Newspaper of Evening Star, May 26, 1876, Page 1

Newspaper of Evening Star dated May 26, 1876 Page 1
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V2i. 47?N 2. 7,228. WASHINGTON, D. C.. FRIDAY. MAY 26, 1876. TWO CENTS. THE EVENING STAR. musm DllLf, Safari ?<cp(H, AT TBS STAR BUILDINGS, r*?M?Tlvaela A?e?M, cermei 11th street, IT Th? ETeniag 8tar Hewtroapw Ooaipany, |. H. KJiUTTMAlTX, iWt. # - Yw* EVKKIKO PTAE i* vrr*d by ?wrVr* fo mUrrU^r* at Tro CenU ?? tour Cwti per tootth. irrfusi at ine eoun'rr. Two CraU pact*. By mad?ixuirw prtp>mi Blxty Centu a mcntb; one yewr, *?. Th* Wsxklt Star-iwUuhed m Friday? ?9 m ymr, potngt prtpmd. 0TAU tubteriptitmM iwariatly h Khvrve. >y Roi'* o/ txtrertUbtg fumiiK&t on rtpptvniUm. SPECIAL NOTICES. at iUCTlOH -The kBTlRK STOCK of Li/ H. B HIUFLIH. OPTICIAN t33 rent* rrr.BU aveBSe, EVEkY BvBN-NG at ?'c? <h. tT *. a. o. a . OPfN AIR M SETI*GS ?very SveBios. at 8 o'c rwk. corner 7th street and Ptams Irania avenue. 0ARBATH ATTIRSOON SERVICE IX LINCOLH HALL, A* '?<H o'clo.k. ?/"iTtnbo4r 1a i ?>. mvl.'- r O' Tl! - f?i TM?HH W/ M KM .R?*L AHOVIATtttS wi" h# h?'<l atih? B a-d of Trade r>?m? on FB1UAY EVi. NlN??. at 9 o'c'nek _ . D? It * W. P YQQSG. R'C Secretary. r PI BLIP g -A" M?ni'.natlon o 1^7 catdtrfaus rn.-tescher*' ? >-it i ons aud ?or po Bttkn a t&?> white Mhivll of Washington act fi?. rge-oauwill be b'ld id the Fratkiin Sciool Br'Mitil, oi SATURDAY, the a7th instmt, caai ??*?? 9 ?Yteek * 10 JOB N RANDOLPH nj tt [Bep-AChron 1 Chairman of Cjmuiitl**. C/FlTB or T d\ B KLI9 IMS. CO.. Vi'tiHsTOI. 1?. o , Ma* S3. Jt7<. ipe JWrch barter* of the TUANKL1N IN MRiN< B COM PANT of Washington and Oeirge town U O., are requested to meet at thlsoffl'eon M''N1>AT . Jnj?5'B, between tbe hours of M o 'cl cfc ? m ard 2 o clock p. m.,far the nnrpose of tlectiM taelve IS Directors for the fBsnlng Iesr BUM w,.t1 CHUB BRADLET. Secretary TUB B ? 8 T . KILF CRN'S OOPA WATBB. ?ATTRVL SPR1HO WATERS on 1CB-CULD TEA, COKFEB and CHOCOLATB. A^Lw,.u,<n. jr, T15 15th Street, new Treasury Department. District CUlBii Penalon u4 Boncty Clauns. a tpeci*ity. gH fas? B4KVOLS BXHAC3T10N.?A Medical B?eaj, cu?B?rteio? aeerire of leetnret delif eSd at HQMom of Anatomy, Jjew Tor* on tb6 CAQM1 And core of PrfiDfttnr? DocliDOt ?, b< iodiepstably how kwt health may be regained, BtfbrdiDg a clear ?ynop?U of the tapedlmenra U> ?ariia**, and the treatment of nervona and ahytl ?*! debility, betng the ree^lt ot*) jtmrm'ex je^ence. Frfc-e, Si centi. Addreea the aatbor J)t. L. J. Kahn, oSn and reeidenee. A1 Baet Bth ?t., B . T. apl-toi H UOOII. Jl. B CO.. BABB BBS. Mj?-tr 14i9 T itrot. 0TBATFOB1> PB9DALL, AAB Loailtana aveaae, ^ibib irro?jr?ViTiiB. LB WIS J0HB8UB B OO., B A M K M M 8, 0r*rr ?/ 10:? s?ri? and Ft*nsytraata A?m?m, Dealer* IB OcTenuneat and Dlftrlct Secnrltlee f ofe<fP lictiapic fcod Qold. ? pi4 ly jr? 5A M L BL O. TOCBO, W BOTAHY PCBL10, ertl7 tl Qtttck?Sraa Bri.t:iM. SUMMER RESORTS. ^ILCOTT BPM IK?.-Tne enb?<-rlber'e hon?e 0 is open for boarders dnring the tnia^-B A Berseaion: 1 m'?ee south of Puroeryl'le.VC'TMy Lcc Iob consty. Va. iddret" W. B. MiB ififlfl bHALti.L [coId, l.oodonCo . Va. myt6 IIUI B 1D6E Bl'.ltMIT. **?Twalr* D arteen B arler? can be a*c>nimo-B ?j dated.'. n reaarBati* t'rms at the atoyeVcSkW T??ldet i ?. frt m the FIRST MOHDAY IB |1,:MI JCNB 1 he attract ntaie: CcoL ?ure mountain air. with a fine park fr<<i>ttng the hon-<e. This la the ?oo*t elevated ttoppicg point ow the Western Mary laid railroad, by three hnndr>d feet, and is within thr< e henre' ride treni Haitimore. for pa'ticulare apply to JOUK LBBCUaFMAN. Blue Ridge Sam n:i; Pi it Office. Weetern Maryland Railroad mI3 lm yTStKTSfl HOTII). u , ^ CAPB MAY, N J. OF&XS JMK lit*. 1376. m CHARLES Dl'FFT, (Of Cottlae'tal Motel, Phila ,) Proprietor. B-t ?erda?: fx ?-r we?k. tny2l-!tn ttf.irm the ?fad (BdI B ^ ? A -xiai | IliZ ?PHlS?i? HOfEL. Tte tew managrmcnt beg leave to Inform the eaa.erone gnwta aad patrons cf this well f known and poynlar Sl'MMIB BBSCBT That the Bowl he* b?en most thor High; Bl?fced and rem> dtled fro n to* to but turn. A literal patronage is s.Iicit <i TERMS MODKUATB. Apply to AMMON B JACOBT, ?arSOJan Lltn. Penns> Isanla. ?? V ALLEY UOMI" mo.Ustly offers pare y mountain air. mineral water.(Sal-/ *hor aid Chalibea e', go<>d fare, home-' like frtediw. atd d?ny mails to all who. kave llctrered bereath it* shades, and to ar.j stra^< ?r* w bo may aa?. Terms. |U p?r month. City refeiencee freely given Address, MBS M S. GORB. ?syl7^2w* Valley Bone, via Winchester, Va. TBB BALTIMORE AND 0U1(TRAILROAD CCMPABVS HOTEL, AT DBBB PARK. W111 be OPEN FOR VISITORS on the 10TH OP JI N E. and their NEW HOTEL at Oak ," land on the 1st OP JCLT. Applicants1 lor B"?b.s or information addreee the , deralirr.ed. at Oakland. Oarrett conni*. P?d apSB tj?It JOH i DA1LET. Manager. f^BARILHI * CO* 1 OPTICJAX8, Bo. 1347 PiywuTi.m Anni Oenatne Braclliaa Pebble Spectacles deo7 ly.Utp i uth ur 1 HE (jREAT ANODYNK AND NKRV1NK. IILT'R &TOMAC1I AND TONIC BITTERS. It is bb Befalling remedy for DTSPBPS1A aad LIVER COMPLAIMT aad evsry species of 1M DIGBSTIOB. It Is ihe only enre for SICE HBAO Al'HB li never fails to reiiee* la M1ABMAT1U FEVEBS, PBVEBaad AGCB. COLIO. Be. It is ? swift ai'l invariable enre of the DBB1LITT, DEPRESSION, and HBADA^HB which follow I NDCB STIMI'LATIOM It overcomee imme diately all B ERVuCSB IPS aad removes all trace* cf a Bight's DISSIPATION. It doee away with the ?e <f OPIATES and to those addicted to the ?Pit M B ABIT: It Is a pleasant and perfect ?eb sritnte. enring the bed effects of this drug and de ?trtytng ail desire for It. Tt h* k* i mi all IfruttttU an t Grocers. Sen t /?r PwmpkUt. BELT 9 BITTERS DBPOT. 13 Camden street Baltimore. Md HAVE* TYLER, Jr^ WHOLESALE AGENT, myU 3ai* *?4il l>tn street, Washington. D C. OOK B DBL1VBRED TO ALL PARTS OF TUB C1TT AT THE SAMS HATM. Clew schedule?Fall load of ?H bushels for ?3 4$. toaUer loads 7 cents per hnsbel; cartage. 60 cents. Applt to UBF1CB OF WASU1BOTOE GASLIGHT OOM PUT, 41S M street eorthwast. Til 1st street northwest er to 11e Irlila* street. Oeoreetowa. nartly ,'AsUlNGTOR. D C , APB1L 21. W76. Tb? Irm of A. B SHBPHBRU k CO.. oonslst iBg c,f A. B. and THOMAS M SHBPHERU. was dissolved tt Is day by mutual onsect, THOMAS M. SHEPHERD withdrawing from the firm. Tbe business will be cvetlaned hyA.E SHBP HBRD and FEAB K JOHBB. nn<1er the name and etyle of A. B. BBEPBBED B CO.,at Mo. HIT PsBanhraaia avenue aid Mo. 407 llth street, wk't*. with iocrsas 'd f? ilitlee and enlarc-d stock ?>f merchardise, they will endeavor to m*nt a con tinual.- e of tbe petruaa?e heretofore eaten led m}S? * (jHEAi1 Luwnru. Eavlrtelarg I t Ssrnce LmW. w# hive eti uJ ? U- seli ?' ur (.>!.?w 11.* redobd >r1-?l. *TL.- . ",a.t*r is water scseoned, and off the very l-w* M*li:i: M. l-\* and hi any length. Ill per tkeetei*!. --- per tha " IK. u feet rail*. |U per thouaend. luk hoards, til per tbousend. a inch joist- |u aad III per th.nsand; % inch joist. Bit ai.d )U per tbonaand; *ii feet pickets i pailngs ) ?t? per th >asa?<!. ? N fel. roesb.3 inch. SO per thon- aul, Svj and Ss4. Id ioamy. Id M ear thousand. A spruce si.l ngs. * or 7 inch, git per thoussr.4. A large stork of tMiber off all kiais always jb band at lowest B-arket price*. T E?W CLARK A IB. , VAEP. WHARF. 4NI> PL*N!BC MILL. Foot off ?ib street test, sear Catted Sta'ee navy Tart. la WCMMBB CLOTHING IN LIGBT WBlGHTd |5 #s BiacB Alpaca Oeat. AS Meed B8, better. ||R Ssrge Coats. ?a aai |] ?8. beet. 7Se. o#ce Com. B> aad i I to Duster*. Sys' Llasa Jecketa, SI Llaen PanU. Boys' Cottoaade Sum; (ass S? to 010. Men's Caslaiere Paatt. to II. se Plannel Salts; beet, SU B. Llnsd Llasa Shield Boson Shirts. EVENING STAR Washington News and Gossip. Government Receipts To-dat Inter nal revenue, gn-? SIMS; customs, *378.416.82. All the memrirs were present at the Cabinet meeting to-day except the Attorney General. Secretary Taet returned from New York last evening, and Attorney General " Pierrepont la expected back this evening. Grasshoppers?Reports from the Black Feet Agency, In Montana, announce the ap pearance ofyoung grasshoppers there In un precedented numbers. Confirmed.?The Senate yesterday on firmed the nomination of R-ibert P. Rich ardson to be postmaster at St. Joseph, Missouri. Ex-Ppeaker Blaine has almost folly recovered from his recent illness. H9 Is In dally receipt of a large number of letters mrgratulaticg him upon his prospects for the republican nomination at Cincinnati. The statement that the House Commit Ue on Elections had sustained the report of lis sub-committee on the Platte-Gooie (Norfolk. Virginia.) election case is erro neons. The committee has as yet taken no action. The i>istrtct Investigation A meet lt g of the District of Columbia Committee will be held to-morrow, at which It Is ex pected some conclusion will be reached con cerning the report to be made on the recent District Investigation. Naval Orders.?Rear Admiral Alexan e'er Murray, ordered to commaud the North Pacific station, July 1st, next; Lieutenant Timothy A. Lyons, detached from the Pen sacola July 1st, and ordered to his home and wait orders. The Chicago Tribune the other day suggested that a "lltlerman" than Fitzbugb be appointed House doorkeeper. Tha Ohio tftn/e Journal thinks Fitzhugh has estab lished a standard for doorkeeper that will make the office very bard to fill. Personal?Ulysses H. Grant, Jr., was yesterday admitted to practice at the New York bar. ???? Hon. Thomas Swann, chair man of the House Commltteeon Foreign Af fairs. is quite ill in New York,and Is not ex pectr J here again this session. The proceedings in Congress yes terday?Mr. Sherman's test resolution In the Belknap Impeachment case in the Sen ate, the report on the Emma mine case in the House, and the resolution passed by the same body ordering an investigation In ref eience to the publication of Mr. Buckner's report on District affairs?will be found on the third page. 8enator Cooper, of Tennessee, regarJed as one of the best constitutional lawyers in the 8enate, took the floor to-day in the Belknap case, and made an argument in favor of Jurisdiction. Mr. Cooper was followed by Mr. Sauls, bury, who spoke on the same ?lle of the question. It Is doubtful if a vo:e will be reached before tc morrow. ThiNew York Custom Hoes* Inves tigation.?The House Commltteeon Ways and Means yesterday had under considera tion Representative Payne's motion, here lofore passed, for a thorough investigation of the New York custom house, but owing to the lateness of the session they are undeter mined whether they shall propose to the House that the investigation shall take p'.ace during the recess. What the Engineer o? the House Don't Know?Representative Hewitt, of New York, testified this morning that he had visited on one occasion the engine room of the Honse of Representatives, and he be came satisfied that Ellyson, the engineer, did not seem to know the difference between a high and low pressure engine. Subse quently, however, Ellyson, received a certi ficate from a board of engineers that he was competent to perform the duties. Dead Locks on Appropriation Bills. The conference committee on the consular and diplomatic bill have agreed to disagree, being at a dead lock on the salarle* or flrst c'ass missions. In the Senate to-day Mr. Morrill, of Maine, from the Committee on Appropriations, reported the legislative, executive and Judicial appropriation bill. The Senate committee non concur in al most every particular with the House bill, and restore the present salaries of govern ment employes. Mr. Randall's silver bill.?The Com mittee on Banking and Currency have agreed upon Randall's bill authorizing the further Issue of silver coin. It provides for the issue of r?>,OU>,000 of silver coin, also for the pur chase of silver bnlllon not exceeding at any ooe time si,000.000. The word " money" is used instead of "legal tender notes" all through the bill. It repeals the legal tender feature of the trade dollar. The committee will try to pass the bill through the House next Monday. The Blaine Bond Investigation The sub-Judiciary Committee of the House, in vestigating the Blaine bond transaction, yesterday afternoon called D. B. Sickles, of Aikansas.who had noj^ersonal knowledge of any connection of ex-Speaker Blaine with the Little Rock and Fort Smith railroad bonds that passed to the possession of the Union Pacific Railroad company. O. A. Had ley, of Little Rock, gave testimony to the same Import, having no knowledge of Mr. Blaine's connection with the Little Rock ai.d Fort Smith Railroad boads. The Democratic Caccps.?At the meet lDg of the democratic caucus last night a resolution was Introduced by Mr. Neal, of Ohio, directing the Banking and Currency Committee to report a bill providing for the repeal of the specie resumption act. Mr. Randall offered an amendment, which was accepted, setting forth that It Is the sense of the caucus that the Banklug and Currency Committee have leave at any time to report such a bill. John J. Patterson, of New Jer sey, was elected Doorkeeper oa the fifth bal lot. He was instructed to retain all the old employes except such as may need to be removed for cause. ? The Swiet Investigation?Tt*!inv?v '(/ ex-J'tnmm (otiuiUuioner linker J. H. Baker, ex-Commissioner of Pensions, ap peared before the Civil Service Committee yesterday artemoon in relation to the pay ment by Miss Sweet, of Chicago, of money for her appointment as pension agent. He tided that be first heard of a deficiency In Miss Sweet's accounts In June. 1871. At the end of the fiscal vear. which was June 30, her accounts were right, but the deficiency ap peared again In the next >iuarter, and this came to the knowledge of witness some time irom September 15th to October 1st. He vls iuii Chicago on his way to Minnesota, aud stopped at the pension agency and saw Miss Hveet, when she told him the whole story. He said to her that the government must fltst be made good. If that could be done he v? oil Id cor sent to keep silent on the snhj*t i.e<'ld this for her *an?* alone, n* was s%t i'L d she wo<ild h*v# dismissed If ha i yJ told the Kecre'ary and the Presldeut of tl:e case, bnt feeling tb*? she had been drawn into this transaction without any criminal intention on her pan. he took toe responsi bility to keep it seciet if she would see that the government was not a loser. He also to'd her she mnst not pay any more money i n the Campbell note for her appointment The testimony of Mlsa Street in relation to his visit to her office in company with Iiiskely ai d demanding the payment of the deficiency In one day was read to witness. He said that statemert, by whomsoever made, was all a myth. He never made soch a visit with Blakely, and never made such a demand. A portion of Miss Sweet's testi mony was read to witness, showing the re ceipt of 9908 oo the note as late as April, nift Witness said be only knew of what be stated from Mias Sweet's tetter to him, and he was doubly surprised, first, that she should have paid any more money at all, after he bad told her not to do so; andeeeond ly, to learn that she made a payment so late as April, 1873. The new doorkeeper, John J. Patter son, of New Jersey, was elected and sworn In to day. In addition to the iron clad oath, which betook, he also obligated himself to keep the secret* of the House. ACCIDENT TO A fast mail TRAIN.?A dispatch received by Mr.T. N. Vail, general superintendent railway mail service, this afternoon. states that the fast mail train went otr the track at New Albany this morn lng. Fireman killed?clerks all right. Thi friends In the House of Secretary Robeson will make an effort on Monday next to have that body direct the Committee on Naval Affairs to conduct bis examination with open doors. The Secretary, a few days ago, requested the committee to accord him this privilege, but it was refused. Reprfsentative Hopkins, of Pennsyl vania, this morning made an argument before the Honse Comnsittee on Commerce In favorof a re'olntlon referred to that com mittee prohibiting the discrimination in railroad freights by the several railroad com panies in tbe United States. The reports sent from Montgomery, Ala., here Indicating that the republican delegation from that state to Cincinnati will be a nnlt for Morton are contradicted here. Hon. Charles Hays, M- C., one of the dele gates from tbe state-at large, is probably a Blalre man, and Mr. I. G. Stokes, district delegate, Is an out and out Conkllng man. The House Committee on the Judiciary, at Its meeting to-day, discussed for some time the question whether Congressional Printer Clapp is an impeachable officer. The committee arrived at no conclusion, but It is understood that the almost unanimous opinion will be that be Is not Impeachable. The committee also agreed to report a bill with reference to the mode of ascertaining and fixing damages In patent cases. The programme of music for to morrow (Saturday) evening, at tbe President's grounds, by the Marine band, Professor L. Schneider, leader, Is as follows: 1. National Air; 2. March, L. Schneider; 3. Fantasia Op. Barbe Bine, Offenbach; 4. Sympbonl Pastorale, Beethoven; 5. Waltz? Glrofle Glrnfia, Lecocq; 6. Fantasia?Op. Alda, Ver di; 7. Grand March?Athalla, Mendelssohn; h. Meditation?Ave Maria. Gounod; 9. Galop Le Voyage in Chemindefer, Downing; 10 National Air. First Minister kkom Paraguay?Tne Paraguayan minister to this country, Senor Jose Macbaln, will arrive In New York within a few days on board the French steamship France, from Havre. He Is the first minister of the republlcof Paraguay to this country, and is reported to be a man of Intelligence and experience. In addition to his diplomatic functions, Senor Macbain is also accredited as a commissioner to the Centennial Exhibition. He left Buenos Ayres on the 10th of April for this country, by way of Europe. EX-POST* ASTER GENERAL CRESWELL was before the Houpe Committee on Post Offices and Post Roads this morning, to ex plain the publication of certain advertise ments of the Post Office department, given to various newspapers while he was Post master General. He was questioned con cerning the removal of a postmaster named Moore at Walla-Walla, W. T. It was charged that Creswell removed him on ac count of bis having furnished Information against certain fraudulent mail contractors. This Mr. Creswell denied, and said that he removed him because be had tampered with mail matter. The Maryland and Virginia Bound ary Arbitration?Senator Wbyte and Hon. Isaac D. Jones, counsel for the state of Maryland In the Maryland and Virginia bouudary case, have bacn notified that the board of arbitration In the case will meot ai Wachlbgton on the 30th Instant to resume its coi.alteration. The board, as reorgan ized, 1b composed of Hon. J. S. Black, of Pennsylvania; ex-Gov. Jenkins, of Georgia, ard Senator-elect B<?ck. of Kentucky, wltb W. H.Graham,of North secre lary. Tbe case must be tried ?6 initio, and I several weeks will necessarily be occupied I in tbe reading of tbe testimony and la the I hearing of the arguments of counsel. The Weekly Star, now ready, contains all the Investigations of the week; the re port on the Frtedmen's Iiank; tbe Proceed, of Congress; tbe Presbyterian Assem blies; the Methodist General Conference; the Revival Meetings in Washington; S-i^ial and Personal GossId: Political Note?; Court Proceedings; Choice Stories; all tbe News of tbe Week, general and local: Poems and Sketches; Agriculturaland Household Mat ters, etc., etc. Tcrma: 92 per annum, in advance; postage prepaid; single copies five cents, in wrappers. Political Conventions?Tne Kentuc ky democratic convention has chosen the following delegates at large to the St. Louis conventionHenry Watterson, W. C. P. Breckinridge, Willis Macten and Jobn M. Rice. They are not instructed. ????The re publicans of Dakotah territory have elected an unlnstructed delegation to the Cincinnati convention. ????The republicaus of the 11th Congressional district of Massachusetts have chosen Blaine delegates to Cincinnati. ??"Tbe Alabama (Spencer) republicans yes terday chose as delegates to the republican national convention G. E. Spencer, Cbas. Hays, Alexander Curtis and Alex. White. The district* elected sixteen delegates, half white and half colored. Resolutions were adopted commending Hon. O. P. Morton to the favorable consideration of the delegation to the national republican convention. Th? Virginia Elections?Municipal elections were held yesterday in all tbe cor porate cities and towns In Virginia. In Richmond the democrats elect a mayor by about 2.000 majority. Farmville elects a full democratic ticket. Alexandria, Staun. ton, Norfolk, Petersburg, Danville and Portsmouth Increase the democratic majori ties. Lynchburg elects republican officials by a small majority. The Cuban insurgents have been quite active recently, and have burned several plantations near Sagun. Government troops, disguised as guerillas, have also been com mitting depredations. Tbe steamer Octavla has been declared a lawful prize by the Spanish authorities, but further proceedings against her have been suspended until tbe British government has bad time to Investi gate the case. The second great auction sale op I dry goods took place at New York yester I day, the bidding being remarkably spirited aid the prices realized unusually high. To ward the close of the sale the scene was quite uproarious, rivaling anything ever wltsessed on the Stock Exchange, tbeonlers pouring In on the auctioneer too fast to be properly attended to. Conviction or a Noted Forger.? I Charles J. Williamson, one of tbe three men implicated in the series of extensl ve forger ies of bonds or the New York Central, Erie and other railroads In the summer of 1873, was found guilty In tbe Court of General Session at New York on Wednesday. The exact extent of tbe railroad bond forgeries is not known, but Is estimated to have been nearly ?500,000. Mutiny in a Prison?The penitentiary convicts on Blackwell's island mutinied yesterday. Tbey had mastered the keepers and takeu possession of tbe boats, by means I or wtilob they were escaping to 90th and 92d I ftre-ts. New York city. The police reserves I i t i iie i:?th and 23d precincts were at once -u < ver, but up to a late hour last uigbt no it finite report could be obtained. Presbyterian Union.?Mr. George H. Stuart, of Philadelphia, yesterday received a cable despatch announcing that an organic union had been effect* i between the general assembly of the free church ofSaotland and the Synod of the Reformed Presbyterian church of Scotland. The Best World's Fair ?At yesterday's m eting of the Judge* of award of the cen tenntal exposition. Sir Charles Reid, presi dent, of the London school. said that he had vtsltf d every exhibition since IMt, and t'iat the Philadelphia exposition 1? sajmrlor to at y thing he nas ever seen. Plead Guilty?Charles L. Lawrence, indicted in the U. S. court at New York for complicity is tbe silk smuggling fraads, yes terday withdrew the plea of not guilty, and plead guilty to the Indictment charging him with forging ens torn house entries. VDantel Webster's old fturm at Marsh flekl, Mass., la to be sold at auction J one l. The l?Aijiu iiTMtlicatiM. TH? TkSTlMOSY TO-DAY. The Committee on the Expenditure* of the Interior department resumed their Investi gation oX the affair* of the U. 8. Insane Asy lum this morning: Pr: {?* Fm formerly one of the board of visitors to the asylum, gave testimony in corroboration of that of members of the pre ?*n* board of visitors. He was one of the vis tors from 1855 to 1865. Since then has not visited the asylum very frequently; would send any member of hfs family that required treatment for insanity to tnis asylum in preference to any other. Don't profess to know everything In regard to the manage ment of the asylum, but from my knowledge of Dr. Nichols do not think he would allow any inhumanity towards a patient. Have known Dr. Nicbols in private and social life, **d was very favorably impressed with him. Witness knew no man who manifested more of the qualities which ennoble and adorn human character than Dr. Nichols. By Judge Boone, acting chairman:?At present have no oftif lal connection with the asylum, but have*visited the asylum several times of late. Did not visit every part of the asylum when he was there last. Has not been there but twice during the past two years; has never seen any vermin on patients there; a properly managed ami well regu lated asylum should not be infested with vermin, though at times it is difficult to de stroy them or keep them out. Never heard a report of a single case of vermin on a pa tient during the time be was connected with the asylum. The institution is very large, but he thought that unless the whole thing was under one head many things would go wrong. Do not think that itawas physicall v impossible for one man to supervise all the branches of the asylum?that is. if he has competent ana responsible subordinates, to whom he should look and in whom he should have confluence Br. Tl'di G. H. Newman testified that he knew the colored man Samuel H. Johnson (the Ureless patient); attended him before the war; remember of signing a certificate of his Insanity; he had delirium tremens. His wife said he had been on a drunk for weeks and sleeping out at night. fDr Nicbols here said Johnson was admit ted December 13,1(*70. The witness said Oc tober 14,1871.] Dr. Newman said be had an Indistinct rec ollection of Johnsou saylrg his feet were frosted. It would not be unlikely if he was lying about for him to have his feet frost ed. Dr. Hines remembers the case also, tbougb he did not treat him. By Judge Boone:?Think that he treated Johnson four days or a week before he sent him to the asylum. Did not lo.?k at his feet. If his feel had been frosted while he was in the army his toes would have fallen off" be fore they did. They might have been frost ed again. Mr. Mchartl WaUach testified that he served as mayor of Washington for seven years. Previous to the rounding of the Insane asy lum had charge of the Dauper insane of this District, which be had'up to that time kept in asylums near Baltimore. Turned over the lunatic paupers to Dr. Nichols as soon as the government asylum was established. After that, was a visitor to the asylum, which he visited once a month. He freely indorsed every word that Dr. Tyler said, and thought Dr. Nichols was the proper maa to be in charge of the asyinm. Has not visited the Ir.sane asylum since 1863. but suppose every thirg is conducted there properly. Was fully impressed with Dr. Nichols' fitness for the position. By Judge Boone:?Never saw any vermin on a patient. Has not been there since l^;s. Never saw any patients at work on the rl\er wall up to their waist in water. Never saw any patients forced to work on the farm when it was not proper that theyshould work. Br. J. B. Blake testified he was formerly superintendent public buildingsandgrounds; was a member of the board of visitors of the asylum for two years, beginning in 1861. Hud been In the bat?:t of visiting the asylum prior to that time. Do not think thor? is a hotel in the United States that is kept as C'eftn; no private boa$e is kept cleaner. Has no pr< judice in favor of Dr. Nichols, except fiai which comes from his appreciation of a bicb minded gentleman. Never h<?*rj jjr. Nichols talk politics. Could not tell wliat the politics of Dr. Nichols are. Witness has always been a democrat. Do not ballsve that U e.-e i? a man in the world that is better fitted lor the position thau Dr. Nichols. There should be one head who should have control of everything at the asylum. The President has charge of the whole country but he 6hould not be held responsible tor what Belknap did. The President did not know that Belknap was selling appoint meiits as post traderships. Judge Boone remarked here that the opinions of the witness were not necessary upon that subject. Dr. Blake said he thought everything there should remain in charge of Dr. Nichols^Has not visited the asylum since 1862 more than two or three times a year. Never saw any vermin on any patients there. Dr. C. W. Brink testified that during the war he was a U. 8. sanitary inspector, and as such visited nearly all the hospitals In the conntry. A few years ago was interested n a case at the Insane Asylum, and during a year visited the asylum once in every two or three weeks. Came to the conclusion that the general management of the asylum was skillful, humane, and in every way the best. When witness went to the asylum did not visit all of the wards, but satisfied him self that everything was well kept and prop erly managed. Had beard statements from ladles who had visited the asylum which were to the contrary, and visited it for the purpose of correcting impressions u a favor able to the asylum. Waller Ball testified that be at present re sides in Prince George county, Md. In 1*72 was employed at the insane asylum; re mained there eleven months, and then re signed. Borne of the patients were treated very nicely, and some not so well. General O. C. Loom Is was among the latter class. Had charge of him, and placed him In a room with a mattress to lie on, but he roll ed ofi, and while rolliDg about the floor wore all the flesh off his shoulders and elbowa. He was taken out of white ash ward and placed In beech ward. There were a number of sores on Gen. Loomis, but the doctor did not pay any attention to them. Gen. Loomis died there, but witness never saw him when dead, as he was lu another ward. General Loomis did not have any sick diet,' and he was fed on the ordinary diet, though he was a weak, old and feeble man. Had a patient named Davis who was locked up, and who was fed on bread and water for a long time. He was very weak and sick. Never learned the reason why he was eon fined. After a time Dr. Morrell told him (Witness) to release blm. He was not a vio lent patient, and as far as he knew there was no particular reason for locking bim up and feeding him on bread and water. Gen. Loomis had a large scar or wound on his head. There were no other sores upon bim. Think that many of the sores on his back were caused by his lying on the fioor. Could not devote all his time to General Loomis; had other patients to take care of. Dr. Morrell ordered a second mattrass for Gen. Loomis to He on, to lie alongside of the other. He still rolled off. In cross examination he said he did know the reason why Davis was kept on low diet. Left on glvlngone day's notice. Lr. ChrUtian Hines testified that he remem bered Samuel Johnson, (the toeless patient); was called to attend him before be was sent to the as> lnm. He was suffering rrom mania apotu. Learned that bis feet bad been frosted. Johnson had been a teamster or soldier. His wife said he bad been on a spree and walked about barefooted, and with no clothes upon bim. By Judge Boone:?Do not remember when be was called to see bim; cannot give the date. If properly treated there was nothing to Indicate that the toes would slough off. They did not slough off while under treat ment of witness, but after being sent to the asvlum. The committee then adjourned until to morrow morning. [In the examination of Priet yesterday in referei.oe to his having seen Dr. Nichols and his counsel, be testified: "They did not waut me to remember wbat I did not (really) re member." This statement Is necessary to comet a misprint of the testimony on this loint In yesterday 'sBtar ) VGen. Montgomery's sword, worn when be fell at the battle of Quebec, has been placed in the library or the Virginia milita ry irstltute at Lexington, Va. *r Wednesday an Insane man named Jas. Walker, in Philadelphia,set fire to a bed on widen bis wife was sleeping. She was se verely burned. VTwo years ago H. W. Edmonds, paying teller or the Second national bank of Boston, was discharged because be oould not ao connt tor the disappearance of 110,000. Wed nesday tbe money was found in a crevice of the safe into which it bad slipped at Ihe time of its disappearance. Ccittaalai Historical Bkftehn. A PROCLAMATION BT THE FII8IDIXT. Whereas, a Joint resolution of the Senate ?rd House of Representatives of the United 8tates ni duly approved on the 13th day of March last, which resolution is as follow*: "Be it retoivmi by the Senate ami Hotue of Heprocntativt* of the Initetl Kales of A >tmra <? Om,jreu assenMed, Tbat it be, ami la bere bv. recommended by the Senate and Houce of Representatives to the people of the several states that they assemble In their several counties or towns on the approach ing Centennial anniversary of onr national Independence, and that they cause to have delivered on such day an historical sketch of said county or town from Its formation, and that a copy of said sketch may be flled, in print or manuscript, In the clerk'a office of said county, and an additional eopv, In print or mauuscrlpt. be Oled lu tbe offioe of the Librarian ot Congress to the Intent tbat a complete record may thus be obtained of the progress of onr Institutions during the first c entennial of their existence.'' And whereas it is deemed proper thktsuch recommendation be brought to the notice arid knowledge of the people of the United States: * H^.OWr'.t.hettf?re!,1, U'ywes 8. Grant, Presl an?j k U1 .??latea' do dereby declare ^ f known the fame In the hope that theotject of such resolution may ranet the ?PP1^*1 of tfl* people of the United Staies, arid that proper steps may be taken to car ry the same into effect Given under my hand at the citv of Wash ington the twenty-fifth day of May, in , _ , 'he year of onr Lord one thousand [L s ] eight hundred and seventy-six, and of the independence of the United States the one hundredth. By the President: U. 8. Grant Hamilton Fish, Secretary of state. Sports or thi Tcrp?f'"int Breeze -The EiV,Dlr,.??.tbe raw>s at Point Breeze Park. ??utf. Lp' y?"terl*y- *ere J. H. Gold - TTi" marc .Tri?. M Roderer's Girl Tweel, and Harrison s sorrel mare Susie. r>r -.?arJ:?At the spring meeting at Chester Park, Cincinnati, yesterday, the hrst race, three entries, all started. Lady Clipper won. Phlllis second, and SL George third; time.2:18. Second race, five entries, started, fcieml won the first heat in ii-V- Preston second, Brakesman third. ?14 8e^?ld ?le>t *on by Preston In yM* .^.lenil second, Brakesman third. Toe i .? lSat RDd race was WOQ hV Elemi in -*'nT race. 19 entries, five started. won ,n 1:20' Mohur second, Glim mer lOira. Pw<i?oo.-Maryland stables won lu two of the races at Plmllco yesterday, Mr. Cla *?ap.8h ? Piccolo taking the selling race a da?li of one and three-quarter miles ln3-n h*nri^BA'MhBrown'' Coronet the hurdle bancicap, of the same distance, In 3:28*. The luck of the Lorlllard stables was not broken, p?,L'?? re korillards Shirley winning the Preakness stake, and making the mile and a half-:+?- Mr. McDanlels carried off the honors In the mile heats for the compensa tion nurse, his Willie Burke doing his best !*?#? ^trac<^ at PimHcoend to day, and although there has been no extraordinary time made, the ruDDing b&s been verv fair tor a gprlDg meeting. J **RT,HQVJiK' IN Ayres.?Some particulars of an earthquake which occurred at Buenos Ay res on April *th, may be of in terest, especially as there is no record of any disturbance of this kind having been previ ously experienced in this part of South America. The shock occurred at 4.15 in the morning, and the undulation of the ground appears to have been in the direction from b toaonth, or following the line of the C.eo?sf' anU wa* felt 01091 "everely in . alto Oriental, (on the Uruguay,) at Martin ??CTa.i" aVd .Ln T1?re- 8a* Fernando anS ,skan Isidro, in the vicinity of Buenos Ayres though the damage done seems to have been '<) bfaklkg w indo ws and bulging or Cracklbg the walls of some buildings. The earthquake was not experienced at all. as .ar as is yet known, in the interior provinces tbafnihoe^?tCrn It is remarkable that the prrffct carthqn&kes which have oc furred eo frequently on the Pacific side of the continent, such as that of 1833, which de stroyed the capital of Concepclon, In Chill. or that which laid Mendoza in ruins, were not felt at all in Buenos Ayres. The Mcstawq Race At Fleetwood course New; York yesterday at nooTl-W clsco Peralto began hii attempt to ride twenty-five mustangs 155 miles within seven o . ,e average time to accomplish the task is 2.4-u per mile, including the time W??.11 .mounting and dismounting. The first -5 miles were made in one hour and *5i5u*?*\ being an average of 2 36 per ~J'e time, not including the mounts. The fiftieth wile was concluded in two hours thirteen and one-quarter minutes, being two minutes and fourteen seconds ahead of reoul k't?average. On tbe3Cth mile the mustang bolted and Jumped over an embankment,but P?ral to kept his seat and got the pooy back on the track. That mile, owing to the oolt occupied 3.42){ time. Seventy seven and one ,were made in three hours, twenty nine minutes, forty-five seconds, being fif teen seconds behind average time. Peralto ??rLb'n" ,n*ood 8t>',e? with two minutes JfE A? Policeman <??5. !?* wWat PM8lD* the corner of Me. Culioh and Moaher streets at 4 o'clock yea. terday afternoon he was accosted by a wo man, giving the name of Mary Smith, who requested him to assist her to some plaoe of Hbelter. The officer took ln the situation at securing a wagon had her removed to the northwestern station house. Captain harbart directed the policeman to take the woman to the Maternlts hospital, on West Lombard street, and he bad not oroceed^i father with her than BMdie<?????? f^^*, ,l9uarM' when she gave birth to a ''bymofcln* female child. Afterarnv ipg at the bospltal tbe woman wis attended by Dr. Rose, and is doing as well as could be "under the circumstances."?{Bait oun, Mh* Mohi'miht. _ The Reading an5ouuc<* that Mr. Rooert Heed, of Canada, has secured tbe contract V Lhe LiciF Monument at Freder ' If *>anon County, Penn., for which Mr. James Lick, of California, has reserved and appropriated *20,000. The monument is to be composed of Scotch granite, and will be ornamented with nine statues, which will Sti8 ue' and w111 embrace a 6ontineatal soldier, Hope, Faitn, and Religion. Ac. Toe 1^?. capped by the Goddess of Liber ty holding In her hand the American flag. ]w ork will immediately be oommenced upon the monument, and It is expected that lna year It will be completed, fte work will bt partly performed in Scotland and the rest tp 8tiwakt'8 Heirs The New York World says:?For some days past It has been tinAifir aVr" ,iiat a number, greater or smaller, of presumptive or presumptuous heirs to the millions of tbe late A- T. Stewart a combined attack on his will and on his successor and representative Judge Hilton. It is now said that this at tack, ln the form of an onslaught of "Tur ners and Attorneys," will begin immediate ly. We give the rumor for what It may be jo^.mfrely observing that Mr.Ste^t u believed to have left relatives by the name of Tnniey, and that Judge Hlltoh Is not the atu.rae"-?n 10 ^ scared by any number of Pbifibeijo Death to Capture bt Indiajs s ? J. C. Dodge, who left Blatnarck for the Biark Hills ln April with ahenl of cows and eight teams loadsd with supplies though he had but eight men withhiS Vot a" rl?hf ?">'? ""hoot U^abii from the Indians, but after bis arrival at Ranid City he went back a few miles for a st^v calf, and was found the next mornlns Vw? six bullets through him. The ohambers of b?s revolver were empty, and from s?mwI ances it is supposed that he put the las?^?u let tbrnogb his head, after having bceu shot hJX!,i Sdl'aw"1*' toaa fmU aUve lnto h?VMD<n tMeo P*M for month' ?!^r J romptroiier has had to lend tbe ccv tf, ree dollars to aecure tbe film# of tbo nec? sjirj papers in salts began a$aiust it by ear tain claimants for damages. y Mr O'Cohok Exoxeratsd ?Tbe com mittee appointed by the New York Bar as sociaUon in reference to the charge against Mr. Charles O'Conor of having charged Mrs rest exorbitant Uses la her dlvoree suit have agreed npon a report which completely exonerates Mr. O OooorT JjJJJJf, ^ W'iS ^TBUUnon FORTY-FOURTH CONGRESS. Fbidat, May ?>. SENATE.?The Cbalr laid before tbe Sen ate a communication signed by B. F. Haw kes, commander of tbe Department of the Potomac, Grand Army of tne Republic, inviting the Senate to participate In the ceremonies of L>eooration day, and that the day be declared a national holiday. Re ferred to tbe Committee on Military Affair*. Mr. West, from tbe Committee on Rail roads, submitted, wItb a written report and with amendments, tbe bill to create a sink ing fond for tbe liquidation of thegov.T.i ment hoeds advanced to tbe Central Pacific and Northern Pacific railroad companies. AUo, from tbe same committee, a new bill to create a sinking fund for tbe liquidation of tbe government bonds advance! to tbe Union Pacific railroad comnany, and for tbe settlement of tbe claims of the government on account of said bonds. Mr. Morrill (Me.), from tbe Committee on Appropriations, reported with numerous amendments tbe legislative, executive and judicial appropriation bill. Tbe naval approbation bill was referred to tbe Committee on Appropriations. Mr. Clayton Introduced bill to provide for the disposition of tbe military post at Fort Smith, Arkansas, for tbe erection of a peni tentiary for tbe confinement of U. S. prison ? er* and for other purposes. Referred to Com mittee on the Judiciary. Tbe Cbalr laid before the Senate Joint res olutions 01 tbe Connecticut legislature. a?k irg the retention of tbe New London navy yard. Referred to Committee on Naval Af fairs. Mr. Morrill, of Vermont, called up H>u*e bill to refund and remit certain duties to Peter Wrlgbt A- Sons, of Philadelphia Pa?sed. Mr. Bogy, from Committee on Private Land Claims, reported ravorably House bill directing tbe Commissioner of tbe General Land Office to Issue certificates of relocation for (40 acres of land in Missouri, to the legal representatives of Samuel Wire. Mr. Davis called up House bill making certain transfers of appropriations in the provisions for tbe contingent expenses oi the Department or Justice for the current year Passed. Tbe Senate tben suspended legislative business and proceeded to the consideration of the articles of impeachment against W W. Belknap, late Secretary of War. H0C8E OF REPHE8ENTATIVE9.?Mr. Cox (N. Y.) asked leave to offer a resolution directing the Secretary of War to inform the House what number or troops are in tbe southern states; wbere they are stationed: the arm or the service; and for what purpose they are there stationed. Objection was made, and the resolution was not entertained. Tne Speaker then proceeded to call oorn n lttees for reports of a private nature, aud a large number of private bills were reported and referred to tbe Committee or tbe whole. Most of them were Tor pensions and claims. Mr. Brown, (Ky.,) rrom the Committee of Claims, reported back the bill for tbe relief orG. B Luckett and E. H. Tyler and vetoed by tbe President and moved that the same pa?s, the President's veto to tbe contrary notwithstanding. The bill was passed, two tbird voting in tbe affirmative. Mr. Teese (N. J.) offered a resolution which was adopted declaring John P. Patterson, of New Jersey, doorkeeper of the Houseof Rep resentatives for the remainder of tbe 44th Congress. The oath of office was then ad ministered to Mr. Patterson by the Speaker. The Speaker laid before the House a mes sage from the President withholding hia ap proval rrom tbe bill to provide ror the re cording or deeds, mortgages and other Instru ments or writing in the District of Colum bia. Accompanying the message is a letter from tbe Attorney General advising the President not to approve it, because of the lndefintteness as to time when the deeds and mortgages and other instruments of writing shall take effect when they have not been rec* rded. The message was referred to the Judiciary Commlitee. The liooae then proceeded to the consider, atlonof the bill to ray the claims awarded by tbe Southern Claims Commission. C05RATION OP THE BALTIVOKt Cathedral ?The Cathedral or Baltimore wss formally consecrated yesterday, the firty-flltti anniversary of its dedication. The ceremonies, occupying six and a hair hours, began at 8:30 a. m. Tbe main features were Tbe rrooession, tbe knocking for admission, tbe bearing of relics to tbe sepulchre, aud ?rand high maas. This was tbe most Impos ing part of the services. Besides Archbishop Ba> ley there were present Bishop Gibbons, or Richmond; Arcubishop Wood, or Phila delphia; Domenec, of Allegheny City; Lynch, of Charleston, Gross, of Savannah: Fcley, of Chicago; Becker, of Wilmington: Corrlgan, of Newark, and McSeaton, ol Madison, N.J. The visiting bisbops took no part in tbe procession until tbe solemn high mass was about to commence. Then each of tbe bisbops were attended by two priests, tbe Archbishop of Baltimore and his deaconi of honor closing the procession, in whlcli there were, besides the prelates and priest* incense and cross-bearers, sanctuary boys In cassocks and surplices, and seminaries. Archbishop Bay ley celebrated solemn blgb mass, assisted by Revs. A. Magnien, P. Cba pelle, J. P. Debreuil, Curtis and Starr. Blsbop James Gibbons, of the diocese o( Richmond, preached tbe consecration ser mon. Of tbe clergy present besides tbo* taking part in tbe services, were Rev Fathers McManus. Malloy, Galtely, Ryan Foley, Bartley, Myers, Guttlniaai, "o? man, Lyman, Noonan, Jordan, Stanton Andrus, Petri, McCoy, Peiron, Dr. McClus ky, of 8t. Mary's college. Duggan, of Wood berry. and McCarty, or Washington. Arch blsbop Bayley. wbo sang tbe solemn blgti mass, though In very good health, looked jaded at the close of the services, three o'clock. He had rasted since midnight, ar teen hours. A Husba.hd'8 Madness.?He Shoo'* Hu Wife cmd Killt Himsel/.?John Calhoun, aged 28 years, formerly employed by MacDou* ij A Co., of Rochester, N. Y.. married a young woman named Christine Roodenburg about fonr years ago. After their marriage he was in.plicated in some business irregularity and fled to Canada. About six months ago his wife returned to Rochester and opened a hair store over *2 State street. Wednesday evening Calhoun came qiletiy Into town, visited ber rooms, and tr.ed to persuade her to return, when, she refused. he snot her in the back, the ball lodging In tbe lungs, lie then shot himself twice, dying alm<Mt in stantly. Charles J. Rood en nunc, a brother of Mrs. Calhoun, grappled with tbe murderer after be shot the woman, and though Cal houn abot at blm, he escaped unhurt. Comikg Back to Bother His Enemies. A remarkable suicide occurred near L >tils vilie, Ky , Monday night. J. R. B. Glass cook or Madison walked to tbe ran tail of the steamer Belle, wben in mid river, and sh<*t himself. His body fell lmo the stream aud before it could be recoverei sunk rrom sight. Giasseook was sixty years or age, and twen t>-five years a resident of Madison. He left a letter to bis wife, regretting the course, but stating that poverty compelled blm to leave tb Is world for another. Hi- complained bit terly of treatment rrom his son and others, and wished it understood that he was not craiy. In conclusion be aaid that if any thing of the kind is possible be will come back to this world and nay bis respects to some of his enemies wbo aaused bis ruin. ' ('AEKLBt'SXKh and pei.uriousoesa on the part or tbe managers In falling to provide prvper means of ventilation" i? the very plausible reason assigned for the terrible mine explosion in Virginia on Sunday, by which eight men were killed and sevei*l more maimed. These constantly-recurring tales of death and disaster call loudly for tbe better protection of the men wbo, even with all the precautions that setenoe can de vise, mast daily run risks to life and health in our subterranean treasure-booses. WnniDAT, May ??, Queen victoria completed ber fifty-seventh year. Sbe has reigned a few weeks lees than ttairty-o'ne years, during which sbe baa Del fourteen ministries. Qneen E"cabetn'a long and glo rious reign of forty-five years was not more tllrstrious, nor was she more truly loved by "ter good people." Hifpophagy still progresses in Paris. During tbe first quai ter of the present year tbe s mount or horse flash consumed by the Inhabitants of the city was 429,300 kilo gram mes, or about pounds?a marked Increase over the emisspoodlng period of last year. 97Tb* question of Wins low's extradition jato^be submitted to the court of quean's ?TThe Sottas at Constantinople have de manded Important rwifusalma from IheSul Telegram* to The Star. DEATH BY THE ROPE. TWO EXECUTIONS TO-DAY. PIPER HANGED IN BOSTON. FROST SWIX; IS KOKt ESTEB. ILLINOIS REPUBLICAN CONVENTION. What the Chicago Tribune Siys. ,HI 'J IAM1CIV* r.stcatlM of piMt TOW. May Jt> -TlMtucmiao of Tbm Wlormei ly ttxioo of m?> u'.Pr?-' avenue Baptut ct.urch, m piace at Uie t'barles (treat j*n thu mmii* Piper was convicted tut a rf^S?,: secou i trial for the raurJer of Mabei Yonn? -emu of ova Warren-avenue church. oo the .3d of M?V Ik.5. He stonily defiled bli rrimc before and after conviction, but on the :u? Ql this mouth, after a series of iku,. ?antaaaST acknowledged that he not <25 killed the cklld but murdered Bridget LanZ gran oo the 5th of December. u-mpud to kill a girl naroed| Mtr. rl.. <?mlWng oEhJr crime.. mX' rcend^uma,-1 theft. He attributed hi* teidencle* to the use of liquor aud narcotic* PIPES'* (XKILnm ?^p"iCSSi,^UKk?Sf J2S?S?? his pastor, Which wm abounn h*2 slept until rearly 4 this moraine famed lightly a .d passed the aaam veiling before the return of his spiritual ad" vleer In meditation aod prayer and while in the company of the latter' aaaalfcaWtS same wonderful cjolness that ha* chars*. teri/.ed hi* demeanor f,?r the Metrew?2? Boon after M o'clock be was<x,?ducied parlor of the sheriff's residence, wbVre b?j religious ceremonies were held, there betna present legal wltneases. physician* and re porters. During the ifrvlnw Piper occupied a Mat on a sofa, in a reclining pw.tiou He wgjreryj^e, ?wt manifested^no em, it lot,! exOept when reference was made in tne prayer to bis fkmil.v. a A DEtoaotH IIaK'.IKQ?ACCJlDtKa TO uosrui* IDEAS He was I hen escorted to the platform aa the last words of the exclamation --Ooi have mercy upon your mul" was uttered Tne choir having been removed a deputy sprung the trap, the body fell a distance or nearly eight feet, and afu>r spinning around violently "or ? few seconds remained perfectly motionless the fall caused instant death. Tne drop leli exactly at 10 41, aud after banging fifteen minutes the body was examined by physi cians and life pronoanoed extinct. The eze cutlon was conducted with great decorum and the crowd or several hundred which Oiled the galleries manifesting a deep appV^ elation of tne solemnities of ine event, (la t ?We of the Jail there was a mob of several hundred.who bailed the announcement of the execution with applaaae. Piper's fnne ral will be held at the residence ot his family private*00 Hl,blana'' and will be strictly Frost was executed this morning in this 2JLKL1* murder of bis wife's brother, franklin P. Towue. on July 4th, 1*7*, in Uie barn on tne farm owned by Towna. Frnet has stoutly mstntalned all alona that be killed Towue In self-defence, and bae been apparently Indifferent to bis fate, refusing all counsel or advice, and uatil W. *?15 *boul two has refuse 1 to be visited by a clergyman, since that time be has been visited oy C M. Lamson. but hae MOW* HO KtPBRTAXCK, and has been disposed to talk upon subjeete entirely foreign to the matter which hla spiritual adviser was trying to Impress upon his mind. Politics has bean his principal theme, and checkers his amusement. Tula morning Frost was calm and determined, and walked without aid to the scaffold. He made ro remarks. The fail was so great that the head of the unfortunate criminal was Jerked from bis body and hnng only by the ligaments, the blood spurting la every di rection over the scaffold and floor. FOBEIUH WEWS. A C N Vessel at laloalea. Londoh, May a*.?The D. s. ship Frank lin has arrived at Salon lea. Everything la quiet. The Franklin will remain a week. A Blelea Picture. Lohdoh May 26 ?A painting of the Ducbcss of Devonshire, by Ualnsboroucb recently purchased by a Arm of Bond street picture dealers for *52,500, was last night cut from the frame and stolen. r re ark Work new oi Their Digalty. Pakis, May ?At a meeting of delegates from 44 workmen's societies, it was decided not to accept the government's subvention for the expenses of the visit to tke Centennial exhibition at Philadelphia, subjeet to the condition that the government shall select the delegates. THE ILLIXOI* REPIBUCAI (OI. vninaa A Chicago Trlbnue Ktsleaeat A boat ?k Chicago, May X ?The Tribnne review ing the action or the republican state coo vent Ion of Illinois, says that while Uie Cin cinnati delegates were unanimously for Mr. Blaine, the convention packed a committee on resolutions which declared for the rag baby and the bloody shirt. e Fire. Tamaqca, Pa., May J6.-Early thia morn ii g a destructive Are broke out on Broad street. The flames originated in B Zimmer man's bakery, which was situated In the cel lar of the old Union Hotel. Tne hotel was entirely consumed aud the Ore spreading, partially destroyed Schwartz a Bros, store and Draper's shoe store; D. Rhstller's shoe store and Downltxer's furniture store i 1 ? i?sMi?mu "WJIW WVIV totajlv destroyed. Total loss la extlmated at ?*o,oou, tnimar^o, Kale of Nbsrt H orae. CHICAGO, May M.?The Durham Lawn herd of abort horns, owned by Col. Robert Holloway. of Alexis, ill., was sold at auc tion yesterday at Dexter Park. Buyers were present from all parts of the United Statee and Canada, and the bidding was spirited. Sixty five bead were sold, and a total of over *?".000 realised. The average price for eotra was and for bulla *814. BapUat Osaleaalal. IxiciBviLua, Kv? May j?i.-rhe Bapticto of Keutucky celebrated yesterday, the one hundredth anniversary of the first Baptist sermon preached in this state, with Inter eating ceremonies at the Walnut street church, in this city. The Kev. Wm. Hick man waa the first Baptist preacher here, and his first sermon waa delivered near Uarrode burg May is, 1776. The Mawsilsa as?sj New Okleahs. May j?,?a largo meeting of citizens interested in rice and sugar planting, was held last night In opposition to the Hawaiian treaty, a nommltiw wa< api?olnted to proceed to Wishing ton and urge the defeat of the treaty. a _ X BaLTIKoIB, Mar X ?Ooctoa dull ban. sss# aI^?JssrSS 'szjtjn ???*?? - 'ill sod am ?Hta, 60%SO; tfo. r?xlow, tOMsJO: V Cliit, saot.gMt bid Jaae.?lt>U Jmly Kallraad A eel deal. AI many. S. V., May 2tt.-Tne raat ma l train this morning jumped the track at Weat Albany. The fireman was killed and the eu -ineer fatally Itjured. The cam were thrown ve or six yard* from tke track. soMbsra gt -d tu do. least. Pork, Si as. gnlk wiaw ak inii r? desr rib lutse, W, laoet, Sell sackldiS' * kiutsr 4ail end lowar-wsstsra u, ?r?i?-l?e?, Ido Oae, - " * tot. OoCse doll sad n tkk 1U. Utotitf? ?b*?t, mjm; oors. lit J ??etu-wh?at,WA4?.aorii.MM. hsLTiau* P. Her at -Tirgini* mmm~' fo tome series,k>. West > irgtsU, 1A hts sixes, old, l Mies Homes, a young lady vears of ago, who lived InScaaaVt N c . committed suicide Iketi ing two ounces of laodaaas cause is a love affair, which terpoelUon of her family, tu her affection, at once reeortea aa rektml to ter*?"~-i-t her i In Ueorgia. RocheftHd^aaw^p ajpaa^i>?^5'vh<52I " ?? m ? ?mpuncjjB

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