Newspaper of Evening Star, May 20, 1876, Page 2

Newspaper of Evening Star dated May 20, 1876 Page 2
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EVENING STAK WASHINGTON: NkTTlDAT... Wey 20, 1H7?. | Average Dailff Circulation over 15,(MMJ,?being wore than three time* that of any other tlaily paiter in Washington. TIm Star for (be Per torn leaving the city may have TH? 8ta> ent to ttmr a-ktreu by mail, pottage prrjxni, mtcS period of time at they may desire, at I me rate f 13 centt per week, so renlt per i??on?A, ?179 foe three mcmtht, or %X for nx rtvmlh*. ' The money to pay for the timt retired I rout in aa cow accompany the order. Other, tcite the paper cannot be tent. of ? good deal of interest to street conductor* was decided la Baltimore lorsday. One of the city lines requires ail '" ton to deposit the sum of mo with company a* security for faithful per Tnance of duty, the conductors signing a ltten agreement that In case they fall to etura fares collected by them they shall for BUU* ?mount depositeJ. A conductor was ""trgc d the other day on the report of a ire that he was in the habit of "knock. Dag down." The company declined to restore anU ?u?t was brought to re cover. The court decided in favor of the ez-eoodnctor, Judge Pinkney holding that ?! ^DS.e WM vo,d ,n the ?Kreement mak detectives report the evidence of delinquency. He sail it was against the to di7e?t Sm *llOW * **Tty t0 * cause to divest himself of the right secured to blra 7* . lmw 10 be confronted with the witness *cd tocrosfc-exaralnehlm. Hal this clause MDd pro^r Proof In op n ?oart or the fa.lure to return fares, tbe agree ment would have been valid and tbe *50 J dam ages*V# forfeited as liquidated The venerable Peter Cooper says he Is too oldlo accept the greenback nomination for P*ssident, but thinks William Allen wonld nil the bill. Senator Booth, of California, who received the nomination for Vice Presi dent at Indianapolis, says he don't want It. ?nd aoea not Intend to pay any attention to tbe matter, regarding it as unworthy of espe cial notice.'The greeobackers will bave to ^erbap" *r-Allea would consent to lead the forlorn hope. Th? Chicago Timet, which seems to be ?porting a free lance in the skirmishing pre liminary to the Presidential contest, thin Us "not Improbable that there will be four Presidential tickets in the field in the coarse Of sixty days, it says: a^,SL.t^.0?<1^ffinJiatl0M' democratic asa in a^lipr^u 1 Ulolr candidates . ? matter erf course. The ragamuffins will KSSm!M there Is not much i^\^^LUcket w111 **> *ccej)ied iikif-k?*1 UMla convention, it will most -^5/**P*r**e ticket A convention ??toe*red by such blatant communists and eoooomle lunatics as Dick TreveiiiVir 5S? "Plan" Buchanan and Alexan ' *od ln which Jndge Davis is not complimented by the mention of h ? tho?* 5rwfll5S1n,,<iR^"iJ^tlon with bmi *ii?y . V.f Kelley, B. F. Batler, Alexander Campbell, oer^ noon iff ?t ^^,f? ex#rt mnCQ influence Sh Loala convention, and most a ^ will Dot* Tbe democracy un?ipr lnej mcst ^ve New York j; hTrewLPwSZS1 ^ey know they cannot S5T? y ?w York if tbey adopt tbe raz-babv Therefore they will hardly adventure to in * dolc^ of lbe 1 ndianapoiis^aihe?I oomtnunl*t? and addlepates for the ?toftMnily expect'to ? uJjKafffiB Tlje conference had the good to resolve not to nominate anv tiotpt warsS tloo Of these conventions is not satisfactory ?>?5?vs2; or at least the country part of It. seems inclined to abjure the nse of tangie oot whisky. The result of the election In Obrollne county on Tuesday last under tne Loeal Option law was a large majority against granting any license for the sale of 1 llqaors in the county. The total majority in duirleu was 424, and the prohibi tionists carried ail tbe districts. i*it ,D Ul* "ou*e 00 Wednesday todSHS^JT^1 tkCtM were brou*tu oat Pr-? ? Hoar's amendment to the IS ?PP*0Pri?ti0n bill, which pro Wblts the Postmaster General from selling ?srisn?zi D*rsp,p*r *?pp?. or FOtw*! cards at less than cost. Mr. Hoar caused to be printed as a part of his remarks ? email pamphlet prepared by several of the largest stationery, printing and envelope establishments in the country, showing that tbe government actually loses annually about 700,ooo on the manufacture, trans portation and sale of stamped envelopes, newspaper wrappers and postal cards, and (bat it would save by the sole use of stamps OT?* g3.oO",OOQ yearly, it ia unnecessary to give all the facts and figures used by the stationers, printer*, and envelope makers bot It is proper to say that Mr. Hoar and others conoeded the accuracy of the ded ac tions made. Mr. Hoar finally omitted postal cards from his amendment because of the difficulty of having for them the price of a cent and the traction of a ceut. Mr. Hoar's amendment after Immaterial molificatlon was adopted. The Philadelphia Sutr says there Is no dlf Acuity now In getting board and lodgings In that ?:y as cheaply to-day as at any periol within five years. At the principal hotels prices have been reduced to tbe old figures, and experieree has already taught those who expected to make fortunes by charging extortionate prices that they have been rec boolcg without their hosts, and that they will rightfully be disappointed. In most or the states it Is considered uu wise policy to permit husband and wife to testify for or against each other in criminal oases, and consequently the laws prohibit it. ?*veral itales, however, have passed laws legalising such testimony. An act bas Just received the approval of Gov. Tilden, of f?ew Tork, allowing a wife to testify in favor of bsr husband in criminal cases if she desires do so. Laws prohibiting such evldenc* ye apparently baaed on the belief that wives would perjure themselves to save their hus bands and vice vena. Many lake the view that the testimony of husbands and wives In criminal eases is essential, and that from I the character of the evidence previously ??ken and under the skilful examination ai d cross-examination, tbe araount of cred ence to be attached to such testimony could be pretty accurately ascertained. Tbe ;>?pular verdict in the case of Henry c. Boa, o, who bas been expelled from Ply mouth t jurrh tor failing to sustain his ejmrges sgaiost Mr. Beecher is, "served him 2^ ;, * U' 001 because the public aoqult htl'. ^Ct|er 01 oem>mm "barged against him, but because Mr. Bowen by his myste rtonaly evasive oonduct throughout has die Wb? b*u*T*d be toew something H ?* "?* PMtor of Plymouth He stlil asserts that be knows a tolng or two about Beecher. He bas said tole so oft an; ami yet bas always evaded ??tog specific information, that but few ^IBbo inclined u> credit bis assertions I C? !''? OUAK sad waTl* legs at lbs tas fsraJOetfS??. of OUR STOCK or U. m n*munTMuSi^! ADT. GOOD J J^B PORT or TM etWITIOl The National Metropolitan Bank. at WASH1I,9T<^rIJB?AHB DiST**c* of At the Cl*?f ?( ImImm May U.19TI. BESOCaCES. L'ats ard disc?nnl? ? fDJ.W 17 Cwrfnfli ? ... - 1.011 M I e.loiiito Heir' dicvltilw. UOMN ether stocks. toad", and mortgage! 6.417 (2 Dn* fr. m approved rtieiTt iftiii, (gjU? ?? i)ll 71' 110 <111 J1 I'?* frum other National Bukn. .. II <11 SI Ip? from Sltta ? take tid bukrn 6,:?>1 4) Bee I eetate furniture, and flxturee 114 176 so ? urrent eipcDMe end taxta pat* 11.7* 71 CLecks and other rash Item" - 1JJ18 47 1.Ills of ither Bationel Banks 8 u06 06 Fr actional cnrreucy < inolulirg nickels'. 7..M9 4? Sp?cie 4,117 U? L? gal-t< soar note* 63 0)i M U. 8 certtfiratee of d??oeii for legal ten dere IS .(XX) 00 B-demp'.iou fond wt b C. B. Treasurer ($ per ceat. cf ci.eolation > 4 J00 60 To!al ft 1,494,744 01 LIABILITIES. _ , . HAaoiuiiiM. Capital stock pe'd ta fJOO.OJO oo ?>ur?lu? fund _ UO.fJOl Oi Other undivided pruflui. 73 74110 Battonal Beak no tea outstanding 90 SIM) SO flh Idends unpaid. .. _ i.&? M Bdirtdnal deaoeite subject to check Ml 191 7? Demand certtflcatee of deposit... 6W IS Oerttfled chtcks l.tjl 36 Due to other National Baike .. 76 *86 16 l>nt li State Banks aid banker' _ 10 va 11 Total.? ? tM-'VU ol D'ttrirt r' ft ?*'/l?. it: 1. George 11. B. White, Cashier of the abova nemed bank, do tolemalr ?w,ar that the above statement le true to ib*t>e<t of me knowledge and b-Jet GkO. H. B. WHITB. Caehler. Bnbecr'h-d ncl "on to 6rf jre ?n? thie Uih day of Mae, IS76 *8,0 MOOBE, Notary Pubii'.. Coir it?Attest J W THOMPSON. ) ISO. T LRNMAB, J Directors. It J. n BAXTEB, S Ijipoht or the cohditiom The Tanners & Mechanic*' National Bank, AT UIOBGATOWN, IB TUB DISTBtCT OF COUMB1A. At vhe t loan af Business, Hay lath, 1976. BESOCBCBS. L>ei- aid discountf $991,491 00 Overdraft* 786 19 1'. 8. Bonds to eei-ura circulation MOjLUtf Oh <>th*r Mccka, bonde, and mortgagee- .... 133.417 76 line from approved reeerre agents ......... 116.161 86 Dae from nher National Bant* 8,313 lu Dne from State Bank* and banker* ltl 44 Beal tstato, fnrnlture. and Ixture* . .. 17,910 00 Current expensee and taxee paid..? t 016 is Premium! paij....... 6.000 00 Check* and other ca*b item* 11,791 M Bill* of other National Baakr 18.117 0> Eractlonal currency i tnclnding nickel*I fi)3 ?< Specie i including gold Treasury note*) ,. 4J>>? 49 L'eal tentfer note*. ? 109.000 00 Be-c eruption fond with U. to. Trea nrer (6 per cent, of circulation) 11,290 00 Total ~. - .9996 771 SI liabilities. Capital stock paid in - f S9t,0<i0 00 Surplus fond ? 41 AH) 00 Otbrt nndividtil profit* - 31,644 46 Natintal Bank notes onutandiag SO 300 <?> Dividends unpaid 790 10 Individual deposit* ? object to check...?- 111.779 61 Dne toother National Bank-' 11,171 X Doe to State Bank* atd Banker* 701 98 Total ? ?imjin 61 Diftrtrr of Co'uvi'/it, q' lP?"itn*(oii, I, W Laird. .1 r.. Cashier of the above-named bask, do aoit mnjy s? ear that the above statement la true to the beat cf my knowledge and belief. W L \IBD, J r , Oaehier.* 8nb*crlbed and awora to before ma thii 18 .h day of Hay. 1876 MAYBE\s PLATBB.Notary Public. [L8 ] Co: r?ct?Att eat: C M M4TTHEWS,; W ILL1 *M KIBO- [Director*. Jt g. THf>B l?BOWa, \ Liril* a BLACK BILK AND WOOL GRINADlsaiAf AKTIOK, We call tha particn'ar attention of oar cattomers to ear selendld stock of the above celebrated mak of BLaCK GHENADINBS, whi^h are well known to be 'tor *%d mare rehab:- than any other make; and having purchased very largely recently at the cloning sale* of the a stent s in thia country, we have now onr lull stock for the aeaaon, and we guarantee that there ia not anrfc aa assortment a* we haTe in any t siablishment this side of New Turk c'tT.ardat lower piloes than we have ever offered th'-B before. fAMTLES SENT IF DE91BEO. W> i'-atrant exerf piece *i i an ! irso/.from J7h cai.ts #3 per yard ~On? Prut, tn P ain Fitmr ?. 91 SBISTEBABBO., It 919 Penraylvania avenue. ^ROIl A L" t TIP 31. Hjdtzen Men ? Linen Handkercliief*. at 12^<c eact. 90 ** Ladies' Uems'ifhed '? 6c each 310 yard* Bine Sulytd Grenadine, at 10c.; fjrm?r price 98c. 1 case Wiilte Victoria Lawns, ahor: length!, at UH. worth !7ttc. 10 piece* Col red Striped Bllka, at 76 and S3: ; for mer price f 1 23 pieces Straw Matting, at 90, V> and 15c . extra carap Alao,4 4,9 4,1 4atd 8 4 Flocr Oilcloth, new pit terns. Plain Black and Striped Orenadina*, from 19c. to 91 a Oar Bew Tork White Pibishod Shirt*, at S1.21, are the beat ?old at the price Frank Laalia'acot paper PATTEBNS. ay Onr Plirea are the Lowest SCO. J. JOHHSOI * CO, my 10 ?o Til Market Saaoa gLMMlK DRISS GOODS. VEB Y CHE API SCkMHB CASt-lMEBEfl. At low price* (a specialty?, At the (tie ptica Dry U -cda store of VI. BIBD wylik:, 1014 7th airaet northwest, 8o?a agent for the ' Bagle" 8111BT. Prices Fully made, except button*, Ac ..?1 00 Complete!) flni-bed 1 16 Binlshed and laondrlad...?. 1 SO Alao, agency for Mme. Demore-d's Bailable pat TEBN8. mylOtr |J U R C II E L L ' S BPUISG LEAF TEA, ?0 CEBTS A P0CBD. Caed as IcM Tea, It 1* palatable atd refreshing. K. W. BriCQELL, niyg ? 133-j F STBEET. Jcst BECaiV ED, B1BBOT FBOM OHABLES TON.B.C , Fifty T erces beat grades of BICE, which wa otter to the trade at Bew Tork and Balti more prices. Constantly cn haad a full aaaortment of all grades of BEF1NED SCOkBS. STBL PS, NEW OBLEABS. POBTO BICO and EBGLISll ISLaND MOLASSES, Together "ith a full I n* of Groceriea. Butter. Cheeaa, Kru'.ts, A^ .wUtch wa ofler tka trada at favorable pricea B4BB*>CB A hamiltob, mv 10 It Wholesale Grocers A Liquor Dealers. fllTHB DUNLOP TIFTH AVKNUEflL STTLB C1B1IMEBB DBESS HATS, I8SCBD TO DAT. WKLLETT 4k BCOFF, tua| 90 6t 905 PBBNbY I.Y AN IA AVEaOB ? ETE GLASSES ABD^PECTACLBS<?r ?O^ln g?eat variety. A large at >ck of^G WATCH AS and JBWBLBT. Special attenti <? paid to repairing fine Watches and Jewelry. Hair Work made to ordar, at PBIBOB A GOLD SMI T H '8^1_T_Penwlv?oia^2^55f^_^]y?^" Ask yocb tobacconist roa a FBBB SAMPLE BOX or TRB ? H IGHLARDIR." It Is made of the Fiueet Selections of Virginia l.eaf. and ia nnt^nuled for Pnritr, Bichneas and Delicacy of Flavor. m>19 1m RIQQS HOUSE, ?'I.I'M LB A NPOFFOBD, Proprietors FIFTEENTH ABD G BTBBETS, my 19 ly WasHlSsloH, P. O. CCMMBB CLOTHING IN LIGHT WEIGHTS.? O Bl Black Alpaca Ooat, B160a*d B9, better. MB Serge Coata; 11 ami a3 90, be-t. 79c. ftffica Coats, |1 and A1J0 Duster*. II Boy*' Llaen Jackets; Ml Linen Pants. 1 so Boys' Oottonade Sulu; Cm*. |l to fUK r 190 Baa's Caastmere Paata to |l. [9 Blue Flannel Sana; beat, fS-H j I 19 Lined Linen Shield Boeosn Shirts. Shirts. 76 cent*. S7H- and A1?great job. At J. W. BBlBY'l, 191? and 1916 Peaaa. aveane. betwaea 19th and 90th ata ?v!9tr f HI BKbT SODA WATER IB DIAVI r B 0 B BLOCK.T1M KalNBB STEEL FO UNTAIN8. DealenwUll eon (rem BAVL C. Pi DEPOT, ST GBBENB BTBBBT, GBOB3B B.B.-BBW FODBTAlBS now Mag raaetrad CODB TBB A#PABATUB foe aaie, reat. or loan. .FCBBiyoBE nV 11rt > 11 h sskprl rwa " i2Z\ ooza PBUTIIBD TO AUi PABTB OB TIB OITV B wksiuls r^n loai'sf Mkwasfcftii BHlkgMiTMgkijrlaMiaraiaiBMB. OFFICB or WAflHIBOJ^B 8ABUBIT OOB* WANT3. \\ AHTED? Pniall Brick Bouse built lasxchsnrs vv for tw o K'. lnlr.g M* in west end of city Ad dress-'EXCHANGE Star office ayl" It' \ViHHD-4 good SBAMBTBEStl on p?uf. _v v Apply at Bo.?, BsUwia? Bow, bet 1st ?-d Sd streets It* \VAV?kl'?Oi,r nr* clan* uIIU- W MTII and vv CHAMBfBMAID at the PABKiHSON HOCBE. Apply at the office. It* YlLf A JTkD-Aa oufurtii-h-d front B ><>M with v v oat boa-d. fur a gentU-aiau. wife and child two yean old. Atdrees" PHOMP T PAY." Star office. It* \v ANTEB-By a i?r?cMb:o white gtrl, a BIT.I " ATICH aa chiM's burse or to do chtmbsrwork; good rifer?nca? If repaired. A I drees i*01 9th at., cernsr of P. It* WAKTID-By a respectable white wi '? HTCATIOB to travel with a family; would take care of children and do plaia sewing. Address Bo? 14. Btar sfflce It* WABTBD?A g*atl?snae wonld like to take oare ? * of ? UOB8B and OABBIAGB for tha u-e of 1^1? i?r,ee Uwetewr months. Address J. T 8 ; I tar office. myW If ? w4 desires n BITUATIOH in n . as teacher of the English broach-*; la i?*". '* "*hl domestic dutiss. can !':? S* ?* rstsrsnoe?. AddrM Miss 1. ? ., 1H Bt?Hi??t. my*) Si* AGBNTB, Bale aaS femaie. to s?T, Inelty or country, -Tha Oentsnalal Plctnre oi rl pgr ess In tha United States.' twenty six pic** ?* one. the most velaet>le and instructive pub lication cf ths year, terms vsry liberal. Apply at ?ylO M* L0'thw'?li between 4 ana 0 p. m. VVk?7?lZr?2"H? f T? PASTCBB Addr.,. B O. M B8T, Bledcnsbnrg. Md. m)U it" WA*1BD-A feed family HOBaE; uiast b-18 Wgh, yonag. .iroLg and pjsitiv-ty jentl". State piles and whsre tobeaean. sdiresi Bon 3, fc tar office. m?l J ?? \VAJi.T*I^-Dnf,,r,jUb*d HOC8B on Oapt .1 ' * Bill, within a few squares of ?treet car*; m'i?t bavo an modern Improvements. ?end psr.irniars l?.TritlD*-bating loweat price, to W D.KSir.u r, ?16 F street my 13-2.. WABTBn-Immediately-li LAIN DRKSSK9. one WAilBEBt-. two l'B\BllKBn&l!)g f>ur COOKS, twn DnlVKKV Na?i..u?l Cmplor mcnt Office. Hor.m 24,7tli and F stieets. G>od sit uations Familleasupplied. myls 2 * \VA3TJFD-A dri,!,b'e TENANT f^r a furnish vf fa House of twelve roome, ui xlern conve ne noes; gotd stable Tteowterand wife win re tain iotas If tatUfactory to tenant, rett low: ref?r. ei ce< required. Apply Mlfi 1 atreet n. w myla St* \V^MT*IirrA w?ln?n who had aoma experience ini*0 ? *J Bngliih branchea, would take t HAtGB of a fiuravry of one or m>>re children afcoTe two year* old; undeMtacds machine and *lain etwtng; firat clasa relerencet. Addreia B x T.Btar cfllce myl? 3t* W.t'v Apply at >o. Tli Market space. mTl8-3r 8. HBI.LEB \V AN1TI7=a5 AhG&tiAMlAIT. by an ??p?ri ooo iw'l Phtnographer. OBO. U. KrLBAN, 92'i 8th rtreet northweat. mr!3 St* \VANI*I)-*1.1' 3 Prospect etreet, Georgetown, ?? < J DIH1BG BuOM GIBL, with rec m mennatlona m (13 St* 'ANTBD?A HAN with a avail capital, to en *n#e in a bunneaa that will pay one hundred P? cant, pioflt. Apply at 1307 0 atreet south weit- mylg St* WAMTBD-A SITL'ATIuH to take care of an *J Infant from birth, or an invalid lady, by n widow of experience: references from her prsa-m employer. Address F. A., Star office. ayU St* WA^T.?I>ZiITE^TIoI, M bookkeeper, by a wiTj d widow; no objection to care of children;jy>oq seamstrs?; hl<h?st refsrsnoes. Ad dree* M H.,Btar office. my 19 St* W ?5?j^0C8TuMBir?oWfO00D^DT^ TBBatSOc ; best 15 cents, or 3 ponnds for #1. my 13-St* 1T4 Oenter, and 107^st ^lartet. \V^^TB^^5irnie^voirrndThamb^maidrin 'J ^aaWngton who want to *o to Ph ladelphi?. t?| c?ll atij see my large number of orders, receirel tbis morning, for only those having sood references. ttKA'S-'BCTari?"oa"?a" "??!<< {!-"? \V? ^KXE?-FAM11,IB8 lo GALL and select * ?JRrst-class oolored or white Oooks, Chamber maids, ?arses, or Laundresses.for the north , sou'b, *s?; also, f^r the country :ind springs, all haTing the best city references Apply at Kareka ottoe,90r D street Mrs LOUISE 0 BLTLBB. my 19 St* WANTED?SITUATION as coachman or heal waiter to a private family; best relereices given. Address laAAu, Star office. my!7-St* \V * J * P~ .BJJ" ?ll<1 Charte of a ?? FL BMHIED HOI BB durlsg the sitimnr E.onLh/; tha best of refet?"ces given Address U. F. W., Ticket Office B. and P. Depot, Washington. D. ?- my 17 4t" WANTED-y?DNG MBN for taiiroad and c 1 tusmess oarposes. Good salaries wnen iiall Bed. Telegraph, phonograph, backing; buslnefs instructions s.-n^free, Addruss Bnpt. Polytechn c Oo-i Baltimore. Md. tnyld ltn VV'\NdT^J~ AKY BE1NG HITH ?v BBAINb can b.ake ?SuO a ui iith sellisg our Le.ter Copy k g Book. Any one trat has a leiter to write witr bny it. No press <,r w?ter us?d. Hend for circular. EXCKLSIOB CO., 16 Tribune Bnlll Ing. Chicago, III. niayl-lm* \VfAB J1?-^Carpets iLfeete<l with Moths to clean * * and at Ike (aire time restore them to thsir orl cal bnsbtcess. wiih or without removing from the floor Ink atd grease spots a specialty. Washing, ton Carpet Benovatlng Co., 1414 Pennsylvania aTcnue. apM-lm WAHTITD-CAIiPETB TO CLB&N nt Hft\ 1* Sfam B'ttint Wort#, 490 ffialne arenue. hataaeu 4M and gth streets sonthwrst. Callid for and delivered without charge. apll-ly WANTED-Ocutiemen to know that WILLI AH MOOKE. Merchant Tailor, 1011 New Totk avenue, makes a specialty ?f cutting garments to bs ?de at horns. novlP ly LOST AND FOUND. LOBT-Munday, a pair of GOLD ETB GLAS3BS on the avenue, between the bridxe and 4* street. The Under will be re-< warded If left at the Georgetown P. Q. mill St* LCST-PnlrGOLD BYB GLASSES. Tin flnd r wlil be rewarded by leaving them ?'the Pacific Telegraph Office, Post* mylO It 1 ??'ght, near the Oaptt >1. i Ls black ^ ALI8B, containing papers of value on'y to the owner. A liberal reward wi I be paid for i.s return to No. 33S Psnnsylvania avenne. "'>? ?* WM. PALTOI. f t*?*?On thalSth Inst., on Pennsylvania avsnns V #r Hnorthwest, between 17th and Ud strews, a GOLD LBAD PENCIL. The tlader will be snttab^ rewarded by leaving tha sams at w0. 1010 Pennsylvania avtnus. if SJTBAI ED OB feTOLBN-May I7th. from Lyon's wocds, a Bed and White COW, with horns turned in and hair rnbbed off neck Five dol lars reward. Apply of address IBS Dunbar tn street, Georgetown. myldS. L(>ST?OntheWth Inst ,ln coming from 1st and /i,"?1*10 Vh? } * Patent Office, a Filagree BBBABTPIN, set wi* a Pear*. Finder will receive a liberal reward by having it at Boom No. C. 8. Patent Office,or Mo MO D st. n.w. myWst* fiC BBWABD.?Strayed away on the Ktb last., a snail Bay MABB. w bite st?r on fors-1~ hsad, white over nose and sors back. Ths above reward will ha paid if returned to * JOHN KBE, nay 19 St* Tth-street Boa*, near Boldiers' Home. 0>8T?A MOTE, secured upon real estate, diawn by David A Wlndser in favor of ths American Life Insarance Company, city of Philadelphia.atate of Pennsylvania, for ten thousand dollars, i ?lu.Qoo,) bearing date the 1st day of February. 1871, at Wash ington, D. 0 , and payable five years after date, with interest at eight per centum. The Indebted ness acknowledged by said note has been paid, and the seenritp raleaiMd. It is af ne value evoept to the drawer, to whom the finder will pitas* forward it, afdreseed to David A. Wlndser, Ho. 397 Mis socii avenue, Washington, D. C. 8*51 L OBOH8. Agent my 13 St Am. Life Ins. Co , Philadelphia. CIA BEWABD.?Lost?A LOCBBT, made of V'" bloodst"?* and sardonyx, engravel with tie letter "B ."atd loldlng a painted photograph of aa auburn haired lady. Any ons retnrniDg this lock't to Room Mo. 6, War Department, will re ceive the al>ove reward. maylS-eoSt" PERSONAL. B9. BBACK ETT. aui T<?I Mel turn, 11 ill 11th street, between L and M. mrlt if IVOTICB.?"Hie public is cautioned sk slnst any i" one representing me, as 1 have no AGBSTJ employed. N. B. BATBB, Photographer, Georse town Ii* 1HEBBBT WABH ALL PBRHON8 INDEBTED to the estate of the late JBBOMB CALLAHAN frrin paying any rents or moneys to Frank Oalla ban, aa be is aat au'hotir.ed so collect. FAMNIB W CALLAHAM, Guardian and Adm'x. myao St* f>EB80HAL-Mr B. W P.SMITH will oblige X tha undersigned Hv^*|1ing at *beir office. H. D. COOKH, Jk , A CO . Bankers, my 19 6t 1499 F street A BTBOLOGT. M This oslshrated Lady Astrologlst and HsaUng Me dium can be consulted at No. BOl D atreet, corner of Sd northwest. Bhs has no superior In delineating the Pnst, Preeent and Future. In love or business hsr advice to lnvalnabls, describing your friends, pointing oat poor enemies, and informing yon of {As sure way to sneeses In all udsrtakings. Con sultation strletly iobIIibHU. Ladles, #1; gentie mm, >1 IB. sspl ly 5J1BTINDALE LIYEBPOOL BLACKIHG. TRODUCES A BEAUTIFUL POLISH. DOES HOT IHJDHB THE LHATHBK. Price, 4i Cento per Dozen Papers, or 4 Cents 1. W. BUBCHILL, StaylT Pt 1338 F BTBBHT fAYLOB * HUFTY, t>9 nRMTLTilU AT MM OB, MATH BHDDCHD THH PB10BS OF THB1B CELEBRATED DOUBLE TOME 9MIETB AB follows: I. Is IstMJK B, t?JB; i?9mm FOR RENT AND SALE. F)B BBHT-UPPEB FLOOR onf truhhei, . I 429 8th str- ft toctb*e?t. suitable (or li'ht<?kee|irg Qniet and che?p It* F'OK BBNT?Mo 310 E st>eet. hss al m c em in arovt ment>: tea mcu Bint r?r n.<-?cth. 7 HOB. B. WACOAHB. 819 Tth at. EV'B BBBT? BOOMS, farnlsi--l with everything ? for housekeeping At Ho. 3>4 Pennsylvania arence. southeast corner of 4H street m;> eotm* F)B1iTnT-KBABE 8 PIAHJ, nearly a?w,7* octave, at II pat minth to a careful pertcu. Inquire et Hlf Pennsylvania avenue. my? 3f F'OB BBBT?A three story BB1CK HOUSB. ten room and basement; ban fa*, water, bath-room, dumb waiter and a (rood yard. Apply 1931 Mm* chusetts avenue ncrthwe?t. wjiJ 3i* P>B BBBT?HOCsB 1413 O street northweet, containing ntna rooms. Inquire at Cigar Store, con ?r iSth and W itmti _ my*> St* WM A. BBBDBBSOB. IT??R BENT?A *err ,titrable Furnished PKI r VATB BB91 DBHCB, or a choice Suite of Fur nished Bocms. 11139 K ? treat, near the corner of 13th afreet. myM St* pOB BBBT?A nine room HOCSB, with water and gns: a large yard toll of trait trees, with tide ?Ik); on Lid gas street, between 1st and Proepect, Oeirptowi. Inquire at 19T Bridge street. mV St* |?OB BBBT-OXLY?f PER MO*TH-The r three story BB1CK HOUSE, Ho 3t?* Fstreet nortliwe*'; baa taa roomt, water, gas and mmtera Improvements Appl) nest door. my? 7i* I?OB b?t?T?Desirable KOWMs at 9B3 Peuasvi E vaaie avenue for ren*. Callatoaee willbtt a scorr, my? 5t 90S Pennsylvania avenue. OB BENT?Two adjoining small BRICK. HOUcBB, nice and complete as anr in thscity? Noe 1341 and 1343 S'li street nonInvest App'y to B. * . FEN WICE, 1303 M st. n w. myTO 3t* FOB BEBT-A three story BBICK HOCSB, on K street, rear Connecticut avence; store anl dwelling. Bent very moderate. Apply 333 Mth stmt iiorthat't. my?->t* E/ORBsLE-* fine BCiLulhO LOT. 2JxlBU feet. 17 situated on 10th, tetween N and O -ireets north - west. 71 tie perfect. Appl> to T. F. uATCUBbti, corner 11:h and F streets. my 10 }i' pOBilBMT-rurnished BOOMS, with or without E Board,on Georgetown Htights, one square from st wet cars. Ttrm-> moderate. Address E B. U., Gecrge'.own, 1>. C. myfr) St* P*0B BENT?FRONT BOOM .eonthern extosn'-e, with tcur windows; delightful for tcruuer; uu fniDi-L d; close to cars andma-kfet 601 P street northwest. my?0tt* ?TOR BBNT?Threedeetrable BOOMS, coil and r airy, unfurLlthed; every m dt?rn convenience, gas. bath. Ac; rent low. Alro, a handsomely Fur nished PABLOB. Apply to Dr. DUKE, lien'ist, 1339 Penmn lvania avetue. rnylO 3i* ETOB BENT?A two story BRICK HOUSE, con r taining nlre rooms situated on 12th street, be t\> ? en M ar.d N streets nortbwe<t. containing all modern improvement In mire at 1103 M s'reet porthwrst. miiOlm F3B BENT-A new two story BBICK HOCTSI. on I4th street northwest, near Pennsylvania avenue; has six rooms, bath-room, water, gas and large yard. Rent $23 per month. Apply 3139 f street northwest. myt0-7t* Ipi/K BBNT?A six room BRICK HOUSE, pleas antly located,water, Ac.: 'within two squares of 7th and 9th sir*et csrs. Bent ? *> p?r month Inquire of B. A. BACON.corner of 4H and F streets southwest. mylO ltn E/OR BBBT?911 H ?treet northwest, large feur r story BBIOK, garden and stable attached; modern conveniences; facea south. Will be rented 1 <w *o a permanent tenant. Apply to CH\8. C. DCNi)ANBON.9th and P streets. myti lw FOB BBHT?A large number of desirable HOUSES, modern improveasats, Bit to Bfio p*r month, on Ospltol Hill lnaaire of JaHN J EVANS, BVO Pennsylvan'n avenue, Capitol Hi'l. my>u 6t I/OB RENT-HOUBB No 17 tween 9ih and lutb, containing seventeen rooms and ba'h-room. wi|& modern improvements; id floi r rontaislns five large rooms, suitable for offi-ws. Inquire No. 403 7th street corthwest. m>SU 2w FOB BALE-A HOUSE and GARDEN, at Bla den-burg Depo', B. and O. R B , Ove minnreA* walk from the station: good stable and carriage honse; fruit trees and shrubbery. Will oe sild on easi terms or traded for untneambered city prop erty. Apply to J W.SCOTT, No. 1433 Stb sire it northwest. myZU-lm* FOB BBBT-FOK HOUSEKEEfiyO-Jhrw yles^ant BOOMS, neatly Inrnithed, comisttng of front parlor, bod-room and dining room, commu nicating, bath-room, Ac., with ever> convenience for housekeeping; to parti- s without children. T-rms moderate. Apply at4J3 K street, l>etwe?n 1th Bud 6th streets northwest. mylj-St* fpOB BALE OB EXCHANGE-3^3 ACBES,situ ated in Montgrmery county, containing ten rcum honse a-d barn; 14 acres in choice fruit; fsrrn in high ?tate of cu'tivati m. acd worrby of attention of purchasers IIalf cash ard ba'acce in city prop erty. HADl'EL O PARK EB, Beal Estats Ag?tit, No. 339 4't street northwest. my2J-6t" FJB BENT ABU 8\LE?On? large three-storv and Basement BRICK HOUSB. ?o. 131 A street north'ast, suitable f.r a p irate bcarding h u-e; near the Capitol. Also, F-jr Ssle?A small FBAUE HOCSB. i.n 6th street souiheast: conve nient to Ea?t Capitol street. Inquire of AMOS HUNT, Justice ot ths Peace and Conve\ ancer. No. 135 A street north'ait. C apitol Hill. t.oft' 7f FOB RENT-No. 10 Giant place, eleven rooms; ?70. No. 1 il l i treet nortnwest. eight rooms, fnruisheo; fiSO. 234 1st street sout boast, ulne rooms; S as 303 7ih s reet scatbwtrtt. ten rooms; #4 ). 43? 7th street kouthwest, nine rooms: ??. 1443 T street northwen, si* rooms; 925 14 34 0 street northwest, Fixtcen rooms; #75. 3'JO Dataware avenue n< rtheast. sixteru rooms; #80. 1114 M ftreetn" tv-\* ?t, nine roc m>; ?75. K.W.MILLER A ' 0 ?'.) 13 F atrt-ei norttiweat. tu>2U-dt ETOit RENT? IT1BH atieet. one sui e o* furn r ich'd LOOMS son'hern exposure. myl8-3tw F- OB LENT-HOUSE 1303 Oorc -ran street. To B gcid ai d careful tenant will give long lease at ncodota'.e r?nt. Apply on the prtmls's. m> 19At ? .''OR BBBT?Southeast corner of Market and 1st r streets, has gas and water, 11 rooms; fine garden and fruit trees. Bent #10 per mooth. TH09, B. WAGGaMAH, 3197th street. my!9 31 OR SALB?Or for Exchange for small House*, two splendid LOTS, 40xl4iK feet, in ths best part of the city A ?ply t<> 1. O. KIMBALL, V street, opposite the Ebbitt Honse. mylJ St* 'OB BENT?BBICK STABLB, has sixteen F F ? talis and Carriage Honse. in rear of Ho. 4TT Missouri aveone Ap?l*at43? 8th street north west of JAMES KBLE1I KB. my!9 3f For bent HOUSES Hos 933 and 935 H street n ?. Possession at cnce. try 19 St K1LBOURH A LiTTA. F[)B BINT-A new first class BBB1DBHCE, all modern lmprovemeuts: 4W3 M street northwest; ?W per month. HAMILTON A PBAB60N, 9:h and I) streets. my!9 eo3t l^OR BENT?To a small Umtlyor two or thres E gentl'iuen. B thoroughly furnished first-class HOUBB from Jnoe till October. Enquire at 1313 B street, between 3 atd 6 o'cl.?ck p m. m?19 3t* F'OB BBNT?A pleasant seven room COTTACE. with ten acres of ground, one and half mites from city limits. Goca stable and ou* bnHdings on Bladecsburg road. Address "Farm," Star office. By 19 lm* COS 5th street rortbwest. IS rooms, all modern improvement', g75. 60t> W street n-Tthwest, 12 rooms, modern im provements, BSS 33 130 B street Lorthwest, 13 rocms. gis, water, Clrsets. Ac., ,??S. 10*vE strett northwest, 9 rcoms, modern lm provi msnts, ?J0 l?l 3 f street northwest, 9 rooms, honse new, all m< dern lmprovemeLts, 045. 443 P street northwest, 8 rooms, modern im provements, B 45 330 Stb street northeast, 7 rcoxs, gai and water, large yard, 9-.'3 P street. S rooms, furnished complete. B40. 3b Defrees street, Crick, 8 roims, water and gas, ?U>. 4lDefms strett. Brick, 6 rocms, water and ga?, 309 H stre't. 6 rooms, water and gas, B H Le Droit Par k 112 rooms, Brick, Cottags. built, new and in exceileat order, ?65. Corier2dand t streets northwert. Brick, with St< re. new and in good condition. 8U Near Howard University, an excellent bouse in good order, BSD. THBO. F. OATCHBL, my 19 3t [CriticStl Corner litb and F streets. CH>B BENT-HOI &E No. 4 IB, fronting the City E Hall, on 4th street west; contains nineteen rcoms, with all modern improvements. Bent low. Inquire on the premises. myl8-Stw Is* OR BENT CHEAP? Roomy, well locatel I PREMISES, suitable for restaurant, cr for storage, commission and auction businsss. Bn inire at Evening Star office. myia ?t L'OH SALE?Three-story Press Brick DWELL r ING, complete and In first rats order. Best location, price low, acd on *a*y te rns. my!8 8t* EDGAR SPE1PBN, 930 Hst n.w FOB BBNT?Handsomely Furnished ROOMS private famlh; modern conveniences; south front; cool for summer; mar three lines of cars, with or without flrstclass Board. In a aire 941 M ?treet. mylB-St* L/"OR BENT?BulcK HOlldB, 1119 10th wwt E northwest,eleven rooms; modern improvenenti 1b tboroagh repair. Bsy at grocery More, corner ltli and L etreets. my!8 St* EVOR BENT?Alb elegant ntne-rwom BBIoK I DWELLING, all modern Improvements; near strest cars. BS> per month. mylS-lm BOB Tik. PHILLIPS.BOS Uthat n |?OB BEBT-BMALL FABM ?11 Acres?near this r ?lty; plenty of trait; six room house Locauoa p?rfsctlr healthy. I- A. PHILLIPS, my 18 Ma 6?g Uth saw 1/OB BALE-A two-story BBICK HOUBB, six JP rooms, Ho. 14BB ? street northwest. Apply No. 9*6 p street northweet. Also, For Bent HOUSB Bo. 1B1T OolnmMa street. my!8 ?t* r)B BEBT?11* B street northwest containing nine rooms; modern imprevsments. Als-j, 130 rooms and eeliars; Ho BBS 3d street nerthweet. A. B. DUTALL. Attorney-at Law, mylBBt Corner 4H street a?B Lowtstsma avanus. FOB BEBT?Commodious Bad plsnsantly located HOUBB, Ma. BBS Kk street northweet; eleven """? AlUrwrUIjkw. mylS-4t OornerlH street and Leutstana nvenae. flcor. snitaBlefor nsttsssm. mylf-lm 1^0B BBBT?Two desirable BOOMS over Dt>is r Fancy Store, sal table for offices or dreesmak lag. Apply tamoce. Tit Market Spaas, corner 8th lUsst. my 17 g? CH)B BBBT?HOUBB 330T B street. Ftmulm ? im 1M. __ Apply to M. TBIMBLB, rafP sw B14 Uth strest. FOR RENT AND SALE. P)BBIKT?HOUtBNo 1*41.?<r heaat cvoer if O aid 1-th *tie?t? Borth??rt. Heat ? 1 000 per year. 1c iuire on the premise*. mylS-eoTt fj*OB BENT?BOUSB Ho. 1719 G street aorth ? hi Kent |M K' THr. txqutre on the premise*. mt lS-eo7t If OH BENT-RlMi**, WITH UK WITHOUT r boar J at No* 9* and *0 WyomtnB street,We t Philadelphia. Take the Market street car* ?o(ug We?t. aayl6 In: fpOB BBNT-KOR five OR BIX MONTHS ? turci?b<4 BOtJfB T room*, modern unprore ml Bti; lieu two IUn of c?r? GEO. TBUBSDBLL, myl< H bOi 7th itrwt. LN)R RENT-Three sv ry BB1CK BOUSE. with r back t uiIdu.,LBo 9104, OB I stre*?. between list an<< lid sts. Inquire at Mo. <144 Penna ?vs 1M Price, S? per month. my 13 <joner UB BALE?FBAMB DWELLING, 7 ioowi. ball, cellar, (um;n?r kitchen. ba;h. tai vat*r clneet. Mr window. Be.; near Nth at. oars: 1441 Pierce Place n w.. between S and T ste. my 11 lw* 3B BBBT?Unfurnished ROOMS, an anlta or ?Ingle, pleasantly located lor tauter; new bona*, with modem conveniences, owe aquare f>n? ?n. Apply 1134 IBthatreet. mill ?W FOB BE LB?A new and handsome DWELLING, 10 roc ma, a few mlnutea' walk of Belay; admira bly mi ted to any one dclnf business In Washington. T"~ ??""T/? if,OB .??0?. mylllm* Old Hotel, Belay. B E O B E. FOB BEBT?BOOMS, furnished and nnfnruisb ed. In all parte of the cttr, from B 6 t-> E100 per mon?b. Apply at DOB8BT*B BOOM AGENCY, Bo. 990 F stiect northwest mria-lm* LiAOK HALE?At a greet bargain. LOT 66x113 on r 9th street torthesst, between B and O, close to slteat ears; would mtk*three good bntldina lot*. BMALLWOOD A MOBR1SON, mylO 1m Hi 7th str*et. 1/OH BENT?An eUcant eeven room preesed r brick DWbLLlBG; bath-room. gas, water, hall, Ac ;d?sirab)e neighborhood #.*) p?rmonth. Key ai 939 P ttreet n w. B. A. PHILLIPS, b03 ista street B. w. my 10 lm Fok BENT?A large ac<l elegant HOUSE eitb ?table, and tide lota attached, in lot et. north east,immediately north of Capitol grounds. Will be retit?d for ?76 per month. Houw open from 3 to 6o'clrckp. m. Inquire of T. GALL1G4N, JO? 12.h street notttewest. - mylO lit* Ir*OB SALE OB F.X< H ANGK? for city property, ?'Anglccurt" FAkH of 115 acre#, highly im proved, with fine orchard of imported frnit tree*, dwellirg house and barn;situated on New Cat K ad, one mile from Insane Asylum. In.jcire of E. JACOB, No. 940 17th street northwest, between 1 ai d K streets. my8 1tn* F~bn SALE?Three desirable lot* of IMPROVED PBOPEbTY; g>od investments fjr the money. Icqniie of W.N.BOAGH. at Citizens' National Bank, 1Mb St , opp. Trea?ury department. m4 eolm IjH'R KENT?.'>0 ACKEB of choice gardenir* Land. 6 room Dwelling, Barn, Ac.; admirably Adapted for a dairy: located at the first station out tide of the city on the Baltimore and Ohio rallroal; rent very moderate. J STANLEY JONES nt6 2w f[H)R BENT OH S4LE?A BOOSE In the coun try. five mUes from Washington, will be sold or exchanged for city property, or rented furnished or nnlurniehed. 60 acres of Land, near Soldiers' Bonn, on the Point of Bocks Railroad. Apply at 1534 1 street northwest. mya-lm FOB SALE-HOUSE 1000 H street northwest eleven rooms, range, hot and cold water in ted rooms, marble mantels, every modern oonvenie&ce. Price B6.510. Inqn re of FRANK L1BBEY, Lumber Merchant, mj6 lm Cor. ith street and New York ave. EjX>B BENT-BOOMS In all portions of the city, r Description and terms (inn. Apply to B. F. FOSTER, northwest corner 7th and G sts. myl-12t* 170K RENT?A cmfortable DWELL1N G,ln r thorough repair, ceatra'lr located, 999 E street; term* moderate to a reliable tenant. Apply to J T GIVEN, woodyard, 10th, near E street. Bent >80. ap? lm I/OR REBT? A rare chance?A part of a nicely r furnished HOUSE for housekeeping, in a de lightful locality, on the line of 14th stre?t railway; half square from cars; all the modern improve ments; fiLe cellar and yard. Beftr&nces exchaogel. 1491 Q street. ap? lm (7OB BALE-Two-story Brick HOUSE No ?09 r 4th street northwest, containing aeven rooms, water and ga*. back and side alley, for particu lai t aprly on the premises. ap>4 lm F)B BENT?First-class RESIDENCE, with all mod?rn ImproveiTe-.jU, on Rhode Island ave.. No. 1513: will be vacant torn* time durlpg the ni ntli of May. Apply to J. J. bHKDD, 1409 lith street apat-lm P'OB SALE-Two valuable LOTS 30 by 100 feet, on 8th street, between P and O; (100 cash; bal - ance In five years at six per cent. Interest. Irquire at b'J7 7th street northwest. apJJla_ iJ'OB SALE ? In the Oonntry ? A comf"rtable r DWELLING of l.t rooms, within five romuti-s walk of Ammendale, Baltimore and Ohio r*ilro*d; also, fine Building Sites; Rolllcg and B%aut:^>'l Courtry ; wtll watered. Address DaNIEL AM MEN, Beltsyllle. MJ. apU 3tn FOB SALE OR EXCHANGE FOR CITY PROP ERTY?In Ellaville, Prince George's county, Md.. 8IXT-EEN ACRES of LAND, with doat le Frame House, good water, an alundunce ef frnit tre<^i. grapee. Ac.; high ard healthy location; twelve minutes' walk to the Hiattsville depot, Baltimore and Oblo railroad. A photograph of the house can bo teen and further Information obtained from B H. BTINEMETZ, 1937 Pa. are. mar* octi-tr All 7th street. DIAL ESTATE BCLLETIH THUS. E. WAOO?A>lAIf. *19 7th ft, CBANfib MALI I VKkT WMbSKiVAY AMB tATl ADAT. Brick Howtet Jor Sole. Daddlncton. with extensive (rounds, 12 rs...BBIOJVO Cortmentai Hotel. Pa. a* n.v.- , allm.l..lU0 rs 36JM) til ttl Del ave. n. e , alt mod Imps., 17 rs 46.0U) 628 Pa. ave. n.w.. all mod. imps . 10 rs 15 w o 9t9 M st. n w., all mod. imps,, iS .s K 6oj USD K sto. w.. all mod. imps.. 11 rs. 16 OUu UD 13th st. n w., all mod. imps., 17 rs. UuuO 730 13th at. n. w., all mod. imps . 11 rs ........ ..14 Ooo 7WUth st. n. w.. all mod imps.. 13 ra_ ..11.000 IE) E at. n w , all mod. imps.. 14 rs_...._... ..11.em HI A at. i.e., ail mod. tnir* ? 12 r*......... ....lfljou Tu o Story Brick and Frame Hcnutx for Sale. 1111 Pa. av. n. w ,i T. H .) mod.imps.,8 rs f3 000 1109 H st. n.w., (F. H ,) mod.imps.,9 rs...__. 8,uU 1011-1013 F et. n.w ,(B. H.J mod. imps., 6 is-l'JOO SIC A st s. e .( B H.,l mod. Imps., 4 rs 6,0)0 63 1st st . Georgetown (F. H.,1 mod. Imps Jin, 5 WJ 1.-th st n. w ,(F imps..Hr?.... ......... 64)00 1317 7th st. n. w., ( F.H ,? nna. imps ./rs 6 818 1st st. n.w. <B. H ), mod. imps,. 7 rs 4 soo Corner 11th aiid D sts. n.a , < B. ti.ln. la,7 rs. 4 5CU 913 loth st. n. w ,(F II.) mod.imps.,7 rs 4 Juu Unimproved Property for Sale. L and M .n. w., per ft SC H et.. bet. lid anl 13d sts., per ft 4o 10th at., bet. R and S n.w., per ft. a. J-'. 1 st . bet. 6th and 7th a e., per ft 9L... 24 7th st ,bet. H and 1 n ? , per ft?.... Jr... 15 Howa:d University grounds, per ft 15 Bouaet for Rent. 119 N. T. ave.n w ifurn..) all mod. imps , 13 ra-B17l 1114 N. Y . ave., (furn ,) all mod. Imps . Ill rs...... 15 lug N J. ave. n. w,, ifurn.,1 all mod. imps.. 9 rs ISO 911 K. st. n.w., all mod. imps., 10 ra....._? 83 33 121A st. s e , ail mod. Imps , 11 rs_.. ?... 75 Cor. Market and 1st st., G'town, mod. I., 11 rs- 60 6?6 H at. n. w.. mod. tmps.. 10 rs ? U Cor. list and F sts. n. w., mod. Imps,, 16 rs. 06 66 1219 10th st. n. w., mod imps , 11 rs...??. 627 Pa. aT?. n. w.,(store,) mod. Imps.. 1 rs Cor. llth ana D sta. n.e , mod imps , 7 rs?___ 136 East Capitol st , mod. tmps .f rs. 4) looi 16th st. n. w., mod. Imps , 10 rs 1> 9 M st. a. w., mod. Imps.. 10 re ? 1313 V st. n. w , in>sd. imps., 7 rs. 67 High St., Georgetown, mod imps.. 11 rs.. 106 A at. n. w., mcd. imps., lu rs 13>6 M st n.w., mod. impe.,10 rs..? y K st. n. w.,mod. Imps., 11 rt 48 I st. a. w? mod. imps., 10 rs. 1214 Pa. ave. a. e., moa. imps., 9 ra 1596 loth at. n, w., mod. Imps., 8 rs...__ ? 12X113tb st n. w.,mod. imps , 8 ra. 316 14th st. n. w., mod. Imps.,7 ra... 27-31 K st. n. e.. mod. imps . 11 ra 71 Bridge at., Georgetown, mod. Imps., 11 326 C st. a. w., mod. lmpe, < ra 2 910thst. a. e , mod. imps , 11 ra.... 137 19th st. a. w.. mod Imps , 9 ra?... s75 6th at. a. w? mod. Imps.. 7 rs. ? SSS Ta. ave. a w . mod. imp* ,8 ra... 1013 F at. b. w.. mod. imps., 6 ra - - 25 31-36 18 Myrtle St. n.e., mod. lmpi., 7 ra Sii lllllat.B.w., mod. Imps.,8 r?...? M' 440 1st n w., mod Imps., 6 ra 1' 418 N at. &. w., mod imps,. 7 rs Ej Loam. 1 sum of #1,600,1 of tsto?I per oast, for ???o tiatl&i. mylO tr BOARDING. AGENTLIMkN ABD WIFB, OB TWO GCN tlemen can be accommodated la a genteel Ger man family with BOOM and BOABD. The health iest and cooles< location for the summer. Address A. B , Star Office. Befeienoea exchanged iuy90 9t* I GEOBGB BESTAUBABT, 909 F at -Try ^9 that excellent Bjard, only #99 per month.! Moat quiet and attractive for ladiea especially?all ahall be pleased. myll-tjanel J ST? DLEASANT BOOMS ABD GOOD BOABD osm A be obtained at 1009 Maryland avenue, at aoi' erate ratee. In a prtvate fknslly ? marM 8w* COUNTRY BOARDING. f>OOBTBT BOABD?11 or 19 sta?ie Gentlemen v cu be acoommodated with ftnt class BOABD, at reaaoaobla ratee, for the summer aaoatba. A healthy situation aad pore water, within Ire mln ute*'walk from Beaaiag'a Station, B. A P. B B. IK mllee from the city. Tor psrttculara apply to I. H. WALEBB, Baal Bstate, myl9-7t* 830 Louisiana araaaa. rkBSlBABLE COUBTBT BOABD?Large rooms MJ large yai d, two mllco Inn Snickerariue, at baae of Blue Ridge. Correspondence solicited. my9 Iw' ii. wITBBBE.SakikeraTme. M A J OB, COR. BETEXTH AMU ? ? HAS THB COLDEST AND BS8T &ODA WATER IN THE WORLD. TET IT, business chances. I)*r? 8ruEI FOB 8ALB-1, * I* re* u! wi" * '??p* b\uM>f*l?f 01 ,h* ciubiot , 1 "? I i H f cTVvE lb# OVDf^ Vl^tl B >Mr ?" ;D,r* M th* ??c# ?r Norther Liberty H.rket t-ompeay. mrvsf F?,^LJ5-^b rlmbl,,h,sl ,uWis of tw, zL. iy *>adiM. r mmt. imtMi r.*t ??m-? St?rVff?i *l" ?*" ** ? *>Ar?BlB. Ml UBS. ? f ITC*- ma??> r ? WliFz**? TO ?? 000 f.?r fi ic j e u? thrr* tl*?e* the ata jr t. gjavr8 psrc^ A,4r^r1;JB;tv" WV.,?M;.TO lH.v,ST rHO! B-*o? fo (?!tk mr'ovB jy^UnM* wtor* ??r. Addroee *4??nBt. F?dolMA?h*bi^ bV.riB^TVonh B.TOB*' Will Kid lo^ni "?5e?Mb*e |L V Bo* ST,01t> Poet tfflceT^ K?* 2AA*-*1 to si .aan or mi ??Ss isfimkr SW Auur ' ? ?? (oata Intel Alto. tlM I eold'?** furniture will b ? iv tr ftllir or ??pirfttdtv . u d**lr*4 Loot'ionbeet la cltr for p-l 'ererWiienr*?Tf, renttn. roome Price M.l Term. low ?qS?m , 1? quire on prowie.* immediate!,. SfL li W'thTIP?A le? MIaBBi* of ika ua>DlT ?yi9 3t H D.UUOKI, J* . ACQ,. 11m r * PA*7',,^E WANTBD. WITH fAOO To BM^rt * ??tr?dtr? capital, in a Flour an? K*edbn*i tie** already eetaHUbed. l' |o!r at 1 3 )2 Wth *t nor hweet, or acdrr-.* I'LOTS and ?BBo! .?J?. a;ll ?? UrANTED?Bit 000 to fl.OOO for one to thrT# veers. a? |<>w rat* a* r >nai<.i ,B ?*?? 1.'?'**??* .??>?*''? e? <ry tbr?H> <?r .K n^nth*. v E b;. r?-al estate worth 912UW. AMrm 4 X . Etar offce. m, w ti ]NV|?TMBNt JBri HlTtES f?R City of WatblrKton 3P-r^*r Gold Bon''* 00. old Ouirterlv htork i?.trlCt oI<*c ,tmbtA) ear 7 por cent.Bonis, do. do. S 6? B -na,. gaaraa eol by B > 18 lOt LEWIS JOHNSON A COBarker* ?""Ok SAI.B- " * \'ALVAt>LE COKHKR LOT ?J..? m< f CMlr?b'' ?n ????" #-t End,*' belnc north ?e*t corner of Intersection of PenniTiMtni* ? venue ?d ll.t .tre.t,wnb a fr 'nt of n^rir iS iu tBu,^ta^r.r.V^hor 4tK,ut ? ^' ob SMiSSii. "??, Improrementa on the ?.ntlre frotil paid for. Will ae tuid tt a Ijw ficnrc ?? it upon reasonable term*. Apply to '? " CTCK. Kt *l E?tate Br ker, mt is fit ? *? COT W,h?n ?S' Kew *<"* ??? , Q? But* A Oo ? BanV. Dn? P8.^R? T11 8ALt-Loratel N^~ , _ .1 Benn?> lvanla areou .A * .,*1 ctar t1 I'OBlDea*. Cheap and on eaay term* air 6t ] TU U?* ?. ???L JJTAT..^ ?itiiVJiS'lity0 ?J *? ???? tnylt-gt QBO. TBI KBDKLL. 60} Tth at(?et. ^OK BALE?OOCNTKY STOBE The property Bock?TltoV^r?J,rk!!r?2.toro,<>n OK>r?etowp and SSc^'jig^J!r.vbicusig' trAMc.LToCT,j5a. FpVphtV01!. exohabok r<>K OITT i ?iii ..** * .?Having rea>ov>-d to Waehlncxon | will aell or exchtnit' one of the fln/1 KE8IDEKCE8 In the^e of ^,|Md!rttSaSd? ofn Kile aonth of Hafer?towa. oontatnlti* l< ?rr.^? 'J***?** l?nd, 3 arrw of whlei nre In Orapea, J in Fruit, th? rftDtiodfr in (rrui Improved with a te b' * *"?'COBMUhln* 11 r.".^*?fT^*r:V* B?l neo^arv oat b butldtn?i" In Mceilent TODdlUo.TVucb0^auble-. r?V?V ??Jft iw boos#, Ac. Add roue 4 B A P ? D C Cltlrena' Natiounl Bank, Wn*Mn'fft-<n, TWO ?BW HOC8E8 TOB BALB-At Vul* foo?h*?^i.V*Ap^yI,?i^t8 rOBB^^ Vht ChlnjueyVcnred. frS^t* to fS!,?no nTTaBiTti [\| A Si T ELS AT OOBT, at WM. KOTUWELL'S, apis-jm* nsn *tr??? eOLOBTElH A CO., * AOAX AND COMMISSION PKOKKK\ CCKBEB 10th AMU D BTBEETO ?OVET LOANED or APYABCES MM'B ?. rrr^ ?ro*ert* 40 ?ny am.innt and t t *1 A ^ r n X?TT reasonable term*. Ai*o, Oo( *old on OotrmiMioD. At Prijite Sal^Very Chet^-A lArjr* lot of Da ?tMBdhlnrt S*" ?ndj^"7l?'|wl?>n +M*., d,.? ?,ad atcondh&nd Every article folly warranted. All bnaiDeaa strictly coLfldentlal. The olfi'it and the mott reliat The otcfat and the bom reliable hoc<? in tSe cuy- maris tr |^|OKBf TO LOAM. e*J! ti,,?*B,on fholoe rem entate in turn of from 0500 to #1 ooo, at 9 and 10 per cent. lntert>r A lew a tuna at 8 pt>r c*nt. In from |? to ? jujuu ?50 FTB?vft?oM K?nfffai"r^ka ?i'wS 3. S&?"4srt ~.r., B..t?.j??,*?'??. . FOR SALE. ?^?* ~T*? reBHITUBB eomp eie tor * -^-'""^yP^M of ? neat elcht -ruum/n ncnae, and the honre, with all eonvenitnoea 51 Apply at No. l<li| 8 .treei ng'tlfck my? ?t- yfl F'OB BALE?One pait of atyllan black HUKHKH 11^ ? l5rtc'le-;? aod 8 ,tlr" old, eontd AX?.' nn??J,L^!0' ?* donbleHAB-iiai *OP,hWt,t BTl" 1m POK 8ALB-Two one hor*.- Ll'M BBB WAOON8 B In *ocd order; NMK hard. Will be Bold for cath cheap. 1110*AB W. SMITH. BDj?19-3t l?t tlreet and Indiana avenue n'. w. cw^B^ss^sa m?t of latest *t> le of Oirri<|N. Ooape*.ft**ft' B<>cka??yii, Jnmp eeata, Park Ph?toMJH^KS JMfen, Top and no-Top Botfiaa. Aha. Mrerml fiw?fcoBd h*ad Panel (Arr hand at p. d. 80HM1TT A OO maris tr Ho 319 1Mb it., brt O and D?n W. |P0K 8ALB-KOW 18 THE TIME. A.v1 J??eon ?u?d 80 8PB1H0 WAGONS, built In the beet atyle, with the Sarrln wheel,. *** Tep tttd Mo top Bl'QQlES lor aale on^l*R roontmy pajmecu, at my new Factory 37 Proe^ect ?t., entrance on BrlUceM., nuarnew market, Georgetown, 1>. O . ?>?r new mar?-3an* JAME8 K. PB0BBT. JAOK.BOM WAGOMB. ?BW STOCK. IB0H AND 8HELL8BBIM AXLBt. ONB-HOKBB, TWO HOMM, THBEE HOUSE AND POLB HObSB WAGONS. We bare Bold H nndrnda of theee Wa*ou*. and the Kacral opinion la that they are the cbeaptei ani ?t VS agon In naa. _ . _ D W. McGBATH. febfl 3m Corner of Mae*, are. and I atreet n. ?. SIMO $1.41 FINISHED, READY FOR USE. ?I GEJrTLEMjUr 8 SHIRT or WiMsstti laslii aid M Liaei Bokms, FOB SI 44 MKT CASH. The popular Idas of ralne in linen* la Die new. TBI* la one element of tbIbb. bnt only one. Another nnd very neceeaary element !? ronndneaa of thread Both linen and cotton are vegetable fibres, bnt char ? acterittically different, line* having a grmfr power of abaorptlon than cotton, aanaykt proven fey vary Mapl> agpeiiaaaat*. HenoetAe advantaca lis an Baa over cotton la abaorfelat aad ratal nine Karch. There ar* alao difference* of 4e?raa la retard to tki* quality In different (rndea of Uneaa, ths tbrand Umbb hATlag thla nBAllty la a i ttoan tka flat thread. Fklrta are Bade by the oldaat Bona* la the *4. being an mortem, they hare eelectsd a Uaan aot enly for Ma Im*m, feat wlih referenaa to Bctanl TBlue In practical aaa. laterfere trithi ONI P&1CX ONLY* CASH DISCOUNT TEN PER CENT. OKORQK O. HKNNINQ, PROFESSIONAL. lURTinir ? " ii 10 rtJ?kJ?rb:z? ri4ctic,<3s 1m J_ h r.lbbo i) vi-\ v vr^rvus SfcfivstsS vksrj. ?<* gariasr-*" ^ sea sj^si jph"4!wa?. $<? El lilliv. ^ttokhmy at law, ^hort MM Nr. La. ate u< rrh at . r ?? ?, *** 3,1 W*ehle*t.-o r> o UK w.,?k ?mg <*??.*, h*. l.h tt 1? bo ini fmuiIimii tmm *'j"** hltrom olwrou adml '.i?jer.-d ..i ,?.veM5S* ??? hi rta Street a. ?., mm _(*?? As Pm\r? i)ir?n Am'?i.i S< ?> tr?* ? kynreibt "sg^gau^a.rrtgyar medical, ac. i /till"mmTtS i v? r,,,*"ti ill? cob*- i-lt tall of ^?,l lfwt>*? ft cftronu ir dt licfttv tisior?* with tb? ?? ??? * ^?u*"!vi,v:-r' "s^tehssh! -tjamtn? ? i ft fcj? ****** wiwlmiom free ??] tw ntjis^ummiii ?*. ?*? ^ ??>? knuii"! ???*- ?*+*? wbdVbbojmT ?m| pfjfoin?. ftD<1 pknuftt?^tt(?*ft1 (wf of ttoidorrkia k<*Btlj mbirtcm cured in 3 to ? dan brahma la rnxr *tlr?i? 25."*t*' w,,hou' ?he 11 ?? of aw cnry phmi?l..rrl) i ?, t-roniht on br ri r ?iir? *n4 mbuee In rnth.etditiii im of ntici rv ?d?1 Il??- i t>. general debility, organic ir<>?ktir? taiaoteacf aervooa Irritability,?>?>rt ,m. of c^nm.n ? tl' djlmli'u, ml?lt?uo? ofthe beart, pain* to bt^k rnbestaa i^t''t *^?*rw*' rrmrciee. wentlemen placing th?w*a|ve* ib Dr B *? jlrwbl/rjljsif belag ecietitiftraliy and ho*, ofwly tr#%t?4. E^fon To tbt bich tm>!iaontbi? mwtom. frm the mlu pc*5z*3 sffk". 0??4*4 itfth itreet lammlxa ' ? MrBlr t h >roBf Illy ?? '<*' phrrtciu eud f\Iad*!!* "8tbll. M l? . ? Mil ?04?ciru?lftc Lad. - . ?,?,c?u ?0? j? u# of jd imri kractkr. atteud* imiim it their borne*, or cotnfoitwir prtiti* r<xme, ckrefuj nura j?^ 1**^ bmtcal >!ttoduict ?( the !>.?? ****)? *tjv *** residence. U4in rltrlb|tb?aml?m utt4#r ^ oar* of bra bn%raatee4 irmllfr tk?>....< .. 1 - ? jcjjbtlflc Bljd . .ZJj"c?: oSGTT^ haittmom ?"?*<*???>> sharp and Dorer etmeta, Baltimore, m?v-tr insurance. orri< c or The Mutual Protection Tire Iui. oa. Or THE DISTRICT Of COLUMBIA, (chabtmib bt act or conmm.1 1409 F(d&iflvibii avenue,, ophite U.S. trm'fj oiokok taflob, Pre* ^ jah k rirm * m ballabtibb.V Pn* g?. ^I'T"Jb.. george tar lor, w mkh?n^n*fne. rtaa r p~k pf cjr> ' jot>" c h *1 rar^ ' *ni j.kitu), N HBurcb.ll, Jb* H B*vill?, 1 bt'ore companr ?? low folly oraanlznd f r !?**"*" ?nfl pr< p?r?i to tasor p*ue<??ol tdaoranc* ^ft^orftl'lt) tf'flUfe. PftUift(iif*u i^thtbinii m tncorpijr^Uou ad.1 bmftw.r i| br \mfi ?? bppliebtjob. JAMB si hltup ternary at>d tr^ter jolln T. atme. O. W k.BTUUAM, arms A KKTCHJiX, GMXERAL 1ASVKAHCK AfiMMTb AID SKOKAKS, l? Dlo'T urildinc, ooruer of t bud ttfe IMKCBAMCBof CVBKT dbpcriptioh wdit J?*rfe tr nit OH thb bSttbbma weit 1iiboval. " ahcborkm*pa?? v'? FI??mibq nuaitnum .jrh'i?"pabit baa been retuctm to Mmhb nc th ii^tibftrh nj wi n*, corner of f bod 8th atr.<etal a.tu^ j h om ooo'maj baa boen in omrauoi tor twrty-ara ra?n. Bet a^et?. f *?* tr J bc^SBLL BAEB, a|?rt. educational. ^outhkbk lib ME SCHOOL, ??T A i9? m thablbf ?T . B A ltimobb, id boa*i>inc; akovnn/15rh'oui? rob louna JiU'm""?* thi*? we0eb9da* i. pliscipalt. ih? WiL*?* ? Oabib. ^ .. / ltvui> J"?i pi.ur French the laneuace atuken. To Bcco?modMe p trtlea tuuiqc tbe C^nteBBlal. win bkd 1b8titctb tmmt/, Bch?i fm 0bvtkodt^ ^ .v. Mew York bvaona a. w.?Mrs. ahqilo j^ok COAL AND WOOD. c?AL and JUXDUXtt WOOi>. .,f? *??* ?? OOAL la bow eomplem, mfibm BUtbe choice qnailtlea, aod to whicb wa tertta t5 bnetition of coaaamere. Our PATENT bubolkd kindliho WOOD, vtth B firelighter In erarj bundle, ii the beat tw nae. boraalebr b11 (rrooera?try It. |o bBbtIbbb, or kerosene ou reqatmd. CHMAr. Slfi. ILK AH. ?ul and Depot 7th atrset Wharf, toblt ty Branch oflioa im19 PetosylrBBla b>slos ME1TS WE AM. SPRING GOODS. NEW STFLES FINE GOODS, TO M&KS TO MUTttl SUITS TO ORDER. rito& in tp. READY-MADE SUITS, reoa tit dp. uui-hifil SPRING OVERCOATS, ? I* cp. n sfb1m08ttl1s ^ *0ip BKADY. i PATENT PARTLT-MADB

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