Newspaper of Evening Star, May 18, 1876, Page 4

Newspaper of Evening Star dated May 18, 1876 Page 4
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EVENING STAB. TH1RHMT Vmy Is, IffTt, jf emiAer Probabilities To-day* Orricn or Chi*t Stoku Omen, I Wabhikoto*. May 18,1811 S In tbe middle state*. failingand stationary barometer, wind* mostly from *outbea?t to aontbwest, slight'v warmer, partly cloudy weather and light local ram*. LOCAL NEWS. Ka?terr\ I'retbytrrian Cfturr/t.?Public read ing by Ml*e Annie D. Ware. WUlarti Ilaii?May Bali of Mme. Louis' Juvenile clM. TtUitncui'f* HaU.? Strawberry festival by tbe ladles of the Fourth Presbyterian church. Theater cbmtguc?Flrst-class varieties. Ball of the Wood* I* coming. The street lamps will be lighted at 7.13 p. m and extinguished at a. m. J - C. Parker sends Ilnrper'$ Weekly for Miv 27tb overflowing with Centennial pictures.' Prof. J. M Lang* ton lectured ia*t night before the Union Bethel (A. M. C.) Cnurch on the subject of "Self Cultnre." The contract for constructing the ?ei wall on the James Creek canal lias bsen awards 1 to Mr. J. J. Sbipman. J. C. Parker Feed* Frank Leslie's Isvly t Magazine for June, and the JUus:rcitc<l At its yxrrxr for May .7. Mr. D. J. Richa-dson was electe<l a* W. C.; Mis* Su*an Robinson as P. D , and A- M. Catb a* W. R . by Lorenzo Lodge, So. 3, I. O of G 8 , on Tuesday nlgCt. Yesterday afternoon a boy named Keith Edwards, living In Uoiontown. fell from a tree to lb* ground, s ?me thirty reet, aud dis located his h'p. The Gor.d Templar* held a anion meeting last t 'Kbt at Grand Armory Hall, and Mr. J. 8. Gurley made an address of welcom0, after which recitations, songs and readings took place. The Senate pege. Wllbnr McOanlel, who was injured by failing from the balustrade of one of tt e Senate stairways the other day, was lying very low this morning, but is bet ter Ibl* afternoon. The vocal and literacy entertainment to be given at Wit lard Hall tomorrow (Fri day i evening will be under the direction of talented amateurs, and the proceed* are to be devoted to the Trinity P. E. church. See advertisement. Misi Hose D'Erlna, Ireland's Qnean of socg, accompanied by Major Kdmand Mai let, visited the White House yesterday and was very cordially received by the President and Mrs. Grant. Gen. Sherman, Col. Fred. Grant and wife and Ulysses 8. Grant, Jr., were present. Mies D'Krlna sang a number of eoigs. Mrs. Grant presented her with a beautiful boc<|uet and Joined with the Presi dent in invltiug her to visit them this sum mer at Long Branch. ? The Revival Meeting at noon to-day was held at the Assembly Presbyterian cnurch. and there was a very fair cong.ega tlon present. Kev. W. 8. Hammond bai charge of the meeting, and after the service of *ong Colonel Andrews made an address, taking as a basis the parable of the Ave tal ents in Matthew, 25th chapter, arul spoke of the privileges and duties of Cnrlstlans, an 1 urged the Impenitent to forsake their ways. Rev. W- 8. Hammond read a letter asking prayer for a brother now in a hospital on account of intemperance, and be al?o real tbe requests for prayer, about iifty in num ber? amorg them one lor a dying uncon verted pers}n, and one for an old gentleman 65 years of age, an unconverted father, mother, three brother* and two sisters?so i Rev. Mr. Freemau oilercd prayer for Ukiq. Mr. Pendel male a report from the m?.-ting at Dr. RaLikiL's church last night. Mr Ar nold reported a piofltahie meeting at the corner of Tib street and Pennsylvania a :e nue this morning. A lady reported mat the meetings at the Nortti Carolina avenue M. P mission were well at ended. During the pral-e meeting a Kentleman thanked G.rl for what had bten doue iu Mexico?the con version of over 41' OwO -oul??a ;d he ask**! prayer especially f.,r me President of tbat country, who is a friend of civil and re!isi ous liberty, and it was because of th" sta id be has taken mat th*re is now an lnsurr?<a tlou there Iiev. Mr. Little ottered a prr ver. after whirh it was arrarged that Instead ?>f the Bltie r? aaii k to morrow this gentleman would speai. Tha inquiry meeting men fol - lowed. Rocoh Treatment of a Messsstkt Boy ? Edward Joyce, a messenger boy tjr a telegraph company, was arraigned In the Police Court to-dav on the charge of nsio* profare lacgusge. It was testified by com ftlainanl, who U employed by the Metropol ian stieet railroad *o u;ive oat 'ransfars at the comer of F and 9th streets, that this bov came up to him- and asked for a transfer; that be refused it on the ground that he ?as not entitled to one and called him'a deal b?at, that the boy claimed to have alighted from the car which had Just passed, but be (complair.ant) did not see him alight and believed b? was trying to beat him out of a rl<ie, and told him so. when tne b >y cursed him. Defendant's counsel called a police mac to me witness stand, who testified that be waa standing close by at the time; that be saw the boy alif bt from me car and de mand a transfer, and heard all the conver sation that followed and that the boy did not utter an oath. Tne special officer on duty at the Junction arrestel the boy and Jerked him to the Hating bouse, whe<-e be was compiled to produce *5 collateral to prevent beiDg locked op for me night. The court promptly dismissed the case. ? Th* Social Evil?a committee have been formed here as a branch committee of tbe British, Continental and General Federa tion for tbe abolition of government prosti tution. and met In me Assembly Presbyte rian church yesterday afternoon, tbe follow ing being present: Revs. Dr. Gray, Dr. Ran SnJ_Pr-?Little, Dr. Black, and Dr. Fay; Mean. W. B. Ballantyne, A. C. Winslow, Cbarlea Lyman, and Dr. McKlm; Mrs. Dr! Wins low, Mrs. Johns, Mrs. Senator Sargent, Mrs. Le Fetre, and Mrs. Judge 8nell. The committee elected Mrs. Dr. Wlnsiow presi dent. Mr. Charles Lyman secretary, and W. B. Ballantyne treasurer. This is me first committee formed in mis conn try in connec tion with me European Federation, and their work will be to thwart all attempts to legalize prostitution in mi* country. Ait Avran Boarding House Bitr r. labi/.ed?Some time last nl^ht me board ing boose of Mr*. Cod 11 pp. No. 338 Pennsyl vania avenue, was entered, and several rooms were robbed of doming, and a num ber of letters were also carried oT Thos9 were me property of W II. Dal too, Thomas Dal ton . and Thomas Knode. The police of the 7m precinct were informed of the bur flarv this morning eariy. and Sergeant 8. I Clements arrested at a neighboring res tan rent a young mac giving the rame of Henry Edward*, on suspicion of being the thief, and found one of me atolen coats on blm. He was pretty drunk at the time, and taken to police headquarters and deliv ered to me detectives. It la believed that ha. la an old band at the bntiiea*. A* APPEALED DIVORCE DECtDEIX-T> .L ln tbe Court in General Term the c*se of Sarah E. Miles agt. John E Miles was de cided, tbe decision of the Equity Ourt ( Judge Olio) tn refusing to grant a decree of divorce, being overruled. In this case me parties were married in May. r* j, aud they lived togethemntll March. 1S75 and she al leged great cruelty during thait time, anl that lo consequenceof his brutal treatm-ot of her sbe was compelled to leave h'm. ,<Tr'.rWe^b.and. Ymaga apj>eared for the plaintiir and Mr. John Croiksbank took the teatlmooy. Tbe decree now made gives the complainant the custody of their three eh 11 oieu. # W, ?,T- II* BALTI MoKlt:~ General Sherman and some friend* Prlrate box at Ford * Grand "2?"* lasl evening, witnessing a EISLb. ln wbich me brilliant young Kentucky actress, Ml*s Mary Anderson, appeared as Blauca. He was recognized and applauded by the ao Uie n*tlODaI airs were played, V1* 0*?eral *fterw*rd <Mlld Mlw Anderson and earnestly perSnauon?*^ Up?? ,UCC*M ?; *** ?twenty-two prop ? y. r T ^tn* of me old Blaiiea* bnrg road from Tnckers' to me District line, District Com mlMlooers asking for me improvement of mat road, which, they state, i. inTdnanP dated and dangerous condition, rendering tenement* and other property almost won b less on its Una. It was referred to Chief En gineer Hone. In tbi Spslldi'. Contest on Friday last ln tbe second district, between seh ?>l* of the third and fourth grade*, the m?lal In me former was awarded to Miss Susie Co - Una* secondary No. 4, ln which four of 'ha pupils were perfect, and in the latter to Mi** K. Robinson s seeondarv No. 2. In tbe male ??*ooU, third grade- to Miss Mary Johnson's, i fourth to Miss V. Glttlng*'. well and Hannah John^ L^wi. vvL,? Anna Jobneoc, Elijah VnfK Stewart, Geo. Bbgemaker and v banes lining ?nd Clixa WMUecker. TH1 TOSTIHOAY TO-DAtT The Committee on Expenditures of the Interior Department resumed their investi gation of the affairs of the U. 8. Insane asy lum this moreing. Dr. Andrew Mr Far I and testified that he has yfMtd to the treatment of the Insane l^Jr. iJitZ IlllnaU for over 20 years. Four years ago founded a private asylum called ?e*jLawn retreat, over which he now pre *2. i . ^.ODD? Van Kewan was a patient at Hflam while witness was Ll ?f*y.of "? Tne patient was at times nnclean ln ??ls habits, ex * troublesome azul annoy lag. Instead lD? I *nd peaeeful, as represented iL1110^1?r!~1wbo when *be placed him ?jl of the treatment that had ? 1 . J6? 8- Insane asylnm and an asylum In 8t Louis. Thinking that his mother might ln time complain about his treatment while under witness' charge, wit ness had decided to remove him from tne s#ylum. Soon afterwards and before the de cision was acted upon the mother did com Elaln very severely, upon the statements of er son that be was badly treated. She com plained several tlme?, and to get rid of it rlaced uie patient Van Kewan ln a carriage and sent him to his motber, whom Thi'*M1,,?PPlng,ll?bo?el near by. 18 Jn Jacksonville, 111. iieard that she remained there three days afterwards before she returned to Cbl rVwA? which place she u?k her son. l'r. Mcr arland said the most exce^sl ve dili gence and care would not prevent the Intro duction of vermin In an asylum. Theycreep lD*"toMOD. aneuspeeted and undis S nj,e 18 *bal 811 patients shall fce bathfd twice a week, and when suspected oitavlng vtrmln on them they are carefully Inspected. Thought that there sl*>uld be ? arse farms attached to every asylum, so as get the dairy products. Several years ago tne j rnetice was to reqnlre no patients to do out- fror wrrk unless they desired to do It, but of iMe the practice has change!. Open t ?.rlMhevery 6081 a?Pncyof health; ' is b?tter than checkers, or billiard play ing, or hook read'ng. When patients are physically well enough th*y should be In duced to do some work, not only as recuper ative for the body, bnt as a mental stimu lant. An acre of land for every patient in an asylum is not too much. By Judge Boone:?Took charge of the Jack sonvllle asylum in June, 18.55. Was relieved voluntarily. There was 110 difficulty be tween the trustees and himself. Was not re Enested or forced to re>lgn. Retired in 1870. o not recollect whether young Van Kewan was received as an indigent or pay patient. The lowfst rate is ?1 50 per week, and few are charge^ more than *5 per week at the *t*>e asylum. Incurable patients were not I received unless for special reasons. This witness was cross-examined at great length in regard to his reasons for turning out the patient Van Kewan from the state asylrm. and also ln regard to his Ideas of the management of an insane asylum. He thought that 60 per cent, of all male patients should be required to work at manual labor. Do rot think that they should be forced lo wp'* inthe hot sun or rain. Dr. McFarland admitted that be was charged with abusing patients; that they were covered with ver ? 'R. *ntl that he was investi ? i??' ar<l '^at the report of the committee on his case and management was condemna tory. The committee reported that the charges were sustained. Gov. Oglesby set the charges aside, and continued him in charge of the asylum. He remained there until IJfro. when be resigned. The Investiga tion of the aaylum was made by a committee appointed by the Illinois legislature. The committee then adjourned until to morrow mornlrg. FlEf I1)EPAI"ME!,!T -The Board of h ire Commissioners met last night; present, <PrTldeDt'> R**l, (secre Thomas, and Collins; , Chief h ogineer Cronin ana Assistant Engi neer I rew. A communication was receive! from the Beard of Fire Underwriters inclos ing a check for a 150 to be expended ln the ln- ! tertst of the firemen's library, under tho direction of the Fire Commissioners, and also Informing the board that Mrs. P. 1> uurley had contributed a number of books ~am3 PnrP?s?- The president and secretary were appointed as a committee to - la%e charge of tbemattfr. A communica ^ from ^Ir Blrney, attorney for the Distnct, in regard to the case of ox hren.en Meredith and Chlnn, aho are snln" ' ??rthfc' wage.; referred to the chief ?r?n?M *1 ^,ier en*ine?"- A key was gran tu to .Ir., and application for a trsilfcjn in the department was revived frcm Thomas Baer. Chief Cronln made a short report in reference to the alterations j 'engine, which hss been la ' ? . PhoP for several weeks. H<? ? iated that the alterations amounted to re i construction of the machinery, and that at a pri vate trim the engine, with one hundred I ai d thirty poundsof pressure,bad thrown ! ?a,tfr'i? distance oft wo handed i and foftj-s.x teet. The working pressure of ' ^'1/|L* w:111 lbe two hundred and sixty pour. s. Commissioner Thomas, acting sec retsi y, rea! the record of the Relbold exami nation jrepare-d to be submitted to the Dis hr tV? 'dinners; which was approved by the hoard. There wa* a short dlscuaslou cotci rnlng the time and place of holding the ?m:u?j t>ara<ie and Inspec tion of the de?art ? Il}- QI{ wa^decided to hold the Inspection Scott statue Friday, June 2, at 6 p. m. ' 8eot His FATHKR.-About9o'cloekthls iLoriilcg Rev. Samuel Scott, ? colored mln i?5#r'J?" 1 g .on 9 8tr?et- n?ar 14th south east, was shot in the cheek by his son John. tV? ??y h,ld beeu forbidden hiS^IIl?h?wyni father' and h? hearing of went 10 *? ber. While to whii^hi? proceeded 10 woip him, and durinf the fracM the ion flp?i u? hS?ier.iili hInV dr?? a Pistol atvi ^5^.? *>'? *"?<" 8VITS Ektmid. - Messrs. Blrney and Birney yesterday entered a suit for Abel .'ftSry'Laesg c- parke' ?nd (.nas. r. Benjamin for trespass in ?Aixinir his store and eflecta without any legal rlah * "m?ct wfw DamA?e"ftr? laid at?15.0jo. ' Mr. J. W. Fracee entered a suit to-dav for Jemniah Costello against Wm. McOulre tor malicious^ prosecution in causing his arrest l^Lyglying a barrel of whisky alleged to *? W)0 8Volen- are laid at W* CSBBSSTiSD tbst Mr. John A the artist wbopalnt?d the portraits of Oen erals Ue and Jackson for Mr. Corcoran, w"l ?ome thn?. to-MoTow ?m. p?rD.p. ,u, Thk l*P8 ahd Downs or Wali. Strfkt i*,F*?i' ^?wton Perkins, a bauser well UJ"?wn in New York, died in Irvlngton on uhoft y last, at the age of seven t y t wo years He wars a native of Halifax. He was of the firm of Wlnslow, Perkins A Co., and accu S?ver^khimrt^e^d r?tlred- Mlsfortuno o\ertw.k him. and he again entered business , J. jn . r6rilns A Co. He made annthpp torture and lost It on Blac* Friday^Unm recently he was employed 1 n an offloe at south Eroad street on a small salary He (Tr."1?1 K^Korwlch.<^/SiS^^ lfovnto A o aii*8t thb Catholics?At a re'r.'ra? ?i?ZiB.l??5*3ra aviation .n tut (CRlrsi Baptist church, Bridsre ?ir?>Ar lastevenlra, the chairman sal<i that the members had banded together^*to protest against the political power of the Ko? m?n Catholic church, which at every step tiles to pull down what the fathers of the Suicide or an Extkksivb MAWrrracv ti'rir.?Mr. Edgar Farmer, o5e of tSem^i prominent citizens of Newark, N. J., and the senior member of one of the most extensive trunk factories, in the country, was found hacglr g dead in the loft over his stabfeTuS? day For some time past the de ceased has given evldenoe of mental deranjX! ?SUSfJsrMt,iM1 and Mre. Davfd HoSd^alnted P^t.^ have ftona effects of eat 1 * ? ham. The pork was Hv,rel day s since. A iittle daughter of Mr*/HoSi Is aleo dangerously sick. It Is the amending physicians that it contafned^inf s?'1"-- *?? "? mm brSiirt Civil Rights ik Phzi.sdki.pkia ho TT;i.a?The ease of FleWa Cooke v? r^T. ^^e was decided ln the U. 8. district at Philadelphia yesterday, a verdict was rendered by consent for the plaintiff for Mw Mr. Cooke is a colored clergymaa from Vlr J^J whom Mr. Davis, who is proprietor o' Bingham house, ln PhliadelnlSa oolor. *CCOmmodalions on account of'his COTTO!* MILLS CLOSBD.?The -Vf?rri m?/. Kerrigan, the wife of the witness wtio ttm ed state's evidence, on the stand s^d testified that on the morning aa? th?i??f2 <}? her husband tow her uJathThSS^ WTh? business men of New Yorkamt&iw lug of a three days' holiday this year r^m Uie Jd to the 5th of July. 7 ' 00111 Oak Hill CMHtorj. EctUcr Star: It leemi to me that yoar con tributors are very unreasonable and nnjost to the present management. I do not think they meu to tojaretbepresent gentlemanly superintendent so mneb as they want to have the previous one reinstated; bat aa it is im possible to please every one Interested in this matter, I fear we mast ?abmtt Now, as to the canse of complaint. Last year the howl was too much moss and weeds, not enough grass; this year It Is too much grass and shrubbery; now inconsistent. Last fail or winter all the shrubbery was trimmed; if they trim 'hem now they would eat the bloom ofT. The superintendent has put on the ground between three and four hundred loads of compost top-dressing, with suf ficient lime mixed in to kill off the weeds and mo is that were the Innocent cause of last year's growl, (but we must expect a little growl at this season or the year, as yon are aware "Col. Bam Einstein's brigade are on the warpath.") Tbls compost was in tended to make the grass grow, and It has done so. Now "Lot Holder*' and "Lot Own er" don't want the grass. Well, for their information 1 will state that there has been a force of grass-cutters at work all of last week, and they have half of the work done, and In about ten days it will be all com plete. Now, sir, I have no Interest in this matter more than any lot owner or lot hold er, but my sympathy is always with the weaker party, arid I Know the preseut sa perinundent to be a young man of unim peachable character. Respectfully yours. Fair Plat. THE COrUTS. Ccr^T in Gk5Ibal Term. To day, Off<ut agt. King; decree for *4f.7 Fitzgerald agt. Ltlsueau; submitted. Vfc Pnenon agt. Cox; argued and submitted. CiBCtiiT Court?Humphreyt. To-day. Lazenby and Perry agt. Webster; be Id under advisement. Stott agt. Fowler; vernlct for plaintiff. Rauterbery & Clif ton sgt. B. A P. R. R : on trial. CoUKf?fudj? 9ntU. Vo-rlay. Wm. Horseman, drunk and dis orderly; ?5. Thomas Hlnes forfeited collat eral. Joseph Oerbardt. selling lager beer at bis bar on Sunday; *2). Appnal notei. Thomas Hlnes, unlawful bar; R105. James H. Mudd, assault on Chas. H. Burgess, who testified that he discovered Mndd In the act of breaking into the premises of a neighbor, and in attempting to arrest him he matin the assault; f 10. Mar: ha Banks, larceny of a pair of ktd gloves; $5 aad restoration of gloves. Martha Banks and Alice Jobuson, larceny of some artificial flowers and ostrich feathers from a store on 7th street: ?10 or Gtj days. Also, with taking two rolls of rib bin from another store; *10 or 20 days In Jail. John Thomas, larceny of a pair of shoes worth ?2; *10 or 30 days In Jail, ttlchard Hall, larceny of three pieces of bacon from George Pfluger; S10 or 00 days. Silas Lewis, larceny of four wagon wheel* from W. W. Metcalf; committed for a bearing. John King, assaalt on Anna Roth, a small girl, a small business, and a small floe Imposed. Henrietta Bruce, larceny of some ladies clothing from Letha Sparrow; #5. John R. Brooks, assault on W.n. Bannon; St anrl costs. Julia Smith, loud and boisterous aad using profane language In Georgetown; 80. The Presbyterian Assemri.ies ?Tb? general assembly of the Presbyterian church met in Brooklyn to day, and promises to b? one of the largest and most Imposing of the denominational conventions that have ever assembled In this country. The last general assembly, which met in Cleveland, Ohio, on May 20,1x75, represented thirty-six synols, embracing 173 presbyteries, which com prised 4,700 ministers. 304 licentiates and 516.034 communicants. Theamountof money contributed for all objects for that year by tl;e churches represented was ?9.62'';,50l, the largest amount ever contributed In one year to the support of the Presbyterian church In this country. The present assembly will embrace rearly 600 uelegates from all parts of this country a>:d frorn o her countries Each presbytery Is represented In the assem bly by tbree pastors and three elleis. In nddltlon to the regular delegates, represent atives will be present from the Reformed church, the United Presbyterian church, th* Presbyterian churches of Scotland and England, and from other Nli|iou bo I The most important question, probably, that will come before the assembly will be the re duction of the number of representatives. This is rendered necessary, not only by the difficulty of managing so great a number of delegates, but also by the fact that it is do' easy to find a city in which so many persons can be comfortably entertained for a fort night. ? The question of the nnlon of the Northern and Southern Presbyterian bodies will also be dlscns-ed. The latter body id In session at th^ present time. The Southern General Assembly of the Pre- byterian church also met lo-dav In K;t? vannah, Ga. This body was separated from the northern at the beginning of the lat.o civil war, and maintains an Independent position. It has sixty-four presbyteri< s, with 1.04* ministers and licentiates, and 1S7 candidates; 1,737 churches, with 107,331 mem bers. The Consolidation Coal Company's Charter?There have beeu charges recent ly that the charter of the Consolidation coal company, of record as having passed the Maryland legislature March 9, isoo, has something bogus about it. It is alleged that though it passed the senate on the 3d of March, the Journal of the bouse only shows that it was read a first time in that bo Jy on the 7th of the same mouth, and referred to the committee on corporations, and there Is no farther record of it in that body, but the fact that the legislature adjourned on the 10th of March, I860, in great confusion, after some days exciting debate on the then pend ing city passenger railroad question, may account for the omission, as the senate Journal, it is alleged, Bhows that on the 10th the bill was returned to the senate, and in the laws of Maryland, 1860, chapter 265, is the act of incorpora tion of the company, passed March 9. 1*60. The bill Is signed by Gov. Thomas H. Hicks, but there is said to be something wrong about the signatures of Wm. Kllgour, secre tary of the senate, and M. Y. Kldd, chief clerk of the house. It is alleged that both the latter are In the same handwriting, and not at all like lfr.Kldd's. Mr. Kllgour, it appears, now lives In Alexandria, Va., and the Alexandria Gazette states that he left that city Tuesday for Annapolis, in response i to a telegram from Governor John Lee Car roll, of Maryland, to examine the signatures to the original act incorporating the Consol idation Coal Company, and determlue whether or not they are genuine. In the bill filed In Allegany county by the state against tbe Consolidation company, j for forfeiture of charter, nothing is said about this matter, tbe forfeiture being put on tbe ground of violation of the late act of the legislature regulating freight rates on the Cumberland and Pennsylvania railroad, Ac [BaU. Sun. Health and Longevity?It would seem, from the statistics gathered by cal men, that Invalids are more likely to at tain a great age than are the healthy and ro bust: and that life-assurance companies would be wise to accept them as patrons, In stead of rejecting them, as is now the cus tom. In a recent lecture by Dr. R. Sou they, It is declared that "Health and longevity are not synonymous; neither are health and great muscularity. Tne most muscular men, great prlze-flghters. men who could fell an ox with tbeir fists, have been known to be al ways ailing, and complaining about th^m. selves. The state of perfect training, regard ed by those who know little of It as a condi tion or most perfect health, Is rather one of morbid imminence. Longevity, like height, is a race attribute, bnt It does not signify health. The three oldest people I ever knew, women who reached respectively 89, 98, and 100?were valetudinarians, and had bean so nearly all their lives." The Peach Crop op 1979?Estimates of tbe probable peach crop in 1876 are being made by peach growers on the Maryland and Delaware peninsula. M. E. R. Cochran, a large grower and dealer, at Mlddletown, Delaware, thinks a million and a half of baskets a very liberal calculation, and it Is stated as probable the yield will be about one-third as large as last year. From reliable sources tbe information Is glveu that there are about five million peach trees, of all ages, between the I tola ware and Chesapeake and the Brandy wine and Cape Charles, the trees covering fifty thousand acres of land {Bali. Bun. Patriotic Material.?Did any of you Cine lnnatl girls ever hear of banting dress es? If yon nave never worn them before, yon should Inaugurate the Centennial year by draping yoar graceful figures in the material of which our country's flag is made. The girls here hare the prettiest and most serviceable of boating suits made of the bine banting, and the softest, creamiest dresaes imaginable are made from the white banting. Fifteen yards of the bine can be purchased for only t&so?[ R'oiA. On. On. Qautte. Woman's Suffrage Lookibg for Board.?The National Woman s Suffrage association thought they had secured head quarters in this city for the centennial sea son at 70S Arch street. They will have to look elsewhere, as the landlady told a Times reporter yesterday that "the same roof could not shelter her and women who do not be lieve in tbe Bible or in Jesus Christ." MNs Anthony has been advised of this change in the lady's intentions, and being at present in Boston no farther steps have yet been taken?(Pftita. Tmnm, \~lh. KTThe governor of Virginia has appoint ed Wm. P. Munford and Charles 8. Caning ton state delegates to the fourth national prlfon reform congress, which will meet In New York city June 6. GEORGETOWN. Decision Against Oiotorrow* Mi*. Amenta year ?In'* Mtfin. Herr, Welsh and other Bllltn of Georgetown. brought suit In the circuit court of the United 8 tales for the district of Maryland against the Hagers town Flouring Mill Company of Hagera town. M?l.. for Infringement of certain pat. er.t* purchased from the Metropolitan MId rill rg.? Purify leg Company of Washington. That company defended the snlt. and on the instant Judge Wm. F. Giles decreed tbat the Mil of complaint be dismissed, and that the defendants recover of the complain ants their coat and cbarces in this suit. Cattle Market.?(Reported by J. H. Kergla A Co.]?Number or cattle on mar ket 126; number sold 118,at prices ranging from 4 to 6 els. per pound; 8 left over. Num ber of sheep and lambs, 600; all sold?old sheep bringing from 4j< to 5^ eta per pound: lambs from 93 to*4Ji0 per head. 30 cows and calves sold from *25 to S30 per head. Mar ket dull. Grain.?By rail, 700 bushels wheat con signed to T. C. Wheeler. ALEXANDRIA. The Political Situation Mixed.?a meeting of the independent candidates will be held at Harlow's ball to night. It Is un derstood that the radicals of the city will have a delegation present by request, and that a mixed ticket for councilmcn will be agreed upon for all of the wards except the fourth, In which a nomination was ma le last night. The reason for the exception is ap parent; the radicals, having a msjirlty In that ward, will not make any cooiprom'se, while the conservative majority lu the other wards being large, they will of course take half a loaf from the leaders of the independ ents, who thus sell out their party ia orvler to fcecure the offices for w&lch toey are can didates. It is also nndetstood that the In de pendents propose to divide the other mnatci pal offices witll the radicals-they of C3nrse retaining tae lioa's share. A meeting of c H ored men opposed to this arrangement wm held at the Bridge Pump last night, some of the speakers at which said that they did not see the difference, so far as they were con cerned, between a dissatisfied conservative ard a straight out, except that the former wanted the radicals to help them to office. It Is understood that at a meeting of colored radicals, held last night. It was resolved to demand of the independents that they (the negroes) be given the nomination for lieu tenant of police and eight policemen. Caucus of Wist Virginia Clergy.? A caucus or the ministers and delegates from West Virginia was held in the reading room at the Mansion House last night, to consult as to the proposed division of the diocese. There was much difference or opin ion, and the meeting was a lengthy one. It was finally decided to present a set of resolu tions, the same as were adopted at the eon vocation of West Virginia, held at Wells bun;. April Wth, advocating a division of tbedloceteof Virginia. Washington and Alexandria Tcbn pl Kt ? In lhe case or the Washington and Alexandria turnpike company vs. Alexan der Hunter, Thomas Bwanu, and John K. Johnston, In which the Circuit Court of Al exandria county entered a Judgment prohib iting t;>e county court of that county lrom proceeding to declare the turnpike of the said company abandoned, and certifyingsucu f.*ct or abandonment to the road commissioners or the county, so that the turnpike could be taken charge oi and repaired by the county authorities, the court of appeals of this state has, upon the petition of the defendants, Hunter. Hwann and Johnston, awarded a supersedeas to the Judgment of the circuit court. Fish Report The receipts of fish con tinue to decrease, and the season Is rapidly drawing to a close, Since yesterday's report H ere have beeu received at Flahtown about 5 000 ahad, 60,000 herrings and a num>?er of sturgeon. Shad sold at rrom ?16 to SI* per hundred, herrings rrom SlOtofll per thou sard. and sturgeon from SI to *2 apiece? f Liaztlic, \1th. i ? ? ? Frightful Affair In Baltimore. MUhDEROCS ASSAULT BY A NEGRO UPOV A YOUNG LADY WHILE ASLEEP. At about twenty minutes to 3 o'clock yes teiday morijli g the neighborhood or Bolton and Biddle streets was alarmed by cries for ! b'lp at the residence or Mm. Henrietta S. I Whelan, 113 West Biddle street, which, on I Investigation, were found to oome from the tlcepiJ ? chamber or Misa Emily Whelan, a 1 young lady 22 years or age, who had been I savagely attacked and nearly killed by it i i.egto rr.nn with an axe. The assailant Is ; Identified aR John Brown. coloreJ, brother or i Harriet Brown, who has been a cook in the ? family for about two years. The man wai fiom Frederick, Md., and had frequently come about the bouse to see his sister. Mrs. Whelan paid him for cleaulng out the cellar on Tcesday, and then ordered him away, i having becurne annoyed at his presence. 8hs i also admonished the cook on the same sub , ject. It is supposed the man, actuated by i motives of revenge, armed himseir with an | axe rrom the cellar, and intended to kill Mrs. Whelan Instead or Ler daughter, but finding the mother's door locked entered the daughter's room adjoining, on the second floor, which a as open and t ie light burniug. Nothing was stolen and there were no evi dences of Intel tlon to rob, though the police think that plunder was part of the object of the desperado. Mirs Whelan says she was lying on h?r left side sleeping wuen the negro mau entered her chamber without making any uolse t > arouse her. Two blows were dealt the Je fenseless youig woman, who has been In f.ail health for the past year. Oaeof the blows rrom the axe chipped away a piece of the bone on the right side of the forehead a little above the ear. Theother blow was Im mediately under the first, as though the two bad been given in quick succession, before the victim could change her position. The skull was rractured and (he arteries severed, which caused a profuse flow of blood and aroused the sleeper. Miss Whelan said she did not reel the blows, and must have been partly stunned. Her hair had been done up Into crimps and fastened with hairpins, which, It is supposed, deadened the force of one of the blows, and In the other blow the axe glanced. The wonnds are about an Inch and a half apart, and present a shocking sight. The scalp above the right ear was torn away, but afterwards stitched. It Is not thought by the physicians that the wonnds are necessarily fatal, though there may be danger of inflammation. Information of the murderous assault was at once communicated to the police author ities, and search was Instituted for the per petrator, resulting in bis arrest before 10 o'clock in the morning, In a house on Moore's alley.? [Bait. Sun, 18/A. One of the rules of the Mount Holyoke (Mass.) Seminary, forbidding one lady rrom introducing a gentleman to another lady, was avoiued the other day by a Northamp ton girl, who, when her rather came with a trunk to her room, while her friend, a Miss Blank, was present, said, "Father, I am soiry I cannot Introduce yon to my friend. Miss Blank, or Blank, but the rules forbid it." "Yes," said the rather, shaking bands with the young lady, "and I am sorry too." SETThe convention of American railway master mechanics, which has been holding its fctslor.s In Philadelphia, yesterday aJ Jonrned sine die. The next annual meeting will be held in St. Louis. I^Mr. Edwin Booth's country seat at Cos Cob, Conn., has been sold to a gentleman rrom Providence for *50,000. It was original ly built by Mr. Charles Barras, and It was purchased by Mr. Booth about four years ago. The location is on the right bank or the Mian us river, at its Junction with the sound. j\JARTINDALE LIVERPOOL BLACKING. PRO DUCKS A BEAUTIFUL POLISH. DOIS NOT IB J U BE THE LBATHSK. Price, 45 Cents per Dozen Papers, or 4 Cents N.W. BCRCUELL, Bcsf 17-8t 1338 r BTBBBT. OOKB DELIVBBBD TO ALL PABTS OV TBI OITI AT THM SAME RATA. Www schedule?Full load of 40busbeisfor (IS. Smaller loads 7 cents fee bushel; oariace, M oeata. Apply to 0FF1CB OF WABHIMTOB OABldttHT OOB 418 MfcatNftaarthwatf. T1 list street aorta west ortollSlrtSEasmH.lMWa?a. aart-lr WM. PAYBKS. HOUSE KA1SMR AND MOFSJt, Brick and X raane Bouse* raised sad awed. myU-lw* SSI 9 K street northwest. IVO HDMBOO.-L. BICB wlU w a Mr owb 1^ price, iter aay Mnd_of Ladles, vents' and Ohtl ? -? prtcc for tOT Luwvt ?? ? buu vnu drenr? 8ICOND BARD OW?THISQ, BOOT4, H"T H,GHMT VlS?7nTth-?* *ODmuH m?" "Wfy"1 coi"? ?ATSBT * MOORS. 14 J, Mew Bond Stoat, and aU Chemists %ad Si throughout the World. l?K> READING NOTICES. The Cnwi Buffalo H?ra Cimm, Tbey pass smooth v through lb?hrir, wlth ont catching f* b-e?*1n? ?t off fbey will not scratch or t^'ra ?.?? ? - %< > C IT 1 i/% Jt ? . Fx** SH*rNK FLA*iru 8CITS. ent to lit. in any styl*; ea*y to make; for 87 50. at Moore's, 1011 New York avenue. 5,13,6 ? Colds and Cocghs.?Sadden chant** of Climate are aonroee of Pubmorvrry ami Rnmsh uil pJTtcriom*. Take at onee '? Brown'* BnmcS. iol J rochet," let the Cold, Cough, or Irrita tion of the Throat be ever so slight. * Ceras Extracted wttheat Pala. Bunions, Ingrowing and Club Nails, Vas cular Excrescence*, and olber ailment* of the feet successfully treated, at Dr. White's establishment, 1416 Pennsylvania avenne, opposite WUlard's Hotel. Fee 81 per visit. Established in Washington 186L e Beaeral. FTBWP-CI.A8S SCOr KIHO A1TD DT*rWO. A. Fischer enlarged bis establishment by removing to hla new building, 906 Qst. north west, three doors west of 9th street, very near his former place. By promptly adopting the latest improvements, whether of American or European invention, he is enabled to do any wore in a manner not to be equaiad by thoee not possessing these facilities. SV Ladles L)res?e? cleaned and dyed with out being taken apart. Crape Veils rcflnlsbed nice and cheap, ay Grease stains removed effectually. Gent's garments eleaning and dyeing a specialty. %r Prices lower than ever before, to suit the times. GEORGETOWN ADYER'MTS. jTc3* OFFICE (ilOLUITOWN GAS LIGHT GO-Mat 18, W#?a meet log of lbs 8.<k bHders of this Ormpatjy, for to?elec:ton of seven Dirfct. rs, vtill be held at this Office on BOB DAY, Jane Sth. Poll* will be opened st 11 a. m , and close at 1 p m. mylS 3-. G. W CBOPLEY, Secretary. FINAL NOTICE-A meeting oftlie SIXTH U^-7 BUILDING AhtJOClATl jN of G. >rgeiown will be held at G* ddard's Hall, opp -site Uuun Hotel, on TUULSDAY, th? 18th Instant. at s o'clock p. m., to dose up 'he aff?'r? "f the c >ncern. myl7 Jt W 1 L>t. IA M KING. Secretary 8 ?JPBIKG AND 81MMKB. P11 EMI I'M STE\M DYKING AND H?K>CBINO, S?W.M H WHEAT, BY1* OLD AND HBLIaBLK *i>TA B L1SHM EXT Ladles and Gentlemen can have their Sprint and 8cnn.iT Wearing Apparel Cleans or Colored In the very beat manner, also, Winter Clothing, Car pets, Blanktts, Ac , Ac , nicely Cleaned and tak<>n care of until needed, Work s-nt for and delivered without extra charge anywhere in the District?re ceived from and teturatd to any place In tbeornitry liy mail or exprees. Office and Wo-ks, 49 Jefferson street. George'owu. P.O.; fMt Office B i. TS3. Office hour*-7 a. m. ix> 7>% p. m.; Saturday, to 9 p in. myS-tr | |?ABQAIB8 IN DBY GO< GOODS. Ladles Dress Gotds In all the nsw materials and style#; Black Grtradleee. at ?5. 9U,40,M,62K, 73 cento, 01; Black Bilks, from gl to g3; Black Alpacas and Mohairs; W hile Gxxls of all klu ls f >r school cosBmenceireat dregs-.*, cheap; good C*li coee, fast colors, at S, 4* and Scents; best Percales, 12Kc<-nts; < a'simeres aud goods of all kinds for men and boys' wear, very cheap; Parasols, from >? c? \ti togS'2-bnt on K'd Gloves, gl aud gl 50; White ana 'iheck'Hl Matting. 2d *5. 3u- 35. ?0 a'.d 5>J canta mv6 tr BENJAMIN MILLSK. 103 Bridge st. J\EW SPRING AND SUMMER GOODS AT A TT11 ACTIVE FRICKS JKO. II. KVOOT * BOIf , KO. 119 BBIDGE ST., GEOBGK TOW N, D.C., Ha%e tecehtd from N<'? York and are oQjriug at Popular Ca*h F'tct*. LADIES' DBlsS GOODS to new designs of Plaids, Strip's and Plain m%"erlals: hast makes Black Si'.kfr.m glto 83 50, Bi'H a-.d WU;to8t rlp-d aid Check Silk, Grejadlnet Irom S5c. to gl 25. Muurr.icg Goc3s cf all th;> t'est mtkea aui fs?t Blacks a ep<cl4lty; Cotton Go>t? and Sheeting* at the lo(r<.st roduc^d prices; Wti ?e Dre?ii fabrics from l-H cebts up; H >qs? Knrnlshirg G->ods ot the l*?st mati^*: G?nt*s ar,d Boys wear. Ladl"i' aad Geit's Underwear; K!d Gloves, J-button, at Si atd 81 50' Hoiiery in Creat variety; PuravjN ar.d Umbrella"; PriLt* 5 .iad b?j.t 8j : Perc?!es llHc., with a full liw of oth j gools, to which we aro addlag dallv snpplica at lo? pticrs. U ode sent to anr p<vrt of the oltT. bp'25 lm J\? H KMOOT t SO\ BOOKS AND STATIONERY. 1\ E \V BOOKS Daniel Dcronda. by <?eo gs Kliot; vol. I, cloth; ? 150. *lbe Prlue Minist-r by \ntluay T'i>llopj; faper; 75 cantn. S'.adiesfrom EngUcd and Itslr, y John Ulfhard Gie?n. author of a*'Sho-t His tory ot the Jinclish Pt?ple;" SI 75. Annnal Beconl of brience atdlndnstry f >r Prof. Sinner K Baird; 12-mo.; clottt; 82 Village Ccmainnities ard Miscti ariies. by Bir Henry Damncr M tine; 83.50. Comtede Paris' History ?f tttf Civil War ia America; vol ii ; 8-vo.: cloth, 83 50. Jc?t published, and for by NUIII'V IIRAN, JinOKSBLLERli AND STAUOX&KS. Piyl7 tr 1015 rennsylvania avefine. \% * y< H HA/.CL. By author of Wide Wide If World AOHMAH: A New England l.i'e Htnly. FBKE, YKT FOBGING THE1HOWN CHAINS. PLATO'S BKST THOUGHTS. By Bolkley. ADDBK88E8 by D. L. MOODY. Bevised. By hinif* If MtMOIB OK NOBM *N MAHLEOD*, D D. 1H8 8ANITAUY DBA1NAGK OE HOUSES AND TOWNS. for sAle by WM B \LLAJITYME. m)S tr 449 SEVENTH 8TBEET. (^ANNED GOODS. STABLER 9, WINSL0W 8 and SH&1VEBS COBN. 8TABLEB 8 PEABS, and a large assort ment of CANNED FR VITS ami YEGETA HLES, which we sow offer at greatly reduced prices to re duce stock. COBN in quantities at gl.70 per dozen. J. B. BRYAN * BKO , my 17 3t 60S Pennsylvania avenue. THE GREAT ANODYNE AND NERVINE. BELT'S STOMACH AND TONIC BITTERS. It Is an unfailing remedy for DYSPEPSIA and LIVEB COMPLAINT and every spocle* of IN DIGESTION. It to the only cure for SICK HEAD ACHE. It never fails to relieve In MIABMATIO FEVEB8, FEVEB and AGUE.OOLIO. Ac. It is a swift and invariable cure of the DEBILITY. DEPKE8SION. and HEADAOUI which follow UNDUE STIMULATION. It overcomes imme diately all NEBVul'SHESS ar d removes all traces of a night's DISSIPATION. It doea away with the use of OPIATES and to those addicted to the OPIUM HABIT; it is a nleaaant and perfect sub stitute, caring the bad cffects of this drug and de stroying all desire for it. To bt had at all Vrvtiists and Groiai. Sen I for Pamphlet. BELT'S BITTEB9 DEPOT, 13 Oamtlen street, Baltimore, Md. NAYL TYLER, Jr., WHOLESALE AGENT, my 13 3m* lirth street, Washington, D O. ECONOMY 13 WEALTH !. ff ORIENTAL TEA STORE, 409 9TU STBEET, Y. M. O. A. BUILDING BCGAB?" A'' Clarified 10 pounds for gl. " Granulated,? pounds tor g 1. " Cut Loaf, 8H pounds for gl. TEA?Nice Imperial, 40s., snc. " Sweat Ool> of. 40o., <5c. " Vine JapanTiOc , 7?c? and higher gradss. COFFEES AND SPICES AT LOWEST BATES. CBEAPI FUBEH FBEBH't myl Sm J, WALTER OI YALL, Prop. BAZAR patterns, BAZAR PATTERNS, AGENCY gT C. BA(JM*B, 48? 7iB Btmi AGENCY OF THB HEW AUTOMATIC WILCOX & GIBBS SEWING MACHINES. LADIES UNDERGARMENTS AT ASTOE1SBING FBI0BS, Made of tke bast Oottoos anS best worksaaashlp. C. BAUJTB SANITARY CORBET OB All VTYUI MADE TO OBBEB. AMUSEMENTS. N t ArtlM4>, 4TI9RAL THEATER. M0BD4T ITIIIIO. liT ??. Tint imtriTxt ?f the gifted T?i?< Art ? 1M IABT 4SDCMOR. . 8nnor-<4 *?t Mr JOB! W BOBTON. Mr ?. T. LIBQHAM u4 tbe DrMMtic Company FInt pt.dcctton here In twenty imxi of TrtHT' entitie4 ITtnil: Or. The Hall of ????*?? TI B8DA Y AND WBPBBSPAT SIGHTS FIMST TlttK i.V WASHl*GTuH. A Isr ki PU|, from the French of Heart D? B'RTHI, Tk* DtuKfr at Melaad TU' UDiT-KMIO tlD JULIET. FBI DAT?MB* MaBBILBB SATCBD AT ?FAZIO MAT1BK BATIBDAT AT 9. arl-tf | ICR MOST ACCOM PL 19 (Til* AM ATI' BS " " will ultr in a VOCAL BHD LTTBBABT BN FERTA1BM BBT tor tbe BmhSI of TRIBITY P. B. CHI BCB. at V ILL A BO'S HALL, on FBIDAT BTBMIBQ. Mat 10. aulS-? THBATER roniQll llrTfaikAtrMV B*i*W PmitdUH. OP AJV ThM T&AR KOCXV. Performance KTEBT WIGHT Matinee for La ?In and Children BVKBT WBDBB80AT u4 SATlRDAT AFTRRBOOB. FIRST-CLASS IXJtrXRY RKSFMCT. Variety. Dramt Bnrleaque and Potoedy. nortl If Old No.j On Kxhlhitioa \Niw No. wno?/ un Kzblbitioa iNawNo ?M > ?d Ml* \ ?SB 7T* 8T.S AT 7th 8T. ? AIIRITII*!, N?. 439 l<k txttrrm V **1 A ?u* door> alort OJ4 Ftllovt" Hull. Oholca OH Falntirgi, Rngrarlnga, Ohmnxw, fta. Alao, largeet atock of Paper Banging*. Window Bhadce, Tlctnree, Framea, Picture (/or?i ltd TM eeli. Elrgs. Ball*. Ac , la the IMatrtot. ?Tlllld Cirl. ?FPIttw rafmtwr Him n< RrnNr. )tI1> BALLS, PARTIES, Ac. AMCU.BAY BALL, f 11MB L LOtlS* JtMNILK I'LABtf, it Uiilard Hall. *B THl B81-AT, May I8tn. Tableau kwd< of In Ofn. Washington. 17 r?. and of o?a. Grant,/TB .Ticket*, 01j children hair pric?-f i LA ' nle at W lllard s Hotel, Kbbitt House. Arlington, Thompson a I>rng fct< re, acd all the principal bjtk ??<? ?* tbe door. Door* opt u at 7. ootn:i-?no?s at t:30 o'clock. mrlT 2t* EXCURSION'S, PIC NICS, Ac. i J^INUAT BXCCRIION. The MABT WABHlfi*,TOSi : Will 1< a*e ber wbarf. *oot of 7th ?t., ' for a trip d. ?n the aivtr on 'he 21s*. L at 2 30 oclock F?reforroand trie? ttcti. | m> 17 it I J.W L BOBWILL. U?pt. pR TURCERTERRIALRlHIBITlun FIVE TRAMS DAILY. MXCMVT SVMUAY VIA BALT1MOKB A POTOMAC BA1LR9AD Cbtrtmrvinff Wedntviay, May 16/h. The Baltimore acd l'otomac Railroad Company ? ill run tt<- ti llcatiig train* ( t) r "gb to l'..,.aiK ipLia with i out char ge of can leav log th-." dep-1, Fenuij 1\aula avenue and 4tb etreet, dailf, except Eunday: T;3U*.* .and arriving in Philadelphia at 1:99 P.M., daily, cxcept Sunder. 9:113 a M., aid &irit ing In Philadelphia at 1 ii F M., dally, except Sunday. 1.30 r M.,i3li.rifL( in I'lilladelphta at 6.10 p m., da ly.txrept Sncdar. i 30 p m.. and ariiriug in PbHadelpbia at 11 p m. daily. 9:10 r. m., and aril ting In Pbllilelpbla at 9:33 a. m .doily Hfi pifB can attach* d to the train to Pbllad. I {ihialea^ug at 9 10 * ; and prt*on? secariug crtba can remain la ti par until T o'clock a v ticcre FOnr t*ckM? ar the c.fflce <f tlie cjmpiaf, noitLnaat corccr Hth ?tr?<4 and Poaua>lvauia ar? Loe,ard northeaatco ? r of 6tli~atr?*t and Peas ?)i\a: ia avenue, and d?pot of the BUUmore ,.lJ I'otomac Kail mad romiauy. KliABK TUOMPftON, 0?<?ra' Maaa - r. m j 18 lm U. M bOVD jK.Ocn Pa. Al- ut FESTIVALS. <riiAM iJtUKV t ill V AL. The la^ie* cf the Fonitb Preabitei ian ^hnrch v:il Kite ar. Ki.iertai: rr?.-nt.c< n,prni..g TaMea;t>, M iaic 8T?1 H'.rawberry FeMiral, at Tallniadffe Uatl, on TlU KHtA* EVENING. May Hth Ut n at 4* o'clock, Tableaux at 7. Supper at S. Mr B. ti. H -? will ?it)R tl e at'cicnt aoDK,"Lora LotcII." ml7 2t* SUMMER RESORTS. '?I'ALLEV MO)lt" in deftly oden pure * Eountain air, mineral vaur.iBnl A . . A fihcr atd Clial)beatei, $ood fare, l>^nte-V^|#.V ike freedrsD. ai>d daily maili to all ?'?" I bava lingered beneath it* ibadea.and to any atraug er* who may coae. Term*, ?23 p. r taoath. City rtfexecces treely giTen Aadreaa, Mas H. S. GORE. naylT 2a* Valley Home, ria Wincheeter, Va. TUK BALT1MOKB AND OHIO RAILUOAD OOMPAHT'8 HOTKL, AT DBBB PAKK. Will be OPEN FOB V191 TOR^ on the 10th OF JPNE, and tbalr NEW HOTEL at Oak-, land on the 1?t OF JULT. Applicants' for Ro?n.a or tnf'TTnation addree* the on-, denigned, at Oaki.ibd, Oarrett oonntr. Md. ap?tjyU JOUS DAlLIT. Manager. 1011 ru?-IA 1011 CJL O THMJTCt. 8PRINQ AND BUMMER. DIM COATS AMD Oriental Bilk Pl'd Wonted. ??9 Hcrthampton BUk Blbbad Wonted, #16 Vienna Diagonal Wonted, BIB Black In gton Black aad Gold Wonted, 111 Ozbrtdca Fancy Bilk Wonted, #19 ?r #1% Wonted, BIB Fin# Blbttnf Bprlig Oaaa. Bolt, B90 Fine Databarra Plate Oaaa Bait, #18 Bdward Harrli Balr line OMa.Bnit.BlB.AO The VeraalHea Checked Oaa. Bolt, B1A The Dlacoaal Bibbed Ow. Bait, #14 Oeo'ne Waablagtoa M1U Bine I'laaaal Salt, #13 Bortk Hooaic Block Oa*. Bait, #19 Here alee Sootcb Oaaa. Bait, #11 Bnglith Stripe and Plaid Oaai. Bait, BIB A nickerbockar Cbnck Oaa. Bnlt.B* danlabory Brock en Check Oaaa. Suit, B? Union Oaaa. Bait, Track aaa Sack, 99 TOITHB' BCTTB. MUlbnrt Diagonal Wonted Bnlt, ItlA Llppln Bilk Rlbbec Oaaa. dnlt, BIS Maaon'a Hair-Baa Oaaa. Bait, f 11 London Plaid Oaaa Bnlt. ?9 Hew Tork MUla Oaaa. Bolt, BT both* surra. Norwalk Fancy Wonted Bait, B14 Camden Plata Caaa. belt, #S Snow-Bake Tasey Caaa Salt, BY Knickerbocker Oha* Una Bait B> Union Caaa Bait, B* A. STRAUS, 1011 PBBBBTLTABLA ATMBCB 1011 apft-tr Bitwuit 10th iiii 11th Bratm. CHRIS. KLESSXKK, Wr? ABD TIT Tth BTBBCT B. W ,W la Sola ageat for tke Dlxtrict of Ooioabla for tbe ST. CIORS1, The only BBLIABLB HBAT1BQ BABOBintba aaarket. Mr. Balt.'nar baa sat np hnadrada of theee Rangaa la tbU city, aa4 la all caaaa tbey have given tke ntmoet aatufactlon. ?""""isssra" RADIANT H01EB TDBBACB. Wbich baa baea thoroughly taated, aad prononncad b'""~ 2J?5S5BT.n iKfc la the 723k W'ALL PAPEB a WIXDO W 8HADXS. The Baaat and largaat BTOOK, taata4iac an tke noTaltiea in deooradona. aad M yrten tevar thaa ""'"TSSSS'aast. .. MB-te* 2 SPRINGSTTL18 gfr NOW READY. T LADIES' GOODS. SEW GOODS. V(lrc|??<fl*r1l| al ?NmJ N' HtBlt Kim feed a fLowBKS *?o WHITE CHIT loNKIW AID HATP. la tbe 1 oat 4m1T?I tr ihtpN liIKU BOOKS BSD IHBBBTlMaSto ?? w IMtrfM. ?err larr* liw of bul??rfl > PI SASH B'BtH>B8. rEIPOBV MB h. WBAB. f ABC* AOoM end BOTIuNB All rvcmtl" b nght at ?rr lew pricee. V Call at.d tlMilM beK.r? pnrrheetno ?inr( atin? TinwmiM" c^w<>''i & FRENCH FLOW HIS. HALF ritlCE. J?at received. from importer*' aoctieaa. ? lerc* aWch *f In* ritm- ? flow Ike. el.lch wilibJ aold at fee t-e'.oe ih?4r eelae __ Alao.e urae Mock of LLAMA LACB S10QUM*. which mil be a. U at mm great rejactlona fh* Mlw. (tarcalra la aU at> lea of DBBSB GOODS an I FAB.'bOl* ?t TBB CHEAPEST STOKB IB TUB CITY. cmturt, ?0? MBTH STBEET. m> is tr (>wo?tt> th* Patent unpa ck hU( K1VKD. A U'Ke aM .rtaifot at KBEBCH BLOW BBS. ALSO. A fall lice of fire FANS. which were b^nfht a* ? Himt ai.-l will be ould low All the novel tiee In Chit and Km HaTS end bOMBtTI re Cth<4 ilailf. Special aiveo t.. oeBere. In. n. J HI *F. 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