Newspaper of Evening Star, 18 Mayıs 1876, Page 2

Newspaper of Evening Star dated 18 Mayıs 1876 Page 2
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EVENING STAR WASHINOTO Jf: THrssn.IT Way 14, 197? cmoABT ?. wrau num. Average Doily Circulation over 15,000,?being more than thret times that of any other daily paper in Washington. The fttar for Ike Roiaw. Per ton* leaving the city may have T as 8ta ? mmt to itmr aOttreee try maU, jtoftge prepaid, for nteh period of tone m they may demre, <H the rate f 13 cenUper week, M cent* per motUh, gg 78/or three monUu, or 9* for out month*. mr The money to pay for the time required nmet in aU cases accompany the order. Other, trite the paper cannot be tent. Vewspaper (Imlaiita nM A4v*r UalB|. We observe that tome of the newspapers of the country which are In the habit of Claiming a goal deal larger circulation than they actually pomm are finding fault with the figures given In tome instances In Row ell's Newspaper Directory for the current year, recently published, and some of them go so far as to Intimate that this alleged want of correetneis is the result of unworthy motive* on the part of the publishers of that work. Now we are In no wise called upon to defend Mesne. Rowel 1 A Co., who are abundantly able to take care of themselves, and also, we may add, generally ready and wlllirg to give good reasons for what they do. It Is only Just, however, to the adver tiser! of the country, who have a right to know whether they are getting or are likely to get what they pay for when they Insert an advertisement In a given newspaper,? that Is, the promised publicity for their an nouncements,?that we should say that there are the best of reasons for believing that as anile the circulation which the-?gentlemen set down to t*ie various periodicals of the country is substantially correct, or at least not usually understated. And It will be found, tea, in a majority of cases. If not In every Instance, that where such circulation la not correctly stated the fault Has with the publlsners of tie papers themselves, rather than with the? imptler of the offend ing Directory. The puo"shers of the latter work have their own reputat*on for honesty and fair dealing, as well as the Interests of their patrons, at stake in the issue. If they were actuated by ro higher motive, that of self-interest alone would demand that the In formation they collect and publish should be correct and reliable. Without the good will of both newspaper publishers and adver tisers their business would dry up com pletely In less than six months' time; and Mat go< I will they cannot have If they wil fully pervert the truth or allow their preju dices to control the conduct of their busi ness. Assuming that this much will be conceded by any fair-minded business man, It only remains to ascertain what means the pub lishers of the Directory in question have for learning the truth in regard to newspaper circulations, and to what extent these means are employed. To begin with, their long and Intimate connections with and their gen eral knowledge of the publishing business of the country enable them to form a pretty accurate estimate of the circulation of nearly every paper, and to tell with an exact ness that Is both suprUlng and discouraging to the conscienceless boasters the diflerence between the circulation they claim and that which they actually possess. But they do not rely alone on the information ob tained in the usual courte of business. They give to every newspaper the privilege of tell ing Its owe story. They send annually to the publisher of every periodical In the country a blank form upon which each one la Invited to make for himself his own showing as to the circalaf'oa of his paper for publication In the Directory,-the only condition of such exhibit being that where the figures so given are doubtel they will be verified by the affidavit of the publisher ?ending them, and also fortified, where re quired. by the production of corrobora live evidence establishing the truth of the affidavit. And it fs Just here that the jour nalistic shoe pinches. Many publishers who are swift to claim fabuloos figures for the circulation or their mushroom sheets are alow to swear to them when called upoa to do so, although a few are found who are ready to make the rriulr<l afflJavit, eren though they are unable afterward to furnish the necessary supplemental proof. Lvery newspaper in the country is requested to supply Its own fl'ures, And these figures are published in the Directory as given, unless tig compilers have reasor* for believing, as they very often have, that they are not cor rect; but evftn in such cases the newspaper publisher has the remedy in his own hands If be ebooses to avail hlmseirorit, and can do so without committing perjury, or Is nol afraid of belrg found Out In case be commits It. It follow, therefore, that wherever a newspaper complains that Its circulation Is nadbrststed lu publisher has either failed to Tarnish the Informatioo asked for or has been unable to substantiate his windy state ?sent when called upon to do so. That Is all there Is of It; and mean Inslnrationa as to unworthy motives on the part of the pub lishers of the Directory will not alter the facts, nor be likely to mislead the public In the premises. rcquestionably Mew*. Howell A Co. have a right to publish a Newspaper Directory of the country If they cbooje to do so. It Is alike their duty and their Interest, as It should be their ambition, to make it as com plete and correct In every particular as it Is possible to make It; and, so far as we can Judge, they take every practicable sf?p to this end. Where a newspaper objects to stating its elrcnlatlon at sil, that fact Is stated In the Directory; where one furnishes 1U owr figures and is willing to subatantlate them, If required, they are used In It; wne*e one furnishes figures that are manifestly fltlse or does not furnish any at all, the com piler relies upon such other means as be may have forgetting at the truth of the matter, and makes his publication accordingly. To this course no fair-dealing newspaper, no one that la willing to give a dollar's worth for every dollar It receives, is likely t> ob> Ject. It will be found, on the other hand, (hat those who set up a bowl about it are generally those that obtain a precarious existence by uniting a sort of unindictable black mailing business to the practice of obtaining money under false pretences,? that is, by getting advertising patronage on a claim of circulation which they do not I'm**, and which, In the very nature of things, they never can obtain. To the alter nate threats and csjollngs of these soldiers of fc:tur.e business men will In the sad al ways find It to their Interest to preeent a defiant 'rant and turn a deaf ear. To their credit bt it said tney generally do both, and aa a rule rpead their money for' advertising where there la a probability of getting a cer tain and large return from their Invest ments in that way. That Messrs. Rowell a Co. are aidi r.g the business community In tills laudable purpose asrma to be what Is the matter with a good many of our contem poraries at the present time. "Hence these tears," so to speak. Our dispatches from the Black Hills coun try to-day with their dismal tidings of star vauon or the scalping knife for gold hunters are not calculated to encourage emigration to the Mew (H^ Eldorado. After all the news paper talk about General Tnstsr it will be ?sen that he la to have a chance to loss his scalp or win more laurels at the hands of the bloodthirsty 8mux. The expedition against the savagaa la reported to be one of the best Oqalpped ones ever organised for such a pur 7%t Oalaxy tat Jane, it will be seen by the MiaUwd table of contents, maintains the totgt; standard that has given it such general pofQtfeUJ. Tfce moral which polttlelaDa will be apt to draw from Um proewJlB|x>f the Obko dem ocratic convention held at Cincinnati yee tcrday 1? tnat when an ambitious nephew ba? bis uncle comfortably dead and burled be bad better let bim rest In hla grave, In stead of exbnminc bim and running blm for goverror. The declaration of thecouTentlou for Allen for the Presidency completely de * troy a whatever cbancea Mr. Tburman may bare bad In that direction, beiide'. dimin ishing tbe probabilities of a democratic vlo tcry text fall hy at lea-,133 per cent. Truly, this la a great year and tbe democratic party ia a great party for botching things. ? The practical valne of the Unite! States signal service ia illustrated by tbe p*?tpone ment of the great Mustang raoe in New York on Tuesday until t6 day on account of the prediction of the weather bureau that tb? day would be unpleasant. If tbe weather la fair to-day the race will take place even i boa Id Mr. Bergh arrest tbe maaagers. Tbe feat which It la proposed to perform ia to lid* relays of Mustang pon'es three hundred and Ire miles in fifteen hours. There la to be but one rider, and a natural doubt ariaes aa to whether be poateves sufficient enJur ance to ride at the rate of twenty miles an hour for fi.tcen bouts. Thfre Is aome sulphurous talk in dens'" cratic financial circles over the #?ndownent of ton-money William Allen for the Presi dency by the Ob'o dem<>craey m JOS. J MU'I Pi RIB KID GLOVg DEPOT. 9*9 PS.IRSttTASIA Aviscs. K^O(*Dinx to-cer lit?a unn'lM ??? 2 aid 3 bo* toi. Gk>- ??, cSolcj spriLg colors and black, at ai, >l ?. a?d?H0. mvH ?' PI KRl *8'l PATKKT irRdBBgR, JCST WHAT YOU NSE1> DtTM Tim*. H itn Labor. Does the Work Better. A?k yoar Grfctr for th-m They are bo hcnibug Wholesale ani* retail. 409 9lh street, T. ? " A Bailing. JOHN J. JSTT, *?en?. e/*Canvsssers wanted. m^lj ti* THE GALAXY FOI JTNE NOW READY. CONTENTS. The pre Baphaelttes ia Eaglaad. Br Jasttn McCarthy.?Have We a National C bar arte ! Br Colonel Thomas M. Andtreoa, U.B. A.?Firat aad Laat. Br Mary Alnge De Tare ?Madcap Violet By William Black, Au thor of "A Prlnoess of Thule," eta , etc.?The Lady aad Her Lever. Br 0. P. Craach.?The Display ef Washington Society. By Gall Heaallton ?Elastea Br Barton Orey.? Pel 1 patatic Maaaess. By Bly Tat de Warker.? Seavealre af a Maa ef Letters, By J. B. Siddons. - Mrs. Taaderdayaek. Letters from Sogxr Floyd to Bolt Staxhopb. By Hka K. W. Olaer.?War Measelrs. By General O, A. Coster, U. B. A. ?Americas Weaea A bread By Lacy H. Hooper.?S*azll aad Her Batterer. By J?ha Codman.?Miatreae Wilsea A Talk or Salix Witchc ra ft. By O. H. Pierce.?A Hew History ef the Catted Btatea By Marfe A. Brown ? Ad Masam By B S.?Drift-Weed. By Philip Q iUlb?t.-Sci entific Miscellany.?Current Literature.? Nebula. By the Editor. Price 35 Ctn. per Number. $4 per Tear Including Postage. SHELDON & COMPANY, my 19 ?t . B1W TOttK. rj JOH.\ R. MAHOMET |0| Bas just openeia glut Class * Bfc HAT AND SHOE STOIIB, NEA2 COBNEB 7th AMD D STBEIld, fouth Washington. Yon can always fir.d fn this establishment the ftest naif ol BO*. Tf ar<l SUOB8. tbe beit eelec ttcn ?f bTBAW GOODS, all the latest styles o' Geni e BATS aid CAPS, and tbe largest and best assortment of Ladies', Hisses and Cbildten'e wear or any 'tore in tb's city. Prices very moderate aid all gocdssrld positively guaranteed ?o be as reyre e?tif<d Hy C<OOS cannot be excelled, either in fnslity orerice. A call is most reepectfally solic'ted rote my friends and the public generally to examine El s'ockfVbich will be fonnd <x nutlet* V. B.-Tbls Is no BBABCH HOOBB, as I have ncsttively no romaertto* tefcarerit with any other es tablishment in the city. niyia 8t OFFICE OFTBK 00HHI8810BEBB OF THE ?SEEING riBD. Washington, D. 0 , Hay 17th, 187ft. Sealed Proposals will be received at this Office until FBIDAY, the Hth instaot, at It o'elocl a., for tbe sale to the Ocauatsstoners of the Staking Fnrd of eeveateeathons ?ad three hundred dollars (#?T Ml of boade of theOlty of Waehiaitoj aad (??strict of < olasabla, vis: Improvement, 7 per cent, currency boade (cosDmobly known ae 14 year b nde). iisuec nader act of Assembly, approve! Jane 23. 1873 ?7 JOU Harfcet Stock, coupon beads, 7 per cent carreacy Interest ... |M County Sehocl. coapoa toads, 7 per cent, cnrreacr interest Thirty-year Fnadlag Loaa Bonda. act of Assembly, J one X), 18TL, ( par cea' gold iateree* , -SSJM retown Steam Force Pamp Bonds, 7 3 K par Gs ? cent, currency Interest y+'wi Tbe Coaa<astoaara reserve the right to reject any cOer which they may net deem advaatageoas. rpBIS IS TO OITB BOTICB, That the sab 1 scriber hae obtained from tbe Bapresae Ooirt of tbe District of Colambla, holding a Special Term, letters of administration on the personal estate af JOBB F. BOYLB.Sea , late ot Washington city, D. C , deceaeed. AU persons navinc claims agaiDet the eaid deceaeed are hereby warned to exhibit the earns. with the vonebere thereof, to the subscriber, on or before tbe Igth day of Hay next: they a ay otherwise by law be excladed from all benefit of the said estate. Given nader say hand, this Wth day of May. lflTt. mylS-th 3t* JBBOMB FITBhH. Adadnlstra'or. A LADY'S BADDLB HOKSB WANTBD FOK HIS EBEP, anl car?fnl attention/ gnarant?*d. OTIS BIG SLOW. ay 17-31* 60* 7th street. $1.60 $1.44 FINISHED, READY FOR USE. ?f ?! EJVTL EM A JIT' 8 SHIRT OF Ittsittt IfeKa u4 Ci?4 Lints feuu, FOB n II BIT CASH. The popular idea of Talue la itaens ia fiaenasa. This ia oae element of value, bat ealy one. Another and very naceessry element Is roundaeas of thread. Both llaaa aad rotten are vegetable Sbree, bat char acter Utically different, linen having a greater power of abeorptloa than cottoa, aa saay be proven by very staple experlmeate. Benae the advs over eeMaa la abeorbiag aad retalatag starch There aea also diflereaees of degree iaraaard to f laallty ia dlffecaat grades of Uaess, the thread Uasoa baviag thlsqaality la a | i are Bade by the oldest house la the , betag aa aovices, they have selected a liaea not only for Its tsessa, bat with reference to actual valne la practical use. i at which I ef sr them, ? 1 Jl. laes 10 par or B1.M aet. Is lower thaa I eold goods eaveateea yeers slaoe. aad at the aad Is am tataaded to Interfere with mr table to. ONI PRICE ONLY. CASII DISCOUNT TEN PER CENT. QKORQI O. HKNNINQ, myM-tr WANTS. . witt&tts.inrtsy/ ussr b. s ,gi?r?at?. _ it? ** WIITID-A 01Kb f.w Itgh' h^o?nrwk.tt4ll vv Ctb*tre?t. Soath iVaablngtsn; moat be h>n?at mlnlM)!'. it* \UilJU-A first claaa MILLIBBB. Apply 989 Uh itwn miii?wt. ?rtt M* WiITID-At lift Proepectstreet. Georgetown, "? white DIE ABU BOOM GIRL, with r*)? mendattoae miM-At* WAHTBD-Br a mitonbli wfcit* w??ni""* " SITUATION m flr*t claaa cook, willing toga la th? coontrr. AMrw Bo* 14. Star office. It* w,'s,?t'ovr?Ji?iss?v,s5,sis offloe It' EE7A.ET*P?At 1811 1 ituil, a mWd OOu H OBKD WOMAN to do ekaabtr work; refer wa repaired. It* T|7BS?lF:=rHIT^UeTl?aire*5?ar*to^* vv gaga in a baalnaee that will Bar ooa bortr<4 pm cant, ptoflt. i||t7 at 1MT0 itraet eonrh waat. Bylili' WANTED-A fl rat-claaa ?aBBER. Apply at ij/Sr. CLOUD HatoDnrtai gaAooa, corner Hh aadFatieetaaorthweet. It* WiHTID-A StTUaTluM to tafca careot aa ? lo'ant from birth. *r an laval-d )tlr. by a widow of eipsrleace: refereeoes froca her employer. Addreaa F. A., Star office. my>8 Si* 11/ AIT1D-41TI'A11 ul aa boawk?f?r. by a II mitdle aged wl<!nw; BO objectiuB to car* of cfcUdrentgooo rramstree?; high-at refareneee. Ad dreaa MB, ?ter office tnr?8 1:* WANTIP-OtfToMBBi to BUT 00 >U uu F TT TKXatSe ; b;?t Sfi crura, ot 3 p?"nd< 'or <]. BRAY A CO., mylfi3.* ir?Oratt:,tndlOT Ka . WiMiU By a react ctatle middle-aged Aznerl can woman, a SITUATION a* cook; wi I assi t in weahln* aid Itonitig; : ood references. Addr?? Box 19. Btar < (Bee. It* w ANTaD? By a msn at. a wi,#. b?l CATIONS in "" a botrl or restaurant?man aa *tew*rd, wife a* to K.willlrg to firs three day*' trial to convince a. jbedy tLa-we %lAm jar butioew: strangers In theclty. Address "Uratiger," Star. nice It" WANT*U?Alt tbe Cools a nd Cbamb ima'.da In v a<blngtcn w ho want tj co to Ph ladtiphi*. to call ai.d ate my larga number of order*, recel?cd this moininir, for only those bavlnt aw d relerenif-a. Apt'* *ar?ka Emil?vmeutOffi ?, 907 D at. Mra. Lot I SB C. BL TLBS. myl-t St" WiMKD-U; a wid jwlady of high cul'ure aad refliifibtnt. a ho 1* practical a POSITION to superintend a gentleman'- hocae, would take charge o childtcu, teaching them the Suflf'h branclee. wilb muaic and French Having ban children of t ar own. ia com potest and experienced: highest r*f encaa given. Addreaa B M Star office, in 18 It' \VaNTED-FaM1LIE8 10 OALL and aalect '? flret claaa oolorad or white Oooki, Chamber niaida, Borsea, or Laundreeaea, for the north. aoi eati orweat; also, for the country and apt lag* having the beet city reference*. Apply at Car B? ploy meat ofllce, 907 D atreet. Mr* LOUI maida, Maraaa, or Leuadreeaea. for the north.tomh. SMS cTWttia. ??Tiasi5" EtTANTED?Immediately?Two FIRST -uLAafl " DRESSMAKERS, at 1913 L atraat north w oat. my!7 3t* \V ABTBl>?By a ra?p*otable colored glrtf a BIT " UaTIOM aa chambermaid or autaa; god ref arencca. Apply 1010 lithat nortkwart mlT Jt* IVANTED-BITUATIOM at coachman or head " waiter to a private family; beat referacce* given. Addraea IBAAO, Star oBloe. my!7-gt* IITANTID-A compatant and experiencrd Drn< TV glat daairaa a BIT CATION. Add re* DRU04, Btar offica. myl7?t" VVAWTBD? By a ?eutie?nan and wife, one or two ?? FU?B18!1BI> BOOMS,with or wit boat Board. Addraea A. C B .Star office. my!7 3i* WANTID?A aouib or eaat front BOOM, by a ?itale gentleman. Addrem brUOMNT, Star office, giTUg location, accuimodation* and price. mytflt* Vt/ABTID?Oae Chambermaid, fonr good Cooka, *" and two Hea la a dairy. National Employ meat Office, Boom Si, corner 7th and F atreet*. FamllUaanpplled with halp. myt7-?t* WaNTNu?By a gentleman and wifa.cbarce of a FUBNI811BD HOUBB during the ii/mtner month*, the best of re fere rcea given. Addraea B. F. W ., licket OMca B and P. Dayat, Waahington. D. 0. my 17 it* Vl/ANTED?K( r am mtaly rental of about BSO, a ww DWELLING on north atle of atreet, within the area b<>aaded by New York avenue, O, 9th aid 16th streets. Addreea Box 30, giving particu lar*; my 17 3;* llfAMBD-Bi May JV, an 8 or 9 room BKICK v v BOU8E, ingcx-d repair, with modern improve ?in uts. at a low r?at; location between N at. north aLd Fenca. avanne and 41b and 13th ata west. For a pn mat a^d peimasent tenant, with ba?t refer'lreaa Box 4. Star cftUe. myl7 3t* WANTKP-A BEAU tt 'ITEB at M1LLI KtRt) Hotel, c -irnar 10th and E wti mH St' WANTED?Persona wishing to hare 8EW1N0 v" DOBE at their honaes, pleajeaddreM "J. 'J03 7th atreet corthwcst. my'> 3t* WANTED?By anexp?rlenctdoolora 1 pjr;er a MTUaTION; good reference*. Plea<e sd drata POBTEB, Star Office. myifl 3t* tTTAKTED?A BITUATIOB aa Ctrdener by a *v c.miettnt ablri- jn*o *bo a!a> mdaratanda bor;aa aLd dti\iag. Apply l*o-l U street nsrth wtar. mTiwJr Vl/ANIED? A teacher wlahea to ride several af v v ternoota in tba week- with a family or piraon, References exchaLgeil. Addre*#. stating taraia for one month, "M. L. W ," Star Office. myl8-3t* W ANTED?To sell or avrhanaa for other fuinl " tcra. a BB-a'l Parlor OBOAH or MBLODEuN; will anile a email cnurch. Fiiat claaa maker and very aweet tone; 116 C atreet northeast. myH at WANTED-a re.j?ectabi? c?iorad youth ataire vv a SITUATION to leave the city with the fam ily of a BHmbar of Oingrtaa or private family to acme aammrr reaort: ben refereacea can be ob tained. Box S, 8tar Office. myM-3t* 1VAITID?By a aingle gentleman, a Furniabol v v BOOM, facing aonth. In a bouse contalntag modern improvement*, between 7th aad I7?h atreeto aid F and M atraefa. Addreaa Poet Office Box 9S?T. mylS-St* WAHTKD?'To give tbe oae of NINE HAND >> SOMELY FCBNI8HED BOOMS la at^ poaaeaa'ng every coavrniet-ce* for tb? beard of three ptreona. AddieaaJ..W. CABTWB10UT. myle-kt i h->os*' Mfng every coavenierce* for tb* ba pcraoua. Addreaa J..W.CARTWBIttB 1VABTED-A SITUATION by a young amerl ii can womaa aa Hoaaekeeper or Ooverneaa, or wouW do llgbtcbamberwtrkasdaewlag Will be aatltfiad with am*U coaaeaaatloa. lUfareucas Qrit-clata. Addreae "Camilla," Star oflce. ml? St* WABTBD-All peraoaa havlag Sewing Ma ii chines that do not work to their aatlafaction to have them repaired at S10 9th atreet, between B aad F atreeta. All aorta of Att*ihaietta and all aorta ofS?wlng Machlnea. mylASt tE/ABTtD-TODNO MEN for iaUroad aod v v bualaaaa aurpoaaa, Oood aalariea when auall Bed. Telegraph, phonograph, Lankiog; busiaeaa lnstrnctloaa aenfrae. Addreaa 8 npt. Poll technic Co.. Baltimore. Md. mylg lm Vl/ABTED TO BUY-A light oae-horaa CAR vv K1AOE for four jrsoi>a. Mast be iateatvle and cheap. Qlve dea<.r.ptlon and price H. X , poet office. myll 7t* WANTED-A STL DIO. Aa artlat retoratag to " America desirea a large, well lighted BTCDIO la Waabingtoa, wellaltaaud. farnUhid or nnfur niabed.wlth or without apartments. Addreaa ROB* EBT C. HINCKLEY, Northampton, Maesachu aetta. aiyS-.Ot WANTED - ABT HUMAN BBINO WITH vv bra IBB cab make |90U a month aelllng oar Letter Copying Book. Any one that has a letter to true will bay It. No praaa or water need. Bead fut circular EXCEL8IOB CO., 16 Tribune Build tog. Chicago, 111. mayl-lm* WANTED?Oarpeta tafeated with Mot ha to clean v T and at the tana time reatora them to thtlr orl cal briabtneaa. with or without removlngfrom the floor. Itk and grease apota a specialty. Washit.g. ton Carpet Reno i a ting Oo., 1414 rmiBsylrauIa avanne. apiS-lm WABIED-CABPETB TO CLEAN at A*c?'s ii Steam b'ntint Works, 490 Malna avenue, between 4H aad 4th atreeta aouthweat. OalUd for and delivered without charge. apU-ly i know that WILLIAM 1*11 New York aeatato be aovl>-ly LOST AND FOUND. f 08T-A Malacca Joint OAB B, with ivory head. Liobw' ? oa which Ia palated two Japanese face*. A r e ward alll be paid for the retara ot tbe uae to (93 1 Itk atreet. myl^lt* Lost or aiSbAio-May ioth. white eb VBLOPB, Ikdoaed ta brown wrapplag paper, roatalnlBg Paaava of mach valae to the owner. The finder will confer a great fever by leaving thaaa at the Peal OSce, laaWa' wladow. myl? ?t Lco^oWo*fk'!:,,^.',:^v.riri Aapoctofoa. A aaltable reward wlU be gtven ft they are left at tbaO?a office, 413 19th itrebt north weal. ?ylA?r I C8T?A BOTE, aecared apoa real aetata, draws La by David A- Wledaer la flavor of tbe Amerlcaa Lib Iaaaraace Oompaay. city of Philadelphia. state tearing datethe'let 4a? of Febraarr.1874, ?S Wa*b the*lecurtty valaeaxeept to the drawer, te wheat the flader will pteaa* forward U, a^driaaad to David ArWltdaer, Mo. S9T Mla aoaii aveaaa, Waahiagten, D. C. . A SAM'L "'BOSS. Agrat my IS ?t Abl Uh laa Co , Philadelphia. ( OFT?Ia North Waahiagten. Moaday algtitTa Li tquare OOLO LOCKET: Tba Sneer w!U ha liberally rewarded If retaraad to Be. 634 D atreet a. w. ?yfl-B* Brtlge read, aear Oaloatowa, P. V. BRWABD?Loat?A L OCR ST. made of aad sardonyx, engraved with tie letter ^BV"ai 'aid 1 oldlag a painted photegiaph yw a, oa4re the above reward. aaayll eoM Hard Oraba, Oy*-MflV giayfl-la B WHITE A Qo. r cf ?nS?S5rf : ?cti . _ northwest. Kent 01 000 jgywr. Ipgaireea the premises. mylS-eoTt IVOR REBT?HOUSE No. 1739 G itr?*t north r wees. Bent |M (?r r?tr. inqafre on ttM yrnifMi. bu l*-eo7t fVOB UiT-UOCBI X*. 4 tft, lr >B(ieg the C.ty r Ball, oa 4ta ilrwt vnl. con win- alnetrea > wltfc ell modem lmprovetaent*. Kent 1 nr. Iwrtt* "? arij-H' CHEAP?Roomy, well locat*! " PllMlSli, Klltblt for reetanrant, ir for item* u4 Union business. Entire aiBven iHlUroaw. mtbn OR SALE?Three-story Prtu Brick SVuT _ IfcG, toaMtt tad hi fir* rau order. Best location viics low, it< on ?a?r u m. ?yia u* ecoab epbipbb.eeo w at a. w. ? Fob rent-a choicesuite or fubeished BOOHS, la a hon*e Low for the sum Fii street, " " ?crli'it* IVOB BENT?EAloB HOU*B, 1119 10th eireet r northwest,elevea rooas;ssoiera iairertMttt; la bontiti repair. Bay at grocscj stors, aornsr mh a?? L streets. m/M Si* |iH>M BANT?An *te*aat uin*r*oas Itttl K * DWELLING, aU mcderu Improvements, near str* af can $*? per m?rtb. ?7131a BOBTA PHILLIPS 603 Mthst n.w. FOR BEBT-SMALL FABM-llAcrts-acar this city; pl'rtv of irnlt; hi room h^nce Lnaiua perfectly bseltby. R.A.PHILLIPS. ?y!8 im 6o ? Hih street. |j*OB SALS?A two-story BUCK HOUSE, six ? rooms, No. 14MW ? street northwest. Apply No 9SIS P e'reet noiihwest. Also, For Beet? HOUSE Wo. 13IT Colombia street. mylSM* IVOBRaNT?lie II atreat northwest containing F aine room* mf ism improvements. Als>, 120 B rtreet northwest, thirteen room* modern im provements. Apply to GEO. COURTNEY, 118 St* 601 Louisiana avenue. I?M bALt-. TLOW Fit* UKE?Vet' BRICK r HOUSE, with bo* window, b?.L--ooai, six rocms and cellars; Bo 6i*> 31 sttee; nor:hwest. * B UUVALL, A'tornf-y st law. myl8 4t Co roar 4H strewt an<i Louisiana avsu ie. FOB BBBT?On nth street. n*ar Penn?yivat la avenue, a Leat Ave r om HOUSE, with war- , ?16 per month One ?13 64. Anply 71 Dunbartou i.rtet, corner of Congress and A>nnb?r,on strata, Georgetown. It* f[H>n RANT?Commodiousand pieasan'.ly located BOU8t,8o IDVItii street northwe*.; eleven roc nn, bath room. ir. A. B DUVALL, AttTnev at Law, mylS-Ct Corner 4*? atreat and Leutslans avenue. IVOR RENT-BKKK DWELLING No. r Q stieet northwest, oontalniog 6 room*. In qaire n?xt door. my 17 It* C*OB BEIT?Three atory BRICK 715 Slat atreat F northwest Aptly at Rwni 42, Appointment Office, Poat OIIIc? department my!7 ?t* IVOR BALE?On eaay terma, valuable business r PROPERTY on IS street, square 536. ?1> 17 St THQ8.II WAGGAMAN. 519 7th ft. CR BEBT?1536 I street. near the Arlington _ Hotel; large and well furniihed BOOMS on ttb flcor, suitable for geatlemea. inylMm fj>Ull BBBT?UPPER FLOOR, nnrnrni?bed; No. Mr 439 6th atreet aoatliweat, nuttable for mmuu Wtoblng qnlet quarter*, at ama'l coat. mylf-lt* IVOR RkBT?HOUSE 1114 ltth atreot. F PoaaeuloD J ana lat. Ap.lyto M. TRIMBLE, ?>717 Sw 614 13th a reet. F?R BEBf-Threa atory IJBICK HOUSE. Ho. VO?7 H atreet, between Wth aad 21st atreet* northwest Itqnire at store oorner SOth and H atrceta tortbwert myl7-St* C*OR BENT-T wo de?lrable K"OUS over Davit' F Fancy Store suitable f'<r oflices or dK-aaatak Ing. Apply in atore, 719 Market Space, corner 8 h street. mv!7 6t IV OK It ANT? HcrliSE No. 931 L atreet north F west, containing ten rooma and|* bath rooa. For farther particnlara caquire on the premiaae, or at 9H9.n?xtdoor. myl7 3t* FOB BENT?911 II etrtet northwest, four-story Preee Brick HOUSE ni idem eonv?nienoea an t large garden. AyplytoOHAS C DUBCAMSON, ihh and I) atreet* northwest. tuyl7 3t 'OH SALE OR RENT?A genteel nine room F* F< _ BRICK HOUSE on H street, near Uth Prfue, ?6,1 CO. Apply at KEMHBDY S Real Estate Offica, Uth ?trf"t. ?yl7-3t FOR REBT?a six-room HOUSE, anmmer kit chen, large i^roHnds, frnlt. Ac.; i.ttll 13th street nortbwtst, Apply 193,1 P atre -t nortu weat. rnyl7-Jt* F~OR Ka5T-8iS t)Rl*'K HOUSE Virginia avetue soutaweat. ten rooms, g\? and w?ter; convenient tc attest cart. Apply 9u3 Pennsylva nia avenue. ?yl7?3t IfOR RENT?No. 14 29 S etreet northwest, 7 roonsatiddry cellar; modern improvem-nta. Bert *36 GEORGE B. tiuBURN. uiyl7 3t Vernon Row, cor. 10th atreet and Pa. ?r. F~0R~8AL?-L0TSoj Oapltol Hill, cheap. EiO cask, taUrce ?18 and *20 per month. Inquire ofJ.B ULABKMaN, 200 Pt-nnsyIvania avenne eatt. myl7 St* FH>R RENT-HOUS* 2207 H street. Pc^aeaaioQ J utt 1st. Apply to M. TRIMBLE, my 17-St 614 13th atrfftt. I?OR BENT?Pealrable three story BRICK A' UW ti-tlNQ, a 1th back bnildlng, southeast ctrnerdth ltd fi aiteet*; mcdern tmpro\ements; every room heated by Latrobea. Apply to J. W. NAIRN, 913 H atreet. my!7 Jt* FOR RENT?Five gtntlemen can be aeoommv ilated with bandaosely Fornlsh*d B'M)MS, all mcdern ImpruTfments, with board, at ?3S per month, by calling iauntdiately at 7 IS Oth atreet northweat. ay!7-3t* l/?OK RKNT-Six room BRI< K HOUaB, all F convi n'.eDces and stable, 14*3 Oth street north west, EU per month. Also, FURE1TUBE for aate or exchange for light carriages. Apply to J.VANCE i 4 s ? Le Droit Bnildim. my!7 ?t* LEW 18. Room |?OR RENT?PLEASANT FURNISHED ABD r cnturnished BOOMS f jr rent at 903 7th street northwest. With or without board. myH-3;* I?OR BBBT ?Several alee unfurnished ROOMS, F soath front, oce flight, healthy location, de lightful f< r snmtnet; close to cars and market: 601 P street northwest. mylS6t* CTO BIST-No 205 SOUTH A STBtEf, hav F ing modern improvements, ten ROOMS R'-ut ?? per month. THOS. B. WAGGAMAN. #19 7,h street my!6-3t IVOR BENT-ROOMS, WITH OR WITHOUT F board, at Nos 9!? and 30 Wyoming street,We?t Philadelphia. Take the Market street cars going west. mylt-lni IVOR BENT?A suite of five BOOMS, on second F floor- with allconvenletcea for hoaiekeeplng. Family without a mall children preferred Befer enoes re-inired. Inquire at 609 M street north west. mylflSt* IVOR BEBT-A OENTLEMAB A?D WIPE F deslting tour or >ve partly furnished BOOMS, with convenietxe* for housekeeping, for the snm mer.ata low rent, may call at Bo. 1101 H street northwest. myU 3t* IVOB BENT?FOR FIVE OR SIX HONTB9 r farnisb'd BOUSE 7 rxtuis; modern improvt m*nts; near two likes of cars GEO. TRUE3DELL, mylg-Ot 605 7th street. IVOB BENT-A neatly furnished HOUSE, In the F moit desirable location, in the Wist E"d. Every convergence. Facing a public park. Will be rented fcr four months. Moderate terms. Ad dress A. L ? , Star ofHce. my!6?t* IVOR BENT?Three-story BRICK HOUSE, with F back building; Mo 2104, on 1 street, between Hat and 334 st*. Inquire at No. 2124 Peons ave nne. Price, per month. mylS-tjqnel* FOR SALE-FRAME DWELLING, 7 icons La 1, cellar, (untms'r kitchen. ba.b, gas. water closet, t-ay window, Ac.; near 11th st. ears; 1421 Pierce Place n.w., between8 and T ate, mill 3w* P'OR BENT?HOUSE 409 Hew Jersey avenue scutheas'; pressed brick front: 10 roams, gas, aa'er, atdevery modern convenience, a pleasant home. Will se 1 the tame; small payment down, acd f 40 monthly. W. W. METOALF, cornar 16th stieet and New York avetnw. my 13 at IVOR BENT -A uew HOUSE. 10 room>; No. 5u9 F B atreet southeast; all mcdern improvements. Inquire 200 61 h street southeast. myl3-8t* IVOR VALE?Hewly furnished three story and F back building DOUSE, with the modern Im provements: price 07Jiuu, en good time; or will rent to good tenant, with or without iurnituro Apply at 109 O atreet scatheaat, Ingle Placv ayH 6r* IVOB BBBT?Unfurnished BOOMS, ea auite or F stogie, pleasantly located for summer; new bouse, with modern conveniences, one eg a are from cars. Apply 1134 lEh street. myll ?w* F)R BALE-A new and handsome DWELLING, lu roe ma, a few minutes' Belay .admira bly suited to any one doing business In Washington. Tetms unusually ^iohaBDSOE, myll-lm*' Old Hotel, Belay, B. A O B. B. FOR BENT-ROOMS, furnished andi nnfnrnish ed, la all parts of th* city, from ?< to EWo eer mon?h. Apply at DORSET'S BOOM AOEHOT, Mo. 99Q F stieet northwest. mylO-lm* )B SALB-At a great bargain. LOT 84xU3 on Mh street northeast, between B and 0, close to ?tract can; vould mak* thras good bntldins lots. 8MALLWOOD I MORRISON, ssyW-i? 01* fth street. |VOB BEBT-An ekgaot seven rojm preaaed r brick DWELLING; bath room, gas, water, hall, Ac ; desirable nelghborhocd J?? P?r month. Eey at 93S F atreet a w. B. A. PHILLIPS, 80S Mta ?trees n. w. mylfl-lm F?i?CrAiriRa!UKra eaet. Immediately north of Capitol gronads. WU1 r^?.rs&%7sB2!s&riii soyccE|^.JS.^togaira OI x. oxlliuib.^us IVOB BMBT-M AGREE ef ohalce gardealag ^?jS?g?Ssia^iar'? Pswir.^'w-A.s^.'vsa*^;, SSSSIW" '^.irES.'1 "" Hcma, cnthe Point of Bocks FOR RENT AND SALE. EM>B KALI OB EXCBABOB-Par city yroaarty. r ^ingicourt'* rikK of 1M MM, highly ?? ro|(, wttfc 1b* orctaid of tayotw fratt tiaaa, cwt nir* hoaae aad bin;ritnM on Bew Cot R^m, cd* mil* from Iwm inlu. Iioatrt of I. JACOB. Bo. *80 17th atreet iwtkM(,M?w;I a k t? ib' "OB RALE?Three detiraUe loto of IBPBOVBD |?0B RALE-Thi r PBOPEHTT: Irqai.e of W. H. rood inveei ntenta f jt the BOAOr ? AOH. at OMaaaa' Battoaal Bank, 15th it . opp.Tmm > aa8 ?la FOK BEfcT-A coaafortable DWBLLIHO, la tboioagh i*Hir. cnlrtilT located. BAA B atreet; term* moderate to a reliable tenant Apply to J. T Q1VBB, woodyaid, IMh, mr Beteaat. Bent >t0. M* L'OB KKUT?A im chance-A part of a alorty fuinM H0C8I for hoaarkeepfnf, la a dt ihtfai locality, ob the Ua* of 14th atreet railway; Uf aqcare Ira oara; all the aaodera tavrvra td yard. ~ lata aydy i PJB EEBT-Plrat-claaa fcI*lb?l?OB. with all mod*ra bntrorvasa, oa BhoAe lataad ave.. Bo. 1?13; will te mtnUiof May. Ap f?OB SALE-Twovalaabte LOTA 88 byWBlaet, F on 8th diMta fcrtiwB P ud Q; %rnomu W* aar* In fl^a jaara at fix yar caat. lntaraat. Iaquire at 6ST Tth atraat aorthweet. apt! lit EH>B BBST?Paralabed or unfaralated. the mart r de Irabla aad ataaaaat eabarban BE8IDBB0B la the Dlatrict; 7th at., 4 aailee from ottjr; 888 yarda from 8ilv?r Spring dayot. Betropolltan B B.: Watt, vege ab'ee, lea, aad yaatara ta abundance; 38 re aaa; voald lot object to resting for ?n?ar bearJiag home; I Bit of raat tahaa la board. ayBla 1/OB SALE ? In tba Oountrj ? A oomtortable r DWELLING oT IB rooma. within ?ve mlaatea walk of AmnModale, Haiti mora aad Ohio railroad: a lac, fine Bollding Sitea; Boiling aad Beautiful OoTiu'n; wtil watered. AAdraaa DaBIBL AM HH, BeltarvlUe. Md. ?>M EX)? 8ALB OB BXOHANGB POBC1TT PBOP r BBTT?In Bllavilla, Prince Qeorge'a county, Md.. BIXTBBB ACBB8 of LABD. with doabla Pram* Honae, good water. an abundance af fruit treva, grapra. Ac.; high aod healthy location; twelve minutea' walk to the HyatUvllIa deyot, Baltlawre and Ohio railroad. A abotographef the honeeoaa bo ?(^n and further Information obtained from B. H. 8TIBBMBTZ, 183T Pa are. marZ7 Fob bale-bouses for ammo, ?30400, #18,000. #15.000. BIS.000, fl0,uno, B8j000,t7400. ?? 000, B>.W?. ?4,000, ?3400, BljOOO wall located aiid on aaay f rata. B. J. 8WBBT, octt-tr All Tth atraat. DIAL ESTATE B^UBTIN THOB. *. WAGOAMAn. Alt Tth BL CBANeK* KADB BV1BT WBD2IBSDAT BUSSATCASAT. Brick Houses for Sale. 107 B at. a a..all mod.impa .10 mil V at. n. w., all mod, tmaa., IV ra? 114 lltb at. a. a., all mod. unpa., I n . 1210 )>?] B. Jer. ar. n. w., all ihod. lmya.. 8 ra 5*00 333 Va. bt. a. w..(B. H.J mod. lmya . 9 ra. 4.400 Sx H at. n. w,. all mod. tmaa., 8 ra. ?408 1?09 loth it. n. w., all m?d lmya.. 8 re.?. ?. 4 J00 lUt Colombia at. a. w., all mod. lmya.. 8 ra? 4480 tuto SS3 U at. a.a..all mod. lmya.. I ra. 4J8C TMMh at. a. w., mod. lmya., 8 ra _____ 8408 193213th at a. w.. mod. lmya.. 8 ra 3 J00 849Id at. a. v., mod. tmpa . 7 ra? l^oo 7Vy> Story Brick and Frame Houses/or Sale. 137 13tb at. a. w.,( P H.Jmod. lmya..8 ra. B2M0 4 ? ? at. a. w.,(P. H.imod. tmaa .7ra 1J>? 1620 17that.a. w. (P. H.Jmod impa.,8ra 1,34 Corner ltftb aid Bata. a. w ,(P. im.C ra 3 500 19-31-38 K M)rtleat. n.e.uB. H.*m.imya.,8ra- 3400 71 Oetreeeat. a.w..|B.H.) mod. tmya.,7 ra?.. 3.800 41) H ?t a w..( P.H ) mod. impa , 7 ra. 3,30# 1T01 Riggaat a.w ,(B.H )mod lmya.. Bra.... 3.05(1 817 4taat a.w (P. tmya.. Bra....._.... 3jOW 809 B at. a.w.fB. HJ. mod. lmya.,8 ra..~ 3400 Unimproved Property /or Sale. Bigga at., bet. 13th and 14th ata, a. w., yer ft.. 88 B at , bet. 10th Bad 11th ata. a. w.. per ft..... 80 38th at., bat. B and L ata. a. w , yer fi_ to L at., bat 3Cth and Slat ata. a. w.? yer ft ????? 80 Mew Jeraey btb .bet. D aad Bata.ti. w.. yar ft 80 19ih at. a. w., bat. B aad P ata., yer ft.___.. 50 4H at. bet. Pa. are. and D at. a. w., yer ft. so B. Jeraey are ,bet. Pand Qata ,a. w .yer ft. 40 11th at. a.a., bet. M aad B. y*r ft. 3* 11th at. B.a.,bat. D andB, yar ft_____ 30 Houses for Kent. Bonae and Parm. M acraa. 30 ra? aar annam? ?4? 1715 Bat., a. w . fura . all mod. lmya.. lira.?. soo 1313 K at. a. w., farn.. all mod imya.. IB ra 175 1315 M at. n. v., lorn , mod tmya., 10 ra? 78 193J 14th at. n. w..fura.,mod. lmya.. Bra?30 1038 Vermont ave.. mod. lmna., 11 ra. 178 909 M at. n. w .mod. lmya , 13 ra ...._ 100 91817th at. a. w .mod. lmya., 13 ra...__ loO 813 13tb at. n. w.mod. imya.. IB ra ?? 100 939 K at n. w., mcd. in pa.. 10 re. 100 1432 Pa. are. n. w. mod. impa., 13 ra ? 3B.33 BB7 B at. n. w. mod. imya.. 13 ra? 43 33 3010 P at. n w., mod Imya.. 18 ra. 80 221 Bat.n. w., mod lmya.. 10ra. ? 50 223 A at a. a., mod. imya., 10 ra. 80 713 ft at. n w., mod. unpa., 10 ra ? 40 1^331-Btli at. n.w , mod. impa , 8 ra......... 40 11 B at. n. e., mod. lmya., 10 ra ? 35 210 E at. n. w., mod. iana., 10 ra. 81' 1H13 15th ft. n. w.. mod. impa , 8 ra ro 311C at. a. e.. mod. tmya, J ra ? ? so 1010 N. J. ave. a. e.,mod. imya., 10ra.?_____ 30 2322 G at. n. w., mod imya..a ra... 2B 1743 T at. a.w., mod. impa , 7 ra 25 311 3d it. o. e., mod. Imps., 9 ri. 28 4fS 6th at. n. w., mod. impa.. 7 r< 33 42 Oar at., Georgetown, mod. imya., 8 ra 35 4S4 G at. ?. w., mcd. imp) . 8 ra 25 95-S6 34 44 Mr rtle at a. a., mod. unya.. I ra _ 30 002 B *t. a. a . mod. imp*., 6 ra ?_______ 30 1BS7 Vermont are. 3 ra ..._ B Loan*. (10 OOP. In gums from SS00 to 93400?3 par ceat. for negotiating. Auction Sale. PBIDAV, May 19th, at o'clock y. m , racatt Lot. 4H atieet, between Virginia arenna and D at. acnthweat. my 17 tr BOARDING. A NY OBE DA8IB1NG BOOBS, wit a firatclaaa /X Boa' (1, can be accotamoaated by ayylytag at 1213 r atraet BOI haaat. Baftraacea re unlied. mt!3 Bt* OBOBGB BEHTAL'BABT, 909 P at-Try K? that excellent lijard, only #30 per month. Moat quiet aad attractive for ladiea aapeeiaily?all ahallte pleaaed. myll-tjunol U1BQLB bODGlBO BOOBS. 50 oaata par aight, 0 or from #3 to #3 par waek; BOABD or MEAL8 at raaaoaabla rataa, at No. 4(?i PaaaaylvaaiB ava aue. ay3B-3m* PLEASANT BOOMS AND GOOD BOABD eaa be obtained at 1101 Maryland avaana. at mod erate ratea, la a yrivate familr. mar37 8w* COUNTRY BOARDING. PLEASANT BOOMS AND BOABD POB THE 1 anmmer, after the tat of June, at Cottage BUI Seminary, lork. Pa. Addreea Miaa M. jTmip* LIB. my!3 Ot' /^OCBTBT BOABD?13 or U aiagla GenUemea V/ caa be aoooaunodated with flrat claaa BOABD, at reaa. naMe ratea, for the aummer montha. A healthy situation and yare water, wlthla Ave mln ntaa* walk from Benalng'a Statloa, B. A P. B B., 2K mliee from the city. Por yarticnlara apply to . B. H. WALEBB. BeU Batate, my!3-7t* 630 Lonialaaa aveaae, ?>OL"NTRT BOAttD? A private family, raaldlag Vy in Loudoan connty. Va., three mtlaa aonth of Hamilton Station, W A O B. B., la a healthy lo cality. aaar tba Katoctia Mountain, deaire to take a few BOABDEBS from tha city. Any laforma tion caa b* obtained by addreaaing the proprietor, B. P. TAT LOB, BnBlieevllle,Locdouacoiiaty. Va., or P. A. LliTZ, 497 Pannaylraaia a?eaae, Waah ipgton,D. O. _ _ . my 13 BO B. P. TATLOB. DE8IBABLB CODBTBT BOABD?Large room*, latge yaid, two milea tromSnlekf ra^ baae of Blue Kidge, Correayoudeace aolicited. my9 3w* L. WITHEB8. Salckararllla. PERSONAL. A BTBOLOG*. Thla celebrated Lady Aatroiogiat and Baallag Me dlum oan Datreat. aaraat of 3d northweet. She baa no aaparior la detlneetlng tha Paat, Preaent aad Patara. la love or burineaa h?r advice la iuvaluabte, deacribing your frteadj. M A J O B , COB. 8ETESTH AMD H STREETS, HAB THB COLDEST AND BEST SODA WATER IN THB WORLD. mylt-Ba TBT IT. T'HB BBbT SODA WATKB IB DBAVI VBOI BLOCB-TIH LIMED 8TXEL TO UNTAIN8. Dealera wLl *o wall to yaeara a aayply for tBa aaa BOB frOgi O. DEPOT, .T QBBBBB BTBBBT. OBOBBB COCB ?l?^PABATU?fae aala,raaSfarSoal! I^KKFS PATENT FABTLY-MADE DRZ88 8HIBTP, Ibiru for'aJx doUara? BUSINESS CHANCES. TO W BBBBI ?Batb?r Sba for Mh very ckM ' * '?J Aiflj m It. ? ItrkM itrtd, m tfcaCaaaI, Omi|iw?i. btm ?.? WllTk?-?M**u|( ?H fortMioUTM f? irm,ia)o?Nti ae pwiriblti h o->*a??<t<a HM. irlmit rtr?M? ?very lhr*o? tl\ Blfclt HMnd H rwtl ?'(t( wont. |ttM iMw 4. X . fctfcBft. ?.?aa? pvtlTMIRt linilflM I OK City of Waobtertoa 3C* ear OoU Boa<?e. do do. old Qnrtril! Stock. Diatrtct of Colombia M imt f per tnt Bonda. do. do. S M Boada fotrM wd by Col tod ???(? ?tMiw fil jobbsqn k 00 . ??tktr*. ?jHIB SALE r A YAlVAKLM COKHMB LOT 1 ? The mtm lootrMf 1 it u the -< <r aot Bod.*' being of lotorooci on of taMfituii ovoaao ltd flM o front of aeartr *> foot OB the Motto, and eeptb of aboat IK foot 00 ?Wt ?tr?. t ItiKtel ta?rx>"0??U oa tbo ntl*o frost mM tor. Win we told of t low fl?ar< uJ ??- Trv.'wsk .vai' 8. ?. cor. Mtb at nd Bow York 0*0 . m?t Off Bigy *Oo . Book._ P)B BiLI -iCMiB PTOBEoa tbo Ayoao* dotrg ? food bualn--aa Prkf |Bici*k;|ood ntm for net I lag Aap'y a* tbo Btor otooo ml7 at rklPfl KOIfc Iub UH-Ldcow H, ^ lFllB PoM?lmlt?T*on" A (ttodW forboetneea Ct**i ud on omt tora? aUtt^B U/dlTBD-A OINl LBM 4N of ofldrea* with * ff Bodfrtt'' capital, to travel with t p>pnlar illvtraM eatertaiBBjent Addrrea W, > tor of na If at* |/>OK SALS?Mock of CB1BA, CBOCH BBY oil r GLABBWABB STUB 8. 1*4 Bridco atreet. Georgetcoa. l?My omtM by T?tIot I Bock It?ciro of J. ?. HATS. Geurgatova, Attorney for to?lQ?*. nK it* rpo LOAB ON BBAL BUT*TK. 1 ONE TO TBBKE TBAB!>. $300, il.OOO, ?1.300. Bt.1 ?J.OOO Bl OvO ot moo o?r o?rt. n.jit-tt OBO. TKCKSDELL. *04 Ttb ?*re?t. 1/OB 8ALE-OOCB TBT STOBE Tbr property r knr?o ot Dorcoy Store,011 tbo Gaoroetowo and B< rktille Turnpike. twing one of tbo beei ia Mor.tgcmer* cooBty, tuMMi poe????-? a*?*"c?. Tutu eaay. Apply to BAB.uru A HAMILTON. Orooera rnyliot ? IWU) TO LOAN IN O*B BUM. OB UK * L ESTATE, for Iro yeara, at 8 per cotit; alio, ? 1,3AO and ? I .O00. at 10 per ceat J. 8TABLEY JOBS*. Bnll-tt ill 7tt> ?troet. FOB 8 A LB, OB BXGBANGK F?1 OITT PBOPEBTT.? Having rwov-J to Winblaftm I will Mil or oxebaug-- cue of the fine* Ooatn KB6IDENCE8 In tbo iUt? of lirilud.itnitel \ ot a n.l!e tooth of Il?g<>r*n>wu. containing 15 ar:-* Mmeotcrt- land. 3 a< roe of vklck ore 1b Qrapea. 3 IB Fruit, tbo remainder 1b Gr*M Improved ?itb o bow I etory Brick Honae. ?8 by 33f?ot.coataintDC II rroma, with (M and voter aud oil Becoaa*') oot boUdlnga In cxcotleat condition. anch At itaklr*, carriage h> nee, toe bouse. Ac. Addreee A. B. Al' TLKZaI, Onn' Natlmal llaak, Waablngt n, D 0. my9 1m O'nn WILL BT Y A riBST OLAbM K\ vwU" H1BITI0B, with every thin r.impleto Half caah; balance In ao dar?, lotutoctorllf oe cured. Addroo* 939 3d ?treat noitbwint. art Sw* T?WO IIW Hul SE8 run 8 A LB - At TTTfc. 1 Church. Va ? ob lona time; Bear eh?? cboo Bid ar-od ochoola. Apply to WELLS FOBBBB. on the Broalaeo, or OEOV A. L. MBBBIFIBLD, Bia 41, Potion Offloo. opas iiB* WANTED? To oxebonco now BBPB1QEB1 TOB8 And 8TOVB8 for Old ttaoo.alBUT IiBBI, corner ath And B atreou Borthwoot. Burnkt Chimnora cared, (roofs toga or bo par aptl 3u* MABTE,8 AT OOBT^ opIS-tm* IUB otroot oontbooot. ^ OOLD8TB1N * OO., LOAB AND commission BROKERS, OOBftBB ltTE A%D 0 BTBEETS. ?OBEY LOANED or ADTABCBS HADB on roloAblo poroonAl property to Bar oaonnt, aad fcr aar time at aired, oa rery roaoooabla toraa. Alao. Oooda oold on Ooaaiaalon At Prlrate Sole?Very Cheap?A largo lot of Ca rf4eom?d Pledgee and OommiaetoB 9uod?, new aau ?rooad hood Brerr article fully warraated. Alt baaiBoa otrletlr confidential. Tbo oldeat aad (ha moot roUaMo boa?a ta tbo aitr. moria ir ^pilf TO LOA?. ~ |ti,000 to loaa oa choice real aatata, la itai of from BMP to B1 UW. at S and ljJ per ceat. lntoreat w? W - ? ?oaaa o? |" a %-crui. BUB* ? f?w sumBAt 8?er otnt.U fTOdZi #44X9 to fic^jo B^U. WAKNU, ... D.B. eiBMlB, rt* corner 7th aad P atroeta. filRn TO IN VBHTBD IB STOCK p"lv"'iG*8 PAT8 LA BOB PB0P1T3. *JBfw ?? booh. Hen ar.j Idloaa of Wall at. and Wall at. BeVlew. 8BNT PBEE. ? , m ^ JPHH HICKL1K0 A CO., oct7 ly Bankera aad Broktia, Ta Bread* ay. N.T FOR SALE. ro old, kind a*;d L'OB BALE?A BOB8E aiz raan .... A gentle Alao. WAUOH, CAKBlAOE. ?Ld BABNE8S. cheap Inaaira (J AST WOBtll, 171t> Pcnnaylyania avenue, neartVth alret-t. myH It* FOB SALE?A dark bay BOBSB; aUtioa han !a high; fire yraraold; broken to bar eas. fiV-* Can be aren at J. WANBTALL0 1 SONS. /OV l?th atreet, between H and 1. myl6Tt? / "ABBIAOEB. CABB1 AGES. OaBBIAUBS - V/ The largeat Bad moat varied aaaort-r ment of latoat atj le of Corriageo, Ooupoa, Bockawaya, Jntup-oeata_, Park Pbmtona Bockavraya, Jorap-aeata, Park Pba?tona? Br?WT Jaggera, Top and no Top Boggiea. Alao.aororal flne^aeoood hand ob ma>13 tr Bo 31? ?b at .baf. O and D.iV yOB SALE?NOW IB THE TIME. P Ihareoa haad 8B BPBlNQ WAGONS, bmtt Jp the beat atylo, with the Sarrln wheel., aaaf Top aid Bo top BCOOIBS for ale oufe?^K monthly paymeoto. at ay bow Pactory,ji^3ttS ^sreyw!ri?'?~ ???? JAMES K . PBOBBT. JAOBflOB WAOOBB. IEW 8TOOB. IBOB ABD SHELLB&B1B AXLB5 0Mm-H0A^g'E^B0^:vi?^?.H0Bs" Wa bare aold Huodroda of th'aa Wagona. aad the gjaral opinion ia that they ara tha ahaapaat aad agoL Q ua* D. W. MeOBATH, tohCBa Ooraa of Baaa. ara. aad 1 atroet a. w. PIANOS, &c. JBB BDBB1BO B1BD (OOL1BB1) PlABO. t and the cheajaa I Ura PIABOoveraado. <T?L." WILD ? BBO.,BoioAgeaa, 783 Tth atroat.batwoaak^n 0 aod B atroau northweat. ill El 7 Plaaoo aad all laatraatania TUB BP aad BB PA1BBP. fobaitr ALLBT DAV18 A 00 *8 GBABD, BQUABB Bad CPB1GBT PIASCS f >r aalo or__?e moathly laatalmanm. Celebrated for an |HB rlty aad aweotnaaa at to bo. Boa ABant, 811 "11ft Kb atreet northwaot. 4ao8A W* VoBLD-tmNu'v?BBD PIANOS, Qrand, 9q>uare^ ?**d Upright, ThefBTorlte McCaiwrwn Plaaoa?Bbone?igar'aaal abrated Organ*, now ot>le. Alao, a large ?nv. aaaortment of Fianoa which haTa boon u CC3A3I oae a ahort time, for aale aad rent at rer> Ml \ T1 low prtcw. Toning aad Boaalrlng a-oapUy at tendod RB1CHBBB ACH*B r IAN 0 W AM MM 0 0 m S, oetll-ly 48311th oL, a few Boon above Pa. a*. BOOTS AND SHOES. ? BOBI a i, i AT BPBCIB BaBISI B3JO Proncb Bid Button, Laced io. fljOa Holmorala, B1 00 Oongr?*e, Si aa Pox do. Bl AO Pox Batter, ?1.(0 Child'a, a to 10, El IS Bnttot, aoc Baaktaa, r/c. Bllppota, Ii S S*"'" OoBEroa, 81 at Boya' Oonrr*a, |1 to Newporta. fl ao Button do. With a taw atock BTBAw H ATS. BTHrAltU-ltlt Pa ai'.. bot.^iadVkata. m CENTENNIAL BARGAINS AT HEILBBOni SHOE STOKE, 408 7th BTBBBT B0BTBWB8T. Whlta Shooa 8a Bay BaDa, at ooat. ~IJt Man'a atftchod Gal< - ~ i Kid, front ] 1. Battoa. CJ11IJ0II. Wo A*a aalllBf, Bt iraatlf r ad a cad prlooot LI8HT LAN DAUB, Mi FAlaLOTO FRONT CTBT.TTT 00A0HK8 m$ Ma ?8W+ ft (to whA far 8?% 9/ ito H. KILL AM k OO *a PROFESSIONAL. P3Ss. rtAorioii njps^wr' ?=? =^e?c" ??!&&.?! Km.OI P ?. ?A???rT" -52? Lraag&sS ?UHUIOWi, D O. )MOIr g^g^^pl ?Ktimct'?? wtb wlTi, MEDICAL. Ac. ~ ?inm!?t'mIiiS"ol A"*^* MM* with tk* M ESTSiE** ????????? ? I tWllTni pi1trt~A%Tnhi\<JU4 mmj (M4* cr>>.nl>12 * J?ZL?k""rt*a "* '** b? H XuHl?J!^7*J a?d*r and fla'artor M bo ??? fnfrITr2r^ 1?2 ? CloC* All riwll OvAalatata ion i ly ?urctl. Offle* ulKaMiu. Moton ST U?b*rd nrwl. Bltim -r^. *??!?? ?jlvaula ?rr OcDwUfttom? frS^ ?! DVgi.'ig'A ?3, tSEStSA'S: rrrr.'?. Ksftt *;r.* HisEL** te?SS?SSi5iJSS3S; lf<vtitl? cotttrBd?d cursd to S to ? dsrs. tytkiliita tradW-?l afTr'fti* cr**'<l.??>l tba aolawa ?atiraiy *^Lth? um> >r Mr cur ? BjannaUrrbna. broucbt oa by excxww aod aka*? la f#oth, caaalua low of -|-L hi i ??d7Jni t?.rn?T*l deMltty, organic ??>?!*? .T?" oftRa kMrt,25tabaofc, yssS^ssisS era ^=r^M&sagKT{ gKJ'W. Refer* ?o ?Wcfc *? uo? bold* trtw ? totTri. ??c'484 Madamb emtkll, m. p.. a **rt^*<S *?' aCI*Btf?C LMI<* ? Hiwtle of Ri mil practio*. bMN,or Comfortable arttai in*. ud the t*at medical at tor"* private rraiArnre Ladt I >? tt . car* of Midimr R. ' 7*tlM>w, f"f ? *??ady"cV7 b^SS**" ??*??*?Ri INSURANCE. orncB or The Mutual Pmection Fire I*. Oo. or TH? DISTRICT or COLUMBIA, <chAKTimcc bt act or ci>Mhw,t l?0? Ptcn*> IranianM?ae.<oppoait* D.B Tm> | Ororgt Taylor, WafSSS^i, ? hat r Pock ?j*<l'l> Caary, JoboC Harka*** A ? fi. . H ni. J BllUy, N W. Borch- U, 'in aSSttfa sgswiis *?t**!?, mni imapp,ICMton FITCM, ?" 18 lu>. fractaiary aad Traa*for. JOHM *. AkIUJ. ?. W. UTCgAl. gmmeral MSUKANCM AGKPTb ADD bh.Oi.KHh. L? DbotT Br: wu, nomer of ? a ad ttb ^scbabcb Rvbkt rnoiiPTioi writ. nar8u UK OtlHi bEST TCEMg W,IT EDUCATIONAL. J^OUTBKRM HOME SCHOOL, 19T * 199 B CIIKLMIT BALTIM0BB. MD. boabdikg amoYa'^ScHoo * roB toubo . ? _ L4DII8. _rall mmtm bf?ia* THIRD WBOBBBDAT la WSJ Brtr Bat?i BKD IBBTfTUTB. I. 1. 1 Wmm J!1'?.* *?? 0A?T, lev Hatea, Ooaa. "?1" ??? EW!fVSS2c,Bo^ fes.w123?* oa tRa Mth oTBoiwal COAL AND WOOD. (^OAL AND jaXDLLNO WOOD. Oar Mock of GOAL I* ??> rniaalia - _ of OOAIi la w mop ram n? SUftStftSSSS. 5S3*B su'Ass^.-a.K^ ?^X2 SUMAP. SAtm. 9LMAH. Mill aad D?aM Ttbatraat Wharf. " o?<? mis - MEWS WEAR. SPRING GOODS. NEW STYLES . FINE GOODS, TO NUB TO mMMMVBM SUITS TO OEDEB, wmom lu or. BEAD Y-iIA.DE SUITS, rsoa #i? or. ?r-< SPBINO OYBBCOATS. ?Mfer.

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