Newspaper of Evening Star, May 22, 1876, Page 4

Newspaper of Evening Star dated May 22, 1876 Page 4
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EVENING STAR, ??HPAY ??y ?. WW. WmOXer ProbaMUUc* To-dayT Otftci 07 Chttt siow a i. Orrcn, > Wa^hisdtos, May 11, wit. 1 In the middle states and New England falllrg followed by rapidly rising barometer, warm, southerly win?ie sniffing todecMedly cooler northerly and severe thunder ? lor ma. LOCAL NE ICS. SmrUmai Theater.? Miss Mary Aoders^o. In "Evadne; or, The Hall of 8t?tnes " Theater Ci>m*7we.?First-class varieties. National Veteran Clul^"SeeVlvt. Tbe street lamp* will be lighted at 7:40 v. so. and extinguished at fcJO a. ra. Ellen JoDes, colored. aged about fifty years, died suddenly at No. 308 Jd street, la^t ??en I o(. The Colored National Republican Cam paign Committee ban been organised for active operations. Among Its members are J. H. Butler and Samuel Tlnney, of tnis Dis trict; Halklns ant J. W Freemen, of V^jlnla, and George W. Tbornley, of Mary Yorjro Mtv s Chkistuh association. Saturday evening a meeting of the T. M. C. A. was held, and Mr. Wra. Stl^kney bavins declined to accept the presidency, Mr. E. M. Galtaudet, (president of the Deaf and Dumb College.) was elected to that position. Other cfTcers were elected as follow*: Wm.Stlc* ney, Matf-ew O- Emery, A. 8. Pratt, O C. Wight, and O. F. Presbrey. vice presl lents, A T S:nart, general secretary; Alfred Wood, recording secretary; W. H. Ollcott, corres Jondlng secretary; E. B. Bamum. treasnrer; ames Meldrum, register; ColumbusChoate, librarian. New committees were provided for on onen air and neighborhood meetings, visitation of the sick and boys's work, which, together with the committee on churches, constitute a general crmmlttee on religions work, of which the general secretary Is ez orftriocbair man. meeting together once a week for con ference. Another Important feature is me provision for a new committer on temper ance and the suppression of vicious litera ture, wtose duty it will be to hold public meetings, and use sncb other means as may seem most advisable to promo's temperance and the observance of the sabbath and to suppress vice. The organization of the board of macagers under the revised constitution will be effected as soon as possible and an nounced. The association Is entirely free from debt, and enters upon the new year with renewed hope. ? Th* Kivival Miitisi; to-day was hel<l St the chapel of the Y. M C. A , and was opened with a Bible readlm( from Luke, xlv. chapter, by Rev. Mr. Gr?efl7wbo had charge of the meeting. Prayers were otrered for tne Jubilee meeting at the Calvary Baptist Church this evening. Rev. Mr. Kramer, the city missionary, related having this morn Jog found In the hovel of a colored family a white woman of respectable family who last week left her home and through Intoxication has corns to her present condition. He assed that a prayer be offered for her, and Rev. Dr. Noble led In a petition. Dr. Noble read ? letter from a young Christian lady enclos irg an extract from the letter of a young man in California almost blasphemous lu expression, and asking prayer for him. Mr. C. W. Proctor offered a fervent prayer for him, as also for others. A number of re quests for prayer were presented, among them one for a father, mother, three sisters and sis brothers. Mr. Gra>ff offered prayer for them. A praise meeting followed. ? A Mr he m SWTs ? Xatvmal Then'rr. ? Miss Mary Anderson, who recently made her debut, and who ever since has been winning high praises wherever she has appeared, will begin herflrst engagement here to-nlgbl In Shlel's tragedy, "Evadne; or, the Hall of Statues." Mtas Anderson will oe ably suo rorted by Messrs. John W. Norton, M. V. Lingbsm and a full dramatic company. TSenter C>, tujue ?"Little Bonanza" and a Jor g list of varieties compose the attractive programme, which will fill the Comlque <**1 night this week. The company throughout Is first class, and everything Is well presented. (r'iytHon/ ?The well-known Emerson Insti tute will give Its eighteenth annual excur sion to Glymont next Thursday. Thesteamt r J. W. Thompson will leave <"th street wharf at 9 a. m. Tickets can be obtained at Metr* rott's. _ ? Th* church ok St. ArcrsTixi will be dedicated on Trinity 8unday, (June 11th,) and Rev. Father Berrottl, the pastor, has ex tended an invitation to the various Catholic societies to participate. A meeting of rep resentatives of the societies was neld yester day at tfce West End ball to arrange for the ceremonies. As the sealing capacity ol the church Is not great enough to admit of all tfce Focleth* attending In a body, It was de rided that the organizations should be rep resented by their officers, with Chief Mar shal P. M. Kelley and his aids, making In all a body or men numbering about one hun dred and twelve who will aitend in regalia. Tbs representatives of the several societies will meet on the morning of Trinity 8nnday at 10 o'clock in the hall of the West End Hi bernian Society, whence they will proceed to the church, on i5tb street. ? Haxdsove Excr&MionisTO.? Saturday a number of young ladies from the .Soutoern Home School of Baltimore pal l a visit to this city, under the care of Mrs. Gen. Pegram and her brother. Mr. Wm. Cary. There were In all twsnty-ore of the young ladles, repre senting ten different states, and one from Brazil. They visited the Capitol, and were escorted about the building by Senator Ran dolph, of New Jersey, and Gen. Forney, of Alabama, both of whom had daughters In the party. Hon. Ben Hill and others were with the escort. They also vl?dted the Bo tanical garden, the White House and the Lonlse Home, and Mr. W. W.Corcoran gave them a collation. There were present Mr. Corcoran, Gov. Stevenson, of Ken tacky; Hon. Randolph Tucker, Major Lee, Gover nor Randolph, Mr. Keiaan, of New York; and President Welling, of Columbia Uni versity. s M initio ht Robriky or a Dry-Goods Store.?Tbe dry-goods store of Coombs & Ero., comer of 14tn and R streets northwest, was broken Into last night and robbel of dry foods amounting to tlfs in value. The en trance was effected by smashing in the heavy plate glass of a large show window In front. Th# proprietor, who lives above the store, beard the rattling of broken glass, but paid no attention to It. thinking It the effect of the heavy storm wblch was raging about that time. Lieut. Noonan has arrested two men en "usplclon of being the guilty parties. A 8ol dim s k cnsKAL?There died at Providence Hospital, on the 19tn Instant, of disease of the heart. John Patterson. late private, 7Lh regiment Massachusetts infanry. aged years. Deceased being a stranger lu th e city, Col. B. F. Hawkes, department commander of the Grand Army of the Re public, took charge of the remains and pro vided for their burial in the national ceme tery at Arlington, where the funeral took place Saturday afternoon. Rev. Geo. Taylor, department chaplain, officiating. ? An allkcid Co!*kidrnct Mas, named Dr. Polts Heyfcour, who had been operating in this city in January last, was arrested in New York last wee*, by Superintendent Walling, of that city, and Detective Mc Devltt brought bim to this city on .Saturday last, to answer to the chance of passing a bogus bank chock on Carl Petersen, on 7th street, for a gold watch, and one on 8. Gold stein A Co.. pawnbrokers, for a gold chain, Ac. While operating here he passed under the name af John H Hood. Baptist ConvrrtYesterday after noon Rev. R. 8. Laws, pastor of the First Baptist church, holding services in the island hall, gave the right hand of fellow ship to fourteen converts whom he nad bap tised in the morning. He then delivered an Impressive sermon from Exodus, 1>13: ??When 1 see the blood I will pass over you." The ball was crowded. The pastor, in clos 1ns ibe exercises, stated that ?330 had been raised towards bonding the new church. Fourth or July?The Oldest inhabi tants' Association have, in a patriotic spirit, made arrangements for oelebratlng KPlTf* M ??*l; and Mr. L A. Go ?%??! "*? Invitation to deliver tbe address. Ws hope some p.ace mors con venient and su 1 table than the City Hall eonrt room will be engaged, so that the nub ile at large, as wall as tbe Old lunabitanti may be accommodated with seats. Asotrrm Modbju* Gatiway* ?The entertainment of Dr. Sunderland's church at TbUasadge hall on the evenings of May 3M, Mth and 2Sth will be something novel, as well as instructive. It will certainly be priee of admission to see at one time tbe Moorish. Normandy, Roman, Jeru salem, kngiiab. Japanese and American toll gates, with characters at eaen in the cos tumes of tbe ooontry represented. TBI POTOMAC KISUkKY Of 1 *IS has CiOSSd. Like all that nave preceded tt.siuce the war. it was a failure. Tne fish are diminishing In number' yearly, and the idea, long enter gained by those who had examined the sab tcct. that C^ll nets are tbe cause of the diml x it lot .is at length becoming prevalent | Atn. liaatue. > Makiiasi Licsxsss bavs bean issued to Ttomaa O. Chesley aod Maggie Hannon, Jf.chard F Robinson and Jennie Crsstaser. Tfc* Xatloasl Itfkfy riab Rarn. *PO*T AT B(SKI50'8 SATURDAY. Tbe mint and last day of the inaugural meeting of tbe National Jockey Club, Sat crday, was largely attended, and tne races all passed off spiritedly. THI FIRST RACE whs a c'APh of 9110 mile, for All for a ^,?Cnt0lu-?!?r*,0^UL*?oond hor,e< for willed pHSt* ?? \ an.<l p*ndrirt wer? ?otered. f-gJPt came In the winner. 8pendrlft alx behind, and Kadi tbe same distance In the rear. Time, M7. ___ . ^ THK secohp RACK was rorthe citlxena' parse of 1?W); a dash of to ^2 ^."rf tonr.lbors"?i?; to tnird. Oxmore, En '"***? Denver, Leader, Jack Trla and Fair* en}er*^" With En lister ahead. Ox ??tild^L6ad'r ttolrd- Ujey flew pant i*? '.,asnid tbe enthu ! frlend*of the three; butEnllster "I*? turning ap for H!?. ?? mile, and Denver, who had bean ef*y/iehJm,,^ow Bhot toward the front/leaving tbe ronrtb position to Enlister, }%*} \D^J ^27* they c,me toward home. wlu? one brave effort, came 2nlif2? y w,anl' leaving everything be hind hlm, paaalgg the wire the winner. Ox ssnb"?Si.^sTer Md e?""? W?? - .. THIR1> RACE r?mii!.n l?1 , h,lf tla!8b' com olat ion nandlcap for horsei that had ran and not ? '^the meeting, for a purse or *350? ?rV"? ? hcrse, *73 to seiMad and -50 third. rJf. II/?1?? horses were entered: Flrat 2fail<*' Carrl boo, Alton and Nettle B . four and RiMv'wmHif T!rlK?' Re"olQtp. Alecto, i i? Monday-having been withdrawn. was made with First Chance In vf,,1' tJ ^*rr|boo second. Alton third and ?i!!V? . rear- This position they maintained through the Orst mile without any material chang?, but upon entering the a^coi d mile First Chance by a strong effort ca.ncd erother l*ngth or two. jwMcb he orly kept nntll rearing the half mile pole when Carrlhoo took his place and Eept 1* to the end, oomlrg in the winner by a length, Alton second. First Chance third,and Nettle B. fonrtb. Time, 2A~% the foi-kth rack was a half-mile dash between King B. and and l>ibb:e L.. for *100 a side, and, after an excellent start, a good rare ensued, King Bee falling rapidly In tbe rear nntll the turning the home stretch, when by a tine burst of ' speed he came alongside Llbbie I, , and th?y 1 came home nose and nose, the judges declar ' IT* ii?doad heat, and announcing that it would be run over after the last race Time, * w . THI FIFTH RACE f," between Keaolute, Stanford, and Bill ' k hurdle race, over eight rnrdles. The chances for a win seemed to ^tanford and Kcsolute, until -k ,*2 e waa Jumped. Bill Monday tren showed his metal by coming steadily to ^P,t,a,nd fin,sb,n8 the last half a mile with Stanfonl. the two coming In head *?nd head, Resolute two lengths behind. This, Tlme*VieClared * deadbeat b* the judges. consultation the judges announced ? in the last races would h? ii J1 KVfr' 8Dd that the purses would 'wee" the horses, and that all bets on the two unfinished races were off. WAifTs a Divorce?To-day, Mr. O. D. Barrett entered a salt for Albert J. De Zeya ?.r,f iT.?rCf 'jom the bonds of matrimony with Elisabeth M. De Zeyk. The partis were married In tnls city in MarchVls.^ children; he charges that she deserted him in August, 18C*. 1Superintendent ol MreetsC. W. Cunningham received ordeis this morning from Lt. Hoxle to get out his chain gang frrtm the workhouae and proceed to clean up some of the streets. He will or ganlze a force of twenty men and get at work on Massachusetts avenue northeast. Ocr Headers will note sale of piano by lJuncanson Bros, to-nr.nrrow, 23d inst., at 10 o clock a.m. It is a $000 Weoer, and nearly >.r\ER Mart a Sportiso MAW.-Ratur- 1 ud'e oilmor, In the circuit court, grantedMarUia Ann Jeter a divorce a meiiui | rt thoro from her husband, Thomas K. Jeter. ' ,?oV3? i1 .of complaint Mrs. Jeter alleged ^ ad.falled to support herself and children, deserting his family for months | al a In his answer Jeter admitted he did not support bis fRmlly, but ur^ed that 1-e was a "sporting man," and frequently In He also ,ald that so Incom ,werf the views and opinions of him . wife that they scarcely ever met nLQnarreling. it was lmi>o?slble for them to live together In any comfort. Mrs. /?ter also asserte<l that her husband was in ti^b*.b,t.?L ???elatlDg with lewd women. Jeter denied that he associated with lewd ?L*ier ulmproper characters any farther than his character and occupation is a sporting man rendered necessary. Intera P' ratceaml quarreling In his cups were also ?i ?,rg'.1'u ^boo*h thlK *11*1 not seem to con with Jeter s Idea of a "sporting man," heden<ed the charge of intemperance, but admitted that be quarreled sometime*; when In a state ol great excitement. appeared from Jeter's own admissions that, a .""/V.rtin*. noan" miKht be corsid. ered a gocd fellow by all the world outside 111s anilJy. be would never make a good bostaod. Tbeie Is a moral in this for the ladles?never marry a "sporting man," If jonall have to die old maids. Mrs. Jeter w*s Rwa'ded the custody of the chUdren. 1 Bait. A uit rwm, 'lid. . t-W* of the Oolb-Dcst Stories The Denver (Col.) News has tbe following: "The ot * mlDer 1? Cheyenne the other dav WLl.b^veral.tllousand dollars In gold dust, wblcb he claimed to hayedaj,' from the vir r^. ?* e B,ack Hills, set the tongues of tte Lhejenne people to wagging in the most appioved sty le. This first fro 11 of the ? coming ^r>^Vil8L!LeuiT^ waning excitement, an l I? Jh? H?ll"' has again been the rallying cry of the vast army of Impecunious adven turers who are thronging that upper coun try. >ow comes a bit or news from Cheyenne which put* an unexpected pnaseon the case. 1136 mmer.or adventurer, who exhibited so much of tne yellow stutr, rJrtJt, who der imped ftona the Hills with the nugget* and gold dt*t of about fifty honest miners. Keeney i...??t or the country, and is no out Id iXrj^ hlM slecve at thwe fools of >^^me^muh*heldTby Uie WhidlwrtCan ada) anthori ties for extradition for the mur ?i ^cKe*.n:in ?ftrolt, was argued before the Judge of the Court of Queen's Bench. Toronto, lt having been sent there by Jus tice Gait, of the Practice Court, who heard counsel last week. Mr. Glass, counsel for the prisoner, objected to the extradition on the ground that the warrant of commitment was defective under the statute and treaty, and that there was not enough evidence to fbow the crime was murder. Tne court held tee warrant of commitment substantially *Ed Proper und?' the statute, ruling that the omission of unimportant technlcaii tles in the form of the warrant wa? not fatal as hM been contended. He held also that i th< re was enough evidence to establish a Pr,',?a facl* ca*e of murder. The prisoner will, therefore, be extradlteil. Grttirg Even or the Whisky 1 Thieves?In 8t. Louis, Mo., two civil smti against the sureUes of James Busby, one of Uie whisky ring distillers, were concluded Friday In the U. 8. District Court, the juries bringing In a verdict In each case for the roll amonnt of the bonus. ?70,000. All suits 01 a similar character against the bondsmen of other distillers and rectifiers will com<' on as rapidly as possible, and District Attorney Dyer expects to realize about M.<wo,noo for the government from them. j v. a.^ **t**ordi!?art suicide la related ??.. .* Jrntrnal ChnitaiUm/mxt. A ???J^T2e,Lgot np al2 ln the morning. ^,.1? ^ . AH?"! one side of the TiL-.JT0?*1, 111 and ,ald himself f lhe r1*bt alde facing ^}VralL,Wh?n d,??vered. the upper part o' bis body was roasted; the lower llmba were uninjured, being outside ot the oven. thY?P?9?wh<*t crop looks better at "?n have seen it for many l, "P?**1 oar mrmen have *000 r^Mons to hope for an abundant har We learn that the farmers generally ..V*?11 *er* OB board a British war ?/<f ^"ftoSiy.P1' 9 beeU uamed "MooJ>? pJSIN.?.w.k b.y f*0001 aM men as consid SK? J".^at,Logan?port gentleman who when his wife's health failed, bought her a n?W?**^,fa PO*>nd lighter than the old one, to split wood with? 'William men are fooling H? t,?J:oor 7]T?? bT Promising to Lake them On/enrnnl, If after TlslUng tbe aJon?.' ,tb?y "ball find Them proper places for lad lee?IA leramtria &nt, clilT?:,riland temperance reform Tbla la kn,*e' but not the elfcow." D of dJlnk^JfJ 10 a 't?*ten>as hat fVnmi.TS^ * 1 ?f * banS -lt\mci,utati ?-Tb? secretary of the Booth Pass Jattv New Orleans, of fifteen feet 'that * STSSfi " "? ?i ,fl9t?>r? when the chimney firemen am vedf 1,0111 ?fl1 before t?e THE COrtTB COfRT IN Geserat, Terx. To-day. the bearing In the case of SoedJ i agt. (miway wu resumed. Circuit Court?Jwks* Humphrey*' To-day, Sbepherd agt. Linking; verdict for 1 defendant. Noyes agt. Dlggins; judgment ' Locgn'.t. Fague agt. Mwaiter; Judgment affirmed. Fague agt. Dubamel; jury oat. Equity covet?Jutipe Wylie. To day, Roche et al. agt. Roche etal.; de cree U>t sale. Tapper agt. Tapper* submit ted. Smith et al. agt. Smith; contract con firmed. _ POT.ICB COTTBT?Judge 9nsU. To day. Wm. Branson and Lewis Marpby, affray; *5 each. Tbomas A. Green, assault on Wm. J. Haney; ?5 and costs. Joseph Coleman, assault and battery on Emma Scott; ?10 and costs. Lena Grlnnell, larceny of ?10 from George W. Hopkins; continued. Wm. Woodson, servant of Sarah Smart.was charged with stealing #6 from bis mistress; *20, or ro days. Henry Hawkins, larceny of three grain sac^s; * 10, or 30 days. HRRIOU8 CHARGE. John Curry, a young man, was charged with assault on Ida Curtain, a yoang white girl, with intent to commit rape. John Is a Sunday loafer, and yesterday he strolled out in tbe neighborhood of the Eastern branch, where he saw some small girls at play la the water, and made this assault. The girls raised an alarm, which probably prevented j him rroin his Intentions; grand Jury?bond *l,or0. OTHER CASES. Griffin Fowell, assault oa Ellen Bruten; I *20 or thirty days. Gustave and James Larsburg, casting rubbish on tne streets; *3. A. I,. Carpenter, same charge, casting rub bltdi on 7iii street; ?3. Max Luchs, same cnarge; 53. Francis Germuller, same charge; 03. Mary Allen, rude and insulting re marks to passers-by; James Morigan, forfeited collateral. Ambrose White, inde- | ceut exposure; ?-5. Edward Rollins;, bathing 1 I in tbe river after lawful hours: ?1. Daniel ! Grover, forfeited collateral. C^lla Thornp- i ' son, a prostitute and vagrant, was* sent j ! down for thirty days. Charles Schwlng, chargriwith vagrancy; chain gang Jamas Young, same charge; down. John Stewart, ( maintaining a nuisance; ?13. A. Harry i Cofcody, selling shoes without license; con tinned. George Moore, charged with ocsu- j pylng a stall In the center market without permission to do so: continued. A Woman Charged with Killing Her Infant Daughter Mrs. Mary J. llealy, a married vomau living at 112 D street, South Boston, wa3 arrested on Thurs dayfor the murder of Mary Healy, her daughter, aged two years and eight months, with a pair of scissors. The wound was in flicted on tbe second day of May, but in what manner or by whom remains to be proved. One fact is certain, and that is that the child died from the effects of a wound in the abdomen. I)r. Proven was llrst call*! to attend the child, and he summoned other physicians Tor consultation, but their skill was useless, as the child lived but a few hours after the infliction of the wound, dy ing the next day, May 3. The motber satis fled the doctor as to the cause of the child's death, apparently, for he granted a certifi cate of burial, and the child was burled in tbe Calvary cemetery. The matter was then apparently settled, but tbe mother, either from an uneasy conscience or other reason, talked the matter over repeatedly until rumors of foul play leached the ears of the police, followed almost immediately by four anonymous letters to Captain Graves and Officer Clough, and one letter signed "J. R. B." giving Information where the facts of the case cocld be learned Officer Clough was therefore given tbe case, aud secure! suffi cient evidence to warrant the arrest of Mrs. Healy on a charge of murder, which was done on Thursday by Officer Cloogh and Ham. An investigation was at once ordered, and Coroner Osman requested to prosecute it. At tbe time tbe affair happened the woman Is reported to have told several peo ple that ?he strucK the child with the scis sors In a fit of anger, and this statement the officers claim they can prove. Mrs. Healy will be fully committed to-day forexamina tlon by the grand Jury. She Is a native of Bohemia, twenty-four yearaof age, and it Is said possesses a very violent temper [ Bot tom Vlobe, 20th. A Frightful Spectacle ?a ten-mule team, drawing lumber, while coming from the vicinity of the lake this morning, went over the grade near tbe bead of King's can yon. The driver sprang from the sadJle, thereby saving bis life. He then stood still, a horrified speechless witness to one of the most terrible scenes possible to Imagine. Tbe mules, wagon and lumber pitched down ward.lnone confused, rolling mass, nearly two thousand feet Into the bottom of the gorge, wild cries from the crushed and man gled animals rending the air as they were hurled madly down the steep mountain-side, until, when nearing tbe bottom, and life be coming extinct, the agonizing sounds ceased, and all berime silent In death. The man says tbat aner the first hundred feet had been pa >ed tbe entire mass became btdden in a great cloud of snow torn up and scattered through the air, hut that be could distinctly hear all sounds proceeding from tbe white cloud as it rolled swiftly onward, until It struck the bottom of the canyon with a crash like that of an earthquake?[Mevwla (Git) Tribune, May B. Dan Rice's Troubles?Dan Rice's troubles were settled to some extent yester day In the common pleas court. An agree ment was entered in the court, between Milton Freete, R.T. Vinson and J. B. Friend, fbeowrersof the boat Fleetwlng, and Dan Rice, John M. Gliddon, E.H.Menifee and Charles Harson, proprietors of Dan Rice's show. Tbe former are the parties who sued the latter for the recovery of f2,470 10, money due them for the use of tbelr boat. By this agr* ?< ent It Is directed that the whole circus estrHi* hment Is to be turned over to the managementoi Milton Freese. who Is tohave full control of it until the Indebtedness Is paid. If, however, at tbe end of six months tbe Indebtedness due is not covered by tbe earnings of the show, then Freese is per mitted tosellsomucb of tue establishment as will satisfy the debt still unpaid the plaintiffs in this suit. Thesult wasdlsmlssed upon this agreement being entered upon record.? | Cincinnati Commercial, 20th. Strange Story.?Tbe public have al ready been Informed, through the news papers, tbat a wedding ring found upon tbe flDger of Mrs. Char'es Mets, who, with ber buoband, was recently killed by Indians in Red canon, Wyoming, had been forwarded to parties In this city, to be sent by them to tbe murdered woman's relatives in the east. The Laramie Chronicle now comes out with a sensational story. In which It Is claimed that tbe Metzes and tbe negress wbo accom panied tliem were murdered by white vil lains, who followed them from tbe Bla< k Hills. According to tbe Chronicle story, the bodies of tbe victims were despoiled of morey.Jewelry and clothing, and some of the latter is now being worn by white men about Fort Laramie, while the jewelry ha* changed bands several times. Toe paper bases its sensational account on tbe decla rations of Matthias Dangiemeier, a brother of Mrs. Metz.? [JOmver New*. A Burglar Shot.?At Cincinnati, about four o'clock last Friday morning, tbe wife of W. H Waddefleld, who resides on Rich mond street, was awakened by a man climb ing Into her sleeping room wludow, and woke ber busbaud. The burglar In the mean time had dropped to tbe ground. Mr. Wad detlaid seized ills revolver and ran to another window, from which he saw three or four men in the yard, who Immediately opened tire on him without effect, while he suc ceeded In shooting one of them The wounded man's comrades carried him some distance, but were finally forced to leave him, and he was captured by tbe iKilice. He gives tbe name of Morri* Ward, a New Orleans thief, but refuses to disclose the names of bis com panions. MR. H. C. Bo win does not share the pre vailing opinion that the public have hat enough orhim and of all tbe other parties to the Beecher business, and so we have author itative outgoings this afternoon tbat he is preparing a final demonstration upon the Plymouth churcb pastor, which will oe more than revenge for bis expulsion from tbe Ply mouth Communion. He says be Is released row from restraints that were Imposed upon him while yet a member of tbat congrega. Hon, and therefore he will speak his mind now, without reserve or concealment. Is there really no way to stop this sort or thing? ?(W. Y. Cor. Phila. LetUjer. ?Cxookid Whisky Seized.?At an ear'v hour yesterday morning a descent was made by Deputy Revenue Collectors Bowden, V ount and Glllen, on a small frame bouse on Columbia, between Mills and Center streets, Pouth Brooklyn, where a copper still of 300 gallons capacity was seised. Two thousand gallons of mash were emptied Into tbe gut ter. Tbe value of tbe property seized, which was turned over to the U. S. marshal, Is ?lti.000.-UV. Y. Herald, 2<Xh. Elopement?John Struckoff, an ex-po i iceman oi Hoboken. and who was a faithful ' onicer for five years, has eloped with tbe ? wife of a New \ork bar-tender namci Hiod derman. All struckotTs property was traus ' ferred to bis paramour, and he left bis wife 1 and two children In needy circumstances. The guilty pair have taken Sto-lderman's eldest son with them, a boy of nine years of age.?I A. Y. Herald, 20th. VTbe annual oonventlon of tbe board of delegates or American Israelites was held at Philadelphia yesterday. The executive com mittee's report was read and officers elected for tbe year. B*r-A Down-East editor says: "Tbe ladies' spring hats are pretty, and worn on tbe up per edge oT tbe left ear. wbicb makes one took arch and piquant, like a chicken look ing through a crack In a fence." GEORGETOWN. Rescued fko* Drowning? Saturday ev? leg a boot half-past Ave o'clock, whlla Fome little boy* wen Ashing In the canal, between High and Potomac streets, one of them, named Charlie Hicks, fell In. Police Sergeant Hess. sitting in tbe station house, beard cries from persons who saw the acci dent, and rushing out pnlled off hla Test and bravely spring In, Just In time to mene tbe 11 Ule fellow, who bad gone down tbe third time. Okaik.?Arrived boat J. N". Thomas, wltb 2,?00 bnsbels wbeat, 850 bushels corn, and "6 barrels of flour, consigned to J. O. A J. M. Waters. ALEXANDRIA. Fish Report ? Since yesterday there have been received l.lCAsbad and ?.'0,000 her rings. Hbad sold at tlT to fin per hundred, and herrings C10 per thousand. All of tbe shores on tbe river except two. have cut oat and tbe fishery of l?7t> may be regarded as at end. Tbe bouses at Flshtown will probably all be closed during tbe coming week. The telegraph office was tbe Orst to close, having removed bag and baggage this mornlr.g. The only flsh received hereafter will be those from tbe small nets fished in the creeks and runs, as tbe two seines still In the river will probably cut out to-morrow or Morday. Theolooical Professors?At a meet ing of tbe board of trustees of tbe Episcopal Theological Seminary of Virginia,held on Tuesday last, Rev. A. M. Randolph, D. I? , of Baltimore, was elected professor of church history and canan law. Rev. Dr. Walker, formerly professor of ecclesiastical history, has been appointed professor of systematic divinity in the same Institution.?[Uazette, 201*. _ A Mysterious I>ocbi.e Spictot: at W!Lmis(;toh, Del?Au ur.kown French man and a woman, supposed to be his wife, I Committed snlcide some lime Saturday night, in tbe Black Horse hotel. A b.?ttle of laudanum, partially emptied, and a razor wore lound by the bedside, and a p:ip?r was , lefi, s.atir.g they had found life a blank. They were of good education. The woman was 23 years ol age, aud prepossessing, and tbe man JO years old, and of gentlemanly appearance. There are many stories atloat, one of which Is that they are runaway* from the woman's husband, but really nothing Is krown of tbem. ? ? .i r r r, STYLE AND EXCELLENCE, IN GEIVTLESEJ'S DRESS. fOB SOBBY STREET WEAR: ? retch Woolen Suit*. Broad PlaM Salts. English Woden Snits. Light Plaid Suit*. Scotch Wool fa Butts. Dark Plaid Bnits. Oxford Mixed Snits. Mottled Mixed Suits. American Woolen Baits. Hair Line Caw. Bolts. Dark Mixed Euits. Light Mixed Suits. LUbt Batiste Bnits. Dark Bat inters nits. Mebair Worsted Snits, Nobby Sack Baits. Stylish Frock Snits. EVKBY STYLE OF MIXED SLIT. TBOVSKRS in every conceivable pattern. HABLE BROTHERS, Merchant Tailors and Fine Clothiers, myl9 tr Corner Seventh and D streets. "T>11E LITTLE BlOBK ABOUND THE~OOB 1 8KB ." J. EAKIN filDSBY, DEALER IN FINM FAMILY GROCERIES, W1NMS.LIO So. Hit TWENTIETH BTBBKT, N.W., Hetween Penna. avenne and I st., tnyB lm ffuhlngton, D. O. ^HE GREAT ANODYNE AND NERVINE. BELT'S H TO MA CII AND TONIC BITTERS. ?. - ??? >uu 0(.?v vusivri, !1 Boys' Linen Jackets; SI Linen Pants, 1 50 Boys' Oottonade Suits; Cass. |l to Alt). 1.50 Men's Casslmere Pants, to f 5. 9 Blae Flannel Beits; b?st, f 12 50. 1 25 Lined Linen Shield Bosom Shirts. tshlrts. 76 cents, 87H. and f 1?great job. At J. \V. IKLBY'li 1914 and 1916 Penna. avenne, between 19tb and 30th sis mrlO tr ^?OOMD flAND CLOTHING, FUHN1T0 UK ?7 Oar pets, Bedding, Oilcloths, and goods of every description bought and the highest cash prices paid Orders bj nail promptly attended to. H. OOLMAN A CO., oct 13-It eornsr 10th stiaet and Pwna'aave. SK V 0 I B TOBACCONIST ? roa A >BEE SAMPLE BOX OF THK "HIGHLANDER." It U made of the Finest Selections of Virginia Leaf, and is untiinaled for Purity, Kiclme*. and Dellcacr of Flavor. mylt Sw A.A.A.A. tAKW Large or small snms carefully tnv*u<i and min ttntrl for customers at a distance In /tmiimoii mciivt Stotks that often yiMd enernioas returns every 30 >lays Selected Etsck Privileges a specialty. New Stock Book for Investors. giving full #nd liable information bow to operate tartly in Bto seat free on application. Address, BAXTER dfc CO., BANKERS AND STOCK bHOEER5, ?yl7-i,toj'AKtr 1T? Wall street. Hew York HORSE FOOD. re tocks, eOKDOVS FOOD FOB EORHE8 AND CATTLE. MCOMOM J, f IVOR. SPEED, FINE APPEAR ANCE. SOOND HEALTH, BE cilRED BY ITS OSS. INGREDIENTS ALL VEGETABLE. ?aaipls 100 Feeds tor 1*4.00. Depot ta Washington, 000 Lontslaaa avsnne. oeio-eoftm c. P. UDIOBOl * CO. N IONAL SAFE DEPOSIT COH Cornet lit* si. and Urn lark atenu*. FIB* AMD BUBGLAB PBOOF VAULTS. All kind* of valuables taken on deposit. Balsa for rent Offloe boors, ? a. so. te 4 ?.?, GEO. U. PLANT, President. GEO. W. BIOQS, Ties President. )e?-eoIy B. >? SNTP KB, Beerfrr P a o M A V r TIP N. to dozen Men's Linen Handkerchief!, at 13 Xc. each. SO " Ladies' Hemntifbed '? *c easa. 800 yards Bins Striped Grenadine, at 10c.; firmer price Me lease White Victor la Lawns, short length*, at UK, worth V*c 10 pieces Ool red Striped Bilks, at 71 and Us.; tor 2f pieces* Ktsw'mattlng, at S>, 15 sad Mc., extra cheap Also,4 1.0 4,0 4 and 0-4 Floor Oilcloth, new pat riate Black and Striped Grenadines, from Me. to AIM Oar Mew York White Flats bed BAtrts, at flJS.are the best sou at the pries. Frank Leslie's ent paper PPTTBBNB. IrOsr fitoww ?I?so J Til Mart ^ FOB DRESS, OB EYENINU PROMENADE Diagonal Worsteds, in Coat* ar.d Ve-ts. Pique Worsteds, In Coats and Vest-. Bird's Eye Worsteds. In Coats and Vests. Diamond race Worsted', In Coats and Vests. Tricot Worsteds, In Coats and Vests. Cress bar Worsteds, In Coats and Vests. Every Design of Worsted, JM (VAT AND VEST. It Is an unfailing remedy for DYSPBPSIA and LIVEN COMPLAINT and every species of IN DIGBBTION. It 1s the only care for SICK HEAD ACHK. It never fails to relieve in MIASMATIO FBVEBB, FEVEB and AGUE. COLIO, Ac. It la a swift and invariable core of tbe DBH1L1TY. DBPBESSION, and Hl&DAOlil which follow UNDUE STIMULATION. It overcomes tmiue diatelr all NEBVOUSNESB and removes all traces of a night's DISSIPATION. It does away with the use of OPIATES and to those addicted to the OPIUM HABIT; It is a pleasant and perfect sub stltnte, caring the bad effect* of thip drug and de stroying all desire for it. 7*0 br had at all Uruntsts aii'l Grocert. Sen I for Hamphltt. BELT S B1TTEBS DEPOT, 13 Camden street Baltimore, Md. NAM'L TYLER, JF* WHOLESALE AGENT, myl8-3m* 0>l>l 19tn street, Washington, D C. READING NOTICES. Tfcc Cnini C?aka 1'ibrMkabl*. if you wish a Comb that will not break ask for The Crown Comb Unbreaka ble. C IT Y ITEMS. Try tme Celebrated Pilot* Beer. on draught at George W. l?rlver'*, corner Penn sylvania avenge aptl street. 5.2J,? Actiho through tmm PoRin upon the ! Sources of inflammation Glenn ? Sulphur Soap promptly relieves the bornlnf, itching, ana | other annoyance* canned by Bait Rhenra, Hcald Head, Impetigo, erysipelas. and other ! skin disease* and ultimately remove* every , ver ige of them. Depot, Crlttenton's, No. 7 6th avenue. Hill'a In*trm/aneom Hair Dye 1* safe a* well as speed y. eo Civcixkati Pilsek Beer, on draught at Driver's, corner Pennsylvania avenue and street. 3,22,6 A Care far Bronchitis. ADAM8BURO, Bnyder Co., fa., July 10, l&y. M> vtrt Seth W. FuuieA Son, Botton. Gents ?About two years ago I bad a severe attack of bronchitis. My throat was very sore, and at one time I could not speak above a whisper. Reading in one of your pam- I phlets of the cures that had been efleeted by ' /V Wistar's Bolsa?i of Wii>l Cherry, I was In- I duced to give the article a trial, the result 1 of which was quite satisfac'ory. The use of or.e bottle restore.1 nie so much that I' thought there was no need of taking more, but upon takiDg a slight cold, I felt tdetrou- I Me returning. I then took half a bottle of ! the Balsam, which has entirely cured me. I now with pleasure recommend this really In- ?' valuable article to all who are suffering from 1 similar disease*, and am confldent that.afier I a sickle trial, they will speak of tt In the terms I now do. Resp-^'fu'iy yours, ,, Mrs. Sarah Smith. LAFTIo* ?Beware or preparations bearing similar names. Examine the bottle care- I fully before purchasing, and be sure you get I Dr. Wistar's Balsam of Wild CVTrv/,having tne signature of ??!. Butts" on the wrapper. .V> cents and Si a bottle. Tub Kinist Lagkb iji Ameri< % is th" Cincinnati Pih-en, on draught only at Go. W. Driver's, corner Pennsylvania avenue I and 4% street. 5,22,6 ? Kfj'Airit?o?Do not delay, but have your I Trunks, Valises, Satchels, Ac., put In com plete repair at the factory of Jaxes 8. Top ham, 42.17th street. They will be called for and delivered wlthout^charge. 5,20.6 Haveyottr houses cleaned and your 1 winter clothing saved lrom moths, by using Hart's I loach Powder. 12i2 F street north wesL _ 5,1 J,6 Fletchers Patent Window and Door Scrrbks?Best invention or the a?e I for the exclusion or flies, bugs and mosnui toes. Hamilton A Pearson, sole agents.- Y. i M. C. A. Building, 9th and D 8t8. 5,19,eo6 . .. Coras, fcr., Thtntandi of the elite ot the world patronize Dr. White'* establishment, 1416 Pennsylvania i avenue, opposite Wlllard's Hotel, for the successful treatment of bard, sort and vascu lar corns, bunions, ingrowing and club rails, Ac. Fee si per visit lor attending the feet. | Fine Shrunk Flannev. suits, cut to 1 fit. In any style; easy to make; for $7 50; at Moore's, 1011 New York avenue. 5,15.6 ? _ Removal. First-clam Scouring and Dyeing. A. Fischer enlarged bis establishment by removing to bis new building, 906 G st. north west, three door* west of 9th street, very near his former place. By promptly adopting the latest improvements, whether of American or European Invention, he Is enabled to do any work in a manner not to be equaled by those not possessing these facilities fcr Ladles Dresses cleaned and dyed with out being taaen apart. Crape Veil* reflnlshed nice and cheap. Grease stains removed effectually. K7* Gent'* garment* cleaning and dyeing a specialty. Prices lower than ever before, to suit the times. GEORGETOWN ADVER'MTS. (^KObtiKTOMN COLLEGE ( Select Readings in aid of tbe COLLEGE BOAT CLUB at 3 n click ?. m Mar 231. Prof. Anton Gloetzner will play tne Centennial M arch, by H agher. Mr. L. G. Gaenon will ring. Tickets at Bills tOo'i music a tore. mylg-St ^PlilHG ABO SUM MSB. PKBM1UM STEAM DYCIBG AND SCOUBlHG, *1 W>1 H WHEATlEYV OLD AND Jl MLlABLE MSTABLISHMBMT. Ladies and Gentlemen can have their Spring and Bnn.tter Wearing Apparel Cleaned or Colored In the very boat manner; also, Winter Clothing,Car ets, Blanket!, ftc, Ac . nicely Cleaned and taken care of until-ne<-<led, Work sent for anil delivered without extra charge anywhere in the District? re ceived from and returned to any place In the country by mail or express. Office and Wo'ks, 49 Jefferson street. Georgetown. D. C.; feat Office Box, 743. Office hours?7 a. m. to 7X p. m.; Saturday, to 9 P m- my< tT JJABGAIBS IS DBY GOODS. 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(0 cents Bnsklns. 2 00 Lasiiug Front seam, Button. 11.00 Boys' and Misses' School Shoes. 11.00 Fexed Balmorals: 10 cents Infants'. tlM Mea's Gaiters: S* 60 Calf Boots. uckskln, Kid and Lasting Gal tars. B. B.?Look for " Old Woman with M Children," in window. apMtr SLthe dunlop fifth avenueJL STY LB CASf IMSB1 DBKSs HATS, 18SDBD TO DAT. wiLLtrr a suorr, maySOtt ?0? PBBNeYLViNlA AVE9CB. JJAZAK PATTERNS, BAZAR PATTERNS, AGEBCY AT C. BAUH'S, 408 7th Street. AGKBCY OF TH* HEW AUTOMATIC WILCOX A GIBBS 81 WING MACHINX8. LADIES UNDERGARMENTS AT ASTOMIBHIBO FBI CMS, ?ad* of th* Mat Cotton* and I C. BAUIT8 SANITARY CORSET OB AHY STY LB BADB TO OBDU. JEEP'S PATENT PARTLY-MADE DRXSS SHIRTS, SOS V st? (?*.) mot to ira la thi* city. s are Sola ~ ?o. IN ?e. TSS AMUSEMENTS. T HI CAVKI cr sivem piffebbbt coca r bibs IiiiiMM by F> BTSDBBLAND 3 CBUBl H, TALL* \DOB BALI . oa tb? UIIIICS of May ??4. il'b at.d 4->tb Adml?tl.a. W cts ; a?asoa ticketa. #1 ?>M ?t ptD S OPERA HOI IK FE1PAT BVEBIBO. MAY *?, MM. GRAND VRAVAT.C PERFORMANCE IX aid or Us WABHINGTOB 1BEBRIATE ASYLUM TUSP CAM 1LLK: or, IV FHte of tt VOq*?ctU. W L.PfDBH.T K 8*7177"J F Joyce. J. B Kaad Iph, A. B Adi)?^?. L J. liar bang b. Mr* I K Borrte, Him A. D. Wara, Mist b.nt Kaufman. Mica Florence W.I!. it and other*. TlrketaWceaf. Be ratrrtd mti mv?> c. i\ ATIOMAL THIATER. MOBPAY EVENIBU. Mat St. First appeatxnoe ef tbe Tonne Artiste. ?1M HART AJtOKBWll, Bnppon.-d bv Mr JoHB W BUKT> M, Mr. M ?. L1SOH AM and tbe praaiatic Con par. jr. First production here In tw-oty yean ol Si.ials Traced*, entitled IV A DM E: Or, The Hall ai |tati?(. TUESDAY ANT) KIOHT8 MAST TIME IN wTshT*OTON, A r nr act Play, from tbe French of Henri De Stealer, H'HTHB, The lUaitler of Roland. THI RSDAY?Bt M EU AilP JULIET. F R I PAY? M ICO MaKKlLES. 8ATUBP*Y-FAZlO MATIBE SATURDAY AT J mvl? tf THBATKR COMIQI ac. Ilrveatk Street, Bilaw fna't'i-MM Avtmu* OFM.y tub Tear eovnd. Performance EVFRY M1QHT. M atfnee for La dies and Children EVKBY WEDNESDAY and SATURDAY AFTEBMOOB. FIRST-CLASS IN~EVER T RESPECT Variety. prana.IltirleeQneand ('/omaSy. ?ortl ly OLD NO.) On Exhibition iNiw No, ?M > Md NaU I BBS 7TM 8T. N AT I 7TB 8T. MABB RITES'Ht Ifl.lSI TU VJtr-n, D ami* g m??U, n?? door* a/>or? Odd Ftilowt' HaU. Choice Oil Painting*, Engraving*. Ohroaoa, he Alao, largest atock of Paper Hanftafa, Window Bfcadee, Pictures, Frarcee, Picture Oortta and Taa aels.Rlngs, Bail*. Ac., la tbe Biatrial. ?tTiivp Oa?h. ?T rieaee wwnbw Bum and Member. )T1 ly FESTIVALS ^ STRAWBERRY FBST1VAL Will beheld at the K STEEET BAPTIST CHURCH, ( K street, between Itb and 7tb northwest, I For tbe benefit of tb- Sabbath School, TUESDAY and WEDBBSDAY EVEBlBGS.Mav ?d and 14th. 1876. mytl S.' EXCURSION'S, PIC NICS, Ac. The "Po/bb' have mapb arbanqb tncnU for tbelr Seventh Annual BXOURSIOB to MARSHALL HALL, Mar 30. 1876 Tbe ateamer -'Mary Waahlngtoa" will lea\a ber *barf, foot ol 7th atreet, at 9 a.m. Returning to the city at 7 p m Ticketa. 81 ? admitting Gent and Lady Ho chart* for children under 12 yeata or servant. 8?e the Committee and mahe arrangement*. By order of in)2J&U* THE COMMITTEE IIMGHTEtMTH AMBUAL BXOLBSIOB A OP THI EMERSON IBbTITDTB, TO GLYMOBT, THURSDAY. May J?th, 176, bTBAMBB J. W. THOiPWll.? Ticketa may be obtained at Metre- ? _ miT^^ ^ rott'n. !>learner leave* ti:h atreet wbarf at 9 am. my*? <t" SUMMER RESORTS. <TU< KTU2I HOTEL. H UAPBMAY.H J. CAPE MAY, M J. OFhXS JUNE 10 *, 1576. CHARLES IHFFT, (Of Coctiaextal HlUI, Phlla ,? Proprietor. >4 Su par dar; ><0 per weoh. tnyg-liii |^IT1Z gi'Rl.MOB HOTEL.. Tt e new management bag laava to inform the Dtnici'wi 1MB and patroca cf tbiawetlB. il Enovu popalar VrlRV BUMMER RESORT XuKl Th*t tbe k'otel haa been moat thoroughly rvfnr nlkbatl and t smodeled fr n top U' bottom. A liberal patronage ia aollcited TERMS MODERATE. Ajply to AMMON * JACOBY, ayjO lm Utlt, Penpaylraaia. "VALLEY HOtir' modaatly offen pure ? mountain air, mineral water,(Bnl B A phur ard Chalybeate), good fare, iioma-VcaAY like freedom, and daily malla to all who have licgered beneath ita abadea.aDdtoauy atraag er* who may c<?p. Terma. |U per month City refareacea frealy given Addreee, MBS S 8. GOKK. my!7tw* Valley Home, via Wincheater. Va. THE BALTIMORE AMP OHIO BA1LBOAP OOMPABVB HOTEL, AT DBBB PABR. Will be OPEM FOB YIBITOBS oa tbe 1BTB OF JI'ME, and tbelr MBW H"TEL at Oak-~ land on the 1st OK JULY. Applicants' for R??n.e or Information address the an ? _%il deraigned. at OaUa&d, Oarrett countr. ap? tjyU JOHB PA1LEY, Manage*. BOOKS AND STATIONERY. ^ E W BOOK 8^ Daniel Deronda, by Oeorga Eliot; toI. I. cb>th; #160. The Prtaae Minister, by Anthony Trollope; riper; 75 centa. Btndiaafrom England and Italy, y John Richard Oreen, author of a "'Short His tory of tbe Encllsb People." B1.71. Annual Baoord of bcienca and lndnetry for 157?, by Prof. Spencer F Bairil; 12 mo.; ciotA; |1 Village Oommnnities and Mlaoeliaaiee. by br Haary Bamner Maine; BI.60. Comte de Pana' H ia? ry af tae Olvll War la An erfCA; vol. ii ; S-vo.; cloth, #3 30. J oat publiahed, and for sale by NOHCI BROS., BOOKSELLERS AND STATION MRS, my 17 tr 181 a Pennsylvania avenue WY<vh HAZEL. By author of Wtte Wide World. ACHSAH: A Mew England Lt?*8tndy. FBBB. YBT FOBGIBG THBIBOWB CHA1BB PLATO'S REST THOUGHTS. By Balkley. ADDRESSES by D. L. MOODY. Beviaed. By himself MEMOIR OF HOBMAH MAOLBOP^, P P TBB SAM1TABY PBA1MAGE OF HODSEB ABD TOWBB. For sale by WM. BALLAMTTME, my? tr 4 4? SEVEMTH STREET. ECONOMY IS WEALTH 2 ff ORIENTAL TEA STORE, 409 9TB STBEBT, T. M. 0. A. BUILP1MG BUGAB " A" Clarified. 10 pound I for #1, Granulated,? pounds for #L Cot Loaf, 8)4 poaoda for #i. TEA?Hfee Imperial, ?0a., 80c. Bwaat Oolong. 40c., Mc. " Fine JapanTiOo., 7Ac., and tlgher rradaa COFFEES AMD SPICES'aT LOWE8T BATE! CHEAP! PCBEM FBESH"! myl 3m J. WALTER PI1VALL, Prof. CJIIAIJfilf. We Bra Mills#, st greatly radacad prices. LAM DAUB, LAIDAORB, CMHIiiM, COACHES, COUPES mm4 COUPELETS. Om M?l OHWftr BfBnucerf MM PITS. XJOHT LAKDAU8, ?Wl FALLING FRONT BERLIN COACHES M Me leorf tno Varrlaoet 9/ Me day, and /or beauty of de Mgw, ititiWiS^f emdthorotigtmtm Si aowMi iiufiuw, m* lame juiiaait. The JhMwp Promt* to hoCA tan tUcHy ootmUtrboitmomi bym aprt*o, (?aMah er. rawgewMMf U patented,?) myl em MMew he Wtimm mtuommr* to he FIBJ3T CI. AHB, and to pieam B?ewry jxs Biii tk$ Obem H. KILLAM 9k OO,, SS CHESTNUT BTMMMT, LADIES' GOODS. 71^ NEW GOODS. 7ls> * ? ar? ir> ' ffeelnf aa elegant Ha* et UtBD mm rr.KM' h flowebb. p?.a< b an "B1TB CHIP BOBBBTS ABB HATe. ta tba ?? oat iMlMI U IAUIU INU ABO IIUBTilOlli r? IMkni. Tar* ltf(*liM(4k?*l*wl>ri I'M IKILLd I1H BlVbOBB. KKIMOB8, llvk ?IAk BABCT OOoDS and BOTIOJIB. Alt MMUIj t !|ht tl f?) low irtM. wr 0*11 M4 MtBlM Mor? |F|?kMll4. BATH', mrlT lw TIW IwliM rwnrlth m FRENCH FLO WlliS, HALF MICE, Jaat receded, from inonrn'M?iM? ? lata* atock of Im r>ll< B FLOW BBS. w t.lcb Will be ?I'M at tar I'flow iMt Talae A lao. a large rtock of LLAMA LA"* flAOQCB*. Which will be aotd at Mb* treat rwdaetloaa from nlw Bargalna Id all at) tea of DBE99 OOOD* aa.l fABaKOU. ?t tub CHBAFB8T 8TORB IS tub OBTf , ???> MIBTH PTBEET. a-,yll tr t>rpo?tt? the Patent Offlea. RECEIVED. A larce aaaorttnent ot > HBBi U BLOWERS ALSO. A fall Hoe of ftr? FANS, which WW boMbt at r t a>??l?. and will t?e sold l<>w All tbe ' a<wel t?<eln? bit wad t>:rww HtTH ?< BOMIITI ra ctheC >1*11/. Special at'?Btt*t> given to nril?n. Mm m. J. HI XT. myH tr Mil ??? till P wr??*. R~ BOB1TBP? A Urce and Select At>iiB*ul of LINEN EMBROIDERIES, ? rcKTBlHSlNO LAOIBB libbb SOITS Flee Belertlaa of LHJLDKF.yS LA CM CAPS t HO.\XKTH. At BBS. NELBA BrPPEBTR, ?III tr ?l? ?h etraet, on Pate*tO?<w. U SI MMER STYLES NEW HATS. TUB MIL1TA1BB and HELM IT HAT. In CHIP, PA HA II A. and STIAW, juat rroelred Special attention ||?cb to urtfera. mWM. I. P. PAL1EB, mylO tr Bo. lie1* r atreet. bet. Iltb and i?tb. ' 2*1 ISS K. A. McCVBBICB. dC Btftf STH HTKBBT. (ST. cloud BL'ILDIBUJ Dally recelrlng all tbe latast NoTelttea la CHIP *BD BTBAW BOHBBTS. HATS. LACBS BLOWEI&8, Sc.. Ac. Ladtew of Waahlactoa and rlclnlty an tnrtted ta call and aiamine a?k t> .TA*a LADIES' SHOES, ?ADB TO OBDBB AT VIS StA Sif nt% Orrcnu fmumi (#n. 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Bo. lH Wall atrwet. make lot ca<4oaier? dmratle Icveetaeowu >f lar?a or aul! aaooanta in atocka of a lecltlaatr character, whirr fra^neaU) par ft*a In to twantr Uaaea tba aawai taraated wwi thirty daye. Stock* bought wad carried aa loac a* dealrad oa depoalt of Sve par oaat. Olrcalan and weekly rw ??* *? a pU aoly THE IMPROVED KITCHENER Will do tba family cooklat with oaa-balf tba eoal rftjalrad by aay other Ranee la tba market; eoata one half aa much aa othwr Raara* of aama capactty will aava Ita price ta a law yaara la tba Haaa of re pain, aad aava Ita prloe arary yaat ta tba coal bin; la modeled by the baat *111 known to tba art, Witt a view to ttie (reateat ooavaalea^; ta what rrery family wants, and, hana|. woald ?^t part witb Wa hare Small aad Large Family. Beetaaraat Hotel 8 Ilea Tbe largeat am^rtmaat of 8LATB anl WH1TK ? ABBLB BABTBUJ aad PABL JB OB 1TEI tL tbacltr. k BVTCUIBOI, 31? STS ITBEBT BOBTHWBST. myt-U srort aad PLCMbllfO MOUSE. r jrcffif. I0L1SB, 8W1BS AJTD M Ta*

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