Newspaper of Evening Star, May 17, 1876, Page 3

Newspaper of Evening Star dated May 17, 1876 Page 3
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DRY GOODS 1|RT GOODS LK>S THAN AUCTION PRICKS. Calicoes in say inantlty, 5a? 4. BIctcM Cotton 5c ; worth 10. r>r?* pum*. 10. ijh.u. Oar Drm ??.?<l? h*r* *11 !>*<?* n?rk*d down, and ere at biri iirj ?r? now <'ff-r*<i ell through. Lnpln * C>ei arfiaee. Sits Stripe* and Mernaani* Grenadines >*, IB*. 18.1*, 15c \ eu.iUl* t[<chM?. W.?c. Lac* Stni?1 and 0 -rd -d F K . low prices. B*at figure,1 Lawn*. USc ;worih* Cm?ibwm lower th ?n ever befjie ksown stoek moat be re-luce I Mattings. jr?jv AUC^HU-.eo.ttoc^o.t ,aIDAIM. my 18 7? MAMKT ?rtCI. JVOW io TOUR TIM* NOW IF SVSB. We bare opered during last w??k, and shall offer at prices sever b?f>re reaonel: SD plects ?amaur Silks 80 piece* Black Grenndin** lit p?ec?s extra do. In Blacks, Browni, Bines and Bth er Gray P.aide for Over'1r**a k) aieees Black Bilks from 7.V to El 8 |Inn dc.. extra One jualitiea, at 40 per oent. be low market rate*. 80 ptec*s All wool and Silk and Wool Dress Good*. 30 ptcc* Ail wool De dege at ll^c; be*t goods In the city for the money SO <lat. Ladle 1 Colored and Whit* Skirts from 78c to $t SO each Ladle*' and Gent s Ganze Underwear. A full ?t* c k Poo<esMr O^dsat Agents' price*. my H> ir.ember location W. w. BROWS, myl5 tr 5n. 314 ftb itr?t n w.,d?u Pa. a<*. (jKEAT BAKGAINS IB DRESS GOODS FROM AUCTION. W pieces f.?? 'Tire Plain. Stripe anl Mo at J7, wcrtn So l ?i pt<?c-.* baultome Lawn* aid Perca'-s. warrantel f*"t c'l ira at 11H per jar);r,n?i S rite S? n ni-r Bilks at 75, 37,a:id ?1; rich alack ft k.s M.-ttHirs. and Alpa-as, la all Ae*t rraj?? a' I ?. fin. Ln pit. ? Alt W > >1, aui ai lk and Wool Black Gr*na,iin- *,t?j ct,.-ap. IS MOl KNING GOODS. Fine rashsi'f<<. Ci*to.s. B 'in^az'n**, DeLaias U!il Tan"*c C 't? In all horn m.tkr<s. 10 t. 13 4 Ltnec Efcedti'. *. Table i>a<nasks, Nankins and Towelicgs. all at low d ?u prices, to suit the pres SKie, at J W. COI.LKY'S CEEiP CudME. *01, -th ST., ?yl3-tr Market Space. ISSOLCTI- N OP OO l'ABTNEB3HIP. stock am? hxtirpn fob sale Tb* ce ?arttfr?hlp of J. O. W1SWALL A CO. grrmm* ly limitation on July 1?, our stock M i ST BE CLOSED 00 or before that date. We *hall offer to morrow, and continue to Mil for 30 days, tar large and complete stock of DRY GOOD 8 it GBEAT SACRIFICE 021 ORIGIBAL COST lard all go^ d? remalnl** on bead June 1st, vriU be ?old at AUCTION WITHOUT RESERVE. In order to Close in 30 Day*. A REDUCTION OF FIFTY PER CENT. \?ill be mad? an a large portion of oar stack. Print*, 4,8 and 63* cent* per yard. Brown Cottons, 4 cent* per yard. Figured Grt na<1ine*. 61*, 10 and I2>4 ct*. Grecadincs in Stripes, at 10 eta. Hilk Grenadines below coet. hummer hill*, 37fc eta and a p wards Pare Black Mobelrs. 90 ct*., worth 88 Fin* BU k Dr.-ss Silks. ?cts . worth #1.40 S IM) yard- l'lack Alpaca*, \i\ to 37>4 eta. PABABOLS at e<.*?. _ ^ Large lot Tab'e Damask* Napkins. Vine Cloths, CMsno O^ers.Ar . a? less 'ban New York cost. ?/"Ghtl I BABtiAINS in ever>thing. M. C. WIN WAX. A. * CO., llS tr 310 rth *t., gear P*. a**. fHE b ILK AND DREtS GOODS IIOUSX OF WASHINGTON. We Inrlte the attention of the public to oar lm faen?e ?*?oriu; nt cf new style* EtBMSi: elLKS AND GBCNADINE3 Of tU sbadr*. Irs stripes and plaids. Large suck BLA( & SILKS of al celebrated tr.akea. bPBIKG r Br be GOODS of the moat attracts ?tyIes and cru rs. MOt KN^O GOODS, WHITB GOODS, CASMMJKES.'XBTAIN LAOBS, SILK. >'?IBBELLAS and FINE HOSIER Y In great variety,at Ie s than Mew fork price*. WULFORD * SHILBEB9, ? 1? HAUKET SPACE, ap3S tr Third door from 9tb straat. p^EW PR)CBS. 1014 SEVENTH STBEET. Best Silk aid W<?| Pongees, 40c., worth 50c. Goat * Hair C'haili Clotki, 30c , worth 37t(c All Wccl Pprieg De Brge*. 4Kc , worth 50c. Beat Pacific Cowb'ics liJic . very cheap. Plaid at<J Sitit'd Snitingii, 13Hc. np to6>ic. Whlta Pi ices an J Victoria La?n? 10.13* ? 15. ?, tSc. Black Silks cheap: -7*. #1 01 IB, ?1 JH) and 01. Boy '? at io? price*, a specialty. ?VParas. Is ar.d Son Umbrella* In great variety. ?F^'Eagle bnirts, madeof btst mate'ial*. an4 romr'tt- y fi?W, only El. 18. iwitbont button bo lea only ED WM. BlRu WYLIE. apl?-tr 1?H 7th street northwest. ^TKCIX BASIS TRICES I BKtODHEAD * CO., 939 Pen's*, avi., between 9th and 10th *t*., O* F <B A FTLL LINE OF FVHEKiX A i\D nOAlBSTIC OK Y GOODS AT MOST ATTBA0T1VE PBIOBS I Many ArtirUs ka-mi btm Kfiwi 1a Pru* from li U 30 Per Oral. Black Iron Gr>nadioe*, 37He.; former prica 80c. Black Iron GrenaAlnes. 80c ; " " 78c. Black Iron brenadiaa*. El; " " #113 Black Flat M>-?h <>renadine*. 75c ; former price "*7X. Black Hat OrenadHes. fl J5; " E1.40. Striped. PUkled and Damaaa Gret.adlne*, also at reduced prtres. Black Lyons S>lks at 95c and np. lncladlnf Bonnet, Guinet. B' li is and Parsons' celebrated makaa. Beat Pacific Lawns, ( fast color*.) I3.'?c A full lice of Linen Laans, ln baaatifol designs, from 25c np. A ft w piece* o? snrrjner Silk, reduced from El 25 to Elperyaid. TUase goods are pure silk and of t h - best n ases. White Bheti-.:. ! Wool Shawl*. #1 38. Btock of D< m?tics ocmplete. ai.a pricea gnaratteAd. Laaiea and G'-nts' Underwear, diree from the mantifactu er? and importers, lo?erth>in ever. A moat exce>irn'3 button Bid, In all colors, date shades.) ?! .15 per pair. Wamsntta 81?u-he I Cotton, HXe. per yard 1'smaae. Pla::. arii Striped Dress Gx>ds, cheap. b?:anch stoee, 1K0? F STUBKT. l~t linn ar.d lt?h rid stand.J KKOItH LA It A l?. apS-tr 1? Pa. ats , bet. 9th a^d 10th st* JOHN T MITf HKLt. ?31 i-ENNSYLVANIA AVEBCB, Offer* the laraeirt md cnoice*t selection of DBESS GOO I S ever shown In this city. BoR cllti^w.g ail wool material*. In sliaded stripes, fcr overdr see*. ramlsktLie* a'-d Patnasae Goods, ln all the new ?bade*; /epb] r uniting* French Cambrics. Percale*. French Jaconet*. Linen Lawn*, Printed Linens, Uiugow Checks and Stripe* Swtnier Silks from 01 to ifl J3, ver? cheap. Brocade Grenadine*, in black and color*. Brocade Bilk-, Brocade Cashmere*. Silk Salt* fr< m %U to French Camtrlc, Percale, Linen and Zephyr Cloth Suit* from 85 to |U. Dressing Sack*. Wrapper* a-.fl "hlrts. very cheap. Sac-joes atd Klia.s, In SUk.Caaha&sie and Drap d'Ete.from A'5 to (50. A large *tos.k of Bun Umbrellas and Lace Trimmed Faraeols An laaaectlon of oar slock will convince pur chasers tea' we are offering the bee! goods, la all varietie*, at l**a prices than ever bef jre soli. Oa* Frlc* Only. JOHN T. MITCHELL, - ~ ' 931 Penasylvaala svenns. WOOTH WASHIBOTOn DRY GOODS - O Whit* Oorded Plane* at 12Xc ; beantlful Colored Flxuretf Pique* at 15c.; White Goods, such a* Mar asilMe, Plaid, Strip*, and Plain Bansooks; Victoria ?awns and Cambrics, from 10c. to 80c., 1 AW yards lambnrg E 1st ,gs. from 8 to E)c. per yard; Sarins ' 1 Goods, PUii, Plain, and Striped, from UHe. ; the t est X5o. and MHc. Black AIpacM la towa; nil numbers np to 75c ; Spring Cas?lm*re*, lor boys and genu, 16c. to ?1; another lot of iho** ?0c EM*. Agency for Mm'* Daaorsd. JOS. B. BAILEY, corner 7th aad F sis. southwest, apl-tr PROPOSALS. BOTH E. Orr:c? or Wa>h:mgtco? A<jrKDt7CT, Wiii:n?Tos,D.C , May tth, 1871. ^BALED PBOPOSAL8. addressed to the aader signed. Will b* received at this offlc* uatll 11 o'clock,aooa, oa Jna* 13 IS74, for constructing an iron trass roof and galvanized iron cornice oa th* Oat* Hons* at Great Falls. Flaas and sp*citi :a tions cat. be seen at this oSc*. aad all a*ce*sary la fcrmatun can be obtained from _ _ O. B. BABCOOK, Col. of Barrv., U. 8. A., tnylldt Chlsf Engr. Washlagton Aqnsduct. ffiS " Mi"rV?a.L aad Gent's TEA VBL1BG TBUBEE, W array a Patsat Trunk Stay MtseM. LADIES TBAVEL1BO SATCHELS. ?BAWL STRAPS aad POCKET BOOBS. DOUBLE aad SIB G LB H ABB ESS. LAP ROBES aad BOBSB BLAB BET! ?ADDLES. BB1DLBS aad WHIPS. Covered aad Bi?lrnd. aad mads It srd 10 M. McECRBAT. MS i 7 ?r? rzu&ST" ' lit 01*1 ?antsr of 7tA SWS* lace on Hew A RAILROADS. g&iTIMORK AID OHIO RAilkQA P. APBIL 30th. 1*71. V|l W A SHIHOTOB {Sk2TZ\ Ann?^).i?, and we* nations, L?jBocks and MNWiMi lUHou, I:l* ?a*ti?wra and Alexandria Junction York, Pktladtcrhta a.i4 Bonim tr JTVi* f'nl:P?n Parlor Oara. Leavea u f 10 a m Surd*/, stops at Way Stations, _ . Aed connects for Annapolis. 5( Louis and Puts bur* St rrnj4,rlok' UiiOTton. and Valley ?!?~"E0,.ai of a"ck" an<1 war stations. _ *:4 A?Baltimore and war stations ?a,u?cr* Cuii,"it*i *xprsss. Stopi at Rt r m. *' lS:10-BattliM*?. Way Station., Bllicott City and Vtvf'J'ktJad'l*ki'1 "n/i Norfolk Mx fSttaS&JSSf*'* W" f-?2Z?tt!5or" stations. im?. Hi!. Lmurtl Krjn?st. BUIoott JjltT, Frederick aad Way Stations, rU g? '^ZShZbtSZLF* Bocks, (via Metro Annapolla and way statlona. CWm?<ut mi4 Louisriil* Mxprtst k ?VSl'<UU*10 Columbia. Loule nl J*T 1 ,:3" J- m- tratn on Saturday. Bagtr*tu*i and Wii.eheetcr 81-eplngcars ' .J?icedo. Cincinnati and LounnlU. t.itn?ba timortanrl Mrprrss Fred erick and Way 8tatl 'H?, Tie Belay. (Con .... Sff for Annapolis Pundxy.l ? 30? Baltimore, Bladensbnr?, Colleee, Belta T-ftn nJlVii^"'" Annap lis Junction Z ?a5rii?^2E? *12 way stations. nT.hS'ay BlAdeMbQr?- BelUrlUa, ban 9.80?Pittabiirg. bnt no connection beyond Mar tinal>nrg by train leariug Sunday night okl* ' Stations on Metropolitan Branch. 3 0?/*ro York and Pktlade^.itm Nukl Bxmtts q ,? BJ"TJ'b* Cir* t" New York in :]0?r Mt'niore an<1 principal way stations, 10.30?Martinsburgand way atations, Metropoll 11 o? taa Branch. II JO?5* Loots Wrprttt. Chicago, Columbus, fc tnda?ky. Newark On Saturday for Louis , 00. #13,10 15 a m ; 1:30,0:1#.5:30, dafly' S 10' 8 8?' 9 30 ftB<l 11:30 pm" All oth r trains daily, except Sunday No connection on Snnday tor Hagerstown or Val ley Branch, or for New fork ana Philadelphia at Sam. and 1:30 p. m ?* th" Baltimore , OMo Ticket Office V, aahlngton Station, aud , ??*??, bOl and h03 Pennsylvania avenae. where t otdera will be taken tor baggac to be checked and r~e1?e?J at any point In the city. 9HABP, Master of Transportation. fcJS.- Ticket Aaent. GAP. 8. KOOMTZ, General Agent. apli tr ^JNIVEHIAL R. R TICKET OFF1CM. ivinJi!(,BOkD T1CKBT8 to or from all points bought, exchanged or sold at < a rtdnctlon of <>3E dollahJ ppon any other office or depot' In this city. kiMi ,00(1 tU1 tised. Baggagr checked tbrongb, 1876 1876 T* rt* ??rtfc, Ww?, an# loathveit* Ovnblelrftch, Steel Mailt, Splendid Scen ery, SlaynijirenT Equipment. r , , may ?th, is?T6. ri4lH9 16ITC y AihinctoDi city time, from Dstot. m ??or?*r ?' 'th ana B streets, as follows ? p'.?^'ttsbnrg and the West, 6 a. m. dnily, with Parlor Car to Pittsburg; T:40 p m djliy.wlth sss&sw.r.'ffaK BAbTlMUItB Alb POTOMAC KA1I.BOAD. w.i' ^ex'heater, Buffalo, Hlagara i'li*" "? except P a pll^ r.Vt w^k '. except jjaturilw, with HrffJS. ^ iSj ?tk,n" ,.r?r Ir,e' Canandalt;na, "pt Bnndiy ,aUl'11:40 *?,n- ?!?">.? 'or New "fork and the last, 9:1 o p m. dally, with Palnce Cars attached: Limited Express of Pull 5*n ParKj Cars, a.m.dailv,except Sunday For New Tork aid the Ka?t, i;3o p. co dally, ex _???? 'rpr j, ?|tt) -ar!or Cars attached ?*?!?* ? m. .-ally, exoept Sunday, and 0:30 and 9:10 p m dally. Limited Kxprees. ? >?3aji.daUy.exceat8nnday. ^ Aroommodation for Baltlm?re. 7 50 a. m. dalir *? Inladelpbia aLd New York, daily, except Hun ?K'.Sjj&ilS?""0" "d 4:"? ? 'siRTiyfaierT ? "s 4,0 fjr Annapolis. 6 00 and 11:50 a. ?>. and 4 ii0 a m ? except Sunday . 9 0LIXABU1I1A & FBHOBBICKSBI'BO BML LMk^^L'XANdbla a WASHINOTOM For Alexandria, ?. T,S:0i, 9,10, 11 a.m., 1.3. 4:*0. 5, B. T:00.and 11:40 p, m. On Sunday at w ?. m.. ?nn 1 and 7 p. m F^r the South, via Richmond, 11:40 p. m. daily, except; ard via Lynchburg, S 00 a m and 11:40 p m dally. Trains leare Alexandria (or Washington, 6, T.8. 9,10,11 a. m , 1, 3.4, 0,6. ana T p. m, C n i Snnday at 7 and 10 a. m.,and 5 p. m. BTleketa. Information, Sleeping and Parlot Oal accommodationa can be procured at the Offices - Bortheaet corner of Thirteenth street and Pent sylvania aveaue, Hortheast corner of Sixth street and Pennsylvania avenne, and at the tfpot. where orders can be left for the checking of Quttr* to leetisation from Hotels and Besldencee. r ?A'r a?M?6?' Awai V"ZX" ,t S-V. THE TRADES. A LEXANDKK BALL, WII.LIA* BALL ( Laii tettk O. W, Barktr > BALL A CO., ??"? *J.?lrer?. *"d dealers in Doors, fiash and B.lnds, Ola*,. Hardware and all Building Material. Masaachusete avenne, between 4th and 7th streets northwest, sell goodt X per cent, cheaper than any other bonne, f all and examine. itM ly M M O ? I D_. JAMBS F. BKIER, PLUMBER AN 1) UAS> tlTl BR, S>arT7 tr 811 7th *iT. NOBTHWEST. ^ w n i n o b . JOHN 0. HOOAN, 711 Mmrkst Spas*, Mannfactnrer of a Newly Patented Spring Boiler ^dVentllatio.Awnin. for Stores, Hotels. PnbUo Buildings and PrlTate Dwellings, flags and Tent* muT?'"?i "11. ??fe Aeent for the oaly genuine Mildew Proof Awning Material. seplf tr W ?LASBWABE, WW CHINA, CBOCREBT, HCCSEFCBN1SHINO GOODS, EEFB1GEBATOSS, ICE CHEATS, C00LEB9, 4c. WEBB * BETE8IBOE, nnyl3 tr 1009 Pann'a are., near lltb street. LU MBER! LU MBKKI GREAT REDUCriOX /JV PRICKS. Ml'BT SSLL Ab'D WILL SBLL T1BOIBIA BOA BOS. good. ?19 per M. ?*r yd ScANTLiMQ, *1 lengths and sices. > ;IP 8'Oiao, aaoper M. formerly S3V LATH, f'J 40 per M.: lonnerly ?3. GOOD V1BG1N1A FLOOBINO. $J? per M. CEDAB POSTS, 'JO and 30 cents" All otber kinds of LtVBKB, Dressed or Bongb, at less than market prices. A small lot of OAK, ASH and WALK OT that l will sail at o&e-half the nsna! pririe. AM AAA AT CALLOW ILL bECVKM BAM ... . ?KOM?k h. joximhom, ?M-ly Corner 1Mb and B streets northweat. THIS '5 TO OIVB NOTICE, That the subscriber has obtained from the Supreme Court of the pi strict ef Columbia, holding a Special Term, let ters testamentary on the personal estate of LEON ARD B. PBATHBB, UteVf Washington citf. D 0 , deceased, all persons having claims against the sal<i deceased are hereby warned to exhibit the same, with the vouchers thereof, to the subscriber, on or before the 9th day of May next: they may otherwise by law be excluded from all benefit of the Mid set ate Qiyen under my hand, this ?th day of M%v 1874. WM. A. CHAHCKT, ?Jlflwjs* Executor. IN THE SUPBEME COCBTOF THB D1STB1CT OF COLOMBIA. SMtiMi Ttrm. Probai* Jurisdiction, May 9:k. 1374. In the matter of the estate of GCO. W. BUOTT. Application f?r letters or administration on the es tate of Geo. W. Bcjtt, of the District of Columbia, has this dar been made bv Maria Crliaell. All serei ns Interested are hereby notified to appear In this court on TL'BSDAT. the 6in day of Jane next, at 10 o'clock a m.. to show cause why letters ef sdmlblstratlon on the estate 01 the said de ceaeed should not Issue ss Brayed: Provided, a copy of thla order be published ence a week for three weeks la the EreniagStar previous to the said day. ? ylO W Jt* A. WIBDTIB. Beylator of Wills. TL18 fi TOK.?.lif ??*ICE, That the subecrl A tier hae obtained lr< 111 the Bnprrme Court of the District of Colombia, holdlnj a Special Term, let* tAry Prr???l*l estate of ACQUIT H08Cb, late of Washington city, D. 0., de cea-<d. All persons haring claims against the said deceased are hereby warned to exhibit the sane, with the vouchers thereof, to the subscriber, en or before the id day of May aext; they may otherwise by law be excluded from all benefit of the said eerate. Givea under my hand thla M day of May, 1ST*. ' ?y>-? 3t* ' HABB. SCHNEIDER, Bxecntor. IB THB 8CFBBMB COUBT OF TBB DISTBICT 1 OF COLOMBIA. &***> Ttrm, Probatt Jurisdiction. Mag 1 ?f, 1874. /In the marter of the will of COBBaU WOLF: Application for letters testamentary oa the estate or Conrad Wolf, of the District of Colombia, has this day been made by Maria Boeina Woll and John Voe gier. All penons Interested are hereby notified to a? pear in this court on TCESDAk, the SPtk day of May next, at 11 o'clock a. m . to show cause why letters testamentary on the estate of the said deceased should not Issue as praysd. ProvitUd, a copy of thla order be published ence a week for three weeks ia the Brenlng Star preneas tTtte . Tssfc A. WEBSTBB. Begisterot Wills. I^BIS IS TO OITB BOTICB, That the A her hae obtained from the Snpreae Court of the District of Columbia, holding a Special letters of administration on the personal of BL1ZA OA1THEB. late of Waahingtei D. C., deceased. All pereons against the said deceased are hereby hlbit the earns, with the ?oacbers t^,. w laa subscriber, oa or before the Sd day of May nsxt; they may otherwise by taw be exdnded from aUbea^of the saM estate. Oiysa andsr my hand (Ms H da* sf May. M7?. mrt-mM* BOtABBA B. WALK IB* ABM'S. AUCTION SALES. future path. P'HANCEBY BALB OF PREMISES Wo ||t? ^ Ji.T" _?THEKT- BITWIM " iiDM STREETS KORTHWEST By virtue i f ?d?rm paa??<i fj the Supreme U Court of the District of Columbia, In Bguity DW T1" ?rfl> ?*Jt?" >ic >Dc:kn.1aCli nf ,on TUESDAT. the 234 day Sr. Jv*'' *? * 9 to i All that ??r? of I >t X W Ji,b*fllMlTUl0D of tqti*re No. 197,1s the city f?^if2>1E|rti,V D- "ltbln the follow ing metes snd L< unds Beginning for the tame at a j?int on 14th street wwt dutact 104 f??t south of the northeast cerner ot said a>jn*re and ran nine ?/5f; *hanc? ?? 94 fee'; thecc* baglBnin " 1 eMt 94 feet 10 the Xace *f ""Terms of sale: One third cash. and the balance at six and twelve month*, for which the notes of the En7i?!!fc l>f,*rin/ ijtarsat from the day of tale. *JH w ??, a?f i lln retained on the premiers ?old. A deposit of SM will be required at the time efsale Afl conveyancing at the ooetof the pnr CliMT. B. H. WABHEB, WM. W. MATTINOLY.Trustee, ByM Auctioneer. Office 4 34 7th atreet. y [HITBP 8TATB8 MAMHALt 8ALB. In Tlrto# of a writ of fieri faoiaa, Issued oat of the Clerk a office of the 8 a pre Me Court of the Dla tr ctofOolumbie aid iom directed, I will aell, at Chile eale. for caah, at Birch A Bobey *s Bataar, on nisiana avenue, on 8 VTCRDAT. the vlOth da* of ?ay, 1S76, commencing at 10 o'clock a. m., the fol lowing cnode and obattela, to wit, viz: One Offloe Table, g cane seat Chairs, 1 Revolving Chair. 1 Briisaela Carpet and Bng, 1 Awning, 3 Ink Stands, 11 poi ge Cup 1 Mucilage Bottle. 1 Cuipedora and Bnvelopee, 1 Ream of Legal Cap Paper, and 1 lot Carpet Binding, seism and levied upon M the good* and chattel* of H C. Denlsoa. and will be sold to satisfy execution No. 14.617. in favor of A. L. Barber A Co. AL*X FHAKP, C 9 Marshal U C. ,P?r BIBCH A BOBBY, Auctioneer*. May 10. 1376. my 10 d I 8. MARSHAL'S SALE. In virtue of a writ of fi?ri facia* twied out of the Clerk's office of the Supreme Court of the Di strict of Columbia and to me directed, 1 will sell at (ubllc sale for Caah, at the auction st>reof Thos. >ow ling, corner of Pennsylvania avenue and 11th tt'*?t ncrtbwest, on SATTRDAY, the 20th day of May. 1876, at 10 o'clock a m., the following g-'Ode ani cbatten, to wit?"F<ur Jaaonlca*," seized and le> ied upon as the gands and chattels of W m. Dcnglam, aunilm.trator, and will be aold to satisfy extent ion Mo. 6,>33, In favor of Henry Uoug 1am A LEX SnARP.U. S Ma-shal I>. O mvlP d By THQM ^ DOWLINO, Auctioneer. STEAMER LINES. C'LTDK'S HKW EXFKISS LINE between /rHILADBLl'B IA.WASHINGTON JtGEOBG B ToWN.?Steamers leave Philadelphia WEOME8 DAY and SA1XRDA1, at 14 m. - Leave Georgetown. D.C,. MONDAY|_____ abd FRIDAY. at t> p m freight ieceiTr^ti?iTy until 6 p. m. Through bill* of laden given for Bos ton and Providence Consignees wishing their good* latded at Georgetown, will order them marked1" via Georg?town." Q F B YDI, ??? Water st., Gorge town, D. C. WM. P.OLYUB A CO., IS 8 Wharves, Philadelphia. mayl-ly NEW DEPABTIHE -CLYDE'S WAIH 1NGTON, PHILADELPHIA, IIOSTON, AND PBOVIDKNCB SICHI ' WEFKLY STEAMSHIP LINK-Oil and after WEDNESDAY, April 19th,the Steamers of the above line, with direct connection with Boa ton and Providence, will sail from Philadelphia for Washington. D U., every WEDNESDAY and 8ATUBDAY Returning.leave Washington MON DAYS and FRIDAYS, trom Johnson's wharf,foot of 12th street sonthwest. Ihrongh Biils fading is ined U and from the above porta Freight received and delivered dally from 7 a. m to 6 p. m. Order* for delivery of frtight, Ac., received at 1904 Fat and 1114 9th street northwest. W. P. CLYDE A CO., ?o, IS 8. Wharves. Philadelphia. J. H. JOHNSON A CO., apU tert Agent* for Washington. L'OB NORFOLK. r 8TBAMEB LADY UF TUB LAKE Leaves the Company s wharf, foot or 6th street, every MONDAY, WEDNESDAY - _ ^fT?'fc and FRIDAY, at 3 p m , for Nor-A^SESMlB f. !k. Returning, leu e Norfolk. Tuesday, Thtirs t*ay acd Saturday, at 4 p m. Fare. A4: round trip, 86. Tickets good nntil used w FOB POTOMAC R1VEB LANDINGS. Btasmer JNO. W. THOMPSON leaves Companyl wharf, foot of 6thstreet, every TUBSDAY,at 7a. in , for Cnrrlonian and intermediate landings, and every FRIDAY .at 7 a. m , for Co an River, stopping at intermediate landings ^ Fcr Information apply at the office of the Com pany. under the Metropolitan Bank, 15tb street, < pposlte the Treasury, or to the Agent, at the ?harf. marl7-ly i4 pKOPLES' LLBB" 901 NOMIHi. MATTOX CHKBK, WPPMR MA CHOVOCAND MTEKMhJJlAiM LAN VIN US. Tbs sidawheel Bteuner "E MORRIS," Captain T. K Baldwiji, Will ;<dnxc>nce running to the above landings op M <nda>, klatch 6th, leaving from ? fc wharf foot of 6th street every MON DAY and THLB?DAY at 8 a. m. Returning will leave Nomini every TUESDAY and 1 RIDAY at 7 a m. feb? N. R. FITZHL'QH, Agent. ^IRARD L 1 H K . NOTICM. Wttfl th? rin> ot diminishing the sMfts ol ool listen, the Sttauiers of this Lin* take a specified course fcr all seasons of the year. On the outward passage from Qn eenstown to Sew York or Boston, crossing Meridian of M at 43 tat., ot ootblng to the north of 43. On the homeward passage, uroaslng ths He rid las cf 10 at 43 lat.. or nothing to the north of 41. TUB BK1TI8U AND NORTH AMERICAN ROYAL MAIL STEAMSHIPS. BETWEEN Nh W TORK AND HI VMM POOL, CALLING AT CORK HARBOR, fto*Niw Ton. I Fbom Niw Yoa?; ?8cotla. Wed., May 17 Algeria...... Wal., June II Bothnia.. Wad.. M?y)4 Bothnia-. Wal., June ? Abyssinia?Wed., May 31 Abyssinia..Wal., Jul* I * Ru-sia _..Wed., June 7 * Russia. Wed., Julr 11 Scythla.?Wed . June It Scythia. Wed., July 1} DATdfrom'V?w ^Yorl? W,DHBBDaT kad BATHE B team era markad * do not i gera. Bates o? Pamasi -Cabin, <81,JkWt and AIM, gold, according to acoommodatlon. Tickets to Paris. ?If, gold, additional. Return tickets oa tavorabl* tsrm* S tee rags tickets to and frost all Mtrtao' Bur ops at vary low rates Through bills of lading given for Belfast, Glasgow, Havre, Antwerp and other ports on the Continent, and for Mediterranean porta. For freight and passage apply at the Company's offloe, Ho. 4 Bowling Green: or both steerage and oabia to BMALLWOOD A MOBBIflnN Ho. 616 Ttfea ianW-lr OHAB. G. FBABOBLTH. Agsat UMBRELLAS AND ABA SOLS COV (J BBED AND BEPAIBBD, AT THB MANUFACTOBY, ap?41m* 013 D street northwest. J\]lNNEi>OTA FLOUR. Washburn Mills, Minnesota FLOUB,not aanalled or excelled by any in the couutiy. It is our Inten not. to keep a supply oftbts celebrated Flour always ot. hard All we atk Is a trial to satisfy the moat fastidious. For sale by _ . ? J- B BRYAN A BBO., tr f.QH Pennsylvania avenus. pu?LADELPlilA E.\HlBIXIO?l, (^KOJSK * BLACAWELL'I pilE P1CKLBS in ilalt Vinegar, |[K11 SAUCES for Fish, Meat * Game pOTTHO MlAT* and F1?H, (^EKllSK Ml&TAUD. PtKIUtt MALT Vl.HEGAK, JAMS, JKLL1KB MAkMALAOEl and other TABLE OKI ICACIEA arc diaalayed A in the Agricultural Hall, where inspection Is invited, and are sold by all dealers in fiist class groceries in the United Htates and Can* ada. Every genuine article Is labelled. | CROSSE It B LACK WELL. FUSSX?!? to th? Qua'n. SOHO BQCARH, LONDON. ap2i wti^gi HORSE FOOD. SORDOHfl FOOD FOB nORPKS AND CATTLM. Mcoaom y.rwon. sexsu, finmappmaa? ANCS.SOVND HEALTH. SM? CURMV BY ITS USM. INGREDIENTS ALL YBGOTABLS. Staple 100 Eaada far IS.OS. Depot In Washington, SOS Louisiana avsnns. aclO-eogm c. P. UBBEWOE | OS. RATTAN'S CRYSTAL DISCOVERY FOR THS HAIR. FOB BBBTOBIFG GBAT OB FADHD HAIR TO 1TB NATURAL AND YOUTHFUL OOLOB. It makee brash, dry and wiry hair smooth and gtoasy. It aradlaatas Dandruff, and Its occasional application arevsnts and stops the hair fall lag. Warranted to restors the oolor la three to ten daja, Contalaa nothing whatever of an unhealthy or ??Isoautja nature. Does not require shaking; does not soil Unea or the fingar nails; nor. In fact, haa H any of the objectlona so justly urged against ths Sulphur and Lead restoratives la the markets. Has i used for nearly eight yean bow with constant ly Increasing demand. A.vrf?a ?TTA?>fewm,oE ?7*tr MaalDr? ^rrUTOH? AMjMU Approacbaa oomplaOoa. It Is sale. Partiea In Waahington or great work wlU be snpptied, la >ts ar ap to praea, from the i st, where all sty lee of binding a AUCTION SALES. TMIB ArTlKWOOW. Trustee*, mrt / BALI OF VALFARLK IMP L Il2\E$lSlSk ? 0BTHWB8T. *?*? BTMlin Tn putiuance of a decree !n the mum of MB Armsteafl Beed vs. Josephine T? ler e>t al , {nil Equity numbered ?.4(*1 t'ocket i?, made bv the S? 'k* holding the K'l(illy Term lav Sd L*TIHwilnt of wJWasSs 5f$fe& v^n^f ?? ft,*** y^T,wxBvr of th? purchase biomt In cub, and the m^indVr [n I ?^^t2tS2f?h,"Xlr?d do"?,, ln Cash mast b? SSrawjs?s?'Wkss.~*;as SHa-t "Stk A H. WABI1B, corner 7th and F street* T5kaP&A&!%0? va^pabli impbovbd .-SKV; SiS1,?1Wfj&XlHywj iltte on ttM lit dtj of July, A D 1374 in,] foTlbi mrtiiTTof oJi55' k!10 317,2* th'1 Mld }?. "* P?stnat of Columbia, and by the direction of & JK5y.E8nr'd-1 wUI public ?action ?o !?y of Mir TW Y'^DN*8DAY, thi li'th ?? , ??r. A. P. 1S7?, at 6 ? clock p. m., all that parcel of ground IJ the city of W as Blo^toa .DC H^d Wg?x*r? l?0*Cinb8h,,fttloVnnniboro<1 0M "'nndr^i Terma: Odp third ctih; I'aUqco Id rIi and twplrA mSiiS'h?iViiif r7J at ***** p9r ?*ut ?annm, cnred by a deed of truat cp-?ii the property. <lon "j^nciE* at purchaser's coat ? 1U0down at time oi sale it terms of sale are nbt complied with In h7AB fr0m,,da5 of ;h? Trn.tee 'reserves the right to resell at risk and cost of defaulting pur ch?*rr- ^ w?. A. GOKHON. Tru-tee ap!8 eoAds J. T. OOLUWILL, Salesman. I)OWKMAN A GBEEN, w? a,Auctioneer!. Ho 418 7th street northwett. We will s?H at pnblic auction, to the hiehes bl<Mer.on THURSDAY, tbe llth dav or May.55& at 3 o clock p m , all tha? certain piece or t?r eel <t Kjfituid known acd described upon the plat Bt^rVLT[^!?gtt,,l'.D. ? - a" lot in- in J?hn W. Starr s snbdivieion of lots 1, 2. 3,4. 5. 6. 7. and 9. in I#thstreet' ?D Bound,rr "reet, between Wttt and h?Tri?HS.?f..ialc Pne tbird cash, of whit h SWmust be paid at time of eale. and the balance in six and twelve months, secm-ed by purchaser s notes, bear ing eeven per cent interest, on the premise* sold. Convej aiicing at purchaser's cost. mfl ec3t M. 0 LUTIBELL, Saleiman. i^CP<18T^0N*Di'N.T,L WEDHB8DAT, TOE 17 tb, utut huiif and plat" ml;>- M O. LURTBELL. Bale?man. THIS IVmiHfl, yHOMAfl DOWUHO. Auctioneer. QKAND ABT SALE _ From the CILKBBATED AMERICAN ABT GALLEBY NEW IOBK. ' highly valuable collection of PAINTINGS. 13* WORKS or 8TEBLING MERIT By our TH- ? .F,B5T "ODIBN ABT18TS. thZ 1 ?**raordicarT collection can'atna S3me of i ? ? 2T*,r offe"<l in this city, and are superbly mounted in the finest of rirh no!4 /.a' nuT.nan at auction, ob WBDNCsnAT T?t o,%T ?n<l.KB1DAy *VBH1N08. May 17. J.i . ?' at tt# bnildlnK, 1101 Penn sylvania areMie. corner of llth atreet northwest, on free exhibition Terms cash "?y18 8t THOB DO t?LING. Anct. TO-MORROW. iyA8H. B. WILLIAMS, Auctioneer, "" 1001, northwest corner 10th and D itreets. WALNUT FRAME PaBLOB SOITK, DPHOL "^1B rL?TH, THRRKWALNUT ?b?m^TV? ^hambeb suites, WALNCT fSAME HAIU CLOTH BOr A, WALNUT BB0 btbads, Walnut mabblk-top bide Ui'wis'r^A/LUo'LICXT,I,!il(,N TABLE AND J'i?,ING^KOO>1 CHAIRS. COTTAGE BUITE^ J^8 AfiD COBNIOE, BEP CUB ? A L w'a 5,K?CT 8 *A8T CHAIRS, WABBLE TABLES, TOILET WARE, KEATHER *5n' AMD BOLSTERS, HUSK nwn?Jv??T02LT9? "ATTREiSE". HALL 9UllJijOTU- STAIR f:\BPET8. INGRAIN AND OTHER C^BI'ETS, CAN rBFIT PKk SlL^Ac' AN1> PICiLI8> BIICHEN UTEN OnTHI.'BHDAT, May I ??, 1876, comtn?nc>n?f?% atlOo cbcka m . I shall sell, at No. ?19 fBi street, between ?th and 7ih streets northwest, Ml the above collection of Household Furniture, / TI which has only been id nse for about thirty days. TboeewlaWng to purchase Furniture sbocll not nii?s this opportunity, for the owner Is about to ^I*,y,e?Ky end the above-named articles are to be sold withont re?erve mylCd WASH. B. WILLIAMS, Auctioneer. B. WILLIAMS, Auctioneer, 1001, northwest corner 10th and D iti. WA^. _ TRUSTEES' SALE OF VALUABLE BUILDING x) LOT8. By virtue of authority contained in a dee J n ^ ? ecutrd on the llth day of June, 1-S73, o^d dul?8? recorded, the undersigned will offer at public**" i"0'1""-n??n 'h,? Premises, on 'THURSDAY May rr -lia," r .? uUn JP ni ' LoU 73, 7s, 75, 78, ? 7o J ?1 Turton's subdivision of equare 17t. bonnd?d by l?th snd 17th and Q and It streets northwest These lota are very desirable for build br.,n* ?n? rapldlv improving w?u J:fv? .the? troand being h gh and we'l locat<d, and the lots of convenient size, as wdl **??.! rom 1 Piet. The property will be sold in quantities to suit purchasers. ?' "'v One-third c*i<h, of which a deposit Lotw'11 b# ?*.|Uired a! the time of sale, tbe remainder In equal instalments at six, twelve and eighteen moDths. the deferred payments to be secured by the notes of the purchaser, bearing A.Xk **r ??nt.,and deed of tru-ton ths pnrchaaers fpll to comply with the within ten days after sale, ths Trustee* re ^i*erf .r,fi V??T.'1 tha ?r?Pjrty et tbs risk and ch. dtlfknllll>? Purchaser. All coavey ancing at coat of purchaser. JOHN HIGGLES,/ GEO W. EVANS, ( Trutteei. myl3.lg.17 WaSH, B. WILLI aMB, Anct. 'T'BCSTEB^ BALI OF IMPROVED AMD UN * IMP lit) \ ED BKAL ESTATE. d?c?* of the 8npretne Court of fli the DHtrlet of Columbia, paaeed 3d May, 18?6, H No^ris u ?ur' H- wherein cusan nth?ritiff and Moe's Benedict Fortune and ? ^ defendants, I will, on THUB8DAT. the ?rTJili ?/ ? . ' 1^<- at 8H o'clock p. tn., proceed J? tuW?o auction, In front of tha premises, the lota of ground lying in the city of Washington! O O- ktirwtb M Lots lettered "A" and "B 'o< T ?LP " su^dl*'sl0" ?f original lots Noa. ' .VS.7, in 8<lu?*e No. Ut Lot A fronts >0 feet on ? J*?th o' M? feet, and Is unla fr?nta ? feet on aaid srreet. by tuXiuiMM^r " D k?*?? ? I."*f,le One third cash: and the balance in B ard llmontlis; deferred payments to bear interest at the rate of six per cent per annum from day of *?le. A deposit of 950 will be required at t'me of rjirchaser 680 '0t* conveyancing at cost of B. H^War'rer, Auct. JOHN F. ENNIfl. Trustee. my5 eoAds F D. CLEARY, Salesman. VVASH. B. WILLIAMb, Auctioneer. * ? No. 1001 northwest corner 10th and D ats. mmmssAs weSt'atauctToh 1 AVJtKUJC W0KTa ? ?n T,ni.*t!l)AT' ?**' ,87?.?t 6 o'clock A_A p ni^ 1 will sell, infr intof the premises, af".-? two story aud attlo Britk Dwellii g contain in* about ten rooms, having abaut 18 leet 6 inches be'iog NoCI?oI 67 fcet' m?re ?r leM't0 an ?lle'' Terma: Oce-tbird ca?h; balance io six, twelve and eighteen men- h* f r notes bd*rlng:iat*.re?t from dav of sale and secured Dy adeed of truiton the eram 2?.?>M au conveyancing at purchaser's cost ?lU)do?n when tbe property Is struck r.ff my" td WASH. B. WILLIAMS, Anct. J^UNUANSON BROS., Auctioneers. SALE OF FIBB BllLDIBG LOT ON NOBTH LA,kbS.Tatn5C?tt"o^?bh "b?" OuTHUBSDaY AFTERNOON. May l?;h, at 6 o clock, wa will sell part lo? >1. in e<iuare 51). frontine 15 feet on north L street, between 4tb and 6th streets west. This lot i?inth<?UM. tame pquare as the Northern Liberty Market and C hariot (tompsny bui dings, and would mat* a plendld business location Teims: Otis-third cash; balance In six and twelve osltive DOt#* be*riB| ? cent, interest. tSale nil* * DUN0AH80H BBOB., Ancta. T,?C?**M, 8aLB of valuablb bbal mabilabd c?u*Tr, Tha nBdersigned, Trustees, by virtue of power contained in a deed of trust from Ann L.S 1^5?tee to the undersigned, dated the 3d pay ot * May, 1875, duly recorded In the tend records of Prtnca Georae'a countr. Md , la Liber H. B , Bo! ' ' r?"Awffl eeU ?* public sale, to tbe h'gh e,,.'li<l2rr'IB o'clock a aa., at Oon'es's 8tMion, onthe Washington Branch ot tha Bait linen an<j Ohio railroad, on WBDMEMDAT, May 84, M7l"all -p.-.- _.?^J}*a*asia the fpneer and about sixteen miles from tha latter and its nearness to the two stations of Coatee's and' Laurel, offers aa attractive opportunity tor apaoute tlra la country lota. " Tens One - ba> f caah: balance in Ms ?iib Interest from day of sale, to be aatiatactorUr 0S: oo^, aJo2Kl- * J0BN GLBNB. 1 S 7S7PU1 Tnuteea. T. o. ULIKTT, I myJi-13.17*43 ll* J. HB1BEBGBB, ?-?*mas: Matropolttaa Hotel, (late Bi itOlJ tritj IsTwhiiVif^ HT TAILOR, AUCTION SALES 'T'HOS. ? W AGO AM AH, 1 Beal bUU Auctioneer, 111 Tth street. ?Tt KBIDAY, May 19th. at i*i o'clock, Ijm will < ITer f?r nl?, on the rn?im, ?? ?lr>?t.SI between VirriBi* ?venae and D street ?"ath weet, Lot 6, in square tSti, dimensions, 11 3il0J T*r?i at in. Ky 17 St TB"9 B. WAC.3AMAN. Aact. DYE J. 8WKT I) R*al Betate Broker and Anctioueee, Mo. 511 7th street north weet. AUCTION BALI OF DBS1BABI.B UNIM PBOYBD BUILD1N9 LOIS. OB MASSACHU SETTS AVBBCB ANt> COBNBB OB Stb STBKBT NORTH EAST. I will <firt for rale, at pnbllc aneti >b. in?M front of the premises,on WEDNESDAY, Mat^ 1 Tth, 187#, at ? o'clock p m . ell of Lots 17.1S^^? 19. SO, SI, SI and SS. In MorseU'e subdivision 9f ort? Inai lot 1, in square 886. These are s?all lots, 17*70 fro*. Terma of aale: One fourth cash awl tks baliace on good time. ?35 deposit repaired on each tot when sold AU eonTeraaclof at purchaaer'e ooet. If terms of aala are not con piled with In e?reu days aner ,mlr the property U* ^ co?< of tha def salting y^^VgBT, Auctioneer. mjU* K/TH* ABOVB 8ALB IB P08TP0NID, OB ecc. unt of rain, until TDBBD AT. Mar 83. W6, same hoar and plica ?J17 E J. BWBBT, Auctlos VOUSa k MIDELBTON. 1 Baal Kitate Auctioneers. TRU8TFB9' BALI OB TWO V ALU ARLE BB1CB HOUSES. ON THB WEST SlOB OB IVth. HBTWEEN T ABD U STBEETS NuBTHWEST. Br virtue ot a deed cf truit.daUd Anf nit A^A 19th, A D. Iffll, and recorded In Liber (11. ffw folio 219 <t eeq . one of the laad records ?>f !"'? WH-hluatrn fcoutv. la the Diatrict of Columbia, at <1 by direction of cf the h. lder ot the note iM-srad thtteby. we will ofler for tale, at pobiic auction, in front (f the preo ises, on wHdMBSDAY. May<76, at & o'clock p. m , all th ??e pieraa or farce Is of ground known as Lois T8 and 79. In alconerand Allen's subdivision of a part of the east half of Square No. *74. Each Lot is improve! by a two story Brick Dwe'lng 1 emts of tale : # 1 *i> a each houae and the pro portional expenses of ?h ai < ia cast; haltnce in six ard twelve months, -.scored bv n^t-s be trine interest at elght(8) per cent., aad by deed of trust on the prcperty. A deposit of BUlO on each b will be rejuirtd at the time of s?le. <V ureyascirg at purchaaer s crat. If the terms cf sale are not complied with within seven days, the Trusties reserve the right to resell the property, at tie risk and cost of the defaulting purchaser. rOILlP A.DABNBlLLE.t ROBERT P. DODOB. < Trustees, my 13 dAsJs YOUNG A MIDDLBTON, A nets. U/A8U B. WILLIAMS, Auctioneer, ' ' No. 1001, northwest cornet 10th and D streets. TRT'fcTEE 8* LE OP VALVAR LB IMTBOVED PROPERTY OM 14th STREET. BalWKEN B *t 1 b STBEETS NOKTUW EST, at AUOTIOB. l'.y virtue of a deed of trust, dated <>ctober 9*h, A. 1) 1872. and dniy recorded in Liber fV Bo rt;?4 folio 4*1. one of the land records for JUL the District of Colombia, and by direction of the party seen red thereby. 1 shall sell at public auction. In front of ihe prrmiseo, on THl'BSDA Y, May Hi, A.I'. 187C, at fi o'clock p. m , tha fjliowing de scribed real ?slate, to wit: AM that certain piace or parcel ot ground altii.ite and lying In said city, and belrg known and de.cril ''<l as lot nnmber sevetity fenr <74 In the recoi<l.-il subdivision of s j:; ire nam bered t*o hundred atd seven (307), with improve ments thereon, consisting of a two-story brick dwHllrg with back building, with all modern lm provement*. eas and wa er. Terma of sale: One third in cash; tha balance In three f<jnal instalments at six, twelve and eighteen months, with interest-it ten percent, per annum, ta be seenred by a deed of trust on the premises so'd. B100 will be required of the purchaser at the time of sale All conveyancing at purchaser's cost. If the terms cf sale are not tuily complied with in one w eek from the day of aale, the Trustee rsaervea the right to reatli the property at the risk and coat of the defaulting purchaaer. after live days' advertise ment JOHN B. NOBB18, Trustee, my IS d WASH. B. WILLIAMS, Anct. 1 WILL SELL, AT P0BL10 AUCTION, ON SIONPAY, at i o'clock p a. April U4, In front of the premises, two three story Brick Booaea, Not. 134 and 1*6 9d straet aoutheast. Terms mads known on day of sale, GBOBOB COWIB, Secretary H. C. B. E. Association. DOWNHAN A QBBBN, Auota. >1. 0. LUTTBELL. Salesman. ap!0-3Uw %*? TBI ABOYB 8ALB IB POSTPONED until MOB DAY, the B2d das of May, aame hour and place. OEOBQE COWIE. Secretary N. O B E. Association. apS4- ?? O. LCTTLELL. Salesman. H.W'ABfiEB, corner 7th and f btreets. AUCTION BALE OK DESIRABLE BUILDING LOTS ON V AND BOUND a BY. BET W BEN 16th AND ITtu STREETS NOBTHWEST. On BATI BDAY, Mat WOth. 1S7?, at .*? o'clk^* f. m . will be sold In front of the premises, lots?V to 27. both inclusive, of Chas. U. Cragin't"? snbdivlsion in square 174. Tetms One fourth cash, and the ba'a'ce at one, two acd three years, with Interest, secured by a deed of trust. $00 down at time of -ale, and all conveyaccing at purchaser's cost my!2 f.m.w.f,4t J T COLDWELL. Salesman. B. H. w ABNEB, corner ? and 7th strata. AUCTION SALE OK VALUABLE UNIM PBOVEO PBOPEBTY OH THE SOUTH SIOB OK K STREET, BETWEEN '24iu AND 2*TH S3RKETS NORTHWEST. On WEDNESDAY, May 44th, 1376, at o'cleck p m , will he cil'ered in three parctls.^p in frcnt of the premibes.the following deacubed-^" real estate situate iu the City of Washington, D. C , to wit: Btgicning at the eouth line of K str-et northwest thirty (30) fe-t e*?t of the northwest cor re'of lot No. nineteen (19) In square No. 38. In Washington, D O., running thence eastwardly along the south line of said K street sixty-three ftet s,x Incbcs (63 6), thence goutbaar>.ly parallel to the wist line of said lot 134 feet 11 inches tt> the ailty, thence westw&rdly along the north line of said alley atd parallel with sala K street 63 teet < inches, thence northwardly parallel to the west line of said lot 124 feet 11 Inches to the place of begin ning being part* of lota No. 19 and 20 in aaid square No, 38. Terms: One fourth cash; remainder In eqna! in stalments. payable In 1,3, acd 3 year*, notes bear leg 10 per cent interest 1. om date, secured by deed ot tiust. A dep< sit ot ffO will l>e required on each parcel at time of sale, and all canvey an< ing at par cbsser's cost. T. T OBITTENPEN. Trustee. mylS-eoAds J T COLDWELL. Sa'esmeu DOWL1NO, Auctioneer. rpUOB. DOWL1HO, Auctt TRUSTEE'S BALI OF VALUABLE FBOPEBTY VI B,ALt- ????? By Tlrtce of two deed* of trust, bearing date the 1st and 3d days of February. 1864. and re-1 corded in Liber N. C. T.. No St, at folios 13S and 144. the undersigned wUl sell oa MONDAY, the 29th day of May.A.D. 1876, In front of the pre mises, on Dunbarton street, at S o'clock p m.,the east half parts of Lcta No. 71 and 87, in Beall's ad dition to Georgetown, the same fronting thirty (SO) feet on Dunbarton street and extending bask of that width northwardly one hundred and twenty (eet, Improved with a comfortable dwelling hauae acd other out buildings, the premises being No. OH Dunbarton street, ana the other parcel being a va crnt lot fronting SO feet on Beall street and having a depth of 130 feet. Terms of sale: One third eaah; residue in two equal payments at six and twelve months, with in terest. to be securtd by deed of trust. B2X1 deposit when Ihe property U struck off, which Is to be for feited If the terms are not compiled with within five days after sale. All conveyancing and recording at purchaser's expense BSAD PlCKBBLL, Surviving Trustee. ap28 eod |Pour.] THOS. POWL1NQ. Anct. yOUNQ * MIDDLITON, Auctioneers. TKUBTEEB' BALI OfTaLUABLE PBOPEBTY AT AUCTION. ABOUT SIX ACRES ADJOIN 1NO THB BEFOBM SCHOOL. AND A FBAMI HOUSE AND LOT IN SQUABB ***. By virtue of a deed of trust dated May 16th.m* 1871, and recorded in Liber No. 649, folio 1u2,^9 oie of tie land records for Washington county in the District of Columbia, and by direction of the party secured thereby, the undersigned Trustees will sell at public auction, in fribt or the property, on FBIDAT, the tltth day of May, 1876, at 2 o clock p m , all that piece or parcel ol land in said county and District, being part or parts of a tract called Scotland and Barbadoeeenltrged, beginning for the same at a stone planted in the grot: no on the east sidu of the turnpile road leading from the city cl Washington to Olaiensburg, and standing at the corner of the farm now owned D. the Reform School, and running thence, reversing the line of the entire tract noath 42 degrees, east 19 perches; thence cortb 71 deaaQts. east 21* perches; thence ?<?nth IS de grees'58" 58!< percnes; thence eonth73*? degrees, west 30 perches; thence sooth 31 degrees, west 4Jtf ptreins; thtcce north 54 degrees, east 71>? perches to the place of btgianing, containing six acres, more or less. AUo, at 4 o'clock p m. of the s*me day, In front o( tbe prcperty, all tbat piece or paroel of ground lying and being on 4 h street east, in the city of Washington. D. C . witch is known as lot SB, iu John G. Adams' subdivision of criminal lots, square 833 This lot is improved by a Frame Dwelling,and has a fronts ge of SOleet by a depth of 101 feel and one lcch. Terms of sals: One third of tha purchase money for each parcel to be paid In cash; one half the bal ante at the end of one year, and tbe other half at the end of two years from the said day of sals. A dt posit of SIS0 from tbe purchaaer or purchasers of each parcel will be required at tbe time of sale. The credit payments, with Interest thereon, at the rate of ten percent, per annual, payable ssasi an nually, from and after tha day of sale, to be aecttred by note and deed of trust oa the property sold; or, at tbe cation of tbe purchaser or purchasers, the whole of the purchase money for either parcel, or for both parcels, may be paid la cash. Conveyanc ing at tbe ooe< of the purchaaer. Unless tbe taims of sale are foil ^complied wltL la tea days from and g4ri??SiE=*?,?-"~ OOTHIO ?AB AIL AUCTION BAIiB OF ATWO-iTOBT QOI COTTAGE OH "COTTAON BILL," N TBE TEBMINUS OF THB COLUMBIA ?_ ObVbID A Y, Kay ltth, 1376,at ? o'clock p. wlil be sold, laftron of tha presaisas, lots SI and 37, la block 11, of Hall B Holdea's sabdl- fl? vision of ground known as '"Oottaga HlU."Jl B fonsrly kaevn as "Long Meadows, las pro red aa above. This propsrty ootnmands a beautifol view of tha city and sarroaadlng country. Terms: One fourth cash, aad the balaacs at oas, ro, aad tkras yaass, win Interest, secured by a two, aad three yaass, with Inter* deed of trust. 9t0 down at Has of 'Wfi&Siy'TTSfi.D. Bfe , ? MUD 8T&TIS HAUMiL'f SALS. In rirtne of aa order of sale, leaned set ef the Clerk's tffioe of the Bopreeae Oourt of the Dlstriot of Colaaibta, aad to ae directed, pub lie sale, for cash, at the aastloa reesas ot Da iB ? Chairs,! Parlor aa Oas pet, aad 3 Window attachment Bo. M,? bf above ardor as SadteA.Di mjU dU evening star IEDXEBPat nmj 17, ||7f. nnTi miTB cornicvT W#rt*# Fr^+rtllMma r?*efe>r<f??. QQT reoort cln?^i_ >u m?m7. Chlnw* Inaoalgratlra b'll I&lre*"*1 ,0 Ult C??miuae ?u Foreign Tbe doors were then dosed i>i,i th, ??,,??? E2SSE?e ? ?? ? HOUSE?After oar report closed? ? ^!Z ? anc* l^hlo) explained the BKPOBT OH TBI OOVIMIIMT PUUrrilf.; and Mid the committee bad examined a i.. ? ? number of witness*. aad fo, amount of oareleesnees and rraud In the matter of purchase at material tbe public money was deliberately ^uanden^T and no effort was made to ascertain whS? ihe material could be purchased cheaply K ven when a manufacturer was found wn? would Mil chMply the Congressional printer wo.ldnot.vau himMlf of the information ?k-J6??1 u>."ie parch a* of paper, he Mid that the evidence showed that ne paid tbe highest rates when he could have got it cbeaper In the market. Ode reason of the great cost was on account or tbe purchase u.rough middle men. Mr. Vance then proceeded to explain tbe provisions of the bill reoommended by tht> committee, and said tbe object of ve?tinir tne appointment in tbe President vai to make uie government printer responsible to f* a# U1 Ltie Hetmie, for be ?'i? if L be wa*no* amenable to the House, an he was an offl ?er of tnc Senate, lie wanted to say, in conclusion, that in ttie ast seven years the sum of (11 9*U,35a.?0 had bean appropriated for ttie government print ir g office, ?nd it bad cost tbe icovermiieLit over *T?).oro a year more th tit It fbould have cost. In conclusion, Mr \ anc said that the ?" "??? Witnesses mu f? ?? by Mr. Clapp, except one class. and tbat was the woraingtnen. They were nr?* called, becanse if they nal exposed the fraud their dismissal woull bavef^wed ' r' Rallou (R. I.), from tte minority of committee, submitted A XISOR1TT RKI'ORT, fb>n 'eA f?il?al Ul? ,1(>UU3 no Jurisdic tion, as the Congressional Printer was an K \S.reachhH ?6U*lf?l.,iUd 1110 constitution Th^( I^wer over Its own onlcers. Tbe inquiry ordered by tbe H >uv mmt^1thIrWU'e impaaebment or punish ment or the Congressional Printer, but was simply to Inquire lu relation to tbe con of the work done by bim. He felt bound to dis sent from the views of the majority, so far wLaHUy .c?n??rlou" criticism was concerned He denied that there was anything to show . f a dnnAOVr?m*nl had beeu defrauded out V Congress made specific appro Li*. 2*^ !5! Pr,nlln* of each depart ment, and when that was exhausted the printing for tbat department ceased. As to Hal *h^V--^iCe ln.,lbe Purchase of mate I wm * question ou which there was hta rnJrSPiJf <??.OPiill?n' H? Could not .11 vest his mind of the fact that the object of the M?J^y WMf wgiye We Profitable printing ofthelfeeWagaintoFrauklln Rives at an ^nn?ned Pu^iHDd,ltial' ^ Without com , therefore felt bound to differ from the Conclusions of tbe majority or the committee. He denied that the c,,ug^ion? ?l,^^r1^aVe!POI,slble for "?? charges for f? Ai to the charge of lneompe ? that was dlsproven by the character H^h???,?.rtQrn,?1 oat at the printing offloe. He then took up the other charges of the ma ???.,? ^ri* ' ar,a denied that any absolute fraud had been proven. He could not come w^!Lyn?hther <JonclU8lon 1411111 ,bal Mr. Clapp onest, upright public servant, and one who deserves the support and enoouraee mentof the House rathVr than iu cewure t^1PHDL?flh<l^?rfitev,u l^t could ^cur S.016 ??v?rnment office. Mr. Singleton (Miss.) Mid the oommlttee had met with difficulty at every step on ac m*.?? %UJ? cS*?tlc condition or the govern ment office. There was no system of book keeping tbere.andconsequently theacoounis ?)t,ld not be properly examined. The duty had to P'^form was by no means a pleasant one. He, as a matter or duty, had gone Into this investigation, and re?nlt he felt bound to prefer the fol lowing charges against the Congressional Pi inter, viz: First. Want of proper qualifi cation and total incompetency. Seoond. Oross and unpardonable malfeasance In or Wch resulted in great and s- rions los? iS AHf^?emmenU Thlnt. Embezzlement or the funds of the United Hlates. For the first charge he ahould be summarily diu mjssed; tor the second suit should be brought ' ?L'J wr. and the money or which ti?e Lnlted states had been defrauded should i an? ^or ?'be be should be Impeached by the Senate and subjected to -tmen,t,and Mr Hlngleiou then argM rrom the testimony tbat ?ht? ifrg^ Were wt"H foundeJ. ?ud averted J oh ? Clapp. among other wrong doings had, in violation or law, sold books to oat side pariles withaut re-iulring payment therefor at the time of delivery, and tbat some or these accounts had not j et been cm iec itcl. Mr. Bal!ou (R I.) said that it was w?ll !^at tbe chalr&an or the Cominltt je on printing or the Senate, after consultation a 1th gentltmen of both political parties, had authorized Mr. Clapp to dlspjse of docu ments without immediate i>a> ment. Mr. \ acce(Ohto) said that applied only to records and speeches delivered to member* or Congress. vuiwcis Mr. Singleton was going on tnsay that Mr Anthony, the Senator from Rnode Island *'yen that permission, when Mr. tiar field (Ohio) ralaeu tbe point of order that it was not in order to allude to a Senator by name. * Mr Singleton said lhat the name was first mentioned by the member from Rhode is i Mr. Bailou had not al luded to him by name. Mr. Singleton Mid that was untrue. This caused a great deal ot confusion; the rapped with his gavel; members on both side sprang to their feet, and Mr. Oar field Mid that he allowed no man to say tbat what be uttered was untrue, and would not submit to it. The little scene caused a go xl deal of excitement for a moment, but was soon quelled. At the conclusion of Mr. Singleton's re marks, the previous question waa ordered. The question was first taken on the reso- I lutloa directing the Speaker to transmit the i **** to tbe Criminal Court of the District, with a view ol Mr. Clapp s in dictment; which was agreed to-ayes 137, nays .4; a strict party vote, except that Mr. Ainsworth (Tenn.) and Mr. Potter (Mich.), democrats, voted no. '' The next resolution, which directed the I Committee on the Judiciary to inquire whether Mr. Clapp Is an officer who could be impeached under the constitution, was also i adopted, without a division. j The next resolution proposed to change ! existing law by instructing the Committee on Appropriations to Insert clauses in the tucdiy civil appropriation bill vesting the ' appointment or printer In the President. 1 rtgulatiDg tbe manner In which work shall I be done for tbe departments, and anthorix lng a contract or six years u? be ma le with Franklin Rives for the prlrtingor the lit cord. Mr. Hoiman wanted to l ave the resolu tion modified so as to request the commit tee, and not instruct them; but objection was made. Several gentlemen objected to them on the ground that they proposed to make a direct contract with an individual. The result was, that tb? last resolution waa recommitted to the Committee on Printing. Mr. Piper (Cal.) introduced a bill to re Btrlct the emigration of Chinese into the United States. Referred. The House then went into Committee of the Whole on the PoatOffloj appropriation bill, Mr. Springer in the chair. Wnen the paragraph in relation to postal cars was reached? Mr. Hoiman moved to amend by provid ing tbat at a rate of speed not exceeding 25 mllea, the pay shall not exoeed 5 mills par linear foot of Interior full width oar space Kmlle ran, and for a rate of speed exceed* 25 miles, not exceeding 6 mills per linear foot. The amendment wm adopted. Pending further coaslderatlon the oom mlttee rose. A resolution wm referred to the Commit, tee on Rules, directing them to inquire Into the expediency or consolidating the offloas or Doorkeeper and Sergeant-at-Arms of the Boom. The Honse then, at 5:25 p. m., adjourned. Too Fcjikt to LsAr&?I started from the Memorial Art gallery, bat on the way I came acroM the Japan cm bazaar, and there was a plasterer at work on a scaffold, and a Japanese laborer, with a great round white inscription on his blue back, handing up plaster in a wooden spoon?a sight which seemed to me so funny that I eonld not tear myself away from it~-[PHUa Cor. if. y. Tri bune. ?p^22as?.*aj-.s u ssasag: VSo great is the supersUtloa-of the south ern negro and so strong his Ikltb in tbe powsr of witchcraft tbat a Georgia oolored man be> lievM that an Atlanta woman charmed aad triekad him. and that be now has rorty- nine lire snakes in his lsg. ?i-V. Y. Herald. kftarLArtn Co* r rosier*-nm< Mnn k?i rir-miMf 1% ike it'?> Be Gamw Mr J Wll urn M Newman, cm fbicsgo. was oa U? Hand bttorf Aubrey H ftmlth. C. B.I ct iritilMHH>r. tor nearly four hours on Htt awtay, teetlfjirg against Cape Wnrat, w:? m te allege* victimised blm to thees teat of MM*. The captain, who waa bat a casual arquali tsnoe of U<e pr.vwutor, oon vlccad btm that he mold procure a contrast from tbe lfi*rtm?nt of Um Interior for aup r'jlrg g.<*fa to Indiana. Newman and wortu went to Washington to what could be done. aaiM U?eir am ml u>e latter fi.ui d that- thing* were mixed," aad brought Ibe former gentleman op to ibU city. Tbm i ? xt dav tie captain received a letter frw? Washington. enclosing a oootract ammni ii ( tosJOO.Otn. wttb Instruction* to return It signed, and IMHIn taut, toGeneral .rant. at Washington. Newman claim* that be fplaced the amount in an envelope, gemmed ?t blmaair. Worm a putting on five larm was seals, a tamped with a charm attachod to hie watch-chain. and that while in the act of rutting an hia ahoe and a locking, where be bad laken U,e precaution to put his Maw, M onna *u he mated another wwlOft, which Ks^TrwsWttsrr ss? *om''ol<l waate paper. Moon afuv thla W or ma took a trtp to Canada and was naturally, d a* a British ?uhject K'ewman &???* <f Ml moo*y had him brought to this city under the estrarflthm treaty ai, t Commiaaiorrr Hmilh placed btm. Raturda* ui.der as.x*1 ball to await trial? PhiiaiM pAia l>rn*. H'?. Df Mfwsa Marku n a>p wiDowtn . A correspondent of the Auckland S star writing from I ui edin. April 4 aaia H ' Pap< r* and letUr* by the Arawau disclose sev.-rsl new and derioraMe racta in rwasiiii t.ou with lima Pi If urska'a mam are to AI f*ed An.'er?<m. The marriage waa oneof mere NMMk a.Tectlon on the part of the ladr H hut baa proved one of Thnee Hauler* wiilch it la the privilege oftboaeto commit who h*\e paaced the period of youth and inexper ience, wbaa nr.fctak) a of aflectlon are ea?lly pardoned. It xav? her nothing but a bua band MM down in health and dying of n.ortal al'menL it cave htm aa a win a gifted w? man wh.i had reaped a golden har veat by the exerciae of tier wondroua art'-tic ? talent* In ibecoiontca Mr aaema whs nol backward In aaaertlnghl?claim totha ownership of the harvest, anil Kot j imaalia of aa much of It aa ]?sslbless aoon aa ha cr uld. When hla diioaea became aarloua, and a fatal termlnatlou wtuii?at?ual. be wss removed to the house of hi* pxrauta In M< Ibourne. during hla wife's absence from tlnir residence, and ahe was only allowed to see him at rare Intervals?barJly at all. ? After Anderson's dea'h. it wa* discovered be had left a will deviaing hla wife* property a* his own. and leaving it to his mother. I?l Maraka has given notice of application for letters of admlnlatratlon. and Auderaon's family are likely to compromise in order to t revant the exposure of leva) proceedings. I'l Muraks and t?evtvo Will probably leava for l>unedln on the of April." Th? I kMAjrn roR awthr a cits Coaw ahowa no Improvement, aud the stock on hand la very full. l>ock*. depots, ahlinga, boats, basins, and. Indeed, almost evary ? accessible point suitable ft>r the storing of coal Is fully occupied. Still ths prtcaa of coal are held nominally at thane fixed for tba month. The lmpreaalon la dally more gen eral Uiat there should bs a reduction In the prices of coal, aa there baa beeo m a,most every other marketable oommoilty The opinion, however, Is not general that a re duction In prices would stimulate any ma terial lncraaae In the demand. Oa U?' con trary, buyers, by a first redaction, would be Inclined to wait for a second, and a third, and so on, thua rendering the market barer of orders than it even la at preseuL Con sumer* are rarely free bayera on a falling market, while they almoet Invariably rush In on a rising market, Mm higher prices in the future. The anthracite eoal trade la suffering frcm several causes flr*t, over production; second, prostration of the iron trade; third, a reduced consumption for steam marine uses and steam msnursctsr Ing purpose*. A fourth, and more potent cause than either named. Is the graatly-lu created facilities for moving coal.? Phtftt. IsedgiT, 15tlu A farmck at Cohoea, N. Y? dreamed that be was feeding his cows, theothei nlcht, and tliat auddeuly one of them reached over and whispered In bla ear, "I am golug to aet flra to this shed." lie says that be looked at the cow In astonlshmeut, but ahe keplpn repeat* lrg the same words over and over azaln until be awoke, and his drenin waa so vivid ly before his min i's eye that be went out to the barn to see the cow that told blm aha would set the barn on lire. He went oau tlously into the stall of the would he Incen diary, and. strange to relate, he discovered a blaze of light in the manger, lie atlll thought he was dreaming and placbed himself, but It was useless; be was wide awake and there was fire. He rushed for a pan of water that stood by the door and soon bad the fire out. That beats Mrs. O'Leary's cow clear oat of time. "Georgb. my darling George, promise ma one thing," said the young bride of a month, a- she threw ber arms around her husband's Dfck and gazed anxiously Into hla race "What la It. precious1.'" be asked, aa be drew her to bis bosom, "Promise me, George, dear, that you will not become a prealdential candidate." "Why, my darling, that Is ask Irg a good deal," be replied and bis counten ance darkened. -'There are Jonaa, 8 at lib and Brown, and In fact, all the beat people? they are candidates. You want me to be somebody, don't you?" ' Yea. yea, George, I do. I do," said tbe young wife, bursting into tears; "but all the uewapanera will tell bow big my feet are, and you know folks never think that anybody * fact may be good shaped If they are large." ? Thi New York Tlmaa saya of the death of Dr. W. W. Hall: "Tbe cause of the death was ascertained to be fatty degeneration of tbe heart. U appears that for aorne years past Dr. Hail baa greatly overtasked him self In his literary labors, rising at 5 In tbe morning and working almost con tin nous I y until 10 at night. Hla health bad always been good, however, and with tbe exception of a slight cold, contracted during the spring rains or the past mouth, be bad not com plained of lll-beallh up to the day of bis death." ?7>A skating rink accident is thus de scribed by a Kentucky reporter; "Hbe a track out?oouldn'l turn?atarted for tbe celling? shouted, 'don t you look!'?turned a hand spring, and then sat down. The stripes were L crown and red .? 1 ST"Ai the morning train reached Jersey flats on Monday, a very pert youug man leaned forward and ad Jr eased a lady whom he had never before seen. ',These are the celebrated Jersey flats, Madam. ' ' Then there are two of jou, eh," ahe promptly re plied. X&BBIKD, KOTLE?BABBITT. Os the I6tk of Mar.lSTt, st 8t btepbeD'* Cbnrch. br th* B??. Jobs ?cHally, Kh said B Boils, of Wmml.iod. 0. 0., sad Joah t. Babbitt, of BockTtUs, Md. " MkY-BKBOLIHO Os the ?d of May. 1471, at Br. Alorslaa'Oac-. t. by the Kev. Fstbar a. W. Clanfl, Philip M Ma\ to I*iZ?ia| A. H*.s?iLiP?( both Of thi* CltT. * MALV1N ? W ELBH. at tk* rastdsace of sad by tba B*r Dr. W J. Wsikar, N <?? Mtti. ml, W U. Ji dsos MALViS, "I Onlaad, Oalo, to Axmie B. Wklsi. of Bas Franciac0,Oal. lOtevs Urd soS San rrancltco ysysra plsaas co?r.| * WHEAT LBV?HABVgT. At Bt. Doaitaick'a Cbarck, Msr i6tb. 1*7*, by B#? Father b^kal. John a. to lis Clara B. Basvet, both of Wsabiagivn, D. 0. * DIED. BABBT. On tbs niarnmi of Mar Mth, U7C, P ATfcica BASkT, agtd 42 roars, dork for r > ears In tba office of tba Bee rotary of Wer Hie remaita will laave tbr eotabflsbmsat ot J m Oswler. Peaasylvania areas* betaiia 17th -mm 18tb etreota. tbie ?t<s1>| st ? o'clook. for tba Balti mora and Ohio Depot. Brteada are tavltad ta attand. LINKINB. Oa tha Nth of I o'clock. Mast, tba belorad wife of Boar? Ltakins. M <4 M ' *Fn'isrsl will take sUca from tba roatdaaoa. earaer sf 1Mb and W straeta, at W o'eUek. oa tkalMb I cat art Frtaada of tbs teUr ars iMjiwrallg' la>ltadto attand * UNDERTAKERS. r. HARVEY, B. r. HAETET. R.w ?IB lira Brassy Bos aetl-ly ooxa DBL1TBBBB TO Alefa PABTB OB TBI OfTB AT THM SAME JUTB imt *0 oPFiuB or wabbinotoi i T?

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