Newspaper of Evening Star, 19 Mayıs 1876, Page 4

Newspaper of Evening Star dated 19 Mayıs 1876 Page 4
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EVENING STAR. niBAT .?.Jhr is, PrvbabiUUe* To-day* Qffll'l OF CHIEF SlOVAL OFFICII, I WABHIWOTOW, May 19.1816. s Id the middle iutM. failing, follows by rising barometer, variable wind*. shifting to tooth or cut. warmer, partly cloudy wea ther and local rains. tbe re ES?*E3re?A vises bask. I Comtlm*'* from Firtt Pmge.] ?ersonai misconduct to the management. SSt^sss Tisr^X'sn^ as stair stfssas sgr, taia report, bat the principal actor In ot ben of wbicb a fraudulent conversion of the funds to his own private use is one, and for which be merit* and should receive punishment. He, It appears, was actually turned looee upon the rands and assets of the bank with out even being bonded, though perhaps that devoted Institution was not much be worse off for that, seeing that to nearly all cases where the trustees had taken bonds of their officers and agents they proved either to be Informal, subject to tome technical objection or otherwise worthless wh< n the time came, ?s It did come in several Instances, to put tbrm In suit on account of the delinquencies of their makers. In the case of the A. C. Bradley transaction, ten, he and ?*ie presi dent./. W. Alvord, were parties toaa st ?ted transfer of property held by the as security for a debt of some #10000 arxl tome few hundreds of accrued intereit, wfceieby the bark wai treated to a lot o; notes given by Bradley and payable one gw.->. three, four, and live years aiter date, whilst the vender, (or rather his princlpa1, for be was merely agent) A. R. Shepherd, entered at o> ee into the erjoyraent of an annual income of ?1,200 lrom tbe rent of the property to the Post Office department What Is still mire singular the contract ot lease was made be tween Bradley and the depart meat tea days before he obtained a transfer of the property from the aforementioned officers of the bank, and the whole was done for the special bene fit, delectation and behalf of Sliephew who nevertheless Is not seen In the transaction. Not until the processes of a court of Justice were retorted to by the original owner, one Mrs. Louisa McGban. to set aside the who?e proceeding tor fraud, and permission given ber to redeem the property by paying the back, did the fket herein detailed come to the surface and to the light of day. For such an Inequitable, unjust, and to the bank In jurious disposition of Its assets It Is hard to believe there was no consideration given? but allowing Alvord and SUckney the full benefit of the presumption of law In favor of Innocence. It shows them to be wholly un worthy the high trust they held, and Is a striking example of the actings and doings -whereby the credit of the bank was destroyed and Its depositors (plundered and ruined. In the Juan Boyle business too, ?le same Mr. Bttckney and Mr. Leipold, one of the present commUsloners, acted a part the reason for which are best understood by themselves, but one resulting to a total lose both to the bank and Its debtor Boyle.I though the evidence establishes the fact that Boyle was offered a credit of ftil.OOO on his liabilities, (Leipold to take the property consisting of certain houses on M street, in the city of Washing ton), ard that subsequent sales even uader the prevailing depression and shrinkage in values proved that they were worth under each unfavorable conditions nearly the wbo'e amount for which they were encumbere i. Very soon after this negotiation failed, toe property was sold under a deed of trust which StlcKuey had given upon It, while holding from Boyle fbr the benetlt of the bank, and be, 8tlckney, bought it to for bimhelf at the price of ?11.000, there being no one present to protect the bank, and little or no competition among the bidders. (See Bojle's testimony given In the presence of Btickney and Leipold, and not contradicted In any material point of fact as above reci ted.) There were also a great many small ?peculations by which toe bank was drained of its funds, the aggregate of which as far as ean yet be ascertained amounts to the sum of * This sum Is in part represented by checks and drafts without collateral of any kind-In part by nothing but the empty coffers of the bask, and are neither more nor less than a steal perpetrated ou the bank by the officers or others through their conni vance. Add to these forgery, as in the case of Boston, teller of the Washington bnr <?**, and the way Uiefieedmen's money went Is nit difficult of comprehension. And now taking a retrospective glance over the events of the last ten years, to which this Freed rein's bank looms up conspicuously, we are led ta believe that no race, or kindred among all the generations of men have so thoroughly sounded the deptns of the philosophy ex. pressed in the prayer, Save me from my frlsnds, as those ?? persons lately ueld to slavery at the south,"?a people over whom more crocodile tears have been shed, on wbcm more imposition practiced and /ur whom less real sympathy felt by their pro fessed friends than any other known to his tory?a people almost littera'y stabbed nuier the fifth rib with a hug and the salutation, "How is it with yoa to day, my brother?"' In regard to this bank the grossest deception was pra> Used upon them. Many were told it was a government Institution, and its solvency and safety guaranteed by the United States. Missionaries, of whom the chief was Alvord, perambulated the south, mixing religion, politics, education, and teactung the blacks bow to toil and to save and then trust their bard earned savings to Alvord and his as sociates to Invest for them, not until, how ever, they bad levied toll for their servlses In bestowing such inestimable benefits, and lor their disinterested labors and sacrifices. Full of gratitude to the government for their emancipation, the negroes were easily apprcacheu by, and gave unheeding cred ence to, any adventurer wbo declared him self bis friend and professed a desire to aid his moral intellectual and so cial elevation, provided he belonged to the party of the administration. He believed and was deceived,?trusted and wis be trayed. Taught to his ruin and that of the whites among whom he lives and moves and has his being, and between whom and him self there most be mutual trust and confi dence before prosperity can be restored to bis section, to bate and distrust "the old master classes," he is now derided by bis old friends for bis credulity, (see Sanders How ell's statement about a conversation with Leipold,) and told that those who dragged him out of slavery have by that one act can celed every obligation to deal with htm 00 principles of common honesty. I'pon no one of the originators and trustees or the bank did so great a responsibility rest as upon J. W. Alvord; but yet he permitted all the mis doings described to this report to go from year to year without any vigorous protest or effort to correct them; and, so far from giving warning to those who had so trusted The concern through his persuasion, he helped to keep up the delusion by praising it?eiilaaglng upon Its beuefits?glviug as surance of its stability, ami soliciting in crease of deposi tors and deposl is. When the ruto of the Institution was already past rem edy, an amendment to the cnarter was ob tained, to 1KT4, with provisions limiting the amount to be loaned to any one person, and making any emt>eszlement or misuse of tb" funds by officers or agents a criminal ot fence. This should have been done at the beginning. Sow, it was like lock ing the stable door after the horse wss stolen?It neither saved the prop erty or caught the thief. It was a thin veil to the plunge into actual bankruptcy, and tte banding the defunct remains of the once vaunted "Freedmen's Savings and Trust Company" to the undertakers?the Commis sioners to c!ose op Its affalrs-.which speedily followed the enactment. Having Incident ally pointed to the parties chiefly responsi ble tor the final catastrophe, whilst describ ing the causes which led to It, your commit tee have as far aa practicable and f jr the present discharged tae duty assigned to them, snd respectfully submit the ,-esult to the consideration of the House without far ther recommendation than that already em bodied in the pending bill to amend the legislation of 1*74 to regard to the Commis sioners. W bether It will be necessary to sub mit any report upon the condition and man agement of the bank since it went Into liquidation Is reserved for future considera tion. I Signed 1 -B B. Douglas, chairman; Taul Bradford, W. S. Stinger, H. T. Riddle, Chas. E. Hooker. II t*b Lovisvillb Jocxby Club Rack* yesterday the first race was the Fall Cliy ?Uke tor three-)ear olds that have not ap peared In public prior to January 1st, 1876, mile heats. The race was woo by Red Coat, Patriot second, Lesmtngton third. Time. Lift*,*. Second race, Louisville cup, dasn of two and a quarter miles, for all ages Teabroeek and Monmouth were the only atarters. and the race was won by Ten fcroeek. Time, i.U k. Third race, mile beau, three in Ave, was won by Fair Play to 1:45if, 3 44v, i ts*. 1 tr:;, 1 33*. Fourth race-An extra purse, three-quarter of a mile beats. First beat was won by Sallle Gardner la 1:14. won the next two beau to 1:17* ' Bocbcxo?At a c-Mwdedlmeetlng tn Ply month church, Brooklyn, taut ntgbt, Sual action was taken It the case of Henry C. Bowec. A resolution expelling him from the ctourcb was submitted,and, on motion of 3fr. Shearman, the protest was reoelvcL The motion of expulsion was then put and ananlmensly adopted. Bo wen in his protest said be bad refused to give tbe name of toe Jsdy Involved with Beecoer. rearing that it Would cause ber death. LOCAL NEWS. Wiu?7!!Z0--Voeal a^lTmSeSertain. ment tor the benefit of the Trinity P. E. LrurcU. Thenter LT?m<ju* -Flnt-cl*?n varieties. Tbe street lamps wlU be lighted at 7 13 D "Un?ai?bed at ?30 1 " P ?***& BxxlMln* Association naeetlnf to-nl|ht. Tbie association Is com qpTk> trtto& btuin*" men- ??d is a good Secondary School No. 9, male, 1st district M^eTT^n'?n boldln*. taught by Mrs! 8*CQred lb? prise in tbe fp?lllii| mitcb wblcb took place oo Fridav laJt< *t the Franklin building. 4 w^n^i,U,.?P?fe'I?rnbDr McDanlel, who 3S?i ln-ftim3.tbe Capitol a few days ago, ^~m.lDJly ? m"? h?tter, is still no 1r?OOTer71? considered ex ceedingly doubtful. w-P.r" 5ulS5 hM been appointed by 5* National Council of Congregational E,?Ich.!" to represent that body before tbe SluK"" <**"*????""" '???f sl BesBlsK'i. i estenlay, tbe inaugural running meeting of the National Jockey Club was held at Col Hill's new course, near Bennlng's Sta ? loo, and it wai attended by a very large as MmMage, made up largely of the elite of r*,0"/03,?*y- with a brilliant repre sentation of ladles, tbe wives and daughters of our best citizens. Tbe track vp; iu One ra'n?ID* conditlon' considering tbe recent The first race was a throquarter dash for si) ages, in which tbe following horses were f^^Aaetral, Ellcto, First Chance, Spendthrift, Jent, Friday, Leader. Keene Richards, and Skirmisher. Spendthrift was th? P?18 The parse was 6250, ot which WO was to go to the second horse. After several unsuccessful attempts at Rtart !c* ?'1 tot off well bunched. When turning home-streteb, Spendthrift, the fa vorite, took tbe lead, anu a splendid apart was made on nearing home, Spendthrift s rose crossing the wire two lengths ahead of Leader, and First Chance third; Spendthrift the winner, Leader second morey. Time. 1:1**. ' Tbe second race was then called. This race was mile beats for three year oids, for a purse of-4.000. *1.000 to second horse. L'b ^.?^Hobk,rk' May D" acd Kin* fiee were entered. ,.'<r" Hob kirk wa# the favorite in J.0'?1*- Au even start was nvide, out Mar h i^Kifi1 first turn, hard pushed by May I)., Libbie L. struggling in the rear. A Ope race foHowed to half-mile rout, when May D. gained upon Hol>kirk. Hobklrk. bowe\er, kept the lead through by a neck ** n k*1? tarn lnto 1410 home stretch. , fI D* however .succeeded lu taking the J?WK JP Hobklrk bere, leaving him second, King Bee third. All the interest was mJI n npcn Ma7 D- and Hobklrk. May D. however succeeded in winning the b?1 riL?y'r ,* lonJfth. Hobklrk second. Time, ' ^lb?>iie L. distance J. SecoifiBtat?The contest for this beat was Md"?S.Xi,h'r!,h,X:r' o.Hob? sna King Bee. All tbe horses got away neck *fd 1?*dlng Hobkirk by three lengths. King Bee bringing up tho rear. Tbe same relative positions were maintained until nearing the half mile post, when Hob ^ rk gsined rapidly on May D., and threat ened to take the lead, but May was aroused J? " d,uty',c^me down homeward flne wire two lengths ahead of Hobklrk, tbe winner of the beat and race ?ime.^3 DCed' Hob*lrk8ecoad mo?y. Preparations were now made for tbe hur dle race; mile beats over four burdles, for a *400; ?ioo to tbe second horse. Busy Bee^Calvert, Resolute and Stanford wereen Pirxt Hrut?Several unsuccessful attempts were made before a start was made. At the S?eiSlIII.ii0t off finely, Busy Bee's head passing the wire first; but tbe first bardie 8tyl*,by ?" horses in a bunch. Stanford now led, fohowed at a short length by Rescue, cilvert tolrt.and Busy Bee, as usual, bringing up tbe rear. All ?nnd Ul? flr8t "me and started up at a rattling pace, Stanford clearing the see ond hurdle first. Resolute secondf Cal^t !?ir2' ^u,8y 866 following, taking a p%oel of the hurdle with ber. The third hurdle was d an?cmng race followed to which was cleared first by ^?,l?t?J,*??nd' ealvert third, and Busy Bee fourth, the horses passing the wire in thesame order. Time, 1:5!}*. h^nTw^^iTBary ^ letl' bnt ,be flr8t cleared by all In a bunch. r"f* second hnrdle was a good one, all keeping well together, bnt with Stanford rapldlv taking the front. The hur dle was cleared beauthully by Stanford Calvert and Resolute following, Busy Bee t- king tbe hnrdle with ber again All bunched again, clearing tbe third hurdle in J?1*, position, but Stanford now kept the front In excellent style till turning into the 'on.e stretch. Tbe contest homeward was lH? d?y'Calvert, who swmlS oily now to understand what was wanted corning to tbe fiont, clearing the last hnrdle neek and neck with Stanford, and passed the ?f ^tanr?rd, Busy Bee third, and Resolute fourth. Time: 1:57. "Zl *** and Resolute, not having won a beat In two, went to the sta under the rules, leaving tbe contest to i ^Ve?,?nKd8Unro^L.A "Pl?ndld?en^oS 1 k borses passed from borne together, I ?P 'J* 'bejjrst hurdle at once, but taking it down with them. Calvert now gained a half a length upon Stanford, bold JnSKli1** 21 with bard work, but clear seeond hurdle first. A severe struggle now ensued for tbe leadership, Calvert, how in?r10 keep tbe front nntll turn Sf lal? tfae bomesi-etch. SUnferd now 5?iTL-- P. t? the front with magnificent strides, the greatest excitement prevailing SS "P^tatora as the two came thun d?^P.K homeward, both clearing the last burdle together, Calvert crossing the wire barely a length ahead, the winner. Time. !??< S ? s H2^i41>l?!l.E?f'0KXII8, BAtL at WHard-g H*'1- night, was a success. Tbeiupe 7bich i?? ^aeen- Ada i i? , ?i Lula Nortoo. Julia Avpii Rilh.i p iOWM' Alice Leech, Jennv Young! Kaehel Coleman, Lily Fried Imz Annie Tbompsoi and Stty LFP^J1 tbelr various dances wax much ad PhiM^rikl m?^? ^c*rul dancing j of Cake. Mm ten Howard Qrabam and Eddie Avelll distinguished tliemse'vM in respective. rolA T^MaJftSe dinS "?c11 ted by sixteen misses and masters. The tableaux, with scenery from tbe Opera H??*?' ?" very effective, particularly that ?.f ??nt on horseback. Among the dis tinguished guests were Mrs. Kerr, Mr. and Mrs. Cake, and Mr. Kellogg, of La. g?Td"wgj^bM'i?nK"""'? "*??"<*?> -jy*.**0**1* OF Police met vestenlav. The resignation of Private R T. Taylor w.ii received and accepted, to take etr ctJune iu. r. M. Rkldmore was appointed an a-Jdl tional patrolman for six months, to do dutv "V**1, belween (ireen and Fay d Si ^^Wowd. The application of John H.Stevenson for llouor license was approved Tbe application of Moses A. Febrey for a liquor license was referred to Mnjor Rich* arts for Investigation. The committee to whom was referred the treasurer's report of tbe condition of the policeman's fund re ported that they have examined the account and found it correct, as stated. CHA8?* in tbe eoun rSw Vt B^ninrs. to-mnr Kiox AH 8?u?cw we bear words of an nS^Jfpp,recl*tlT? Parent" who have Md children's new clothing I'Onse of Messrs. B. Robinson a Co , 909 p> avenue, next to M. Wlllla?s. V?od*- Every /jwrmaU this tcason a pro duction, they only oiler tbe most iE sty lee, and those they can confidently rec ommend. Parents baying boys' and chn ?iren's clothing will please note that uus is tbe cmfy clothing house In the District deal ing exclusively in boy,' and chUcbren't clot hi, To-mobbow la the last and greatest day's races of the meeting, including the great *1,000 steeple chase 0*2* miles. * in UflMral Term, the ease of Mary Jane Nichols agt. JohnAdlum Barber, was argued *7 Mrs. Lock wood for plain Uff, and Messrs. ?Ufr?*ID*r"?1.l?,br defendant. InMan?; the complainant entered ber suit to recover 910,000 damages of defendant, whom she charges with having seduced ber, and the defendants In the court below filed a demurrer, i*islng the question that such an scuon would not He, and on this demurrer instanceWM eertlfl?d 10 *** heard in the first to-raorrow at Bennlng's, in m?Se * *,,00? 't?epl? SSSe of Sg Fkal Estate Sai.*?r h. Warner real estate bioker and auctioneer, sold vS^'rSl, lae nortneast corner of K street and Ver mont avenue, containing 3.6*9 square feet toJ-C. McK.lden, at *2 37^ p?r foSt' sggregatlng 912,K4M^. Masxia?b ucnro have been iuned to Hans Bnwdwln and AWashington Cbaries E. Hoover and WLAlSW^fleu' John Wllecn and aii^ BmrcbT ' TESTIMONY OP BUIUiEON OKIBU BARNES IN FAVOR OF DR. NICHOLS. The Committee on the Expenditures of the Interior department held a brief session this morning, and heard tbe testimony of Sur geon General Barnes In favor of Dr. Nichols' management of tbe lT. 8. Insane asylum. He always fonnd the building clean and well attended to. Tbe laundry was tbe best ap para ton possible. He thought tbe large farm attached to tbe asylum was necessary. Tbongbt tbat It would be very bad to make any obange in regard to tbe management and system of tbe asylam. He considered Dr. Nichols peculiarly fitted for the position from bis long experience. Gen. Barnes was cross-examined briefly by Mr. Mutchler, the chairman of tbe com mittee. He said he never saw any vermin on the patients, and never got any on blm while going through the asylum as one of tbe board of visitors. He did not think it possible for vermin to breed from dirt. Or. Nicho's is looked to for the management of tbe farm as well as the any 1 am; to make all the purchases, Ac. Thought It was done as well now by Dr. Nichols as any three men could attend to It. The committee then adjourned, with tbe understanding that tbeotber members of tne board of visitors will be examined to-mor row. AN Interesting Law Point?In the ' Supreme Court of the District, in General Term, yesterday, an interesting case was I amued and submitted. An action tD recover : ?ir,0 having been brought before Justice i Hyde, by Fitzgerald against D?ism?u, the i plaintiff askeJ lor a trial by Jury, an i on be 1 ig empanelled tbe case was given to them, neither party having noted an exception. 1 The jury fonnd a verdict for S50 for plain ? t'.tT, and defendant prayed an appeal, which ' was refuspd by the jastlce on the ground that an appeal wonld not lie from a Jus I t ce's J id* ment. based upon the verdict of a jury. Tne defendant sned out a writ of cer tiorari, which w as called up lu the Circuit Court. On motion to dismiss tne writ, Jndge Cartter, holding the Circuit Court, declined to decide the question involved, and certified i the cause to the General Term. The plaintiff ! contends tbat the law does not authorize an I appeal from a judgment entered In a jus ' tlce's court, upon the verdict of a jury; for j by tbe several acts of Con grew in force in this District a justice of the p?ace has Jurls I diction to try the issues of law and fact, where the sum In controversy does not ex ceed ?10n. By tbe same acts, either party to ? toe cause can demand a jury, to whom the Issues must be exclusively submitted, en tirely Independent of the Justice, and tbe act of the justice In entering judgments is pnrely ministerial, and therefore not appeal- | able. Also, that the seventh ameudmeut to the Constitution of the United States de clares that, In snlts at common law, no fact tr'ed by a Jury shall be reexamined In any other way than according to the rules of the i common law, and sections 774, 775,776 and 1,027 of the Revised Statutes create no gteater right to an appeal than that which existed under the act of March 1,18U. Mr. H. B. Moulton appeared for the plaintiff, and Mr. Thompson for defendant. The D. C. Oamr Protective Associa tion met last night, Col. J. O. P. Burnslde in the chair and Mr. M. A.Tappan secretary. Tbe chair stated that he had, with other members of the committee on securing grounds, visited several places In the suburbs of the city. In prospecting for the proper srot, and the offer made by Major Brltion, ot Bright wood, seemed to be the beat ooe, and ' It was probable the committee would accept It. They were not, however, ready to report, and asked for further time, which was granted. Tbe committee on gun trial re ported that arrangements bad been made for Elgeon matches, gun practice and other ex lbltions. Some sixteen entries bail been made for tbe trial of breech-loaders and rifle match, also for tbe bench show of dogs. ? A Popular Mote The opening of Mi* h?rney's new Hat and Sboe Store in South Washington Is a decided convenience to res idents in tbat part of the city. His stosk is new and well selected, and as he proposes to sell as cheap as anyone in the trade, his enterprise is almost certain to be a sucoess. The great R4CE day of the meetings'. ! Bennlng's to-morrow (Saturday) May 20. # Political Conventions Yesterday. THE GKIINDACK TICKET AND PLATFORM. The national greenback convention of Indianapolis concluded its labors yesterday i by the nomination of Peter Cooper, of New York, for President, and Newton Bcolh, of California, for Vice President, as state 1 in ! The Star. The platform advocates the repeal of tbe resumption act, the issue of United States legal-tender currency, con vertible at pleasure Into government bonds, bearing low Interest; the extinction of bank paper, no further Issue of gold bonds for foreign markets, no sale of bonds to buy sil ver tobensedas a substitute for fractional currency, "which, although well calculated to enrich owrers of slver mines yet in opera tion, will Btill further oppress in taxation an already over-burdened people.'i. A resolu tion sgalnbt railroad subsidies was also adopted. KENTI CKY REPUBLICANS POR BRISTOW. Tbe Kentucky republican convention at Louisville was presided over by Hon. James Speed, Attorney General under Lincoln The usual republican platform was adopted together with a resolution declaring that "as Kentucky gave Abraham Lincoln to bis country and to mankind for the great work ; performed by him, she now presents Benja i mln H. Bristow to complete the correction of Ills ever incident to war." The resolution 1 was received amid shouting and tossing o ; bats In the air. Nospeclal Instructions were ; Klven, however. Tbe delegates at large are { John M. Harlan,W. C. Geodloe.W. H.Wads worth and Robert Boyd. Twenty district ! delegates were also chosen. All are for I P.rlatow. KANSAS DEMOCRATS POR HENDRICKS AND SOFT MONEY. The democratic state convention met at Topeka, Kansas, yesterday. The committee on resolutions reported tbat no banks of issue should be authorized by the United States or the state authorities; tbat the gov ernment should supply the paper money needed, in the shape of greenbacks; demand the Immediate repeal of the act providing for tbe resumption of specie payment, and Instructs tbe delegates to vote for Hendricks j at St. Louis. No subject whatever is touched upon in tbe platform but financial. At 11 p. m. a vigorous fight was being made against the platform and instructing tbe delegates I for Hendricks, but the resolutions would be carried, it was thought, by over a three j fourths vote. MR. BLAINE ENDORSED IN MAINE. The republican convention of the third/ Maine district (Mr. Blaine's) yesterday was marked by strong resolutions endorsing Mr. I Klalne, and also by the speech of Hon. Mr. Stearns, In which, as a fellow-townsman for tbe past twenty two years, he reviewed bis business career, and particularly defended blm from the charge of having besome sud denly rich since entering Congress, claiming that In 186$, when elected to Congress, Mr. Blaine In business had accumulated a for tune of *75,000, and that his gatns since that time have been greatly exaggerated, and have been far less than other men of ordi nary business capacity had acquired by le gitimate investment. DELAWARE POR BLAINE. Tbe Delaware republicans chose a delega. lion Instructed to support Mr. Blaine so long as there is any chance of nis nomina : tlon. The New York Printers' htrikb Scc cihsKCL?The Typographical Union gained a decided victory yesterday In their strike against a reduction of wages. Lange, Little A Co.. of No. 10 Astor place, one of tbe larg est Arms whose men are on strike, seat a communication to President Dalton yester day containing an agreement to pay tbe rates established by the union. As the. firm employs 150 men tbe union feels confident that the strike will now be ended in its fa vor. The cause of Lange, Little & Co-'s con cession to the Union was the Inability of the flrm to get ont of the city Directories which It is to print. It Is understood that tbe firm agreed to pay the Union prices temporarily, In order to Insure the early publication of tbe work; but this concession, it Is claimed, is only on the Directory. Tbe Executive Com mittee of the employers say that It la utterly impossible to pay tbe old Union ratea lu these depressed times, and are certain that the journeymen themselves have given up all idea of trying to so force their old scale of prices In future? f JT. Y. Herald, 18fA. What Governor Hates Is?The kind of a man Governor Hayes Is tbe Dayton (Ohio) Journal talis thns: "Some of tbe un ited papers Save an an Idea that Governor Hayes is a a fseble man physically. Well be weighs between 180 and 190 pounds; can jump any ordinary fenoein the state upon which be can plaoehls bands; is an ugly cus tomer with tbe gloves In a sparring match; Is s good shot with a rifle or shot-gun; Is a pretty good mnffer at base ball; can ride any horse In or out of Kentucky: can cut a good *wathwltb a scythe in anybody's meadow; wouldn't make a bad hand with a cradle In ; a wheat field; can plow as straight a furrow ihrough fallow ground as the best U ranger in bis country; can throw Halstead, 'back or ?lde holts,' five times out of six: and can tie his right hand behind blm and fling 'Dea con' Smith over 'Monkey John's' oounty. There's plenty of H?ayeaeod In blm." SGPDuring the passage of tbe steamer City of Hartford through tbe Sound, Monday night, a black duck came crasblng through a window^f triple French-plate glass, and fell dead on tbe floor. ??~Tbe King of Bavaria has consented to the erection at Kisssogen of the prqfeeted states to Bismarck, provided that ft be not placed on the site of his attempted assassina tion. _ CoS?T.'J' Gismai. Tim. rr i* a*t- Barber; arsned and submitted. U. 8., nit of Tnrnbnrke. aft. Ptrkn: do. Oaksmitn's lr ?ee tgt.Jnbr.Mo; m? ndateof Supreme Conrtof U. S filed and Judgmer.t ordered affirmed. Collins act. steamer Florida; in.el dismissed. CIRCUIT CoUST?Jwlfft (Krttcr. Taday, Hawkins agt. Hawkins; sealed T*!2.eJ ?' ?<?? Walsh act. Foster; ?erdlet for defendant. Starr aft. Kltcb; trial?5 ,fflrnied- Pearce agt. A they; on Folic* cocrt-vwIm ama. ? T?"^ry' n7 T* Edwards, charged with grand larceny of clothing and other articles w.??J52??r?, ???d ,Wra" Dal ton, on last I Wednesday night, pleaded guilty of petit ?**1d h? wa* Intoxicated at the I Jnry. Also ^ '^reeny of several articles ?/.y*1?efrom ?>"??? Knode; sixty days In Jail. Sergeant Clements made the arrest I ?5^??7*SS! "S"1 ?r M?e goods. William nji<iwis, assault on Anna, his wife; *5. J*me" Kellum, larceny of a piece of can i ??, pi2iP?rty of United Statea, canvass was taken from ! the Arsenal grounds, and the omcer In ?b?P ??Jta| defendant's boat leaving the fl wPTJ" Uje c*nvass m it gave chase in a i'trf.t0? 1116 defendant, finding him self likely to be overhauled, threw the stolen property overboard and ran his boat on the SSfi n^r }*** ^Idge. and Jumping out took his oars and rowlocks and wade l ashore, bnt the officer waited around until he reappeared to get bis boat when he cap tured him; *30 or sixty days in Jill. Jotfa F. Bntier was charged with assault aa<l b*t 9? Catharine Morton, whotejtlflel that Jo'an held hersnd gave Jenny Neal a bortle to beat her. This was not substantiate bv other evldenoe and the case was dis niise j. t . TH| WHO SHOT HIS KAtHKB. John Scott, a young colored m*u, was charged with assault and battery with in tent to kill Samuel Scott, his father, bj shooting him with a revolver. This occurre-.": yesterday, at tbe bouse of Samuel Scott, corner of C street and Kentucky avenm southeast. The old man testified that bis son was very saucy and Insulting, and he I J??.? w?rds with him, after which he left the house and absented himself for sev eral days. Yesterday he returned, and he (complainant) reminded him that he had ordered bini away, and ask; d him why he did not stay away, when he drew a pistol and shot witness in the face, the ball ofwhlcu ba'^n?t been extracted. A scuflle followed, and he fired a second time, the shot takta? effcct in witness' leg. the ball being in there He shot again, and the ball just grazed Tbe police then came and arretted the footer* On cross examination he testicle l R<Jn ? blm tbat be came back to T?fJ???!? 1iVe b,s mother some money. ?oS here closed, and the case was sent to the grand Jury. Bonds, *1,000. T k T, , OTHEB CA8ES. ,-^bn Briscoe, colored, grand larceny of Tni w i? lnK' two cases, from Caroline Taylor, a colored woman,with whom he had been living as bis wife, said goods valued at &^id,8mlK"?d- Charlotte Payne, a Cherry alley screamer, was fined S5 for i???I?.od Daniel Sheahan, stone 'n street; >3. Joseph Binder, curs ??J? a restaurant on 10th street, and dlgor ?fn/ there: t10- J?bn 8outhey, selling whisk v without license; SUVS?sppeal if fn* Charles Williams was sent to the ?? ?onogang V aJ.agranti.,t waa testified that [J?.1? a ^jnlar Theater Comlque loafer, and there. William Fletcher, a public blasphemer, wm fined gs. THB PRE8RYTERIAN ASSEMBLIES? The %fnuiltTn.AThe general assembly <.f the Presbyterian church of the United Slates ?et _ln Savannah, Oa., yesterday. There y?*1t?.*laTgyt attendance since the war, 159 delegates being present. The introductory sermon was preached by Rev. Dr. M. D. r.,^,nM5d' V>? Ilev- Wm.A. Plu nr R m c- ??i?ting. Rev. Dr. B. M. Smith, of Virginia, was elect<*i temwnni?^' rt?*' J??' Dabose- of Tennessee, !fJ^??rtry cftr?* ?eveial important ques tion a-am org them the Pennsylvania pres w^thFo,2 ac<i thl Pr?P08?d Junction ?Uh the northern church-are to be brought The yorthrrn AuetnUi/.?The Presbyterian general assembly commenced its sessions In the Brooklyn (N. Y.) Tabernacle yesterday. The lnargural sermon was preached by Rev. ?l Cincinnati. Rev. Dr. Vau ^li K h^ moiierator. He was wei comed by I)r. Morris, and made a suitable to-day assembly then adjourned until i'lr*1*. CAnrrA.?The general sjrnod of the Reformed chnrch of North America met In Philadelphia yesterday. Rev. John Alvord was elected moderator. After some preliminary business, the synod adjourned until to day. Philadelphia Civil Rights Case?One of tbe first canes that has squarely arisen under the civil rights bill was decided In Philadelphia Wednesday, in the United States district court, (Jrdare Cad waliader.) in favor of the plain I iff, in the suit of Uie Rev. Fields Cook, a colored Bap t'?t minuter from Alexandria. Vs., agalniit t urtls Davis, the proprietor of the Bingham House. Mr. Cook was a delegate to the .i0???.?2d,8.?'.nlt?y conference of ministers k) Pby*dflpM?. last winter, and when he preiented himself at the register of tbe Bing ham House was told by the clerk that there was no room. The minister sat near by for re vera 1 boors, and saw fourteen white men register and get their rooms. A white min ister offered him a spare bed In his own room, but tbe clerk refused to allow even this, and subsequently admitted that Mr. Cook's color was tbe objection. A criminal ^!V,1r,Vi.1?P?1l these facts, and the clerk was convicted. The defense, represents J by the Hon.Ben J Harris Brewster consented to the ordering of a verdict of *500, the penalty pre scribed under the act. Braziliah Diamonds for theCiwten ?.nJJ^rDiafn?Dd" 841(1 to be worth over leu million of dollars were sent to this country of Brazil's exhibit, and a great saf'e and a handsome show-case were prepared as m-tli.^eeeptaclea4by night and day. Four Brrziiians were to act as a constant guard over the treasure. A regulation, however, pi events tbe transfer of the diamonds from the custom-house to the exhibition, a bond of double their value is required as a euar antee that thev will not be sold in this coun try without the duty being paid, and the Brazilian commissioners cannot comply. Dom Pedro made, when here, some personal efTort to arrange tbe business, but he was told that even Secretary Bristow had not the power to vary the rule. TuTHAT,!IifA?vo?IT? SON OF N*w York." TUien,?.1" bavlng fresh "worrlments" also. The Freeman's Journal, which renre ? powerful Roman Catholic interest, is J.f.g , 1 ,blm for blk past affinities an i political relationships with Boss Twe J. The editor Is In favor of Mr. Thurman, or Mr. Bayard, or Gov. Seymour, "as men who have been long proved In public life, and no breath of so much as suspicion of thelrofflclal purity has reached the most delicate mirror of pnbllc estimation."?fiV. y. Oor. p/uia JJettger. A sor's story of How His Father IMED.-August Duhrkoon, of New Duraam, w. J., committed suicide on Tuesday by shooting. Tbe neighbors say that Duhrkoop and his son bad ouarreied, and that young DubrEoop m?y have fired the fatal sjot. Coroner Crane questioned tbe son, who ackLowledg i that he bad quarreled with bis father, but he said that be had quit the room, and soon afterwards, bearing a pistol "hot.entered the house and found his lather dead. A Railroad Sold by Auction.?Johu A. Jones, master in chancery of the Circuit Pt.1?. of the United States, southern district of Illinois, has sold by auction, under a de cree of tbe court, the Lafayette, Bloomlng ^S^Jf^WPP1 ^"road, leased llue of tbe Toledo. Wabash and Western, for a debt of 11.445.?4l.ot. with interest. It was bought h?i?LJ#??!i.&??Srlln on behalf or 1136 boad boldera for ?500,000. m^L*^m5iohJ8 fok Married Womew. Oov. Tliden bat signed the bill passed by the last New York legislature allowing a wife to testify in JRvor of ber husband in criminal cases. The law does not compel ber. however, to be a witness. The Suu says fbls ls the first innovation ever made by our ji?iy* ?P?D tbe old common law role prohibiting husband and wife m>m testlfv mgfor or against each other in criminal xThe mustano RACE at Fleetwood Park, - ?w Ywk, yesterday, in which one man was at fleeP boors, commenced at 4 o clock In the morning. The rider kept nP,to the two hundred and twenty-sixLh mile, bnt during tbe afternoon he became ??b?P"Ud, and the affair came to an end. bS _jHkk? Children Bcbned to I*eath ? of Daniel Mingo, uear -re^ea, X coUBtr, N. Y.f wm darned Tuesday evening, and three children, aged r^snect '8and 5'ears,perished in the fUraos. Mingo, who is a widower, left the children ?'one In the honse. Their bodies were found or"? field, N. J., snows that Lange died of a broken heart. His friends say that bis wife deserted him a short Ume ago, and since then behasbeenawreck?[KY.Sun. GEORGETOWN. Wonts Up?Tbe anal mntlnf of tbe Sixth Untitling Association vu oeld last night, being the 94th. O1I7 $9C remained to be disbursed. f 98 Mvii paid In ao an entire ?bare: S176 per share was realized. Coal Tkapf. (for week ending to-day). Consolidation Coal Company. Receipts, 6.721 ton*. shipments the same. Sew Central Coal Company: Receipts. 4.B7 tons; ship ment*. the seme. Maryland Coal Company: Receipt*. 1.120; shipments, 1.325. Bonlen Miring Company: Receipts, 620 tons; ship ment*, tbe same. ALEXANDRIA. Division or the Diocese.?The meeting In Cbrlst Church lecturc-room in reference to this object, and of which notice was given yesterday, was fully attended. Views were freely expressed on both sides regarding this Important subject- .Col Harrison, of Cum berland; read a memorial from als parish esking for a division of the dlooeae, taking the James river as a dividing line. Mr. Johnton Rarbour oppose 1 any such division, but was answered by Messrs. Paul,ef Peters burg; Black fonl and Carson, of Lynchburg, and several others. The chief reasoo* al leged for a division are the rareness of Epis copal visitations, arising from the extant of the diocese and the want of personal ac quaintance with the bishop. Though the meeting was but an tuformal one, little op position was made to the proposal of a divi sion After a committee of seven bad been spp* lnte?t to consider the subject of a mem orial to tbe council the meeting s 1 Journal. Fish Rkpokt ?ajtsim at Flshtown this morning were very dull, and most of the merits, packers and boothkeepers begin to talk ol closing np. Since yesterday there hare been received only about 2,000 shad and 40,nf>0 terrltigs. Shad sold from S16 to *19 I er bnnrtrcd. and herrings at *10 per thou sand.? [Uazeite, 18/A. LtP.WBLDkB Tcbes The Na Tube Works Company have just com pleted at their works at McKeesnort, Pa., a sample pipe for exhibition at theCeatennlal. It is 14 leet In length and of 14 inches outside diameter and 10 inches Inside, the Iron of which It Is made being 2Inches In thickness. TM* is said to be tbe heaviest piece of lap. welded pipe ever made in this or any other country, and It is stated that such heavy work has never been attempted by any other establishment. ?yCbits. C Duncan has been appointed re ceiver of the New York Star publishing com tany. READING NOTICES. The Crown Toilet Han*. Clean Hands, Clean Face, Soft Sain, Good Lather, by using The Crown Toilet Soap. C IT r_?T_E MS . Have tour hocscs cleaned and your winter elothtng saved from moths, by usiag Hart's Roach Powder. 12i3 F street north west. 0,19,0 Light Fiitard Straw Hats.?A large and elegant stock of new and stylish Straw and Felt Hats for gentlemen, boys and chil dren now opening at Lewis' "Popular Oae Frice Store," 920 7th street, bet. I and K. 2 m Fletcher's Patent Window and Dook Sckeens.?Best invention of tbe age for the exclusion of flies, bugs and mosqui toes. Hamilton dr Pearson. sole agent*, Y. M. C. A. Building, 9th and D sts. 5,l3,eo6 Cernt, fer? Thousands of the elite of the world patronise Dr. White's establishment, 1416 Pennsylvania avenue, opposite Wlllard's Hotel, for the successful treatment of hard, soft and vascu lar corns, bunions, ingrowing and club nails, Ac. Fee tl per visit for attending the feet. Fine Shrunk Flannev. Suits, cut to flt. In any style; easy to make; for ?7 50: at Moore's, 1011 New York avenue. 5,l5,G a Less ef Appetite. In persons of sedentary and literary pur suits, if tbe brain Is overworked and the muscles underworked, the appetite is very apt to fail, from a general atony of the sys. tens. The Peruvian S}/rvp restores the tone of the digestive system, and consequently the appetite, by supplying a pure blood to organs too weak to make It without assist ance. Sold by all druggists. eo Dr. C. W. Benson's Celert and Cham Sleeplessness, and will cure any case. Price, 60 cents. Sold by all Druggists In Washing ton, Georgetown and Alexandria. 2,24,eo Heattal. First-class Scouring and dyeing. A. Fischer enlarged his eatabllshmest by removing to his new building, 906 G St. north west, three doors west of 9th street, very near his former place. By promptly adopting the latest Improvements, whether of American or European invention, be is enabled to do any work in a manner not to be equaled by those not possessing these facilities. ms~ Ladies Dresses cleaned and dyed with out being taRen apart. ay Crape Veils reflnlshed nlee and cheap, ay Grease stains removed effectually, ay Gent's garments cleaning and dyeing a specialty. ay Prices lower than ever before, to salt the times. GEORGETOWN ADVER M'TS. C^BOBGBTOWN COLLEGE. J Select Bea<*ir*s in aid of tbe COLLAGE BOAT CLUB at 3 o'clcck p. m. May I3d. Prof. Anton GlceUutr will play tee Centennial March, by Wagner. Mr. L. G. Gannon still ting. 'tickets at Bills A Co '? mimic Sow. myl>-3t ?"?? OFFICE GBOBGBTOWN GA8 LIGHT CO., May 18,1876 ? A meeting of tbe Stock holder* of thla Company, for tneelec:lon of seven Director*, will be held at this Office on MOHDAT. June fih. Polls will be opened at 11 a. m , and close at 1 p m. my!8 3t Q. W CBOPLET, Secretary. J^PBIBG ABO BCMMBB. PBBMIUM 8TEAM DyTiNG AND SOOUBING, Al WM. M WHEATtlYV OLD AHV AMLIABLK Mis TAB L1SHMMXT. Ladies and Gentlemen can hare their Spring and Sn&aer Wearing Apparel Cleaned or Uoioied In the very best manner; also, Winter Clothing, Car pets, blankets, Ac , Ac , nicely Cleaned and taken care of until needed, Work sent for and delivered without extra charge anywhere in the District?re ceived from aad returned to an v place la the country by mail or express. Office and Works, 49 Jefferson street. Georgetown. D. C-; rest Office Box, TS3. Office hours?7 a. m. to 7% p. m.; Saturday, to 8 P m myg-tr |?ABGA1MB IB DK* GOODS. Ladies Dree* Goc ds la all the new material* and stjles; Black GrtDadUes. at 29 , 30,4J, B0, 6*K, 75 cents, 91; Black Bilks, from f 1 to MS: Black Alpacas and Mohair*; White Good* of all kinds for school commencement dreseee, cheap; food 0*11 coe*. fast colors, at 1,and 8 cents; best Percales, 12X cents; i'a?*inieree and good? of all kind* for men and boy*' wear, very cheap; Parasol*, from 3U oenta to #9; ?-bnfon K>d Gloves, 01 and #1.90; White and <;heck<-d Matting, 'JO. >9 , 3)1,39,40 and 90 cents. my?-tr BBNJAM1B glUIit, 103 Bridge st. f\EW SPRING AND SUMMER GOODS AT ATTRACTIVE PRICES JSO. H. SHOOT A SOS., NO. 114 BH1DGK ST., GBOBGETOWN, D.O., Ha\e iccelved from New York and are offering at Popular Cask Prtrts, LADIES' DBBS8 GOODS la new designs of Plaids, Stripes and Plain materials; best makes Black Silk trom glto S3 90;Bl'kand White Striped and fc'heck Silk; Grenadines trom B?. to 01 U. Mourning Goods of all the beet makes and fact Blacks a specialty; Cotton Good* and Sheetings at the lowest reduced prices; White Dress Eabrlcs from 12g cents np; House Furnishing Goods of ths best makes: Gent's std Boys' wear; Ladies' and Gent's Underwear; Kid Gloves, I-button, at 11 and ?1 J#; Hosiery In great variety: Parasol* and Umbrellas: Print* I aad sc., best 8j.; Percales UHc., with a foil lias at otber goods, to which we are adding dailr supplies at low prices. Gjodsseat to Mt part of the city. spa 1m JMOH S?OOT * lO.I. ri JOHM K. lAHORRir Hss jnst opened a Tint Class HAT AND SHOE STORE, NBAB COBNBB 7th ABD V ITBBBTS, South Washington. Von can always find in this *st?blish<neat the finest make of BOi/H and 8HOS8, tbe best selec tion or bTBAW GOODS, all ths latest styles ef Gent's HATS and CAPS, aad the largest aad beet assortment of Ladies', Misses" aad Children's wear of any store In this city. Prices very moderate aad aU gocda sold positively guaranteed to be as repre sented My grods cannot he excelled, either in ?juality or price. A call is most respectfully solicited trcm my friends and the public generally toexamiL< my stock, which will be round complete B. B.-This Is no BBANCH HO USB, as I have pcsttirely no ronmeeti&n vKaltvtr with aay other es tablishment in the city. my IS U - W, B. TAfPllI, NVce0 drens BBOL Bfcfih' AMUSEMENTS. PIARD OpnifU of '? BO. \I K BA1BB ? ll'lMlk OiKDiN, riirMrttk lid B ?* i. w. A One Bill >f Mmte '? ergiced tor lh? will nrf > m dl tog ?he m?ht This nrwit wtu b* rtrtliiH *? ?ry SATURDAY s<>i VIPHMPiV B\ ?ndri it titf pin * o'rlnck. GBOE RAltB. Prop W?. RATIONAL THBAtEB. MOBDAT BVBBIBQ. Mat tl), fupyorteg br Mr"jOHB W BOBroB.^fr. ? ?. LISi GHAM lai tie Dram*tic Coo pur< Fir* no<KtloiBtMi ta tmtr ;?n of TriHT< enUti*4 Tuesday* a?wrdbe* uJt* hVghts URST TIM R IN WASHING TON. A fcw-ict Ptey, from tki rnnct of Htarl D* _ Boa^ta*, B'RTHB, The Diaiitfr il R*lt>4. HI BSDAY-BcMEO a8d JCLIET. 1DAT-MKO MsBBlLBS. SATOBDAY-PiEIO. MAT1BE saturday AT 2 mj\* tf i \UB MOST ACCOMPLISHED AMATBl B9 I I will nil la ? VOCAL ABD L1TEBARY BN TBBTAIB M BUT for the Bra?ll of TR1BITY P. K. CBUBCH. it Ml ILLABD S U ALL, OB FRIDAY ITIXIHQ, Mat IB. ml?H I'HKATCK COMIQt M. KImmII BtrHt, ? B*l?w fs*a>?.? am im Art*** open the Tear kovxu. BYEBY BIGHT Mfttlm for LI die* ind Children EVERY WEDhBSDAT ind sati kday AFTEBBOOB. fust-class iyjtrsKf respect. ?irfety ? Drum. Burleique ik1 Co?n*4y. iotB ly OLD No.) On Kxhibitioa IMbwNo. ?m S u4 nut I ?n 7** 8T-S AT f 7th ST. lilK HITEI'd, Jfe. 43V TU rtrtt, txSirrm I) and A" .tfrMU, IWt docTf n*>or? Odd Ftilowt' H*U. CMm Oil Palctlags, Engra* lncs Ctrrano*, Ac. iiio, lir|Nl Mock of P?(fr Hinglugi. WiD"*c? Sr.idea, Plcturf*. Prime*. Picture Oorjf lad T>H ?7"' ""?*? auiii s Cml. ?TPtMNNOMIll t>? Sum inl Sinbft. JrllT EXCURSIONS, PIC NICS. <fcc. ^INIIAT KUCHIIUN. The Eteimtcat HABT WASU1BGT0N WIB l'**f k?r whirl, fcot of 7?b it., . fcr l trip down the hirw <il the I it 2 SO o'clock Fare for round trip"^**^^"? I ItcH. in? UK I J.W L. HQ8WELL. Capt. SUMMER RESORTS. "l'ALLBY HOML" modestly off*? fori V nti nctun ilr. mineral ?il?r.ilnl 4 . . A ibvr lid Cliil) bene), ~ood fir*, liomt i<rmV file fttedim. ind diily ?."?Ua to 1*1 wboU3^A tive lirjrred beneith iu ?lid? toanj iuilk ar? ? bo may cace. Term* R1& p?r mocih. ? City itleieLce* trecly siren Aadren, MU B 8 OOKE. my!7 ii* Villey Hoce. rii Winchester, Vg._ Tub baltimohb and nuio railroad COM Pa BT'8 HOTEL, AT BBBB PARK. wm be OPEN FOB VISITOR* on the 10TB OP J I'M B. ind their NEW HOTEL it Oik , land on the 1 ?t OF JULY Aaplioints 1 for K"?n.i or information iddress the nn deralfned, it Olk.liid, Oarrett count?, lid. ipg tjyjg JOHB PA1LBY, Miaigar. BOOKS AND STATIONERY. * W BOOK Bj Did ill Deroidi, by ??orr* Bllot toi. I; cloth; ? 1 80. 1 be Prime Mlniat*r. by kntb^iy Trollop*; piper. 76 cinU. 8t Miea from Euslind in.l Itilr, by John Rkhird ?'t?n. intbor of ???puort Hk tor> of the EnclUb People." B1 71. An:.nil Bicord of t>< ?-nci ind lidtutry lor I87?, by Prof. Bpenr.-r P. Biii.l. 12 wo., cloth: B> ViUice Oomannitlet lod MiieeMiiiM. by Bir Hun Bnmr. r Milni; ?3 SO. Comtide Pen' Hi?i->rr Civil War ii Amerlci; vol ii.; 9-t#.: cloth, |] SO. J nit published, ind for by MOHCN BBON , HOOK SELLERS AN U STATION ERS, my 17 tr 101A renp?ylvmi? wmie. WYth UAZBL. By latLor of VUe Wide World. ACH8AH: A Hew Bnglind Li'i Btndy. PBBB. YBT POBOINO TH BIB OWN OH A IBB. PLATO'S T!EST THOUGHTS. By Bilkliy. ADDBBB8BB by D. L. MOODY. Beviswl. By himaelf MBMOIB or HOBMIH ? A'lLBOD*, P D TBB 8AB1TABY DBA1BAUB OP H0CSB8 ABD TOWBB. Por nile by WN. BALLANTT^M, myl tr 4** SEVEnth hTBBKT. JJAZAR PATTERNS, BAZAR PATTERNS, agency AT c. BU M'S, 40* 7th Stroeo. AGENCY OP thb BBW AUTOMATIC WILCOX A GIBBS SI WING MACHINES. LADIES UNDERGARMENTS AT ABT0B1SH1H0 PB1CBS, Mule of th? but OottciBi iad beat worhminahlp. C. BAUJTS SANITARY CORSET OB any STY LB MADB TO OBDBB. C. BiVHi 40? MTOBlh Street. ipM itbpjr d CHRIS. RIESSNER, A T1A ABD TIT Tth 8TBEET N. W ,^Sc la Bole M?it for the District of Oolombil for the ? T. 6IOIOE, The only BKL1 ABLE UBAT1B0 BAHQB In the market Mr. BliMner haa int op ha id red* of then Bi&fe In thl? city, ud in ill cma they hive given the ntmolt aitlafiction. He hll tL lirceat ind beat itock of Slate mabtblh Id WishlBgtoa. it price* from f 18 npwirda. Mr. Rienner la Bole Agent for the BAD1ABT HOME POBBACB, Wtich hm been thoroughly teetid, ind prouonnced by experts the beit furnace now In u*e. LATB0BE8 ABD OBATB8 In rreit nriSy. it rrntly reduced srtcea TUB BCMinB 6CBBB OIL OOOB STOVE la the beet ud ifesf oil store In the world 1B0B ABD TBBBA OOTIA VA8B8, Embracing ill the litest deilgna. Alio, ft * "" WATBB ind Fftncy1 Beat thru ply BUBBEB H08B, only U cents per foot. TIB BOOEIBO, 8poutibo, Ac ,.loie promptly by the beit workmen. Orders invited. CHKIM. BIEN8IER, mylO-?r T1S icd TIT 7th itreet lorthwent. ECONOMY IS WEALTH D (rj ORIENTAL TEA STORE, 409 9TH STBBBT, T. M. 0. A. BUILDING. BUGAB?" A'" Clirifled. 10 ponwU for ?1 - OriEiilitud,? pounds for Bl. " Cat Loif, BH pound! for # L TEA?Nice Imperii]. SO*., #0c. 8wi*t Ooloig. 40o , Mo. Pine JijimOc., Tic., ii ire iu tnelitest aengna. ? torn stock of BBPB10EBAT0R8. U COOLKBS, HTABDB, CCTLBHY, Plain ?cy TIN WARE. iboMe ind ritill. , ind hlchargndM. C0VPEE8 ABD 8PICMAT LOWB8T BATES. CHEAP! rcuil nwi!!l ?ylM J. WALTB1 PLVALL. Prof. WALL PATER A WINDOW SHADES. The Ins and luaaS STOCK, ticlillig ill the novelties In dicoriuons, ltd m frloaa lowas rrn SPRINGSTTLI8 ^ NOW READY, T tpmmpMani. Biglteh ind Amerfou 81LK UMBULLAS. LMha' SUM CMBBBLLAS. UMBMBliLAS SBtf PABABOLS I 141t PBBBBYLYAJHAAYBBLB, w^ypVi.? ANDI^OrWR, nyttlw* Mil K LADIES' GOODS. M?Biir l.p.mumir ^\\ ^U? jmt r??l.?4 i Im m rtotl i4S| 2^* p lIBKI BUBSETft ABD ?<>c?p^* 1 h %tv. ?kM ?>?? wt I ?ri f? trtiOif, B?r BBit fit. M I **>* P?aaa, I ??** ?*?*?? T? ? 719 y k w goods. 719 >? a ar- aow . aa ? lacant ll?* rt Htm Btf>BE mtH H ri.i)WIB>. B .%? ft 4ID ?BITI OBI P SOMBBTB AID HAT*. la the ?MM doMrald* iktfM. BIIII M INU ABO IBBEBT1BGSla a<* Very larr* line ot b?a4. wae81 B rBIBILLM, ?ABU BiRHuBB. PB1BOE8. BBcA WBAB ? AB< f OVUM and BOTIOBS AU rareatly bought At *??> low KIM. By Oiilut ?imIm before |irtkMlii|. Mvar. Mir lw T 11 MlrkH Dm*, rxnw Mh ?NM. m FRENCH FLOWERS, 1IALF riilCE: JW rtf^Ttd. Turni la*ort*rt moU?i a lary* af AM rftKA* H FLOW EBB. w UlOh Wlil a* ?I'M at Itr Mo? ibrtr ulw Aleo. alarpaetock of LLAMA LACBSAOVfCB* which will b* ivl4 ft! rvuacttoa* lr* VMM. Ha raiae la Alt M) Ire of DEB8S GOODS Aad PAB^OU> at THE CB SAFEST 8TOEB IB TBECITV. OIWOIIVI, AO? SISTH STREET. B) H tr Oppotte the rttwt OBIee , RECEIVED. 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TAV LADIES' SHOES, ?ADB TO OBDBB A* ? 10 BtA Strut, Otpomu r*tmi GtfL*. ? too. oa band, I flna Mock of LADIES' BOOTS At tbe following prlcee: French Kid Bottom ?T BB Bngllab " " S A? French Pelble - t AB Tbaaa Good* are all B*4c at air eatabl and are guaranteed to bo ogaal to aaj work ? factored In the tailed Ctataa mnr^tr JAB. ?. VEBBILT HEAT lAlEimiBI Ml >1 AB HA IB HA IB BBAIPSnt ?ll. former yrV* ?? 4S H AIB VEAIDS at ?8. former arte* BIB. *0 HAIB B AAIL8 at f?. former >rice B? BB HAIB BBAIPB at jl BB. fonaar price #4. A LA BOB AB8CBTHBBT OF OBEAP I BIBU BDQIWOB and IBBEETIOBB. A FI LL LIBB OF LAD1BS LBDBBUAB HBBTB. ALABOB 8TOGE wF BI B UHBBBLLAE and PABASOLB. aellina recarolaat of ooM. E ADIE8 CLOAKS ABD SC1TS, at a groat ro daction. Real abd imitatiob lacbb, f?t low. OB HABD ABD BB B1T1B8 DA1LT. A laraa aaaortmort of BILL1BEBT OOUD8 Tba latoM atyloa of MATS KIBHOB8, FLO WEBS. ?c. A Lh l"i Jl PT BBOE1VID. BBB doaoa GLOVES, all ahadaa. aad tBa baat la tto ? arfcat. for #1. ______ VB7B IBVITB TBE LA DIM TO CALL ABD ?? examine oar atock IT B. HELLEB T1A EarfcM Bpace. S^FKt IALTI tft. Sf AC 1 ALT IBB _ ST CLOUD WBSBTS^BEnm! poh PADODBP. PA 8HOULDEB BBACBS. bi'PlEET, LADIES' OOTTOB ABD HBB1BO uiDEBWEAB Ell' GLOVES. [of Fancr Good* Bovaltlaa raaatead Agency for " BANKERS. J H 8WC1EK A OO.. BAMKMM.S, 14 lb PlSMTLVABIA ATMC1, Pay 8 per cant lataraM oa doaoMta. payable ae demand Bpeclal rataa oa tune dtpualu lntaraat paid Jannary aad Jaly or cradltad 1 la A Sex*. XeotIi i( oha b*a** o ,'babk bbs tBo. IB Ball make l<* asoma in atocka of a lefttl?ate character, vhtcb frognaatlr pay fro* fire to twenty I lnveated erery thirty daya. Stock ? bont lit and rarried aa dapoalt of Bee par oaat. Olrcalan and < _. porta aeat fraa. a pH ooly 8100 p'AiD?piBi*i?o\ 81,700 dniina tba paat few montha. nnd*r oar taprored ayatam of operatlnc la BToria. Blaka rodnaad to aoaiinal Mi and proflta Incraaaed. Book lac tall Information aant on at "" apBt-tr Baakora aent on application. TUSfSBlDOB B 00_, and Broker*. B Wall M., B. T. d THB IMPROVED KITCHENER Will dc tha family eooktac with oao haif the ooal reqalred by aay other Banca In tba market, one half aa anck ae other Baagae of ease c? will wto tu price la a few yean la the ltaaaa of ro palra, aad care Ita price every year ta the coal MB: to modeled by the DeM akill known to the art, with a tkw to tbe fraateat ooarealawca; to what family waato, aad, haying, would act parti We bare Small aad Large fially, Beetaaraat aad llotol Sltea. The largeot aaaortaoat of 8LATB art WBITB MABBLB MABTELS aad PABLJB UBATES to the city. SIT STB ITBEBT BOBTBWI aiyt tr STQfM mmd PLVUBltHi HOUSE. Vaf f cm. IflLISB, SWZB8 AJfD SMKKIOAW as ?? ayB-ly Per ATI O HAL

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