Newspaper of Evening Star, May 27, 1876, Page 1

Newspaper of Evening Star dated May 27, 1876 Page 1
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47-NS. 7.229. WASHINGTON. D. C.. SATURDAY. MAY 27. 1876. TWO CENTS. > p m. by Re% T'l-'UNU MitcHBLL. U. D., ds'e I?tetotbeM.E General'Vnf-reoce It* THE EVENING STAR rriLHIEt DULY, Sunday* excepted, AT T11K STAR'BUILDINGS, rtustylraota cirnr 11U street, ?t the ?T?niug 8tar BewspApsr Oompsny, a. a. RAurrMANir, iwi. ? THE Eyrsrso STAB u ?rrrerf rrrrVrt '9 ?aj Ten Cents por week, w r orty lbor Cents per month. '?</*<? W rotiMrr, Two Cents wb. /-V mn^-pot.'^ prejxmt Blity Cents a taonUi; one yoor, ??>. Tbc Wkkklt htar-wtUuhtdon Fruity-* ?2 a ye?r, prMog* prepaid. MTAU. wubirrtpftoma imxaiot/'j in ruh<M. %j- RiUrx of (xtrer'ixing f*.cmiih*t on appi'trtttUm. SPECIAL NOTICES. nsm COLUMBIA TYPOGRAPHICAL UNION, ky No 101 An *4jturned ine?ti?g >f th-Union will be hfi.J in hs'l, 630 Penn?yl?aai* ??*BB?,THliIV?8ISO ?Ho'ctof*. It L. H. P4TTEBSON. R-*-. 9ec. f^tS* FOUNDRY OBI KJU. Uth and G mill ? L?/ ft?MHmTo-Borr"?,?i II 1 y m , k, IMT Or JlWITT.nt Ch'fU '. 8??H (fe?. It* 1K3? WaI'GH H K CHtBCH?Preaching To ?otro?,?ll? m. h*_ Rev. HiaRjp Sc<>TT; at > p. n g%te i r? tJRlVKU&bUT BKKVICIS-b'. (J. H. L-_ ; Kay will preoch in Tallmalge Hsll, To mot row, at 11 a m. So ?trvic* in the evening. Saaiay Bchc< 1 eta a. an. If HOl. T A PLAN I/, will oe.irer a rtis* I?vy ceursentb- D ctrin- < ef the N?-w (Aharon T m in.* it 11 a f At the Tom pie. on Nor'h 0?f Itol street. bf'wwn B ?m1 C itrwt< *>*t? ?ll fr-e. MKMOblAL. < Hl'RcH. >*'h ?tre*t Cir (I* ?Peats all free Rev J G B' tle*. pto i"r S. rvic*sat 11 a. m. Twilight aervke %t<p K. It* TwtirrB sruit is. k > m. ? 11^ ' HI l:' il. R-" U Kev k. II i lkr, of low*, will erta'.U To m.irow m ruing sod &i<bt. Service ol soig an. I pr*ue at 7j< p. m. It p^-3? < li tils ri Ad Cllt 11. Vermont ?vecu j. L^y tetaeenN and O stree's.?Preaching by tbe Mncr. t D. Powbr, at 11 a. m act 3 p. to Tt? . rt^nanceof taptisai administered after Eve tiai get' ices Seats fit* All wtlc-a* It* UNITARIAN SERYICB*-The Rev 0.0 L-i/ Caipiytir, of B<>?ton. Mix., Will pr^K "! lu tne Untarian Chatcb, corner of 6tn an<l I) ?*re?-f-. on 9?nda>, at 11 a n>. and 7:15 p. m. Sun.l?y frbcoitiam. It H ? KENlBiE M K CHt H'!U, JoH.? H. t-7 Ua-hifli., D D.. pa?t->r Ber a *??? Ieb, D. V-.e<ii r of the -Pitt.bnrg Ad*?c*t-, ?will preach Sunday. Hay IStta, at 11 a. m. Bev. Hr. frciniat Sp m 11 rut KTU 8T*K*T M. E. ^HOR'JH, pc nth* act ?9?bbaih. Xt W?h. 1*74, pre *ch its at 11 a m and at 8 p. m. by Rat. G. <?. BrsHlT, delegate to the Gt-nsral Conference trum Jlliaoto i.JTC ?Mi at ? B> It* |V^? >T PAUL * R?G LUTHERAN CHCR 'H, | IKry eorner Uth and H iu northwest ? 3ervic?? to morrow at 11 a m and 8 p. m. Preaching br tbe pastor. Rev. S. Doski All wtlcjin*. Seits free Xocr.g conrerta meeilcg t<>-nlght at 4 p.m. It* ? JISI SOK HJ/.lRRTH. Tilt K1MU Or Tdl JEW 8," J no , It) U.-*r at that title a I!*' Set ecttor coiuideratlon In theChii* tadrlpbttn gec!??ie To morrow, at 11a.m. in the Circuit Coatt room, (City Hall.l All Invited who are interested. N. B.?Thu Rccleeia will give fW) to any Clergyman or any ether pereon who will wr?.T?frcni the Bible that Jsens died to save ia ?oral K>ala<"' from "Hell " It* mr& THE CHDER81WN Rt>, deairtng t<> cl>ee their reeyecii'e Banks on TCR3DAT nest, the *Hh inatant, I'eccration Day, rein?*t that pa aer Mtcrma oa that day b? paid tie da> previon*. QB<' H. B WHirB. CaiMer National Metropolitan Bank. W. N. BOACH _ Caahier riti/?ns' Hatlooal Bank. U. E frrt-BY A CJ , H D. CWKI, J a . A CO., MILDLETuN A ? O., r B ATBTIS, Act a Caehier Gertnan American Bavlogi Bask, C A JAMES. Caahier Bank of Washington. j. a. Rurr. Caahier Metropolis Saving* Bank. CBAS. BRAPLEY. Caahier NeMooa! Bank cf the Republic. H. 0. SWaIN, ('??bier Second National Back. LEWIS JOHNSON A CJ., B. P. BNYDEB. Treannrer National Savings Ba^k. W. LAIRD. J* . Caebier Kaimers'aDd Mechanics' National Bank. Georc?*own, I). C. H W BARRETT It Ca?bier Georg*towu havings Bank, D 0. ?rss* AfTCCriON -The ENTIRE BTOOK of H. H- HEHPLtE. OPTICIAN. 4 5.1 Pean e.lvania avenue, BY ELY EYBNiNG ?t 1 >1 otk ct rnyMtr *. a. c. a . OPEN AIB MEETINGS Every Evening, at 3 o'c'ock, corn?r 7U? street ai4 Pennsy lvania avenna. SABBATH ArTERNOON SZRVICE IS LINCOLN HALL, At ;*h o'clock. Everybody iovrad. mv>ii tr r*t EBAL BtlLDiNG ASSOCIATION The frat asonthly rueettng of tbe FEDERAL BIILDI3G AMSOOUtl iN will beheld for th aaytr.ent of dots on MONDAY EVENING, Jans ate. 1*7(5. at Devi*' Hall, No. 615 7th street north weat at 7?* od<<k. B- < ka for snbaciiption ta stock f*barea one dulUr ta n are bow oper|a' tbe following places: Angnst Oeradoifl, Vice President, No. 190i 71h Street nerthvseat. lhrtflofs. Jca. R Eils- n No 7 11 ? s'reet northwest. J?ace*B. k'lward*. No. 4*tV Lcolamna avecne. ?. W Be hell. No. 311 Dstrset. Jut Barcard.City Hall M . P Oalian, No. 615 7th street northwest A. B. KeUy. ? ashiagton Gan Compan* Ortice. C. O. Dancans n. c&rner 9th a?d D atreets. Berna-d Kilniartln, Nj. *10 Now Hampshire av Henry Strastnrger, Hoe. 904 and 90t> 7th street ncrthweet. Ard al?. at tbecflicee of? John Joy Edecn, No. 711 G street c rthwert. < ha- B. Eraser, Bo. 4 76 Louisiana avenne. 0?>n Wm. Henry Browne, La av. aad 4H street. MiltonC. Barnard. No. 4**6 Lonisiiiaa avenne. JAMBS PBASBB. President. No. 617 G otreet northwest. V. 0 M1DDLKT0N. Secretary, Mftropolltao Bank. JOHN A. PBASCOTr. Treaa nrer, Rorm No. 66, Seontf Comptroller's Office. ?!>*> nast J9Jnael 3A5 1 li A ts ? 8 T. MILBt'RB'S SODA WATER ? ATCBAL SPR1HG WATERS on Dranght ICE-COLD TEA, CO> EEE and CHOOOLATB. 1440 rinuTLViiu Atbsci, apU tr near Wmart's fd"I W.WB1T&EER, Bwy trnurml Claim ?ai Ca.ertum i'tal. Vo. Tt J Uth street, near Treasary Department. District Claims, Pension and Bounty Claims, a cialty. apll BBRVOCS EXHAUSTION.-A Medical Essay, comprising aseriea of lectnree deLif ?red at RaAa's Museum of Anatomy, New Tork on the cause and car* of Premature Decline, show ag ladiepstably how loet health may be regained. ?Sorting a clear synopsis of the Impediments to warrlM". and tbe treatment of nervoae and phy?l col defclltty. being the reeult of B) yeara experience. Vrka.Vrstti Addrsaatne author,Dr. L. J. Eaha, ofllce sn l roaldence, 31 East 10th st , N T ap! 4m >1 D. 88E J? A OO., B ANEBRB. spM-tr 1480 f street OTBATPOBD VBBDALL, Bw7 4Loniaiana avenue, ian?-4tt A TTOHX2T A T- LA W. LEWIS JOHBSOB A OO., B A H K M ? 5. 110:* Strict ta I y Irani* Avsosm, Dealers ts 8ov?ros>?st and District Beetttitles Forolau Bachatge and Gold. eeplS ly 'BAM lib G. lOOBO, NOTARY PUBLIC, Oct 17 tl Orrct-Stab. BtiMiM. F.AI,EL.Mo?7e?^s Be. 1SBT Pivv<tl.ti!i]i ivum Ben sins Brazilian Pebble Spectacles deo7 ly Jatp f HE CHEAT ANODYNE AND NERVINE. BELT'S tTOMACH AND TONIC UlTTKRH. It Is an acfalllcg remedy for DYSPBPSIA and 1,1 V ER ICMPbAlflT ai.d every species of 1N 1>1GEST10N. lttsUieonly cnreiorSlCE HEAD ACHE. It never fails to relies* In MIASM %TI0 JTEVEBS. FBVEB an1 AGUE. COLIO. Ar. It ia st swift and Invar1*' - cure of tbe DEBILITT. REPRESSION, ai ' cADAOHB which follow 1 NDUB STIMI'L ? l N. It ??nne <2.ate:y all NEBV- I'SNEi-S a?.d rem-jres a!> cf a rig!-t's DISSIPATION It d-?* awav wi'n toe v.* if OPIATES ar.d to tboee addiete<t t<J ths I'PIl M HABIT it is a aieaaa-Jt *nd perfect s^t> ?tltcte. csrlng tl.e bad effects ol lliiaorsg aud de 0tro> ing all desire ioc it. Tc bt knd ai a*U Urttert. &? ( /or fmmrkUt. BEI T S B1TTBBS DBBOT. 13 Oatuden etreet Baltimore, Md ft ATI. TTLEK, Jr., WHOLESALE AGENT. mylJJttt* 19tn atreet, Wastilngton. D C. ooxa ?BL1VBRED TO ALL PASTS OV TUB U1TT AT THE SAMU KATB. Bew schedule?Poll looi of W buabste for ?] ?|. ??sailer tooda f centa per bvahet; tariage, ? canu. APPLY TO UVriCB OB WABHIBGTOB GASLIGHT OOM 41S Mth street sortSwset, 711 isi atrost sorthwest fr ts 110 BrM*s street, Georgetown. mart- lj EVENING STAR Washington News and Gossip, Thi President, accompanied by his son I lyases, went to Baltimore this morning ana will return this evening. THiAnoR!?iTOMiR4L did not return la*? evening from New York, as was expect ed, but will be back this evening. Confirmed?The Senate has confirmed the nomination of Seligman A- Br >s., to be financial agents of the 17. S. navy at London. Government Receipts To-day Inter nal revenue, 9418,?13 25; month to date, *11.72!> ,976.12; fiscal ye art to date, *n5,775 71?:27. Customs, S405,l*4 90; month to date, *in.276,t??>0.08; fiscal year to date, -*133,567, 1*lyssfs S Grant, Jr., private secreuiry to the President, who was admitted to the t>ar of the New York Supreme Court the other tfsy, returned here yesterday, but In terna to settle permanently in the city earned within a few months and practice his chosen profession. The a i, ask a Seal. Investigation.? Tf e sub committee of Ways and Means, wLo have been making an Investigation into the means used to obtain the lease of the Aiaska seal fisheries, have agreed to make a report completely exonerating Sec retary Boutwell, and confirming the lease. Naval orders?Lieut. Charles M. An thony, ordered to Newport. R.I., 1st Jane, for Instruction In torpedo service. 8urgeou Daniel McMurtrle. to do duty ou board the St. Louis, at League Island, Pa., 1st June next. Surgeon E. C. Ver Meulla, detached from duty at League island, Pa., 1st June next, and placed on waiting orders. The case of Jtdge Wylie.?The special committee appointed to make an inquiry Into the official conduct of Judge Wylle, held a short session this morning. Albert Urant, the petitioner, was present, with O. V ^Bar3^lt,.and Mr- Mull in, his counsel. Judge Wylle was also Id attendance. A number of papers were filed to show the re lations of Judge Wylle to the real estate af taken* Bryan. No oral testimony was National Banks-The Treasury now holds MH.ciS.SSO in bonds to secure national bark circulation, aud *18573,000 to secure public deposits. U. 8. bonds deposited for Circulation for the week ending to*4ay. ?1W.W0; U. S. bonds held for circulation withdrawn week ending today, <*120,000; national bank circulation now outstanding, ???31 813 305, of which amount *2,009,190 are gold notes. Receipts of national bank notes received for redemption for week ending May 20th. as compared with corresponding laal *ear: 1875' W,171,000; 1876, f5, The Impeachment Proceedings The discussion in the Senate yesterday on Jaris dlrtlon in the Belknap impeachment case was continued by Messrs. Saulsbury and Cc oper in favor thereof, and by Mr. Jones, of Florida, In opposition thereto. During the session, Mr. whyte, of Maryland, sub mitted an order, which wan not acted iiDon that the Senate should, after consideration! day v-oUi UP?U the question of jurisdiction, aud that each Senator should be permitted to file within seven davs there after his written opinion thereof, to be print ed with the proceedings lntheorder In which they may be delivered. Protection for Black Hills Emi <;kants.-ai the solicitation of Governor Thayer, who came here for the purpose of to Protect miners in the . '.? ? .l8?general Sherman has sent a elegram to General Sbeildan at Chicago statlr g that "the government is engaged in certain measures that will probably result In opening up the Black Rills countrv to oc cupation and settlement. Meantime indUns M ou.d not be allowed to scalp and kill aiv ^ ?mU are auUlorlzed to afford pro ection to all persons who are comiug a-7av or who are conveying food and stores for those alread y there." Newspaper correspondents as Wit NFs.sgn._Tnespecial committee investiga ting the charge made against Clerk Adams, ol the House of Representatives, this morn ^dA,cl,arge w- E- Curtis, or the Cbjcago Jn'er Ocean, who bad previously re hin?\h?t i8? e Congressman told Adams had been selling his pa tronage. * rack Rlcbardson, ol theBultl ,hiWVexamlneU as to where he re ?U MFnia n QP?n tie '-ase-i ^a^wA'.ssissKt Army Orders?Leave of absence for five months, with permission to go beyond the sea, is granted Captain J. K. Hyer. 18th in lantry, (Yorkvllle, 8. C.) Captain Win. H. hSg^i'g? lD.f*ntry,ia at bis own request relieved from duty at u,e Leaven worm iniil wiiT iPT'T; Kon Leavenworth, Kan., and H ! P/oper station. Surgeon Jos. K. Smith ana Assistant Surgeons J J A|(n2i#iV[h?*U? J" 8' Siiil0*? will proceed to ulri^n?l? tore present the medical de partment at the annual meeting of thn Medical Association"?? ? b e?S tnrii proximo, and will afterwards re turn to their proper stations. Leave of a>? ,?.ree mon,hs is granted Capt. C. C. MaeConnell, 5th artillery, (Key West, Fla.) Leave of absence foe four months, with per mission to go beyond the sea, is ^aoteJto The rill vetoed bt the President yesterday, providing for the recording of <'eeds, mortgages aud other conveyances af L^U^reiLe8.tale ,n tbe Dl?trlct of Colum titl i n.*.TVto repeal section 416 of the Re viled Statutes, relating to the District nf i vv. P^?d at me n%t JSSiwSe *$? ty-third congress, 1873 and 1874, and enacted in lieu thereof that "all deeds of trust mo^ gages, conveyances, covenants, agreemenu or any Instrument of writing which bv Pal' is entitled to be recorded In the office of the recorder ol deeds, shall lake effect and be va,id, as to creditors, aud as to subseotiant purchasers of valuable conslderatloS^ith out notice, from the time when such deed ? ?I t^u8,, roorlgage. conveyance, covV H' agreement, or Instrument In writing heen acknowledged, proved or certified, as the case may be, a;id delivered to the recorder of deeds for record, and from "*t time only; and the recorder of deeds shall note on each deed or other Instrument ?? -T. 1 required by law to be recorded, thetimeof the delivery of the same to nim to be recorded. That this act shall not be so construed as to affect any deed or other ln strument of writing heretofore recorded." The reason of the veto was that tne time fixed in the bill was too indefinite. What Ellison Doesn't Know Ahodt an Esvike,? K'inor H'ttr la your issue of lust evening, a statement was made that Representative Hewitt, of New York testi fied this morning, "that he had vUHeLon one occasion, the engine room of the House of Representatives, and he became satisfied LnVJ the CD^n??r. did not seem to know the difference between a high and lo* pressure engine," and somebody says that Mibseqnently, however, Ellison received a certificate from a board oi engineers, "th ?t > >W^8^POm.Pet*'U .to Perform ttie duties." bst board gave Llii.>^a a certificate th^t ':fk was an engineer? A week ago. the loves'igatlng committor dt*Wed that Elllso . m-, i?t^lxami?^^ L> his knowledge of tu. House engines, and. at the request of someb jdy,be was ailowad tl^ree or four days to prepare for the examt r a Ion which took place last Tuesday, when tue other engineers and the firemen were to give him, Ellison, an oppo? tnnlfy to explain to Mr. Woo J the character i l, s,n,Pi? form of an engine. Mr Wood con Id hardly take the resDoi Hbllify of acting as a toard of g ye Klllffon a certificate as an engineer' la 7'*^ ^f*bat u re^nlred, by the laws of 'the b^tore can receive a rf ^nn^ en^lne00?^1601 UUe Wben it may be too late, members of Con. *r?? may find out that thi peSm In chw ffi ?" U,e uoa*? aide of the Capi tol, should have some more knowledge of the profession of an engineer, than that acquired from books, and a few mouths ex perlenceat the CapitoL Justice. NEW PVHLICA TI03IS. How TO Writ* Litters. By J. Willis Westlake, A. M. Pnlladelphla: Sower, Pott* * Co. [Through Solomons A Cnap man and Richard Roberta.) An excellent manual of correspondence, showing the correct structure, composition, punctuation, formalities and uses of the various kinds or letters, notes, and cards. Louise Lateau; Her' Stigmas and jlcstasy. By Dr. Augustus Rohllng j Translated from the Herman. New York; Hlckey A- Co. [Through James Bellew-1 This Catholic tract gives the history of one Louise Lateau, born la Belgium In 1850, who, It Is claimed, ** is a living monument of the Passion of Christ, the stigmM of whose Pas sion she bears, having on her hea l marks of the crown of thorns,of the nails piercing the hands and feet, or the lance transfixing the side, of the marks of the cross ou the shoulders." ?Visitor's Guide to the Centennial Exhibition. Philadelphia: J. B. Lippin cott&Co. [Through C. C Pursell.] This is the authorized guide book for the exhibition, and supplies In compact form all needed information. A Short History ok Natural Science AND OP THE PROfiRr.Sd OF DISCOVERY from the Time of the Greeks to the pRihfNt Day. By Arabella B. Buckley. New York: D. Apple ton & Co. [Through Mohun Bros.] The object of this work Is to place before young and nnscientltlc people those main discoveries of scieuce which ought to be known by every educated person, and at the same time to Impart a living interest to the whole, by associating with each step in advance some history of the men who made if. The author, who shows much fituess for her task, was for many years secretary to the late Sir Charles Lyell. 1 lie Charge Against ttpeaker Kerr. The serious charge made against Speaker Kerr, that in 1866 be secured the appoint ment of an army officer, for which he took a pecuniary consideration, after careiJl in quiry through the bfst sources of lnforma tion within reach, develops the following in regard to the matter: ?The direct charge made is that A. P. Green, of New York city, was appointed a first lieutenant in the regular army In the summer of 136<>, on the recommendation or Speaker Kerr, atd that Kerr received *?i00 for Influencing President Johnson to make it. The state ment to corroborate the charge Is that G?een had served in the volunteer army daring the war as an officer in the 15th regiment of New York engineers. He was desirous aft?r its close to secure an appointment In the regu lar army. He came to Washington for the purpose and called on Lawrence Harney, a triend, who held a position as doorkeeper of the House of Representative*, having been appointed to the place ou the recommenda tion of Congressman Darling, of New York. Green made known his aspiration to Har ney. and the latter introduced the former to Mr. Keir, who then represented an Indiana district in Congress. Mr. Kerr interested himself in Green and secured his appoint ment. On the day of his nomination ne paid *r,oo to Harney, whlsh Harney says he paid to Mr. Kerr. The story of the charge and its statement fot out in this way. When Congressman idrllng was appointed appraiser of inerchan I dise In New York city he gave Harney a subordinate position In his office. A number of weeks ago Harney, in talking with some of bis associates in the office, made the state ment that he had at one time paid Speaker Kerr o to secure an army appointment. Some one to whom it was repeated male it known to the head of the appraiser's office. An Inquiry was made, when Harney told the story substantially as above stated. Green at tae time was iuN'ew York. He was sought ani corroborated Harney's statement, to the I e'.tc t that he paid ti e latter the mjoo, but he I knew nothlrg of how Harney disposed of It. I s on after the Committee on Expenditures in the War Department was made a;qualnt I ed with the facts. At the time the committee were first ap. I priced of the startling allegation, Mr. Kerr I w s absent, and it was deemed best not to p oceed with an Investigation until he I stould return. Upon his return, however, I ast week. Green and Harney were sumnun I e l to testify. Green came day before yes I terday. and went Informally before Messrs. I Cljmer, Danford and Bass, and in t ie the I statement that he had paid Harney ?600. I Harney has acknowledge! the service of his I subj o-na, but is sick in New York, aud has I nr.t vet reported. Yesterday Chairman Clymer went to Mr. I K^rrand made known to him the terrible accusation against him. He replied that he had heard of it some weeks before through I an anonymous letter, and had taken means to trace the source of the letter and the cir cumstances connected with it. The record of the War department shows that Green was appointed on the recotn* I meudatlon of Mr. Kerr. Among other pa pers ia a letter written by Mr. Kerr on the day of the confirmation of Green to the Sec retary of War, asking that "the commission of Lieutenant Green, Just confirmed, and who was appointed on his (Kerr's) recom mendation, be forwarded to Green's address, in New York city," which was given. The charge is made by a Baltimore paper that the republican members of the com mittee disclosed the testimony. This Is pos itively denied, and it Is stated on the other hand that it never would have gotten out at all had not Chairman Clymer told It to some of bis democratic friends, who In turn told It tootners. The friends of Mr. Kerr believe there Is no truth In the charge, and that If any money was paid In the matter it never reached him. Speaker Kerr declines to make any state ment at the present time concerning the ac cusation. His friends, however, say that Green came to blm highly recommended by personal friends in New York city, and that in the end Mr. Kerr will completely demol ish the charge. Brack wood 8 Magazine for May (Soott Co. reprint,) received from E. M. Whltaker, bss|iui usual variety of literary, political and critical mat er. The Hoitse Committee on the Dis trict of Columbia, at their meeting this morning, agreed to favorably report House bill No. 3.668, in relation to the settlement of the tax-lien certificates erroneously is sued. The consideration of Judge Buckner's | draft and the report of the committee on the recent investigation was postponed uutll Wednesday. Several bills were referred to sub-committees for consideration. Against the suburban (Steam; Rail way.?In the Senate to day Mr. Key pre sented a petition signed by Guy Thompson, Michael Dully. N. C. Bateman, Clark Mills, Anton Ruppert, Sam Cook, Alfred Brooks, and others, property owners on the line of the proposed "Suburban Railway," which 1s to run through C street, Maryland aveuue, and the Bladensburg turnpike, protesting aealnst the passage of the bill which has already passed the House, on the ground that the use of steam would endanger human lire, and because another bill Is pending to build a railroad over the same on which steam will not be used. Referred to the District Committee. ______ The Legislative, Executive, and Judicial Appropriation Bill, reported by Mr. Morrill, of Maine, from the Senate Committee on Appropriations yesterday re stores In almost every Instance the salaries of government employes reduced by the Douse bill. The committee refuse to reduce t t t> pay of Senators to #4,500 per annu m after | t ? ?tn or June next; give the architect of t;.e Capitol tke care and superintendence of Capitol, Including lighting, beating, aud ventilating, and repairs, Instead of the Com missioner of Public Buildings and Grounds; make the compensation of the President *5o,u00per year, Instead of *25.00o as pre (uired by the House; Insert an amendment providing for *10 ooo for salaries of members of the Board of Health of the District of Co lumbia; also an amendment providing ? to nrn for the rent of bulldlogs for use of the Per ston office and for the Bureau of Educa tion,ard giving the Secretary of the Inte rior authority to procure a fire proof build ing of suitable accommodations for a rent not exceeding that now paid for the Beaton Honse, which he may rent Ins teal of the bouse named; restore the salaries of the In dian Commissioner and all his clerks; also, the salaries of a number of surveyor general of states and territories, and taelr clerks, Ac., Ac. The extent of the amendments of the Senate committee can be Inferred when It is stated thai they number over one thous and. Tbe I nana* A'ylnm IitnIIsaIIm. THt TeSTIMOHT TO DAT. TheCommittee on the Expenditures of tb9 Interior department resumed their lnvestiga tion of the management of the U. 8. Insane Asylum this morning. 1H?. ( fiaat atul C. MtrreU, assistant pbyai. elans of the any Him Were recalled ana gave additional Uslimony in regard to the treat of Dr- * ? I^utcr, of New York city, while at the asylum. Dr. Chaae said he never saw a more lnaane man than Dexter in hie life. Dexter Imagined he was a see. ond Chlrat. He always hal a Bible in his band, end said be intended to convert the whole ot New York city. He never com plained or any bad treatment on the part of the attendants. Dr. C. II. JHeMa, superintendent of the asylum, was recalled, and give additional testimony in regard to Dr. Dexter. He said Dr. J. E. Dexter, of this city, called upon bim and asked him to treat hie brother, Dr. B. F. Dexter. He thought that restraint was necessary to save his life. He insisted that Dr. J. E. Dexter should have the formal pa. pen made out. Drs. Dexter and Dare signed the certificate of Insanity. Dr. Darefex amined bim in regard to his sanity after he had been admitted to the asylum. Witness gave the case special supervision, having been requested by Dr. James E. Dexter to do so. Was cognizant of his dally treatment, and made tim many special visits. Had a distinct recollection or bearing Dr. Dexter complain of his detention, that his libera. tion was great deal more important than that of an ordinary man. Hal no recollec tion of any complaint of ill-treatment or blows, though he did not like to be forced to take medicine. In regard to the case of George Bontz, Dr. Nichols said be bad a distinct recollection of tbe date of bis admission to tbe asylum. Dr. Earle had c'aarge of tbe case. Tbe con dition of Bontz was that of a patient who had gradually declined from cerebral dis ease and an exhaustive form of decided mania. The watchman's book discloses tbe tact that the bed occupied by Bontz was not clean. Had no reason to believe that be was infested with vermin. Knew Jacob Thomp son when Secretary of the Interior, and do not believe that he would punish a man for making a complaint against tbe manage ment of the asylum. Had no recollection of any specific complaint of tbe treatment of Bontz. Mrs. Bontz Impressed bim as a very afli ctlonate mother, who could not be recon ciled to the fact that her sou waa Insane and was gradually declining, and not competent to observe the habits of a gentleman. Hi* want of nourishment had nothing to do with bis decline of fieah or strength, though wit ness did not mean to say that bis removal from the asylum was not beneficial to htm. Dr. Earle's standing as a medical man, and for the treatment of the insane, is secsnd to none la this country, and perhaps not to any body In the world. Cannot conceive It was possible that patient could get In the condi tion testified to by Mrs. Bontz. Tnlnks that there must be some misapprehension. Have known "old Jimmy" Price, the attendant, ??icce 1^0; first at the Bloomlngdale asylum, New York. Never knew a man more ho 1 est. Do not believe tbat he ever told an uu trnth. The colored man. Samuel Johnson, Dr. Nichols said, was admitted on December 13, 1KT0. He was in a state of high maniacal excitement: delirium tremens did not cover the case. He was put in one of the rooms in ihe "iron ward." Oa the Sunday morning following his admission he complained to witness while making his rounds that his feet hurt him. Examined them and found that they were frost bitten. Told him It was impossible for them to be frosted in the hos pital; that he bad not been long enough in the asylum to have them In tbat condition. He left the asylum February 14,71. Have ntver known that ice formed in a basin of standing water in any of the wards. By Mr. Mutcbler.?Has no clear recollec tion of the particular reason why Bontz was taken away from the asylum, except that his mother thought that he would Improve uncer her care. When he was brought oack he tad greatly Improved in straugth aod 3esh. It may be possible that he hal vermiu on him while at the asylum, but has no ra Collection of It. His assistant physician then, Dr. 8tevets, has since died. It is r.o dkely that witness saw him more than once a week, when he was making his Sunday ti.urs. Has no di.stirct recollection of the mother and sisters asking to be allowed to remain by the dying patient's bed side. The rule Is to allow friends of patients to attend during their dying hours. Mrs. Bontz was a very affectionate mother, and very frequent ly visited her son. Johnson was put la "the iron ward" be "ause he was considered a violent and dan <erous patient. He had mind enough a cou ple of davs after he was admitted to com plain of his treatment, and say that his feet osd been frosted. The committee then adjourned until Mon day morning. Tbe 164,000 Bond Investigation. ? TATt.MKJST OF MR. III. A I NX AHoOT THAT CALDWELL l'ACKAQE. Hon. Jamea U. Blaine made tbe following statement yesterday before tbe sub Commit tee of tbe House Judiciary, investigating wbat is known as the Blaine $61,000 boud transaction: It is entirely true that in tbe spring of Inl and Mr. Uoblu8on, I believe, gave the speci fied date from hia diary?be delivered to me in the Speaker's parlor a package. 1 should think tbat the pacMge was about is or jo inches long, and about 4 Inches in diameter. 1 received bis card while sitting in tbe Speaker's cbalr. As soon as it became con. venlent I went out and met htm In tbe Speaker's parlor. He banded me the pack, age, ard said: "This is a package which Mr. Caldwell banded me for you." The package was done up carelessly in brown paper, the ends tied down, and tied, I ahould say, al though I cannot tell precisely at this date of time, in a very loose manner. I chatted with bim a moment about the condition of tbe Fort Smith road, and somewhat about the coal lands in tbe Arkansas valley. He then wanted to see some member of the House, I have forgotten whom. I told him that be could have tbe privilege of the floor, and he went in with me. As I passed up to the cbalr I threw the bundle down oareleesly. It lay there until the House adjourned, and I took it down in the lower private room that I had. It lay there for mouths. It was a package or maj>s, some tbe descriptive pamphlets and some of tbe deecrlptive sketches?1 mean some of those made by la. | dlvlduals and not published-showing the coal fields in tbe Arkansas valley. It was considered at tbat time, by Mr. Caldwell and oihera, tbat there would be quite a specula tion in buying those lands, and tboee allotted off to show how much could be got in one body. As the sections were taken alternately, it was very bard to get a large tract together, and a very few thousand dollars >rouid buy a considerable quantity of them. 1 think tbe company ottered them at five or six dol lars an acre. This was sent to me as a pros pectus and a general setting forth of the merit* and virtue of tbe speculation. I did not give a great deal of attention to it. I had some compulations made as to the cost of hauling to the river; bow far It would be from the Arkansas river, and how mucb It would cost by tbe time it got by rail to tbe Mississippi. The result of tbe wbole thing was that I did not embark in it. That te all there waa in the whole story of tbe package. There waa nothing any more mysterious In it than if I should band thia book to tbe chairman. It was delivered In a crowd, carried into tbe Houm and thrown down without care, and it lay in my room with a miscellaneous lot of papers, probably for a ar, I referring to it every now and then. Mr. Robinson never delivered me a bond of the Fort Smith and Little Rock company, either in Washington or any other place. I d"sire to make tbat statement as broad as It can be made. In every shape and form, both inclusively and exclusively. Mr. Chairman, while I am here, I desire to repeat under oath, in relation to this entire ?CI,000 charge, the statement made by me on tbe floor of roe House, In all its parts, without mental rea ei v 1 tion or purpose of evasion, as tbe Iron clad oath says. Pkhsioxkd. ? Among the private t>ni? passed yesterday by the House was one placing Emerlck W. Hansell on the r?"i*?" list. Hanaell was formerly a messenger In tbe State department, and waa in attendance on Secretary Seward on the dIAi of tbe 14th of April, i860, and received anoh woanda at tbe haLda of the aeaassln Payne while en deavoring to save tbe life of the Secretary aa have since incapacitated bim from ordinary labor. Thb Pops waa 84 yeara old on the 13th lnat. Tbe Wth anniversary of hia priesthood occurred on the 12th of April, and if be lives until the 16th of Jane be will have occupied be pontifical throne Just thirty yeara. The K?? Charge Af?lut Blaise. The following la the correspondence In the New York Sun of to day, referred to la our telegrams, covering another effort to impli cate Mr. Blaine in railroad matter*: To the Editor of The 9un-Sir; I enclose to you copies or a letter and receipt, the ori Jlnala of which were signed by the Hon. ames G. Blaine, which he will Lot deny. In consequence of Mr. Blaine's letter, I in vested *5.000, which formed a portion of tae amount receipted for by Mr. Blaine. For some reason Mr. Blaine was unable to de liver the stock and bonus according to hi* contract,and. after more than a year, and with some difficulty, I succeeded in recover ing my proportion of the contribution. 1 do Dot wish, however, to And fault with Mr. Blaine for the failure of the Northern Pacific scheme. It was well arranged, and if Jay Cooke bad been able to sell toe bonds at i'0. those who controlled the franchise would have got the government lands lree from Incumbrance, which, ai Mr. B'alueex pressfd It, would have been a "splendid thing'' to do; and I have no doubt of the sin cerity of M r. Blaine's assurance that "at the worst" it wr.nid have been ' far more valua ble than the Union P?clflc;"and weall know how "that would leave it.'' As it has r?suited, however, the credit mo bilier operation was the better one, and Mr. Blaine'a sagacity was at fault lu uot foresee ing the sad fate of Jay Cooke. Mr. Blaine, in his recent very satiafactory vindication of himself in Congress from charges which. It seems, falsely connected him with Mr. Caldwell, uttered the following moral reflection: " Whenever concealment is desirable, advoidance is advisable; and I do not know any better test to apply to the honor and fairness of a business transac tion." When I read this sentence it occurred to me that I bad been concealing my share of this transaction already too long, aud I felt an almost Irresistible Impulse to obey the wise precept of this teacher of ethics. Hence this letter. " Keef) my name quiet, mentioning it to no one unless to Mr. ValtlutU.'' who seems to have been selling some other -small flyers" of this eort to that sagacious financier, CoL Scott. Very truly yours, Aqci^a Adams. Boston, May 25,1876. MR. BLAINE OFFKBIIIU TO FILL A JIOBTH EBN PACIFIC 1NTKKKST. [iYtrafe ] Augusta, Maine, Nov. 25,1870. My Dear Mr. Fisher: A year a^o and more I wrote to you about purchasing an interest in tbe Northern Pacific railroad for your self and any you might choose to associate with yourself. The matter passed by with out my being able to control It, and nothing more was said about it. Since then the Jay Cooke contract has been perfected, the addi tional legislation has been obtained, and 2:50 miles of ihe road are well nigh completed, and the whole llDe will be pushed forward rapidly. By a strange revolution of circum stances, 1 am again able to control an Inter est, and if you desire it you can have It. Tbe whole road is divided into twenty-four shares of which Jay Cooke <fc Co. have twelve. Tbe interest I speak of la * of 1 24, or 1-192 of the entire franchise, being that I roport Ion of the eighty-one millions of stock that are being divided as tbe road is built, and a like proportion of the Land Company stock, that is formed to take and dispose of the 52,00.1.000 acres of land covered by their grant as amended by the law of last session. The amount of stock whtcb this 1-192 would have in thd end would be about <42.r.,000. and tbe number of acres of laud it represents is nearly 275,000. ihe road Is being builton the 730 bonds, *25,ooo to the mile, which Jay Cooke takes at 90. Instead of mortgaging the land, they make a stock company for its ownershtp, dividing It pro rata among the holders of the franchise. The whole thing can be had for *2-5,000, which is less than one third of what some other sales of small interests have goue at. I do not suppose you would care to iuvest the whole *25,000. I thought for a small flyer ei^ht er ten of you in Boston might take It, each; for *:,500 thus lnter ?sted you would get ultimately #42,000 stock and the avails of some 27 000 acres of laud. Five of you at S5.000 each would have a splendid thing of it. The chance is a very rare oae. I can't touch it; but I obey my first aad best im pulse In offering it to you. All such chances as this since Jay Cooke got the road have beeu accompanied with the obligation to take a large amount of the i>onds at 90, and bold them not less thau three jcars. I will be in Boston Tuesday noon, and will call upon you. Of course if you don't want it, let it pass. You will receive an immedi ate issue of stock to a considerable amount, a: d certificates of land stock also. Of course, tn conlerrlng with others, keep my name onief, mentioning it to no one unless to Mr. Caldwell. I write nnder tbe presumption that you have returned, but I have heard nothing. Yours truly. (Signed) J. Q. Blaise. This stock will be far more valuable,at the uortt, man the Union Pacific, aud see wnere that wonld leave It. The 81-ikited bidding and very lively competition at yesterday's dry goods sale give pleasant aud trustworthy indications of a revival in business. Tae prloes ob tained for cotton goods, though from 2j{ to 10 per cent, below quotations for private safe, we.e higher than bad been expected, and it Is a general belief that if twice tbe amount of goods bad been offered they could all bave been sold. Two such sales as we have now bad In one week are something, we believe, entirely unprecedented In the dry goods trade, and tbeir results are In the high est degree surprising and encouraging.-! n Y. Tribun',28th. Eleveh Cikcinitatiahs Killed bv I* diabs ?A Chicago Times special from Lin coln, Neb., says private advices received there announce that the company which passed through Lincoln a mouth ago, known as Col. Storrs'squad, were attacked by In dians, near Custer City, a few days since, and eleven out of twenty-two killed. There were sobs of wealthy Ciaclnnattans among them. They went on a trip more for the frolic and sight-seeing than anything else. Tbe remnant are expected here in a few days. The report appears to be well founded. Firimen s Back Pay?Some time since tte New York fire commissioner* dismissed a number of firemen for selling their salaries to brokers at a email discount, and since that time Judgment has been obtained against the commissioners and making it obligatory upon tbe board to reinstate them ar.d pay their back salaries for all tbe time tl ey were Idle. It la atated that the amount will cot be far short of *50,000. Tbe commis sioners intend carrying the case to the court of appeal s. A Tory's Heirs after * 1,500,000 Worth of Property?Suit is about to be com menced at once to recover a tract of laud located in the heart of tbe city ofEllza'ietb, N. J., valued at *1,500 000. The land was purchased from tbe Indians by Canteer Jout. In 1778 an inqnlaitlon was entered against bim for treason, and he tied tbe country, his property being declared for faited. Tbe belrsof Mr.Jouet are aboat to take steps to eject tbe present occupantt. A Mill Suprrihtehdekt and *<*0,000 The Medlloolt Company, manufacturers of underwear in Windsor Locks, Conn., bave failed with liabilities of *103.000. W. Q Mediicott, of Longmeadow, superintendent or tbe mill, baa left suddenly for Earope, having drawn *47,000 on bis personal account ai d ?33 000 on the Selling agent or the com pany in New York. Suicide of a Deserted Wife.?Mary Smet, aged 55, of 28 west 33d street, New York, committed suicide Thursday by hang ing herself to a door. In her bed room was found a note as follows: "My husband aban doned me without cause. I bave been faltb ful to bim for over thirty years. Qod have mercy on me." Col. Hekby C. Boel, who was on tbe staff of Gen. Grant daring tbe war, baa been 00mmilted to Jail in New York,charged with fatally stabbing Mlebael Hti?s-?y, in tb%l fl y, in an altercation on Sunday ngat la?t. A Theater Bubnbd.?'Tbe Vaudeville theater at Louisville, Ky., was burned Thursday night. Loss UI.000 on tbe tmlld lng. Several actors and actresses sustained considerable loss by tbe destraetion of tbeir wardrobes. A Plaetbb Killed.?S. M. Kills, a prominent plantar, was aba* and killed near German town, Miss,, Wednesday, by Thoaaae and Robert Reasonower, wbo charged Ellis with slandering tbeir nleee. T001 ? sd nlmself 1 I FOB TT-FO IB Til COXGR ESS. ] 8ATrm?AT. May ?!. SENATE ? Mr. Kenan presented a me morial of cltiseus of the District of Colum bia lehsoi.stratlng against the passage of the House bill Incorporating tbe Suburban Kail road and allowit k It to use steam on certain thoroughfare* in the city of Washington !:? r?rmt to tiie Committee 011 the District of Colombia. Legislative and executive business wag then m.spended. and the Senate proaeeilel to co 1 skier the articles or impeachment a^aiust W. W. Belknap. late Secretary of War. HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES?Mr. Lord tN. Y.). from Committee on Judiciary, reported a bill to proride for the payment of Judgment* swar lul by the court of commis sioner* of the Alabsmacialmsreudered after Jsm.arj .1. !-TPassed. Mr. Sirgleton (Miss.), from the confeience committee on the consular ard diplomatic bill, reported that the cr mmlttee ba<l been unable to agree, and moved that they be dis charged. Ho ordered. Mr. Singleton, from Committee ou Print ing. reported a bill to reduce the price of public advertising in tbe District of Colum bia. [It provides that such advertising shall litr? after be given to two papers In sai l Dis trict, one to be selected by the Joint Com mittee on Printing of the House and the other by the Joint Committee ou Printing in tiie Berate.) Passed. Mr. Banning (Ohio) called up the bill here tofore reroited by mm to promote the effi ciency of the army or the l*. H, In provide for its gradual rednctlon and to consolidate certain of its staff departments, and for other purposes. He then addr**?ed the Hou?? in favor of the bill,and explained lis several provisions. Jndjte Bnrltuar'a Keporl. Judge Buckner, chairman of tbe District committee, has proposed to bis committee ta it* report a most bitterly partisan tludlug as the result of the examination into Dis tnct affair?. Tbe committfle, we believe, liss not adopted the report. In addition to the national Interest, we or Colnmbus have some local interest in this matter?an emi nent citizen, ex Governor Dennlson, being one oi the District Commissioners, sought to besmirched hy this partisan finding. K.i Governor Dennison needs no delense here, where he has been prominent iu affairs for nearly a life time, and has escaped even slander Itself bythe uprightness or bis life and conduct. The point of Interest Is to know what Insinuation an Ingenious parti san malignant bas been able to frame against such a man, and so gauge from our personal knowledge of him, how much faith may be given generally to the insinuations made against nearly every prominent man in offi?e, this winter. It is extremely difficult, on examination, to And any reason in tne report itself for the vindictive tone adopted, it has no support in reason. Tbe real and only question be tween tbe report and the Commissioners is as to the <-onstructlon of tbe act of June J<>, 1*74. under Which the present Commission government was organized. The Commis sioners have shown l?y their published an swers to interrogatories of the committee, that their construe' ion of the act was adopted on the advice of their legal counsel. II correct, each and all their acts are wholly legal. If not correct, some of their acts are of more than doubtful legal authority. Whatever mistakes they have made, it any, grew out of the construction or the law. hon estly made. This is not denied by the chair man In his report. Now, why has Judge Buck tier aioptei ?och a style or comment, on a mere differ ence or opinion as to the construction of a law" It Is within the discretion of tbe Com missioners to construe the law?they did rot do so without the best legal ad vice?and their construction is indorsed In written opinion by Lyman K. Bass. Jeremiah M. Wilsou and Jay A. Hubhell, who were mem. hers of the investigating committee of last Congress which prepared and reported the Mil to Congress. Wby does Judge Iluckner villlfy the Commissioners, In his libelous report, with no other foundation than this? He \illlfles tne Commissioners, as other committees have vllllfled other men on even worse ground, solely to make party capital. Judge Buckner would not voluntarily go upon the 6treet in bis town, perhaps, and charge that the best man in the town was a thief and a scoundrel, because they hap pened to differ on the question of inlaut baptism; but he will do his best to smirch Uie reputation of the purest and best of men, on the pretext of difference as to a question Of legal construction, because the democratic party may be a gainer by it. Iu the same way, bis fellow members on other commit tees, will put the inventlo s of cheated thieves and perjurers and forgers, against the best evidence ever produced, in order to make a point against tne republican partv. Tbe most monstrous injustice to individuals is perpetrated iu cold blood, without re morse. because It is "for the good or the par ty."? yjhw Suut Jouriutl. The Jat Cooke a Co. BA.iKitjprcT.? I Mr. Edwin M. Lewis, trustee or the estate of Jay Cooke a Co , says tbe Philadelphia Led ger, has made a supplemental report for the benefit or creditors, in which he details the legal proceedings that were followed by a decree or the U. 8. Circuit Court, command ing him to pay over to the United States certain moneys that were due. He had paid or the claim ?6X8,763 81, the sum or $3:38.201 2s on account, and since the decree haa banded over a ruriber sum of *350.000. "Under these circumstances." the trustee aays, "it is im possible to make a furthur cash dividend at the present Ume." "The trustee and committee i-egret that they have been compelled to use the cash fends In tbe manner above stated; but iu their Judgment the plan adopted has been au imperative necessity. It was obviously Uie Interest of the Orm creditors that this coarse should have been pursued to prevent the Inevitable result or Ue total destruction or the values of the inllvidual estates. As they wish to keep the creditors rally advlsod or tbe progrecs of the affairs of the estate tbey have deemed it proper to send this cir cular. It is proper to add that the general aspect, so far as tbe value of tbe real and peri-ona! property ard stocks and bonds ol tbe estate are concerned, seems to be im proving." Judicial sucabile i* Newoeleans. A lively contest is progressing for the ja-J^e sblp of the su[?r1or d.stric court of L<vi.>i at-a. Daring Govenor Kellogg's sisonoe Lieu tenan t Governor An tome commissioned Judge B. L. Lyncn, or Uie fourth district court, to be Judge of the superior district court, vice Hawkins, deceased. Governor Kellogg on Thursday commlssloued General Hugh J. Campbell as Judge or tbe superior court. 1 este relay morulug J udge Campbell took possession of tbe court-room, aided by a squad of metropolitan police. Judge Lyncb arrived soon after and called on the sheriff to put him In possession of the oourt which onler the sheriff obeyed, by tbe ad vice of his counsel, Governor McEnery. a written opinion or Attorney General Field was read, stating tba*. the removal of Judge Lynch by the Governor would be uneonsti tlonal as well as an outrage on tbe public order. Tbe sheriff ordered the police away, and refused to recognise Campbell, who tbereopon withdrew. Judge Lvncb then opened the court and proceeded with bnst ness. Campbell wl.f seek his Judgeship through the courts. The case op Annas as Fcchs -Hu sm tenet Gmoituled ? Tbe efforts of the oouusel for Andreas Fuchs, convicted In New York of the murder of Simmons, in Williamsburg last winter, bave been successful in moving the governor to interest hiosseir In the case, and he bas commuted the seotencs of death to imprisonment for life. Mr. Kiughoru. the counsel for Fucbs, brought to the governor a very strongly-signed paper petitioning for a commutation. Kuchs was to be executed 00 Friday next. Tbe governor, after making the requisite examination of the case, took the action as slated. Twe onrxEAL assembly of the Presby terian church, which has been holding its sessions in New York, yesterday adjourned after adopting a resolution expressive of its dtsire tar a union with the southern church, and sending a telegram to that effect to the general assembly now in suasion in 8svan nsb. Tbe next meeting of the general as sembly will be be Id in Chicago. Daowwuro AcctDEirra?Charles H. Bow Ian, K. E. Smith and Frank Hlgglmp were drowned in Ban Francisco bay on Wednes day. ????Charles Cass and Wm. Coombs were drowned Tnursday in the harbor of Gloucester, Mass. ' COlOUMIOKAt MOKIBATIOjra?R W. Town send la nominated for Congress by the democrats of lbs nineteenth Illinois district. ????Col. Stone is nominated for Oongrses by tbe lepobifoaas of the first Iowa district. Telegrams to The Star. ANOTHER BLAINE STORY. Letter fYom one Adams. EUROPE ILL AT EASE. London Stock Market Affected. The Rothschilds' Unloading. (* SEW*. The I'rtaw ml t* i _ m?? -Tut court circular an* that tne Prince of Va n i? ?afftr> log from MMNHMMtf Uir i***. aud will be Compelled MkWp In lh? tKMin# f II 1 lllf daj ?. One of l*>e rumor* circulating oa UM *tock exchangeaaya tbia attack I. more aa rious than tne aroounrMDMit mdlca k.nrvye ! ?'??). iIm Rati 1 n ft 4VH<I I ? tMBSvlS. .Mother rn or la to the?rr*ct that tba Kothscbllds arc *elier? or ooneol* to tM aim ntit of nearly a million pounds *teritnc which transaction la tappoaad to beb*a?kl ,?,i h ?i owiwsfii ?i the |xiuucai situation u Kt rope la to grow wor*e. A IKml ItnrhMi The I Hiwsger Ducne** of Caernavon ti (lM(l. Prlare Arthur'. ^mrluioaUl latea Uaaa. Tl e I>on>ion ot the X ancb** tei trtmnhnM -ays Prince Arthur il'uif o t'o*naiifcbt} a abor'ly irarrj oae of UM dtcglitt-n of the ex King of Hanover. The Naliwlra Ulrl I'cxHTANtisoi Li, May X -The official Inquiry luto the origin of the Halonlca out rate ?bows ihe American o.i aul wai at>*? nt when the Bulgarian girl arrived, and hla brother sheltered her on* nlgbt. Tm Investigation la ailli progrea?iug. t.eriaany Latiklac MMaard OiiKtUiK. May 27.?A U'rinan e-taad rou of four man-oi-war pasevd hen ruura day nigbt. going eastward. Frearh freedom 1'akis. May ?The Figaro has been fined *1U0 for publishing two letter* ot Hear B* ciit-fort. The government haa taken treat proceedings against Lea Droit*de L'liomme liocherort a journal. The Marquis de La Kocbejaquelaln. legltlmlat. haa Iwcn alee ted tot be chamber ofdeputiee from Bt ? aire. The Vajage of the Paadnra. L?bd??. May jr..?The st.-amer Pandora sailed from Cowes to-day ou her voyage U the mouth of Smith's souud, la the Arc tit region. EagUad la the Eaat Her Majeal> a Irou plated a eamahlp Hal. tan, 12 guna. :i,>e tona.and S,?;.si horse power lately attached to Uie chaunel squadroa sa.led to day from 8pitbead under roomaai of the Duke of Edinburgh, to Join the Met lterranean squadron. Paalr the Loadoa Stark Eirkugi Thia aften oou'a Ulobe, In lla financial ar tide, sajs the condition of affaira oa U? stock exchange is little better than a stab of panic. ^ A NOTII KM BLAISE MTOSY. A Letter from Oae Adauti Bat t rraaata Mw York. May 'Si.?The Hon publla letter daud Augusta, Maine. November! 1X70, from Jainet U. Blalue to Warren Kl " or Boo too. oflerlng, for ?23,oeo, to procure to KlKbcr one one-bundred-and-uinety aaeom part of the entire franchise of the Nortbari Pacific railroad, including the laud com pany's stock. After describing the pros pective profit* of the transaction. BlalM sa>s that be cannot ava I hlmaeir ot tlx opportunity,and, lollowing the tint aud bee lmpuite, he offnt It to Plsber. Intbeoon eluding paragraph Blaine says -Keep mj name quiet; moutton It to no one unless U Mr. Caldwell.'* The also publlsha Blaine's receipt to F'lsher tor and bit agreement to deliver as a?>ove. Failing U deliver after more than a year, Aquilli Ki - Adams, one of the pool for wblcb acUd, reclaimed from Blaine *.V000, hi interest, and obtaiued lu The correspond ence seema to have been famished the As i y Adains, the letter from whom Is aiw published. The larketa Butn?li. May IT -noun, dull and baavy middliug. It%ailS Flour <jut?t aad .toady, aa cliSOf*. 1% beat <juMt bat snn aad euclisafad tk-iu?ari.tliprn goiM ans atead> . wi^tara irragala aid lwW?-r, clc.D w??k?aoatama * bit*. WaSu. 4c )n! * a>*61. veairrn *a<it MtabidJsas ?ylk t?a Ju.y Oau sull. w?-** aud lo?*r?auutasr rcO to at IBM. 3* Ml ??*arn while, at?a?n; dc ujl*td 36 Jn B>r .lull but *taSi1> ?7oa75 Mar Sal ?mi i.r'iianged. Proviai?>u? dull aod aacliaageg Pork, 1110. Lard duU-rvAosd, Botta uuift ai d unchanged. PaCrolvasi bwsuual. Oof* > ult ? kio caigo** lteit). >ubbtbg. .1-^*1# WbMk) tiroipr tut <julet-lll)? K>cat|b l.onr. t.asr ?hut, 14 ano, coca.fl.MO. oats,5 Juo Bbi| a baat. lo.?ff; sorti. UjPW n*LT. null Mai V ? ?l?"gtola aooaolMaMd, ?'? do aecond aerWast Virgiala. 7. Morta Oaru lua aitaa. olJ. ?.d^ n?*?.8, asacial tax, IM ?v-<tsv tBcgar ,uiet aa<l .taadr, fValu Hbw Tokk. Ma? V ?etoca. actlva aad 1 Money. IX OoM. 13T.. Sat?a loaf. asort. an ftmrffaanU active aad at?adv. Haw foEt. Mar r-Tloor ^utataai W baat inlet and nesdy. Corn fj^Ut aad aa cbant*d. May ?. till ? ?Ooaaola U II M *> bot h money abd th?" aoeoont V B l>c<?d?? IS-wl ba\ tew? *. WiV. Erta.ll';. t.eneral toafereace M E t hai Bishop Janes presided at the seaxlon of tb< Method tat Episcopal general conference, a Baltimore, yester iay. THI COLOR LIKE AO AIV. The committee ot) the state of the chard presented a report on the question of th ??color line,"reoommeuvllng that thereahoak be no division of Uie annual onferenoes li the southern work, anhas It should appeal that the lntereots of the church would tM promoted by such a division, without dam age to any part of the church. A minority report waa submitted reooaa mending that no new annual ooofareoca should be established because of any differ ence existing between parsons of Arricai and Angle-ttaxon origin. The xuealiau was made the a pedal ontai for to-day. THE PRESIDTVG F.tDER UCE8TIOM. The aomtnlltee on itinerancy reported thai they had rec? lve?l memorials and pel mom from twenty-seven annual conferences aod from twelve lay electoral conferences ssE< Ing for modification In the presiding elder f-hlp, also that eigbtaen anuual aud elghl lay conferences protested against any change, aud thirty-live annual oouTerences had not spoEen on the subject. Tbey recom mend no change in the present system, es< cept that the annual conl<-rences sball nava the power to determine the number of pre siding elder districts, provided that no con ference shall have less tnan two uor ruort than sixty pastoral ciiargea. A minority report was preaenteJ signad by twenty-six members of the committee, staling that the conference* which had re ported in favor of modiflcat ion ware jajwaj rented in the General Confereaee by iu3< gates, those against by 41 delegates, minority report recommends that the tiding elders shall be appointed by _ bishops on a nomination of the majority i the aunual conference by ballot, withot debate; provided, that la case the blaht shall deem tne mieraau of the charcbi mand that any paraan so nominated beothar wise employed they shall oommunlcate then Judgment to the onoferenee, which sbaUl pro cued to make ot ter nomlnauoua, ooUi IM re<iulred number is obtaiued. A long discussion followed, and the tlnat for the session expired without a cmelusloi on the subject, aod the conference adjourn*) for the day. A Pretty Pahceb' Carm-^ 8ml a U'cuhutaton Marrinl Man w Ao had I Lmi Wuh H'.r.? Kate Forrest's salt . Solomon caro was called yesterday Judge McAdam. in the chambers of the ma rine court, where he la also '-''"i Part TV Katie, who is a pretty blonde, is oae of Uh can-can dancers in the Theatre Ooaaiqoa Her oompiaint charge* that the deftedaua recently entered * room ooeapieg by bar U tbe Kt. Charles hotel, and took away aa paw Led -MO of jewelry belonging to bea Caro is a traveling vender of Jewelry, with < wife in Washington in charge of a Jearalr] and loam shop. Be met Kail* Forrest eboa two years ago in St. Louis, where abe wa engaged with a nomadic ballet troapa. H fell In love with her, made ber no* I recent* aad began vo lira wttb bar. room in the SL Chaxlaa Hotel wa* oeeaMa by them JoinUy, aad the jewelry be i* &*r accused of having mad* away with war presents from him. He deaie* that ha isai the jewelry without ber ooaaeat, saying ttol be pawned it to pay ber board U1I & um hotel. Oaro** wife had not seen blm ear 1 y ear bafor* this action wa* aommai wa* throwa into Lndlow-etreat j there she found bias air auTlvlng b Waablngtan. Both abe and Kaly the court-room yesterday. Tbe ease reach a bearing, oaring to a meetini general term, in which Judge Mo ves desired. Tbe trial wa* **< down tea oclock this afternoon? [.V. Y. Stm. Mr. KI.IA* Koss dlad yactardkv ta S?. FordreilMd'h u rUtatof ^22

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