Newspaper of Evening Star, May 25, 1876, Page 3

Newspaper of Evening Star dated May 25, 1876 Page 3
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DRY GOODS. IV O T I C I. Oar ett're ttcck of Si'ElBO DMU GOODS oan*t be v id We ik*II i ff* oar? . 28 *nl Drees Good* at 18 tod SO enti 90 and 31 Mit Dt>? Goods it 28 ceati VK 40 east D r?a? G> - d* U SB CMti. ?0 cent Drt-? G ? -d* at T7H aod 40 cents 82* coot Dress Good# at ?j cent* la th* lot will be f jond Id ?!*<??* of All ?Wool DEI'BOB. at >i rente formera-irer*and 48 centa. Alio rM cmi *i tk4M rOf LIN'3< MI Mltl per rarrt worth all of ?? roots. BLACK GBBffAPIBE*. _ BLACK SILKS BUCK TA*?SB. And BLACK MOQ AIBS. . AllqiilHi'a. i*;l? tint yhcM. A fall Mock of Pameatic G< < 'T>? at *|MU' prloe* Tw-nty aieeee BimA?r r ILK?, just from auction, at 88,78,87% ^ W. *? BBOWV, Bo. 318 8th *treet porthwo*. gl'lflUR DRIbS GOODS, rEBY CHEAP! eCHMEB CABSIMBBBS. At low price* (a specialty?, At t be on* prUe Dry u .ods store < t Wl BIBB WYLIF, 1011 7th street northwest, So!* agen? for the"Bagle" SHIBT. Pticea rally m?<le. except button*, Ac ?_|1 00 Coir pi*-tell* finished. IV rn'-h-d and I? end r led ISO Aleo, Matey lor Mm*. Demjrtsl'* iiellabt* PAT TEBB8. mySO tr ^RVSI AUCTION SO Acres Mei < Linen H andkercblofs, at 12*e. each. to " La<1i-?e' H<D)<tlTrh<?d ?? 5? each. fiWyardeBln* S:t1ped Oreaadine, at 10c.; fjrmsr price lit 1mm Wfette Victoria Lawni, short length), at 12X, worth STHc. JO piece* Vol r?-d Striped Bilk*, at 75 and 35c.; for mer arlce 11 25 piece* S;n? Matting, at F), 25 ?nd 35c., extra carap Alto-? 4. 5 t ? 4 at J ? 4 Flocr Oilcloth, new pat tern*. Plain hl?k ard Striped Orenadi&M, from Me. to ? I 29 ?or Blew J' rk White Finished Shirts, at #1.23, are the bee* wM at ih? price. Frank Leel'?'? cut paper PATTESKS. Our 1 |V** are the L^wcrt ' UKO. M. JOH\NOH A CO-, m?y et> Til Market Space. J$ABGA1X$: BARGAINS BARGAINS! I'.KOPHEiO * CO., 939 Piss*. An., between 9th asd 10th ata., OFFEB: All Wcol PI BBC BS at Sic and op &atln face Lace Srrlpe Ply IE 25c worth 80c. Linen TOW ? 1.8 CI *er il >sen an! np All-Linen Bit-ached Tat le D kB A^K , Vc. and np, Vaawntti BUacbed COTTON 12Sc. Fx ere* Kotci .ia French CAMB11ICS (tbe beet ma<?ei. In all color*. 3 Button KII 8 In all colon, ?1 35 Ladle*- and He t'a Cot on and Ganre I NDER WEAb, direct from tbe fact>ry,at sligbt ad vat, c* on nunnfactnrert' and importers' price*. Black VILf S lower than ever. C BENADIN E<4 at redaced price*. Ltueu LA Vi Ni? p aiu and Alfred. 25c and np. MOHA1KS and ALPACAS, Vs. aad op. BRA IfCH STOKE, ISOi F ttreet, bet 13th and LStb ill. (old stand.) CALL BABLY AMD aECt'BK CHOICE GOODS. BIODHEAI) * CO. BnylO-tr 939 Pa. att., bet. 9(h and 10th sta. ?HIAT, CHEAPER, CHEAPEST. WHY SOT SELL CHEAP? Very large a?*or*ment of new 8*r1ng Drea* Good*. Bilk an*? W ? 1 Pongee In besuritnl shades PiaW Striped, P.ain De B- ge, ?. li. 31, 35, 37 , 40, 60c. Back Eilkt, 91. ffi SS, #1 37. $1 SO, 31 83. Black />lpacH,? ZS.SO. 36. 40o. Black Silk Mohair Alpaca, 90s. Black GreLadin*, Plain, Plaid, S rip*J, 23 , 31, 57, 60c. Black Catl:m?r?. 75 S7, ?1 iAHil.K N, 707 Markft Srxu*. Good Cott,.a, i\c ; e od < aiicj. 4,io.; excellent Be>t Tick, Kc ; Linen Handker'bi -i*, 8c ; gcr-1 Stocking-). 12c., good Towels.8c ; Men'* Shirt* male of beat cot' , hr.eet Llcen.#>c ; Tery fin* Table Damaak. pare iic*n. 50c : very large assortment of Clotb ard C?s >o<ere for Men and B-jja' wear, 37, 80 82,75 . 57, *1. Bew Para. Is. 01. ?1 25. .?! tO. ?1 75. my!7-tr GOODS LK^S TIIAN AUCTION PRICES. Calleoe* In any quantity, Safiu , Bleached (3cttrii. 5c ; worth 10. Dra>? PUiut, 10.1JX. 15, 20 , 26c. Onr Drtfa G -id* have all be^n marked down, and Bleat bargains are now eff-red all throaeh. Login s!ines. Sil* Snico# an-1 Ueraanaia Qrecaameii 10.12H. 15. is,*!5c. v Victoila 1 a?ns chaap. I2H. 15 1.4,20c Lace Striped and Curded P K , low price*. Heat Ugurtd Lawn*. 12>?c ; wor'h 25. Cae^ittere* lower than ever hefor* kaewn V I he atnek mu*t b? reduced Matting*. Va25c. All Carver >i coat to close oct. T. * 1AI' DAIM, my 15 709 MABKKT aPAC'B. ^REAT BARGAINS IB DRESS GOLDS FROM AUCTION. ?0 pieces har '.vjtne Plain, Stripe and Damask Mo hair*. at 37. wortb 50 k)o plecvs band-. me Lawns and PercaUs, warranted fast colors, at 12)4 per yard: neat Stripe Sottmer Silk? at 75, 37, and il; rich Black Si k? Mohairs, aud Alpa~a4, in all be-tt trades, at 1< w orices; Lapin's All W<>ol, and Bilk a&d Wool Black Grenadints, very cbeap. IN MOCKBIXQ GOODS. Fin* Casfcmrres. Cretois. Bombazine*, DeLalna and Tamese Ciotb* in all best Bake*. 10 4,12 4 Linen bbeetings, Title Damaakd. Napkin* and Toweling*, all at low d-wn price*, to soil the proc aine, at J. W. COLLET'S CHEAP COBB KB, SOI, Sth ST., myI3-tr Market Spao*. D1880 LUTIOB OF CO PABTBEB&UIP. stock amd Fi.xrmrs fob sue The ca partnership of J. O. WISWALL A CO. Wisi by l\mtla:tvn on July lit, our stock MCST BE CLOSED OB or before trV data. We shall r t morrow, and orntlnaa to sail 'or 30 dayi, war large and complete stock of DBFOOOD8 At GBEAT SACBiriCB OS OBIOIBAL COST and ail go d* remaining on bead June 1st, will be ?old at AI'CTIOB W iTHOD f BE^EEVE. In order to Go ft in 30 Days. A reduction OK FIFTY PEtt CENT, will b* aiade an a iarg* portion of oar atwek. Prints, 4, 6 and I Hi cents per yard. Browa Cotton*, * cent* per yard. Figured Gr, n*>1ioe*. 83W. "ad 12S cts. Grenadines ii Stripes, at 10 cts. Bilk G renal lee* helow coat. Baiuner Mils, SIX cts and apw^rd*. Pare Black i^ i.alr*. 90 cts . worth 85. Fli tBU'k l>reas 8ilk*, 89 Cts., worth #1.40 KW0 yard* Black Alpaca*, 13* to 37* cts, PABAEOLii at co*t. Latr- lot Tab'e Damasks Hapklns. Brine Clotha, Piano Covers. Ac . at k*s than Mow York coat. BVGBEAT DABGAIKS In everything J. C. WISWALL A CO, ap? tr 810 7th at., near Pa. *?*. fUE SILK ABD DREtS GOODS UOUSE OF WASHINGTON. W e InTlte the atteaticn of the public to onr tm mt n.*e sssorm.eut of new style* tl'BBlk ClLKS ABD GBEEADIBES of all shade*. In stripe* a&d plaids. Large suck BLACK BILKS of al celebrated SPB1RG I KK8S GOODS of the moet attracUr* styles aad ca Urs. MOt KJi'SG GOODS, WU1TB OOODS, CAStlM KKES. CCBTA1N LACB9. ?ILK t.'MBBBLLAfe and ri?E U JSIEB T la great variety, at 1st a ttau Bew lork price*. WOLFOBB ASH1LBKBO, 01T MABKBT SPACE, * ap0 tr Tbtrtf door from ttb street K*w ritiCEs. m 1014 BETBWTH STEBET. Bilk and Wool Poagae?.40c . wortb 80*. '* Hair cballl Cloth*. SOc , worth 37*0 Wool Spring De Be gee, toe , worth 80*. -1 Pacific Cambric* 12Hc , very aheap. Plaid aad Sulp*d Salting*, 12Mc. it to Sue. Whit* Pi me* and V ictoria Lawn* M. UH-15,88,380. ?lack Silk* cheap, 87H, ?1 #1.28, 01 JO aad #2. Boy '? Caaainirre. at low atioee, a apectolty. ?V* Par as U and Sun Caabrellaa In great variet B^-Bagl"" 8hlrto, made of **U . mmd ItU.y *a.|> 012*. iwltboa* hattoa i oaiy #1.1 WM. BIBU WTL1B. ap2?-tr 1618 7th street northwest. UODTB WABMINeYOS DRY HOOD8 - 0 White Oord.d Pnuee at 1J)8C.. heaatlfal Colored iaee at 15c ; White Good*, each a* M*r 1. Stripe, and Plain Baaeooks; Tlotoiia Ca nbrics, from 20c to 80c.; 2AOO yard* ban Edgf-gs. from 8 to 8uc. per yard. Sarlac ? Good*. Plaid, Plain, aad Striped, from 13He. j.; the best 2&?. aad 87>ie. Black Alpaca* la towa. all aambera np to 78c : Spring Oaaalmeras, fir Boy* and gentt, 28*. to #1; another lot of t uoee ?Oc. Etd* A gene* for Mm'e PamorsM. JOB. B. BAILEY, ooraer 7th aad F sts. *oatbw**t. aol-tr |\JOTlCB?Partlee who deefre to dlspoM of al 1^1 KINDS Ok WBARiyO dPPdAELeaa *all them fcr a litgaer ca*h prto* than ear alao* lalfet g|y^h^oa|ling|Oc a<8i^m4ag HBEEOQ.^OrT^D DRY GOODS. JOM\?i fXSAVrimiA athov , Bae jus* tee?iv*4, and l? bow opentog. iMtM la voice of CHOICE FABBlC8ft>rau*me??w-a* Oreoedtae* la black aad all the ft Ma ch Bilk* froa 75 cent* to #1.00 Broeade Greaa dlnee. all colon aad rihaiea, verr okofoo t^* Brocade# la kllki aadlPoageee. 4fu ipwe Laoea tor OrndrMM Calcutta Pongeee Bumaer Bilks In Check*. Stripes and Plaid*. I renck Jaconet* aad Organdie Lawns. new sty Is* Prl?Ud Llama and Llaen Uwnr Toil* Bets and Linen Matlate. new etyle*. for OveTdreeees Bait* aad Overdreeee*, In Preach Cambric. Zephyr Cloth, Itatiete. and Linen, froa B4M to MM. VraiKri aad Dfaaaln* tack* at all yrimi Liam DniUri and L'later*. Gossamer Water proof Oloaka. rrtsck Mwlln Dreeee* and Overdreeees. A larva stock of Ladle* Underwear. medium and fla?, at *frr low prlcee. Oor stock ?n ali cl**sii of goods will ba found freeh aad attractive, in ?tylee and price* All the cruelties *f the *e*eon will be added aa **>? aa they appear In the market. PB1CB OBLY JOHN T. MITCHBLL. nyM tr 931 Pennsylvania avenne. YOUR ATTENTION, TLEASK! DRY G00D8 FROM AUCTION, AT TOWSOS * C O.'B GATES CDEBWEAB, for ladle* ands'nt*. M low a? Mr BLACK ALPACAS, 15,18 and ?c. I>ooWe width * i PACA8, beautiful black), at 250. HAHPKEBCHIEFS.IJic. each. Bale* yard aide tJOTtOR. 5c. ?vU00 yards beantlful Plaid and Ptrip?d DBES9 GOODS* la ail the newest shales at lie , aold at (0 cti Black CASHM EBES, Ppting weight*, aa low a* 80, 62. 75 S7. SI, etc. French L&M H8. new styles, lie. ('??! V a?li POPL.IH.9Hc. Victoria LAWNS ch?ap IS. ?. 18,10c ,ate PAB.? BOL8, pew style hai-die*, 01, 01 2J, B* "? f2 #2 BO. etc. OK S1LKB, very cheap GBOB GBAIN and TA> FETAS, Bl, SI 25, #1 50, CA^IMf^Es'for Hen and Boy*' Wear 29,57,50, 62.7# 87c.Sl.etc. 100 rolls MATT1HG, freeh and g^een, ?, 15,50c , ?tc. ?. N TOWSOM A CO., myll ootr '36 Pa aye (touth tide), near 7thst RAILROADS. pR TUB CENTENNIAL EXHIBITION! hJVg TXA/XS DAILY, IXCEPT SOXVAY. VIA BALTIMOKB A POTOMAC BAILB0AD. Oxnmencing Wednesday. May 1W/L The Baltimore and Potomac Ba'lroad Company will ran tbe following trains tl rongh to Philadelphia with out charge of cars leaving th dep< t, Pennsylvania avenue and 6th (treat, daily, except Sunday: l:itt m .and arriving la Philadelphia at 1:90 F. X., daily, except Monday. 9:93 a x., aid arriving In Philadelphia at 1:93 P x.,daily,except Sunday. 1:30 r. x , and airivlug in Philadelphia at 6:30 P x.,daily,except Sunday. 3:30 p. x . and arriving in Philadelphia at 11 r m., daily. 910 p. m.. and arriving in Philadelphia at 9:33 a. x , daily. Bleeping cars attached to the train to Pblladel C* a leaviig at 9:10 p x ; and person* securing ths can remain In the car until 7 o'clock a. x. C< cure your t'eket* at theclllceof Ike company, northeast corner 13th ?tr?et and Pennsylvania ave tce, and northeaet corner of 6tb~etreet and Penn sylvania avenne. and depot of the Baltimore and Potomac Bali road comaany. KKAftK THOMPSON, General Manaeer. nnH Im D. M. BOYD. Je , Gen. Pas Agent. j^ALT 1 MOKE ABU QUIP KAlUUAO, APBLL 30th, 1WT8. A.M. LKAVB WASHIHGTOH b.43?Baltimore. Annapolis, and way stations, Pcint ct Books and inteimediate stations. Main Btem. 7:10?Baltimore and Alexandria Junction B:00? iVte York, Philadelphia and Boston Bx rrt<s. Palitnan Parlor Car*. Leave* at P:10 a m Socday. *t. p* at Way Btations, and connects for Annapolis. 9.1 3?CHn'taairi, St Ltmxs and Pitlfbwr* Bx ^t?v^ f rederick, Uager*to?n. aaJ Valley 9:30?Point of Bocks aad way station!. ??;4 A? Baltimore and w.iy ritations. 10:13?Baltimore Cniiiaited fcxpte?s. Stops at Kt Lay. y M 19:13?Baltimore. Way Stations, Blllcott City and Annatoiis 1:30?i'ork, PhiUirlttpkia and Norfolk Kr prtfs. On Sunday, all Way Station* and Baltimore rnlr. J-rtO? Ha'tioicre and way station* 4:30? Ha'ttmore and Laurel Krpress. BUicott City, f rede rick and Hay kiationa, via Be ta*. . 4:33?Frederick and Point of BockJ,(vla Metro politan Brancb). 4:45?Malttmcre. Amapolis and way station*, t 13? rnirato,Cin >nnai> and Louisville Ei-pre'S. K xcept Batr.rday.daMy to Columbus Loais >-Mlle by 11:31 p. m. train on Saturday. Bagerstown and W ltchester. Bleeping car* U> c hicago, Cincirnatl and Lowsrillt. 3:30? ba timortanri Philadelphia Msprest. Fred erick and Way Btati 'nu. via Belay. (Con n^cts tor Annapoli* Bunday.) 3 33? Baltimore, Bladet.sbure. College, Belts vt If. Laurel Annap-li- Junction. T OO?Balttmnre and way station* 0:10? Halttmore. Biadenabnrg, Beltivllle, Laa r? 1, Helay. . ? ? :90? Pittsburg, bat no connection beyond Mar tinsbarg by train leaving Sunday night Way Btation* on Metropolitan Branch. 9:30? Hew York and Philadelphia Hitht Sxprttt Bleeping Cars to Hew York 9:30?Bait more and principal way station*, 10:30? MartiD*burg and way station*. Metropoli tan Branch. ? , . 11:30? St Louis Brprtss. Chicago, Colombo*, Bxndu*ky,Hewark. Oa Saturday for Louis ville. T:10. *>.00? 913,1013 a m ; 1:30,3:13 3:30, 3.33, 7:10, 6.10, 8:90, 9:30 and 11:30 p.m., daily. All other train* dally, except Sunday Ho connection on Bunday tor Hagerstown or Val ley Branch; or for Hew Tork ana Philadelphia at 8 a m. and 1:30 p. m. . . _ ... For further Information apaly at the Baltimore and Ohio Ticket Offices. Washington Station, and 4*3, bOl and 603 Pennsylvania avenue, where order* will be taken tor baggage to be checked and received at any point In tke city. TBOB B. BHABP, Master of Transportation. L. M. CO Lilt. General Ticket Agent. _ GIO. B. KOOBTZ, General Agent. apl? tr (JJflVEBIAL R. R. TICKET OFFICE. BAILBOAD T1CKBTS te or from aU points bongbt. exchanged or aold at , a rtductlon of om dollarA+ax, up< n any other office or depct"** in thl* city. . Tickets good tUl Med. Baggage checked.through. Apply to M. DT WU1TKSIDB, apf ly 997 Peon. ave.,('andy *tore. 1876 rinViV'lvania 1876 R O V T ? To th? Sortb, Wc?tf &b4 t??lfeVMt* Dv%*W? Track, Steel Rail*, Splendid Scen ery, Magnificent Equipment. MAT 9th, 19T6 train* leave Washington, city time, from Depot, corner of 4ih ard B street*, a* follow* : for Pltutcrg and the West, 6 a. m. daily, with Parlor Oar to Pittsburg; T:40p m. daily, With Palace Car to Chicago, pad 11:30 ?. ?. dally, n -?pt Sunday. BALTIMORE ABD POTOMAC BA1LBOAD. tor Canandalgna, Bocheeter, Buffalo, Blagara ralU. and the Horth, 6 a. m. daily, except Sun-. la/; and 7:40 e m Jally, except Mturday, with P?i*ce (jar* to Watkln* For Erie, Oanandalgoa, Prflalo. and Blagara FaU*. 11:30 a. m. daily, ex ccrt Bnndav. Por Hew York and the East, 9:10 p. m dally, with Palace Oar* attached: Limited Ex pre** of Pull mas Pari r Car*, 9:U3 a rr dallv. except Bnuday. For Hew York ard the E* t 1:30 p.m. dally,ex re*t Hcirav with "arlcrCar* attached, for Philadelphia. 7 30 a m. and 1:30 p. m. daily, extepi n soi.y, and t:3u and 9:10 p. m dally, Ltm?od Biprn**. 9 93 a.m. daily,except duaday. Ac?>njn>o<1atl.>B for Baltlmere. T:40 a. ?. <?aU?. Hii acelphia. d?.lly. except Bund ty; on Sunday, to Baltimore only; aad 4:X0 p. in. daily, exeept Sub 6*7 for Pope'* Creek Line T:C0a.B. and 4:90 f.M. Few Alexandria, ?? T? ?:OI, 9,10, 1 la .a ?, 1 * Si ?:*?. 3, 6. 7:00, and 11:40 9-B- Oa Soaday at fVtt? Bcnth! vi^lcbmoDd, 1140 a. m. dally, exrwet Bunday; and via Lynchburg, ?:00 a. m. Tram* leive*a" xinllrla tor Wa*hl?rtoa, 6, T. a, 9,10.11 a. m , 1, 3,4, ?,6.and T ?.?. Oa Brndsy at 7 aad 10 a. and ? f. B Ticket*, inforwattoa. Bleeping aad Parte* Oaf accommodation* can be procured at the OMcee: ?"rtheaet corner of TfiBtaeniU etreet and Pecn <t lvanla avenue, Bortheaet corner of Sixth atree4 and Pennsylvania avenue, aad at the Depot, where irdan cu be left for the checking of Baggage la lasttnation fr<<n Hotel* aad Bealdeacee. D. M. BOT D, J a.. Oea VPae*?ag? Age at. FKABK THOMSdH.OeaT Maaager. iaa3-ly THE TRADES. A B H ? ? ? ' JAMBS W. BRIBM, tLUMBKH ANU HAS HT7MB, rtr ti Bll Yra H. HOBTHWE8T. W P I ? ? JOBB O. HOOAB. 1 IS Mark* SMU Bewly Patented Spring Bollet Manufacturer of a Bewly Patewted SprUg Boiler " r aaleor reet. Sole Afeat tor the oaly geonta* Mildew Proof Awatng Material. eepM HOUSEFURNISHING GOODS. O L A R H W A B 11 CHINA, C BOCK BET, HOU9BFUBB18BING GOODS, BBFBIGBBATOBB, 1GB GHBVT8, COOLEBS, Ac. ? 1BH fml in., near nth UBGOBD HAND FCBBITUBB, 0Jlk W1 _ STOVES, Ac , BODGBT, and the highest cuh prices paid, and sold at re duced trim, for cut. W.BCTHEBFOBD, VU^Oor. Uth MtO iu., IM >orthi CHRIS. RIESSNER, A ?T1? AJID TIT Tth BTBBBT N. W la Bole ageat for the District of Colombia for the ? T. CBOBSB, The only BBLIABLB HEATING BANGB In the arket. Mr. Belesner tu_ j>ut up buadrede of these Bangas in this city, and la aU casee they hare given the utmost satisfaction. a.tau..u1Rri[dbi?i^.j? la Waabiagtoa. at prioee from |U upward*. Mr. Bieeener la Scle Agent for the KAD1ANT BOMB FOBNACE, Which has been thoroughly tested, and pronounced by expert* the beet farn?c? now in nee. LATBOBE8 ABD QBATES In neat variety, at greatly reduced prices. TUB 8UMMBB QUBEB OIL OOOK 8TOVB Ie the best and safest oil stove In the world IHOB ABD TBBBA GOTTA VASES, Embracing all the latest deelgne. Al*o, a large stock of BEFBIGEBATOBS, WATBB COOLEBS, STANDS, CCTLEHY, Plain and Fancy TIM WARE. wholesale and retail. Beit three ply BUBBEB HOSE, only 10 cent* per foot TIB BOOF1BO, SPOTTING, Ac , done promptly fcy the b?et workmen Orders lnrited. CHBIN RIE88HER, mylO-tr 71A end TIT 7tta street northwest. 3 "" 4 IMPROVED KITCHENER Will do the family choking with one half the coal repaired by any otb?r Bange in the market; oosts one half as much aa other Bingee of same capacity; will save it* price lo a few years In the Items of re pairs, and eave Its price every year in the coal bill, {?modeled by the beitskill known to the art, with a view to the greatest convenience; la what every family winta, and, having, would not part with. We have Small and Large Family, Beetaaraat and Hotel Sizes. The largest assortment of SLATE and WHITE MABBLB MANTELS and PABL'JB GBATES io the city. HATWABD * HUTCHINSON, 317 9th ETBEET BOBTHWEST, my4tr STOVE an* PLUMBING HOUSS. REFRIGERATORS AND WATER COOLERS. Large stock of good' low prices. GEO WATTS fe CU , Horsi Fcrsishing Stoxi, apSS-ly *14 7th street,above Pean. aveuae. STEAMER LINES. T'BB STEAMEK " HABBINGEB" LEAVES ? tith street Wharf at 7 a m. on MOt?l?AYh 'or M-?Wni Greek, and! on WEDNESDAYS (sime hour) for Noailni. <nCB Touches all landings each way, incladlag Grind er's, Little Ferry and Boater'a. my 17-tr M E GBEOQ. Gaptaln. (^LTDk'l MEW E1PRBM LINE between 'PH1LADELPBIA.W abHINGTONAGEOBOE TOW'N Steamers leave Philadelphia WEDNES DAY and SATUBDAY, at IS tu. Leave Georgetown, D.O,. MONDAY and b p ro. Freight received daily until S p. m. Through bills of laden given for Boe tin and Providence Consignees wishing their goods larded at Georgetown, will order them marked "via Georgttown." G. F. HYDE, 49 Water at., Ge>rge> towu.D.C. WM.P.OLYDB A GO., 13 8. Wbarvee, Philadelphia. mayl-ly New departure -tltden wash INGTON, PHILADELPHIA, BOSTON. AND PfcOVIDKBO E *fcSlI?*. WEAKLY STEAMSHIP LINE.-Gu ard after WEDNESDAY, Apiil Wib.the Steamers of the above line, with direct connection with Boa ton and Providence, will aall from Philadelphia for Wa?hlnston, D. C., every WEDNESDAY and BaTUBDAY Beturulns.leave Washington MON DAYS and FBI DAYS, from Johnson's wharf,foot of lith street southwest, inrough Bills Lading Is sued to aud from the above ports. Freight received and delivered dally ftoin 7 a. m to 8 p. m. Orders for delivery of freight, Ac., recslved at ISOii F at. and 11 IK Kb stieet northwest. W. P. GLYDE A CO.. Bo. lit 8. Wharves. Philadelphia. J. H. JOHNSON A CO., apli te Ag?ntsfor Washington. tfOR NORFOLK. r 8TEAMEB LADY OF THE LAKE Leaves the <k>npany s wharf, foot of 6th street, every MONDAY, WEDNESDAY and FBIDAY. at Sp m , for Nor? folk. BetnmlDg. lenre Norfolk, Tuesday. Thurs eay aid Saturday, at 4 p m. Fare. #4; roond trip, ?6. Tickets good until used FOB POTOMAC B1VKB LANDINGS. Steamer JNO. W. THOMPSON leaves Company's wharf, foot of Ctb street, every TUESDAY,at 7a. m , for Currloman and Intermediate landings, and every FH1DAY at 7 a. m , for Ooan Blver, stopping at intermediate landings For Information apply at the office of the Com pany , nnder the Metropolitan Bank, 191 b street, opposite tbs Treasury, or to the Agent, at the wharf. margf-ly ?'PEOPLES' LINE" * ro* NOUINl. MATTOX CKMBK. &PPMR MA CHOUOC AND IN 1 k'hii tililA TM LANDINGS. The sldewheel Steamer "E. MOBBIS," Captain T B Baldwin, Will commence running to the above landing! on Monday, March ttb, leaving from wharf foot of Ath street every MON DAY and THUB8DAY at 8 a. m. Betnmlrg will leave Nominl every TUESDAY and FB1DAF at 7 a m febM H. B. F1TZHDGH, Agent. ^ VIABP B!?? . NOTICE. Witt the Ttsw o! diminishing tfce caanoee ot ocl Uaioa.U:* Steamers of this Line take a specified course for all eesteons of the year. On the outward passage frosr go eenstown to B?w York or Boston, crossing Meridian ol M at 41 lat., 01 nothing to the north of O. On the homeward saasags, crossing ths Meridiai of M at M lat., or nothing to the porta of 41. THJT BRITISH AND NORTH AMERICAN ROYAL. MAIL 8TEAM8HIP8. BMTWKBX JNMW YORK AND Ll VMM FOOL, CALLING AT CORK HARBOM. FiomBiw Tou. I Fkom Niw Yohk Bothnia. .. Wed., May U Bothnia^. Wed., June J3 Abyasinla^Wed., May 31 Abyssinia..Wed., July ? *Kui.Hia _ ..*ed., June 7 'Bussia. Wod., July IS Bcytbla..?.Wed., June 14 Scythla. Wed., July 19 Algeris...... Wed., June U Alg?ria Wed., J ily M A.<d every following WBUNB8DAY a ad bATOB DA Y from Bew Tork. Steamers marked * do not carry stsarags passsa Tatisof Pajwas? ?Cabin, f M, AIM and B1M, f id, aooordirg to accommodation. Tickets to Paris, U, gold, additional. Balnrn tickets on favorable "steerage tickets to and from all parMoT Bnrope at vary low rates. Through bills of lading glvan for Balhwt, Glasgow, Havre, Antwerp and other ports ?the Continent, and for Mediterranean ports. For Ight and paasags apply at the Company's offlae, ?o. 4 Bowling Green; or both steerage and oabia 10 SMALL WOOD A MOBBI80N. Bo. All Tth a BlB-Iy CRAB. 8. FBABOKLTB. Agent. BNCOURAGB HOD IHDUBTBIB TBUB&B rOBLADIBB, TBCNE8 #OB MBN, TOT TBBNKB FOB CHILDBBB. BATCHBL8 FOB LADIES, SATCHELS FOB BBS, BHAWL 8TBAP8 BOB ALL. wis>n?, Trmnks of svary sty Is made to ordar AT (AdMatngOdd Fellows JAHSi m. TOPI FBACTIOAL MABUFA BSTABLJBHET^^ WI MAKE ONLY STRICTLY PUE1 GOODS. CBABBEM ? OO.I ?TB10TLT PVR* WHITE LEAD, FITTSBUBGH, FA. Bvery kag of on White Lead bears the followlni rarraat^and we^guMantee a degree sf ftneoeas aa4 THIB FACKACM CONTAINS rara Whits 1 IBB ?SA IB GOLD win the oodtents of this ' win he paid to aay one Bndlag keg different from above analy DAVI8. CHAMBBB8 A 00. FOB BALB BT I BIL1 SBT MB AUCTION SALES. *?? AFTMMNOOM. I^QIOilBOI BiO?., At TBcnui I1U or bbick house awd lO* ON K STM8T. BITWIII l?rs AID 19th 8T8. IOKTHWUT. AtAUOTIO*. By virtue of a dwd of trust, llil 11th day flM of Septetaber, A J). 1*71. doly recorded la llDw 83. Bo.niiMlotl.oM of thaland record* for Wwb lngton county, in th* District of Colombia- and by rniMt of the party secured thereby, I will mU at public auction.onTU I R8DA Y.the 35tb day of Mar, D- 1876. at Co'clock a m., la front of th* txtm lata, all tbat certain piece or paroel or ground and C irises situated and tying in Mid city of Waehlug i, District of Columbia, and known and deectitod Htt> eaat half of lot numbered four, <4,7 la square numbered om bnnor?d end eeven, (W7.) together with all and singular tn? improvements, privileges and app?. rtananeee to tbe same belonging, or la any manner appertaiaing. Terms of sale: On* third of the purchase money In cash; the balance In equal installments of notes at t, 11 and 13 son t ha, with interest at 8 sw cent, par annnm, said note* secured br a dead of trust on the premisee sold. OoDveyanclng. Ac., at purchas er's cost. ? deposit of fttO Will he required as eoon as the pro pert r Is knocked ofl. If the terma of aale are not compiled wltn tn on* week from day of sale the Trustee reeervee the rtitht to reeell the aroa< n0tl0* of sock resale la the ap? thJB.tiimthMAtdt* Trustee. WASH B. WILLIAMS, Auctioneer, Mo. 1001, northwest corner 10th and D LT1UH. th, com f7? at Ho Vi_ streets OT lee. with ' 1 I B*LB OF VALUABLE IMPROVED PBOFEBTJ ON 14TM BTREBT, BETWEEN B aid b STBEETS NORTHWEST, at AC JTION. By virtue of a deed of trust, dated October 9th, A. D 1671, and duly recorded in LilxrffV ho 694 folio 4?1. one of the land records fjrMbJL 'be District of Columbia, an-1 br direction of tbe rerty secured thereby, I anal! sell *t public auction, iii front of the premises, oa THURSOA Y , Mar 25, A.D. 1S7?, at 6 o'clock p tn , the fjUowing de scribed real'State, to wit: All that cei tain piece or parcel of ground situate and lying tn said cfiy, and beirg known and described a* lot number aerenty fenr /74), In the recot ded subdivision cf square num bered t?o hundred at-d eeven <S)7>,wltQ improve meats Ihereon, consisting of a two-story brick dwelling with back building, with all modern lm prove ment?, gas and wa'er. Terms of aale: One tliitd in ca*fi; tba balance In three equal Instalments at stx. twelve and etihteen months, with interest at ten per cent, per annum, t* l>e secured byadeedof trust on the premises sold. ? 100 will be required of the purchaser at the time of sale All anveyarcing at purchaser's cost. If tbe terms if sale are not fatlr complied with in one week fion toe day of sale, theTrustee reserve* the right to resell the property at the risk and cost of 'be defaulting purchaser. afi?r five dava' advertise ment. JOHN E. NORRIS, Trustee, null J WASH. B WILLIAMS, Auct. TO-MORROW. |)UNCAN80M BROS., Auctioneers. V ALNUT M. T. 8IDEHOARD, H C. P4BLOB KITE, M. T. TABLE. LOUNGES. W4BO BOBK8, EXTENSION TABLE, COTTAGE fcETB, HUE MATTRE9?E8, THRU PLY ??!? INGRAIN CARPETS. BEDDING, Ac., Ac, CONTAINED IN No. 1217 11th STBKET NOBIIiWIIT, AT AUCTION. On VR1DAY MOuNlNG, Mar 2fith,ccjn t> encing at 10 o'clock, we will sell, 1217 11th street, between M and N Lorthwest, the above-mentioned article*, with . - ??nn.erous others, which sre Hi good order, Laving teen used bat a short time, my23 DUNCANSON BROS., Aucts. YOUNG A M1DDLBTON, Auctioneers. TRUSTEES' BALE OF~VALUABLE PROPERTT AT AUCTION. ABOUT 31X ACRES ADJOIN l?G TBE BEEOBM SCHOOIj. AND A FRAME BOUSE AND LOT IN 8QUABE 888. By virtue of a deed of trust dated May 15th,mm 1871, and recorded in Liber Bo. 619, folio lH.^M ote of tb* land records for Washington county ,?? In the District of Oolnmbla, and br direction of the party secured thereby, the undersigned Trustee* will sell at pnblic auction, in front of the propeity, on FBIDAY, the 25th day cf May, 1376, at 3 o'clock p m , all that piece or parcel of land In said county and District, being part or parts of a tract called Scotland and Barbadoesenlarged, beginning for the same at a stone planted in the ground on the east side of the turnnike road leading from the city of Wafhlngtoa to Biadensbnrg, and landing at the corner of the fatm now owned by tbe Reform Schsol, and running thence, reversing the line of the entire trsct nosth62 degreei, east 19 perches; thence north 71 dogffgs. esst 21 % perches; thence snath II de grees eSSt perches; tbence south 73l? degrees, west 30 perches; tli 'nce south 31 deg'e^s, west t)? p? rchi s; thence north M degrees, ea?t 71'. perches to the place of beginning, containing 3lx acres, more or less. A ho, at 4 o'clock p en. of the suae day. In front of tbe property, allth*t piece or parcel of ground lritgand being on 4 h street east, in tbe city of V a?b'ngton D. O . wMrh is known as lot Srt, in John G. Adam?' subdivision of original lots, squara 822 Tbia lot is improved by a frame Dwelling, and basafmnttge of 3ufeet br a depth of 105 feet and one lrch Terms of sal?: Oce-thfrd cf the purchase money for e*cb pared to be paid in ca?b; one half the t>al ameatthoend of ote >ear, and the other h%lf at ihoet-dof two years from tbe said day of sals. A d- posit of Si5>J from the purchaser or purchasers of eathparcet will be r'quired at the time of sale. rlhecredit payments, witb interest thereon, at the rate of ten ptrcent. per annum, payable semi an nually, from t>nd after th? day of sale, to be secured t j rote and deed of trust on the property sold; or, at the option cf the purchaser or purchasers, th* whole of the purchase money for either parcel, or for botb P?!cels. may be paid In cash. Conveyanc ii g at tbe ooei of tbe purchaser. Unless the te rns of i-ale are folly complied with in ten days from and after day cf sate, the Trustees reserve the right to resell tbe property at the cost and rUk of the de fau'ting purr'tia*er. after giving at least ten days' notice fry public advertisement, and the cash de posit will be forfeited. PHILIP A. DARNEILLB, GEORGE EARLK. < trustees. m?5 ec&ds YOUNG A MID PL ETON . Aucts. I) UNCANSON BROS , Auctioneers. BA'E OF VALUABLE BUILDING LOT8 FRONTING ON 17th STREET AND H ST. NORTH WEHT. On FRIDAY AFTBRNOON, May 86,at p m . In front of the premises, we will aell at M* pnblic auction Lot A, In square No. 166, which-" * ill be divide*] into four lots, two of which bave a fient of 22 feet on 17th street, and ote of 24 f<et 8 incbea, being the corner lot; each bave a depth of tt* feet. Tbe fourth lot baa a front of 22 feet 6 iccbe* on north H street, with ?' depth of about 100 feet to alley. These lota are in the most desirable losaMon in Washington, c>nverient to th* public buildings, Art Gallery, Ac., end will be sold as above subdi vided. Terocs: One third cash; balance In 6 and IS months, notes bearing interest ani secure! by deed of trust. A deposit of 8100 required upon each lot. 0 uveyancltg, Ac., at pure has r's oost. my 10 DUNCANSON BROS., Ancts. l\ EW AUCTION BOOMS. On WEDNESDAY, Mar 24th,at 7K p m., and coiitmuirg MONDAY'*. WEDNAS . DAY'S and SATURDAYS of each week at the] eaine honr, will be sold at auction, an assott me nt of Clothltg, Dry Goods, Boots, Blues, Hats ai d Notions, at 917 (>th HTREET BOUTHKA8T, (Navy Yard.) N. B ? Out door tale* solicited, and Goods and Furniture sold in Comn>ia*ion. n ylS 2wJ JOSEPH BEPPETTI. YyASH. B. WILLIAMS, Auctioneer. TBTSTEES' SALE OF AN KLYG \NT THBEI STORY AND B \BEMENT BBICK DWBLL ING, NO 50 I STBEET NORTHWEST. Under and b? virtue of a deed ot tru.t, elatirt tbe t wellth (I2tb) day of May,A.D 1*74,' and duly recorded in L'.ber No. 762, folio 120 ? < n? cf tbe land recordi for county of Washingt n. D strict of Colun.bia. ard at the reqnestot the party te.urtd tbereb-, wo will sell a* puMic auction, tn frot.t of tbe premiaos, on THURSDAY, Jnne 1, 1-rs, at o o'clock p. m., the following described real estate, situate In tbe city of Washington, D O: All ttat certain piece or parcel of ground or real estate situate and lying in said olty if Washington and krowu and described as being Lot numbered one hundred and thirty-six, (135,) in Bhepherd's re ex>rded subdivision of rquare numb*red six bun drid and twenty-three. (623.1 together with the im provements. Ac., consisting or nn elegant three story ard basement brick dwelling. T<rms: One-third cash' balance In six, twelve, and eighteen months, with interest at ten per oen tu.n per annum, tecured by deed of trnst on the prope rly sold A deposit of 8300 will be required of the pin chaser at time of sale. All conveyancing at the expense of tbe purchaser. If t^in s of sale are not coanUed with within seven davs the trustees reserve the right to resell tbe property at the risk acd coat of the defaulting ?nichaser. JogBPH T DYEB, I Trngt? mj22 dAds MICHAEL GREEN.S Young a middlkton. Real Estate Auctioneer*. TFUBTBB'B SALE Or VALUABLE BBRW EBY PROPERTY ON K. BETWEEN 86tb AND 27th BTKEETc NORTHWEST. By virtue of adeed or trust dated March 17. 1*71. ard recorded tu Liber *'>10, folio* 474, trs' and 476, one of th* land records for the Districts of Columbia, and at the written request of the party secured thereby, 1 will sell at publio auation, In front of the premises, on SATUkDAY, June 10th, 1876, at ft o'clock p. m, the following de scribed real estate, situat* in the eity *t Washing lngton, District of Columbia, to wit: AU of lot* nnmbered four, (4,) five, (6.) six, (6.) seven, (7,) elgbt, (8-) and all those parts of lot numbered nine, (?,) ail to square numbered four. (4;) one part or lot nice(9) beginning at tbe southwest oornerof lot nl> e, (9-) and runniag thence nerth with the east line of 17th street west, twenty (SU) feet, thence eaat ISO feet to the back line of said lot, thence south 20 feet, thence west 150 leet to the said 27th street, and place of beginning; for the other part of lot nine, (9> beginning at the southeast corner of lot 10. in said square, th*n<-e eouth 31 feet, thenoe east 75 feet, thenoe north 31 feet, thence along the rear Une of lots 13 and U. 7? feet weat, to tbe place of begin ning. and sppnrtenaresa, being tbe tshole property lately known as the Washington Brewery. Terms: 85 500 cash: 83 SOTin six (6 months, with irbrtst, ard balance in twelve (IS) months, with interest The deferred payments to be aecured br notes of purchaser and deed of trust on property sold. A d< posit of 8250 will be required of the pur chaser at toe time of sale, otherwise an immediate rt-ale. Conveyancing at cost of purchaser If other terms of sal* are not eostplied with wtthla eoven (7/ days the Trustee reserves th* right to reeell th* i ro perty at th* risk and coat of th* defaulting pur chaser, after five <5> days' advsrtise?ent. SAM L L PHIL LI PS, Trustee. eyti >1 IOUNQ A MIDDLETOa, Aucts. rpBIS IS TO G1YE NOTICE,That the snbecrlher 1 has obtained from the Supreme Court ot the District of Columbia, holding a special term, lat ter* testamentary on tbe personal estate of OWEN LKDDT.Sr .lat* of Washisgton City, D. 0.. deceased. All persons having claims against th* ?aid dccsassd are hereby waned to exhibit th* ?am*, with the vouchers thereof, to the sub scriber. on or before the 9th day of May next; they may otherwise by law be excluded from all bea eflt of tbe said satate. Given under ay hand, this Ptn day ?f May, 1376. myll-thjt* OWEM L8DDY, Ja., ?g*cator. AUCTION SALES. fBOMAB DOW LIN G_A actionem IK| OMB1BUP. OS* C?UPB AT AUOTfOB. On PaTUBDIY MOBBING, May, Slth, D7a, at IS o'clock. In front of wl ?cnlor row I ? ball Ml the *b-t? pro J per.r. wtlch la Ib tiMUwt oondtuon. 1.i*.cash. TBOS. DOWLIBO. nrtt-tt Auctioneer. % qpBOHAD DOWLIBO. A H PEBIOB B0U8BH0LD FCBNITCBB AT AU"TIOB On BATUBDAT MOBB1BG, Map ?T?I IK*, ctmmeocit g at Iff o'Block, witbia aed In frcat of bt auction torw. I ittll mU lh? |W Mice leg h< ncbold ?fleet#: ?"? On* icaerior Plane frte Tlrn rr?mb Plate B'rrr* B?? Balr Cloth Parlor r#r?H*r?. VtM, MarbleBaa* Etegere, with French-Plate Mtrrcr. Locugeeand Baa? Chsira Wain at, HarMe-Toe Table*. Bw*nm Black Walnut, Marble T>p Chamber Purnitare rise old Mahogany Bnrntlnra. Servant*' Furniture, *>aae ant Woed Beat Chair*. Visa Brueaela, Three Ply . aod Ingrain Carpet* Superior Balr and Bmk Mattrisssa, Pillow* i Br latere Fina DiningBoom fnrnitnr-. ? biii* and Olaa* War*. Cooking and Bee'leg Btoree. Kitchen Beqcisltee, Be. my? Id TBOB POWLIBG. Auct 1I7A8B B. WILLIAMS, Auctioneer. TT Ho. 1001 northweet corner Mud Data. BALM OF B0O8EHOLD PDBNITOB*. COB BI8TIBO OP M ?KBLB-T-.p IBE89IBO <'*f* SUITES. COTTAGK PCKMTU*M- EX ?ES SION TABLE, BUIIKaC inroooM LETE. (ton puc^i.) \V*| NCT CliVBt PA H LBB fl'ITES. riUOLSTEBED IB BB'ANO HA IK CLOTH, tl 4BBLK - T"P WASH S f A NDB WALNUT BED?>T**T>8, WALNI7T W?B"BOBKS. WIK1 WnVKH PPBINW8. < UbLEI* KAlB MATTKA?:-B3. WAi.MT WITHSTANDS. PILLOWS, BOLSTtBS, BLANKETS. 8PBEAP*. CU1L0BKN CU B I AG Kf, LOUNOE-i, Iir-aR COTfON TOe M ATTI'A^ES, WALNUT. CANE BEST, APACE ABKCRA'B ' H1N4 AID GLASS WAKB, KITCHEN UTEMBILS, dr. a;. ONK SPBI5G WAfOB. SHOW cngjt Kfiv SET MNOLk HABBFBA, C??NTB*C10BS' TOOLS, CONSISTING i>r PIC KB, t: HOVELS, S< BEEB8. RAWM KBS, Ac On 8ATUBr>AT Mi? ?7tb. W?. at 10i o'clcck a. m.. 1 ? tail aei). In front ..f my auc tlon r? om?, the above collo tlon ot household lnmltnr*. removed to my atora for conven ience of tale. 2t WAtH. D WILLI VMB. Auct. BOS. E. WAGGAHAB, Beul Estate Auctioneer, 819 7th atreet. VALUABLE IMPBOVED PBOPEBTT ? Ho. 1104 ?th 8TBEET NORTHWEST. On Mt'NDA Y. May 29th, at ft o'clock p. m , I shall effer for *ala at pnblic auction, on ' the pr?rni*(8,tbeaboTa pr party, being par; of Lot No. 1. In Square 44?, Improved by a three story Brick Hcu*e of tweUe rooms and modern iciprovtmecta Term* day of late. H?>H 4t TBOB. B. WAOOABAS. rp HUM AS DOWLIBO. Aoctloneer. ALL OF 80UABE SOUTH OP SOU A BE 193. CONTAINING 11.700 BOUAR* rBET, IN THE IMMEDIATE VICINITY OF SCOTT BTATCB. AT AUCTION On MOBDAT EVEB1NG. May the 39th.Ma 1-78. on the premisee, at 6 o'clock 1 thai I aellay all of fqnata Sooth of Buuare 196. bouadad bj-" lith and 16th atreata, Bbode Inland araone anl D< rth H street, in the immediate vicinity of Bcoit .fctatne. Oce of the baat locations in the city Tines: One-third cash: balance at 8,12 IS, and 14 months,with notes bearing interest at 8 percent, per annum, and secared by a deed of trnst on the prtmls"* aold. All conveyancing at pnrcha-ar * cost, OfCO do*D * hen the proaarty la atrnsk eff. m>15 4t TH08. DOwLlBO, Annloneer. | ^UHOAHBOH BBOS., Auctioneers, EXECUTOB'B BALE Or PAIB Or riHE BAT ( ABB1AOS BOB8ES. OBAY HOBSB.CorP*. CLA BEBCE, VICTOB1 A, DOUBuB AND SINCLE UABNESS, SADDLES. COVBBS, Ac.. Ac., AT Al'OTlOH. By virtue of aniboritT veated In me, aa eitcntor of the tate B M. Cur*ice, and f>>r tbepnrpoae cf settlinc the estate, I will aell,< at public auction, in front of Dnncan?on Bros', anction rocnia. correr 9rh and D atre*ta northwest, on MONDAY AFTEBNOON, May B9, at 4 o'clcck? Pair of fine Bay Carriage Horiai, 16 bands high bio. ded atocfc; kicd and gentle. One Gray I!<>rae. 11H handa high; a splendid coupe h< r?e. Conpe awl Harneaa. One Victoria Ca rtage. built by Curt??e. of Cin cinnati . ana took tbe prize at the Btatn Kitr One Clarence, built by Brewater. of Now Yotk. Double and SiLgle Harnees. Faddlts, Bridlea, Ac. Tbe above article* are aold far no fault, bnt t> aettle the eetite of tbe late B. M. Consine. deceased. Large Stable, four stalls, and Carnage Hou se f,>r rent Inauire ot the auctioneer. iay?? QC1NTON COBW1HB. Oxecntcr. Bl'bTKF'B HALE Or V ALU ABLE TsT PBOVkD FBOPEttTY ON NdBTU K BT . BETWEEN 40th AND 2 . si STS. NOKTB WEST, AT Al OTlON. By virtue of ade?l cf trnat, dated March lOih, ls74, and recorded in Liber 73D, foli ? J7!, of tbe land record* of Waahlngtoa county i l-istiict of Ooluoibia. and by direction of tbe boluer oi tte n ia securtd thereby, 1 will aell at puolic auction, iu front of the ptexultd, on MON DAY,tbe ptb day of J use, 1876, at ft o'clock p m , ail that plete of grontd in Washington city. Di? trirt cf Columbia, known and designatel a<origi ns 1 lot 4. of *<1"are south of squire lu4, Improved bj a two story frame dwelling hou?e. Terms ot aale: B&UO cmd . halaace in si it and twelve n<oi'ths (ecur?d b> ut te* hearicc 10 per cent, iu lertst atd de? d < f ti u>t (n tbe property Honvey aLCiig a; purchaatr's cost. It the tertrsarenot c mrlltd ?ftb In sevan days Ir m a* e, the trnrt? reaatvaa the right to re?ol? the property a: the rl?k at d co?t of tbe pnrch??er. O'PUtobe paid in cash * hen the proptrty is ?tr?ick off ,VM L. AtUNLOP Truvtea. mj2t d 'AllOS DO? LlSQ. Auct. | ^UBCAKBON BLOB.,~AnctlOBfrt>ra SaLK OP Bl'lLDING LOT ON 800TB D ST., ?KTWlkN leT AND MI* SIBEEIB EAST. AT A I'Cl 1 ON Ou MONDAT AFTEBNCON, May 29?h, at mm S' j o'cUck. we will aell. in front of ?h<* arem l?op, the east ha f of lot 6. in fa"*'* 'W. front-*^" Kg S3 feet on south D street, with a depth of 119 fevt 6 Itchta to aSO-foo' alley. Teims: One third ca*h; balance in ona and two years; totei bearing interest, secured by deed of trust on tbe premises aold. Conveyancing, 4c., at pet chaser's ca?. A deposit of #90 rt<jotred as soan as sold (m24 4t] DUNCANSON BBQ8 , Aucts J JUNCAHSON BBOS , Auctioneer!. IBOSTEE'S BALB Or BOCBEHOLD ri'BNI 1TBE. Ac., CONTAINED IB BOL8B NO. 509 TWELrTU bTBEET N0BTUWE8T. OON BISTING Or WALNUT ETEGEBC. M%tt I5LB TOP TABLES, EXTENSION TABLB8. MABBLE-TOP F1PEB0ABDS, CHAMUEU h ETB, Ac.. AT AUCTION. _ , By Tlrtua of two of tmst, V>earti?g date 6thday of January, 1-S76, and dnlr re corded in Liber Ho. ?*)?, folio 4?U and 46J, et aea.,respectively. one of the land records for Watblngton county . District of Columbia; and by re juest of the parties secured, I will puMic BLctl n.on MONDAT MOBNIBO, Map 49th,is?6. at 10 o'clock, on the premise*, all the hoaaebold furt iture contained in boaae Bo ft09 13:b atreet northweat, euutrerated in schedule A, attached to ?aid trust, consist'ng in Mr:? Walnut E'.egere.Dr*s?li>? care,Bureau*. Walnut Marble-top Sideboard, Bxtensl n Tables, Chair*, Walrnt Bat rack, Washstacds. Offlce Tal-laa. WalcntCbaniber Sets, Mattres-ea, Pillows, Wardrobea, Lounges,Lace Curtain, Bru?els and other Carpets, Kitchen requisites, Ci"Ckery and Glasswaro, with t nmerocs other articles _ my24 BOBT. J. MCBB.W . Trtt>tec-. CM)WIN J. SWEET, AucUoneer. TBCSTEEH' SALB OP THBEE-8T0BY BBICK DWELLING ON PPNNSF u V *N IA A V B N C ?. BETWEEN 6TH AB1) TTH BTBKET8 EAnT By virtue of a deed of trust dat<*d May 4th. A D 1&75. and duly lecorted in L'berlsU,j folio 443, oie cf tbe land rocorda ol the Dls -fc trlct of l olumbia, aud at the reqeeat of the party seemed thereby, me will aell at public ?nctton,ln front of the ptamises, a? ft o. lock p. m , on IHL'BSDAY, JUi.e 1st, 1871, all that pertain piece or parcel ot lind situate ?od Ijio* In the city ox WasbingtOB.D. 0., and knewn and described aa being lot numbered forty-four <4ii, of Feiguson a anbcivlsion of original lot nnmbefed four (41, in square numbered eight hundred and seventy threa (873), together wltn all the ISBproreoeDU, Ac., thereon, constating of B three atory brick dwelling with back building. . . Terms: One third caah; balance ?t_ 6 and IP months, for which the nutea of the purchsaer shall be taken, bearing tnter?st from the day per cent, per annum, atd secured by deed of truat and adeiuate Inanrance upon the property aold A deposit if #100 will be required Bt the tune of sale, and all conveyanclDg at the cost of the purchaser. II term* cl*ale are not complied with lu *?ven daya after dsy of aale. the Trustees raajrve the rif ht to resell the property at the risk and coat of default ing purchaser g<f ANLVT JOHE8, lTrnrtrPt WILLIAM B. JONES irsylS d B. J. 0WBBT. AaetloBeer. % ^HOMAS DOWLLNQ, Anctloi TLl'STEE'S SALB OF AM INTEBEST IB A PBINTING oFFIOB. . . By Tlrtua of a deed of ttnat, duly recorded in Li ber Ho. BOS, folio US, one of tbe land records of the District of Columbia, and bearing data the thir OBI Ol VBAi ftCNOs us^uwwa wiuuoa | twi vwu BB? tLe tinreof nle. bU the right, title, clalas and Inter eat of Jamea B BeardaJey la aad to the Book ard Job Printing Oflce on tae third floor of Bo 4Tt Penns) ivaaia avenue, Waakiajpoo. D. O., of whxb h? fa half owner, conamioa of PrlBtlag Priaain aad Material a aad Office Furniture, such aa ara u anally (curd in a B<xlk and Job Ottee, and which are de acribed la said deed of trnat. or the acheanle at tached thereto. J.J>. MILABB. Ti aetaa. ttyiC eoACs TBOS. DOWLIBO, ABCt. Valuable impbovjd pbopbbtt oh d BTBBET, BETWBBB 1st AHD to bTBBETB SOUTH WEST, AT AUOTIOB. The ucderaign'd will offer f i?d will offer for aala, at pab- u lie auction, on WBDBEBDAT, Map Slat. tp m , on the prewlaaa, aariJI ? 1876, at t o'clock p of Lot ocmbered aixteen (Mi, la the anbdtvlsion of s<jnare five hundred Bad eighty-twa (IBS), froatiag ftrty 140' feet oa D atreet aoata,B?drBaalB(l?ME with that width one hundred and Bfleen (lift) feet, mm thrae-atory Piaase House,* ma, and aho by a aaall fraa ioa olaa (9) rooms, and also by aaallbBM ahop. Trtaaa: One-tbird caah; balance la one aad two rears, for which Botaa with alx per MBt Interest, aeeared by dead ?t trust upoa property aold will be takes. If tasBta are not omsIM wtth la Ire daya fraa aala, pispeuy will be reaold ad risk aad ooat of defknlting aurchaaar. Depoait of BB8 wttl he re quired aillaaa af aala. OoBTeyanciaff Ac., at coat of Tvl%&P0 y pwBhf & EVENING STAR TII r BID AY *? WW Tfc? ??!!??? Ii R?rUi cm BCRVILL FBWS0HB ?A?B1?-.III,U,< HIS BODY EOB TOBACCO. A telegram from Windsor, B?rti? <V>nnt?f N. C-. May 23. eaya A negro named Bai **" N?*M?r? taffttwJ tkf ft1"- I ally of the law tn tbe Jail yard at Wiadso."? I the kliire town of Beitie county. for an out rage upon Eilen Oat land, white, committed Deormber 23.1975. Tbe culprit and bis tic tim were employed as handa on tb? planta tion of a Mr. Jilcott. On the day of tbe crime for which Newsome has now paid the tor felt of hla life, they were picking oottoa in ihe fame field. At nlfbt, wban Uie woman waa going to ber mother * boaae, about a ilcarter of a mile ftom the plantation. by the public road Newaome pursued and over took ber. He knocked ber down and dragged ber into the thicket, where be succeeded la hla purpose. The negro then fled, but waa overtaken and arrested the next day near the Hartford county Una. Tbe prisoner was indicted by the grand jury, and arraigned for trial In the court bouse at Windsor on Thuraday. April 13. Solicitor Martin ap peared for tbe prosecution. An earnest de fence was made by Messrs. Moore and Mitch, ell. On Friday, April 14, the case wai ?.!\en to the Jury, who brought In a verdict ? of guilty; whereupon Newsome waa sen. t~uced to be banged by the neck until ? dead, between the hours of ten a ra. and four p. m., on Tae^ley. May 21, 1876. Hurwell Newaome was conducted to the scaffold under a strong guard a few minutes after 10 a. ra. He waa terribly agitated, an J ? quivered in every nerve. After clim'iiug t e short ladder he made a wild, suppllcat- ? Ing jrsyer, concludicg at a quarter past 10. a co'ored clergymen then prayed briefly. ? Tue sheriff then placed Uie fatal noose about the prisoner's teefc. tied his hatida and leg* sfcutely, and pulled down the blark cap ever his pallid face. At half-j?ast 10 the trap loll, bvt the fall was not sufficient to dislo cate the neck. The poor creature's b.*ly swung and swaged, and hta limbs twitched convulsively. The phy* clan la attendance, after sevea minutes, pronouueed blm dead. The corpse waa placed In a rude cofflu and delivered to hla frlenda, the sheriff very properly declining to reoognise an alleged sale of the body by Kewsome to b physician for tobacco furnished during bla Imprison ment. NewRome made no direct confession at the gallowa of hla crime, but lie had fre- I quently admitted It wbl'.e cor,fined la Jail. TBI latest stoky about Jim Bennett's engagement to Mlaa May and tbe postpone ment of their marriage is as follows Mr. Jternett gave a dinner party at his bouae on Fifth avenue, some weeka ago, at which several ladles, including Miss May, were present. Mr. Bennett got very lively toward evening, arid, the dinner belug over, asKed I all the ladles to step down into tbe billiard ? room, when be would show them something they bad never seen before. All went down, and having, In obedience to Mr. Bennett's request, got up on the billiard-table, were suddebly atartled by the entrance of two game-cocks which, amid the shrieks of Uie ladles, who did not dare to get off the table, ?et to fighting In dead earnest. The ladlea screamed, Mr. Bennett laughed, and the cocks fought until, torn and bleeding, they were carried out, and the ladlea were free to descend from their percb. Report says that Mlaa May was so dfsguatel at the behavior of ber Intended husband that she was on the point of breaktngher engagement, bat finally it was agreed that tbe wedding should be postponed for alz montha, to give him a chance to repent, and, If Mr. B. la not on his ? good behavior during that time, the proba bility is that he will be able to add one more to the already large list of hla broken en gagements.? ltyrtn;V'e/'/ RepubUran. A Dreadful Cab*.?On Friday evening a I farmer named John Goodwin, residing near ? Hewlett'a H tat Ion, Hanover oounty, sus pecting something wrong from the appear- I lance of Ills 16 year old daughter, extracted I from her a confession which Impliest??d ia I lier transgression a negro named Hill Good I win, a former slave of the drat nam ed. Mr. I Goodwin thereupon armed himself with a I pistol and went to tbe cabin occupied by I the colored man Bnd called for him. When ? I the latter made his appearance at Uie door I be said, 'Do you want me to come to the bouse ? I and remove that tobacco."' Goodwin excited ly replied, "No, G d d a you: you have ? I ruined me." and drawing hla pistol fired I two balls into the other's body. He ran a I few steps and then fell dead. The neighbors, I on hearing tbe story, were very much exctt- ? ed. An inquest was held SuDday, and Uie I evidence or various parties being heard a verdict waa returned Jastify the action of John Goodwin. Of course, this does not le gally relieve blm, and he may be arrested and tried before court for mnrder. It was ru- I morcd that a similar accident once befell another daughter, who was sent away on the discovery of her fault. Also 'hat in consequence thereof a brother of the girl I killed himself? .Xrt/g. Tiie "Sundae opening qnrsTrow" I ciaimed the general attention of tbeciergy B en at their weekly meetlnga y*aterday. I Tbe Presbyteriaaa resolved to rally with fall I I r units at the meeting to be held at Musical I I und Hall to-morrow night, to protest against the opening of the expoait;<? I I x'cundsoti Sundays, and several clergymen urged that immediate action should betaken I t'> suppress the sate of llquora in the vi~imty of the exposition grounds on the Sabbath ? day. The Baptists failed to beoome lnier I <*ted In a discussion ou Calvinism, and soon I I drifted into an animated talk on tbe centeu I nial Sunday question. It was resolved to I told, some time next week, a grand conven- I I tion of protest against the ens ues ted desecration of the Lord's day by the centennial commission. A committee was appointed to make all necessary arrange ments. The Methodists voted solidly against cpenlrg the exhibition on Sundays, anl re corded their emphatic opposlUon to "sacred concerts" on Sunday nights at beer gardens and concert halls.?[Phila. Timet, 211. Tammany Kihg Exiles in Clover? ? Correspondence of the Graphic from Geueva, I Switzerland, May 4, says: A piece of intelll- I gence which, I am sure, will be interesting to your readers, is that ex-Judge Flthlan, sot -in-law of ex-Controller Richard B. Con roily, has purchased b villa at Ferney,about five miles from Geneva, and will turn it Into a magnificent place for bis own and his friends' delectation. The price paid was 400.000 francs. (**0,000.) and It will cost a good deal more before he is done with it. Uphol sterers from Paris will make it a gorgeous clubhouse, pictures of the: Becker and Gerome stamp and sculpture will adorn it, the grounds will be turned into an Elysium, I anu, being so near tbe beautiful Lake of Geneva, the place may console for tbe loss of the old American club bouse looking out on Long Island Sound. The ex-Controller was seen hereabouts tbe other day, and likely enougb more of the old guard will turn up soon. They have quautiUes of money at their disposal, and Flthlan is probably act ing as their business agent. McKeb and Megbcb in Jail?A dls Satch to the Cincinnati Commercial, dated [ay 19, says: Uncle Billy MsGee and Col. Con. Megrueare making themnelves free and easy in Jail. They occupied, respectively, cells 98 and 100 last night, 99 being used as a storeroom for the comforts with which they have provided themselves. They retired quite late and were ap very early this morn ing. Not being locked up like ptber crimi nals, they came out on tbe baloony, and tilting back on cane-seated chairs, spent a few hours in reading the morning papers, re. ceivlng callers, and discussing tbe situation. About noon they retired to their oeils to rest or to m? Jiiate, and did not make their ap pearance for some time subsequently. A contract has been made with a restaurant, under which they are supplied with regular meals, composed of all the delloacles of the market. A boy has been hired to run errands for them, and a colored man bas been em ployed to come every morning and make up tneir beds and set Uieir apartmen ts to rigbts. Marriid to a Lobd?What 1s called "one of tbe most brilliant affairs of tbe season" took plaoe at Grace church, New York, on Monday. It was the marriage of George Victor Drogo, Viscount Maodevllle, to Miss Consueolo Ysnaga Lord Mande vllle Is an English nobleman, who baa vis ited this country several Umts, and whose present visit has extended over two or three I montha Lately he has been brought before ! the public by tbe Interest he has taken in I polo, and by bis skill la playing that game His father Is the seventh Duke of Man chester, and bis lineage Is that of a brilliant family. He Is twenty-three years of age. Ml?s Yzraga is tbe daughter of a Spanish gentleman, who, for the pest tw?nty or thirty yean, has been a prominent merchant in New York city, and la well known In busi ness elides. Tbe wedding took place in Grace etaures,on Broadway, near 10th street, at 3 30 Monday afternoon. B7"About a doses churches la Georgia within the last month have been robbed of tbe pulpit bibles. BTTbe bones of a mas tad oo have been found In San Baba county, Texas. 11 Is esU mated that the animal when alive must have been twenty feet high and twenty-eight feet kmc, with tusks sixteen feet In length. ?P"Billy Manning, a wall-known and pop ular negro minstrel, died in Chicago on the ttth. He commenced lift on a canal-boat, . then drove an omnibus In OtaeinnaU, and at about the same time appeared on the stage as an amateur performer. wauartermaater Wooden, of Use lOstk regiment, foot guards, shot himself at Do Mbiodbt u?miL n?rioBti BKCB.-AI UUa ^ ?u?. '? r\tay. Lbe report at the alllaa erancy. reverting u>e aciloa of the Vm KSfaS^SShir until the jodiclary coaaaalUee maker o*> the queettaB or tew involve*. M Jotity tod minoritr re porta of thf l#*oo ly delegation, providing tar lay ramtatfrea in di.u-lct eoofUf'tm taken up. diiruwj ft>r eome uma ---* A report of the eommlttee on mlmloae rw. c muModlni U>e organ; eat ion of annual ?vi'WLr?i la China. India, Bmm N? Wi'.ttd Italy. *m debated and adopt?1 A report of the ftiniHUf on educatiotT re comma idlng *?d providing Ibr theeetam ian. mentor fty I7001 and *t?oId( tebooii waaeoamfewd and adopted H. ft Keveie* xj . n Atttinaw, at New Orleaaa. Dr B?w|?|?tl??. lflWd am u. 8. Hen a tor from Mlaalaelppi. The remainder or the dar *? mT aagSsu* -"" ~ascrs *F?f5f5tS5V?. aent depreaae 1 e^dlllo?of!???,? "wKE all the el rllta?d or producing world 1 a uada? thla penalty, there may i^JSaaBMuSTiS the hope that ?onenmption maat at laat rJ? J*!?.?* O^r product a ad call for a new duct ion. Theoouraeor reooee^y la looi and r^L7^IlU ar* proverhlally lnipetieof 'bln* ?Beeee to t?* certain and that ia Liat It peopla woo Id do bualnea* thev mnn accept the aUnatlon and STcMMwMW rfflI.1jrT.PwTwlt*fe ofproflta than waa u?a rule in the dayeor atipern^undani trade Tne a'Slhli1.0" Of,p,ofll* wiU- of courae. ixanS a ndnrtlan of peroral expenaee. The pm ?hi7^' bt"fra*y?" ?? already with uajla rMuctlon, to which the pro lent LIXT f'rPady *u,"nllted. Tlmea are never coBBmualty where peopi? live within their actual incomea. I*t?dae i<m|. however. reprebennble and all who have money ahonld liberally anend If,thmn wltll'"< ??? The eondttJT^f the Induatrtoaa claaeee la the index of 121 conditlot. of all claarea and wac.a are beu ter than donaitona.- I*n/a Lrtpr-. l> .^nkey uow etnga in the choir oT the II K. church at Newoaatie. It u a<ud thle gentleman belonged to Chrtaly'g nwn atrela, under the name of Frank Laaiev jeara ago. 7| ?*"A man who baa been lecturing in Penn ?7?2claon '-Mnemonic*, or Uie Art of cul tlvaur.g a l'erfect Memory." left Iveadtnc w*?* an<1 tor*ol bla tmnfc at the hot!?, fn the fruTk *" B -There ww brlcka Ol KB. rOBTKE Oa the Blk Mar. I?l. h. >1 * PoaTia.ot Meucbeeter. B. " .rT'J.V*1.'1.T? ^eaeery ViXEfifi ?%*>? ? *&?.& DILLB ?*"? *1U taken to C'hicaro tor bartal. P BBIlN On Taaadar. Hat tu iaa< .. * '* ?*?bI?*i after a iin??ri?| ill L.*!1"-1:'?11 <* Mataa. tn tlie Tith rear of til* a?e Hjiflleaia and the frtenda and ac , aaintanr?( of (hcfinillr irf raiytctfgih iavitad to attend hi* fa a?ral fro* hi* tata reaMaere, NoTt I l ayette atrwx oa IrMaj nmralii'. Mm > k at ?wJ ?doft (Baltlaior, Bon I ?** BlUOB Oa the 1Mb Mar. M76. Mrtfwia.dauafc ter of II?tr and Mary BI(l <, of bratn liaeaae u.r-'gf!!!.!r*'l>? place on Batnrt??, fto .< Wm. "Tin* atraet.t Howard U ill. I UNDERTAKERS. ||r.HARVKV, Cndrrtaker. *?. HACktTT WITS B r HAHVET. ?arft M W. BAHKKR, Cabinet linker and Tndrrtakrr, ? I* lira Stiiii Muinauf. oeu-ly GENTLEMEN'S GOODS. A Cbc ioe rt J lea M?(tlM*Mua'Balr ClothJ? TaillJ.aM?** *?? KKAUV. I MBK1LLA??Mlk. Alpaca, aud Qiiicbatu I-owtat market piirea. * Halter. niT-<-lT U37 Pa. aren-ie. next tj cor. IStb at. ^ OUR STOCK OF UL MA' KIN AVt BTUAW UAT8 NOW KK MIT WILLBIT * Brorp, lay BO 6t t03 PKKBBVLVAMIA AVgHCB. SI CO $1.41 FINISHED, IiEADV FOB USE. ?f GEJTTL EX^JTA 8III MIT or l?a>ott? laslia ud Liiei B?mm, FOB SI 41 VET (iBH. The poynlar Idea of ralna In llaaaa la flaaDaaa. Thla la one element of tkIm, bat onlf 00a. Anothar an.1 Terr nacwaary eianent M ronadaaaa of thread. Botb linen and cotton are rag. table fibraa, bat cbar acteriatlcally dlflereot, lmaa harlac a greater power of abaorytkm thaa cotton. aa may be proraa by rary aim pie ei perl menu Henoe tba ad v an tare I it. an baa orar ootton la abaorbtaa aad ratalnla? ataroh. There are alao difference* of degree la regard to tbta gnallty in different madaa of Uaaaa, tba roaai thread llaena having UiH ^aallty La a greater dagraa than the flat thread. Thaaa Bblrt* are aada br tba oldeat boaaa U the trade; and, being no aorieea. tbay bare aeleetad a linen not only for It. flneaeta, bat With reference te actual value 1a practical aae. Tbeprloe at which i offer thewi, giar. leai H par cent, for oaab, or gl.44 net, la lower tbaa I aoid atmllax good* eeveat.** jean alaoa, at.d at the price moat command large aalaa TbU offering la tpedal and la not .atended to Interfere with mr regular rtock ahiru. ONE PKICE ONLY. CASH DISCOUNT TENTER CENT. QEORQE C. HENNIMQ, U? HKVKBTTH BTBKKT. m' 16 tr Utiie DUNLOP FIFTH AYENUEflL BTTLS CIS! IMIBB DBFSt BATS, I8CCBD TO DAT. WILLBIT * Brorp. mayioet *9S FKMMjYLT 1HIA tVHOB X^YLOE A HUFTY, BBS PBNBBTLTARU ATIRPE UAVB BBDUOBP TUB PBKPBB OP THBIB C Ml mRMATKD DO UBUB TO KB BMIMTW aa pollowb: Qaaltty Bo i, gM ?; M - 8, BBB4B; - " B, gMJC. I^EEFS PATENT PARTl.Y.lf All^ DEE&Z BEIBTf, ^ 2iMJTu*35 mr We are Bote AaenM.

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