Newspaper of Evening Star, 20 Mayıs 1876, Page 1

Newspaper of Evening Star dated 20 Mayıs 1876 Page 1
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V?. 47-N2. 7.2?3. WASHINGTON, D. C.. SATURDAY. MAY 20, 1876. TWO CENTS. THE EVENING STAR .TKLISIED DIILT, Saadaf! CKeyted, ^ THE STAR BUILDINGS, IT The Ersning Star lfewaptper Company, a. h. ka.uftxa.yir. yroo*t. ? The Evening Stab u *m?f ftp ertrrkri fo at Ten CenU per week, or Forty focr Cento per mouth. Ojpt*? at the ctxmirr, Two Cents each. By moa?poetaoe prepaid? (Jlwty Onta a mor.tb; ona jear ?6. TBI W1KLT STAK-imttuAarfow pride*? ? a year, potta^f prepaid. mtau mtb*crif>(ioru invariably in achxmn. trra/ea of nctvertutnp fur-nu/iefi on application. SPECIAL NOTICES. rrf COLCMB11 TYPOGRAPHICAL ONION, Sc lOl ?The rraular meeting of th? Cbi >n mill be beH ia Temple of H itt'-r lial, northeast mr iter ef <H ?twt bbo rtatifhtfti* avenue, THIS EVKMING at 8o'clock. . Jit L I PATTEB3QM. E?o. Sec. P"*:R? lOCDDtT UUiKjH. I4ih And G riiMti ? u5-/ Kr-'clirjT i?0Ti?,il lU.m (iiUp m. b> ??T.Pr. MtnnT.i'fCltithm'l ?M| fn?t It* P"":S? tLOtli UlLH?.!tT UiI:!K, |*ch Ml B?p*ie ) of M 41l?'o?i). (it* T?rk. w I Inch at the'''o Law B a: Hi if. 5th street nne?. Morcing. Jcm H?t. at II o cl-vck. It* P-'iJ"' UNlYkKaAGl>sr 8KKVtCS?-K?r.u H. L-e^r Fa* wit) p: ?aib in Tallmtrfg"' Hall, To nor* ro?. a II a i?i N ? ??rvire tn the evenlne guoltr Sch t I m <1 tsiM,- ( l\i? at 3 4^ a in. It* rjTlTAKI ** (t-.HVICB-The He/. 0. C jjr/ CASrssrik, of S jiton. will o.e jc*i In the IJti'arlta t'hnrcj, comer <>r rtth ?n.i i? ttraets.on Soa-iav. at 1! a i? Snn.l r ?c vol f ?. m It* JiKV r?K DKNaloOM.aiU p eachat he u?j W , aley /.i?a Church, D atrett, bttwitu 24 ?m SI streets fon'b*tii, To-morrow (Sutday) Motamg. at II i. clcck The publtc are iurited. " WAl'GH M. E. Cdl'ECH?Preaching To _ wt trow, at li a m ?r?l * p m. bv B?v. J. y. W ? - a. I estate to me M . k. General Conference at B.ltiwcre It* r"3? TWILITB sr M B CHIRCB, h-v. H. S:rf, p*-t. r ? Pr.scfclng Tomorrow, at U a iu.bjBfT.Dr MAkLKY, D P.. of Ohio; at p. tn., by bff *r. WtLtu, of WUc3Lstn. Yang Peppie r J-tUee tcce'.iug at 4 p m. It* I* is* CHRISTIAN CHURCH. Vernu >nt av*nn?, betwe-nN and U s ree's.?Preaching by the paster, r. I?. Powii. To m rr iw Mominsr, a* 11 o ck ck. ard at S p ui. Socaay School at 9 ?? a m. All welconi*. It* Sf PAI L a INU LI TUIBaH I'UCB l>? > corner llita anl II it< n.>rcbwe*t.?StrvicM In tbu chnrch To morrow i Bandar >. at 11 a ni. and 8 p. B: Prtacli'i b? the p??ior. Ber. 8. Donti Sacramest f?rrtce in tbe tveniDg. All luvited? " I frta It* rcf HcBESPKBIC M B CHCBUU. Maa* ??v clu-ett- atwir.ali rt r.h afreet -B;t. Jn, B Dasbiil. D. D . Pa?tor, Sunday May 11. M7o. 11a n . Btv Dr Htr?r, Praaldent of Drew Theo loskal Btniinar' ; S p a> . Ke>. H. B. Bidgawat, D D_ It* P-^t CAN AST PEKSOH BICOHS A <JUK[8 Ur-y TIAN wku ta ignorant of the teaching of and the Pre pb*t?v Acta 17,1,11. Bnbject for conridtratiou in tLe < hri4*ad< lptiian Eccleela, Cir cuit Court Boom, (City Hall,) at 11 a. ? , To-mor row. All ara invited who wi?b to know ' the tmtli H B ? Tbia Bcclexia n ill glre ?5CU to any clrrajmao or any otbar peraon who will prove from the Bibk that man wili be rewarded or paniabed iff tbia earth. It* riDBUAL B11LD13G ASSOCIATION. The firat moc'hiy meeting of the FEDERAL Bl lLPiMQ A!>?('C1A ' I >N will behold for the Iftjvent of on li'SPAV EVEM1B0, Jane te. 187C. at Pavl?' U*ll. N j. fc I7th atreet noitb ? eat at 7>* o'clock. B< ? ka I, r acbecrlp'tnn t > atock r*h?raa one dollar ?a. al are tew cpcn;at ;be following place?: Angu?t Oeiadoiff, Vlra Prealdent. Mo. 1904 7th ttrtet nirthweat. Dtrfctori. Jos. B Bdson No. 7 11 ? ? reet nnrthwert. Jam" B. Bdward*. Mo. 4*M> LcUaiaoa a>eau3. O. W. Bcbell, Mo. 311 Oatrsct. JobWamacd,City Hall M P. Oallaa. Mo. 61A 7th atreet nortbweet A B. Kelly. ? aahington Oaa Ootnp*u? Office. C U. Daccan?'h. corner 9th a*d D ?treen Iterna-d Kilmarttn. M > **10 M>>w Hampshire ay H Stranstergtr. Bo. .10*> 7th street northwest. And also at the offices of? J^hn Joy Bdson, Mo. 711 G street D .rthwert. ? Li- B. Eraser, Wo. 4f6 Loniitiaaa avenue. Ofn Wm Henry Br?wn*. La. ar. a-id 4H street. MiltocC. Barnard. No. 4?6 Lonlalaaa aTenua. JAMBS PB&SBB. Prextdent. Mo. til? G atrtet northwest w. 0 M1DDLETOB H-tro noli tan Ba&k. JOHN A. PBBSCOTr. B?m No K6. 8<c ^nd Comptroller's Office. b;? g 15.g.gJonel 33t5 AMBBICAN LINE Of STEAMSHIPS wr-s from PHILADELPHIA, PA., to LlVBB POOL axil e\crv THCRSDaY. Only line carry idc tbe American flag. Elrst-dass, Intermediste and Pteeragf sect mat latlona aachoap as by any other fir-t clasa line H D. COCK E, Jk., A CO , Backers. Agents, my 19 tl I4*?P street. T. M. 0. A . EES VICE or SONG 19 LI9COLS HALL BAEBATH APT IKMOON, MAT tlsT, 1878. T he a<*i' urcul annual meeting of thia Assoc is tlon will be held 8 \TtBDAl EVENING. MO:b Instant. at 7S o cVck. m*yl7 Ir T H B B B 8 T. ? ? ILEUBN S BODA WATEB M ATUKAL 8PB1MG WATERS oa Dranght. ICE-COLD TEA, COyFEB and CHOOOLATB. 1449 Finnuviiu itinci, aylS-tr * near Wlllard a. W WHIT\EEB, u'-mrral Claim and Collection At ml, Jo. 71 i U:b atreet, near Treasury Departaisnt. District Claims, Pension and Bounty Claims, a 1WM?. apil SEKVOC3 E\UAC8TXOM.?A Medioal ay, comprliiag a series of lectures delif ? at Eaka% Muasum of Anatomy "Mew Tork re DeeUne, show* oa the canes and curs of Pr ? . - *lr dlspatably how lost health may be regained, rdtag a clear synopsis of the impediments to marriage, and the treatment of nervous and fhyal eel 4eblilty, being the result of 10 ysars'sxaerWnos. Price, M teats. Address the author.Dr. L.J.Kahn, oMes and residence, ai East Khh at., M. T. splAm po?H. D OOOKB, Jk. * OO., B1IIBU, t|Btf 1499 P street. BTBATFOBD FBBDALL, 49* Louisiana avenue, ATTOti&MYAT-law, ? LEWLB J0BB80B A CO., BAR kmm8% ' ?/ 10?k Strut asd Ptnnsvrraata Aeaaaa, Dealers te Overcmeat had District Securnisa Porslgn EschAuge aud Gold. sep!4 ly rja?aAMLEL G. TOUMG. BOTABT PCBLlOt ?M7 tf OrpTck?Bram Btnuiw. OPTICIAN.?To ras P?4iic.?My newly Invented Bye-glaaa,which 1 how manufac ture _wlth eight workmen, snrpaaase aay Eye lists th tks whols world. They can be regalatedby two aasll serewa te exactly fit the noes wlthont any pain or unpleasant feeling. They are mads of Brazilian pebble and the newly dlaoor sred Ensile roby glass. Pornsetn?ss and lightneM they cannot be surpsesed. Msasors taken and order Blisd in flfteen minntss ISAAC ALBXAMDEB. 1994 Penca at , lnvettor. Patentee aatl Mlanfaptarer. F A AM ELI N 9 CO., opticians, nnn Me. 1997 Pi^sMinsu Aving Benetne Bratlliai. Psbbls gpoctacks de?T ly.latr ion 1011 c lo thijra. SPRING AND 0UMMER. Oriental Bilk Pl'd Worsted. ??? Bortbsaaptoa Bilk Blbbsd Worsted, 9IB Vtsnna Diagonal Worsted, ?19 40 Blacklngtoa Blank and Gold Wonted, 91* Lxbrtdgs Paaey BUk Wonted, #19 Barrsgsasett Paacy Bl k Wonted, ?19 wiMiB? nrra. Ptes Blbca&I Spring Can Salt. ??? Ptee Datebsrrs PlaM Oass Bolt. ?19 Bdward Barrte Balr llae Oaas. Bait, B16 4U The Vsrsatuss Cbeeksd Can. Bait, The Dtegooal Bibbed Oass Bait, ?14 ?sa*M Wasktecton Mill Bias Plaaael Salt, BIS Berth Hooetc Block Oan. MB, tit Bercalss Scotch Oan. Salt, til ??flttkk ftrtve had Plate Can. Bait, #1* B nicker bock er Cheek Oan. Bait^9 CateaOan. Batt, Brock aa? Back, ?? toutinn. Wnihars IMageaal Worsted Bait. B19 Lip pi a BUk BiMed Can. Bntt. ?13 BmosI Balr-Uas Oan. Bntt. 911 Load on Plate Oan Bait, ?9 Bew Tort Mills Oan. Butt, #T BOTff ML'ITS. Ohndsa Piate Can. Suit. ? 9 ?now Saks Paaey Oan. Batt. #7 Knickerbocker Check Oan Batt B9 Balsa Oan Batt. ?? A. STRAUS, 1911 PBBBBTLFABIA ATBBOB 1911 nBh Bnwtu 14ti a? lira Arum EVENING STAR Washington News and Gossip. Among THE callkrs at the White Honse to-day wore Senators Burnslde and Spencer, ard Representatlves Wallace, Wells, and Kofi. Private advices from tomeof the south western states indicate that Senator Angus Cameron, of Wisconsin, is their favorite for the Vice Presldercy on the republican ticker. Personal.?Hod. Horatio King and wlfj hr*ve returned to Washington In excellent health arter an extended tour In Europe, oc cupying about a year. ANew Morniso Fa psk, to be called Tft? Xafion, Is to be started in this city on Moo day next, by Mr. Walker, lately of tue edi torial stair of the Chronicle. Payments is Silver ?Orders have been l*sned from the Treasury instructing the Assistant Treasurers at New York and Bos ton to disburse *400,0J0 in silver each, inpay ment ol government checks, in addition to the amounts heretofore authorized to be paid. The have of Representative J. H. Rai^ey, of 3outh Carolina, a colored m?m ber, was omitted from the list of signers of the Fretilmen'g bank report, printed in yes terday's Star. Mr. FUlney united with the majority of the committee iu indorsing the conclusions of his colleagues. O*:*. Charles W.Dcstan, of Demopolts, Alabama, has been appointed clerk of the Senate Committee on the District or Colum bia, vice Cbas. E. Mayer, nominated to-dav to be district attorney for the northern and middle district of Alabama. Gen. JDustan served with credit in the Union army during the war. The Washington Navy Yard?in the House, yesterday, Mr. Faulkner, of West Virginia, filed a memorial signed by some 900 prominent citizens of Washington, pro testing against the proposed abolition of the Washington Navy Yard. He also asked that the memorial be printed In the Ootvgre^i'jnrU Record. It was so ordered. Army Orders.?The leave of absence on surgeon's certificate of disability granted 1st Lieutenant John F. Trout, 23d Infantry, is extended three mentbs. Leave of absence for six months is granted 2d Lieutenant Hayden I>eLong, 9th Infantry, Camp Sheri dan, Nebraska. Surgeon Charles McCor mick will report In person to the Surgeon General of the army. Th? Louisiana Investigation.? Ttie Honse Special Committee oa Louisiana af fairs this morning heard again the witness Ferguson, who testified that ex-Congress man Sypher.of Louisiana, got him to sign from forty to sixty rraudulent vouchers, with fictitious pames, the parties for whose benefit they were signed being persona who had rendered him political asslsianca. MR. CHA8. E. Mayer, who was to-day nominated by the President to be United States attorney for the northern and middle districts of Alabama, Is chairman of the Spencer state republican committee of that state, and Is clerk of the Senate District Committee. He acted as counsel for Sena tor Spencer during the recent investigation Into the election of the latter, before the Committee on Privileges and Elections. FlTZHCGH to BR ASKED TO STEP "Down and Oct." ? The Committee on Rules, at their meeting this moraing, agreed to report to the House that after a full in vestigation Into the official acts of Lafayette H. Fitzbugh, doorkeeper of the House, they are satisfied that be is an Improper person to bold the place, and that be be reque*ted to resign. The report will be submitted to day. Confirmations?The Senate yesterday confirmed the following nominations:?John Nazro, collector of customs, Milwaukee, Wis ; Samuel L. Annabel, pension azant at Norfolk, Va.; James McLean, receiver of public moneys, Chilllcothe, Ohio; Win. B Scell. Judge of Police Court, District of Co lrmbla; Almont Barnes, chief of bureau of ?datlstlca in the State department; Charles Piysou, chief of diplomatic bureau, State department; Samuel Howard and Chas. C. Fergar, to be third lieutenants in revenue service; and a number of postmasters. Th* pacific Railroad bill The House Judiciary Committee have adopted an amendmen; to Mr. Lawrence's Pacific Railroad bill which provides that the sink ing fund to be paid by the Union Pacific Railroad Company shall be fixed at *750,000 per annum for the first ten years, aad #1.000,000 per annum thereafter until the whole Interest is paid, exclusive of the five per cent, net earnings and the government freight, which, as they accrue, will be cred ited to the companies on account ot their indebtedness to the United States. A BILL PASSSD OVRR Till PRRSIDKNT'S Veto.?The bill appropriating sitil to pay to G. B. Tyler and E. H. Luckett. assignees of Wm. T Cheatham, the sum of S161 in full for moneys wrongfully collected from, said Cheatham by the Internal revenue collector for the seeond district of the state of Keu tucky in 1870, as a tax for keeper of bonded warehouse in December, 1869, and January, 1K70, which was vetoed by the President on the 31st of March last, was to day passed unanimously over the veto?yeas 47, noes 0. NcHiHATiojcs.-The President sent the following nominations to the Senate to-day: John E. Sherman, Jr., to be marshal of the C. 8. for the territory of New Mexico. M. C. Page to be u. S. attorney for the territory of Montana. Cbas. E. Mayer to b9 U. S. attor Ley for the northern and middle districts of Alabama. Rev. Benj L. B.?l.drldge, of Kan sas, to be a post chaplain. Postmasters?Z. B. Hargrove. Rome, Oa.; Wm. Rgarland, {secantee, Mich.; T. W. Ridforl, Seward, Nfbra*ica; George K. Kimball, Golden, Colorado territory. N aval Orders.?Lieutenant F. S. Bassett ordered to Newport, R. 1., 1st June next, for instruction in torpedo service. Commander E. K. Owen detached from the command of the Nantucket, and ordered to examination for promotion, 1st June next. Lieutenant John C. Irvine from the Montauk. and or dered to Newport. It I., 1st June, for torpedo instruction. Lieutenant J. D. Adams from the coast survey steamer Hassler, and or dered to Newport, R. I., 1st June, for torpedo Instruction. Lieutenant Edward Woodman from the Nantucket, and placed on waiting orders. Master C. 8. Rlchmau from the Nan tucket, and ordered to the Adams 1st June next. Ensign Henry Morrell rrom the Nan tucket, and ordered to the Adams 1st June next. Gibson and Riddle -a. M. Gibson, cor respondent of the New York 9un, la out la a long reply to the statements of Mr. A. G. Riddle, charging him (Gibson) with being an eavesdropper and a falsifier In regard to the Knowlton-Blaine matter. Mr. Glbeon states that so far rrom getting the story by overbearing It, Knowlton told it to him di rectly, as be did to almost every other oorre ?l or.dent, and that the story waa almost as common as a bar-room Jest when he printed an allusion toll Mr. Gibson proceed* "Now reconcile, if you can, these facts with your theory that Knowlton was enabled to oome to me and conscientiously deny the story I bad printed, because it was not strletly ac crrate. Your hypo toes Is is tenable in one way only, namely, that my knowledge of the facts and circumstances was confined to wLat you aasume from Boynton's statement I overheard in Know 1 ton's office. The truth is. as every man who kuows me will not tionnt, that Mr. Knowlton could not have Impost*! upon me in that way. Injustice to his memory, which is likely to suffer muoh a | be bands of indiscreet defenders like yoar k?:f. Iam bound to sav that he attempted notbingof the kind. He came to me with all iht outward appearance of rranknees and tcld me that be was now satisfied that he had mistaken another man for Mr. Blaine. ? e e He succeeded in eonvlnclng me that be was not only in earnest a boat testifying that Blaine was not the man be bad seen In Stewart & Riddle's office, bat he satisfied me that be was honestly desirous of remedying a wrong, tor the commission of which be knew very well be was primarily res postal ble." The Nfsiran Rebellion. EACOBEDO I If XATAMORAS. Tbe follow In? telegram ?M received at U^e Navy department this afternoon: Matamoras, May 20. Secretary of the S'avy. WaMmgton .-?At eight last night tbe advance of General Escobedo's army took possession of this city. At present he has a thousand well armed, and, so far as I can JnflEe from "wing them pass, well dis ciplined rnen. There can be no doubt of his ability to maintain order. and I at once r*lievc< the men that I had in the city. E^cotet. will arrive to-day, and I shall con sult at o a with him and report. (Slgii< ) Hekrv L. JoHSSo*. <_ "mandlng U. 8-. Naval Forces. Ex fPiAi. R Blaine was considerably better tbis n.ornlng, and will probably be out in a few days, lie Is su.Terlng with chills and fever. The New York Tribune prlntel yester day, as a epeclal Wash'nston dispatch, an account of Gen. Crook's Indian expedition, which appeared in The Star about three weeks ago. Government Kbckipts To-day.?Inter nal revenue, *297,712 83; month to date, *9,260,988.41; fiscal year todate,!?l03,306,73 S 56; customs receipts to-day, *374,032.250; monih to date. ?7,574,351.78; fiscal year to date, S132, 8C2.651.33. Hope H. Slatter, who was convicted of the hilling of Michael Hussey at the Schuet zen Park In this city a couple of years ago, has b^en pardoned by the President. Mrs. Blatter leaves for Albany to night with the document which liberates her husband. Mr. Cutleb, who was removed to his home in Uniontown after being injured by the explosion at the Capitol yesterday, sent word to tbe Capitol to day that he was doing well and hoped to be out soon. It la belle red his injuries are all confined to the surface. National Banks?The Treasury now holds *344,883,850 in bonds to secure national bank circulation, and 918,623,000 to secure public deposits. U. 8. bonds deposited for circnlatlon for the week ending to-day, *108,000; U. 8. bonds held for circulation withdrawn week ending to day, *54*>,000; rational bank circulation now outstanding, *53.5,197,105, of which ampunt *2,099,190 are gold notes. Receipts of national bank notes received for redemption for week ending May 20th. as compared with corresponding week of last year: 1875, *4,505,000; 1876, ?5, 439,000. The Bklkkap Impeachment Aegu ments Senator Howe concluded his argu ment against Jurisdiction lu tbe Belknap case yesterday. To-day the .Senate went Into secret session at half-past twelve o'clock, and. after tiansactlag some executive busi ness. took up the impeachment case, Sena tor Boutwell making a speech in opposition to jurisdiction. A prominent Senator said In conversation to-uay that 8enator Conk ling's speech the other day on the same side of tbe question was by far the ablest yet de livered. At 2 p. m. it was regaaded as cer tain that no vote would be taken to-day on the question of jurisdiction. The debate is likely to run for several days yet. Senator Spencer Exonerated by Unanimous Report of the Committee The Committee on Privileges and Elec tions made a unanl^nous report In Senator Srencer's case. The committee say that, acting under a Senate resolution of Decem ber 16, they have examined the subject thoroughly, and find nothing to Inculpate Mr. Spencer. They say that ' the testimony taken by the Alabama legislature was ex parte in its character, very much of it hear say, and could not be received by the com mittee as evidence." The question as to whether ''Spencer was elected by the law ful legislature was fully settled in the Sykes content," and the committee declined tore open it. They also say "no witness testified that Spencer had, directly or indirectly, given or oflered to give, money or anything of value in consideration of votes or sup port, nor was It shown that any of bis friends hail done so." Senator Saulsbury said be concurred in tbe conclusion of the commlt t< e that there was nothing to Inculpate Mr. Spencer, but he differed with them as to the extent to which the testimony went. The Board of Audit Agala. Tbe following communication was sei t lo tbe House District Committee to-day: Hon. A. H. Buckner, Chairman, dr.; Sir:?In the National Republican of the 19th Ir.stant, In % statement of the board of aadit to your honorable committee, I find the fol low lrg: "It is not our purpose to go farther than to say that the action of the board of audit is and was justified by the evidence they have. If any wrong was doue, it was before the board of audit bad an existence, and was purposely concealed by the form in which the certificates were drawn and en ti ies made upon the accounts, and by the abstraction of papers from the office of the auditor of the board of public works.'* After two searching Investigations by Con gress, and tbe two reports of the board of audit, who were especially charged with the duty of examining and verifying tbe books and accounts of the auditor of the board of public works, and in each case attesting their correctness, I am surprised to find that the said board of andlt, in attempting to explain some ef their acts, arter every other resource bad failed, sbonId be willing to falsify and even nullify what they would have the Con gress and the people believe to baa most honest and exhaustive examination of the accounts of the auditor of the late board of public works. In their report to the President of the United States^datei February 15, 1875, they use the followflSWlanguage : "The examina tion of the book* and files of tbe auditor of the board shows the issue of U,5-<'2 certifi cates, amounting to *lu 21?> 852.69. Witn tt;? exception of eleven certificates, the whole number were correctly entered on the books, at.d the eleven erroneous entries have been corrected. iVo injury wax sustained by the. error*. Of the certificates, 712, amounting to *3,113,456.92, appeared to have been issued without proper evidence or vouchers, on the order of tbe board of public works, or of some member or members of the board. In each case measurements of work or other proper vouchers were subsequently presented and credited, covering the certifl cates thus issued. In evay ease the account or accounts forming the basis <>f a certificate were examined 10 verify the amount allowed and cer'i fitd by the auditor. When certificates were issued for work under contracts, or nnder instructions, they were charged to contrac tors in an individual account, but credits for sums audited and allowed were not entered, so tbat tbe contractors appeared to be debtors on the beoks for the amounts certified, and the credits to which they were entitled appeared only by the papers and vouchers on file at the office. These papers and vouchers were found to be In good order with very few exceptions, which were prob ably occasioned by the removal of books and papers to the committee room duriDg tbe last session of Congress." And again, in a report to the President of the United Stales, dated Deoember 6th, 1875, they say: "The business of the auditor of tbe board of public works appears to have been regularly conducted,and without any Important er ror." Now, under these circumstances, and In view of all the facts as elicited by the Esent investigation, would It be too vlo t a stretch of deduction to assert, that if the paragraph at the head of this communi cation be true, the reports above must be false, and rice versa. And in tbe absence of evidence on which to base a Judgment, to de clare cugatory all their reports of whatever character. Very respectfully. J. C* Lay, Late Auditor Board of Public Works. THE KUHEBAL OF THE MTTBDKKID CON SULS took place at Saionlca yesterday with great ceremony; perfect order was main tained. Tbe rumors of further assassina tion* of German cltlsens In Turkey are not cot firmed. The investigation at Saionlca l ax thus far fal>ed to develops the real cause of tbe late outrage. A report has been re civ, a at Paris that the Mus.solmei of Pie dor in Bo nia, had attacked the Christian quarter of that town and massacred 100 per sons, Including women and children. The widows of tbe murdered consuls will each receive *200 000 indemnity. ?7*Schools to teach rlrts plain needle-work are proposed In New York. ?7?The democrats of the Eighth Indiana district have nominated Colonel William E. McLean for Congress. ^The ClnrinnM* superior court decides that service of a summons on Sunday Is good. u hew rrsucAnoas. Handy Map awd Guide to rhlJ [Thro0*1! 8olomon'g a t hapman and Mohon Brother* ] A much needed new pocket map of Wash ington, with all the latest Improvements* street car routes, Ac., laid down. PAUSANIA8 TH1 SPARTAN; AW UNFIN isHiD Historical Romance. By the late Lord Lytton. Edited by his son. To ronto: Beiford Bros. [ Through Jos. Sbil 11 Dg ton. | A handsomely printed edition or the Inter esting fragment of the novel Bulwer was en gaged upon at the time of his death. Hays krom tub 8usof Righteousness By the Rev. Richard Newton, D. I>. N-jw wrk:D1^)bert t-arter Br<>s- I Through Wm. Ballantyce ] A volume of sermons for the young occu picd in telling about the Lord Jesus Christ. ON Krhmextatio.v. By P. Schutzenberger, "'rector of the Crumlcal Laboratory at the So r bonne. New York: D. Apple ton & Co. [Through Jos. Sallllngton.] This is volume 20 of the excellent Interna tional scientific series published by Apple ton A Co. that affords to the reading public the latest results of modern science in lan guage not too abstruse and technical to be readily comprehended. Appletos's Hand Book ok American ClTItS WITH PRINCIPAL ROUTES OK tbavel. New York: I>. Appleioa A Co [ Through Jos. Shllliogton.] Combines in an exceptional degree fullness and precision of information with the uL most attainable economy of space. Transcendental?* in New England. A History by Octavins Brooks Prothlne r-?,"1, y?Tk: G- p- Putnam's Sons. IThrongh Solomons A Chapman.) Transcendentalism, as it is called, the transcendental movement, was an impor tant factor in American life. Though limi ted in scope, brief in duration, engaging but a comparatively small number of Individ ual*. and passing over the upper region* of the mind It left a broad and deep trace on ideas and Institutions. As a form of mental phUoBophy U has had its day, being sup pressed by the modern philosophy of experi ent*. But it* history needed to be written, and the work could not have fallen into better hands than those of Dr. Frothlnabam *t one time a pure Transcendenta' lst, and who still retains enough of his for ?ve Justin 6nable hlm 10 d? " "wrlmlni: Edith Lylk. a Novel. By Mrs. Mary J. rJ? N?w?York Q. W. Carleton A Co. |Through Mohun Bros.] A new story by the prolitlc author of Lena Rivers," "Marian Gray," and some twenty other novels of recent production. A Wonder-book kor Girls and Boys tanqlewood Tales for Girls and Boys; being a second Wonder-Book. True Stories krom Histoky and Bioora phy. By Nathaniel Hawthorne. Bost >n: Parker] gOOCl & Ca lrhro?K^ J. C. These three pleasant little volumes are the "Juveniles" of the convenient and hand some handy volume edition of Hawthorne's works issued by Osgood A Co. In the first two the author successfully carried out a theory that many of the classical myth" were capable of being rendered Into very capital reading for children. The "True 8torifs" deal with the substantial and ear?y hii?U)ryUe8 ?f NeW ED*laQd llfe lQ its WJCH ? AzElv Susan and Anna W-ir V'rk: ? R Putnam's Sons. [Through Solomons A Chapman.] A new story by the authors of "Wide. Wide World," and "Queecby" that some years sgo bad a world wide popularity and still have a steady sale. The Ofkicial Guide Book to Phil \ B>? Tb0I?pson Westcott. Pnlla rteiphla: Porter and Coates. [Tarough Wm. Ballantyne ] L * By all odds the best gn de book to Phila delphia yet published, aud something quite lndlspenfable to visitors to that city during the Centennial. The revulsion setting In for Blaine sine j cott s exoneration of him leads every ont beie who discusses possibilities to conceit bis increasing chances. He had grown pro digiously since Monday's examination, though his enemies, who, by a curlou chauce, are friends and supporters of Brls tow and Morton, claim that there are facts to come which will impale the ex-Speaker more hopelessly than ever. By a curious chance, Brlstow's chief supporter, a news paper correspondent here, 1s the alleged author of most of the outbreaks against Blaine.? [ Wcuh Cor. Chicago Times. The Murderer Piper is enjoying excel lent health, and afreets the utmost uncon cern regarding his Impending fate. He feels mind Is relieved from the weight of his dreadful secret. Cahlll, the Rri^Mt ?l Plper iD "?? murder of Bridget Landergln, baa been declared Inno ?ffiLfc his counsel. who states that his client Is willing to return to America at any [ A?V?jf2r<2? boW ^ullu?M be is of the crime. The State Conventions. ?The Ken tucky republican state convention before adjourning yesterday adopted a resolution President Grant's administration. ?i .. , ?** democratic convention adopt money platform by a vote of 182 to 101, including the Instructions for Hend Delegates at large were elected. Ex United States Senator Ross waa a member of the convention, and Is In full afflillatlon with the party. Gone to Hang Ben Mickey.?a dis patch from Lagrange, Ky.,says that 190 men have left that place for Louisville to hang Ben Mickey, a prisoner charged with mur der. Mickey is a bad character, aud bai as sassinated four men, the last at Lagrange a ^^ ago. The entire police force of Louis ville has been ordered on duty, and the mili tary are also on duty and ready to arrest the mcbas Foon as they arrive. The police num ber 108, the military 100. A Valuable Crop at the South ? Peanut oil, first made in the south during the war, is now In large demand. It sup. piles the place of almoud and olive oils for various uses, and is lower in price, retains its purity and flavor for a long time, and is less susceptible to the effect of light than olive oil. The oil is extracted entirely from the meat of the nut by pressure, the reruse """?fw*01 ,*"? Centennial exhibition, In Ph iladelphia, yesterday, the day being pleas ant and warm, the attendance was Increased. There were about 30.000 paying visitors on the grounds. The French board of Judges were formally reoelved by Director General Gothorn. On the 3th, oth and 7th of July the musical contests between different bands of the country will take place. Poison?Chas Blackwell, of Na313 Rlvlngton street, New York, at tempted suicide Thursday morning by tak ing a quantity of arsenic. He bad been out of work for some time, and bad bean poor and discouraged. Theee troubles preyed upon bis mind and caused him to attempt to poison himself. ScrT por Defamation of Character Hugh F. Summers, of Pike county. Ma. one of the jurors in the McKee trial, whowas charged with having prejudiced the ease, has filed suit against the St. Louis Globe Demo crat for various articles defaming bis char acter, for which be claims >30,000 No one Killed, but 14 Wounded a north bound tram on the Maysvllleand Lex lrgton (Ky.) railroad broke through the bridge near Mlllenbnrg yesterday, wrecking one passenger car and baggage car. No per ?on was killed, but fourteen passengeri were lrjurtt*, some severely. In the Louisville, Ky., xaobs yester day the Tennessee stakes, three-quarter dash, was won by Mclntyre's Pbseton colt In 1:10; the hurdle raee, 2 miles, by Redman, in 3:48#. Gentleman's cup, l v mile, by Mis deal, in 2:0ly. Louisville Hotel stakes, l x dash, by Nipper, In 2:12*. * A Fit Successor to Winslow.?Hon. Newton Morse, of Natlok, sueoessor of the forger Winslow ftom the 4th Massachusetts Senatorial district, has fled, bavins appro priated #3,000 of the foods of the town of Na tl ck. He is said to have squandered lane sums at faro. ^ Tbe Ibmm Asylum IbtmUr*UM. The Commute? on the Expenditures of the Interior department resumed their Investi gation of the affairs ol the U. 8. Insane Asy lum thin morning: Jitr. Wilbur F. Watkint testified that he W*i the rector of the Church of the Epiphany, and was one of tbe l>osrd of visitors of the asylum. Has been a member or the bo^rd a year and a hall. He visited the asylum on an average every month. Generally spent three boors there when he visited the asy lum, examining everything in detail, the rroms.teds, kitchen laundry. Ae. Mr. Wat kl s said he visited the asylum last on May 'iJ.acd conversed with tbicsoi four patients lu each of the wards aud found everything in gooi condltloo. His examinations were very minute. He alsolvlslted the asylum February 1st; never knew of an lustttutlou which is k?pt so clean as the insane asylum. Tbe building throu?hout is scrubbed three times a week. Have bad occasion to visit ibe bh> lum unofficially. and founa the name ? cirdltlon of tbtnus. Mr. Watklns related *n Instance when he vi?lted tti? kitcheu and noticing some corn oeef tried some of It. He said he found It lo be as good aj was served at bis own houwe. Br Mr Mutcliler:?Has visited the asylum unofficially four times during the last ar>d a half, and during that time made live official visits. His last visit was made on the 2d day of the present month, and then made a careful examination. The patients r^eie ilrawn up in a line and Inspected by him. Generally get* there about 2 o'clock In the afternoon, and concludes a*x>at 5 o'clock. Has never seen any vermin o.i the patients. _ Walter 8. (Xz testified that he was one of the board ol visitors of the Insane asylum: was appointed fourteen or fifteen years ago, and has served continually since. Gener ally vi6it the asylum once In two months. Examines the building from cellar to attic. Do not think there is a private house in the city that is kept as clean. Once or twice has examined tbe bedding, and found It clean Patients are kept very clean. The visits of the board through the wards are not made hurriedly. The remainder of his testimony was corroborated by that given by Mr. Wat kins and other members of the board of vis itors examined. Mr. Cox said be thought Dr. Nichols specially adapted for the posi tion, and thought be bad conscientiously performed his duty. Dr. J at. C. Palmer, formerly surgeon gene ral U. 8. N., now on the retired list, testified ttat he was a member of the board of vis itors of the asylum, and has been such seve ral years. Visited the asylum once In two months, and carefully examined all of the wards. Frequently spoke to the patients and asked them how they were treated. They always told him that they were well treated. The management of the asylum Is surprisingly good. Or. Palmer spoke In the highest possible terms of Dr. Nichols and bis government at the asylum. He thought that the four hundred acres attached to the asylum were necessary. He thought that the superintendent could attend to tbe farm and hospital, make purchases, Ac. Mr. Mutchler asked Or. Palmer what he thought of a proposition to put the former under tbe exclusive control of a practical farmer, and the purchases for the asylum under the control of a hospital steward, and to leave the asylum proper under the con trol of Dr. Nichols, and he answered that he thought it would be a good thing?that he favored a division or duty. Motet KtUty testified that he has been a member or the board of visitors for 10 years. Tried to do his duty, and found everything as It should be. Remember that Mrs. Van Kewan called upon him three or four years ago, saying that she bad a son in the asy lum, and complained that he had not baen properly treated; that her son was not given the clothing that she sent him. Witaess said to her that he would Inquire particularly into tne ewe. Advised her to call upon Sur geon General Barnes also, telling her that If there was any wrong done he would do all he could to correct it. Remember calling the attention or Dr Nichols to the case, but do not remember whether he ever visited her son at the asylum. After hearing Dr. Nich ols' explanation felt satisfied taat there was notLli g wrotg in the matter. l\of. Jotejth H>r.ry testified that he has been one of tbe board or visitors to the asy lum for the past eleven years. Visited the asylum once in two months, In accordance with the schedule or the board. Often went over there during the warm weather on Sat urday evening and remained there until Monday. Devoted several hours to the ex amination. Always look at the beds, cloth lrg, Ac. Everything appears to be very comfortable. Have never seen vermin on beds or patients. Have eaten the bread, meat and butter there, and round the rood to be good; in ract, every thing there Is In ex cellent order. Dr. Nichols la a very lndm trious man, and competent to continue in charge or every thing there. Did not believe in separate offices or beada there; thought that one bead should be responsible, giving him power to appoint and remove whenever be desires to do so. Dr. .Ytrwon Pincktuy testified that he waa a medical director of the navy and waa now on the retired list. In 1861 waa ordered on spe cial duty to take charge of a portion of the Insane asylum, which waa taken for a naval hospital. Remained their eighteen months, living with Dr. Nichols' family on hla invl tat ion. Observed the management of the asylum and was agreeably surprised. Never iaw an instance when the slightest fault could be round. In cleanliness It rivaled a man of war, which was tbe cleanest thing known ol. Always found everything in the asylum In good order. On one occasion dined with the board or visitors there. Since 1871 has visited the asylum four or five times. Thought that Dr. Nicholas was eminently fitted for the position or superintendent. There is no rival asylum In the world, ex cept the asylum near Cincinnati. Dr. J. M. Toner, one of the board of visitors, gave similar testimony. Be has visited the asylum officially and unofficially many times dnring the year he has held the appoint ment, aud found everything pleasant. The females are not required to stand up in line when any member of the visitors go tlirougti the wards. Think that the male Inmates enjoy the idea of standing in line when being Inspected. Have never seen any vermin on tbe patients. There are many patients at the asylum who are alfilcted with hallucina tions alone. . , , .. Dr. Wm Gwiton, also a member of tbe board of visitors, gave additional corrobo tlve testimony. _ ... Tba committee then adjourned until Mon day. Th* Coal Combiwatio*?For people who have got to keep themselves warm next winter with the assistance or coal the pros pect is not agreeable, so far as relates to the price or that commodity. Between the Mollv Maguires aud the monopolists who own and control the mines and railroads, and who are not a bit better than the Molly Maguires themselves, this necessity oflift is to be as dear as ever, and, perhaps, dearer than for many recent years. There was, it appears, a chanoe lately that there mlgiit be a "coal war" with the monopolists, as there is a freight war with tbe railway companies, and a consequently exaggerated competition that would make cheap ooal for a time at least. But ooal monopolists have reconciled their differences, and instead of fighting one another are agreed^ amicably npon the old programme of plundering the consumer to the"last Possible 9?aA<i Inv?^ Hons for economizing fuel are lu order?[a. Y. Herald. W* ??TH* TBICMPH OF TH1 ALL.KW Wing Of the Ohio democracy," said a prominent and influential democratic leader, at the Man* battan club, last evening, ??simply means 5S Governor Tildeo cannot raoelve tbe nomination of tbe St. Louis convention. We may as well settle down on that. Nat that these Ohio politicians particularly love ?'Bill" Allen, but taat they want their re vrage on Tllden for his antldnflatloo speeches, which killed Allan off at the last Ohio election. They have all along beep threatening to do something of this kind, and now they have commenced doing lt? The new prestige which the Inflationists have thus acquired, It is apprehended, wlU encourage them in other western states, and the outcome of this may be resistance to the nomination, not only or Tllden, hut of any other eauitern man. The result of such a policy In November, of course, can be easily foreseen.-f-Y T. Cbr. Phila. Ledger. Th* kLxcriow ro? oovntvos and state officers in Louisiana takes place neat No vember. ----- ? : ?7"A homely Booteh proverb says: A door plate wl' a man's name on It is a very guid i thing, but a denner plate with a man's dsn ner on It Is a better. KTTwo civil suits sgalcst tbe sureties at Jamas Busby, one of the 8t. Louis whisky ring distillers, were conoluded yesterday la the united States District Court by a verdict In each case tor the fall amount of the bonds 170,000. FOBTY'FOVMTII COX (J RES?. Satcedat, May 20. SENATE ?Mr. Patterson presented me morial of the Charleston chamber or com merce In reference to the signal service. Re ferred to the Committee on Commerce. Mr. Sherman, from the Committee oa Printing, reported In reference to the House resolution to print 5.000 copies of the ad dreeees on the late Representative Stark weather. He said the Committee on Print ing had agreed not to report any more of theee resolutions, but as Mr. Ntarkweather's death bad occurred before that time, they had concluded to report this resolution. The resolution waa passed. Mr. 8argcnt.from tbe Committee on Naval A Hairs, reported adversely on the petition of Commander I>avls and crew, of the U. 8. steamer Colorado. for prize money at the capture of New Orleans, and the rei>ort was concurred in. Mr. Morten, from the Committee on Privi leges and Elections, submitted a repor: In the case of Senator Spencer. Mr. Naulsbury. of the committee, submit ted his views. He said that while he con curred in the conclusions or tne com.nlttee, he differed as to the propriety of ere lading certain testimony. Mr. Mitchell called up Pie bill for the ro ller of O. K. Tyler and E. H. Luckett, vMck had been returned by the President with his oljectlous, and it was passed by a unani mous vote over the veto. Legislative and executive business was then suspended, and the t*enate, with closed doors, proceeded to consider the articles ol impeachment against W. W. Belknap. HOC8E OF REPRESENTATIVES.?Tbe committees not having been called tor seve ral days, a large number or bills were this morulcg reported tor re re re ace to the private calendar, most or them being rrom the Com mittee on Claima. Mr. Gause (Ark ) introduced a bill for the ?ale of the Hot Spring* reservation in Ark ansas. Referred to the Committee on Public Lands. Mr. Hoar, (Mm*..) by order or the Com mlttee on Judiciary, offered a resolution making an order that hereafter all persons and corporations employing con use 1 or agetts to represent their interests In regard to any measure pending at any time before this House or any oommlttee thereof, shall cause the name and authority or such coun sel or agent to be filed with Vie Clerk or the Hotase, and no person whose name and au thority is not so filed shall be permitted to appear as such agent or counsel. Mr. Hoar stated that tbe reason that im pelled the oommlttee to ask the adoption or the resolution waa this: The committee has now before it the interests or a certain cor Soration; tbe president or that corporation ad appeared with three eminent counsel, who were supposed sufficient to argue the case; but since then, members or the com mittee bad been approached by tour other counsel with reference to the same matter; and It was to prevent such annoyances to members as this, that tbe resolution was offered. Tbe resolution was adopted. Sir. Garfield (Ohio), rrom tbe Committee or ways and Means, reported a bill authoriz ing the Sfciet&ry or the Treasury to make allowance and compensation to collectors or internal revenue who went out or office prior to Feb. 8, 1*75, upon the final settlement or their accounts, fit authorizes the Secretary to make compensation where the extent of territory or other causes prevented immedi ate settlement, but the compensation Is not to exceed *4,500 per annum. | A PERSONAL EXPLANATION. Mr. Cate (Wis.) rose to a personal explana tion. atd said that while be was anseut in the west a memorial of tbe Wisconsin leg islature was presented here asking the House to investigate the manner or his elec tion to Congress. Instead of bringing this matter to the attention of the House in a high minded, honorable way tbe memorial was allowed to float about the country, and finally round its way to the House in bis forced absence. Tbe parties who presented t3 a memorial did not desire an investiga tion. but it was for the purpose of having a political effect and recovering the majorities which the republicans bad lo^t. Mr. Cate then proceeded to make a lengthy explana tion to show that the atatemeats in the me. morial were untrue, and that there was no fraud in the election as charged. He quoted the action or the courts or Wisconsin on the subject to show that those charges oi fraud were never sustained. In tbe course or bis remarks Mr. Cate made the charge that tbe republican legislature and governor of Wisconsin had suppressed the memorial until this session was nearly closed. Mr. Caswell (Wis) denied this, and assert ed that it was suppressed by the democratic sec.etary of state of Wisconsin. Tbe Speaker pro tem. laid before the House tbe resignation of Hon. W. H. Barnum, a Representative from the lib district of Con necticut. Ordered to be spread upon the Journal. The Speaker pro tem. announced the fol lowing as the apeclal committee to Investi gate the official conduct of Mr. Adams, the Clerk of the House: Messrs. Payne, (Ohio.) Forney, (Ala.,) Malab, (Pa.,) Henderson, (111.,) and Walt, (Conn.) The House then went Into committee on the naval appropriation bill, Mr. Clymer in the cbalr. The THE HOKTHEKHCHURCH. Tbe General Assembly of the Presbyterian church of the United States, In seaslon at Brooklyn, N. Y., yesterday adopted resolu tions approving tbe action or the United States centennial commission in closing the exhibition on 8undaya, and urging that the commission adhere to their decision, a com mittee waa appointed to convey the resolu tions to the commission at Philadelphia. A resolution regretting the course or tbe oom mission in peimitting tbe sale ol liquor on tbe exhibition grounds waa withdrawn, it being explained that tbe commission acted upon legal advice In making zhls concession, in view or tbe terms on which tbe grounds were obtained. Tbe oommlttee on confer ence with the reformed aynod reported that the main objects to be obtained by the pro posed scheme of oo operation could be ob tained without It. Tbe report was accepted. Rev. Dr. Breckinridge protested against the decision of tbe general assembly of lxttf wbich allowed Catholics to enter the Presby terian church without belcg re baptized. After debate the protest was referred to a committee. Tbe sublect of church members attending balls and dancing with promiscu ous assemblages was discussed and tbe mat ter referred to tbe committee on church polity. THE SOUTHERN CHURCH. In the General Assembly of the Presby terian Cburch in the United States at Sa vannah. Ga., yesterday, tbe report from the committee on general Presbyterian con federation and the report of Dr. 8tuart Robin son, of Louisville, Ky., delegate to the Lon don conference to frame a ooustltntlou for a general Presbyterian council, were received, and the discussion waa deferred till to-day. Varlona other reports were made. An excit ing discussion occurred In reference to con fining overt urea rrom presbyteries to the aynod axeoept In extraordinary cases. Tbe subject was referred to a special committee. An important report waa also made on bene ficiary education. n THE GENERAL iTNOD of the Presbyterian Church in North America In Philadelphia, yesterday a oommlttee was appointed to draft resolutions opposing the opening tbe Centennial exhibition on Sun. d?ya. A discussion caused relative to the of the ohurch In Bootland had sus tained in oonsequenoe of the aaosaalon or Re formed Presbyterian congregation to the Free Church of Scotland. A reeolntlon in structing the msnmlftTs on foreign cm re apoodeooo to communicate with the Synod of Scotland relative to the same waa laid oa tbe table. Cincinnati was selected aa the next place of meeting of the Synod, the third Races at ?vnfolk Park, Philadel phia, postponed three days on aeeount or rain, were continued yesterday, Tueeday's M trotted. Tbe first raos was for a ,300, for horaaa that have never ? | 2:to?S600 to the first, *400 to the ood, and S200 to tbe third. There entries. Tbe race was won by Gen _ art in fc?x.fc?*,aad 2**. Tbe and last race waa for horses that have entries. Tbe raoe was won by General Row X. to tbe first, S4O0 to tbe and, and UN to the third. There were nine itries. Tbe raoe was wen by May Bird In fc?^,and EM*. WTbe statue or Columbus, tbe gift of Ita ly to America, 1s to arrive from Carara In vase to be Inaugurated ca Use 4th or July in ??? If tie i exhibition bave beer entered In tbe AaHan department by Archbishop Telegrams to The Star. THE BLAINE BONO STOSY. Another Positive Contradiction* Card from Jos. B. Stewart. NEW YORK MOLLY MAOURES. Ignored by the Catholic Church. rOWKR mill EXPLOSION* METHODIST GENERAL CONFERENCE. r?i* buimi mmnm imir Feature ??..rMJrtu. mt It toy JM. New York. May 30 ?Joseph H si*?n Kb> lube* a letter of two oolumu* m todai'? IbuLc, In which be says For *ome ui past ibfi* bave bf*o in circulation thr vi?n f medium or Uw Pn*s I *lan<,*r?u? iUifmnu to Uw eir?>ct that i had paid lo the Hon. Jaiues o. Bialoe car tain iioods of the I'd ion Pacifl? railra2 eastern divlMon. and tbat Mr. H;alne e*NM * received those bo.. I.. VpS toe first aDDonuormfiit of this ? tthTSm to llC3, 1 ii id a cam to the public, and wiion it >*? r. p.ated I sent on &e 2A or Apri' VlettaTtl */ \N'afchln^ion for him to ate if fijf!. . u c,Hnl lo'*T3.snd la mv that* Blaine, 0f April U, I statel *V7b wa8 t* *t ornrt or the office of Kt<>wart * -lewart A Stevens id the city of WasoiPgt?, H?*Ll.S27f* an> bu -1DCM tr-? kactioos m*DD?f or form la niy 11/?. Tbat statement I now repeat and I DBKOCRCC AS KALNI * very *tatf inent to the contrary, let it came from what n>crre H may. J have trius aimed to repel a most remarfcuble a*?aull upoo a public life, lo which 1 am made to appear lo a false If not a criminal position. Tne whole It b*sed upoo mere hearsay tastl m"JJ' To meet this I bare planted myself at-crtlfSy^ """ no1 "P00 mcn rumor and lo cocci as ion 1 beg to say that In making this communication I * disclaim ahy is kind rnnvo ? -ll!5 9*llA" R,dal*' mr M* i?artoar, Id whom I found a pleasant as well as uaaful associate, and 1 fufly appreciate the saonsd ness of the domestic Ues tbat has Induced him to resist what he considers an injustice to those who are afflicted and stricken down hy the band of death; bat as I see his real for his household doss wrong to otnars, I feat It my duty to present the real facts la the case. Nor do 1 believe that Mr. Knowltoo intended to misrepresent anyone, hot mis took some one of the many persons who vls Ited my office about the period referred to for the Hon James O. Blaine, and In Ing my memory and consul 11 iir wbat da La l can find I feel sure that IT WAS THB HOW. OHO. W. CH ASM, of New York, betweeo wbom and myself many transaction* occurred, Nome of which I remember were witnessed by Mr. Koowi ton, wbom being a favorite with me la tha office I generally asked to attest aod wltneaa such business transactions. But be Is wholly mistaken about tbeHoo. James G. BWm being a party to any of tboee transactions. m Joa. B. 8 raw abt. THE ?ETBOPMT rfa. r>:kE\4E The, "?Bishop Wiley pre sided ibis morning la the General Confer ence. The programme of the oaotanolal ear vices to be held to-morrow was announced. Bishop Ames will preside, and addrweee will bedelivered by Bishop Hlmpaoo, Rev. James Brown, and R Stocked Matthews. _ . CHRISTIANS FOB OFKICS. C. L. Robinson, of Klorlda, presented tha J bile it Is not the policy or pur pose of tie Method 1st Eplaoopal C&urth, lo any manner, to oonnect the onarch with tha state, or_to brine politics into our religion, yet In view of the impiety, nnmirhf ulnw and corruption, tbai has come la many in stances to prevail in places of public trust, and In view or the fact that Christian graose bave bad ao little promlDeooe as qualification for official positions, and being profoundly Impressed that ail the blowings of civil lib erty which we so abundantly enjoy are daa directly to the enlightening influences of toe Christ isn religloo: Therefore, Jieioin-rt That we, the delegates to the General Conference of the M. E. Cborch. In conference assembled, at this dawn of tha new centurj of our freedom, do moat earo '^'7 recommend to toe members of our rbnrch throughout the coantry that they endeavor by every Ju?t and proper means to p.ace Id all the ctvll offices or oar govern m6Dt odly ftacb m^o m trp known to dmmic and maiiitalu a true Christian character art-' principle. Tbe subject was referred to the omnlttt) on the state of tbe church. I'.lshop Harris announced the special com mies loa on relations with the M K. Church South as follows -Rev. M. D. C. Crawford, Centm1 Mew York; Rev. E. O. Fuller, Qeor Rev- J- *<*wroan, Baltimore; Clinton " !? isk. St. Louis; Knocb L. Faocher. THE AS1IEMT ORDU OF 1 nam The order OsuiSc ike Pale mt the ? Cathetie (hareh. N*w YOkK, May 20?At a meeting of representatives of various Roman Cainolic societies and representatives of the clergy last evening In this city to oonfor in regard to a grand celebration at tha laying of the corner stone of a church on Juos 14th, tbe absence of the Ancient Order of Hiberniana was commented upon. Father Yoaog, a priest, explained that be had been compelled by Vicar General Rulnn to retract the lnvi tatloo to that order. Several Ancient Hi bernians who attended the meeting, aakad for tbe Vicar General's reason. Father Kearney replied tbat tbe Vicar General baa determined to deem tha order beyocd the pale of the church an til it establishes chapels In connection with Its meeting places likeall other Catholic bodies, and discards mysterious signs *?i peas words. It was understood that the soeleUee will participate lo tbe ceremony of lay log tbe corner stone. THE < ENTKIKIAL. Philadelphia, May 30. ?Tbe weather continues warm and pleaaant, the cam ber of visitors In the exposition Is estimated at tweoty five to thirty thousand. Large quantities of goods were brought to tt.ia morning, and re vera 1 car loada will be ad mitted to night, chiefly for agricultural ball. A portion of tbe gooda in the Tunlalan department were opened yesterday, among them a mosaic from tbe ruins of Carthage. Tbe Bostoo Commercial club Is vlsltingthe exhibition, aid will go home to-nlght EY CITY EXFI ... _ -? A"?aai er ??M.SM. Y oitK. May ao.?An official report ol the Rend Rock explosion at tbe Bergen tan eel. Jersey City, gives tbe number or bouees Injured at 552. The damage is estimated at about *100,000. A large number of salts bave been commenced against the railway com pany. Horrible Newark, N J , May 30.-Henrietta Hor bagen, aged 12 years, who waa bitten two weeks ago by a pet 8ptu dog, which went DMd, died to-day from hydrophobia after to tense suffering. Four .ther persons iva also bitten by the dog. Fatal Kxplsslsa at a Pewder ?*", Wilhimotor, Del., May 30?Ao explo sion occurred this morning at PnpoaO powder mills killing toar men aam^t Patrick Moloney. Amos Oartar, Fred Dougherty and Patrick ?? ll>oagherty Bairmoti. Mar Vr ?IdS^da* rtsady. ffcaN Baltimos*. M%* m rmin tali aa4 USaii*. Flsar snady. ?sw mH' a bsat ssmdy sal prs M n Soli at. 81JM fKl?Mat?-v Jsgtbtt. m*. f7niaaiaii| ? bw_Tox?, Mar ft.m. Wheat dad i aaS trrUi f6 Uotnon, Mar M, ?7*James Ooartn^iUazJ aarnaooonty, Pa., has baea with defrauding tbe ctata ?F-In Philadelphia a mea has jail for two weeks for " daughter's face, tha Jadga 1 that each pa rectal rights did adult ---

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