Newspaper of Evening Star, May 20, 1876, Page 4

Newspaper of Evening Star dated May 20, 1876 Page 4
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EVENING STAR. ?ArriMT lay W, M7C. Probabilities To-tlay* owe* or Chi if* 8to* sl, otftcn,) . _ Washijsotoh, May 20,18:a. | In the middle states fa'Ung barometer, easterly to northerly winds, generally wanner, partly cloudy w.ather and light local rait*. LOCAL NSW8. Enter ? Bttrnmrr Uarrten?Grand Centennial open id f. ? Cr^mque?First-class varieties. The street lamps will be lighted at 7:13 p ?a. and extl ngnlshed at 2 20 a. m. From Jamea Bellew we have St. Iticff4a? for June. The boy McDaniel, who wm iDjored at the Capitol the other day, shows noma signs of Improvement, bat la not regarded u yet out of oftogfr. Rev. Nathaniel Stnbbs.late of the New Jiork Annual Conference of Wesley Zlon Cnorch, bat recently transferred to the Philadelphia and Baltimore Conference, and appointed to the John Wesley Church, of this city, ha* arrived here to assume his new duties. This roornlrg, at D.V? o dock, a family on Massachusetts avenue, near nth street, having occasion to call a physician, and one of tin boxes <>r the American District Tele graph being at baud, one of the inmates tomed the crank for a messen&er but turned too much, and brought oat the Are depart merit, which responded to the box at tne comer of New York avenne and ma itreei. Me*sis. W. L. Dennis and J. B. Randolph, a committee of several amateur clubs having proposed to the Board of Trustee* of the ?Washington Ineb.iate Asylum" a grand dramatic performance for the benefit of the projected institution, Mr. D. D. Cone, secre tary, on behalf of the trustees has replied ?<M*ptirg the offer and naming Ford's opera Bouse, May 26th, as the place and time far the proposed performance quarterly meeting or the Dls 53Sf ?I5D'1 Lod^ I o. G. 8. and D.8. was held at Green's hall, on Pennsylvania ave J,?** j*at evening. The reports of the Grand j Chief and other officers showed the lodge to oeln a flourishing condition, there having I Men established since the last session two subordinate lodges, one select degree oaua cii, on* decree lodge and one juvenile class, ail ander Uie Jurisdiction of the Grand Lodge. A Born* Detective. HOW HI FAILED TO GET A Hl'SDRID DOL LARS BUT DID (.ST ARKI9TE1), This afternoon about 2JO o'clock, Detec tives Sargent and McElfreah took into cus tody a youxig man who gave his name as L. H. Slam burgh, who representing himself to be a detective officer, called on a lady In Booth Washington and informed her that ber ebild was about to be stolen and de manded of her *100 to prevent the plot being carried out. The lady suspecting something wrong reported the facts to the police au thorities and ban.led them the following letter which be had addressed to ber: Washikgtoh May 19,1S7&? Jft*. Per aalt me to inrorm you that you are about to be thrown into a great deal of trouble, and that it la within the power of a certain de teetlve to give you iniormation that will ?ave you from that which will make you miserable the rest of your life. Are you wlllii ? to pay for the information? If so, answer by the messenger. If you desire, I will call this afternoon and reassure you that what I say is true; there is no time to be lost. In baste, A Detective Friend. The case was taken in charge by the offi cers named, and. proceeding to the house at the hoar be was to call, they waited in an adjoining room until the individual called and renewed his threats and the demand for the money. The lady called In the officers, When be was taken into custody and taken to police headquarters, where he will be held for a hearing before Judge Snell. From let ters found on his person it is evident that be has been plying bis vocation for some time. He is a sleek looking fellow and well calcu lated to deceive. _ e The8p?liis'. Cohtests ii* the Fourth Distbict, South Washington, resulted as follows:?The city medal, competed for by ?11 the schools of the sixth grade, was ?warded to the second female Intermediate ?ehool, Miss Annie Van Horn, teacher. The ?ebool was represented by Ellen Oppenhel meir, Belle Barr, Selma Hynea, May Lattl more. Annie Waters, and Addle Tune?all of Whom were perfect, and each having spelled one nundred words. The school district medals, for which the secondary school* of the fourth district competed, were awarded ?a follows. Secondary, No. 3, Miss Kachel Garrett, teacher, the boys' medal for the fourth grade. Fifty words, selected by ex Trustee W. J. Stevenson, were spelled by each of six pupils, and Fred. Cleaves, Wm. Catterson, Oscar Johnson, and Thos. Coyle were perfect; Grant Guthrie only one error, and Miles Vluackenbush two, making three errors for scbool-unnsually good spelllug for that grade. The boys' medal In the tnlnl JiBdewaa awarded to Secondary, No. 5, Miss da Pumphrey, teacher. This grade spelled arty words, selected by ex-Trustee Dr. W. H. Wright; and John Lang, William Blateiock, ?nd Charles Marks were perfect; the school bad only five errors. Tne girls' medal in toe ?aire and the fourth grade was won by the "me school, secondary. No. io. Mi?s Martha Jmrnea. teacher. Tne third graue pupil who la to receive the medal is Alice Skidmore, who was periect. In the fourth grade, Ellen Brown and Alice Here us were perfect, and the school had but Ave errors. WA8HIHOTOH CITY MARKETS FOB THE WEEK May i*.-Butter-Receipts Increasing, but as yet there la no accumula tion of stock. All choice butter of good color, ?ce of garlic, sells readily at Quotations, but mixed and garlicky lots have to oe moved at low prices. Flour?Market very quiet, but Utile doing except in a Jobbing way within the range of quotations. Grain?Receipts light, market quiet- Hay-Market quiet, receipt* not heavy and only a fair demand. Eggs?Under light reoeipta price has ad vanced to our quotations, at which prloe it. closes steady. Poultry-There is lit tie change to note In price of poultry; receipts of old fowls have been large during past week, and many lota bad to be closed out at lowest Ilgures, bat at close we note market steady ?t quotations: it takes choice fowls to bring top- Dried * rults?Season for dried fruits being abort over, quotations are only nomi nal. Vegetables?stock large and generally dull. Live Stock?Receipts of cattle were light, bat aaarket was dull and lower; a few fancy steers were sold at top quotations; most sales were made at a decline of , to \ cant per lb. Good old sheep were scarce and Jf cent higher. Lambs were in good demaud, ??rket being entirely cleared up and closing firm. Live bogs in fair request; no change to cote. Calves In good demand at advanced quotations. IHTERE8TIBO TO D?LI5vifIXTTA* PAV ?Tax Collector Cook is buaily engaged in the collection of delinquent taxes adver tised in the annual list recently published. The tax sale will commence at bis office on the 13th of June proximo, and will be con tinued an til all unpalu shall have been sold, li,w; an*r Wlilch the atten J Co 11 ec tor w i 11 be directed towards "J? np ,0* delinquent special taxes . *hi?h tax-lien certlflcatet have beeu 5?^,.Ttlle?w,U Probably be the last adver tised list of this class, and persons holding ilea certificates would do well to h ind tuem In to be emLrar*.? in the published list. Wi do excel in every particular quanti Bod ?tyle Prices in keeping with "?t^ee. Children's, boys' and youth*" clothing. We invite those In search of good fni'imrl . ?^1! Vd k? convinced that we are prepared to please every one. in price 1 Ul? Boys'and Children 's ?ew Clothing House of B. Robinson & Co . lSnE^SK.'^'o *y,nin<?' ne*t to M. Wll 1?g- TtM Bovs end Children's Cloth ??? District. We /Wu? no connec tion tt-WA any oilier Vxtsr? [ AtfM. haCrkLo TM?n Iw (r'H,SA"A** Bat.?The 2? . Ham*- hence for Norrolk, in bal DoaiU f^m mLV1 achoocer John Mac Poyld. from Maine, with ice. In the Caeaa ?^?2?*?'Potnt, Wednesday nignt. h^r the time, lost is. ?way. and bulwarks and side stored lo- The ?eeaela were towed hack here for repairs. Aa WIU BE SBEjr In another colnmn. bcoktor subscription to stock of the Fed eral Building association are now opeo. The ?rst monthly meeting for the payment of Place Motxiny evening. June rrV The officers being well known as reli a*iebj?io?M men. the stock is being rapidly 7^ *?" the association bids flair to be one ? great saccees. Aoaui fob the Ladies - 8,7 Space, have LriL ^17^ ?r*Dd K?t ofiummer I00? of still later importations eon. afotfog.tapart o? rKh M ABBlAfiB LfCEBSBS have been i>um tn J. Ber jam in Taylor and A. Loaisa men; iSocutr King and Julia Watkina I?av^ L Srepbers, of Bowie, Md.. and Delta Lanc >7 DaviC Andcnoo and Eliza be in Somen. ratal Expleeloa at lk? Capitol JOHN KIHO KILLED, AMD 8. B. CUTLER BE VIR1LT IN J C RE O. A ST*? explosion occurred at tbe Cipltol \ about half- past 3o'clock yciter lay afternoon in a small room need for storing documents under the east stairway of the Senate near tbe restaurant, by which Mr. John King, bead carpenter, uuder tbe 8 a per vising Archi tect, was so severely Injur*! that bis deatb resulted a little after 7 o'clock p. m., and 8. B. Cutler, assistant superintendent of the document foidit g room, was severely In jured. Tbe**lon was distinctly felt throughout the entire building. The halls on the south side were filled with "raoke and stifling gatses, and it was with considerable difficulty that the scene of the explosion could be reached. Carpenters had been em ihoyed for some davs pant placing shelves In the room for the purpose of storing there a lot of books from the folding room. The only opening to this room, where the explo sion occurred, was the door leading Into It. HOW THE EXPLOSION OCCURRED. There was a bracket gas light over the door, and some of the employes on leaving tbe room must, In turning off tbe gas, have turned It on again without knowing it, there being no check on the key. which,on account of its height from the floor, was usually turned with a suck. The room was thus filled with tbe escaped gas. In the afternoon Captain Cutler with Mr. King went to the room to ?ee after the shelving. Mr. King, ui locking tfce door, entered the rcom, fol lowed by Captain Cutler a few feet behind. The room being very dark, they both stepped back towards the door, as the smell of gas was oppressive. When Mr. King reached the d?-;or he struck a match, and instautly a tremendous explosion occurred, both being thrown with great force against the wall on the opposite side of the hall. FKU.HTFUL INJURIES OF MR. KING. W r. K 'iv was forced against the door Jam, which r.actured both his knees, and pieces 11 the door and easb, which were blown off, cnt his face and neck In a frightful manner. He was also shockingly burned about the hrsderd arm*. When found ho was dou bled up on the tloor of the ball, his head and breast having fallen forward upon his legs. A gash was found extending half way from the nose to the ear over the right eyebrow, the rlgbt tiiigh broken and the bone protrud ing through the flesh. At first he was sup posed to be dead, but Anally was seen to gt?sp, when restoratives were applied by some physicians present, and be was re moved at once to Providence hospital. CAPTAIN CCTLER WAS STUNNED, ??nd presented a frightful appearance with h s face, neck and hands blistered, hair and whiskers staged close to the skin, but no bones were broken. He was taken Into the room of the Sergeant at Arms, suffering gieat rain,and SenatorsWltbersand.Dennls, both belonging to the medical profession, attended blm, and after bis wounds were dressed he waa removed to his home. l)r. McCoy, who is attending him. reports htm badly burned, but that he has no internal injuries, and, if erysipelas does not set In, will recover. DEATH OF MR. KINO. Mr. King was attended on bis arrival at Providence Hospital by Drs. J. E. Brackett and Beall, who dressed bis wounds and, after administering opiates, made a more extenl ed examination of his Injuries and decided that nothing could be doue to save his life, as the concussion bad done Its work. He lingered till after 7 o'cIook, when death relieved him of bis sufferings. Mr. Klug was about fifty years old, of good reputation for integrity, and be leaves a family who reside on Cth, between H and I streets, north west. FORCE or THE SHOCK. The door to tne room was torn from Its binges and dashed against the opposite wall, sbiverlDg it to pieces. The wall was dls figured and torn, and in one plase Is to be seen the prints of Mr. King's hand, with por tions of the blistered skin still clinging to tbe bard finish. Tbe walls are blistered and blackened by the heat, and such was the force of concussion that after turning two angles, at least forty or fifty feet from where it occurred, the transom at the head of the Senate stairs was dashed into tne room of the official reporters of the Senate, causing no little consternation among that diligent corps. The doors of the 8euate restaurant were slammed to and fro. and a hat rack standing in a second room against double dcors broker1 u pieces. The cashier of the restaurant wa? thrown violently back against the waa. Tbe IctItsI Work. The revival meeting at the Assembly church yesterday was addressed by Iiav. Mr. Uonzaies on tbe work in Mexico. A large number of requests for prayer were presented, and Dr. Presbrey offered a prayer. Brief remarks as to the meetings were male by a number, and it was stated that the North Baptist church had licensed Col. An drews as a minister, and he would preach there. An Inquiry meeting followed. Tbe committee yesterday decided, in con sequence of the great amount of labor through which tbe mlnlsiry and otaers have parsed since tbe early part of February, to ? ^continue the evening meetings, atfleast for tbe season. Tbe noon day meetings will be continued next week In the chapel of the Y. M. C. A. The meeting today was held at the As sembly Presbyterian Church, In charge of Rev. W. 8. Hammond. Kev. W. O. Little read the lesson from Epbeslani, 1st chapter, commencing at the 3d verse, as to tbe spirit ual blessings vouchsafed to all, and the prayer of Paul for tbe church of Ephesus. Rev. Mr. Hammond read the requests for prayer?oneffor six gentlemen, one for a son at sea, one for a ministar, one for a father, mother, son. and grandmother, and several of wives for husbands, and offered a fervent prayer for them. Rev. Mr. Graef reported that at the Capitol Hill chapel the work was still In progress. Rev. Mr. Kramer reported tbat the meeting at the Calvary Baptist church last night was an exceedingly Inter esting one. Mr. Cheek reported that the meet ings at the North Carolina avenue mission were wonderful ones, and there were many interested. All the policemen In that pre cinct bad either been converted or were under conviction, and were inquiring the way. Tbe boose was too small, and last night numbers were standing on the outside. Mr. Hammond remarked that they wanted workers there, and he urged that the work ers go to the meetings. Dr. Noble reported that two of six gentlemen In whom they had been interested were now rejoicing. A praise meeting followed. A anion revival meeting will be com menced at the 13th street Presbyterian church to-morrow morning, at which Major Hall and other converts will speak. The Ahkual Commencement or the Law Department of the National University will take place at Ford's Opera-house next Thursday night. The faculty Is composed of ex Chief Justice Casey. Justice Arthur MacArtbur, Professor W? B. Wed^ewood and Hon. Guilford W. Wells. The com mencement exercises will consist of an In vocation by Bev. J. E. Rankin, D. D.; aunual address by Senator George G. Wright; con ferring of degrees by President Grant, and concluding address by Hon. Samuel Sbella barger. The exercises will be Interspersed with music by the marine band. The follow ing are tbe names of the graduates:?Wm. H. Blodgett, Wis.; Charles Frederick Bralnard, N. H.; Edmund J. Brookings, Me ; Charles M- Bryant, Pa.; Charles H.Carrlugton, Ohio; Amado Chaves, N. M-; Charles 8. Chesnev, Md.; A. James Cblpman, Kan.; Henry N. Copb, N. Y.; Wm. H. Crook, Md.; J. Augus tus Dapray, 8 C; Patrick J. Downing N. J.; Ernest A. Fenton, N. Y ; Leroy R. Fin ney, Ohio; Morris J. Foote, Ohio; Oscar C. Fox, N. Y.; Charles H. Fowler. N. Y.; Frank Fuller, 111; Fred. E. Garnett, N. Y-; Henrv J. Glflbrd.N. Y.; Felix J. Griffin, N. Y.; J. W. Hugen, Va.; Amos W. Hart, D. C.; Ju lian A. Hurdle, Ky.: John D. Hyer, Pa.; Franklin W. Knight, D. C-; Gustavus A. Kuhn. Md.: Wm. Lamborn, Pa; F. Lueen heel. Md.; James H. May, Ind.; W. K. Men denball, Pa ; J. E. McNally, D. C ; Joseph C. Nash.Tenn.; Lewis I. O'Neal, Md ; Win. B. Henner, D. C.; Ferdinand Schmidt. N. Y.; Francis M. Scbrelner. D. C.; George H. 8cid more. Wis.; George D. Scott, N. Y.; Theo dore H. Simpson, D. C.; James H. Smith. D. C; George W. Street. N. Y; s. Norns Thome, N. Y.; Lewis W. Tolman, Mass; Algernon 8. Vos*. Ohio; Edward C. Wade, Ga.; Madison Whipple, N. Y.; Albert M. Wooater, Ct. ? The Washington Inebriate asylum. An adjourned meeting of the trustees of the Washington Inebriate Asylum was held last evening at tits office of Messrs. Hollo, way A Co, 514 9 th street-Vice President J. C. Harkneas in the chair. Col. John T. Given and Hon. D. P. Holloway, appointed at a previous meeting as a committee to nomi nate a superintending physician and stand, log committees, reported the following nom inations wbieh were unanimously confirmed: Superintending physician. Dr. Jos. T. How. ard: eommltteeon management and discip line, Dr. Joseph Borrows, James H. stone, Wm Stlekney; eommittee on finance, Wm. R-alley, Thomas Berry. John W. Simau; executive oommittee, J. C. McKelkeu, D. P. Holloway, Wm. J. Murtagb. Gratifying progress In tbe general work of organization was reported by Ool. Given, Mr. Holloway, Dr. Howard and others. Serious Accident to a Bor?William Reynolds, a boy 15 year* of age, while at tempting to slight from the 11:17train of the B. ? P. Railroad last night In front of bis residence, on Maryland avenue, between i3th and 13x streets southwest, slipped and fell, and bis right foot being canght under the wheels was badly crushed. Dr. H. E. Leach, with Drs. Boarman and Hasen, found it ne cessary to amputate the foot, which opera tion was performed this morning. The prac tice indulged In by yoong men living on the line of the railroad of Jumping on and off the cars whlls m motion is a dangerous oae and j should be stopped. Ttie latlml Jockey Clnb SPORT AT BENNING'S YISTERDAY. The second day of tbe Inaugural meeting of tbe National Jockey Club yesterday was as successful as tbe first. The attendance was large and select and tbe race* all passed on spiritedly and without any mishap. Tr roe running contests bad been arranged for tbe day. THI FIRST RACE was a c'e*h of 1 % mlln, for all ages. Purse, *2:5 to the first horse, $75 to tbe second, and 950 to tbe third. The following horses were entered: Cariboo, Ore Kaob, Enllster, Leader. Jack Trigg, and Danville. Leader was the favorite In tbe pools, with Enllster second. Jack Trigg and Enllster failed to start Danville got away first, with Leader second.and Ore Knob third. Loader pressed Danville closely at first, bot gradually fell back to the third place. Tbe fourth quarter was fatal to Danville, who was compelled to take the third plaoe. Ore Knob racoeeded in obtaining and keeping the lead, coming in winner, with Cariboo second, Danville third, and Leader, tbe favorite, last. Time, 2:15*. TIIK SECOND RACE was a selling race for all ages. Parse ?350, one and an eighth miles. 8pringlet, Spend rift. Jest, Fairy Queen, Keene Richards, Bill Monday, Denver, Alecto,and Nettle B. were entered. Spendnft was decidedly the favor ite, with Sprlnglet second. After several false starts, the word was given, with Jest leading at the judges stand. Before the third quarter was reached Spendrlft, the favorite, sur ceded in getting the lead ard came across the line an easy winner, Springlet stcoiid, ai.d Bill Monday third, tne rest strung out. Time, 2GS#. THE THIKD RACE was for all ages, mile heals. Purse, ?t00, #1(0 to second horse. Paladin, Rjrauey, Alton. Burgoo, and Hartland were entered for ti ls race. Alton was the favorite. Fint Heal?The first attempt at a start was a failure, hut Alton ran bard at lea-t three quarters of a mile before he could be chccktd. After considerable trouble the word was given, Hartland leading. The horses kept well bunched, however, but Bur goo succeeded in winning the heat, Alton second, Paladin third, Hartland fourth, and Ilomr.ey last. Time, 1:49 Second Heat.?Burgoo was now the favorite. F.urgoo lead, closely followed by Paladin. At the third quarter Burgoo and Paladin were rum. lug neck and neck; the other three were some distance behind. On tbe home stretch Paladin ran ahead of Burgoo, and won the race by about three lengths, Burgoo second. Hartland third, Ronmey fourth, and Alton last. Third He tit Great Interest was centered upon this heat, and the crowd was quite ex cited. Paladin was decidedly the favorite, buta close contest was expected, and Burgoo still bad bacEtrs, who took tbe large odds offered. At the first attempt the word was given, when Burgoo was at least three lengths ahead. Paladin's rider at first evi dently thought it was not a ?'go," and the spectators thought It sbon Id not have been. Burgoo had too much of a lead from tbe start, and Paladin was unable to catch blm, although he worked well. Burgoo came In winner of tbe heat and race. Time, 1.51. Great dissatisfaction was expressed, not only by tbe backers of Paladin, but by dis interested spectators, that the starter should give the word when Burgoo was so far ahead. ? Board of Health. THE ABATTOIR QUESTION DI8CD9SED, ETC. A meeting of the Board of Health was beld last evening, and Mr. Marbury, from the finance committee, made a report fixing the bond of tbe pound master at 81,000. The report of the registrar of VITAL STATI8TIC9 was presented, showing the mortality of the District of Columbia for the week ending May 13, was &5 (5 less than last week) or at tbe rate of 21.125 per 1,000 per annum. In crease of the population by blrtbs (reported) over deaths 5, or at the rate of 1.625 per 1,000 per annum. Bate of mortality of tbe white population 15 826 per 1,000 per annum; colored 54 667 per 1,000. Births reported 70-whlte 44, colored 26. Rale of Increase of the white population by births over deaths, 4070 per annum; decrease of colored by deaths over births, 4.622 per 1,000 per annum. Deaths corresponding week 1875?white 30, colored 32; total, 62; or at the rate of 20.150 per 1,800 per annum. There were 35 deaths of whites (14 minors) and 30 colored (20 minors), 16 be ing under 3 years of age. There were 12 deaths from consumption, 7 pneumonia, 4 scarlet fever, 4 Infantile convulsions, 3 old age. ncisances. The health officer submitted a report on various cases of alleged nuisances, among them one of a concrete establishment near the Circle, <22d street and Pennsylvania av- 1 eDne.) which he reparts was complained of last July, w hen be stated that there was no of the board which would prohibit the nuisance. Tbe subject was referred to thp sanitary committee. On the recommendation of the health offl- ' cer, the wood structure and premises No. 513 23d street northwest, and the open sewer under frame house No. 451 H street north west, were declared nuisances Injurious to health, and their abatement ordered. THE NATIONAL ABATTOIR BILL 1 was taken up, and a delegation of butchers Messrs. J. R. Kelly, J. A. Hoffman, Ed. H. Brcoke, Theo. Barnes, B. W. Gheen, J. J. Lightfoot, Henry Llnklns. Kengla?were present with Messrs. W. E. Clark and G. W. Oyster; also Messrs. Ellenger, Brenner and Loone, of Baltimore. The butchers were ac companied by Mr. R. K. Elliot, as counsel, for the purpose of protesting against th* board taking favorable action In reference to tbe bill. Mr. Elliot said that the question Involved was whether that business of tbe butchers should be abolished, as it certainly would be if tbe bill went Into effect. To compel every butcher and farmer .to patronize the abattoir would Involve the destruction of our property. It was a monopoly not only as to the killing, but as to tbe Introduction of cattle, and It alms at a single blow to con fiscate tbe property of two or three bundred butchers or tbe District, and enacts that tbe butcher, although be should live next door to the abattoir, must go in there to do bis killing. Is tbe slaughter of 500 animals at ten or more places, any more deleterious to health than tbe slaughter at one place? He read a remonstrance which tbe butchers pro pose to present to Congress, stating that tbe fees (?125 per bead,) are exorbitant, and that taking tbe number of cattle nowslaogb tered as a basis, tbe revenue per year would be about S13P,000. This money would not come ontof the butchers, for they were sharp enough not to pay It themselves, and there fore tbe people would have to pay It. It was a scbeme to take from two hundred people and give to six; to rob tbe many and enrich the few. Mr. Jeremiah M. Wilson, for tbe corpora tors, said that In every place where tbe abat toir project had been mooted there was op position, but this opposition generally gave way to favorable recommendation, and he called attention to the abattoirs in Europe, In Boston, New York and New Orleans, and said such projects are now recommended in Cincinnati and Baltimore. That In Jersey City Is a most extensive establishment, within 250 feet of the docks of the Canard steamers, and created no nnisauce. Mr. Hoffman, on tbe part of the batchers, said that the parties who were urging this bill had asked the Maryland legislature for a similar measure. He claimed that slaugh ter houses could be kept In goed sanitary condition, and called attention to tbe fast that slaughter-houses were in Baltimore di rectly on tbe street, and also to the butcher* as a class being healthy. He called atten tion to the appearance or tbe butchers present, and to Mr. Wilson be said:?"I would like you to spend a month at my slaugbtcr bouie, for I believe It would make yoa healthy." IMr. Wilson?"I am as healthy as you are, to-day."] They bad no objection to an abattoir, bat don't give them a monop oly; they bad been smarting under tbe mar ket monopoly. These men would, If they coald, raise tbe price of beef to fifty cents r Mr. Llnklns remarked that If they had an abattoir tbe price of beef woald oe cheaper, for it was tbe present drove yard which kept up tbe price, aud there was nothing bat rub* bish sold at this yard. As for tbe destruction of property, be claimed that the butchers could get at least one-fifth more for their property if tbe slaughter bouses were re moved. He claimed that there weald be no loss to tbe batcbers but gala, and be denied that such number of cattle are slaughtered here as is stated In tbe remonstrance. This concluded tbe bearing, and the board adjourned. ? a Building Permits issued by Its pee tor Plowman: C. H. Jordan, west side 12th, be tween E end F streets northwest, a private stable; HV. J. Harvey, a two story brick dwelling, west side 23d, between G and H; #400. Emil 8. Friedrieh, a brick stable, south side East Capitol, between 3d and 4tn streets; WOO. George I. Hall, a two-story brick dwelling, west side l3tn, between B and C streets southwest: *3,000. Samuel Norment, a two-story brick dwelling, Canal street, between ad and 3d southwest; si,ooo. Also, a shop In same locality; #i,wo. Congress has decided that It Is not neses sary at Ibis time to appoint a committee to examine Into tbe durability, style and finish of tbe trunks, traveling bags, shawl straps, Ac, made by oar enterprising manufac turer, James ft. Topbam, 423 7th street, one door above Odd Fellows' Hall. He makes every description of fine trnnki to order. Btsavgers visiting tbe city should call at Prigg's jewelry store and examine tbe beautiful styles in Lake George diamonds, French Etrasoan, onyxgtnd gold and silver sets, necklaces, combs and belt-cbatelaln to matcfc, No. 457 Pennsylvania avenue, near iX street. Prof. Sheldoh's 29th ahutal May Ball at Talimadge ball last night was a very succ***ful and pleasant affair. The queens, six In number, ware as follows:? Queen of Mar, Miss Little L. Prather; maids of honor, MUses Kanule Clark, Mary Ham mend, Emma Maxwell and lnem Goodrich; erown- bearer, Viola Crm?s. Juvenile May Qr.een, Miss Nellie Acker; maids or bonor, Misses Minerva Sbeldon, Helen Morris, Ida Pumphrey and Cornle Denver: crown-bearer, ?lss I?ollle Markrlter. Queen of Oayety, in* May Peering; maids or bonor, Mimes Lizzie Ruff, Mary Unoe, Luey Lillen and Sallie Huyck; wltb Mamie Pumpbreys as crown-bearer. Queen of Flowers, Miss Sal lie Pnmpbreys: maid* or bonor, Corrine Bar ton. Nina Gunion, May Duncansoa and Car rie Lansburgb; wltb Laura Brooks as crown bearer. Queen or Dancing, Miss Lou Dou r?nt; maids or bonor. Misses Alice Burdette, Emma MoNetr, Bessie Markrlter and Mary Stott, wltb May Hamilton for crowu-bearer. Ladles or tbe Ccurt. Misses Ada Drummond, Minnie Rook, May Huyck, AlldaHenrlques, May Williams, Florence Crogban, Mary Moore, Hilda Henriques, Claudle M. Moran, Estelle Huyck, Margarita Spalding, Ratle Drummond, Florence Hearing, Minnie Lans burgh. Cavaliers, Lucius C. Hlarxins, Geo. Hob bp, Moor 8. Falls, Charles Kalbfa*, J. Barry Adams. Durell Sanderson, A. B- Mor rison. W. B. Keyser. Nicholas Acker, Harry Hamilton, B. F. Wade, P. 8. Gunion, 8. Lansburgb, J. M. Orwn, Thomas Purant, Albert Acker, Arthur Hooe, Elelln* HamlU ton, Willie Burdetto, Edwin Murrfock, EJw. Drummond, Schuyler 8tokes, A.H Semmee, Henry I>ansbur?, A. Hamilton, Willie Roose, Brook Baker, Robert Rainey. Tiu programme of the fancy dances w*? d in masterly style by the little onp?, the ?ol?.s by Misses Minerva Sheldon and Ellen Gray being particularly good. ? Tnio. F. Gatchel has a lone list or vprv desirable bonnes Torrent, as will be see i by reference to our advertising columns. Mr Gatcbel has superior advantages for rem ins bouses, in that he has provided a conveyance for persons wishing to examine the property he offers. Lisen dusters and linen n'sters for boys and children, 4 to 16 years. B. Robinson A Co., the hoys clothier, Pennsylvania avenue, next to M. Williams?[ Advt. THE CO CRTS. Cotrt in Geseral Term. To-day. Huntington vs. Walker; argued on motion ror rebate of lrtere3t. and submitted. Alexander vs. Bouldin; argued on motion for writ of possession; remanded to Equity Court. 8bedd vs. Ordway; record being read; argument to be had Monday. Polios court ?Judo* until. To-day, Martin Connor, farrelted col lateral. Mary Lilly, drunk and disorderly; tS. James Smith, profane and indecent; ?5. John B. Kessler. profanity; 18. James Mor rlsey, Stephen McNamee and James Finch forfeited. Richard Casey, cart no number: 05. Charles Arnold, profane; $5. Richard Nolan and James Ready, two able bodied vagrants, were >ent to tbe chain gang. GEORGETOWN. Suddew Death?Ellen E. McCubblns dropped dead at her home, 159 Bridge street, this morning about t; o'clock. Coroner Pat terson was summoned and gave a certificate of death from heart disease. Tbe deceased was 38 years old. Mad Dog?Officer Smith yesterday eve ning killed a mad dog on Water street, be tween Congress and Jefferson. Boat Race?A two-mile boat race will be rowed on tbe Potomac this afternoon at 6 o'clock in working boats. The contestants are Georgetownlans, Clarence Corson and Randolph Cummins vs. l*rank Barbanin and Frank Johns. The course will be from Table rock to the Aqueduct bridge. ALEXANDRIA. A primary election was held by the conservatives to day to nominate candi dates for state and municipal officers to be voted for on Thursday, May 25. For mayor, K. Kemper received 917 votes and J. B. John son 4. Disorder.?Yesterday and last night there was considerable drunkenness and dis orderly conduct on the streets. On Union street, near King, in the artemoou, there was a regular free fight. During the night there were a great many disorderly men around, and most of the bar rooms were com pelled to close }heir doors at a comparatively early hour. Fish report.?The receipts or fish con tinue light, and things at Flshtown are rap Idly assuming their quiet summer appear ance. Since yesterday there have been re ceived only about 2.000 shad and 47,000 her rings. Shad sold from ?16 to ? 18 per hun dred, and herrings from $10 to S10.59 psr thousand.?[Gazette, 19th. The Bedloe's Island Statce The massive arms and bands for the Bartholdl Btdlne's Island statue of Liberty arrived in the steamer L'Ameri'jueyesterday. Mr. Bar tholdl, who was one of tbe passengers on tbe steamer said: "Nearly all tbe money re quired to perfect tbe plans had been sub scr bed and paid, and all would have been forthcoming much sooner had our people felt satisfied that tbe United States would, with out question, appropriate Bedloe's Island for the project? [Jv. Y. Commercial Advert iter. Six sons of Judge Stewart, of Logans port, Ind., were his pall-bearers. X^The indictment of ex-Governor Moae^ or Scntii Carolina has railed on account of a defect in tbe drawing or the Jury. B? j rrr, STYLE AND EXCELLENCE, IB CE1T LBH E!f'I DRESS. fob HOBBY 8TBEBT WEAB: FBIHCH WOOLBB BU1T8. Bread Plaid Suits ENGLISH WOOLBB SUITB. Light Plaid Suits. SCOTCH WOOLBB SUITS. Dark Plaid Suits. OXrOBD MIXED 8U1TB. Mottled Mixed Suits. ABEBIOAN WOOLBB SUITS. Haia Line Case. Bolts. DABK MIXED SUITS. Light Mixed Suits. L1GBT BATISTE 8U1T8. Dark Batiste Suit?. MOHAIB WOBSTBD SUITS. Bobby Sack Suite. STYLISH FBOCK SUITS. BVEBT STYLE OF MIXED SUIT. FOB DRESS, OB EYEMSG PROMENADE Diagonal Worsteds. In Coat* and Vests. Piiioc Worsteds, In Ooata aad Vest-. Bird s Eye Worsteds, In Coats and Vests. Ei&motd race Worsted*, in Coats aad Vesta. Tricot Worsteds, la Ooats and Vests. Ortss bur Worsteds, _ In Ooats and Vests. Every Eeiign of Worsted, jy CVAT AND VEST. TBOESEBS In every conceivable pattern. HABLE BROTHERS, Merchant Tailors and Fine Clothiers, my!9 tr Corner Seventh and D streets. ttrpilB LITTLB BVOHB aBOUMD THE OOB J. BABIB GADSBY. DEALER IN FINE FAMILY oAoCERIEB, BO. S^lVwBN^lK^H BTBkiT, B.W., Between Fenna. arson* and I at., nyS-lm Washington, D. O. HOBSJS FOOD. BOBDOra FOOD BOB HORSES AND CATTLE. ECO BOM r,TIV OR, SPEED, FINE APr BAR ANC1S. SOON 1) HEAL1H.EE C\/RMU BY ITS OBE. 1BQBBD1BBT8 ALL YBQBTABLB. ?aaspla 100 Beads lev It oe. De?ot tn Washington, Louisiana aveon*. ?ClO-eoflm O. P. LADBBSIOB * OO. RATIONAL BAFB DEPOSIT CO., ltu ?l. ssd New York smm, FIBB ABD BOBQLAB PBOOF VAULTS. AU kinds of valuables taken oa deoeslt. Bafee for ?Office boor*, It.B to 4 ?. ui, GEO. H. PLANT, President. mn> 8.v- &J82S.?t???!""" A CARD.?To oB who are Buffering from the anon and tndlsoretiona of youth. aarroof (Mrty decay, loos mt a<aih<x*tLAe.. 1 will lew Yorkelty. READING NOTICES. Th? Cr??B rciriMN. l*?? the rich Latural fiowfr odors of The Crown Perfomenr Oo, 40 Strand. London, rotnprlslr g WIM Flowers of In'tla, Crown Bccqcet, Bnlterfly, Orchis, Ac., Ac. C IT Y ITEMS. RtPAtms?Do notdelavi bat bare your Trunks, Valises, Satchels. Ac., put la com plete repair at the factory of J akbs 8. Top ham. 425 7th street. They will be called for and delivered witnoot charge. 3,20,6 Have Torm hocsis cuaitip and yonr winter clothing saved from mo ins, by using Hart's Hoach Powder. 12*2 F street north west. S,19,0 Lhjht FiltA2td Straw Hat*?A laree and elegant stock of new and st>itsh Straw snd Felt Hats for gentlemen, boys and chil dren now opening at Lewis' "Popular One Price 8tore," 920 7th street, bet. I and K. 2 Ceras, *??? Theasaads of the elite of the worM patronise Dr. White's establishment, 1416 Pennsylvania avenne. opposite Wlllard'a Hotel, for the successful treatment of hard, soft and vascu lar corns, bunions, ingrowing and clab calls, Ac. Fee (1 per visit for attending the feet. FIN* SHRfNK FlAHUBb 8CITS, cut to fit. in any style; easy to make; for f" 50; at Mocre's, 1011 New York avenue. 5,13,6 ? Apou inaris Watek -a natural effer vesces t mineral water of great purity, very a~ren?ble flavor, and possessing valuable dietetic qualities. For sale by all druggists, gr? cers, ai.d dealers in mineral water. Otution ? Messrs. MoCullagh A Co., No. 19 Eeaver street, New York, agents of the fropriftors of the spring AhrweUer, Ger many. caution the public against using Ap? llirarls water which does not bear the cew pictorial lahel ard brand of the spring, with ttelr (McCullagh A Co's) name as ogert.s aflixed, whereby geuulueuess Is guar antted. 5,13,?6 ? No establishment in the city more prompt in amending to all orders for S^wer Work, Plumbing and Uas Klttlrn than Ham ilton A Pearson, Y. M. C. A. Building, 9th and D streets. They employ rone but the best workmen, and consequently give satis faction in all their work. They keep the largest stock of Plumbers' and Uas Fitters' supplies of any bouse in the city, and are therefore enabled to do all work at the most reasonable prices. They give low estimate* on all contract work, and e us ran lee satis faction in every instance. Give them a call. They are good responsible men and deserve encouragement. 3,18,wA*,3: ' Colds and Coughs.?Hudden changes of climate are sources of Pulmonary awl Bronch ial aJTections. Take at once "Brown'* Br m- h. ial 1 rochet," let the Cold, Cough, or Irrita tion of the Throat be ever so alight. Dr. C. W. Benson s Cei.ert Aim Cham omile Pills are prepared expressly to cure Sick Headache, Nervous Headache, Dyspep tic Headache, Neuralgia, Nervousness and Sleeplessness, and will cure any case. Price, 60 cents. Sold by all Druggists In Washing ton, Georgetown and Alexandria. 2,24.eo ? _ Memeval. First-class scouring and dthins. A. Fischer enlarged bis establishment by removing to his new bonding, 906 G st. north west, three doors west of 9th street, very near his former plaoe. By promptly adopting the latest Improvements, whether of American or European invention, he is enabled to do any work in a manner not to be equaled by those not possessing these facilities. SST Ladles Dresses cleaned and dyed with out being taken apart. 1k*~ Crape Veils re finished nice and cheap. Sr Grease stains removed effectually. tar Gent's garments cleaning and dyeing a specialty. er Prices lower than ever before, to salt the times. GEORGETOWN ADVER MT8. GEORGETOWN COLLEGE. Select Bladings in aid of tbe COLLEGE BOAT CLUB at S o'clcck f. m Hay 2.1 i. Prof A i.ton Gloetxuir will play the Centennial March, by Wag ner. Mr. L. G. Cannon will ting. Tickets at Ellis A Oo '? mnsic store. myl8-3t |Ta? OFFICE GEORGETOWN GAS LIGHT CO., Hat 18,1)JT#.?A meeting of tbe Stock holders of thta Company, for the election of seven IMrectors, will be beld at this Office on MOB DAT, Jnne 6th. Polls will be opened at 11 a.m., and close at 1 p m. mtlSJt Q. W. CROPLEY, Secretary. JOKING AND SIMMER. PREMIUM STEAM DYEING AND SCOURING, At H.M. H WHEATiE Y'S OLD AND AML1ABLE MSTA B LIS HM BX T. Ladies and Gentlemen can have their Spring and Snn, Wearing Apparel Cleaned or Oolored In tbe very beat manner; also, Winter Clothing, Car p?ts, Blankets, Ac , 4c r nicely Cleaned and taken care of until needed, Work sent for and delivered without extra charge anywhere in the District?re vived from and returned to any place la tbe oountry by mail or express. Office and Works, 49 Jefferson street, Georgetown. D. C.: feat Office Box, T43. Office boors?7a. m. to 7K p. m , Saturday, to 9 p m. myd-tr JJARGAIBS IN PHY GOODS. Ladies Drees Goeds In all the new materials and style*; Black Grccadines. at IS, 30. 40, 50. 82K, 78 cents, 91; Black Bilks, from 01 to #3: Black Alpacas and Mohairs; White Goods of all kind* tor school commencement dreesse, cheap; good Cali coee, fast colors, at ?, C\ and 8cents; best Percales, 12X cents; t'assimeree and goods of all kinds for men and boys' wear, very cheap; Parasols, from 3D oeats to ?*: 2-but on K a Gloves, gl and Bl fO. Whit* and Checked Matting. 30 14. 30.39,eO atd 40 cants. ?yt tr BEBJAMlB MILLER, 103 Bridge st. J\EW SrRING AND SUMMER GOODS AT ATTRACTIVE PRICES G JHO. H. 8MOOT At SOU., BO. 119 BRIDGE ST., GEORGETOWN. U. 0., Bare received from Bew Tork and are offering at Popular Cash PrtctS, LADIES' DREBS GOODS in new dsslgas of Plaids, Stripes and Plain materials; best makes Black Silk from ?lto S3 SO; Bl'B and White Striped and Check Silk; Grenadines trom 24c. to fl.SS. Mourning Goods of all tbe beat makes and fast Blacks a specialty; Cotton Goods and Sheetings at ths lowest rsdnoed prices; White Dress Fabrics from 12# cents np; House Furnishing Goods ot tbe best makes; Gent's and Boys' wear; Ladies' and Gent's Underwear; Kid Gloves,I batton, at II and ?!.<?; Hosiery in great variety; Parasols and Uasbreliae; Prints ? and so., best 8j.: Fe'cales UKc., with a roll line of other goods, te which we are adding daily supplies at low prices. Goods sent to any part of tbe efty. aptt lm J SO H IMOOf HOT JOH5I R. UAUORRBT tfl Bas just opened a First Class IIAT AND SHOE STORE, BEAR CORNER 7m ABD D STREETS, Couth Washington. Yon can always And In this establishment the finest make of BOl TS and SUOBB, tke best selec tion of STRAW GOODS, all the latest styles of Gent's HATS and CAPS, and tbe largest and best assortment of Ladles', Misses' and Children's wear of any store in th's city. Prices very moderate and all goods sold positively guaranteed to be as repre sented My g<ods cannot be excelled, either in fuality or arice. A call is most respectfully solicited rom my friends and the public generally to examine my sn?k, which will be found complete N. B.-Tbis is no BRANCH HOUSE, as I have positively no ronntctton tehauvtr witb any other es tablisbment in the city. my 18 3t THE GREAT ANODYNE AND NERVINE. BELT'S STOMACH AND TONIC HITTERS. It Is an unfailing remedy for DTSPEP81A aad LIVER COMPiiAlMT and eves? species of IB DIGESTION. It is ths only care for SICK HEAD ACHE. It never fails to relieve la MIASMATIC FETERS, FBVER and AGUE, COLIC. Ac. It is a swift and Invariable cars of the DBBILITY, DEPRESSION, aad HBADAOHB which folios UHDCB jBTlMULATJOM, It overcomes diately all MBBToUSMBSS aad rssnorss all traces of a night's DISSIPATION. It doss away with tbe use of OPIATES aad to tboss addicted to the OPIUM HABIT: It is a pleasant aad perfect sab stltuta, curing the bad effects of this drug and de stroying all deelrs for It. To b* had at a11 Drug fists sad Grottrt. Stud for PamrkUt. BELT'S BITTERS DEPOT, 13 Oamdso street Baltimore, Md. SAH*L TTLEX, Jr, WHOLESALE AGENT, my 13 Sm* S99 ittn street, Washington, D C. _ I SALT 1 ? SJe.000 Sacks Liverpool Ground Alum end Fine Skit Ash ton's, Oeakm'a.'Ver QALT ^ aluu* *uw ? >u. bm, awwu w, i/nftiu m, , VI' din's aad Evans' brands. l0,SSS bushels Turk's Jslatd. SO/OO Bags and Bjzea Dairy aad Table Salt; for sale la lots to salt; delivered in " Washington, about Baltimore prioee. By " Soath street, aad Baltimore. awsrsw si* ?w? sws ??ie a as ivw w* Depot, Washington, abont Be ALEX. kerr A bro , 41 JEBRIBS A KERB'S Whar asy8-lm GHB"T ^iBBT**he?F B h MO.T ???ViISV5r4!,D C?"Vil SAVORT Si MOORE. Ill, Bew Bend Strsst, Loadoa, aad all Chcmiata aad Sti t ths WorM. AMUSEMENTS. pOlBI OPIRAJIOIIB. FRIDAY EVENING. MAY 86. IV#. GRAND VRAMAT.C PERFORMANCE 1* AID or WASHINGTON 1BEBRIATE ASYLUM FCJD CAMILLK or, The Fat* of M L\tqmrtt?. W. L. L>cni? T K Bailer J P Joyce. J B tud l|t, A. B m ? _ _ _? ?_ L i Harb^ngbP Mrs M t BorrH. XlMi.C War*, Mlsi Umt Kaufman- Mlw Florence W?lf. Mr? Beanm-Mit u? othwi. TktHiMtwti Iimtntj Nili my W At (2BAUD CENTENNIAL OPMMB~77~nf I K. BAIEBB 8UMMBB QtfcDBN. r.tMrStkiDiliii ? ? w. Aat*P.wlof H'tcir i* engaged forlhfMCUlot.whi viU ?*rfxa<?rii| lb* #w*lu Thi* forest will b? rmttli'?4 *<?rr SATURDAY Ml WBDNBSDAI B\ KMBO.oom ?nclri at t elf past 7 o'eloek. OIO K. B1IIB. N ATIU.1AL TMXATEB. MONDAY EVENING. Mat SI. First traMrtne)1 ef the gifted Tooog ArtliU, WH NABT ARDF.BHUB, Supported bv Mr JOHN W |OK!<>N. Mr. M T. LINOH * M ttd tbe Dramatic <'?irpeny. FlrM piudoction here In twenty roan of Bhlal ? TrtMir, mtltM BTAD1K. Or, The Hall tf Ittta*! TI BP DA T AND WBDNE80AY NIGHTS FIRST TIME IN WASHl*(iT<?X. A f ur act Play, from tb? French of Hmii De B"W>jfr. RrRTHI, The lUultrr at Roltnl. THI R9DAY ?Rl-MBO ABD JTLltT. FBIDAY?MEO M KKRILBB 8ATCBDAY?FA7.10 MAT1NE BAT! RDAY AT 3 tot I-ft TUKATFR CO.MIQI A. fci. Street, X btlow f?e*.<Wiam* Art*??. OF EM THE TMAK HO VXD. Pe:fonre^ce EVERY NIOHT Matin** for La dtee and Chil ian E VIC BY WlL>WEs>DAY eud SATl'RDAY AFTERNOON. FIRST-CLASS 1N~EVERY RESPECT. Variety. Drama. Bsrleegue aad Comedy. norB ly Old No.) On TCxhiVtition INbw No. { ?d Sale I ASB 7TM 8T. N AT J Ttm OT. MASK RITll'l, N?. 43V TU rtrm, between U oni R -truth nit rferv* abort 0<1A Ftilotet' Hall. Choice Oil Painting*. Et>gravlnr?, Ohromos. Br Also, larg<*t itoci of Paper Uisrlun, W'tidow Bbadea, Pictures. framw, Picture Oordi and Tm sets, Ring*. Ball*, Ac., tm Um District. WTnm 0a?h. ?y Pleas* wamnbw Bams and UrnUt, lyl-ly EXCURSIONS, PIC NICS, Ac. I^IGHIEKNIH ANNL'AL BX IR8I0N i or thi EMBB90N INbTITDTB, TO GLVMONT,THrRSDAY. Mar Mtb.WC, bTBAMBB J. W. THOMPSON . Tickets may be obtalnad at MM .ce rottV S:rimer Imw mh wbatf at 9 a m. my JwTT1 ^VHBAT EICURftlOJI. The Etean.t cat MABY WASHINGTON Will leave ber wharf, foot of 7tta M., for a trip dewn tbe Stiver on the SIM, at 2 30 o'clock Fare for r?t;r,d ttlj>?^^^^^? 25 ct*. |m\ 17-4t) J.W L BOSWBLL. ( apt. SUMMER RESORTS. J^lTIZ SPR191GB HOTEL. Tte rew man* cement bag leave to Inform the nenierou* gueM* and patron* of tbi* well B . . A known and pnanlar YhaAT gl'MIBB BB80BT ? That the Hou-I ba* been mott tborongMf refur nlrhrd and remodeled fr<> a to* to bvttoa*. A liberal patronage i* *ollcited TKKMB MODKUATB. Artly to AMMOB * JACOBY, my>0 1m Lltir.. PenM>lt*?la. "VALLEY HOMI" mo-leatly offer* pure t ibcuttain air, mineral water, f Sol *hor aLd Ct.alj Ixiate , good (are, home like freedom, and daily ma'.l* to all wboj bava lireer?*d beneatb it* *bade*,andtoanr atrang er* who ma> ecme. Tarma. 029 p*r montb. City reletence* freely giTen Addrea*. MBS H 8. OOKK. mylT-Sw* Valley Home. Tia NN incbeater, Va. 'jpHB BALTIMORI AND Oil 10 RAILROAD iMi COM PA BY '8 HOTEL, AT DBBB PARR. Will be OPEN FOB VISITORS on the 10TH OP JITNB, and their NEW HOTEL at Oak f land on the 1?t OP JULY. Applicant*' for Rr-on.1 or Information addre** the nn derelcned. at Oakland, Oarrett eoantr, Mu. apM-tjyll JOHB DA1LEY. Manager. BOOKS AND STATIONERY. he l oth ur afM t IN B W 1UOKI. Daniel Deronda, byOeorK* Bllit rol. l ci 'th; ffl 60. The Prime Mlniatar. by vnthiay Troliope; paper. 75 cent*. Btudiea from England and Italy, cy John Richard Oreen.antbor of n"Bhort Hie tory (>f tbe Eticlich People." 01.71. Animal Becord of tkienceand Indmtry for 187*. by Prof. Spencer F. Baird; 12 mo.; clot*: 02 Village Oammnnitie* and MieoeManie*. by Bir Henr. Bamn<r Maine: f3.S0. Comtede Part* Hi*? ry aftae Civil War in merica; ; 8-ro.. cloth, 03 90. Jn*t putli*bed, and for aale by ?OHr? BRAS., FOOKSELLERb ANU STA11UXERS. my 17 tr 1B1A Penn*) lvania aveon*. WV< H HAZBL. By author ot Wide Wide World ACH8AH: A Bew England LlfaBtndr. FREE, YET FOBOINO THRIBOWN OHAIBB PLATO'S BB8T THOUGHTS. Hy Bclkley. ADDRB0SB8 by D. L. MOODY. Bevlaad. By htmaelf MBMOIR OF BOBMAB MAOLBOD^, D D THB SANITARY DBA1BAGB OF HOBaRtf ABD TOWBB. For sale by WH BILLARTTKI, myi tr SEVENTH BTBBBT. JJAZAR PATTERNS, BAZAR PATTERNS, AGIBCY AT c. BAVM'S, 108 7tM street. AOXBCT OF THB HEW AUTOMATIC WILCOX & GIBBS 8MWING MACHINES. LADIES UNDERGARMENTS AT ASTONISHING FB10B8, Made of the beat Cottons and beet worBaanahlp C. BAU3TS SANITARY CORSET OR ANY BTYLB MADB TO ORDBR. C. BAl'l, 408 Beveitu Street. ap? CHIOS. RIESSNEB, A ^*T1# BHD TIT TtH BTBBBT M. W la Bole agent for the District of Oolcmbla for the st. moisi, The only BRL1ABLE HBATINO RANQB in the market. Mr. Retainer haa nut up hundred* of theae Rangre In thi* city, and In all catee they hare given tbe utmoet aatlcfactlon. He baa the largeet and beat Mock of cLATE MABTBL8 In Waahington. at price* from 018 opwnrd* Mr. Rlaaaner to Bole Agent for the BADIABT HOMM VOBNACB. Wtleh ha*been tborcughiy tested, and pronounced 1 VhIi'bUMm'i S1 Joa*8 TO T B '?"?K'otn nfs oiigr tvsIb, Bi&bracirg all the Utevt design* Alao, a large *tock of* BBFB1GEBAT0R8. WATEB COOLERS, 8TAHD0, COTLBBY, Plain and Fancy TIN WABB. ekolaaale and retail. Beat three ply BDBBBB HOBS, only U oeata per ROOFING, BPOUTIBG, Ac , Km promptly By the beat workmen. Order* Invited CHBIR I ?aylft-tT T1A and TIT 7tB i ECONOMY IS WEALTH 0 ORIENTAL TEA STORE, 409 ?TB BTBBBT, Y. M. 0. A. BUlfcDIBG. BUOAB?" A" Clarified M poenda lor 01. Granulated,? pounds tor 0L ?* Cut Loaf, M pounds lor r" _ 'AL TBA-NW 17;^^' 5JJ"' M Fine JapanTfoa., 7fc? and I COT FEES ABD BPICBB AT LOWBBT CHBAP1 TUBBII FBB0H!'! myl l? J. WAtTBR 0CTAIX, ALL PAPER * WINDOW SHADES. LADIES' GOODS. ffjllu t??? rwt<w4 ? Im i*r<r4*>(t T*TmhVi.s wimti ADD *<cbd^^ HtTf tthh ??? wl I Oft! n Tl ESDaV. Mar B<1 Xil. H 1 JOM a*>r,a*. ?y U tr ? ' ^ KSW GOODS. 719 *?ir*DO?'ff?r)ii| ?n eleract lie* M HlltK ?>MB fKkNll fl,'?WEBt* B' \< B ABU V H ITE CHIP BOX MKTS 4lD diTl, la IM lion <Mr?ih i HAHirU EDOB? BIO IBBBBT1BG0 la Venr larr? lis* of ha?4??e?*l B TV BBBLLtS, BASH BD'KOBE. I BIBGE?. BS JB WBAB. ?ABCY GOODS U4 BOTIOBB. All nrantb b ugbt at vat? low prloee. Mr Call (Ad HiBlM before parr baaing BATir, aarlTIw TIB Market Spare. crti?cfth street. m FRENCH FLOWBRS, HALF rniCE. J net rwkfd, frr-m iMnrtfn'neiint*. a i*rn stick of Car Iki.B H FLOW EBB, whlcBwIlIM ?old at tar b 'low th?-lr eaiae Aleo.alert* atock of LLAMA LACE BAO'JUE*, which ?UI IniiU at Dal c??i inkiKim rm VMM. Barrage III Ul M)In of rtB?S GOODS act PAE-MiLf-. at TUB CHEAPEST BTorr i* TUBOlTr. ro\*oixr(*. ??>?> B1BTB fl ?Ek r. iryl# tr Opywif th? r?int Office RECEIVED. A laree ?M< rin ftii ol IREBC'B IMB BU. ALSO. A fall l!t' of fln* UN*, which W'Tf b>>wbt at a hartals, and ?1ll be *-<ld low Atl the I*ImI ti?e In Chip and 8.raw Ha TP aad aONBETB rt c*l\ed daily, Special at'?ml>a ?.*??? to nnlw*. Bm M. J III XT. B?H tr *>ai aal p BCE1VEP A Larce end Jflffl Assortment of EM BROIDERIES, FOB TBIUM1NG LADIES LISBSI 8U1TO. flat Selection of CHlLVMEtTt LACE CATS A HOXXBTS. At I II11 tr ?1? ftb street. o? Pal?t Offiee. M M MIR isTYLIS NEW II A T 8 THE M1LITAIRB and HELMET RAT, Id < HIP, PANAMA, and 8TBAW, jest receired Br?Ui attrLtioo gUen to orders. BEN M. P. PALBEE, myE) tr Bo. 118** P street. be*. 11th and lltB. ^ BlIBB K. A. McCBBNiri, dC fd^TB STRKBT, <ST. OLOOD BLILDlBoul Daily receiving all the latest KotiIUm la CHIP ABO STRAW BONBBTB. HATS, LA CBS BLOW EBB, Be.. Ao. Lad lea of Waahlnstoa aad vicinity are tavftsd to sail and examine. ^ TUUULIil LADIES' SHOIS, ?ADB TO OBOBB AT BIO Btk Bt'trt, OrronU Fltnt (J&c*. KMo.oa band, a Bna (took of LAD IBB' BOOTS at the following aricea Praacfc KM Bottoned ?T BB Bagliah ?? __ . B If Branch Pel ble ?? 0 00 Theae Good* are all Bade at ay Mtabltohaeat and are guaranteed to be eqaal to aay work mean ~ act u red in the tailed Btataa. mar>-lr JAM. H TEBBILTA. f 'HEAT SA4RIFICBOB UL MAN MA IB U 6UOBB, HAIR FRAIDS at #M. former trice 8? dO HAIR liBAIDS at B8. former price |U. *0 HAIR HKAICH at ?4, former price S" BO HA1B BBA1PS at jl ?. former price ?4. ^ LA BUB AB*0KTMEBT01T('H EAP BAM* BIKU RDGINOS aad IB8EBT10BS. FCLL L MB&Tt ^ FCLL_L1BB or LAD IBB IMDBBOAB ALABUE STOCK ?P Bl-B TMBBBLLAB and PaBASOLB, eeClna re?arclaaa of coat. Lalmks cluabb ABU sCITB, at a rraat ra ductKa Real abd imitatiob laobb, ??ry law, OB HARD ARD EE' EIVISQ DAILT, a larva aaeorunert of MILLIBBBT GOODS Tba lataat atylae <A HATSJUBSOBS, BliOWEBS, ate. ^LPO, JI ST BBCBIVBD, Mfl doten I bvttoa ID GLOVES,all ahadaa. aad the beat la the arkat. for 81 WB 1RV1TB THE LAD IBS TO CALL ABD axaoiiQe oar atuck tU ly 8 BELLBB, T10 Markets I^PMC'l ALT1E8. BPCCIALTIKS. DOOGLABB*. P IRTB ABB B?BT. OLOOD. OOB8BT8, bEIBTB, BUST LBS. kbENCH LACBDBT POMPADOCBB, PADS,SHOULD BB UBACBS. BOBIBBV, LADIES' OOTTOB ABD MBBIBV IRUEBWBAB. KID GLOVES Stack of lancT Good* < BoTeltlee rwdrad Oall; Agency lor I>oaa BANKERS. J H 8QU1EB B 00., HAXKMUS, 1416 Pkbxstlvabia Aviin, Pay 6 per cent Inf-reat on Oaaaalta. payable oo deicaod. Special ratea oa time depoalta. lntereat paid Janoary and Joly or crwdlfad f lm A.A.A.A. CAMB Larre or email inat carefally mv-'-t i and ?na* Xrd for'cawtoaBera at a dietanoa la Itruimmu mcttrt b<ks tbat often ylald aoarmoaa retaraa rrrry M day* Belacted Ktack Prlrllrgca a ipcialty. Be* Stock Book for tarnatora. glVTna fall aad re liable information how to la Stock*, seat fraa on eppUcaiioa. Addroaa. BAXTEB dfc CO., BANKERS AHV STOCK tKOKMHS, ?ylT-t.tti jAKtr IV Wall atraet. Bew TorB. ^ 100 Pi'iiVp'orin' $1,700 dcritg the peat few montha, under oar Improved daring ( ay at em of opt-rating in Brora a Kiaka redaead to noaeinai wnma aad prufiu Increaeed. BooA ooatala log full lalormadoa east on aaaltoatlon. TUMBBIDGS B OOj ap? tr Bankeri and Brokere. 0 W all at., B. T. d *" ? IMPROVED KITCHENER W 111 do/be family cooking with one half the coal repaired by any other Range in the market; ooM one half aa much aa other Range* of aaaae capacity; will aaTa lta price la a lew year* la the it etna of re pain, and save lta price every year ia the coal bUl; la Tdeled by the beet akill kaowa to the art, wltto a view to the greatest ooavealeace; la what every fatally wants, aad, hartao, woald act part with. Wa hare Small aad Large fatally. Hotel Blaee. The largest aeeoi tmaat of BLATB and W HITM MARBLB MABTBLB aad PAKLOK UK ATK8 IB the city. HATWABB Ok BVTC1UMI, SIT 0TB CTBKBT B0BTHWB8T, ?yf-tr STO Tg aad PL VUBIBO HO VMM. ir j rem. BWGL1SH, SWIB8 AJXD i?HIQ>M Wm iiJoiB* MAISMBAMB MOP IB, ?futmSi ZSSLm

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