Newspaper of Evening Star, May 26, 1876, Page 2

Newspaper of Evening Star dated May 26, 1876 Page 2
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EVENING STAR ! WASHINGTON: rrmtr *i?y 20. 1476. rBMBT m. KOT?m Mltor. Average Daily Circulation over being more than three lint en that of any other daily ifvj^er in Washington. The BUr f#r (be Hammer. Tcrioru leaving the ci!y may have TSI STAB tent to their CHktrrss by mail, pottage prepaLt for such r*riod of time as they may den re at H""*e of la cent* per week, SO coitsper month, ?1 73 for thres months, or ?s far nz months *? I** for the Hmm required **** in au eases accompany the order, other. *i*e the paper cannot be sent. ~ ? ys asfiffssrjB a UttSTmaL!*^ "e**o:i ?nd P*ld hi? biila like A ^7.We";,VPW U P?nur1oua John made ssg?'awwjkivor- 8 ambitious mmtyern without IlU!ed-*re we therefore to w.?r ?olp the manager who has large means but ^ *>oor Jac* Savllle, struggling od?* Tona<1 ,a an ernpty K ? decent mounting to bis ffyU??*"11 ??r re*pect?although he wms rorced to suspend with oar blil f jr al ZTZSS'ZS"'-?* John T '* dlsrsgard, cite* !vin2?i Sf7?ff 'J-1*' bat decency, ei en<ss Jack ha la love, a rever make l,*FrVhe?wor*ad ,0 hard to John T. is a tradesman, toll work itVei.*?? ,eM. P?mprehension of how^?>?*?rJ*L,i r ,ma11 account to him EtZmnt kI -.011 ,he ?tage, so the ba^^i box-ofllee shows a pleasant '??* epught to be an artist, and ?Ji*? , devotion in htm. John T. FiTST,? .HmT/ * vulgar showman. Bat ff** *?'? bills, and la a business man: %r?%?ZrJ?elUJmtk wouitJ n<>t ?blne back ot a cocnteror on change ? f Or/V/af. Our views differ so widely from D. *.'s 03 m*tter that discussion seems rather nnprofitab s.bat since he asks the question TSfyy V110 oar mlnd the fact that John T. Fort, of all managers here, U the only oce who baa succeeded (even in dull times) in filling his houses and paying his f?i '* indication that he really under stands bis bnsinew, and that be does not eater for the public In the wretched, repalslve way tb?. (y,ptlal would have us belleye# And ,proMlc enougn to prefer sturdy f. rward John T. Ford, who, com mends. without means, has by energy, ex ecutive cataclty, and fair dealing, placed f. "* flront nok ofhls Profession, to estih tl?, airy, Harold 8 ximpole style of Zn.T" r'y"" ">? ?? an all * ;iand sensibility, who part their bair in -)? middle, dress gorgeously, and dlsdair. t< trouble tbem?elves with the sor did cr .; ,.on puce matters of providing S-- ! ' nTt*rr<*tbelremployes,and pay lag U.tir? rintersand tradesmen. Performing ?rvni" "\h? P**10* and all that sort m?n ? K * c*? ** lert 10 lh? mere traies man and showman like Ford, it has no LhZ'h the bri,ht lexlcoa of tbe managers who *V,T * rever?Qce for the divine art, but ,T??; ! if enou?h. bave no other word than ^ lu ? ^neral way as tn L to a class, and have no disposition * unpleasant In regard to ?. ? ' ?U florifled by the Capital *? haviDg a aoul above buttons; but since ?bat p?i>er undertakes a c?jmparlson so raav\t0 Uie dl*advantage of Ford, we SIf 10 recorJ onr s*? mfrnu'd sssL-? z rrjsr^i P.., ?? ,mMp, ^ ???o* ?rttr ay t->ve been of the remarkable char acter oearnted by the Ctipitol. but the fact - 10 toV? b?eu "a,P?ct?J by out r^h ,?D ^e oont,man?ty. who so oddly rosh to see t ord'a sticks, and failed to visit a, ".v.foML ci.?,?. h;j; ?t?'j SZT,??. 6**oural pr?v-iW ^ business of manazin^ a JbrttnT'bMiIIi^17 ?ther bU8ine?' requires ' capacity, tact and indomlt r^ i *^er*y?acd we are surprised that a pa per like the Capital, that generally take? a ?brewd common sense view of matters ltae,/'Ulrougtl ?t? Pique against Ford, to encourage the contrary idea. Again the Capital says: __"Aad so he rushed into print and abn?M ospCTaonaliy, scolding like a very drab. Tne to "Sf DS ? wrinkle In jouiiS,* St* ?rtnkie^(dlm1,?l?,ieQ- ^?bad??n hiZZkZTJlZ ZJ??{pre-it Is craven personal P.'aeajfaardIsm; and as we have new iZ ' and delight In that able, live because It ia so free from this beset S&^t??iL^?55fR Journalism, we are sor l^r.sea to near the 4f or commend It." Iti^el|n Tldll??l mA Personal ^rds' aQd these we? Just so SL b^tm.JT10^ from Lhelr effectlve neae but making thit deduction to the full eat. It struck ue that they were exceedingly well put in the way of showing the Injustice and mlstakenness of the Capital's assaults upon him. And, talkingorpersonalities, it certainly ?i!|Ver SiT10* 119 Ul*1 they were all oa Ford'a Si dJ^1^er Wh? 8e9s Ule 0lpUal lQ one llaadecialaalng very properly against tie persona.iuee, and in the next flinging about such purases as -craven personal tolaekguaidism," ?no gentleman," "vulgar preArr^'? 4hC"' WlU 0110k ??mehow that Preacbins- and practice doa't agree. And considering that Oonn seems to count that Sunday lost that fluiaio bring a dozen scalns about the a.rof lnnocer t surprise he assumes when occasionally a victim who feels bis ^t!arr,LlghlenlngDn ,er lhe insinuating ^ ra'?hty scalper turns upon him with the first means of defence he can lay 2^2^ "J'*" ? Club' c!e?lver' or e^nnk Of quartx. To see Donn under these clrcum ?tannfe torn with indignant protest and ?boot. Hallo there: stop that! You're Wtung penpal! You're no gentleman!" 2-!lK^a.PUjr' ?' coarw> I)OQn may M 18 a sharp WMpon, but It is a tomahawk for all that and be must <'ij>ect people to use harsh lan guage sometimes wbeu they feel its edge. We wish all manner of success to the va rious theatrical enterprises mentioned by Sbe Capital as on foot tor the coming season Mad we doubt not the competition will be Wholesome all around. But, oh OtpUa! ? let tbem be managed by practical men. No y* msmagers far us please, with an im mense afflatus for the divine art, but no bust brains and no cash to pay the printer. During bis term In the 8enate Mr.Wright, of Iowa, has distinguished himself mainly by bis endeavor* to reduce the present pal try compensation of government clerks and Other federal officials. He now gives notice that be will call up and insist on the pas. ?age of tbe bill reducing the President's sal ary to ?35,060, notwithstanding the Presi dent's veto. It is exceedingly doubtful wbstber the bill will again pass the Senate. "When it passed the first time a large num ber of Senator* were absent, a jd It bad but a bare majority. Ti e Senate Committee on Post Offloes and l'okt Roads have carried oat the suggestion of The St as, that the franking privilege be restored to beads of bureaus and depart ?seats, and have Incorporated a provision to ihat affect In their bill reported yesterday. It was oclr necessary to point out the fact that the fovernment was actually losing money by the use of its own stamps, t-> con vince the committee of the propriety of glv lag the franking privilege to heals of bu ftaus and department*. Baltimore is to try steam on one of Its street railway lines, and the result of ths *xp*rlnr"tt is awaited with interest. It has *N?-fcei< sau?& ctorlly lu Urooklya, it Is ?Maxd. Mr. Dendee, tn hla reeolatlon of lnTeetige- | Hod as to the manner in which The Star got Ju 'ge Baokner's draft of a reporl npoi tbe District Government, states that we printed It ' as the report of ths committee." In this assertion Mr. Hendee lseutlrely mlt* taken, as be will see by reference to the pub lication In Thk Star It was bead-id "A Import Submitted to the Committee," and In the Introduction it wat stated that It "had been prepared by Chairman Buckner," and had ' been read to the committee and ordered to be printed;" In fact, oar state ment In regard to the proceeding Is pre. clstiy what Mr. Hendee says was the fact in the case. Also, In onr editorial reference to the publication It was said "Elsewhere will be found the report submitted by Chair man Buckner to the House Investigating Committee on the Conduct of the District Commissioners," and the remark was ap pended: *<it is doubtful, Indeed, if the ma jority of the committee will endorse the re commendations made " An income tax was tried in Ohio, but worked badly, and it was abolished. An efTort has lately been made to revive it. and the I'dlati a polls Journal takes the occasion to remark of the tax: "It had ?>een generally detiomced an in qnlsi tonal, offensive and oppressive. What ever ir>ay be urged in defence of the theirv 1 of ni Income tax, there was no (llffe ence of oplrlon that In practice it had no superior 1 in )bo work of harassing and annoying and ; do|nit positive Injury to ?ho?e subject to the Irrjnlsitorlsl demands of the officers charged with the execution of the law." This * as one of the various strong points of otjectlon made by the representative tax pajers of this District to the Neal ln roft*' tax-bill, in their interview with the 1 District Committ<e. The question whether so called spiritual mediums mnst take out a license for tbelr sear ces Is about to be decided in New York. The society for the reformation of Juvenile delinquents, which Is entitled to all theatri cal license fees and fees for legerdemain ana similar performances,have brought suit to compel Annie Eva Fay, the "spiritual medium,"to take out a Juggler's license for ber "seances,'' and*tbe case was set down for argument before Judge Larremore yester day, in the Supreme Court chambers. The defence intended to set up the plea that what is done is the work of "the spirits." It re mains to be seen in what light the court will look at the matter. The Scburz-Bryant political reformers, according to the New York correspondent of the Philadelphia Ledger, have In their mind's eye the following ticket:?For Pres. ldent, "William M. Evarts, of New York; for Vice Rresident, Benjamin H. Brlstow, of Kentucky. They propose to have a mass meeting la New York city, June6ib, in order to impart to the movement "a more expan sive popular influence than It has at present." ? ?<i?i ? The beer glass In use in America is de clared by the German visitors to the Centen nial to be a fraud. They denounce the size of the upside down hole in the beer glass, and the amount of froth bestowed. 187(5 CLOTHING. J876 Doh t PURCHABB UNTIL TOD EXAMINB that handsome tlbornf Case Belt for B13, for merly 815, at A. STBAUS'. A BEAUTIFUL WHITE M \RSEILLE9 VBST. piugle r.r double-breasted, for #ltO. at 1011 Pennsylvania avenue. HARD TIMES'? Purchaser* want to save miner, so lock at the #10 Worst'dSmt at A. STRAUS'. Light colored and riser dress FA NTS, MO different patterns, at 1011 Penn ?) ivamn avenue. THE OMENTAL SILK WORSTED SUIT for $10 is most dressy out this season, at A. BTRaLB'. PRINCE ALBERT FROCK COATS, wiih Veata to match, lienutiful pattern for 0U), at 1011 P< DL<j lvanla aveuue. The orbat buit or the beason-a Linen Duster, verv long aid nicely male, f*r ? 1, at A- bTRaUo_ ? The dellibarre PLAID CA98 sdit re snced to #11, at 1011 PeonnylvaHa avtnue. 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Children's Bhvs, M cents and upwarAs. Ladles' Slippers, 71 cents. #1 and upwarda Lad lea' Bewporta #1 B aad f ISO; RntlM^o., #110 to #S. Men's^and B^vfcaw 1914 and ltlB Pennsylvania avenue, ?yM-tr between 1Mb and Btt sti seta. SPECIAL BOT 10B -Parties having Special O Ispm?a?t Tases to pay,can obtau laforss atlwn which will be of pec a alary benefit to tfctm by addressing or eaillna ap->n tbe naderslgned mrM Si' CHRIS. BDIE. l?lft Pa av. a.w. MOTICB TO OBBD1TOBB -Tbe creditors at 1. THOM AS DAVIS, heretofore trading In BalU mere and In Georgetown, h C , as I. THOMAS DATIb A 0;?.. are hereby notified thston theIPth April. UN, be execate* an aasignaeat at all bla property to tbe nndaralgned. in trust for tbe benefit of Ik cr*dti0fa. whether ladrbtad to tbsa la bla ' swn pr per name or tn tbe aanie under which be baa heretofore been trading, and that the said deed contuse n provision preferring thaae creditors who nball. wt'Mn niaaty Says frosn Its date, axacnU a rel*a?e of tbelr rrepectlve ?laims. The rel?a<e may bsese ?ta* is pesaon. cr by attorney, at the oBIca of tbe Trustee; or a biavk f'in will b* aant to rreet ?fe sbo wl-h it. * L SBbT BI P0HIE, Trus tee, Hi Lsaiagtca si, Baltisers. niWw is 3* WANTS. w ANTB?-A reilab.e FaENCH VU38B. at 1 395 K street m< 111 * IVilkTID?A ?<V<1 B^l-d Wtl' lH> Hid tit M'f 99 dose* 9FGLISH 8??\bE3\HB, (oil cn?? > ? Mr?MiLri8I.r?r oilier my?41*_ WA***P~A *OC?? M *" 'o l-arn 'he Phot - ?? g'-aphlc art App T ?t DILLOB'd ) ?) Pi i?p?i I'aala aT?i.a?. ssyls-s' WAMlD ? Good ('h^mtwnnaidt, CJ hrtm; good ilrua i >ls tn city ana Ka'Ktl In>n'im<nt Uffi1*. Bxw *4. N ; *>ks a >d t?irr?. Ofti~e. k wn m . cora?r TU at,d f ?trf ts FamiHee >gpslled ?t?h help. tnM 1 U/AKTID-i few C ihVaBSBKS for a w?U Ml - ?v itgartUle. Ap?lr. between 6 and 7 a clock r. m aid t abd 9 o'clock * m , at Bo. Tift 7tk str-et northw?t. my** ** It/ANTED-& few selact BOABDEB8, at a a? ?t 99 delightful country ?eat, one mle from ? l diers' Homo, car* pass the door. Inquire 919 M street northwest. miH4l BB/ANTBD?BALB8MBN?Two la WashiuKton, TT and three fur Maryland and Delaware. *??? notable aalary; b rtel and traveling k?*mn paid; ?lu.atlon permanent, rare chance for food man. All app'icaata eiswereo IT iUbi U ivclossd. Address Monitor Manmfecturlng Co.. Cincinnati. O. m?>-4t V17 ABTBP?By a wid >w lady of kick culture and VV refinement, who is practical, a POSITION to ?u perlater.d a gentleman ? house, votfd take ohargs of children, teaching thtm the English branchee witb innate and Freach Having had child rea of her ova. licont?'*nt and ei??fl?c*l; highest ref aretcei givan. Addr?t B. M , Star effloe, It %1/ANTBO-Tbree, f,ur. or five BOOM4. <,r TT HOUSE. for light honsekee,lug; northwes ; water In kitchen, or near; not particular f >r ga : ami be In a respectable locali; y. n??t to exceed 9 >4 p-r month: wilt engage to stay lor six months or a y?*r. rent In advance. If de?ired Addnmatnnit, BENlEB. Bo. 719 l?t stre?t oo'thre-t mr?6 It PARTS KB, either ladr or gentle M men, with 930 or 9 <'* caeb. In an int ilig?rce o<*ce. Acdress, Immediately, MIm B. V 8 . Port I'ffice, City mt2S 1.* \\Ta H l Bit?1?? a color* d man. a r ITH aTIOS a? ?T c.a hmtti ft w alt' r in a private family. Tu? best of ref? rencts clvt n Address "Isaac."91 3 G a' ree t terthweat. m- V> 3t* a c?r?-tul tenant, a tii?i<rvt * ' s'ze' Furrisfred HOl'-C in ihe norlhwest par lion of :h* city f ir the (iiniiier Month" rent must tie low: nnd >ubted r#ferenrea If required, A4dre? I J . B'ar office. with term? and loca l?n. re25 3t* \\7 iNTlli-Immediate"?kmsiiio to call who v ? d< sire go--d colored or white He|0, for the c'ty or country, aa I hare a large number oo band wi'h po4 d reftrerrsa Ikrvants can fia#good boo^ea at the Enrtka Kmp'oyment Offit*. 90T 1> ?tr**t. ni) 15 Jt* MBS L0PI3B 0. BUTliEB. * reepectabl? white vom?n, a TT SITUATION a* chambermaid, or waitress, or nurte, and to do plain towing, in aome resp^ctaMe feoilj; do objection to travel; b?a: of rof-Menv* fr- in pre sen eiLploier*. Address Box 15, Star of flce. myU 3t* \\JABTBD? Pnmlatet KOOM, by a single gna TT tlentan; aonthrrn expoatira, ontilde blinds,and located betwean the blocks bou jde?l bv H and L and lltli and 17th streets northwest. Address M. T , Star i ffico. m'14 3t* WANTED ?To go to the eoantry in New Bag TT l?i,d. ? COLOBKD WOMAN to da geaeral horsework. Call at lili H street northwest, be t*(cn the honra ot 9 and 11 a. m. Qooa city refer ep' r? required. my>4 St* %17AHTBP?Immediately?By a small family. TT Furnish'd DWELLING of eight or t>-n rooms, in a good location. Would not object to boar ling man and wlfa. Beat must be low. Beat of refer ences given and reqnlrsd BBBL8F0BD * MAIM, Agent, IE) ti it* 193 Pennsylvania aveone. WABTBD-YODNO MBN for taltroad and basiaeea purposes. Good salaries when trial! Aid. Telegraph, phonograph, banking; busiuess Instrnctlins sen' free. Address Bupt. Polytechnic Co., Baltimore, Md. my 14 lm WAHTBD - ABT HUMAN BBINO WITH TT BBAIBB can make ?6M a mouth selling oar l-eiter Copying Book. Any one that has a leiter to wri'e will bny it. No press or water nsed. Send fo circular. EXCILSIOB CO., 16 Tribune Build ing. Chicago, 111. mayl-lm* \\*ANTED?CABPETS TO CL1AH at ilui'i TT Steam ??aits> Works, 490 Maine avenne, between and gth streets southwest. Calif d for and delivered wtthont charge. apll ly V4'ANTED?Oentlesnen to know that WILLIAM TT MOOBE. Merchant Tailor, 1011 Mew Tork avenue, maker a specialty at cutting garments to be di&? at home. novU-ly LOST AND FOUND. f OfeT?A Bussia Leather CABD CASE, contain I i ing about thirty six dollars and some postage atanips, either at the General Poet Office, in the h"{*e car between 7th and 6 b street*, or in the i o c'ick Alexandria train, on WedneMlay afternoon t>?ners name aerate lied on inner side or caae A li>snJ reward will be paid if left at C<>NOBES 81QNAL HOTEL, Capitol Hill. myM ?t* O '11 BkWABD?Stolen on Wednesday, May 17th, from 339 Pennvylvatia avenn?, by a party giving bis name aaHBNBY BDWABD.a ht.?CK LKaTIIEB VALISE, and afterward loet by him containing papers of no valne only to the fwLer. The above reward will be paid to any p ir ty rtturning the same to W D ALTON, 33*? Pcnn ityivanla avenue, on or before Wedne?da?, May 3 st, and no qnestions a*ked. myJ6 3t* BOARDING. ArBW V UBBISHED B00H9 can be had on reasonable terms, wl'h or wlthont board, 999 2d street northwest. ?H? entrance myM It* ?UiO/iKTbllP?Ki K KOUM": also, MNOLE a BOOMf, with BOABD, at 1336 1 street oppo I >ita Franklin P-iuare my25 6t* CCENTENNIAL -P*rties visiting Philadelphia J ran find yocd BOOMS and BOABD at No 9036 Ninth llih street, within short ride of Centennial grouLd* aLd places of ainntem -at. Terms, 91 8ti to 91 per day. |mlS3t*] MISS A D1GNEN. s JT OBOBOB BB^TAl BANT, 909 F at -Try " that excellent 1! ard. on'y ?91 per month. Mom quiet and attractive for ladiea shall be pleased. my 11-tjunel SINOLB LODG1BO BOOMS, HI cents per night, or from ?1 to ?3 per week; B'>ABD or MEaLS at reasonable ratea, at No. 4S9 Pennsylvania ava nae. apS-lm* PLEASANT BOOMS AMD OOOD BOABD can be obtained at 1009 Mary Laud avenue, at mod erate rat?, in a private family. mar 17 9w* COUNTRY BOARDING. /voUNTBT BOaBD -For Hummer and Fall?The V- moat beautiful and hea'thy residence in the vitiully of Washington,7 miles fiom the city, on Metropolitan Branch, B. A 0. B. B. Milk, Ice and Fruit in abundance. H?use open on Jane 1st. Ap ply at S09 11th street northwest It* f^OUMTKT BOABD.?^Two single gentlemen, or vy gentleipan and wife (wl bout children i, can se cure pleasant Boom, with Board, at Contee s Sta tion, Washington Branch B A o. B. B. For fall particulars call or address, with references. Mrs. AMELIA BBOWN. Coatee s P. O . Md. ml? 3t* BO.aBDINO PUB TBI SUMMBB OBB M1LB n rthof Fairfax O. 11. Apply to Justice B. O. WBAVEB,7f at.,oppo?lte Patent Office. mH 8t* SI M M kB BOABD?In a large house, pleaaait y located oa the Waahington and Ohio Ballrosd; tweat? minutes' walk to station. Terms low; refer ? t ces given and resulted. Addrass "BLOOMING DA LB, "Falls Church P. 0., Fairfax county. Va. myTSftT * IkESlBABLE COUBTBT BOABD?Largs rooms, I " large ? ai d, two miles from Snickerav ilie, at base PERSONAL. I^IVOBCES legally and quietly obtained for In I ' ccmpailblllti, Ac : re?idence uun- cesaary. Fee aft- r decree. A. UOODBIOH, P.O.Box I03T, Chicago. ni> U ti Mks. BH*CK?TT, _ Bvttntm nnd Test Mciivm, 1191 11th stre?t. between L and M. myW 2w* STBOLOGI9T-Mrs. DB. ELLIS, 1913 Pa. avenne. tells past, present and future, love and marriage, absent friend*, if dead or living, property lost or stolen, la asults ths result of all undertak it gs, where to go for success, happiness and health. Temie: Ladiea, Bl; Gents. $1 to 81- Office hours, | 9 a. ni. to 1 p. m inyM?eotr A B T B O L O O I . HABAXE BOM. This oelfbruted Lady Astrologlst and Hsallag Me dium can be consulted at No. 901 D street, corner of td northweet. She has no superior In delineating tho Past, Preeent and Future. In love or bntiness her advice Is invaluable, describing your friends, painting out yonr enemies, and informing you of the sure way u> sueeeas in all undertakings. Con sultation strictly confidential. Ladies. SI; gentia xn, Bl W. aapl-ly PRIME OLD CUEESE, *? fcCITABLE FOB BBSTACBANTS, FOH SALE CHKAf. BABBOil dk HAULTOM. WHOLBSALB G BOG BBS, bi)S3 6t bST. '39 ALd '41 Louisiana ava. BTB GLASHKBANDSPEOTAOLBS^^ 'in great variety. A larg* stock o.^CT ?.CHkS and JBWBLBT. Special attention paid to repairing fine Watches anj Jewelry. H^r Work made to order, at PBIBOB A GOLD SMITH'S, 9IT Pennsylvania avenue. myl9-l? [^UMBXBI LUMBER! mBMAT MMDDVTIOX IB FMUUMl A"' _ C~",c WKFOSt QATU.A TATM. sod rohslslloD, I found to be F F FOR RENT AND PALE. FOB BBST?HOUSE 144* I'^or.n "TMt A Mly lollop*! "trwl northwest. m' Kit* L.OB BtBT?A eais'l. nea? H<?C?* -ti *?' r (Mr 14th nofb'Mt. KISSKI'T 3 R el 1st*'* Office, 1Mb !?:??. milt St* P>B BEST-HOUSE 31S B etreet northwest. U t ii d cold wa er A rp(y on the p e iHm. or it 611> B etreet tier' hwe-?i myM ?t* F)B BBNT-A nlc? SUITE OF r UBBI?dBD k03MB, oa KCJDd floor, >l i?3 l b itr-?t pcrtbweet. m<M St* OB BkNT? furtit?bed HOUSE. ill r?S?; ?table end ??!'??; trout garden Iciiire af<?r 4 o'clict. it Bo I6?0 7ib etreet tftrtbwwt m*t<-3i* ?*OR BBBT?For ike Summer?a firuifb?d BOUSB; bob ia?l rent. Apply at tt?e h ar office. nrMl' t^Ok BBBT? H'-a. iT aud 91 K iireet nor hatu; have all modern improvemaLte: eleven room*. Rant #90 per ntoulb myMSt THOO. E. WaGQiMAN. 519 rtbet. FJB BBBT?BBKK HOU8B HBO D ttmt northwest, nine rootr* ge> and water ? 40 par mo tb. Apply to BALDWIB BBUS , 100 Detreat northwest myMSt F)B BBBT?Second floor FRONT BOOMS, tar nlsbe*; water gas, Ac., on same fljor; saw bocee Term* moderate Apply at ouce, at ||.w Mb street Bor.hweat myM St* oTBBNT-A FBAMB HOUSE,six romae. m?'<+ ordet; water, sewerage and ee?ee<; No 1011 Sl*t street, convenient to new Waatarn Market. Bay Beat door. myM St* >B BBBT?A three atorr BbICK H0U8B. 1923 H etreet noyth*?et; nine roon-e. wa'e , *e? and Latrobe. Bant ?46 per month Apply Tar SO b etreet. tn<24 3t* I/OB REBT-HOUbS Bo. 1457 8 Mreet; eeven B room*: all modern itnp'ovements #30 par moBtb. Possession J tine 1st.. Injutre on er*-n1?"?. ori'lTMb s'rtet. a yM St* p'B BKNT-The new STORE RO~0H 'under ? McCauley'e Hall, i?09 Pennsylvania ?>>Dta east. Oepin 1 Hi 1 Good locality fo b -ot and ?h-e atere. test's famishing oi clothing store myM St* IPOB BENT?Three deligh'ful UntornUhM EOOMf. c joI and airy, and batb, Ac .< rent #20 ner montb )at 13*29 Pennsylvania avenue; eleo. a hatraomely Furnished PARLOR. Apply te Or. l?t KB. Dentist mvM 3i* fjM'R REN I ? tt Uih street northwest, sev eral Kurr i bitt ROOMS. anion* them a l?rge and p'easant Room anitabl* for two person*. Rent verv norierete. To a family without chtidren. an ei tire floor will be rented for light houask'-ep log mtM 3t* Fi'OR RENT OR hALE?0;a of the and mot cobtinient HOUSES i? the Di?tnc?, in thorough repair, with all modern improvem -uts, c< n a'ntBp twelve r<iim?; si u*tod corner 4'h aad O etteets eont beast M ill rent or sell low. Atpiy to L WM GU1NAN I), (23 Loolalana avenue north * ? -1 mi M lm 1/ R BkNT? Furui'hed ROOMS, amiable tor I toneekre^li g; eic ilent location. 1129 lith et re* t tiort h weet It} S5 St * 1,'OR BALI ? HOUeB.S rooms H0D8K I <f 6 rectn* for rent. Inquire at the cjrner of and C atreet* n?-rthea?t. my25 St* FOB BkNT?Nicely luriiUbed ple?a?ut ROOMS en rewoLBtle terms. Ho. 936 P atre*t oorth w< ot. myM-4t* Li^tiR RENT?HOUSE?No. 402, on 13'h street, r t etween 1> and B ?tr?et? north?r?st; 9U la al arce. Apply at Bo. 1304 >th at b.w. mySS It* Li'OK RENT?High and airy furniihed BOOBS, r nicely farnith'd, en anlte or alngle; mod?rti convenlecces; pontb front, with board: term* to anlt tbe tin,n Apply 1833 Patreet. myy-St* ^OB RBBT? feix comfortable Wrick HOl'BES,7 r iooma, gaf Bt.d water; oonrenient to market dear*. Ben* 020 per moa h. THOS B.WAQ. OA M A N, 519 7th a'reet. my2< St ir>OB BENT-Krom J une 1st, three deltghtfat r ronmuBlcatlog nnfnrnMhed BOOMS on flrst oor; water and gaa; an'table for bon?ek?ep)ng Atply at No. 14 1 atreet northwest. myS>-3t* 'OR REBT?Five or sit furnished BOOMS for hoaaekeeping; good location; acu'b front; new < me; newly furulabed; flae yard aad cellar: half .n?r? from etreet ca-a. 1421 Lat. mjS58t L'nK RBN I?One or two faroi^hee BOOMS, r cenimanic*tlEg; location the mott dealrabie In tbe city, eepeciai ? for the lummer. Termi reei~>n at'l?. Apply at 1321 K atreet n rthweat. miO 3t* IVOR RENT?At #10 each, two detigbtfol cool r PARLORS, ene aa bed room, bandaomely fur niibed; gaa, batb, watir cloaet 1519 9th atreet portbweat Uae of Piano allowed. myM-St* L^OB BBBT?A donble HOUSE. 12 room*; amth I weH corner of Louisiana avenn* and 6*h at ret; nrwly repainted and papered; can be rented aepv ra*e or entire. Entrance on both street*. Apply ?0*? 12th atreet northwest. tuySS St' I^i>R RENT? Por the anmiuer. newly farni?be1 HOUSE, 9 r?.o?s; modern improTembnts; n*e f Piano, to reliable adnits. at low or nominal rice. Apply at bonte No. 1214 12 b street north w??t. myM 3t ij^OR RENT?At 429 ltth atreet nortbweit, be r tween tbe Avenne and E etreet. tiro lanteim mnnlcaticg frokt and back ROOM1*, farnl>bed; eparate or tceether, <>a second floor; g?s- bath ro< m and water; cloaet on aame floor. mrSS 2t* I^UB RENT?1531 Columbia utreet; 8 rooaaa, wa'er, gao and b-ith room; 3 atorles; pre?* brick frrnt; 130 per month Itijnlre on ?h* premiss, or paint atrre 1217 B atreet. WM. BUTHBRruRD; myM-g;* Ij'OH BENT?Two RUOMS. furninheU or nnfur r ni?hed. one on first and one on aecoad fl >or: will retit a?parately; bou^e baa modern imrroi e nucta. Bef'rences exchanged. 1319 Vermont av<me Call betaeenBand 7 p. m. tnvlS at L/OR BBNT?No. 140?? S utreet northwest, be r tween 14th and lfi'h streets, two-atory pree* HKICK.7 rooms and b-kth roeiu; la'dern inifoTe met-ta; bay window: front anl bark yards; rent low. Ir.qnire on premUea, or N<>. 1T22 lith atreet, my??-6t* run BENT?A six ro w 11 )t??, Bo. 223 F I atieet nortbweat; water and gaa. Inqntr*- at 219. same square. myll St* fWB KEBT?To Gent linen?Two famished bOr MS;good location. Ictioire at atore aouth w*st corner ci 4th and B atreet* n w. myS4-3t* L"OR BBBT?Two commonicattng B'JOMS; third ? t-tory : with or without board; In a private fam Hr j) ptly at 13?? 11th atreet n. w. my2l 6t* L^i>R RENT?A *err desirable Famished PRI T VATB BESIOEBCB, or a choice Suite of Kur t iebed Rocn.8. 1229 N atreet, sear the corner of lith atiret. myS4 3t* I^OR BENT?A small famished Brick HOD8B. r for #S0. to a family without children; has all tnpdeiB improvemei ts Ioqnire at tbe premises >f er?ptn 1107 S street b, w. aySl 3t* ^OR RENT?For three montin from June 1st?A - roc|. pleasant, furnished aix room Frame BOUSB; rent OM per month t? a careful tenant. Inquire at No. 190? R atreet n. w. myS4 St' I>OK RBNT?CuUBTRl RBB1UBB0E. north of Falrtax O. H ; gardes full and fruit of all ktrds la abundance. Apply to Juetioe B. C VI E A VEB. 7th atreet,oppoatte Patent "ffl ^e. mSt S* LHiR BBBT?No. 17 K. atreet a. e: modern im 17 trovementa; la good order; rent OSO. F. W. MILLER * 00 , BiyS4-St Bo. 915 F street n w. l/OR RENT?Some nicely furnished FRONT r ROOMe: will rent low to a (cod tenant. Also, some Vlnale Rooms, with betrd for ?M per mo la .inire at 117 11th atreet a. w. ?iM Si* li^OR BEBT?Lower half < unfurnished lof a four r etory RR1CK, cool and airy; all the improve trents; nice back yard. Also, two beautifully Fur aighed BOOMS. 1005 9th street n w. myll 3t* F'< K BENT?HOCSBconveniently located, with modern impro^ementa. Alao 'a Piano aad Hew ing Machine for aal? cheap. For particaiara apply to B. % BOB, corner of 0 and Sd streets northwest, grocery store, or at 415 New Jereey ave mrS4-3t* ^OR RENT?Handsomely Famished ROO MS F private family; modem coiiTtbWacea; aouth fror.t; cool for aomtuer; near three lines of cars; with or without tirat class Board. Inquire 941 M atreet. my24 St* Li R RENT?One new three story Brick H0l'4I, .T containing nice rooms, batb-room, concrete cellar acd all modern lmarorements; Ho 62U21d atreet a.w. Inquire at tbe comer, or 403 7th at. B. w. The chariot running to tbe hoaae. my24 Sw l^OR BENT?335 Mlaaoarl avenue?A ^-Br-atorr I Prick HOUSB. containing thirteen rooms, with all modem improvementa and aouthem exposure. Apply to Mrs. M. H. STBVEHS, 33T C atreet a.. w B?y?4 flt* L^OR BBNT?A urw two story BOUSB; just On t isbed 6 large rooms, bigh oeiliags;intldegrained and varnished; Potomac water in kitchen and bath room; large garden aud nme fruit trees, aufficlent for sbade: on 3d atreet northwest, between y and B atreeta? Ho. Ib21. Apply tor key next door. m!4 3* F"'OB RENT-HOUSE No. 1242 New Jeraer avenue, between M and N atreeta aorthceat; containing eight rooma, with range aad latrobe atevta. batb room, hot aad cold water; ex xllsbt la cation, lauulre at store eouthweat corner 4th and B atreeta b. w. mySt 61* F'OR BANT?A very desirable Brick HOUSB of eigbt rooma. with gaa aad water aad front yard; No 149 Washington street, Oaorget^wn; rent #30 B:r month. Apply to DAVID JACKSON. Orooer, lidKeatreet, Georgetown, or toO. B. JEWBLL, 949 K atreet. WasbiagtoB. B?vS4 >t* ? T<0R BBBT?Tbe very desirable HOOSB No. a b20 L atreet nortbweat. coatniulag 7 rooma, bavlag callar, water, raa. bath aBd all tbe mode cm la.proven.e^ta; rent #35 per month; r>o >maieuda tior a required. Apply THUS. B. PBB1CB8 61S L atreet a w. myS4 4t* Li^OR RENT?That new ard commodioas tbree a story Iron-fioat WABBBOU8B, Bo. 313 Ml atrret, thtee doers aorikof Pennsylvania avenue, with Bates'patent elevator, gae, water, Ac., aU 1b complete order; taimt moder^e ^ A^|ly to^ my 24 lm Natloial BaakBeiwbUc L^OK RBBT?Moet desirable location Ib tbe city r fur private or ba?lBeas norpoera? Fiae large ROOMS, alagle or en mite: Sd and Sd story?eoraer Fa avenue aad fth street M. WILLI AH. myM-lm IVOB BBBT?Foar vary large, airy, farniihed " BOOMS: aewty papered and painted; ue of par lor and stable. If reqtuted; with or withoat board. Apply laidKa raM. myMSt* CM>R BBBT?Bew BOD8B of six ro ms, with r water 1b yard, fruit treee, IS OM Met of tardea gro?nd;oa D atieet, between 11th and 1Mb atreeta F?i e> Btheeat: # 20 a moath to a good tea a at. laqulra of DB. WHITE, 1410 Pa. B*e.,oppoaitt Willard'e Hotel. mySS M EpOB BBBT?B*ght rooa Brick HOUSB, Be. r lftis ltth etreet aortfeweet. laqnlre of J. F. OBBBB.Bo. 1580U batrsetB. w7 ayB It* F>B BBBT?BOOMS smIUbU for a dentist, la qalreat D1LLOHB OALLXBT, l?8t? Peaa aylvanla aveaae. MaySS-lw BBHT?HOUSB BIS 4* street aorthweet, ir Peuanivaaia aveaae, all modera ins seats; M rooaae, aad filled with lodgers: ran chaane tor good tenant, cheap rest. mytS M POB BBBT?For foar naoathe?Ooaatry BBAT at firoad Ban Btatloa, Ta., faraiebed hoaae. expoeare, oa Capitol H>U aad I liaeef <ear*. iSevoapa oaa> Vytt-Sw" FOR RENT AND SALE. For Ki.vr-o?? <t u>e o?t ?j-?ir?bv sen HIK BE91PENOEB In the Uw?r Falter. The houee ia?urronnd?d vita b*?mifol sl?*l- treee er.d kM ? lawn ef ab mt t?a ac? ee. and l*ra?? garden M*cM t? It: tiio <?rilts? t??<? ?t?l'l*,?u4 tc? bon?e lull cf lea. It to e*t-,a?wd c?-*r and ' ?r<->n Barings. The house Is i?rs-? and airr. It h?s two wide and lot>g f rt:c?< It t? almlra^ly adap'ed a? a alace of snmm r r*??rt it ti airily fnriii-b<<J Term* m'deiate App'.y to CJ CO W. WAkD. Winch- ster, Ya. mt)t'mS;' frOB BKHt-A ,.>w Hut ?* N<> lot B r rrwi ki h*a<t. W? rinni ar?d all ai)t?n im |i?T?mriti Ingotre 800 Mb street s. a mil tw* BBNT-OJVi, Y?40 PSK MO?TH-Tb? 1 three story B*11K HO08E, No 81 3* F stn<et Dorliwf"-; haa ten roums, water, gas and navl-"-* InrrovraMBU A||It imi Aoor. ?;!) 7i* F-OB BEWT-HuCSB No 9 18. oa F ?tmt. be tween fib and K)th. containing aeTenteen room* and ba< b-rex an wtta modern Improvements; **coad flo< r rottalnlna five targe rooms, an (table(oroffinaa. Inquire Mo. 403 7ta street eorthsreet. ???>? FOB BENT-A two atory BBICK HOUSE, con talrltig nlr.a rooms situated on 13th street, he twean M and II s?ree4? aottbwert, ctntatalog all sscdera improvt meat*. Inquire at 1103 II etreat oort bwrst m?30 lm POK BENT?A fix ro.m BBICK B0VSE, p'.eas r antly located, water, Ac iwt.hla two squares of 7tb and lib e.r*?t csrs. Beat IV *?r month. Inquire of B. A.BACON. eorner of 4K and V streets ?outbweet. my JO la L'Ofc KBNT ?911 B street northweat, larg? fenr r ston BBl OB, garden and staM* attar had; moritrn coaveniencee; face* aouth. Will be rented low to a aetmaneot teaant. Apply to OH *8 0 PCNUANB0N,9th and 1) streets my30 lw - FOB BALE-A HOrSB and OABPBN, at Bla dec-bv.rg Pepo*. B. aad O B B , live minute#' nalk ftom the station; good stable atd carriage h nee; fruit treea and shrubbery. Will oe ? .Id on ea?j ttrme or traded for nrnncumbered city prop eft*. A eply to J . W. SCOTT, Ko. 1533 Sfb street tortbweat. nij ]i-lm* LHlh KALE OB KXCHAMIf-SjJ ACBlCS.sittT ? ated lu M Tita-mery count*, coutaiolng ten r om b^ns" a> d barn; 14 arrea in choice fruit; f*rm In bit b state of cultivation and worthy of atten'lni tf |>nrctasera Half ca?h a> d ba'ance in city prop erty. PAfcCELG PAKKEB, Kcal Estata Ag-tit, Wo. 339 4H street northweat. my2u-4l* L'OB BBHT ABD SALE-One large three story I aid Baeameut BKICK HOC**. No. 131 A street n<nb<aat. anitalde for a pi irate boarding* h u?e. nfar th'< Opit Atao, for 8*|e?a srii%ll FBAHB HOI' (tb alreet ijii'b?ait; c >n*e nient to Eaat Capitol atreet. In mire of AMOS B ONT, Jnttlce ot tlia Peace and Cuntei ancr. No. 183 A atreit north*a?t. Capitol Bill. mtti 7t* 1/OH BENT?No. 10 Grant place, el >r?n rooms; I fro. No. 1913 1 ?tr*-et north* est. eight ttuss. fnrnlshad; 960. ?84 1st atr< et sont beast nine rooms; 308 7;h street sonth?(Ht, ten room*; gt*). 37 7th street southwest, nine rooms: g.V). 1443 T strnet norlba ert, six rcoms; B23. 1 4 3 t Q rroet northwest, sixteen rooms; B7& 816 Delaware aven?<e nortbeaat, sixteen rooms: HV) 1114 *4 ?tiaettjo tlivreat.nlnerooma; (79. K. W. MILLER A CO . 91.1 T atrtet cortnw-at. uit?-4t F'OB BINT?A p1ca*ant a?ven room COTTAtjB. vltfa ten acres of ground, o-e and half miles frctb clti llmlta. Oood stable and ont buildings on Blademburg road. Address"Karm," Star office, mt 19 )m' fB^OK BKNT?SMALL VAHS1-11 Acrcs-nearthU city; plenty of fruit; six room bonse Locatijn p? rfec'ly liaaltby. B A. PBlLLIPd, my 18 lm 60 3 18:h street. t'( B BENT?1536 I atrt?t. near the Arlington Hotel; large and well furnished BOOMS on 4th fleer suitable tor gentli men. tnyW im K^UB BEBT-BOUSV 8207 B ?tr?-l. I Poaseaslon J one 1st. Apply to ?.TUMBLE, niTl7-Sw 614 13ib street. LXiB BENT?Tbree-atury BBICK BOCBB.with r back build!Ag; Bo 8104, on I street, batween Slat and 23d sta. Inquire at No. 8134 Penna ava nee Price, St6 per month. myl3 tjunel* FfoB BALE?7B A HE DWBLLINO, 7 iooir?, ball, cellar, suniui-r kitchen, ba.h. gaa water elnaet. bay window, Ac.; near l4tb at. cars- 1421 Pit-ice Place, between 8 and T sto. m> II lw* F'OB KENT?UnfarnlsbeJ BOOMS, en suite or sltgle, pleasantly located far summer: new horse, with modern conreniencaa, ona aquare fiom cara. Apply 1134 13th street. null 3a* FOB BALI?A dow and handsome DWELLING, 10 rorma, a few minutea' walk cf Belay; admira bly suited to any one doing buainesa In Washington. Teinis unusually easy. Apply to J. P. BIOBABDBOH, myll lm* Old Hotel, Belay, B. A 0 B. B. F'OK BKN1?BOOMS, furnished and nnfurnish ed. in all parta of th? city, trom B3 to B1<J0 per month. Apply at D0B8BT'B BOOM AOENOT, Ho. 930 P atieat northweat. ayU>-lm* L^K BALE?At a great bargain, LOT MxlLS on r Ihh street cortheaat, between B and C, close to street care; would mak? thr?? gooi buildinr lou. bM ALL WOOD a MOBRISUN, r;. loin 615 7th atreet. L'OH BENT?An eleaant aeven rojm preesed I brick DW ALL1BQ; bath room, gas, water, b<tll, Ac ; d*alrable cetghborhocd #'*) per month. Key a; S>33 P itreet n w. K. A. PB1LLIP8, 603 Uto airett n. my 10 1 in FOB BEST?A large and elegant BUCSE ?ith at.ble, and side lota attached, on l?t at. north ea*t. iiuni'diately north of Capitol grounds. Will be rent< d fot %7t per month. B 'use open from 3 to 6o?clrckp.m. Inquire of T. GALLIOlN, 50? KMi street r.ottbweat. mylC Uf f^OB SALE OB EXCHANGE?Por city property, ''Anglccurt" FaBH of 115 acrca, highly im Jrovf d, with fine orchard of imported fruit trees, willing house and barn; situated on New Cut B >ad, one trile from lna*ne Asyluin. Inquire of E. J H OB, No. 930 17th street northwest, between 1 a r.d K streets. my8 lai* Li^C'K KENT?.^O ACBE8 of choice gardening r Land, 4 room Dwelling, Barn, Ac.; admirably adapted for a dairy: located at the first station out ?ide of the city on the Baltimore and Ohio raitroal; r<.-nt very r.iodtrate. J STANLEY JONES mS 2w L\'K Be NT OB 8 \LK?A HOUSE In the coun I try, five ni'lts from Washington, will be sold or exebatiged for ctty property, or rented furnished or nnfurnitbed. GO acres of Land, near Boldiera" Home, on the Point of Bocks Bailroad. Apply at 1534 1 street northwest. myft-lm P-TB~6ALE-B01'SB 1006 H street northwest eleven rooms, range, h.?t and cold watar in ted reemt, marble mantels, * vary modern convenience. Price #6Mt. Inqu re ot FBANK L1BBET, Lumber Merchant, miS lm Cor. 4th street and New York ara. CM)B BENT-BOOMS In all portions of the city, r Description and tarms given. Apply to B. r. FOBTBB, northwest corner 7th and O sta. my2-22t* L^OB BENT-A comfortable DWBLLIN 0,in r tboiough repair, centrally located. 935 E street; terms moderate to a reliable tenant. Apply to J. T GIVEN, wood yard. B/th, near E street. Bent #60. apSU lm L/OB SALE ?In the Country ? A comfortable i DWELLING of LI rooms, within five mlnntes walk of Ammendale, Baltimore and Ohio railroad, also, fine Building Bites; Boiling and Beautiful Tonntry; w,11 watered. Address DANIEL AM MEN.BeltsTllle.Md. ap!4 3m DOB SALE OB BXCBANGB POB CITY FBOP " EBTY?In Ellavilie, Prince George's county, Md.. SIXTEEN ACBES of LABD. with doable Frame Bouse, good water, an abundance of fruit treos, grapes, Ac.; high and healthy location; twelve minutea'walk to the BiattsTUIe depot, Baltimore and Ohio railroad. A photograph of the house can bo seen and further Information obtained from B B 6T1NEMETZ, 1337 Pa ave. marg Fob balk^boubes for Bao^oo, ????, #18,000, #14.000, #13.000, #10,000, #8 000,#7,500. #6 000, #6,000. #4m, #3,009. #1^00. Well located and on easy e rmi. B. J. BWBBT, oct?-tr 411 7U> street, |^EAL BSTATK BCLLET1]! THOB. E. WAflGAMAK, 419 Ttfe It, CEAN6KS MADI KVSBT WgD?iE?DAT &HS ;ATC*DAT. Brick Houset Jar Salt. 330 t st n. w., an mod. imps., 10 ra.? #10 J0C 323 A at s.e , all mod. Imps., 10 r*..._ 74#u0 3142 Penn. are. n. w . alt mod. Imps.. 14 rs. 6 ooo 1UM H st. n, w.,all mod Unas.. 11 rs 7.000 lB4 6ibst.n a*., all mod. imps , 13 re.... 7J0O 3acd s 3d st. ? e.,all mod. Imps . la ra. 7.600 104-101 E st. n. v., all mod. impa. 11 rs........... 7.*4) 109-lu D st n. w., all mod. Imps., 13 ra.?? 7.000 417 K at. n. w., ail mod. tmpe.. 10 re. ?? 4J40 Tnx> Story Brick ami Frame Houses/or Sale. 1461 6 st. n.w.(B H.), mod. Imps..7 rs? $<-l"0 427 G st. s.e. t r H ). mod. itLps.- 10 rs 3.<nu 1233 B st s e (F.H ) m-d. Imps.. 8 ra. 3 -00 466 N.J. ava. n w. (B.H.i, mod. Imps..7ra 3.400 3039 Let. n. w.,(B H.i. mod. tmp?.,4 rs I.soo 1980 8tb st. n.w (F.H ). mod. itaps., 8rs ]ji? 432 Qst n w ,(B H.) mod. impa. ,4 ra. 3.200 1314 Pa.aT s. e.,i F H ,) mod Impt., 7rs 3J00 Houses for It nit. 1033 Vermont are. n.w., an mod. impa., 11 r*._ #178 1714 H st.. u. w.. rum ? all mod. imaa., la rs. auo 409 M st. n, w., all mod. tmna , 13 rs loo 1213 B st. n. w.,fura. all mod impa . 14 rs 173 SIS 17tb st. n.w.. all mod. Imps , 13 ra 100 4<3 lltt st. n. w..all mod. imps., 14 rs 100 439 B st. n. w., all mcd. impa.. 10 rs. lou 1422 Pa. ara. n. w. all mod. Imps., 13 rs ...83.33 307 B st. a. w., all mod. imps.. 13 ra~ S3 S3 1991 I st. n. w? fnra.. all seed Imps . 11 rs.?KO 1314 M st. a. w . turn , all mod. Imps., 10 rs?- 74 0"r 18th and & sts. a. w.. all mod. impa., 13 rs. 40 >10 E st. n. w.. all mod. imps.. 10 ra. 40 3010 F St. n w., mod Imps.. M ra? 40 83 A st. s. a., all mod. Imps.. 10 rs.? 40 SI Bst.a.w., mod Imps. 10rs. ??40 163314th st. n.w ,nsod Imps ,a rs. 40 710 H at. a.w., mod. tmps., 10 ra ? 34 11 Kst.a.a..mod. imps.,Mrs 47SO st. a.w. mod. imps., 4 re? 181314th st. a. v.. mod. traps ,4 311 Ost s.a.mod. Imps * ' nu 1010 N. I. ara. s. a., mod. Imaa., M rs. 40 2S22 G st. a. w., asod. Imps., Irs. 34 1743 T at. n.w., mod. Imps , 1 ra... is 42 Gay at.. Georgetown, asod. Impa.. 4 rs? as 31134 at. ?. a., mod. Imps., 9 rs 44 484 G at. a. w.. mod. imps , 4 ra. m a tore, asod. impa., 3 3134 Pa. arS. ..... 3741 ( at. 1. w., mod. Impa , ? ra. ?r?Hst. a.w., mod.Impa., 7 rs,-.. 11M 34th at. a. v., asod. Imps , 8 1 6MBSt. a.a.,mod. Impa., 7 rs.... 443 B st. s. a , mod. Impa., 4 ra... 1414 fampsenat. a. w.,mod Imps., 7ra.._ 44 14044d at. n. w.?41*_~_??. , ... 18 144810th a. a. a., 8 ra 18 Cor. N Caaltol st. aad Boundary.4rs ..... 14 >4 at . bet. lit aad H. Oapitol ata.,saad. tm., t ra 14 Mtt-M44 4tliat.4. w.. watsr,4ra^?. 14 1444 4th at. a. w., water, 4 ra ? 17 1608 4that. a. w., watar. 4 ra Dor. 18th aad Maw York are. a w.,4 17141704 1744 Blgsa at. a.w., 4 ra. ana ^ ~ " - - J7W Biagsst.n. w.,4 re l8iaoJagat.a.w..4 ra.. Ml F at. a.w.,4 ra. Auction Sole. On MONDAY, Mar 99th. at 5 o"cloak p.m ,en the acamlaaa, Mo. UN 4th at. a. w., a 8-atory briak One aC HU44,1 af #843 8 ?ar a4at. Bar mm MoMa#. asyt tr BUSINESS C FIANCES. w L"AAT*I ~T? bi; f ? nhare. of MIIKI). f FILITaB ITBEBT BAlLtOAP ?T'? A H.D.OOOBB, J'.BUO - B,Ttl 31 ? r ?tr??. F?J BJO* "OH. ?Ma? . * ??'t?? bo?t?eB?, #? od lrc*tt w? I eatitot-h *????? fair t*rtne ard ntr? Will b< bargain Ad4re?a JOHSPOK. ?' m- .f F??iV?"Dmi?.'?BT ,^R* T" R x k tTu riV-^7?7W?! P*> ?? ?????*??? BB?? Vor.I?iLT. PiV f tbe b??C la to B4V,<5f?i4 A Abo"ft?!i *?r* ,TO, BT \ ?T Bfpfli CHS m * * BOBBBB, ?|3 nh? p'.V:. u" ""? A ?>???", Brf I11**8 UHABUB.-A r?r, fr. tonlty to i ffered to My oae wlib a bw bua ir.? d. Ila>> who*tah<? toNiUftr bu.tnZ. am it ft-rir.tloi.CM beobtalaed ?, b3I r street nVb W^1' BIT *4 Bt* fT"* 8*1 *~A J-Miiiifol ?wi .1 oirabto 10th Mrwti. ?|n? b?rfh?^."Lro<jrVi>,,^*^?ri?h "to W^14"lo ? ViMU F-'AjsTOArnuLSTHAfci l ?rs ^ Several Am LOTS on tvi C.pitoi etreff o?i7 aa-inareacdaba f , Mn*|n >a. k"7??'<2?'.i ? foot. ternii Tb* I. u fro?t iowV, abecton exact grad*. Ft*? Nation or for b.-2? Ciate iai?rox?ti)?rt t hi- (rend, ?t tie price prKt M.CHauuhMfi du? rm'. ?'?i4 101 M ? BnHHRK. ?H 7th t. ODD *AKTJIi fit K t' IY B YEi?--O0 prrper-y worth m r* thaa t?!ce i,fl?l?aB,<,ant" 1't?Ltl?*l< Byp!y to J. L . 8 ?r ??L nut' < ? *"* ??Haata?.i..N?d, r^nt rJil L *? ."m*; locat.oa ?.xc*l eot anl vlJi aSU^LV I ""I.**".1""* ?Ueu ia <n,-r ? I, tarts df I ToiS.fiftWJ!?f?Vj?V8,K45kS1f v; - m j .3 i id A aBi? fKl'lT r&Uf N'C\R P..a 1m- ?? faf, C*?j?Jigai~ j^of *" kir.di of ve^Mabl^ and fr' L wtth a n7.^TJ? R,!ir V "n k* ??* ' hl^ken hou* i u .!^l In B'^' tifcbure; airt of tbe fartu of Mr 'E4airt cn the pl?c?, of 01 "r* wm cbopp:w. A ^iVhoI!.!1^'? <'HAt.UB-r..r r?ut ?, ATw'thiVnU?^-" 'li f" D,'d"**"? "' ?* reatoa t< gather nr ?*p%rat?h . a? dwirai Lc^ ion best in cjt* f>r rriijetce or tor n-ntiog rortna Ftic* ad (emu low and eaav Id goireon tr*a ly ?tmmedUwly. mT?> lm I^XCBABGB OB g .LB.-Wi? ax-baa? for JC< \lMhlifton city PKOPEbT k a ?d? FAB* rf ? YrMOt ' I' Bailroad. nttr PatU<raon N J . large boc?? , good ont-bultdinga; plant; of froft" Inqnixa of B. M HALL. Krai A,ut' Aerut 7th ?Slf? T"St <"? Dr W. ti TAY ** >>9 K itwot cortbwfwt nri9?oiv* | N YSBTMINT * ?" FOE CJty of WathiDgtoB ?-;<?r Gold Bon<!?. !&?, ??- 3 K Bonda. gntru:e?<l by ? yl8 lot LBWig JQMlMwtx B opB^k>ra. F^ko^VAw08., **CHABaK rog CITT I WUI ?n of TJokIl,,vln? Waahlagtm Kcn* the flneat Ooa?trr K16IDIB0K8 In the lUte of MnjltDd, ?itn%tad V of a fcito aytith oC Hagwr^towa. ooatatntng 16 acre* J- Tfl S. 5 acres of vbicb are in OriMi. s m Fruit, the remniL<Ser in Grui lmnroved with a rfonV'lrifh ?li?l48 bf 32 fe?t? contninin* 11 nojMtVithiu nod water, end all aeoensarr oat conoitloi), tuch at btnbl*^ i>i '* ton<>'' Addr?Mi A. B Al' 1 LE3, a8, Oitizrna' Mau.naJ llauk, WaaLingt >n, my9 lm Tm.nJh*?. UOC18C8 ??* 8ALB-At raito Si T I Va.? on lone lime; near chnrchr** aid Isssss CblBiwji enrad. from |i to tttor no g*y apll Sin* l\| AMTKLS AT OOtiT, at " ~ WM. BOTH WILL'S. apL fe 113 u streol ajntbc<*st OOLL8TB1M a CO., kOAH AND COMMISSJOn ft H OK MRS OOBBBB l?lH_Ahl> D 8TBB*Tt? ' LOAHID or APVABCE8 MAl'B on Inia?n ?rof?rtr to anr acionut, aad tor ani tltte d* aired, on very r?Motiabl* urnu Also. Go<<lg aold on Ooirmitaion. Private Pale?Very Cbaiap?A large lot of Ca red^-owd tledge* at>d Comraiuiton 0?K>d?. n, * and hand ^very article fully warranted All ocalnaa atrlctly conOdentlal. Tba old eat and t tea Boat reliable boaaa in the IL. m*rl?tr j\|Q?BT TO LOAM. ? 4? ,000 to loan on choloe real trvm two to fl <M, at S a A few acma at 8 gar cent Biarll 850 tf?f?&& KBW&ft.St'S} . D w JOHN HICBLINO AOO., Brofc*". Broadway, B.Y. COAL AND WOOD. (JOAL AND JUKDUNa WOOD. Our stock of OOAL Is bow conalefe mkrBHna til the choice qnaiitiee, and lo which we ioTlte tSS attention of oonenmert. Onr PATUIT BCHDLED KINDLIBO WOOD, "1? *??"?. >? tb* beat it susvsia.'aiRsawu 9HMAF. BArm. 9LEAK. ITEPHESftOB ? BBO, . . MUi and Depot 7tb atraet Wharf, tot U ly Branch Ottoe 1818 Penpiylraala arencg BOOKS AND STATIONERy7 jysw BOOKS. . Bl>5uUI'lh?Prti;,Mr??ortr! Kllot> ">' 1; Cloth; ? .. ?r?e Minister, br %ntho*ir Trollop* P*P'ri'8 C*Bto. Btndiaa from Englaad and Iia^r' ty John Richard Ore^n,author of a*4Bhort Hi** tor, of the I,,.li?h Paopie ".LTi. B^?d of be lence and 1 ndoitry for Lv 6, by Prof &*i*nct*r ? 12mo.; cloth; #S Village Comtnani'ies miVHPUlfifffc bZ.h Benry. ? ?'??; #3.80^ Couta de Part* Hi?t >7y ?f tne UItU War in America; vol ii ; 8-to.: cloth, B3 40. J cat pnbliabed, and for *al- by BOHUI BRAN., BOOKSELLMRb AND STA710KAKS. ">glr 1>U PennaylTatla avenue. W JWorMUAZ*L' B' ?ntbor 01 w?a Wide ACB8AH: A Hew Begland LI'e Btndr fKf^s/?TS?og&'%rlg,y" hlm^f *8 by D* ?" "OODT. Baviaad. By ^r.r ?" wr?',tvhVHT.vA'.kT ^rruTURi ammuah ctclopb y.KtT^^Tn',w3,lni^1: ^an'tTZ.^ tbu great work will ba rappltod, in acatkSy laauSP ii^1 111 **?"" INSURANCE. OFFICE or The MutuAl Protection Fire Int. Oo. OF TH* DIfTBlCT OF COLUMBIA. (CHARTERED BT ACT OF COItllM,! 1??? FtnsaylvBQia avenue,(oppoalta 0.B. Traa'y.) ?.%tzat8Sy$w"?2ra? ? _ TBU8TBE8 ? JS.rtesi, st yrf W?. J.Slblty, M. W. Bnrcball. Jm.B. BatlUe. ?gj ~JW " ?craury a*4 tiwwror. JOU T. AEM?, D. W. IBT0BAB BMlfMMAL M8aD*A*C*lf AQMJfTB AMD !?> Droit Bvildim, mtwm at W aai gth i 'aya.*? hsks? FOR SALE. L^OI ?iLI-TH ICIUtltiWVi ? ATI* A V X PABATI'8, la r?4 Ijte. AaaO m MBN J PBUBIBBY BU?ri , Va4 l> Mmt. i^n,. ?:?flw4 rib *t? ayM M* UH,B 8 A LE- 4>d sJrK J F r aowe ?t|U*h tlart Q<>H?t,T -iV-^ Hit ?!>)? f<>( t . kliil Afd i?aN?;? Mr A.*>T CM dllr* him. i?|lr ??. 1 ill I UU ?. B.% m5*T.' L'OK Mill. T y*ar.atd, r tuk. IMH4 troe In a'l ws!m ? >idi fr?* fro* ti>* drt* < r kind and troa In a'l ban* > tU Tlce apirtwd, atyltab Bad t *?*?AcyV r. At*'. | mm> Mil k?*w Ml! H%J B?>*?. All la B?od ?r<?rV p? JfH' '* a wa<> ?*? ?oli'tk?r aae for it. T? be m? a* flil ? ? mot Lir*ry Stat laa. OMM. Mb Iti. ??V ? oriN ito?? f<>K?tuo>i*r-\d i dree* Hoi h?1 Otty P O myW *? ral fit* ? ?*? \ UKt< Mir DOB ?WHI_ . r _e?tenat*ti t?p PB ? TO*, I >k *:yl*. 1 "Il 1 *tr>et Mdiitnt DBOP ABMK'ii, 1? M. in Uk? *>>ld > rr> heap t' I |/OBSAL*-A = r orJer, will Ttb ?tmt I^OR 8 ALB?A llae MX of DOTBLB H ABBBBB r ?ilver ?oai<t*d. nearlr Ml i a?U p r^l ulMoctrr ku uu t* tb-an A|M tao? ah hiw>w>"-< a?B? KobbaTV ? At I I'trp B. t *o- Ut I ?? ^ r B.o'a rUKO. r <??<???. krx iw'lwra *er> ll.tle. AMiMllllO.NitBM 111 mil Bilti ?? P K BaLE bOhPB t??* rv_ ?>K ?i |>K MLI-A dark Ba> H<>B8E. IS h.U. * b<?b. ?t >iuii ai,o .?( ro 4 acti??a.| cM. kU4 (-atl*. ard (rrfcftlj mmiiI, tuM/iOV 1'""* Alen.nOMaetof HaBBSSTia JPIIP little uaed. lLvjulre at 1 KIM inrtk*-* Mltt.1t* |>ob~b*le-i? ? b< \ a bat ntiT- u a k o r Bi( K. MTATU ,M ?en*"<riti t nd A *trt<l? rorttw a*r my t! 4? -A ho* > nna H'1i?| Ml PruiH tl^bt bk). to bf eeen At ll>? Tlitk'i li a*f titbit, <r>m?r Jta %ud Hit* I not Ui*??t _ *|IH>* L'OK IALB-(IV> Nir rfltHMM?i tt(>K.i>K9. ? ?eli matched. 7 a ,d A ?< a>? ? , J . ? u I, ??(l t*?t, ?I?|, a tie *??! M.t>4< II A H MSt>. A4dria?U l* ,c nuiSn,'l at*. ?ou'hwrei. ??* lm I TaBBTiUEB. CAMAIAUtS, OiAAlAiilH - ' Tbe l?r(Ml and tou*i vaiiad aaa.Tt l ?M ? I late*t ?t? leof . Arrt**><*. Ci'ifM.V K ck>?iri, Jnsi>4'<M< P?r* PliwUwJ Jntgi TM. Top ? I<1 D- T 'P H'igcM* llw, w>?r*l An< K'Ound r<M>d FmwI ? ?r> i ?m? ?nd HoifiM M bAcdM P. H BCHMlTT fVl . n ?' 13 tf Bo SI V Mlb at . hot. ? tiid P ,? w. t/OB BAbB-tiUW 10 1UB TlHB. ? I huTccu kud ?? HPBINQ W AOOBS. ??1l? In tbr (H?t stTlc, ?Ub th^ Ktrtii. ?Iim4, T p m d K t r P'. OQIIB t r ?*!? unS r I'ttly pavieri'U. At tu nfw r?. i. rj.J 3? I'r.^?pr*t tt . ^otr?t>c? oe Briogr at., ???t ua? aavkft. 0?<orBoV>ws. D. C rnarg Bn* JA W E8 B PSi'HH J ACBiK'S W AOOBS >IW 0TOOK. I BOB A5D ?UKL.b?BBlB AX LBS OSS HOK5B, TWO HOU9B, TUbBI B0B9I AM) ronB HOB8B WAOOBM. Wt kltf * ld B aiidr?4s of tb?w Md tM ftMral oylnlon t* thMihtr trtifet ck?im u4 bcft W l|VII lb uw. 0. W. BrOBATH, labfl to (V>rn?r of Bu? m. ud 11 PROFESSIONAL. ALB KKT B NOKHR, ABCHITBOT. P )? ft MiritMrtL I tn HHTIS6, 1 too E 6*r<?4. | bbMit* rbT If I HAVE BEhrMIP PBACTICEf At 1110 r ktr??t Bortliweat. ' niTt lm J B r.lHBS. EUBAR^rV, ATTOKBUY AT LAW. Borth?Mt cor. Lb. b??. bx>4 Ttb *t . t?B 4, B|>3 3ni b whlmt'ii l?. O pc?wi? KIBI5IMKR. 1 J JUSTICE Of THE rmACB, ? o. BOVTtn Bt*B*t B of^OAlM UliltBd StAIM Patent OXcc. i d? Pmtr? Bmturn l*amrmu.) )AB'f If Wt I , TTI-R * BAKMKAH. ^ AHTlSTd. KKICHCO. PBOOBATITB and t^rrr dMrrtftloB Bf OBbAMKMTAL ABd PLAIB PALBT1&Q, 7*7 Ith itrtrl iorth*Mt. PPXCIBEB BO<iM. 710 E rrH Bortbv?Bl, )aa>l ?r ? ABBIKQTWW. 1> Q. *7 PIKfIT PUB TKBTH. bj 1?B. A S. PBaTT. OrAdu??eofzea f*ol'??f '?f I??r.tAl Pntforr. Atid ofT^^W B"?k MfdlcAl Colkp of 401 7tb ?ir~ i, ta<? aid*, corner of D Oaa ABd cbioroform n-^4 in eztTBrtiB* toetb Aacll-lr MEDICAL, <fcc. Db BrCKLEB JOBEB?Twenty fe?m' MBac! ei ce In WMB IiImmmb, lrr*??lArittM. CHa ri?B Tuun're? <? uaratlM ? ^?'.I'tactlon. -r o< cbBrc***. ho"ti??? conntrnfial B<m fur ?? 4 N . U??rd atre?t. Hmltltn.>ra. mt;a 'ii' DR. LBON. Tu ouit*i tvae..iA*? i m4 un't Ar.'lati* Larittf' Pttfin<i? in IA? Ol), BBS t? euBBOltad every TneadAy And t^A'iirdAy At Bo. *>40 U rtre^tlron Itol o'doofe All EmDAl* iJomplAlo'A Luickly cored Office And Eoaidaucc Bo 7HJ W. >? Uit'Ard rtreot. UA'timore tnyZ2-4t* |~AHlEt? M at t HBrilitBll ALLI CUb-ltf I * L)B BBOTIIEBd OA All IrntfuUrlUae ai.4 dt? t-AM? of a rLroi n . r d>-li<Air Mtare with the ??? >urAnce of relief; 904 1J ttrcet Mttbwid, OMJ>lt? BxitL- Lian my*4 I?* "^AT 11 F APTIOK ' ? A Boattlv* turf. ?1 p?r r A? tie. PrrpArtsI acooid? ud to tbeoricinAi t>rm ciA t> Dr. DArby. At I1B4W atruot. Cor. ef Pets ?)lTMiAAve. OonenliAUom free. b?I la* DK BOBEBTBOB, f'f>m BalHmori. CAA t? BOB ? lilted Bt 4B4 10th street AortBwaat, A*Arlr op r1?*f tbc Oa? Office, every blDVKM)A) n.; ATl'BOA V.frnoi B to V p In All DIaxw of CbBl rlnAry OrcBBA, Oonorrb.i a, OleM. Btrlctore, fr pfcille ud Bpermatorrh'va. Uturi of ftoBBorrbea recentlr contrActed cured lu 3 to 6 day*. Bypbiltiin All It* itama qBlckly cured, aad the poleon entirely arAdlCAted from tbe aretem, without tbe nae of aer :nry. Bp*rtuAtorrb?-A. broudbt ob by nc^an and Abone In yeoth, cauaInc loaa of Memory and tnaanl t) , ffeeerBl debility, orfAnlc weabneaa. !?>potency, Der?cn?lmtaHlitT,?)Tnpt >m? of coD?nn.pttoB, IB diireaOon, palpitAvloB or tbe heart, p?in? lu back, dneaa of al?bl or clddineaa. erti forebodlnct, eelf J ?:met. Ac . epe?<dl]y cor?d by newly diacorered rt-niediee. Ofnt]?-nx>n placlnc tb bhiIt? la Dr B *i bard mo rely apoa beiag actantiflCAllv Ml boa or ably treated Befera to the bleb baattMoolali whick be bow bold* tr..m tbe laadlnx pb>alrUi.? of BAlttaure Ofbce4)14 Wtb atraat aortbwaet, froa 8_to ?_?_ m. ttAr ?-1 y CARD.?To all who are anfferlnc from tb* I error* and luulacre l >na of yoata. aerrcna weaknea*. early d^cay. Inaa of mAritm id. Ac . I will eend a recipe that will core y n. rBEE OE CHABGB. ThU rreat reotedr wa* dieearorad by o mlaaiooary In Booth Amertaa. Bond a eelf addreaaatf ?avelon* to the Bey JOSEPH T INMAN. BtAtlon D. Bible Bona*. New Tcrfc city. matS tnAIAn PBEBCBIPTJOB FBBB BOB THB CPBEI V E Core of eeainal Weak?*?, U*t Hanb< v.. ard all dlaerder* broagbt aa by bBawtlwa *r *a AddTM* aepli m.w JJy Box BB?0 u?u MADAME BESTBLL. M. D., a tboroa?bly es parierced and acientific Ladie?' Pbt aiciac And Mldwtle ofB<yeats' practice, attend* ladiea at tbelr home*, or comfortable prIrate room*, carafal anra r aKtenoe, Ooriter of Bbara and Doaer ??re.u, BAltlnorr. BepU-ly PIANOS, Ac. BE BCHM1B0 B1BU (OOL1BB1) PIABO. Tbe *Ballest and tb* cbaapeat Bret tare PIABO ever made. O L WILD A ? - DKO . Bole Atento, 7X3 Ttt ?Ueet.t<t?ee??r33? G and B atreet* nortbweat 111*11 Pi a do* and all laatrtuaecta TL'SBD aad BB PA1BEP. feb? U HALLBT DA TIB I OO.l OBABD. BQDABB And UP1.1UHT P1ABOB for aioatbly ln*talmenU < olebrAted ror rlty And ew*Ma*M of to a* Bat Aceat. Bl J1 Mb atreet nortbwe INABEBCO.I WOULD BEMOWEBD PIABOB. and Uprtom, W1 Tb* favorite MoOaiamoB PUbo*. B ?bra ted Ortaaa.aaw atyle. Alao.a lArae_w|^ aaaortment of Piano* which bare been LMH nae a abort On*, for aal* aad r*nt at rwi'H ti l octlX ly 4*3 Utbrt .a few door* _ B. Pa. a*. MEN'S WEAR. SPUING GOODS. NEW STYLES FINE GOODS, TO MABB TO MBABCBB SUITS TO ORDER. ?B0B B34 0T. READY-MADE SUITS, FBOM fid OP. BBADT MADB SPRING OVERCOATS% ? IB OP.

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