Newspaper of Evening Star, May 17, 1876, Page 4

Newspaper of Evening Star dated May 17, 1876 Page 4
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EVENING STAR wr.nsrsuAT May it. kw. ft either Probabilities To-day* Of ft ci of cwtef srowAL Omr?, > Wi?ni!?OTOs. Mirn.lSe. 1 In lb# !o*?r lake regkm an<l tbe middle ?fit*-, falllrg. foUovra by stationary ba mneter. wind* gradually raring to south or ??t. warmer, partly cloudy weather, and rain ma*. LOCAL NEWS. ( nh org Bajitut Church.?Sir* w berry Fei Ural. Tulhn,vtv* HuSL? Lectu.-e by Kev. E. H. Cbapln, l) D. Theater Omny*e ? First-das* varieties. Ppfciai. Notick ?Therare* of the Wwh ,1rgton Jockey Club will positively tatte place to morrow (Thursday) alter noon. May uth. at ?30 o'clock, and two following da>s, without regard to weather. 7 Kit HARD WALLAi H, President. Comleiwed Local*. IT-' street lamp- will be lighted at 7:15 p. m and extinguished at 2:J0 a. no. From Jairts Rellew we have "The Shadow of a 8In", No. 43 "Lakeside Llb.ary." aud Earpcr'a Magazine for June. Recelvi from the Catholic Publication Society. through D. A. B.-osnan. the Interest ltg Jane number of the CaUtolir lt"< rkt. A dead male colored infant wm found this momirg by Officer Sbelton on C street, be tween 12th and 13th streets southeast. The lamp in street car 51, Washington and Oeorgetown railroad, exploded la?i night wten It was on its way south, passing the Post??ffic?. The car took Ore, bat 1. was ?? tlnruisbed by the driver and Officers Wbee lock and Teeple. A ve-sel has arrived at the G street wharf, from ti e Westham Granite Company, of Richmond, Va, wi'.b the pedestal of tiie Mcpherson statue, to be erected in Scott sqrare, north of the Arlington hotel, the largest (tone weighing over twenty-three toes. I" nrirg the Centennial, arrangement* have been made for a series of "Representative Sermons." in the Central Congregational Church In Philadelphia. The first sermon is to be next Sunday by Itev. I)r. Kan kin of this city. Drs. Budlngton and Biorrs, of Brcokljn, are to follow. Tbe Southern Republicans last night adopted a resolution asking the President to take Immediate steps to protect the repub Hears of the south, and Messrs E. N. Hill and J. A. Emerson, of Arkansas, and George N. Hill,of North Carolina, wereappoluted to present It to the President. At a meeting of the Vermont Republican Association last night. 8enator Morrill In Lis remarks referred with pride to the fac: tbMi In all the charges of corruption male agn nst those in official position do Ver monter's name had yet been stained even wluj suspicion, and he believed none would be. ? The Garbage lioseTion?The Roardor Health met last night, and Dr. Bliss, from ibe sanitary committee, made a report ou tbe proper construction, size, material, Ac., of the barrels to be nsed for the removal of garbage; referred to health officer. Mr. Marbury, from the spcclal committee to wbicb was referred the communication from tbe garbage collector in relation to the matter of requiring housekeepers to place tbe vessels conta'nlng garbage on the side walk in ftt?nt of tbeir premises, and asking that such a regulation be made, made a re port that in the opinion of the committee the duties of housekeepers regarding the dis position of their garbage are sufficiently de fined in existing regulations, which provide that "housekeepers shall put their garbage in vesse's, tbe capacity of wbicb shall not exceed cne bushel, and said vessels shall be I laced at a point ou the premises most acces sible to collectors; provided always that wherever carriage alleys exist In rear of dwellings raid vessels shall be placed either on or In close proximity thereto." * ? ? Tbe ecrrmlttee are also of opinion that tbls regulation. If rigidly enforced, wblch is here by recommended, protects alike the inter ests of the citizens and the contractors, and without passing upou the question of au thority vested in the board, they believe that further action Is neither nrce ^ary nor desirable. After considerable discussion the report wa? adopted. Dr. Bliss otter- 1 a resolution, tuat the committee on* be lnstr'cte* ?o present revised regulations governing ? ,? removal or garbage at the next mecii^fa of the board: adoptr 1. Health officer Ktene ?u'>mi!te.| his rej>ort for tbe week ending May uth, 1*76. showing :-96 nuisances abaud; 'JO tons of garbage re moved; *7 Jead animals remove.!, with the usual food inspections and condemnations, etc. List or Patents Issued to residents of the District of Columbia, Maryland and Virginia, for the week ending May 16,1876: LWrict o/ Cbtumbta?William Conard, im provement la toy buzzes; B Lewis Black ford. Improvement la cigar bolder; Cyrus W. Saladee, improvement 1u parlor skates. <4 casts. > M<i, ylutul? W m F. Beasley, of Baltimore, improvement in rasteuings for car doors,Ac.; Samuel Phillips of Laurel, improvement In devices for cleaning sewers; Joshua E. Brocks, of Baltimore, asslgaor to himself and Valentine Grobaker. of same place, im provement In sbutter fasteners; John C. Chsdwlck, of Baltimore, Improvement In oil tanks: Parke P. Flournoy, of Bethesda, Imrroverneig in pruning implements; Alex ander McDonald, of Cumberland, Improve ment In universal shaft couplings: wm. E. Thomas. of Ford's Store, assignor to himself ard John R- Emory, of same place, Improve ment in pencil case attachment# to slates; Wm. E. Thomas, of Ford's Store, assignor to hlmseif and John R Emory, of same place, improvement in tiller bolder attach ments for vessels; Joseph Wllklns.of Balti more, Improvement In processes for separa ting wool from mixed fabrics. Re-issue? Frederick W. Wild, of Baltimore, assignor to the Domestic Sewing Machine Company, Improvement In balance wheels, patented April 23, W71; Peter A. Shipley and Abra bam Wheeler, of Woe 1 berry. improvement In washing machines, patented February 16, 1K75. Trade mark?F. w. Feigner A Soa, of Baltimore, cigars, tobacco and snuff, (two Vkyntui? Robert Redd, of Alexandria, as. slgnor of half Interest to James E. Ws tdey, same place. Improvement In safety valves; John H. Snyder, of Richmond, Improvement In cotton presses. Bcit-DIHG Permits issued by Inspec tor Plowman: Harris, remove a frame dwelling, east side 11th, between P street and Rhode Island avenue; *4<i0. Jas. BitTens, three two-story and basement dwel. Urge, north side H, between 21st and 22d streets northwest; *6,700. Jas. Brady, a two story brick dwelling, east side 3d. between K ai d L streets northeast; *300. Judge L. W. Vale, two three-story and basement brick dwellings, west side tith-street circle, between Rhode Island and Vermont ave nues northwest; *-13.000. Martin Tonhy. a two story Itame dwelling, west side t.'th. be tween G and I streets southeast; *290. Tim othy Flaherty, a brick dwelling, west side 2d, between I? street aud Virginia aveuu" ?on lb west, ?30Q. Coltmpia COVMA9PEKT, No. 2, Knigbta Templar, occupied Music Hall, 3Iasouic Ttmple, seme two uours last night previous to tbe May Mil of Prof. Valentine, In drill Bietlc?. Ui.der Captain Oenerai Robert 11 and Eminent Commander J E. Waugb. This organization numbers some four bun ored members, and it is expected that about one bur dred and fifty of the number will attend the Centennial on the 30th instant. From the proficiency la the drill, as exhib ited last night under the instructions of Sir is predicted that this com will rank second to none lu the evolutions peculiar to that order, on tbe occasion referred to. Tuesdays aud Fridays axe tbe stated days ror drill. What's th a Name??Unusual names sometimes occasion disagreeable mistakes. As an Illustration of wnteb, toe name of U'tBUnn Stlckney, president of the National Savings Bank, is sometimes mistaken for that of Uetsrgr w. Stlckney. formerly con nected with the Freed man's Bank, lately de mlsed. Ills well known by an oar old cltiseas that neither WP'iam Stlckney. (who is tbe aot>-ln-law of tbe late Amos Kendall,> nor any relation of bis was ever in any way con nected with the unfortunate Freedmau's Bank. Sgxxous Ci-TTIHG Arraar?Yesterday afternoon, David Palm and Wm. Rattou, ?olored. got into a difficulty on O street, be tween 1-th and 13th streets, and P. drew a knife and cut Hat ion six times?three times In the arm, twice In the back and once In toe bead. Palm made his escape, and Hat Ion ?was taken to his home on the corner of 11th and P streets, and Dr. Winter* attended him. Hatton does not wish to prosecute Palm. It wii.1. be sinT>y the announcement ?tsewbere that the favorite steamer Maru WoeAiwgfo* will commence her Sunday ex curs ions on the 21st Inst. As tbe weather 1,1 P* mu more M"nj " obtain to receive. xALrrmaVe Share Of pQbiic _ isvaci ? large share of patronage. see of property on innsyivanla avenue will be sold to-nor j bat vii' Aii.1 piece r ? -J v? ieth street, between Ptnaaylvanla avenue and C street northw? ?? l-U> Irst. at ? o'clock p ^ Jlc aoctlon to the highest bl?tders, ^ Williams, auction?r. 8eeadvl 7 w**i The Imh? Jltjlnm I DR. KICBOLI O* 1!IE TAX KIWAN CASK. The Con?nlttee on Expenditures of tb? Interior cVpartment resumed their lnve*t!pn t?on of afTuirsofibe U. 8 Insane Aiylam this ir ornlrg. It. V. H. yirhtAt superintendent of the a*ylrrrt p*ve idrther testimony in regard W? ibe Van K>w?u case, reading a Dumber of letters (covering a period ot three years) which =td between htm and the mother of tbe patient. Many of tnem acknowledged tbe receipt, of c'othlrg, furniture, picture*, Ac , at tbe asylum, from Mm. Van Kewan, ?iid were the letters referred to In her testi mony. Dr Nichols said be had no evidence that Mr*. Van Kewan ever contributed to ward* paying tbe expense* of her son,ex cept f2. There was no clothing sect by her from Jsnusry 6, 1871, to March 10, 1873. On tbe latter date received from her 9 shirts, 2 r air drawers, 2 pair woolen socks, collars, handkerchiefs, and reading matter, one coat, pants, vest and suspendera, for her son, which clothing was given to him. It. Nichols said a large number or appli cations for pensions had been referred to him for.examinatlon, and that he bad pre vented tbe government from wrongfully pay ing ont a large sum of money. He was frequently applied toby tbe Pension office for advice, whicb he gave freely. Inspeak ii g of Mrs. Van Kewan's testimony, h? said Gen. baker did not send h physician to tbe asylum aid make an examination into tbe treatment of patients tnere, though be re membered that a physician who was em piojtd in tbe Pension office did come there acu lrqolie in regard to the Van Kewan c*^e. Tbe physician called on a Sunday, at <1 his assistants remembered the visit very well. l>r. Nichols said the reason he l>e? ame a member of the Levy Court was to | have a road built to the asylum and toes- i lahlisb schools In that n-elgbtorbood. Tbe Levy Court met but once a month, and was in session bnt tvro hours. Ceased to be ? mem t er in 1WA. Became a member at tbe feitonal request of President Lincoln n regard to being appointed a member of the bca.d of police, which position be now holds, be said he took tbe position at the re quest of President Jobr.sou. His m lin rea son for serving was because he could have j telegraphic communication with police i headquarters in case of fire. He had a great < deal to do with tbe reorganlza.ion of the po i lice force, and placing it upon a military ! footing. Tbe police commissioners bold a meeting once every two weeks and remain In session lor several hours. Don't receive any salary for his services on the police board now. It has been decided that a gov- | en mint official cannot draw two salaries. When a member of the Levy Court, did not j draw any salary, tbougb tbe taxes ou some property be owned in the county were ex- j empted on account of his serving ou the Levy Court By Judge Boone:?When the institution furnishes clothing to patients It is paid for by tbe government,Congress making appro priations annually for tbat purpose. Van Kewan was partly clothed by bis mother, and if tbe record shows tbat be was clothed by tbe institution, it would not be correct. 1 Tnink be was well supplied with clothing when Van Kewan was first sent to tbe asy lum. Hid not intend to say tbat Mrs. Van f Kewan did not furnish him with any cloth ing irom January, 1>71, to March, l -7 J. In. tended to say tbat tbe letters do not show tbat any was received during tbat time. Judge Boone here read a letter of Dr. , Nichols, dated June 5th, 1972, furnished by Mrs. Van Kewan, acknowledging the receipt of a trunk full of clothing, and in reply to a question Dr. Nichols said be had no record of it. Neither bad be any record of a trunk full of clothing being received on February 14,1873, or February 19,1873. He had no rec ord of ary clothing from January, 1871, until March 10, 1873. If packages of clothing were received daring that time be bal no record of it. Always acknowledged the re ceipt of all clothing. Dr. Ni^bols was requested to produce bis books before the committee showing the re ceipt and distribution of clothing, which he prr mised to do. W itress bad no reco'.lection of Mrs. Van Kewan sending persons to see him and ask- | mg him if ber son needed auy more clothing, and bis replying that he had plenty. Can not call to mind any other case thaa that of Van Kewan where he informed the pension office wa? not a proper person to draw a pen sion. Has no recollection of referring Gen. Baker, Commissioner of Pensions, to other penons with the purpose of stopping tiie pension in the case, but may have shown him a letter which be received from the hoy'8 grandfather in relation to Mrs. Van Kewan. What he did cannot be fairly called aii ehcrt to stop the pension. The question was not whether the boy was entitled to a pension, but whether his board at tbe asy lum should be paid outof tbe pension, to the asylum. Instead of his mother receiving It. Tne further testimy of Dr. Nichols was po. tponed. C. A. ./. WtftfamMn, the carpenter of the asylum, denied the statement of the witness, Maber, that they both saw a patient kicked 1 the stomach by an attendant. l)y Judge Booue:?Tbe roof in several ; places of u>e asylum leaked, and sometimes , tLe patients' rooms were wet from water leaking into tbem. in such cases the pa tients were removed from the rooms into other rooms. The committee then adjourned until to morrow. Tbe announcement was made that the defence would close their case this week Real Estate Sales ?Messrs. Downman 1 A Or?en, auctioneers, through their sales man, M- C. Luttreil, have sold at auction the following described propertyFor H. Ncison Cbarman, trustee, lots, square 758, to Amos Hunt; price 83,0*8 80. Dodge A Damellle, trustees, lota 254 and 255, BeaU's : addition to Georgetown, and improvements, | to B. Lewis Blackford; price 84350. For 1 same trustees, unfinished brick bouae od I Washington, between Gay and Dnnbarton streets, to Young A Keenan, 84,280. Jobn B. Tyler, trustee, Tots B and C, square 85, to Relend Neble; 81,500. Wm. F. Hoitxman, trustee, bouse between 4* and <;th streets (outhwest, to C. C. Burr; 82,250. Same trus tee, house on Boundary atreet, near 19th, to Edward Norton; 82S0. Same trustee, house on E, between 4K and 6th streets, to Major Bayley; 82.276. John Trimble, trustee, lot, east half Beall'a addition to Georgetown, and improvements, to Angnstua Jackson; 81.?00. Eugene Carusl, trustee, lot, North Capitol street, between 1st and 2d, to Bar bour & Hamilton, at t>lc. per foot. Wm. 8. Holliday, trustee, five booses on corner 1st and B streets northeast, to Thomas J. Do rant; 89,550. Same trustee, bouses Nos. 27 and 31, to Tbos. J. Durant; 83,800 and 83,900. Holtzman A Downman, trustees, bouse on Maryland avenue, between 1st and 2d ats., to Ma^or Bayley; 81,300. W. A. Gordon, trustee, farm In Prince George oonnty, Md., to Moaes Kelley; ?5,300. Col. George Cowie, trustee, No. 1020 New Jersey avenue, to N. C R. E B. Association; 8700. Same, house corner K and l?t streets southeast, to same I association; 8450. A. E. Perry and R Mid- I dleton. house No. 2227 L street northwest, to Charlotte Pile; 81.475. A. Thomas Bradley, trustee, bouse on 7th street southwest, near D. to M. S. White; 81,500. Smith A Robin son, lot 7, square 566. 2.880 square feet of ! ground, at 68c , to Mr. R. Schell. Thi Revival Meetiso this morning was fairly attended, considering tbe weather, and after a service of song Rev. Dr. Little read from tbe 1st chapter of John on the ear liest conversions after tbe coming of the Savior-Andrew. Phillip, and Peter; and he remarked that they were seeking the Savior earnestly and found htm, and those wtjo would be saved now must seek blm earnest ly. He Instanced tbat there had been revi vals In this country where 200,000 people were converted in a single year, and such may be the case tbls centennial year, if all Christians ! would woi k. These went for their friends? Andrew for Peter and Phillip for Nathaniel? at once, and this waa tbe duty of converts, ard he related a number of Incidents. Rev. W. S. Hammond read tbe requests for prayer and offered a .ervent prayer for the subjects. Mr. Nye reported from the meeting at the North Carolina mission last night. It waa a most interesting meeting, which was held continuously from 10 o'clock in tbe morn irg. and a more wonderful meeting he had never seen. Dr. Presbrey said that be was in this meeting yesterday afternoon, and the work waa progressing finely. From the Lutheran chapel, on Capitol Hill, Col. An drewa and a yonng man reported that the meeting last night was a fine one, five hav ing been hopefully converted. An Inquiry meeting followed. ? BriT-Dij?g associations ?A unmber of ' gentlemen met last night at Davis' hall, and organised the "Federal Building Association of the District of Colombia." A number of shares were subscribed, and the following gentlemen were elected officers: James Fra ser, president; August Gersdorff, vice presi dent. John H. Prescott. treasurer; F. G. Mid - die too, secretary; Joseph R Edson, James S. Edwards, A. B. Kelly, C. W. Schell, C. C. Dunearaon, Job Barnard, H. Strausberger, M P. Can an, B. Kllmartln, directors. Tbe first regular meeting for the payment of dues win he held on Monday evening, June 5. Set, advertisement. Thb Fin* Akts?Tbia evening tbe great sale of oil paintings and crystal me lailiens commences at the marble bailriing. 1101 Pennsylvania avenue. Many works of ster ling merit by our first modern artists will be ordered, superbly framed in fine gold leaf. Tbls collection is p renounced by critics the finest ever oflefcdbv public sale io this city, and win be sold without reserve by Tnomsa Dow ung. auctioneer. Sale continued Thurs day and Friday evenings?Aiht. MM M abb I AOs Lies* sag have been iasusd to Lucius Burnett and Martha Parker; George H. Horseman and Nancy Rebecca Carroll: Alexander B. Cummlngs and J alia B. Jones; Frank Grav and Jane Johnson; Walter Brown and Mary Gramby. Til* WMhlBRtM XatlDHl Xraaaaai. A'r. Editor:?Tbe paragraph In The Stab of laetevening from the New York BHUetin Is Incorrect In Its statements of Ool. Suit's ewDfetlon with tbe Monument Society. Col. Salt addressed a communication to the society advising It of bis plan and Intention to collect money from the visitors to tbe Centenrlal Exposition to aid in tbe comple tion of tbe monumeot, bat did not mention *100,000or anj otber specific sum. The soci ety neither approved nor condemned his plan, bat simply directed the secretary to acknowledge the receipt of the communica tion. and to state that bis patriotic motive In tbe work be proposed to take upon him self at his own risk and expense was duly appreciated. Tbe society never give* au thority for the nse of Its name to any private enterprise for raising money for tbe monu I roent. Whatever sums so received are re 1 garded as tbe contribution of the party pre senting it. and so acknowledged. If ary attempt Is made to swindle tbe pub lic under tbe kuIsc of collecting money for tbe monument. It is Incumbent upon the society when advised of it to expose the lnfa. icons Imposition, a duty that would be promptly and faithfully performed. If tbe kejs of tbecontrlbrtion boxes have been de. posited with the treasurer of tbe society, as stated by the BuUetiti, it is not known at the I society's office. The society has no agreement i with Col. Suit upon the subject. He Is act . Ingupon h s own responsibility exclusively. ! II he fa'is the whole expense will devolve j upon b m; but shou'd bis plan be a success i and enable him to present as the net pro | weds a large sura toward the completioa of tbe monument be will acquire an enviable fame. A Member of the Moscmkst Society. May 17tb, 1*76. ? The Centennial Exposition at Ph!la deljhia ha* attracted to that f latter city hm.tlreds of thou-ands of people from all sections of tbe country, but li remains for | onr friend Prigg, tbe enterprising proprietor of the Jewelry store No. 4o7 Pennsylvania j avenue, by bis ban isome display of fine goods In his show window, to attract the mafsfs of Washington to his establishment. Mr. Prigg's present eiroris far surpass any thing In the past In the selection and display of novelties In his line, and proraenadors on the Avenue find it difficult for them to pass his slore without examining the fine display of Jewelry at his establishment. Among the novelties just received at Prigg's we noticed a choice selection of English lockets and crosses, with gold fronts, at from 92 to ?10: Lake George diamond solitaire studs and earrings and full sets of Jewelry, and the rerherche No. 50 Lake George diamond soil tairedropin earrings at #?, together with an elegant variety of silver filigree sets In Mr-rings, breast pins, chains, balls and crosses, acd bracelets to match. ? Wilbur McDaniel, the Senate pace, who was seriously injured yesterday by fall ing from tbe balustrade of one or the Senate stairways while sliding down it, was still unconscious up to this morning. At 3 a. m. be was taken with violent vomiting and was regarded by bis physicians, Drs. J. Ford Thompson and C. M. Ford, as much worse. His physicians declined, however, toes pre** anyfoplnlon as to the prospects of his recov ery, bnt the probabilities are that bis inju ries will prove fatal. ? Sudden Death? Patrick Barry died sud denly yesterday morning of a hemorrhage of tbe stomach, on 10th street, near H. His home was in Mount Vernon, Ohio, but for the past sixteen years he was a clerk In the Secretary's office of the War department, and was highly esteemed. His remains will be sent to Mount Vernon this evening. THE COURTS. Court in General Term. To-day, Sanders agt. Lyon; argument con cluded and submitted. Daly agt. Joy, on trial. ClRCCIT CoVKT?.Jiu'ge Humphrey*. Yesterday, yuill agt. Connell: verdict for plaintiff? *72. Maieack agt. Dearing and Johnson; verdict for defendants. Hyatt agt. Harvey A Holden; non-suit. Remington Sewing Machine Co. agt. Barr; on trial. Today, Remington Sewing Machine Co. agt. Barr; verdict for plainttfr-*25. Ryan agt. Lord; do?S2.W). Miller & Co. agt. Pad gett A Jones; do?*70 #0. Rnppell agt. Stutz; plalntltl takes a non-salt. Piiob ate Court?fnd(/e tar tier. Yesterday, letters of administration were grant<*d to Jerome Fithara, on the estate of John F. Boyle? bond ?7,001. The wlllofGian hatlsta De Martini was almltted to probate ard record. Letters of administration were Issued to E. M. Boteleron the estate of Anna n. Langley?bond ?*00. The will o! George Wahl was admitted to probate. Toe appli cation of Anna E. Smith for letters of ad ministration on the estate of the late David R Smith was filed. Letters of administra tion were granted to W. W. Boarman on the estate of Elizabeth Beach?bond #c,000. Tne last will of Margaret Barker was bled. She leaves her property to Dap lei McGlnnls, and nominates John F. Noble as executor. Tne will of Thomas Costello, bequeathing bis estate to bis wife, who he names as execu trix. was filed. The will of Mary Williams, of Georgetown, with four codicils, was filed and order of publication Issued. Tne will of the late Richard M. Corwlre, bequeathing nis estate to his wife and children, was filed. Adjourned to Tuesday next. Police Court?Judge 8nea. To day. Henry Col man, assault on Edwd Coiman; $20, or 30 days In Jail. Geo. Sauer and Maria Stine, charged with a/fray; *5 each. Frank Douglass, larceny of a lady's hat; *1*?, or 30 days. Thomas Gatitt, assault on Jackson Munroe, a colored boy, striking him on U-e head with a brick, Inflicting se rious Irjury, from which ne came near dy ing; 830, or GO days in jail. green. Fayette Green, as-anlt and battery on Maria Green, his wife, who testified that he leftber about four years ago. since which he bad given her no support. Yesterday be came to ber house ana commenced a quar rel, daring which he knocked ber down and beat ber. On cross-examination she stated tbat there la a suit tor divorce pending be tween them. He entered the house where she was stopping by the back way. He was Intoxicated at tbe time. Defendant's coun sel stated to tbe court tbat tbe object In his visit was to get some letters from bis wire's truHk, which would show in the ault pend ing tbat she was In correspondence with an other man. S3 fine and personal bonds to keep the peace. A NEW WAY TO PAY OLD DEBT8. Christian Messacn, assault and battery on John Taylor, colored, who testified that de fendant owed blm money for wages. He went to get it and tbe defendant shot at blm twice with a pistol; Judgment suspended and personal bonds required to keep tbe peace. John Taylor, assanlt on Christian Messack: judgment suspended and personal bonds re. quired to keep tbe peace. Eugene Boston, assault and battery on Richard Slmms; Si and costs. John Craig, - assanlt on Patrick Flannlgan; continued. Wm. Holmes, larceny of a sledge hammer from William Hughes; restoration of ham mer ordered ana defendant discharged. Anna Rives, a window smasher and alley screamer, was captured by Officer Sutton, of the 5th precinct, last nlgat in tbe act of breaking In the windows of a restaurant ou E street and locked up In the station, where she kept the neighborhood awake by her drunken yells and curses. She was firmed ?20 or thirty days In Jail. Francis Poindex ter, drunk and disorderly In C.ierry Alley; *5. Louisa Brooks, same chfcrge; S5. Clay Crampton, street curssng; %3. Arthur Diggs, throwing stones; S3. Harry 8mith vagrant: chain gang. Elizabeth Smith, was charged as a common prostitute; personal bonis. Frank Brooks,street cursing; ?s5. Mary Har dy, trespass on street parking; *5. Aloysius Reeves, loud ; *5. Dead Bodies Preserved by Guano ine ship John Brice, Capt. Morse, which ar rived at this port on the 7th inst., from the South Pacific Ocean, after a passage of over 1(0 days, Is now dlscharglnga cargo or guano at tbe fcot of Joralemon street, Brooklyn. Tbe ablp also broagbt tbe dead bodies of her former captain. Francis Mehan; his son Cliiton. aged 19; Daniel R. Stetson, aged 19, and G. L. Lash, aged 17. These persons were drowned on the 10th of September, 1875, while fishing in tbe ship's boat, and after tbe bodies were rescued they were plaoed In wooden boxes and packed In tbe guano to preserve them. The oarpees were nnaovered last night, ana it was found tbat tbe experiment had been very successful, all of them being in a good state of preservation. They were re coffined by a Brooklyn undertaker, and will be forwarded to-morrow to tbelr relatives in Maine. Yourg Lath was a native of Damar lsootta, in tbat state, and tbe others were from Thomas ton?iV. y. Timet, 15th. ****? LI**. The Philadelphia Times of Monday says: " While at Point Braese on Saturday Chris tian Bergb. ot the Sailor's home, directed a sailor in search of board to tbat Institution. Henry Freeman, a boarding-house runner, became inoenaed at this infringement, noon his rights, and struck tbe klnd^iearted mar iner in the month. Then while Berzb was nutting a handkerchief to his faoe Freeman drew a pistol and fired dlreetly at him. Tbe ball struck tbe handkerchief, the yielding nature of which Impeded Its flight and can ed It to All harmlessly to the ground. Freeman was arrested and taken before Alderman Carpenter, who held him in ball." another religious maniac, in the person of Thomas Heary, a single man, sged twenty-eight years, was brought to Bel levue Hospital last night at nlns o'clock. wb<> s plRStsrw by occupation, residing at No. 9481st avenue, was recently converted at the Hippodrome His mind has become unsettled and be imagines the Judgment day is near at band and constantly calls for the "white robes of righteousness." It is believed by the physicians in cbarge that he will recover.?flv. Y. Htraid. iwa. GEORGETOWN. Oood Speed?Tne Ludlow Patton, the rDrrwiftil steam carai boat, owned by Mr. Bcnry Wagner, arrived Uats morning from CumDerlana, making tbe trip in 98 boars. Tbia was rtmarket le speed from tbe fact tbat tbe Patton towed all tbe way another steam canal boat, tbe F. L. Moore, owned hy tbe same gentleman, watch comes here for her engine. Roth hoats were also loaded, the Patton having 120 ton* coal and tbe Moore lit tons. Graih?By Canal: Boat Seneca, wltb S.oro bushels corn, 450 bushels wheat, 900 do. mill feed, consigned to T. C. Wheeler, and 100 bushels corn toH.M Talbott; 300 bosbela wheat by rati to T. C. Wheeler; boat Caledo nia, with 2,000 bushels wbeat, 1,000 basbela corn, 500 bushels oats to Hartley A Bro.; boat Loudonn. wltb 2,000 bushels corn and 1 600 bushels wheat consigned to tbe same Arm. Briak iit the Canal,?Tbe Cumberland Arte* of yesterday says: At one o'clock yes , terday morning there waa a break in the canal at the KM-mile stake, wbich is en the 6 mile (feeder) level, below dam No. 4. Ex tent of damage not known, but feared to be considerable. as it is In a bad place. 1 , ALEXANDRIA. Breach of DEConr* ? Some excitement was created In tbe circuit court for t? e county yesterday, by Mr. O. W. 3imms, the Independent candidate for commonwealth s ettomey. He was counsel in a case In which he was also the defendant, and the Jury havirg rendered a verdict In his favor, he, <n a loud tone, asked permission of the court to invite them down to a psocery. The Judga at first not understanding tbe nature of t'ie request, a.?ked for its repetition; but when it was repeated, and he caught its meaning, well might It be said of him that never yet hath day beamed upon a brow more fierce than his, and the attorney, seeming to just realize his remarkable breach of decorum, hasterrd to apologize R*vej*ge ? Mr. H. 8. Johnson had some difficulty with the colored laborers he em 1 ploys at hiR hriek yard in tbis county, last | Saturday, while he was paying them off, , during which he seized a wagon whip and | tbraxhed ODe of them soundly. Soon after wards his revolver was stolen from hlsotn?e, i and that night tbe ricks of utiburred bricks, ! put tip to dry, were knocked down, and other , df mage done to his property. Col. Wm. Kilgocr left here to day for j Annapolis, In response to a telegram from 1 Governor John Lee Carroll, of Maryland, to I examine tbe signatures to the original act incorporating the Consolidation Coal Com pany, and determine whether or not they j are genuine. The colonel was secretary of I tbe Maryland senate at the time tbe act is said to have passed. j Fish Rifokt?Since yesterday's report | there have been received at Klshtowa 3,600 shad ai d 80,000 herrings, besides a quantity of sturgeon and other fish. Tne shad sold at from Sl.5 to ?17 per hundred, and herrings from tlO to 911 per thousand. Several more of tbe larger shore have cut out for the 6eason. Laborers Discharged.?One of the material tValna on tbe Virginia Midland railroad having been taken off, the bands who were employed thereon to tbe number of about seventy-five, came down to the pay master's office this morning for payment and discharge?[ Gazette, 16 th. The End Justifies the Means-a Very Remarkable Question and Answer i, 1 an Awembto of Mrihaiist Ministers.?At a meet ing of the Methodist preachers in Newark yesterday the discussion drifted to a ques tion whether it was righteous to do wrong iu order to accomplish great good. The ques tion grew out of the ease of "Rev." George K. Woodward. This person lately appeared In Newark as an agent of the Temperance Brotherhood, which Is countenanced by most of the clergy. His brslness was to enter saloons on Sunday, procure drinks, cigars, Ac., and then ou Monday cause tbe sellers to be prosecuted for violating the Sunday law. Should the church sustain Woodward, htm self aSatihatb law breaker? was the ques tion raised. To bring matters to a focus a clergyman present afked if, In order to ob tain evidence to prosecute and break up a bouse of ill-repute, a minister should visit the place and commit sin himself.' Blank amazrment was depicted on every one's face present. Rev. Mr. Graves alone had courage t?answer the most extraordinary question. He raised his voice and boldly declared that a ministerial transgressor in such a case would be justified; that he himself would not scruple to sin a little that great good might come; and he believed that God would approve the act. Tbe clergymen were abashed before, but now they were shocked outright, and the whole subject was quietly dropped. The reporters were warned not to make any mention of the discussion.?LV. Y. Herald, I (Uh. He Inbdi-trd Her Pet Dog The Haiti more correspondent of the Chicago Times says:?Miss Juliet Hawthorne, a young and pretty woman,armed herself with a cowhide this mornnlg. and sauntered leisurely down R road way. Arriving in front or the store of Joseph J. Fay, she sent In word requesting or.o me clerks named Strauss to step out for a mrmert. ftrauss responded, and upon ap proacftlrg Miss Hawthorne the laiter drew her rawhide ard applied it briskly over his head and shoulders, exclalmingl oudly at the time, "I'll teach you to throw a lady's pet dog overboard, I will." A crowd gathered as the young man skipped about to avoid the b'ows, ai d the neighborhood was in perfect nproar when a police officer came along and stripped the fun. Strands refused to have his assailant arrested. The lady suspected Stranss of having thrown her p.t dog over board. "I Wii.i. be a Rebel Until I Die."? Tbe revival work of Mr. Moody In Augusta, Ga., has met with a drawback. When he first bngan holding his open-air meetings the negroea mingled so indiscriminately with the audience that It became disagreeable to the whiten, and a dividing fence was put op. Mr. Moody did not like thla, and spoke of it, when one of the pastors informed him that It waa Impossible for the blacks and whites to mingle, even In a religious meeting. Mr. Moody then said: "I see you have not gotten over your rebellious feelings yet." "No." r aid the minister, "I am proud of my rebel lions feelings, and will be a rebel until I die." A correspondent of the Atlanta (Ga.) Constitution describe* tbe Incident, and says that as It becomes known "Mr. Moody will have very few to hear him among the whites." Archbishop Wood, of Philadelphia, th? venerable Roman Catholic prelate, says it would grieve him very much to see the Ex position openallday on Sundays. But be adds, after an able argument, that "among the means of Innocent relaxation of soul and body I can see none more barm less tban aD afternoon visit to tbe Exposition, where the poor and the laboring classes (and they are most numerous among us) may enjoy a few bcurs of rational pleasure. * # * In deed, I believe that it will have a most bene ficial efflect; that it will tend to prevent many disorders, and to check to a great ex tent that desecration of lite Lord's Day which is, unhappily, a growing evil In the com munity." The Great Statlk for New York Harbor?A Paris dispatch to the Buffalo Commercial Advertiser, dated April 28, says: The casting of the gigantic bronze statue of Liberty, to be erected at the entrance of New lork harbor, has recently been begu'i here. Some idea of U>e dimensions of thia monster may be convejed by the fact that the should ers are more than twelve metres broad, and the head seven metres high from the cbin to the top. The legs measure several metres in circumference. A man can easily ensconce himself In many of the folds of the drapery; and the light which the statue holds In its hand is such that two persons can walk round it and pass each other, or take a chair and sit down. The inauguration of tbe new Courier Journal building in Louisville, Ky? and un veiling of the statue of Geo. D. Prentice, took place yesterday afternoon in tbe pres ence of an immense crowd. ?^"The governing committee of tbe New York Stock Exchange have agreed to place Louisiana bonds on the eall list of tbe ?x cbange, from which they have been exclud ed for the past two years. S"?* iOc. SCO. 40c. lOo. 300 Fra?r- rat. 8?eet. and superior In every respect to any lea sold at tkat*r<oc. iX WlTXIK, Finm GMOCKM1MS, tr 1818 FeapaylfanU arcane. N O T I liavteg leased tbe jSTMA Ukl K1LH of S. D. fBetleeaa.wears now naaasactartaga superior article tf LLBB at exoeediugly low prioea. Oar itoae is froas Bock Bill kaswa aa Flanagan Qw riee, and superior to any la the mwket. We ales hare on hanl PLABTBB. CBBBHT and BA1B Consumers of these articles will do well by giving 11s a call before purchasing elsewhere. nyIS 81* CULKEMELL * VLABIG iB. WM. MTBII. V? HOVSM HAISMR AlU) MOVgR, Brick and 1 raise Bonne* ? aiaed and aored. myU Iw* tf61? K. street northwest. ?AKLY VEGETABLES and FRUITS, By MOBFOI<K Steamers every WEDBE8DAT, FRIDAY, and HOBDAY. BCTTKB, BOOS, and PODLTBY freak dally hy Bx press myll6t* COB. 10TB AMP 0 8TB. BW. gBOOBDHABD , BOUGHT, and the highest cash prices pall, and sold at re duced prices, for cash. W.BUTBCBrOKD, ?IlUy Cor, l)th aad ? sts., 644 nor Ji west. ?BEADING NOTICES. Tooth Bristle* will not tell out or break off wht> n*lr>g. To secure the genuine see that To* Crown Brnab la ?tamp*l on hand is. CITY ITEMS. Fin* Phrcxk Flassil Srirs. cnt to lit. Id any ?tyle; ea*y to mak?; for ST 30; at Moore's, 1011 New York avenue. 5,13,6 ? Hats Tora Hormaa cliakyd and your w|nter clothing saved from moth*, by using Bart's Koach Powder. 1212 P street north west. 9,10,6 ? ?? No K8TABMSHMEST In tha city more prompt in attending to all orders for Sewer work, PlamMng ard Uh Kitting than Ham ilton A Pearson. Y. M- C. A. Building,9th and D streets. They employ none bat the best workmen, and consequently give satis faction lu all their work. They keep the largest stock of Plumbers' and Gaa Fitters' supplies of any house In the city, and are therefore enabled to do all work at the most reasonable prices. They glre low estimate* on all contract work, and guarantee satis faction In every Instance. Give them a call. They are good responsible men and deserve encouragement. 3,18,wJu,3; L?li ?( .1 ppetlte. In persons of sedentary and literary pur suits, If the brain is overworked and the mnselea underworked, the appetite Is very apt to fall, from a general atony of the sys tem. The Peruvian Byrup restores the tone of the digestive system, and consequently the npp?tite. by supplying a pure blood to organn too weak to make It without awrist ancc. Bold by all druggists. eo ? Titi National Ravtwjs Bawk, corner of New York avenue and 15lh street, pays 9 prr cent, per annum on deposits for each cal endar month. Banking hours, 9 to 4. Sat urtlays, 9 to 1 and 6 to_8. ?Jits, 14116 Corns Extracted Withsnt Pain. Bunions, Ingrowing and Club Nails, Vas cular Excrescences, and other ailments of the feet successfully treated, at Dr. White's establishment, 1410 Pennsylvania avenue, opposite Wiliard's Hotel. Fee *i per vialt. Established In Washington 18CL Dr. C. W. BKIT80V8 (."FLIRT AJfD CHAX omilk Pints are prepared expressly to cure Sick Headache, Nervous Headache, Dyspep tic Headache, Neara!gla, Nervousness and Sleeplessness, and will care any case. Price, 60 cents. Sold by all Druggists* in Washing ton, Georgetown and Alexandria. 2,M,eo Removal. FlBBT-CLARB Scouring ARB DTBIWO. A. Fischer enlarged his estabdshmdsi by removing to his new building, 90?5 Q st. north west, three doors west of 9th street, very near bis former place. By promptly adopting the latest Improvements, whether of American or European Invention, he Is enabled to do any work in a manner not to be equaled by those not possessing these facilities. Ladles Dresses cleaned and dyed with out being taaen apart. Crape Veils rcdnlshed nice and cheap, a/" Grease stains removed effectually. W Gent's garments cleaning and dyeing a specialty. Prices lower than ever before, to suit the times. GEORGETOWN APVER'MTS. n-^3? FINALBOTIOE.-A meeting of the SIXTH IK-y BUILDING ASSOCIATION of O .rgeiowa will bo held at Gnddard's Hall, opp >iito Oman Hotel, on THUBBDAY. the 18th instant. at 4 o'clock p. m., to clo*e up the affa'r* of the c inoern, n.y!71t WILllAM KING. Secretary J^PlilNG ARD El'MMEB, PUEMIUM 8TKAM DY UNO AND S'JOUBINd, At V* M. H WHEtTi KV'a OLD AUD fiULlABLH MirTAB L1SHM BM T. Ladies and Gentlemen can have their Spring and SmiiEcr Wearing Apparel Cleaned or Ooiored In the very best manner, also, Winter Clothing, Oar p> ts, Blankets, Ac .Ac . nicely Cleaned and takea cure of nntll re?\ied, Work sent for ami delivered without extra < harne anywhere In the DWtrl^?re ceived from asd returned to an \ place In the country I" mail or express. office and *n'k<, 49 Jefferton street, George'own. D. O-; Post Office Box, 7113. Office hours?7 a. m. to 7% p. m.; Saturday, to 9 p tn. r-.yS 'r B ABGA1NS IN DBY GOODS. Ladle* Dress Go?d* In all the new material* sad *tjlee; Black Grcradlio*. at 25 . 31), 40, SO, SZ^i, 73 cents, $1; Black 81lk?, from 01 to g3: Black Alpaca* and Mohair*; White Gjod* of all kind* tor tchool ccmmencenent d'rs-^, cheap. go.?l Cali coes, fast color*, at S, and Scents: oes Percales, 1*J)4 cent*; Caseimert* aud goodr of all kind* for m?a aiid boy*' wear, very cheap; Parasol*, from 3u cent* to 96: 2-hct'on Kid Glove*, gl and 91.60; White and Oteck'-d Matting. JO 49. 3u,SS,?0 aud SO cent*. noS-tT BkNJAMlN MILLItK, 103 Bridge *t. J\T EW SPRING AND SUMMER GOODS AT ATTRACTIVE PRICES JSO. H. SHOOT A SOIV., NO. 1111 BU1DGK ST., GEOEGKTOWN. D.O., Have received from New York and are offering at Popular Carn Prictii LADIES' DBZSS GOODS in new designs of Plaids. Stripe* and Plain materials: beet makes Black Silk from gl to a 3 SO; Bl'k and White Striped and Check Silk; Grenadine* trom 25c to ?1.28. Uourciug Goods of all the best makes and fast Black* a specialty; Cotton Goods and Sheeting* at ths lowest reduced prices; White Dress Fabrics from 12X cents np; Hon*e Furnishing Goods of the best make*: Otnt's and Boys' wear; Ladles' and Gent'* Underwear; Kid Glove*,I Sutton, at CI and gl SO: Hosiery in ?reat variety; Parasol* and Umbrella*; Print* S and best 8 j.: Percales lXHc., with a fnll line of other goods, to which we are adding datlv snspllee at low ?:ice*. Guoda sent to any part of the city. apMlm JXO H ?>10QH?01. ffiob or geeat falls iob company, 10tu Stkiit Whasf. Wajhingtos, D. C., day 11th, 1876. KOBTI1EBX ICE O Furnished in all parte of the City of WasbingOn and in Geoigetown by the GBEAT FALLS 101 COMPANY, The Original Ice Company of Waahlrgton. ESTABLISHED Thi* Company will fnrnish to the public Northern Ice of the beat quality, taken from their own Ice Wotke.onthe Kennebec Elver, Maine. Warranted free from all impurities, at the 1. vest price*, and delivered by careful, accommodating and expe rienced drivers. Ice Tickets in <m%ntitles of $6.00 and oyer will be furnished at a liberal dUconnt. All communication* may be addreseed to J. C. WHIT WELL, General Snpsrlnteudent, my 11 6t 1 0th Street Wharf. ECONOMY IS WEALTH IJ (f ORIENTAL TEA STORE, 40? 9111 STBEET, Y. M. 0. A BUILDING. BUGAB?"A" Clarified 10 pound* for gl. ?' Granulated, 9 poncd* for gl. " Cut Loaf, pound* tor f I. TEA?Nice Imperial, 40s., 50c. " Sweet Oolong. 10c.. 86c. " Fine Japan, 60c., 76c,, aad higher grades. COFFEES AND SPICES AT L0WE8T BATED. cheap: PUB* : fbesh ?i myi 3m J. WALTIK Ili VALL, Prop d CHRIS. RIESSNER, A 11S AND T17 TTH STBEET N. W Is Bole agent for the Di*trict of Oolumbia for the NT. GEOB6E, The only BELIABLE HEATING BANGS in the market. Hr. Bei**ner h?* ant np hundreds of tbeee Hangos tn this city, and In all cases tney have given the ntmost satisfaction. In Washington, at prices (Tom |M upward*. ?' mS2$!i$i'A$Si'Vu'Aao*. Which has been thoroughly tested, and pronounced by experts the bgrt farnaoe^now innse L4TBOBE8 AHD OBATES 1 T H Jl*BU*YiB'5uBtl& OIL C^O?BTOY* u the 7^s, ^^e'Sta?!^ and FaacyTUl WABS. wkoteealsaad retail. Beat three ply BOBBEB HOSB, only 18 oeata per TIN BOO FIBS, 8P0UTMIG. Ae , 4oae promptly foot by the best workmen. Orders invited CBBIB. BIEI mylfltr 711 and TIT fth street north' \\TALL PATER & WINDOW SHADES. The Ineet aad largest STOOK, Including all the novelties in decoration*, and at arioes lower than ~reto^a,7i^SSV,STfi> %r Ths best workaea employed aad aattrf gnaraateed. apM N ATIONAL SAFE DEPOSIT CO., Corner Ufk it. mmd JHm fork FIBB ABD BUBGLAB PBOOF VAULTS. tor "THE L1TTLB ROU ABOUI9 TEE OOB I. EAEIE OA DEBT, DEALER IN PIMM FAMILY OBOCERlES, Bo. TWENTIETH STBEET,B.W., Betweei Fenna. arsnne and 1 st., myllm Wsahlagtaa, 9.0, AMUSEMENTS. EASTEBN PKBSB1 TEB1 vN CBl B H Kb stree*. twtwewa F Mrf O eta BorikrM*. PCBL1C KkAltjyu, Fy MIPS ANNIB P W ABB. TBCR9DAY EVENING. May 19.HT8. At S> o'clock. jjtiWkn. ? f??l? It* THkATCH C?H?rB.BUv?U?lrMI, * fumriuui 4?I?W OFMM THE Taah KOVSU. EVEBT nIOBT. ?ilwf.'tU diet and Children BVKBT WEDNESDAY ul 8ATUBDAY AFTEBNOOR FIRST-CLASS IX~ETg*Y RESPECT. TirHy. Pw>. Iirtmw ??< tiwift. aorta ly Old No.) On Kibtbltton iNbwNo. "r8Tl a . J. St ?l. 43V Ttt nTMt.towm V m4 f stratt, ?M4 <mti ?t*N Orfi F*ikmm?% H*U. CVltM OH Ptlltlua, Bngr?Tlii*e. WMM. A*. Atao, largest etock of F?per Hanatnfe. WlaAaw Bhadea. Ptotm, rr ? m. rctir* OoeJs mi IM Kkjlip, ?alto, Be, U the PMrM. Ir Tim Ca*A. ir>ii BALLS, PARTIES, Ac. Aortal may hall of 5si l. loi ib' Jl VBMLB C'L.*tS, at Wnlard Hall ?% THCBSTAY. Mar l*ta. T*bl?an ec?ne of M G?n. V a?tlngw>n. 1774. and of G?u Grant./*? 1*76. Ticket*. I I. children halt price? fjt|A al< at \t illar.l'? Hotel, a bbltt Horn*. Arliieioit Tlif idpeon's Drug Store, at.i all the principal bjok store* ai <1 a' tlie doer. Door* op: u at 7, c<>mm-ncts at f:30 o'cl<< k. my 17 ?? EXCURSIONS, nc NICS. <fcc. m NUAI K1CI KftlVR. The Cteamloa! MAST WASHINGTON Will Ueve her whar' Mof 7th it.( f.-r a trip <1. wn the e v*r en the flat, ' at 2 50 o-clffck Fa-eforronud tr r* 25 eta. | m> 17 tl I J.W L. BOBW ALL. Out. piTli VUBCINIE1RIAL fc\?tl Ul TIOM FIVE TRAINS VAIL Y. EXCEPT SVMUAi VIA BALTIMORE A POTOMAC BMLBJAU. ConimctH'iihff U'ninf vla^, May 107A. The Baltimore ar.d IVtitnao Bal'. road Com pan y will ran the> it llowlng train* #?r" ? ?-.,j tiro ugh to riiilad*-lphla with out charge of cara leaungthe d'F* tt Pennsylvania nmuc and ?th street, daily, except eiindav: 7.Atl * m .and arriving in Philadelphia at 1:81 r. M., daily, t xcept Surdar. 9:83 a. m , and arrlt ing In Philadelphia at I D r m., daily. except Sunday. 1:30 i' * ., ana a.rivi-.g m Philadelphia at t?:SO r M., da'l> ,ex< ?p? flurdav. 5 30 r m., aud ariiting in I'hilaJalphia at 11 r m., daily. 9 10 r. at., and arilvi:^ in Philadelphia at 8:3? a.m. daily. Bleeping car* attached to the train to Phlladel sliia ltavi-.g at 9:10 r m ; and nereons asrnrlug tilth* can f -main In the car nntil 7 o'clock a m Ifernre yonr t'ekets at the office -<f the company. D?rtLeast corner I3;h street ai,J Pennsylvania ave nee, and northeart co-t?er of ?th"*treet and Penn pt I a auia aretue. end depot of the Baltimore and Potomac Railroad com ? any. FBABK TBOMPMON.OiPrtl Mana>?r. milt lm l)MBOVl>. J? .dm faa Av ut j^OVICI. 1 would respectfully anri"?once to By friend* and tha anbllc generally that I hare rented and M flt?> d up the (rotiad* on (> AH ALOSTAH H ISLAND (or the plea*nr? of picnic a ad nB other partlM dealitnf a reaort ea?y of aoceaaldB and affording all the enjoymenta and Inxwiea de al red (.ood ferriage and f-rnia eaay Tjt Infor mation apply on the gronnda to tha nndaraigned. Boat running arery day from the foot of High atreet. my IS 3f JAMBS OOLB. Tub btbamboat habt washinotoh will leave hrr wbarf. f.?ot of 7th ?treet, MONDAYS, Vk KDNB6UA > SJ and 1- BID* YB. at 9 o'clock a m .forl GLYMOBT aid Intermediate Lanaingi, returning afcont 4 o'clock. The other daj ? in tba week the can be Ghartere>d for Bxcnraiena or other piirpoaea. For Inforttalii ri apply to G Y. AtLBK, Agent, 515 7lb at , opposite Pt-at Office Dep't.or oa bvard. excursion, for ronnd trip. *ingle ticket. Wo. *' " club of? persona, fie. each. " " " 10 aer*ona. Sis aach. Children tinder IS year* of age half prioe. my 11 6t J. W L. BOSWBLL. Oap'aia. FESTIVALS. ^TBAWBEUBY K dl 1 V A Li. The ladie* rf the Koaith Preabyte iandfenrch will give an Xntertalrm>-nt.ocnipriaing Tableanr, Muaic and Strawberry t'eatirai, at Tall'nadge Hall, on THI BSDAY BYBN1MG, May Kith Open at <H o clock; Tableaux at 7; Supper at 8. Mr. V B Hay will aicg tte ancient aong. "Lord Lorell." ml7 2.* LECTURES. K tV E 11. CUAPin, O 1> WILL LECTCBB IN TALLMaPGE HALL, WEDNESDAY fcYEMSG. MAY 17. '.?T# Bnbject? lokn Han.pim. or, Tkt Pro*:tit oj For vlar Lifcrfir. Admittance >>0 Oante. Doors op->n at 7; Lectnra w'll commence at 8 o'clock. Tioketa for aale at Whitaker'*. Ballantyne'a, and Brad Adani* B ? k rlore. mylCSt* SUMMER RESORTS. "I'ALLBV modeatly oTera pure * laouataln air. mineral water,(8ul A ?. . A phor and ClialyU-ate >, good fare, liome fT*? like freedom, and daily mall* to all whoU^]|^^ ba\a lirpeied beneath it* ahadea.auiltoany mamj er? who may come. Terms. #?5 per month. City relet ence? freel/ giren. Addreas, MBS B. S. QOItK. niy!7 2w* Valley Home, via Wiacheater, Va. THE BALTIMORE AND OHIO KA1LB0AD COMPANY'S HOTEL, AT DKKU PAKR Will be OPEN BOB VISITOBS on the 10TH OF J I NE.and their N EW HOTEL at Oak / land on the 1*t OF JULY. Applicants' for Bo?n.a or information add reel the un dersigned, at Oakland, Garrett count r. Ma. apg-tjyl* JOB B DAILBT. Man agar. ToTi "mah^m1a Toil he 10TR OF c l OTutjra. SPRING AND BUMMER. DIM COATS AID YBBTS. Oriental Bilk Fi d Wonted, ?*? Borthampton 811k Bibbed Wonted, Jl* Vienna Diagonal Worsted, #16 .AO Blacklngton Black and Gold Wonted, Sit Oxbridge Fancy Bilk Woratad, BIB Narraganaau Faacy B1 k Wonted, ?10 BrsiiBw inn. Fine Elboenf Sprlcg Oaas Bolt, |X0 Fine Delabarre Plaid Otae Suit. #16 Edward Barrts Hair-line Oaas. Bult, B16.00 The Veraalllea Checked Caa. Bmt, ? 14 The Diagonal Hlnbed Oaas. Bait. #14 Gon'ne Washington Mill Bine FIaamI Salt, ?13 North Booslc Block Oaas Bait, #19 Hercules Scotch Oa?s Salt, #11 BnglUh Stripe and Plaid Caas. Bait, #10 Knickerbocker Check Oaas Bull.#9 Saolabnry Brock en Check Caas Salt, #9 Union Case Suit, Frock and Sack. #? tout us' inn. Mllltnrg Diagonal Wonted Suit, #18 Ltpptn Bilk Bibbed 0*? Salt, #13 Maaon'i Bair Una Oaaa Bait, 911 Londoa Plaid Omb Bait. #9 Mew York Milie Oaaa. Bult, #Y BOTH' HITTB. Norwalk Fancy Woratad Bolt, #10 Oamden Plata 0i?.Bnlt.#9 Snow-Bake Fancy Oaaa. Bait, #Y Knickerbocker Check 0>mm. Bait #8 Union Oaas Bait, #8 A. STRAUS, 1011 FBBBITLTABIA ATBSDB 1011 aplB-tr Bnwm IOti aid Urn Btaikts. JJAZAR rATTKRNS, BAZAS PATTERNS, AGENCY AT c baiHi ios 7tn lum AGENCY OF TBB BEW AUTOMATIC WILCOX A GIBBS SI WING MACHINES. LADIES UNDERGARMENTS AT ABT0B1BB1BQ PB10BB, ?ada of the beat Oottona a ad beat worfcaaMhip C. BAUJTS SANITAST CORSET 0B AHT ITT LB MADB TO OBDBB. LUBa LADIES* GOODS. FRENCH FLOWKRft, HALF rmCK. J art fw*n ta??rt'Ti *ntU?*i ? ur*> H<ik mi im ihkc b rio* IU, ?kMwill U eold Ml far Met .betr ?atwe A too. a largv *aoch of IXtlt LACB BAOviCB* Which wUl be add M tMrrtl r?4MU? W ttlM. l*r|tlM la kll of PBBM DOOM H4 PA B.AOOL* tl THE CHIirilT BTOBB II THE OIT IXUMLLr*. fcO- MBTB STUBBT. ?> ? tr PppoeWe the r?t ll 01 <$ RECEIVED. A Iwf aeaorta.ent at riud blowers. AUO. & ftU lilt ?(tilt, vtkk vmk*Uklli? kvnl>. ailt k? oitf lov ill tk* ItMMMll ti?e In Chip and Cr??ll?T* u< IOMI1I fa cetted &%ik> . Special at'ralUa jrlT?w l? oM?re. in n. 9. am. HU tr Bill nod H3 P ?in** O SCBIYBP Ek A Urc* u< M?rt iNortWDt of EMRROIDERIKS. BOB TBIMMINQ LADIB* LIBEB BUIYB, Ha? BeWrtloa of CHILVKKyS LA CM CAPS A ItOXXXTi. At BRM MII.WA Rl PPIHm, fcyll tr m Hb ?tfnt.o>? Patent OBo* jp SUMMER STYI-IS & n e u* ;/ i r s . THK MILITAIEB ?<? HELMKT BAT. In < HIP. PANAMA. and STRAVk, ;u*t Special attention glTra to urdtra. MRN J P. PALVER. nylOtT Bo. I If* r itmt, M ll?> IWI ' |f|({ MIBB K A McCBBMirE. db BtfB 9TB STLEET, < BT. CLOUD BUILDlRQ.I Daily melvtcf all the latMt R <vtlilee la L U IP ASDSTBAW BONNITS. HAW, LACES SLOW BUS, Ac . Ac. La4N ot Washington and vicinity ara favttad W call and examine. a#?4 tr ???V VUUULTA1 LADIES' SHOES, ?ADB TO OBDEB AT ? IB But ?tr**i, Orrouu firm A too. at tend,* flea atock of LADIES BOOTS at the following artcee: Brenrh Kid b l ' _ |T M ?ngltoh " ?? _?. ? to Branch P*bbla ?* | M Tbeee Good* are all mad* at mr ^'aMIehment and ai* *nerent?? to be agaal to any work manu factured ii. Um Unlwd Btataa marautr JAB. ? TEBBHTA. <;?"? """.'jste' newannaia HAIB BRAID* at 111. former arte* f* 40 HAlBBBAIDSat ?8 . f< rmer price *11. BB HAIb bRAILS at B4, former price fl ?? HAIB BEAlPSai ft M. former ark* B? Alabob awobtmbbt or cheap hae BLEU ED8INUH and IBSEETIOBS. AriLt L1HB Of LAD] ES INDEBQAt! MERTS. Alabob stock op bib tmbbbllas at j P*LAbOLS, eelling rogarolee* of coat. f APIEH CLOAKS AND SUITS, at a treat re I-J d action. REAL ABD IX1TATIOB LACEB. very loo. | fcR HARD ARD KECEIV1BS DAILY, aUrn O aa?>rtnjei t of M1LL1BEBT OOODS. The laieet atyle* of HATB. KIBBoRB, PLOWBBS, ale. ALHO, >T8T KECKIVED. IM dnsao I battoa BID OLOVES.all snade*. and the beat la the market. for B1 WK IRV1TB THE LADIES TO CALL ABD " t x amine our atoch tear* If ? MKLLBB Tl* Marfcat Space ^PUIALTIKE BPKCIAETIBB. rOVQLABB . ? IRTH ABB P?BT. CLOUD. OOESBTS, KKlkTB, BUBTLES, PBKNC H LAUKPBT POMPADODEB, PADB, BUOLLDBB BBA< BS. H081EBT, LADIES' COTTON ABD HE Hi Hi/ URbEBWBAB. BID 9L0TE8. Btoofe of Paner Good* comaiet* ?oreltlea reeeived Bally. ABancy lor Pom.tic Paahloaa. HB tt "boors and stationery. UT'H HAZEL. By aotbor of Wide Wide V* World ACHHA H A H?w Prrlanl M*e B?n4y. PUEB. 1 BT PuBOIbO THE1EOW N CHA1BB. PLATO*a ntt>T THdl'dHTB By Balhlay. ADDAEBSE8 by D. L MOODI. EeMead. By hi mar If MEMOIB or ROBM %R MACLEOD*. D D. THE PANITABV DBA1BAUB OP HOBttEB ABD TOWRB. Poraaieby RN ItLUmil, IPil tr ^42* SEVENTH tTUBET BANKERS. J U tgUltB A CO., BAMiMKS. tllo FEN5*TLV4!II4 AVEM E, Pay 6 per cent tnt?reat on Baaeett* payable ot detbatd. Special rataa on time depoalu. Icteraat paid Jannary aad Jaly or cradlte4mS Ixi ?SO, |1M. two, |500, |lM Alex, pkuthinouak a co . babebeb and Bnfcera. Bo IB Wall atrial, atkt lor caponiers deeirable Inve^toaeBta of larca or wwj anoanta ia atock* of a ledtlaata character, which fray neat !> par fr-an flea to twenty ttaMa the amount lavaated every thirty daya. . bon?bt and carried aa Iobb aa deairad on depoalt of Ire par cent. Circular* and weekly re port* *ept free. t ?oly 8100 rWvVJ&lBM 81,700 Baring tba paat few month*, nnder oar improred syatam of operaUnf In Brocia. Blak* redooed to nominal earn* and profit* Incraaaad. Book coataia ? ibb fall Information aent oa application. TCVBBIDOB * OOj apK tr Baa hen and Brohera. B Wall al., BT. T. d & IMPROVED KITCHENER Will do tba fhmily rooking with oae half the coal reynlrad by aay other Range in the market; aoata oae half aa mnch aa other Eangea of eame ctpnotty; will aara ita price ia a few year* la the item* of re pair*, and eare It* prtoe aeary year ia the coal bill; to modeled by the beat akill known to the art, with a rkw to tbe graatoat ooavealaoaa; to what every family wanto, and, having, woald act part with. We hare Small and Large Pamlly, Baetaaraat aoo Hotel Blzea. Tbe largfat a*? .rtment of ML1TB ant Wllff MAEBLB MABTEL8 abd PAEL JB OB1TE4 la the city. HiTWiBD dfc HlTCHISfcOI, SIT *TB ITBEET BOBTUWEST, myttr STOVE mnd PLVMBlMU HOUBM. rm S PR 1NQ STYLES ^ NOW READY* E BBOADWAT and P1PTB ATEBCB STY LB skwkiajk.^rki'T^^ moat i BILE namat.i t* BUB I?HI. SRUULAI aad r ABA BO LB i 141R PEBBBYLYABIA AYEBCB, ly Above WUlard1* Hotel i

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