Newspaper of Evening Star, May 20, 1876, Page 3

Newspaper of Evening Star dated May 20, 1876 Page 3
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DRY GOODS. ('11EA1', CHEAPER, CHEAPEST. WHY NOT SELL CHEAP ? TiP larg? assortment of cew Paring Drees '.xide. Bilk ud WH F( Df* in kMatlfnl iktdM \<c 8tf ' P*<i' P'M* D? Be,e- *J' U? il' 36 *7, 40 B?a?k Bilk*, fl. 91 IS. 01 37. 92 SO. 91 <3 Black Alpaca,? 1% St. 35 , 40e Black Bilk Mohair Alpaca. t?'?. . Black i.recadine. Plain, Plaid. Siriped, 15.31, J7, Black C?>? mere. 75. ST. 91 CABT?BH, 797 MarttM ?pa??. Good Oottoa. ?\<- ; g-od > allco, ?\e.; excellan* B? I Tick. 15c . Lmen Hen lk-r ht-fs, 4c ; ?o>! Storking*. Uc ; fool Towel*. Sc ; Men'* Shirte male of beet cottor, fioeet Llifn.lK; ; r?ry ta?T*>l? Pamaak. pare titan. 50c . very large assortment of Cloth end Cwiwra for Mea at J Bora' wear, S7, 60 48. IS. ?7. 01. ?? w?wa,?. Maw Far??'!>, #1, 01 M, #1 JO. 01.71. ayPtr DRY GOODS LJf>ii THAN AUCTION PRICKS. laaatlty, M , Bleached ? otton, 8c ; worth 10. >?. ?*. 13. S?. lie. Oar Dnw Gocds have all been marked down, and <rrra? hargalna are mow "fferad all through. Md Viatorialawnecbeae . 1SK.1B ",S#c. Lata Striped and C.*rd*d B. K . low prices. Baal figured Lawna llHc ; worth IS. Caaaimeree lower tbaa **er before known. ?B"Tbe aiock nna be reduce ! H Ittiof b. ID*2V All Carpet* at cost to close out. T. H. lUDin. _"EJ* 709 MABEKT a<*Ai'B. J\OW la TOUR TIME NOW IF EVES. Wt taT* opened darins las* week, and shell offer ?*t prices aever before reacnel. 2u ileo a fimaier Bilka 80 puree Biack Grenadine* jjiV'iB Black*, Brown*, Bines and SlherGray Plaids for Over>ir?s? h> placet Black Bilka from 75c to 02. 8 plccea dc.. extra One .malltiea, at w per cent. be low luarket rate*. W piecee All wool and Silk and Wool Dr^s GwJu ? pUree All wool De Bege at 31\,c; boat gjoda in the ctty for the money . 'i!0' Ladles" Colored and White Skirta from 71c to 01 SO each L*4lee and Gent ? Game Underwear. A full tcck Doaifslif Go da at Agents' prices BX* Bt,btrr location. ? W. W. BROWS, m y 15 tr No. 314 Stb street n *..uov Pa. an. ( ^ hi.A'1 BARGAINS IS DRESS GOODS FROM AUCTION. !. piece* hardfone Plain. Stripe and Damask Ho at 37? worth 8o lu) pieces haaiscin* Ltwaa at 1 Percales, warranted I ??t Colors, at UK par yard; neat Stripe Bummer Bilk* at 75. S7, ao4 01; rich VUck Bilk* Mohair*, and Alra-as, in all be<t cr*J?' at low nricee; Lupins All W..o|, and Silk and W ool Black Grer>a<lin< a, very cheap. IK MOCBHING GOODS. Pine Ca*bmeraa. ( rato**. B mba/tnei, DeLain* aad Taa>f*e Clotba In all best m ikes, 10 4,11 4 Linen Bfceetlnrs. Table Damaaks, Napkins and Toweling*, all at low d.wa prices, to snit the pres sure. at J. W. COLLEYH .. CHEAP COBUBB. SKll, 9TH 8T., ??rU-tr Market Space YOUR ATTENTION, PLEASE! r IiT GOOD 9 FROM AUCTION, AT TOWSOH A CO.'8 GArZE^tnSBEBWBAB. for ladies and ?;nts, as BLACK^ALPACAB, 13,13 and 2#c. """ " Bales jard wile tOTTOII, Sc l,Mn/SSS f>t*nVr?1 M<1 ptrip^d TBK33 GOODS in all lbs newest sh*>? at lie., sold at Ov cts. EB?S, Spring weight*, at low a* SO, oj. iB, ci. j* etc. Breach LAM US. newatyles, Uc. < IMS Wa?h PtiPLIB, S^e. 7?C,Dorj^4U **11 la- H.*?c.,etc. PARASOLS, aew style bacJles, 01, 0123, 01.50, B LAC % BILK 8. very rb?ap GKOS i: BA IS add TA> FETAS, 01, $1.23, 01 80, y a <5. ?I. ?tc < AS9IMBJKES for Men and Boys' Wear 25.37,30, 62.75 ?7c_;01.?tc. ?tc" f'"!1 and green, *), 13,30c., C. 51. TOWNON A CO., myll ' tr B3fi Pa. are tionth side), near 7.h st |^l5SOLI"TICK OF CO PABTHEBSQIPT MOCK 4>ll rinrirs FOR SALE The ce partier-blp of J.O WISWALL * OO. fpiria* t* Itmttaucm on Ju.'y 1st, onr stock IXC ST BE CLOSED oa or before that data. , W,-_,,hm11 to morrow, and oontlnne to sell or 39 days, ?nr large and complete stock ot DRY GOODS 0*f ** SACBIPICl OS OBIOIMAL COST aod all good* remalnitig on hakd June 1st win ?old at AUCTION WI^UOCT BESmlvV In order to Close ta 30 JJayt, A REDUCTION OF FIFTY PER CENT. * 1 i*r*? Bortloa of oar ?ock. ?rt*t,',4T'? I??? cents per yard. Brow* Cottons, 4 cents per yard. Figured Grenadines. (V. 10 and 12Xcts. Stripes, at 10 cU. bilk Grenadine* below ooet, hammer Bilk*. 37M cto and opwarda. *aWa Damasks Napkins. Wine Cloths. l,,M 'ban New Tork coat. ?^GBEAT BABGA1NS in even tbing. J. ?3. WISWALL 4k CO., _ap2$ tr no ftk St., aaar Pa. ara. THE SILK AND DREiS GOODS HOUSE or WASHINGTON. W e Invite the attention of the pabllc to onr lm Mwrtem of new styles r lm 61 Mi:Eb blLKS AND GBENADINES of all 'hadet. in etrlpee and plaids. aJ??* (tcck BLACK SILKB of al celebrated ?tfu.B:!*d?cT"89QOOI)801 ^ m?*t *ttT,CUTe MOL HN1BG GOODS. WH1TB GOODS, CASS1 M X BIB. CDBTA1N LAOBS. SILk I'MBKILLAk and BlfilBBOSIEB I '.n great variety, at le,s than New lork pricaa. WOLFOBD A BUILBEB8, BIT MABKET SPACE. 'r Third door from 9th treat. J\E\Y riviCES. _ ^ ? 1014 SEVENTH STREET. atd Wool Pongees, 4l>c., worth 30c. *Yi*Wr!i*?r S JLc,?the, 30c , worth 37Ho aciflc Caaibrlca ilHc . %ery cheap. wt5L"$? tofco. bi Victoria Lav u? 10, ljji 15, ? Sc VhiM2n^Sbr*i'1! - ,,Bhirta. made of b*st materials, and ap!9-tr 1B14 7th ?tr*>l northareet. |OB!? T. MITCHELL. ^ ,,*31 PENNdTLVANIA AVENCB, 3erathe largeet and choiceat a?lection or DBBSB anf* arer shown In this city, f^'r^ W004 ?b ?h*ded strlpea, ?hte*ZtTb,rbnl?i^,MM ??0d^ In all the naw Zt2? lXltriCpHFYJ,*,r' J aeon eta. and Strip* Frtatad Linaaa. Qiaagow Checks Bilka froas 01 to 01 IS. rmrr cheaa Brocade Orraadiaee. la black Ted cAlor. f.^oade bilk*. Brocade Oaaheerea Bilk Satta fm? 0tf to 0?) L,n? ^?hyr Dressing Sacks. Wrappers a?d Sklrta. Terr ohnaa d iB Sa*'C-hmMe ?QJ ??B "tock <* Bno C?breUaa and Lace Trimmed Bar. cWtC,;^ .^aTTbe'^t'^^i OmSi"] in Brtaaa thaa erer befjre aoM. O^e Price Only. ^OaM T. MITCH? I,\t> SVJDRY OOOOI. iif- & Lr^'i 1 B* B?r?; SeHng tow? Btriped, from hXo. & MSL^JSXSt BAILET. o?e, TthladFat, rSSSJSU sa M "isna1 r"Bl LADIES ?BAWL I DOCBLli LAP BO BBS aat HOI saddles, beidlm aas wbipb. i Corsrad aa? Baaatrad. >?< aa^a |p ( PRY GOODS. IJ.VKGA1N&: ?ARGAlXS BARGAINS! BKODHEAD * CO., 938 PKMta. Avi., betWMn 9th and 10th sts., offbb: ATl-Wcol PIBKGKP a< Sic Satin far# Lac? Strife PIQUE 25c worth fit'c. LIdtd TliW XLS lll?r d-sea and up A I Linen Bleached Table D vMASK,Uc. and ut.1 Wibidiu Bleached COTTOH. USc Freree Eoecbl-n French CAMBillCS (the beat asa?e>. In all colon. 3 Bntton KIDS In all colors, 91 35 Ladle*- and ?<?. t's clot on and Gauze UNDER WEAB, direct from the factory, at sl;gbt ad o, ?"eon manufacturers' and importers price*. Black PILE 8 lower than ever. GBIH&DlNtRat reduced p-lcea. Line* LAWNS. a'aia and Bf^ired.Mc. hod ap. MOHAIRS and ALP AO AS, too. and ap. bRANCH STORE, 19nd Fstreet, bet 13th and lJth its. (old stand ) CALL I ABLY AMD BBCIBE CHOIOB OOODB. BBODHEAD * CO. my)9-tr 939 Fa. ate., bat. ?th and 10th sta RAILROADS. J^CR THE CEflTENMlAL EXHIBIT ION FIVE TRAiyS DAILY. EXCEPT SOA'DAY. VIA BALTI1IOKB A POTOMAC BAILBOAD. Commencing Wednesday, May 1WA. The Baltimore aad Potomac Railroad Company will rnn the following train* i tlr ugh to Phiiadrlpbia with i out charge of cara leaving tht" dep. t, Fennsj hania (.venue and 4th street, daily, except Sunday: T:i?* m .and arriving ia Philadelphia at 1:30 r. *daily,? xc? pt Sunday. 9:33 s v., and arriving In Philadelphia at 1 3.1 r daily, except Sunday. 1:30 i' m., and airtvlug in Philadelphia at t:50 p m.. da'ly.except Sunday 5 30 p m., and arriviiig in Philadelphia at 11 p m., daily. 9:10 r. m., and arriving in Philadelphia at 9:35 a. x , dfcity. Site ping cars attached to the train to Phllad'l r a g at 9:10 p >: ; and persons securing berths can remain in the car nntil 7 o'clock a m. fc?core your t'ckete at the office of the company, northeast corner 13th street and Pennsylvania ave nue, and northeast co-ner of 6th"street and Penn sylvania avenue, and depot of the Baltimore and Potomac Railroad comiany. FBABK THOMPSON, General Manassr. m;H In, D M BOVD. Jr , Pen Pas. A^-'nt. J^ALTl.MOKE AND OHIO K A1 LEO A U. APRIL 30th, 1976. A M. LBATB WASUIBGTOH. 6:45? Baltimore. Annap. lis, and war stations. Point of Rocks and intermediate stations. Main Btem. 7:10?Baltimore and Alexandria Junction. 8:00?Afte York, Philadelphia and Boston Ex . press. Pullman Parlor Oars. Leaves at 8:10 a m Sunday. stop* at Way Stations, and connects for Annapolis. 8:14? Ciarift*a:i, St Louis and Pittsburr Ex Frederick, Hegerstown, and Valley 8:30?Point of Rocks and way stations. 8:45? Baltimore and w ?y stations. 10:15? Baltimore Unlimited Express. Slops at Re lay. P M. 18:15?Baltimore. Way Stations, BUicott City and Annapolis. 1:30?/??? York, Philadelphia and Norfolk Ex prts*. On Sunday, ail Way Stations and Baltimore only. 3:30?Baltimore and way stations. 4.30? Baltimore and Laurel Express. BUioott City, Frederick and Way Stations, via Re lay. 4:35?Frederick and Point of Rocks, (Tia Metro politan Branch). 4:45? Baltimore. Annapolis and way stations. 5:15? Cutato.Cinrinnati and Louisville Express. Except Saturday,daily toOolumbns Louis isviUe by 11:30 p. m. train on Saturday. Hagerctown and W incbester. Sleeping cars to t bicago, Cincinnati and Louisville. ? :30?Bn'timore and Phi iadelpkia Express. Fred erick and Way Siati >n?, via Relay. (Con nects lor Annapolis Sunday.) ? 35? Baltimore, Bladensburg, College, BeltJ vi le. Laurel. Anrap lis Junction. 7 00? Baltimore an< way stations. 8:10?Baltimore. Bladonaburg, BeltsyiUe, Lan rel. Belay. 8:80? Pittsburg, bnt no connection beyond Mar tinsburg by train leaving Snnday night Way Stations on Metropolitan Branch. 9:30?JV'ir York and Philadelphia Might Express Sleeping Cars to New York 9-30?Baltimore a*:d principal way stations, 10:30?Martin-burg and way stations, Metropoli tan Branch. 11.30? St. Lows Express. Chicago, Colvabna, Sandusky, Nfewaik. Ob Saturday tor Loow vllle. T:10 8 00. 9 15, 10 15 a m ; 1:30,5:15.5:30, 5.35, 7 10, 8:10, 8:30, 9:30 aad 11:30 p.m., daily. All other trains dally, except Sunday. No collection cn Sunday tor Bagerstown or Val ley Biaccb: or for New York aaa Philadelphia at 8 am. at>d 1:30 p m. For further information apnly at the Baltimore arxi Ohio Ticket Offices. Washington Station, and 485,601 and 603 Pennsylvania avenne, where orders will be taken tor baggage to be checked aad received at aDy point In the city. THIS B. SliABP, Master of Transportation. L. M. COL K. Oereial Ticket Agent. GEO. S. KOOBTZ, General Agent. aplfl tr UNIVERSAL R R TICKET OFFICE. RAILROAD TIC'KBTS to or from aU pointa bought, exchanged or sold at < a rtductlon of osi dollsij upon any other office or depot In this city. Tickets good till used. B Apply to apfly laggage cheeked tbrosgh, EP. WHITESIDE, 937 Penn, are., Gaudy st-TS. 1876 FERnn^LTANIA 1876 BOD TE To tko Rorth, WmI? bb4 toathveits Double Track, Hteel Bails, Splendid &cen uipment. 0TWt Magnificent Equipment. MAT 8th, 1876. Trail* leave Washington, city time, from Depot, corner of 6th and B streets, as follows : Fcr Pittsburg and the West, 6 a. m. dally, srlth Parlor Car to Pituburg; 7:40 p. m. daily, with Palace Car to Ohlcaco. aad 11:50 a. ? tally, except Sunday. BALTIMORE ABD POTOMAC BAILBOAD. For Canandalgua, Rochoater, Buffalo, Blagera Falls, aid the Berth, 6 a. m. daily, exoeptSua day; and 7:40 p. m daily, except Saturday, with Palace Gars to Watklns For Erie, Cannndaigua, BcSalo, and Niagara Falls, 11:40 a. a. dally, ex es pt Snnday. For Hew York and the Bart, 9:10 J. m dally, with Palace Cars attached: Limited Express of Full mar Parlcr Care, 9:33 a. m dallv, except Suaday. For Hew Tork acd the East, 1:30 p. m dally, ex oevt Here as with Parlor Cars attached. for Philadelphia. 1:30 p. m. oaiiy, except Sunday, aad 4 30 and 9:10 p. m dally. Limited Express, 9 ilS a. m dally. except Suuday. Accommodation for Bsdtimers, 7 .10 a. a. dally. Philadelphia an<l Hew York, daily, except Sun dsy. oa Sunday. to Baltimore onl>, and 4:90 p. at. daily, exoept Sunday. For Pope?sGreek Llae 7:40 a.m. and 4:80 p. a. 30 p. dally, exoept Sunday. For Annapolis. 6 00 and 11:50 a. a. and 4: . except Snnday. ALEXAHDRIA ? FRBDBBICKSBrBQ BAIL WAT AJiD ALEXAHDRIA * WASHIHOTOB BAILBOAD. For Aleiandrle, 0, 7,8 01, 9,10, 11 a.a., 1,3, 4:90.4, 6. 7:00, and 11:40 p.m. On 8ondayai 9 a. a . end l and 7 p.m For the South, via Bichmond, 11:40 p. a. dally, exoept Sntiday; and via Lynchbnrg, s 00 a. ai. aad 11:40 p m dally. Traine leave Alexandria for Washington, fi, 7. 8, 9,10.1la. m., 1,3, 4, ?. 6. and 7 p. a. On F| I V< 1 I Bi 111 ?? 1 t Oi f | ? < O . BUU F Snnday at 7 and 10 a. m , and 5 p. m. ? Tickets. Information, Sleeping and Parlor Oat ?txomasodatlous can be trocured at the Offices:? tiortbeast corner of Thirteenth street and Penn sylvania avenue, Hortheast corner of Sixth street and Pennsylvania avenne, and at the Depot, where .vrder* can be left for the checking of Baccaaa to leattaatlon fr^m Hotels and tte.tdencea. D, M. BOTD. J tt.,Gen'l Passenger Agent. FBAHK THOMSON, Gen'l Manager. janS ly THE TRADES. A LEXAHDER BALL, W1L.LIAM BALL. IX (Lot* teitu G. W.Barlur.) _ _ BALL * CO., Mannfactnrert and Dealers In Doors, Sash tnd B>lnds. GIim*. Hardware aad all Bnildlnx Material. 4w7 Ma?sachneeta avenne, betaeen 4tn aad 7th stree'.s noithit est. sell good* SO per cent, cheaper thap any other house. Call and eramlae. leM ly K EMOTED. JA9IBB P. BR1EB, PLCMBEK AXJJ GAS HT1EE, tt 811 7TH tT. HOBTHWEST. ? N 1 R O JOHH C. HOBAB, 713 Mem km Manufacturer of a Hewty Patented Spring Boiler aad Ventilating Awning for BtoreSjHotels, Pub lis Buildings and Private Dwellings. Flags and Team for sale or reat. Bole Ageat for the only genuine Mildew Proof Awalag Material. aeplA-tr OLARSWAKE, CHINA, CBOCKBBT, H0USEFCBH1SHIB0 GOODS, BETBIOBBATOB8, ICE CUBITS, COOLERS, Ac. ayII m 1009 reas'a avs., ??sr 11U I^UMBXB! LUMBER 1 9 MS AT MED UCTIOif iX F^IVEA. MUST SELL ABD WILL SBLL. >. fT'. ? 'RM ?? J ?? S", J"?1? H SECVEE MAM MEMtBi AUCTION SALES. fctcrk days. Ill I.J SWEET. IJ Beal Estate Broker and Auction^, Mo. 411 7th q|reet DorthwNt. ATCTJON PALI OF PUISARt I rriviw ?fHiTVo?rBi??u ? ??? fr^rir .Lff*r for <*)e' ii.JPnb,k! Metlj*. 1 *?? .yi .friTm-T*'.on WEDNESDAY. Mar St 1?th,l.^6 ?t 6 oc'ock p -n , all of Lot* i7, U.-*? fr.i iA. i' ? 8 MuL*"" ? robdi vietoa Of r?ri# ffet. ?QU?re 899. Theie are (mall lot*, 17*1# Term* of sale One fourth cath and the balatce SrhJKS^i. ?" if90ail r^*t^ M mlM ^rtak Md mjU tf ?. J SWEET, Auctioneer. ..?CT.HE. A?0V* SAL* 18 POSTPONED OS sxfjztesr tu,8dat" "v"."* ,n'" E. J. SWEET. Auctioneer. PIANOS, Ac. ^HE HURRIES BUD (OOLIBBI) POIO. Tke?anUe?t and the ehMiwt flrst-claea ntm-o* tore PI AM 0 ever made. U.L. WXLU | m BBO.. Bole Agents, 783 7th atreet, between bIq . 0 and B etreete northwest """* fTfTTl f ?r???t?"*d ?" *??*"???? TUNED and EE I f A1EED. feMTtr HALLET DAVIS A OO.U OKA ED, 8UUABE and CPBIOHT PIABC8 for aSa opZ-W^T monthly instalments. Celebrated for pu RSg 2^ S?ixtoM-8e# A*?nt, ri i rnxr rto ?rw nortcwert. deoS4 WE. KNABE k CO.'E " " WOELD BENOWSED PIABOS, Vrand, Square Grand, Obuore and UvrioM, -w . TH* BEST MADE. ^ The favorite McCemmon Pianos; Sh^nenger'ioel ebrated Organ", new style. Also, a large--??_ Msortment of Pianos which hare been lr K.S.3 ? ?hort time, for sale and rent at Terj II! IT T asc- 7""-' Ki.w.Tjtrani' - BOOTS AND SHOES. m. CENTENNIAL BARGAINS AT IIEILBKrBI'S NIIOE STORE, 404 J IU STREET HOBTH WEST. W hlte Phoes for May Ball*, at cowt. ES.UO Men's stitched Oaiters and Ties. #*?<?} French Kid, front seam, button. El JO Kid, Button;91.80 Foxed, Button. ? }? Lace Oaiters; 8160 side lace. ? J 00Congress: SO cents Bu.klns. 5?Sf JfM'InE Front seam, Batton. f J-JO Boys' and Misses' School Bfioee. J J 22 *?*<?<> Balmorals; *J cents Infanta'. ? l.M Men's Oaiters; ?> SO Calf Boots. Bnckakin, Kid and Lasting Oaiters. , w- B.-Look for " Old Woman with 14 Children.' in window. ap3S tr HOTELS. yyKITHllllTIE HOTEL, OB TBB IUBOPBAB FLAB, ?^?-t.rTl.n? Flaee and Mtk street, Bew Fork. One Block from Onion Square and Broadway. **? "f-*1 oentrni, and ret quietest location in tea city. Convenient to the great stores, theaters tod ohurchee. Elevator, and all modem ImproTementa. jlyww ?o aU parts of the city by street oan and aepg-t.thAsJy Q. B. FBBBIB, Proprietor, STEAMER LINES. " HABBINOEB" leaves Wharf at 7 a m. on irw. Matto* Creek. ami g.^^ on WEDNESDAYS (same hoar) for*?=?"3Slfi Hownl. ,rT0,Jc^f? ?" Unding! ench way, includiag Grlnd^ ?r a, Little Ferry and Hosier's. ?yW-tr M E OBEQO, Oaptaln. CpJm 'LIME between ,L4P*LPU?A'U ASHIBOTOBiOEOBOE ^keiamei-B leave Philadelphia WBOMEfl. TA\ and SATLBDAT, at 1U m. _ ^1'- w Lefv^.e1?I^t0Wn; D unNi'* v ^ ^ and Fh. D A i .at W p.m. F rei b ht tmilif/p111' Throngh bills of la-ien given for Bos ton and Providence. Consignees wishing their goods l?Lded at Georgetown, will order them m*r??d ?? via Ge<rg?town." G. F HYDE, W?terst.,Ge re*. town,D.C. ? W M. P. CLYDE A CO. 13 8 W barves, Philadelphia. mayl-iy IV? \5 _ WEPAHTL HE.?<!LYDE'8 WASH INGTUB. PHILADELPHIA BOSTOW AHD PBOV1DBBCE SEBl'^itt WEtKLY STEAMSHIP LINK-On-SaSMfc apd after WEDKESDAV, Aptil Uih.the Steamers of the above line, with direct connection with Bos ton and Providence, will sail from Phllad?lpUla foi ^TrRtuv ^ ?U ' .?Ve7 WKDBtESDAY and v^BD^*? ft^O'ning.leaTe Washington MOB end FBI DA Y 6, from John*ao s wharf, foot of lith street southwest. J nrongh Bills La<liu* is ?ntd to and from the above ports. Freight recofvod and delivered d?tly from 7 ?. m to ? p m Orde^ ^ ?ei,Te.r7 'r"il?tit, Ac., received at 1303 F ?t at?d 1113 ilh street northwest. W. P. CLYDE A CO., Bo. 13 8. Wharves. Philadelphia, ?llta J. H. JOHNSOH A CO., apu-an Agents for Wa?hlngton. f^OR BOH FOLK. " STEaMEB LADY OF THE LAKE Leavee ?he Conpany s wbarf, foot of 0th street. ,*loliDAfT W'EDMM^DAY ?r'w f^^AY. at Sp m , for Nor-?f2^B^ ?- 1 le*-e Korfolk.Tue^T^^THTr? i'} w^!ui4 p m. Fare, 94; round trip, ?(. Tickets good until naed p' FOB POTOMAC BIVEB LABDIBOS Steamer J NO. W. THOMPSOB leaves Company's wharf, feot of 6th street, every TUESDAY, at 7?. Vnfw*f. laudlnga, and m* u ElY,r',toMia* ?* offlc* oT the Com pany, under the Metropolitan bank, LSth street, SttSf** tM Treasury, or to the Agent, at the Wharl. marS7-ly "PEOPLES' L1BE" FOE y OMIHL MATT OX CRBBK, WPP MR MA CHOVOCANV IHTERkmmAa w ,mLAMl)lNGS. XM The aldgwheel Steamer _ "E. MOKBI8," wtll Oaptaln T7 B. Baldwib, 2:'i*.Oommence running to the above landings op March Ith, leaving from ?. wbarf foot ot Sth street every M0B-?HDkiS DAY and THL'BSDAY at 8 a. m. an^KKriDAYWaTfIfm' U<mini ever7 TCB8DAT fetM B. B. FITZHOQH. Agent. A HI. WMkJMMalAlmluisbiiiflta ehanees ol oai Klsioiki the Bwaaieri of this Line tsko i courae for all seasons of ttCp y*?r On the oatward passage from Qu aenttown to Bew JShSa A'Sittagaia11"1"" BRITISH AND NORTH AMKBlilAW ?? ROYAL MAIL BTEAMSmPST BXTWRKH ffMW YORK AND /. / vm?. FOOL, VALLI1SU AT CORK HARBOR. Feom Nbw York. , Ftoaliw Yohi Abv^ir"wS" M'"?t'?2thn,a-' Wei., JnneM if!?" i ' AbyadnUk..W?i., Jul/ I fcr. L",1 * ??*nne 7 Russia Wed., July 1J Ali rl2 " Jt"ne H^rtu.* Wed., July 19 AKvJ WsjI.E Jane 2) A'g rli Wed., J alj 25 DAY fVonTlfevr TTort?. ^MMMDAW dATUB dieamsri marked * do not carry (tee *age piaaea Batmop Pama??-Cabin, ??. #100 and 9131. f?W,according toacoommodatlcn Ticket! to Pari!, ?U. gold, additional. Return ticket! on favorahlt jsrms. 8t^erage ticket! to and Iron aU wk 0: Bnrcpe at very low rntee. Through bill! of ladiui given Tot Belfaat, Glasgow, Havre, Antwerp and other porta on the Continent, and for Mediterranean port!. For freight and MH|t apply at the Company's office. SUfawSoDTfcoVB^r'.T.Vi ?? ?*???? OBAB. a. FBABCKLTB, Ag!at ? *MBBELLAS ABD ABASOLS OOV-^^W. L EKED ABO BEPA1BED, AT THE MABUFAOTOBY, ap>4-lm* B13 D street northwest. RATTAN'S CRYSTAL DISCOVERY FOR THE HAIR. 'R5oB2F?X?.S.IIf0 ?RAT OB FADED HAIB TO IT8 NATURAL AND YOUTHFUL OOLOB. ?>"*l>?idry^*nd wiry hair imooth and eradieatee Dandruff, and Its occasional agjUcntlon yreventa and etoae the hair falling. W arranted tore store the color in three to ten days. Contains nothing whatever of an unhealthy or J?*eo*?,? nntnre. Does not require shaking; does Snr^f .h2^,r flDRW a*1^: nor. In fact, has it W tbe objections so justly urged against the *?d reetoratfves fa the mar gets. Has &toc^!igg?Zlid^M ,H" *?W ARTHUR MATTABS. Oruilrt, M fbopVietob, T?-tr M and D treets nortkweal. ENCOURAGE kl "ra" "i,m, UTOH1U??* <?'">??? is^vyjsiyyj AT ( ??* lanlT-lv ^"?sr-2 A AUCTION SALES. THISAT T E ? H OO M. H W1UI1, corner 7th tsi V itrati. TRUSTEE BALI OF VALUABLE IMPROVED REAL ESTATE (>? SOUTHWEST OOBN ER OF NOBTfl CAPITOL STREET A H D NORTH I bTBEBT. IB CITY Or WASHINGTON, V O. ny TiriM of ?d?d of trust to ?*, bearing A A date tbe 1st day of Jul jr. AD 1374 an) recorded tn Liber Bo 7? folio 317,of the land reports ? ? Btbe District of Colinblt, and br tb* direction of par?y se-ured. 1 will sell, at public auction. in front of the property. on WEDNESDAY. the 17th day of V. 1W, at 6 o'clock a. m., nil that urerl of groand la tbe city of VMkiii|ton, D O., known ana described aa lot numbered one hundred and sixty < 160). In Shepheid's recorded subdivision of eguere numbered six hundred and twenty three (613). together with tbe improvements, consisting of a neatt hree story Brick Dwelling. Term*: One third cash; balance In sti and twelve months, with Interest at eight per cent. p-*r anutm, secured by a deed of trnat upon tbe property. Con veyancing at pnrchaeer's coet. #100 down at time of ante. If terns of sale are not complied with in flve days from day of ante, the Trnstaa reserves the right to recall at risk and cost of defaulting pur chaser. VI. A. GORDON, Trustee. apl8 eoAds *y TBI ABOVR 8aTb in POSTPONED OB account of the raia until SATU ED AY. Slay 'JOth, 1871. [mylSdAdsl tM. A MOEPON. Trustee. fiOWNMAB * QBBEN. LP Beal Batata Aoctionsscs. Ho. 419 7th street northwe t. We will sell at public auction, to the hifhsst?M bidder, on THURSDAY, the 1 Ith dar of May. at A o'clock a m , all that certain piece or par celrf ground known and described upon tha plat books cf Washington. D O., as lot 10. in Joha W. Starr's subdivision of lota 1,1. 3,4, ft. (. 7, and 9. in sqnare 131, on Boundary street, between 18tn and lyth streets. Terms of sale: One-third cash, of wh'ch #S0 must be paid at time ot sale, and the balance in six and twelve mifrths. secured by purchaser's nites, bear ing seven p-r cent iuterest. on tin premises sold. Conveyancing at purchaser's cost. m6 ec3t ftl O LUTTBELL, Salesman. B^PCSTPONED UNTIL WEDNESDAY, THE 17th, eame h.ur ard place. m!5- ftl 0. LUBTRELL. Salesman. THE ABOVE SALE IS FL'KTHF.r. P??5T PONET>,iu consequence ol the rniu, until SM'UR DaY. M?v aoih, b o'clcck ? m ni}18eolt M. C. LUTTRBLL. Salesmen. |JUHCANfiON BROS., Auctioneers. TRUSTEES PALE OF BRKK, HOUSE AND LOl ON K STREET. BETWEEN 1th AND 19th 6TS. NORTHWEST, AT AUCTION. Br virtue of a do*d of trust, dated 12th Cay All of September. A.D. U7l,duly r?ctrded in Liber P"-il No. 702, folio 61, one of tbe land records for Wnli iegton county, in the Distr.ct of Colombia, and by request of th?.- party eecnrtd thereby. I will sell at public anction,on THURSDAY the 9Sth dayof May, A.D. 1876. at b o'clock p m., in front of the prem ises, art that certain piece or parcel of ground and primise* situated and lying in said o<ty of Washing ton, District of Columbia, and known and described as the east half of lot numbered four.(4,) In squve numbered one hundred and seven, (107.) together with all andslniular tn* improvements privileges and app. rlenances to the same belonging, or in any uianter appertaining. Terms cf sale: One- third of the purchase money in cash; the balance in equal installments of notes at 6,11 and 18 months, with interest at 8 par cent, per annum, said notes secured by a deed of trust on the premises sold. Conveyancing. Ac., at purchas er's cost. A deposit of 9250 will be required as soon as the property is knocked oft. If the terms of sale are not complied wIt b in one week from day of sale the Trnstee reserves tbe rlchtio resell the prop erty at the risk and cost of thtf defaulting purchaser upon giving flve days notice of sneh reiale in the Evening Star newspaper, published In Washing ton, D7C. SAMUEL E, ARNOLD, ap20-tb ,m*,H1119thMAtdts Trustee. TRUSTEES' BALE OK VALUABLE RIAL I STATE IN PB1HCE GEORGES COL'HTV, MARYLAND. The undersigned, Trustees, by virtue of ijm po? or contained in a deed of trust from Ann L.<p Ccntee to the undersigned, dated the 3d pay of"" 1375, and duly recorded In the land record* of Prince George's countv.Md , in Liber H.B.,No. 10. folio 157, Ac.i will tell at pnblic sale, to tfce h'gh eu tid<1er, at 10 o'clock a m., at Con'es's S.aiiuii, on the Waehirgton Branch ot tbe Baltimore and Ohio railroad, on WEDNESDAY. Mav 94,1876, all that irop-rly known as the "Bear Branch Prop erty." and lying on the westernmost side of tbe \Va.-hiigtoa turnpike, at its junc.ion with a road knewn as the Montgomery road, and about one mile frcm Ccntee Station and about one mile from Lanrel, con'aii;ing 187 acrss, 3 roods :>ud 8 perches, more or less This property has a bolstream ran nlng through it large enough to turn a mil', is well wooded, and lies advantageously for subdivision, ar.d on account of its proilaiity to Baltimore and Washington, bt-iog about tweuty-tw'i miles from thefirmtr and abant sixteen mtles from the la'ter, aLd its nearness to the two stations of Contc's and Laurel, offt rs an attractive opportunity tor specula tion in country lots. Term!-: One-La f cash: balance in six months, with interest from day of sale, to be satisfactorily secrrfd: or allca>h,at purchaser's option. For further information apply to Ch*? 8. Ointee, at Contee's Stati< n or to Joha Glenn A Co , No. I'J street. Baltimore ?? JOHN GLENN. R fNOWlUN ANDREW,} Tru-t es. T 8. BI1ETT, my 13 13,17, * .J3 'I I ^HOMAS DOWLINO Auctioneer. TRrSTEE S S*LE OF VALUABLE PHOrKRTY IN GEOBGETUWN. D C.. AT AUCTION By virtue of a deed or trust, dated Febru ary 1-t, A. D 1872, to the undersigned, and' rec< rded iu Liber No. 661. folio 401, one of thca land records for The bistriot of Columbia, and at the request of the pirty secured thereby, I will s< '1 at anction, on TUESDAY.the tf3d day oT May, 1S76, at A o'clock p m , a: tbe corner formed by the Intersection of West Market Space and Bridge 'tre^t, Georgetown. D. O., one undivided ninth In terest in tne estate oi th<- late Bobert White, of Georgetown, D. C. Said estate consisting of both real and personal property, located, situated ar.d he'.ng in the District ef Columbia. The real estate consists in part of subdivision of lot No. 23, eld Georgetown fronting 31 6-12 feet on the north line cf Bridge street, and back 96 feet on the west side of Bark alley, improved by a two-story frame Dwell irg house; subdivision of lot No. 41, old George town, fronting 39 feet on the south slda of Bridge street, and back 16 4-11 feet on the west s'de of Mar ket Space, improved by a frame store lllouse: also, subdivision of lot No. 41, old Georgetown, fronting 214-12feetcn the south side ol Bridge street, and hack 85 10 11 feet, improved by ? two-itory frame Dwelling House. Terms of tale; i-'C-O oath; balance in ? and 12 months, secured by deed of trust on the property sold. A deposit of S100 required when the bid is accepted. If the terms of sale are not complied with within live days the Trustee reserves tbe right to resell at the ri?k and oo*t of tbe defaulting pur chaser, after giving li?e days' notice. WM. D OA881N, Trustee. niyl3-eo THOB. DOWLINO. Auct. |? H. WARMER, corner7th aad r streets. TRUSTEE'S BALE Of VALUABLE IMPROVED HEAL EsTATE ON SOUTH D STREET, BE TWEEN 3d AND 4th HT8 KA8T. By virtue of a deed or tru t dated rebru*ry 6th A D. 18 ?, and recorded in Liber No. 773, fiV f lio 423. of the land records for District of Co-JBJL Itinbla, and by direction of tbe party secured, I will srll at pnblic auction. In front of the premises, on MONDAY,the 'Jttd day of May, A.D. 1876,at 3 o'clock p m .alltnat parcel of ground la the city of W ashlngton, D. C , known aa the western 17 feett liiH Inches front by 144 feet 3 inches deep of Lot No. IF. in square No. 793, improved by a Beat two st< ry Frame House. Terms: One-third cash: balance in six and twelve months, with interest at 8 per cent, per annum, se cured on thf- property. Conveyancing at purchas er's coat. SHU down at sale If teims are not c-.?m plitd with Tn five dajstrom day of sale, the Trus tee r> serve* the right to retell at tUk and cost of de faulting purchaser. BOBERT H. WARD, Trustee. myll-ejiAds J. T. COLDWELL. Balesman. ASH B. WILLIAMS, Auctioneer, Ho. 1001, northwest corner 10th and D streets. TBCFTEE 8* LB OF VALUABLE 1MPBOVED PBOPKBTY ON 14th HTBEET, BHTWKBN B aLd to STREETS NORTHWEST, at AUCTION. By virtue- of a deed of trust, dated < ictober AgA 9th, A. D 1872, and dnlv recorded in Liber ffW No fi.?l folio 441. one of the land records for JUL the District of Columbia, an! by direction of the tarty secared thereby, 1 shall sell at public auction, in front of the primisea, on THURSDA Y, May Hi, A.D. I87(, at 6 o'clock p. m , the fallowing de scribed real <s!ate. to wit: All that certain piece or parcel ot ground situate and lying in said city, and ueicg kuown and de>crih?-d as lot number seventy four (74>, In the recotdedsubdivision of square num bered t?o hundred and seven (107), with improve ments thereon, consisting of a two-story brick dwtllir g with back building, with all modern Im provement*. gas and wa^er. Terns of sale: One thi'd in cash; the balance In three equal Instalments at six, twelve and eighteen months, with Interest at ten par cent, per annum, te be secured byadeedof trust on tbe premises sold. ? 100 will b? required of the purchaeer at the time ot sale. All cnveyarcing at purchaser's cost. If the terms e.f sale are not fully complied with In one week from tbe day of sale, theTrastee reserves tbe right to resell tbe property at tbe risk and ooet of the defaulting purchaser, after five days'advertise ment. JOHN B. NORR1S, Trustee, my 11 d WA8H. B WILLIAMS, Auet. IJHITED STATES MARSHAL'S SALE. In virtna of an order of sale, Issued oqA of ths Clerk's ?ffice of tbe Supreme Court of the vistrict of to me directed, I will sell, at pub lic sale, for cash, at the auction rooms of Duocan son A iJro., corner of 9th and D streets northwest, commencing at 10 o'ejock a. m , on TUESDAY w 5??sd ^o5>P ?5?\1o52e ???&.??<? feSiSiT'i Carpet, and 1 Window Sbadsc. seized under writ of attachment No. 1?,S97, and will be sold on account of above order at tie Sadie A. Dabney. myUdtd . AUOTIOB, OH April 94, la front I WILL SELL. AT PUBL10 MONDAY, at ? o'clock a.a. A of tbe premises, two three story Brick Houses, Hot. 194 and 196 Sd street southeast. Terms mads km own on day of sale. GEORGE COW IE, Secretary M. C. R. E. Association. - ? . ?DOW?*A* * QRHRH, Auota. E. O. LUTTRELL, Salesman. apW-itaw mr THE ABOVE BALE IS POSTFOHID Secretary W. O. R Association. a*M- M. O. LUTTLELL, f " ppjlktom b ammmar ?i?Lori A o Approaches completion. It li h?Ttu* a very large saw. Parties la Washington or vicinity desiring this great work will be supplied, la montsdy i^staU ?sate or up to press, froas the agency, 419 Ttfe .where all styles of blading may be seen. " seat gratis on a^pOea miNKBbQTA FLOUR. Washbnrj Mills, Minassota FLOOR, not equalled or excelie j ty aay in tbe ccusti y. 1- is oarlcten tios to ke Ma supply oft k is cerebrated Floor always on bai/j. An we ask ts a trial to satisfy the moat fasti* .oas. For sals by J. B BBYAN A BRO., lH7tr M# PsaasjlraaU areavs, AUCTION SALES |)U*0AH80M BKOS^AacttvOMn. ***KCH PI.1TB MIEEOE9; PVBLOR ?ET?; ? C B * APS. WAI(l-T>M.j, L(>1 IGU; MABBLE TO? T*BLE1 C\N< rfiVlT)?1' S?nwweHaIES; M VT?4S'"a' UhrlT!: nTOYBS. Ac. *itn, pmill STOCK ofr.CLOTBlftG AMD FCEBISHlSti GOOI'8. AT AUCTION. Oa TI'WDAT MORNING. May add.atR* 10 oV'?*. ?? will itll. Id front of oari'ort.W. the atovt-ramed g ode. with * gesrral a* M fortment of Hotuchoid Fnrnltnre. I ^ I ? _ Also. By order United Ftntes Marshal? Oee Weter Plan". Lot Hou?koi4 ran.ltor--. m j 20 St DUNCANSON BROS . A act*. |\DIOaVBOI BROS . Anciio?Mti, " Southeast conor ?th ud D streets north weet. sale of steam engibe, iaws bh\ft iBr:?JAIBB*BK-8 COAL SCALES. IIOBSE, TIOB 0AllT?? AN? *?UT WOOD AT ACJ Oi WIDIIgBAt MOBNING, Mar 84. ?p? at 19 c'clwck. we will eetl at the wood end ACTS '.?*? ?n 4tl1 * eshlBBton streets, < near tae old jail J } ?'?*? "LSI"*: ?,w Shafting, Ac. 1 FairbaBk Ctal Scale, lot 1'lae Wood. 1 Domaad Out. 1 Mala and Cart. Tmbm eaah. DUNCANBON BEOS, Aucts. CH*NrBhY <UK Of V tLOABLB IM PB0PEBTYON E HTBSBT. BB Jua&wSAv "u? *?*"? In pnrraance of a decree In the oanee of j .a -.rmateaj Bee I vs. Josephine Tyler et el , in ? ? Eqntty No 4.481. Docket II, mad* by the Jm J B. tloe holding the Equity Term May Sd. 1*74. appoi.i i?f Lh^JM**|SQ?flJ?,n?teee.wewill,on WE&BES DaT,.May lTth, 1876. in front of Hi- ar?rai*ee. at 6 o clock p in., sell at public austion, all that piece of tana la the city of Wellington known on the ?!??. of said city a' the we?t twenty fire ft*s of Lot num bered ten < 10), la Square numbered three hundred and seventeen (317), together wl'h the Improvements thereoa, cpnelttlrgof a two etory Brick Hnuss Terms of ml*. a* fixtd by decree, ara : One third of the purchase money In cash. Bud the remainder in equal installments, at eix and twelve month* lr*m the day of tale, the deferred payments to t ir imerewt and to be eetnrcd br a li<-n up >n til* proa erty sold. One hundred doilaie In cash mu<t t>e Patdattketiinetbe property!, knocked down, aid If the term* ara not complied with wiihia one week ?'Property is to be resold at tli6 risk of t!i(* initios rurf)i%s*'r ? .HENRY W18B GaBNETT, Mo.Z.lolQmbiwiColl^g? Liir BuiMlni, ' ? JA3.G PAYNE. ^7 TntH?n. Wsbster Lew Bnilditg,) rnncMjion Broe , Aucte. mrj *f~ THE[ABOVE HALE 18 POMTPONKO until WEDNESDAY*. May 21th, 1376, at s*me hour and place. HENRY WISE Q4BSITT,/ _ _ trvJO JAP O I'AVNB. Truiteei. rpHOMA8 DOWLIKO, Aactloneer. ~ ePLEKDID < 0LLK0TI0N OF STKKL KS SAfjy?8- *alHUt BKP PABLok KLu.N 1TCBB, FBKNJH PLAT* MIBBOB. FINE COLLECTION OF OBNAMEUTS. WALNUT MABBLE TOP TABLES. WBATNOTS. LODBGI8 AND BAST CHAIRS, PINE WAL ?BT MABBLE TOP CBAMHEa kl' UNITI BC, MAHOGANY ABU PAINTED FDBNITL'Be! ?<?Si5?A?!?.AMU 8U*LVE8, FINE HAIB MATTBa88BS TWO ELBGAHT HEWING MACHINES, FEATHBB PILLOWS AND bolsters, wire bpbibo under beds, TWO WALNUT OABD TABLES, LABSE AS gOBTMBNT OF BED AND TA^LB LINEN. BBHSSBLS, THBEE PLY ABD IBQBAIN CABPBlS. bAK MABBLB TOP 8IDEB0ABD, OAK DIN1NO TABLES AND CH &IRS.F1N K COLLBPTION OF CHINA AND GLASsWaBE. i^FOANTBtLVBB PLATBD WaBE.ONK P. '? 8TEWABT COOKIBG SToVB IB PERFECT OBDBB. HEATIBO STOTES. STBEET H08E, WASH Tl BS, BEF BIG BR A TORS, ONE BOTABT COFFEE MILL, A SPLENDID COL AT ATUCTI0H MTCU,N *C., On TBCBBBAT MOBNINS, May 93,?2| 187$, at 10 o'clock, at the reeidecreof a gen- J4. tlemandeclining honvekeeping. No. 603 F ?*!.*;? ''?tween 6th and 7th streets northwest. * ^ I * Lf?H the above superior collection or Iloase hold effects. Teinisca*h. TI10S. DOWLINO, mylO d lennday B raldAC%pttal 1 Auctioneer I^UNCANSON BBOB., Auctioneers. 8AI ".-PJL., VALUABLE BUILDING LOTS hOBTHWEST^ 17TU STK"T AaI> ""? On f BID AY" AFTIBNOON, May K6,at t, & p m . In frnnt of the premises, we will eell at ?Sw public anction Lot A, in square No. ldrt, which-** will be divided into fonr lot*, two of which taTe a frent of 22 feet on 17th ttrvet, and ote ot 21 feet 3 inches, being the corner lot; each have a d-pth of W feet. The corner lot has a front ot 22 feet 6 Iccbfi on north H street, with a depth of about .00 feet to alley. These lota a^ein the most desirable loeatim la Washington, c nveiieut to th* public buildings, Ait Gallery. Ac., end will be sold as above snbli vided. Ternrg: One-third cash; balance In 6 and 12 mouths.notes bearing interest atil securel by il- >d oftiust. A deposit ot 5100 required npen each lot Conveyancirg, Ac., at purchas- r's cost myB) DUBCaNSon BBOS , Ancts. ^I^HOMAS COWLING, Auctioneer. TLISTEES SALE OF Al* INTEREST IN & PRINTING OFFICE. UTvlrtti*of adeedof tiu?t, dnly recorded in Li ber No. 803, folio 133. one of the Isnd records of the District ol Culumb'a, and String date the thir teonth day of Sdatember 18797and at the re^uert f the party stenred thereby I will sell at public auc ticn, on the premises, at 6 o'clock p m ,un the 1st PAT ok Jikk, 1876, to the hlihest bidder, for casb at the direct sale all the right, title, claim ai d inter est of James E Btards.ey in and to the Book an 1 Job Priming Office on the third floor of No. 4 79 Pern*) ranis avenue. Wael leg on. D. O., of wtic*> It* Is half owner consisting of P.lnting Prraw and Materials and Office Furniture, such as are usca ly found In a Book and Job Office, and which are de scritx-d in (aid deed of trast. or the *cheou!e at tached thereto. J. D MILAN* Trastee. my.O toKt THOS DOWL1NQ, Aact. rJ^HOMA8 DOWLINO, AncOoneer. VALUABLE BUILDING LOT ON 80UTH O BTBEWT. BETWEEN Sn AND 4K STREETS SOITBWEfrT, AT AUCTION. ?>n MONDAT AFTERNOON, M? ii'Jd. 1876, at 6 o'cKck.onthe premitee, I shall sell *** part of Lot 4. In P iuare 639, fronting 16 feet on ? ini'il?*t"'** 01 ?o"1'1 G street,with a depth of Term* One-half cash; balance In 6 and 12 moaths, with lotereet at 8 per cent..eecured by deed cf trust. A depoelt cf #50 required at time of sale. All con ?eyancing at cost of purchaser. myl8 3t THOHA8 DOWLING, Anct. 108. V. KELLET. " . ? Sfal '"tMe Agent and A action eer, C'ffioe No. 909 8th tlreet northwest. BANDBOMELT TERRACED Bl'ILDIBO LOTS ON TBK BAST BIDE Or 6th bTBEET. PE AT "ctVn!0 Q stb"ts hobthwest, Ob MONDAT NEXT, the Wid Instant, at b?* 0 clock p. m., 1 will xeil at pnblic auction, l??W lrcnt or the premieee.Loto Noe. 43. *4 and 46. in-" fqoare 446. each lot fronting 11 feet on 6th street, and runLicK back 100 feet to an alley. Theee Lots are convenient to Corcoran Bjuare Mailt at, and to 7th street, 9th street, and North O street linee of street cars Termr: One-third cash; balance In 6,11 aod 14 months, with intereet at 6 percent. Conveyancing at cost of pnrchaeer. ?2A to be paid down on each lot at time or sale. Special improvement and all other taxes paid. niyl8-d JOS. F KELLBY, Anct. |?DW1N J.8WEE1, Auctioneer. TP.USTEEH SALE OP TBREB STORY BBIOK DWELL^OON PrNN8Y-VANlA AVENOB. BETWEEN 6TH ABD 7th 8TBKET8 EAtT Br virtu* of a deed of trust dated May4th.A?A A D. 1876. and dnly recorded in L'ber TaO, lolio 443, oLe of the land records or the Dls trictof Columbia, and at the request of the party Mcured theieby, we will sell at public auction. In frot,t of the preminee, at ft oVIock p. m , on 1 HURSDAT, Julc 1st, 1876, all that certain pUce or parcel of land situate and lying in the city of Washington. D. C., aud knewn and described as being lot numbered forty-tour ill!, of Ferguson's subdivision or original lot numbered tour (4), in ? citiare numbered eight hundred and seventy three itTS), together with all the improvenente, Ac., thereon, c.>n?isting of a three story brick dwelling with back buildlog. Terms; One-third cash; balance at 6 and M months, for which the notee ol the pnrchseer shall be taken, bearing Interest from the dsv of sale, at 3 per cent, per annnm. and secured by deed of trust and alejuate insurance upon the property sjld. A deposit cf flOO will be required at the time of sale, and all conveyancing at th? cost of the purchaser, it terms otsale are not eompll-d with tn seven days after day cT sale, the Trustees reeerve the right to resell the property at the risk and cost or default lag purchaser J STANLEY JONES. I TrnMaM WILLIAM B. J0NE8.fTr,wUM. iriyl8 d E. J. SWEET. Auctioneer. C^HANCABY SALE OF PHEMIBES No 1146 /l^TH STREET, BETWEEN L AND M ST BEETS HORTBWE8T. By vlrtne or a decree panned by the Supreme Ccnrt or the District of Oolumbla, In Equity BV cause No. 1028,1 will aell, at public auction, in treat cfthe a remises, on TUESDAY, the 83d day or May, 1876, at ft o'cleck p. m., all that part ot lot No 22 or the subdivision or sqaare No. 197,in the city of Washington, D. O., coatataed within the follow ing mete* and bonnds: Beginning for the saase at a Peiintonl&th street west distant 104 test south of the northoast corner ot said square and running ttence south Si feet; the tee west M feet, thence north SB feet; and thence east 94 feet to the piece of tegini fug. Terms of sale; One third cash, and the balaace at six and twelve months, for which the aotae of the purchaser, bearing interest from the day of eele, will be taksB, and a ilea retained oa the premises told. A deposit of EM will bs required at the ttae ef tale. All conveyancing at the cost of the par CUeCfe B. B. WABNEB, WM. F. MATTINOLY.T Auctkneer. Office 43ft 7th ?|1S d VOLBB * M1DDLETON. parcels of ground known as Lots 78 and 79 Falconer and Allen's subdivision of n part of east half of Equare No. 274. Each Lot is hnprt hi a two story Brick Dwelling. T ersas of sale: 01.son on each h pottional expenses of tte nale la ? six and twelve nsocths, secured by internal at etgnti8) per cent., and by proved on the property. A deposit ef fM ?n each honaa will he required at the tim-j of sale. ConveyatMlng at pnrchaeer a ocet. If tte terms of eats ara not compiled with alt bin seven day*. tn7 wwplied with altbla seven day*, 1Ilnaa reserve the right to resell I he property, at the rf* WjU S4MS Y0UKQ4 EVENING STAR W*ri ?nAT Way an, uwt. Tbe Womm qarMloa inoii IIm SPICY Dl BATS AT THE OENEEAL CO.TI* ? tRCK. u , , Methodist |eu?nl oonf'renc* In Baltimore; estenlaytbequestlon of obauic'ng the name. scope ana styls of the Ladle*' Ke pository. as suggested by um report of lbs book committee, wi. ukm up Rev. Dr J. M. Buckley, cf New A or*, wu tn fkmr of a change of name for the paper. The uame* of certain lnstltutioni of tbe cimrcii were of a iHctliar character. Tbere wm tbe"B?ok Concern, for example. Wby it was called a "coucern" be did not know. Perhaps be cause It had proved a matter of mat con cern to them. [LMfhttr i It la a name tha like of which ean o:;ly be found In an an cient nosegay laid away in aa atuc trunk for tbe paat ?eventy-five year*. [ I.augbtsr I In regard to tbe necssalty of baring a female editor, and that it would not be an appro Erlate paper until aucb a change waa made, e said that It might aa well be argued that tbe New Teetanient ah on id not be read be cauae. If ha waa wall informed, nooe of the disciples or even the apoelles ware woman. Lau*bier ] It la not propoaad to make a cook oonk or a nursery book out of the mag aztce. Laughter. | In all matter* of thla kind men aud wouien are pracUoally one. [Laughter ] 1 aay they are. for the Bible saja that tbe Lord, after their creation, called their name Adam. ; Laughter and ap plause. 1 The style of the paper should be changfd, aa well aa the type, which bas much to do with It* popularity. After further discussion tha reaolutlon to change the j^aper waa adopted. On motion of Dr J. M Waiden. the elec tion or au editor of tbe Repository waa pro vided with. Tbe uamn of Rev. Dr. E. Went worth. Rev. Or. J F. Marley. R-v. Dr. S. H Neabltt. Rev. Dr. U?ir|t M 8teeie, Hev. Dr. B. F. Crary and Bev. Dr. R. Wheat ley were put lu nomination. Besides these ramts Rev. O. W. Hughey nominated Miss Frances E- Wlllard for the position. Rev. T. Hanly. of New Jersey, aald that in the name of 700.000 Methodist women be acc orded the nomination. T. W. Price, of Philadelphia, aald he abould like to see the credentials of the delegate representing Too.OOrt women. .Laughter.) Tbe result of tbe ballot was announced as follows: Whole number of vote* caat, 30*; necessary to a choice, 155. Of these Dr. Steele received 104. Mlaa Wlllard 5\ Dr. Moxley 47. Dr. Xccbltt 41. Dr. Wentworth 32, Dr. Crary 13. Dr. beatley k, and tbeothera scattering. There was no election on the first ballot, aud the conference adjourned. Death at a Gams or Marbles-a Bm ?/ Seven Year,* Kills Hi* Ptaj/t/taie.?Oa (Satur day last, at Hope and Canal atreets, Peter Newton, a boy of aeven years of age. and atother lad were playing a game ofmarbica. A dispute, incidental to the game, and gen erally considered a ncceaaary adjunct to it, arose between the boys, and while they were arguing the matter aid their attention waa distracted from tbe ring, Joaeph Wlabman, a lad tcarcely eight years of age, ran to wards them, and, It la suppoeed, merely a* a boyish Joke, seized tbe marbles lying on tbe fround and ran away. Newton immediate y ran after bim.and gaining on him, waa abont catching bold of him, wben Wlsbman turned about and struck him. A quarrel was the consequent result, wben Newton, the younger of tne two, waa thrown to the Etound. Wbile be was down, Wisbman icked him a* bard as bis Infantile strength would allow, aud thumped him vigorously with bis fist. Newton sucoecded in gaining an upright rat'.tion, wben his boyish assail ant again threw bim to the ground and had again begun kicking bim. wben a party of lads, who were standing by, interfered and pulled Wisbman away. The latter then ran home. Newton, however, still lay on the ground, ai d gave no evidence of life. His young companions, alarmed, raised bim up, and found that be was unconscious. Asslst was immediately obtained, and the In Jured boy carried to his home at 128 otter st. He remained in an insensible condition till Tuesday morning, when he died. Wlshmau, who reside* at 132 Otter street, was arrested, but on account of his tender years, and the knowledge of the fact that he could be ob tained when necessary, was released from custody?j Phila. Time*. World's Fairs is G enseal,?Excluding the wretched failure and partial swindle in New York in 1863. which does not deserve to be classed in the same category, there have been five World's Fairs worthy of the name, and the Philadelphia Exposition is tbe sixth. The first was in London, In lsftl, for which the Crystal Palace at Sydenham was erect ed. which was permitted to remain, and ha* ever since been a popular resort and tbe favorite location for monsters concerts and great public celebrations. Paris followed with its Exposition In 1^57. Then tbe Lou don people lu li^l erected grander palaces In Hyde Park aud souUi Kenslugton gar lens to eclipse tbelr French rivals. But Paris was not to be outdone, aud the fourth at tempt was the Expositions Universale of 1867. The fifth Wond's Fair was located in Vienna In l<73?a city that had long aspired to rival Paris in tbe gay attractions of a Continentlal cspltal, and expected by rm-ans O! exhibition to fix upon Itself the eye* of the civilized world, and render itself famous for its beauty and pleasures. Of all theexhl bl i lor s, thrash none or them was profitable as a financial enterprise, the only one that cau be characterized as a disappointment aud a failure was the Vienna Exhibition, which was loaded down will) bad management, corrupt practices, and the Inordinate greed of the people.--[A'eK' York Worid. A Madman Attempts to Kill and Chop Up His Own Daughter?Mr. J. H Woodward, a respected gentleman residing two miles north of Mulr, Mich., on Tuesday afternoon attempted to kill his only daugh ter, an interesting young lady about 18 years old. She was standing on a chair explain, lngtohim a picture she had Just-finished pointing, wben he suddenly slipped a long iron drag-tooth out of bis sleeve and struck her a terrible blow on tbe neck of tbe bead, Inflicting an ugly wound. He then carried the bleeding and senseless body Into another room, and was preparing to chop her up with a sharp axe. wben ahe recovered conscious ness, and realizing tbe situation she made no outcry, but quietly requested him to step Into tbe other room and nee what time it was. He complied, wben she ran out to tbe road and alarmed some neighbors who were near by, and who, after a severe struggle, succeeded tn aecurlng the madman. Sheriff Swarthout waa aent for and took Woodward to Ionia. It la thought that the young lady is not fatally injured. Mr. Woodward has shown signs of insanity for several days past. He was a very kl*l and indulgent husband and father. A widow aud a widowes, strangers, la a Boston street car, with the widow's little daughter between them. "l>on't Call, baby papa would be sorry,'' says the widower, as as tbe car lurches?The child says: "Papa s dead," and the widow gently weeps. "Ton dot any little dlrls?" continues the Utile one. "i bad a little girl, but she and her mother died," was the reply. Tears In wid ower's eye*. Mutual sym|?tby. That is the way, according to the Globe, that tbe mak ing of a matrimonial match began in what It calls "prosaic Boston." That "cantata" of Sidney Lanier's was telegraphed over the country, and the magic wire revised and amended it very much. "Grown foul Bads in alien air" appeared in a Milwaukee paper aa "Green bad fowls," while one paper made the word Bads "bats," and another made it "Radi"?short for Rad icals! In an Osbkoab print, "old abapes" ap peared as "oldish apes,'" and "Manks of Things" was turned out "Marks of Thugs." On the whole tbe meditation was not im proved very much after all. A Wakriro to Houseeeepees Tbe wandering street-pedler is deluding the cred ulous housewife with a preparation for the resllvering or spoons. It Is a salt o( mercury which when rubbed upon worn plate lrnpar:-* to It a brief argent gloas, bat It comes off In the soup or the pudding and salivates the family. Tbe pedler abould be kioked and his powder thrown after him into the street. The Women or Mississippi Chew 8wr rr?The physicians of Lb la place are be coming aerloualy alarmed over the prevalent use of anuff among tbe ladies. Tbe doctors aay It Is creating havoc with the ladies and destroying their oflkprtng.?[Enterprise Cha rter. ?y New York young ladles still let their bair cascade over their foreheads in "lunatic fringe." VStartlmg discovery by little three year-old?"Vthy, pa, there's a bole In your hair."? [Roehettmr Democrat. E7*A fashionable London preacher recent ly said:?"St. Paul remarks, and 1 partially agree with hlso " ?7*Tbe Paris L I HustraUon says "Clot toss brvsbea are unknown in the United Slates, they sweep yon eren to your hat." grit Is melancholy to think how many pc ople in this broad land have no relatives In Philadelphia?[Rochetfer Democrat. VIn tbe coarse of a discussion in the Methodist general conference, R M Davies. of Illinois, made a red-hot speech against all intoxicating beverages, declaring that beer selling was not even respectable In hell. ST" The tittle boy who ate half aa apple* dumpling and then pleaded for costard pie, because the dumpling side of his stomach was full, hat tike pie side wasn't, got his pi* [Buetim Globe. VJudge Black, of Pennsylvania, gsnilsw to tooome a candidate tor the presidency. Ha bays he has never done anything yet to b% ashamed of. and ae long as be ean get all tbe chewing tobacco he want* he nerec vlU? [r - ^ Children arc often hn?cgtit up with -nx iit particular baMu of aeR g'trarnniaaiiHJ ff"** "*? ??v*nHn? ?? <5on* for them and oa A nr. that la never allowed to m ?II of wboaeciotbaa are made far bar and* !**?? Mil abe >? Whi. twelwT\in?o^? ot age. I* spoiled. Tae mother L** l>er by doing r r^ryUitriK far bar ,rB? W?* o< wlf wtraiDj i? to let Ibe he ta^ul!^1?! A ch,M'B mletakea are oftea .U>*:l!U BO n?l?t**ea heeauaa^wbia aichlld makn ui><atf?. and baa uTr Zi?>" lb*m, M u oo ibe war toward kuoainr tomelhlt g A cblld tbat la waked m eTil5 raa ^sssftrs art..:,, .J i.?V^id?i5Id Sri? mak.a nilaiakt* about being et?an and ia S?** nrrar baa any thinJtodoWiTn li2 *?*; ?M ?? wt?hf>d, and ortar waiabaa fr ^ ? .a C*ml tor and kept all dar aboni *rop?.-?a?li ? ?'bild might atmiwt!a TTif , ^ tallow candle, perfect.* eolid. and coroiy and uunta: %rtSTutrmmhl^5*1 *? *? **rm??P of -ojs?.gg & tbem and ud. ?*-- 1 *r>*u? ?. _ ?"< wnut?u? nrriL tbem. and aau tb?Tto work before tr,.. i?" ?>?? Wnwj )?? Ik. WM---1^1 -? " . Tbe twelve children of UtT^TJL^li'???! tarn oat batter tban tba t weir?Tj^iTttLTiii the millionaire, i WooMUTSU?mS^ST aurat ce on tbe wearer'? cmidr?? ?A 5l tba ...lllloaalrf . H learn by tbe bard way of life wbat e\ ef? ?iS.J"?1 ,wlni flrM or go aaUorTa thifT hl5*mJry- ,?*''"r*alraim. fna alael that bad Buffered moat 1* in# beat *te*i ft haa bean In tba 'or.,ace anin and aaam it baa been ontbeanvii; liLna baen^ht'.a 1,h*??ttbe rasp. " , V ***.D f^>und by emery. It baa been beat L . ,* hammered aud fll<?d, until 11 d,w? KfiTTrW-mnd 11out ? .pi^?rr iv, : And if nteu only knew it. what >m ">*'r "nalK.'orturea" are Uod'a bleat SS?2"*??& tb'V ?*? moulding in **** lb*,u ?*?N*Mnaaa and .?ow.r -1?n Toii|^ lm tbe enuru of ?evera I hi'gllab glass manufacturer* to prod una ********** at their worka.toefd^iSJ ?P. Vi? h*V *? ^wnpleLeiy efractal tbetr ?*i5 ** I* able to aupply tba martat - V *1}1 r 1 ** ni*<J?' ?f tiiat material, a oer y,'1 of uccaaa i.aa uMoabtadly beao there woold xppaar to i?p" aorae detail of the prooeaa wbicli baa not yat baen quite mastered, and tbe reault la that tba produce la not no uniform In uualitv aa it X2L22S*iZ; ^ beft,r' u ?"?"?? commeiclal poaition. Ou me other baud W. dc la Baatie, lta lovatitor. baa aaeoeadad* i11^8 ^ * Ul<> ??'iufacnira of toaab t?^ifah*JLlD hranp*-*Dd '? able to Kllppiy EP?lMh hooaca with artlciea for lomaaue i ji"1 ?' that alngular material ln clodlcg that great deaidrratnm lamo glaaaea. Tbe firat to avail blmaelf of thia c rcnmatance la Mr. John Morilock. ofi? Uxfortl atreet. wtio moat certainly taka f1*"' 'ol| having lutrodaoed tougliaued giaaa Into England aaan arliclaor omntuerce. We recently inapected aome ? peel men* of tba ware, consiaiing of tumbler*, lamp glaaaaa ? ^?^!oa, other domeailc artlclaa. an<j upon that occasion were Informed that tb> * fiE ^^LitiSe"V.<Xt*n#lv<! or,,c>r? b,r" tof bafci recelaad. It may, therefore, be pre tbl? invention, full of ao much promlae la now on it* teai and fairly be lore UiftCta . ' aD,, ,,ll*, frn;ta of M. de la Battle ? lneennltr are bMinnin* >? >, meatic article*, and to thla qneaMon _ Mortlock la addreaalng hlmaelf! Toughened glaaa la but in Ita Infancy, and If It aurriree the preiient extended trial it will douMleaa ?(Vh'Vkl*01;1*0' position In conuectton with the arte?L/mion Time.*. N&IKICD. risHBai cb-wniTKtv oB Il87*-f??rtli fNibrtwiu Oacrdl b> tba ke? Joan C Bu.ith, P D . Oaa> B gi.a" Ear. h aad UntO Wb Nit. botk" th" city > DIED. BA K KB Od Stlurdar, Mar l"lb. l!;i at tu h'r'wk,-r? Jw. ? ijtit nrmSl t^tiri"^ ^ ? ?CUfbfT^t, A F. 1 J H a k |B ***+ A moMh^aod IJ dMM. lofau' da.^hK-r otJuJ U aud Fomi al at ?o clock ? a>. Ha>tl?t. ? a. ,? i .A l>'b. !>;?. fro* M acd *ri' - . ? 't>a. la th?- aatu r*ar of bit act m! 'i'L'i? ?*d "N1"1 ?t the faaill* ar invited t< attend his faneral troui his lata raatdene* ?i? ^hitn?t northwest, at ? o'clock to Borrow, ' ? a - .TH-??Ae ? Qa Mar l?'h. M7?. at let niau** PH^ A ,? "? ? AEG 4BET KS S T H ?! A' dtliriHl htf motitb9 And ly d?r?( of Aadre?V ^TuJmal ''l0eM',b# ^ioy9< "'*? F aaeral will take place on Soodar ffoniat ti?t Chu'reL V uaurea, H street. l>etwe*B ittb and Ittb Th? Mral * faBiJly are larited to attend h*r fa UNDERTAKERS. |^F. UAKVKY, " t'ndcrtmker. WM. HAtktTT w:tm it r HARvrr. true J{ w. BAHBBk, Cabinet Maker mn4 Undertaker, ?1* lira Braikr lettiwm. octiir UEF&lGERATOEi} ano WATER COOLERS. har?c stock ef good Bakaa, at1 low prloaa. ?KO WATTS * CO., aa? ir ?14 rt^^J^LrjSSL S?MT leaf Til. _'?t- , -?C. 40c 10c .'?0c rracraat, Sweat. and superior In e\ari respect ta atj lea scld at thataHcr ' "?speci la c. virm, or If, tr OMOCEMJKS, "r16 " I8IB Pennarlvanla areoae. pBILAVKLCHIA BXMIBITIUV (jRoiicTiuciwKui ptMB PlChLBl ia Halt Vlaegar, j{,(H BAICM far Flah. Meat * fiaia* pOTTBD MEAT* aud FlaH." (jjKStl** MIST AMD. " gfftaiOK MALT VINgAAR. J AM SJ ^riiririlMAiro?S In the Ak-rfn lturai Hall, where map- ti T. la Invited, and ara Bold Ly all dealtn In giai class arocertc* ia the United Mates and Oaa ada. Bs ... Bvery (enaiae article is labs had fK Ollt A BLACKWELL 10 tba Vtueea. 80U0 SQCARB, LOWDOH. a>M-wAs4a W* make osly strictly puri GOODS. DAn*i CHAHBXU ? 00.1 ?TB10TLT PURE WHITE LEAD, riTTBBUBGB, Pa. THIB PACK ACM COHTAlUb Pare White OB. t X ?. IBS SSI IB GOLD will be paM fa aar aas ^Bba thaeeataats - Uh TOB BALB BT MT

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