Newspaper of Evening Star, May 23, 1876, Page 3

Newspaper of Evening Star dated May 23, 1876 Page 3
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PRY GOODS. gl'UMlK DRIbS GOODS, VKB T CHEAP! SlfrMKB CA981MBBES. At low price* <? specialty). At tb* on* pi i ? Cry G < <1? of WM. HI Rl> WYLIE, 101 4 7th street northwest, a#?>o' tor tb*'lMl?" SHI AT. Pi iota Fulij mot*. exc-pt bottona, Ac 00 CvBr>trlrllDltM. . lii Piu;?h?d and laundried ISO Air. ?ccici f * Mm* l)em ->!*??. ? otlitliln P4T TIMB. mj? tr F f? R O M 4 K' T I O S CO docea Met."' L'nen Handkerchief*. at ll^e each. 50 ?? lMiw' Htmnli?li?d ' So eacB. SCO jaids Bin* Striped Greaadin?, at loc.; f>rmar pile* >6: 1 case Wblv *Ictorla Lawns, shor; kng'h'. at 1JH. worth STf%e 10 piece* Coi red Striped Silks. at 74 and SSo.; for mer price 91 25 piece* B!n? Matting, at M, >5 and S5c extra cMai Also. 4 4.S ?.< 4 aid 3 4 Flxr Oilcloth, new pat twin. rials Bl*ck a .d Striped Grenadine*, from 2*c. to ?1 a Oar Be* Totk Whit* Finished Shirts, at 91 25,are tb* be*? sold at th? price Vratk Loalic'eeat paper P4TTIEKS. Our Pi ice* are the Ln*Mt fcfco j. joumoi * eo., _ mj ? eo 711 Mtrtrt Spso* ?HJAI\ CHEAPER, CU&APEST. WHY NOT SELL CHEAP? Very lar?e e?*orta)*nt of new Meting Dress Good*. Bi.k ai.< Wo- I P< in Ve?ntl*ul sbadee Piald. 6ti ip?.d, Pi?'n De B*ge, JU 25, 31, U, 37, 40, Back eilk* 9*. 91 H. 01 37. 91 SO, 91 a Mlack Ipeca, Si r> 35.40c Clack Silk Mi h*ir Alpaca 50* Black tireLaom*, PUin, Plaid, S rlpM. IS, 31, 37, 5Cc. Black Ca*l r 'r*. 75 ST, ?1 UBfl.R N, 707 Mark* Jlp?M. Odd Colt 41.,<- . c I'd i aiic f. 4\o.; excellent Bed Ti-k, JJc ; Linen Handkeyhi I*. ?c ; go.Td BtockiLgs.11. g'W Towel*. 9c , Men'? Shirts made of beat cotto- . fi-e*t Linen,**- ; vtry fin* Tat>le I'an.iiak. pr,'en. 50c : Terr large as u>rtment of Clot! *?d < a*-.mere for M^a and B >7*' wear, 57, CO ?2.75 87 . 01 Mew Parav 1?. 91. 91 B. to. 91 73. my!7 tr E>RY GOODS LR^S THAN ** AUCTION TRICKS. Calico** in any aaantit y, Sa6 4. Bleached Cotton Sc ; ? ortb 10. I're a Ph'10, 12*. 15, 2D. 23c. Oar Drr** U<x<l? have all be?-n marked down, and (Treat bat emus are now offered all through. Lupin * U'ecafMne*, Sdk Stupe* and Hernannie Qrecadite* 10, 1JS IS. Id, "So Victor!* I aw&? cheap US.'s 13.10c. 1 ace Striped and C >rd~d P. K . low pries. Beat beared Lawn*. 12H<" ; worth IV Ca?.:m??res lower than ever before kaown MTTh* etock niuetbe reduced Matting*, *i*iv All Carpeia ?t coat close cat. T. 1. NAt'DAI*. mill 709 M\BKKT OfACB. (JREAT BARGAINS m DT.JES> GOODS FROM AUCTION. tb pieces bar !<on? Plain. Stripe and Pvnask Mo baira. at V, wcrtn S< !(?' piec"S bandi-ome Lawna ard Perc?'n. warranted fwl ciliri at UK per yard;De?: S ripe fiimnier Bilk* at 75, S7,an<191, rich Black Mkn Mohair*, and 4!pv?s in all be it grades, at l< w price*; Lupin * All, aad Bilk and Wool 1'lack Greaadla s,T*ry cb? ap. IN MOL'KNINQ GOODS. Fine Cashni'-r**. Creto^s. B ?mba/'nes, DeLalns and Tame*' ("lotli* in all best tn.tkee. 10 4,12 4 Ltnen Sb<-?tlrg*. Tablo Damasks. N^pkir;* and Toweling*, all at low d^wa price*, to <ult the pree " J W. rOLLEYH C BEAP COSiBBB, 901, ?TH ST . nyU-tr Market Sp%ce. klS80LLTlU> OP CO I'AftTh?B?I11P. D STOCK AM> riXTrRFN FOR HiLE The C6 pa~*&er?bip of J.O. W1SWALL A OO. ?rpirm* &p Jiwsi:micm on Ju y l?f,onr stock MIST BB CLOt?BD OB or before t??M dat?. We shall Offer to Dcrrosr, ar.d eoct'nae to sell 'or 30 inys, ear large a id conipiete stock of DRY GOOD H At GBEAT SACBiriCK OS OBIOIHVL COST and all g<-ds remaltilrg'-a na:,1 Jucelst, will be ?old at AI*< Tlt'N WITlinrr BAS*ii?l?. In crder to CVv is 30 JJays. A REDUCTION OF FIFTY PES CENT, will be made en m large portion of oar etuck. Print*. 4. 8 and 6*4 cent* per ) ard. Brown Cottons. 4 cent* per f ard Figured Gr*csdlT>e* III and 1234 eta. (".reoacim ? in Stripe*, at 10 eta. t>ilk Greradine? be4o? cost. huanner Hl> ?. 57H ct* ai d upward* I'ure Blsck Mi.hairs, 3u ct*., worth ?5. rineBla-k lire** Silks. H5 cts .worth 91 40 S.0U) rait!* Klack Alpaca*, L=\ to 37K ct*. PABAH'l S a? cost. Large lot Table Damask*. Napkins. #ine Cloths, Piano Oo*er?, Ac . at less than N*w Tork coat. ITGKIiT BABGA1NS ineverytniDg J. C. WIMWALL A ap29 tr 310 7th n., aear Pa. a*a. "THE bILK ABD DUE'S GOODS HOUSE 1 OF WASHINGTON. W a Jnrlte the attention of the public to oar lm nen*e aseorment of new atylaa EUMMKB blLKS ABD OBKBADINE9 of all shade*, ta stripe* and plaid*. Large stock BLACK. 81LK0 of al celebrated Make* BPK1BG TBEbS GOODS of the coat attractive atyle* aad color*. MOTKNING GOODS, WBITB GOOD8, C'ASHM CAES. CL'BTALN LA'.BS. 81 Lk. I> MS BELLAS and F1BB HOS1BB 1 Is graat le?a than New lork prlcaa. WOM'OHl) A BHILBEBB, 017 H 1KKKT SPACB, ap39 tr Third door from tth srreat. l'Rltlta. 1014 SK.VBNTU STBBET Beat 811k anC Wool I\>ugeea,40c., w^rth 50c. Goal's Hatr Chaiii Cloth*. 9l>c , worth 3"<c All Wcol Sprieg De Begv*. 40c , worth 50c. Pacific Cair brlcs lJXc . very Ctseap. Plaid and Sttiptd Saltitg., 12>*c. cp to 50c. W lute Pi'.ae* and Victoria Lawns 1(1.12.S-15, W- We. Black Silks cheap. 87>f, 91. 91 W, ?>>' and 9>. Boy 'a Ca**tmere? at low price*, a *p^ci*lty. ??"Par*.,:? at,! Sun Cmbrella* in great variety. ?^?Bag'* Shirt*, made oI *?? ? i -i i'.<, ??< tompltU.y Jim iti, on , 01 28. iwithnnt barton bole* oalf 91.) WM. I'.lHu WYL1B, ap29-tr 1014 7th street northwest. JOU.1 T MITCHELL. ?31 rBBNeYLVABIA AVBSCB, Oflera the iarg?-*t and choic* et *'-l*ction of UUI38 BOOD8 e^ er thiwn in this city. Bo ft ellntrir.g all wool materials, la shaded stripes, for overitreaaca. _ . . ? Damlaklae* acd Damaaaa Good*. In all the new gbadaeTxeph r "uitirgs Fr*ach Camtrics. Percale*. Preech Jaccneta. Linen L*?l-. Pniusd Liueaa. Glas*ow Checks "siM^rnilkafrom 91 to 91 28 Ter* cheap. Broicade Grenadines, in black and colors. P rocade Bilk-. Brocad* Uaahmer?*. Bilk Salt* frose ?a to B?| French Cambric. Percale, Linen and Zephyr Cloth tnttafrom 95 to 9L8. Dreaaing back* Wrapper* a^d Skirts, very cheap Bacunes ai.<i 1> kwans. in Silk.Caah&uie and Urap d'Kte, fruai id to 950. . . , A larg* atock of Ban L mbrellaa aad Lace Trimmed An lsjip'rti n of o*r stock will conTlnoa par rhassrs na aeare offering th* be*t gouda, la all Varieties, at I ?*? prices thanerer befjrjjsol'l. One Price Obly. JOBN T. M1TC11BLL. apgatr 031 Penasylvaala avejoa. &!OOTH WASHIIOTOn DRY BOUDI ^ W bra Cvrdad Pi juee at 12He.; beautiful Colored Figured Pique* at 15c.; White Goods, such a* Mar s, Plaid. Stripe, and Plain Baaeooks, Victoria j* Canibrtca. from 90c to toe.; 1^>?' yards iburg Kdjikga from 8 to 0)c. per yard. Spring .~saO?>oda. flafd. Plain, aad Btriped, frota ClXa. .3IO,: , the bu*t Ke aad THe. Blaek Alpacas la towa; aUnaaber* op to 75c : Spring C***lmeree, Bar boys aad genu, ? to 91; aaotbar lot of thoaa ?cVk- Agency for Mma Demo rest. JOB. B. BA1LET. eorarr Tth aad P aU. aoathweat. apl-tr TIIE TRADES. ALBJLAM'kB BALL, WILLIAM BA1<1<, l Lmaa witJtU. W, Barker.t M ALL fe CO. ? _ aad Dealera la Doors, Baah aad Class. Hardware aad all Building Material, Oaf Masaa kTifria avaana, between (th aad 7U street* aoitbwvst. **U foods W per eeat. cbeapeg tbaa sap other booae. Ball aad egamlae ,*J* 17 B B O T B B. JABIB V. BRISK tLUMBEK AND UAS HT1S&. ?ntr tr BI1 tta WT. kobtuwkst. A W B I B fl B . JOHN fl. BOOAlf, TIB IfarM gpait. Maaafactot r of a Mcwly Patected Bpriag JdllM aad Ventila g itcnl for Stcrsa, Uotala. Putuo Bulldtaga at,<t Prls *te Dwellings. Flag* and Teeta f< r sale or rt ' B> !e Agent for tb* oaly B*?0*** Mildew per .f A*cicg l?*t*rtal sepll tr LT MBBBLLAS ABD ABA SOLS GOV ^^^kBED ABD BBPAIBBD, AT THB ?ABCFAOTOBT. 01S D street aorth' NOT1CB-Parties who deelis to dtaMM of al iuiuso* MFfAKtL oaa aaU them fcr a higaer ca*b prica than any plaaa la ta? B5SSSs?? DRY GOODS. IJAttGAlNb: BARGAINS BARGAINS! BRODBEiD 4k CO., 939 Peih, ATI., between 9tli and 10th sts., , offbb AH Wcnl PBP.EGB8a*a>e ?n<l n?. Satln-fare Lace S'rlpe PIQUE ?c worth 8PC LItj^d Tli* ILK ?> '1 >m?B and np All Limb Bleached Table D tMASK, 84:. and np. WMHitM Bleached COTTON. ISHc. Freree Boecbiln French CAMBUIC3 (the beat tnM?e> in ?!l colors. 3 Button K ITS In all colon, #1 38 1*41*4' and G ?? t'e Cot un and Oiut I'NDBB *IAB, direct from the ftctory. it slight ad ratice on manufacturers' an J imp rters prioee. Blark PI LK 8 lower than ever. O BEN At) IN Ki at reduced p-lces. Linen LAVNP. p an and fleired.Me and np. MOHA1BS and ALPACAS, SSo. and np. J'PA NCH STOUE, 1305 r itreet, l>et 11th and 13th ?ta. (old stand.) CALL EABL Y AND BBC I'BE CHOICE OOODS. BIODBKAD * CO. my)*-tr 939 Fa. are., bet, Pth and loth sts yOVK ATTENTION, I'LEA^E! DllT GOODS FItOM AUCTION, AT TOWHOH * CO.'S 0&r/>K Cv DEBW EAB. for ladles ands?.'nts, as lew a< Sim* BLACK ALPACAS, 15.13 and ?c. Double * l.lih a i P/s i Ait, beautuul b.aeks, at -30. HANDK EBCH UK S . IHc each. Bsles yard wide COT TO". ?c. nuvaa t.lttO > ar<*s btantilul Plaid and> Plripjd DBE88 GOO I 8 U ail the newest shades at lie , sold at Black CASH MEBE8, Spring weights, a* low as 80, 62,7?. 87. 91, etc. French La* N?. new styles, 13c CseesWaMi POPLIN,8Hc Victoria LAWNS cli-ap, IJ. IS. IS 2<V ,etc PA B A SOLS, hew stjle handles, 81. ?125. Bl.w, f2 <2 80. tic. tl BLilK'MLKS, very cheap GKOS OKA IN and TAFFETAS. SI. ?1.23, tl 80, 81 78. 02 etc CAS-lMkBES for Men and Boja' Wear 25,37 , 90, 62.78 H7c . tl.etc. 100 roils MATTING, fresh and green, *>,J5,30c., ?tc. C. n. TOW.HOX A CO., mjlleotr S36 Pa are, (lontb side), near 7ih st RAILROADS. F r R THBCENTENNIALBXillBITION t'lYE TRAINS VAIL Y, EXCEPT SUNDAY MA BALTIMOKB A POTOMAC BAILBOAD. Grmmencino Wednesday, May 16th. The Baltimore and Potomac Bail road Company will mn the following trains ~ tl r< ugh to Philadelphia with cut charge of can. leaving thi dep. t. Pennsylvania avenue and 6th street, dally, except fcunday: 7:50 a m .and arriving ia Philadelphia at 1:30 F. x., daily, except Sunday. #U3 i >i , at d arriv ing in Philadelphia at 1:35 p m., daily, except Sunday. 1:30 p m , and a.iirlug in Philadelphia at 6:50 P m., da'ly.except Bandar. 5 30 P. M . and arilTing in Philadelphia at 11 P M, daily. 9 10 P. m., and aniving 1b Philadelphia at 9:35 A, M .daily. Fl?< ping cars attached to the train to Philadel phia Kan kg at 9 10 r M ; and perscnt securing berths can t<maiu In the car nntil 7 o'clock a m. tt cere jour t4cke1s at the office of the company, nattbeast correr 13tb street and Pennsylvania ave i i.e. and cortbeaat corner of 6th'street and Penn sylvania avenue, and depot of the Baltimore and I'otoinar Bail road com ?at?y. 1 BANK THOMPSON, General Manager. myia )bi D. >1 BOYD. Jr Gen Pa< Ai.-ent. I^ALTIMVKE AND OHIO RAILROAD. APBIL 30th. 1*76. A.M. LEAVE WASHINGTON b:45? Baltimore. Annapolis, and way stations, Point ot Bxks and intermediate stations, JMalri Stem. 7: If#? Baltimore and Alexandria Janctlon t?00-Af'c York, Pktlad-!pnia and Bonon Er r?f??. Pul rnan Pari r Cara. Leaves at P 10? m Sunday. stopa st Wa> Stations, acd root <cta for Annapolis. 8:15?Ciftnaafi, St Lrui? and Pi'f'urt Ex >s Irederick, Hagerstowii, and VaUey f 20?P. Set of Bocks and wav station*. 8:4??Baltimore sttd w<?y stations. 10:15?Laltioivre Unlimited kzpresa. S:or> at Re lay. PH. 13:15?Baltimore. Way Station!, BUicott City and Anuapolia. 1:30? new icrk, Philadelphia nu t Norfolk Ex POn Sunday, all Way Station* and Baltimore cnly. 3 30?Ba'timore at.d way stations. 4:30?Ha'timore and Latt'el Express. BUicott City, Frederick and Hay Stations, via Be lar. 4:35?Frederick and Point of Becks, (Tla Metro politan Btancbh 4:45?Baltimore. Annapollt and war stations. ? :15?Oiiraito, Cincinnati and Lovisvtlie Erprens. Except Sat ci day,daily to uolumbn*. Lonia U\i!le by 11:30 p. m. train on Saturday. Dag. rct?wn and w i&ebeeter. Sleeping car* to rbicago, Cincinnati and LavisvilU. ?:30? Ba 'timortand Phi aaelpKia Erprtis. Fred erick and Way Stations, rla Belay. (Con nect* lor Annapolia Punday.) ? -3A? Baltimore, Bladenabnrg. College, BelU vi 1<. Lacrel. Annap>.lis Jnnctlon. 7 00?Baltimore aDd way stationa. P>10?Baltimore. Bladensbnrg, Beltsrllle, Lao rel. Belay. 8.30?Pittsburg, bnt no connection beyond Mar ticabmg by train leaving Snaday night Way Stations on Metropolitan Branch. 9:30? A?ir York and Pkx'.ad'lphia Nigkt Express Sleep'ng Cars to New York 9 30?Baltimore and principal way stations, 10 30? Martinsbnrg and way stations, Metropoli tan Branch. 11:30? St Lohis Krr"S*. Chicago, Colatnbcs, S mdusky. Newark. On Saturday lor Lonis ?llle. T:10. >? 00. 8 15,10 15 a m ; 130,4 1.1 5 30, 5.35, 7:10. 8:10. 8.30, 9 30 and 11:30 p.m., daily. All other train* dally, except Pnnday No connection on Sunday tor Bagerstown or Val ley Bianch, or for New Tork ana Philadelphia at 8 am. and I 30 p m. For further information apply at the Baltimore aiyi Ohio Ticket Ofticeo, Washington Station, and 485, bOI and 603 Pennsylvania avenue, where order* will be taktn tor baggage to be checked and re?*Jv#(d at any point In the city. TB<>6. E. SUaBP, Master of Transportation. L M. COL a. Oeneial Ticket Agent. GEO. E. KOONTZ, General Agent. aplB tr ^JNIVERIAL R. R TICKET OFFICM BAILBOAD TICKETS to or from all yolnta bought, exchanged or sold at i a reduction of one DoLLABj upon any other office or depot" In this city. Ticket* good till ured. Baggage checked through. Apply to M.D.WHITESIDE, apl-ly 937 Penn. aye.,Candy at.>re. IH76 rB?mLVARIA 1876 HOC Tl To th? IVorth, We?t, u< loatBvcit. Trark, titrt.1 Hulls, M/iUndid Soon try, Muvnijir+m Equipment. MAY 8th, 1PT?. "rauia leave Haahlngton, city time, from Dapot, corner of 6th ana B streets, aa follows : for Plttaburg and the Wist, 6 a. m. dally, with Patlor Oar to Plttsturg; 7:40 a. m. dally, with Falace Car to OMotgo, and 11:50 a. a*, dally, ?zcept Sundu. BALT1MOHE ABC POTOMAC BAILBOAD. Vor Cabandaigua, Bochoster, EuCalo, Nlacara Falls, and the Borth, 6 a. m. daily, except Sun day, and7:40 r m dally, except Sainrday, with Palace Car.< to Watklna For Erie, C'acandaigua, Br Oaio, ai.d Niagara Faila, 11:50 a. at. daily , ex cept btDoa*. For New York and the East, 9:10 p. m. daily, with Palace Cars attached: Limited Exprese of PuU niAD Parlor Cara 9:33 a. n> dall*. except Scnday. For New York acd the Ea t. 7 .10 a. m and 1:30 ?.*. datiy, ecept Scnday, with Parlor Cara at tic bod. for Phi ad. Iphla, T 50 a m and 1:30 p. m. dally, eaiept e> na?y. ana 4:30 and 9:10 p. a. daily . Limit. <3 ?? press. 9:33 a. m. dally,exoept Sualay. Accommodation for **alMm?re. 7:50 a. a. ubIi*. New York, daily, except Sun d?y;oi> Sunday, to Baltimore only ; and 4:30 9. a. daily. except Bnnday. For Pope's Cre*k Line T loa.a. and 4:90 p. a. daily, exeeat Sunday. Fjr Ar.nspol's. A 00 and 11:50 a. a. and 4:30 9> ? ..except Sunday. ALEX AN 1>BI A * FBBDBBIOKSBDBO RAIL WAY AND ALBXANDB1A A WABH1BOTOB BAILBOAD. For Alexandria, 0. 7,8:09. 9,10, 11 a. a., 1,9, 4-119,9, 6. T OO, and 11:40 p. a. On Sunday at 9 a. a., and 1 and 7 p. a Bjr the Sooth, tU Btcnmoad, 11:40 a. a. daily, except Sunday; and via Lynchburg, B:00 a. a. and 11:90 p m dally. Trains leave Alexandria tor Washington?, T. 9,10.11 a. a .1, 3.4, ?,e.and T? - Sunday at 7 and 10 a a , and 9 v. a. & | Tickets, Information, Bleeping and Parlor Oal aecosnaoaatlons can be arocured at the OBcee: Bortbeast oorner of Thirteenth street and Penn sylvania avenue, Bortbeast corner of Sixth stree aad Psnnsyl-a ;u avenoe, and at the Depot, whar rdera oaa be k t for the checking of Baggags ti last mat) n from Hotels and Beeideocee. D- M. BOYD, Ja -Ge?*! Paaetnger Agent. FBANE THOMSON. Gen 1 Managsr. )an9-ly SNCX>URAGS IOBB IIIBIIITBII """? "iHuiji!** TOf TKKl . SATCHELS FOB LADIBS. SATOBElB fob mbb. BBAWL ST BAPS FOB ALL. OABBXAGB BOBB8, HOBSC COVBBS. F1BB * BIPS, BABBBB8. SADDLES, BTO. Tmaks of every sty le aade to order on tke ( * a* 4*9 7th Svklir ,'AAx?lain? Odd Fallows' HaU,j by atction sales. future pats. JJINUAHSOM BROS.. AuctioneerT ^ VkOH TIM n !,ll! ^ BL ? , Ti71 t-DI Bf <? LOTS tOBTHVUT 17TH 8?*T AMD H 81. On FBIDAY AFT1BNOON, May 86, at 6m* F na.. In frcnt of the premie-. *e will wm ..At will beimm f',D F? *<>? MS. which* ? $dn.r ,oU f"0 o* which have a ?I!SL k5 *treet, and oie of 21 feet 8 ft feet ThV^nrrr/h**f .l0w **cb,h*v* ? d-?th of J* !"*? Tne fonrth lot hM a front of 22 frn't ? feetTo ??Vronb H ??h ? ??**<>' SJInm "!In Mf* mo,t deeirable tot*) I on in aJJ^p '?.CJIIir?nie,lt *? ^ fiblic baildioff, ArtOalfccr, Ac.,and will be aokl ai abovesukJi' On*-third cash; balance In < and 11 S<J?^?'BAt?A.btir1nf Int*re,t ?ecurei by d*H<d . * lOUre^nlred upon . Jh lot uonveyaLcicg, Ac , at aurchM r ? cost _m>? DCNCaNSON BEOS., Ancts. IIOUSEFlTRXISHI NTr GOODS. H ? I* A 8 SWA R E. CHINA. CBOCK IB T, H3USEFUBNISHING GOODS. BEFB1GEBATOB3, ICB CHESTS COOLERS. 4c. WEBB * BEYERIDQE, ay 13 a 1009 Paon'a ave , near llth atreat. WICOBD hiND FUBNITUBE, du^ri&Tr ca"h. ,I&?.C^0??"??? _TlI^^F Cor. 13th and Q ?^L, VJ J nor?lnreot. CHRIS. RIESSXER, 713 AMD 717 Tth 8TBEET N. W 4 la Bole agent for the District of Uolnmbla for the 81. GEORGE, The only BELIABLE HEATING RANGE In the inarket. Mr. Beio?uer has put np hundreds of these Rang-* In thlr city, and fn all caeM thJr h*?/ given the utmost satisfaction M itX?7 haTe He ha*the largest and t eat stock of . o- u, _ SLATE M \NTELS "Washington at prices from upwards Mr. Ruewuer is 8c le Ag?nt for the WMz-h h ^D1^?T H"M? FURNACE, Kt5.?J0Ilsh,y teated, and pronounced by eipcrti the beat furnace now iu nee LATB0BE8 AND QR\TE9 In great variety. at greatly reduced ericas ..SPILS?"?*? $D"H <>IL COOK ST0Y1 li the be?t and safest oil atove tn the world Et?br^mr.I^^i^.TrA VA9,S8 I1 WARE, wholesale and retail, f. ?t P y BUBBM UOSI, only 1ft centa per *1* BOOFINQ, SPOUTING, Ac .done promptly by the btat workmen Orders invited. ,,, C"BIS RIES8BER, mylO-tr 71A and 71T 7th atreet northwest. & ^ ? IMPROVED KITCHENER Will do the family cooking with one-half the eoai re<qolred by any other Range in the market; coats one half as r*uch aa other Ranges of same capacity; will aave it, Trice is a few yeara In the items of re pairs, and aave Its price every year m the coal bill, j It modeled by the best skill known to the art, wltb a view to the greatest convenience; is what every family wsnta, and, having, would not part with We have email and L.?rge Family, Reetaarant and i Hotel Sizes. The largest assortment of 8LATB and WHITE MARBLE MAMTELS and PABLOB GRATES to the city. HAT WARD ft HUTCHINSON, 317 9TH STREET NORTHWEST, my4tr STOVE nni PLUMB WO HOUSM. REFRIGERATORS ASI> WA TER COOLERS. Large stock of good makes,at' low pricaa, geo WATTS* cu., STEAMER LIN'ES. hTEAMEK ? HARBINOEU ' LEAVES mV.iM W harf at 7 a m. ou w Matto* Creek. '?n W IDMSL'AIS (mine huuri toi*" ? ? ??? Nomlnt. wvs Touches all landings each way, includiBg Grind er s, Little Ferry and B' sler's. ?rmu ?yH-tr M E. QREQQ, Captain. ( LINE between HA.WAPHlHOTubAGEOBU* TOU N.-bteamer* leave Puiladeiphia WE1JME8 DA\ and >A U HDAf , at l-J m. - aa?ic t> p m. Freight recei^^dally until 6 p m. Tlirough bills of laden given for Bos ton and Providence Consignees wishing their goods larded at Georgetown, will order thetn marked "via Georgf town." G. THYPE, d? Water st? Ge ,rsa. ?own, D C. \\ M. P. CLFHE ft CO.. 18 8 Wtarves, Philadelphia. mayl ly New- DKPARTl RE-rLTDE 8 WAJH 1 h 0 TON , PHILADELPHIA, ?^JO*AND PBOVIDEMCE SEMI-VygHl WEEKLY 81EAMSH1P LINE?On?aMflik and after WEDNESDAY, A pi 11 Wth.the Steamers of the above line, with direct connection with Bos ton and Providence, will sail Itom Philadelphia for JA a? ton, D O., every WEDNESDAY uni BATCBDAY Batnrnlng.leave Washington MON *U<J *BIDA1B, Irom Johnson a whail.foot of litb atreet southwest. Ibrongh Bills Lading is !^, Hto-.ab,1,Lr^m.!he.alwT,e f 3rU- Freight re?Tved and de.lvered dally fiom7a. m. to 8 p. m. Orders for delivery of freight, Ac., received at 1804 F at and 1118 vth streat northwest. ? W. P. CLYDE ft CO., Bo. IU 8. Wharves. Philadelphia amis 9m J. H. JOHNSON A Co., apia tea Agents for Waahington. f'OK NOK FOLK. STEAMEB LADY OF THE LAKE irfaves the Con pany a wharf, foot of Cth street, every HONDAYT WEDNESDAY 1 and FBI DA Y, at 3 p m , for N r f< Ik. Betnrntpg. leara Norfolk. Tuesda^^nTirr ?V *5? 5*!nri)ay,at 41 m. Fare, #4; roand trip, &(. Tickets good until nsed FOB POTOMAC B1VEB LANDINGS. Steamer JNO. W THOMPSON leave* Company's wharf, foot of #th street, every TUESDAY, at 7 a m., for Cnrrlcnian aud intermediate landings, and avery I RIDAY ? at 7 a. m., f^r Coan Blvar,stopping at intermediate^ laadinga For luforniatHn anply at the offlc* of the Com pany, under the Metropolitan Bank, Uth street, oppoalta tha Treasury, or to the Agent, at the waar?- marT7 1y ?*pEOPLEB' LINK'' " po* NOMlPil. MATTC1 CREEK. WPP BR MA CHOOOCANU LANDINGS The sidewheel Steamer "E M0KB18," Captalu T. E Baldwin, rill ocBneiN running to the above laadiags on Bouday, Match 0th, leaving from - ? wha/i to?t of At b street every NON-ACEifekK DAY and THURSDAY at 8 a. m. an^RID^Y^Va'1m* #V6r7 TUMDAI /el.M N B. F1TZH0GH, Agent. q d w a a p mi," _ NOTICE. Wltfe tha tk w of dlminlkhiog tUs cbaacea ol col iWon.tha maaibers of this Line tax? a speclQaC w?r* Tor all seaaum of tha year. .UntheowtwaH passage from Qaoanatowa to New Effla stbmssv-"*? " ?$ ??'a"?a,tggigsa *ai? AND WORTH AMKRICA M .. Royal, mail steamships, BMTWEEX NEW YORK A.SD UvER POOL,, CALLJNQ AT CORK HARBOR. Tiom Bkw ToiI( I FiU>X Kiw ?o&k Bothnia..... Wad., May 14 Bothnia... Wad., Jane IS Atysaiiila.?M ed., May .11 Afcys-jinia.. WeJ., J ul? t nfiSVi . Jnne 7 'Bussia Wed., Jnly 1] Scytbla.?Wad , Jt;ne H ScytLla..^...Wad., Jnly 19 Wad., J one Jl A'r. ria - ..Wed., J iIf 28 M?iKa5!f1S|f ""?? Staanars marked * do not carry rtaarags pamn Bam OF Pimsi -Cabin, ?90 ,#100 and fUB, gpld.aecprdicg to acoommodatloa. Tiokets to Paris, ?!?, gold, additional. Botorn tickats on favorahia terms Steerage ticks* to and fro* all parts o' Biropa at vor* low ratea. Through bills ofladint glren few Belfaat, Olaagow, Havre, Antwerp aud otnar porta on the Continent, and for Mediterranean ports. Fo? freight andH^Ma apply at the Omapany "s office, ?o. 4 Pawling Green; or both steerage and oablg to^RHALLWDOD ft IIOBRISON Ko. *1* 7th s Jaa? It CHAS. ?. FBANCKLYN, Agset IN THE SCPBEM E COl'RT OF THE DISTRICT 1 OF COLUMBIA. Holding a Srteiai Term, May 9th. If7?. ? A Ch??bers. administrator otBBlBOKT BOLES, deceased, the administrator af' resaid baa. with the approbation of the Supreme Court of the District of Columbia aforesaid, appoint ed TUESDAY, the 6>h day of Jane next, for the final scttlenctr t and distribution of the personal aetata of aaid deceased, and of the aaaets In hand, aa Tar aa the nine have been collected and turned into ?oner, when and where all the creditors and heira of said deceased are notified to attend, with their claim* properly vouched, or they may otherwise by law be excluded from all benefit in said deceased'a aatate: Provided, a copy of thia order be pabliabed once a week for three weeks in the Erenina Star previous to the aaid day. Teat: gut to .it* A. WEBSTER. Beglater of Wnia IN THB SCPBEME OOUBT OF THB D1BTB1CY OF COLUMBIA. Sfff't! Term, Probatt Jurisdiction. Maw 9tk. 1871. la the matter of the will of JAMES FIT/PAT RICK: Application for lettera testamentary on the eetateof James FitiPatrick, of theDlatrict of Columbia, has thia day been nude by Pater Panl Fltzpatrlck. All peraooa intereatad are hereby notified to appear in thia court on TUBS DAY. the Cth day of June nest, at M o'clock a. in .to abow cause why lettera testamentary oa the aatate of the aaid deceased sh u d not lasaed aa Syd. proctdtd, a copy of thia order be pub ed once a week, tor three weeks, to tha Evening r previous to the aaid day. Taat: mj? taJt* A. WEBSTER, Begtetor of WUla. AUCTION SALES. THIS AFTER*00S, fpHOMA8 DOWLIMO Aacllonwr. TBI STEEB 8ALB OP VALUABLE PROPEBTT IN OIUHUITOWa. D C.. AT AUCTION. By virtue of a deed of trust, dated Pebru ary l?t,A.D 1572, to the CLd-r-igned, and *r:V recorded ia Liber Bo. 661. folio 481, om of tfceJCiJfc Utffl records for the Blstrlot of Ooiumbta, and ?t the re-jueet of the ?%t*r secured thereby, I will B1 sell st anc'ion, on TUESDAY,the 93d day of May, >870, M ft o cWek p m , st tt?e corner formed by the Irtersectioi: of west Market Baaoe ai.d Bridge street, Georgetown. D. 0.? one undivided ninth In terest Id the estate of the late Robert White, of Georgetown. D. C. Said estate consisting of both r, aland personal property, located, situated and kelvg In the District if Colnmbia The real estate oonsis*s in part of subdivision of lot Mo. Zi, aid Georgetown, fronting 31 6 12 feet an the north line of Brkge street, and bach M feet on the west sida of Batik alley, improved by a two story frame Dwell ing house; subdivision of let Bo. 41. old George town, fronting 39 feet on the oath side of Bridge street, and back K 4 11 feet on the west s?de of Mar ket Space. improved by afr?m? store |I1 ouse; alio, subdivision 01 lot Bo. 41, old Qeorgstown. fronting 214-12feetcn the sontb side of Bridge street, and back M 10-n feet, improved by a two-story frame Duelling Honsa. Term* of tale: tfCO cash- balance In ? and 13 months, secured by deed of trust on the property sold. A deposit of <100 required * hen the bid is accepted. If the terms of sate are not complied with within five dais the Trustee reserves the right to resell at the ri-k and cost of the defaulting pur chaser, after giving five days' notice W M D OAKSIN. Trustee, my IS-eo THOS. BOWLING, Anct. f i j. sweet: Beal Estate Broker and Auctioneer, Bo. All 7th street northwest. AUCTION PALE OK DES1BABLE UNIM PROVED BUILDING LOTS. ON MASSACHU SETTS AVEMI'E AND COKMIB OF 8th STRKET NOKTHEAST. 1 will <fftr for rale, at public auetl ?n. InsM front of tlie premises,on WEDNE'DAY, Ma I 7 th, IS76. at S o'clock p m , a'l of bote 17,18 19, 20, 21. 21 acd 23. in Jlorsell'g snbdi vision of orig inal lot 1, in s-juaro S9S. Theie are sjiall lots, 17x70 feet. Terms of sale: One-fourth cash and tVe balance on gcod tio>e. $25 deposit required on earn lot when sold AII conveyance a at purchaser's cost. If terms of sale are not coaielied with in siven dsvs ifter sale the property vt ill be resold ai the ri?i: ?nd co?t of the defaoliing pnr< hs?er. my li d JS. J SWEET, Auctioneer. K/"TUE ABOVE SALE IS POSTPONED. ON ncc? Uttt of ra<n. until TUESDAY. May '23,1876, run e hour and place myl7 E. J. SWEET, Auctioneer. C^llANCEBT SALB OP PKEMI8B8 No. 1146 j 1 .)TH cTHKKT. HKTWCKN L AND M STREETS NOltTHWEST. By virtue < f a decree passed by the Supreme AgA Cc url ot the District 01 Columbia, in Equity BJjw cause No. 1024,1 will sell, at pntlic auction,in PB fr? nt oftbe premises. 011 TUESDAY, the 93d day of May, ls76. at ft o'clock p. m , all that part of lot No 22of tLe subdivision of square No. 197,iu the city of Waahiogt n. D. <)., contained within the follow - ine metes and bounds: Beginning for the suae at a point on 13th street west distant 104 feet south of the northeast corner ot said square aid running ttence south 28 ftet; thence west 94 feet; thence north 25 feet; and theace east 94 feet to the place of beginning. Terms of sale: One third cash, and the balance at ?li and twelve months, for which the notes of the purchaser, bearing interest from the day of sale, will be taken, ard a lien retain<-d on the premU-s old. A deposit of #50 will be required at the time flftale AU conveyancing at tlie cost ot the par causer. B. 11. WABNEB, WM. P. MATTINGLY.Trastee, Auctioneer. Office 43ft 7th street. C)10 d ro-noKho w. UNOaMSON lit,OS., Auctioneers, Southeast corner 9th and D streets northwest. D 8ALE OK STEAM ENGINE, SAWS. 8HAFT IbG, FAIRB \NK'B COAL SCALES. MORSE, MTLE. ca^tb, AND LOT WOOD AT aUJ TlOB On WEDNESDAY MORNING. May 21. 5fV? at 10 o'clock, we will eell at the wood and AcyS. mal yard on 4th and ashlngton streets, ( near the "la jail ) 1 Stenm Engine. Saw. Shafting, &c. 1 Kairtai k Coal bcaie, lot I'iae Wood. 1 Hone and Cart. 1 Mnle and Cait. Teiiim cash. my20 3t DUBCANSON BROS., Ancts. TRUSTIES' 8ME OK VALUABLE KtAU JSTA1K IN PBINCE GEORUE'd COI NT V, MARYLAND. The utdersltrned, Trnsteo*. by virtue of a??m power contained in a deed of trust from Ann L.^> ? 'cntee to the undert>igne<], da'ed the 31 pay ol""^" May, 1S78. and duly recorc?d in ttie land records of Prince Georpe's c nnty. Md , In Liber 11 B , No. 10. folio >:.7, Ac., will fell at public sale, to tt-e h sh e.i I idd?r. *t 10 o'clock ? m., at Con*e-?'s S .a'ion. onth?< Wafhicgton Branch of the Baltimore acd <?blo railrrsd. on WEDNEdDAY, M?v 24, 1?78, all tlia' trop-riy known as the "Bear Branch Prop erty "and lying on the westernmost side of the Wa-hiLgtoc tnrnpike. at its junc ion with a road idivh as the Montgomery road, tnd about one mt'e from C utee Station and about one mils from Laurel, con' l-?7 acr<tt,3 roods and 8 perches, more or less This property has a bold stream run ui:k through it Urge enoagh to tura a mil1, is well wood(d,and lies advantageously for subdivision, and on account of its proximity to Baltimore and Wa^hlngton, being about twenty-two miles from thef. rmer and about sixteen c.ilej from the Ia:Ur, and its nearness to the two stations of C->nte><'* and Laurel, o(T> re an attractive opportunity for specula tion in country lots. Termir Orfe ha!f cash: balance in six months, wiih inierest from day of sale, to be satisfactorily S'-ci.r**; or all ca-li, at purchaser's option. f Por furthir information apply to Chat. 8. Cmtee, at Coctee'g Station, or to John Glenn & Co., No. 12 St. Paul strtet. Baltimore. JOBN GLENN. ) B HNOWDKN ANDREWS./ Trustees, T 8. BHETT, \ my 13 13,17.2U^3 CtH*N''EBY ?ALK Or VALUABLE in ? PHOVED PROPERTY ON K PTREgT. BB 1 WEEN 11TH AND 12th STREETS NOBTMWBbT. In pursuance of a decree In the cause of 1 Armstea~ Be'-.i vs. Josephine Tyler et al.,In Equity No 4.481. Docket 15,made by the Jus - tice holding the Bmlty T? rm Hay Sd, l!"78. appoint ing the uaderstqned Trustees, we will, on WEDNES DAY, May 1 Tth, 1876. in front of the premises, at 6 o'clock p. in., sell at public auation, all that piece of land in thecity of Washington knoarn on the plat of ? aid city a< theweit tweDty fi>*e feet of Lot num bered ten (10), In Square numbered three haadred and seventeen (3171, together with the Improvements thereon, consisting of a two story Brick Bouse. T?-nns of ?ale, asfiz-d by decree, are :? One-third ot the purchase moce> iu cash, and the remainder in e?lU!il insta'lments, at six and twelve months tr?m 1 he day of sale, the deferred payments to betr interest and to be secured by a lien upon the prop erty sold. One hundred dollars in cash must be raid at tte time the property is knocked down, and if the terms are not complied with within one week from the day of sale, the property Is to be resold at the risk of the de'aultiog purchaser HENRY WISE GaBNKTT, ) No.2,ColombianColkgeLawBuilding,( Xrustees. Webster Law BnildiLg, 1 Euncacson Bros , Aucts. my8 9S~ TBK A HOVE SALE IS PO'TPONKO until WEDNESDAY, May 24th, 1878, at same Lour and place. HENRY WISE GARNETT,t Tr11,tees ny 20 JAB G. l'Aftlg, S Trmtees. VrOUNG A M1DDLBTON. 1 Roal K-tate Auctioneers. TKUSTFE?1' BALE OP TWO VALUABLE BRICK HOUSES. ON THE WEST 81OE OP ] 2TB. BETWEEN T AND U STREETS NC/BTHWEST. By virtue ot a deed f trint, dated Anfust '*4 a Uth,A. D. Ib7b, and recorded in Libir M2.1 f. lio 219 (t seg , oue of the land recerdsofJ W Hf-hingtcti t-onnty. in th" District of Columbia, aid ty direction of of the bolder ot the note secured tbticby. we will ofl?r for sale, at pqj>lic auction, in front <f the preu ises, on WEDNESDAY, May 24th. 1778, at ft o'clocB p. m., all th'ae ?iec?s or psrcels of Around known as Lots 18 and 79, In Falconer and alien's subdivision of a part of the east half of B.jnare N?. 274. Each Lot is improved by a two story Brick Dwelling. n erms of sa't: *1.200 on each house and the pro poiM. nal expenses of the sale in cash; balance in six and twelve months, secured b> notes bearing interest at eight (8) percent., and by deed of trust on the properly. A deposit of E100 on each house will be required at ihe time of sale. Oonveyaaciug at rnrrhaser ? ccs?. If the terms of sale are not ccr plHd with within seven days, the Trustees rcM 1 ve the right to resell the property, at the risk aud cost of t he .("faulting rnrchaser. PHILIP A.DAltNEILLE,/ BOBERT P DODGE. \ rr,,ne??? mylS dAds YOUNG A MIDDLETON, Aocts. jy~k. m ABNEE, corixr F and 7th streets. AuVtIOB SALE OF VALUABLE UNIM PROVED PROPERTY ON THE SOUTH S1DB OF K STREET, HETWEEN 21IU AND 21th SlRtETS NORTHWEST. On W EDNESDAY, May 24th, 1376, at o'cle.K p m , will be offered in three parcels,^F in fn nt of the premises,the following descrit??<i,~* real estate situate in the city of Washington, D. O., to wit : BffliiiDiPff at tbe south line of K atrtet northwest thirty (Jut f?:t eatt of tbe northwest cor Let of lot No. nineteen (19) In square No. ts, In Washington, D. O., running tbeuca eastwardly atocg the south line r.f said K street sixty-three l?et six Inches (63 ?>. tbence southward* parallel to the line of said lot 1*4 feet 11 Inches U the allty, thence westwardly aloog the north line of said alley and parallel with saiaK street M leet 6 inches, tbenoe northwardly parallel to the west Une of said lot 114 feet 11 Inches to the place of begin ning. being parts of lots No. 19 and *) in said square Terms: One fourth cash; remainder in e.jual in stalments. payable In 1,1, and 3 years, notes bear ing 10 per itot interest l orn date, secared l?y deed of tiusr A deposit ot will be required on each ur< .1 at time of ?*le. and all convey anrlagat pur chsser's cost. T. T. OEITTENDEB, Tirustaa. CmyU-eoAds J. T. COLDWELL. balasman. ASH B WILLIAMS, Auctioneer, . _ . . Bo. 1001,aorthweat corner Wth and D streets. TBUPTEE 8* LE OP VALUABLE IMPROVED PROPEBTY OS 14TH STREET, BhTW'EEN B iid b STREETS NOBTBW AUOTIOB. By virtue of a deed of trust, dated October AhA 9th, A.P 1872. and dnlr reoc.rded in Liber VV No '94 folio 44l. one of the land records for*'? tbe District of Coinmbia, ani by direotlonof the ?arty sccared thereby, I lnftont of the premises, on THLRSDAY, May 2ft, A.D. 1876, at 6 o'clock v. m .the feUowlag da scribed real?staU. to wit: All that ceitatn piece or aarcal ot ground situate and lying In said city, and beitg known and detciibed as lot number seventy fcurT74),In the record d snbdiririouaf sauare num bered t?o hundred aidaeven (?71, with Impror* metts (hereon, consisting of a two story br>ch dweliteg with bsck building, with all modern Im ,Te\^of'.S" 0oe'hUd In cwh; the balance In three equal instalments at s?x, twolve aad euhteen months, with Interest at ten per cent, per annum, te be secured uyad*edof trust oa U?t( premises so d. ?100 will ta"r? qui ted of the purcha>er at theUm* "t sale. All e nveyatclngat Varc^^".^ost? " the terms?f sale are not f"ily ^thl week from tae day of sale, the trmtr**?TrM right to lescll the ?ro??riy at ?r d W ASH. B WILL1A*?, Aect, AUCTION gALKS. JV*W AlCIKH BOOMS. On WirM^DAT, Mty Sith at?Wt> m ^ PA1B iLdfiATt BUAT8of Mch ?f#k a! !h? HI meM ^^L1! * ?f?5?a rsrinsrnc WJ Dr,a**tol B<??. ??">??? H*t. %* "OUTHIABT. iNut Tard.) ?' ? ?Ont d. or sales solicited, and Good. and r? wld cn OoMtosfea *?d ??*3 : JOSEPH BEPPETTI. pUHCAHSOB BBOS^AacttoBeen. Bf.nVa ?LK l.O( H(;*g. W*Rl? ?ktmssAWbl?.M TABl,*i. ' OTTmJI iiff\?.W, ?*TT?II?M, THKEE-PLY *r lS'L*V^L^*r,t8- beppino. a?., sri.M VoVtJwWt. ATA uc'tiob 11th ' MOEMSO, MlA?fbV^?.fn ?W?.b XM&v: rur1* ^vk tortbw?tf,tb? above-mentioned articles with BmS bnl'.'Vbln n?T 'D socd ordef' "*Tln* . mya PUHCAB80B BEOS , A net.. V S BE BT VlTraHltr"R B?d ItmSStS _^OtTH WEST. AT "cTION0 *D bT"IT# i< ?cdwilfDM will offer for tal*. tt r?nb- * * oTloVrlZ&S *. ??rtJEM, ^?a'SiiSBSi iwIL i ywth on# buudred and flfteiu /1161 fB#t !?.P?E?n",rt'e ?t?rT r,?me HouU eoaiTn' T?m. '.b> ? ??*?' frame sb'S yews f?,r whVh^!??eMfc;, ^al*ao* ?? on* *ti.l two ^nOt diiJ JSP^S TUh "X p'r Intwt. taken If t?,^lLLt'nft "f0" ?r ?*?y .*ld will b. , tD' II I0im? ir^ Drtt Cv*(Ulti((l with in fl VA Ht?i Ssaa&wp' w|" **e wold at r1?k arwl co*t of rSXtV CwS^M&VS && .*kssh ymKbeusBt \\ ASH. B. WILLIAMS, Auctleueer. Sale ow av kl^o *nt thrtb HTOKY AND B&BtHRNT RkK'K nu Si i '??? NO fiO I BTRJ.Vr MnBTHwrst Jrmtt 0f thp pr,mi?S o" TBulsii*?** Jom V Jftuawmui*i?i?ri? p?r,5',.of nrmi?:,? frK^Sr1 ~ PW??Mjl. <*C . COMUtiDg ofTll t|7?it thJ2i Stofy ?rd bmm ment brick dwelling t,esW,t thrw> T?rms: One-third ca?h. bsl.nne in K?v ?',d*ljkteen months, with ,Dt*r"?t at ten'per con tain per annum, secured by do?d of trait on th? ?PfrXrLW A <J^^'t of ?too will be r^ui-ed uphill's?, Vbi'?:?rix&.A" ~?">?=c?? tfi?; xstxriexj*, tr>?s l^icfaM?.17 at the ri,k and cort of the Awaiting JOSEPH T PVIR > mya d*dt MKJUAKL GBEEN.s Trn<t<>?*. 'JtHOMAS LOW LIMO, Aoctloneer. " TM STKE S SALE OF A? INTEBEST IN A PitlNTlSiO OFFICE. ber Nn MM f !n* of tI,n*i' dnl' r?cirdM jn LI Ii wtriSi^f'r i 4:,' one ?/ 'he land record* of the Jt O^'umbla. and t>e?iing date the thir teenth day of September. VSTi, and at the re.iueit f ?r?^?nreS t,,e,*b^ 1 ??'! M tnbli, Jfnc tion,on the promi8*i, at 6 o'clock p in ,on th? tut ftL(*YllflrAnf^l WVktfcJ5 bUhe?t bMder, for r%?h at m , .!"1'. ?M the rigbt. title, claim and inUr J?b phSh?. ?r<5("e? ,n aBl1 ,c tbe Bix>b and PnrnF/i.iLi' Office ?o ilie thlid tloor of No 479 ?.? ?. hi I"4* ?vtncf> Wasfcing'on. D O.. of wbirh yHOMAB PO W UN (^Auctioneer. 6PLEBD1D COLLECTION OF htcvr rd E4M*Yft ft"0 w-a lkn? ? SrK^ D ?asta5hAIRS,'r rV?TNw\rL NI T UlAhbLE TOPCBAMHICk IPTthvititp?' MAHOOABT A HI) PAINTED ffRN T^2S' BOOKCAbKS AND SHELVES WINK Aaiu M ACH?N r^tTAL*Qi N'X" W iMO POLITER"' wT^^NQ^rViPlV i5^sD fOBTMENT nTrCRrn ?wKL4?8J LAa,}r AS* B?' theeEk"pltD ANPLBIWL?I^',!1 J ABPf18,l?AK B1ABMI.K TOP 6IDFBO \ Mil OAK LINING TAUI.KS AND rH ilk "Vin r' collection or ohina and oi *n?w?k. ILKOaNT 8'LVEK PiiATEP WAKt ON* i?' P;.STEW A RT ro*E I NO STOVE INPIkVrrT Tf?IINGDy,,>VK8 SfBEKT H ?SK. tm/?HTrfivrn BEFBIOEBATOBS. ONE ItlTirv OFFKK MILL, A 8PLKNOI |l Oi?L. ATMJCTIOE. K1Tl-'""N BEQUISITKS. Ac., h iJ-Lu THDBSBAT MOBNINO, Mty ?3.l !i^2' ^ i? at ,he r<?ii<3?->''Ce of a cen lunian declining hon?< keeping. N.< 60.i f vi i'^htii ilfi,^ten ltb aud 7th "reetn northweg', ' f I hold effwte T? "apenor collection or Honee' Teimscath. TH08 nnut.lKn QiyX d (fnnday H raidACtpital'1 Au.ti.r.^r. pPWIN J. SWEEXt Auctioneer. TBTSTEE8 SALE OF TRBEE 8TOKY RKIHK ?w?l1;1noon p*nn"y. vini" avenrs. ^ bLH ^K.D 7tu STBKET8 E4.tT I ? Bi,^^irtnnofa deed?f tru?t dated M*r?th. >-j an^ dn,y 'horded in L?ber7so fZj folio US, rie cf th< iaLd recurda of the Pl? 1 tritt of I olanibia, and at the re^neet of the party jtcurcd theieby, we will sell at public auction. In f',0"1, the ?temise?, a' i o?lock 9. mT on J\'"??? *>t?18ri, all that certain pitce Mno 8itu*teL*acl ^iQ* in the citr of WasL Lgtcn, P. 0., and kn-wn and do^cribed a? I' iiig lot nnabfred forty four (41), of Feiguson's nutairlfion tf original lot nnmbered four (4), in fKr"lV^,1U?^^>'^e<, and serenty three inT3?, together witn all the itnproTexetU, Ac -ilhbSikbilwtt?' * tbree ,t5r' Lrlck dwelli?8 One third cash; balance at e and IJ niontha, for which the notes of the pnrchteer shall bs taken, beariDf intermt from the day ori?le, at 8 per cent, per annum, and ?ecur*d by d.-nd of tru?t ?nd a*l? juatf? in?nr%nce npoo the property 83ld A depo. ? <f?100 will be retired ??thft-me of ?lf, ?nd all conveyatidng at th? o??t of the purchaier! ?/a? ar" ??t compli d with in erven days after day of s.le, the Trn?teea reeetTe ths right to iu? purchMtr*"' *' tte r'*k aud C09t of det.ult J. STANLEY JONES, 1_ _ WILLIAM B. JONES,iTrnBt*? . ?*>???< E J. SWEET. Auctioneer. |)UBOANuON BBOB.i Aacttoneera TBTSTEE'S SALE OF BRITK HOUSE AND lOr ON K STBEET. BETWEEN^1"th ANn 19TH 8T8. NOBTHWEST, AT AU0T10N. By ?lrtne of a deed of trust, dated 13ib day AM '?A 1371, duly reccrded in Lioer Fd No. 70t, folio 61, one of theUnd recordi for WaStT^ [rgtonconnty, in the Pistr.ct of Colombia, and by reoneat of tht- party- secured thereby, I will b.-ii ?t ^b.Vf,?ry,^Vn.TI1 UHBPAY tlu- Jith dayof M?y, ' Q.cjoO P m., in front of the prem iss, all tba certain piece or parcel of ground and E? r>in? ia ?ai<l City of Waehln? 1? .*Oolnmbia, and known and descrit>ed tn? ?**t half of lot numberHl four.(4.) in umra ?it"h ?ri'^r.Hni hn?dred *ud seven, (1(17.) together with all and singular tne impro\ements. privileges isitWissfflsi0 ?"?<?'???>?!? ra . Terms cf sale: One-thl'd of the purchase m?ney '" . ? lb'balance in e>jnal iintallmonn of note, at ?, it and 18 month*, with interest at 8 per ceat per annntn, paid notes secured by a deed of trust on thf- prrmitee sold. Couveyanclne. Ac., at purchas ers cost. A deposit of fit0 wiil be required as socn an the property in knocked 08. If the terms of sale are not complied with tn one week fr m day of sale the Tru?tee reserves the right to reeell the prop erty at the rl?k acd cost of the defaulting parchaser npon giving lite days notice of such resale in the ??Mtiac 8tar newspaper, published in Washing ton- P 0. SAMUEL B. ABNOLP, atau th.m.tllll9thM Atdu Trustee. KUSTEE8- SALE OF VALUABLE Tm" PBOVED REAL ESTATE IN THE COUNTY At?H J WOTON, CONBISTiNO OF A TW0-8T0BY OWELL1NO, SITUATEP ON WHAT 18 KNOWN AS TllK "BBEMT WOOD BOAP." bOBlHEAvr OF THE PS?T,.^!LD^B111'0 P * BT OF A TBAJT VflW^ KltuWN A8 "MHTBOPOLI3 By virtue of a deed of trn.t. datc^l January Wtb. 1874, and duly recorded In Liber No. 741." folio 43et se<j .one of the land records of th?^^^b District of Columbia, aed by the written reoa<m at the party secured thereby, we will sell at public auction, on tbe premises, on MONDAY, May 99, 1876 at 5H o clock p. m., all that pieoe or parcel of land, situate and beint'in the comity of Washing ton, restrict of t!o!nnit)la, end known and d- sig rated as part of lot numbered twenty-nine >t$>, of the land known as Metropolis View, commencing for ibe same at a poll t on the ea<t line of said lot two bandred tfnd thirty-fonr (SS4I fest from the eoutbeasi i orner or said lot, tbence with the line of said lut north twenty and a half degrees <>0K de grees I, east two hundred <?)> feet, tbence and at right angles therewith, In a southwesterly direc tion one hundred and eight (103) fort eleven (111 inches, tlienc- south twenty and a half degrees (2UK degree.) fast two hundred (DO) feet, thence a ad at right angles therewith in a northeaitvardly direc tion one hntdred and eight (108) feet el-ven (11) inches to the place of beginning. Including the right of a road along the east front of said le twenty-nine.bat said right shatl not extend be yond the time that the eonth end of s.ld lot twentv Blue rball be subdivided into lots. Improved by a two-story dwelling. ' * Teims. One fouith cash; balance In C, 1] and li months, for which the notes of the parchaser, bear ing interest at 8 per cent. p?y annum tromday of sale, and seoared by a deed of trnst on tbe property St?!d, will be taken A deposi: of #100 will be re quirtd at time of sale. All conveyancing at the ex p* nse ol the purchaser. If tbe terms of sals are not complied wltn In ten days from day of asle, tbe trus tee. rwrrs tbe right to resell the property at tbe ria aiid cost cf th. defaulting purchaser, after Ave days aciertisem?bt. GBA8. ?. FEA?EB,1 - _ JBO.JOY EPS^N, { Tras^asa. myH-f toAds J T. COJUPWLL, Balesnaa. [RATTAN'S CRYSTAL DISCOVKRY FOR THE WAfR FOE BE8TOBIN0 OBAF OB 9ADBD HAIB TO IT8 NATUBAL ANP YOUTHFUL CO LOB. It makes brash, dry aatf wiry hair smooth and gb"*sy. It eradicate. Paudraff, and its occasional application prevents and stops tbe hair faUlag. warranted to restore tbe color in three to ten dan. Contains nethlag whatever of as nnhsalthy or Pols'>nous nators. Does aot requlrs nut sou linen or tbe Anger nails, a?T of the objections so ju?Uy i br.lphor srdUsd restoratives In been BeadI for newly eight years now with bwMi ly inertasirr I'ssasinl. &KTv. ..TT*??. "JWjfto.. ?rttr mm ft EVEXIfr'ft STAR. H? BDAT....?. foiiT-iorm ,n* CTufiif JVvrff<f<Ufa AorfiE?A Or oar report cihm< tt?^reponof Uj? Commute* oa R i:?* u"1 < uargrs against dooikiifii fit* uroB was read. The committee nT ih.i whole matter wu refrrmi A*JW lh? ch3rr? of blackmailing a fei eral offlocr In TeiM, that was di*,.? J... "fao niade the char*,. ?? ?* worthy of crfdccc?. Ooveroor Darin rim i* oppooad to Mr. Fltcbugh to politics tMii. T>xas hl1 unlmPeacb*bl* character while la _*? to tbe charge of larceny and arson in Kentucky, the committee took the st*U> fa?,vi?> ? *1*? I'arham. wt?o was counsel for Fltshugb on tils trial, and Jud*eUur ,ffy* tf tie bad been on the jury he would have been compel led to acquit The committee bat no evidence to sbow that the verfllct was not right. i^, .lelifr wr'tten In I>eoember S k t Texas, the commit*** m quirtd whether the letter showed that Fit/ liugh was a man of such discretion and sense as to be intrusted with the responsible duties devolving upon him as doork.^per A" to the manner in wblcn the letter wa? made public the committee bad nothing to do. TLey give biin uie full benefit of tbe fnct that he would not appoint to o:n~e the man who held the letter oW him In terror r?K^Mil?In ,hea ,bo* the responsibility '.L!J,,i00.rkr<?Por* Position, aud say tnat kJoo f ?** that he has not such a weil balavced mii.d as to properly execute his grave re*|tonslbilit1es. Tne letter is foolish ?, ?r d w7"nl l,l!eace nt,an uneven Iy - balsnced hilh appointment or his son to a high position shows a violation of the rules of the Civil service. There I. enough la thS Uie ffimmM?* h'm a,lt,, 'or hi* office, an 1 twoS!to reC?mmeDd Uie ?^opttoaot J| ^ hat the office of I 'oorkeeoer be va Incumbent. * Second. That the duties of Uoorkeener be devolved temporarily upon theSeig^ta^ The resolutions were adopted. On motion of Mr. Blount, the House went into Committee of the Whole on Mr T? ?.L^YAh-A^flt0i'i"ATXOH BILL, M[- Clymer in the chair. o.?rMi7ii2i!SSD* offered M amendment the bill heretofore reported from the Com mliteeon Naval Affalrs reducing the pay of Mes^ Hale ("ife'l" Mnf ProB?'>t,?n Messrs Haie(&fe.), Mills (Tex.), Kandall "tt&sszmsrsfzssgss'*. Mr. Hale, referring to Mr. Bannlnr's re marks that the tax-payers of the oountrv all demanded reductions, said the gentleman ed afth^i?il V?1 read .libe resolutions aiopt l?t* democratic convention In Cin 5? ?.u.u. that ? resolution in the majority report thanked the democratic rna J'>rJt*JLn the Houm for their efforts fhI*w.THli5ni?or^7reporl dl<1 not Allude to the matter at all, and the minority report was adopted, so that the convention not only did not commend this insane run after eoon ???I' b.ut by ,Ddlr?ctlon snubbed the a?tu?n of the democratic majority. ?ct.on <tri!?L B?nn,nK ?Which report would you In !o Ti , minority or the majority? "H; ~aie?1 have never yet seen either a majority or a minority report of a demo Uiat * would indorse. Ap plause on the republican side. After further discussion. Mr Wbltthorne's amendment was modified, and then ihe whole amendment was rejected, so tnat tue pay remains as at present fixed by law. wasre^ClaUSelU relaUoQ 10 uav>' nHl!hin^? VAlm,) offeml as amendment ?f, .ii ^ reP?r,?tl from the Naval C-irn Il!h 1?^ . K the yards at Brooklyn, Kit terj , Cbarlestown and Norfolk for general punioses; retaining Marelslacni aud Pe isa cola as naval rendezvous; the yard at Wash ington for manufacturing purpose**, aad au Nt?w Vorclon rece66lou of league Island au i .?^,r;.^elley (Pa ) ma,le u'? Point of order til'8 wat> not In order, as it changed ex isting laws and was not in the direction of economy and retrenchment. Instead of econ grOSe eItravagauce ^ 6eil Mr. Lewis (Ala) argaod that it was in the direction of economy, as it saved theex P?^<iltore of millions of dollara. wea<ta'kenr declJed ^e point of order not Pending cor eideration the committee rose and the House, at i> p. m.. ailj^urned. llj d rophobla In Newark. SHOCKING DEATH OK A VOCSO GIRL. The Ntw York Tribune of yesterday gives the following account of the deal ti of u yotiun iiiil from hytiiophobia. briefly menllo'ied In a u .egram to The 8tar: The entire family ?>f Louis Horbagt u, of No. X3 Nor.'o'k street , Newark. N J , cot sUtlngof Mr. Korhagen. Cl*rles,ageJ H; Henrietta, aisei 12 and Margaret, aged 10, were bitten hy a rabKi doji onApril jjih. T?edogwas of the hj^itz breed and a great i*t of the iamlly. Tlie animal had been aw*y for sev eral days, and on its return acted very strangely, snapping aad biting at all who approached it. Charles attempted to pacify the dog, when it bit him on the right hand drawing the blood. The animal th^n ran Li .Jbe itani ai'd to corns oat. Shortly afterward Henrietta was pissing through the barn, when the brute sprana upon her and bit her on the right heeLA few minutes later It wandered Into the yard and bit Margaret on the left ankle and Mrs feorhagen on the nugers of her right hand. It then bit another dog and a horse beloi.glng to Mr. 8orhagen. * ?JXh?feP:.,,oC sospectlng that the dog was rabid, tied it up in its kennel, and while doing 6o It bit him on the lert wrist. The next morning the dog was deal, its .nouth covered with froth, while the sides jl the kennel showed the marks of Uie animal's t^?th- On Thuraday last Henrietta com plained oi drowsiness, pains in the h3ad back and limbs, and during the nlgbt she had a violent spasm. Drs. V.jegler, Korne tnan and ill were summoned, and cut out a piece of flefeh where the child had been bitten. On Friday morning she seemed to be im proving, and was rational until noon, when she had a spasm anl sank into a torpor. Occasionally she started from her stupor and screamed violently, tearing Uie beJclothes and talking deliriously. lu the evening ahe had several more violent spasms, which con tinued until 2:30 o'clock on Sunday morning when she died. A post-morler.i examination was made by the attending physician. Tne wounds of the other members of the family have been cauterized, aud as yet they nave shown no 6igns of hydrophla. The other do* was seized with hydrophobia on Friday and was killed. Tm New York FE!riA3f8.-The recent suicide of poor Mulieda opens the way for a word or two on the Fenian wreck. Tne Mof fatt mansion, in Union square, where < >'Ma. bony's folly of an Irish republic was estab J i8 ayAln a Private residence, aud O'Mahony himself is trying to make a llv Ing by writing for the Irish presa. Colonel Wm. R. Huberts, whoiucceeded him as pre sident of the imaginary Irish repuolie, has turned agriculturist, aud lives on a farm which he owti on Long Islanl. O'Doaovan Ikossa Keeps a third-cloaa hotel in Chatham street. Qeueral Bourke, wbo was nls fellow prisoner in England, holds a political offlce. General Mlllen has a place in the custom house. Charles Underwood O'Connell, who was sentenced to death, and afterward ro Icased, la In the controller's offlce. His lei low exile, Auguaiine Coatello. also bad a political position, but whether be still bolus it or not I am not able to say. Almost every one of the exiled Fenlana worked Into New \ork local pollUca on his arrival here, and It ia needless to say that this baa done more than anything else to withdraw from tuem the sympathy and regard that, they received after their release.- [ Harf/onl Tuite*. Potato Bugs ox Loxg Islaxd Tne po tato bugs are giving much trouble to the farmers of Queena county. Their ravages are already quite considerable, although some neighborhoods are Infested more than others. It is probable, however, that the ?inmage this year will be relatively less tban last, because most of the farmers, expecting the visitation, made preparationa to meet it a 1th vigorocs measures from tbe start. But in some localities even this precaution ia ua avalllrg and whole fields have b*en virtu ally ruined, the bugs In large numbers at tacking tbe tender snoots tbe moment they sboVed themselves above ground aad com pletely destroying them. In such eases u* only enre is to plow up the fields and utilise tbe ground for other kinds of seed auch. as carrots and other farm productions wtoieh tbe bugs will not feed upon. This has al ready been doce In a number of instances upon Queers county farms?(N1 T. II S^Aiog of A Lover?The indlanap olia Journal makes this mentioi .* ?? a Boston girl and her mother, wbo are atoppin* at one of tbe hotel* In this city, camo west in search or a young German, to wbr,m the daughter became veir mucb attach while spending a few months la Europe with bar parent^ aome two yean ago. Toe last they heard of the young man wes t'jat bs bad ooms to Ie dianapoils. He ls v?aid to be poor but wall educated, and tbe parties ia search of bin are very wealthy.M ? la hr,?7? f^TJ00n"^ r?"" Caliror T K Re*v (iJSrWWSi VhMot' ? lf*?mplOii tim#nd*r ?tf Uw wnrM 'Son KvSrasf^.^s sassr ,?? **|s-ct?d U)eclof: will ntiw-Hnotorat <.1,1? cam. to be In b*Ht?h bit and mume'.* u> -L!L p*t?af Jrrpnoe Park. .Yaw York, and aruwC ward at PbMadflnbia wfti a plokad eeren^S Titi?* ? *>Br r*pori^r witnaaaad ib? . JJr' ">? roio i iuo on Mr aVofrl * S and la prvanad to bare arl^TVl^i*0. ran?w? ">?? will w'tt ST^iTT" r'ldirJT^fJ? 25 W clie." ?* "dart in u* polo axar BSSS^ilES - w VI uur DOQl Ckl? r#rn nnm * - - rroommeud 1 ng that the ^ " JCTf ^T* tlan AdTooal* b? Mnoad und^Tt^oS^ K* , by? "*"5? ?T2S eonoern M An official waekly panar ?nit mi srars?A ssssi. ss?ss?? u;?f'f?"if?"1'j1r!v7'r?"*sst& Kt^\^ra&^issaRi,ass *>r- Nelaon. of the WromlKt WMiraran<^> aapoancK tba daatb of iWrr'STivT ?.,J?! ^?* B,"hoP P^fc at Ncrartoa Pa* on Kauirdaj laat. In tha Tvth yaar of Ma a*#' XA VSP* ^ ? ?*?fcwvrill tSa sr* %s. ^ukT.t* *"*ctiarrh frpm ,p-4?? in ed. BTBCIH^. I- ell to .'*Mit on II ?t iai F ?* 1 o'clock P II) . aft*! ? i? t t *1,4 ,|I? ?frii?"l?l"r- lL ZAi**? * B K .? ?Miu ? f AI BUTIf*k . And ibffd dini) trr u( 1 ma _ 1 be 1 rtrod, of fl>? family are lavtted to atteart th. iqik rai on Wedi.-ads., iith instil at s7?;-.ok ft. in b.rlk|. 1009 7tK^aU?2?25* L^j-? H,n ?*? ??????*! utITi *2H *2?S^,*mETHl wife i>C Man. <r. Brown. Mt'd^i ^eara*' M,-M' "?? "? **'? Uiocloet, _Vaaeral ml|e c*oc*. on *edneaday. tbe t?tb la r.T^^^V *Bd. r?latl< *? arc r?p. <?*(.; I|T In LorJb^aat^ ber raaid. nce ( Mrat aJ^SVjlmr ?"? A.. La*.. raaaral aill tak* ?i%e? from hat trotb-r ? rMl. <,*'n2jILJ' C?"?n *0 l?6 ? hit?* nSmlllJ i.*ff^us?^5vjir1' ?,;"b,t" *r? ??5SS1 d"????*}? 4 o clack ? n The^frl.-udToi tbe fbtnilr are rtwyectf till; m? Itcd to at tan 1 St ? ,s8(,ll ATZ At Phlladalpkia Pa . Thur?d?r, Mar ar'fc.? ' L*0,s<*y? "oa of artbar and Llr/le a - ? UXPERTAKKR8. || r. HAKVKY, " Vnd+rtakrr. *JL HAtklTT w:ra R F. HARVET. MrW > W. UAKkKK, Cabinet Maker and I'nttrrtmker, ?UI ItlH 6T1EET NutTba I?V. octi it gentlkmi;n s goods. ^ OUE STOCK OP H HI' IIMW 8TUAW I1AT8 liOV KKtllT IkTHiJlTIT*?CJt AMU ^liPUtiS?N willett * arorr, gatxi 6t 90i PKfeMfcV LV?M I A AVCMri: 8160 Jil.ii FINISHED, KEADY FOR USE. ?l VtZJTTLKjmjiJrS SUIRT or f&asBtu Mublic ad tad Litei rot H<? IKT (ilH. The popnUr of ralae In llnem l? finot?. Tbl? it one element of ralaa. bat onlf ona Anotbar aoJ very nacwkry * lament to ronateaa of thread. Both linen and cotton are Tec-table fibres, bat char acteristically dIOerent. linen having a greater power of abaorption tbaa ootton, as maj be pro ran bp rary ?1mpie experiment* Uenoetbe adraataffa linaa ka over ootton in abaorbiiut aad retain lac etarob There are also dlffarenc*-* of decree ia regard to tbis goality In different gradaa of liaeas. tba roaad thread linaos having thu quality la a greater degree than the flat thread. These Vblrta are Kade by tba oldeet boaaa la tbe trade; and, being no aovtoes, they have selected a linen not only for Its flneneas, bat with reference te actual value In practical uie. Tbe prloe at ahlch I offer tben, 91 leas 10 par cent for cash, or ai.44 net, to lover than I eold similar goods seventeen rears siaoe, and at tba price Boat cosnatand larr* sales. Tbi< offering to 1 rectal and to not iatended to interfere with mi regular stock skirts. OXE PRICE ONLY. CASII DISCOUNT TKNTRR CENT. QEORQE C. HENNINQ, *10 setexth amn mrlS-tr flLTHE DUNLOr FIFTH AYENUlJL BTTLK C API I M E KB OkkSt> UATfi. 18erBI> TO D4T. WILLETT A Bi orr. aiaj?n gt ?<)} PIKMi-TLVlMH AVturi f AYLOR A HUFTY, HAVE EkDCCU) TBI PU1CE8 Ok TUBIB CMLEBRA.IED DOUBLE TOK2 8&IKTB as pollows: Quality Bo. 1, |M 00. Formerl.- *mm - - I, *aa ? 9MJm ? " a. $?M: - ?UM - - 4, tOM - ?4tM. SPRING STYLES ^ NOW BEAD7. I BKOAPW4T and riffTH ATBBOB PTYLB SMTLBiava PRKRH BATS, ?? aad fb Also, One Boft aad BttB TBLT dATB *t tba Boat approved patterns. Bagliab and Aniertaaa B1LB Ladles BOB CBBKBLLAB. UMBBBUtAB aad PABAB01*B KXEPS PATENT PARTLY-MADE DRESS SE1MTB, be Qreatsrt Inventioa of tba Age. Bis floe Ptoh birts for st* dollars, (0*,t aat te be Bad la aay ?lope In this etoy. Wears Bole r

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