Newspaper of Evening Star, May 22, 1876, Page 2

Newspaper of Evening Star dated May 22, 1876 Page 2
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EVENING STAR. WA8HINQTO N: MOTDAT lay 23, lHTft. cmoiiBT m. iot?m mhq>. Average Daily Circulation over 15,000,?beiiifj more than three times that of any other daily jHij>er in Washintjton. The ft tar for lk? Nnminer. Ferton* leaving the city may Ask THE 8tar unt to their a.utreu by mati, pottage prrpatd, for mk/i period of time a* they may desire, at the rate f 13 cent* per icoek, ?o cent* per month, ?1 75 for three month*, or ?3 /or ?* monttu. money to pay for ihe timi required Tint to aU catet accompany the order. Other. ?? i e the paper cannot be tent. * Le Pl?d?r (onialMlM. It li quite time tbat our tax payers ?^oo!d wake up to tbe necessity of making some active opposition to tbe ovement In progress to get through ?*e Berate the ?Claims Commission Kill," which bag already been smuggled 1 astlly atd almost surreptitiously tbroagb tte House Tbls bill is In all Its points a i. and upon tbe people of tbls District, and is rjtended to cover an Increase of several Millions la tbe District debt, it creates a roasaslaslon Qf three, one appointed by the . resident of tbe Senate, and tbe other two 'ytheBpeaker of tbe House (these are un derstood to be Columbus Alexander ani Lrooke Mackall, Jr.,), who are to h*ve power to paoa upon all claims agiinst the o.d corporations and the District. They are ? ot to be a court, and proceed in the regular the causes, with opportunity to tfce District to defend itself and to bave the ^erdict of a Jary; bat they are to be a 8tar Chamber Commission, sitting in secret, de ciding on ex-parte affidavits at home, in the street or elsewhere, and the District Is to be excluded from all standing la the commis sion and practically from tbe opportunity of J*'1?* hear,J- It Is to be a Board of Audit, with tbe respectability left out: an irrespon sible poll;if *1 body with the power to say what tbe District shall, and what it shall not pay. to reward friends and punish ene mies. Why M ould this unfortunate District be sut.jfcte<! to such experiments? Wby can't "**-l''*e>i tbe benefit of courts of law as otber p rsons, individual and corporate? s^hat bave we done tbat Congress should band us over, bound hand and foot, to irre sponsible political boards? The District has not askr i ?hls new creauon. It was sick of be board of audit and does not want its CMun-gesman. r>e.ldeili ? h? confljg^ ?rltyof the Commissioners, the auLitt | a d f he attorneys for the District. Tbe ciaitos commission is wholly unneces sary. A : ue honest claims against the Dis trict Lai o either been aodited. or can be In two or re* weeks, by the officers whose I '* ?6 to audit, and who are responsi ble on their bonds for the faithful perform '*~,r duUe*- Non? bat fraudulent or doubtful claims are to be brought before this new commission. Let us examine them clJiss by class: 1. pi' r'aimt againtt the ot>1 <^}>oration< of Geo-getoten an>l the L-vy Courts S^a^teaaiiJuDe '' ir>1' are m??"y out lawed, bave been before two auditing com missions of the late assembly, the board of audit and the regular auditor, have been rejected by all of tbera, and are now to be allowed by a special commission for the pnrpo*.-! /'^n Pxivr Claims. That mag- I nlCcect r> former does not pretend that any ofthecu.manu were not paid by the con B0*"! of Public Works ani the District the wages fixed by contract; nor does be de-y that most of them were in tbe employ of private contractors. Bat he nas found an old resolution of one of the old cor porations allowing fifty cents a day more 7, ?!? w ?en and lor carts- ?a tbe strength of this he claims that the District shall4>e compelled to pay tbe extra arty cents in each case; and be has t rum pel up a heavy bill in the aggregate, by making oat a bill for tbls extra in tbe name of every laborer who ever lifted a spade or pick or drove a for either a private contractor, or the B P. W.,or the District. These claims would be laughed oat of any court in Christendom. 3. Clavm for <lamaget consequent upon grating ttrettt. These amount to millions, and can be Increased ad libitum. They make the milk in this eoeoanuL if political partisans can get this patronage into their bands they can make a large campaign fund. Bat these claims should be left to the courts. It is per fectly understood tbat tbe Commissioners" acd their attorneys eoosider them Illegal. If the claimants think differently let them SO Into court with them. We earnestly ask the Senate to examine well before they erect this anomalous and i -necessary tribunal; before they undo and their action of March nth, forbidding ILe increase of tbe District indebtedness t? fore they take under the especial charge c . the I nlted States, t lasses of claims which the holders do not dare to bring before the ordinary courts of law. Tbe public is assured by tbe Huml'iy Herabl in a rather dogmatic way tbat the action of the starter In the race between Burgoo and Paladin, on Friday, which was adversely criticised by all the newspaper reporters and by nearly all tbe spectators present, was unanimously sustained by the Judges. This settles the matter officially, we suppoee; but the question cow is, who endorses tbe Judges? Tbe declaration of two dead beats on Saturday, in spite of what scores of peo ple saw, or thought they saw, suggests the Idea tbat perhaps they may not be infallible. People will adhere to their own opinions tctcetlmes, no matter what Judges may say. To these who are familiar with the present condition of business before Congress tbe n otion of Mr. Morrison for an adjournment i a tbe Uth proximo looks premature. It is 4 ow regarded as certain that a serious dtsa , .cement between tbe two Houses on tbe .mportant appropriation bills is inevitable, ><*.d that In oonsequence of this the session s .11 be unusually protracted. Most of the b.,la in question have not yet passed, and among these are the legislative, executive and judicial, tbe consular and diplomatic, and the sundry civil appropriation bills. There is no prospect of an agreement on the consular and diplomatic bill, which cuta down tbe compensation of first class foreign missions from >17,500 to *14,500, and makes a corresponding reduction in tbe present paltry compensation of consuls. Tbe Senate baa ab?olotelT refused to concur In these redactions, and proposes to Insist on the usual allowances. The legislative bill passed by tbe House, which proposes to cut down tbe salaries of all government employes who receive more than ?1,200 per annum, ten per cent., and to reduce the number of employes twenty per cent., is now before tbe Senate Committee on Appropriations, which will lefraninmil non concurrence with tbe House in almoat every particular. The sundry dTtl bill, not yet reported to tbe House, will doubtless make sweeping reductions in which there is no good reason to believe tbe Persia will concur. It would therefore retm that one House or the other must re cede from its peel ti on, if an ad J our amen t is to be had before July l. The question of bow far private interests aboald be subservient to tbe public good yet ismaliis to be settled. Tbe rapid-transit e*beme in New York la now Impeded by a ~ number of salts brought by tbe owners ot jacfsrty, who allege tbat tbe latter is mate ytblly damaged ay u>e eonstrnetlou of ele vated railroads, and now suit has bean Insti tuted agalnat tbe Brooklyn Bridge Company restrain tbsm from completing tbe bridge reroN tbe East river, according to tbe pfee *nt plan, it being urged that It will not be bigh ? no ugh to permit tall masted vessels ie 2*?* ohdevU. Tbe bill that paw ad the Senate on Sat onlay directing tbe Secretary of tbe Treaaa- 1 ry to pay to O. B. Tyler and E. H. Luckett *164 wrongfally collected by an Internal revenue agent, will be, when It paseeo tbe Hoofe, tbe first measure passed by Congress over tbe veto of President Grant. No spe cial significance sbould be attached to the matter, however, since tbe veto message was based on the report of tbe Secretary of the Treasury and the Commissioner of Internal Revenue that there was no evidence to show that tbe sum named had been wrongfully collected from the claimants. The Commit tee on Claims took a different view, holding that the President's action was based on a misapprehension of facts, and tbe 8enate In dorsed the report by a unanimous vote. Mr. McC'reery, of Kentucky, fathered tbe bill, and teems to have convinced the Senate that tbe measure was a righteous one and ought to pa*s notwithstanding tbe veto. Tbe leading citizens who organized tbe National Jockey Club and carried oat the late meeting with such success, despite all obstacle* of bad weather and scant time for prepa;atlon, may fairly be credited with having demonstrated the feasibility of main tilling first class running races at the na tional capital. With tbe added attractions of tbe fail meeting, the very large, brilliant and distinguished a tendn csof las'. wreVi rscts, will not only be kept up. but very | ir.ucb ictrmMd undoubtedly. Albfht b nokbk. a mm rg'/r. BXECHAMCAL I lAl'nBTINSi nJ?9t 1100 E S'r-et. The Pennsylvania route mill sill HCKtTa to ?h< Pre.j f~?? ?? ? i ? i denial Nomination Con % en I'M. >89 ti n? as folio* s ar w* Tu Cfnclcnatl at 813*2'> from Junegth to 13th, C npcr? g ins gu< d ni*M ISth 1lc1u-K?; returning, K(<x3 until Jolc Mih, inclusive. For St i.ouisOOk* v?i tion iitkt(?w:ll bo wild at g23 *21 from Jane , 15th to SSth inclusive; c ><ip*D* e iut gxxl until Jene i- b liclu?l*e, SLd returniof coupons goad until Jniy ItMh liciosive. It |Cbron ,Bep| KD 8 YOUNG. (JUEA1* LUMBER. Eating a large stock of Ssruce Lumber, we have Coi eluded to sell at tt<- following redac<d ?ri<-ej Tii? lumber Is water seseoned, and of tbe very best ?iusliti: 2i3,3x4,and 3x1. any length. #15 per thousand: lx?. 16 feetrai?s, #18 per thonsani; Ititb board*, 9is per tbou-tacd, 3 inch joint *13 and git per ih ~ustnd; 1 inch joist, #14 aid gig per thousand; teet pickets <pallcgs ) |ii per thousand; 40 11 feet, rough, 3 inch, #7 50 per thowani; 1x3 and 3x4. Id <inallty. g 13 50 per thonsand; spruce ridings, 6 or 7 inch, glfi per thousand. A large stock of Lumber of all kinds always on band at lowmt market aricea. T ED W. CI.AR KfctO, YARD, WBAKr, AND PL\NiNC, MILL, Foot of lib street east, near United States Bevy Yard. myt2 1> CB CB1AM -Delicious ICB ORIAH and WAtIB ICES at the fine furnished salmon of J. B ALBEBS, my W 3t* 1013 lltb street. near K. AfcTUKAGK FOB BORSBS.?1 bare abundant PAfTUBAGE for six or seven bei I Pi eloTer an* timothy; #4 aar mosth Add res* or call on M. L. RICHARDSON, near Laar?l Pripce Osorge s or.onty, lid. my JO St il OUB STOCK OF ? MATE IN AW 8TBAW BATS BOW BEADT. LAbGEST STOCK ABB CHEAPEST GOODS IB TB18 C1TT. WILLETT * RI OFF, ia>>0 6t 903 PEBB8YLVAMIA AVEBUK. JJUKCHELL'S SPRING LEAF TEA, 30 CKBTS A P0UBD. Used ss Iced Tea, It Is palatable aad refreshing. N. W. BCBCHELL, tnyBI 3t 1333 F BTB11T. JUST EECIIVED, DlBECT FROM 0BABLE8 TON. S. C., Fifty T erces best grade* of BICE, u hich we offer to the trade at Bew York and Balti more prices. Constantly cn hand a full assortment of all trades ot KEVIN IP SUGARS. 8YRUPS, BEW ORLEANS. PORTO BICO and ENGLISH ISLsND MOLASSES, Together with a full Ine of Grocetiea. Butter, Cheese. Frntts, A "..which we (tier the trade at favoratlepiicea BARBOU*A HAB1LTOB, ie> 10 3t W boleeale Grocers A Liquor Dealers. EYEGLASSES AND SPECTACLE3>*^> Xy^in great variety. A large struck ofs^J) >? HATCH kS and JEWELRY. Special attention paid to rtpatrlLg fine Watches and Jowtlry. Hair Work nade tu order, at PBIH'HC A GOLD SMITH'S. 917 Pennsylvania avenue. mytf-la $1.00 $1.44 FINISHED, IIEADY FOB USE. J GEJl'TL8 SHIRT or WnsitU Iislii ud Geod Liiti Bombj, FOB 8144 RT CASH. Tbe popular idea of Talue In linens is fineneee. This is one element of value, but only one. Another and very necessary element Is roundness of thread. Both linen and cotton are vegetable fibres, bnt char* acteriatlcally different, linen having a greater power of absorption than cotton, as may be proven by vary simple experiments. Benoe the advantage linen has over cotton in sbsorblng and retaining starch. There are also differences of decree in regard to thin quality In different grades ot linecs, the round thread linens havlag this quality in a greater degree than the flat thread. Theee Skirts are aade by the oldest house la the trade; and, being no novices, they have selected a linen not otly for Its flnene?a, but with reference to actual value In practical use. Tbe price at a hich I offar them, glSO, less 10 p*r cent, for cash, or #1.44 net, is lower than I sold similar goods seventeen years lieoe, and at the price mnet command largs sales. This offering Is special and is not intended to interfere withss regular stock shirts. ONE PRICE ONLY. CASJI DISCOUNT TEN FEB CENT. QEORQE C. HENNINQ, 410 SEVENTH 8TBEET mylS-tr TAYLOR & HUFTY, ?SS PENNSYLVANIA AVENCB, BAYB BBDLCBD TBB PRICES OW TBB1B QMLMB KA. TED DOUBLE TO KM SHIRTS as follows: Quality Bo. 1. $U ?; Formerly |NB M M 8, f 33.10, M gsua. M a. g?A0; - gam. 1 " 4. gUJi; - t?B. f HE BEbT SODA WATEB IB Plif I FBOI BLOCK-TIN LINED 8TEEL FOUNTAINS. Dealejs wLl do well te secure a supply for the IATL C. DEPOT, 8T OBBBBB STBBBT, 0B0B3B TOWB, D. O. E.B.-BBW FOUBTAtNg now being raoalved. COUB rEE APPABATD8 log sals, rent, or loaa. apBtt CHRIS. RIESSNEB, A ?Btl8 ABDTITTtbBTEBBTB. w,W Is Solo ageat for the District of Oolombla for the Tbe only bel IAB LB BBAT1BO EABOB la the tkMlM^MkSSdtriSBlla all'P ?* 'aViTu*-0 WANTS. .It to JOfIB fenceylvaaia my3l tt general ... at Ho ?tract aid ?ran* WAHEl*nin00K-,I^"DS aveaiie. w- W4U t,9?f !?? W T8 for Tw,? ??va?ahed Oom welt au,llcatl>S Booms. 440 P street aorth _ ?ytt tf W ^a2??nnnatB% .'Jrt! l?l*od avenue sorih ??? .'y ? HOPSE GIBL la * privatefamily of E ?' WW xnoB'; refirwt r?nmrrt. It* W4?LV.~IIm riri'dtM DIISSIiKIBI HaDd l 8,910 9lh b*twe*a \\ Wo"an '1 tJOOK. WASH a-d S. /mVXrX,"" recommenced Apply W*^?^a?i>issii?3'1vssss! BMtf cm? food racommend atl<>ni need apply. my22-3t* board, will real cheap to a reeponslnle party Ap ply oa premise*; 639 L afreet aorthwee^myH 3t* \UmiD-4 WHITI GIBL to do i?. la a small family. Apply > 413 llih efreet Lorth*es*. between Matr ? aaaachn>atta aveaa*. east aid*. my \Vr ANT*P"-E veryalce yonna mania Waehfng 1 1 l a to take two Ladise andti coat* to Doo!a?% ?? da a'^iitaio. oa Capitol Hill, anl gat 3 classes of m^rr*- M * AT** ia the clty\ \Vat?- *i.~?oU",T"c 1 !?,* w"??? Uir. a sltua ?? MDBS*. CHAMBERMAID. or wosid do general housework fur a aiaall family *.od raftreucta Apply Ho. 11 G (treat aorta WOTi. ||? \V/V^2"DrTw*J,lt, flT* ?<?od WOMEN to All ,ii h h^Bei ,n ??? ?ot of tha city. families enp. 501D Enrtk* *mploynient Office. ni]?-3.? ' MB8 LOPIBE C. BPTLBR. \Y -'bio tenant, no children. a .1 w" tH'iated between F and L hln 'f,1*4 'tb 'Oik; alth g is and ?aer. i ?!tV' . .iM:k yard; ma at be in good "B ?i hBteti J"r uae year- Add'e-S M n BE City Poet offics. iml; 3-? W 'n^J^fr nU" ?rl"t d I? know that a Oen'le vv m?c ?? d ? i'? ir Two G-ntlemen can b" ac B.m!i'nVd w!^?"tHa?a BOARD a-d p'ea>ant ?Vrt^rrl?rAlin,ilrJ Io>c?',on durable; Strom sombye?* A"'y or^d^^7 n;b \V a"T*D-.A ?artr to purchase, on l>ngtme. La K?> <,, 5; ^ 5 "rm 7*ar?, 111 ACRES hrv b' ? I004 dwaliioe atd ali u>cao I^lns,:/.flLP*row,h 01 abada treea, H?2n,.h ^nl \uteT froDt oatbeKastwn fLtblPotomao, ?mme.|Utelf Oa^^ihe tfd kr r .I V"0^1,'de.rr.blV io" li L J Bsairt or Pleasara Garden, b? iat ^..?f ,blc,t3r? accM,lb'* by water street cars an5 Pki f. coBTeyanre. o?er a good road. Adjoinlnt tba above are offered a^ eraf amall tracts of land, ^Lim,Vr W?U, lwJ??,'d 'or fardenlng pur ? miHmr"r,^r'tfonaaiion aapTy to GI^tiOB MATTUQLT, ?oat*>Ml coraei 7tn and ? streets BTthweat. my?l 3t? W BJlck Hon* built In exchange Joiln* the stunaer months. Addresa J. T 8 , rtar tmca. my?4t* WANTED-A lady dealrea a blTl'ATIUH In a fMllraataacharoftha *agli*h braachts i? light domeatic diitiea; can 5 ?5 M?K ETA4. rertrencei. Addreaa Miis *. V . W Mthatrect. a>y? li? ABT.D-AOBHT8. Bale and female, to ae 1, la city or country, "The Centennial Picinr* or frogreaa ia tha United BtL^? tw< licaH !n "nVih11' ma,t*?ln?ble acd Instructive pob i3^E a? ? t*na? very liberal. Apply at n>y? at* tort,lwt**i between 4 and ? p. m. WAh^?JiD^f, g#od f*mil' HOBS*: must be IS **ntl * Mt*t^?tJU]L?5PCL ,lroB,< ?ui positively nj uoea. geed stable The owner and wife will re e*ceSr?2?nfili a i?'2.l2t?eD*nt; rent low: refer 6 rfjnlred. Apply ?16 1 atreet n. w. myM 3t* woman who had torn? experience ( HAtQ?^.f ?*Nbe *n*,Vh bracche*. would take i HAioi of a Nurperj of one or more children iUine?iJin/'VJi.0Jj,: nnd8r,?*oda machine and l,8taroffire' flrat cU" rtferencej. Adlr^ Box \V-?J*Ii~BITUATIU* M coachman or hea.1 WiSESr"?? ?aj;^Kri,as ? ?" ?!l^fraph, pbonosraph, baukioc; builae^s c'^tea'r I Aay one that has a leiter ro | I wriie win dot It. No prett or water n^ed NatkI n?^ "CELSfOR CO., lb TrlboneB^lId ing. Chicago, 111. mayl-lm* | WVIinfeaUd wtta Moth* to clean i v *1n? at ,be ,a?e t,me ***tore them to thtir orl S^r r^LBr*Ti * or w,thout remoTln* from the floor. Ink apd grease spota a specialty. Washlne. Beuoiating Co., M14 PannnlS *T(IBn*- apg lm VVAHTED-CAHPKTS TO CLEAN at Ktcc'* lltw?f'/1^ m?Aailk* 490 Maine arenne, ^ ?i.nA^i Iyb !frru gonthwea?, Oallfd for and deliTerad without charge. apll ly w Msvir. LOST AND FOUND. I .??8^~A. JWT.dark IAHABTIS1BD. Tha?^ i j flLdar liberally rewarded by rttcraiag ltfi^ t'i Aanatant Beglstrar Treasory dep't. m> 21 2t^^ I <i5Imur"iS ?b?-tvBg?ing from Citizen.' Haak hTi .?rr?l,I*,d ,?*.?5'own and ?,aid C AM B ttlC ia.^ ! new* A libera! reward If retnrneil to J! TAYLOB a HDETT. Pa av. f j?nn<irJ!7S *?' ?Ld Pearl SLEEVE a'uk. i? nti*h>?Jbood <-f ?th street arl 1Mb i o ? ",w,rd ?' returned to J * ADAM8. 1009 5th street southeast. myli 2t* S90 ?^?A*p?L<?. ihiaif Monday I morning, V iBttealciaitTof B MO.&. B. depot, iiS.D/?ic!f* '0oW Anierlcaa WATCH, #9tt with Chain attjaafeed. Above reward win be :asa ?? ivwaiu win maa re'd if l?ft at the Grocery store of THOMAS BQVBB, comet of Hotth Capitol aad H ata. It f OtT?Monday, a pair of GOLD BTI GLASSES Lj oa the avenne, between the bridge and 4)4 street. The finder will be re warded If left at tha Georgetowa P. Q. my? 3t* C8T?Pa'r GOLD EYB GLAf8*S. Tha flnd r will be rewarded by leaving ?n?-m ?~ ^ at the PaciEc Telegraph Oflce, Poat*-^ \J1 Ofl'ce. my?-?t O. T-On Wedneeday bight, Bear the Oapttil, a black VALIS*, costalnlag papers of value only to the owner. A liberal reward wf 1 be paid for its return to Ho. 339 Pennaylvanla avenue. m>?) >t WM. DALTOW. SJTBATED OB kTOLBN?May 17th. from Lyon's weeds, a Bed aad White COW, with horaa__* turned la and hair rubbed off neck, rive 4ol |U lata teward. Apply or addreaa Ui Daabar-Ti* t??nalreft, Georgetown. my!9 3t* LOST?On the 19th inat ,1a coming frvm 1st aad D atreetato the UTS. Patent Office, a Vilagree BBBA8TP1H, aet with Pear s. Fiader will reoeive a liberal reward by leaving it at Boom No. 98 D. 8. Pate at Office, or Ho. 80 D at. b.w. myM 3t* C* C BE W A BEL? Btrajed away oa the 16th lnat., a C" sir all Bay HABB, a hlte atar on fore- ?V__ bead, white over coee and sore back. The^SR abeva reward will be paid if returned to >? n, JOH* REE, my 19 3t* 7th street Boad, near Soldiers' lloma. BOARDING. A GENTLEMAN AHD WIFE, OB TWO GEN tlemen cau be accommodated la a genteel Ger man family with BOOM and bOABD. The health ie?raBd ctoleai location for the aummer. Addrsas A. B , Star office. Bafetenoea exchanged my20 3t* ^T GBOBGE BESTAI BAHT, 909 F at-Try ' that excellent U ?rd, only *S per month. Moat quiet and attractive for ladlaa espac a'ly?all ahall be pleased. myll tjuaal C1HGLB LODGING BOOMS,80ceata per sight, 0 or from |t to #3 per week; BOABD or MEALS at reasonable rataa, at Ho. 4t?S Pennaylvanla ave aue. ap3E-lm* PLEASANT BOOMS AHD GOOD BOABD can be obtained at 1009 Maryland avenue, at mod erate rates, la a private family. marST 8w* COUNTRY BOARDING. /^OONTRT BOABD -Beautiful residence on V" Point of Bocks Road, Metropolltaa Braach, B. A O. B B ; mineral aprlnga on the place; fresh milk fur In'aats, Mc. a gallon - toe aad fruit la abuodaaee; acooa-mcdaiioaa for 100 gaeets: only aevea miles from city. Vor particulars laqulie of 009 13th at. ne>rihwsst. It* rhEBlBABLB OOUHTBT BOAED-large rooms, LF large yard, two miles from Salckerav Ills, at bass of Bine Ridge. Correspondsnce aolici'ed. my? >w* I?. wITE1BS, Salcheravllla. PERSONAJL KLLIS, ISIS Pa. ad futur*. lore aad If deed or llvlag, property , i?.h>h. ideresalt of all undertak ings, where to go for success, happlaess aad health. Taims: Ladles, 01; Geats, |l to *1. Offloe hours, ?a.m. to >p.?. myM-eotr MBS. UACKBTT. Bm$in/it ami Tttt Mr/turn, ?181 11th atreet, betweea L aad M. myW If 1HKBHBT WABH ALL PBBaOHf IHDBBTBD to the estate of the late JBBOMB OALLaH A* frtm paying asy raata or moneys to Eraak Oalla haa. aa,he lai aetan?hor1aad to collsct. FAEH1E W. CALLAHAH, Gaardlaa aad Adm'x. myM 3t* A STEOLOGIST ?Mrs. DB ffSSy25 MTf^4 - ,WT# ^ lost or stolen, la*aaIts tha rssi N?J8?I-^sTf a. warn * oo. P>B 1INT-Ihr?? to Bre KvOMS.firs end floer. suitable for housekeeping *0. 1412 D atreet northwest. n; F?. F?i FOR REXT AND SALE. FOB KMT-|JJ-BOl'^,frvm.,??!?r. f??, kc ; double yard. 336 South A str<et.Caa: tol Hill, lixinlr* 9 19 O itrM>' n w. r.i>ll 4:* B BBHT?Thr?? to fir* KvOMS.flmor fc i myTt Bi _H BEBT?Fnrni-bed BOOM 4 at 1343 F i(RM. Firiiti vliitiu tht cltv can find 1 arte ?try rex mi at 01 per day. my 81 Si* P>B BENT-BOOM 3 enit;at>l? fo- a de* tist. Io qnlreat DILLON 3 GALLEBT, 183i Penn aylvitnla avenue. ma> U l? |?0B BEBT-A n*w HOUSB Bo. 509 B r Itrwt eoa'tuast. 10 rooms aud all modern im provements Inquire aoo 8tb atreeta. e mil fw* IPOB BBBI-B'gbt room Brick HOUSB,H>. r 1513 14th street D >rt!iwe?t. Inquire of J. C. GBBBW. Bo. 1830 It b street n. w. mrtt St* EH>M BEMT-H0U8E Mo 43? K stre. t oorth r we?t, lr"om? water and gas Price fS5 n?r month. Apply to WOBMU 80HS. my II St* _ BBBT?Brick HOUSE Ho *403 N street, bttiwo 8th and 9th streets northwest; nit room* km and water. Apply to JAB. H. 8TOBB, 110? 7th street northwest mrM 3 * 1/0 B BENT-HoUSE813 4* northweet, 1. near Pennsylvania aveon?, all mo lorn in provements; u room, and filled wiib lodger*; rare chance for good tenant, cheap rant mrK 6t )B BBHT?Ho 11 K street northeast, near St. AlOT-lus chuech; has all m dera unpror. w>?nts; 11 rw ma. Beat 3IS. THUS. K. W.tG<>% MAN, B19 7th street. wvdjt IT*OB BINT?For fonr m >nths?< ouotry SEAT r at Brosd Ben Station. Ve , turaish.d bouae, vegetable garden p'a-ted, trnits, ie? htni?, nt? of Cuw, Ac. BILL BEVBBLY, 133* F atreet north west. mytl tt* I/OB BENT? Elecant farti'.shec BOOHS, sinirt* r and en suite. aplendid location and n?ar thre* lie< a cf street cara. Rent moderate to a g.>od a-i<l permanent tenant No. 411 New fork ar??n? uorthweet. It* Lj*OB BENT?Two nicely furnWhed BOOHS io a r private family, on second floor, with (M,w*:?r. bvhr om; wi I it>nt a*p?rete1y or t.'te'hsr. Beut 910 per month each. SIS D atreet n >rth*eat r at reel cara pass the don . mvlMt* LM)U RENT?<>'*? or t sro gentlemen cau flrj.l 17 pleasant KOOMS. with northern a id aonthera expoaure, on Capitol H'll. aod the Me.npoiiten lice of care. Tin rooms can b -engaged f >r ib acirmer or permanently. Befer. no j evchmgel Adf reus H E 0 . Post tJfScf. rayli3<r* OB BENT?on Georgetown Heifh'a, three us fnrnlsl ed BOOMS, on second floor, for house keeping, with water, gat. (rood closets; separate ttair*. C'l'ar and Inrge yard*, to a family wltliont (fWreo, at ieaeonaiblt? price; c -ab^irg convenient K.?r partic ular* aJ4r?Js? Box 4. office of Evening Star. m>? 3i* FOB BEHT?rurnlahed BOrsE: oc? of the b?at loca'ion- In Georgetown, ?itb all ca*v? nleccea, to a amali family at Hm%ll p is?. If desir able, gentleman and danahter would loard with the tenant. Address Box 4, offlrevf this atp r. n yg St* t'Or. BENT?Ooa of the mott d'slrab'.e SITU r EBB BESIDEHOES In the Lowrr Valley. Tbe botise i? aorronnded with beantifnl ali?de tre?i and baa a law n ? f abont ten acres, and larg? gardr n attached to It: also carriage hott-a, atabM, and lea honte full of Ice. It la altaa'ed near Wiachestar, on the baantifnl tnrnaike leading to Bock Eaon and t 'apon Springs. The honae la large and airr. It baa two wide and long portlcoaa It I- admirably ariap'ed aa a place ot enminsr resort It is partly furtri'bed. Terms m<"deiate Apply to GEO. W. WABD. Wlnch-g'.er, Va. m>;tl ?o3t* pOB BENT?Ho 310 E atieet, has al* m cern ImproTtmenta: ten roonoa B?nt ?40 psr month. m>?? 31 7 H09. B. >V A 00 A HAH, A19 7th at. F F l^OB BENT?KBABE 8 PIANO, nearly uew.7X ? octave, at ft per month to a careful per ton. Inquire at 1111 Pennsylvania aveone. my20 St* P7B BEBT-A three atoiy BB1CE HOFSE. ten rooma and baaemeat; has gas, water, bath-room, dumb waiter and a good yard. Apply IV31 H?-a cbnaetta avennt northwest. arylil 3t* L"0B BENT?HOUSE 1819 O atreet nortbweat, B containing nine rooma. Inquire at Cigar Store, ccri er I9th and ? atreeta. my? 8t* ffM A. HENDEKSOH. |^t>R BENT?A verr desirable Famished PB1 r VAT E BBBIDEHCE, or a choice 8uite of Fur nished Bccms. l'i'29 N atreet, near the corn?r of 13th airttt. til) M 3;* L^OB BENT?A nice room UODSB, with water r and gas; a latga yard tail of frnit treee, with side ?H?y; ou Lingsn street, b< tween 1st aod Prospect, Ueurgi town. Inquire at 19 7 Bridge atreet. mv St* Bj'OB~BlfNT?OjVI. V A40 PEK MONTH-The r three atory BBI( K HOUSE, No Sll'i.l Fstreet n liliwcs'; hasten ro mr, water, gas and tnode'-n lti provementa A ppl\ n?at dcor. tny>J 7t* yOB HEJiT-Desirable B??wMS at 909 Po;,m. I I. tas la avenue for ren*. Call at once WII.LETT A auorr. myTQ 3t 90a Pennsylvania avenue. L-t-K KINT-Two aJj jltiioir ainail BBIO'k r HOCfEf, nice a*<d con-p'.ete as any inihscity ? Nrs 1341 and 1343 6'li si rest northwest. Acp'y to B. \? . FEKVUCt, 1303 H st. n w. myTO 3:* F'OU BENT?A three story BBLCK H008E, on K at;cut, rear Connecticut aveoue; atore anl ?{welling. Bent very moderate. Apply 333 13th street northwest. myJO-Bt* F'Olt BALE-.s fine BCILUNG LOT. 2i\lft) f?f??t, aituated on 10th, tetween N ?nd H -;r~>eta north west 1 Itle pei^ect. Apply to T. t. UATCH ELL, totner 11th and V streets. myto 3;' B/OB BENT?Furnished BOOMS, with or without a Beard,on Georgetown H< ights. one sqnare from ? treet cars. Terms moderate. Address E B H., Gecrgetown, P. C. myft) St* IrOB BENT?FKONT ROOM. southern exioaure, with tour windows; delightful for summer; un finished; close to cars anama.ket bOl P street northwest. my;U8t* Bj^OB BENT?Three desirable BOOMS, cool and r airy, unfurnl,h'd; every m dern convenience, gas. bath. Ac: reutlo*. Al?o. a handsomely Fur nished PABLOB. Apply to Or. DUKE, l>en'ist, i 3)19 Puinsylvaoia avenue. myBO St* fj,OB_BENT?A two story BBICK HOUSE, con talrlng nlr.e rooms situated en 11th tweaa M atd N streets northwest,containing all modern improvements. Inquire at 1103 BB s'reet norttweat. mvJU 1m |/OB r on __ BENT?A new two story BBICK HOU8E, on Z4>h street nortbweat, near Pennsylvania avenue; has six rooms, tath-room, water, gas and large yard. Bent (25 per month. Apply 3139 F street northwest. myB0-7t* FoB BENT?A six roum BBICK HOUSE, pleas antly located, water, Ac.: within two squares of 7th and 9th s-r*et cars. Bent tX p?r month. Icqrlre of B. A. BACON. corner of 4K and F atreata southwest. myBO lm l^OB BBBT?9 11 H street northwest, large faur r atory BB10B, garden and stable attached; modern conveniences; face* south. Will be rented I w to a permanent tenant. Apply to OHkS. 0. DCNUAN80N ,9th and D streets. my>J lw F?B BBHT?A large number of desiuble HOUSES, modern improveaents. BUto per nw>ntb. on Capitol Hill Inquire of JOHN J EVANS, BOO Penasj Ivan'a avenue, Capitol Hl l. nuiu H l/OB liENT-HOUSE No. 9*8, on Fstreet, be V tw een 9ih and 10th, containing seventeen rooms and ba:b-room, with modern improvements; -.scond flo< r containing five large rooms, suitable for offi *>s. Inqtiiie No. 403 7th atreet northwest. m>?) t* F>B SALE-A HOUSE and QABDEN, at Bla d(n?burg Depot, B. and ORB, five minutes' walk from tne station; good stable and carriage hunse; frnit Irees and shrubbery. Will be s.ld on easy terms or traded for unincumbered city prop erty. Apply to J. W. SCOTT. No. 1533 8th street torthweat. myfrj-lm* F?OB BBBT-FOB HOUSEKEEPING-Three plessant BOOMS, neatly fnrnlshed, consisting of front parlor, bed-room and dining-room, comma locating, bath room, Ac., with every convenience f>r housekeeping; to parti's without ebildren. T. rms moderate. Apply at 433 K atreet, between 4th aid tth streets northwest. myJo-Bt' Bi*OB SALE OB B\CHANGB:-3o3 ACBES.aitn B ated in Montgomery county, containing ten r< om hons* ar d barn; 14 acrea in choice fruit; farm in high state of cultivation and worthy of attention of purcbaaers Half caah ard balance In city prop erty. BAHUEL O PABKEBi Beai Estate Agent, No. 339 4K atreet northwest. my?-?f FJB BBHT ABD 8&LE?One large three-story atd Basement BBICK HOU8B. No. 131 A street northeaat, suitable for a pi irate boarding h u?e; near the Capitol. Also. For Bale?A small FBAMB HOUSE, on 6th street southeast; conve nient to Bast Capitol atreet. Inquire of AHOS HUBT, Justice ot the Peace and Convey ancer. No. 133 A street north'a-t^Capitol Hill. inr? 7t* ijHlB BEHT-No. 10 Grant place, eleven rooms; r $70. No. 1913 I ?treet nortnwest. eight rooms, furnished: (60. 334 1st atreetsontheaat. nine rooms; f43 308 7ih street soathwest, ten rooms; B40. 37 7th street southwest, nine rooms: 835. 1443 T street nortbweat, six rooms; BBS. 1434 Q atreet northwest, sixteen rooms; B75. 8*16 Delaware avenue northeast, sixteen rooms; BW- 1114 * street no'tV.west, nine rooms; 875. r. W. MlLLBB A CO , 913 F str?et nortnwest. my?-gt 17OB BEHT?BBICK STABLE, has aixteen r italis and Carriage House, In rear of Ho. 47T Missouri avenue Apsl* at 435 8:h atreet noitU west Of JAMES KBLEtlEB. myli* it* F< O B BBHT. HOUSES Hos. 933 and 935 H atreet n w. Possession at once. nsyl9 ? BILBOUBB A LBTTA. BBHT-A new first claaa BESIDBHOE, all _ modern improvements: 495 M atreet northwaat; ?aa per month. HAMILTON A PBABSON, 9th and V streets. myll-eoSt F'OB BENT?To a small family or two or (Area gentlemen, a thoroughly furnished firat-claaa HOUSB from jat.e till October. Inquire at 1518 B atreet. between 3 atd ? o'elock p m. ?>B lt' 1?OB BBNT?Furaishsd. a large HOUSB in the r oonntry. wltkia two m'lea of Waehlngton. Di rect commrmcatlon with the cirv eeveral ttase daily by eonveyance. Ad drees "For Brat." TI5 15tk street. mr? eo?t E70B BBBT?A pieaaaat eevra rooa COTTAOB, r with ten aorea of ground, owe and half mliee from city limits. Good stable and oat bulidlegs on Blatfenabnrg road. Aadreaa"Farm," Star office. ?yM las* F BOB 8th atreet corthweat, 13 rooma, all modem Improveoawte, ?75. 888 F atreet nortbweat, 12 rooaaa, modern Im provements, fSB BB 188 B atreet nortbweat, IB rooma, gaa, valor, ^ B^aul? northweat, B rooma, modem Mi ?tsr.sw.ift_? ku>?,u FS& OS BBHT 448 P atreet nortbweat, I rooa froveatfats, 841 838 Mb atreet aortbaaat, T rooaa, toftVpirtV22!8rooaaa.fnrnUbed complete.B40 39 Defrees street, Brick, 8 rocms, water aad gt i: j Droit Park r aad la ConerMaaB my MM [Critic*) j FOR RENT AND SALE. F'OB BINT?1T1I H iti?l, om ?ol eo* farn i>lx4 kOOMS, io? k*rn ttpovorf ui-19 3t * FOB klHT-BOl'SI I30.I 0>tc >r?n To t gc<d led carefc 1 ItiiH! will (ti(l9H| Imw tl mod or Ala It nt. Apply 01 <he arrmis a. ?> l??i F)E hit ?Sootheaat corner alltrkrl and 1st street*. hu |M Mid water. 11 ro >m?; One ?trden I and fruit treee. Beat #W p*r Month. THOS. B. ! WACGaMAB, 31?7th street. asrl) St OB SALE?Or fer Exchang- for until two splendid LOTH. #i*14 H fee?. la the teat part of the city Aaply to 1. Q. KIMBALL.. V ?treat. oppoalte tb* Bbbltt Homo. ?y 19 or |^H)B 8 A LE?Three-story Prm Brtck DWELL 1 IfcG, complete and In first rate order. Be?i location, price low, ai d ou ?a?s te n>? 1 my!8gtf ELOAB 8PEIPBN.930 N at a. w. FOB BENT?An elegant nine room Bill K DH SLL1NQ, all mcd.-rn layroniBfcts nrar ?treat ran. B3n per tn?tth. mylSlmBOBTA PHILLIPS 603 Mth at n.w. FOB KBIT?SHALL FARM-11 Acres-near this city; plenty of trait; m room bm* L >catioa pr rfeciIt healthy. B. A. PHILLIP3. my 18 lm 603 llth street. F)B RALE-jTLOir Fid PK?-Wea BRICK HOUSE, with t>ow window, balh-rooss, six rocms and cell an. Bo 69** 3d street aorthwest. A B DITALL, Attorney at Law. ir.ylS Ot Corner ?H street and LoulMeaa avanie. I/O U RFNT?Commodious and pleasantly loo*ted r BOI8B.I0.10*lth atreet northwest. eleven roi 111a, bath room Ac. A. B DUVALL. Attorney at Law. myla-dt Corner 4S atraet and Leu Is tana avenue. F'CB RENT?1336 1 street. near the arlingtot Hotel, large and well furnUhtd BOOMS on 4th fl-'c-r. suitable for gentlnnea. m>lf lm tVjK BINT-Two de*irable B"0MSover DaMs' I Fancy Store, ai liable f.-r ofR. e? or df-ecnek Ir.e. Apply In atore, Ti9 M uket Spac?. oorn-r ?? h street. my 17 6t FOB BENT?HOU8* 3307 a etreet. P.ssession Juue 1st. App'y to M.TBIMBLE, m* 17-3w 614 13th street. F*Ob RENT?To parties witbent small children, seve-si very plea?aut KOUBS. en mite or s!u gle. at modi-rate tatea Call at 919 14th street northwest. myl7~e,.3t* FH>K BEKT-ROOM*. \* ITH OK WITHOUT b? ard. at Nos 3"? ard 30 Wyoming street,W<--t. Ptilatelf Lla. Take the Maiket atraet cars going west. myi6-lia L^OB BENT? Several nice unfurnished ROOMS a ?n'h front, ore fl'gtt, healthy I.cation, de lightful fi r summer; close to car* atid mtrket; ?>01 P (treat northwest. my 14 6t* C*0B BENT?FOR FIVE OR BIX HON 1*11 T? r farnisb'd HOUPE 7 rjoms; modern improvc tcc nt*; near two of car* GEO. TBUI9DELL, niy'6 6t 60S 7th afreet. LM'R HKNT-Three at, ry ItKICK HOUSE, with ? tack building: Bo 3104. on 1 street, between lint atjrf 32o sts. Inquire at Mo. 8134 Penna are nt.e Trice, SJ8 per month. myl3 fjuoel* F'OB 8ALE-FBAMB DWftLLlNO, 7 lootrs. fca'l. ctllar, summer kitchen, ba.h. gas water rloett. bay window, Ac.; near llth at. cars; 1431 Pierce Place n.w.. between a and T st?. mi 13 >w* l^OB BBNT?Unfnrnlsbed BOOMS, en suite or t single, pleasantly located for summer; new bouse, with tno<*ern conveniences, on* square fmm ea. s. Apply 1134 18th street. myll 1W FOR 8ALR?A new an! handsome PWELLIMO, 10 rorms.a few minutes'walk of Belay; admira bly tuittd to any one doing business in Washiu<toa. Terms unusually easy. Apply to J. P B10HARD80B, myll lm* ? Old Hottl, Btlay. B. A O B R. F^Oli BKBT?BOOMS, furnished an1 anfurnith td. in all parts of the city, from #6 to Bbm p?r month. Apply at I>OBSRT'B ROOM AGEMOT. M?>. 030 K stteet northwest. mylO-lm* L^OH KALE?At a great bargain. LOT Mxll3 on ? Sth street Lortbesst. between B and O, close to street cars; would mak* thre? good buitdiug lots. BMALLWOOD A MORRISON, PiTlO lm ftia 7th street. I/OB BENT?An elecaot seven rojm pressed ? brick DWELLIBO; bath-room, gas.wa'nr, hall, Ac ; desirable neighborhood #10 per month. Bey at i>33 P street n. w. b. A. PBILLlPd, 603 Uta s,reet ji.jw. my 10 lm FOR RENT?A large and elegant HOC8E ?lth ?table, and side lota attached, on 1st st. north east. immediately north of Caaltol grounds. Will be rented for %76 per month. Ur usa open from 1 to 60'ckckp m. Inqnire of T. GALLIG4N, 50* 12;h street notthweet. mylO ltt* F'OB RENT?bl MMKK Bk81l ENOE on Metro politan railroad; fifty mi nines rile from Waul ingt u; three ieibut<V walk from the station c?n f rtable brick dwelling house; abundance of milk aiid I utter on the place, and ice. Apply to PETEB A IIPBDEBSON. Kockrille. Md. mylO eo2w LM'b PALE OK KXCHANGK-For uty property, r '?AcRlcrurt" FABM of 115 acres, highly im proved, with fine orchard ol imported fruit trws, a?i lUt g bense and barn;situated on Bew Cut R a-1, one mile from Itistne Asylum. Inquire of E JACOB, No. 930 17th atreet korthwest, between I aLd K atrtets. my8-lm* EpOR RRBT-.'-O ACHKb of choice gardenlrg I Land. 6 ro?n> Dwtllii e. Bars. Ac.; admirably adapted fir a dairy: located at the (list station out ?i(*e of the city on the Baltimore and Ohio rallroa I; r? nt yery m.-derate. J BTANLEF JONES m? 2m t^OR RkNT OR SftLE?A ROUSE in ths coua try, five m'lts from Washington, will t>e told or exchanged for city property, or reuted furnished or nuturnii'hed. (iO acres of Lani, near 8oldi<-rs: Home, on the Point of Rocks Railroad. Apply at 1434 I street northwest. mys-lm L'UB SAbE-UOLSE 1006 H street aorthwert 1 eleTeu rooms, range, hot and cold water in ted X'rms, marble mantels, every modern convenience. Price f-f ? lean re of FBAKK LlhliET, Lumber Merchant, mj6 lm Cor, gib street and New York ava. L^OR'BENT-BOOMS In all portions of the city. I Description and terms riven. Apply to R. F. V08TBR, northwest corner 7th and G sta. my2-22t* L-OK BENT?A comfortable DWBLLIN ? thoiough repair, ctntra'ly located. 939 E street: terms moderate to a reliable tenant. Apply to J T G1VKH, wood yard, luth, near E street. Rent <f0. apM lm l^OR RIBT-i rare chance?A part of a nicely a furnished HOUSE for houseketplng. in a dt ligbtlnl Iccallty, on the line of 14th street railway; half square fnm cars; aU the modern Improve ments; fite cellar and yard. References exebaogad. 1481 Q street^ ap29 lm F)R SALE?Two-story Brick HOUSE No. ?09 4th street northwaat, containing geven rooms, water and gM. back and side alley. For particu lars apply oa the premises. a*14 lm F)R REHT-First-claas RESIDENCE, wi h all m?d?rn ImproTaarents. on Rhode Island are.. No. 1513; will be vacant some time daring the m nth of May. Apply to J. J . SUtOD, 1403 llth street ap?4-la> I^OR PALE-Two valuable LOTS ? by 100 feet, F on 8th atreer, between P and Q; 0100 cash; bal ance In five 1 ears at six per cent, lntareat. Inquire at 63T 7th street northwest. apll la IT OB SALE ? In the Oountry ? A comfortable r DWELLING of U rooms, within five minntas walk of Ammandale, Baltimore and Ohio railroad; also, fine Building Sites; Rolling and Beautiful Country; wtU-watered. Address DANIEL AM MEN.Beltsrllle. Md. ap!4 3m FOB SALE or EXOHANGE FOR CITY PROP ERTY?In EllaviUa, Prince George'* county, Md., 8IXT-EEN AOREB of LARD, with doable Frame Houae. good water, an abundance ef fruit treaa, grapes, Ac.; high and healthy location; twelve Dinutea'walk to the HyattsTUle depot, Baltimore and Ohio railroad. A ahotograph of the house can bo seen and farther Information obtained from B. H. BTIMEMETZ, 133T Pa. ave. mart7_ |?OR BALE?HOUSES for RMJOOO. ?SOAOO, r f l8,uu0. #l? 000. BUjWO. ?10,ou0, B?.000,?7^00, ktm. tijow, ?w.V^po. Veu\ocat?d and on eaay t rms. R. J. 8WRIT, octt-tr ?11 7th atreet. ESTATE BULLETIN REAL of THOS. E. WAOGAMAN. ?1? Tth It CBAK6BS MALI SVXAT WILXKSDAT A!tB sATCAiAT. Erich Houses for Sale. Duddlngton. with extensive grounds, 12 n...RSOOJMO ContinestAi Hotel. Pa. av.B.w , all m. I..IW rs a#JM> lii 117 Del ave. n. e , all mod Imps., 17 rs. M.UUO <28 Pa. ave. n.w.. all mod. imps . iO re. ......15 (KO 9> 'J M st. n w., all mcd. Imps., i3 is 17.500 #38 K st n. w . all mod. imps.. 11 rs. 14 UUO Mu l-ith st. n.w , all mod. imps., 17 rs. 15 two 730 13th st. a. w? all mod. imps.. IS rs 14.000 7Mi3tb st. n. w.. all mod. Imps.. 1] rs 12.000 130 E st. n w . all mod. imps . 14 ra II sou Sil A at. a a., ail mod. imps . 12 rs ?..10 JOo TV*/ Story Brick ami frame House* Jor Sale. SIM Pa. av n. w.,( F. H .1 mod.imps., 8 r*. f s 000 2109 Hst n.w. ,(P. H ,1 mod. imps., 9 ra. S^JOO 1011-1013 Kit n.w ,(B. H.,> mod. impi.,8 is-ltJOO 314 A st i.e.|lH.i) mod. imps., 4 r* 64MJ A3 latst . Georgetown J F. Bmod. inpsjirs. 6 uoj 19th st n. w ,(F H.'.mod imps..32 rs S.000 1317 7th ?t. n- w.,(F.H.,) m^d. imps., 7 rs. ? 818 1st st. n.w. (B. H ), mod. lniae.. 7 rs 4 suo Corner llth and Dsts. n.a., t B. R.m. la.7 ra. 4 300 91330that. n. w.,(F.H.I mod. imps.,7 4/00 Unimproved Property for Sale, Una M.n. w.,per ft. - 90 B st.- bet. S2d and S3d sU., per ft-..? ? 40 30.hst.. bet BandS n.w, per ft...... S5 1 st.. bet. 6th and 7th a.e., per U 7th st , bet. H and I n a . per ft SB Howaid University gronnd?, per ft . SB Bouses for Kent. m N. Y. ave.a w.(furn..i all mod. Impa , 13 ra. 1171 1214 R.l.ave., (furn .)aU mod.Imps .la ra...... m MMN J. ava. n. w., ifurn.) aU mod. las pa-? * rs IflO 931 E st. a.w ,all mod. imps., 10 ra 83.33 223 A at. s. a , ail mod. Imps , 11 rs n Cor. Market and 1st at., Gtown, mod. I., 11 rs. 10 M B st. n. w- mod. impa.. M ra U Cor. Slat and F su. n.w., mod. Imps., M ra....AAM 1S19 10th st. n. w., mod imps , IS ra. go 617 Fa. ave. a. w,,(store,)sa<*. taspa.,l ra M Oor. llth ana D sta. a. e , mod. impa , 7 rn 10 134 East Oapttol st, mod Imps .8 ra. 40 1002 Stth st. a. w., mod hnps., 10 r? M 2309 M at. a. w? mod. impa.. 10 ra 1318 V at. a. w., m^d. impa.. 7 ra. (7 High St., Georgetown, mod impa.. IS 20? A at. n. w., mod. impa., M rs I3IAM at. n. w.,mod. impa., 10 ra.. ? Eat. a. w.,asod. tmpa.,11 ra 481 at, a. w., mod. impa., M rs.. B} mod.' SS.'a'J*' BUSINESS CFTAXCES. rTHI AGIST OB FIBB THAT PROPOSED 1 I ? COmprribiie orircbar??<1 -rr-T<?J lntpror* n-' tit Taxes. BUI plean send address to P O %ii n? tl 3<* LME 84LI-A MILK DAlRf. ,usr starved. a ? fir * opening ft r milk, fctitier. *fgt. lr? cream. Ac B?li| ib?\|rct(iCljr?IM .???? wilite'.l u?> ?ttb?rf?lr. Asrly ttiSD 8th ?lrret vau mi, tlie l?ntt fwrtcki. a* P>B BALE-STO K OF CRIS a <V>~kEBT end OU?Wl|| STORK. I i? Br ??e .tr ? , " -rgrtowB lataiy occ?Bt*d by TAYLOwA b ?0K. L'SW^Jl ' ?"?IDOK. a?.>gue*. per J 6. H A YS, anorasy. OtOfHtotB. lyil ?? W\?rT5Da^j;o-r,,?* ??<? rH'?V 1 .7.1* ?? oaptn.l a u jS ?^br"d '????"? 4 bn.i im. f 1*' JV.S? * ^ pl,c# Addi**. PBOT13ION. Star ?gl?* ?) 21 St DBIG SToKB FOB SALS-1a * ur-? an<1 gr< w in/ ne'ibborhood. WlU be B..11 cheep AadrfM L . Bttr i* DinrTlLl^I^fT^nrTTrTbTTlTirir r COMPANY HTOCB Th? own. 'wenta I? intr? u th? office of Bortbetn Liberty dtrkti l?a|ur. arsv St* I^OB BALE?A o established IU"9IBBB8~of t?~> B years standlBg F street, bete eea Pj,t offl.e and Treasury. Will tell at a bargaia. milks. wmt cffitw ma?Bl ft' W?>T?D-f* OOOTO|l.??0 for fi te year oa real estate worth thr-e um?? ibeaaoaot. Inter*it c t to eicerd 3 r ro-nt. A tdrese " B*i ' Georgstown. I> C. m?2*-M* Fi*0* SALE?A ?*r? dxiitkio DKUu Bl.IKS. doing th? be?t bnnse.s north of the A (em Will be sold low and on reasonable tegais AdJre*. Boi Poet i Woe. aitao Si* f|H>K HALR?? I tfOo"T7TeT!?77o?of?lesV^eta7^ N<?T?t?; also, TOP Bl U ??. chear or?lll t?kt?H nt a* cult payment ob ch>-a? bu.lti3* let. Lc?or Hook e. #Vi to Jj*i cash, balan-? to suit. Wll! kre? h<r?e fur Ms n.e I. s HOL L11 (il, K.-om 30. L*"roit Hiitldiof vnirH?-1t G*fAT HKIKi; {* ft A ?Olt -r.T r~ut or sale. Iiorstj F ' .">.7 l.ltB str.? nrri liweet, (OuUiiiict II ro n ? w ithall mo'ern impr vi* u*3t?. Also. the Fcroiture n ?* In ??? b>|j| new aid in r<'rfr(t otd^r. H u *? and Fu"oi?nre ml! b ?ld or rented t.'gather >r a*p?r*tdi a< J??irel. Loiaii ii km ia c'trfir o i>a*? re?Meaee or tor rpntmn rxw-m# Price a" l '?rnn low ?ad ? la quire on pr?n le??1ann<dla?>-. > ni> ?' lm \\*A NTBt'?A f~- MtAKRf nt 'he >1 IT|(T. cVmp^V^ 'b" ,'AS^N'vi,tt ****** B>yl9 3?. H D.OoOM.Jt ,?CO..t?a8 Trt. PABTHEK WANTil). * ITH f.OO TO BhOO a? tradirg capital. In a rionr and Feed bn?l ne?,e already e?tab!Ubed. In.Mjire >t 15.12 Wtb ?t nj r hactt. cr addr - tLOtB aad FBRD, nan; >'*^t 10)19 OR S.\Lt.-Wili e* -baego for a \\ a?hlrc*oL rity PROPERTlf aftnet ARBof .'7 acrei on tte Brm R.ilr ad. tear Patterr n. N J.: targe bota. . good ou--bo1l.f!nif?; plenty of fmlt. Ingoire of B. M_U At.L. Brai Bntat* Agent. 7th ?treet. opr-ute Pv?t Offl*. or Dr W tl TAY LOR'S. *0* K atrert r ^rthwc?t anrl? e.-J?-* 1 NVilTMIRf linamtl KOK ? lAl. City of WathlrrtoB ?'-T*ar Oold Bon<<?. do. do. old Quarterly Stock. District of Colambla 18 year T per cent Bond*, do. do. 3 66 B vnda. gnaraa?e?d br foiled ftate* w r1> 10t LBW18 JOHMBON k CO . Bank-r*. ?/OB SAI.* r a YAlVAISLE corybk lot. The nrat C^lrab'e Lot lo the" Wmt Bad.'' belag Dertliwett corter of Interaectioo of PeBMrlt aula aveLce aid list ttreet.wirb a front or aearly W fi*t IB tbe avenue, and depth o( about 12S feet on tl?t fttro-t. Bperlal ImproTrmenU on the entire front for. Will be told at ? low figure aii.l upon reasonable term^ Apply to J.V.K B OYCK, Real Baute Broker. . S. B. cor. Mtb it and fiiew York are , w?18 <t Qpp Btgge A Oo > Bank. I Jhl O BlORB FOB SALB-L -rateJ N ,. ?' 113 PenDMiranla bvenu-- A g >1 ataadl tor baslneae. Cheap and on ea?y terms b>17 4t] \ J. THOMPSON BBOWM, .... K"*1 Batate Agent aad Auctioneer. 1113 Main atreat, UchmoLd, Va. *hb"mophtain-top <srM MkR BK6UBT). BBIBG N1NBTBBN ~ UUKDRBD AND NINKTY-BIX FKBT AbOVI TIPB WATBR.ON THB SI M J BLl'? BIDOB MOl'N TAin a. ir AT0C8TA COPNTY. VA , ABD IMMEDIATE LTOVM the ORBAT TCNNBL OB THB (. HEH a PEAKE ABD OHIO RAILROAD, on elating of HOTEL AND FrBBlTI A AND HOTEL GROl'BDB. frrtn lit Jnne to 1st October, 1?76. fmrrotements conei?t of a HOTEL, built of ft ue ate! Liick, with acconimodati 'B for about Mveutv fl\e gueati, and baa been recently repaire.1 aud there 1? now In proceia of erection an aCdai u t ? tbe betel tor diulr g balls, 4c. Freestone and Chalybeate springs. Rt.ilroa<l ccmmnclcatloa is euch that vislton can |ea\e?ithtr Rictinond. Lyncbbnrg, Baltimore, or \V aaLington alter tnsineaa hour? on Saiarday nnd teturn at tarly honra on f.'liowins Monday To ieip.nslble parties moat rvw^nable termi will be Kade. For particulars addre-i n) 1> et&t J. THOMPSON BROWN._ F*0R PALE. OR EXCHANGE FOR CITY TROPEBT Y.?Ha\ lug removed to WanMngt^n 1 will sell?r exchange cue of tbe fineit Oouatry KB61DEMCB8 In tbe atate of Mar) land, litnatod \ <>t a n ile south of Hager'towo, cobta:nlng l( arrii Mnestote laud, 3 acres of which are In Grapes. 3 in Frtilt, the remainder in Grass Improved with a new 1-story Brick Honce. 43 by M feet.containine U r.orr.p, with gai and water, and all necasiary out building? in excellent condition, sucb as atabisw, carriage bouse, ioe bonse. Ac. Address A. B. AP PLE MAN, Citizem' Batunal Bank, Washington, D <- ?yrf Mb TWO NBW HOUSBS FOB BALB-At F.iU Church, Y?., on longtime; near charche* aid good school*. Apply to WELLS FORBES, on tbe rrevises, or GBO. A. L. MBRRIFIELD, Bton 4 ft. Pent Ion Office. BpSS Ira* WANTED?To exchange caw REFRIGEU\ TORS and STOVBr for O.d ?nes. at BUT LER'S, corner 6th acd B streets northwest. Hmokr Chimneys cured, from #5 to #23or no pay. aptl 3oi* MAJHTELS A.T OObT, at WM. ROTIIWELL'S, ap!8-Im* 11S B street southeast. s, >P (Sl'M AISJ^B GOLDSTEIN * 00., loan Ainu commission bkokkrs. OORBBR 10TB AMD D BTBESTS. MtSIT LOANED or ADYAMCES MADB ob valuable personal property to any amount, and for ant time dtsired, on Tery reasonable terms. Also, Goods sold on Commission. At Private Sale?Very Cheap?A large lot of Ua redt-emed Pledges and Coramisslcn Goods, new and ?econd hand. Ivery article fully warranted. All busiDess strictly confidential The oldest Mi tbe Boat reliable bonne tn tbe City. mar 16 tr (\|0BEY TO LOAM. #4? .000 to loan on choice rial Mtate, la rami of from 9sou to #1 0U0. at 9 and 10 per cent, lntereat A law rami at 8 pt cent, la from O4J0U6V) t&M) b. M. Warner. marll oorner 7th and F uraeti. W '11 TO fA.000 INVESTED IB STOOK COU PR1Y10EGBS PAYS LARGB PBOFITS. Writ!for 73 aage book. Men and Idioaa af Wall it. and Wall it. BeVlew. SBBT FREE. JOHB HICK LINO * OO., octTly Bankariand Brokers. 7-J Broad war. S T. FOR SALE. F*0U SALE?At No. HW3 Penaa arenue,Taai >1 Hill (DOOLBV'S), Thirteen TkkeU t> BE-T SODA WATER in the world. my33 3>* F'OR BALE?A COOB STOVB. of stand ird make and In good order. Apply at 110S 9th nt. north welt. ?t* IT"OR SALB?AT A ORBAT BAB4A1N?One One r seven octave Baabe P1ABO. warranle-i. 1 1 prrfict irder; can be seen at G. L.W1LD A to BO's, 783 7th itratt, between G ano H itrtets aorthweat mytt 3t* L'OR SALE-A genUeman nice family HORSE, 7 I y< are old; sound, a gced tra?eler, and >s IfV^ ??rfectly safe for a lady to drlre; will be sold _ - _ cheap, as tba owner baa no fnrtber use for blm. In quire at No 1011 lMU st. north wait. laiyH ?? ft^OB SALB-rThi FURNITLRB compete fjr 1 too'ekeeplai of a neat eight r,omA b tue, and the honre, with all con\enirB'>ee torrent. Apply at No. 1413 8 street north wetf. m) JU 2i ~ m F'OU SALE?On* pair of stylish black tlOUSES, well matched; 7 and 8 years old;ioutd and fast; also, a fine let of double H Ak HfeSB. (Address H. 8., corner 4J6an?l sts. souibwest. bit** lm 1/oB BALE?A Hair Cloth PAaLOB BCITB E nearly new; als->. Kitchen Furniture. BefrUer ator and Extension Tabla. Apply at oac?' at 330 8tb s'reet aortheaat. myl9 3t* F'OR SALB-Two one horse LCMBBB WAU0N8 in gocd order; iacon? bard. Will be aold for cashcLeap. 1H0MAS W. SMITH. Lumber Dea!er. my 19-st lit 1 treat and Indiana avenue n. w. fABRIAGES, OABRIAGES. CABBIAGBS ? V/ TBe largut aad Btoat varied ?t of lataat ity le of OarrteMjOaasaa. Bockawayi, Jnnaa-ieata, Park Phsstona J aggers, Top and ao Top Buggtaa. A fine Mccnd-hand Panel Osntajsi aad Bellies on band at . P. D SCHMITT A OO., maris tr Mo S10 19th rt.,bet. O and D .b.w. C<0B 8ALB-HOW IB THB TIME. ~~ r 1 bareoa hand 80 BPB1NQ WAGONS. buUt Km beat style, with the Sarrla wheal,, aad Mo top BCGG1B8 tor BontAly paymeata, at ST Proa^eat it., antr julfc'o ? a. P JAOBBOM WAGOBS I BOM AMD SMBLLBKBIM AXLBS. OMM-HOBBB, TWO BOBBM. TMBBM-HOBSB AMD FODB HOB8B VaGOBB. Wa Bare aold Haadnda of I 1 opiaios la thi MAJOR, ?KTKMTl AM* ? BTMBKTB, MAS TMM COLDEST AND BEST SODA WATER ZM THB WOKZsD. m it. PROFESSIONAL I hBBTIftTBV KmI nSi^ PftACT,cBi? 1,1 J B. 01 BBS. IWuiiP |>* *? * WALTOB. l't.M|vf ,otbe ? ' Slate* Ntiii Actd??i at Am ap..|? t !?"-% ^?1^. I*?* * mn2*Tr ?* reep.ctfbl.yS^*Sf ?rr <1 *rufnu fcAi ?"* ? ?? u> ? SWilaF*" * ^ ,,,r,.b;r*^ 4? u Biim, ?? i,_ jV ATTOKfiKT AT LAW, . COT LI. in u4 <tl ?( . Bomb ?. WnMl|t.n P O I f?wi? lunNKt. ?. mmmrtSs??f ?* THB ? o. ft* Itt Street a w . orn+Mtm Uaia J JtT* ** /hrfmm <eeM It Sc"l"? rBIW^O. rBoot ATI*g ,c* ever. <r,.j r1M _ - owa.bbtal * irniu Booi Ti^^ATiorth, ? k_ ?MH I * O TIIN iTo |7 Ir'ot'I ?rwff.!!aT!L.,"rkl4' wtr*ctt" ??? ctUonl?7LT?:' MEDICAL, cfc. l>lL?^-rSL*? ?M'WM> r,,itf rW. I1M - BvImi cwnBdMnVl L "!^1*"*!.^ 5?cfcarfe I Lti4'm ' '?'? aAa is.'* ^*5^^ Lm4%4$ Pa *.????* ?* r4i (Nik r*{ I * a VrnMh^M^!***' ,Q<1 Sb* arVa? at ?? #,<J0 _t "**! ' *? ? " cKx* *" female Ooaipialiire jurllj mml Offliw ?m k , ),m ? L' ml ard Mraet. Ha.tim ? a??tJ-?* * I/daViTmI;"?"1?MT1%ll? Oua-Ckr H-M ft rT? j"? *" ??*?*??>?'1*11 ?r>4 ai. Tf! T'/"r?*.1* W d'll ate Llnrf with It* H ?EIKffir ; M Mr"* ^?U""iy7i;r'u Fr-pMV?J aoc.rdinj t?. the >rUluai I ?nt. ,b'11:r?Vkr^- ",?!? ?*?"?*. ?SrrTKS ? Oc??u!L4dOM (r^? ||3 ini* I)? ^PiKTSOK. from ciB t<# ooa> ^ 4 * 12* ?*"?? ?ort nwa?* ^Art)^. f?!?.Jft* g*j Q?P>. ?T?rr * BPM^daV a"* thei'r,5J > ?- '? *" !?????? Of '^huu ILi^i Uo?arrk,,-^> Ule-?, Strict nr*. . > tbll i ud BpertWorri .a Caeee of Gobi. >rrbee recently coatr acted fund In 3 to ? dare t- ?hih?ia -radicated fr -in the irateta. wit h jut the uae of met enry. JlNMBnkMi broach* oa br iicmm and aboa* Id yeath, canal ng loaa of ?i^nry and liaini tj .f nrral d<-l>lhtr, orranlr woikn^aa. impotaorr. DfrxociurlUbjlltr. ?rn?toma of oonaDinptioa, In dtmtloB, *?lBiu\lo* of tb? b?*n, M>a* la back, Jui'Bfw of aU-tt or triddinaaa, erll for?t>;K?B*a, mir ^?H1' cnr-W 1>T newly dtoroVend rna*dt?a. O^iitlrtiK-n placint th?MMtr?a la Dr. B.% arm Imiid. Eef#rt to the high t?aMin nliit vhirlK be now holds tr'in the ?hyiirUna <>f a tow? m A CARU,?To all aho arc anflertnc from tba ra irrora aad ladiacmloiy of ?> ath. aert.xa veakBMi. narlf dw-ay. loaa of itar.h ?od. ke . 1 * ill rii a Hni f?, ' 7'" c?r* BBKE or til61 BOB Thla ?r?iat rimH; waa dlaoorarrd by a mtaNlcnary 111 for th America, a^od a arlf ad irn-oj E?rif.s:.K.'?:fif,r-'Kiwsir* aU tflaarder* broocbt on by JadlaeretiuM ot a? "* .*?? I>ra?tlit kM Uk li>cr*(l'*i>ta. DAVIKfoI m O?^ a??ll m.wj.l? ?o* B?9? Mtm (\| APAMB BB8TBLL. M I)., a thoroafMy ??? i.?. ,b4 ?clrBt,nc Phyatotaa and M .jwlT* of * ???'? attend, ladioa at tbolr i, y?!?./-?*.'1*'!.1*!foonw. carafal anra in*, and tbc teat Monica Miadaao* at ibi I>.>| l< r i I'lTtir ml<lriicr. 1 ? alaclac tliaaiaalTaa ntider ftf rara of Madam. ?t*4l ar? gnaranteid ?r.^i tllic tniticriit and a ?a*?dy enra Offloa and L ' ***? C!<.rBar of BuBtb Miar? and l?ow atraota, xja. *?ir ly INSURANCE. ofrii i or The Mutual Protection Fire Iua. Co. or TUB DISTKIC'T Of COLUMBIA, (CHAKTEIED BT ACT Or CORsaitw.I 1509 rtDb*;l\auii avenae.iojauaiia U.B.Trei'r.l GBORGB TAVt? K. Pr.* ^^JAf B KIT<"H MM BALLABTTBB, VPraa ^Jc. x'eaa. _ _ . TKrHTKBB (rfcrw Taylor, Wa. Ballautvao. ( baa r pNk. Wm'j aTIr' i'utm?' A ? r<Tn . wm J .BibUj, M . ^ . Bnrch'U, Ja?.H. BavUia. - Tj><> rtwgttnaany la row fBlly o<?anlrad f..r In L XTr ? Prepared to iaane ^Icleaof laaarauce S-T ? V? **rni" Paj^pbleta oontaialuc i ,nc?,raoratioB aad bv-la?. will be fur CImUltlH. JAMBP B MTUH, ' '* lm secretary aad Treaaarer JOUM T. AiMS. D. W. BBTOttA* VMXE&AL 1MSCKANCM AUkXTB AtlD BROKERS, LB I)ko:t BriLDiMc, ooroar of r a ad 9th IHSrHBOB of EVBBT I'BSTH'PTIOB a bit uai8-tr TBB OB THB bStTEBIIB T D BMOTALi. " 5oi^?S?^JSS?5i!SJirvsD.?: Baintng, corner of t and %b atresia' oo?i??bf baa boea In oMrattoa foe tbtrtr-fiTa yean. Bet a-arta. % J. BC(S8BLli BABB. Agaat. educational. YVf" BKD IB8TITUTB hmmxty Srkooi fm mZ.I?ZL11?u Jtf ? L- Caw. PoTciaaT Bew Hbt*d, Ooaa. Band for circular. marl 4m PHOLIJB, rBBBCH, AMD OLAUIOAL BB- j c* LBOT SCHOOL ro^i volbo la dibs, via t ^ Tork Maaaa a. *.-Mri AbOBLO JACK COAL AND WOOD. (>>AL AND KINDUKG WOOD. itock oY COAL It now comrlet# m^rtHaa ? lth* chotea qoalltlaa. and to vblcb ?a tariia u2 Attmtiou of oobinmera Onr PATBHT BL'BDLBD B1BDLIBO WOOD, V-flrr-!.t*^t*r..lB "WT tnndla, la tba beat la wa. For aala by all (rocara?try It. Bo afeirlan P??ar or fcaroaena oU require*. W 9HMAF. ?4>I. ILMAM. ?TITflEKMOl _ _ . _ Mill and Depot 7 th acre at W barf. Braacb OBloa 1S1?? Peanaylranla aeaaaa (JOA1.I 14>AL1 BOOU1 WBQpT CHEAP! CHEAP! PORCASHt aT^sabdb or TOBS obdBkbo n j .^f daily, car* >ea of Lbe beat yarlotiaa of all klDda of COAL and WOOD * w *" Bow la i be tlm* to bay ! 5?*,d mZ* money gmt a f muuU aad w? SSSSWRKSkif "*? ?*" " "? ?""? SSk^--'' ine deiirtry ?f Coil direct from our ?eaaili to tte conaamer, wa cab certaiulr ?Ber aiaclaI Indaoa Benta. A Tlait to oar Wbarraa and Depot wlii ooa riccacae at a planoe of onr 'inanrpa?i?d adTan?a?aa Coii 'BB WOOD delivarad aa how aa $i.$0 p*r<Oor?*K ^'OOD delivered Aa low aa BS to gT A Alnale trial l? all that la t -iiiij to MBviaoa tbe public of the above iact? lOBAOR BROTHBBK. ?ale OfBee aad Depot at Jobnaoa'i Wbarraa, too* of iStb and ISth etreeta. y^n??sJ^in0rtl^ a,^ MBIT8 WE AS. . SPRING GOODS. NEW STYLES FINE GOODS. TO UU TO MBABVBB. SUITS TO ORDER, wmom *s* or. READY-MADE SUITS, rsoB #14 or. BBADTMADB SPRING OVERCOATS, ?i? vr.

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