Newspaper of Evening Star, May 27, 1876, Page 3

Newspaper of Evening Star dated May 27, 1876 Page 3
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PRY GOODS. ^PlClAL liOTICK ?'wt rp?n?d. frrm ih? lat? Tor* ?ac*iin. TWBNTT Pl|.j|? BLACK GBBNA01MB*, *t 8 cnu |fr )?i4, b(ch warranted to h >ld '?fir color ?? ?Mdiaks;tkiB(erec rjlil ?t Hoiti, ALSO. TIN P1ICI? BUM MSB SILKS tt 78 otcti, wy cheap. and BIGHT PIECES BLACK TAMISB at 78. 87*. 9?. 91 13*. ?' d 91 ?? ? , Plaid arFiriped GKENADINES from 7* cent* to 9I.18, in b*i dsum- atyle* f?.r o\*r?lre*a. A m'l i>"k >.f til *Kds ol DBY GfOl'S. t*> ? Mch w* Inrlte the ol all. PoMte ? > <1 ?rc?D?r attention at all lime*. ?^Betnecifccr location. W. 1. BROWIV, Bo. 314 6th ?r*t north we<t r.H-rm t orsrlook the BLACK i.BBMA I1BBS at If ?tit* per yard. |niy18 ttl W M B. RAEE OPPORTUNITY! TEN res CENT. DISCO I NT: BBODH EAD * CO., 939 Pnssa. Avi., Mwmb 9th and loth all.. Will bar-aftt r ?II"W a lf?<-nant of 10 PEBCBNT. on all sale* cf 1JIPOBTED DRKSt GOODS, (In rinding Silk* Grrpadine*. Linen Lawns, Alpvaa, M hair* Dsl'ges. Ac ,4c Jam LINKN TABLE DAM ASK ?. ToWBLH. N A P K 'K?, ,t- All 0 )? MBBT1C GOOD?. HOMERf, UAN'KEB CniBrS.Gi.OVES. LADIES and GKNT3" LN DBBW BAU. aLd NOTIONS of all sjita aril! be sold M tbe Lowest Marktt Prico This is a rem opportunity to secure Bargains In first c'a-- fcids. Acdntcrrv-r 4 1 BLEACHBD C'>TTl>H. 10c, 3 Cotton K lf"?. In all mt^rs. Ml 35 M.k CKUol UALBBlGi.aa ilUf-E. IJabox. 1HAHCH STOKE, 1805 ritnat, bet. 13th and I3th Ms. (old -taod.) BKODHEAI) A CO. Bi;y tr 939 Pa a*e.. bet 9h acd 10th *ts. J OH* ? MITCHELL. 931 I'iBNbYLVAMIA AVEBl'B, H*? ;n*t 'ec? i. *?1. and 1* now openir-g, anotDer In voice of Cut ? 10B ftllKM 8 foe Btnntr w-ar. Greuaili..t? in black and all the u-w shales, to 3Iatch flit* 'rem 75 cent* to fil 00 Brocvle Grena dine*. aii co\ rs and ?had~a, ?er> cv>ice giods f id undJPonf e?*. Gni^nre Laces for ?rerdr*-- ? Calcutta P? tik-eee ai.J I> <lia Good'. Suoacr Silk* in Checks, Stupe- and Plaids. French I Jaecnets at a O'gac.lie Lav n?. n"W*tyl?e PrHted I t Linens ai d Liaea L**n? T' ile C. 'j and Linen Batiste, new sty I**, for OTerdre***-* Suits and Overdress**, In French C?nibric, Z-<phyr Cloth, Batista, and Linen, froa f * 00 to ?. wrappers and Dressing eacka at all pri'e*. i.iacn Dnnteri and Ulster* Goseamtr Water proof Cloaks. FrencL Mn.l n Df#"?? and Orerdr^w* A large stock of Lanes Underwear,medinm and fine, at Terr low price* Onr stock tn all c1???.m of goodn ?i'l be fre*h and attractive, in stvlea and prices All ihe noraltiea ef the arisen will bvhdiad as soon aa tb*-v appear in the ni*rk>-t. ?VONE PBICK OBLY J<?HN T. 11 IT '11 ELL. BC- it tr 931 PennaTlranta avenne. ^KOJl A C C TIP 51. BO dozen B*' Linen Handkerchief*, at 12^e. each. BO " La>ll>-<" Htmsclfhed '? 5c each. SCO yards Bio* S^lycd GreaaJins, at 10c.; 1 eraser prlo S3? 1 caaa White Victoria Lawna, abort Unf.hs, at 13H> worth S"Se 10 ikcr> Col iwt Striped Silka, at 75 and S9c.; for aaer ?rtc* $1 25 pieces 8;rsw Matting, at 90, X5 and 35c., extra chraa Alio.4 4,5 4,8 4 and 3 4 Ptocr Oilcloth, new pat terns. Plain Blvk a ,d Striked Grenadines, from S8c. to B1 29 Onr Bew Toik White Tiofshed Shirts, at ?1.25,are tbe bea* at ibe priow. frt'.li Leslie'* cnt p*prr PATTBBN9. BV Onr III? "* ?re th?* Lowwl LEO J. JOU.WOJI ? CO-, BIjS? ?0 Til Market Space (JUEAT, CHEAPIH, CUBAPKST. II nr NOT SELL CHEAP? Very larg*- a?sortw?ent of new Sprlre Dreas Goods. Bilk aLC W . ' I P. Dtc-f in hesn:itti) nb?.>* FialU. Str.p?d, Pialu D? Bege, ?, 15. 31, 35 . 37, 40, "b ack fills 91- 91 *? ?' 37. 91 80. 91 63 Mack A la? ?. *' IS,30. 35. vg Rise* S<lk V'.hftlr Alpaca, foo. black Orei adine. Plain, Plaid, S.rlpel, 35 , 31,37, 00c # Black Ca?lm*re. 75 ST, 91 t AH I LB'H, 797 Market Spare. Good Cottn., 4\c : g od ralico, excellent Be 1 Tick, 35c : Lu.en Handker^hl ta. 6c ; ko>1 Btocklcg". 12c : good Towel*.Sc ; Men's St.irta t lade of boat cott >r, finest Linen.9Hc.; very fine Table Dar.ask, pr>re si-en. 8t?c : very large a?v>rtaent of Cloth and ? **-tmere for 31-n and B^ya' wear, 37, ft). C,78. 87, Bl. Mew P?ra? Is. fl. 91 ?? *1 ?0- 91 78. my!7 tr GOUDO LE>S THAN AUCTION PRICKS. Calleoe* in any inantity, 5ar;-?. Bleacbed O..t?on-5c ; worth 10. Pre s Pla'.ls, 10.11K. 15, M. 2?c Onr Pre-- G< ods hare ail be?-n tnarksd down, and (treat bargsins are no? ofier*d all ihronch. Lcpin's G;e? *<iite*. Sila Stripe* and liernannla Oreraoines is*. 11J?. 15. IS. *Sc Victoria Lawns cheap. lli?. IS H.tO? Lac* St'ipe<1 and Corded P. K . low prices. Best Scnm) Lawns. USc ; wo'th 3'' Caesimere* lower tbao e?er before known. B^The stork ni sat be radcced Mattings. *>>iv Ali Car?eLa at coat to close ect. T. II. M%l'DAI5i. icy 13 709 MARKET 6fACB. ^JREAT DARUAIN3 1M DRESS GOODS FROM AUCTION. BO ?1ecea hacd*cine Plain. Stripe and Damaak Mo hairs at 37, aortb 80. 100 pieces bandsotua Lawna auid Perca>e?. warranted fast colore, at UH per yard; neat S'ripe Brainier Silks at 75, 87, aid 91; rich Black Si k* Mohairs, and Alpaca*, in all best frad's. at l- w prires; Lnpin's All Wool, and Silk and Vkooi Black Grenadines.rery cn?-ap. IN M01 KNINQ GOODS. Tine Caehtr.eres. Cretoia. Bombaztnea, DeLalns asd Tac ? a- Cloths In all beat makea. 10 4. It 4 Linen &t?*ttr?*. Table Damasks. Napkin* and Towttirga,'aii at low d~>ws prices, to anlt the pres aure, at J W. COLLET'S CHEAP CO UN KB. SOI, Pth ST., ?yl3-tr Market Space. yOlli ATTENTION, PLEAS*! DRY GOODS FUOM AUCTION, AT TOWNOR A CO.'M DRY OACZE I'NDKBU EiB for lftdi-s and gents, as low a' S?'e I LACK ALPAOAP, 15, 18 and 3#c. Dotbl?wi.!-h *? Pa CAS. beautiful blacks, at 25c. HANDK EKlIllBrs IHc each. Bales yard al :e 1 OTION 8c. ijJUO ;ar<!? htanlilnl Plaid and flrlp>d DBKS9 GOODS 1l a:I the tew-at ahaiea at Sic , sold at VC Ct4 Blark CASH ME BBS, Spring weighu, as low as 50, ?2 78.87. ? I. etc. Prenib L?V^ NS. pew styles, 13c. Case* Ws?h f'iPLIS, 8>tc Victoria LAW NSch-ap 12 15.18, B'r ,etc. J'AI?AS"LS. ftew atyle batdlca, 91, 9125, 9150. f2 92 .*0. iic. CB BiLKS. *ery cheap GBOB OB* IN and TAKFETA8. 91. $123. 9180, 91 75. 4 2 etc CAS^IM ?T. E> for Men and Bjya' Wear 28 , 37 , 80, C3. 78 ^"c ? ? I. etc. IM rolls MATTING, Irasb and green. W.S.SOe., ate. C. X- TOWSOS A. CO., nylleott '36 Pa. are taontb aide ?? near 7th at D ISiOLlTI N or CO PABTMCBhUIP. STOCM AM) riXTVBTS FOB SALE The ce pa,taer>hl? of J O WISWALL A CO. fXTtnaa limitation aa July 1st,oar etock Ml ST BE CLOSBD Oaor before 'hat data. We aha 11 >>Ser to morrow, and eonttane to eel] '?r 39 daai,ear large aad complete stock of DRY GOOD 8 At GBBAT SACBiriCI OH OBIGIIAL COST aad aU go>d? ratnalnlcg on band Junel?t. wlU b? ?oU at ACCTIOH WITHOUT BBSMBVK. la order to Cu>?? ta 30 Vat'. A REDUCTION OF FIFTY PER CENT. Will be aa<e en a large portloa of oar Stock. Prints. 4.8 and t cents per yard. Brown Cottons, 4 cents per yard. Figured Greaadinea. t\. M and 12H eta. Graaadlnes is Stripes, at to eta. Bilk Grerad1ne<- below coat. htuawer 87K eta and apwaria 1*ere Black Mt l.alra. 30ets , worth 88 BlneB'a-k Dre-M Bl'ks. 86 es* . worth 9148 SJMU yards Klaca Alpacas, ISH to 37? eta, PABASOLS at oat. Large lot T*.b?e Damaaka Napkins. Vina Cloths, Piano (l ,ar? Mr . a* le*? 'has Msw Vor* coat. BTSBXAT BABGAIHS tn ever) thing. J. c. WUWALLAOO, apM tr 119 ftast.. near Pa ara. COCTH WA9MI5IGTUM DRY GOODS.? n White Cor.: dPIjnesat \i%c ; beautiful Colors8 Plgnrad Pwu *at 15c . White Goods. au_h aa Mar aeulea. Plaid, 9tilpa, and Plain Haaaook*. Victoria 1 aadi'aaibnce. from 9Uc to 80c ; S.WJ0 yards HOUSEFURNISHIXG GOODS. GLASSWARE, CUIH A, CBOCKBBY. H0USEFCBB18HIH0 QOODB. BBFB1GEBATOB8, KB CHBBTB, COOLERS, Ac i;U tr loot LIKCOIID b&ND FITRHITCRB. 9 STOVES. Ac , BOrOUT, and the big beet cuh prlcee paid, arid sold it re duced prlcee, for cub. W. KUTHBBrOBD. ayH-ly Cor. 13th and Q ata., 633 northweat. A CHRIS. RIES.3XER, A ABD 717 7th STREET N. W ,^Se la Bole aceat for the DUtrict of Columbia for the ST. GBOBGE, The only RELIABLE HBATIHQ BANGB In the market. Mr. Beiasner ku act a* hundred* of tfteee Euid Id thi* city, end la all mm they have d*?n the ntmoet eat taf action. Be baa the laraeet and beat stock of BLATE MaMTBLS In Waahlngtoa. at prloee from $ is upwards. Mr. Riesaner le Hole Ag?nt for the RADIANT HUMS FCRNACB, Wtlch ba? been thoroughly tea ted. and pronounced by experta the beet furnace now In use. L&TBOBES ADD QB\TB9 In rr?at variety. at greatly reduced pricee. TUB 8CMMEU QCEEB OIL COOK STOVE la the beet and *afeet oil atore 1-3 the world 1BON ABD TBBBA COTTA VASBS. Embracing all the latest design*. _ _ . ____ AI?o, a large stock of REFRIGERATORS, WATBB COOLERS, STANDS, CCTLBUT. Plain and Fancy TIN WARB. wholesale and retail. Beat three ply BUBBEB UObB, only 14 centa per f?TIH BOOF1NG, SPOTTING, Ac . done prompUy by the beat workmen. Orders Invited. CHRIS RIESSIVER, BiylO-tr 713 and T 1 7 7th street northwest. A ?" ? IMPROVED EllCHENER Will do the family cooking with one-half the ooal required by any other Rtnge In the market; coat* roe half aa mnch ae other Range* of same capacity; rill aave it* price In a few years In the itetna of re gain, and aave its price every year in the coal bill, le mcdeled by the beet skill known to the art, with I view to the greatest convenience; la what every family wanta, and, having, wonld not part with. We have Small and Large Family, Reetaaraat and Hotel Size*. The largeet a?*ortmect of BLATB and WHITE MARBLE MANTELS atd PARLOR URATES in Ike city. HATWARD * HUTCHimON, 317 9TH 6TBEET NORTHWEST, myt-tr STOVE and PLUMBUM HOUSE. REFRIGERATORS AMD WATER COOLERS. Large atock of good makee, at' low pricee. GEO WATTS ft CO., Hor*x Furnishing Sroaa, ap7? ly 314 7th street,above Penn. aveuue. RAILROADS. y R THE CEaTEISIAL E\HIB ITIO.1 HVE TRAINS DAILY. EXCEPT SUNDAY. VIA BALTIMORE A POTOMAC RAILROAD. Cmnmenring Wednesday, May 10th. The Baltimore atd Potcmac BaMroad Company will run tke t llowicg train* tl r ::i;h to Philadelphia with nut chargeof Cars leatlrgthi1 dt p t. Pennsylvania avenue and filh street, daily, except tundaj: 7 00a m , and arriving in Philadelphia at 1:30 r. daily,except Sunday. 9:33 a m., ai d arriv ing in I'hiladelphla at 1:34 p M.,daily,except Sunday. 1 30 r m . an<i a,rlviug in PLlladelphia at 6:40 p v.,,except Sunday. 5-30 p. * ., ana arriving in Philadelphia at 11 p. m.. daily. 9:10 p. >'and arriving In Philadelphia at 3:39 A. V , del Ple< ritg car* attached to the train to Philadel phia leavii e at 9 10 p v : and persons eecnrlng berths can remain in the car until 7 o'clock a. m. Ktcure yourt'ekfta at the office of lire compmy, north'ast c< rc-r 13ih street ac4 Penr.a?lvani.? ave rne, at.<1 cortheaat corner of 6th~street and Pean nl\aiiia avenue, and depjtof the Baltimore and Potomac Hailr ad ccmtauy. FilANK THOMPSON, Genera! Manaser. ebtIB lt-i D M BOi I>. JR ? Gen Pa* Akent ALT: MOKE ASP OHIO RAILROAD. APRIL 30TH, 1876. A.m. LEAVE WASHINGTON, b 44? I Jltlmore. Annapolis, and way station*. Point of Rocks and intermediate etationa, Wain Stem. 7:10?Laltimore ar.d Alexandria Janction. 8.00?Pieio 1tcrrk, Pkxla'i'Ipk'a aft Boston Ex yet*. Pnllman Parlor Cars. Leavea at 8 10 a m Sunday, stopaat Way Stations, and connects for Annapolis. 8:1 A?Cin<-tiin<m, S: Lovts anl Pittihtrrr Kx im^j frederick, Hageratosra, and Valley P:30? P? >lnt of Rocks and wav stations. 8?:4A?Baltimore and w?y "tatlons. 10:14? lUltu&urc Unlimited Ezpraea. Stop! a! Ri Inv. P H 13:14? Baltlmora. Way Stationa, Elllcott City and Annapclla. 1:30? ."Vfta York, Pm aJ'jpun *i?<Y Norfolk E* pres*. On Sunday, all Way Stations and Baltimore only. S'30?Ba'timore and way atatlona. i:SO?ha!timore an t Liurrl Express. Bllloott City, Frederick and Way Siationa, Tla Be lay. 4:34?Frederick and Point cf Bocks, (Tla Metro politan Branch). 4:44?Baltimore. Annapolis and way etatlona. 4:14? Cnirato, Ctncinnan aa-i LovitrtLle Erpr^t. Except Saturday,dally toOolumbas. Louis i?\ilie by 11:30 p. m. train on Saturday. BattTt'-wL and Winobeater. Slteping cars t<> Lbicago, Cincinnati and LouisvilU. 4:30 ?En'tirr.ortan'l Phi nttlpkia Erprtss. Fred erick and Way Stations. T?a Relay. (Con nect* (or Annapolta Sunday.) 4 34?Baltimore, Bladenaburg, College, Belts vi 1--. Laurel. Annapoli* Junction. 7 00?Baltimore ana way atationa. S.10?Haittmore. Bladenaburg, Beltarllle. Lau rel, Keiay. . ? 8:30?Pittsburg, but no connection beyond Mar tinslorg by train leaving Sunday night Way Stations or Metropolitan Branch. 9:30? N"e Vorkani Pntladetp/ita HigM ExprUt Sleeping Cars to New York. 9:30?Baltimore and principal way atationa, 10 . 0- MartiLnt urg and way atationa, Metropoll t*a Branch. ? . 11 3o? St Louis Kxprtfs. Chicago, Columfcua, S .ndusky, Newark. On Saturday for Louis ? T: 10. & 00. 814,10.14am.; 1:30,4:13,4:30, 4.34, 7:10, 8:10, 8 30, 9 30 and 11:30 p.m., daily. ^ _ All other trains dally, except Sunday. No coLnectiun cn Sunday lor Ha*erstown or val ley BiaLch or for New Tork ana Pb?la?ielpbla at Sam and 1:30 p. m. . _ For further Information apply at the Baltimore a?rt ohk) Ticket otlicea. Washington Station, and 4~3,b01 atd l>03 Pennsylvania avenue, where oid'-m will tx> taken tor baggage to be checkod and r?<-?1v?<i at any point In tke city. TH? S K. S1IABP, Ma?ter or Transportation. L M. COLE.. General Ticket Aaeut. GEO. 8. KOONTZ, General Agent. ap!8 tr SIVERAAL R. R TICkET OFFICE. B ^BAILROAD T1CEBT8 to or from all ?olntB benght. exchanged or e'dd t'rjT ? ^MSD a rt duct tot cf one DOLt-At AAfta.tBi upon any other office or deput"**-**-^?*--^^? In tkia city. Tickets goc4 tUl used. Baggage checked through. Apply to M D. V> U1TESIDE. apl-ly ??37 Peun. ave.. Candy store. 7876 1876 IOITI Ti th? ff?rtk, Wect, ad4 lonthveit. Dvubie ISteel Rails, Splendid Scen ery, Mairnifleent Equipment. MAT 8th, 1*76. rraits leave Waahlngton, city time, from Depot, corner of 4th and B streets, as foUowa: For Pittsburg and the West, 6 a. m. dally, with Farioi Cat to Pittaburg; 7:40 |. m. dally, with Palace Car to Chicago, tad 11:40 ft. ?. daUy, axuept Sunday. BALT1MOBE AMD POTOMAC BAILROAD. for CabanJalgoa, Bocbeater, Buffalo, Niagara Sun ritft rilMT VSTB U? TV BIA1BS ? Ul ?l lO, VBiWUUW^Qftt Br ffalo. and Niagara FaUa, 11:40 a. a. dally,ax CC|t SBDtffty. for New fork and the East. 9:10 a m dallr, with Palace Car* attached: Limited Expreea of Pnll man Parlor Cars. 9:33 a.m.dallv.except Sunday. For New York aid tke Ea 1.1:30 ?. ?. dallf, ax eepi 8ep?*av with f^rlor Can attached. For Philadelphia. 7.40 a m. and 1:30 p. m. dally, except rt aaay. aad 4:30 and 9:10 p. at dally. Limit)d B> prase. 9:33 a. m. daily, except Sunday. \mgicMiatlon for Pai'tm?-re. 7:40 a. ?? dally, and 4:M f. ? dally, axeept Buaday. Bur Pope'a Creak Line T:4?a.a. md 4:9# ?? exoept Ha ad"/. ALEXANDRIA A fBBDBBICESBI'BQ BAIL WAT AND ALEXANDRIA A WAbUiNOTOE BAILROAD. For Alaxaodrla, 4, 7,8:04, 9,1#. ll*'Bolili 4:99. 4, ?. 7 00, and 11:40 p. a. Oa Sunday at #or*th? B^ath, Tla Blchmocd, 11:49 a. a. dally, sxcapt Sunday; aad via Lyockburg, 8 00 a. a. mmji {i:40 a. ? dally. Trains leave Alexandria for Waahiagtoa. 6,7.8, 9,10.11 a. a . 1, 3.4, A. 6. aad 7 p. a. Oa "ay at 7 and 10 a. a., aad 4 p. ? ? Tickets, information, Bleeping aiM Parte* OH ietcaaMatioaa csabe procured at the OMoea: ? Bortbeast corner of Tb&teaatk atraet and F?aa: sylvanla aveaoe, Bortheasrt oornerof Blxtk street Mid Pennay I Tan la avaaue, and at the Dapot, where ordera oaa be left for the o bee king of Baggage to i Hotels aad Bealde? BBpSi D. M. BO TP, J a.. Meat f aaeenger i|?? FRAEK THOMBOB. 4ea1 Manager. laaS-ly BOTD. J a . Ceon Paeeenger Ageat. sajo HCMBCQ ?L. EICI wttl pay a fair oaak i\ price "any kind of Ladtee.Geoa'and OhU dreaa SBCOED HARD CLrtJTHIBa, BOOTi, MOM, Aa. OBI Tth^tree*J^aree? F aad O mtb AUCTION PALE*. FUTl'RB OATS. and by |)UHCABSOH BBOB . Auctioneers. TBUSTEE 8 BALI Of HOUSEHOLD ri'RNI Tl'BB, Ac., CONTAINED IB HOUSE HO iV9 TWBLETH STREET NOBTHWEBT, OuN BIST1NO Or WALBUT BTBQBBB, M\K ILE TOP TABLES, EXTENSION TABLtS, BABBLE TOP SIDEBOARDS, CHAMBER BETE, Ac . AT AUCTION. By virtus of two dee-Is of trust, bearing I date 6th day of January,!.^, and lulr re 1 corded Id Liber Bo. <M, folio 440 ird 461, et ?eg., respectively. one of the land record* for , . Washington County. District of Colombia. and by re.] nest of the Battles secured. I will tell at puMic anrtl n,on MOliDAT MORNIEG. Mar 49th,(476. at 10 o'clock, on the premise*, all the household fnrr itnre contained in bouse Bo ?09 13th street northwest, enumerated is schedule A, attached to ?aid trait, consisting in part? Walnut Etegere, Dressing care,Bureau*, Walnut Marble-L>p Stde&oard, Extends Table*, Chain, Walnut Hat rack. Wa*h?tands. Office Tslilee, Walnut Chamber Beta, Mattre*-ei, Pillows. Wardrobe*. Lounges, Lace Curtail.*, Brunei* and other Carpets, Kitchen reu'iisi!?*. Crockery and Glaaswara, with e umeross otter art'cles _. _ _ mrM BOBT. J. MDBBAT. Trustee. ^ASH B. WILLIAMS, Auctioneer. TRUSTEES' BALE OF AN ELKG'NTTHREE btobt ano basement brick dwell ing, no JO 1 BTBltET HOBTaWIBT, Under and bv virtue of a deed of trn*t, JL A dated the twel'th dltbiday of Bay.A.D 1<74.^? and dulv record* d in Liber Mo. 751, f, lio It) ?* "? cne cf tbe land record! for county of Wa<hing* n. D strict of the request ot the p?rty , tecured ttereb>, we will sell a' punlic auotion. iu front of the premises, on THUKStMY. June I, 1676, at ?> o'clock p.m., the following described real estate, situate In tbe city of Washington, D O: All tt at certain piece or parcel of ground or real t-ta!e ??tuate and lying in seil cltr if Washington aud kcowc aud described as being Lot numbered one hundred and thirty-six, < IS6.1 In Shepherd's re corded subdivision of Miuare numbered six hun dred atd twenty-three. <6*3 > together with tbe im provements. Ac . consisting of an elegant three story a* (J basement brick dwelling T'rms One-third ca?h: balance In ?lv, twelve, aud eighteen month*, with Interest at ten per cen tum per annum, secured bj deei of trust on the property sola A deposit of *.'100 will be re-mired of the purchaser at time cf sale. All conveyaucing at the expense of the purchaser. If terns of sale are net conplled wi;h within seven days the trustees reserve the ligicti resrll the property ai the risk and cost of the defaulting putchaeer. JOSEPH T DYER, t T,_.?aA. rr?j22 dAds MIUHAKL GRKKN.f lrn"ee? rpHOB. DOWL1NG, Auctioneer. TRUSTEE'S HA I E Or VALUABLE PROPERTY l>N DCNHABTON AND BEALL 8TBEET8, IN GKORGATOWN. By virtue of two deeds of trust, bearing date the 1st and Sd days of February. 1361. aad re cord.din Liber N C.T. No 26, at folios U8 ana 1 *4. the undetsigned will sell on MONDAT, the 'Jflthtiayot filay,A.D. W6. in front of the pre mises, rn Dumbarton street, at 3 o'clock p m., the es?t half parts of Lets No. 79 and 87. In Beatl's ad dition to Georgetown, tbe same frouting thirty (30) f< et on Dunbarton street and extending back of that width northwardly one hundred and twenty teet, improved with' a comfortable dwelling h juse at 1 other out buildings, th>- premises being No. tti Dnnbarton street and the other par:el bblug a va cant lot fronting 30 feet on Beali street aud having a depth of 120 teet. Terms of sale: One-tbird cash: residue In two ?.jual payments at six and twelve month*, with in terest. to be secured br deed i f trust. deposit w hen tbe property is struck < If. which Is to be for feited If the t"rm* are not complied with within five dais after sale. All conveyaucing and recording at purchaser's e*p?nse ?SAO PlCKBELL, Surviving Trustee, apffl e d lOour.] THOS. COWLING. Anct. \~ol?gT middleton. Real Estate Auctioneers. TUl'STEE'S ''ALE OK VALUABLE BREW ERY PROP ART Y ON K. BETWEEN UblH AND ?7th STaEKTs NORTHWEST. By virtue of adeed ot trnst dated March 17, 1-71. and re-corded In Liber 610. folios 471. 4 r5' ani 476, one of tne lar d records for the District" of Columbia, and at Hie written request of the aarty secured thereby, i will sell a* public austion, in front of the premises, on 8ATUKDAY, June 101b, 1S76. at A o'clock p. ;m. the following de sci Ibed real estate, situate in the city et Washing instcn, District of Columbia, to wit: All ot lots numbered four, (4,) five, <3.1 six, |6.) seven, (7,) eight. 18.' at '! all tho'e p?rts of lot numbered nine. lit.) ail In square numbered four, (4;) one part of lot nlr.eiP> beginning at the aonthweit corner of lot nil e,('J. > and running thence northwitb the ent line of 27th street west, twer-ty (2u > feet, thence east ISO feet to the batk line of said lot, thenca south 20 fee t. thence wesi 130 feet to the said 27th street, and place of begictii:ig; fo.-the other rart of lot tine. <9i beginning at the >utheast corner of lot 10. in said scjrare, thence ?outb 31 feet, thenco ea,t 75 feet. th? ice north SI feet, thecce along the rea* line of lots 12 and 13. 76 feet west,?to the place of begin ni- g. and sppurtena^ess. beihg the ?? hole property lately known as the Washington Brewery. Tern- #5 600 ca*h: #3 W'j io sixi6i mouths, with interest, ar d balance in twelve il2> month*, with interest The deferred payments to be secured by notes of purchaser and dee.l of trust on property sold A de posit of f 2i0 will be reunired of the pur chaser at the time of sale, otherwise au immediate re-ale. Conveyancii g ar cost of purchaser If other terms cf sa'e are not complied with within seven i71 day b I lie Trustee reserves the right to resell the property at tbe ri->k and cost of the defaulting pur chaser, alter five (5> days' advertisement SAM L L PHILLIPS,Trustee. my?4 d SOUNG A MIPDL1CTON. Aucts. T HOS. E. WAGGAMAK, Seal Estate Auctioneer, 519 7th street. VALUABLE IMPROVED PROPERTY-No. 1104 f?Tli PTBKET NORTHWEST. Or MONDAY, Bay U? h, at A o'clock p.J m , 1 ?ba!I offf r tor tale at public auction, on the pre mises, the above pi perty, being par'? of Lot No 1, In fquare 419. Improved by a three atory Brick Uoute ol twelve rooms aud mudern improvements Terms day it?*a!e. try 15-4t THOH E.W^GGAMAN. rJ,HOMAS DOWL1NG, Auctioneer. ALL Or 8UUABE FOOTH Or SQUARE 193. C'?NTA IN ING 11J0O SQUARE rEt T, IN THE 1MMKDIATB VICINITY or BCOTT hTATTE. AT AUCTION On HOBDAY EVENING. May the 39th. 1-76. on the premises, at b o'clock 1 shall all of F^naie Sooth of B.j'itro 125. bounded bj"^" )6th and 16tb ctreets, Rhode Island avenue and north N street, in tbe immediate vicinity of Scott fetatne. One of the best locations in the city. Terms: Ol<-third cash: balance at 6,12 18, and 14 montts.with notes bearing Interest at 8 percent, per annum, and secured bj a deed of trust on tlis premise* aold. All conveyancing at purchaser'* co*t. ?fCti down when the property 1* struck efl. WfU 4t THQ9. DUWLING. Aunloneer. J JCHCAN80N BBQS . Anctlcaeera. SALE Or BUILDING LOT ON SOUTH D STj PKTWEkN 1st AND 'Jj SIREETB EAST. AT AUCTION On MONDAT ATTI.RNCON, May ^'Jth, at] i j o'cli ck. we will sell, in front of theorem < l?es. the east ba f of lot 5. iu rijuare 733. front-' Ir g 73 feet on south D street, with a depth of 119 teet 6 Inches to a 30-foot alley. Terms. One third cath; balance In on* and two years; notes bearing Interest, aecured by deed of trnst cn tbe premise* sold. Conveyancing, Ac., at purchas?r'* c*?t. A dep .sit of $50 rt nu'red as soon as sold jm24 4t) 1 UNCAN8QN BbOS , Ancts \-ALI'ARLE 1MTBOVED PROPERTY ON D SI RERT. BETWEEN 1>T AND Ud bTBEKTS hOl TH WEST, A r AUCTION. 1 he underslgu'd will ofler for aals, at pub lic anctlci:. on WEDNESDAY. Msy 31st,' 1h76, at b o'clock p ni.,on the premi-es, oar'? ot iaot ncmbered sixteen < 16 , in the mbdlvislun of s itiare fl\e hiiLdred and e|gnty-tw? (Ml. fronting forty 140 ' feet on D street south, ard running b?ck wlib that width ons hundred and fifteen iU3> feet, improvel by a three-slcry r>ame House, contalu Il'> nine (9i ri/Bs and also by a small frame shop. Tumi: One third cash, balance in one and two years,for which notes with six per cent Interest, acenn 1 by deed cf trust upon pr petty sold will be taken. If teims are not complied with in five days fr. m fale. property \\ ill be resold a. risk and cost of defaulting purchaser. Deposit of 050 will be re unired at time ot sale. Conveyancing Ac., at cost of purchaser. EOWABDC.OARHINGTON, Jft , Trnslee. m>?3 ecAds B 11 WABNEB, Auctioneer. "books asp stationery. E W BOOK B . Daniel Deronda, byGe>>igs Eliot; vol. 1; cloth; ? 150. 1 he Prtee Minister, by Anth >ny Trollope; paper: 75 cents. Btudieefrom England and Italy, tyJcbu Blehard of a"Short His tory ot the Incllsb Peejple." #175. Annual Becord of B< ience and Indnstry for 18'5. by Prof. Spencer F Baird; 12 mo.; clotli; B2 Village Communities aid Bisctl!aoiee. by Bir Henry Bnmner Maine; B3 50. Ci mte de Pari*' History sf tne Civil War in America; vol ii ; 8-vo.: cloth, B3 50. Just published, and for **l? by HOIIUB BROS., BOOKSELLER* ANU STAUONMHS, nr,y!7 tr 1015 renn*ylvania avenue. WYf'H HAZEL. By author of Wide Wide World. ACH8AH: A New England Life Study. FREE. VET FORGING THEIBOWN CHAINS. PLATO'S BEST THOUGHTS. By Bnlkley. ADDRESSEB by D. L. MOODY. Revised. By himielf. MEMOIB OF NORMfcH MACLEOD*, D D. THE SAN1TABY DBA1NAGE Or HOUSES AND TOWNS ror sale by WM BALUTTYilB, myB-lr 4if SEVENTH STREET. ^rFUTuii ambrican stclofi Approaches complettcm. It Is having a very large ?ale. Parties In Washington or vicinity desiring this great work will be supplied, la monthly lastaU neuta or up to prs?. from the ageooy, 418 7th street, where aU styles of binding may be seen. ? ?"* ?n?a?i:dtf PIANOS, Ac. rpa: E HUMBUG BIRD (OOL1BB1) F1ABO. Tfce nnalleet aad the chsapsat firrt clM* )? V. I S 7t? 6 and H (treets northwest. tave PIANO ever made. d. L. WILD BBO., Bole Agenta. T 43 7th atreet, bet wees iffWl Piano* and all Instrcment* TUNED and RE PAIRED. feb?tr HALLET DAVIS t OO.fl ORABD, SQUARE and CFRIGHT PIABOS for sale or__? mrctfclv lasulmeats. Celebrated for pa kSB rlty ar.d sweetness of tone. Bm Agent, Ell HI 111 ?th street northwest. 4ecM , W"' VolHS PIAHOB. ^ LvrvM' The favorite Etdsnnon Pianos; Bhonenger's osl ibrated Orgaas. new style. Also, a large? ^ kssortment of Pianos which have been uMH ?as a short Ome, for sale aad mat at vsr> HltM Mt?U 41)311th si.,afsv 4o?cs nfeavs Fa. nv. AUCTION SALE?. T HO* * WAQOAMA*, R~*I Katate A action^ ?r. At 9 Ttb street a. YALTA BM IMPBOY*D PBOP1BTT. If rm. 1334 A?sr> 133ft 7th 8TBVET fcOBIUWKiT, (IWO-fcTOH BKI 'K H TSKi.i On WEDNESDAY. Mav 3lst, at 5 o'c'cck >?A p m , I (t all s?il at public aorMnn, on the rpremises. tbe above pre pert*. beln? part . '?* <M et 9. la ayu%*e 4? and neAi to O nr?M utikrl. It aff r<J? grcd facilities Kr bc?in*?s purposes. Terms day of set* mjV tii THOP E WAOOKMAH. Aoct. qpuOMAS DOWllKQ. Auctioneer. COMYOBTABLE TWO 6TOBV FBt.1l DWIL llfiOHiiCSB, BUfili No 70* Ud STBEKT NOBTUEAflr, AMD LOT, AT AUCTION. On THCBPDaT. June 1m. 1n4, At i p M m , in front of tbe prei!l?s.l will sell Lot VV rnn.bered tMny-Ilve, in Hill's ?ob-tiviclao of JUB> t iusre numb-red seven huidred And nineteen, fronting 17 feet oa the wc?t of Id street mu. by a depth of 94 feet, to a 10 foot Alley, with a 3 foot ? ide alley. Improved by a comfortAble t?? ttory Frame Dwelling hn?e Term* One-half esab; balacre in < an<1 it months, with Interest At M per c?nt A deposit of 91<:0 vben thept perty Is bid off. Conveyancing At tbe coet of tbe pnrchater. myr-?t THOMAS DOWLIBO. A net. ^UANCEBY BALK OF BEAL ESTATE. virtue of a decree of the Supreme Court ^^A of tbe District of <'olumt>ia, passed in E<jait\ R? c?nw Bo 4,s4.i. in which John A Schneider F ? t? thence of Les'erA. tiartlett is plaintiff. And 8. S bant and oth* r? Ar>- defendAnts, I will sell, in frint of the premie**, on TUESDAY, the tith dAy of J<ire. A . |?. 187#. At i o'clock p. m , All the inter est of defetdsnt, Samuel 8 Hunt. In ?h? lota C And 7. in t<jnare 76i. in the rity if Washington, Dit trict 11 Columbia described aoeorlinsr to the cr -end tut < r plAo if ??io city a? l-gtnnina At AvMntou 2 ' R'.ret t < ARt ocefoot Aid one And one hAl: inches ri< rtb of said lot 7, An' rnminn there-) ?? ntn 18 feet 3 inches: lliei ce easi 96 feet; thence uor. h 4 feet; ibeire east 4 fe?t; thence north 14 feet 3 iDChfR; thence ?<?! 1h> feet, to place o* becltn'nB. 1 eim? of RAle ca?h: Adepo-itof one hundred dol l> r ?'ll bere>inlred wli n the property it struck oft All c:>nve\ancine at pn-cbaser's coat If terras an net roi?pl(?-d with In 5ve d?ya t*ie trus'es re st r es the T'jrbt to resell the er?pert> at tbe risk unU ccst of the defaulting purchaser I G KOI HALL Trustee. m,y.7-aeAds WASH B. WILLIAMS. A net. Typi st** s balk or thk stkamek ??* RJObBIh" AT Tfi* WHABK, ? *AE THE FOOT OF 7th STBKKT BOlTUWKtT. By Tirtne of A deed of truit execu tul on or about tb? 3J day of M?rch.J 1.-76. r-cordtd In M B No 1. foli,?* 93a?id9J,At theCBRtoin Hoar*.in (l?or*etown, U. 0 . md bj d'rect'on of th? parties peenred thereby 1 will rMI At puMioaacti- n tbeeteamerK. Morris, it fn nt of the same, on the w harf. near the f iot of 7 b ttreet sotithweet, on the 7th da\ of June next, at 4 <> clock p m.. or so much thereof as ma> *?e necea*ary to pay the liabllitle- set out In tbe said deed of trust, includiu-1 the interest and All ex petifes of sale Terms cf R?le: (1 900 cash; the btlancs in two r<|iiAl irsta'tnents At 6 and 12 months, with 8 per cetit lnt?re?toc deferred pa^ mentn. If t?rina not cotrpliid with In forty eight hours after date of sale tbeittiRfee rfserves tbe right to retell At risk and c< st ofdefAnlllcs pnrchamr. my27-to B. P. LOWK. Trustes. I 87() ~F1BST bPB,N0 BALE OF TilK WABIIIHOTON AUT CLUB. OIL FAWTlfilGS AM) WATER COLORS. This collection cmbr?c?t the best workh ever of fered for-Ale by onr L cal Arti-ts Oaexhibitijn l'ay At <1 KvenUg at th ? i'lub Boom. Vernon Kow, corner ll-th street And PeuntylrAnlA Avenue, to be rcld at pnblic auction, without reserve, on WED Mt^DAK And THURSDAY EVEN I Nod, May 31, btd June 1, At 7Ko'clc>' k each evenicg, by n??7 4t DDN'UNBOS A BKO . Aucts. ^ BABK CHANCE FOR DEALERS ?>()7 ith street'nrrth^es? D?W 00 exhi?itlon "'Vil7 P FOLEY. Auctioneer. I )OWNMAN A QBEEN, Auctioneers. a?'as 15th BTiiEETS NOBTll'wKst^^Kfk TH Mouses lrom isth street ) *dr' <6th (jih l iI.* TArt|?<' fsf7? h' V1 of trn,t-dated October ^ saHfeS 1? asfl. a"d 187^a?!a*?5N' n" WKDN KSDA Y. ,luae 7 th prnw'/^:'. a-avffii'Hrs "4Sr I'UOMAS Duwiii.dTj?ii;;L"' TTATE* 7hAt rfVrR.VvL,L^BLE ES ANDtolBTB^hrCoIlMBlA^ by Tirtue of fonr separate derdtoftrnst h!bearing Sh** respectively th -" Mai l-A-'th- uVh1"1'; 1,S8'1, th* Ji,t> 'l?y O - 'd WU*\:n ?BI1)AY, thV Tlith dsy of jun?nA D. 18<j,on tbe irrerblse^. at the hour of 5 30 o'clork ttnuei, and AdjyiDltjg "Tbe Cedars " on ?? - ni of a tract called "Ber?eirh ^ una containing sixty three acres, more or l? proved by a larpedoubl^ Brick Dwelling ui o?Vr?b??: "'luht'*' ""A ?fl" ""ABeiinwy mS1!1, ?f, ii it I^ c*-aat,r* If ternii of sale are not x>mpii?d with v It Li ii a netk after day of sale thA Trns?,,L . the riihi to ro^-ll the pro^y', artJ/Sre ??2^T." * 'a '? Ta t'nf*? h* c^f J *HOMA?C' CO\|{Tr?gNt?. - 28'd TUOMaH DOWLlNQs Anct. | BLMJ8.. Aaciioaeers, I TOB'8 8ALR OK PAIB OF vtvf rav ^?SiA??:,,,HovV0,Isd S^ggkffifii UTfoiP' SAD"Lt3' Covins, it.. Aff2,',j? xm sr.TJf.Kv- < the purpose of settling the estate, I will tell * h.'K.'W.ssriiisf ? "><?"" ?? 4"^?ft?VRkJaVt2.V5!:!^ oi? ft^,i-::5c6-,rb.ii"abiis*""' ?"*?*? ^Addits Bridles. Ac. The Above Articles Are told for no fanlt. bnt t? ?ttle the estste of tbe late B 81. Corwine. deceased r??ffr8i ^,a')'e* f?nr stalls, and Carriage Uou^e fjr rent- Inquire ot the auctioneer. lwy,a QU1HTON COKW1WK, Execator. ^ KB?T ON Vobth K ?t' W?T*AT Al oYlON ? * <T 8Ta' M0KTfl: & v wasai ?istMrf lr!i netCr,T<l' cf Washing to a ocuotrj . J OolumbiA, and by direction of the boluer of tbe co.e ? cured thereby, 1 will tell at !?mS! DACY??tUiS,^nt the 'pJembe.r on* Kom? i i .k!. . d/* of Jnne, 18r?, At ft o'cl*ck p m JilT"? ?J;?r<>?o?l In Washington city. lf?,' n?t ^ ?um ' ^nomo *nd deiigoAted as origi nal lot 4, of rtjoAre touth of tgaare 104, lmoroT^it by Atwottory frame dwelling honto. ' P 0Ted roJ.^.T1" ?I f ^ CA?h balahce in alx and twelve niOLths, securcd bv notes bfarlEz 10 bat ror? i_ terest and deed of trn.tTn thV /ro^rt" *n if ^ pnrchaser't coet. If the tennt arenot oompiled with, la seven dayt *r >m tale, the trnitee reserves the right to retell tbe property At tbe risk tD^ ,C<Tk. 'he purchaser. ?100 to be paid in CAsh *hc u the propt rry U rtrnck off , \\ M L. DDRLOP Trustee -?'?**?* 1HQ8 DOWLlNQ. Anct' rjpUQMAB LOWLINQ, Aoctloneer. TLl'eTKE S SALE OF IP INTKBK8T IW a _ . 4 phintiko orrio* IN A . B - ,T2f J', ? detd of t?n*tt dm? recorded in Li bar No. WW, folio 133. one of the land rnrnnia rf Distrfct of ^'clucnb'A and 55^522^?^ leenth day cf 1873. And At the requejt of ?i/LP?V!k,r<>D 'hereby I will tell at public anc ticn, on the premises, at 6 o'clock p m on the 1st **2uZ>m lV*i f? the hlsbest bidder, for cash at Lr J.^''.?lj,tberlght. title,clal?.nd?Su" i k ?K_Beardhjey in ai>d to the Book ana Jcb Printirg Office on tne third floor of Ho 4 79 ??"> T?n?A avenne. Wattinf :on. D^ O . of which L*!*h.Alfcwner o?ca|?tiDgof Piinting Pmwaud Ucb^theryo!1 deWl ? ' J ' D ' mTl'a ? nyTO eoAdt THOS DOWLIgQ.^5' N KW AUCTION BOOMS. NMDAT.May'J4th,at7Kp rn .^l. ibniPg MONDaY->, WKDNAS-Hfl IBATI BD A Y8 ot each week at the fll . will ho lol.l At Aictiou. An aasmt. On WEDNESDAY, Maj 'J4th,at,T) and contibniri "" " DAYS aa4L_ tame boor, will be told at auction, an aasoit seat of Clothii.g, Dry Ooodt, Boots, fthoea. Hats acd Notlonf. at ?IT ?TH hi BEET SOUTH EAST, (Narr Yard.! H. B ?Out ioor hales solicited, and Ooodt and raraltsre sold (n . ?yM Is* JOSEPH &KPPKTTI. EVENING STAR. RAT CROAT.. Mmj 27, 187*. Kor Thi Star. SKETCHES FROM GERMAN LIFE. * ?JPru??iaM Xobilif,,. "How'w It tie, it to me, [Ti? only nohta to br .?<>?*1. Kind hearts! an- m re thau coronet* And simple faith than Norn>?ii M.xhI.*' When Germanj "a EUmerous state* were K?V,ernf(l by Petty princes, each keeping a little conrt of bis own, the land was most plentifully besprinkled with royalty; now that these states have gradually come coder one Prussian government, the ranks of no bility have been wonderfully thinned out and beyond the immediate royal family very little is heard of them. I doubt if there is any other country under the away of a crowned bead where there is less talk of rovalty than In Prussia; its nobility are ad mired as men, as nature's noblemen, and not for the position to which they were born There are certain classes of people in many countries to whom the wohl no blllty suggests no other idea than that ef a hignly favored and enviable rank whose members are by their outside polish and fine breeding au ornament to the land, but In Germany, though you converse on this subject with au lguorant peasant you Win nr.d that as he re-arda his honored era percr as one wbo is every inch a maa and measure* by this -tandardail the uobilitv so is this the spirit of the wiole naUai ft is not a powerful argument with the Ger mans in favor of a prli.os that he na.s fasci nating manners, nuble beariug. c<u pre-ide gract fully over a feast or bring out a flw toast, they appreciate all this well enough in him, but there has got t? t*. aomePiin* tuck of it, something solid and hone-t. a ? worked a is working for the s,<>od of his country. T:>.-re Is nothing they commend so much in a nobleman as nrir J'cai common sense Not the most bri! 1 ant court lu ail Europe would Impress them their e lastes ULiaP'aUl living of KATSER WILHELSt. They talk with the greatest pride of the plainness with which the Crown Prince is bringing up his latle family, of how he has placed hl6 eldest son, who may one d*v sit UP? throne, in a school, a iOW.!?!ni ^ be favored, titled, or ri! anything but an equal with his P'ebla" Bcboolfellows. Prussian royalty, thinl is certainly home. I it I. .. 1? be proud of. Not but tiiat it has lt? ferlous weak points, which ? cause tbe vast empire to topple aLd fall to the ground; but where do we finl a government without them, or one unmarred by human frailties, which may eventually drag it down. * Whatever may be said of Germany's great men, that they work zealously for the good of their country must be granted them; and moreover, much In their character which looks forbidding to a foreigner finds tne gieatest favor In their own land. ROW BISMARCK, wbose intluence is over that of even the Em peror himself, Is thoroughly appreciated la Germany, whatever other nations say of lilm^ foreigners, though they admit his wonderful mind and executive abilities apeak loudly against his tyranny and abuse ? 5? Power he has goiten into his hands; but Prussia feels that she can never cancel tho debt of gratitude ahe owes his WH?U,lCsa?rVnpeStdUr,n8 anU "lace the late ?*!"? i *?l one Hay at table dtuAc next to a German Juggler, who, when Bis marck was shot at in the summer of 'it knocked aside the would bewsasgin's hand* and to saved the great hero's life. The con vtrsation of the whole table turned upon Bismarck, and a most exciting contest of words ensued. It was Impossible to keen track of half that was sald^for though tbe general conversation was German-good bad and Indifferent?the Interesting Utile ? were in the van jus tonguea ?r lJj.<L.f<?reigner8; but lll? amount of enthusiasm wi?h which the Ger mans present defended their great favor eYery charge brought asuinst Mm, astounding. I venture to say tiiat their antagonists on that occasion will ??mpl a|"olher argument of criticis ixig the Bismarck order with patriotic Ten tons. Tney will not n-ar a wont ajamst ? ^a?. IV 'i36 VPry towns whese he perse, cuted the Catholics he has been afterwards most iicaitily received, so there remains not mLCh for foreigners to say against his man. agement of home affairs at least. If his sternness and severity find ravor among the y?r>'people to whom they are extende 1, that settles the matter, and I am sure all who read some of his private letters, lately pub lished In the New York Jlcral't, must Lave canght glimpses of far more geniality and kind heartedness in his character than is ge? eraliy uccredlted him. Directly facing the market pla^e In baden 6tands a palace which terves as THE EMPEROR'S RESIDENCE dming imperial visits to the city. It for merly belonged to the Duke of Nassau, but in common with ail his property, fell Into the possession of the crown, and for a short season every spring the old Kaiser brightens it with his presence. Between these royal vl*'ts the palace is daily thrown opeu to strangers. We went through it directly af ter it had undergone a thorough reuovatlon. which the Shah of Persia's short residence there had made necessary. It was laughable to hear the porter who showed the building tell with such disgust of Un- destructiveneas or that eccentric monarch and his host of dirty Persians. It is very easy to Imagine that the well-trained, tidy German servants of the palace were nearly distracted by the nasty Oriental habits of the visitors; for the furniture and even walls of tbe building were very much soiled and Injured. All the damage, however, had been remedied when we visited it, and it looked none the worse Tot tbe brief residence of Persian royalty. The grand stairway is the most imposing thing in tbe whole palace. It runs from the entrance up to the second floor, which la properly the royal stage, the parterre being used as servants' quarters. A bright colored light from above falls upon the mas sive marble staircase robbing it somewhat of its gboatly catuedral look, but the heavy bronze banisters were tied up in linen and the several life-sized Images wrapped around in sheets so that it did look startllngly spec Jral when we first went In. The porter took these coverings off and hobbling up and down the stairs began Illustrating how "the Kaiser came out of this door and the Crown Princes out of f/ia/.and they both went down tbe stairway together." It was not very easy to catch in the old man's comic minlcry, the Emperor's soldierly bearing, nor to near in his shulUing footsteps the slippered tread ar;d?8lllll8 of the Crown Princes*, but all that was left for our vivid Imagination. Through ttoe main building and the long ex tendi! g wings there is a perfect maze of b< autirul rooms opening into one another. The floors are cleverly and prettily Inlaid with eight different kinds of wood, in round and octogan shaped rooms the patterns are particularly artistic. This wood work Is so highly polished that the gilded spindle-legged chairs and , antiquely carved furniture cast most clearly dedued shadows on ila glassy surface, and the pro spective of it through the long extending suite of rooms is particularly fine. Tbe har mony of color in each apartment is perfect, the furniture corresponding with the general style of Interior decoration. Home of the wails are of finely painted and frescoed stuc co work, some are of inlaid marole, aad oth ers ornamented by panels or silk brocade. Iu every apartment there la a clock of dif ferent uesign and the marvel was that they were all going. We Inquired If there were not an especial clock tender employed, and were surprised to have the porter answer in tne negative. A most embarrassing num ber of mirrors confront you at every turn in the palace. In addition to those which atom the walls one side of all the doors and the in side of the window shutters are looking grasses. Tbe state dining hall is entirely lined with them and the crystal chandeliers and two famous figure* of Spanish dancing glrla are reflected again and again with very pretty effect. Opening out of this apartment which must look magallcent when tbe long table la filled with royal guests is a cosy little room where the Impe rial family dine when alone. The audience chamber, concert and ball rooms are the largest and most extensively decorated balls In the palace. Adjoining tne boudoir of tbe Crown Princess la a large apartment made especially for banging away dressea. The walla are lined with doors opening Intoclos eta, and in the center a small iron stairway runs np to a balcony surrounding an upper tier after the manner of a library. There must be a closet tor every shade of color, and apparently room enough for the silken robes or the whole Prunian nobility. The sleep ing apartments of the Crown Prince and Princess are most richly furnished, but that of the Emperor so plain a* to distinguish It at OLce from every other room. Tnere was no bed In It, and the porter began Immedi ately to tell what we so often hear, that tbe . Kaiser takea his rest like a soldier, and wherever he goes carries along with him a small Iron bedstead and thin mattraas. A little adjoining office contains the table where he transacts all business when at this palace. The pen. Inkstand, paper weight ard necessary stationery, were scattered abontaair he had lust left it, and the mo rocco chair, slightly worn on the edges, looked as though It bad done some service. THE KAISER KADI A THREE WEEKS' STAT In Wlesbaulen last year Just about the time that opening spring was Infusing new life into all the beautiful surroundings of the place. Yen, in Germany they bar* a true, genuine spring tin?*, ft rrUlrtUon of wh*l is Id most lands merely ft poetic ideal. It fteeni* m though all our bards who hmve ravel about thin Mwon and been forever after ridi culed for their inconsistency, muii hftve caught inspiration on German soil. Tb* pre sence of royalty at this delightful s*a*o3 wonderfully enlivened Wiesbaden, and these were three week* of the greatest enjoyment. Serenades, paradca, iilamlnauoos and every bocor that Ui> city eoald teuder wa< *u.?w ?nJ uioo their favorite kalter lie appearei daily before the public, either walking or driving. No one remarking his firm atep ami soldierly hearing when taking these quiet walk* can real ire bia nearly four score j>sr?, and though bla balr and mustache are ?now white, bla kind. genial fa<v shows no evidence that the spirit is dying oat aa hia years iccreaae. His daughter, the Grand nuchesa of Ba<len, was with him >1 a ring bis stay at Wiesbaden, and always accom panied him when driving. Their carnage, in accordance with the Krapemra whole style of living, was a plain, unpretentious ba rouche; the only thing that would attract a stnunr'i attention to it were the four sn perb black horses and allver mountings and chains. The Grand Ducheas has a aweat race and ber father's genial manner. Aa ahe fat beside him bowing to the people there was a certain grace just in the Inclination of the head which seemed to betoken ao much klrdly feeling toward them that her peat popularity la not to be wonuered at. When lli*-re waa any especial demonstration of the people the was perfectly showered with flowers, and the f<>otniaii woull run about picking up all the bouquets which fell short of tr.e mark and piling them Into the carriage, wht re the Lniperor and da lghter sat perfcctly imbedded In them. Heverai of Germany's g.^eatest orfu.v? In drama and opera carr.e to Wiesbaden during bts ty'a valt ami performed for hia beneat. He went to the tbeatier everynlght with the ex ception of when one or two dinner parlies w*re given. I call to mind one evening especially thai we saw him there. He sat with ihe Grand Duebess iu the lower roval box. She was attired in a heavy white silk and a mag lttcent necklace and coronet or diamonds. They chatted together incessantly between the acta, and laughed at all the Utile hits aad repartee on the stage. The play had been given at the Kaiser's special request; it was a light com edy without much plot, but a capital dia logue, entitled "The A ffectlonate Relatives." Asa portrayal of all the petty jealousies aud little bickerings of ra:nily life it w*? very true, and the ocenpauts of the royal box teemed to appreciate this ract quite a? well aa the rest or the houae. Directly after the play the square in front of the Kursaal was illuminated. The Germaua have a most thoroughly artistic manner of using lie gal lights in illuminating, ao that on this and many other occaaions we a t w the Knrsaal park and aquare oouveried Into a |K*rfect ralry scene; one tree would be dam grreen, the next scarlet, the next pale blue, aud so on in every shade down the entire long avenues. Several bands of music and soldiers bearing lighted torches lined one entirb side of the square, around which the Kaiser drove several tlmen, bowing to the enthusiastic people. A day or ao arter this bis dellghtrnl visit carae to a close, aid with universal regret Wiesbaden aaw him depart. RRINCR KARL, a nephew of the Kaiser, and a man who has wonderrully endeared himself to the people, was the next royal personage to come to the city. He greatly dlstlngulahed blmaeir and won a famous reputation In the Franco Prussian war. He la a man past middle life, with Iron grey hair, tall figure, aud, like bla Imperial uncle, a soldier in every mo% ement. He kept up much more atyle than the K;n peror. and, though not residlngattbe palace, seemed to have a greater number of servants aud attendants. Whenever any or the ladies of bla family appeared walking ou the promenade, two tall, solemn-loo king liveried servants walked rolded arms a rew reel in the rear. Indeed, daring the Prince's s'ay there seemed to be a perfect regiment or these pompous automatical beings lu the city, in attendance upon the various digni taries. The Prince drove out everyday, in various magnlilcent turnouts. His carriages were generally drawn by rour horses, with a i Jockey little postilion on each or the first pair; then be bad, in addition, what the Germai s designate as a fore-ridrr, a p mtllion j who rides some little distance in advance, lo see lhat the road is clear. Thla fore rirftr wore a livery or buckskin tights and scarlet coat, so that he was visible a loig time before the princely equipage came in sight, consequently the gaplug crowds on the street were never disappoint ed bv having the carriage whisk by oafore they were prepared for a look, as haJ been so often the case during the Kaiser's visit. Prince Karl's birthday happening whilst in was very magnificently ser enaded and feted. One of the most pleasing features on the programme was a Oarm Fal,rt. The Prince and his suite, followed by a continuous stream of carriages, drove around aud around me Kursaal square, anl lli.wer- were tossed from carriage to carriage In pasting. Everybody who can raise a cir ri.- ge and a 'ew nowt rs attend these affairs, fer U.ey are thoroughly enjoyable, and mat o' Prince Karl was the most brilliant Cwo Wihrt ttat hi.d been given in Wiestiadeu f ir a li-.rg time. The carriages or the Prince and his suite, as well as tnoee or many private individuals, were trimmed with flowers,and o: e hair or tbem piled up with boqu;ts re ceived and those ready to throw. At each corner or the square was stationed a mili tary band, to there was continued music for the horses to keep atep to. Thi ladles all appeared in rull dress, aud any carriage containing an especially "ralr" creature was or course unler most furloas tire |or bouquets. Prince Karl tlirsw flowers several times, generally honoring some stout old dowager, and was blmseir the recipient or more bouquets than his carriage could hold. The officers, in gorgeous array, like the knights or old, wended their way iu and out between the moving mass or car riages. The bridles or tbelr horses were be studded with little nosegays which they were very enthuslastlcly throwing among the ladles. The bright afternoon sunshine, the profusion of flowers, the rainbow allks and hashing Jewels in all the carriages, the fine appearance or the chivalrous knights and their magnificent horses, and the gay life generally, all oomblued to make this one of the most brilliant scenes imaginable, aul Its termination In a noirec d'insante.ln the Karsaal ended one of the brightest, most enjoyable of royal festivities. 1. M. F. A Washerwoman, fob Alliokd Breach of Promise. Claims ?io,ooo.?The trial of the suit of Margsretta Kugelhardt against Frank Sellger was concluded yester day before Judge Curtis. T*he pialutiff Is a washerwoman, who lives at 3 Norfolk street, about 55 years old. The defendant is a dealer In military accoutrements at 53 Ann street, and lives at 14 Jefferson street. He is gray Leaded, and about GO yea.* old. Seliger is wealthy. His first wire was killed by an explosion of chemicals at his rormer home, in Henry street,< ictober 1, ;873. The plaintiff testified that be soou arter male visits to her, and proposed marriage. Bellger denied that he offered to marry her, and produced evi dence to prove that at the timeor the alleged proposal he bad already sent over to Ger many for ills dead wire's aster, bis present wife. The amount of dariages claimed is 510,000. The Jury will orlng In a sealed ver dict this morning?[/V. Y. Htm, 2Gth. A Pagan Fcnkral in New York ? Most readers of Mr. Carlyle will remember his exceedingly amusing Memoir or Giusep pe liaisamo, otherwise known as Count Cag liostro. the discoverer of the elixir of per petual lire and undecaylog beauty; the raiser or spirits, and the Grand Kophter or a Lodge or Egyptian Masonry. It Is curious to read ora certain Baron de Palm, described as a member or the Theoeopbical Society, a gen tleman or handsome property, and a profes sor of the "occult sciences." He was like wise a Knight of Malta, a Knight of the Sepulcher, and a Roslcruclan of the Heidel berg Lodge. He is to be buried next Sunday from the Masonic Temple. According to bis dying request, no Christian clergyman la to as* 1st at his obsequies, which are to be ??pagan" and conducted acoordlng to "the most ancient Egyptian ritual."?[Of. T. Tri bune, 2?A TBI First Aucakicm in New York? Mr. Henry C. Coup, for a long time baalness manager of P. T. Barnum'd enterprises, bas begun the erection of an aquarium at 35tb street and Broadway. The ground is 100x200 feet, and the building is to be one story above a low brick wall surrounding the wboie plot. Mr. Coup says be will have a greater aver age tankagte than tbe London Crystal Palsoe Aquarium. He bas received promises of fish enosgh to fill several aquaria. A genu are among the West India islas, and along the Florida coast, and In Baffin's bay seeking strange fish of every species. A white whale is to beoceof tbe capital attractions. Mr. David Thomas, another of Barnaul's old corps or managers, U in Europe study lug the management of aquaria, and, being a whole whale himself, be finds the study Uft clnatlL g? jlfew York 26/A. Presyteriay Ufio* ?The clergy of tbe Northern Presbyterian Church, now holAing their assembly In Brooklyn, and those of tbe Sonthern Presbyterian Church, now holding their assembly in Savannah, were exultant yesterday over tbe prospect of union as a national body. Tbe Old and New School branches were united some yean ago; and now, if tbe northern and southern branches can unite, Presbyterian ism will be greatly strengthened. Tbe way and tbe spirit in which negotiations have been opened this time are such as to ftve grouottsTor believ ing in their sumesial laans?[ S. T. Sua, 26tftm ?STTbe testimonial fund for .Capt. Webb, who swam across the English Channel, has reached about ?ao,ooo. house?A tu* omUPPUL?^ Et?!?St2?iiL ?n?" r*^ortri1 *i??wad bj tha rammlMSoQ* ot clainia vw taceti uj> *..j fOsL) IntmdBMvi ft (vcointiM r^CltlAf UlAl ft d)npft(ct) AppfMlrftil fti Ik- da| SR?sr?bvar?52 ?^&fc%kSK^S2S.?53 ? atrnctlng Ui? Committor on Wan Mr^f 10 M Immediate lnvwurauoe ,nrtto <* lElaltyof Um rturw After mntf Umr ipcut In CY?nmitlae of t*e Pr??li2? ttbP.lPrlr*U' glyor. the Honae KPTS11*!.10 ?* ?ooaldaratlon or fee bill i. i^rp rpn?ept of Jc.ige He Candle?. and ?t *?? NIHd kftnr >hl^. Ik. <? L.V after whioto the Hoaae ad R?rrLoT^lilZLS"f'-Xr. Henry sitfssaae; '"w?.?rzt. lar to eommand tto. wi?, w, w lMt JaffiM Hurk ? ?* ?*??urday pk,o?^T Sj"A??S. ??-S? g ? Sow. and In an doing <iiirt>ar(*i ti![ ? n iHl entire load of ahot etueeliSfMeetomlci. it? lingered nntll Tatwday. ^en he d^f*" U* Ditowjrffn at h?a -Tbe bark Nation*! f-Afle. from Rnaton for Rio, collided with ?u0 ??? ??* brt? 8. M Collar, Cap?. Per 1 for St- Jotma, off Nan tucket aboale. on the ild inetant durine a fo^; Mrv P'rrr. tbe captain* wf(? I>?vl?. Peter Pet*r*on and Walter I>a*ter were drowned. Too bark va< eom? what damaged and haw put into Newport. ? 4KKII l?. ? * J?* - w tr ? a r a n At .?,k|iIld r?- ..em T^te.t ii I Mcd%in. Bh WIT' K rur?? to L*t si ?n*nu,oi huu Bat ?ICS. un BL.IT On the Stick of M>r. |K7?. t| ? U. 2?.' <4J"hli t.d lb* ltt> Uridtfi 1' J m> nlha, *1.. II ?(l s ,k ?" , T" Mw'? trr invited t< -??-?< th* tmKTAi from thf rvtidto^ of hrr ttth*? ? ? at I attack V m ttlk'lM., \ IKS 1LLIOB. Mar 17.1874. at 4 o'clock ? tr. i /r vUI>f.' Founf^t mon ?Y Jiruea g IM| L.B v V^rwilljon . Mfd ? m ?mh? and i* iiMi Funeral viil ukr pier* from t>.<- r?,t4*uc* fV* |>*reiut.. cort'-r llth .trret and Maryland./*;. Ki:tb?c?t,CB ^Dkdaf ?t J r ni . ? UNDERTAKERS. r. MARVRY, ?"~~ rndt-rtaker. WH. MACBETT wira R r HtRvrr. |{ W. UAKktK, VmHnet Maker and Cnd* rtaker, ?1? 1 Ith Btkkkt Moktuwk-t. octl-ly GENTLEMEN'S GOODS. H M?i:i HATS! V .All ta. leaflet of cabmbbbb dkbcs mtVl' unr? ?'?T" * Hats. uam-iMa MACKINAW, MILAN BKa ID, LBoUOKN A r liAia <. LOT 11 M..1 KMOL18H lIn K ? B AT?. ABwrinii and Itfltih PI LA, ALPACA m*4 Gl*OHAMI?bubllab *U4 Ml rt?! a "A0." i**1 'k* *** r*RAI?.iLS ?-! I t I ? ?. * PABABOLB f j\?-r*d and r? p?ir? 1 in the t><-?t ni?nn* r KU ? SKIHI, 1419 PBHMbfLVAMIA AVIkri. n'> " <r A bora Wlllard'a Uotol. r| ? . klNMKH HATa. ^ iAChciNit;lM Mackimw Hrtv, Hair ('lolb^a iDd Fiii6 V#|| */*MHk?iT.AiTt,* hA*F"- HEADY. I BBKILLAt-Mlk, Al?*ca, and Oiuctikiii. Loweat market ?rlr?a. ?H2i It"' it37^Va^^'TaeKMJc'Sr'wfc 1. ^IfiO $1.14 F1XIS11ED, KfcADY FJR USE. ?* GEA' 8 SHIRT or I iascUa I Li!, a acd Ceod Liiei ksoat, rot >144 BET CASH. Tbe to?ni*r idea of value in llooaa la 1d*dm. Tbu la one elaoent of Tftlna, tot only on*. Another u>1 Terr tweetaarr )-lemeot la rooadoeaa of Mire*4. Botb linen and cotton are rec table Cbrea. bat cb?r icterikiciUf different. Ii nan ktvlii a greater power of abaorytton than cotton. a? mar ba vroven by vary aimylc eip rlmt-nta Uenoatbe advantaaa linen baa over cotton la abaorblnc and retaining eta rob. Tbere bra aleo dlfferenoea of decree In recard to tbta QcaUty In different fradea of lineca, tbe roaad thread llnena barlnc tbta jOaJitr la a creator de^raa tban tbe fiat thread. Tbeee Fhlrta are Bade by tb? oldeet bonaa la tbe trade; and. being no nortoea. tb?y hare aelected a linen not only for Ita floeneaa, bat wttb reference te actual value in practical use. Tbe price at which I offer them, fir. leaa 10 per cent, lor oaoh. or |I.M net, la lower then 1 e>id aioiilar gooda aeventeea year* ilnce, and at tba price Boat command large aalea. Tbia offering la apeclal and la not 1 a vended to Interfere with ay regular stock ahlrts. ONE TRICE OXLY. CASH DISCOUNT TEX rKB. CENT. QEORQE C. HENNINQ, 410 SEVENTH MTBEC1 myl6-tr I'AYLOh * HLFTY, BIS riRMTLTAIIlA ATENCE HAVB BBDl'CED THB PhlCCS Of TliBIB CELEB HATED DOUBLE YOKE 8H1RTS aa roLLowe: gsallty Bo. 1, $U 00. ToniMrty #? m M " ?. 90.00. - 9mm &BM; - #<141. " " 4. BO41 - ??J4 urii-tf I^EEi'b TATEXT 1'ARTLY-MADE VRES8 SHIRTS, The Qreelect Invention of the Age. Big flae Drew Bhirta for alz dollar*, (ft,) aut to be had la any otfier atore In thia city. V Wear* Bule Agenta W. W. BI BDETTE ? CO, Vo. rthi Ba. Taa K M Delta and Twenty-one BBABCB BALT1MOBB lBlBflL J fisz?j!?e2 isspg?isaaa EDUCATIONAL. ^OCTBBBB H?ME BCBOOL, 1ST 4 199 E. CHAELBB BT . BALTIMOBB. ED I'Tiaiaait 1^4B. B0ABD1KG ABO DAT * biX)L FOB TOOBE _ _ _ . LAEIEB. ?-^L_rK> b*1** TRIED WBDBB4DAT la J St.W.'V'.'irftSiS: To accoaao yoang Lad tea a achool term ItrtFtiOAlTlfti

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