Newspaper of Evening Star, May 25, 1876, Page 4

Newspaper of Evening Star dated May 25, 1876 Page 4
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EVENING STAR. THI .????? Vaj 25, Wtmiher Frofxit>UUie? lo-doy, Orric* of Cwrrr siq*ax otficii,> waxhisotos. m?t 2\ me. j In the middle states, !aIH?k and stationary barometer. wvith to wwt winds, gradually shifting to north end rut, higher twnpwt tor* then on We he -day, InwwlBj cloud 1 Mt? ard occasional niM in New York, and possibly this evening in western portion. LOCAL NB W'S. f/aiumai Theater?Miu Mary Anderson, In "Borneo ard Juliet." TaU??vUi* Hall ?Exhibition of the gates or sevsa diflVren. con a tries. Theater CX?f lret-cla?s varieties. J ft?e,m b** ^ p m p ler' s auction Saturday. Tne street lamps wlli be lighted at 7 40 o ?Q-acd extn.guished at 2 JO aTmT P' ?>C*P*1 torn tbe iinane since y^tfnlay> ao'1 has not been seen mJfhL 7^* and tableau* for tbe henellt ?ti 2lLn c??. 8i?^? place Fr.lay ctci^i seeMvt. *JSxS?uP* f?an namefl Chtrlei Drew wai about tbe head yeste-Jay by tbe caving of a bank of eartb on L'istrcat, between B and C streets nortbea it. -.*5'" J*rne* Brook*, vlcj regent of Mount wtT1**1 rrHn^PW York. bis resigned, ail Jtrs. Howard Tovasend, of Troy, N. Y, b*s b^n appointed in ber place. ' ->JVf ,F,raln.fort F?? Congre ;atlon*l church, Philadelphia, d< iicate tieir bou;* of wor ?^lS^.lK8u.^d*o ' ?n.d ? etoion will be F r*^*ob.7,5***Dr R?n*ln,of tb * city. -JETPV Cn:,CT'wbo ?"*' lr lured by f be-as Caplr ,l ,kl? <>?Mer 'ay. was go* so well this morning. and bis pbyslclai \7 ?et In. Jacob Helster. who is stay'ngat the fL" ?,ar.c.fc.0,e1' wa* seve.-ely injure! about ibe bead this morning by being thrown from ids buggy at tbe of !>lb and Boundary streets northwest. 'Tb? ladles of the Congregational church ? i *?rve lbelr blends with strawberries . cream tbis and to-morrow evening; also strawberry shortcake lunches on Friday and ?aturdav. see advt Prof. Jos. H<=nry. 8. F. Baird, and J. E. Hilgard; Doctors C. C. Co* and J. Harry Thompson; and Messrs. H. T. Bilan. Edw H. Knight, and J. 8. Grinneil, of this District, are among the Judges at the Centennial Ex position. Mr. A. C. Bradlev to-day entered a suit for Tucker A Sherman against L.. Q. Hine, as surety on the bond of Obadiab Kiramell as conly constable, said Kiramell having failed *? a judgement for #1.-7.27 in lavor of ptAimj n. .?^nwe5 crowd gathered at the Metropol itan M. E. church, corner I.* and C streets, jo clock tbis auernoon. to witness the Marriage of Mr. El'Jah Geor<e. a young lawyer of Boston, to Miss 8. V. Howard, of A gas mam is being laid on lith street ?ast, and the residents at tbat end of tbe District want ?he line extended over the P*v bridge. Thev aeed light on the bridge fbr the safety of those who cross it. tbe'Siidge want lh? Btreet cars running over A coal oil 1-^mp exploded last evening in vne bar room of a restaurant corner of lltb and Q streets northwest, kept by one 8tutx, setting tire to tbe window frame and dama ging tbe properly and burnlag Mr. 8tutz rely* *"he flr* WM extinguished without turning in an alarm. Saturday arternooa the Analostan Boat Clob have a regatta to celebrate the lormal opening of their new boat-bouse. Xbere nre several fine races down ou tbe programme. After the regatta, which will opened*1 ** 4 o'clock, the ball room will be Tbe political committee of the 8outhem Jiepubl.ran Association has organized by ?lectlng louden Barnes, of Arkansas, chair man; P. H. Montague, of Virginia, vice chairman, and Thomas (i. Douglas, of Mis sissippi, secretary. Theexecutlve committee has organized by electing E. N. Hill, of v ^?lrT?*I>; George N. Hill, of -North Carolina, vice chairman, and J. h -Meiriweather, of Kentucky, secretary. The annnal exhibition of drawing and pen mansbip of the public schools will be held in the Franklin 8cbool Building to-morrow, irons l to 4 o'clock p. m. Our schools stand at the bead In penmanship, and have m-*''" ?xcellent progress in drawing since rresent system was introduced, three ye*? ago. More than a thousand specimens will ?. Bnd PubHc are cordially Invited by the trustees to visit the exhiof tios. ? Wayland Mk.Hi.vAar.? The tenth an nual commencement or Way land seminary, on Meridian hi!', took place last evening J^lla'lou room was neatly festojne.1 with Bags and decorated with flowers, pie ir,?^e faculty is composc J ^ > president; James 8tornili, A. M., professor ofacalemlc tfepartmeiit; Miss Julia M. Bartleti, asso ciate teacher; Miss Mary A- Hounds, a a' ?nt, normal department. Tbe purpose of Ibe seminary Is to assist in the great work of providing colored preachers and teachers ?or the sontn, and at the same time to pre pare the way for mission work in Africa. Among those present were Hon. Henry Beard. President Hytield and Prof. Robin son, of Howard university; prof. Smith, of Massachusetts, Dr. Welling, of Colombia nnivereity; l?Orev. of North chnrcb; Hev. Mr. Mlrlck, Ke\ s. J. a. Brown and Harvey Johnson, of Baltimore. The exerci as, con sisting of singliiK, reciUtions, Ac., were by Hev. Mr. Ayr-, of Massachusetts, and were very interesting. recitations were the foUowirg - J11^ ,?lconi;" E* H- Boulden, Ports mouth, \ a.; "Christian ClUzenshlp," Perry f>nr H? i "Tb? Memory of ^ ?' "*nrT.^? Jones, Montgomery ? ..'T** Coon try's Great Evil," a? i? ? U ^ county, Va ; "Keeping At It, A. P. Daniel, Raleigh oounty, W Yf.' "Faith in the Unseen, ? J. R Banks. Albemarle county, \a.; "Folly of lufldell 4^. A D. Kaddlck. Brattleboro", Vt.; The Work Before Us," E. A. Randolph, Rich JBor^uVi^'^5Jo"a Mature?What a Bless !**; H. Porter, Wythe county, Va.; "Our v ^ ^t2ry/" Walter J- Scott, New York; "Cnele Sam's a Hundred."Gaorge W. Jaardmond, Richmond, Va.; "Tbe Nation's Wall?r A- Scott, Hal era, Va ; ? Wb*1 W* Mak? II-" Charles N. Pryor. Ge??rgetown. D. C ; "The Farewell." John M. Boston, New Haven, Coon. Rev. Mr Grey, D. D., pronounced the benedic ilOD. Th* Fribxds or PkoHiBrrio* in rn* MmiCT.-A mass of the advocates of a probibltory liquor law in the District of Columbia was held at Congregational Church !**' anU ?as largely attended, many of tbe temperance orders be?og preeent lbe platform were seated Hon. D. P. Hoiioway, chairman of tne com u; it tee of arrangemenU; Rev. J. E R*nkiu, pastor of the church, T. P. Held, G. W. 8. T. of " : J- t, Bolton. G. W. C. T. of L G. of G. SLtf'o* w l?' ? S* P ? of J j J- H- Win i oi?WwP/,S- or^.; W- U Walker, D. C. Savage, esq. Mr. Mills 10 '>rder, aud Rev. J. E. {tankln read from the second chapter of Hebrews, aod offered prayer. Mr. 8. C. ff'1{"- ** presiding officer, made a few pre llrnli.ai7 remarks. Hon. D. P. Hoiioway delivered a lengthy address, and was :ol it J??v" "eor*e B Jocelyn, president of the Michigan State Uni verity. The exer cises were concluded by an original hymn. A- A. Wbeelock. entlUed "Never Snr ,r;ng *o Vhe tune of "Hold the Fo?-r.." Dr. Jocelyn pronounced the benedic IJOO. ,A l?*CKr* or Divjbcs.?Yesterday ia the Equity Court. Judge Wylie made a de cree divorcing Martha*E. f appeT from ?J matrimony with Wrn. 8. Tapper. uIli JSMh !6 to r"ome ber maiden "o'e ^Qntody of her child. In tSi. c**?wtb? petitioner stated that coin. >f*u * rwW^nt of this city for past twenty years, and ou tiie -5th of CSu^Sd^ T SSSS'&^ Sf SLvu'"4> ^"b^hisbSSl KQlug to Richmond, and Jor the last two years the defeodanthas nt ,n.7lecuw totoK K lot*J for U)6 support of h<iriAi t ? n i ?blld. She charges that b?bu??^?"?n vi^ latioa of bis marriage obligations as Vhe fas been Informed aJid bellev^.ia" ??e ith of September. 1<C5. has been li vln? wi?S sy MUiprd, Worcester oounty, Maw., and Uimt disco vary of "?JbO^f^^ltlU0,,W 001 Ku.ii?n\TIAt,K,D AWD Nka?t.r cmui AT4,?Last evening, a utile ^iM. reakimn oo su, stre.1 northwest, dur fcy a smUfSST.^vi parenu. was attacked ssrsrjf >bus saving tbe Ufe of tSscbVS, t. Ihat amputation of tbe armirm aary. As this is tbe fourth ee* "f Ibac has occurred in the District wiu>t^2 Tear, mothers should be earefoi Tk? laaaae Amyinm TH* T**TiMOjrv TO-DAT. The Commute* on the Expenditures of the Intertor Department renamed their lnve'ti gatlon of the U. 8. Insane asylum this m >ra icg. P? Plintt Earie, of the State Insane asylum at Northampton, Mass., testified that b- was SVTft *? atl Dhy.ietoo 2? r>m? Jr Ji f"9 R?oiembers the Sl> m! but has Co recollection of k wnatever, bnt do not think that ehl??? *1^? CO,nld ?eenr wbile Brier his t hath^l ?ak# ? promise to any one l*i*?ouldlnfonn them In case Bontz ? government asylum will FXEZIX2 ?Jorablj with any in the Europ*- Witness has vla ?l?L^LVyi5P? Ha* not be^n at the gov ?Sited ,fr,.,?In_f(* y??? bat once; 7?** 1 ,n. '?bruary last, just be uj* "* p?.es5n* luveatl gallon commenced. "*y? ? ?hadow of recollection that the mother of the patient Bontz visited the asy tSS? f?b.Sl ba" 00 distinct recollec tion In regard to the matter. Think* that he saw her several times, but do not think that be ever wrote a letter to her about the treat ?"?<*"?p- Has a reoollectlon about a patient being taken away from toeaaylum. .a<Lf.?l?iner!2.ber who il WM or why he was taken away. Can not testify In regard to the ireqnency of Dr. Nichols' visit* through the atjlnm, bnt do rot think be went through u.e asylum more than once a week. In "leaking of the treatment of natlents by at tendant*, the wltne-'s said:?"We never can g t a hospital where there will be universal kindtess a* long as human nature lasts." Turing the war there were on an average two patlects aday admitted to the asylum. They were discharged as rapidly a* they were ad mitted, bellig sent to their ho-nes. Do not r? collect what was dore with the patients. t>rly remember getting them ready for the ca ?. The remainder of the testimony related to hi* ideas about the government of Insane asylnms, and ibe Importance of disciplin ing the ratlent*. He said be originated the Uea of having all the patient* standing up In a line when being inspected. Joseph Pritt, former attendant at the asy lum, testified that the patient, Bontz, had enough to eat. The witness posl lively denied that be ever took the patient's clothing or shoes and wearing them, saying: ?-I would 1 Just a* soon wear a dead man's shroud." W itaeas has no recollection of Bontz being ta??i? a,7ay or anything In regard to his death. Remembers his mother calling upon him several times at the asylum. Was at iw?!? "1 Bight between r, and 7 ?w^i2ck' acd bad a ,alk the doctors there; aiept last night on the Navy Yard. Never did an unkind act towards Eontz or any other salient. Bontz was violent be tween meals, bnt calm at the table. ge. Boo^-Now, do you remember ' Bop1* ?11? Answer.?I think I do. ?c* Did he have black hair, or was he a ?* 'mal1 ,m*n? A. lie was a middle- I hair " 1 remember the color of his ? a?1 D*ti?"?witness said he had a talk last uigbt with Dr. Nichols, alio with nl* lawyer. They did not want witness to iyn>^.; but be did not really remember. ixjmuel K. Arnold, clerk of the Board of Me tropolitan Police, a former attendant at the U*at be remembered thl patient Bontz; waa at the asylum during the time he waa there; he was properly treated, bnlltftan eat; be waj" ? square built, tall, raw-boned man. T>,??fryiyt Atk,?u tea tided that be knew i/J _ d . wa* Uie beau attendant when ; H^J?gf???0?iLw5".an ^"""eof toe asylum. ??w Price with clothing on him . that belonged to Bontz, and particularly a talma or overooat. Recognized the coat hecanae he had boughtlt and sent u to ^?p.p0^d,at "?? time that Bontz had i. Price, otherwise would have bout it to him. There were vermin bla,bead to bis heels. Mr. ?w!fi *roD? !? deecrlbing tne patient Bon.1*. who was a round built man, and The committee then adjourned until to- ! ttornlnf, when Dr. Nichols will be ? SbSu S2,.an<l parlicularly ln re*arJ Hr<J ^ al?s ? Messrs.Dnncanaon Bros, sold yeste-iaay afternoon for Henry Wise Oarnett ard James O. Payne, trustee/ 3?* wT?h "ihl*?1 ?f lot^?- 10? In aijuare No.' the Improvements, consisting of a two story brick house, situated on K street between 11th and 12th streets north wen, to A. Herman, for *2,000. ALso, for Cbas. Wal ter, trustee, the west part of lot No. 1 in square No. 99, together with the improve ment*, consisting of a two-story frame house Ml2nded^e^tHamp^lre a venue?be t weH^i M and N streets northwest, to Mrs Pathf*. rlnePeister. for $1,200. r . cathe acctloneer, has ma<le the following real estate sales recently Lot 9 ^ving 25 feet front. runnlng back 100 feet to an alley, fronting on L street near corner 13th streetf improv^ by a b^ck dwelling containing six rooms to Mary I^'JorM.OM- Also, for 8. R* Bond and T. A. Lambert, trustee*, bouse and lot front inrt07th?n.^th Carolina avenue, between and 7 th atreets routheaat, to Charier Oak and lo? ?omP*ny. 'or *lJO; house bouse and lot No. 627, at purchasers; house and *1 MO, same purchasers; house iu??to^22i700, ^ boU8? and lQt Na li.'o V ' 8*me purchasers, fiald part oi Improved by a large three story build ?Jfnr!? "J?1? />ur?ba*er?, for 95,000; total, S13,00o. Also, lor R M. Hall, trustee lot 2n str K'J' bavln* 75 fcet iront on ~N i f Vu T6*'.!1 J''b and 18th northwest, to mstead, for 75 cent* per foot contain ofVr'i^?.iquare feet amount. #8,610. Also, lot21,in aame square, to Judge Williams Sit ?CeDtB pfr foot' cot)tainlng 5,509 square w'53 Also, for Samuel trustee, two three-story brick stores a?,d rtif !lf 41111 "i:s two""tory brick anrea . .?* om tbe aoutheaat corner of Pennaylvanla avenue and 3d street east and ?P*n.D8ylYanla avenu?. between for^ .So. ea4t'10 TtJ?odore Sneckeis, ^ocn* 4 Mlddleton sold at public auction yesterday, for Messrs. P. A l)ar Mllle and R. P. Dodge, trustees, lou 73 and : unproved by two two story ^ ?a",,ard brick dwellings. Nos. ioi? and Bedrlck^ %% jSgg*1' 10 Mr Jobn C' r^^rt^^SSPSSl rob evenln* in toe realdenoe o. Ur; H. Barker, corner of 12th and H Dor"?we*t. While the family were in the lower part of the bouse, the upper part ??n^?d,by lwo 60111 thieve* who, im ft^ l^n^!L??fPlr1laDlly' K^ered up all 'ba valuables within reach, comprising a gold bunting caae watch, lnfant'a armlets. kr.i^? i1nlOE*' ?o1^ "tuda, gold pencil, pen f iS-nalff mo,a?t*d revolver, *fln money, a ceTliflcate of five shares ln the North American Envelope company, and other thinga, worth altogether about $200 and made toelr exit theTame waytoeye^erSl on l.ih street. They were discovert by a street, who gave too alarm, but too late, as they both got away. The reported to Police headquarters ard Detective Miller and Coomes started In search of the thieves, t rom the description given of them, toe detectives suspected who they were, and knowing their haunts went to a rum mill on Pennsylvania avenue where they took them both Into custody, and in toe 5th precinct station house, where they were taken,a search was made of their w?r sons, and toe loat watch.revolver.certificate olber ?"'ticles found on them. Other articles were recognized as having been atolen from other houaes which had reP?rl*d to bead>ioarters. Tney gave their names as James K. Thompson and Williams, both raise name*. After ke^LT' Mr0enS^iBhUl#(cel1' 1116 8t*tlou ? i?r ' . Dubois, hearing an unuanal <"rept around and discovered that Wll- ' ?ra* trying to cut bu way out. Tne and that he Sd to remove, and on examin ing him found an oyater knife, which he h?,i ? mugaled into the cell witn hirn. ? Mr D^ b?>la faatened bla hands behind hlm with tempt61" UiaS pr?venlln* "y larther at .?.E^to^ok STA*~?r.- In toe report of the District Investigating Committee, In Tues ^*y * lssne, Morrla Mnrphy'a name heada toe list of tooss to whom overpayment* had been made by the board of audit-''MorrU Murphy, SK.250.'' Morris Murphy recel^ii no such a thing; and no one ought to?rj>w ? honorable committee before whom I gavo my aworn testimony, that I did not get It. I testified that I gave to R n llewett a power of attorney to collect the dne to me fro?? the late board of public works, and that I did not toinkthat due to me more than ?i,200 or ?1 3CP; and finding that I could not get my fil^?tt offered me *1,000 in Ltf. my claim, ami I took it. It wa* after some time I found that Mr. Hewett 5 *8,250 off of work long since fln'sfced and closed-a* I thought-by me in* to, trespass too much ou your !P ! ?pacc to go into a further detail. I will oi ly add that the committee has done lujnatlce by the manner ln which mr ov^ravrawnL?*^ne^2l wl111 those to whom T ha we been made by the of audit. I have no friend on thit boarri received nothing that did not &??g 10 m?- Moaaia Mpargr. Mauuoi lice*8*8 have been Issued to Thomas Boyd Queen, of Covington, Kr ai d Emmie M. Bohrer; George L. lSe^n'{ and I>aura H. Wilkinson; James Merry man, "f.B*iM?ore county, Md., and Mattte bavla; El jahOeejrge.oTBoston, and Suaan Virginia Howard; Jcin Parker and Mary Tbomaa; ou'UbuSV.'SJIE.'*"'* *""0i J"?l* DlWHet Pli ASSIgsSiJTS A!*D THE CIlTIrll TnJAl^!,UW:* A8"c**??BkCKS"-OPI!? VALII>ITT or A9SB88MBITTS FOB IXPKOTIXMTH. A resolution *u passed by tbe Senate April lfith directing the District Commis sioners to communicate to the Senate the amount of certificates of indebtrdnesi com monly called "greenbacks" Issued In pursu ance of the acts of tbe legislative assembly of the District and of Congress; also, tbe amount af assessments made by virtue of said acta to seenre the payments of such cer tificates of Indebtedness; the amount of such assessment* collected aad the amount out standing unpaid, if any, and the reasons why tbe same bave not been collected. *nd whether or not any legislation ta necessary. OI'IHIOH OF THI ATTUIHIT FOB TBB DIS TRICT. A copy of tbe resolution was referred to tbe Attorney for tbe District, who, under date of May 4th, returned tbe same with his opinion, in wbicb be states that section37, act of Congress approved February 21, 1871, to provide a government for the District of Columbia, provided that tbe late board of public works assess upon tbe property ad joining and to be especially benefitted by tbe improvements made by them, a reasonable proportion ol the cost, not exceeding one third of such cost, to be co.lected as all other taxes are collected. An act of the legisla tive assembly of August 10, 1871, p-escribed the mode of asse iment for special Improve ment!, referred to in said act of congress. Jt provided that upon completion or said work a statement or tbe cost be prepared by ibe board of public works, and an assess ment made; that within ten days after, the hoard give notice to ths property holder so assessed, requiring the amount to be paid within thirty days; that in default of pay ment tbe brard should Issue certificates of Indebtedces.i against the property so as sessed, bearing ten per cent. Interest, such ^srlflcates to be alien on tbe property, en f >rclble by sale of the property at the end of one yeat from tha issue of the certificate, and that the purchaser at such sale (subject to a right of redemption) Bbould receive a *ood and perfect title to the property by deed from the District an thcitles. These cer tificates were issued upon particular pieces of property upon default in payment of the assessments, and they carry interest at the rate named; and under tbe act of assembly cited they Were authorized to be issued by the board or public works to third parties at whose request, at the expiration of one year from the date of the assessment?. artifi cate, the property might be sold by the board. Tne act of assembly, May 29, KJ73, extended the time of payment or special as sessment* and authorized the issuance of certiCca:es known as "greenbacks," re ferred to In the resolution. This act did not change the mode of assessments nor forbid the issuance of certificates in default of payments. It extended the time for payment, so that Instead of being payable in one year, they should be payable In five equal annual instalments, with interest at tbe name rate, and required that instead of selling them to third parties toe board should deposit them in the bands of the sinking fund commissioners as seen curlty for the "greenbacks." It required tbe sinking fund commissioners to enforce tbe lien of said assessment certificates In ease of default In the payment of any of tbe five an nual instalments In which assessment cer tificates were payable, by sale of tbe prop erty assessed or so much as might be neces sary to pay the over-due Instalments, with Interest, costs and charges. The certificates and all payments thereon were to be held and applied by the sinking fund commis sioners In tbe payment of tbe principal and interest of the certificates of indebtedness known as "greenbacks." The purpose of the issue of the greenbacks was to extend the time of payment to five years, as they were made payable to bearer, with a semi-annual Interest of eight per cent., and they were made receivable in pay ment of assessments for special Improve ments. No steps bave been taken by the commissioners of the sinking fund to enforce collection of the certificates held by them in pledge for the "greenbacks," and the inference is reasonable that few payments in cash bave been made upon them, because as the "greenbacks," purchasable at a heavy discount, are receivable for assessments, there Is no inducement to pay money. But the payment of assessments In "greenbacks" to the extent to which It has taken place serves to reduce the number of outstanding "greenbacks," and therefore Improves the security for those that remain. Perhaps tne sinking fund commissioners have not been endeavoring to force the collection of assess ment certificates because of tbe resistance of the property-holders to the collection,, or perhaps it is because all the installments of assessments are not due. The First National Bans of New York is the prin cipal holder of the one - year assess ment certificates which had been issued to third parties prior to the authorization of the issue of "greenbacks" and the re quirement that assessment certificates should thereatter be held In pledge for such "gie. nbacks." That bank called VSoth? sinking fund commissioners at different times to sell tbe property charged with such overdue assessments. But In a large number of Instances property-owners have obtained injunctions restraining the sale; and when "?ic8 made the bank, la the absence or other bidders, wa? obliged to become the purchaser. The positions taken in the bills to erjoln these sales are principally that the improvements upon which the assessment? were based were either wholly unauthorized by law or else were illegal, because the cos: was in excess of the appropriation made by aw therefor. There are, however, other ob jections made, such as excessive assessments and errors in the computation of the assess UlCl' Ifla *^e?n bpld by 'be Supreme Court of the District that different property owners cannot unite in a single bill to enjoin collec tion of special assessments from their re spective parcels of property. But with ref erence to the numerous bills now pending at the suit of ?ndlvldual owners In their several i\e< p.a'.*51 beba 1 f, no final adjudication in the District bas yet been made as to whether a Court or Equity bas Jurisdiction of such cases, or whether the racts relied upon by complainants invalidate the assessments or ^e'Oler^be alleged errors actually exist. The First National Bank of New York being the bolder of the certificates Involved in these suits is a party directly Interested, and has therefor been made a defendant In the different cases. In view of the large Inter ests of the bank In the result of tbe suits, the attorney states, that be bas felt constrained to consult tbe convenience of its counsel as respects the hearing of test case* One ca? b?,1 by reason of a technical de Iw. ?- pleadings of complainant a deci sion was not made upon the merits. It is K2^le,Vh?,wever' tbat the case will be re SupremeCourt of the District,but U? / 8 ca8e wln by one side or the ?lber betaken to the Supreme Court of the United Stales. The most serious objections urged against tbe validity of assessments made by the late board or public works do .e? ft,8 rasp?61* assessments made, and which shall hereafter be made, by the Com. mlsBioners of the District. Probably the principal part of tbe assessment certificates held by the sinking fund are based on assess. meats made by the late board of public works. In relative proportion, however, of assessment certificates issued oy the Com missioners and by tbe board of ;pubilc works, and now held In plelge by the sinking fund, can be accn**ately "tateo bv the commissioners of the sinking fund. The reasons why assessments have not been collected are as above slated, ao far as respects tbe assessments held by the First National Bank of New York, and not held In pledge by the sinking fund for redemption of "greenbacks." Probably, however the lnqnlry in tbe resolution relates especially is the assessments SO t*eld by tbe commis sioners of the sinking fund, and designed by law for tbe fund to retire tbe "green. back" certificates, in tbe absence of infor mation upon this subject, It is conjec tured that the sinking fund commission ers have not enforced the collection of over-due assessment certificates held by them, by reason of the resistance to the collection of other as. assment certificates previously issued and held mainly by the First National Bank, or else because the as sessment certificates held by tbe sinking fund commissioners are payable in five an nual instalments, all of which are not yet overdue. The sinking fund commissioners best answer also as to whether any further legislation is necessary, since their 2xp?r.lenc6 ecables them to set forth any dlf ncultle* there may be in collecting the as y*yt?. The collection might be expe dited by afiording the property-holders a fair and inexpensive mode of obtaining re rTkp?Ct of *ny errors or excessive charges In tbe assessments, and by validat ing the assessments held by the com miss ion - tond. subject only to their ?boye-mentloned manner, t ?tlon w on Id not Interfere with the disposition of penning suits respecting the earlier assessment certificates. ?? Cbushed to Dbath. - Benjamin Van Barber, a colored laborer, was crushed to death yesterday by the caving in of a bank t . whl,le be was engaged in digging for the foundation of a bouse on 25th street between H and I. A fallow-laborer barely escaped with his life. The aemalna were to^en 0,6 4th precinct station-boose, when Coroner Patterson, after viewing the bodyand bearing the circumstances recite], decided that an Inquest was uaneceeaarv and gave a certificate of burial. Deceased b?d no family and no relatives in this Dls ?nds Jt'ST bbcbivbd a large assortment of ? and Children's Suite, light colors and weight, suitable for tho warm weather. rinit"i.? ^WoB- Koblnson A Co., the Boys' ji wK-u^ U aveuu?' n9x* to J^raJjr ?*Vji^ri h^?ae-^V ?.: ^noiB, J^roaod.U, raMg| ?h(?i. *lfwni?d, UMI; flnfd, W, tiiCGd. 28; CDtViHt. tt* Pork i>u? FmTs -gliwTo*?y"a"*? Lard, Me. ?er lb. >S? ^vjrWa^d^6'."-* r ?s?*'*^?v* ?rr.*>'">ch; fcumon ;V ciulw*;J 1 h'? rviT wi7 .? ' I C^aiforuU.) W? Kr'ft; fciNw,' 12,Hu; ?? jsuf.asifc!rl _.ti?miu?-Po?to??. Irish, a fMiriiMK-rotttwi. Irish, B i?r ik h,^AtV^y^& ^?^.SrEiaSX? w?.A?a? Un ootf/U ' ,i0 **r ?* ? OaK??. < "?; ?TJr?-5i.f*g?"- Kr *? y0??*bb?i, taio ??r q?. &EesmiKaEB!?*? ^jnp.-PUhMiUi trlnt. |n >er lb ? m.. lj2.S7S?5?ff <?E2. a 2i It" Tj?* R*vival Mutisg to-day at tfce Y M.C. A. chap* 1 was well attended, an.i after the service of song Rev. Dr. Rami., read t?' requests for prayer. Among tb?m wai on* ?"<?1n?iW3? "Jr * ba>b?nd who believe in ??* ?.ylag ?"?* officer, aa aged man, one for father, mother, two sis rem^rka *? ?.?tl?er"? 1>r" Nob!e mad? soma remark! on the first request, and ofTerc l a prayer for the subjects. After singing ami vhirfiM* Noble raid that he found that ^ fv. y were serious In his conirreea rh?u?itnf?fme<11? ,,n|er? *OI"e of the seemed to have let go prom lees HeaiheJ prayers that all maybe Riven faith ^w?Ik*,V.r- ??nkln said that he hai re # letter from Brotaer Bentiy, stating that he would be willing to spend two weeks here If he could be of service. Mr Ham mond was virtually through in Vlneland. for be finds It absolutely uecessary to rest. TA- good ?*port from the meet ing at 11th and R streets. Mr. Stewart made a report on the open-air meeting at the cor Der ?f * ^ street and the Avenue, under the fLuDs?1<Vei o1 Y. M. C. A. Reports were maae from the meeting at the North Caro Bna ?venae mission, under direction of Brother Wolfe, where meetings are being held eve:y evening, and at noon each day* the latter for children. * ? Fareto the Nominating Conventions JiY .T?* PBSB8TLTAIIA ROAD.?As SOUie mistakes have occurred in the statements as to the rate of fare to the conventions at Cin cinnati and St. Louis over the Pennsylvania road, we give the following authentic par Hfn1^?:-K<5r.<feI<va/e* to Cincinnati the rate ^ *M-25, aud for others not delegates *22.90 for the round trip; tickets will be sold to 13th Inclusive, coupons going will be good until June 15th Inclusive and returning good until June 25th Inclusive. J-0!" ' fK'i. 8t. Louis convention ticket* will be sold at 823.25, and for others rot delegates at 834. i>0 for the round trip! TnCAe^/?J" l,he.1,alter convention will be sold ?? 15th to the 26th Inclusive, good going niifi ?. ne ^ lncluslve, returning coupons will be good until July ioth Inclusive. AMUSEMENTS ? National Theater Miss Mary Anderson will appear to-night as Tn ThiVriimSa.?Jie?Pe?re'? great love tragedy, a this difficult role she has won unqualified praise wherever she has appeared, and nlav gi era here have a great desire to see her in it. Her support Is very good, h^miyt.e -The variety stars who ?Sh i?l!",ard.8 .thi8 week are ho^ numerous evening*^'* *W large audl3nces every fbrtTs Opera House.-There will be a dra ?i. c? performance to morrow evening in ? ?,i ^"hlngton Inebriate Asylum Camllle, or the fate of a coquette'' will be presented with a full and fine cast. Suit against the District Messrs Peters ar.d Darnel lie have, for Mrs. Cathe^ rine Beall entered a suit against the District K* for dttmaKes *be Claims to have sustained by reason of a stump being allowed to project aoove the sidewalk of 7th street between Rhode Island avenue and Q, street* causing her to fall and break her rtgnt arm sag. sb? "?">? The Methodist General confer. 1NCE, which has been in session in Baltll n g 1116 Pre?ent month, will prob dk" Tuesday, 30th Instant. Cincinnati bus been voted as the next meet LnS.P^Ctel? 1^- On Thursday the delegates will vlpit Annapolis, and probably this citv also before the final adjournment. faw chtelains and belts in Jet and silver; combs in let and silver. R?. celved at Prlgg's Jewelry Store, No. 457 I eiiLsy i van la avenue, near 4% street. | THE COURTS. Court nr Gkseiul Term. ?o ' . P'1 trustee, agt. Shepherd cause remanded to special term. Browulug a^t. Grant; argued and submitted. CIRCUIT CoURT-Jucfce Humphreys. To-day, Brewer agt. Beau, verdict for n ' *2:?25 a?d Jnd8tient for poeses uh fi" i 5vaH' verdict for plain t> *ioy?^5 and Judgment for possession. JohE??n. ?erdlet for plaintiff; 8-oo ro and Judgment for possession. Peuga fffjo (f^u,T case8) verdict for plaintiff; trial * execu{or, agt. Lowe; on ? Probate Court?Jiuige center. On Tuesday, the last will and testamentof Simon Hubbard was filed. In re. la*twlll ?nhi^i^me.ntof.DrSTer c' SmitH; order of publication Issued. The last will and testa ment of Richard M. Corwlne was admitted .?rid record; Derale M. Corwlne ?u?rdian. Final notices were issued to the legal representatives in the fol lT Joshua Pierce, John Clark, Ldward O. Costelio, I'eter Kinnohan and Je rome Callahan. The will of Margaret Bar rt'r6?' ?^drr. of Publication Issued. Also, will of Levi Abraham; order of publi cation issued. The will of Joeeph Macfar lai d was fully proven. Sarah Barton was appointed guard fan of the on>ban of Daniel oJ?r?nI, e wlU of GeorW Wright was filed and lully proven and admitted to probate. The will of Eliza J. Lake was fully proven and admitted to probate. The will of Martha Ann Anderson was filed. The Register or y* Ills reported several acoounts, which were approved and passed. Adjourned to Tues day next, 30th Inst. w,ues Police Court?Judoe 9ntu. re-day .John Bon they, charged with keen ing an unlawful bar,on the 17th Instant w?? ?rfiiUlti6h' 2,amuel Dyson forfeited co'llat eral. John McDermott, do. Geo. Williams assault on Lemuel Olbbs; ster forfeited collateral. James MeredlUi was fined >20 for carrying a pistol. Thomas Sharer, prorane; Vk Charles GIttings for feited. Martin Latnite was fined ? and ?>sts for assault on W. G.Coleman. John h ra.zor flourlsher, was fined #50. Richard Hollls, loud; 85. Anna Morrison m? Gardner, forfeited. Emma ?.? p^b,lc blasphemer, was fined 85. char?ed wi"? repreeenUng i^6 a deleetl ve officer of the Metro politan police force with Intent to defraud a h^?L?? ?, ?? ?P lb6 Pretence that he oould ? Plot, of which he had knowledge, to child, waived an examination, and the case was sent to the grand jury, bonds ?fa 81,000. David Allman forfeited 8io collateral for assault and battery. Geo. Mattress forreltcd collateral. Carroll Dick son, larceny of a pocket-book from Laura Brown; 810 and costs, or thirty days. Felix palter, assault on Emily Ottman.a tenant in his house. From the testimony of com* piairant this was a very rude assault. De fendant by force thrust the goods acd furni ture of complainant from the room she had rented and made an assault upouher. In bis statement to the court the defendant at tempted to cast aspersions on the character or complainant, but got very little sympa thy from the court, as he was fined 820 and costs. Henry Parker, Henry Lee, aud Wil liam Slmms, assault on Clifton and Thomas Lynch, all little eolored boys; Lee dismissed, Slmms fined 81, and Parker 810. EJgar Dudley, assault on John H. Wells, a county constable, In making a levy on some cows urder a Judgment; continued. ? (Lum Grlnnell, who was before the court yesterday for larceny of a kit or shoemaker's tools, Is not D. Columbus Grlnnell, or Lum. as sometimes called, but Wm. H. Grlnnell, better known as "Son" Grlnnell. I ii J Mail Thieves in the Grip of the VAw ~At Jacksonville. Fla , Tuesday, Col. John Frey and Judge Alfred Morton, special agents or tbePost Office department, arrmted John H. Chestnut, route agent on the St. John's river, charged with stealing money, letters, and third-class matter rrom the Kails. Numerous complaints have lately been made to the department by Florida visitors of mall depreciations In that state. ADVICES prom Mexico represent the country to be tn a slate or anarchy. A strong ^"orMato be made to oust President Lerdo r'e Tfjada, while his friends in cob gross are In ravoror prolonging his term or office for one year on the ground that a legal election cai Lot be held In the disturbed states. Death op a Juror in the Molly Ma guirk Trial.?Levi 8tine, the Juror in the lost murder case, on trial atPoturrille. Pa.. who has bem ill for the past week, died last evening. His rieath will cause a great delay in the trial, which cannot be resumed until July. The present Jury will be dUahfg^. ARPT9TOP a Philadelphia Official? Sam 1 P. Hancock, city comptroller of Phila dfrlphia, has been arxeneu and placed un der lords on the charge of having n?si his official position to shave city warrants. GEORGETOWN. Oit a "1>ark "-Rome nnknown thlaf ?o tervd the schooner Lark, lying at tbe foot of Hartley s wharf, between TTIgh and Poto mac streets, this mom tag between I and 8 < o'clock, and made olT with a gold watch and chain and a Masonic pin, wnlch wore In a ?est. hanging in the cabin. Tbe stolen arti cles belonged to Oapt. Hatflhloaon. Mad Doe?Officer Brown shot and killed a mad dog yesterday, about roar o'clock, at tbe corner of Stoddard and Washington streets. htbavbiut r wtttai?Tbe ladles of the Coogrris-street M. P. eburcb glre a strawberry festival and ebnrcb sociable at the Sunday-school room to-merrow evening. See ad. Omit-By canal?Boat H. M. Talbott, With 2,000 bushels of oorn and 230 bushels of wheat, consigned to H. M. Talbott. Boat Loudoon, with 2,000 bushel* of oorn and 'JO bale* or bay, consigned to Hartley A Bm; also, 2 ooo bushels of corn, oonslgned to H. M. Talbott. READING NOTICES. Tlw Crowa BsflDUs 1 Tbey pa** smoothly through tbe hair, with out catching or breaking M oflT. They will not scratch or injure trie scalp. C IT ? 1T_E MS. t>K Palmer's elegant Perfumes and Toilet articles Li-ts ?t drug stores an<l at 12 Piatt street, New York. 5,23,th&s,l: ? LtAVf Yom ordkks with McMon-ay, 80S Market Hpaee, tbe only practical Trank manufacturer In town, wbo will repair your Trant Fag*. At , In the best of style for the Content 1 ?1, at prices lower than tbe lowest. Uoois sent for and delivered free of charge. 6,25 3 e Try thi Pilibratid Berk, on draught at George W. 1 (river's, corner Penn sylvania avenne and 4^ street. 5.22,6 Repairing.?l>o not delay, bat have yonr Trunks, Valises, Hatchets, Ac., put In com plete repair at the factory of Jamss 8. Top ham, 425 7th street. They will be called for and delivered witbont charge. 5,20,ti Cincinnati PIL9EH Beer. on draught at Driver's, corner Pennsylvania avenue and 4x street. 5,22,ti a Havrtottr hocbks clkaned and yonr winter clothing saved from moths, by using Hart's Roach Powder. 15i2 F street north west. 6,19,6 ? The Finest Lager iw America Is tbe Cincinnati Pllsen, on draught only at Go i. W. Driver's, corner Pennsylvania avenue and 4# street. 0,22,6 ? Carat, *r? Thousands or tbe elite ot the world patronise Dr. White's establishment, 1416 Pennsylvania avenue, opposite Wlllard's Hotel, for the successful treatment of bard, soft and vascu lar corns, bunions, Ingrowing and club calls, Ac. Fee ti per visit For attending the feet. e HtSlfTll, First-clam Scouring Aim Dmira. A. Fischer enlarged his establishment by removing tohla new building, 906 G at. north west, three doors west of 9th street, very near his former place. By promptly adopting the latest Improvements, whether of American or European Invention, he la enabled to do any work in a manner not to be equaled by those not possessing these facilities. %r Ladies Dresses cleaned and dyed with out being taken apart. ?7" Crape Veils reflnlshed nloe and cheap. BST Grease stains removed effectually. Gent's garments cleaning and dyeing a specialty. tar Prices lower than ever before, to suit the times. GEORGETOWN ADVER'M'TS. TI1ERB WILL BE A STBAWBBBHY PESTI VaL AHO LUNCH at the Lecture Boom of tbe M P. Obnrch, Congress street, on FRIDAY EVENING, 36th Instant. mylSlf J^PKING AHO 8UMMBB. PKBM1UM BTKAM DYEING AND 8COUBING, At WM. H. WHEATlEY'I OLD AHO f MLJAB LR MSTABL1SHMKXT. Ladies and Gentlemen can have their String and Bnamer Wearing Apparel Cleaned or Colored in the Terr best manner; also, Winter Clothing, Car pets, Blankets, Ac , Ac , nicely Cleaned and taken cere of until needed, Work aent for and delivered without extra charge anywhare in the District?re ceived from aad returned to any place in tbe country by mall or express. Office and Wo'ks, 49 Jefferson street, George<own. D.C.: fast Office Box, Ti3. Office honrs?7 a. m. to 7jf 9. m.; Saturday, to 9 p m. wye-tr I^ABQAlSB IN PBE GOODS. Ladles Dress Goods la all the new materials and styles; Black Grtnadiaea. at 25. 3U,40,M,&t*, 78 cento, 91; Blsck Bilks, from ?1 to gS. Black school commeLceroeat dresses, cheap; good Cali coes. fast colors, at I, 6* sud dceuts; best Percales, 12* cents; tassimeres and goods or all kinds for men ai.d boys' wear, very cheap; Parasols, from 90 oeots to Mi; J-bnt'on Kid Gluves. B1 and gl JO; White and Checked Matting, ?. IS, 3u. 38, ?0 and 90 oents wyB tr BENJAMIN MILLER, 103 Bridge ?*>, |\TEW SPRING AND SUMMER GOODS AT ATTRACTi VE PRICES JHO. H. SHOOT * SOU., NO. 119 BRIDGE ST., GEORGETOWN, D.C., Have icceived from New York and are offering at Popular Cafk Prtcts, LADIES' DBBSS GOODS la new designs of Plaids, Stripes and Plain materials; best makes Black Silk from 01 to 03 60. Bl'k aud White Striped and fo'beck Silk; Grenadines trom 16c. to 01.18 Mourning Goods of all tbe best makea and fast Blacks a specialty; Cotton Goods and Sheetings at the lowest reduced trices; White Dress fabrics from lift cents up; House tarnishing Goods of ths bast makes; Gent's snd Boys' wear; Ladles' and Gent's Underwear; Rid Glovss, 9-hatton, at 01 and 01J9 .Hosiery in great variety; Parasols aad Umbrellas: Prints S aad Sc., best 8o.: Percales 11* c.. with a tull line of other gooda, te which we are adding dally supplies at low prices. Goods sent to any part of tbe city. ap?-lm J NO M IMOOf > IQ5I. BOOTS AND SHOES. CENTENNIAL BARGAINS AT HULBBnil SHOE STORE, AOS 9iu STREET BOKTHWBST, White Shoes for Mar Balls, at cost. -)?.? Men's stitched Gaiters sad Ties. 4JO Preach Kid, front seam, button. 9J0 Kid, Button; f 160 Poxed, Button. H. Laos Gaiter*'01 JO side lace. ll 00 Congress; 99 cents Buskins. #199 Lasting Front assm, Button. 1 JO Boys' and Misses' School Bkesa. il 00 Pexed Balmorals; 90 oents Infanta'. -1.99 Men's Gaiters; #9 69 Calf Boots, Buckskin, Kid and Lasting Gaiters. N. B.-Look for " Old Woaaaa with M Children." In window, ap99 tr JUST OrENKD. UAIZE IHDKKWEAR AT VBBT LOW P1QUBKS. LADIES' ALL KINDS KBOM 00c. UPWABDS. MISSES' UAVZE IXDERWEiR rilCM a? CENTS UPWABDS. SILK'S UAIZE 15DEBWEA1 FROM 30 CENTS UPWARDS PAKABOLS AT ASTONISHI NO PB10E3, AT C. BAUM'S, 408 Sevealh Itresi myl?4thp4r fHE BEST SODA WATER IB DIAVI VIOM BLOCK-TIN LINED STEEL FOUNTAINS. Dealers will do wall to secure a supply foe ths ssa 9on frost j DEPOT, ?T 6BBENB STUNT, QBOBQ1 OO PK riuAPPA a*!*1'** Hw WaIatus te SS, rmt7oe loma IiADlNB' TMATNUM9 BATCH ?HAWli BTKAPB and POCKNT POUBLN safl 0IN9LN LAPBOBNBm* BADDLBB, BK1DLM AMUSEMENTS. jyATMIIAL TlfATEK. Who will THIS BVBB1HO fir* her rlixici! m fMTDjriiR ta i^ateet Character-MRU MEEB1L1 HfrGr#*t#*C .4fuct*r - * 10 MIKKl.l? ItlUKVoW? ?rKS?Yi no 8A *o? comrLiM 8?W?S?JS?vl?. nd* y BvaHini. Mii ?. JLIHBBTAKT BRNRRl r OF ? OL%Y roiD. ?r JOB! B. OWRBB?VICTIMS and WWI BBIBQLB. wylft tf i""OHCBRT AMD TABLBAVX a* m ACABBHT or TBB BACBBD BBABT. etrin Maryland itnm ud 8th mm wotlvnt rR1DAY BVBBIBO. May BSth at ? o'cM. frow?<l f;T t>? tw>8l of t? Ae>il> ?? bH it rpilB OiTU or 8EVBB DIFFERRKT C0CBTR1E' BihiMtsd by t? SUNDERLAND 3 CHURCH. TALLMADGR HALL, on the EVEHlHwS of Mar tf 3d. :I4tfa and B^th AtelwIot.Bcti ixmnitcliWi, t> biBM P>OBD*B OPERA HOI EE. FRIDAY BVEBIHO, HAY *0. M76. G RAXli VKAMATtC i'ERfORMANCE in aid or TBI WASHIMGTOB 1HBBK1ATE ASYLUM Tl'SD CAMJLLE: or, The Fate oj a Vltyttctic. W. L. Dcanie.T. K Sailer J V Joyce. J. B. Rand Iph, A. B Ao V'in. L.T Harbaugb. Mm. n K Borrls, MIm iini?B W?IU, kit) 1KB* Kaufruan. SIlHrianicf Wilf. Mr* Beaumont and other*. Tltkttt BO cent*. Bo rfwrrwl mil. mT>' Ot TUIATKR CUHIQl I.KlMrath lUHt, Btitm ftmn<*.ramm Aetna*. UfE.\ THB TEAR ROUNU. Performance EYEBY HIGHT. Ma'lnee T -r L* die* aid Children IVKUY WEDNEdLA Y and SATIRDAY AFTEBHOOH. tlRST-CLASS lyjtrSK T RBSFKCT. Variety. Drama. Burlesque a ad Comedy ttorg ly Old No.) On Kxhibition I New No. 4M S Md HaU I Cll 7TM ST.N _ AT (7TB ST kill iitii'r, ff?.4S( 7th ttrfi. btltrtem U a?4 K <irwi, mtk doorr *bcr? (MM htilowf HmU. Choice Oil Painting*, Ei-gravit,**, Ohromo*. Ac. Alto, largest stock of Paper UtDftu*. Window ee. Picture*. Branca, Picture OurA* And TaJ Ring*, Ball*, Ac., It the BMrM. irTnu Cash. - lyi-it FESTIVALS. t^TKAWBERRY PESTl V'AL, CONG HEG AT10NAL CHURCH. THI8 (THUB8?Af lAud FBI DVT EVEBlKGf, With LUBCHES served by the Ladle* on rrlday Ai.d taturday. my?-?t EXCURSIONS, PIC NICS, Ac. Tub "dozen" have madb akbanob me?ta for their Seventh Annual -IF? BXCl'KMOB to MABSHALL HALL, May 1876 The steamer "Mary Washington" will leave her wharf, foot of 7th street, at 9 am Ueturnlnc to the city At 7 p ta. Ticket*. B1, admitting Oent And Lady Mo charge for children under 12 year* or servant. Bee the Committee And make arrangement* Br order of ni) 21AM* THB OOM MITTEE. INSURANCE. orritE ow The Mutual Protection Fire Ins. Oo. or THB DISTRICT OB COLOMBIA. (CHARTtKSD BT ACT OP CON6KKS8,) 1609 PtDSirlvuiii avenue,(opposite U.S. Tree y.) OrriOBBS: GEOROE TAYLOR, Pree JAB. B FIT' H. WM. BALLABTYHE, Y. Pree. dec. anl Troa* TRUSTEES: Of or Re Taylor, *m Ballet, tyne, Ohae. P. Peck, JotepnCaeey, JobnC Harknees, A. B. Pern , W m. J. filLlt.) , M. W. BurcheU, Jas.H. Seville. The above Company i* now fnliy organized for Luain*** and prepared to ia*ue policies of Inaaranoe on mott favorable term*. Pamphlet* containtiig the act of Incorporation and by-law* will b? far BUbcd on application. JAMBS B. F1TOH, Wll Im Secretary and Tieaanrer. |CUM T. ARMS. V. W. BBTOUAM GMHKRAL MSORANCM AQKHT& AND BROKERS, bB Droit Bramna, corner of r and 8th rtreett LBSUBABOBof BYBBT DBBCB1PTIOB WRIT aart tx TBH OB THB BBBT TBBM8. UBMOYAL. li the office of the LYOOMIBO BIBB IBBCB ABOB OOMPAB Y ha* been reached to Booob Ho. SO. LeDrolt Bnllding, corner of B and 8th etreete This itaubc h old company haa been In operattoa foi tblrty-flv* year*. Bet a*aeta, BSAMAHl ap?tr J. RP tSBBLLB A RB, Al?t BOOKS AND STATI0NERy7 |^T B W BOOK Daniel Deronda, byOeoige Bitot; toI. 1; cloth; B1 M. The Prime Minister, by Anthony Trollope; paper: 75cent*. Btndleafrom England and Italr, by John Rirhard Oreen, author of a "Short His tory of the Enfltsb People," #1 71. Annual Becord of Bcienre and Indnetry for 187#. by Prof. Beenoer r. Baird; IS mo., cloth; II Village Oommunitie* arJ Misoel aniee. by cir Henry Bnmner Maine; fS SO. C<?itede Para' Hiatory efthe ClvU War la merlca: vol II ; 8-to.: cloth, #3 BO. Jutt published, and for tale by MO HUB BBOH. BOOKSELLERS AND STATION MRS, ?y!7 tr lBia PennsrlTaniaa*enue WTCU UAZEL. By author of Wide Wide World. ACUBAH: A Hew England LlfsBtudy. FREB. YBT roBOIRO THB1E OWH CHAIRS PLATO'S BEST THOUGHTS. By Bnlkley. ADDRESSES by D. L. MOODY. Bcviaed. By MBMOIB OF HORMAB MACLEOD', V D. TBB 8ABITABY DBAIBAGB OP HOHSBS ABD TOWHS. tor sale by WM. BALtAHTYWi, my? tr 4d? SBYEHTH STRBBT. ^PPUTONI AMUKAH ???LOP1 Approaches coapledoa. It h hntaf a wry large sale. Parties ta Washington or Vicinity deeliing this great work will be supplied, la atoathly laateu or ?p to prees. the agency, dm 7th ? *re all styles of blndlag i bee IIOA ?' 1011 rMAHV8iML^H1A 1011 CE.O THMJTQ. SPRING AND SUMMER. Oriental BUk Pl'd Worsted, |H Borthswptoa BUk Bibbed Wonted, 918 Vienna Dlagoaal Worsted, Bid .10 Blacklngton Black and Gold Worsted, 111 DxbrMce Paaoy BUk Worsted, BIB Bamcaoooct raicj Bit Wonted, BIO rtno Eltxruf Sprtsg Oaas. Butt, BSO Pine DHabarre Plaid Oaas Salt. BIS Edward Harris Halr-Uae Oaas. Bull, 116.*0 The Versailles Checked Oaot. Bait. Bl* TheDtaffoealBibbed Oase. Salt, lit Oe?*ne Waehlngton M1U Biae Placnel Salt, 113 Borth HooMo Block Oaas. Belt, BIB Here nice Scotch Oaaa. Bait, 111 Bngllah BOIbband Plaid Oaas. Bait. Bl* Ealckerbacker Check Oaas. Battel Beclsbury Broeke* Check Oaas Butt, B? ?? Salt, BB A. STRAUS, AM1A Aim 1011 lBTR ABB llYB I LAPTES' GOOPS. 717 M. SILVER. 717 lilKIT If ICR, A ffraad RtNtwr of Ulm' BUT*. ?TKBtHBTK. BA??|I M1TUI AXD I *? wry h* |rtr? *>??, i Iff aae nrti Lad tee vui 4o w?U to ?nrrba*!, ( rlwtkrra yrfba.If ?l?rwl?t-ra |0 JUST RECEIVED. A l*ff? aaaortwieat ?f _ , ^ aa&M h at# Fir ?.? ??<? *< J CkiMm ?alf tt wtu TKATELLIMO RoBBkia _ _r? ??!) ;i (,1'r*,k CW?- UrtlM UtlH, m *1'*?; *** ,#r* 4a?rable mt M f?Bi JiMMM FARM, with (IM>.lk((kM??tTutM?r eoM. . V??rf rMaci<i(ih?ir(i??(?w4ti?Ib,Md ladle. *f? Invited t? Mil Hi titn iH gr etvch. ?ta. h. j. annrr _Ml!i * ??t m ?iii p wwi |?ALTlMOBB IILIIMII BIT A I'n? ?r~"l" rBin' bOfinsn, MI 111 X I tlnmu* mm **r"t teaded'te aa bIMBBT BITABLltu IBDEBirH. 0* Voir* FA*&! -tbweet. INiun iTTl #f?5s aa in at r??iT?d ? Am aaaertaaei BIBB BONNETS ABP B>'b?i>< H ATS, which eh* wl-l omd <a Tt BBDAT.L O.I Mit. at 1 ?0'? PWMI f. Ml. a^eaa* ?;!> m FRENCH FLOWERS, IIALF riilCE. J net yerrtred. tm?nn?r?' mcUoki. a lirp ?liKk ?( Im rilN< U FLOUEBS. ? inch will b* ?vM At Iv brk>? 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PADS. BOSlBBT^LAblEI' OOTTOB_ AI D MBBXBL i. ratain, moiLt;, FBEHCH LACBDBYPOMPADOCI PAD8,iPHOCLDEB BBACBB. MUM. LADIES' 00TTOB ABO BBBii ClbEKWEAB. EIDOLOTBB. Stock of Fancy Or nil rnaalat* BotpIUm raMlTad Aally. Acaacy for FAMILY SUPPLIES. S""* I Be. Ale. ?B?. lie ABe. Frasraat. Baart. and anpartor in arery raipect tc aay laa aoM at that *t>c C. #11 Finn tiAO( KMIMS. B?l? U 1218 PeanaylTacla arwiM. tfpUE L1TTLB BTOBE ABOCMP THE 00B OMALMH V'ffiJAF'il MoCMMlM* Bo. Bit TWEBTIKTH BTBBBT, B.W., Batwaaa Paaaa aracaa and 1 at., ?yl-l? Waablnnna. D O. WALT SALT ' ?BB.OBOBackaLirar>oolSmal O Alum and Flaa Bait Aahtoa a, Daakia a. Vnr dlat aad Evaaa brands. MAW baabai* Tark'a Icland H4MI Bap aal Bj*aa Dairy aad Table Bait; for aaU ia lota to aott. datfraral in I?eptt. Waahturton, about Paltisoiw art>?a. By ALEX. KEBB A BBO , 41 BottU atraat, aad JENB1H8 A KEBB S Wkarras, Baltimora. mitlaa (yP ECONOMY IS WEALTH H fH ORIENTAL TEA STORE, 409 9TB 8TBKBT, T. M. C. A. BUILD1BO BCGAB?"A" Clarlflad M ??r fl " Uran.latad,? punoda lor Bl. " Cat Loaf. ?H aou.d* for Bl TBA-Hfct I mortal 40* . 50c. " FwattOol af.40e .ik 44 Fine Japaa7wc.,7Bc? aad hifbor craAaa. OOF FEES AMD KP1CBB AT LOWEST BATBB CHEAP! FVBE'I FBESHI aylM J. WALTBB BliTALL. Prof MINNESOTA FLOUR. ? Waahbara MlUa, Mlnaaaota FLOCB. aat or eic*-lied by aay ia tba country. It ie oar " aftbia anali rated Maa to keet a ei ay*r aftbia e?i>brated Floar alwaye on hand AH we aak M a triaJ to eaUMy tha Met faatidloaa. ForaaUby ayS7 tr BOB r "I'llfaS!? a^eaae BANKERS. J H BgOlEB A OO., bAMKMH*. 14IB rmariTAlu Ariirs, aal Ja?y ar erwdttel^l ?U?? if'L" . wm. .r

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