Newspaper of Evening Star, May 17, 1876, Page 2

Newspaper of Evening Star dated May 17, 1876 Page 2
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EVENING STAR, WASHINGTON: WF.DMSDAT JI?j 17, I*7? ntoKBT iomH BOltor Average Daily Circulation over being more than three times that of ant/ other daily paj>er in Washington. The ftUr f?r tin Hammer /*<nu Iravin./ the city man have Tfli St A a smt to 'how a/ktreu by mail, pottage prepaki, for such p<rk>d of time tu they may desire, at the rate of 13 cents per week, 60 cents per month, M 75 for three months, or 13 for six months. f7~ Th* money to pay for the time reqitirm1 i.f*l in aH case* accompany the order. Other. ? e the paper cannot be sent. It U urged that the Centennial should be closed on Sunday* because that accord* wltb the eoDdaet and faith of those who gave < baracter to this nation. and tbat only by so <.'olcg can we show ourselves to other coun tries aa we are?a people of Hunday-observ *rs. Suppose we burn a few witches on the * rounds for the edification of foreigners Just to show them the ptety and virtue of those. who (ave character to the nation. People whose memory we delight to honor ?'id many tilings so late at a hundred years r 30 that we ought not to do now. Polite r.ess, If tkere were no other reason, requires us to yield as far as pustMe to the habits and wishes of those who come tnsee a-*. If It be true that we are a people of Sunlay obeerver". that Is not necessarily a thing to be proud of. Tbe thing to be proud of would be to show the world tbat our religion la so snllgbtened by reason and knowledge and sympathy wltb our fellows tbat we are not afraid of It. that It does not depend on the opening or eloslng of any particular gates on any particular days; tbat as individuals vtdoour own thinking and feeling, tbat we are men and women to be trusted and re spected. This exhibition belongs to the whole people and to the wbole world, aad tbe most Inappropriate thing we ean exhibit is Intol erance. TLs benefit of tbe Sunday opening would be enjoyed by visitors from great dis tances as well as by those living near Phila delphia. Every Sunday with the gate open would be a day gained to every visitor In the city cramped for time or money, or who come to see the exhibition only. Some of the wisest and purest people of this city, whose Intelligence shows them the difference betwee-: Christianity and the forms and formalizes that have grown out of it, whose lives are dally blessings to the community, think that if the Corcoran gallery, the Capi tol, the iiotanlc garden, and the libraries should t? ? kept open here on Sundays the practice would assist tne churches very much In fie work tbey profess to do, aad help greatly to gain the ends all good people have at heart. Tbe N?-w York Ti?tes thinks tbst while the formal action of tbe Flftb Avenue confer ence w a? moderate, the expressions of some of Its Influential members were foolish. In this cIssh it places the speech of Mr. Charles Francis Adams, Jr., who declared himself In fovor of Tilden for the Presidency in case Brlstow v. as not nominated. Tne Tunes tells Mr. Adams that Mr. Tilden is In no sense to b? compared to Mr. Brlstow, that be is not only his inferior, but In all essential regards his opposite. <?i> ? ? Tbe prrject of establishing a National Sur gical Institute In the District of Columbia seems to be opposed by the medical fraterni ty generally, mainly because It Is feared that under improper auspices such an lnstl tats, conducted as It were under the protec tion of the general government, might be come a means of personal aggrandizement to 11* managers. While there Is doubt that the measure In its present shape should receive the sanction of Congress, at least one of the reasons given why it should not is based on an error which deserves to be cor rected. This reason is "tbat the District of Columbia possesses no special a lvantages for such an Institute." A moment's re dec Uon will convince any one that this asser tion Is untrue. Tbe medical and surgical library of the Surgeon General's offlce Is one of the largest and best In the world, and Is by Car tne best In the United States; while the Army and Navy Medical Museum pre sents to the student a field for study and sci entific research nowhere else to be found In tbe Union. Tbe Library of Congress, wltb Its 300,000 volumes treating on all branches of science, literature, and art, and tbe law li brary of the United States Supreme Court, may be named as Inducements to students held out by no other city In tbe Union. It is for theee and many other reasons that rromlnent educators like President White, or Cornell University, urge tbe establish ment of a national university In Washington. ? ??> ? That promising lad, Jimmy Blanchard, who passed blmaelf off for tbe lost Charlie Boss, and subsequently stole a horse and wsgon, has been arrested In bis mad career and placed In a reform school. We are afraid that one who gives evidence of Innate cus rednees at so early an age will hardly be benefited by tbe discipline of a reform school. Yesterday we recorded a terrible accident loa lad employed as a page In tbe Senate, resulting from an attempt to slide down the marble balustrade of one of tbe Capitol stairwsj s. A fatal accident from ths same canss occurred In Baltimore yesterday after noon, the little victim fracturing bis skull and bursting an artery by the fall. It has been a common practice for the pages at the Capitol, wno are young and full of vital ity, to work off a portion of the latter by sliding down tbe balustrade. Tuat t ie prac tice is a dangerous one is proved by the expe rience of yesterday. It would be to the best Interests of thsse youngsters If they were held under all ttle closer restraint. Tbe democratic papers are, of course, de lighted with the Kilkenny-cat struggle lietween tbe prominent republican aspirants tor the Presidential nomination, and the New York Kxyress (Tammany organ) felici tates Itself with ths Idea tbat " tbe shreds of reputation left after the conflict msy not suffice to meet tbe requirements of a Pres idential canvass." Tbat paper further ex presses the opinion that " Brlstow Is tbe Dens ex ftachuta wno Inspired the Kiddle assault upon Blaine." ' SIS ? 1 The Baltimore JL/i enters on tbe fortieth ysar of its sxlstenoe to-day. In noticing ibis fact tbe Sun remarks appropriately: "This, in the UfSof an individual, is looked upon as the prime, and thenceforth, In gen eral, tbe path is a declivity, mors or less gradusi. in ths career of an sstab 11 shed newspaper, however, thirty-nine years are but the morn lug, perhaps only ths infancy,of progress, it, however, must be cooceled that when a newspaper reaches tbat age it has passed the period of those peculiar dls easss which beloog to childhood. As a large proportion of the human raos dls young, so do many newspapers, not having the conso lation which belongs to children tbat 'whom ths pods love die young,' nor even that men krre them, or etss they would not let them so quickly perish." AIAPT-* 8ABPLB BORSB WANTS H IS BUT. sad cartful atteailoa grsrut.ed. OT1B BIUBLOW, r 117 91* SOS 7tb street. VMS 8TBABBB "BABBIBOBB ? SiS it>? Wharf s* 7 a m. 01 MOSDSTSfr Mattes Ores*. aad J IBB8DA1S (same bear) Mil _ Tlirhu all laadtasssssb wse, SrV Llttl* gerty mSWr ? QE>a<} gEwisf TVm, Proteu Jmrmiicttm, Msjr U, 19V. la tks asusr <4 tbe *111 of BABY WILLI A ad: Hun ? ?, of I _oa ths is IB this next. stM 719 NEW GOODS. 719 W? ?r? bow (m rl'iut lis* rf HABD f' SII rhFN? H ?L"WEBS, BUli K AND WHITE rHIP BONNKT3 AND HATe, ia ths n.ost deslraMe shapes. 11A Mb t* BO EDGES AMD IBSEBTING3 in ?? ill iim. Y?ry larg? lice of b*n1* m?*l'P UK B BELLAS, BAPH BIBBONS. KBINQES, NICK WBAB, ? ABCT GOODS and MOTIONS. All receatlT bmght at veiy low prices. Bf Call tod examine before purchasing. D AVIS', myl7-lw TH EirkM Spy#. earner 8th street. ?I1EAP, CHEAPER, CHEAPEST. WHY NOT SELL CHEAP ? Very large assortment of new Bering Dn* Geod?. Bilk and Wool Pcagee in beautiful ibadea Plaid. Striped, Plain De Bege, ?,?, SI, 38. S7, *0, ^B uk Bilks, ?1, ?1J6. ?! 37. flM, *1 at. Black Alpaca, JO 13.30.35. *o Black MuMohalr Alpaca. 80s. _ Black Crenadine, Plain, Plaid, S'.rlped, 14, 31,37, 90c. Black Ca?hmere, 75 >7, #1 VABTEBD, 1Q7 Market Bp***. Good Cuttoa, 4\c : 4 od t'alico, 4\o ; eic'llevit Be>l Tick, J5c ; Linen Heudkt-r-hi-fs, 4c ; no>l Blockings, lie.; good Towel*. Se ; Men's Shirts mac a of t<-?t cottor, finest Llntn,9Sc . very fins Table I>an Mk. pare men. Mc ; vary iar?e assortment of Clotb and Gainimere for Men and Bora wear, 37, JO ?,76 . 87, #1. Bur Para?oU. 01. #1 35. gl -to. >1 75. myl7 tr (J ANN ED GOODS. STABLER 8. W INS LOW '8 aid BTIBIVEBS COBN. 8TABLEBS PBABS, and a large assort ment of CASXtD FRl ITtand VEOETA BLE3, whlrb we low offer a* greatly reduced prices to re irre s*'?k. COBN in Quantities at ?1.70 ptr dc/.sn. J. B. BRYAN 4k BBO, my 17 3t 60? Pennsylvania avenue. E W BOOKS. IS Pat.iel Der >&da. b? Oe>ig? Eliot: vol. 1: cloth; gl so. 1 be Prime Minister. by Anthony Trollop); paper; 75 cent*. Studiesfrom England ?nd Italy, by J. I,n Kir hard Green, author of a ??Short His tory f the English People;" B1.75. Anneal Becon! of Be lence and Industry for 1875. bv Prof. Spencer r Bairri; 12 mo,; clotn: %t Village Communities ard Ml'cel'auiea. by Bir Henry Sumner Blame, {3 59 C ratede Parte' Hist ry aftbc Civil War in merlca: vol. ii ; 8-vo.; cloth, |1 50. Just published, and for tale by MOHOS BROS , BOOKSELLERS AND STATION KRS. my 17 tr 101 ft penn?yivania eTenne? ]\^ARTINDALE LIYEBPOOL BLACKING. PRODUCES A BEAUTIFUL POLISH. DOES NOT IBJCBE THB LBATHEU. Price, 42 Cents per.Dozen Papers, or 4 Gents cacb. N. W. BFBCHELL, may!7-3t 1332 F 8TBBBT. A.A.A.A. tARD Large or small man carefully \nraued and mm ae-d (it easterners at a distance In Ueitunaie mctirt Storks that often yield enernioas returns erery 30 days Select*il Stack Privileges a specialty. Mew Stock Book for Investors, giving full and re liable inf3rtr atlou how to operate tafrly in Stocks, sent free on application. Addreaa. BAXTEB ? CO., BANKERS AND STO^K BROKERS, ?y!7-t,tb.?AEtr IT Wall street. Maw York. $1.60 $1.44 FINISHED, READY FOR USE. J VEJTTLEJftAJir 8 SHIRT or Wn?8tU laslii aid Good Lii<i Bosons, FOB SI 44 SET C ASH. The popular idea of value In linens ia fineness. Tbis is one element of value, but only one. Another ac 1 very necessary element is roundness of thread. Both linen and cotton are vegetable fibres, bat char acteri.tically different, linen having a greater pjwer of absorption than cotton, as may be proven by wary simple experiments. Hence the advantage linen has over cotton in absorbing and retaining starch There are also differences of degree in regard to this quality in different gradee of liness, ths round thread linens having this quality in a greater degree than the flat thread. These thlrts are Bade by the oldest bouse la the trade; and, being no novices, they have selected linen not only for Its fineness, but with reference to actual value in yractlcal use. The price at which I offsr them, ?180. less 10 p?r cert, for cash, or #1.44 net, is lower than I sold similar goods seventeen years tince, and at the price most command large sales. Tbis offering is special and Is not iatendel to interfere withou regular stock shir ts. ONE PRICE ONLY. CA>II DISCOUNT TEN PER CENT. QEORQE C. HENNINQ, 410 nrnn btbeet. myl5-tr JCSTBECBIVBD FBOM BABATOGA BPBIMGS a barrel of BXCELSIOB W ATBB, which is on draught. G. G. C. SIMMS, Druggist, my 14-3t* Cor, lttbst. and M. T. aw. DASTCBAGB FABM 1H GBOBOBTOWM FOB r BBMT. Apply to JOUB LBB, 3d street, be twe*n Lincoln and Warren streets, near George town Collegt. myl> 3t* 'J'HE GREAT ANODYNE AND NERVINE. BELT'S STOMACH AND TONIC BITTER8. It is an unfailing remedy for DYSPEPSIA and L1VEB COMP1.&TMT and every speciee of 1M riGBBTlON. It is the only cure for SI OB. HEAD At HE. Ii never fails to relieve la MIASMATIC FEVEBS. FBVEB and AGUE,COLIC. Ac It Is a swift icd iDviriith core of th? DBHIL1TY. 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I""'1 * J' | QQ ^ WANTS. \\TANTED?PBE89M Vk KB, one good Finisher "on A pply So. MO'i W ?t northwest It* \VANTf.D-Two g od 1>BEShm * KEBS. A '* ? J, refertnces at N j. 457 0 nr?et - wtet. It* W'ABTBD? Immediately?1 wo F'BBF " DRESSMAhERt. at 1413 L street aeat. my!7 St* WASTED?CdMiiiKii wbocai walk *' fait. ten hours'light Work; $3 per week. Ad irera H . Star 'Ace. It* wAHTBD? By a r??j)-?tevle colored girl, a ' v CATIOB aa cliimlwtmtMor nurse; g oi utiitw. Apply IQiO llth ?t northwest mIT I.* WANTlfD?BITUaTIOM m coachman er kM waiter to i private family, beet referenda given. Address IBAAU, Star offloe. myl7-4t* BETANTED?A r >rnpetert awd en^imctd Urns v v gi?- desires a 81TUAT10H. Address DRUGS Star office >nyl7 Jt* WAHTBD? By a fMtlMan and wife, on* or two FUBBI8HBD BOOMS,with or without Board. A Id rets A. C B.Bter offioe. my!7 3i* YE7 ABTBD?By a respectable white girl, a PLAOfl Mm Brat ciaea cook, waeher and Iroaer, la a prl ?ate tail;; (he beat of reference given; IBM O street nor hwnl. It* Vl/AMTEU-A somh or Kt front BOOM, b ??rtl* gentles aa. Addreea 0TDD1IT, BUr office, glvlLg location, acc nunodations aad price. miry VVAHTBD?t'aterer and Co'.k (man and wifejde TV aire an INOAQIXIbT with a Bret Mas boarding Lou?"; will lion salary, or rent. Addre*i "Caterrr.' Star? ffice It* WAftTab?Two good ?UM1M Apply at 919 9th atre?*i northwest; oue to cook, waah aid it>n aud do general hou-ework. the other to nurs children. 1>* WAHTIli-'>ne Chambermaid .four gold Cooks vY and two Men In a dairy. National Employ Kent Office, B<>om U4, corner 7tn and F stre?*s Fami itaa'ippll'd with help. myi7-?<* l*/TNTaP?F-er *hi*e Mlrls to goto PniUlM 1 T ptia. an>1 f->?r n om Glr a, two Walter*, and fnw g.iod ratin H nla Kam lies anpp'ltd wi ret able h- Ip. Apply ai 48a <th at. n.w It* WANTED?G<ruD SEAMSTRESSES on rbil dr n a'lrfa*ea: a r e?< ail require 1. M vl'KU fl'nupina Depot, 617 7ib street, c Cut< Office It* \\71 N I Hy a gentleman and wife, charge of ?? KltNISBED HUl SE daring the ar month*: the best of refei?" cea given. Addreea II r W , Ticket Offica B anl P. L'epM, Washingt >n D. 0. n>> 17 4t* \V*N1 ED? I'or am 'iitnly rental of about 850. a " D CELLING on north alia of street, within the area bl inded bj Mew York avenue, O, 9ib aud 16 b streets. Address Box 40, gi'iu* pirtiru lara. my 17 3;* ? ? "?/ at n( Watw??-A ?"'iddle-aged Man dealres a Sl f U _ *,,AT1 ?" valet or attendant to one or m .re i^^uVmiTe A'dX'aVK^W *,lT8t.^%^* ge"tecl WANI??~B> M|7?, ?n 8 or 9 room BUICK UOU8E, in good repair, with modern improve nunta. at a low rent; location betwean N at. north and Penna. avenue and 4th and 13th ata. weat. For a pit mat aLd permanent tenant, with boat refer ence?, address Box 4.Star cflHe. my!7 3t* \VTANTED? A gentleman (3UI having met ?ith wx,i.ufiV'iIVln*m haaoome to thla city aeeklng F'lFI.OiMENT, la a goad acconrtant and corraa poofent, and nnderatanda Inaurance bmineaa; w accept any honorable employment that will eaable COLHTA^f?'* W" fWn117- Addiaea, by mUl.^AC W'ANTED-A HEAD WaITEB at MILLI '? KBN'8 Uotel, corner 10th and E ata in 16 Jt iVAPTEU?Two flrat-claaa OOAT HANDS and ?' one for Pantaloana or VeaU. Apply at No 601 of 6th aad H atroeta north weat. m!6 2t WANTEB-Two WHlTB GIRLS, one aa hon<a ?? girl, one aa anrae. Apply 306 C atreet north weat. Mmt come well recommended. my 18 It* ANTED? Paraona wlahlng to have 8BWIMG DONE at tb?ir houaee, pleawaddreae "J L.. 903 7th atreet northweet. my;< 3t* wANTED?A WOMaN aannrae and to do cham berwork. Mnat bring the beat reference# Ap ply af o. alia PennayIranla arenne n w. mH it' \VAM^ED?Br an ezperlencad oolor?l p >rtor ' * yTCATION; food references. Pleaae ad dreaa P01.TEB, Star Office. mi 16 31* IVANTED-A BITDATIOH a* Gardener by~ " ccBjetent white man wha alii nadaratanda bor??a acd driving. Apply 1904 H street north wwt. myld-3t* WANTED?A teacher wiabea to rlda neveral af ternoooa in the wtek. with a family or piraou Rctereiicea aachangeii. Addreaa. atating terma for one month, "M. L. w ."Star Offloe. myl6-3t* WANTBD?One gacd HAND at Dressmaking A laoona APPRENTICE. I Mr*. HOFF, DreMmtkar, myM * ?H0 i'eLnaylvania uvenae WANTED?To *ell or exchange for other fnrni tnra, a m all Parlor 0R9AH or MEL><>DEoN w:l!vcitea rmall cnurcb. Fiiat claaa maker and vi ry weet tt n?-, 116 O aireet northtaat. mrlg 3t ANTED?a respectable colorad youth deal res a S1TUATI ?N to leave the city with the fam llv of amtnibar of O^ngreaa or private family to acme acmmtr report: be?t references caa be ob Umed. Box 9. Star Office. myI6 3t* \t* ANTED? By a single gentleman, a Furniahe<l ' " BOOM, facing aontb. In a house containing modern improvements, between 7th and 17rh strtx-ts aid F and M stre-ts. Address Post Office Box my 16 3t* \VANTED?To give the nse of NINE HAND VT SU.'lkLV FL'BNIOHED BOOMS in a h;>na? roaa<ss:t.g every conveniences for th? board of three ptraoua. Address J. W. CARTWBIOHT. m> 16-3t IVaSTIP-A SITUATION by a yonog A tu ri " can woman aa Housekeeper or Oovernnss, or wonld do light chamberw. rk and sewing Will be satlrfied with as *11 compensation. Referenda | firH-clasa. Addretw 'Caa ilia." Star office, mlg 3t* AHTEI>?All persons having Tewing Ma chines that do not work to their satisfaction to have them repaired at *10 9th atreet. between E and F atreets. All ajlta of Atta< hmeiits and aU soria of Sewing Machines. myl63t WA*T1C[,-Br afloat class ooloral tnrssaSlT *' UATION. The beat city ruferoccee given. Apply 34? F street eonthwest mrU li' Y*/ANTED? By a reaptctabla colored girl a BIT S' UATIOM aa nurse and Chambermaid, or to travel with a lady. Qocd references. Applr 1144 BKh atreet northwest. ayll-3i* \JL/AHTED? SHOP suitable for Paint Bbop, with " or without three rooma. Also. BOY with aome knowledge of the trade. J. T. BCOTT, 806 9th street northwest. mrlS 3t* ANTED?YOUNG MBN for taliroad and ?? fcusinees purpose*. Good salaries when gnalt fled. Telegraph, phonograph, banklog; business instructions sen-frte. Addreea 8npt. Polatechnlc Co., Baltimore, Md. myU lm IV^ANTED?FAMILIES TO OALL and get sup " plied with the beat of w.- II rMomoanlM white acd colored help in the city for all kinds of work. Serranta can tod good homes at the Eureka Em* plo> ment office, 907 D street. iny tf 3t* ' Mrs LOUISE 0. BCTLBB. Vt/ABTBD TO PUT?A light one-horse CAB RIAOE for four persons. Must be late style and cheap. Give description and price. H. X , pc?t office. myll I<* YVANTEP ?A 8TUDIO. An artist returning to v ? America desires a Urge, weil lighted dTL'UIO in Waahit'gtoa. well sltnatrd. furnished or unfur nished, with or without apartments. Address BOB EBT 0. HINCKLEY, Northampton, Maasacbu ?t<? mi6-10t WASTED-ABY HUMAN BEING WITH YY BB* IBB can make (SOO a month selling our Letter Coaylng Book. Any one that has a letter to write will buy it. No press or water used. Bend for circular. EX.CKLBIOB CO., 16 Tribune BnUd lng. Chicago, III. mayllm* WANTED?Carpets Infested with Moths to clean ? Y and at tbe same time restore them to thsir orl cal brightness, with or without removingfrom the floor. Ink and grease spots a specialty, washing, ton Carpet Reno rating Co., 1414 Pannsylsauia arenue. apg-lm WANTED-BOUHTY LAND WARBANTB. YY WILLIAM H. BEOK, apl9 Im* Cor. Louisiana are. and 5th street. VVABTED?CABPETB TO CLBAN at Rice's YT Si'nm h aunt Works, 490 Maine avenue, between 4H and <th streets southwest. Califd for and delivered without charge. apll ly EE/ANTED?Geiitletnen to knew that WILLIAM YY MOOBE. Merchant TaUor.1011 Hew York avenue. makes a specialty of cutting garments to be made at home. novlP-ly LOST AND FOUND. Abiwaid will BB qiybn f >r the BBTURH of a small black and tan ^ Trrrler GYP, sars clipped; lost from Mo.5Bff3 8101 GsUeetn.w. it' LOST?In North Washington. Monday night, a square GOLD LOCKET. The Under will bi liberally rewarded If returned to Ho. 633 D street n. w ssy!7-lt* C^AMB TO MY PRBMI8B8?May 14th, a dark * bay M ABB. The owaer is requested to come forward, prove property._pay charges jLm%B and take her aaay. JOHN BCBY, Burnt Brllge road, near Up Ion town, D. O. my!4-3t* f 08T?On May 14th, on Penna. avenue, between Li SOth and Uth streets, or on 14th street, between Pent a. aveaneaad Rhode Island avenue, a F1NB GOLD MECKLACH. The Bnder wfll ha liberally resrarded by returning it to Ho. 8134 H st. north weat. ?yM at* f 08T-A GOLD LOCKET, with the letter ?? H " Ls on It, In tnek> Soldier's Home," on Batorday afternoon. The Bnder will receive a liberal re ward upon leaving it at lilt H street northwest. my 14 k* ?AT? U? M. WHITH k CO. TAYLOR * HUFTY, BBS pmmmsylyamia aybudb, HAYB BKDCCBD THH PB1CBB OF THHIB CELEBRATED DOUBLE YOKE IHIMTB FV FOR RENT AND SALE. | F'OB BENT-BP.I R DWELLING No. 153# Qstieet northwest, eonta'.nii ( 6 ro m? In qvij* n? xt deer mylf 2t" F"'OE BEHT-Thiee story SBtCK 715 1 s" ?tre<" Lorthwist Aptly at U >di 45, Appolnta>?ut Office. Pott Oflct oep\rtm?nt my 17 ?t* B bALI?On fwi term*. buslneee . hBOPEUTY on * i ??jn ?re SJ8 ?I 17 St THOB. E WAQOAMVN,519 7thgt. Fl'H kKNT-U36 1 itmt near the Arliogtoi Hotel. large md well furnished BOOM i on 4th flfor. suitable for gentlemen. tuyl7 tin H HUNT?A seven rwm rB&ME HjUSE; w?t?r ii the yard; 1004 11th strest northwest Bent ?30 t??l) 1IQ6 l.?'wt Turtt^wi tn'7 St fjH>B BENT? UPPER FLOuB. untarnished; Ki> 4SD 6lh itrwt Kttliir?t, luiubli tor persons Wishing go let qutrtem, at wni 1 cot. myl7 St* FOB BENT?To partiet without small children, ssveisi very pleaseut BuOmS, eit suite or tin gle. at moderate rates Call at 919 Hth stieet northwest my 17-e^t* CM>B BBHT-HQC8B 1114 1 th street. JL Possession J one let. Aptly to MTBIMBLE. my!7 Sw 614 Uth g reet. FOB BBB1-Three story UBU'K HOUSE Wo. BOOT 11 itrest, between ?th and Slut street* northweet Uquire at store eorner ?th and B strgsts northwest my 17 31* FOB BUNT?Two de.irable R'>OK4or?r Dxls' Fancy Store suitable f ?r rfflces or dt?S4inaa Ing. Apply in store, 719 M ?rket Spac<\ corner t h street. mv!7 6t l^OB rANT-HuDSE Bo. 9j| L, street north 17 west, ocntsinltg ten rooms acd|> b?th room For farther particulars 'U juire on the preuii^s, or at9S9. n?xtdoor. my 17 St* fpOB HKSi l?911 11 nriet northwest. fo >ry Press Brick HOUSS m *i.-rn --on*?nlen -es ani large gsrden. Apply to GHA8 C 1'1'Ni ANiON, 9th and 1) streets northwest. i.iyHSt FOB BALE OB BkMT-A geut**t>l nine r>oni BB1CK HOUSE on N "treat, D' U .4th Prfje, Apply at KENNEDY 8 Beal K^tste t.fflee, 15th ?tTf et n y 17-tt Ij'OB BINT?A six room HOl'SE som-ner kit chen, Urge grounds fruit. Ac , 1 I'21 Uth streft fcorth?er,t, Apply 1533 P atre l uortti west tn> 17-Ji* FOB Ka.pT-% u. Bkh k HOC8E ?3J Virginia avenuesouthwest. ten rooms. g?s and w?ier, comeMn.t tofti'--t c.rg. Apply 903 Pennsvlva hUaveune nyi7-3t L^UB RINT-No. I4'29 !1 street Borthv*?t, 7 r room SLd dry cellar- nrtdern improvements. Bent *38 GSOB3C B I'UBl'BS, myl7 3t Vernon Bow, cor 10th street wad Pa sr. F^OBTbAXE?LOTS on O*pitoi Hill, ch-ap ?M) casb.balai ce > IP and *20 p-r m inth. loiulra cfJ.B BIiASKMaK, 300 Pentsylvani* ever.ue eaot. niy!7 It* l^OB BENT-HOUSf3207 H etreet 1. Possession June 1st. Apply to MTBIMBLE, mvl7 3w 614 13th street. FOB BE XT?Desirable thr?e story BB10K DWKLL1NO, with back building, southea-it c?rner9ib aid H streets; modern improvements; every room boated by Let robes. Apply to J. W. NAIBN. 913 H Mreet myl7-at^ FOB BENT?Five gtntlcmen can be accommo dated with bacdsoiBely Famished B ?OVS.all mcdern ImproTementa, witb board, at 625 per mcbtb, by calling ioaatdiatelv at T13 9th atreet noithwest. n.yl7 3t* F"OB BENT-8ix room BBV K HOUsB, all conx niencea and stable, 19 '3 6th street nor'h wrst. 0*6 per month. Also, FUBNlTCBE for sale or exchange for light carriages. Apply to J. VANCE LEWIS. Boom 4 (. Le Droit Bnilding. myl7 St* I^OB BENT?PLEAHANT FUBNI8HBD AND r cniurnished BOOMS f >r rent at 903 7th atmet northwest. With or without board. myH-3:* fi*OB BENT?Several nice nnfnrniahed BOOM8, sonth front, or e flight, healthy location, de lightful for summei; close to on and market; 601 P street northweet. my 18 St* pOb BlN'T?No 805 8OI TU A 8TBEET, hav P ing mcdern improvements ten BOOMS Beit ?51) per month THOB. B. W AGO AM AN. 519 7th street my'?-3t Ij^OB BENT?BOOM&, H1TH OB WITHOUT I board, at Noa OS ana 30 Wyoming street,We?t Philadelphia. Take the Market atreat cars going west. mylg-liu L'OK BENT?A suite of Ave BOOMS, on second ? floor, with allconvenieccai for hoawkeeptng. Fsniily without ?mall children pr?f>.ried Befer ei.o?s rt'iuirtd. In'talre at 609 M atre*t north west. myl<-St* |7o5 BENT-A GENTLEMAN AM) WIFE P desliisg four or *ve partly furnished BOOMS, with conveniences for housekeeping, for the sum mer, at a low rent, may call at No. 1101 H street nortfcwett. myU 3t* F'OB BENT-KOB FIVE OB BIX MON 1*113^ turniKh'd BOl'KE 7 rjoms; modern improve octnts; near two liaeg of car? GEO. TBUE9DELL, mylfi 6t 605 7th street. L'OB BEVT-A neatly furnished HOUSfiTiu the r n:o-t desirable location, in the W<at Em!. Kvery converieoce. Facing a public park. W<ll !>? rented for four months. Moderate tero s. Ad dw?a ALB, Star office. myH-8t* L^UB BftNT?An Unfurnished PABuOB and r Fnri.isbed SID BO")l, snitafcle Kr a p!i ?i? c!at> < r lawyer at 1103 Fstieetn.w. myl5St* I/'OBntENT^ElKht ro. m Brick HOUBK. N >. r 1 flia 14th s?ieet r.ortbwe>t. Irqulre of J F. GBEEN, No. 15M0 14th stretl northwest, m-15 t * F'Oli BENT?No. 1525 iO.h street, ontamirg eight rooms; gas and water; tent JST' p-r min.h to a ?o< d teLan*. THOB. E.WAQGAMAN, 519 7ib*tre?t myU St 1^0B BIBT-Three six room Hrick HOU8KS; r ceilat, wa'er, gag and bith; on T streat north west. near 14th; ax5 per month Also, one five rcom Hons* on 12th etreet: $15 per month Apply to A B. CAY wool', namith gt. n w. mylS-St* l/OB BENT ?Two co&fortably Farul'he.1 ? BOOM* on second flior for Sli; deli?>itf.illr situated at 817 1Ja street northwest, oppaaite M a. Bin>s' Braiding H u*e. and oocvtnient to New *. tk A venue carl. Please oall andaee them, m; 15-S'.* F'l'B BENT?A g od 7 octave Bosewood PIANO. Also, for salt?a splendid first-cisax Piano to b disposed of at a great >educti n and on easy taru ? the ow ner being ?bilged to part with It: It la ?< a< od a? ne?; t?>?n octave Call at VIUPoB BICBIB8 P aco Store. SOS 9th atreet north w^st my'6-H* Li'OB SALE?Or axchtngu f?r Oi'y Pr.-pe ty P Geitrally Lofa'sd?7wo Acres of GBOUND. with an rleven-room Gotiage, stiile, carriage ti nse, fruit and ahade tiees, on 7th street road, near Boldlerg' Homo: cars p?as the door. Al so, for sale, two HOU8E8 on 8th etrtet. between G and H atreet* northwest Apply at 1006 H st. northweat. myl5 St* l^OB BENT-Thrce gtory BBICK^HOU8STw 1 th ? back building; No 3104. on 1 atreet, between 21st and 23d ata. Inquire at No. 8134 Penna ave nae Price, $18 per month. mylS-tjunel* FOB SALE-FBAMB DWELLING, 7 rootra. hall, oelUr, stunmer kitchen, ba.h, gaa water closet, bay window, Ac.; near 14th st. cars' 1431 Ploice Place n.w., between B acd T st*. my IS 2w* F~ OB BENT-HOUSE 409 Hew Jersey avenue southeast; pressed brick front; 10 rooms, gas, wa<er, and every modern convenient, a pleasant home Will se 1 the tame: small payment down, aid E40 monthly. W. W. METOALF, corner 18th atreet and New York avenue. myU 8t FOB BEHT -A new HOUSE, 10 room*; No. Su9 B atreet aontheast: all modsrn improvenentg. Icgnire 300 6th street southeast. in> H-8t* OB SALE?Bewly furnished three story and back building BOU8E, with the modern im provements; price 9TJU0, on good tin-; or wlU rent to gcod tenant, with or without lurbitare Apply st 109 0 street southeast, Ipgle Place ciyll b. |^OB RENT?A HOU8E 2H miles irorn the rlty: r 10 room*; 23 acres of land. Apply at 17 30 H street northwest. n?> 11 8t* ft^OB BENT? UnfnrnliteJ BOOMS, en *u!te or I single, pleasantly located for humtn>r; now horse, with modern convenience*, one aqnare f <>m cars. Apply 1134 18th street. ui>11 8t* F'OB BENT?New HOUSE of six room*; water and 12.0W)feet of groand, oa D street, b?tw-en II - h and 12tb streets sou'heatt. Imiuire at 1116 PeLnsylvania avenue, opposite Willard's Hjirl Two large airy BEOBOOM--, fornish- d, chetp to gentltnieu. Inquire upstairs, <s above, myll <t F L^OB BALE?a new and hat>ti^>me DWELLING m. 10 rorms, a few minutes1 wAlk of Belay; adm<r? bly nuited to any one doing bn^liieag In Washington Terms unusual:y tasy. Apply to J. P. BIOHABDSOS, myll lm* Old Hotel, B- lay, B. A O B B. F fOH BENT?BOOMS, furnixhed aud unfurnlth ed. in all parts of th? cltr, irom f 8 to P*r uion?h. Apply at DOBSBfS BOOM AGENCY, Mo. 930 F stiret northwest. mvlO-lm* fpUB BALE?At a great bargain, LOT 84x113 on 9th street cortbesst, bstwetn B snd 0, cloto to stieet oars; would mak > thre- good butldiu* Ijts. SMALL WOOD f MOBBISON, mylO-lm >18 7tn str*H. |/OB BENT?An elegant ssven-rojm pressed r brick DWkLLIBG; bsth-room, gas, wa'sr, hall, Ac ; desirable neighborhood #30 par month. Key at V33 P street nTw. B. A. PHILLIPS, 603 Uta street n.w. my 10 lm P>B BEBT-Alarge and elegant HOUSE with stable, and aids lots attached, on 1st st. north east. Immediately north of Capitol grounds. Will be rented fot E7ft per month. House open from S to 8o'cl<ckp.m. Inquire of T. GALLIG1B, 509 12th street northwest. myM-13t* (TOBBBPT?It. Geoigetown.the BB1CK HOU8B r southeast c. rcer of Market and 1st streets; 13 r?onn; large garden and porches la front. Apply to ?r. B. M1LLEB, 103 Bridge street mil lm FOB BBBT-50 ACMES of choice gardening Land, ? room Dwelling, Barn, Ac.; admirably adapted fcr a dairy; looatod at the first station out ilds of the city oa toe Baltimore ud Ohio railroad; rent very moderate. J STANLBT J0NE8 mS-2w P)B Bk NT OB S ALB-A HOUSE te the coua try, five miles from Washington, will be sold or exchanged for city property, or ranted furnished or anlurnished. 60 acres of baad, near Soldiers' Home, on the Point of Bocks Ball road, A pair at 1534 I street northwest. myi-lm EH)B BALE?HOUSB 1006 H street northwest F eleven too?, range, hot and oold water la bed raomg, marMe maatefi, svsry modern convenience. *Vb1bicTibbET,Lumber Merchant, myS lm Oor. 8th street aad New York eve. FOB BEIT ?Bo. 8U flat street northwest, S-story BBICB H0U8E, with hook buildlage: 13 at Me. S04 1 street a. w. myt-Sw' FOR RENT AND SALE. fr'OB BINT-SI MM*B BKSIl BNOB on Metr> poti'an r el! road, nfiy minutes' ri !e from Wa*h ingt. n; three micutes'walk frnm tb? station cry? f? n*bl? brick dwelling hou?e; ebunler.-e of a lt an<i bu-??r on the place. an! lee. A;p1y to FITBU A H<K1<BEI<0W. aockvi'te. Md mytt eo2sr L'OB 8ALB. ?>R KXCI1 ANGK?For city sropsrtr, F ?? ALjtic- crt' IauH of 118 acres. bfihly UB provd. ?|i!i tine orchard of imported fiiitttrMf, dWtUltg b< dm %cd barn; situated on New '"st R ?1, one n ile from insane Asylum. Inquire of B. JACOB. Wo. 940 17th strpet northwest. between I ud K ww*t? mySltn* t,"OB LENT-No 716 13th street Qorthtmt. 13 r rrcBie, bath, with hot and cold water, rang*. L^'rolos and all modern conveniences Apple at National Bavltce Bank. 16th street and Haw Tork ivitne; ?900 per annum . by5 #j4i FOB BEST^-A comfortable DWELLING, in thorough repair. ctitrillT lwatrd. 911 B street. term* moderate to a reliable tenant Apply to J T OIVBB, wood/a:d, 10th. near Bstrast. Be lit f?0. M? !? OB BBBT?A rara chance?A part of a nicely . furnished H0C8B for housekeeping. in a 4t lisbtfui locality, on the line of 14th street rn'lway; half sqnare fr.m earn; all the modera Improve ments; flea cellar and yard Eefarences exchaagad. 1481 Q street. ?>? !? I/OB SALE?Two-story Brick HOUSE He 809 r 4th street northweet, containing Sjren rooms, rater ani gas. beck and aMa allay. For partlea lais apply on the premises lm *OB BEET?First-elaee BBMDBBCB. with all _ trxdrrn Imerovesr ei;t?. on Bhode Inland aw., Ho. 1913: will he vacant wme time during tha m nth of May. Apply to J J SHEDD, 140* llih ?trrct a?n-la F'OB SALE-Two valuable LOTS 30 by WO feet, <.n 8tb etreet, between P and O; fioucash, bal ance in five jeers at aiz per cent latereet. Inquire at 697 Tth street nortbwret. apll lm l/OK SALE ? In the Country ? A comfortable F PWKLLINGof 1.1 rnoa?t, within five minntee walk of smmendale. Baltimore and Ohio railroad; el?o, fine br,tiding Sites; Bolting and Beautiful f'onntr*; w, II-watered. Adlreas DaNIBL AM MKH, Beltsvllle. M i apl4 3m LVib Balk OB EXCHANGE FOBC1TY PBOP ? EBTY?In Cilavitle, Prioce Goorge'e county, Aid.. 8'XT.KKH A0BES of LAND, with doable franc House, good water. an abundance ef fruit trevs. grapf. ic ; high and h-altby location; twelve ni'iir.tea' walk to the H>etta\iile depot, Baltimore eud Ohio raitroad A ah.digraph of the house can b? eeen and fnrther Information obtained from B H. cTlUlNtTZ. 1937 Pa are. m?rI7 F^OB BALE?H0FPK8 for ??4?0. ?30.000, 1 #i8.t?*>. ill uoo.f fiojoo, ?,87,sno. 86 000, #8,000. 94.IW0. EliUQ. >1.000 Weil l<x?ted and on easy * rvat J. SWBBT, octt-br 811 Tth itrtet. KAL ESTATE BCLLETIN of I THUS E. WAUGAMAl. *19 7th *4. CHa>6K?l>aUB KVKUT W?bNE?iAT ASD*ATl'*DAT Brick Hmisea far Hale. ft >7 B ft it i all m^d imps . 1U ra....? |8.(X4) *Ji V at n. w., all m<xi, imp*., tu ra 8.M00 114 llthat. a. e .all mod. impa.,9 ra 8.UU0 12a* 1242 H. Jer av.n.w.. all mod. imp* . 8 la 8^00 333 Va it. a. w . (B H .) mod. imp* . 'J ra 4 3y H it. n w.. all mod. imps.. 8 ra 4Jt<0 liott loth at. n. w., all tn?d impa..9 ra. _.4AU0 18? Columbia at. a. w.. all mod. Imps.. 8 ra 4!W0 33^ to 353 O at. ?. all mod. impa . 9 ra 4401 729 8tb at. n. w., mod. topa., 8 ra??? 1*1 1972 13th et n. w., mod. imps.. 8 ra? SAW 349 3d at. a. w., mod. Impa.. 7 ra ? IJUI Two Story Brick ami Pranvt Hou?e*/or Sale. 337 l.ltb at. a. w.,< F H.imod. tmpe..8ra $2JOO ??? N st. a. w.,<r. H.imod. imps .7 ra. IJU? Ifi'JO 17th at. o. w. I F. U.,1 mod imp?.,? ra. Corner 10th and Bats. n. w ,< f H.i m. lm.6 ra S 800 13-21-33 iS Mj rtle at. n.e.uB. H 'm. imps., 8 ra_ 1J00 71 Oetreeaat. n.w . i B.H.) mod Impa.. 7 ra 3.8U0 4>>Hct n w.. < F.H ) mod. impa . 7 ra............. 2.3i)0 nil BiggaPt n.w ,(B.B > mod imp*.. 8 ra. 2.090 817 4tn?t a. w. (F. H.i.mod lmpa.,4ra .... SjOjO soy B at. n.w.(B. H ). mod. impa., 8 ra? 2IiK<0 Unimprwed Property for Sale. Bigg? at , bet. 13th and 14th ata. n. W., per ft... ? B at . bet. lOtb and 11th eta. n. w., per ft. - <U 36th at., bet. & and L at*, n.w, per ft. 9u L at., bet 2Ctb and 21at ata. a. w., per ft M Hew Jeraey are .bet. D and Eata.n w.. per ft 60 19 h at n w.,bet. B and F ata., per ft..._~~... 60 4H at . bet. Va. ave. ana D at. a. w., per tV 80 It. Jeraey a*e , bet. P and Q au ,n. w.. per ft. 40 lltb st. i.e., bet. M and H. per ft 38 llthat. i.e.,bet. D andE.per ft_~__ 30 Houses for. Rent. Bouse and Farm. 60acres. 30 ra? par annum? f4?0 1716 B at., n. w.. furn . au mod. impa.. 13 ra. 300 1213 K at. n. w .furn. all mad impa.. 1? ra 176 13'8 M st. n. ?., turn , mod tap*., 10 ra? 76 1932 14th at. n. w.,furn., mod. Impa., ? ra?30 1033 Vermont ave., mod. Uuna.. 11 ra - 176 9H9 M at. n. w . mod. impa . 13 ra ?- 100 914 17'b at. n. w., mod. imps , 13 ra 100 8'2 12tb at n.w..mod. imps.. 16 ra 100 939 K Ht n w., mod. impa. 10 ra ? 100 1412 Pa. ave. n. w. mod. imps., 13 ra .?./<3.33 9)7 E at. n. w. mod rape.. 13 rs. .83 33 2!')0 F at. n w., mod impa.. M ra ?) 221 K at. n. w , mod imp*.. 10 ra 80 22.1 A st a. e., mod. Impa.. 10 ra ? ?. 60 71> N >t. n ?.,mbd. impa , 10 ri 40 183314th at. n.w , mod Imps , 8 ra? 40 11 K st. n. e.. mod Impa., 10 r? ? 38 alo K >.t. n. w.. mod, impa.. 10 ra.... 8< lolS 16'b st. n. w., mod. Imps ,8 ra fO 311 C st. a. e.. mod. Imps, i ra ?_ 30 1010 N.J ave. a. e., mod. impa. 10 ra...^??*...., 30 ?J2Gst. n w., mod Imps . 6 r*. ? ? 36 17*3 T st n.w., mod. itnpi , 7 re 38 ill 3d at n e., mod imps.. 9 r? 36 a25 6th at. d. w., mod imps.. 7 r?..?.? 38 42 0?yat.. Georgetown, mod. Imps., < rs. 33 4M G st a. w., mod. impa , 8 rs ,, 26 91.-36 34 44 Myrtle at n a., mod. impa . / ra _ 30 602 H *t. s e . mod. tmps., 6 ra >0 1637 Vermont ave. 3 ra. ? ???. 6 Loans. ? 10 000 In sums from ?300 to ?S.SOO-l per oaat. for negotiating. ? . Auction Bale. FBIPAY.Mav 19th. at i% o'clock p.m , recant Lot. 4K ktteet,between Virginia areane and D at. aonthweat. myl7 tr BOARDING. AHY OWE D?81BlNa BOOH", wit a flrat c'aaa Bcaid.can be accommooated by applying at 1913 F street aoi h seat Eeftrencee re qni>ed. m' 12 6t kJT GEO BOB BE8TAUEAHT, 909 F ?> -Try n that excellent B <ard. only |B per month. Moat quiet and attractive for ladles especially?all shall be pleased. myll-tjunel L'OB BENT?WITH BO e BD?Elegantly fnr r nisbed BOOMS, on first floor; aleo, Booms on third floor, at Mrs ElHEB'.Hos. 80?, 810 and 819 12th street north wart. my 10 6t* JINGLE bODGlHG BOOMS, 60 cents per night, O or from |> to #3 per week; B"ABD or MEAl^ at reasonable rates, at Ho. 48ft Pennsylvania are nue. ap30 2m? PLEASANT BOOMS AHD GOOD BOABD can be obtained at 1009 Maryland arenue, at mod erate rates. In a private family. marST 8w* COUNTRY BOARDING. DLBASANT booms and boabo fob the r anmmer, after the lat of June, at Cottage Hill Seminary, Fork, Pa. Address Miss M, J ?UP"* LIB. ?yUB* r>OUBTBT BOABD?12 or 16 single Gentlemen Vy can be acoomm dated with flr?t claw BOABD, at reasonable rates, for the summer months. A healthy *iioation and pure water, within five min utes'walk from B?nnlng a Station, B. IP E B . 2fc miles from the city. For particulars apply to 8. H. WAL&EB, Be?l Batate, my 13-7t* 630 Lonislana avenue. indCHTBT BOABD?A private family, resllieg > in Loudoun oounty, Vs., three milea south of Hamilton Station, W A O B. B., laa bealihy lo cality. near tha Katoctin Mountain, desire to take a few BOABDCB4 from the city. Any Informa tion can bs obtained by addreealng the proprietor, B. F TA ? LOB, Hueh^avllle, Loudoun county, Va., or F. A. LCTZ.497 Penni) 1?anla arenue. Wash in*ton, D. 0. _ _ _ m> 13 8t^ B. f. TAYLOB. DESIBABLE COUBTBY BOAHB?large rooms, large yaid,t?o mil.a irom Sulckeravilie, at base of Blue Btdga. Correspondence soliciied my9 3w* L W1TBEBS,Saickeravllle. PERSONAL. APBBPOS8E8S1NG YOtlKG LADT wUhea to make the ac<tualutance of a gjntl-nan of ni'-ans. Addteas Mlas LILLY BaBBCTT, Post Offlw. cliy. n3t NOTICE.-The public are hereby cautioned Hit to advance any money, by loan or otherwise, on the proetrty assessed in the name of Patrick Bagan. as the uudertigued. as his lawfal wife, will not consent to algn any deed of trust, or other aa auranoe in law, for the payment ot the same, and will by the law, claim her tight of dower In all property owned by him. mU3t* CATHABIBE [her Xmarkl BaOIM. PLANET README. MBS. DB. ELL18 will remain bnt two longer. All who wish to learn the truth of Past, Present and Future should call and oonsult the Doctor imaiedlately. She gives Information on all sub ecu of lUe. 1913 Pennsylvania avenue, up stairs. Bee circulars. marSl aoSm "A STmOLOOT, ThisoetebratedLady A^ologlMandBMllng Me dium can bs consulted at No. 901 D street, oornsr of 3d northwest. She has no superior is AsHneatf tha Past, Present and Future La love or basin her advice U lnvnluabls, dsscrlblu you frtea iointim cut four luwilMi Mn iiiomiii fob oi ?esssae~& mm, #1 m. t*?"7 fTHK BBbT SODA WATER is DiiVi rioi BLOCK-TIN LINED STEEL FOUNTAINS. Dealers wLl do weU to seenre a sappty (or UM sea BUPLC. DEPOT, ?T GBEENE ST BEET, OBOESE TOWE, 0. O. B E -HEW FOUHTAIH8 hi belag raoelve* CODE TEE APPABATDS for sale, mat. or Uaa. aiE-tr |?XKP8 PATENT PARTLY-MADE DBM8S SHIRTP, rswasasKaruRi fens* BUSINESS CHANCES. IT OB 8ALB -A CIGAB BTOBlon tbe *tmh r doit g ? | .x>d busic se Prk' |t*cwh. fo-rf rNkD for aei licg. Atply at the Srar effice ml7 St t\hto fcidkfc foi BiLk-L sr I J 113 Penn-< Wanla ?m? A s >1 Hat <J| f.T batueea Cheap aad ob ?t terms m!7 <? ^ ir?|)Iu-&OtllLIM4ll u( ?llh ? ** moderate r?plt?l, ti trirrl "lib a i?'pal? i'??trated eoierta. unet-t Addrea* W . ?tar nf t>oe iifU 3t* WILL Ml T THk *TOCk aJ UX ll'SU0f t CIOiB RTVKI. lm?ooa f r selling Koine Into oth*r laniKH Ad-l^es "Badwi. poet office. myM It* . - - ?^ \\" ABTKD?To Borrow-??.iOO at 9 per ent.. ?' fur three or fl?? r'*n.?? real M(it* *i?'th fit OSS Bo commissions will be paid Andreas "Leu " Star oCc* m> l< 2t* FOB SALB-Btockof CHlBA.CBOt K?KY ui GLABSWABB BTOBK 1-24 Bridge >'rM. Georpefcwn. l-t ly wcilM br Taylor A hock li'jmn of J. I. HATS. worptovii, Attorney for Auto?. myU St* i/OB BALB-A 1B0-ACBB LABD WA1BART r A Mr**, stating what prica ?U1 bs paid. "TOBK," Brewing B'an Bice ?;ill T?0 LOAM ON HEAL BBTaTB. 1 OKI TO TBBBB TBABS. ?SOB. $ 1,009, ?1.500. anJ ?B.000 ? I -0?0 at nine per cnt mylft-St QBO. TBCBBDBLL, BBS 7th strest. IfOB BALE?OOCNTRY STOBB Th property kaown aa D?rr?j Store,on th* Georgetown and Bocktlile Turnpike, being one af the beet ?tan4? ia Montgomery county. immediate poa-??e.on, title perfect. Tfnni mi. Apply ta BABtOrB A HAMILTON. Grocers ar'iet QQQfc?TWO UIM<Ktl< ABU tWAMCV riVB I>OLLAB> will bar a ?*iy ba d e> me Bl OUT. which haa l?*i i.-e,l only eh ut one <!? ren uu ai.<l co?t or'alua'lr BU) Apply at FLEtl lMi'8 Livery Sial>le, ? ?truet, btt?wo ?S acd ?tb. npris V Y J. THOMPSON BKOWN. Heal Ba'ato Agent and Au-tloaeer, 1113 Maia atift. Huhrn.n.1, Va. u FOB REST. THt MOl NTAIN T >P ,81* >HK BkSl'BT). BMM1 MSaTiKX, HI NPHEO AND N KkTY HIT FkErl *BO\ K TIT'It \V ?T|K. ON 1 bE M M J MIT vt THE HU E HIL'. E MOl S rtlv 1* AcorsTA ct?rsrY. va . ani? ibmehiaTk LY UVIK 1UK GREAT TINSEL ON TUB rUE^rtiKi ABO OHIO R\1LB0AD. con sisting of HOTEL AND KI'EN'TI !iK AND HOTEL GbOl'BlS, from let June to l?t Oc'ober. l-7fi. Jmtroviment* cjLSlrt of a Hoi EL. built of st ne ?Ld brick, with accommodation f> r about seventy five guaets, acd bat teen r?cently repaired. aud there i? now in process of ere<tion an ad iiti >u u> the hotel fordialre ball*. Ac. Ftt cetoue at d Cnaljteet* <prfn(?. Bailrt a<l c< D.n i.i.l'Atl 'o is ?nca that \ ultora .~:m leave either Bicl mnrd L) nchbnrc, Baltimore, or W aablecton alter baaitit-ae boar- on Sa'tirday and rt-iarn at early huare <>u f lixalng Monday To 1 eip n?tble partiaemjat reasonable teriut will be mad*. for particulars add e-t m) )>t*.6t J THOMPSON BBUWW. niWI T4> LOAN IN ONB 8L'M. OB C^UUU BEAL B^TATB, for Bra rears, at 8 par oaat; also, 91,300 a;id 91,000. at W per cent. J. BTaHLBT JOBErt, my 11-Bt All 7th street. |i*OR RALE, OB BX'JtfANOE K"B CITT r PBOPEBTT ? llaviuf remov.-d to W a^bltiion 1 will sell or eschaufc c ti? of the finnot OunnTt KBBIDEM0B8 in the state of Maryland, si (Dated \ of a Kile sonth of H?|?m ?d, ooutalning 1( acr-s I*(Leetone land. 3 acrae of which are in Grape*. 3 in Fruit, the remainder In Graaa Improved with a new 8-ctory IMck House, 4i by 33 feet,containing U racma, with gas and water, and all necessary out building* In excellent condition, such as stable*, carriage bouse, toe fceu-*>. Ac. Address A B Al* I'LEMaB, Oltizena' Nati.nal Ua&k, Washlogt in, P 0 my9 lm (tr.nn will bpy a first ulabb ex ywUW HIBITIOB, with everything c;>mplet? Half c*?h; balance tn 60 day*, satisfactorily se cured AdAreas 039 3d street northwtat. mn ?w" TWO NBW HOUSES FOB 8ALB-M F .lis 1 Church. Va . on long time; near cha< -hesaid good schools. Apply toWBLLS FOBBBfl. on the premises, or GBO. A. L. MBBBIFIBLP, Boom 43, Pension Office. apt* lia* WANTED?To exchange taw BEFB1GBBA TUBS and STOVBB for Old ?*nee. atBOT LB B'8. corner >th ard B streets northwest Bmokv Chimneys cared, from #S to gtf or no psy. apll In* \| ANTEL8 AT (XMTjt I'l WM. KOTnWELL'B, aplS-2m* in B stre?t souihea-t U GOLDSTEIN A OO., 10A19 AND COMMISSION BROKERS. OOttNBH 10th AND D BTBEETs. MOBET LOANED or ADVABCE9 MADB og ?alsable pereousi property to any aslant, acd fjr a&y time desired, on Terr reaeonable terms. Also, Goods sold on (}oirmte*ion. At Private Sale?Very Cheap?A large lot of L's redeemed Pledges and Commission OJcrli, new aud sec* nd band Every article fully warrant -d All bnsineas strictly confidential The old cat aa* the Boat reliable bocae In the city. mn'l?-tr l^|OBEY TO LOAM. ? 4ft.000 to loan on choice real estate, to rams of from |M' to (1 (MO, at 9 and 10 per cent internet A few stunk at 8 par cent. In from $*&* to f Xi,i)00 B. B. WABNEB, marll corner 7th and F streets TO B ft,000 INVBSTBD IN STOt7^ J.)U PHI V1LEGE8 PATS LA HOB PB0FIT8. Write for 71 page book. Men and Idioaia of VaU at. and Wall st. He view SENT FHEE. JOHN HICK LINO A OO., octT-ly Barkers and Broken, TB Broadway, B.T. FOR SALE. fpOH 8ALB-A dark bay HOB8B; sixteen hau ls high; fir* years old; broken loharce?. ?? Can be seen at J. WANSTALLt A SONS. 19th street, between H aad 1. ?rlffi* f;*OB HALB.OHEAP-A tic and three-tonrths octave Knabe PIANO,In perf.ct or ler Apply to DUMCANrOB BEOS., cornetIpJlJ 9ih acd D streets northwest. mylS St 'llll! /^AHBIAGBB, CABB1AGES. CaBBIAGBS - v The largest and moat varied Maurt-.?. ?est of latest style of Oarriages. Ooc aee. WKWt>. Hockaways, Jams seats, Park Photons Jtf - ? J aggers. Top and no-Top Boggle*. Also, eeveral fine eecoad band Panel Carriages and Boggles on hand at P. D BCHM1TT A CO., mailS tr Bo SIB ISth st., bat. O and D ,n.w. |iM>B 8ALB?NOW IB THB TIME. r I have on hand BB 8PBXBG WAGONS. Bam in tbe beet style, with the Bar via wheel. Top and Bo top B0GG1BB for aal* on monthly payment*, at ay new Factor ST ProflMct at., entranoe on Bridge 1 market, Georgetown,D. 0. _ aart-kD* JAMBS K. PBOBBT JACKBoB WAOONB. BBW BTOCB. I BON ABD 8HBLLBBB1B AXLBB. OBB-HOHBB, TWO HOB8B, THBEB UOBSB AND rOOB-BOBSB WAOONB. Wa have Bold Hundred* of tbaae Wagon*, and tbe general opinion la thnt they are the cheapest and beat W agon In naa. D. W. McGBATH, febn Sm Corner of Maa*. ave. and 1 atreel a. w. PIANOS, Ac. ^UI BLMM1BG B1BD (OOL1BB1) P1AB0 Tbe smallat and the cheapest flrat-claaa earen-ua tave PI ABO ever made. (J.L. W1LO A- ? BBO., Bole Agenta, TB3 7th street, botweet IcM O and H street* norxhweet. Pianoa and ail lnatrasanls TDBBD aad BB PA1BBP. fehSFtr UALLBT DA TIB A GO'S GBABD, BgDABB tl and UPB1GHT P1ABOB for aale oi^q. moatbly Instalments. Celebrated for pc lf?u rlty and sweatneea of tone. See Agent. 011 llllTl ?th street north a set. decM WM. KNABE * CO.I WOBLD BENOWBBD PIANOS. Oreatd, Square (Jirmd, H^turrt and UvriChX, THB BBBT MADB. Tbe favorite MoOammon Piano*; Shonenger'sael eorated Organ?, new style. Also, a Inrna?wv^. aaaortnient of Pianos which hnvs been IpfCfjCM ase a short time, for sals and rant at vary im If 1 low prlcea. Toning and Beaalriag promptly at tended to. at MICKS MB AC 1TB PIANO WARMH00M&, ootlS-ly *83 Uth st.,a few doors abora Pa. mr. BOOTS AND SHOES. n H O m B aa^ AT 8PBC1B BaSIS! 1 Kid Button, ?!.*? Laced do -? Bl HO Oongreai. ?110 Fos Batter, glB Button, flOc Baakln*. TSc. Slippers, fl V Men s Congress, Bl SI Bays' Conrress, 1 SI Bewports, Jljg Button d - With a new stock STBABj HAT8. ?yft-trA>lB14-lB1B Pa. a/., hst.tttband Stthsts H}. CENTENNIAL BARGAIN* fll iT dOB TTB BTBBET B0BTBWB8T. professional. 1\BKT1?TBT "" U I HAVE UTKIP PRACTICE ?? 111* f *treet mttlivid W??.i ! ?n i" T I. OlBBB. Deetwi DK J. R WALTOB. DBBTUf to the Vuttod B'ftte* Mtval Al?o"TO? tl ? 4., (or a a umber cf i?tn, offOr* bla ctl rr'lt?? ?o tbe Cttlreb* oT W??h'i.?t* ft llmi u< rtbaeet. k* tT?? tth a>4 ktHh ap? lm*^ , E. ? "?Jffe.x.r.T uw. ??2??~ " ? -Vi&JfaVt. I row it* eibi*mhm. * JOSTiCi OF rwr PMACB. Mo. OOBfth KnMi w.. oapualto DalM Btaisa nM MM. ( /mt? << Fm*r? Kvim )?*> It hITtkrTh uWan, ^ AKTlMn PRESC*. rE<\?BATl*B aad evwrt ?aaenrUaABl OftliHIITALtW PLAIB PAlNTlHO. ? ^ ? A.W ?? -? TUT (Ikilrart Both I EtX'M. Tf wash ino btmoimmm *ch m 7io k BW? ?Mil ir MEDICAL, <fto. I ameb it? cobpidemt!illy con-i lt * UK BBUTIlIKi on til irr?('il*r|!l?i uitUf ta?ea <>f a <-tro?K ( r .*.? 11 rate stlirp m Kb IH a* ? r.rbbc? of relief. 90* It tlreel *>albwe-'. LIBU myi4f?* I il. LCOH, 7"*? o;.f.w K'-a* i?4?4 mm4 '**?'% " ntitmbu Lmitrt' ta* Cii?, us b* :oa*alted n?ri Tooarfav eod Sb-nntay at Be. *?u U street from 1 b ? o'cl.*? All rental- (Iwaplaiate iui<-kly cur <d Offloe ard Beaileooe B<? fat W. Liwtibard ittort, Balliiii^i*. B|ll 1?* "^ATICPACTIOH'-A r'M 1 tl* Pr- jhu?n1 a< cording to tbe< rt?laal loria QIB t'T l)r. Dtrl r.M 11*4*% street, ewe. *f Pm? *>lvai.ia ?? attotjeMw apJ tm* UK KOHKITM)K, /'mi M '<*i",r?u l*?? ?nitHi Bt 4X4 Mib ?:r^t kvrttvwl, Mtrjl op Mil* U? Oa? P?-?, evwr *Bl>KE?PAT aud SATl'BF t Y, fr. m W to V p m.. li bII PIubim uf tb( I'rlBBrj Organ*. (Joorrrh.. ?, CJIe *?. Mrtctqr?, typbille. Bad t,penn%r>rrb'*-a Oaaea of ?ont-orrWa rMritli ccatrkcM cuttd In S to ? dtrl. Rrpkilnlt Btl it* etacea <|Uicklx csred, and ioe polaoa entirety eradicated fr?n the n?t?ni. wi'h >ot tbe nee of mer rury. Bpernietorrt-^ B. I rough! on t>|r ?>n?'l bd4 lliuM Id rntb.miitui l<>? of Mk>rr mrf t>. r n* ral di+ilitr, ori?nic wmIdm, in|?i*urr, orrvou* irritability , eirBi?t"n>* of c ..uvnmptloa. in pn,plta'.t'>ti of tlx- b>Bn **1M to beck. Aim BOB of BtlTU or CtAdlMBB. *t ll f 'febjdinr*. **lf dlrtmet. Ac . MMIlr CbrM by newly 41* ras?diM. twfall pl*clh|lhi?*?|vw in Pr K '* bat>4 ca& r?l? sp >a l-ting *. l*nitfl< ?Uy arid hoa Drtblr trMtMl M?n to th* hl(b Iw'lm m*l* Bbich be dub hold* tr- Ui th? kr*dla4 pbr*t<i*>i* <4 B?ltlm re Office 4)14 iMbMrMl>* Hie ? f. m lr A( ARU,-To all who Br* ?aftorlnc from tt* error* and lu<ll?crei|on* of r??tb. aanoM ?<>Bkn?B*. early decay. l-x? of ?at bjod, Ac., t wilt **t>4 a reclae thai will euro i?a, PUEK OP ?m - b>/*? *. - CHAHGI. f hi* fnat remedy TO .liac <tera4 by ? ictMloDary InBoatb Amerlaa. t^end a self addrna?*4 caveloae to tbe Ee* JOP*rU T IK HAN. Btetloa P. Bible Boa?*. Wew Tt rt ctty. part wllja PBEBTBIPTIOB PHBB POB TUB SPBBDt A Cure ol Benpitnal W<BkbOa. LmI iBakooil. aM all dta*rder? b-.'^bt oa by Mbtnttom ? as imb Any Drc(('.*t Ma tbe Irfrodlenta. Addrasa UAVIUSOH * OO . ?eaUm.wJ.Iy Box BB?B lew Ton. DHB. BUOKLBB JOB BB ?T ? ?Dty year* tiMri ? Moo In PeinaiB l>l*eaeee, lrr*?Blarttto*. Ova rlan Tonora, rnarantee* aatlatectloa, or ao cbarjr<w BufiD'aa confidantial ftuoat lor ?atleata 144 N. Buaard ?treet. Baltlinora. marls 2m* MHAPABB BBSTBLiTn l> . a th iroachly ei rerloo^ed and acu-ntlBc Ladi-*' Phi viriaa ao<l Mtd?ffe of A1 year a aracttre. attend- ladle* at tb?lr h >mo?, or comfortable private room*, carwfal aara ? is. and the l>?at Medical attendance at rh* Dm tor'a prlTatB raalBaoce Ladle* plactac tbeataalra* nuder tte care of Madame Bestell are fuaraatoad * '??rtific tr<-atment and a *peedy cwro. Offloa and r ?( 'noe, comer uf Bon' fi Stiarpand Dover atnaaa, I' . J ore. aealTlv I INSURANCE. orru b or The Mutual Protection Fire Iaa. Co. Or TUB PIPTB1CT Or columbia. (CBABTltKC BT ACT OF COXCBKaa.l ISC9 P<Ltsjl\ai.ia tno.-,, oppcaite C B Troa'r 1 orriccH: GrORr.K TATL'iB. Pr*. JA^ E KIT' H. VbM. BALLANTVBB. V Pre* Bee. au4 Ti?a*. TKUBTBBB Grcrire Taylor, ? m bul aui , n?-. C'baa F Peck, J< w |>b Caeey. JottiC Bnrktiea*. A B Pert). Wiu Jfc.Mo, M W Bnrcb II. Ja? 11 Bavilla. The ilmr* CtmpatiT ta tow fn'ly nryailtMf r burlce** at.d ptraaicd to la*ne i?llcn*of loaarance on rt>o?l fa-oiable teriua PmmphI?l* contamti.* tb<- act of Incorporation Act by law* wtll be far biih< d cn application. JAMtf B IIT(H, ui ii 1m Secretary and Trea*nr?-r |(.'UK T ALMS. O W BBTOUAmT ABBS dk HETTHAX. UMMKRAL MSCKAyCM A'ihXTb AMD MM.OKM&M, LB DBOIV MaMM, corner of P aad 8th street* IBSCBABCE of ETBBT DBBOKIPTIOB WB1T Q.ar6 tr TAB OB THE BABT TEBMa Rbmotal. the office of Um LTCOMIHQ riBB IBBDB AHOB OOMPABT ha* beou removed to Bo->m Mo. SO. LaDrott Bnllditig. corner of P and 8tb afreet*. Tbla vtanncb old oon-pany baa been In operation for thirty ? ava ya*ra. Met awti, tiAmB Apa-tr J. EC SB ELL BABB. A<*ai ~ EDUCATIONAL. EE/EFT END 1KBTITCTB fami/p Srbtmi fm vf V?r*i Lnrlitt. Mr* 8. I*. OaDT, Principal. Mow Haven, Oonn. Bond for circnUr. marJ 4m ?7HOLISH, FBEBCH, AKD 0LAB?IC*L BB E* LBCT BOHOOL BOB TOL'MO LADIBB, 91B New York aveune n. w.?Mra AKQBLO JAOE BOK, Principal ?Tbe aigbtb annttAl aaaaion beclaa on the 14th otBoBtembor. 1871 BBglS^y COAL AND WOOD. COAL AND JCIXDLLNG WOOD. On nock of OOAL la now complete, awbracftic all tbe cbotoe yualttie*. and to which wa lnvlM tba aOeiitlon of oonanmera. Oar PBTBMT BLHDLED ElMDLIMQ WOOD, with b Bra-lighter In every bundle, la tba baat ta tma. Bar aAla by aU (rocara-try It. Mo aharlnca. paper or karonana oU rwqnired. 9HMAP. SAtM. 9LEAH. Mill and Depot Tth atraet Wharf. ' Branch OMoa IBIS PannayIvaaia aeenoa ^OAL! COAL t WOOD I WOOD7^ CHEAP! CHEAP' PORCASHt TtiOl PAMDB OP TORS OBDEBEO Arriving daily, caixoM of tba bast vartatiaa of all ktnda of GOAL and WOOD. Bow ta the time to bay ! If yon woald aave money get a gaorf mrttrlt and raiM ar'tcki, t J4U ponnda to ike ton, call on tbe nndor* aicned before yon boy. Having two of the Unreel whurvee In tbe District, Bad all tne facilitlca ?o?atbta thereto annexed for tbe delivery of Ooal direct from our veaeel* to tbe ronatuuer, we can certainly ofl.r eaecial tn luce wenta A vtalt to oar Wharve* an : Depot mil < l vlnoeon* at a glauce of oor nnaurpateed advaatBge*. Good PIMM WOOD delivered ae low m li.AO per Cord Ock d OAK WOOD delivered ae low ae B* to |T per Cord. A altigle trial la All that la neceeaary to ooarlaoa the public of the above JOMMkOM BIOTHIM. Main Office and Depot at Jotmaoa1* W bar va*, loot of lltb and Uth etreeu I UOi r street nortbweat. Officee? j |||g M street " aucSS eo MEN'S WE AM. SPRING GOODS. NEW STYLES FINE GOODS, IDHiUIOUftani SUITS TO ORDER, PBOM III or. BEADY-HADE SUITS* PBOM ti? or. BMADYMADB SPRING OVERCOATS, ?ib or. UM W

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