Newspaper of Evening Star, May 19, 1876, Page 3

Newspaper of Evening Star dated May 19, 1876 Page 3
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DRY GOODS ere. <JUEAP, LHRAPER, CHEAPEST. WHY NOT SELL CHEAP? sS^TR^r.TSJTSriSsr0^ I laid. Otri j>*d, Praia De Bge, ?, U SI, U, 37, 40. iisd*?#160 #1 ? Black Ca?bm?re.7S W, 01 cJ5^BTK*> W} ?PM?MML B^Tirfr 4>r ? *"c?. 4*40.; etc?llen> 1 .?Sa ??adfcerjhl-f*, ?c: go>i ,or ??* ^?35S5S?,ti? _?** P*?"'*. ?!.?!?, fl JO. t!7?. myPtr J)BY GOODS LEfrS TH\X CtllMM III mwtw *UCTI?* PRICES. P?? Pum*. io, ujf, u, so ?rrV??rh*T* *" marked down, and i I fl! *#w U1 through. 'w,^TTi. M1 ^'?** Md vSSSV1'JE1.*"4 r. K . lov ,rlc<M. r2fi??? . M '**?>c ; worth IS J!!!;?*1* k>w?r tftea ?tm before ktowa ""Tb* nock nut be reduced K ettings ?alsc. All Car?eu it coat to clo?e out. t. v. mroii*. - J * TO* MABKliT dPACB. J\OW La TOUR TIME NOW IF EVER. *xV?;?,?VrVt&??}&WWk'"d *?"<*? 2; ?**<? * '"ODiJifr Bilk* ?? pUcee Black Grenadine* B,B- "* ?" Pie?e. Black Bilks from 75c to OS. Jcw Di'fTkH^r.f".11* flQe I11*1"'*".? ? p*r oent. be 2? SwE Ill I^i *nd 5i,k and Woo? Dr*" O oode. ?.%& ??- Colored atd Whlt# 9kl?? from 7lc ^Irfjdlee and Gent* Giuxe Underwear. A fua Doineetlc Go d?at Afenti" prlcee. *' Btmen.ber location. __,, . R W. W. BROWN, _?yK tr No 3|4 ath Kmt n w . r.esr Pa. are. (jJIiiiAT BARGAINS IS DRESS GOODS FROM AUCTION. ^b'Jf^VJ^E'l'ome Plain. Stripe and Pimuk Mo tSTt^JLT^ ?2 te" ?"?uaf. tue Lawn* ?r rt* t*- wan-anted f%*t color* at Uu aer rlc?Black 2,.ri,'w0? n,,'r BUk* ?* "? 37, and Fl: tradM ??w ? Moh,1i" ??* Alpara-, in all best fn3t w'JJi d. L.n?tn ? AU Wool, and Silk ?nd Y> ool Black Grena.lia. *, very cheap. IN MOURNING GOODS. 'iS^ B )Db*zioei, DeLains ell be*t make*. 10 4, II 4 t .. .?K"' T*bl? Dtmuka. Napkin* and ToweUng*. aU at low d.wi price*, to iui; the pree J w. cou.En ,SHltAP ?01, 9th ST., iyl3-tr Market Space. gyttSOLCTlOa OF CO TABTMKBSH1P. STOCK AND riXTmrs FOR SALE The e* *artaer*hlp of J.O WISWALL ft OO, ?*pttta? 6y Urn Italian on July 1*1, enr ?tock M 1ST BC CLOSMD ?? or before that date. ? *? rt?M otter to morrow, and oootlnae to sell ^ J? <*a??, fcnr large and oomplata stock of DRY GOODS 51.0if*AI S*CBI?IC* 03 ORIOIHAL COST ?ad all ?ocd< r^maiilDK rm haul J ,ne l<t. will be ?cMat AUCTION WITUOCT K*Sma?k. In order to f?o?? i* 30 Vat', A REDUCTION OF FIFTY PER CENT. Will be mad' en a lar*e portion of onr *tock. rrlnu. 4,? aDd tki cent* per yard. JJrows Cotti>n*, 4 cents per yard. Firnre.1 Grtnadice*. t%, 10 and 12>4 ctk. Cr?*a41ntt la Strips, at 10 eta. tMlk Grenadines below cost. hammer Si!k*. 37s cts acd opwar^s. Pcre Black Jtchalrs, 30 cU., worth 85. FinaBla-k l'rn? Bi'k*. 35 c'? .worth fl 40 spaV?Wl? Sii!*"-' "* ??"* Large lot Tab'e Oasiask*. Mapklnt. Wine Cloths, *c ? ?' ,<'ss 'b?n Mew York co*?. ?^G&XAT BA&GA1SS in e\erytticg. J. C. WUWiU * CU, ?pa tr 810 Tth it., near Pa. an, THE blLK AND DREtS GOODS HOUSE or WASHINGTON. We Invite the attention of the pcblic to our tm Oiens* ???< r:n.ei,t of new style* a* on Bl'MMEli tILKS AHD GBEfl ADINKS of all shadfs. In stripe* and plaid*. JgJ* ,Utk BLACK 81LKJ of ai celebrated ??lesKJnd?cx h ?-K tJS Q00D8 of mo*t attracOre ?OUBBTMG GOODS, WH1TB GOODS, CAS81MEHES. CUBTAU LAOBS, BILK I MBBBLLAaand FIBB HOSIXS T In treat |*e* than Bew lork prices. WOLFOKD dk 8HILBER6, 017 1AHKET 8PAOB, - ***?*> Third door from Kk uml (S*w PRICES. 101? SKTBHTH 8TBIBT. Bilk lod Wool PoQMM?K>C. worth SAr p!?1 ?c t worth S7^C V fltPi^i flPrlaf ,D* 100 ' worth 60c. .- I ? Ca?b?1c*. IJ^c , very ebeaa H'hir.'pf UHc. np to 5ic. ' rb'rt?' made^of mattr\aff!^Sd CB~& i"i aplp-tr 1014 Tth street northwest. JOBS T MITCHELL. i'?*yeVLVAHIA AVIBri, vJere the largest aad choicest select! a of DSBSS 8oft n.^G05l;? ?a thi* city, lor o"*rtri^ wooJ in shaded stripe*. ^tts,ri,5sr" Oooa?' ?? ?" l ,rTPh,Cr;c? Pernale?, French Jaconet*. ?Edp'pi* P'"'n1^ Linen*. 01m?ow Check* Somnier Hilk* frrm fl to B1 SB rers rhAsi Sj^!rie Mt'itn*1|ine,Jn *cd color*. ciffsinfssrti&ff* Lta? ?=" OrMeing tattoTwrappers aid Skirt*, rery cheap. sfeisrtisvsr ?su?- "?? ??? Para^ffT "ock ot Boa i- ?fcrella* and Lacv Trimmed Aa Inspect! n of onr Mjck will oonrlnoe aar eha*art thai ?* are offering th* Pest good*, la all ^ af If* ?rto*? (b?n ever bef -re soli. -3Strk#0&J'- J<?HN T. HirCHBLL, apap-tr 931 PennsyUaala asenoe. ^??^*R!2SrS5.?K?}SiBs ttsvs&ipi s5?S? *?d 8tr'p<>d, from fl .c OalOc.; the U**t Jbc. and ST*c. Black Alpacas la town; all number* up to 75c ; Spring Oaaslnleraa torhoy.and g.nU, ?l.a'othSr lSTo?th5i Kid*. A gene* for Mm a Pnmor*et J on ? BA1L1T. corner Tth aad F *u. *o?thw*a't. apl-tr A* ?AMrFACTtAAKI' ^ id 0?M^ TBAVBL1BO TBDBKB, with mrray'* Pawat Troak Stay attached. LADIES' TBAVBL1SG BATCHELd MA WL STBAPS aad POCBET BOOBS OODBLB aad BIHGLB BABBEBd. LAP BOB KB and HOBSB BLAIIBTI. ?AODLBB, BB1DLM aad WHIPd. OoTered aad Bepatred, aad mad* ta 1 tc flanaa. m. hcmchkat, MS Market I HORSE POOD. FOB BOUSES AND CATTLE. 00 VLbl^SSdSffAA ***** APPBAB ""ctir.VSAiiVs'i: IBOBBD1CKTB ALL TBQBTABLM ???pie 100 Feeds ft ?? 00. la WaaAlngtoa, 000 bwHut are sue. C. F. LAUBKIOOa A OO. ?V8Rg|^g||g A"""'" AiT*' Aiprpashii ocaphya, It M jssjbm: xrsji*m RAILROADS. pen TllICEWTKmunXHIBlTioil FIVE TRAIXS DAILY, EXCEPT SOt/VAt. VIA BALTIMORB A POTOMAC BAILBOAD. Ommenctnff Wedntsde^f, Ma# 16th. ?iT|b?^Potoaac Bail road Company will run the following ttrooit to Pliiltdrifiiitwttk Hf crt chat ge of cars leaving UtBzS^^SH SKUISR1?*? "" **V u.:S&Z2%?,!l?i?M?>*" "? zM'S'JSt&SS*4**''* >? l:3#r. M-ikMitrtftM In Philadelphia at c an m**'' lDg 'n pW?delphU at 11 p. 9 "/jS'.'XjiT*?1*18* ln Ml>M*Ul ?*?:13 9ktaS?&a5 5tVol,rs -* the, *? rMtaM msss.&?aas -....'WIK THOMPSOR, OHertl Maaagar ayM )m D M. BOYI>. J j . OaiTtg^St. gUTIHOlI AMD OHIO RAlUEOADb APB1L 30th, 1878. A6^3-Baltta5?V a Wa?HIBOTO?. Poft ttd stations, Mai" 4 intermediatestation, I B O^A^'vL* *52 Junction. ixz.'s Hj?^>KZ.1L'* S.ILovu and Pittsburt Ex Boad Ck" u*??ritowD. and Vallgy S?iIbj5 of ***! %Dd wfcT stations. , f iBd war stations. lU l?-BaltuDcr* Unlimited Express. Stops at Ke P.. ^ 18:13-Baltimor*. Way Stations, BHicott City and AlfeAMH 1:30? i>f? York, Philadelphia and Norfolk El */?.?. Ou Sunday, *H Way Stations and Baltimore only. 3 30? Ha'timore and w?y stations. 4:30?hmumore and Laurel Express. Bllicitt Cjty, Frederick and Way Stations, via Be 4.3 3-Frederick and Point of Bocks, (Tla Metro ?o'ltan Branch). l and way station*. ? ihteago, Cincinnati and Louisville Express **?2t dally to Uoiumbos. L^ali lj\ille by ll:3?jp. m. train on (Saturday. Hag<ri-town and wiLcheetT. cpfni can . to i bicago, Cincinnati atid Louisville: Express. Fred ,ric.k .?nd. w" 81'ti >n*. Tia Belay. <Con a mm. ,or Anoapolia Fend ay.) ? 3??Baltimore, Bladensburt, College, BelU . .. Ti 1"? Lanrtrl. Annap lis Junction. Z ?2~Saltiaure aud way stations. B: 10-Baltimore. Bladexaburg, Bcltstille, Lau ni, Kefty, 0:30?Pittsburg, but no connection beyond Mar tinsbnrg by train leaving Sunday night 4 Stations on Metropolitan Branch. 9.30~I?fit> York and Phtlad'lphia Night Exprus q-in ?le*>,n* Cars to Hew Kork i n in H lIP'T? ?Tinclpal way ttatlona, I U.30?Martinsburg and way MaUons, Metropoll taa Branch. 11:30-51 LmeU Sipress. Chicago, Columbia, t Ji?? ' r^' Saturday for Lonu* , T:J*8 88. e.ia, 10:1# a tn.; 1:30,8:13,8:30, di"; * l0,6 a0,9 30 ?a<1 ^1;3? ? m ? All ot her trai na daily, axcopt Sunday Wo connection on Snnday tor Hageratown or Yal m .ndl-3#, m?W PkU****?*to?* -^??^?rtJ^rJn,?r"'*,,OB ?t the Baltimore 5*3 unl Waahlngton Station, and PwartTMua avenue, where r rdera will he taken tor baggage to bo chocked and at any potnt In the citr. THMB?7;.8rH^P' ?' Tr?uaporUtion. tk?ni?ral Ticket Agent. OKO. 8. KCOBTZ, General Agent. apll tr IJIIIVCaSAL R. R TICKET OFF1CM. BAILBOAD T1CKBT8 to or from all aointa bought, exchanged or sold at i a rtductlon of os* dollabJ P*?P any other office or depot* in tbia city. Ticket* good tUl csod. Baggage checked through. iff'.',10 ..t pf^.g?CT.l?.lE 1876 rEiNS^YLyilU 1876 T# th? forth, Weil, a*4 loath vest. tkmbU Tract*, tit**! Hails, Splendid 8c<m vry, Ji'i:/ni/icrttt Equipment. 'tH, ??r?. .runs lsave Wasbfngton, city time, from Daaot. . pf?.r?<>r ?' and B atrtwta, aa follows : for Pittsburg and the West, 6 a. m. daily, with Pari or Car to P1:taturf: 7:40 p m. dally, with ?Dd X*:i0 ? ^ally, BALTIMUUB ABD POTOMAO BAILBOAD. *or CaaantTalgca, Bocbeater, Buffalo, Biagara Valla, and the Bofth, 6 a. m. daily, except b 'n day; wd 7 40 v a., dally, except Saturday, with Pwaee Csra to Watklns For Erie, Canandaieua, ?,t e2l525.MlMera *aU#'11:40 ?? rSJ Jft>rk and the Bast, 9:10 w. m dnliy. with ^ ^af attached: Limited Ixpress of Pull man Parlor Cars. 9:513 a. m. dail*.except Sunday For Hew Fork acd the la-t, 1:30 p. m dally, ax v?p^.?\.ett.ll?ir,orCs" attached for Philadelphia. 1:30 p. m. < ail>. axoeat Sunday. m'Jii910 LBxproai, ?.H3 n. m daily, except Sunday. Accommodation for Baltimore, T:30 a. a. dally. Philadelphia ad Hew York, daily, except Sun* "?? "" *M '? "? T;"? ? ??" fjr Annapolis. 6 00 and 11:30 a. m. and 4 80 a. ? .. ?xc?pt Sunday. ALEXAHDBIA ? fbbdbbicksbubg bail b/iLBOADALBXAMDBAA * WA8H1HOTOB Wat Alexandria, 9, T, 8:08, 9,10, 11, l,S, 4:*%, 3, ?. T:00, and 11:40 p. m. On Snnday at 9 a. ?.. and 1 and T a. m F^r the South, via Bicbmoad, 11:40 a. a. dally, exoopt Sunday: and via Lynchburg, 8:00 a. a. .?Bd 11:30 p. a. dally. Aloxandria for Waahlngton, 6,7.8, ?? 1?' It a. a.,1,3,4, 3,0, and T 9. a. On Sunday at T and 10 a. a., and 3 p. a. I Tickets, lnforaatlon. Sleeping ana Parlor Oa> soconaodaUona can he procured at the Oflooa: Bortbeaat corner of ThirtMnth atreet and Penn sylvania avenue, Horthoaat oorner of Sixth atreet and Pannaylvania avenue, and at the Depot, where orders can be left for the checking of B*uam to laatinatlon from Hotels and Boaldencea. D, M. BOTD, Jr., Oaal Paaaangar Agent. _PBAHK^THQM80H^j|ep *1 Manager. Janl-ly THE TRADES. ALBXAHDBB BALL, WILLIAM BALL, ?** I Lmu leith O. W, barker,I ? . BALL * CO., I,eaJer? '? Door*, Bash and Blinda. Olaaa, Hardware aad all Building Material, ??T Uavsachuseta avenue, between 6th and 7th streets nottbwest, sell good? ? per cent, cheaper toau any other houae. Call anj evatnlne. jaM-ly || ? n ? ? ? 0. JAMBS F. BRISK, PL L'M?EU AN!) GAS HT7BR, aarff-tx ?11 Tth Vt. H0BTHWE9T. ^ w n i n a b. JOHH O. BOOAH,~13 Market Sjhua. Manufacturer of a Bewly Patented Spring Boiler acd Ventilating Awnin* for Storaa, Hotel*, Public Buildings and Private Dm ellings. flags and Tent* f^raaleorrent Bole Agent for th* oaly genuine Mildew Proof Awning Material. *epU tr GLASSWARE, china, cbockbby, HOCSKFUBNISHIHO QOOD8, BBPBIQBBATOBS, 1CB CHESTS, C00LEH3, Ac. WEBB * BETKBUHIB, ayU tr 1009 P*nn'a ave., near 11th str?4. LUMBER! LUMBKBI GREAT REDUCTIOIf UT PRICES. MUST SBLL ABD WILL BILL. JiWJi ?iiK'L 7BID1MO, 888 par M. Ssnaarly 838. LATH, 88.38 per M., formerly |3. GOOD VIBOIB1A FLoOBlHOr 883 pw M. CBDAB POSTS, 88 and 38 oeaJa" ^ All other kinds 0* LUMBBB, Draaaad or BmuA. nsn J CALL^WILL bXCVEM SAM m. OOSB DKIUTBBBD TO ALL PABTB OF TKB OITT AT THE 8AMM RATE. ?JS&^SSTeaSpartLSlej?bMM> jg* ?? ?? Atplt TO OFF1CB OF WABHIBOTOM QASL1QHT 00B tjtfls best SODA WATER 18 diavi f bo m ?LOCE.TM LINED 8TFEL FOUNTAINS ^Doatera wlU ?o well to secure a aapyty for th* aa DEPOT, 8T OBBBBJ STJEBBt!* 0B0B8S TOW*, D. 0. nonaia Uiis Iirsnts ? n> 1*1 AUCTION SALES. FCTFRK PAY yocao A MIDDlBTON, Auctioneers. * ?F VALUABltl PBOPBBTY ZVmt _ Wl, jed rtc^rdtd in Liber Ho. 6i9 folia ic/lt rrcordi for Wiibioft^i o^aotr Arty *?cur?l *** J*7 of the L7f,' ,, hereby. the undersigned Trustee* ^rMDA^b?s^Aw2^yr,21,i _"??*? 51 de*?e-s, wit 4* ?7hS*r**''.***! 71Jf jwrche# bonotIni! t**lnnlnt,. containing 31 Vac re# Aw?* M 4 ?'c,ock 9 ?? of Um ium day, In front f/h^*?B?KS,> ' *" lJ>?k ?,ecd or ?*ro?1 found 4lb ????* *Mt. In tb? city of i ? /fH"'?;? ? li known aa lot It), in m? tm ???* subdivision of original lot 5. iqntn JWiM |? improved by a frinM Dwell log, and onalach ** br a depth of 109 foet id Tarns of Ml#: Oce third of the yarchMe money for eacl) parcel to b# paid In ca?h: on# hair the hat ante at the end of one year, and the other half at fe*r,.jfro,n th: s%ld d*? ?f ?*?*? a dt pont of BiW> from the purchtaer or purchasers or wjl1 ^ r*qnlred at the time of sale The credit payments, with interest thereon, at the ra>e of ten per cent, per annum, payable semi an nually, fromand after the day or sals, to be scenred of W?n ,be 9ro,trtf .old; or, wtuUnf ?hl ,^.e?urch%wr, or porchawra, the r. i! 4k. tb? snrcbaae m<Df y for Either nrcel.or iS? ??Vi i y P?M Incish. Conveyanc ^ n *he purchaser. Unless the te ins ?r?iLLc<i?pyrd wUb ,n *** daTS from aDd fJiffi .V 0 ,4,2:th* reserve the right to rllo!' Property at the cost and rl?k of the de fan ting purcfieeer. after giving at least ten days jSViu K<i "j ?" i"h d SSiVoViAn,?I.V,"LL,I'( Trn*.., tmSeoAds YOI'NQ A M1DOLKTON. Aucts VUUMQ A MIDDLBTON. H Heal Estate Auctioneers. NOBTHWEST L 8rai?ET!* ,?/ llrV?e,?JLa d<^ cf *TP?t. dated Animtu r^iiiO ?!? . ' and reJor,1?d id Liber ~?21.#A ww?19 tl > on? of the land records of JbH /trD fonuty. in the District of Columbia. th??h* ?rr * holder ot the note secured rEriJ?; ^tUI off^r for ?' public unci ion. in a?$ fX?,h.e, p-relF.,?es' on WBDBBSDAY. May o cloc* p. m., all thise pieces or mix l?' r--??!? 7 erms of sale 91 200 on each honae and the pro portional esp?nses of ?be sals in cash; balance in si* and twelve months, sccured by notes bearing interest at eight (8) percent., and by deed of trust <?*>?? prcp'.rty. A deposit of ?100 on each house will be required at the time of sale. Conveyancfcg at purchaser s ccat. If the terms or sale are not complied with within seven days, the Trns-ees reserve th# right to resell the pro^rty, at the rUk and cost of the <l*ranlting purchaser. PHILIP A. DABXMlLLB.t ? .. . BOBBBT P. DODOB. 'i Trustees. my!3 dAds YOPNQ A M1DDLBTON, Ancts. STEAMER LINES. B.TBf ^W1.." HABBINOBB' LB A V KB ? 6th stieet Wharf at 7 a m on ^.?w?ni?2^? Jt**01 ?roek' ??<! - ^ " M ominl (same hsar ror1 KrU^S'SSS ino,ua',? ?ylT-tr M. B. QBBOQ, Oaptaln. ^ A AlTH?a fS^TOM1AGBOBGE? siv'^gsssfisy. ?f3,ip"* w*2??b poj^O^rMtown. D.O,'. Monday. ntfn^ ?!! t> p m. Freight teceTveTdTiIy 2S. * ,Jhron*P bill* of laden glvon for Bos SfWS*" ?? Wm?T88*?? Wharre#, Philadelphia. 4 ^ylV \'8W DUPARTIRE -riLTOB S WASH i?JNuotok' philadblphia, PBOVUDKMCE gKMI.yySRHL w***^*8r*AMSHtp LINK-O, rHtfcft steamers ? J 5^2 I e* dirtCt coDDection with Bos w?itD? Providence, will sail Irom Philadelphia Tor BA^frTRT?inv H. ieve7 WEDBKSDA* ani ^'nrnlng.leave Washington MON n?h *. FBIDaYU, Irom Johnson's wbarf,foot ? *iT7l'oat}imtt}- ' "rough Rlils Lading is sn?d to and from the above ports Freight rtc?iivf.<* and delivered dally fiom 7 a. m. to 6 ?. ui. Orders ford?Ujg?x.g*ftoUht. Ac.,received at lSOi Est BQd 1114 yth street northwest. - . ?W P CLYDE A CO., Bo. 12 8. Wharves, f htladelphla. anli-ton '? ?? J'?HH80B A CO., >pU xa AgeatM for H a^hiDgton. |?OR NORrOLK. " ~ bADT OF THB Leavea tne Oompany s wharf, root of its street ???r MpNDAf, Vednb^day i and I hi DA ^ , at 9 p is , for Nor-Jfif?^MK day aid Baturday. at 4 pm. Fare. ?4; round trip, Tickets good until nsed *' FOB POTOMAC BJVEB LABDIBOB Bteamer J NO. W. THOMPSON leaves Ctlmpaayl wharf, foot or <tb street, every TDBBDA Y, at7a m., rorjCurrloman and Intermediate landings, and For information an ply at the offloe of the Com L<?un?^r Metropolitan Uank, Uth street, IfeMury, or to th# Agent, at ths wft*rT- mar?7iy "PEOPLES' liiai75 ~ ~ FOE NOMINI, MATTOl CRBRK. 0PPBR ma CHOVOCANV lNTERblKUlATM _ k , landings. The aldawheel Bteamer _ "E. MOBBIB," WI11 Oaptaln T7 B. Baldwim, J?'I". oo?imeno# running to the above landl ~?nd*'? H*'ch 6th, leaving from ? wbarrfoot or Cth street every MOB DAY and THUBBDAY at 8 a. m. an^KBIDir'atV a*m* "omia, #TerT TD*8DAY fet>>B B- B. FITZHDQH, Agent. ? e w a m p im?, " _ ttOTICM. o' ^hninlshln* th# ohaao## of ?4 listen, th# Steamers of this Lin# tak# a saeciflMi oonrse for ail aeatons of th# year * #P?cin#?l On the outward pa?age from Qa eenstown to Bsw *ort or Boaton, crowing Meridian of H at tf lat. ot nothing to the north of Q, ?#,^}.h?.b.??e*"rd th# Me rid tar of fcl at 41 lat., or nothing to the north of 41. THK gtH,TIHH AND NORTH AMERICA* , ROYAL. MAIL 8TEAM8HUP8, a,?,?, BMW YORK AJiD lIvZR' POOL, CALLING AT COKK HARBOB, Fkom Bsw Yokk. | fuaHiw Yon Abv-i^. " u-^" 2*' It Wal., J quo 38 Abysaluia?V, <xl., May 31 Abyssinia..W#d? Jul, | h'i?* " "5?f ^?* {I 8awi^ ?- Wad., July II ??^}a.?Wad . Junel4lscythia. Wed.,July 19 / i *? Wad.. June 11 ? A'g. ria Wed., Jaly 28 DAY f^mTlew Ywif WBDhMDAT "TU* Steamer# markad * do act carry itMrags puaaa gera. _ Bar*# of PAWAai.-Oabfn, fW.BlOO and |Ui, gcM.a^rding toaopoBnmodaOoa. Tickets to i?arlt, BI*'^old, additional. Betorn tickets on favorable Bteerag# tfekatti to and tro* all sartno Bnrop# at rery low rate#. Through bills of ladint given for Belfast. Olwifow, Havre, Antwerp and otWVrti on the Oontlnent, and for Mediterranean ports. For frelBht and paang# apply at the Company's offloe, Bo. 4 Bowling Green: or both steerage and cabin 8MALLW0OD A fcoBBISnN Ho. ?1A 7th . OHAB. S. FBABOKLYS. Agent. OB UMBBBLLAS ABD ABASOL8 C0V EBED AND BBPA1BBD, AT THB MABUFAOTOBY, ap>4 Xm* 013 D street northwest. MINNESOTA FLOUR. Washbnrn Mills, Minnesota FLOCB. net annalled or excelled by any in the oountiy. VUourh!tJ?? ',?thJ?i#*?*,?PP,7 oTthis celebrated Flour always fistldions. Fo*?*!e by ? to satisfy ?pgt, 60Js g?gA. RATTAN'S CRYSTAL DISCOVERY FOR THB HAIR. FOB BB8TOB1NQ OBAY OB FADBD HAIB TO ITb NATUBAL AND TOOTHFUL OOLOB. ssss^z 22t^f flDB?r ?or< In fact, haa It ?!!??hi. ofiectioi* so lustly nrgad against th# Bn'phnr and Lead reatorativ## in the mariets . Ha# tMBw?Li25-*2I^dW fHn BOW constant AMTIfUM. RATTANS, Dragglst. M , pbofbietob, ***** Hand Dstreetsnorthwort. KNOOURAGX TBUBKS FO. ?ATOBBLB OABB1AOB BOBBI _FLBB^WBIPB, H ?atchblb foi AUCTION SALES. THIS APTIRHOON. THOf* * WAOOABAS, 1 Seal Batata Auctioneer, 111 Uh straat. "b FBIDAY, 8la? 19tb. at o'cVk, I?M will < ffer f-r eele, oa lho yowl*-., ?h str*e?.^P between Vinrtnla avenne sod D street ?o*th west, Lot 6, ta nwr? 136, dimensions, SI 3x19). Irimi at myl7-?t TBQ3. B- WAGQAMAH. Aael. this rnmiw. yHOMAB DOW LIB Q. Anctloaeer. GRAND ART SALS Firm tb? CELEBRATED AHBBICAV ABT GALLEBY. ?S? YORK. Larg* and highly valuable collection of HIGH CLASS OIL PAINTINGS 19* WOUI Of 8TEBLING MBB1T FJB8T MODBBB ABTI8TS. TbU extraordinary collection cn*?tu am* of the Dnett works ever offered ta this ctty. and are eupeildy mounted ia the Sneat of net to'i U*f ?trSfS&j! "2 ?oM ? auction. oa WBDB B9DAY, 1 HUBSDAT and FBIDAY EVENINGS. Mar IT. IS aid If, at the marble building, 1101 Peon ?ylvania avenue, corner of 11th (treat northwest. Now on free exhibition Term* cash ?>U ?t THOB DOWLIWO. Anct. TQ.MOBBOT. 'ptlOMAB DOW LING, Auctioneer. two magnificbntTbench plateOILT PBAMB MANTEL MIBBOB8. IB PBBFB"T CONDITION ;ONE ffBBSOB PLATB M ANTBL MI RBOR WITH BLOB ABD GOLD rBAME, OBB FRENCH PLATB PIBB MIRB"R. ROSE WOOD t'ASB I'lABorOBTB, WALNUT BAB BLE TOP CHaMBBK FI RM ITUBB, M AHOO ANY ABD PAINTED FUBNITUBB. BXTBN 8 OM DINING AND OTHBB TAB LBS, WAL NUT SIDEBOARDS. DINING AND OTHBR CHA1KP, CHINA AND Gl>At)8 WABB. BE KK1GEBATOH8. TIB SAFEB, COOKING AND HEATING 8TOVBB. Also. TWO BOBSE J * CKSON BUILT WAGON, IB GOOD CO> DiT10N, AT ATTOTI ./N On SATURDAY MORNING. May the UOth, 1876 at 10 o'cUck, la front of m; I auction reotns, I (ball Hell a so pet lor and' extorsive collection of go<ls mylSlt TOPS. DOWLING, Auctioneer. y rSITED STATES MARSHAL'S 8ALB. In vlrtua of a writ of fieri facias, Issued out of tbe Clerk's office of the Supreme Coort of tbe Die Ir ct of Columbia ai d to me directed, I will sell, at public sale, for cash, at Birch A Ruber's Bazaar, on Louisiana avenue, on 8 tTCHDAY, the 40th dav <>f Slav. 1378. comm<uci(.g at 10 o'clock a m.. the fol* lowing goods aud chattels, to wit, viz: One Office Table, 6 Cane-seat ribairs, I Revolviog Chair. 1 Brussels Carpet and Hug, 1 Awning. 3 Ink Btands, itp^pge Cup. 1 Mucilage Bottle, 1 Cnspedora and liitelcp>s, I Beam of Legal Cap Paper, and 1 lot Carpet Binding, seized and levied npon at the go-ids cbattbU of H 0. Denison. and will be sold to satisfy execution Ho. 14.817. in favor of A L. Barber A Co. ALIX SHARP, U 8 Marshal D C. Per BIBOH A BOBBY, Auctioneers. May 10, 1876. mylQ d y 8. HAKbH A_L ' B KALI. In virttie of a writ of fi?ri facias Issued out of the Clerk's office of the Supreme Court of the District of Columbia and to me direoted, 1 will sell at Iublic sale for Cash, at the auction store of Thoe. <owling,corner of Pennsylvania avenue and 11th .f*?t nirthweat. on SATURDAY, the 30th day or May, 1876, at 10 o'clock a. m., the following k ?ods an! cbatteis, to wit-?"Four Janontcas," seized and levied upon a? thegeoda and chattels of Win Douglas-, administrator, and will be sold to satisfy extcution No. 6,832, In favor of Henry Doug* ,M"" ALEX SHABP,U. S Marshal D. O. ?*10 d By THOMAS DOWLIBG. Auctioneer. B. H. WARNER, corner 7th and F streets. TBCBTEB 8ALB OF VALUABLE IMPBOVBD BKAL BPTATE OB SOUTHWEST CORNER OF NOBTH CAPITOL BTBBET AUD NOBTH I STREET. IN CITY OF WASHINGTON, D. O. t*y vtrtne of a deed of trust to me, bearing date the 1st day of July. A. D. 1874 an<l rec rd?d ' in Liber No 756.foilo 317.of the land records tor the District of Columbia, and br tbe direction of the party aeocrtd. I will sell, at public auction, in front of the property, on WEDNESDAY, tbe 17th day of May. A. 1). 1876. at 6 o'clock a. m., all that parcel of ground la the city of Washington, D.C . known ana described as lot numbered one hnndred and sixty (160). In Shepheid's recorded subdivision of square numbered six hundred ?Qd twenty three 16131. together with the Improvement*, consisting of a neat three-story Brick Dwelling. Terms: One-third cash; balance In six and twelve months, with Interest at eight per cent, pt-r annum, s. cured by a deed of trust upon the property. <k>o veyancing at purchaser's co?t. 8100 down at ti^ie ot sale. If terms of sale are not complied with in five days from day of sab-, the Trustee reserves the right to resell at rii-k and r/xt of defau'ting pur chaser. WM. A. GORDON, Trustee. aplS eo&ds *>" THE ABOVE SALE I* POSTPONED OS account of the ra<n uMil SATURDAY. ?l*y 20;h, la76. tmylS dAdaJ WM .A toOBDON . Trns?ee. B. H. WABNKU, corner 7th and F streets. AUC TION SALE OK DESIRABLE BUILDING LOTB ON V AND BOl NO?BY. BKTWBKN lbTlI AND 17th STREETS NOBTUWEST. On 8A1 L'BDAT, Ma? 30?h. 1876, at 5 o'clk*** b m . will be sold in front of the premises, lots*^ 7 to 27. both inclusive, of Chas. H. Cragln'b-^" subdivision in t<inar<-174. Teims: One-fourth cash, and the balance at one, two acd three * ears, with interest, securad by a deed of truit. $S0 down at time of Hale, and all c>n*ejancirg at purchaser's cost. Oi?12 f,tn,w f,4t J .T COLDWELL, Saienmaa. I^UNCANSON BROS., Auctioneers TBUBTKE'8 PALE OF BBKK HOUSE AND lOt ON K ST BE ST. BETWEEN 1*>TR AND 19th BT8. NORTHWEST, AT AUCTION. B> virtue of a de?d of trust, dated lSib day f of Sestember, A.D. le71,duly recorded in Lu>er | No. "02, folio 61, one of the land rccords for Wasb lugton count) . In the Distr.ct of Columbia-and by re,ii est of the patty eecured thereby, I wilt ???!I at public auction .on THURSDAY the 113 th dayof Hay, A.D. 1876. at b o'clock p m., in front of the presa i?s, all tba'ccrtaln piece ot parcel of ground and pr<D>ises situated and lying in said City of Washing ton, District of Columbia, and known and detcrlacd as tbe east half of lot numbered four.(4,) In squire nnn bered one hundred and seven, (107.1 together with all and singular the improvements privileges and app rtenances to tbe same belonging, or in any er ajpertainicg. Terms of sale: One third of the purchase money In cash; the balance in equal installments of notes at 6.12 and 18 months, with interest at 8 per cent, per annum, said notes secured by a deed of trust on tbr-premises sold. Conveyancing, Ac., at purchas er's cost. A deposit of 9160 will be required as soon as the property Is knocked oft. If 'he terms of sale are not compiled with In one week from day of sale tbe Trustee reserves tbe right to resell tbe prop erty at the risk and cost of the defaulting purchaser upon clvlrg five days notice of such resale in the Evening Star newspaper, published In Washing ton. D C. 8AMUEL S. ARNOLD, ap20 tb.m,lilll9thMAtdU Trustee. TRr&TEE8' SALE OF VALUABLE IM f ROVED BKAL ESTATE IN TUB COUNTY OF WASHINGTON, CONSISTING OF A TWO-BTOBY DWELLING, BITUATED ON WHAT 18 KNOWN AS THE "BBENT WOOD ROAD." NORTHEAST OF TUB CITY, AND BEING PABT OF A TBA ?T "F LAND KNOWN A8 "METROPOLIS VIEW." By virtue of a deed of trust, dated January 29ih, 1874, and dnly recorded iu Liber No.741.1 folio 43et seq.,ene of tbe land records of th(a District of Columbia, and by the written request if the p.irty secured thereby, we will sell at public anctiOB.on tbe premises,on MONDAY, May ?9, W6 at o'clock p. m , all that piece or parcel of land, situate and beinu in the county of Washing ten, District of Colombia, and knovu and d -sig rated as part of lot numbered twenty-tine (29), of the land known as Metropolis View, commencing f?r tbe same at a point on the east line of said lJt two burdied and thirty-four (234) fest from the tontheaat < orner of said lot, tbeace with the line of said lot north twenty and a half degrees < 20X de grees), ea?t two hundred (E0) feet, thence and at right angles therewith, In a southwesterly direc tion one hundred and eight <l(tt)fe*t eleven (11) inc hes,thtnc< south twenty and a half degrees (2UH degrees) < ust two bnndrcd (2U0) loot, thence and at light angles therewith in a uonbea itwardly direc tion one hacdred and eight (108)fe*t bb-ven (11) inches to tke place of begiuuiag. including the rigt-t of a rovl al>ng the east front of said 1? twentv Bins, but said right shall not extend be> ynud the time toat the south end of a tld lot twenty nine i:hall be subdivided into lots. Improved by a two story dwelling. Teims. One founh cash; balance In6,12 and ll months, tor which the notes of tne purchaser, bear it g interest at 8 percent, p-r annuo) from day of saie, and secured by a deed of trust cn the property sold, will be taken A deposi t of $1W will be re quired at time of sale. All conveyancing at the ex pense ot tbe purchaser If tbe terms of sala are not ccmpiied wltn In ten days from day ot sale, the trus tees reserve the right to resell tbe property at the risk and cost cf tbe defaulting purchaser, alter Ova days advertisement. CHAS. B. FBA*BB,lTrlutMa JNO. JOY EDS-?N, J Trustees. my!2-f tuAds J T. COLD WELL. Salesman. rpHOB. DOWLING, Auctioneer. TBUSTEE'S BALK OF VALUABLE PBOPBRTY ON DUNRABTON AND BEALL BTRBET8, IN GEORGETOWN. By virtue <J two daeds of trust, bearing date 1 the 1st aLd 3d days of February. 1864, and re- M ooided in Liber H. C. T. No. M, at folloa 138 ane 144. the undersigned will aril oa MONDAY, the 39th day of May, A.D. 1876. In front of the pre mises, on Dunbarton street, at S o'clock 9. m., the eaat half parts of Lets No. 71 aad 87, In Baall'a ad dition to Georgetown, the same fronting thirty (90) feet or Dunbarton street and extending bask of that width northwardly on* hnndred and twenty feet, U?proved with a comfortable dwelling hosaa pramlaaa being Mo. #? ther paroel being a va 1 Baali straat and having a depth of 110 feet. Terms of sala: Oae thlrd eaah; reaidua In two equal payments at six aad twelve moaths, with In terest- to be secured by dead of trust. Ml deposit when the property Is struck off. whlehla to ba for feited If the terns are not compiled with within five dais after sale. All conveyancing aad recording at leet, improven wun a comrorw and other ont-bmidinM, tbe pr Dunbarton street, and the oth cant lot fronting M feat am Bai purebaoer^wt^ww rmll, Bneririag Trustee. ap28 eod [Oonr.l THOB. BOWLING, And. I WILL BELL, AT PUBLIC AUCTION, Ol ?ONPAT, at ? Calock ma. Apail *4, In front of the premteea, two thraa-etorr Biiek Howasa, Boa. >. 0. BW TBI ABOTI BALE IB POSTPONED 2JHHO.lAT.tba BBd Ifl-lj11*11" AUCTION SALES. \\*ASn B. WILLIAM*". Aactiooeer. ' ' IM1, BiitkTtitr iB?r U b thd D ??<?(?. w im?, m um r BT auction >H. ?Nt Chairs, Ml a, and to b? HI On SATURDAY, May JOth. 1T?. at 10 ' c clock. I ?b?li ?*!!. ia front of m > auoti*>n i IMH a yrvintl MorUMat of QoiNk?l4 Fen tture. C?'-p"'*,Ol,cl >tb?, Matting.Child - r? ? OvrU|?t, i rocttri, Ac. Ter?se??h _I? WASH. B WI'.LIAM*. Anct. ASH B WILLIAMS, Aactiooewr. 1001. icnhvm curiM lot b and D street*. On SATURDAY, MaTloth, 0 c.ocl. I shall se'l. ia fr*?t of rooais. 10 Dozen Walant Can* (Pat 1 brat* arm. i coceigned trum Ob to, K Id Without NK'tT*. It WASH. B WILLI kM9. Anct. LOBBY, AtetKBtcrs, W?llt Bazaar. Mot. *39 Mid 940 La. ave., bet. Mh and Nth Ma. PEREMPTORY COXTBAVTOBH 8ALB 0? HOISBS, 1HOLES, 0'BT WAGOB9. C?RT8, CART AND WAQOS HARNESS. PICKS. 8HOTBLS WHEELBARROWS. CUTTING H0XR8 SCREEN*. tr Ua SATURDAY MORNING. May 90th. i 1876, co???ocUg at 10 o'clock. we will, sell, at om lW/aar? |?1RCH f Mir Of Males, 8 m??i Work Horn. > Carta, 4 Jackson Wat^M, 90 Kti Cart HiriM, W*y, i 3?? 10 " Plot ? " Doub'e Wagon Harnett, I " Slna'e Hsroe*?. 150 Pick*, shovels.Hoe* and Ban, Wheelbarrows, Screen*, (J at Mag But. Ac. Tbe property of a contractor hating no further nee for the above stork. Bole pererptory. Tenrs cash It [ Bep I B1BCH > BOBUY, Alftl. C^ll ANCEElT BALB OK TEN DESIBABLE / THBk'K STOKY PBtSS BBI^K rbOST DWELLINGS OB BIGOS STBbltT. BB TWEkN 17th AKD 19th STREETS WEST, BEAR BOUNDARY S1KEET Urderaac l?j*irtu?of a decree of tbe So preme Court, D Cj pmtd in l^uitf CiUK* No. 5 6s3, ?e *11" effer 1<>t sale. at tubllc auc i 'Ion, on ?EJ NR8PAY the 31?t day of 1S76 in front of tbe pr<-mi <??, common-lug at <> Clo< k p III.. Lnt? sun,! ed 76. 7/. 78. 79. 80 81. *2, S3,-laid i ray. No ;ent A Barr. tts Mihditl si?n of square IfeO. with ti.e improvement* ihere n, consisting >f ten three-story brick dwellings, with pr< pM<i brick fronts. nearly let. Terms of sale: One-fou'th ca?h: tbo'realdne in three ?qral instalments, at 8,11 aod 18 m >nth* !r >iu tbed?yof sale, with interest at six percent per annrtn,or the purchaser mar pay all c*?h .<r any portion greater than one fourth. Tbe tide to be retain<d until all of the purchase maney and tbe interest therein 1s paid. If tbe tarniaof sale are not complied wiih wiihin seven dai s from the day of sale wereterve 'heriibtto re-tell the property at tbe ri-k end coat of the defaulting purchaser ?r purchasers All conveyancing at parcbaaer a c *t. ?60 d< posit on aceeptan of each bid. J AM K < 9 LOW AKD8. ) ?I!4NK W. HACK BIT,} Trustees JOHB H. COOK, \ my19 eoAds B H. WARNKR. Auct. rJ1HOMAB DUWLIBGj^Auctioneer. VALT7ABLB BUILDING LOT ON BortTH O PI BEET. BE1WRRN 3r? AMD 4* STREETS BOl'TUWlt'T, AT AUCTION. On MONDAY APTEBNOON, M*r VJlMt 1376, at 6 o'clcck. on the premlsea, 1 shall aell part cf Lot 4. in Pijuare 619, fronting IS feet on tbe north side of asuth Qitroet, with a depth of 1?9 13 feet Tsims: One-half cash; balance In 8 and 11 m.nths, with lLtereit at 8 per cent..?ecared by d-od cf trust. A depoalt of #50 required at time of tale. All con veyancing at coat of purchaser. m> 18 3t THOMAH DOWLIBO. Auct. JOB. V. KBLLRY. Real Rotate Agent and Anctioneer, Cftiee No. 909 8th atreet northwest. BABPSOMELY TRRRACBP Rl'ILDIBG LOTS OB THE BAST SIOR Or Kth fTKBKT. BE TWIBN P AND Q STREETS NORTHWEST, AT AICTION. Oa MOBDAY* 99d Instaat. at 6m o'clock p. m., I will sell at public auction, la*y front of tbe preiniaea, Lota Boa. 43. 44 and 4S, ln-^" square 448. each let fronting 31 feet on 8th street, ai'd ruuLicK back 100 feet to an aMey. Tbaae Lota are convenient to Corcoran 8-juare Mai ket, and to 7th atreet, 9th ?treet.nnd North O ?tre?t linea of atreet cara Term*: One-third caah; balance In 8, II and 18 it. on the. with intereat at 8 percent. ConTerancing at coat of purchaaer. 915 to be paid down on each loi at time of aale. Spec ial improvement and all other taies paid. inylS d JOS. P. KELLBY, Auct. E DW1N J. SWEET, Auctioneer. TBU8TE**' SALE OP THREE STORY BRICK DWELLING ON P/NN8Y? V INIA A V EN HE. BETWEEN 6th ABD 7th 8TREET8 EA-T By virtue of a deed of trus? dated >I*T4th. J-. A D 1675. and duly tecorted in Liter TdO.p lolio 44.V< i.ecf tb<- (and records of the Dii ? trlfct ot t olnmVia, and at tbe request of the party aecuted tbeieby, we will sell at public auc'lon, in fro.t of the piemi^M, a* 5 o'lack p. m . on " 1IUBFOAY. Juue I at, 1878, all th?t certain pitce cr pare. 1 oi land situate and lyiaa inthecirrof Washington, D. 0., and ka*wn and describtd a* Ixicg lot numbered forty-four (41), of K?igu?on'? inbdiTbion of crigira] lot numbered four <4'.in rquare numbtred eight huDdred and seventy three (S73), together vita all th9 ixprovexeota, 4c., tbereoD, c nsiating of a three atory trick dwelllLg with back building. Terms: One third cash; balance at 8 and 13 month*, for which tbe notee of the purchteer shall be taken, beaiing interest Tram the day of aale, at 8 per cent, per annum, acd secured by deea ot trust bnd a^ejuate insurance upon tbe property s jld. A depo.'it cf #1C0 will be required ar the time of sale, nnd all ccnreyaLclng at the cost of the purchaser. If terms cf sale are not compll d with In arven daja aft^rdsy cf *sle, the Trufteea reserve th' right to resell the property at the risk and cost of default ing purchaser J STANLEY JONES, lTr?.,.lkl. WLLLMM IS JONES tTrust6*,> EfylSd E J. SWKET. Auctioneer. B? E. J. 8WEKT. Real Estate Broker and Auctioneer, No. Z11 7th street northwest. w AUCTION 8AI.B OK DESIRAB'.E UNI* PROVED BUILDING LOT:*. ON MlS^ACHU 8KTTS AYENf* ANU CORNER OP ??TH 8TRKET NORTHEAST. 1 will <ffer for tale, at puh'ic auetl>n.ioM* front of the premise*,on WEDNESDAY, Ma* 1 Tth, 1876. at 6 o'clcck p. m , all of Lot* 17,18 19. 90, 31, 31 and 33, in MoreelC* subdi vnion of orig inal lot 1, In square 393. These are sal all lot*, 17x70 fret. Termaofaale One fourth caah and the baltace on good tiiLe. $2S deposit reqairfd on each lot when sold All conveyancing at pnrchaatr's coat. If terms of sale are not complied with in *erea day* after sale the property will be reaold at the risk and cost of the desalting porrheaer. myll-d B. J. SWEIT, Auctioneer. B^TBE ABOVE SALE 18 POSTPONID, ON account of rain, until TUESDAY. May 93,1878, game boar and place my 17 E. J. BWEBT, Auctioneer. A8H B. WILLIAMS, Aoctloneer, ?o. 1001, northwest corner 10th and D Btreett. TBl fTEE SALE OP VALUABLE IMPROVED PROPERTY ON 14TU STREET, BETWEEN B acd 8 8TREET8 NORTHWEST, at AUCTION. By virtue of a deed of truit, dated October 9th, A. D 1572, and duly recorded in Liber No. 6;>4 folio 411, one of the land aecord* for the District of Colombia, and by direction of the party cecnred thereby, 1 shall sell at public anctlon, in front of ilie prtmi*ea, on THl'RSDA Y, May US, A. D. 1S7I, at b o'clock p. m , the fallowing de scribed real?slate,to wit: All that cei tain piece or Rreel of ground situate aud lying in said city, and ir g known and detcril^i as lot number seventy fcur (74), In the recotdol HQbdlvision of square num bered t?o hundred atd seven (307), with improve ments thereon, consisting of a two story brick tlw?liicg with back building, with all modern Im provements. gas and water. Tt imsof sale: One third in cash; the balance In tbrte equal instalments at tlx, twelve and eishteen months, with Interest at ten per cent, per annum, te be seenrrd byad'edof trust en tbe premises si'd. gut) will te rtqvired of the pnrcharer at ths time ol sale. All C( nveyaLClrig at purchaser s cost. If the term* cf sal't are not folly compiled with in one wtek frcm tbe day of sale, tbe Trustee reserve* the right to resell the property at the rlak aud cost of the defaulting purchaser, after five daya' advertise meet. JOHN E. NORRIS, Trustee. m>lS d WASH. B. WILLIAMS, Auct. A H. WARNER, corner P and 7th atreeta. b. Al'OTIOH SALE OF VALUABLE UNIM PROVED PROPERTY ON THE SOUTH SlOB OP K STBEET, BETWEEN 941B ABD 9?TH STREBTS HORTHWEST. On WEDNESDAY, May 24th. 1876, at o'clock p m , will be offered in three parcels *** In front of tbe premises.the following desciibed^" real estate situate in the city of Washington, D. C., to wit: Begicnlog at the sonth line of K northwest thirty (SO) fe. t ea?t of the northwest cor ner of lot No. nineteen (19) In sqnare No. 98, In Washington, D. 0., running thence eastwardly along the tooth line cf *aid K street sixtyxthree fttt six Inches (63 8), tbence sonthwarely pirallel to tbe w< st line of said lot 134 feet 11 inches te tbe alley, tbence wastwardly along the north Una of said alley acd parallel with said K street 63 loot 8 inohea?thence northwardly parallel to the west line of said lot 114 feet 11 Incbe* to tbe place of begin ning. bung pans of lots No. 19 and 30 in said square Bo, 98. Terms: One fourth cash; retraindsr la equal in stalments. payable In 1,9, and 3 years, note* bear ing 10 per cent Interest fi om*>te. secured ty deed ofnnst. A deposit of t?> will be required on each parcel at time of sale.and all c^reyaiKinfat pur chaser * coat. T. T. OBITTENDEB, TrosUa. ?ylleoAds J- T COLD WELL. Salesman. CHANCBBT 8ALB OP PBEMI8BB No. 1I4? J3th STBEET. BKTWEEB L AND ? STREETS BOBTHwEST. By virtue c f a decree pMsed by the Baprene A^ Court of the District of OolumbU, la Equity 0V cause Mo. 1098,1 wUlaaU,at public anotlon,la frTnt of tbe jctmimm.on TUESDAY, tbe 93dda/ of Hay, 1376, at 8 o'clock p. m., all taat part of lot Bo 33 ot tha subdivision of sqaaro So. 197 ,intbe city ot Washington, D. O, contained wttlUa tbo follow the s ml hi sit cerwer ot said sqnare. aad rnnalag ?-ifisirsi. ?fisl* rba-sr, E. B. WARMER, Aucticneer nsyM) d |JBI1XD STATES MAS la vlrtoe of aa order of Clerk's i Sea of tbo of Colaaibia,aad to Ue sale, for caah, at -TV.-Ms , i BALM. the 93d day of chattels, via: C i-ssrua r. JSx EVENING STAR. roii T-r*iKTB tncina. (iMtof AwwmNn?? rMtw tfai> RESTATE ? After oar report closed ? The Senate HMM with close 1 doon till 5 p in ,?h? they adjourned. Mr Wtiyw submitted k moMoD, wfaleb vw no*. ?c(*l ou. that tbe Senate lake the role at 4 p. m. on Saturday on tbe Brlkn%p impMrhmmt {nriadletlon question, and lb At Senator* i?ve leave within two days thereafter to flt? their oplnioua. which shall form part of IM reorprt In tbe ease. HOUSE.?Afur oar report closed? tbe previous question was called on tbe resolutions submitted by tbe Oommltlee en Printing, which request tbe Committee oa Appropriation* to Inquire Into the propriety ol inserting eectlooa In tbe sandry civil ap propria Hon bill to change the mode of ap pointing the publle printer; regulating tbe manner of prlntlog, and making a contract with Franklin Rlvee for printing tbe Con gressional Rerord for six yean. The resolu tions were men passed. Mr. Randall (Pa i, from the Committee on Appropriations, reported tbe Indian appro priation bill, and it was made the special otder after the naval bill shall hare been dispond of. Mr. Goode (Va) Introduced a bill to pro vide for the relief of navy yard employes who have been disabled while la toe dis charge of their duties. Referred to the Com mint-eon Naval Aflalrs. On motion of Mr. Blount (Ga ), the House went lute Committee of tbe Whole on the iiava) appropriation bill, Mr. Clyraer In tbe chair, and hi 4 30 p. m toik a recess till 7.30. At the evening session a tariff speech was made by Mr. Freeman (Pa.), and one ou finance by Mr. Blair (N. H.) Mr. Heidee (Vt.) tnen ttrok theflo-?r topre "Tt to Congress on behalf of tne state of Vermont tbe statue of Eiban All?n, to bs rlaced in tbe statuary hall of the Capitol. The u*u*l resolution was offerel accepting the statue, and Mr. Hendee and Mr. Joyce | (Vt ) spoke of the life and character or Alien. The House then went Into committee on the naval appropriation bill, Mr. Clymer in tie chair. Speeches were made by Mr. Piper VC*1.) and Mr. House (Tenu.), after wbleu, at 10 | o'clock, the Houseadjotimod. Bismarck sad Delbrnck. Prince Bismarck has sometimes been called a bard man, but nobody oati deny that he In capable of praising, on occasion, the subor dinates from whom lie exacts so much. Dr. Delbruck's is a case in point. Tne gossips of Berlin,to whom any tale told of Bismarck, for or against him, is welcome, have gone about, this week, proclaiming that Dr. Del brnck baa been driven from power by tbe imperious chancellor, because of a disagree ment between them on the question of the purchase of the Prussian railways by the state On this precious bit of political scan dal Prince Bismarck has set bis heel. "1 can assure the House," he said on Wednesday, ??and I woald not do so if I wai not cure that the evidenoe of the Minister Delbrasc him self (who will not disappear totally from among us) would confirm what I say, that there never arose,either between him and the emperor, or between blm and myself, eve a tbe shadow of a shade of opinion referring to tbefloatlng questions of tbe lay. The Minister I>elbruck has In sucb cases tbe courage of his opinions, and did notsuppreas them T' On other questions, added the prince, be and Dr. Delbruca had often differed, "and as these were questions on matters about which he ki.ew better than myself, 1 have often been oHlged to yield to his better Judgment." Whlcb only proves that a man of great powers need not think It needful to pretend to know everything. It Is only a second rate personage, like Lord Brougham, who I craves a reputation for what Mr, Trevelyan cleverly ealls "slovenly omniscience." Prince Bismarck himself has been In the habit for some Z9 years of working in hours a day, except on tne days when be worked 24. When, therefore, he describes Dr. Del brnck as possessing "an activity equal to that of several able men," It is tbe testimony of an expert,and worth something. Tne truth Is, that?as always happens, sooner or later ?this tremendous overwork has at last Im paired even Delbruck's Iron constitution, and that he Is forced to take some repose? [ fXrrrif/n Lorrtrpotuienc* of A'etc York 7Vi bunt. Ths Coal Combination Complete \t almost any time previous to Saturday last It seemed possible thai the great coal com bination might go to pieces, and that thure would be such cutting in prices of anthracite fuel fes was never known before. The some what defiant attitude assumed by the Lehigh Valley Railroad Company toward the com bination has not been relished for some time pa>t. aud the moving spirits in tbe great combination finally resolved to bring mat ters to an issue, and either force tbe Lehigh Valley Railroad Company to terms or open a ? arfure upon that corporation, wuich, while ll temporarily secured cheap coal to con MMI) would also spread consternation and ruin among the coat operators *hose Interests are linked with the road under Judge Parker's control. Tne cooihinatlorlsts held a mee*'ng on Fri day last, at which it was determined that the safety of all concerned In the coal traie rendered it imperatively necessary that the I/eblgh Valley railroad oompany should he made to draw In the traces with the other treat currying and producing coal con pa nics. The ultimatum of peace or war was presented, and tbe heretofore independent company Immediately came down from the high horse which It bestrode, and on Satur *ny subscribed to the conditions Imposed by Go wen, Sloan and Dickson without tbe slightest dissent er modification. The coal combination is therefore rendered very much stronger than ever before, and baa nothing to apprehend since completely capturing the only competitor It hrs ever had any cause to distrust or fear. This result la important as showing what a gigantic power the combi nation can wield In an emergency. The mo nopolists can now govern the coal trade without let or hindrance from any parties outside of themselves. They managed to gather In tbe Pennsylvania Coal oompany, which held out for a long time, and have ul timately suooeeded In gobbling the free trade road of J udge Packer's?(A. Y. HcrnUl. Setting a Cuik on Firs? What Came ?/ Throwing a f\re Ball Into OoujUh Hun An Oil City, Pa., dispatch says:?A singular phenomenon can now bo aeen In Clarion county, Pa., within fifty miles of this city, on a small stream known as Catfish run. For a long time the Inhabitants of that locality have noticed a commotion on tbe surfaoe of tbe water, like that made by gu bubbling to tbe surfaoe. These bubblea nave been seen for many years, but no particular notice was taken of them until recently, when the quantity of escaping gas increased, and the surface of tbe stream for several rods was oovered with lobbies. A strong smell of gas also impregnated tbe air In tbe vicinity. Last month the place was visited by several gentlemen who had heard of the Phenomenon. They became convinced that it was gas, and determined to test 1U burning Knalitles. A bunch of rag* waa obtained at a irmhouse, and thoroughly saturated with kerosene. To tbis a match was applied, and the burning ball thrown into the stream. Before It reached the surface of the water, tbe gaa Ignited and a alight exploaion fol lowed. In a few moments the body of the gas burned steadily, and In every portion of tbe stream small flameN sprang up where the gas escaped in moderate quantities. Since that day tbe gas has continued ti barn, and the area of the stream covered by it has increased, until now tbe fires extend a quarter of a mile up and down tbe run. Cat fish run Is a sluggish stream bounded on eltber side by steep, wooded bluflTs. At night the scene along the burning stream Is mag nificent. Tbe fires light cp the dark forests, and sparkle on the waters, making a spec tacle rarely witnessed. This stream Is con tiguous to oil territory, and the only satis factory theory of the souroe of the gas Is that It arises from petroleum deposits be neath the water, as the tame phenomenon, ti though the gas was in less quantity, has been noticed on Oil creek Th* Foot and Snob qcnstion Fob La dim.?There was once a lady who had sat rered nearly all her 11* with pain In her feet. She tried to bare bar shoes lit her, but they were made narrow at the toss, and some what tight everywhere, with no room left for the spread of the toss In walk ing, or for tbe elastic motion of tbe foot. Finally she not one whit easier, while they were a marvel of ugliness. At last a friend directed her to a shoemaker who made a sole as broad as her foot, made the boots to fit the Instep, and left the upper leathsr fall and broad on the loee, and from that boar ahe had only peace ai d rest Tbe seoret of an easy shoe Is a hroad sole, abroad, fail upper, and plenty of room for the toes. Even a beat can be brrnelftbeseeoodlttoosarsfaiailed.bat as * Mebody says, if the Lord had thought that the wisest position, be would have put a projecting bone there that woald bare been permanent. Of coarse with the prssset standard of taste the foot woald not look as well, bat that Is a question or taste. In some AMean tribes tbe women look best with a Large brass or bone dog through a hole la tbe upper lip. ? FRIDAY May IB, 1*7*. Bfcfl 1 Jam* J*mr, tm fh* _ *?? to? runTI Uwo(UMqntltiiMt ?pou um| b?wt ?1U ? i ?b* ground* ta um "Log CUbta* fhffc <?l# * RilMtaf, tu4 oae 'wsSFS^wafear5^ | -s; sriKKr M^yjs.afsBsa: ?ver,itoT l,r*,o h?vU^ ZTCStSS tb*r^ "week Nr to at m iBtormisi fwiuwmiiht M- rrneiail i, ? vmiMTorlni to rrpioJarc plminr 11 r? ?*f & fcftijff! S him bamLiL ??w! Mm. vhiflh coMiito or irvmi ^ ??? ?i tb?.back, and ? rm^STlr42SS 2?5 or?e aide. npno wtilcb Si dinner* are MrV?t Tbe cabin I. bum or toga, at* iSL^SSi CSffJt" ?lde Of the main autnumi. SSS2?2?itt?5!,ow i!si!**S53 {*', l.? ww ?oramoo Oavm Ta^io 5fIior,*1 ,he bM ? wide oS-foJawi ?i^? alSfJJpo5 whlc<1 ? wood lira, rappori* s^>?u?? S'?2k= I aS ??*??&? J f.MOMiniaii nquanh ban? JSSf U>ere ?r? other ebaractertatieiiL?J!?'.^* 5* ?? have IW t ryorao Tb la front roomUwhatiaVSi!!: mmm-tortf mom. back hTfil^S? r?.Tn V p' ?D<1 mcrnm* a i-arrow alter ?mL* beck of that the ver&n T. Tb/ room,are flihM t,ih art^eiTrfuL moat ancient data collected by Mian ?oo^ S&SBSr ~'J?" MBSb sSSSaRjassaMggRs <*o\. Hascoci.ovtr Mlyiirt oft# flTSf,!? , t ' dlWB chair, a imTTariou.piJETr 255**^ ?' P*** ?:d * w.?od?m credte Which came over In the Mai-fl >?? -Tr . irT;;rt,i^r'cr* ?*? ??!^UE?I ^ . llf. who vat borj oa la* Matn ,J? . SSVttl'VC,wo '?"v ?*? ? SiSniH iwy, th* oth*r an antiou* M muM have outlived m^Tm,.ISa?iU,W 11 Ou the walla wooden ? tn nci1*V?^?L k and In a eonaplcuou* |.)*ca a bo2n*t?C^ "Navarlno" bonnet U,at in lu tlmenlJ? have been a ina*mflceit article ofatt'r^ ?i tea* crown thaped exactly like a loaf ?/ Roatoci lirown bread-.a very broad itniti > hrlm anda lor*whl?aveii whiVnu.: 1?? ?tl* low befall d^fuTO^SStarS Wltb Wblt6 HfNItJl Th#w i2 MHnethlng very uncommon and dlattnirutato ed about ? bonnet .,r this kind. mao?2a2? than the commonplace at vies of the nr22TT 8iTOM'fSaSBS t ;?ran i of spun linen 20*> \eara om ?l*f!I?obu**tt*'and ? *>DU TOvwiiIT^nS: trated with aatouiablngliiliET crowing the heroea of the r^r^Uou 7 There la alao a .mail old miptaart eat ?? SSSSSSnSI Hfr S>* Co^wSSd?rp. iuj pieces of old china and autlaue \ fflaaa; a awing shaving^,;,22^ WJ55 Rev.Harauel Hopkins, or jBj&jf **? years old; a email desk (John Aldeu'ai thu came over in the Havnower 'JS? "?!"*? ^hich eanoot be aawmerated or course tbe time honored quiltina frame m. cuplea a place of honor in theTlvjnT^ST" ?nd apon shelves fronting th<> w2ii^V quantity of antlguate.1 eniekw-r a2a. i n of tbe "old bloe" pattern. C?oaraLly ^ v|alt?ra here in tbe middle of tbe da) la a drawback to the niMtnn vim and an obstacle to tbe inspection of um JJ i'J"Li?? H enables ,be32?mS towijoy (if be la that kind of wwri f,lr . Smijura*maue bread aod batSr' tea. and douKbnuu. T'itt titwm sTi i i * brown crock*, the made, and tbe bread f?to b^,^, 'honld Lave liked U)6 lunch of hrM/i An?i I hkeThern tThirh ?*hnUUi 100 tor u,<"? who like mem?which one can have nariim* ZZ. i^i2rtnn^T d,^y, bnt dld 55! f^' ??S tT ao il ?**?! t'latu-rv of cornad beef SSAF 6~"s s*T!8S Th? Mithodict Uk.NkKai l'n?,? i SgsMussw? aSSS WSmSs&mSS at clDClnnaU; I?r. Henry ^albb?>d. editor of the German Famllv ft f* *' ? Arthur Edward* Mltnr t? iV?w^>rthw!iU'rn Christian AdvooM? <j H. Warren, editor of tbe Morlh Cb?i2tiM mS2Sff; "S Dr E ? USUSSS Mothodlat Advocate, at Atlanta Titer* no nominations in oppiuTon'to eitSSJ by acclamation. For editor of the ^Veatern Christian AdTneiJ i r * rancls 8. Hoyt was elected -?15 votes Of the 3JJ oast ^ ?L?S??!2i were, for Dr. J. H. Bayllss 32 SmwJm For editor of the Central Christian^ Id ' vot"WM- Pr- K * t Wrr S W. B. Slaughter, C5. Dr. Fry w!T AmfimZwJ elected. For editor of the Pi?t.SS~ trian D?w!a was d^lar^ elStS^ri^n h'aT^TSt *?* elected eecretary of tbe t??ard gCS aad I,r- ? 8 Kuskeeo retary of tbe Frredmeu Aid aocletv -A"**" Sg Adopted eon i?muin( the sel l ma ^ ^.OM?M commu?ioa tmt SBSJg SX10 2? ? elected one of tne missionary secretaries. e55?2i2Rwe5 Way??A I'?trolter who H ;X7- ^ssrasrtts? vzt ^5^.'1?n,S5Sro.?,eSiSS5ls:'<3; )*f w?? made yesterday, and as he sat with a leg on either side of the e rata lull .b? patted the lop of the stove and r* S!i,rk^n J'0011',1 '-*?? you 2t ?S7^i^5n ? 5* J *rf,u.p lierc tor flvo thousand years now. and I'll hire a man to kaanT??? vilTJJ au through July and August."_{Detroit J*rm Cfime to the knowledge of the iood Templars of England" that the whits population of tbe ru 1 Ud ytal? i. 2nT^I^ nutlc to aaaoclating imb the wlw?S ^ meetliikVein*l^Ha I**>la,lou- ?' theiMaelf London, to the effect that if determined to eatabllab a dlktlnetlon of rkeee in works of bomantty ?*-*??? prance, the order of England eaa as brethren' artber lD^course with them He have time to laugh, we have time tocrw We iVve"7!;? rlf*' "?havetSStoS chorea; e*llD? SI houaeboii But me hav'n't got time to talk to b*ree. t?V. I . Cbt+men ini. I pe^fkLtnKlrg 01 Oreeoe m ?1 at Co- I ?,*r^"tbern California girls aoern to wear striped stocking*. They g"o barefooted. Henry D. Palmer, of Jarrett a Pal. mer Koo?h s Uie.ter, wae reoaatlr ^aeutf llJondou0r*rr m*mber of *be Garrlek ciob, ?F"A Dutch Amazon, Mlaa Mcrkiia a no1aiden 25, of middle height aad u Akhtlng id male attire on the Insurgent side In Herzegovina^ Cairln put a stopper into tbe mr ntb or a fluent lawyer yesterday bv an nouncing tbe following epigram: ??It doeea't strengthen an argument to repeat It- it eraily weakens 1L"_!^. ' U ^"In plain honeety, onr people are too to go northward ibis w >iays t22 Mobile Register, especially when they r? pect that it will be am of anivereaJ^xt^I Uoo and cbeaung, with tbe mighty Yankee nation ?*on the make" aa one man. ,, ?^"Thc anpwlorl ty of man to nature la eon tlnuaily Illustrated In literature in life, nature needs an Immense quantity of auliia to make a gooee with: but man can . gooae of himself in live mlnutea with a very UDdlgnlQad proceed Ing-Psj ? eenttjar a roU. on the oenteonial grout y. Y. Commercial Advertiser. Eapeclally If your wire la with yon; then you have to take j-our roll without any bather?(JVenafa* JSmh >TA( the Wlaoonaln Sunday echool eew ventlon Rev. Mr. Pullen, of Wlnneooiaae,di vulged hla patent method of conducting * acbool ao aa to enllat tbe older young aaew and ladles, which wee to have a beam I lei and aooomplialMd young ia4y and, ? popular ytwi young It riASKI. BtMaahilai!U.m, 9* luit JJuiu.a^il alaa will ba takaa i UNDERTAKERS. R. r. iuatkt, K. r. HAkTgf.

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