and 4:!10 9. m exoept Sunday. * ILEXARl'BIA A FBBOSBICKRBDBO BAIL WAT AND ALBEANDBIA A WABUINGTOB ForAleiandrla, ?? T,8:0S.9,10, 11a.m., 1,3, 4:W?. 4, 0. 7 00, aud 11:40 p m. On Sunday at 9 ?. id ? id<1 1 ttd y p. ni For the South, Tie Blchmoad, 11:40 p. m. dally, except Sunday; and via Lynchburg, S:00 a. ?. and 11:40 p. m dally. Trains leave Alexandria for WaehIIigt<2,l, v, 10,11 a. m , 1, 3, 4, 5. 6, and T p. m. On Sunday at 7 and 10 a. m . and 5 p m. * | Tickets. Information, Sleeping and Parlor Oaf ?ocoDimodationa can be procured at the Off'M: ? North -ant corner of Thirteenth street and Penn sylvania avenoe, Northeast corner of Sixth street and Pennsylvania avetiue, and at the Depot, where >r??ra can be left for the checking of Baggag* to '? -at'-catlon from Hotel* and Besidence*. I) M BOY D.jB .Oenl Passenger Ageut. FKANK THOMSON. PenT Manager. iaa3-ly ~ PROPOSALS. r k 11' !?. OF THE COM MISSION KBS OF THE islNKIBO FI'ND. WasHtSGtos, D.C..May 4th. 1-7? ?Sealed Prop aala will be received at thla . ffi^e until WEDNkbBAT, May17, 1S76. at 13 o'clock Pooa, for the ?al* to the Commiealoners of the Binklng Fund, of Ten Thousand DoUara of the flix Far ('eat T.n year , Bowan 1 Bonds of the late coiporation of Waahington. The Commissioner* reeerve the right to reject any off-r wnirh they may ?ot deem advantagron* By "rder of the Corn's is sion. |mg.13.14] MOSES KELLY,Treasurer. K?TI( IS.' Office op Washisotos AqrxDrcT, W*?Hi*GT?>a, DC, May #th, 1?J. SEALED PBOPOSALS, addresaed to the aader si*ned, will be received at thla office until U o'clock, noon, on Jnna IS. lrftf, for constructing an iron tru** roof ard galvanUed iron cornlce on tlie Gate House at Great Fall*. Plana and speMnca tlon- can be seen at this office, and all nacoaaary In formation can be obtained from O. B. BABCOUK, Col. of Bngra., O. S. A., myli 4t Chief Engr. Washington A iueduct. _????. AT MAUBFACTCBBRi1 ETS TR1CM* %r* badlaa' and Oeatl TBAVBLIBG TBOBAS, MaMarray 'a Pataat Trunk Buy attached. LADIES' TBAVBL1BO BATCHBLB. ?BAWL ST BAPS and POOKBT BOOKS. POUBLB and 8IMOLB BABBBS8. LAP KOBBB and BOBSE BLAIKITB ?ADDLBt, BB1DLBB and WHIPS. ?i B^nlra?.nndM4at0 R. BcBCRRAT. lanU-tv *? J^JENNE&OTA FLOUR. W aahhnrn Mills. Mlnnaaota FLOCB. not equalled or excelled by any in the couotiy. It 1* our Inten tion to keep a supply of this celebrated Floor always on hand. All we ask la a trial to eatiafy the moat faatidiona. For aale by J. B BBTAB * BBO., apS7 tr 60S Penaaylvania avenna. F/' t!?owiBM?rlto h F. Load a* * Oo.J OITlZBHfl. 4EMI Metropolitan Hotel, < lata Brown'el jpl-lp ^lo ?6H Pawn'a ava., Waafl a LL A1BDB OF tiENTLBMEH-B OAMT-OFF AUCTION SALES. future oats. B. H. WAJJNW, Corner Tib ud F TBI STICKS' SAL* OF A DE8IBABLB BTTILD OB TUB NOBT?lBA*T OOBMBBOF WKS* AVBUCK AND K ST. BOBTH By virtue or adeed of trust dated March 10,4 A. D. 1?73, dnly recorded la Liber 7W, folio 3-?,4 on? of the lanl records for the Dirtrict of Ool ?* utnbla. ml it the request of the |trtr ??cured there!y. we will sell a' public auntlon. in front of ?ha premises on THCB'DAT, Mar 19, 187?. at 4 30 o clock p m , the following-described Beal B?t? e. tl'nate in the eitv of Washington, District of Co'ombia. to wit: All that certain niece or parcel of ground known and deecrtbed m Lot numbered thirteen (U1 in square numbered two hundred and ?event* e? , 117 >. according to John L. Kid well '* re corded subdivision of said synare. Term*: Oas third of tbe purchase money in cath, and 1 be balance at tlx and twelve months, with In tel eat at ten 410> per cent, per annua from day of sale, and aecared by a deed of trust on the property ?old. A deposit of S3U0 will be required of tbe pur chaser at the time of sale, and all conveyancing at tbe expense of the purchaser If terms of sale are not complied with id seven dais tbe trustees reeerra the riih' to reeell tbe property at the risk and coat of tbe default*"* purchaser. after five days'adver theuoLt. WILLIAM STICKS*Y,I Trustees GBO RGB H PLANT. my4th.s,tu J. T. COLDWBLL, Salesman. CHANCEBY BALB OF PBEMIBBB No 114* I5th bTBFET. BKTWkED L AND ? ST BESTS NORTHWEST By virtue of a de< ree passed by the Supreme A_A Court of tbe District of Columbia, In Equity VI cause No 10i8 I will soil , at pui lic auction, In W ? frrnt oftbe pren-isee ou TUESDAY, the 5l3d da? of May. 1875, at i o'cl-?ck p m , all that part of 1st No JJcf tbe subdivision of square No. 197 ,in theclty of WasMogt?n, D. CI., contained within tbe follow - foe metes and bt unds: Beginning for the same at a S'int on 19th street west distant 101 t-t south of e northeaet earner of Mid square a- d running tLence south 15 feet; there? west 94 feet; thenc? north is feet; and theace east 94 feet tt> the piace of beginning. Terms of sale: One third cash, and the balance at six and twelve months, for which the notes of ths purchaser, bearing interest from the day of sale, will be taken, and a lien retained on the premis-s 1 obi. A deposit of #60 will bo required at thetime efrale. All conveyancing at the cost of the par ch:??er. B. H. WABNKB, WM F. M ATTINGLY,Trustee, Auctioneer. Office 432 7th street. tcylO d STEAMER LINES. CUVUB'A HEW K\PKB?? UNEbetween /philadblphia.washington&gkobge TOWN.?Steamers leave Philadelphia WH'SM DAY acd SAILBOAT, at 11) m. - . *1T? la Leave Georgetown, D.C,. MONDAY and FBI DAY. at b p m Freight received daily until 6 p. m. Through bills of laden given for Bos ton and Providence Consignees wl-thing their goods lar d?d at Georgetown, will order them marked "via Georg'town." G. F. HYDI.fti Water St., Ge >rge. town. D.C. WM. P.CLYDE A CO., 1 J 8 Wharves, Philadelphia. mayl-ly New departure-olyde a wash INGTON, PHILADELPHIA, BOSTuN. AND PBOY1DENCK SEMI i KifKLY STEAMSHIP LlNK.-On? and after W BDB BSD A Y, A piil 19th, tbe Steamers of the above line, with direct connection with Boa ton and Providence, will sail from Philadelphia for WaMiirieton. D- O., every WEDNESDAY and SATt'KDAY. Beturnlng.leave Washington MON DAYS and FRIDAYS, trom Johnson's wharf, foot of llth street southwest, through Bills Lading is ? o?d to and from the above ports. Freight received and delivered dally from 7 a. m to 6 p. m. Order* , for delivery of freight, Ao., received at 1904 F ft. and lllil 9th street northwest. W. P. CLYDE A CO.. Ho. Ill 8. Wharves, Philadelphia. J. H. JOHNSON A CO., _apll to Agenu for Washington. The steamer habbingeiTwill leave the F.. . Wli>rfilmil mhitrmtl - ?il. m m. EVERY .??^RNINC, at 7 a m. f rJjfiZiHC Potomac ? ishtries and Intermediate Liauduiu,. Freight and passengers taken at lowest rates, apio-tr Bl. K GBBGG, Captain. L'OH NOKruLK r STEAM Kb 1 f DY OF THB LAKE Leaves tbe Company's wharf, foot of 6th street every MONDAY, W KDNASDAY and FRIDAY, at 3 p m , for N'^r <b??3BC f Ik. Beturnlng. leave Notfolk. Tuesday. Thurs day and Saturday, at 4 p m. Fare. #4; round trip. &6. Tickets good nntil nsed FOb POTOMAC BlVEB LANDINGS. Steamer J NO. W. THOMPSON leaves Company"? wharf, foot of 6th street, every TUESDAY,at 7a. m-for Currlrman and intermediate landings, and every Khll-AY at 7 a. ni , f,,r Coan Blver, stopping at intermediate landings For iGforuiatlon apply at the office of the Com pany. under ihe Metropolitan Bank. 15th street, opposite the Treasury, or to the Agent, at the wharf. ruarX7 ly ?r>E0PLK9* NOMINi? MATTOl CKXKK, 9 PPM A MA CHOO UC AND 1NTKH MEDIAiM LANDINGS. Captain T. E Baldwin, Will comRience running to the above landinj^ot Monday, March 6th, leaving fr>>m r , > whart foot of 6th street every MIIN AKaflUt UBet*TOi*g'* m Vea*eaNoiiiI!i' every TUESDAY *CfebMilUAlr *tT* ^N B. F1TZHUQH, Agent. c 6 R A 1 D ilRI NOTICE. With tu? visw cf dtmlnlshlLC tha rh*3C?s ?.t eoi llslon, the gtcaaiers of this Line tags a spectQec oocrse tor all seaaens of tha year. Ou the outward patmage from Qaee irtowu to Ns? Fork or Bus?on, crossing Msridlan of B* at C lat., c nctblng to tbe north of ?. Cu the homeward paaaaga, erosairj the M*rM1ai of 10 at 4J lat., or nothing to tbe north of u. TUJ? BK.T18H AND NORTH AM?RIOAA ROYAL MAIL 8TEAM8UIPS, BMTWKKN NJt W YORK AND LIVER POOL, CALLING AT CORK HAHBOR. FiuiKtwIoii. FromBiw Yoati ?Scotia. Wed., May 17 Algeria. Wei., Jasell Bothnia Wed., May U Bothnia.... We 1., J aim 2-i Abyssinla...Wed., May 31 Abyssinia..Wal., Jul/ 8 *Bui>sia....Wed., Jnne 7 * Russia. Wed., J:i!? 11 Scythla Wed ., Jt:ne 1< Scythia Wed., Jnly 19 And every following WBDNB8DA T a id 8ATCB DAY fr ?m New York. Bteameri marked * not carry ?t?e ?*3wb gers. Katisof Pa??asi ?Cabfas. t*. ?10) anl B1M, gold, according to accommodation. Tlcketato Paris. ? la, gold, additional. Beturn ticket* oti favoriDl* tennf. Steerage tickets to and from all aarts o' Bnropa at very low ratea Through bills of ladlni fives for Belfast, Glasgow, Havre, Antwerp and other ports 00 the Continent, and for Mediterranean port). For freight and passage apply at the Company ?? oHce. No. 4 Bowling Green: or both steerage and oabln to BMALLWOOD A MOBBISoN No. <1? Ttb 1 tanJD-ly CHAB. O FBANOKLTH. Ag-n HOTELS. w KSTMINSTKK UOTBJU ON THB EUBOPEAN FLAM, orner Irrlcs Place and 16th street. New Fork. One Block from Union Square and Broadway. Tbe inost central, and yet quietest location In ths city. Convenient to the great stores, theaters and chnrchas. Elevator, and all modern improvements. Easy access to all parts of tbe city by street oars and setI3 C. B. FEBBIB. Proprietor. I 'MEbELLAS AND ABASOLSCOY I KBKD AND BEFAlbBD, AT TUB MAHl'FAOTOBY, api4-lm* 013 D stree-t northwest. W E MAKE ONLY STRICTLY PURE GOODS. DAVIS, CHAMBERS ? OO.'S BTBIOTLY PURE WHITS LEAD, PITTSBDBGH, Pa. Every keg of our White Lead bears the following warrant, and we guarantee a degree of Uuenees and whlteDeM unsurpassed: THIS PACKACS CONTAINS Pare White Load ?.91 parts. ?' Linseed OU 9 ?? v 100 IN GOLD will be paid to any one finding the contents of this keg different from above analy> ?is. DAVIS, OUAMBABti A CO. FOB BALB BT FKJJiCU IDLLEB, febM ?ota 30T Mb street nortbw 1 noUKN'B LOAN OFF1CB, Oorntr if TtA sxrsl v> a?J Ntw fork mrtnut. entranoe on New /Ot Fork avenue. Tbe ssost private Loan OfflceXwA tn tbe ctty. Money loaned at the lowest rat?9 V of Interest on Gold and Sliver Watcbaa, Diamonds, Plata and Plated Ware, ?uns, Pistols .Ladies and esntlraian* Olotblng, Oarpels. and all articles of valwa. tanll-ly PTHK SCPBEME COUBT OF THE D1STB10T OF COLOMBIA, Holding a Special Term, May 9tk. 1871. In the case 0/ David A Chambers, administrator of HBIfGKT BOLEB, deceased, tbe administrator aforesaid has. with the Conrt of the Dbtrlct 1 ed TL'EDDAY, the 6'h < settlement and distribution of the personal estate of said deceased, and of the assets in hand, as far as tbe same have b?en collected and tnrned into money, when and where all the creditors and heirs ot said deceased are notified to attend, with their claims properly vouched, or they nay otherwise by law be excluded fum all benefit in said deceased's estate: Provided va copy of this order be pubHahed once a week for three weeks In the Bvening Star previous to tbe said day. Test: m>> tu 3t* A. W KB6TEH. Register of Wills. N THE 8CPBEMB COUBT OF THB DISTRICT _ OF COLUMBIA. Spftni Term, Frobatt Jitriuiictitm, Nay #!*, LS76. In tbs matter of the will of JAMEB FITZPAT Bit K: Application for letters testamentary on I the estate of James Fitspatrick, of tbe District of I DAT, ths lib day of Juos next, at 10 o'clock a. m.,to abow cauae why letter* testamentary oa tbs estate of tha said deceased sh u d not Issued as ?rayed. Procxdtd, a copy ot this order be pub ltofaed one* a weak. tor three weeks, in Uw Iveuiaf o, WUU. AUCTION SALES. THI* aftii noon. I^HOHAB DOWLUfl, AnUtMwi C AU*T?o/ (IS^TRl'wHMrWT4TB AT ?TBBBTfrMT? WMT ?' 1?th s?ffl^S??aK-15'22g ? SHJrr- is? "/ "ort?ean corner of nla lot tad taaarc rai X&fSRfjgiSLlS S*)?M or lltbetreet Si? & MS M? f.e4, tbe.ce due Bo7ui7,'d sfT? fit 7^*1 ^ from tbe moat norther > line of ^!?l?'? ??'helag theeouth line of north U Ltrnct Kt/?*5?Ldy *M> !?? 'C1 to ?bi l./g\nnin.?^2i improTfri bj ft two stor? frftme ?table ftifl of ule: One-foilrth of tbe porcbiM-Moniy th^Vm,T' ?t'??W"R5Sf !?T ?Jl3S. *J* ltow *<?? laatalm ?nta it MJa tha In-?***?? mouth, from tbe day of fiL^?..Li^r or pnrchasers riving his, her er bearilfa i?tere?7f,)0if??.r<j th" deferred payments. Mwitii iiiterjit fioni th? dt; of >ali it (be rate of eight per oentnm per annum ontit Mid' or the mr dan fhar^Liw th* i*r.?l ?* within eevea fx;fi1?,WAi",r,'!.bi.,s:5.7i2 d ^i'1'lh* tr",,'*? reeerve tbe right ^ttai i??JC22?rt,..*t tbe ritk ??* CMt of the de ^ 'wAHBkTc Trtifi' fcdVrt,*emen? , HHKf ? OAKNETT,< Trusteee. myl-eotd THOMAS DOwLlBG. A net. | ^DBUAMOB BBOB.i Auctioneers *Hn st?*k AT* UCTIOB I'EINTINU OFFICE On TOB?DAY AFTERBOOB, Mir 16 h at 6 o clock, we will srlllot 11, in squ*re?2l ironting Ig feet on North <a?it 1 * reet, win'. * 2'Ji en Derre*? street ipro5**J^tpn the corner of North FifSlH' aL<l Defjees etreeta. and improved by a well ?rijLi^r.fc ^ daellicgand itore-toom. aUo ? aMe on the rear of lot. Thi? property routi at the ra e of St*' per year, and is now under r^nt. ?? fourth ca?b; balance in #, la'and H months. Pptea bearing g per cei.t. Internet. and se cured b> deed of tron ou tha premise* sold A .le TrMn.-f? r??iulred as soon as soli. Convey - ar.cing at purchaeer s cost * e i>' NCANfrQN BR 18.. Aucts. to-morrow. W 4SO. B. V1LLI AMd, Auctioneer * ? 1001. north west Corner lOthaud D streets. ?Arlor SriT*7 nPHOLSTillKt> IN ilBAB. HEP. BLUE PT7FFING8; MaKH jK J&m ^?I*oTKK t*bLE3; WALNUT EXTEN SA?? TABLE AND DINING ROOM CHA'KS T^fcO WALM T TOP ()H tUITEB; WALNUT WAR *R0BES WALNIIT BEDSTEADS, BUREAUS, AND WVS1 tTAN |?8; uaLNUT H AT IIA'.'K AND HALL CHAlUS; HAhBLB TOP GOTTAGF dirif?? LODBOES. PAlBT.D BEDaTBADl. BD KEAU8 AND WA8I1 *TaNDH; UREEN RKP f'Ol TaViLES; TOIoBT JETS. BRlsSEI-8, THREE PLY AND IN ? hodk ahdootton top * ATTRA88E8, H %Lu ABD bT AIB ?< a K PITT^ ? PILLOWS ANlS BOLSTERS; CHINA, GLASS' filb,7c)CK,b^abk. kitchen urEN On WEDNEBDAV.SUy lTth, 1W?. cjtn-R* ,0r? c,ock.m- m 1 sh?11 ^U. at^L the rr^idence of a gentleman declining house- pM 1 K**t C'?Pltol street, between id ' f I ai d 4th streets. tb?> above collection of rnrnitnre. which aartles will find on examination to be in per feet order, and in use only a short time. Terms cath W*SH. B. WILLIAMS. n {Daily ChroD.] Aactton^er. I C^HANCKBY bALK OF VALUABLE IMP ' BT??T.b?: bORTHWKBT AND 151,11 BTB?Er8 Tn pursuance of a decree in the caoae of A Arm sir ad Reed vs. Josechine Tyler et tU., in Fi F.,u ty numbered 4.491. Locket 14. n.ade by the T^ T*rlu M,t> W- >??;?. aapoint i?f v m i I ? we will,on W KDNES v! V n' l!? front '?f I lie premises, at 6 i",? .I *"*!??B at public an?Mon, all t!ia* piece of lard Iji the city of W;i-h n?t jnkno* n on the of ll'rJ1!7 tweDI> flce of Lot nnm bered ten (10), In Square numbered three hnndri'd nod seventeen (517), tocether with the Improvements th?reoo, consUti'-g of a two story Brick douse T.ra. of ?ale,a.fii-d by decree, are : One third cf the purchase nuney In carh, and tha remainder in e<iu?l lfctdaUments, at six and twelve months fr ra the day of sale, the deferred payments to be*r Interest and to be secured by a lien upon the prop er? . e.t dred dcllais in ca?h muft be paid at the time the property Is knocked down, and if the terms are not complied with ?i-hln one *eek of ,**'*'ProP"rt>' to be resold at the rlok of t!i? de ftultii.? pnrcht*er HENR* WISE UiBNKTT, ) " 0- 2,Col nmbiau College Law Building, f ? JAb.O Pay ne, u ,U,U8,> TrurtbM. w, Webster Law Bnilditg,) UUP<&lboh Iirc% , Aucta. my5 15. H WAIiBEa> corner 7th aad F strnets. TSl-?T*wa5AyS.0r VALUABLE IMPROVED KKAIj K8TATK OS BOUTHWK^T CORNER ifA^I1.tAP.lJOL ?THlKTANDNOETa I MRbET. IN CITV Of WASBINUTON, U. <l I By virtue ot a deed of trust to me, bearing *Sw| I ^ dV of Ju'T, A. D 1S74, ami re 153 ?, rlvl i?i If?. 75y 317', f ??>e l.ud rec^IT jor the District of Columbia, and by the direction of the pary seoiirtd. 1 will sell, at public auction, in front of the property, on WEDNESDAY, the I 7th day of May. A. T). W76, at 6 o'clock a. m., all that parcel of groutd 11 the city of Washington, D 0 . known ani dtscribed as lot numbered one linndre.1 ar:d sixty (1601. in Sbepheid's recorded subdivision ?JL*J"?re ?n?bertd six hundred and twenty thr-e (?&3i. tcgett.i-r with the improvements, ccMisting of a ^eat three story Brick Dwelling. ^ Terms: One third cash; balance in six and twelve months, with interest at eight percent p?rannum, a? a d.<ed of trust up >n the aroperty. <Ion veyancing at purchaser's cost 1100 down at tioie o. aale It terms of sale are not complied with In ave days from day of sale, the Tra^tee reserves the rislit to resell at ri?k and cost of defaulting our ch#lTi'- WM. A. GORDON, Trustee aplj eoAds J. T COLHWBLL. Hslwrnan IkOWNMAN A GREEN. * Real Estate Anctionecri. No 4 1'J <th street iiorthwmt. will fell at public auction, to the hi?hes'?M bidder, on THURSDAY,the 1 ith dav of May.?9? at .> o clock p in . alt that c<rt*ln piece or par ctl rt gjr>und known iid dtscril?e<i upon the plat bocks of Washington, D O., as l^t 10. in John W Hfarr s subdivision of lota 1,2.3.4, #. 6. 7,anl9. in ?!?.*!*r? ML on Boundary street, between lSco and J7I1I r I . BC . B , letmsof sale: One third cash, of whlrli i*50 must be paid at time of sale, and the balance in aix and twelvemonths, secured by pu'ehaser s note*, bear ing seven p-r cent 'iteres*, on ths prtmisea sold. Conveyancing at purchaser's coat. ni?eo3t M O LUTTRELL, Salesman. B^-P(I8TP0NED UNTIL WEDNESDAY, THE l?in, sam? lour and place D'l^_ M. O. LDRTRELL. Balegman. BY E. J. SWEET. Real Kstate Broker and A uctioae*", No. 311 7th street northwest. ArrTTON PAL* OF DESIRABLE UNI* LOTS, ON M AS^ACHIT BKT1H AVEiTl K ANu CORNER OF ?TH fcTlil-ET NORTHEA8T. 1 will iflVr for ?ale, at public auction. In?c>a front of the premisea.on WEDNESDAY, I 7th, 1876, at 6 o'clock p m . all of Lots 17.18. r'? 2J? 22 ind 23, In ftlorsell s subdivision jf oric l?l 'in ?QUar? ?ro laitt lotj, 17x70 Terms of sale One fourth cash and the baltace en tine 82^ deposit repaired on e*c.h lot when sold All conveyancli g at purchaser's coat. If terms of sale are not complied with in siTeo days alter sale the property w in be reaoll at the rUk and co?t of the defaulting pare bw?r. _?uyll_d E. .1 SWEET. Auctioneer. yHOMAS DOWLlNGj^Auctioneer. On WEDNESDAY, May 17, lH76.at6 U 0 clock p m.. In tront ?f the premises, I will fS? rell part of Lot No. 3, In t<iuare weat of s iuate 4EU& 14 fn-utiDg about li fe?t onthe w??t ?ld? of 26th street, near M ttreet northwest, and back to Rock 1 re k; improved by a comfortable two story Brick 1 welling aLd a Vrarne Building on the rear of the lot. T?ncs One-third cash; balance in (and 12 months, wi'h interest at 8 per cent. my 15-2t THOMAS BOWLING, Auctioneer. 1 TRUSTEES' SALE OF VALUABLE IM FBOVBD REAL ESTATE IN TUB UOUBTY OF WASHINGTON, CONSISTING OF A TWO STORY DWELLING. SITUATED ON WHAT IS KNOWN AS THE "BRENT WOOD ROAD." NORTHEAST OF THE CITY, AND BE1NO PART Or A TRA IT Vr?LAND KNOWN AS "METROPOLIS By ? irtue of a deed of trust, dated Janaary 29th. 1874, ai d duly recorded in Liber No.74S. %7? folio 43et ae<i ,one of the lan<l records of th<JU& District of Oolumbia, aad by the written reuneat of the party aeenred thereby, we will aell at public ',b.e Premlaea, oo MONDAY, May SV. 1876 at SS o clock p. m., all thai piece or parcel ot lend, aituate and being in the comity of Washing ton, r iwtrict of OoIqiiidIi, tod kunfu ftnd desic '??led aa part of lot numbered tweutj-aiue (291, of the land Known as Metropolis View, commencing forths aameat a point on the east lioeof said Ijt two band red and thirty -four (234) feet from th<? southeast < orner or said lot, thence with the tine of said lot north twenty and a half degrsea (20K de grees), east two hundred <??) tset. thence and a? right angHa theiewith, in a southwesterly direc tion one huudted and eight (108)fe?t eleven ill) iarbea,th*-nc. south twenty and a half degrees (20X degree, .ast two hunared (BW) feet, thence and at tight angtos therewith in a northeastwardly direc tion oae hutdred and eight (KMtfeet eleven (ll) inches to the place of beginning. Including tbe right of a road along the east front of said la twenty nine, but said right sba'l not extend be Jond the time teat the eouth end of s tid lot twenty sine shall be aubd.vlded lato lots Improyed by a two stcry dweiiitg. ' Tetmr. One fouith cash; balance lng, 12 and 1? moti-bf, for which the noiee of tbe purchaser, bear ing interest at 8 aer oent. pir annus from day of aale, abd secured by a deed of trn?t on the property sold, will be taken A deposl of t'00 will be re qnirrd at time of aale. All conveyancing at the ex penee ot the purchaser If the terms or aale are not complied witn In ten dava from day ot e%le, the trus te?s rviwrve the Hgbt u> retell tbe property at tbe risk and coat of the defaulting purchaser, alter five dajs' advertisement OB AS. B. FRA'ER.l JNO. JOY EDS 'N, my 12-f tu&ds J T. COiiDWELL, Salesmen gJNITED STATES MARSHAL'S BALE. In virtu* of aa order of aal?, I'aued out of the Clerk'aeflce of the Snpreme Court of ths District of Colambia.a>d to me directed. I will ?e | a? pub lie aale, for cash,at the anc.ion ro >m? of Dncc ta eon M Bro , corner of 9th and D streets northweat. TOWBseactBg at 10 o'clock am , oo fUBSDAY. the 93d day of Mar. 1874, tbe fttll?sritig s indi aa1 chattels, vt?: One Piano, 1 Bedsteed and Bedding, a Chaise, 1 Parlor and 1 Oouk Store, 1 B<ir?aa, 1 CaipM, aad 2 <*lr?dow Snadse. eeix d nodsr writ of attachment Bo. 11497, aad will b* aild on acc >unt of abova order at ths in it < f Hear* Dioks.ia vs iMiaAJ>a??er. ALIXWDtR Mtic. ?7? atd 0. B. Marshal, D. 0? AUCTION PALES. J^CSCARSOR BROS . AArtioaeers. balk or firr Bi iiuma lot or north I. MBBBT HIM R' BTHRBR LIRRRTY MARK AT. AT Al OTTOR. Ou THl'RSD \T AFTERROOR. M?r l?:h. U? o'clock. ?e will sell part lot w?tr*lll. frontir* It feet ot north L ?tn?t, Between' 4ib aud Mb Mr<?? wrd. This lot lilitk ? itvf'<|iitrF?uh( Morttorn Llbscty Markn ud 1 h?ri?t ''ont?SF bci dings, And would make A ipl'Bdid bnsloe** location Term* Om third rub: balance io ?!? od twelve iroB'ht; notes beariA| ? P" w?t litrrwt Salt mMw ni) 14 3t PUNCABBOB BBOB . Al w ASH. B. WIULIAXS. \uctlonw, 1001, northwest corner 10th and D streets. w WmSS>(> r? ??Fof AKL?* SUITB, CPHOL iT*K?D 1^ Hair(LOTH.THRKg W iLNDT vr?mk%IVb n?AJ,^,Biu,TE9- TALBOT S-rm ."vFa H^i? ????IH ?0*A, VAtfO f BIO RTRAD!, WALUTT VaKBLR-T0P BIPR Bi.'ABI), WAt^CT EXTERVON TABL1 AMD I>1RIRG ROOM OHaIB* OOTTAG1 fcUITEi W??CCnV-A4a9 *"?<?" I OR. BEPCDB' TAI18| GENT 8 BA9T CHAIRS MiKRLi TOP TABLRA. TOILIT WAHI ' rV\TH?? BID, PILLOWS. ARP BOL*TklS HOSI AND OOTTOR TOP MATTAEesSs Siii OILCLOTH. ST iUR OaRPETSIN OR UN AND OTHKS f *BPBT8, 0 A NRRniTPH? MLbTS AND PICRLEi, RirCBlB DTB ?: j).,i.TiiyBrDAT' ?mz |9?igrt- co??-i?c ng J" .1 Mo. Bit atroat. between 4th end Tib itrivti northwest, coll'vcil<>n of Household Fnmtture i**n lB about tht ty da'ys Xu Vr * purchase Fnmttnra shonlt not miss this rpgortujlty, for the owner u about to &%Z*h:&??ri!KVb0V9 'rt,ClM ?? 10 m??6d WASH. B WIT-LIAMV Auctioneer 'UOMAS DOW LING. Auctioneer! GRAND ART 8ALR _ Fr m tba CILIBRVTED AMERICAN ART GALLERY NEW YOBK ' 1- W'* *1 J valuAble collection of . HIGH < La"8 Oil, PAINTiNUS 19ft WOBBft OF STERLING MBRIT <rn riBST MOD in' ARTISTS. "tru rdlr arr c .action contains i as of th? tinest works ev.r cflrrtd ii thUcltr. ?> d are snperbly m. anted in the finest of ri/-* f,, / l nf "wM *' Auction. oti W K|>N t'DAT, 1 H C B S n* T and KRIIia Y KVCMMJU. May 17 i" . ' at lh* marble building. 1101 Penn v ,l\n. \ 5T?T,\Ci0rDer -f n,h ?*r^? northwest. !??>? on frea exhibition Term* rash "y" " THQ8 DO*LINO. Anct. AbH- B. WILLIAMS, Auctioneer, No. 1001 north *eet corner 10th and D ata. A2L.? IM/R0VKD PROPERTY reONT JLS,? o JSL'L?-!1?""T^BBT w B AM o BTR ART fT AT AnTlTIOB A??* N0HTU On THTRMJAT, Mir l*.187?,at b o'clort p m., 1 will aali, in fr ^nt of the araml"'*", a ' two atory aod attic Brick DwellluK contain J In* aboot ten rooms, havinc abant 18 laet 6 luctiet llelof Ho'm! liac^ 87 feel, mora or lew, to an a'ley, Term*: Ona-thlM cacIi;balance in nix, twelve and eieb'een nmu'hs f r notra bearinK^ioteraat from day of aale and secured by a dead of t"rn<ton ihe?re<n ?*d. All convejnnciac at pnrchaser's cost, f lOUdown when the aroperty la struck oft myutd WASH H. WILLIAMS, Anct. VODMO A M1DDLRTON. A Real Estate Auctioneer a T5\1?,T5I^U.PAL* ?r two v\luable K?KK 0N TH* WRBT 81OE Or IUth. BRT1AEKM T ABD U BtBEKl'd NOBTHWBBT. " By virtue of a deed cf trust, dated August it hi 4 ? 1^0, and recorded in Liber 6a. 1 folio J19 ft sc., , one of th? land rec?rds of J W *?hlnrt< D (oui>ty. in the District of Uoluahia. ALil by direction of of the holder of the note secured thereby, we will offer tor sale, at poblic auction in alTh i'?s,he. trcD.i??*< WRDRRBDAV. May ? . i V 2 cioc P- m < All thiaa ai- c?n ?r asreel* of aronnd known a< Lois 78 and 79. In Falconcrand Allen'* subdivision of a part of the east h if of Bqnare No. J74. Each Lot is lmarorad bji a two story Brick Dwelling uuprorea " arms of ?ale : Rl 200 on awch henae and the pro portionAl expensev of the raH in CASh; balance in f"! ^52 ,.*VTe ?0Lth*- secured by notoa bearing lnter*#t At eigtit (8) per cent., And by dead of trust on the property a deposit of #?? on eAch h nae will be required At the time of aale. Oonveyancins At pnrchsiier s coat ir the ternn of aal* are not ccmplnii with within aeven days, the Truste?s reserve the right to resell the property, At the risk And cost of thed-fAUlting pnrchAaer PHILIP A. DaBNRILLRJ t BOBBBT P. DO DOB. < Trustees. my 13 dAds YODXU A MIDDLETOS, Aucta. AbH B WILLIAMS, Auctioneer, No. 1001, northwest corner 10th And D streets. TKl>TEE8'LE OP YAH A RLE IMPROVED 1 BO PERT Y ON 14th 8TKKKT, BlTW EEN R aid ? 8TBP.ETS NOKTU Al'JTION Hy virtue of a deed of trast. da*e<? October 9th, A. D lt>72, and dnlr recordtd in Liber] No ?:>4 folio 4?l. one of the land records lor* ? he District of Columbia, an1 by direction of the party aeenred thereby, I shall s^ll at public auction, ? lie Pr<mises, on THL B81>a y, May U3, A. D. 187C, at 6 o'clock p. m , the f>llowing de scribed real .??ate.ti. wit: All ?hat ce? tain piece or parcel ot ground situate A^d lying in said city, and t>eirc_knowi> and de-cribcl as lot number seventy foni 174),In the reco-il. il subdivision cf square num bered t?o bULdred aid aeven (307). witn improve nie?tg thereon, consisting of a two story brick Uwilllrgwith back building, with all modern lm provtmente. gAS And wa er. Terms of *Ale: One third in CAsh; the b.ilAnce in three equal Instalments at at*, twelve and ei?hteen ?Months, with Interest it ten percent, per annum, t<? b* seciir?d by a deed of trust on tne premtaoa aold RICO will t? xijuired of the parcha-er at the time of Kale All c uveyaccing At purchaser's cost. If the terms c f sale are not folly complied wl'h In one w eek from the d*y (.f *ale, the Trustee reserves the to reat ll the property At the risk And coat of the defaulting: purchaser, after five days'Al'ertiae ment. JOHN R. NORRI8, Trustee. ?ujr lJd WASH It WILLIAMS. Auct. "I^HOMAS DOWLINO Auciloneer. TRv^,pI5.^'8^^iBOr VAH*ABLE PROPSBTT IN OROhGRTOWN. D C.. AT AUuTlOH By virtne of a deed c.f trust, da'ed rebrn- > ary 1st, A D 1871, to the undersigned, and recorded i j Liber No. Ml. folio 4fll,one of th? Ntid records for the ? iatrlot of ^Jolumt.-A, And ?t the re. j nest of the p*rty seenrfd ther-by, I will a-ll at Auction, on TUESDAY.the 33d day of Msy, M.aiJ ocl'ck p m, at tne comer farmed by the iolersectioi of wet Market Bpa^e at.d Bridge ", Georgetown. D. O , one undivided niutb in tereet in the estate of the late Bobert White, ot OforEetown, D. ('. Said estate consletirg of both r.alAnd personal property, located, situated and be'&c in the District of Columbia The real eauta c^msti's In part of snbdlviaion of lot No. 23, eld Georgetown, lrontinif 31 6 II feet on the north lioe of Bridge street, and back 98 feet on tba waat side ot Bai k alley, improved by a two story frAtne Dwell i'g honae; snbdlvtsion of lot Mo. 41. old George town, fronting 39 feet on the sooth slda of Bridge street, and bnck K 4 II feet on the west s'de of Mar ke<?.P*cf, improved by a frsma store|llonse; Also, ,?L '2? 41,old Georgetown, fr in ting 21 4-12 feet fn the soutb side of Bridge street. And back M 10 It feet, improved by a two-story frame Dwelling Honae. Terms of sale; frco CA?h: bAlance in ? and 12 months, eecured by deed of trust on the property aold. A deposi* of l?100 required when the bid is accepted, if the terms of sa<? Are not complied with wit! in five dAys the Trustee reserves the rllht to resell at the risk And cost of ' he defaaltii - bit chaser, after giving five days' notice *M. I) CABS1N, Trustee, myll eo THOM. DOWLIllG. Auct, w L AV a . rM H. H. WARNER, corner 7th And F sts. auctioh salr or a two-stobt gothig COTTAGE ON "COTTAGE HILL," NEAR TEE TERMINUS OK THE COLUMBIA BAIL way. On FR1DAT, May lftth, 1-76, At 8 o'clock p tn.. wH ben. Id In front of the pn-misea. Its M and 37, Hi block It, f Hall A llolib hsnbdi ' vihlonot gr uud kn-wn as ''Cottage Hill " f rotrl) kuwn as "Long Meadows, improved aa above. 7 his property oomniAuds a beautiful view of tbe city and snrronndlug country. Temis: Cue fooith tbe I'tlanoe a?. one. two. ai.d three years, with Interest, secured by a deed cf trust RS0 down At time ot sale. An 1 All con veyancing a' purchaser's coat in> 12,tb.1t J T COLDW ELL. 8Ale?m?n. WILL SELL, AT PUBLIC AUOTIOS, OM _ MONPA Y, At 3 o'clock p ? April S4, In front of the premlaea, two three-atory Brick Houaaa, Not. 134 and 1W6 Id street southeast Terms made ka jwb on day of sale. GROBGE COW1R, Secretary N. C. B. E. AaaociAtlon. DOWNMAN A GREEN. Au*a. M. C. LUTTRELL, Salesman. apl0-3taw I __ THE ABOVE SALR IB POBTPONED nntil MONDAY, tbe Htld dav or May, aame hoar and place. GEORGE OoWIE. BecretAry M. O. R E. AsaocUtion. Apl4 M. O. LUTTLELL. BAlaansAn. H. WARNER, corner 7th and F streets. TRUSTEE'S SALE OF VALDABLR IMPBOVBD REAL EsTAlE ON BOUTH D STREET. BR TWKEN 3d AbD 4TH BT8 KA8T B) virtne of a deed of tru t dated February A^A <th A D. 18*1. And recorded In Liber Ho. 773, f lio 423. cf tbe lAnd records f< r Districto* Oo CJL InmbtA. And by direction of tbe party aecured, I will aril *t public Auction. In front of the premises, oa MONDAY, the 3*d day of May, A. D. 1-576, at ft o'clock p m , all tnat parcel of ground la tbe city of V Ashlngton, DC. knows aa the weatera 17 feet 1> lcchee front by 144 feet 3 inchea deep of Lot No. W. in square Bo. 793. Improved by A neAt two at< ry Frame Honae. Terms: One-third CAsh. balance in six And twelve months, with Interest At 8 per cent per Annus, ae enred on the property Conveyancing At purchaa er 's Cijat A100 down At sale if terms are not oom ?il<d with Tu five da>Strom day of sale,tbe Trus tee r> aerve. the right to retell At risk And coat of de U*1""""C'-l0BIET H. WARD, Tro,?-. mj lie; Ads J. T COLDWRLL. Ba I asm an. | TMTED STATES MARSHAL'S SALR. In virtiM of a writ of fieri fAclAS, limed c?t of tbe Clerk's o?ce of the 8 u pre ass Oonrt of the Ule tr et of Columbia a? d to ass directed, 1 will sell, a! Bblic sale, for cAth, at Birch A Robey's Basaar, oa aiaiana avenn*. on 8 ITURDAY. the BOth dav of MAy. 187ft, ooBun?ncliig At 10 o'cl jck a m., the fol io* iug goods A.d ebattels, to wit, vis : One office ? - ? - - I a WA ? ? ? t A ?bveiop^t, 1 Kttm oi tiec?u uto riper, ?aa i iji Carpet Binding, sei?r< and levied naoA as tbe goods And chAttels of H O. DenlsoA. And wBl be aold to satisfy extcu'ion Wo. tsvor of A.L. Barber a Co. ALFX SHARP, C B Rerabal D C. - - . P*T BIBOH a ROBRY. Auctioneers. May Bl, 1874. saylii d (J. 8 Ir vlrtAe of a writ of Barf faelas iaausd oat of tke Clerk '* offlrt- of tbe Supreme Oonrt of the District of OolcmbtA ABd to ma dlreoted, I wUl aell At nubile sale far Oaab, At tbe Auction store of T Aoe. l?uw It tig. comer of PennsrlvAiia Arenas and 11th street Aorthweet, oa SaTORDAT, the Mtk day of MAy. 1878, At IO o*?ieck a. the fotluwlai: gMiia aai cbattess, to wli -"Fonr Jaaonleat,7' ?elsaft bm levied apoa aa the goods and chattels of Wsa. Dooglaaa, aamini.trAtor. And will fee aold to aatisly execution Mo. WB, la fevor of Heary Doag D. 0. ALEX BHARPJD " War* MVlO ? 97 TBOMAi bOWLUO, EVENING STAR. TI'EKDATm. May la. 197*. A I?t?I l adfrUklM. About a year ago Hon. ft. T. Suit, of Prlrce George's County, Mary an 1 (reeaot ly elected Btate Henaton, well kooiro to New \nrl and Lonlsvilie. started a pr .Ject Jo complete the Wuhinttoo mtunmeot on bit own responsibility. for the Information of those wbo have ktat sleht of blna for some years, It may be stated that Uila gentleman has jocc into fruit raising. And baa tb? lar gest frutt farm In the oountry?jo.Oii" iw, among which are the enormous number of 2.000 cherry treea and l.vooquince tree*, the remainder being mostly near ie*. He baa aiao a large vineyard. Mr. Halt not lo ig since proposed to the Washington Monu ment Association to raise to mm piste the monument at Washington, which roi twenty yeara baa been a standing dis grace to the Nation. On tbe 4th of tbta month. bis offer waa accepted. He came to tbla city and ordered a bundred tin boxes, silver plated, and la trying to employ seventy-five ladies to start for subscriptions with seventy five of the*, boxee. His Idea la to get tbeee ladles to act in Philadelphia during the Centennial. He propose* that tbe city and Centennial banding* shall be districted so that hotels, boarding houses, dwellings an J all puellc places will be sup plied with the boxes, witn the reques: oa a card that each person therein put In one rent, or as much more as tiiey like, tbe pro coeds to be taken from the boxes each day by the Treasurer of tbe Washington Moium ?i.t As-oclatlon, who aloue shall bold the k?ys to the boxes. Tli's i? rather a curious idea, but Mr Kult ha* to much taltti la it that he s ijs he has aliea ty expeud?d ?2,100 In the effort without having collected a ceut or h? ke<l ror monev. Mr. salt favs he intends to complete the monument In the way he has ludica ed. asking the Associ itlon 0:1'.y for tbe salaries of the ladles a:id tie ni mey he actually expends on voucher*, a id his w hole mind seems to bswrat'p?l urln the prrject.? [.Vw York BuVettm. Yiktt* Vucdicated Marv Blogiattl. a lair daughter of sunny Itafy, and but Cigbteeu years of age. learning tbat she had been slandered In respect to her virtue by one of her couutrynien, uamM Joha Dal bert, sougbt, through her guardian, sac*i reparation as the courts could give n-r, \* lih this view suit was brought In tu? Marine Court to recover damage* against tbe slanderer, which came to a conclusion yesterday, before Judge McAdam. Numer ous witnesses were examined on both sides, and the Judge, holding the words spokeu by the defendant to have been slanderous aud untrue, gave a verdict for flOO in favor of the plaintiff. After the rendering of the verdict another scene ensued which was not set down In the bills. Jt appears that when the slanders agalust Mis* Blogiattl were uttered ahe was receiving attenuooa with a view to marriage from one of her young countrymen, namel Peter Bullettl; but when be heard the 6landers he refused to marry her until they had been disproved. When, therefore, the result of the trial was announced, the friends of toe young lady and her admirers got aronud them, and, after considerable animated conversation, Induced the young people to get m%rrled there and then, and thus give the lady's vir tue a double and emphatic vindication. Mr. J.Stewart lioea, who appeared as counsel in the slander case for the plaintiff, an nounced to Judge McAdarn a*, the result of the consultation of the principals and taelr friends that they wished to be Joluei la matrimony. In response. Judge Mr Adam called attention to the fact Uiat there was a clergyman present of the same church as tne patties and suggested that he might more properly perform tne ceremony. To this the parties rejoined through au interpreter that it was tbe custom in Italy to have a civil marriage and afterward they oould have the ceremony performed In the church, the civil marriage they wished to have performed then. Judge Mc%dam compiled with their wlsbea? (AT. Y Heral.l, 13iA. A Millionaire's Son.?In Foughfceep ele, before Justice Barnard, last Friday, Mr Win. A. Beach argued the appeal of George Hoffman from a judgment In a suit brought by Jav Cooke, McCulloch 4 Co of Loudon. Mr. Hoffman Is a millionaire real estate owner in New York city, and has a pro ileal son. on whom. In the year 1871. he expeudel more than $25,000. The soj fell in love wita a ballet dancer, and in 1S72 followed her to London. While there he drew on his fa'ner to the amountof about t !,(?? for the support of himself and his paramour, the money be ing advanced by Jay Cooke. McCulloch 4 Co. The father refused to honor the drafts, claiming that he had authorized inquiries to be made lor the son, with a vletr of assisting him. but tbat such assistance was only to be given to prevent him from going to prison or getting into serious trouble. He denied that he meant tbat thousands of dollars should be advanced for the son to aq.iat.der In Euro pean travel. Justice Baruard reserved his decision The Rollino Chairs ?Tue rolling cha'r brigade has begun a propitlods campaign. I'p and down the nave and across th?' tran septs of both the main building a*.d Ma chinery Hail move scores of these mongrel vehicles laden with fat people, thin people, 'org people and short people, and pushed by <Vc atdly light built people in flashy uni forms. The cost of riding in one of th^se contrivances is sixty cents per hour. The latter are pretumed to be walking encyclo peoiaof the exhibition?at least by ponder ous old ladies from the rural,districts, whose tnotiMOfiruruJi in riding around is to thrust a huge sun umbrella over their shoulders, prodding the pusher in the neck, and therebv calllng his attention to a stuffed llama, and ashing how It la that elephants are not the same in reality that they are in picture books?[Philadelphia Timet. Mormon Plans.?The Denver Col.) News of the 10th instant says "An immigrant agent, with credentials from Brigbam Young, came to Denver aometlme ago toget ratea from the Denver and Rio Grande rail way for about five hundred people, who are expected to arrive from over the sea next September. He wanted rates to Fort Gar land. to which point it Is expected the road will have been extended by the time named. Tbe agent said that Brigbam Intended to move his followers Into a new field,and Inti mated that the region selected embraced poitlons of both New Mexico an4 Arixoaa. Since the disclosure of the scheme la the newspapers the agent has written to the rail road authorities that the project had been abandoned for the present. The Pillory and Whipping Post ?At New Castle, Del, ten men w--re ilogged Sat urday and afterwards punished In the pil lory. Wm. Price and Wilson H. Smith {both colored men) were placed in the stocks fro-n 10o'clock to 11 a. m. and afterwards flogged, the latter very lightly. Daniel T. Magulra got twenty lasbes; James Oubbar (white) ten lasbes; John Taylor twenty lashes. Jas. Trusty and Wm. Benton received sound whippings, it being Benton's second appear ance at the whipping post; James Frisky was heavily flogged, but left the place laugh ing. F. Myers, a rather slightly built negro, was given no consideration by the jailor, and cried plteoutly for quarter, and Henry Haden, (colored.) being old and infirm, was treated very leniently. Among the auditors at the Boston theater, last evening, was Miss Altwrtlne, who, It will be remembered, was mltislng for many years, and supposed to be deal, but was finally discovered In an Institution for the blind In Australia, and sntsoquently sent home to America by the United States con sul. Though totally blind, abe is enjoying fair health. She resides permanently with berfriends In New Bedford. Thereare many old play-goers who well remember the lady when she traveled In support of Mr. Chan fraa?[Boston Transcript, lOfA. Thi Children's Chcbch? Rev. Mr. Boyle has Introduced a novel and Interest ing feature In bis Sunday services. Every Sunday arternoon Is devoted to the children of the church, and a sermon specially pre pared for them is preached by tbe pastor. The children constitute tbe church, have reg ular offloers elected, take up collections, and perform all the duties required of tbem promptly and seriously. The exercises are beautiful and Impressive?(Lexington (To.) Gazette. Beware or Cats.?Oar attention has beeo called to a case of poisoning by the bite or an angry eat, which the attending physician pronounces as violent as the bite of any eop Ferbead or rattlesnake he ever beard of.? Wfutltttg (W. Va.) Register. gt&~ Miss Atch, daughter of the English agi tator of that name, has appeared as a 1,reach* r in h?r native oonntry, and attracts large audlencra. . ftTTbe more Anna Dickinson leans op agalt st Henry VLLL, tbe more she seems to regret the n< glectsd opportunities of her past life. The widow af President Polk has had a special car j-laosd at ber disposal, by Ool. Scott, of tne Pennsylvania railroad, for the purpose of visiting tbe oentannlal. a*" There appears to have been some hostil ity asalnft Mr. Moody, the Evangelist, In Georgia. In consequence of bis objection to bis white and colored auditors being divided by a board fence. W Worcester Press: Prom the wilds of Washington Territory oomes the cry, "Sand ns wives?" And as any a sad-eyed Benedict who reads this Item will devoutly wUh ha oould respond to the call. WThres children, between tan fund twelve years or age, went boating yesterday on the river Sault an Reeollet in Can Via, and swept Into the rapfcda. The villagers powerless to save them. Tus beat was upset mad they were drown**. At the Hwioo of the Uaoaral Conf*reire at tbe Methodist t.pucopa: Chnrth yesterday. J. y Chaplain and R M Hatfield preeenud a memorial to more nearly equal it* th* imntwr of mli Isterial and lav MrytM la tbe General t'uMereuae R?fcrred to the ixmalllM on the >UI? o11 be eh u rob. TIE HOOK COKCaaW iCAO. Pr l^anahar. submitted a memorial from tbe BaJUmore Conference. requesting u>? book committee at New York hereafter i* their annual statement, to (Ira U>< cooar cure an exblbll of profit* and louat. and the rraMi.1 for tbe dinereae** betwaen the esti mated value* or aseeu in report* or Kl and Is72. aud a deiMilad statement oi the causes or said deficit. bfvikiko Tin lobd's rmvtR N K Hur?iu|ii?ra eubmtUad tbe follow lr i, which tw referred to the commlttae on revision: Whereas oar I<ord's Prayer In complete ard perfect lorm la found on reoord In onlj one place In the New Trwtamoiit, namely Mat., ?th. ?th, 1 <Ui Therefore, resolved tha? this form be lutwutolfd aud published la our Book of PlscipUue tuctaad of that form low In uw. fKKftOKAI. IXI'LAH \ Tl OW*. Pr. N? In >11. ol New York, sail he dealt** to mane an explanation of ?? ? ? ?? * tuu oi uie rfiunrka n.atte by b:m on KaiurOay while the Went em R<.?>k Concern committee** report wu under oomirti ration. tie said be bad oara fully reviewed tbe words spoken by him, and now wished to say that, folly apnreciat I* g the provocation to himself. be did not >*-lteva tbe p<ootalltle* ua?vl w<t* becom ing. Pr. I.anahan said he bad brought no all*. gatlot.s against Pr Nel?on. Pr. Xeleon had said that "the great t.iveatlgat >r Wv?ald eaaerly setre upon any statement he tl?r. Nelson' might make because of Ills (Pr. I-analian'si bosuiity to tbe Hook Ooucarn - He denied thai he had been an e:iemv of th* Rook Concern, but w*? it* friend, and a anted to save it. A poliit ororder was raised wiiil* Pr. Lab ahan was speaking. when he said It was re maikable that |>otnla of order ware ouiy raised when he was speaking. Pr. Newman said the Raltimor* Confer ence delegation did not desire the agitation of this suhifct. He said the question of I tie consolidation of the two Rook Concern* and the ha 1 condition of tbe Western Cjncera l ad been laid on the tabla in the Raltimor* Conference. If It could lie done. be said, be would Ilk* to postpone tbe whole subject to all eteralty. [Applause i ?t RaV Sun, lor A. America Ahead iw Machiitxrt.?Ho far as tirst lmpr?*sions ico. then, all Amer. leans may feel gratified at their display la machinery. It la in some departments sun. Ply superb, K ice pi In tfie cases at Ureal Rrltain ai.d Prussia no foreign nations com Kt? successfully with th.l'alted HLales. ussla In only a few Instance*, and Great Rrltain In none too many for her own fame and reputation. It it. possible that soma of th* nations may yet have exhibit* of a striking character coming forward. Rat Great Hriialn has already surraodarad her unoccupied space. Tli* machinery at pres ent Is run from 10 till 12 and from 2 till 6. These hours may possibly be prolonged wtiao tl'lngs get ship shape. Tbe present arrange ment Is to allow of repair* and slight alter. at ions to tbe new mach 1 uery [ Ph t'i. o*. A*. Y. Timet. ByTbe MaysTtlle(Ky ) Rulietln says that * a fortune is waiting for the m?n who dt%cov ers a latter game than croquet. *y Bonaparte believed In fatalism. It seems that be was right, if we eatiraate tbe Reecher liowou case, with Its hamao blun dering* and it* ever-approachlug ''rttoue n?mt. ay Half a dozen men may go dowu conseo utlvely on the same piece of banana pwi, ard yet each will express himself as dliTer eotly a* if he had been brought np in a sepa arate language. ?yThere is no more affecting moment la tbe life of a widower than vb*>o be proposes to bis landlady and distractedly tears Las tombazine off hi* bat to bide bis emotions in. I ByTytdalPs first professional act aftcrhls marriage was to write an article recom mending tbe adoption of glass rockers for cradles. He attributes tbe prevalence of gout among infanta to los* of electricity (Brooktjm Aryu*. ?y It may be said that the more delicate parts of Offenbach's music are oiien entirely inaudible, except to persona in the immedi ate neighborhood of tbe btud.?[ Eir>ima Rut tbe more indelicate part* are all right?[A. T. World. ay A young lady from Peataville, Ky.. went to lx>'Jlsvllleoneday last w*?k to have a tooth drawn, and when tbe dentist asked if | she would take gas she pulled out a bottle of whisky and remarked: ?'This is the kind of 1 gas we take.'* The tooth was ??extracted j without pain." *yA Paris woman ha* perfected a new 1 mtthod of picklug pockets. 8he enters tli* omnibus wltb a very pretty and beautifully dressed bah v. seats herself close to the like liest pas-enger*. and works under cover of baby p ample drapery. Alter succeeding ah* pinches tbe baby, so that It cries fearfully, and leave* the omnibus suddenly to i>ny candy for It. M JAC'KBOH?h KkiOLD In Itsltimors at the Kiettj str<-ft |>sract>sg>>, on AarllT;*, 1176,bf tbe Rev. l?r A. A Oil..on. Q to. B J * no?,?r Do txtt, Kiel,Iran, to Mlas \ M Asn?ld,oI Ac licgtoD. Baitiaiors eoaatv, Ma * tA* BIBi g?LAWBBNri. OnCatwlsr, Mar IS'b. lt>7a. at Pbtladei^bla Mr. Atcex ItAwstsc*. HLd Mr* lull Gso>Ui? Um siv e I Kcs fork und r 1,1;ad11 I bis sap- rp pleasr copy | ? M AHG1M ?BOWBR. On tbs Mb o? Msr, HT?. tht Km ruber Bane. J. hn Max. ;\,of tbis citr.aiid bitiH B. wcs.of Aleiandria Vs MED. BCBCH Oaths niornlr^ of Msr Pcb. U*i, at 4Ss III . Id* tbe istb rear of bar a?e, tltfeat tiau?bt?r ot Justtpti A and Baser V I turrit. Funeral wld take place Iron tbe Ml Baptist Cbarcb, I7tb IKo clock. Dalstoaaaad frleiidtare lavitedtoaOeiid ? ItBBWBB Ol the lath Msr. 1S76. Mrs.Bcstcca BRB? SR.s?ed 87 tear*. Filetida of the fatmlr are invited to attend bar foreral to morr w n /ml, Utb infant, at 9% o'clock from ber late realdsnos, Ho. 60? laet cbostitta avenue aorthweat. ? FBBT. A'.rer a short and psinfsl llln**? ia Prcofcl)n. Amce Csist, ?f .) SI mwh* lu'ant dauchter of Jchb and Julia A Fro?, lata *1 Vi ath lngtcn. D. C. 1 a'her. mother,?h?d aot a tear Above renr darlinc'a cra>e. y r she baa gore to Bea> en above, The war for >on to *a?s. * KIT/PATRICK On tbs 1Mb or Msr. Mrs. SorAS FiTzrsTXiCB.a?ad0> rears. * MILLEB On Mondar, Mar 1Mb. P7?. at M o'i lock p m OrsraibE, Infant daagbtar ofJameaB SLd Ltzrle, seed S aioulaa airf It) day ? 81 AT 7. At 3 o'clock a. n.. Mar Ktb. 1<74. Mtar Blizsi eth. Infant daughter at John and Mlas Btstz, aged S )ear? at d 14 dajs. Funeral at 4 o'<'ock p. m to morrew. Fries not tbe fsmilr re?pe< ifallr ln*lt?l to stUud. Bo. Sit M atteet northweat. * f'.'llKkK At Amnaendsle, Pria-e <?? >r*e'? CountrIMd.,Tnaadsr. Mar <<> b.?e7a at IS JSu'clu?k a ni , Raret Bocas, son ot Wm. 11 and Mary B. Tlr.-a, seed S >? are and S OK'ii h Fnoer?laer?iceaat Qleuauod.oa the 17th inatast, at half past J ?.'clock p m. Famll) and frisiil* are Invited to at let d * MOODSIPK At MO. Mondar. Mar Utb,li7?. BannaI WoonaaiK. ated j-am 1 be tuaeral a ill 'atr place a'. Mrs. Belt ?. L <t , Ie?s?ti 6th iiLd 7tfc, on W ndaeadar aTternoja, at 4 I OCIKk UNDERTAKERS. JJ r. HARVEY, rndrrtakrr. WN, BACKBIT w:rm it r HAKVer. ?artlW W. BAHklft, Cabinet Maker anaT Vndertaker, ? IS lira Stsksv Voariiwaat. actl-tr OOX8 0BL1VBBBD TO AU FABTI Of TBE CITY A7 THE SAMK KATE. ?cm schedule?Fell load of at boskets tar |J at. ?ualiat leads 7 osats per haabM. oartaga,? *aats APPLT TO OFFICE OF W ASM 1 ? OTOE 8AEUQMT OOM > All ? i Til Ma RATTAN'S CRYSTAL DISCOV FOR THX HAIR. FOB BBSYOBIEG OBATOE FADED MAIE TO ITS KATl BAL AMD TOITHFI'L oSZoB. ^rrunsR? anebi?4R cvcLsrs S5SSSiS?SJS!

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