Newspaper of Evening Star, May 29, 1876, Page 2

Newspaper of Evening Star dated May 29, 1876 Page 2
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EVENING STAR. WASEl NG TON: MOKDAT Hay 9% 1HT?. CBOHBT 1. KOI HlMr. Average Daily Circulation over 15.iHM},?lH-itiq more than three times that of any other daily }>aj>er in Washington. Tl>? ft tar for tbe Hammer. Ttrrmt leaving the city mn'j have Thi 8ta* tent to their atktreu by mad, pottage prepay I. for mtcfi period of tt?*e a* they may desire, at the rate of is centi per week, 60 '?entt per nvmth, 91 73/or three monlht, or |3 far mx months. MT The money to pay for the time required nuti in all cases accompany the order. Other. trite the paper cannot be tent. ? ? A fellow belonging to the class known u "sawdust swindlers" was tried la New York on Saturday, the Indictment against him charging that he had used the United flutes mails for the purpose of perpetrating a fraud in offering counterfeit money lor sale It was his wont to propose to sell to parties Indifferent parts of the country, whose ad dress he obtained, certain amounts of such bogus money for a certain pecuniary con sideration, the latter, of course, being paid in genuine greenbacks. It the turtle* ad dressed took the bait he would send them instead of counterfeit money a box of saw dust or shavings. One of the rascals who had io*t money In a venture of this kind had the nntlnshlng effrontry to sue the sawdust man, and hence the suit in question. The counsel for the defence took a peculiar and yet not an al'ogeiher unreasonable view of the cate. arguitg that his client belonged to a class of persons who did moie to suppress the circulation of counterfeit money than even the secret service division of the Treas ury depar'ment. The complainants in the case, he argued, If dealing with genuine counterfeiters would do more toward flood ing the country with this kind of money than t*e principals themselves; but after being onee bitten by a sharper It was impos sible for th4 dealers mentioned to have deal ings with ?hen. These persons would have flooded thtii cdlon with counterfeit money, and the defes daat, instead ot being sent to state fTlson, should receive a reward for the ec-ntl/ nance of his business from the govern ment. In conclusion, he said his client had kept a record of those who were willing to receive a?id circulate counterfeit money, and tLat the list of names reached nearly ten thoasai.J, incladlBg Congressmen, clergy men and others. Derision in the case was Teserve ? L'udoubtedly the Jaw should make the won 'Me purchaser quite as guilty of a crime a* the sawdust s windler himself, and both ongut to be made to serve out a long term in tl.? penitentiary. The i , ci ing testimony iu the investiga tion of the < iierges against Judge Wylie, of the 8iij '< me Court of toe District of Colum bia. pu i;??ed in today's Star, serves to frbow tl vl '.ne purchase of the Colt-nan prop erty t>> .Vr Kryan. the Judge's fcrotner-la law, whs a regular and Uir transaction. It wonld l ave been a great surprise to this cotnmm ity, where Judge Wylie has lived so long, if arything affecting his Integrity had been <ie ve '?>p* d. The resurrection of a few more such letters as that to Mr. Fisher will convince all honest doubters, if there be any such, that Mr. Blaine is incorruptible. He proposes ttiat a friend who is not a public officer shall d) a certain lawful thing to make money. lie says that be himself "can't touch it." But Aqulla Adams, who is virtuous after losing bis money, does touch it, and puts in his *5,(00. Mr. Adams yielded to the tempta tion, but atones for it by exposing the man who refused the temptation. Mr. Blaine is guilty leeause he?didn't do it! As a logical exLibitlon, the performance of Mr. Adams is beautiful. If it kills Blaine, it will be by ""Sklr.g Litn laugh himself to death. Mr. a\damsqcotes from Mr. Blaine, "Whenever ton real nient is desirable, avoidance is ad visable.'* Good. Hence Mr. Blaine's "avoid ance" of the speculation which Mr. Adams entered into. A Judge on the bench, a cler fcjman in the pulpit, & public servant In ?.ffice, if he Ms a proper comprehension of bis position, will avoid not only evil hut the appearance of evil. Hence Mr. Blaine's re quested "concealment" of his name. The lowest offers of District bonds received by the Sinking Fund Com miss'.oners on Fri day last were eighteen-year bonds, 93 and In terest; six per cent, gold bonds, par and in terest; whlcn were accepted. Tuls shows an improved condition of District securities. ITe disagreement between the two Houses of Congress on several important appropria tion bl'ls begins to look serious, it is quite evident that it will be exceedingly difficult for any conference committee to agree on either the ecnsular and diplomatic, or the legislative appropriation bill*. The end of the fiscal year Is rapidly approaching, and unless some compromise is made tbe ma chinery of the government must su?peni operations for lack of funds. At least one Cabinet officer expresses himself determined not to anticipate any appropriation of Con gress, and a few we.-ks ago directed the gas and fuel to be cutoff from ail public build ing*- The wholesale redactions proposed by tbe House Committee on Appropriations, It is well understood, are made more for pollti. cal eflect than because they are deemed necessary and proper. It is sincerely to be hoped that some agreement will be arrived at before the expiration of the present fiscal year. When women were aJ rait ted to tha Bos ton school board the matter was looked upon as an experlmeat. That the experi ment has been sncoes-ful is now generally admitted. Tbrough their agency several much-needed reforms have been brought about, and now they propose to remedy another abuse which is shown in the over dressing of the pupil* on graduation day. The female m^moers of tbe board are in stunting an inquiry with a view to secure more simplicity of dres*. a..l if they can bring this about will be justly entitled to the thank*. especially, or me j-oorer class of the community. Well, the democratic ox seems to bs getting gored a Utile to day. Tarn about Is fair play. DUIOI AJID OBttARI AT 6KI1T r BARUAI?V ?? PIAKCS frtm ? I* to BX? .10 OBOABS sad MKLOUBOB8 fromR latoivt. inin K"?r FIABOfl from ~3U0 and n?. aswOHUsMi from &7I sad up *t J. P. I'.LM.H * t'O 'S, 93? fruoi) aveau*. Br l? Agent for ('btefcerirt aid rftber PUiix sad 8am AmwV?aa Qrfaoi ? ni>ZJ lm ('EM IBB * GRVYIIiR ( LlEE.sK. ? T OWI 1MP0BTAT10M. I?1r^t frtm HBBZO?RBBrctiSEE. 84 HWgTZ. I. W. BI S4 HELL, m)V Jt I33a r Itrfrt. Eably raciTs AWh vegetables b* Norfolk ttnui?n*T(n iU'BDAT, HBDBBSDAt ?od SITUBDIY. rio-TABLB HL'TTgB br sx?reM ???ry day la Ttaa, Pal in aad Tabs. FBE8B EGOS. teigf COBBEK 10th A1I> 0 3T1BET?. l>alIME OLD CHEESE. * SlITABLB FOB BB8TAUB4XTS, FOB SALE CHBAf. BAIMT1 * H1ULTOX. WHOLESALE O BOG BBS, BlP >t t?3T. *39 and '41 Loai?Un? ars. A CARD. UITOBJB TO PH ILAUBLPHLA Will Sad a knasfeil cio. w. com bah a con htobi ai tbo OBA S D ABBBICAB BBJTXAL JUBT, la ?Idsid Ot.WLaUlQrocLd.wh.ts ? Civmru sad Tobaetm? agsttBg&q^' 2SKasi!5 Balls, is ??actons sad air/, aad ??. pal* lis# ere re of iBs4S tr*?s U*?.Je iBsgroaads. ?#?? Ji HEJTERjiL AE.ViRK. I hare marked down aiinv of Owio?r? Bait-, seme o* tins made of ta# dne*t Big-'shgals a:jd formerly sc 14 as high m ?10. to a u jifjrni PRICE OF 810. Boya miU, t!H rntrM dova,b clo'f, ?"hs ?? low as 94. A lw|? bit of C iiiia^ri Paatal>oni for ?3. * cr?tad Ccats with Veets to match, ?17 5?, ?20, ?2-1, |u AID |30. Old Cass:meres, Wonted and Cloth Ooats, DOWN. Very fine fabric, English Oauze Bh'rta, ?110. Qocd Domestic OcMtmtr Shirts, 78 Cents. Erglish Merino Shirts. ft **? Bordered LIbm Band kerchief*, .15 Jetta. Fancy Half Bom. from 33 Oeata to #1 *i. band# me Plaid Suite, ?25 6t> lief: Cassime.e Bait*. #16. F ne Wh t? Vtets, all Liaen front aai ba:k, 13. ? Alp'ca Back?, MarieStuart brand, ?.?. TBI WAMSUTTA MUSLIN SHIRT, ALL KEAIY, FOB fl iO OB ?144 BET CASH ONE THICK ONLY. CASH DISCOUNT TKN l'ER CENT. OEQRQE C. HENNINQ, ?10 8KTE9TH 8TICKET. n. 23 tr BISN OF TH K 001.PEN FullUl, ?_ATf ST FROM THE FRONT. Il? HAVE JUST K he Ei V El) FHOM THE Al'CIluii HOOM 1Hb 13,000 Y HAJSBl RO EEGE ana INSEBTING, direct f<nm the auction rooms in New York, at S3 c*nU on the dollar; pr;c<* ranging from 3c, 5, 6, 8, lu, 12, i?, la, etc. ALS". SI?*<,000 YARH9 of reir bf-t calicoes, at J>i,i\,,4X casts; all (rem the auction room. 3.1.00 YARDS BLEACHED COTTON at 4S. BLACK GBKNAD1NKS FR')M AUOTIOR PLAIN UK EN A DI N B. 12 2J, 3S. 35, 37, 40 STRIPE GkE.WDtNB, 18, 2% 25. at" IXAlPOI.ENADlNB.l-t SO, 2S. etc. A.flOO YARD* 8TBIPE LINEN HOI lINO at l-'X cents; one hilf their real value. 100 PIECES Yard-wide TANCI LAW N3 at 11c. ?.000 YARDS PLAIN LINEN 8LITTNG3, Ecru cslor,) only 15 CfLt*. BATURAL COLOR LINEN f^r ladies' suits, with lace to match. ' 9,000 YARDS BEW 8TYLE bPBINO DRESS G00D8 PLAIN DRB88 Oi .. D8, 8. 15, 25, etc "v/wl'0 PLAID DBEFS G0<' DC. 8, 10,12. 15. 20, 35 BTB1PR DBBS8 GOODS, all pricee. BLACK MOHAIR ALPACAS, 11. 18, 20. 25, 30, 37,50; all from auction. 11 ,? J'STfi*14 AND BISHOP LAWJjj, 11* ? 5, 13. 2U. w. BLACK BILKS. 75c., *1, fl 35, S< 50, ?>, etc. LADIES ABD OEN1S' GAUZB l'8DIKVEAB,!0, 62. 75. 100 B0LL8 ? FRESH CHINA MATTING. Fed Cb'ck. 18, 25, etc \* hlte Matt log, 18, 20.25, etc. ?. M. TOWSOX A CO., r.ii^2;v ?36 Pcnp a are . near 7th at re?t t'ROM THIS DAY Wl HAVE REDCCRD THE PRICES Or ALL OURDRY GOOLB. CARTER'S, 707 Market Space. <>urv?ry ''?at Meriiiuark Calico, wh!- h we did ?ell ?t 10, reduced to 5, oar fioe nuality wide Cambric P^r.;?u? reduced from 12 to 10; our Pure Linen T?Ue rama?k rfductd from 62 to JO. our fine .mallty \icuiia La?n* reduced trotu 2ito l\ >urextrea.elr tin .joalitj Pure bilk Black Moh?lr Alpaca t?dur?d ?roni ? 5io 8o . nt %eiy larae a*a,rtment of Spring ?jr"* Bilk PoLgre, Silk Striae Mihair.Kilk hlatdx. Ui l"d Dc Bagc?every yard of the^e e?d? wi'l be e<?ld at ccat?12, 15. 13.20. 25,30, Back Alpaca doable ?Ulth. rednred from 31 to 25 Black (>r?i,aciu<- 25. 31.37, 50,4i?all of thftee good* rxueeoia P'ice; < a*?iiutree f.>r men and bota. 37. ?? ?I," I'-*" rfdncMl In price' J'a-aenN. Snn I mbr?llae fl. 1 25, 1.50. 1.75, 2.2 25, 25-aH c.t tbeae gocd* rfCnctd In price; Bed Tick 12, 15, 3J. 25" all r f oar Black Pilk a^a Bla k Ca?h !#^.r*.we *IU ?*" at Coet?75, ST, SI 1 25.1.50, 1 ii-2 ui -2? tr 187(5 CLOiHu-8. i876 DOH'T PURCHASE' UNTIL YOU EXAMINB that haedtome Elbe- nf Ca?s Suit for B13. for merly B2S, at A. ?TRAU8\__ m ABEAUTirUf- * BITE MARSEILLES VEST, oibgle or doable-bieaa'.ed, for B1C0, at 1011 PeDceylrasIa a?ecne. HARD TIM El'? Poreh*a< r< want to aare money, ?o lock at the Bio Wm.i. J Suit at A. STBAUS'. I1GBT COLOBED AND I'AHCT DRESS J PANTO, 1W) different patterna, at 1011 Pean eylTaLiaaTeone. THE ORIENTAL BILK WORSTED SUIT for B? i? most drca-y out tbit seaaoa, at A. BTIiAlD . PB1NCR ALBERT PROCK COATS. wi:h Vcata t<> match. IKaniful pattern for BIO, at 1011 Pmiij Ivanla avenue. rpHB GBRAT HIT or THE SEASON -A B1 at'S.* BTRaUB Ter>"l01"8 *l<1 Il,c*ly r?'r THE DELL1BABBE PLAID 0A83 SUIT r* anctd to Rll,at 1011 PebDaytvacla avtnue. A FULL LINE of Chlldren'a SUITS, hand >"i.ely triirTii'd and maae in the very latest ei?le, from %S ppaarde.atA bTBAUB'. The FINE BLACK CLOTH DRESS SUITS for Ri8 >b 'Uld bo aten to be appreciated, at 1011 Phim) lvaLla avf nne. L^NGLIBU BTB1PK AND PLAID CARS SUIT tor $ 18, celling now for #1J, at A. oT a A L H\ |\|' HA1B DrSTERS, Plain and fJNter at. le. A >*? treat variety of cvljra, at 1011 Pean*ylTania av "lu CRTH HOOSIC CASS SUIT at Rll, it only ^ to be had at A. STBAL'S'. O*1" ICHOOL 8U1T8, wrll trimmed and nicely 1 m.t te, for 91, at lu 11 Penneylvaaia avenae. i\ B \'Ot 1 HB' PRESS AND BUSINESS SUITS in a Jl '1'1\ ?arie y of itylca and patterna. at A. Si iAlO . |||OHAIR AND SILK LUSTER ALPACA l'l I'ijaTS, at all pricee, at 1011 Pennsylvania avtnue. SAULFBUBY BBOKEN CHECK OA88 BUIT, aiy le, well made and tri^uied, for 94, at A. bTiiAtb'* TBI LARGEST 8IZB MAN can be fitted in * or aeparat* Coata, P*at( or Vtatt, a*. 1011 reDB?)lTAQia iverue HVtbals" bm" that 8uit t0t 99 %t a LAbT BUT ROT LEAST -A genuine Middle tea Flannel SUIT for ?13. at 1011 Penoajl vapla avdoe. m?24 tr A NOTBEBJOB LOT SHOES.?Ladies' Lasting /X Buakio.tO ceute- better, T5 cents ai l^k fl Ladlee Laatlng Balmoral?, 81. better, 1.25 and 81 10. Ladita Fez Gaiter*. |l? l|| better. ?110 to f2 LadieC Fox Button Co.. ?! 50; better, B 1.75 to R3.50. Baae Ball Shoet, *175; Boy-'. ?150. Mlaare Schoel, ?1 and up sya'do., #1 and uaward* Children'* 8hx?, 50 cent* and upward*. Ladlei Slippers, 75 centa. 81 and npvarda. Lad tea' RewporU. 81 M and B1 90; Button do., (I W to fl. Men's and Boys' Straw Bats cheap J. W. 8RLB Y, 1814 and 1916 Pennsylvania avenue, myM-tr between Itth and Mth streeta. Major, COR. SETEXTH AMD H STREETS, BAB TBR COLDEST AND BEST SODA WATER IS THE WORLD. ?Tll Ri TRT IT. ?fHS BX&T SODA WATER IB drawi rioi RLOCR.TIR LISRO STEEL FOUNTAINS. Dealer* will ?o weU to oacwu a anppty far the aa* RAM*K< O. PBT9T. ?T GBBBR| BTRRRT, 0R0R8R WANTS. WANTED?C?f>K tr< mr. In the country. A? * GEO. C. BUMFH. 4UHH street m'?t * \V' AN 111>?Hf a nr?t-r'A*s rMfnr, KIT' 'H*ll '? aiidllSIBO BO'>M wl?h?o?? tfo.-d rs in Address A. 8 P., 8?ar r.ffloe I?'f 't* WANTAD-A WAlte OIBL ia?r?atlf oi vo. G-1" ?? ar?ferr?d; r?c >?r.inendAUonAre?jul?'4. Ayplr tt t?3i)ltnwtBorih?Mt It* UMNTID?A liBfintn ??? ?'ile^Jr?'? ?? l? t'B, to occcpi well FiniiM IOOKJ. tl 1SOSI 9ib >>?t nofihwut. It* !V<iBilD-T?o Ui"VAi?l*S?n t>t( .c-?r? " oo cuiBiiil*iin. Waihiiiftoi Cerpet I? ?> t>' Its Q< n-pAAy. 1414 r>pnwlrMU ? ?!>? ? H WANT**-?B? ? lad* .iwe llnfii-nunej KOOM8, ? lib BOA Kit, In a private lAmily /dd<*e O. r. B . 8t?rtffltx>. "? \\rAM*D-A WO* AN, to go in o ties in ina ev conn try. to do plelA cook'cg And general b? u-ewnik Asply At Ho. 1411 W street n*r' h Tilt, good refere nces regal ed. mrl9 3t VV^KTBD-Tbrw Untarnished BOO ??.on f rat ? ? or second suitable for light hoavkMj lag iMrrm, itAtlsi price AMI oonvealence. H. H , Btarcflice. il_ U,'AmC-ln ai' dlAMj ?At the Wi deor House, t? 1 323 Ard 13*1 r street, A White M aNaj h'i4 waiter la a dining room. AUo one Colored WAITBB 1?* %%/*IkT*I>-M? A respectable wbltA WOMAO, ? V? SITUATION a* co??; willing to eesi?t 1a wiling And Ironlrg. IdlrM Bjx 1> B^Ar of fice* ?itll/ AhlAll?< w Mt? (iialj, about U J?ATI oil. tor 1 ght boo ewrlt a- d Att-nt to two stnAl, clillieB Apply to 1312 VermoBt Avenue north ml mr? 3t* tt 4> I aD?a gon,*, reiiAble White WOMAN to tl co"k.*A?h Ard Iron; mint bring geod refer ? c? ? Aip'va*. lM J 1 street, tetweea 18th an 1 9'h nortovot my 18 It* WAITir-? g? -tl?-rr>AM a- d wife Aod thne smell chH en do-ire* plain B )ABU and ROOMS; Cap tol Hi ? ?-m f-rred. A Jdrt'ga A. B., this office, f 1th ft I, i atlon Aid price. my?' W?N~ftrr? A good COOK And a good OH AM BEbMAID, t) go J one let to the country, fonr nil' from th< citr. on tb* BAltlmore And Ohio rail read. e pply 4 33 3d street northwest. ni.29 3t* W4BTEU-by a lAd), A hITUATION la a ph? vv fogiABbic gallery, or negative retonching At b hp. Acdri-a Mm M. T. L., 7 31 Sth 'trot i.orthwe*t. m)29 3t* \\r i PI Kl>? By a respectable white girl, a si I U vv ATION am cock, wisher And lrciiar to a prl ' a*? fatnilj , g cd references. Address Box ft, HUr office. if \VAthoroAghly competent <JATkK ? ?"t-riAtg bouse; thirty borders. W illtriit-. ?Ay a very UberAl price. Location dwir sMe. Apply ?3th street nt rthweat. nij? 3t \V A WOM \N to co.ik.WAsh And Iron *? 'D a private famll ; r'ferences r?qulre<l. Appif At 1 << 41 8th street northwest, corner of o "wi. n?? ?t* WAMTBD?Imme^iAtely?To Kent, a KarnHhed H"l'SE, contAlnlcg six or seTen rooms, for a naAll family. witbia t?n ^r twelve blocks of tie Tretsar/. AJ lress "B. C. 8," this <.f flce. my29 3t* \vA B1*E?A nest.tctlve White ituY.froiu li ?? to 14 5 earn of Age, as offlce boy; mast bATe gco<i recom meed At ions ?ppl?, between 4 A'.d jo p m , to R. B. DONAt.DB JN, D?at tsr. 1113 PennsylvAnlA ATeoue li* IViHTW-A p?-nnAnent TBBABT (gentle n m '' preferred) fc.r two h?ndioms anfarni^bed r,?oirt. front ?td r?Ar porches; s?cotid H'or; All m- dei t) Improrements, pr ivAte family; no cb<!dren; Wear End. W< old furnish tre?'^ to Agr^AMe p?rty. Adlrrss Boi 16. btar office. my?3t* W'ABTKD? By a repp^ctAble color,d girl, a " PITUATIOW to coi>k. wAsb And iron, or do gecerAl hon?ewerk for a small famil); good refer ettes Apply 30"? L street, between 34 And 4tb streets northAAst. * myl* tt* IVANTIC-PABTflCR with A little ctpital; ' * Also, perrons desliicg rellAble niAle or female seiT*nts. white or colored, for city or conotry. s-t.tli?-d Immediate!> At Kmplojment Bnrean. 31 Pepps) |TAt lA ATt Due. my?) >t* %VASTBD-Tbirty wblte and cclornd GIKb8 " Ard Oil good homes In And >nt of the cltr. rami'le* wAnting help with g>cd ref <--nte? ?ben'd Apply At the Knreka Bmployment tff'ue. 007 D street, between ;?th and 10th. n.y'9 3>? MB8 L0D1HE 0 BOTliBB. \V"<? BTED?By a yonDg coir red m*n,aSiTl'A ' ' T10N as waiter in a prl% Ate fAmll*; gocd rec onimep?,a'lot s Arrets B?? tf. 8tAr office. mi7 tt %%'AbTED?A steAdT W U 1TB WOMAN to Asxlst '? in bi^u?ework ad<1 CAre cf children; referer.ces re-inlrtd. Apsly At 1'J<> B >t nonhwest m?27 Jt WANTED TO RORbOW?g'i.OOO Security; Mortgage on reAl propert*. No comnis-ioos paiil Add f?s Box 1 3. this ? IHce. mytT 3t* UTABTSO TO TRADE-bTOtlK for a gx.J BORM ad<1 H ABNgfeS an.l B0r.(;V Inotlre ft W . A L UK hi K1 B<', At DOW olNO'8 Auction IloU'e. ccrner 11th ?t and Pa. Avenne. in,17 St* AMTBD?'A OEM I'tSMAM t. nccupy n cool Ar?l hands, mtly tarnished suite of ApAi taients. * itb I'Ath, Ac . dniitig owner's r bience for the sum m< r. at <16 A pyly I ??a B hlt.n.w. ?.iy27-3i* w i/'ANTBI'? \ ci nipetent WAITBC8B with tec ? ? from her farmer sIaccs. Apply ?oi:th?a>t corner of M 'ntg niery And Road streets, 0 argetowu Heights, till WednesflAy. tu>?7 St* WA NTED?By a yonng man wboncderstAtids bis tutintss. a SITUATION as waiter in a restau rant hotel, or pil' ate faiiijy. Please a Id r ess Boi it StAr ? una. my If 1.* W'AHTKD To II iBE~i he nse < f a II0R8K~ADd CARR1AGB for th<-summer or A A re?pocsilde | arty, to take out A lady In dedcite health. Address J \SPEK. Star t fflce. rnrlf 3t* WABTBD? L^DIIHto learn the great French System of Dres? Catting. La4le*c*n become profe.stoual cutters in fonrlessons Dres !u?kicg after thelAtest Mew lork styles. 7 J3 lllh srr?<}t nort hwe?t my V S.* W ABTBD-A flrst-clAss WHITE NUR3C for a tiAby two yeArs old. with number one rec m mett Atlons, to take <o serin**; b-st war?s siran. Apply At ARLINGTON HOTEL, eftice, between 1 And s. before Wednesday next nnlf 3'* YVANTBD-A VOL'NG MAN to learn the Photo grApbic Art. App'y At DILLON S OWl-ry, 12^7 PencsylfAnlA ATenne. my24-<: WAN r*D?SALESMAN?Two In Washie^t-.n, And tbreA f^r M Aryland and De'aware. Rea cocable salai y; hJtel And trATellDg expenses paid, sl'iiation pernisnent. rnre chanc* tor good men. All app'icABts At swerea If stAtna Is i'cloaed. Address mQLltor MALofACturlpg Uo . Clcclnuatt, 0. ml>-6t WANTBO ?Three, four, or fl?e BOOMS, or HOUSE, for light hoasekeeiiag; northwest; water In kitchen, or near; not pArtlcnUr for gas; ILUst be In A respectable locAli'y; not to exceed gi< per m, nib; will engAgc to stAy for six months or a y??r, rent In AdvAiice. if desired Address At oncA, BEN1 EB. Bo 719 1st street noithwe.t m;K 3t WABTED-YOUNG MBN for lAtlroAd And business purposes. Good salaries wben inali Hid. TelegrAph, phonograph, baukirg; business liKtroctlcns ton'fr?e. Address Sapt. Polytechnic Co., BAltlmore, Md. myl? lm WANTED -AST HUMAB BEING WITH t" HR?1BS cab mAke ?8ou a month selling onr 1 e te< Con) Ing Book. Any one tbAt has a le-.tsr to wn.i wt'f bn? It. No press or water nsed. Send foi c<rcnlAr. EXCELSIOR CO., 16 Tribune Build ing, Ciiicsgo, 111. mayl lm* \\ A NT ED?CA h PETS TO CLBAN At Airs'* It Simm B'attn* Works, 490 MAlne ATeur.e, between 4K And ?th streets southwrst. CAll<d for And dellTered without charge. Apll ly %A/ANTED?SentlenAA to know thAt WILLIAM ?' MOORE. MerchAnt TaUot. 1011 Bew York Avenne, mAke* a spsdalty a( ABttlng garments to be OimIa At boms. novlt-ly LOST AND FOUND. IObT- Ob 17th loatAnt, a Bat And Tan CHIP j l-beral rewA-d will be given if rc turt.edto No SHI 10.h strest n. w. U* I It. ST?In the Northern Liberty MArket,or on K J itreet. between Stb And 3d. a Gull Euane'ed tiUACELET. The Aod*r will be rewnrded by l?Aiiog_it At llilO 1 street torthwest. It* OST-?iO?On 7th ?treet. near the Barings J Bsnk, a FIFTY-DOLLAR BILL, by an em ploye of the postal service. Thefiuder will be rs waided by 'oATing witb Mr. TURPIN, Snperlntea (!ent?'it> Post Office. it' QCH BkWARD? Stolen on Wednesday, May V*"" I'tb.frr-m 33S Penns?l?AAiA sreni'. by aputv ?i?ing bis tiAme asHENBY BDWARD.a BLACK LEATHER VALISE, And afteraard lost by him contAh'ing papers of novAlusonly tjth? twier. The Abo\e rewArd will be pAid to any p?r ty returning the iAme to W DALTON. 33? Pran syItadIa avenue, on or before Wadnesdav. May Sist, acd no questions A*ked. myl6 3:* BOARDING. F^OR BENT?A handsoin-ly fnrnlihsd. large, suoth front ROOM, witn or without BOauii. Sicgle r oaw with boArd (13 per month, At 142 7 L -Tret northwest. myS7 St* F'OB RENT?949 K strest,corner 10th, BOOM*, in tul's or slng>e, with nice b >Atd; bouse has modern improvements; thrae lines of cara wlthi > onAMjuAre; cbArlots pasa the djor; pormAsent and transten1; refer?nces. m t7 g>* I^LKGANT SUITES ?'F ROOM*; Also, bINOLB li ROOMS, with BOABD, At 1S3S 1 atrAet. oapo sita Franklin PijuAre my'2S 6t" Sr GROBOB REWTaI'RAHT, 909 F at -Try that excellent B >Ard. only |B per month. Moot quiet And Attractive for Udiea espec ally? aU shall be pleAAsd. myll tjnnel . ^lBGLB LODGING BOOMS, 80 cents par night, 0 or from ?t to S3 per week; B??ABD or MSALS At reAeonAble ratea, At No. 431 PennsyItabIa ata aua. ApM-tm* PLEASANT BOOMS AND GOOD BOARD cab 1 be obtained At 1009 MArylAAd ATeoue, At mod erate rates. In a private fhmily. m%r37 l'Jw* COUNTRY BOARDING. F'l'BNlSBED COrN'BT HOMZ-On* mile frcm horse cers. ceAr Monit Pleasant, will either te rented to Afemilr.or four boards-s can ei?b wit h the Aroprietor Acd k? ep h >tue; horse a 3d i ArtlAge Addraee J. YOOK, Trestory Dep*rt **Pt. mytatw* fM)l"BTBT BOABD?With Itrge And pi ASAnt *-' rrrows At BS |?r week; bo cbjecttea to ohildr-B; threem.lesfrcm B ckville, Md. neference. dOu <>MCN BTOVER.tlst And letieeta northwest, or Postmeeter At Rocktl'le. mrt7 3:" rhVSIBABLB COCBTBY BO ARD-On Arllng LF toB Beighte, flfteea minutes' walk from trafj rasnlBg betw*ea Alexandria and WaebiettoB Lo cation neAlthy; tArms tatt mxlerAte Address. ?ytf ti' Mas. J C. ROACH, AillAgt 3B, Va. HOARDING AT MT PLEASANT, D. C -For 13 a CsatlsBU And Wi e. or two Geatlemea; plea* SAAt rooms, good board; Omnibus to city twice a dsif. Apply At fourth house from store, north aide. mayg 3t? WANTED-1 few select BOABDBRA, At A B?o-t ? Migkthl country >eai, one in Is fnm Sol diers' Boaae; oats pass tnedoor. la-jutre *19 * atreet Mcthwaat. m;M ?.* FOR RENT AND SALE. FOB llfT-HOr8i "t%9 llth etr??t, tbr e storl-s. 10 rooms. to thorough rtttir. Apple 7 H corner 12.h *? d M ittwti a> rth we<t mtl ji * POm BINT-A "aBPBBTER ?B^r, llth f 'tntt. bttwwi I and I itrMii iurtt??>t. Apply oa the ii? i.? f'OB BaNT-Saite f t icelr 'nrrlibed BOOM*, ? * fTr *"nthv * No. 837 M street n >r h we?t. batb Kt and cold. ?>? 2.* P*lf<i*?fR???So,',Vvy PilllOB * # ^ wnt#d M^riVf or i^?.1391 K street northwest. B*m vory ,ow- m, t) Jt*_ 71 Ji. ? n? a Ait? * itre#t north IJSii Ar*1' to O*OB0K U. HUMES. 413 Stb ttr**t myg) 3t* KH5iWMIHOI'dB on L street, m. S h *td lwh- *? K WlliSOH. m,w*t 511 7tn street. Fcf* 1f.,?JrT^? \ U)r*9 <7 r???? >. m .bu monih *13 p-' STil^m Ko a "w offie#- *? ' ? f ijssass.'a.iaafy ?V"? VT~. a^SSWJ*?*g ay&raa.1?" F?A?lS?I?m5"bSV.rooJ PlM?4M raace; 70 1 steeetnortheas* *? ^"wV1 J^SSrr ?;r,;, K?? ?h*K T_Bh 1 v K Hoosa. Mo <>03 N street JAM EHR*?tVnMBW' SM ?rrd w?tcr Apply to iorthtert tl0NI' c*rn*r ?o0 h street, " ____ mjt3 Ji" An el^ht rooui RBl^K goi'Ti . ?'? jud vittr.bitb room. aDdcllir in D?rf rt ?n ,he north*e?? c.rce: of l?h anl " nptH 2 ' K("LB^A?J7'?,Tf or.I'1 !umtstif<t KooMs f >r brn*: 1 >?*'lon; ?oiub front; new uoute, newl} furixitned; tin* yard ana cellar* b-ilf Muarefrr.m rtiret W 14-J1 ... It. a m/w gt ->r |WJ communicating pCiT LOE8ob second flj r; unfursi.hed; h'.nseVew Ras all modern nrpro'emerits; f?j? 11>- small' terms reasonable. K*. l?31 Stb.treetT ,/nerofLn^tfc " ||* PUB BkNT-To parti's wlthoi , chrdren. tma t.'J ULforDl-tjKl f inmo!i' xtiui IS()0\n second fl. or, south front. No? for houMkeeain* Apply between 5 ai.d 7 o'clock p ??, ? 3/7 ?i street northwest. ' it. *,,*ht r,x"1 UOUS1C on K*?t a i ttreet, between 9th and 10* h utroot* if? 9 j 1. natrr nnd e*n. kbd r#?ir ?.i, r rr<S ? .?' ofPBTBBDOANKU Y, 10 th C?? J SUrt1? n*?r the Centre M^rVet ? m?n *' K^^Vh^J 1 i H "treet northwtit, i%r(n four ggtPasai^a'b^aa.^ cu*ay> HOUaB. store. |?r?o ? rack building, two ttory stable, ai.d Duma 111 tl.e jard; locatlou 4th a'reet, l'.'ween I and K ^tl t'6(s Dorthwftgt ? ln|y to JuH V Q U' 417 b'U rf?Bgylv*"U "?*"? ?ouUe?"t * nirS 61* ' F w ^ IMrtat, Die 1? furtiUbei, with 1 ?> dern rrn\?nUticee. one IBTIKB KLO'JK ^r.VVictim!%? fomanbloatInf Room* three ?n-P H^a?o tathrocm, ncrth andpjuth o*p0 *n e Kett ftOnnnth. mjt> it* I?T~.A fl?oroB(thly ftirnlnhed BorsF r, 'ooaai ?nd bath rooni in the uvm ?"5 Jnne 18th to October l?t, at % 10 10 Har Offife Addrjj, #ox |7uB BBNT-On < *pitol Hill, f.,r the i,lm,r Ir 1 nrtjlha^ non? V llctober 15th11l * hand wire k,('R RBttT?Two eood FOUSKS, brick and f _ eultable for b carder*, |n Bcckvilie; aim f< r reirt or rale, a new frame Dwell In*'^ lit Im e.Tcon'ntS* aM*'*' D*rn,e"'omn- all in Mortg m riilrZT'' Md ; i ?f FW0'c$aTSrftl,n im a> >;,? 33 Pnnba-tcn .treet qffr^t'oWn. hT^ekeepTnT . ^ /!1 j? r ""f'rt'hfcM, water at.d gh- witn R 1 d dry cellar? or n ill rent the second flo ?r In - c g p%t!or for lodgiD^ room^. Rout ctnap H.u ecltan.cocl, and coc.fortab' cars and churrh "? "" ^Ah'SSJljiWSlSK, Kt'K .I'fSS B'mt.oppopite Franklin f ,nare. m "r 3f L'OR UfcNT?FBOMT BOOM ai,d H ALLTkooM fVof.?COMQ,K*la'f*lil'a; unfl?'"??'*h?Hl; K8COU-1 btory uont. ?.b l^ih ?tr? et noi ta writ. in> 27 3;" turnl^ed cr uufur.'i,h^. b, t?A.?ii. 1? if J iS If,rrhn,el ^ ?venue nonhwfnt, u? iwtn Wtb and Uth ?tre<-t? my27 Si* SB^?S*rTnT7^57~517f77fSTi7rTi * BOOMS, Mcond ffDor; All 3d ?lroet noitfe my27 lit |i flfcWl ?No 4 4 0 l btrM. has sit ro m* <>u-Taoe ic ?*?&-? K?A Voo J"LTwo 1'RONT UHUJtj. ard llU ^reeuntnh^r'' *>%%*&U b'OB RBMT?HOl'SB Bo. iafl>9~H itreet noV7iT we?t, cobtaliiiug 12 rooosn. Appl. ouiheprenj my27 e?3t* r (H..nAL?rA comfort?J,'l0 two itory BRICK ul'UbI. tt t ktritlB, No. ill In Ilriut I.. tw.ea V and E nortbaeat. Injulr'e ou Ike p'rem. ?? na> 27 3:* K(1^B?L-.T~Tw? RBbBOOB". large mn?i^ ??? aLd bathroom; .41230 per moith toyuiet uentleaea Injulre 1416 P* v"*'? ?vennr, opporite Willara'. Hotel m, >7 ii "?? '-"o""!"; VSi'i ' "'"J-'ll 13th ?tre?t Kirthwf-t, te*r Fraifklhj pI^?ra, gM *11(1 ,taln'-*r CaNBuN. *C- t0 CHafl O. DUN _ - ' mi 27 St r (??ir??.H7T..7,A ,wo "tor? ( KAMI HOUSE, c n FS?o|KBRICKKHoVb* "jo4*1 northff*r- Krecch .-.J.1!?.'*1"* HOUBB, lo room*, all modern im Vfa9 Markai Bpac^>P tQ*,00d ten>ntmir^PP > FSfwSfLl^G^No^^Tco^^ *.\y*uK:???\\3nirth,re#t-Heut I/OB BENT-A nice f K\HB HOUdB on U F street ro. theaat; aixro'm*, cellar and (table. aLri watt 1 in the yard, lnqalre 314 H street noith ea?t my27 3t* I4 OR REWT? 7 33 l?th (treet northwest, haad 1 ?ome'jr furnithed FkONT BOOMi, anamtaor ?irftie: ba kroctni. Ac. Table Beard if deaired. a )27 at* BENT?Suite of BOOM9 on second tlior; E rinttd aeparateli or t< aether; verr la'ge and delUbtfuI for (ummer. Aiao smaller BOi>tfd, at 723 13th street. my27-3i* RENT?444 P street, sit room*; 1417 3th I street, 7 rooms, (as and water; Plrat Floor 4 46 P street; two four room Hon?M on Franklin street. I. ?. hOLLlUQK, 437 P street northwest. m27 3t* L Ob BENT?A BBIC'K IIOUfE in tt>? west end; ? partly furaisbe<l; c^ntainUg seTeu room-, with ? a>, hydrant. a?>war, yard and trees front >tnd ra?r. Aptly 17 33 H street, near 18th n. w. m>27 3t* L'Olt BENl? Together or separate, flvedellaht r fnl Uiilnrnubed ROOMS on 1st an'! 2d tl >or; ta'li aud vas. Ac ; cool add airv. Rent moderate. 211 4-fa street northeast. Capitol Hill, my 17 It* LHiH BENT-A three story BRICK HuUSC, E contAinitiK 10 rooms, with all conveiil'ncen,sit uated on H street, b?tween 4ib and tth northwest. N< 46? Apply to 0 8 AS. B. FOBD. Anctiucear, b39 O street northwest. m\ ?7 2t fjVJM BENT?Two Cntiirni.hed B >OMB, In a Quiet private family; Id floor; bath ro<>m and water closet on same floor, with uaa ot parlor, .f de sired. Rel^recces given and re-iolred. Apply f?3b I street nor It west. niyX7-3i' L^'K bliiT-hlVeB-UALB H/aNSlON and E froends. (not includinc farm.) on Baltimore and Ohio railread, one mile b-yond Bladsnnburg. Ap?l\ to Mrs C A. CALVEBT, 111 north ''harlot, Baltimore. myl7 at* L'OH BBBT?OnrtDg summer, nicely lurniahed A UOl'SE in west end; owner willing to retain ore room and servant and mesa with partie* baring Bealstersed. Address OFFICES, Btar office. ?)g 3t* l/OB BEST?The DWBbLlBO HOUSE on tha a northwest corner of Uth atd U streets. Bo. *>A3 H street, containing 12 rooms, water and gai; with in a square or two of all the street cars. Bent fi3 per month. Inquire next door. my2f-2t* L^OB BENT?An AT1IC FLOOR of three ro w. E nnfnrnisked, to m quiet conple witn^nt chil dren; others please not apply: gas and water; BIO per mouth in adtr*uce. 303 3th street northwest, carter Market Mpace. myt7 3t* FOB BENT-A neat new BBIuK RBSiBBN' E, with bay window, teas, batb, water clctet, Ac., near the Wes'ey Chapel. Also a long li-t of other de?<r?ble property Apply at the offlcea of B H. WARN EB, 71b atd ? streels mr?7? P>B B1BT-A nice FUBNISaEDHOU8B,?on talnlrg 9 rooms. In ths upper part of Osorge ton a, for rent from Jnte let >o October list, at ilt per month. Apply to IjYBBA OAVIDSON.Ha. 1439 Penna arenue tjtl ii |.>OB BEBT?1 tree or four anfLrnisk^ BOOMS, A fuitahle for boneekeepltg; plearaatly lo?at?1; tew fecope; w?l?r, gas ai_2 Data; mod?7at? leat * pply on p-emitea, Drag Store dorter H?w Jer sey atf, and H street n. w. my77 3t* P)B BEBT?For housekeeping, on the Heights of O'orgetown. wl'h south front and all conve niences, five or six furnished BOO MB for the atna nier; or three unfn'blibed Booms to a permanent tenant: or the house for a year. Address GB080B TO^ N. at IheoM-e of Evening Star. asy?7 3.' L'OB BaHT OB FOB SkbB-hU-room Frame E HOreB.Ho 339, en Uth (Ireet gli per month rent or Ml.3d* sale. Also Brick BOC8F. Bo 311, en 12th street southweet. fjt rent at B30 per month or for sale at BS^ao; lot S7xl?5. Apply to 1. P OODOI. ap27 6t 1419 F street n w. FOB 8ALE OB B*BT?la Georgetown, Ho 93 High street, a BBI"E BTOBB a ad OWEt LIBO. Tba Store la handeome'y fitted us, glaai oaass, Ba. Tba Dwelliag has eight rooaas wlta bsX, la eampleta crier, ga* and water. Aiao. BBIOK VOT8B, 106 High street. Bva rooaae. large yard, water at the door; a few steps from either ears. Ap ply at 113 Prospect my?7 Bt* ft/OB BBBT?Fer <k* S??m?f-A Furaishe r BOUSE; noolAhl rent. ApMf at the BU offlce. myM3'. FOR RENT AND SA LE. PIB BEHT-HOCftE?. Hoe 110**, 1110.1114 H stieet north wt at. conl^iii ten rooms each Ko. 10>< Sib itrMt n v , con'aiiiieg l?a rooms Ho. 1M6 Mim. ?" , CDitklilai tftwii rooms. N-*. 10U N-?. 1011 nth street e w .containing tea roooae. Mo. *94 Kb street b.w , crataialc* nluer>om?. Ttm hoc-*a m oettialls !? c tiM.nO ar? in good ccndiHon: they (Mltin gu and water and b*' h Wo?l. iUnMM Hm. lOl I litII ?|ff t ?:J "it 90th street contain rm' g a. Latrobee and other m <1 ?n conv#nleLC>-a. To i>?>4 tetania they will N noted low. Ix<tulre of J AS W. BiKKIt, nnl'? 1106 H street oonhw"?t. ETOB BENT. ON CAPITOL HILL? F 10 room Bfc ICK. 7tB et>d eoutb A *ts . fell m>4 ern In provemanta; #40 38 room BRICK tromtoc < o the Capitol Park; (7S. 13 room BHICh, ease locstlon; ft 40 Alao. Bowl in* anl BIMard ??l > m near the Capitol. ?100?5 large Billiard TaNssI S-rt cm Praise on f-th tireet At5. BiickH'ueeon |r Man land avenue. 9 rooms; Large, 10-room Brtck on 3d str<et tear Penraihenta a?e-.u?, all trcdetn improvements; #<o 8-reom Briok.%1 at. ?ear Penraj l*ania eve .; #38 Alao. 8 room Hosse. U aireet corthceet, beiweeu flat and nd. B*> JOHN J. EVAN*, m>g It '200 PeDP averne.Oapltol Hill. IPOB BENT-HOL'SB 1441 Corcoran ?'re-t Apply to 110* 9 'treet nortbweat. m>3?3t* L*OB KIHT-A iBtll.nrat llOUOIon 8 atree*. T near 14th northweet. KENNEDYS K al Estate Offire, 15th afreet. mjH St* fi*0B REBT?HOl'BE 313 D afreet northwest Ikt a*d cold wa ft Apply on the pienteea. or at b 1 b B at; > et nort hwe?t. b>> 36 $t* FOB BBHT-A nice SUITE OP PUBBHdED ROOMS, on aecond floor, at ft*3 8 b atr?M ?crtbwe?t. m? >6 st* ITOB BANT?furnished HOUSE, six r?; r stable sitd eel'a': front garden In juire after 4 o'll ck.atN'> lf>*0 7.b street northw?vt my3*-Si* l/OH BUST- N- a. 4 7 and 31 K street nor heist; ? bare all modern improvement*; eleven room*. R?nt ?%> per month BjM St THOB. K. WaGG\MAN. 519 7tb st. F FOB RINT-BBIiK HOUSE *40 D atreet nortbweat, rtne ro? n?s (?? atnl Bin a.-r moi th. Apply to BALLW IB BB<>8 , 101' nortliwett. aT? st tfo* BUNT?A f BA M E IIUI' r. '.Ins, * ctdei; water, sewerage and ci.>ee?. N lOti 31st street. c nvenleut to neu Western Msrkst. Key next dcor. my^S-Jc* 'OB BBNT?A three storr RB1CK HOUSE. _ 1?43 H street northwest; nine rwits,?v?'. (as a: d Latrobe. tent $45 per tn ^lli Airr T'Ji SO b street. ..BF:Nl,~ihe1 STOBE BOOM under *. Bvvi?c; ; B?j, "O? Peqp*?|v^ciK a vane east, Capitol B11 Goc.l totality fo t >ot *r>?3 s^ -e stcre, gett'a fnrniahlcg oi clothing store m \ 2i at* F^OB BINT -\t ?U?? Uth at'efct D irth*<?t, v eral f urM'bed Et OM3, arnic* tbrm ? i?rf? ?dc p ?*ftpan Room ttiitabl# f r two Mr*ou?. Uaut ttry To a fAiLlI} without chU lf^o. ao eLtir? floor will to rtLtea for li*bt b^ut^lirea >pg my2* Lhib HE NT uh (M7-II.H of ibs rlfTiTand A D.( at ccnv< Lieut HUl SfcS i? th? Distiict, fa thotorfh repair. ?ttb all modern luiproTem-ats. c< Ltaltilcit twr|?e rooms, st ti?ted corner 4fh *Ld ? Wi" r<"*t "r ??" !')?? Avp r to L ttM GC1NAN i). t W3 Lcnlalaua avenu - uortb m?? lm . ? J- NT?Three dilUbtful Unforoi?b-d bOOHh, cool and airy, and batb. Ac . ( rent B3) pericotitb )at ia*J<4 Pi-nney Ivania ?venn?; also, a W'"n^bed I'ABLOB. Apply to Dr. PCKE. Dtulijt my35 S:* fpOB B7 NT?Nicely ftirfcl.b.-l rleiaiot U'JOlTS ol reasoLable term*. Ho. 936 P atreet north w' "? my?5 4t* L't'B BENT?I ?">31 Colomtia ctreel; 8 roona. ?. wa-er. gas and V?th rocm. 3 stories, press brick lr<nt; ?30 per month ft.jrtre oh ?h? pre-rijaog. or Ial7 * W? fcl THERroBD' KUTZO'Di l^'OB BENT?No. I40"? S street north west, be n...V*iJe,i 111,1 ,kD,, 15*h two-etory rrea BhICk . 7 ro< tea at d bath roim; r? lern improve BieT.ta- bay window; Tront an1 bark yards; rent low IC'jnlre on prtmiaee, or No. ITS* lith atrwt, mrro-??t I^UU BENT?Two con m inic.tir . B third 1 atory; with or without board. In a prirat* fatn lly. Apply at 13U* 11th atreet n. w. mv2t 6t* |V?'B BKNT? A serf desirable Forbi<he<i"pbT r \ATE KES1DENCB, or a choice Suite of Fur nlsLed Bccma. 1449 N atreet, tear the cirn-r of Ktli atreet. my34 9t* B BENT?One nem three a?ory Brick UOL'dE. E containli g nite rooma, bath room, concrete cellar at d :tll mrtlern ImnroTenietits; Ho 6'J'HM atieet d. w. Inquire at the corner,or 403 Tth tit. n, w. Thechatiot rnnnlng to the bonse. ray24 2w l^OB BANT?335 Missocrl avenae-A f ar-story ? I rick HOL SE. coktMinlBk thirteen rooms, with ail nodern itrproTemeuta and eotifhern 'ipsmrf Applj to Mrs. M. H. bTEVENS, 33 7 C street 0. *" m>z4 6t* t'CB UkNT-H'JCSE No. 1444 New Jersey aietce, t<etween U and N atieet* northwest; contalDliK eight rooms with ranire atd latrobe a.oyea. bvh room, hot an ! cjld water; exxllant lo cnti. n. iLunire at store scuthvres: corner 4th aud N Streets n w. nif24 '.t* L'Oli BaNT-A \ery dt-alrable brick H0l't?C"of ? eight rooms, with gas and water an l front yard; ^o 149 Wa<hlrgton -street, Qeorget >?n; r' it S W r?r nionth. Applj to DAVID J At BSUN. Grocer, Bnr.-e atreet. Geonetown. or toO. B. J AW ELL, W49B street. Washington m>24 6t* l^OR BJi NT?That neward coram; -lions three 1 story Iron-front WABKHOI SE. No. 313 8th atrret.thtee doers north of Pennsylvania avenue, v. ith Bates patent ^levator, gas, w?t*?r. ac , all In C' mp'eteorCer, tttrns mo<if r?te Apply to ? , HP. BIGELOW. my 34 lm Natiora' Bank Re public L'OhlilftT?Muat desirable location in the city Jr.# J0prlTa?." or ^i-'r-ess pcrpows?Piae largo KOOM?. sii gle or en suite: SJ and 21 story?corner Pa nTniceatd l>tli ureet M WlLLlsB. m>?3-lm I<,nS?,?K-Nx?f<>Br ?y aitr, farui hel uOp.Ms: nea-|y papertd aod p%inte<i use of par lor d stable, i? re jultod; with or aiihaut boa?d. Aprly 1414 K s reet. my2S 8t* |4*OB KENT ? E'ght room Brick IlOl'^B. No. *_.! vJ ? atf**-! northwest. Inquire of J. r tlElLN - >o. 1 S40 14 h str?et n. w ru?22 Jt* Fob rkbt - a n?w hocse Ho. iosl ?treet son'heast, 10 rooms and all molern im proumt nta Irnolre 400 6th street s. e m!2 Sw* i^t'B BENT?Ote or two gentlemen can flr.d _ pleasant BOOMS, with northern a -4 southern expoanre, on Capitol H II and the Me;rop.jliUn If tie ?,f cars. The rooma can bo engt?(d fir the siiD itier or prrtuanently. Beferencea axchinged. Adfjrtsa H E P., Post office. my31 3?* F'OB RENT-HOCBB No. 9 IB. on P street, be tween 9ih and 10th, containing aeventeen rooma aud with modern intpro>eun nts. svood flo. r rot taining five large roc nu,suitableforffi we. ln'?uj^jy?_403_?th_Bt?eetrorthw^t_ra2*J2w FOB BENT?A two story BKICK HOUSE, c m tatrlng nlre rooma aituated on 13th twrpn M atd N streets northwest, ron'a'niDg all mcdern improvecieLts. Inquire at 1103 M street Dcrtbwtat. milu lm fi^OI! BENT-Asi* rot.ra BBICK HOCSK, p!eas antly located, water, Ac ; wtiliia two squares of 7th and 9th s r<et e?ra Bent ?Ju p*r month. Icqi^lre of R. A. BACON, corner of 4)f and P strrsta southwest. mylu lm I^OB BALE?A HOCSE and GAKDEN, at Bl? E den-tnrg Depot, b. and O. B B , five minutes' walk nom the station; good stable and carriage b ns*; ftuit treet and shrtibfctry. Will tie s Id on easy terms or traded for nn!ncnmber*d city prop erty Apply to J. W. SCOTT, Ho. 1343 3th stre?| tor'bwut. mj 2a-lm" " BENT?BO(>M9, furnished and tnfurnish f FO ed. in all parts of the cttr, from #S to per month. Apply at DOBSKT'B BOOM AGENCY, Ho. 940 rstieet nunhwest. myK-lm* LMiK SALE?At a great bargain, LOT 85x113 on r 9th atreet tortbeaet, between B and C, cloo to street cars; would mak?thre* govt bnlldiut lots. bMALLWOOD i HOBRISON, mylOlm t\i 7th atreet. F*OU HALE?H'?DbES for MXJAV, ?X)MM, ?IS,C<U. BIS 0(0 ?13,0n0, #10J*W, Bl-OtJO.B7.SOO, B? 000, BSAitf. B4aM0, #SJW, #1,000 Veil located Utd on taiy r rms. B. J. PWIIT, octS-tr ft 11 7tb street^ DEAL KSTATB BILLETIN THUS. C. WAOOA31AN. ftl* Tth ?L CBiSttU Nil'l ?VSMT WBDNK?DAT aMB sATCAUAT. Brick Hoiuet for Sale. f07 B st. ? e , all mod. imps . 30 re ?_..... f 6.OfO 131C st. s. e., all mod. impe .10 ra ?. 6^00 a I st. b. w, all mod. tmpa., 8 ra 6.IM) Sll O st s e.. all mod. imps., lo ra .... . 4 500 1340-1343 N. Jer. av., all mod. imps.. 8 rs ... 5.' i"0 301 E st. n. w., all moa, imps., lo rs S.uoO Tuv Story Brick and Pranxe Houses/or Sals. 833 Mesa. ave. n. e.. ( P. H.' moa. imps. 7 r?..._? t.WsJ SU 13th at. aw if li ?. mcd Imps., 10 rs S-ioO Sua H st. n. e. ( P. H ), mod. lmpa . ll rs ?.. 3 (Ml 1*38 I9J3 13th st. n w.,( Bfl ,) m. im?s., to ra. S.Nto 1*7 Hih st s. w../F H.,)mod. tmpe..8rs 2 StW 4.8 N st. n. w.,t P. H.i mod. Imps . 7 rs SJuV Houses for Rent. H u*e and firm, SO acres, 90 rs , per annum ?450 81? Utb at. n w.. all mod. lm pa , 13 rs ? 1Z5 ?l> Iv. I. ave.n. w t turn., i all mod. tmpe , IS ra- 171 1314 H. Y . ave., tfurn .) alt mod. tmpe . la is IP" l!*oi 1 st. n. w.,(turn .,) all mid. Imps., tl is.?. 100 308 N J. ave., I turn .) all moa. lm?s.. S rs U0 991 K at. n. w., all mod. imps., 10 ra 33 53 323 A st. s e . ai| mod. laps . 11 rs- 75 Oor lbth and K sts. mod Imps., 13 rs CO 131910ib st, m<>d imps , 13 ra. ?. Su Cor.31st and F sts . mod. 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BO 4T-48 48 atd 96 Myrtle at., mod. Imps., 7 ra.? 99 440 I at ? w , mod irnae., ' ^ B> 1110 U at., BMW. lmpa . 8 re M ?13 8th at. a a.-aod. lmpa., T re -? 18 ? 'or. N Capitol at. aed Boandary. mod. In.Are 19 Q~at.. bat. 1st asd M. Capitol at ,ft ra 18 na B at. a. sr.. ft ra. ??. ..??? ??? - 18 17W 1714 Blgca at . ft ra ? M 1087 Booth OaroUna aveaoe a. a., ft re. 10 1 8th hoaae oa Praahlla at.. 8 ra 14 SlSftthat.a a,8 ra. 11 S43 8th at. a. a.. 8 rs M I Ills 3d at. ft. e ,t ra ft 1107 Bat. a. v.. 9 ra ft Auction Sale. Ob MOBDAT, May S o'claak p. m ,ea the prsaBlssi, ??. 1184 ftth at. a. a s-atorr brick ^TwBDBEPDAT, Bay 3let. at ft o'clock p.m., SB the pnahes. Bo. 1984 aad 1998 7th at. B. w . two brick hoaaaa. myfftr Ittory FOR REXT ASP SALE. L'M BibT-BOOKS. with everything r f >r h o* k.-rpi-g At Bo 3*4 Pennsylvania tTtinf, Kiib?M conrr ?f tti itr*?t ?>? I/O! MKT-A rona OjTTtiil, ? with ten acre* of ?tud<i, or* n>d h*'f biIm frrm city* Good and in' bulMt'-r* oi Bladenaturg r. ad. Acdrtfi "Farm, Star oflice. ?ik* |?V>B BBBT-BNALl rAM-llicm anagtMi K ???; fleets of lr*i?, six rooa h ?i*e !< ?<?? i jo B 4. f'HI t.LI PA. ?>M lm (Hi.l II b iwt. |T* * ItlllT-llJS 1 rtwt wmr lk* ?rllo*toa ? Betel; large and *<41 f?rnl?h*d BOOMS on tth flcor. suitable lor gentl. w?en. niyl/ <m BBNT-H"Hag t jQi u ,u^, r??lo> J atf l?t J to H . TBI M Bl>B, ' 3? *14 Hit street. pB irr; *;fT HSK'K B<H8I. ? fk m buildiu*; Mo ?I04,oq I wtrci t ? ,,n nee I tic*. ?t? per ir >mh BrUijQMl' frj?K, l>*ALLINa. tTS^T ta I. ctllar. summer ki'chen. u h. ni ??t?r rio^t, window. Ac ; near lrh m. cars 14 j i Pierce Place a w , between 6 ^ T?t?. D) li |T?* MBT-Cnfhr?Hfcau B< >0M8. en saite~or F ???tly locate-1 f-,r .0mm-r ?*? ?acea, with ma^n cA*veolim,. om f.nm ** *? Applj 1134 IStb itrwl. tin 11 Jw* FOB BALK?A newand h?nd?.m? DM"ELLIN 3. i?2??*' * T?m *?lk ' f Be'ay ; artmire j>it tuited to any onedvlng bn?ine?* is Washington Tei?s unusual f *?,y * ?ir to * J .on.* J:P BIOBABDSOft, ?Tll lm OMHat.l. K. la*. B A O IV B 1^^? PALE Oft r\( H AfKif.?Forcty tKtTtr, ?m-o. *rR f.7? of 1<S trm, bUlly im Sirule h \L. ??rCt,*rf ?* fruit tre?.. awe III* ? knm and barn;af rated on N?? Cat R ad. jT( n'm J'Jf*.JfT Inqalre of I i;l V ;* ' H J0 I7,h '!r*t korthwsat. b*tw?.n I ltd h tMfti B.) l7t* IV1;? NT OK B(<UCK ln ?hocou0 * Irr. 6? r M le? frv ln kMblj|t.)R.*|||bri >!d )r f C1}X *r "nL "r furnished or ir^" h"i- ..6<? ?* L,n<1' Moidirr* V??j'i0,>. . ! B*Kk? b?ilro?d. Atr.|>r %i 1534 1 stmt northwest n>r?-ln L,'OR BALifc?HOL8B !??? B strwt Mrtksro f rooms, r* h i s d ooia w?tsr in i ?i rSS'9*M' W?'oJTerT ao,lfr,: biiI i-lHHlCT. LtimVr M?r-h?- t. ??r-< h "ft" N*w York ?v?. K( IV,lvKNJ~* ' <"?? '<? PWSLLIN O. in .. *}*??Wl* c?u'.rs'iT located, E * r/"4-',e trTI?nt. aprlv B<^t 96> - ?p9 lm KHfuV.1".*.^111 tft? ?..un?rr ? A, . ' walk r.f AmmfndaU. ^thS^'and'S V" M?n,b^u;*mi^' A'ir~ DaMIEU AM ? Ifl4 3.n l^lkkrT-^n>ElUX|]i? V? roHCITY PBOT Md.. 01 XT-KEN AObA *27!??.' BlrntJvmiVivSft^ k??a:?t?T I nation; i?r|vt rSoSo ".!?ui5?s!u;s,si isrs; business citaxces! K(l>,?^,LltT'B *^'-HAB'i?-ror In.proved * ' 1PtPtrti?Two very de itabl- LO r.- os K ?.( ??"f A|.?J> lu l.G KIMBALL, Anora<>** Bt-LBW^cppoei^t* tbc Ucu^. i^27 it* ' W,v MOHkYrK>N8TAaTl.V IK UakdIoIu ?sl cngoodBeal *?tat???*o*tfr oabsiha IIKHKBMANN. ? f, 1339 r str?*. oorthwrst, Tn,T7 8t Opact<;t? EbMtt H>u?V. T?. Fa'KTABS AM) MONEY LKBDEU* ?I f? !1*'*'re se4'J'bl hot-dl-ed dollars w .rth >f satnt MJtn?*nt for ?u ?u h,btlance Jn H, .?ri T f*, l,00',? carefolly a ,d ? cnreij inT?*t<d lu real carat# ia stn?ll an 1 iar?-? fi>:' 10 XVM V HOLTZMaST. ' _B 13aI r stcc*t nortba??t. \\ AKTKr?To buj, a tew sh%r'? of mii tti\~ ? POLiTAB B1?KKT#BAILB0^d"tuCK: n,?'6T UB.COOM.Jr.BOO. - P'T C 14 *9 r Street. KCLK 8?LE-COlM KY BroK?. Tdepr .^rt, n ^ ?.*1M L'^rcey 8t'>rc, on tb* Qef.rr .d R| ck? 1L<- Toiuulf, being one ct the bt.t xtaud* In 5V'f ?ton,tv ? ut,,; M AMILTOM^Gr.y/s: '? BxB^Hn, * i*?A"y bbal I$TATC SB jU * . . ,*l,U ~In ?an;s. -_" M. II. BOHBBB. *13 7tb??. KVkhBiAAtJ?*u|'JTol *nd d Mrabte BLIu7 wit j . North O stre''t. Mt ten 9 h? i Mtii ret^,'- * l'?rc*in. and on *a*y Urax Xu ?itbicgtob"il<?. nion?y ?ill be adrai.c< l M M HO MB t It .3 If 7*V, i: 1?AtT OAPIICLSTKAAr L ?TiJ ?KOB 3A i ic~ ^ Several fine LOTS i n ?a?t< spitol str^.V.flT a S'itiare at.d a ba f Iri tn Line. In Park, at 2' c< Li? V.*!'!- otl *?r termw. Tb? li t* front aonth. ^..Tw abir.toti exact grade, f .r rp<. ula;ioc or t >r i m?. c i?te im?ro* ei".-nt ?bi? gronrd. at tbepricsuaj i - m: 24 10t M M. EOHhuK. A|3 "Ih -t. 8!) 000 *ANTEU ?'OK FIVB YKABS?i?n .k.. ' : prrp-rry worth m re tljnn t? ice MP1> to J. L. f?'ar " nif? ?;* trjgrg!.^ ?'"" wj '\ AftlU rKLIr ritKH, hfMi r \ Jr if*' ttm' pntcbased low, or miltabk' euy pro|?rtj exchanged tor l?. Ap?|r i? ?.mi . ? *"? DAWKS. Doftttat. tu>a lm No 1231 Pennr Ivania ntemie. Fni^.n'hT.'iT fVKE.s or M*BKTr~i;V^ dat,? f? ?ff k fte"iratlon. with al.nn uar ce oi all kind* of vegetable* ar,d fruit *-irh a ^00.T0 ,c.e- ?nok# and chicken lu'is*- , "??ted la B,adi ntl urit; part of the farm of Mr Hnlni Ipittlwcn tha place, Cf " HivM6t WM.CDOPPiV, ?nr?"5r* n .w In aame being neariv new Ofder. Hon.? aod Furniture will t?" L<<aUG^<2i^iirt?h?r or VP%ratelv,as <1?wire4. LKAMon bMt 10 eft? f>r t'ivaie r*?i?jeDCe or tnr renting roc ma Price act tertus low and east in qiiireoc previa*sImmediately. m?x> lm PAUMAB?B OB 8 ALB.-* ill e*cha?e f r 'rDa?,eFrtfnaN,f i n;^ JfV i^t^ALt^'T^W^,,r'7^ |KVK?TMBFIT JK^IRITIES FOR City of W ashlr gtoti H'-jearOold Bon^s. ao. do. old Oiarterir Stort I i-trlct of Columbia18 year 7 m ceut .'Bond*. do. 3 Si Bpc&. guaran eed by , Cnltod ?tate?. ? ) 18 10t LKW18 J0BM6QX A CO , Backers F'S'VpAKLrttOI^i.,XGBASQK F'B CITY t ?(I I-! i i f5U ? H ?* lug renin -d to \Va^hlu?toD I'Slniri?T?ucn# of ,,e fillt*t OonuTT of a n , ?" u *tM* of tt"f land. situ*ted \ n?? Vfi1.' ttajer-town, containing 14 acres ? ?"*? of fhlcb are Id Ortpoi. ) in Print, Ihf retcalLder in Oraas Improved with a ftm. ?h Brlct HotJfe. 48 by 32 !eet,centaluii,< I] . IM ?l2d ??ter. and all necessary out twUdlnga In excellent condition. Mich as stabie-. r^TL'W hcnif, for bcQ>*, lc, Acdresa A R a p. PLEMaN. Citizens' NatUnal Bank, WasLiLgt ni my!> tra \\ ?V5T,??"'''0 ?xcbange l?w BEPUIliKua I ? u'2 ? ?B*STOVBBfor O d Wti-s. at BUT J.J." 8. corner Mb ar:d K streots northwest 'u: r^d. I rem $S to #2Sor no p*y. apJi Jm* \I ANTKLS AT COBT. at ?Vfc^r.. BOTH WELL *8, *p!8->n? 113 B ttree* s.ii^eSlt. s. OOLC6TK1N A CO. LOAN A.VA> COMMISSIOy B K OK BMt. CC 111>KB IOtm AMD V STBKKTB. KONKT LOANKD or APVABCEf* MAD* on v?'ie peraonal property to any asosiit, auA lor au> tin e d< sited, on very reasonable tortus. Aim.. Oo<>ds sold on Cuimiiftaton. At Pnvaie Sa'e? Very Coeap?A large lot of Cn rede- m-d Pledges and Ooxtr.iMlon G<>od?, n?w and ?>c< nd band Every articl ? frllT warranted. All boaineas strictly corfl.lentlal. The oldest and tbs Boat re^able house In fha on? mHHt M UNKY TO LOAfl. #4 A.000 to loan on choice r?*l natate. tn ms of from BMJ to #1 (Ml. at 9 at A U) per cent Interest A tew scma at S per rent, tn from BtJMVto | B H WA&bL?, B?rll comer 7th and F street*. isr 6C/I TO BA.OOO INVESTED IB BTOOK CO" PRITILLOKH FAYS LA BOB PB0F1TS. Write for 71 page book. Men and Lliaaa ef Wall at. and Whilst.Bevtew. SENT FBKK JOHN 11 ICS L.1 NO ft CO., octT-ly Ban ken and Brokera. Ttl Broadway, B.Y. COAL AND WOOD. (>>AL AND K1NDLLNQ WOOD. Our atooB of OOAL k now oomploto, eakrae'.na hB the ch<dee qualities, and to which we invito u? itt6Dtioi of ooosn?sr?. Oqt FATKBT BUNOLKD K1BDLLBO WOOD, wttk a tre-llghtor la trrmrj bundle, Is the bsat ta ?*? For ?I* by all grooars?try It. Bo * * WW or kwoasp* oU required. 0MMAP. SAAB. ILK AH. Hill and Depot 7tk llltPwwImisami I^UMBXBI LUMBER I 9MMAT MMDUCTJOH IB FMU oauvsis-..??. a^avassvtttvAsi'i.'aASr'S; AM V^^l^tWVU SAM FOR sale. KVS L5~ 1 Mil ? *?. ? rH II.UM^ ill itooa - ?" M rl.te ltd r Spply t? J. B COl.Llbv Ctye^a fc'eweral a A flics t?'Ok vMI *T A U HAA f irA K.r. V " ,s '<u<? *>*b? pi % w j. it. rrt?t(ta?? rt 1 H mi 7i)< rtr?H n-wtli KS'i west. ?.>?*? ?T1 1 >1 L. KE -H <t>i*fob S\i.E ? nhbar alf r py !. O KSIQHT H ihltM i Fa I u4 Ch.' rulr*?<i, ?t ?>.?* t -'reet< tior>b? Ml. 1,'ob iaii-a >?m?m. a? row. F I o li it>)?4 !?* ?>Uk ? 4 (?t la hat fk t>* ? ? Til |or n) fanlt. a cat Id can ti4t'? dnttkin. Al?? ?M4 r.Un4<-. lUtfTHr i i?. Vr|> Ki.: tig ? b'p- the wbol* for ? a Mh 1*1* Utli ibwt Bnrthareat l?* T<?r ?i '.'it ...a snr NEsS. Ib? lor* It l?ii r<?i> l<. p-r r\ fertly mr?, Aid w 1. wstk Mfrkw. Ljt lr-m near!) new a?d ibr hrr.<?i |? t -id- f\/\ pi I e. #X7S. 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If, I tear aid, by "Gray Poay, 'oat of I)-l >. 1 Bet CiIt. I far uM. by Gray P, ny, oat of Laly Lltli'(.<t. A I* ', ? y?ir tt> Itih CArrtac* Uorwt, Bonvt ?ol KOtl*. Th' |hor? Ool'i ir I Hi'tim e n *"? ?nr *? *~a III J w B-iiM >ti*n >?rr. ..r bv Bpyltluc IJ JuHK COOK, Ll<< r ?>?(!?? u t' -Irr?i, l? I Bid IMb.oi t. T. L III MC,.(Hill .1 tJMue, full |n tlf ii'bi? < Bt. tx ob atuttl Tbtil'ick ???u?r Uloi d t ' I f II I* f>: (??4.U<d. ?,. ** ^ U HI M* I'OB SALE Tt?ICEI ^ :? \ * \ t EE II* PAkkiO, In ('<1 o'It >?(> at Hf >1 rEi)~lbS> Uakrri, >dt It atre?t, I' t?<??>? ? h and l>*tLat*. n |II Si* 1<M B RALE? 4 Ti SACHIh CK. band arm,. rlaf? HOUPK.T y?ara<>ld; aolt-blB for a I.mill . a* d ?? ut??. a lady /Or caud>lv?bla. Appu K. lil'Jl l.vfaat o ? oiTi I/O* HALE?B?y NAU, T~p?An old. l<i I aada ? I, kli d Mid tru* Id aU hari??-? aud A'N. ? fr<? fnVTltt *pirH*d, at) Itah and p A >V ai t drtter. AIro, a a1cg'? n-ai K<? kavay ai.d lla B'-aa, all In ffood "id? r. lb* pr.'anrty of a a > lm I aa txi tqrtli> r uw fi>r I: T? bf ?~*a at ELE V M IKL'fl Litary Btablna, Catiact. bataoHi <S *' 1 ?lb at*. ni Jt ** rous-Lr-n & box. meat hi>< h and I bAt K. POTATO DINS. Ac .At cortcmf >:?) li d A ntrtfta Df rtlnaat my21 4t L'C'K SALE?A ti' * |uuu biding ant t>n?int P HOH"E llpht I .at. to b>- mwo at tb? >> Tb'c. n Bi'Ow atablr, corner Tib ?td rtioa a bottbat-vt. n>IS dt" *?? ? hVB BAI E-Ou* paiT otadfllakMMk BORbES, ?tII tuatcbed, 7 atid * I'ld. aonrd i ard *a~t, ai<">. a b e *? t >1 d nl>lt HAH MM* Addrraa U , cr L< r ? s anC B *t?.' auu bnai. mi" ^AEhlAGER. CABB1AOE8. OARBlAOEt* - J I bf larr*at and mod ?arW aaa- rt . HWT>t i f Utm: *t> I* of < arrtacea. Oooya* S it . k?v ?>?. Juii b *i as*. Park Pl ?.ioua.J J*, fi'-*-*. T'p and ?o T"9 Pnfrtea. Alar., aarcral Art - o. od hauJ Paccl Okrti^im and Bugciaa oo ban! P. I) bt'UMlTT dioo., Bii .ltr Bo S1 <? lrtb ?t . I?l O and D , a ?r. F/uK "ALE-NOW IE THB TIBE. I 1 hatfon hand ?? tPBlMO WAOOHB, bi"t In tee at) la. ? I'h tb* Sartln aht*!,. T pa'd B" top KUOUIE9 tor aal* on ci r"< ps> d'l-'.ta. a: my new Ea.-i. r>, . S* l*'"?r-rt at . er'r?nce on Brtc.r*M., taar u-w market. f?? urf-u.n? u. D. 0 *d* J AM E" E PBOBBT_ J A* HAtdOBB HEW BTOCB. tEOH AMU SbELLHKEIB tlLBI. OM hOK*l TWO HOK?k, TdkEB UOVI AMI roi R HOB8I VAOl'M Wf b?re * id Bundr?da at thaar Wafona. and th* K- .rrti ofiulcD ta tbat ttry are the clj<apo?t a. l b- at H agcL In uaa. D. W. HcOBATH. *Cb21 Sin C' rMf of Maa> are and 1 airarl a a ~ rnoFKssioxA l. c A LHFHT B BOKH K. fa. Alt Hi ri T, MECEAMI *1 r K A t'to UTI'tC. B V? Pt I I <10 E B?r I kSKTI-TBT ? ? I HAVK BISTM EI) PBACTlCEi at I 11 tl I utrHt Dortliant VC . . ^ tiijJ lm J B GIBBS. D>utut L1 O H AR*? V. Cj. ATT<?HHt. \ at law, Nortliena! cor. La. ave. ai d 71u *t . K ?r 4, apS 5m Wa*hli'^:(^B D, I. I HVIH t IE) Ntab.It. JVSTirn OF the fmack. Bo. BOWltb Bt ae: a oapo-ita luitad fa *i Pntant Omoa. 'mti di PniT? hyritm tnal'i-I? W< Ml TTtll fe KAk>lt\1, AKTtST*. EBEBOO, PECOBaTIVE and nwy de*r!a'l ?e of OBbAMktiTAL and PLAIB PAINTING, 7*7 lib alraft ro?thweat. _ BPE' 1MEB BO<>B. 710 V. a.twt nortbweat, jbl25 ly W'ABHINGTON. D.C. ?7 PEKgET run TEETB. EIIIIEE ?, " I ly Dk. A E. 'BaTT. Graduate ..t^ Olk? ?w'*? of OentAl 8nr?ary, an1 of^^n^j Bmli Midl'tlMlm of Cbtcaf-i. d<>l 7th *rrf *, ? a-! ride, corner of D fata and cblorofi rm a*?d -.a extracting t?*th aacU if PERSOXAIa. I kB P. A BBOWN, EP Aaicia/ Chirr?v?aUad .1/ i.a . H?? *.1 Ko 914 II't itiw'. I rlaten 1 aud E . Uonia. 8 to 12 a m ; S to 6 p m. m 2> 6l" 'pu WHOM IT BftV CONCERN -TUa W Hi'l 1 left at my ab p to be repaired, ha* now bueu fini bed for more ibac a year, aud utileat tbe aaua t a paid for Bud taki-n away. I *ba I pruc*a?t lo sa I tbe same to recover reaaira ai.d storage, wLbia t-n da* * 1t"tn tbe dale ot lliia notice. May2a IS76 n il st* PEIafON AL ?1?'n t fail to MO the colcnt ot I ' B anted ' publiab'd ty B.H. WaBMB, to tbe Booming pap>-ra. n.y27 SI DtVOBCKS legally and uoirtly olitamadlor In co&pailbliity . Ac , r?.id i c? nuiKieaaary. I ?? an. r d?Cae?. A. COOLKKH, P O. Bo* l? CkliKO. tn)* If HTAOliCCHt -Era I)B ELLIS, IBIS Pa. BMDiie tella pa*' atejent and futar*. lave aud n-aniage. abrent frieLtl*. if d?a>l or l.ting, pr >per<? I at or *t ?!? ti, lavaniu the re?nt of all nniefak ii ire. win-re to go for ancreaa. bapptooaaand b-a n. Temi?: Uadlea, SI; GeLti. gl to $1. Office i, i, 9 B. m to 9 p. tn. niytt- .t \I B?. BB*? KkTT, i"I />?/?.?'?? ind T'*t 11 ill 11th ?tre-t. betwi-eii L aud II. ni)BI 2 \ BTBOLOU* ?ADAHE TMa celebrated Lady Aatrologtat and MaaUtig If ens be conrnlttad at No. Ml D street, c -ber of !id nortbweet. Bbe baa oo nuporior Is de:iu< a::u? tte Paat, Present and Ptitors. In lore or badueaa beradtioa la Invaluable, deacrtblng your trim It, pointing cut your aoetniea, aud lufornung yon i tbe anre way to ancoeaa in ail andertakklags. On ml'Btlon strictly oon&dsctlal. Lndiss, S> g?nt'a ?wn. SI *0. sap. >y MEDICAL, <fec. DB. BCCELEB JON Ab?Twenty yaan aiff" stce 1b Eeiuale Db aaasa. IrregaABrittsa. 0*? rlac T utaora?G naraofe* aatlitac :k>a,or bo cBBrgea. Bn-fBtaa confldMtial. Emm for parteota. it 4 B. Hon at u airaet, Baltlmora may22-lm* I AP1BA MAT (OBP1PEBTI ALLY UOBeL'LT li PB BBOTUEES on ai. iirogularitb** aaddi eaaBd of B ebrot'ir rr delicate nature with tka aa anranceof relief; ?0" B kirtet Ktlkitat, oap *ita Bmlth?onlaB tay .6 la * 44^JAT1BPACTI0B"?A BoaltiTScata.Bl parr ? k5 tie. Prepared according to tbe original ( ?te nia by Dr. Dtrby, aiUB4)t MrM, cot. a* Pent s> IvblIb aye Oranl atb na tr^e apt tu' 1 kB KOBEBTBOB, from MmMtiMvr*, can ba cot U aulted Bt 4B4 l*in atreet Bortuweat, tearly op Boalta tbe Gaa Office, every WBI)NEM)Al a i BATlUAT.froa 9 to ? p. at.. In alt Pla*?*e* < tLa Urinary Orgaaa, Gonorrkiea, G1*H. Strictrra, Py pbtlta. nnd iKtaUnrtiM. Oaaea at Ooacorrhe* raoentlT contracted ccrad In I to ? days. By ?E>^* ' ? all Its stages quickly cared. Bad tbe poison aattreiy eradicated from tkssistw, with mt tbs ass of Mer cury. Bpannaturrbn-a, broagbt ua by sicsaiss ant abase In y?n;b. causing loe* of ?usaory and taaarrt t) . general debility, organic wsaknssa, iMpoteucy. ilrrital i'ity, sympt ?ns of coaaamptlSB. Is digestion, palsltatioa of tbs beari pals* 1b back, dlmasas of sight or rid ! ness, srli forsbodliuri, self distrust, Ac , sp?--<1 ,ly cored by OeBtMtMB plsrlng ill! ibssI i n ta Pr B ? ?aa raly apoa being sclectiBcaily and bo* orably traataa. Bsfars to tbs hlgb UstisK>ui?b abtcb Bs Bow bolls tr u< tbe laadiag phraiciana ?' Baltlaiors Olbca 4B4 MU strsat aortbwMt. fr?* S to I p a. wail ly A CARD.?To aU who ars snErriac frata tss srrors and li^iiaore'i iui of yovta. asrtt.s* wsaAuasr, early decay, loss ?t a aeko 4 -is.. 1 a ill sewd a reel as that will Bars yea. V ABE OP CUAfcCS. Tbls great re-Jkdf sa< diss >?ered b) a mlaslonary laSontb Anaeriaa Esod aesif addrea*e< saeskoas to tbs Be* JOSEPH T. IB B AB, Bkati.^i D, BlbSs Boa**. Bsw Tt rft cite. atrl aodkjB JBIPTIOB PMBB POB TBB EPBE1 1 or BtsulBAl VeaAi asa. Last BaabaajTsed dan bronchi oa by ladlacrtWas at sa 4T?~~5ft,,ns?ss5|a, I.WJJT 4A..S aBW Eas fwl |\f ADABB BEBTELL. It P . a Ifeoraagbly s? 1*1 psrlsaoed aad sdaaUftc Ladies' PayBetaa as J B Id wits of n tsars' practtoe. sMiads ladias at Ibau tor's prfratsi * -tiac af..rtafeie private raoMS, aarofal anrs I lb beat aisdiral ait sal aa? at tbs I*-'1 ?spiT

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