Newspaper of Evening Star, 18 Mayıs 1876, Page 1

Newspaper of Evening Star dated 18 Mayıs 1876 Page 1
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V?. 47?IS2. 7.221 WASHINGTON, D. C.. THURSDAY. MAY 18. 1876. TWO CENTS. the evening star. rrBLISBFD liILT, SiWayi ticepte^, AT TUX STAR BUILDINGS, riaiiiirtait ceraer lit* street. IT The Efraing 8tw Hewipapw Company, B. M. KJL UTWMAJfN, Frae'l. ? Evwrwo Ptar it vrwrf by tqnign >o at Tec Cecil per week, or Forty y?r 9?"'1 P** month. ('"//uj oa t\e eoun'rr, T? p!?** e*cil- flV mail?porting prrixmrt? Sixty Cent* a month; one year. 44. JnTimr htar?on Shd<* " ? y??ur, pottage prepaid. 99-All mdmriptiona intariaUy in aOvane*. J^Sate^adteniHr^furniMSeiriomtvptie^Um. SPECIAL NOTICES. ILLiSuj* BBPCBLIUAB3?The.e will puMlcaa liUt A??< ciatKn at the T. M C i l -i MORROW iTkgmui EVENING, %J*-A f^Mwi?eee*U requested, uthj *ta< d "i ygp1** y.1 ?a ?h? political ?<a.D-lrtee selected BrordrmftatirNl/tnr TBEO. L DiLAND,Been tvy. ^ 1. M. 0. a . service or aoita i* LtNroLH Hall SABBATH Ar riKSOOX, M %T ai?T, is:?. The^j' nrt??l a?i;n?l meetiog ?f *???? Uioc l ? ^Lwi" fcI.hel<l S^TLBDA* iViSINi.vo.ii Instant. at 7H q'c ock. Mjrff tr Ifg1 TBM?? FOB TtiK UtCEl \T BES ?hef BINQS leave the Maltimo.e and Pxt.inv **"*??< Depot at 1?, 2 an<l 3 r. m . r?tr.rnitig. MMtli|'l at the c jttlmi 1 i'f the B?-'e? e<sch ^ m g Torno. _m 16 ?t r,?a'i l'a?-engef Agent. ^ T u a b ? a T. MILRCRN 3 bODA WATER. BBTCKAL SPB1BO WATERS os UmiM. ICB-COLD TEA, COlFEE and CHOCOLATE. 14*9 AVB\ri. apl?-tr near WUlardV r^?l W WHITIEIR, ??7 Urntrn! CUtim 't*4 A"nt. Bo. TU 15tb (trwi, D?*r Trrwsrr Department. District Claim* Penaion and Bounty UUic*. a ?jectalty. apil RBHVOCS BXUAC3TION.-A Medical ??X Eeeay. comprising aseri-*s of lectnrea deliv ered at iitt i Magenta if a-.atom) . See York ob the cause and core of Prexn%tnre Decline, show a# lediepatably h->w 1 x?t health may be regained, aff rding a clear sya^pM* of the Impedimenta to ?irrtuo, acd the treatment of nervoa* and phy?i eal debility. being the ree-tlt of*l years'experience. Price, 2S cent*. Addreeatbe aothor J)r. L. J. Kahn, 1 and realdeace, 41 Eaat MUh et., S. T. ?pl la ?H. D. OOOBE, Jit. A ?? , B1IKIU, aplS-tr 1499 P treet. STBATFOBD KENDALL, 448 Locielana avenue, ATTOhysr AT LA W. LEWIS JOHNSON a CO., B A H K BUS, if MU Slrttt ami Ftnmyivanta Ainti. ta Ooeernneat and District Seeqritiea Foretgn Bxchau^* *nd Gold. eepu-ly ?BA1XIEL O. TOCHO, MOTABY PUBLIC, aetlT tt OTr;r???T4K BrtLBiif. OPTICIAJfT.. Hi frt c.? SIt newly Invented Bje claM.whicn i bow maunfar r' niTi tare wtta eight workas?o, *nrpa?s?e*i* ^3" ray Bye alas* ia the le world. They can be recalatedby two mail acrrwe to txacUr S? the noee wttbont aay ??ia or nr-pleaunt fe-llns:. They are made of Brazlfiaa pebble and the newly jla^v ere<1 Bn?<ia raby jtlasa. Pcrceatnr^e and llfctnesa I bey cannot be narp%e?ed. Meakare taken and order ailed in fifteen minntae ISAAC ALEX ANDER. 1299 Penna. ae , apt41? Inrentor. Pater tee aud Maaufactorer. F'tAHLH fe AO OPTtCllyS, >o.129T Pkvvtlv**;* Avttfl Benjfne Brazilian Pebi>le Spcvta-.l.'r. dti7-ly,igtp g i ?' e vf ifai r YOUR OLD CLOTHES, BIO TIKE ? 8* AMD Bl V 812 919 111 ?19 WOUTII CF SEW OSES. TABS 810 ?IO 910 flO AND BCT *1* 815 813 813 WORTH or CLOTB1BO. TABE ?14 814 811 811 AND BDT 820 820 820 8-0 WOBTU OP CL0TH1SU. TAKE 81? 81? 816 816 AND BUT 823 823 823 823 WOBTH or CLOIH1NQ. 883 WORTH FOR 823. 848 WORTH FOR 830. ? CLOTH I no AT BAXE LOW RATES AT HABLE BROTHERS, Merchant Tailors and Pine Clothiers, MyII tr Corner Seventh and D street*. VJA'B ABB BBCB1T1BO DAILY PBOM OUB TP factory, In Baltimore, freah anpfllea of thoea EL CO ANT 94 OEBT UNFINISHED, and 81 FINISHED SH1BTS. Bade of the Beet Wamidtta ? oella aad Twenty-one Hnndred Linen, at the t!4AB< B BALT1BOBB SHJBT PAOTOBY. Bo. 1C1B P etreet, Waahtactoa. M J. W. DABB. Hn*t?r FIBB8T DBE88 8HIBTH M ADK TO OBUKB of the Terr beet material aad la the moat elegant manner fer (1II at the BBABCH BALT1MOBB Shirt factory, ibi* P?treet ?ria-tr i w DABB. Manager. REFRIGERATORS aaa WATXR COOLERS. Lars* etock of good make*, at' low price*. SCO WATT9 fe CO, Hor?* Fc*j;?H"?s Stobb, ap9B ly 314 Tta atreet.abova Penn avenoe. M B. L. P. JBABHBKBT W1LU OPCS A targe aeaortm* at of 1MP0BTBD DBKH3??, _ I also pome of her owa manufacture, and Droeaee made on the shortest aotics. She inyltee the ladies la geaeral. 1409 Pennsv 1 eanla areaae. mi9 lm OFFICE OF GBBaT FALL1? 10E COMPANY 1 Ot h Sttin Whabf, Washington, D. C , May 11th, 1574. IOBTHE89 ICE Founts bed in all part* of i ha City of Waehisgtia aad ia Oeot getowa by tks GBBAT PALLS 10B COMPANY. The Crlglaal lea Coaspaay of Waahligtoa. BBTABL1BHBD 1M?. This Caasyaay will faralsh to tks pabllc Northern Icaif tit beat iaaUty, takea from their owa lea W oihs, oa the Ksaaaeec Bivar, Main . Warranted free freaaU tepartttee. at theUwaet price*, an J Jeir- f re-i by caiafal, aocoamoteuag aad expe rleaoed drivers. la* Tickets ta qn rati ties of BI.M ead over wUl f nratabad at a liberal diecoaat. lateallnas aay be addrwaned to J. C. WHITWKLL, 8?oral Saperlatendeat rl9? lath Street Whaf ST*** *** A^^>' OH MA. 44a. 4Ba. ???c Frarfraat, Sweat, and superior la every peyect to lea sola at tBatarice. ?. WITI F1MM UEOC01IKS, my 14 tr 1919 PenneylvaaP eveaae. N ? T 1 . Ma Havtag I sees >1 the -tTBA LIMB HLB of B. D. ( aallemen. we are now in anafactnmg a superior article of LIMB at exaeedlngly !?* pricee. Oar ?toae Isfrcm Bock Bill kaswa ae Q~r rt?.aad wparit to any ia the mrfcl- We alee brvs on baol PLASTBB. CEMENT md H AlB. i innimiii of these arttclea wBl i > vail by giving '."?"ua L1TTL1 ?0Un*S0Ca> TflK OUB J. lAinf^ADIBV JJMALMH jjl HlMfAMtLY MOCMHJMS, Be. eilVwBBTlE^B >TBk|f,B.W., .4^ EVENING STAR Washington News and Gossip. OOVIRSHMT RECEIPTS TO DAY?Inter nal revenue, 1491,S7?9!>; customs, ?5ti2.19J.83. POSTMASTER UlNIRAL JEWELL posi tively denies the published statement that be contemplates resigning. Ex Hpiakib Blaise is still conaasl to I his residence, suffering from a low for ja of malarial fever. The Committee on Wajs an 1 Means to day resumed the Ala?ka Investigation. It was the intention to close the mattnr before adjournment. Mr Holm a*, of Indiana, will leave here to-day for Indiana, for a few weeks' rest at bis home. It is cot known who will do the o^tctir<| business during his absence. The E<lintnirr/h Rttimv for April (Levari | Scott Publishing Company reprint) received fmm E M. Wbfttaker, is a good number of this sterling quarterly. Mr. Randall upon being consulted as to the time of probable adjournment of Con gress sajs. if pressed, his committee can re pert the remaining appropriation bills with in ten days. Senator Alcorx, who has been absent in Mississippi for a number of weeks, re appeared In the Senate to-day. He is the ocly Serator yet remaining to be sworn in to sit on the impeachment trial. Speakfr Kerr writes from Staanton, Va., that be will be here on Friday, and that he is feeling mr.cb better than he has for a long time. He tells the Committee on Rules not to wait for him In regard to Fitzhugh's case, but go on without him. Another Investigation? A srecial committee has been appointed to investi gate Mr. Brldgeland, U. 8. consul at Havre, whose nfltne was mixed up with the transac Hot s exposed during the investigation of Boughton, the democratic committee clerk. The House Committee on Appropriations this morning commenced the consideration o'tl e sundry civil appropriation bill. Tua Supervising Architect of the Treasury was l?efore the committee in explanation of his estimates for public buildings. The Old jAit.-In the Senate to day. Mr. Morrill, of Vermont, from the Committee on Fablic Bull Ucgs and Grounds, raporteJ a bill authorizing the hls'rlct Commlssio >ors to remove the old jill. The provisions of the bill were published in yesterday's Star. Acting Speaker Cux took about ten minutes to explalu why he made a certain rnHre, going away back to the days of Speaker Winihrop to sustain himself. In lifs rulings thus far Mr. Cox has been very fair, and in every Instance sustained by pre KiWt Gradcatt-. ?Columbia College law school commencement was held in New York last night. The graduating class numbered 219. among the names being Ulysses Slmp -om Grant, eon of President., and Wliliwn A. Pierre poet, eon of Attorney General Pierra J<D1 t. Mofi Silver The Treasury department this moini-jg received *100,000 la silver quar ters from San Francisco. ?100,000 mire In coin is soon expected, which will complite the recent order upo&Sa.i Francisco for half a million doliara. An order for an additional - 1'O.OfO in silver has be<?:i sent to C<tr*oa City, which Is expected to arrive soon. Nominations?The President sent the following nominations to the Senate to day: Moses M. Bane, of Illinois, to be secre tary of the territory of U tah. John Pratt, to h*- secretary of the territory of New Mexiso. James R Hayden, to be collector of internal revf nuc for the district of Washington ter ritory. A mono thk callers at the White Hoase to-day were the Secretary of the Interior Senators Cameron, Spencer, Co:krell anl Lofran; Bepreaentatives Piatt, Hays. Town setd, O'Neill, Smith and Ross, and Gov ernors Kt-llog? and Ortb. Nearly the while republican delegation from Pennsylvania accompanied Senator Cameron. New York Election Frauds to be Fcrther Inquired Into.?The Commit tee on Expenditures In the Department of Justice tbls morning designated a sub com mittee to proceed to New York and continue the Investigation of alleged election frauds in that city developed by the testimony of Johnny Davenport. The abkansab Bond matter.?The sub-committee of the House Judiciary Com mittee investigating the Arkansas bond matter met tbls morning and oonildered whether tbey would reoelve bearsay testi mony which certain Arkansas residents are anxious to offer. Without reaching a cou cluslon the committee adjourned until to morrow. PlRSONAL.?Miss Brlstow, the daughter of the Secretary of the Treasury, who has been at school near Paris for the last year, will sail for home in June. ?Representa tive Phelps of Connecticut suffered a severe sptainathis home in Essex, Conn., a lew days ago, and is not likely to return to Washington for some weeks. ????John Coch rane who led the New York delegation to the Greeley convention lour years ago, was on the floor of the House this morning. Clerk Adams,of the House, this morning demanded an investigation of the charge printed in the Chicago Inter Oetau that he had sold offices umder bis appointment. The House ordered a special committee to make tie Inquiry. The charge which is an old one is that Adams appointed Ellison, the engi neer, in consideration of bis cancelling a rote of $500 which Ellison held against Adams. aemy Orders.?First Lieut. Edward Fonovar, 24th infantry, will report In parson without deiay to the superintendent mounted recrultltg service, St. Louis barracks, Mo., for duty in conducting a detachment of col ored recruit* to the department of Texas. On the completion of tbls duty be will rejoin bis proper station. Leave of absence for three months is granted First Lieut. Tnos. B. Brlggs. llth Infantry, (Fort Hall, Idaho territory.) Xaval Oeders.?Lieutenant James M. Miller, ordered to the naval academy, 10tn June next. Chaplain George W. 8mlth, to die naval academy, 1st Jane next. Passed Assistant Engineer Wm. A. Nlooll, to the practice steamer Mayflower during the practice crnlse. Master Dennis H. Mahan, detached from the Supply, and ordered to Newport. R. I., for Instruction In torpedo service, 1st June next. Knslgn Perrlu Ru be e. tr< m the Supply, and ordered to exam, in at ion for promotion, 2d Jane. AN IMPORTANT PATENT CASS.?Mr. Wm. V. Hub; ell appeared before the Senate Com mittee on Patents to-day, In bebalf of bis application for an extension of his patent for futeai.d shell cartridges. Arguments against :le extension prayed for were made by Mr. William B. Franklin, for the Colt Are arms rcirpany. of Hartford; by Mr. 8oale, of SrrlLtfleld, Mass., In behalfof the Smith A H>*s<>n con,pany;and by Ell Whitney (son r 11be iLventorof the cotton gin) for theNew Iiavcn B:e-arms company^ Tbb Fras kino Privilege.?The Senate C> n mltiee on Post Offices and Post Roads st their meeting today took up and oon I su'eio' !h? propriety of repealing the act 1 a roll M am the frauklng privilege, so far as ? fflelal communications of members of Con gress are concerned. Tne matter was finally referred to a sub-cpmmlttee, of which Mr. paddock Is cbsirman. It is considered prob able that the committee will report in favor ot the franking privilege to the extent men tioced, and that they will recammend the abolition of the useless and expensive system i of placing official stamps upon documents forwarded through the malls by the different executive department*. 8 8. Bcrpette, Commissioner of General Land office, hat handed to his resignation to Secretary ChAndler, to take effect upon the appointment of his ?accessor. Mr. Burdette ban not been actlog commissioner for soma time, having suffered greatly from cbronlj neuralgia, mhlch bas broken bis health, compelling him to give up bis position. He Is t.ot cow in the city. Peter CooprK. thk Rao-Money Nomi. sik -Mr. Springer, of Illinois, to day re pelved > 'elegram from Indianapolis slating that lh? trfiana greenhackers hat nomina ted Pets Cooper, of New York, for Presi dent, and - ?'"Htor Newton Booth for Vice President Mr. Cooper is the father in-law of Congress \n Abrara Hewett, of N. Y., a pronounced ird mtwiey man, and he wa< corirratulateo to-day by the given backers l i the House on account of the honors extended to bis relative. Fcturk Government or the District Judge Buckner, chairman of the District of Columbia Committee, proposes In a day or two tooffer a resolution in the House direct ing tbe appointment of a commission to h? designated bv the presiding officer* or the Senate and Honse to frame a form of govern ment for tbe District of Colombia. The com mission Is to be composed of live members; three to be resideul citizens of the District and two to be chosen at large. The Louisiana Trouble.?Governor Kellogg bad auother interview with the President this morning, in hopes of obtain ing the promise of military aid from the government In case of more disturbances in Lonlsiana. He afterwards called upon the Attorney General upon the same subject Wnat the Attorney General told him wa* merely a repetition of what he said yester day. that he shonld receive what assistance could lawfully be given him, and no more. The question will be brought up at Cabinet meeting to-morrow for final decision. ? The Morey Investigation. A SCENE IK THE COM M I TTKB-ROO.M. Selye, the witness who charges Congress man Morey with various infractions of the law, continued his testimony yesierday af terr.oon before the House Special Commiir* ? on Louisiana Affairs. During the examina tion the following occurred: Mr. Morey said:?I wish to say, Mr. Caair man, that while I shall try and be as pattent as possible daring the investigation, if this witness is not kept within the bounds of courtesy, 1 will not be responsible for wuat ma) occnr here or elsewhere iu tUis counec tion. Mr. Blackburn objected to any intim'da tion of witness whi'e he was on th I Stand and Mr. New thought the committee h i! as corded all the courte-iy possible to Mr. M >rey aii'l his counsel. Witness saM If he was to be intimidated with threats of personal violence he should refuse to answer any more questions, a id hi^ montl) would be close.1. Several members of thecomni't'es thought wltLess had answered more fully thai t ie questions called for, tut no threats or In timidation ought to be alloyed. Mr. Morey said lie did no', wish his re marks to be considered In the lightof inilml da tion. but he was not disposed to *tt tUll and bear so much abuse from any low sj.juu drei that mlgnt come here. Mr. New thought such a thing wonll no' occur again, and directed the witness to lta ten to the questions and answer thein and give bis explanations afterwards. Ritldle on ttie Rampage. HE CHARGES THE N. Y. BW CORKESPOXD EST Willi COINING PALSKHOOD4. The following card from lfou. A. G. Kiddle of ttis city, appears in the Cleveland Lea ier Washington. D. C., M iy 9,1376. E Om it , Ht-n , K'htor Is fv Ier: Dear Kir: 1 feel obliged to call your atten tion to an editorial In the Lsru! r of May 0 Id whir h jcu defend Mr. Blaine Irom toe PUttit LenUr. In the zeal of yonr defense you, too, dls egaid tbe dead, and seem to have forgot tei at least one of his survivors, who should t>e spared encn a blow at your hauls. I do Lot refer to myself. As jour paper Is daily read by so many of my dearest friends, fie only favor 1 can re ceive at your hands Is to ask an lusertioa or this note. You say that J. W. Knowlton told Mr. Gibson "that he had seen Mr. Stewart hand a bundle of bonds to Mr. Blaluo la the offi ;e of Stewart & Kiddle." I assure you this is utterly false. Knowl ton did not say this to Gibson, nor has Gib son ever said he lid. No one but the Lcxlet ever so said. Gibson overheard some part of private conversation betweau Knowlton and Boynton In the fall of 1372. from which he coined his falsehood la the 8i'n of Febru ary 1.1?73. This is the tale which Knowlton contradicted. As ho did uot tell, so be never retracted It. As Gibson's article referred to him, he could but deny It, and did aid to suppress It. This la the story lie denied the authorship of to Blaine, and no other. MacFarland did not Introduce Knowlton to Blaine on that occasion, nor did he ac company him. I have already proved that Blaine himself said It was another man, whose name I can give. Blaine and Knowl ton were then well acquainted, and K had been Invited to his bouse long before. I have also proved that Blaine wai at the office of Stewart & Kiddie while Knowlton was there. To fix his charge of false accusation upon Knowlton, Mr. Blaine uses the mouths of others, no one of whom was or Is a friend of Knowlton. The deceased did not tell and retract a damaging story upon Mr. Blaine. What be did bay, 1 am prepared to show, and Mr. Blaine will continue to live under what ever shadow it may cast upon him. I hold Mr. Blaine responsible for stories he pro cured and published. The public will soon have an opportunity to judge of the "embarrassing position" of the principal parties to this controversy. Very sincerely yonra, A. G. Kiddle. MC'Kee and Magcire.?In the U. S. cir cuit court at St. Louis, yesterday, District Attorney Dyer called the attention of the court to the effect that the lime for a stay of execution of sentences In the cases of Con. Masulre and Wm. McKeehal expired. He read a telegram from Magtiire, stating that tbe latter had missed connection at Rich mond, ind., Tuesday night, while on his way home from Washington, but would arrive yesterday (Wednesday) afternoon Julge Treat etated that It was not necessary either party should be present In court, and or deted that commitments for both persons be made out and placed In the hands of the U. P. marshal. On the arrival of Miguire yesterday afternoon, both he and McKee were taken In custody. Thoy were spar.^ l the humiliation of being escorted through the streets to the Jail by the marshal or ["other officer, and were permitted to go un attended except by one or two intimate friends. Counterfeit Railroad Tickets?Jef ferson A. Brolaski, a clerk In the Illinois and Ht. Louis Bridge Company, bas been arrest ed at St. Louis for uttering counterfeit rail road tickets on northern and eastern lines. One Edwin M. Baker Is Implicated, but has eluded arrest. In their room was found dies, plates, and stamping machines, and ?10.000 wortb of bogus coupon tickets from Lawrence, Kansas, to New York, over the Missouri, Pacific, Chicago and Alton, Lake Shore and Michigan Southern and Erie roads, and from Topeka, Kansas, to Phila delphia, over the Atchison, Topeka and San ta Fe, Missouri Pacific, Ohio and Mississip pi, Little Miami, Columbus and Pittsburg and Pennsylvania roads. Other parties are suspected. Racing at LouisvitL*?Tt?e first race Lexington filly, Plenty seoond and Lady Clipper third. Time, 2:24 4. The second race. Louisville Ladles' stake, for two-year old Allies, dash one mile, was won by Class mate, Springbrancb seoond and Llzsle Wblps third. Tims, 50 sec. Third race, dash of two and one-eighth miles, was won by Eleml, Damon second and Whisper third. Time, 3:49# ? A Suicidb Sensation at the Cbnten nial?Tbe first sensation at the Centennial grounds occurred yesterday in the shape of an attempted suicide by poison on the part of a woman who gave her name as Mrs. Bo gardus, and claimed to be tbe wire of one of the Centennial guards on duty near the spot. Her actions were observed, however, and prompt medical skill prevented the consum mation of her rash purpose. She states she Is from Auburn, N. Y., and that neglect on tbe part of her bnsoaad induce! her to mike the attempt on her lite. WA son was Born to Mr. Joseph Jefferson in London on April 27. rontr-ro urtu cosgbess. aim-*jBV*SDXT' *** is SENATE.?Mr. Morton entered a motion to reconsider the vote concerning the advene rerort on the claim of Kobert Small for cap taring the steamer Planter and th? mrv r> A#fr"^0;nmilt<d to the Committee on Naval onMPni5?ry'-.sf. v????V from Committee k ii A Buildings ftiid Grounds raoortdd l)'isiriri'^nr'zir* lhe Commissioners or the Jnatclari ^Ve? "** ?,d J*U ****** Mr. Stevenson Introduced bill for relief or rnnn^iioni?'? I",dlani- Affairs. Mr. Cnnkllng Ibtroriuocd bill to punish the ? Vra,e marks and 'be deal J.'VcUrt- erred 10 lhe Committee on Mr. Wright called up bill miklnt tm)m pnatlor.s for the payment of claim* renor^d to ionnym under secttnu 2 of the act arT rre?my!n pJSi1^7.4' b/ ^ Secretar* of the ?ifp ?P tf>e h'll granting a r J' ,;" Observatory to the trusses of the LI k Observatory of the Astronomical de |'.?7IpPnt or the University of California; which was passed. Mr. Errrnside, from the Committee on Mil itary Affairs, reported favorably bill to es tablish the rank of Paymaster General. THE MISSISSIPPI Ml'KOERS. Mr Morton submitted a resolution In structing the select committee on Mississip pi affairs to Investigate the alleged killlngof people near the Mississippi and Louisiana *lr ?, He read a dispatch received by Gov. ke.logg late last night from his private sec retary to the effect that late arrivals from Feliciana reported a horrible conditlo-i of !?! .**60 negroes were reported killed ar,(i 400 white men were underarms; and also ?i f*.,0 *r ' eta'ls of the outrages. The resolution was then adopted. ??. . Tburman cal'ed up the House bill au thorizing the appointment of receivers ofna tional banks, and for other purposes: which was variously amended. Mr. Sherman explained that the main ob ject of the bill was to extend the cases in which receivers may be appointed. The bill had been very carefully prepared at the of fice of the controller of the currency. The bill was passed. Mr. Sargent, from the Committee on Na K?a.i ^,ralrf; reP?rted adversely on Senate 'V.1, which was placed on the calendar with the adverse report. r..M.r Wadleigh, from the Committee on Ualms. reported favorably bill for the relief of Nathaniel P Harvey, of -jleorgla. Legislative and executive business wa? tl ea suspended, and the Senate, with closed doors, proceeded to consider the articles of Imp* achment agalrst W. W. Belknap. HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES. The Speaker pro tem laid before the House a communication from Hon. George M. 4<'amp. Clerk of the House, in which he quot's an extract telegraphed from Wash tl-U?M ,0 tllC ^'tlicago ^'l'cr-Ocean statin? MK ADAMS IS TTTE XFXT MA* TO BE IS VE8TIOATED, ard charging him with having sold h's ratroi.a^e for sums ranging from *1.10 to f "? Mr. Adams then says that he regrots o intrude this matter npon the House, hut ii affects his honor as a man and his con drct as au officer, ai.d le^t silence shoali bf> wrongfully construed. he asks the House to order an Immediate investigation, and de sires ell who profe?s to have proof of the cbanremay be summoned to appear i'i or dertbat the truth or falsity of tbechargfc may he ascertained. He would add that a'l > ich charts are Infamous slanders, ttiere being rot a shadow of foundation on which to fouud them. Mr. Brown i Ky.) offered a resolut'oT di recting the Committee on R iles to invent I gate the matter. He said he had no doubt the Hf u'e would accede to the r^-ou^st for a^ Investigation. Tbls scandal had heen spread all over the land, aDd It was due to the C erk that It should be investigated. He had ki own Mr. Adams for years, and he ha* alwavs ej Jcved tbe confidence of those who ki.ew him. He believed Mr. Adams to be a eer tleman of Integrity arid honor, and that bHief was entertained by all his friends. Mr Adams was for eight years a member on tbls llcor. and ecjojed the confidence of all. and he wonld come ont of this inquiry without a st adow on his name. Malignity has gone on Its hunt along the gutters, hoping to kook up acme filth against this man. Mr. Adam* defies his accusers and demands the proof, so that the instigator of the slauder may staod cordcmr.ed and despised before the country. Mr Banks (Mass ) hoped the matter would not be referred to the Committee on Rules The Speaker, as well as tbe Speaker pro /em were members of that committee,end it was manifestly improper that they should Inves titrate an oilicer of the House. He suggested the reference to a special committee of five. Mr. Brown (Ky.) accepted the suggestion, but hoped nodemocrat from Kentucky would be placed on the committee. Tne resolution was then adopted. THE GOVERNMENT PRINTING. . The regular order having been demanded, the Speaker said that was the report submit ted yesterday by Mr. 8lngletou, from the Committee on Printing. m#Th? Speaker decided a point of order that Mr. 8iDgleton bad the right to report this resolution at tbls time. He reviewed the decisions of ex-Speakers Winthropand Cobb on the like subject, and said tbe committee In this case had a right to report. If a point had been made on Saturday that the reaolu tions contained new legislation It would have held good, but the point was not made at that time. The resolutions submitted by the commit tee were then read. They request the Com mittee on Appropriations to inquire into the propriety of inserting sections in the sundry civil appropriation bill to change the mode or appointing the public printer; regulating the manner of printing, and making a con tract with Franklin Rives for printing the Congressional Record for sIe years. Mr. Randall (Pa.) objected to Incorporat ing a contract In general legislation. He wanted the subject thrown open to competi tion, and he would therefore offer an amend ment providing that the printing of the liccortl for tbe second session of the Forty fourth Cor gre?s, as well as for future Con gresses, shall be by contract and subject to competition. Mr. Eailon (R I.) charged that the investi gation or tbe public printer had not been conducted with fairness. His enemies were permitted access to the committee room, acd he was not permitted to croas examine witnesses, a privilege that was accorded to U'e meanest criminal in the land. He be lieved Mr. Clapp was an hvieu man, and so far as he had a seat on tbls floor he would defend the rights of the humblest American citizen. .Mr,Vance (Ohio) denied the statement that Mr. Clapp had not had the opportunltv of cross-examination. He was accorded th'o fullest privilege in that directum, and all the witnesses that he asked for were sum mored. He reiterated tbe charges he made on Saturday of rraud and corruption in the Government Printing Office. Mr. Singleton (Misa.)also denied tbe state ment that Mr. Clapp had not had a fair chance to meet the testimony, and read let ters to show that be had such an opportun ity. He denied further that the enemies of Mr Clapp had anything to do with the in vestigation. Mr. Foster (Ohio) inquired if it was not a fact that Mr. Franklin Rlvee waa always present In the oommlttee room, and that aa a result it waa proposed to make a contract with Dim. Mr. Vance said Mr. Rlvee waa never there except upon invitation. Mr. Foster inquired whether M'. Vance hsd not bad frequent con venations with Mr. Rives on tbe satyMt. Mr. Vance aald be bad, and he had alao consulted with Mr. Clapp and with other eentlemen. He wanted to get all tbe light he could on the subject and get at (be exact troth, and be could only do that by frequent consultations. ^ Mr. Singleton then resnmed big remarks and said that tbe testimony abowed tnat Mr. Clapp waa not tbe boneat mfca be was held np to be by Mr. Ballon. Tbe condition of bis books and bis bank aooountssnowed that. Aa to tbe evidence, be oould show that if any of the government office em ployes came to testify they were la danger of discharge, a watch waa aet to nstrar^'" who gave Information to tbe committee. Mr. Garfield (Ohio) did not think that tbls investigation had been oondueted with that fair play dear to tbe heart or every member of tbe AngloTSaxon race. Bat be wonld not dow go into that question. Hie wanted to speak to the merlta of tbe proposition to have the Congressional Record printed by contract. All the frauds under our system have grown np under tbeee eontraeta. d*y?and^?22.?2!7?d at St. Lo-i, Telegrams to The Star. o BLACK HILLS HORRORS. Starvation or the Scalping Knife. ? ? The Expedition Against the Sioux, ? the winslow case. Earl Derby's Reply to Secretary Fish. FRIGHTFUL STEAMBOAT EXPLOSION. MUSTAXU RACE AGAINST TIME. METHODIST GENERAL CONFERENCE. IHE BLACK HILU VICTIMS Starvation and the Nr?l?|ntf K.ire. ^ ork. May 18.?A dispatch from Cheyenne of the ITthsajs: ?Parties of frlRht Hman2LIi?er*'T^havehR8n,^,efl the Black Hills and pushed southward with all conve nient speed, dally arrive here bringing mel op,,n ?? RANDS OF BLOOD THIRSTY SIOIX. should counterbalance in the minds of the the hardships and peril* of ro ?f,1JPlnK where they are. Fool and ammo TP01^ 10 be very scanty there and held by the traders at fabulous prices. Those who have reached this point sav the are ,n th? heart of the Black Hills skulking among the rocks and In the can yons opening a treacherous fire on white men whenever they can reach them. Tuey can neither hunt nor dig for fear of the un seen enemy. Some members of a party of ihSfiX. cb r?"om the hills relate outwarcTway^ three white men on their ok ?EAD AND SCALPED, or Custer. ?De of them had died ^ Rnd tbelr wa?on was rid dled with hails. Dead horses and mules lie along the trail. In Cold Spring canyon thev corpse of another Invader killed ig enbeh1ndand ?calpod. The totfaUers^Ji'vwTih**y?'118 '"P^^bVfor the tohoilout a?^Jnst want and the Indiana long'. There are only two alter^a sobml^to be & massacre on Plains or'to ln)halHMOFF AND STA*VKD to DEATH i? i country. The settlements have already lost by departure and demise tw i th Irds of their inhabitants. Custer Citv SSi** r2"0 souls, and has now only i y w ^ empty cabins; Moan TK? SL/| 8 f'^blns and two Inhabitants, The dead wood and white wood guicVs Zu L h7f,Trn 1 000 P*?P!e- contain now but 200. Little Beaver and Potato Gulch=?s ha re about25 men. In Beiy- gulch there a-* V???/ The troops for the Bis Horn ai d ? 1,. o^f expedition are rapidly concen trating at Fort Ketterman. Same of th-m trove to morrow, others on Thursday; th? last companies leave Medicine for the north ^Saturday. Geneial Crook will try to ia INDIANS AGAINST INDIANS. Tafi^R J?*h?tbe? .Bni,e 8'ou*. Spotted rvIL-e' on hJ" Bt ??ast enlistlug the onn Ahkcn wof 8 K or a and ardu ous chase will ensue. ANOTHER VICTIM OP THE RED SKI VS. A hort Laramie dispatch savs: Tae mail carrier en route to f'smp R ibinsoa and Ii^d C!ond agency haa been killed, scalped aud lav1l'la,ed- Wfil-informed persons say this attack was intended for the general as It occurred only fifteen minute* after fii* PfJ',3' arrd hl" J58,'1 each other on the road. General Crook, acnmpwie l by Co). Stanton and Lieutenant Bourke, had been to ^e^?^?STtr?!Dgt(i obtain the assistance or peaceful Indians In subduing the hostile bands of Sioux. At first It seemed this ob ject was secured, such chiefs as Conquerlne Bear. Sitting Ball, Or Twostrike, stating in council their willingness to Join in keeping Uie peace on the frontier, and pnt down mur ?o.r!n*r?nd bydoj soldiers, rene f^?.,?CLb^e.nD^ an(1 bad '*<**? This coun. ell was held In the absence of Agent Hast Ings and Indian Inspector Vandevero. ON THEIR RETCRN THERE WAS A TOTAL . CHANG* OE SENTIMENT. Tbccbicft lneqlently declined all offers by officers to help to police these Eliinf/a soon as the Indians became ln ?tn??,,C,r22k broke out of the oonn ? brief, "That will do; I don't want you. T5V?Wu!M,?*m,Mt "?? A Fort Lincoln, Dakota, dispatch of the A.yy81 The expedition which has been P01111 for several weeks and intended to operate against the hostile i?dl.^"n?der Sifting Bull,left this point at daylight this morning, taking adue west STil.000?6- Tbe expedition numbers gome. Thit thIe^^lb.on,a.nd men- and is prob ?2i??V1t^e5JL2?u.,PPed and mo?t thoroughly PJJf"'*ed Mem that has been sent against nS% iSJSSJM?0*"" WM- awMrW T""' ?'*? CtTSTEH GOES WITH TH? EXPEDITION second in command and In immediate oom 2125? ?f, bis regiment, which is really the fighting force of the expedition. In addition to Caster s regiment of cavalry, the expedi tion is composed of a detachment of Indian toouts, also under Caster's command, three companies of infantry, and a battery of Gat lin goes. A train or about 150 wagons and ??.???? *?uleB accompany the troops loadei with thirty days' supplies of rations and forage. In addition to these, two steamers, carrying supplies for two months, will pro ceed from this point up the Missouri river to the mouth or ihe Yellowstone river, and then op the latter river to the depot to be established probably near the mouth of the Big Horn river. Gen. Gibbon, with six com panies of infantry acd fonr of cavalry, has moved from the foot of Ellis, Montana, ar.d the whole command is now making their way down the left bank of the Yellowstone towarda the proposed depot. Tbe last information as to Sitting Bull's force places it at 1,500 lodges. This estimate would enable him to put at least 3,000 war riors Into the field. By t-ome this estimate Is considered large. Gen. Crook Is abm' to lead a column from the direction of Fort Laramie northward to co-operate with the column from this point and the one under Gen. Gibbon. Each column Is acting inde pendently of the other. Gen. Crook oom mands only the one from Fort Laramie. The movements of the other columns are under Gen. Terry. THE METHODIST SEIEB4L CO*. FEBE8TCB. The Prseswltan To-day. ^BALT1*0**, May 18.-Bishop Harris pre sided this morning In the General Confer ence. Bishop Janes presented tbe addreia of the Irish conference, which was referred ?o the committee on oorrespondenoe. J a dire Cooley, of upper Iowa, preeented the report of the standing committee on the Bmk Con cern in reference to the consolidation of fhurehpapers. The report recommends that the Pittaborg Chrutian Advocate be published by the New York agents, and be under the eositrol of the general book committee, whlsh debaia. Dr. Carry said the ccaylctlon had grown upon him through I ears of obeervauon that the church needed bnt two general papere-one at New York and one at some point west. He said local papers never pay Cor themselves until t^jw? ?P?? the locality where they ate published. Before a conclusion was reachel Ihe special order or tbe day was take?-the election or ?dllore-poetponed^Srday. SAB Fmancisoo, May 17 Aleary still matntalnetbe lead In the walking matih! ./^bsaable hae maeh improved during the day, ana his backers feel confident that bis eadnranoe will make him adang?roas eompetltor before the close of tbe match. ?sllsek LM to the alaaihMr. ? ?ATLANTA, Ga., May M?Ex-Govt-rnor Rufus B. Bollock was brought hack to-day """* requlsttloo from tbe Governor after once of Sve years. T?t Msfdor Trial. Fottsyuab, Pa., Mar w?On account of S'JT'g ?f??* the Jary, the coounaanoe the Tost trial was postponed nutil to No wltaeseee were examined to day. wimLcw nr?ABiri?ii care. E?rl Dcrky'f Bcply MSMNUry nth Nit Yo?, M?y t?-A Washington dlr patch MJI Karl Derby's reply to Secretary Flah s note about Wlnslow U firm In ton*, doe* not s l*ld Uie posit loo taken by F tab In tbe slightest. and fround i? assumed tbat tbe act of 1870 bu nothing necessarily to do wl'-h tbe case In dispute m fkrai tbe provi iIom of tbe treaty i elate to tbe extradition of W Ids low. Wltb or without tbe act of KO the same objection would apply to tbe sur render of a person not duly declared extra ditable by tbe magisterial dixit of an Eng lish court having jurisdiction over extradit able offences. The came profess of law as is observed now was fo'lowed In tbe extradi tion fugitives bt-fore tbe law of 1^0 went upon ttie British statute books. Tbere Is no r?a?on for varying from wbat was custom tbeo. In pursuance o' tbl* llneol argument It Is nrged thst tbls must evidently be tbe rate, because heretofore do sucb exception lias been taken as is now Insisted upon by Secretary Fish, whose objection now is re garded as a mere technicality. More espe cial emphasis Is lal<t upon tbe provision of tbe treaty in rrgard to the extradition o lerrons charged with political crimes as to whom end Its provisions Secretary Fish makts much to do. But It Is argued If per sons charged with crime, and the ofletice rcay be political only. are to be extradited, who Is toiudge whether tbe crime U political or not. When Great Britain is to deliver up a prisoner shall it rot in sucb case be Great Britain and shall It not b?- through magistrates and critical examination of law. But Secretary Ki<*b seems to question If Dot to deny tne right of magisterial Inter ference and Jidgment, and claims tbat as Secretary of State he must decide. The po sition taken by Secretary Fish in tbls re spect is regarded as untenable. Sucb an attempt to construe the treaty would lose not only men but also tbe treaty. Emphasis is laid on a similar misstep wben Cut was Secretary of St*te. After a treaty bad been negotiated between Great Britain and tbe United Hie tee Cass objected to Its submis sion to Parliament, and thus lost tbe whole treaty. It Is further maintained tbat Great Britain, Id her disposition to serve tbe ends of law and justice, was disposed to extend tbe limitation of tbe class of cases to be com prehended In the treaty stipulations wltb this country so as to take in all crimes, while the interpretation of American offi cials has inclined them to them by technical analysis and dissection. The attitude of the United State* govern, ment and its recent treatment of the extra ? dltlon provisions are not regarded as fair or equitable to England nor within tbe provis ion of either an exact or liberal meaning and Interpretation of the treaty and Its pro visions. fOREIVX HEWN. Oilier* Ktrlkf. Lobdo*, May 18?The striae of tbe col liers in Derbyshire is breaking up. A con siderable number of the strlk-r* have already resumed work at 10 to 12 ^ per cent, reduction In tbelr wages. The Cable fttearner* BRE&T, May 1*? Tne Auglo AmeriCin cable steamer Mlnia sailed bence to day for Piacentia. Lo:*dow, May 18?Tne Telegraph Con st] uctlon ar-d Maintei a-jce Co.'s steamer Hlbernia. which has been secure 1 for tne repair of the French cab'.e, la expected horue on the 25th Instant, and will be refitted and dispatched as soon as pos&i ole. Looking After Turkey. Coicstantikoi'LE, May n.?Hsveral ad. dltsonal French and Austrian men-of-war have arrived In tbe Bosphorous. The Kalonlea Excitement. Losnus, May 18?A letter to me Tirn*t from Pein, dated tbe 11th Instant, say*: ? l The excitement caused by the Salonlca af fair lias not abated. A party of S iftaa yes terday paraded the streets of Stam'toul, | crylDg, "Down with the Grand Vizier! ' Tbe dedication of tUenew English church, I which bad been arranged for, has been indef initely postpored. at tbe request of Mr. El | llott, the British ambassador, who had con sulted tbe minister of police on tbe possible consequences of the ceremony. The Softsrs have been dUsatlj fled wltb the government ever since the Iradeof J an tiry and the ac ceptance of Connt Andra'sv's note, which evinced a disposition to place all religious deromlnatlons on an equal footing. Tbe first alarm fell here was occasioned by a well founded report tbat Sofia* and Mus sulman roughs, wboJire ruled by them, were buying revolvers, daggers, and other weap ons. Tbe Christians resorted to similar pre cautions. Tbere Is no doubt, meanwhile, that all our speculations on tbe peril tbat threatens us, and of tbe various means by which we may attempt to avert It, contrib ute largely to foster and Increaae oar un easiness, and become In tbemselves our greatest and most real danger. FRIGHTFUL STEAMBOAT EXPLO SION. List of tbe Hilled ia? Wounded Evarbville, May IS.?Tbe steamer Pat Cleburne exploded ber boilers at 11 o'clock lastnlgbt, alx miles below Shawnee town, while laying alongside tbe Arkansas Bella Tbe Belle was tied to tbe bank and disabled by a line of coal flats fouled to ber starboard wheel, and oould render no assistance. Tbe Cleburne floated down about a mile and burned. CAPT. FOWLIB WAS LOST. He was caught in tbe timbers and burned. Dick Partridge, express agent, was lost Walter McElbenny, engineer, was blown Into the river and badly hart, bat will re cover. John MeCone, pilot, foil through to tbe boiler deck and was eut and scalded. Alex. Porter, second clerk, bad bis foct scalded and was cot. Arthur Brown, freight clerk, hands and face scalded and hsad cat. All tbe cabin crew are supposed to be safe. Urnbsck, a musician, oould not extricate himself from tbe timbers, and was burned. Albert Smith, barber, band scalded. Charlie Colton, second mate, supposed to be lost. Three passengers from the west were scald- j ed. but not dangerously. An unknown pas senger was blown to the roof of tbe Belle , and killed. In the great oonfuslon, the offl cere all being disabled, 1 too aid not be learned what other passengers wen; lost. Tbe Belle is badly wrecked, ner chimneys blown over board and staterooms shattered, and she was on lire In many plsces. The first and second engineers are badly scalded. A pas senger bad bis leg broken. Captain Howard was slightly hurt. Perhaps ten persons on tbe Belle were Injured. THE eREBHBlCH COSrEMITOS. Tbe Platform Ixdiakapolis, May 18?The Indepen dent National convention reassembled at 9:30 o'clock this morning, and the following platform was adopted:?Tbe independent ]>arty Is called Into exutenoe by the necessi ties of the people whose industries are de stroyed. whose labor Is deprived of Its Jait reward by a ruinous policy which tbe repub lican and democratic parties refuse to change, and In view of the failure of these parties to furnish relief to the depressed In dustries of tbe country, thereby disapi>otnt lng tbe just hopes and expectations of the people. We declare oar principles and in. vite all Independent and patriotic men to iolnonr ranks In this movement tor finan clal reform and industrial emancipation. First. We demand the Immediate and un conditional REPEAL 07 THE SPECIE RBSCKPTIOX ACT of January It, 1875, and tbe reecus of our in dustries from ruin and disaster resulting from its scforcemeat, and we call upon all patriotic men to organise In every Con gressional district of the eoontry with a view of electing representatives to Coo *J*a who wl 1 f JNO OUt U)6 WistMS of or going to press? T*tmr9lX op tout* hoar New York, May 18.?Tbe Mustang race at Fleetwood Park started at 4 o'clock this morning. Tbe first fifty miles were sea-le in 2 boors and 19 minutes. Tbe first one hun dred miles wers completed In 4 hoars and 41 mlnotss. TKE TERMS OF TIB RACE are: 308 miles are to be covered la ftfteeo boors, wltb relays of horses, tbe rkler oslng one horse as loos as be likes. Tbe stake ?29,000 that It cao*t be done to 9l5;M0 tbat .t can. Tbe whole distance la to ha eoversd by one rider. Tbere most be a Mod day and good track. At this hoar, bowevsr, AM EASTKB1.Y STORK basset In. Tbe rkler Is a Mexican, U?e OaU fornlan, at first selected, having flailed to come to time. There are 30 butssa, half wild, on tbe groaad. Tbe rider osss no saddle, ?Imply a Mexican bit and spots, wltb a isatLer strap _ of tbe near Haw DC ths de&th 5 Few Tkii. May W -Tfc# f?*'i It aajn ttoM MtliM Mf?M' ?? ba*ta? *?a 1U\ At Utf klitw u baa IIHL >wt?>* coEtluna etroa*. *llk mum of ? ?ly ? IrKtl ? h Iff tor. Tk?H<rk ? 'l? . Pttlfc Itll kM ktrt IIMM *k e Mt?htt?a faatral. DT ??a *?t?r* I'bIob. FacMc ?JL"c^2S6?5mSl?5 ?kw. ijmji * ? ?"i t l ill kljrhsr Kttw -ed a m?vatMfi whit- sead/io. V wraarra -l*a4. fry .imiTlbt* ?V ? ai. e \ JUM Otto <|?M M tira-?g?S(B |w>i to mrtaia. ??#. ??.m whit*. ?1U4 to. ?Said. DM) I.. Soil to>l aSaJd" riST fc* ?1 frovtaloa. dull aod k*a77. *?*? *?**.?. P?1* ?. clear lit Hay ?? ? Visloiai ?ovtk t*ro:iM IV tN.HMl ard Ira SSait PatTiaoaa- Mar IS ?Ca?Sae di mMdllta II* FImit iMlf Md inn Ml aa oHfl" )?M jni atalw r?4. 1 *7. htmlfHl* rad. 1 M*IA *?f* *?* ?*? mm**. lAtat ?. S*. whlu !J6aJ.*S ? -- fc-~r fl r - inil fcirtar l?ra. #V?V cWar ?lt>a??J??.^) H?M* l?M. Lar.t .jato-r-??.?<l is?a Imm aHair. -* m< ti'fa ? rtc>,"> **d PMrotrw nt??l-d sad aMlBtl-ero<)>- K<aae>S . rHIatd. 1? Cufcadn.lM ?cw?r? kl ra f"?a. lf>, ?lfV?, >oMmu*. U'Val* ?. HkM) dull- 1UH h-??!?l??ah? a1. ?l ?W. core, ?tt?W PMen^nt*?a b?a?7lJ <k*. eoen. MSW !?? T 'i> *?' M. >oc>i art! ?? I *'?>?).J ?f i:\ VtcktPir. k?ta ?ac-?,i iy S t? artt?? a< it at-.>o? B?w Trm.Har If -Hfir ?ai i and na % ?u>l aud q t>c ha: 14"j Data ?uM ?t* dr U')ir?*. Vtf I? 'I JO a. a ?C. I K>td*-. _ ldfS Cite, !>'? hilaar 1* .u?Wl at U\, ?td la ut) flat F*llllr?tI ('aarrailaaa OHIO DIXOCKAT8 KOR RILL ALLIS A WD RAO MOMY. After our trlitnoblc reports of ibt Ob to democratic convention claKd yesterday tbe h ttatlontsta took poawanon or the oonven tl*>n, pat Mr. Penuleton to the chair, an dorsed ex Governor Allen for Proaldwi, and by 1 be decisive vote of.i*> to 2?* adopted a platform containing all tbe extreme prtnet ples of tbe "greenback" party. They demand tbe immediate repeal of the Itaaampttoa act, ai d declare perpetual war against all Iba scl.i tnes for resumption Uiat involve a eon tract Ion of Ote currency or an increase of lha Interest- bearing debL IOWA DkMOCkATS O* TRI FEtCL Tbe Iowa state democratic -onvantion resolved la a general way In favor of cold and silver, bat demanded tbe tm'nedTale and unconditional repeal of the Ri;itnpUoR act. Tbe delegates to Si. lxxita were not so cumbered with any lnstractlons aa to whom they sbonld support. 1EBMSSKF kEITRUCAVH DIVIDED Bk TWI.TS MOkTOlt ARU BR1STOW. The Termeaaee republican conventtoa mat at Nashville and chose delegates to Ciuctn ratl, who are dlUded between Morion and Brlstow. ? Tbk Story or a Diamovo Riwo?Seve ral weeks ago a man of geuUeinanly appear RL.ce. representing Liraselt aa beiug engaged In buMnes* In Philadelphia, visit* t Ft* ton, for tbe ostensible purpose of purchasing a place in that vicinity. He Is rt-preaented aa a One-looklt'i; man, with the manueri and bearing of a Krntleman. and was quite lav lab In his expenditures of money. lie readily made tbe acquaintance of a i umber of lha most reejwctable fainlIlea lathe town, and among others that of Mrs. Itmi (iolds borougb, a widow lady. Yeeteriay the stranger. In company with a Mrs. ooldsbor ougb. came to B*ltt'nore with the excursion ?f the Canton M K. Sunday school. Oa their way np tbe bay the gentlnnaii, In eon vena tion with Mr? (roiiisttoro'igb o^rvtsis val uable diamond tin*?prized also aa a family re'le-on the l>i.1y'? linger. H* to take quite a to th*- ring, and Jaat be fore the l?oat rea< hfd M?e wharf req ieated the loan of It for a short time until he oald go up town an t call at a Jeweler's, la order, ?s be raid, to have a duplicate made. Toe rice was loamd without hesitation. After reacbing the whart the xtranger called a carriage and wan driven In the direction oi Baltimore atreet, and has not. It Is aald, atnee been ?een. The excar?if>nl?ts left for Mm ton last evening, and the laly believes that ohe has heer. tue victim of a aharper? [Balto. li<th. Tbk Illirois HrprnLKAXu. ? An A? 8cciated Pn*-i dlapatcti from Kprt igQeld says: The political cal.tron in llliuola la tx>il li.g hot, and geitlrg hotter tu view of tbe state convention, to be heli May 24'-h. Pub lic opinion Inmost juris of the ?'ate bat already expressed itself upon tbe Presiden tial question, and the outlook to day show* Rial as will be U?e first eholm of Uiras fourtn cf the delegate*. An undercurrent lor Brla tow Is being ei.glue* red by the Chicago Trl bnne and the various revenue and Treasury officials, which has a small -trength ami ng so called lndepandent republicans. Th- rank and file every where with mist of the politicians are stroDgly for B atne; some of tbe counties have been lnatru^ted lor Blaine, but generally the feeling is ?o marked tbat there aeems no cause for instructions. Brlstow will be repndiated as a oaadidate, bat sustained for bis ofllclal anion. Tub Natiokal Paohibitio!* Coxvbh tiov yesterday adopted resolatlous reaffirm ing tbe prohltdtlon platform of 1*72, urging tbe amendment of the Constitution so as to make prohibitory legislation universal and permaLent, conclusion of treaties with for eign powers to prevent the importation of liquors, abolition of clans legislation, reduc tion of rates of pontage, telegraphs, trans portation and travel, suppression of gam bling, abolition of polygamy and the social evil, national observance of tbe Sabbatb, compulsory education, use of tbe Bible Id the public schools, complete separation of tbe church and state, pafter currency redeema ble In coin. Tbe convention nominated for President General Green Clay Rmitb, wbo aeeepted without bestltatton in a short speech. G- T. Stewart, of Gblo, was nomi nated for Vice President, and tbe oonvention adjourned ifaKtto. Black Hills Gold?Captain A. L. Patrick has had seven pounds of Black Hills Bd on exhibition at tbe 1st national bank ibis city for the lsst day or two. it re minds us of the fit st specimens of tbe yellow metal brought from Colorado In 1899 by Wen. N. Byeis after a whole army of retiring Pike's Peakers were swearing tbat there was no gold in tbat country, and wantel ??a mvs aviu s as vussi WMUM/< MIU nauKl to bang Byers and Ham Curtis for having so reported. Captain Patrick was happy and more confident than ever over an addi tional fact, which is tbat bis stage compdtny have bought between f",000 and ?#,000 of gold from miner's at Caster City. These dkre two facia on which we declare, if we did not know scores more Just like ttiern, that the Black Hills region are full of gulch gold mines that are to lead all this trans-Mis aourl country to a new departure, to n?w and rich developments and to a new destiny.? [Omaha Herald, 12th. Katb Lef o Deepaib ? Kate Lee, wbo wss found about ten days ago raTrrlnc from chloroform on tbe steps of her alleged bus band's boune, No 721 DeKalb avenue, Brook lyn, where the latter had a wife and caildien . living, visited New Jersey laet week and obtained a certified copy of tbe marriage certificate, the original copy belog stolen from her. She then obtained a warrant for tbe arrest of James L*e on a charge of biga my. He fled tbe city and baa not sluoebeen found. Kate, goaded to deeperation, and being without means of support, made a second attempt on Monday nlrbt at the same place to end her existence by swallow lng chloroform. She was detected in tbe act and taken to tbe station bouse In the vicinity. Justice Semler committed her to tbe Hrrase of the Good Siiepberd for six months.?{.V. Y. He raid, 1"th. His Cosorxqatiow Bustaiwiito Glib DEVHIWG-? A telegram from Peoria, Jil., 14th Instant, to tbe Chicago Tribune, aa, a: "Tbe eommlttee appointed to visit Om Henry church, inform them of the lireg?r lty of their proceeding, and ask tb?ra to dis continue their connection with Kev J. 8. Glendennlng. performed tbat duty Satur day. Tbe session was gathered together, tbe committee showed the object of the r visit, and made tbe request, as desig ?ted by tbe Presbytery A Tier two hoars' dejdkts tb? session came to a conclusion mat they would not aeeede to tbe request of ib? Pree bytery, but that they would oonujue tbelr connection with Glendennlng. They ' rentd lo receive tbe supplies given t Hoikiblx Dkatk?Henry Ellis, a l of fbmily, M jeara old, started from N< Garden statkw, Virginia Midland railroad, an Sauiiday nlgnt last, to walk to bis bnasa a fow miles dlkiant, carrying n can oi ooal oil and smoking ? pipe. Sanday morning bis body was foand on tbe road baraed to crisp and the oil all oat of tbe ean whleb bag borai. It ts supposed the oil became lgnlksd Isatlon yest^rdsjr, with Thomas J. Dt at Washington, D. O., chairman. Nln states are repn sec ted by M delegates. presidential nominations will probably bp made to-day. The first offlaels eaM to bp Satwaaa Peter Cooptr and J adge Davis, ? Booth Is talked of for tbe VA eorTeapondent of a wbo visited Uome a few w? tbe foBevtaa eptnloo of tbe Popel which la cor.firined from other a saw tbe Pope tbe oti >er day. He ' health and spirlta His i* a better Mfo (1 sorancs pfcraM) tban eltbcr tbe Klng^i1 Garibaldi's."

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