Newspaper of Evening Star, May 29, 1876, Page 4

Newspaper of Evening Star dated May 29, 1876 Page 4
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MONDAY May M, IWi m eaUur Probabilities To-day, Ornci of Cmrrr Siowal o?nen, | Washisgtoji. May 4i. 1ST6. t Id the middle ?late*. Ailing followed by ris'tg barometer, warm westerly wlnds, shifting generally to cooler north or east, In creasing cloudinens and local thunder a forms, especially In northern portion. LOC AL NE 1P5. Sa'unuil Then-rr.? John K. Owena la "The Victims" and "Hoinn Shingle" for benefit of Manager H. C. Ford. (hi/-??<;/? Hall. jiM nirftt.)?Strawberry festival. Jgrj,?r*s ~,th %!re*t Pnrk?Picnic of the Hiber nian Fer.evolent Association. TSetcer CbmVp**.? Firat-class varieties. l ?.Mlra?ed Larala Attend Hempler a auction to night. ine street lamp* will be lighted at 11 p. an. and extinguished at 2-20 a. m. The Ldstrict Commissioner* have issued an order that the District offices toe closed to morrow. Rev. August Jackson, rector of St Paul'* P. E. church, will leave on Tuesday jiext for a four months tour abroad. Csp'ain Cutler, who was seriously burred ? y the t?cer t ^as explosion at tne Capitol is r.ot doing as well as nls friends would de sire. at <1 last Dlgbt was delirious at times. The annual peace meeting will be hel l at No. SI' loin street nest Friday evenin*. There #111 he slmlUr meetings in a'l tie Racing cities throughout the world on the same day. The Methodist* of Severn Circuit, Rev. J. D. 8till. contemplate holding a camp meet Irg at Jackson s wo*vls, waic.^mltf from Washington, on the Laltlmo-e and Potomac railroad, some time in August. since the Rev. G V. Leecn assumed tfce pastorate of Union < M. E.) church, the latter part of Februar>, there has been a continuous revival spirit present, and >ium t>*rs of per iunts have presented themselves, acd thus far there have beer. Dfjeen conver sions. Tfce grand ertertainment under tie aus pice b of the Ladies Benevolent Society or North Washington will positively he held on tne evening of Wednesday, May 3lst, at Lin coln Hall, when fifty articles, moat of them oil paintings, will bedistrlbu'ed to the ticket holders. Members of the ShHk?peare club, acd tome of our fiuest singtrs will partici pate. The s*?tem?mt In some of tne city papers that Washington Comrnaudery, No. 1, Knlghta Templars, and Columbia Com mat <iery. No. J, leave here on tne same train for Philadelphia, to-morrow morning, is, we are tnfrrmed. Incorrect, and if not correctel, may l*ad to some confusion. Tne first ramed .-ommandery leave on a special train, secured expressly for it. at 10 13, while Co lumbia Commandery leave at ?30, three quarters of an hour earlier. Oa account of t>elng the escort of Grand Ma-ter Hopkins, Washington Commar.derv made arrange* ments to go separate from the other coin manderles on a special train. ? Tir Hefrew Rite or Cokkirmatio*.? Today the Israelites are celebrating the anniversary of Moses receiviug the tablets of the law on Mount Sinai, and at the *th street synagogue, in this city this morning, there was present a large assemblage of people, including a number of Christians. The services were nnder the direction of Mr. L. 8terr.. the reader of tte congregation,and ?were very interesting, particularly the lat ter portion? the confirmation of fou&yonng ladies as members of the congregation. These were Sarah schwarx, Henrietta Wolf, Came Minster, anil Herttia Slegel, and they were attired in spotless white, wearing beau tlfni wreaths on their heads. At the ap pointed time they entered, two in each aisle, pieceded by an ottlcer of tne congregation, and took positions facing the reader's desk. Mr Stern addresse 1 mem lu German, after which the prayer service was continued, and the candidates and <-aoir sang, respooslvely, ??Blessed. Ol blessed Mount, most Holy. ' Jliaa Carrie Minster otlered a prayer, and the candidates were examined. Tne ten rommatdmeuts were recited, and responses totach chanted by the choir. After a hymn oy the cnolr short speeches were made by the candidates?Miss Seigel spettkiug In German. and the others in English. Tiie minister addret-sed inem as to tueir duties, after which the parents rame forwar 1 i"' blessed them. The 2tth Psalm was sim* responsively by the rea ler and choir in H - brew, and the ark being op*i.?J, the can didates recited the confession of faltn.and the ark being closed, Mr. Stem pro.ioune*?l tne priestly bleaalng, and tiie choir aud class ?ar.g appropriate closing hymns. ? st Patrick's Bs:vekici4l Totat. ah ktikiiii a So? iety held their last <iu.irt< rly meeting for the season at Carroll nail last evening, the president, Kev. J. J. Keane, pre siding. Ketoiutlons were passed tendering the sym)?tny and coiidolen< e of the society to Mr. John Ii Clarke tor his recent bereave ment in the loss of his wife. Father Keane delivered an eloquent total abstinence ad dress. I>r. Walsh, of Last WaahIdgton, fol lowed with a practical total abstinence speech. Mr Joseph Hmolinskl read from a Catholic temperance paper of New York an ??xcellent ad<!reaa by Rev. Father O'Brien, of Massachusetts, to the Total Abstinence 1 nion ol Massachusetts. The ple<lge was then administered to.mite a number of per ?ocs. Brithiso Permits issue-1 by Inspector Plowmai : The Citizens' Building Associa tion, aeven two story brick dwellings south ?:de of French street, bet ween R aud 8 and ?th and K th northwest, ?i>.o<d. Nlckalau-< Mav, a two-story bricK store south side of Penr sylvania avenue, between fitt and 7th atreets soatut-ast, 91 0 ". Jobs T. Carrigan, three two-story brick Iwedmgs we>r si ic or 7th street, between Last Capitol aud A ats. MMMait;M.Mk 8 aud T. M-Carpenter, four two story and fcasement brick dwell ii gs tontii side of Last Capitol st.. bet ween 7th and sth; ?17,'j0O Thomas B. Marcbe, a cne-*tory brick a<iditiou to frame cuapel **? ?'de of B street, between ?th antftth ?oltkMtt; ? bn!icin*)U Real Estate sai.?s ?Mes?i?.^ feros , auctioneers. so:d, Friday aftfm**. for the owner, part of lot A. In square No. Nt, fronting 22 feet, by a depth of j?) feet, to James Met;rann, for 50 per square fool; also, the adjoining lot to John Wilson, jr., tor *2 50 per square foot. Tne above property is situated next to the southwest corner of 17 th and H streets norm west. Messrs. Young A Middle ton sold at public ancilon on Friday, for Mes?r*. P. A. I)ar neille and Geo. Earle. trustees, a tract of 3t* acres, adjoining the Reform School, to Xr. Geo. Earle, jr., for *3,3.*). Also, on same day, from same to same, a twoatory frame house on ith, between Eand G street* south east, subject to taxes, for -510. ? Benefit or Mr. H. C. Ford?The nu merous friends of Manager H. Clay Ford have tendered him a comp.imentary oeneIt at the National Theater this evening. Mr. John E. Owens has kindly offered his aer- ' vices, and will appear In two of his best Tieces,4,The Victlms"and "Solon Nhingl* " These plays are so wen known and keenly appreciated by lovers of fun that a crowie l house may >>? expected. Mrs. H. C.Ford ( will sing "Waiting." A full dramatic com pany havo kindly volunteered their services, I together with every person connected wltu the establishment. The house should be crowded by those who appreciate Mr. Fort s ei.deavor* to cater to the amusement loving i f utile daring the past season. Th* Yocho Mens christian a-so riaTiOB on Saturday evening elected tne following delegate* to the twenty-first inter rational convention of associations lu tne I'ulted S ates and the British Provinces, which m*ets at Toronto, Canada, July 12 I*;* John H. Olcott, Benj. Holtnau, F W. Vancbn. Alfred Wood, L- E. 8leigb. and K H. Van Arsdale; alternates, Eipaonx > Youngs. Columbus Cboate, J. B. An tier, J. E. Carper ter, R. T- J Falcouer, and Warren Cfioate. The general secretary of the as.?o clation, Mr. A. T. Smart, will also attend, he neirg a member of the convention by virtue of his of?l ?e as corresponding member of the executive committee 9 ' HATTRPAT M6Vf A5D SCXDAT Fl iHTS. Jk soui.k man, cam<d Gib?ou, residing >>o 14th street, near the Long bridge, wcu Q2di*' ?eaten by an unknot r> <y,iure-l man in Nailor's alley late Saturday nlnht. offloer J ones conveyed Gibson to Lntwisle's druz store, where his wounds were dress*l.a^d thought to be of a dangerous nature. He was afterwards conveyed foLls home. A row oerurTtd yesterday morulng between woe colored people lo O street alley, during which Giles Miller wa* badly cut with a razor by Chris. Tyler. ????A young man, i arret! Beaveos, was stabbed In the back or another youth named Floecker, last night. In an altercation ou North Capitol street. We see that a sacred concert is to be held Jn the New Churcn of tne Ascension, and In reading the names of the ?t<ners we were surprised at the array of taleut. Usually ?acredconcerts are failures, but the Aseen sIon has gone to worn in the right direction, ba\ leg procured some of the finest amater.r talent In the eountry ik> not fall to atteni ?s tte Wi # will be there, and you will miss the finest concert held in our city for years. ? m X. A New Strawrekky -Ti.e nut beauti ful ai d delicious strawbery to be had u J. H. Smith s "U'ghland Beauty," supplied at ?tand ?#? Northern Liberty Market aud B ?ixtet cutb tenter Market. Tfce laatey QaMtlta. T^ts afternoon a meeting of pastors and detonate* of the evangeical churches *m be la at tbe rex>ms of the Y. M C. A., for the purpe?eof proe?tirg against tbe desecration of tbe Sab: alb at tbe Centennial, and mere was a fair atter dance,abo? ttwei'ty churches being represe nted. Kev. Dr E. H.'Grav was cal'.ed to tbe cbair, and Mr. A. T. Stuart acted an secretary. R-^v. L>r. Noble offered a prayer expressing thanks for tte stand takrn by tfce Centen nial Commission in closing tbe gr ounds on the Ksbbath. Dr. Gray briefly stated tbe objects of the mating, remarking that they now had snch an opportunity as they never had t?efore to bnnor tbe Christian Sabbath, and It struck hm tbat the action of the Commission should meet with a responsive feeling in every Christian heart. Mr. J. V N. Shields suggested that they fiist ascertain who are preseat, and the names were handed in. Key. C C. Meaior moved that the meeting endorse the action of the eomtnlssion in cios irg tbe Centennial bnlldlngs and grounds on tbe Sabbath. Rev. Q. V. Leech suggested that the mo t ion be mod I fled so tnat a committee be up pointed to draft resolutions on tbe subject. The suggestion was accepted, and tne mo t'on adopted,and the following appointed the committee: Rev. Dr. Batler, Riv. G. V. Lee?h. Mr. Charles Lyman, Rev. C. C. Mea dor. Rev. John Chester. Mr Z Richards suggested that the resolu tion, when framed, be circulated for slgua tu res. Rev. Dr. BnMer said that while he was ful.y in sympathy with the meeting, be th? light tbe reholutlona should be well ma ibied. He also suggested that it would be we | to have ageneral meet log. and that Ihe ?e oiutloi s be pluced In tbe bands of a com ni'"'<-e ?>x our leading ihe committee retired, and during their a tf nee it was stated that there was a report n ci; eolation ibat the matter would be de termined to-morrow night, and Mr. S. M Veatman was sent to Dr. l)exter to ascertain tne truth or falsity of the report. The chairman suggested that If there was any or e who had a s;>eeeh they now had an opportunity, but there being no response, he suggested that they have'*an inquiry ineel ll!f." Mr. Z. Richards inquire.! if there was any one present who had a reason why the hail i irgs should be opened ou the Sabbath, but there w?? no response. A gentleman suggested that if the grounds we-e opened and the bulldiigg closed, they might have preaching there. l>r. Gray?It Is not preaching they wai t. Rev. Mr. ingersoll said it might be well to inqnlre into the inconsistency of the com missioners in allowing liquor to be sold on the grounds, and yet they *eep the Sabbath. It was suggssted that the er*>at argument for opening the building on Sundays was to give laboring men an opportunity to see it. Mr. Humphreys said that was a weak rea son. If a man had work be would spare a day or two to see it, and it he had no work he would not be able. [Laugbte-r.] Mr. Veatman reported that he had seen Dr. Dexter, who informed him tnat the commission had adjmimed to July 1st, and no action could be had till then, and tbat their former action would not then be re versed. Tbe committee, through Rev. Dr. Butler, reported resolutions that the strict observ ance of the first day of tbe week as a day of worship and rest is required by the interests of civil society and the law of God, and en. dor?lrg tbe action of the commission, and pledging their cordial support. The report was adopted, on motion of Rev. Mr, Plt/er. unanimously, and after pro vrdirg for forwarding the resolutions the meeting adjourned. The Analotlaa Kegatta OPENISG OK THI ROWISO SKABOTf. The Analostan Boat Club formally dedi cated their beautiful and wmmexlious new boat house Saturday afternoon. Tbe pro tamine consisted of a "single,sliding seat, workii g gig race," tbice boats entering; a four-oared shell race, three crews entering; and a race between the winning shell crew and a picked six of tbe club. The club bouse was crowded with Invited guests, and the river banks were lined with spectators, wnne innumerable small crafts ilttted about on the water. Till KIBST RACE vas for a very ? and some boat Hag. presented by the ladles of the club, three-quarters of a mile down the river and return. Thecon t? slants were Messrs. Hall,Elliott and Jones. Hall won the race by three or four lengths, i Elliott tecoD<* Time: 13>, minutes. Uufor tui ately lo not lew was given to the specta- t tors al the starting of this race, and few, on ti e water at least, knew that it was being rowed. TBI SECOUD RACK w?s a four-oared shell race, lor the presi- | dene's challenge medal. For this race ibree crews w?-re to enter: The No Name? Dodge, stnke; Robinson. 3; Bibb. 2\ Carson, tow. Philadelphia?White, stroke; Marshall, 3; M ar.der. 2; Brown, bow. America?Taylor, st:. ie; Cumberland, 3; Burns, 2; Burdette, he>w. After considerable practice-rowing, | Taylor, of the America, became restless, and j refused to row, leaving the race between the i No Name and the Philadelphia. The latter 1 won the race easily, leading the No Name throughout. Time: 10 minutes. Til K THIRD RACE was between tbe winning crew and a picked i.x fre>m the clnb. The Philadelphia crew necented in wlni ing easily this race also. , Time: 11 minntes. Tne boat bonse was then thrown open and refiest.merits were served to the gay corn pit y ard dancing enjoyed. It is to be bejped^ tbat if either of our boat clubs have any re gattas or races this summer that they will appoint a convenient hour ard endeavor their utmeKt to ba^e their races on time. . Kr.agb water should be the only excuse for delay. Nothing detracts from the pleasure of a "race or makes a disinterested spectator disgusted so much as tbe usual but unneces sary delay. About hc?i>ay school Children.? Kilitoe titor The large and beautiful pre>ces s.on of handsemely-dreased Sunday-school children which yesterday passed through our principal streets, With Hags and banners fljing. on their route to the Smithse>nlan grounds, gave great satis.**?'100 to all who saw them. In this beautt."**J Par* appro priate ceremonies were held p^paratory to the children having a fine free 'Ompupon he beautiful green and handsome ^ culti vated lawn. Tbese grounds are now oouc'a frequented by children and their suites. Community is fortunate in Having ? band of t'igloroaP; weli-in?truct?)d, healthy Children, jbQ 1%* ft* TCirs VT.'1 upon t?5 Occupy the places now held by ok.. ' persons. The precession reminds me or a I letter I received this morning from Dr. B. R. Hay ward, of North Carolina, in which he speaks of the great healthfulneNs or tbe city of Raleigh and Institutes the following facts regarding the iieaUU Of tUe chUdreuof the Sunday scbex>ls of tbat city: ''In the city or Raleigh there are sixteen hun dred and forty Sunday school scholars, and during the twelve months last past there has ne?t been among them a slugle death. This. I thic k, is an extraordinary fact and should be generally known " Probably the habit* and principles Inculcated to Suuday school children by their teachers, while It instructs their morals, also serves to pre serve their health. Further statistics on the mortality of Sunday schools may de ve.op this fact. Washington, May 27, !*:?.. A Pone* Raid ai?d its Risclts? On complaint of about a dozen citizens residing in tbe northern portion of the city, Lieuten ant Noonan, of the second precinct, with sergeant Acton and a squad of bis men, la>-t nl* bt made a raid ou a house on 7tn street, tetweeu R and 8 streets, kept by MAdain Tapp, alias Elizabeth H. Clary, and cap luted three males and four females, guests a- -1 Inmates, together with the Madam, the lat ter on the charge of keeping a house of ill fame, and the aforesaid Inmates and guests were cooped as witnesses in the case. The f. males are all fast looking and youug spiu. -lers. with hair clipped short across their frontispieces, and the males of that age when they thin* themselves men. Madam Tapp is well known about Division precincts. ! Tbev were all given lealglngs in the second precinct station bouse, and this morning, be fore Judge Stell. several young men were called upon to explain, but they were so bash ;ul that the governmedt failed to make out a rase against the Madam, and she amba- } lated out of ccurt rejoicing, until caught jjani ? e The rfvival mebtiso this rooming at i U t chapel in Lincoln Hall building was In j rh irge c: Rev. W. S. Haminoau. A gratify ii c reiiort was made from tbe meetings ia?t Li?.ht at the Lutheam chaoel and the 15th s rtet Presbyterian church by Mr. Nye; Rav. Dr Nob'e's churcb, corner of 6th and C streets southwest; the North Carolina ave i.ue mission, and the evening prayer meet li n of the Y. M. C. A. Mr. Stuart reported ti e case of an ex-ofticer of the navy, who about six weeks ago was a profess d con vert, and who Is now almost continually drunk. Mr. Charles Nye oflered a prayer for tne party, and several other short prayers were offered by Mr. Stuart and Rev. Mr. e.oiiaits. _ Accide!?T8?Miss Vallle Cook met with an accident at tbe Printing omce, Treasury eie, a: imeut, Saturday. While at work at one of the printing presses she had tbe mid dle linger of her left band crushed by lta be ccntcg entangled In the cogwheels of the press. Dr. Robert Reybnrn was called In, and, assisted by Dr. roster, amputated the flrger, after which she was removed to Ler nome. No. 728 10th street nor to west. ??? Joseph Munson, a white boy, residing at ?th and O streets northwest, was badly In jured Saturday by being run over by a street car. Day. 1 DtIwI)vo!,.?!' ?r ROLOI*?S'ORAt?4-(I0ME. ? ABOUT CEREMONIES TO MORKUW. To-morrow 18 "decoration day " when the ZTber'?J ""Grand Army of ihe Rfoob. wh^ein elsewhere wtll honor the soldiers thii^. tb? Union by placing flowers grmv?-* K* tensive preparations 5 JLl,^fnTnade for the ceremonies at the c-melerles hereabouts. Arlington will be the central rolM of attraction. The Department i ?n^^lL?D/lerv??1* B' *"? Hawfces. having re quested the President of the United States to direct the several departments to closed to-morrow the necessary order has been ls i *ued. THE ROAD TO ABLIMQTON hrs been repaiml by workmen. The Fort W hippie and town road by the Aqeduct and the road via Long Bridge are In excel lent condition, and in addition a steamboat has been placed on the route from G-street | wharf to go to Arlington grounds, near th9 canal, which is bridged over by barges, S3 arranged as to make a trxkiand safe pas sage. and the distance from there to the amphitheater is but a very short walk; the rf ^ 66 15 cents, single ticket, one way. and 23 cents over and return. The Chariot company will take passenger* to near the wtaif, only a few squares on". AT AKLINQT05T. ; At li o'clock the procension will form at the mansion, as follows: RepetU's band; of ficer of the day, Comrade C C. Adams and n .s aide s; Comrades Grant, Riley and Voss; oiiicers of the U. A. R.; decorating commit j ??e; President of the Unitei States; Vice President of the United 8fat?s; the orator, Hon. 8. Woolford.and poet, 15 F. Taylor; iho po?t chaplain; distinguished guests: members of the G. A. R : ex soldiers and cit 'zei.s. It will proceed to the grounds under . the arches to the extreme western side of the cern. fery. where an iuvocatiou to the Most High will be delivered by the depart ment chaplain. Kev. George Taylor, of Michigan, when the flowers and flag* will ne distributed and placed by all upoa the resting places of the country's saviors. At j I-'m. the national salute will bsflroJ, and as its last sound dies away the exercises will commence upon the stand at theamp'il tl eater, which will be occupied by a limited number of public men, including the Presi dent and Cabinet, army an I ne.vy officers, I . 8. Senators and Representatives, and other distinguished personages. THK AT ARLINGTON will be the headqarter? of the decorating, general and the reception committees, and all tne cilst tug niched vi8tt'>n< atul guests will 6f.\fc^lve0 ltH're b>' toe reception committee of the Grand Army of the lit public, conslst ii got the following officers, viz Stephen A. Hnrlbut, first past commander-in-chief; John A. Logan, past commander-in-chief; Ambrose E. Burnslde, past commander ln chlef; Timothy Lubey, past department commander; James T. 8mi'h, past depart ment commander; BenJ. F. Hawk??, deoirt m.nt commander; A. H. G. Richardson, present senior vice department commander; ? ^.ahn8- Junior vice department com mander; George E. Corson, adjutant general; Amos j. ounnlng, quartermaster general; jrlor' department chaplain; KKStf""" rr,k HOLDIIR'S HOME. Tlie ceremonies at Lbe8okliers' Homecem i?ttinWili commence at 10 o'clock, Hon. Martin L. Townsend, member of Congress fr?2} ^ew YVrK>wil1 deliver the oratioi; E. ( Townsend, of this city, will real aQ by ,Mr" M*rle Barton (Jreen, (Daisy Dell,) anil the choir will sing an Si;',',:1' *>P?r. DTCOBATION or THE CONKBDERATK head at Arlington, Va?ttti'or 8'ar ? i 'iTh C0"*CJ aa erroneous impression S*lned currency through the press V^moif.and elBewhere, that the friends of the Confederate dead burled at Arlington ?lT^.to.tiecorRte lhe8e Braves onthe3'?th instant, the day set apart by the (irand of l{ie Republic for the decoration oi graves. Such is not our purpose We did entertain the hope, however. oan.,Pvlla,'ion wou,tl have been extended tt e Southern Memorial Association of this fhteym?n,h?l8?STn^n^al year' to have joinM i all distinctions might thus be obliterated; but such not being <h ,r wish or E,u7~%1'.,b.e fr.ien(Js of (Confederate dea4 will not Intrude npon the ceremonies of to morrow. They will, however, meet at the Lee mansion on Saturday, june 3d, at l - and Proceed to decorate the few graves witbin ,1,e Arlington Cemetery. C. P. Culver, Chairman Board of Managers S. M. A. Pavement for m 8trbet._ ft/yor 8'(tr:- Have the denizens or M street rnfi expect by way of improving their over nZ ??r are we to be j?Uea anJ oounce I \f. J holes, up and down the valleys Thu disfigure that street, Indefinitely? nr.h-^ D.gar,eryJn tue n?rtnern portion ofthe city deserves better treatment and re quires Immediate attention. The rronertv Prs would doubtless gladly be taxed a portion of the cost of a n^w concrete pave Pennsylvania avenue is Tfn f overhauled why not amend the bi l cow peudlng so as to Include our beautl Jai,?VeH'Cer.talnl,y/)ne of the 11,0,1 Impor tant in the city.' If thought best to narrow the roadway red thus greatly reduce the cost of paving, the resldenla would cheerful!v agree to do so. At all events let somsthfne 'edone and that speedily to put it in jxum tl'order, otherwise we might as well dispose of our carriages and return to pedestrian ism 1 lea^e direct tne bright rays of Thk Star upon this subject that the powers in Con BSr'SSUr U ln 118 trae ^^Sckfere^11 BAJy*p^onPHuVoa?MaV"th*W&?'' J jo The rroveling Public: correct an erroneous Impression that has obtained ln reference to the Limited Express train, composed entirely or Pullman parlor cars and run over the Bafclmore and Potomac Railroad, it is the object of this notice to Inform all persons Interested that Jl1! IPopu ar traln leave as usual from ?t PotomacRAiLRoaSdS? pot, at t o clock a.m. daily, excent Snn and'tner (MtUmore' pblla^elphla, New York This train, established by the Great Penn sylvania Route, was a new feature ln rail way passenger transportation, and its emi nent success having been assured by reason of lis comfort, uniform speed, and reliability ^rerr,fa'!Z'.r'^ v ? ? HQCARK ok GROl'VD it Acctjon?Thos. Dowling will sell this -"-fLoonatoo'clock that^valuable square of grounu . "anaediately opposite the Scott statue. It lsconK.'lcred one of the best loca tion in the city for a pirate resident. In ilet-d there is hardly a builuirg in Wash ington equal to it. THK COURTS. polic* Coubt?jvxSct 9mn. To day, Tobias Brown, cliarged witb lar ceny of clothing from Dr. Nay lor's clothes lint, ?20 or thirty days. John Price, larceny of a suit or clothes from Joseph Hertzog pleaded gulltj and was tined *.?o or thirty days. Mlddleton Jones, keeping a flltby privy nuisance; ?->. Charles and Mary John son, iarcei y of one bologna sausage, worth Mxty cents, from a stall In market; M. ( hrls. Tyler, assault on Giles Miller; six months In Jail Ben Freeman (colored) was charged with threats to Mary Harding, a piigbt-looking colored woman, who testlfi<Hl that freeman tad intimidated her to do un lawfui acts, which she had consented to do 71.1- ^UL h" huBband'8 knowledge. Since this he had threatened her life if gne did not comply rurther with his wislies; dismissed. iT .K^g.aP' assaQH on Peter Cameron, ^rlckt^ats at him; ^3anlcostsor t wenty four honrs In jail. Mena Isaacs, alias Jackson, (colored.) charged with burglari at a*iDg Into and entering the house or Mary Shannon and earryihg away <11 in money; grand Jury. Peter White assault and battery on Richard Marshall; -*'v Sam'l ^*'rWo<*'? assault on Nelson Coleman; ?io Whi?^ Cole? ass?ult on Joseph Whltmore; w m. Brown, threats to Lewis ColenfZi k^"Ptbe peace. Esther ? h a*las Mallnda Coleman, charged a. bawJy house on 12th, be dajs in^Jan. eetJ? nortbwe?t, flM.or >*) ?? ..SX2TM111 b,ereaft?r he admitted as students by the university at Delaware, O. ?^"Or the 33,000 persons employed ln watch wometf lD ?witzerlani,t oneohlrd are r reported that the deaths by yellow rever at Rio Janeiro average from ?o to 100 ually. ?yW. Whitman (not Walt) has been ap pointed receiver of tne Chicago and Pacific railroad. ry-The residence of Col. j H. Branch, near tiLClnnati, was robbed on Friday or ?,000 ln bonds by a man who called the colonel's daughter to the door and threw snuff ln her eyes. ?y-Tbe Pennsylvania Central railroad company has reduced its rare Trom Naw \ ork to Chicago to ?17, and the Erie rail way to *16. The New York Central aad Hudson river railroad has also reduced in rates to >17. < lL* KTCOLAStlBS&MDSPBOTaOLK^ paid to repairing fine W He has and Jewslry t>M!THH. 91T P>na?rlv?nla itwm. mrtS-lm Ordsrs by Mil pro*pUr attended to. _OOL?Ail A OO., taa'tiT* J GEORGETOWN. Rtni?,1'^L^E^71I?;-Tb? Rev. Albert R. ?wJt? t'. i . 5ul" Church, Chtlilcothe, T^pr^ lh? **" "tended to him inr^tiTS^ ChQrch to take eOeet JaB? lltb. Dr. W. W. Williams, the former &?iTn*ls >a?t ,PrmoQ yesterday. Knrdai ^!n? 11? Oeorge's Church next bop day, but will mane a tour to Europe there? pei,rnan?ally beginning his pastoral* Fl**?Veaterday about 11.30 S-?ti^LW>Pgreg,il 101,8 or Georgetown were ^n^u iIn pboflc*11y speaking, of a?a^f hiui -?!. Sn ,0undlng of tne fire ?eve?tv^h^*^?Wh*n the bcH w? tL!^!!t,il Georgetown number) they ware thoroughly aroused (another meta phor ) Arriving at th? Kcene of tfap fir** wbicb wan in -Yellow Tavern - corner of 5th ami High street*, manv w,lT?n *11* i?!urwn1 ? ? ? "OQ,y a cl?lmney." . Kkpoktid Shootixq Affray Satur. '. v!112 oc!or^ news oamo to the police K?~?a?v6pi r.,t.Mp1Uln of?? "1 ??r) rO.T, becorulne from anrria cacse enra^-ed witnoneof bl* haud?n!!??5d George Brent, about 19 years old. and shot ?i near the outlet lock I5y ttie ^jsmrutisss^SS A \ ACHT Cldb was organized here CfTB*yH 'Mbt?nmni>? fo',"w,n* m*" as offl. reSrv R W M >lPreH d,,a,; J#'- Belt' Sec - ? JMorgan, director; memo Jiin thi v. to20. A meeting will t?? tieH ^ Aiorijan House next Saturday to draft a constitution aIUJ by-laws. nA,<l!'atST*1' Shootisg.?A tx>y named ?1abou,t?" years oi l. accident 1 ^lgcharged a pistol in his pocket w'll'e Ph!ui?g bM1,# ye8t*rd*y- "hot himself in wwlTPh. w.?8 carrleJ to Dr. Peter, who no*sertoua.nP Rn Pronoanced his loj tries Grain.?Boat M*iley, with *2.f>c?D bushels SJ? i{VI,?rt,^y A. Bro ? an,l '-0 corn to T. P. s& ??? ??? ALEXANDRIA. ei^,"^,TC"ow-The returns show the ?>(tl?? w Johnson, (mayor,) 90 maj.. B*u, siSS! ** ""?? <""**?? ?? ?">? Accidestai. 8hootino About ton nalnC? r nl^,1t' a colored man named i imSXD7 ! playing with a small p sUd. Jn J P. Rice s store, corner of Fairfax and Princess streets, accidentally discharge 1 T>e8J^r ^The buIlet lodged in tie leg of Mr. Robert Tomllson, watchman at the W AO. depot, who was walking on the plat form of the depot, Inflicting a sight wound ?h?l1?oX, Ta8 arre8te'? but discharged upon the facts becoming kLOwn. fl1,f.t^z'Accii>?r T-Afnns Skua Or mho I b; llPiiri nn^7. colored stevedore named tienry Gilbert, whose residence was on Henry street, while engaged in loading the scbooBfr Earl P. Mason, with coal at Ag ntw s1 wharf, about 12 o'clock to-day, was kmLCi ??i h,efd by a faIllnK bucket and killed. The accident was cause 1 by the giv flcd.-T^n/n,^,^": Tbccoroaer notl READING NOTICES. ^rf0w,, Comba t altreakable. Ljuiles if jnn wish a Comb that, will not jmakask for The Crown Comb Unbreaka C IT Y ITEMS . Core for Kimmrr Complaints Genuine Raspberry and Blackberry Winer ? f00' ,pure Sonoma and Catawba Wines! MaryJandand Virginia Claret, sold at low prices at Chris. Xander's.911 7th street. 8ev 81 mon,als have been received by the latter as to the immense comfort de. by dysj?eptlc8 from the use of ills cele y".p^pt!C hitters. Parties a/lllcted JTlHl "Us sickness ought not to Tail In trying elcidi s S' tbPy a^e^ecomme^,te<, by Phy Tonic. Every one, at times, feels the necessity of some restorative of the vital powers, de pressed by mental or bodily exhaustion. In such conditions let every one, Instead of flv aJ(^)ljolic or medicinal stimulants, which must be followed by depression e<inal to their excitement, relnvigorate his de ranged system by the natural tonic ele meuts of the Ptruvian 8ynu>. 618 , ? I'olghkeepsie, S. Y., October 18, ?,/'? , 'fTL_;8'nce ,aklng the Peruvian Hu. r?j>I ftel better; my strength is improved, we are re8ular, my appetite ts first rate, l have recommended It to my friends, and they are using It. There is an old physician la this city (older than I am) who has been in the drug bust ness for forty years, who has used the Si/run for three months, and gives It as his decide I \P \\ (n iaf 11 ls the t>est A"?ratlve Tonic Medicine lie ever knew. Yours, truly. ^ W. C. SraRLixrj. nfTvWTLONAL HAVI^s Bask, comer of New ^ ork and I5lh street, pays 5 per cent, per annum on deposits for each cal endar month. Banking hours. 9 to 4. Hat. unlays, 9 to 4 and 6 to s. <?7t3,14tl6 - . Thousands "rr t?? elite of the world patronize Dr Wliltea establishment, 1416 Pennsylvania avenue, opposite Willard's Hotel, for the successful treatment of hard, soft and vascu l?r corns, bunions. Ingrowing and club raits Ac. t ee ?l per visit for attending the feet. /r,?8T:CT-A8B SCODRINO AWD Dmso, A. Piacher enlarged his eeubllsnraeat by ?I2??v.h g J*?. ' new building, 906 G st. north west, three doors west of 9th street, very near Place. By promptly adopting the ? ?nJ?%ZSyfmenil' wbether of American Invention, be Is enabled to do any work In a manner not to beeoualedbv those not possessing these facilities! mr Ladles Dresses cleaned and dyed with out being taken apart. tar Crape Veils reflnlshed nice and cheap. *C Grease stains removed effectually. 8 ifaril]ei3Ui cleaning and dyeing a special iy? thermos6" l0WCr ttan ?ver b6for?? to suit BEji r .T r, STYLE AND EXCELLENCE, ia CEITLK9IE.VI DRESS* ros KOBBT STREET WEAK : frercb Woolen 8ult?. Kngiiab Woolen Suits. P,aW Scotch Woolen Snlts. L,*ht PU,d Su,t8* Oxford Mixed EuiU. Dark Plaid Bolt.. American Woolen Suits. MiX#4 Dark Mixed Softs. Hsir Line Ca?. Suits. Lieht Bstitte Suits. LUbt Mixed Sufts. Mohair Worsted Saiti. Stylinh Frock Snlts. BVIBY BTYLK Of MIXED SUIT. D?k Batiste Suits, Hobby Sack Snits. FOB DKESS, OB EVE3HNU PROBENADK Diagonal Worsteds, in Coats sr.d Vests. PIquo Worsteds, . In Coats sad Test?. Bird s Bye Worsteds, In Coats and Vests. Diamond fsce Worsted*, _ In Costs aad Vests. Tricot Worsteds, . In Costs aad Vests. Cress bar Worsteds, In Coats and Vests. Every Design of Worsted, JN COAT AXD VEST. TROIMEKS In every cc^iT,tle psttera. HABLE BROTHERS, Merchant Tailors and Fins Clothiers, H?yM tr Ooruer Savanth snd D streets. NATTAR'I VEGKTABLI CATH1RX1C ARDARTl-BILIOtl PILLI. The demand for these Pills has largely Increased. Ws therefore rail public attention to their merits as a geaeral family physic Prepared with the great est care, they present the following good uoadtiee: They are warraated wholly vegetable. Taeir ac tion is prompt, certain, and effectual. They are hea'log to the stomach. Tbey start the liver la a bealthr and active opi-raMon. Tbey care bilious ness. tick headache, aad ooativenees. They an in valuable for Indigestion and dyspepda. They thor oaghly cleanse the entire syetem. They do not gripe or give patadnrtns their action They an adapted for general use. Children and delicate persons can take them as well as the strong aad robust. Horn* mad*, tbey ara always fresh, (while patent pills yeasraUy are not > aed consequently aalfocaly ef fectual. Woe, X cents per box For sale only by AMUSEMENTS. i "RAND BKTEBTA1N HENT ASP CONCERT *1 Br T?> SHAkSPBARB CLUB, tbe Aosptces ?' tb* LADIES' BBBBYCLBNT SOCIETY OF NORTH WASHINGTON. At LIBCOLN IHLL. WEPNE8DAY EVENING, Mat II. 1*74 _Tkkets, SI. iu)>9 3f SA < RIU ( ORCIBT, AT TBR HEW CHI KCH OF 1HE AMI EMflOX, THURSDAY, Jim l?t, 9 p m. fvr the BRity.ri r or new oruax. Amort thOM * be will uk* p*rt will b* Ton til ionf of Hi? txst MtUor nt In cor ct jr. Tb? ob j?t ?orrty the |*troDk|? of Ail. Tk? tnlttorlns the flout in lie ctty. anl when noeb talent as tbe following appear the church shou 1 be crowded MIm Evt Mill*, Mr. rruk rotter, Mi<a Pallie Flynn, Mr C O Ewer, Vri. H T Orfsly, Br. Ikthtnirl B Knrltt. Mr tSnmnelti Y^nit. Br. Wn M Shatter, r., W C. hi I. and others. Prof. Walter. Organist. Ti'keUcAu be obtained At Mstssrott's Mmlc Store. AdmfNlon #1. Ticket* Admitting Three S'J irrJS -it \ ATIU.1AL THEATER. ONE NIGHT ONLY. FOBPA* EVENING. MAY ?. 1>"6, COM I'LIMEBTABT TISI IBON1AL TO MB B ( LAV rOKD. ? erdeudby the citiietn ol Wa**iing1^3, when th< Gn At American Comedian, MR JOHN E. OWE.VK, In Tcm Ta> lor'e comedv, tbe viiTins. *>*rfr."Wsiting.**, MBS H 0. FJRD. To conclude witn SOLOS BHIXOI.E. Stirp- rted br Miss BLANCHE Mrs b C. KP"l.)Mr UAB-LP FOBS JERG. and A FI LL DrtAMATIC COMPANY. A I of v bora hATe kindly volunteered their services, trr ther with every person conue< ted with tike es tablishment B'MUMHf R.OWEN4 fOBON ? NiGHTOSLY. BOX BOOB NOW OPEN in\U H J/ORDS OPERA HO|}?E. THE FLOWEB OUEEN, A CA N T ATA. will be performed MONPAV, June 3tb. a: ? p ur... fjr the bentt of 8t. M?rk's church DHtlnguistied talent eousgtd. A tlurus of fifty (iris. Diagram aid tickets At Me'zerott's Music store Reserved seat*, TJccntsjfjjifTalAdDiission^Mcent^^iuyJ^eodt Theater co.tnqt e. Eleventh strtat, btioit Ftnn.>yuania Attn**. of ex the Tear r ouxv. Performance EVERY SIGHT. MaMn^e for La lier and Children EVKBY WiUiiiSuAJ and SATURDAY afternoon. FiRST-CLASS IiTeVMRT RESPECT. Variety. Drama. Bnrles.joe aed Comedy, pcvllly OLD No.) On Exhibition I New No. ?H6 S and Nal? ( 439 7TH ST. S AT | 7TH eT. MABHRITBR'R, <V?. 4 J9 YlA *trtft,btfiertn I) n*<l E '.tuU, ittk doors n>ovi O'id Ft I tows' Hall. Choice Oil PAlntlnn, Engravings, Chromoa. Ae. Also, lArgest stock of Paper lishglLgs, Window Shades, Pictures, Framea, Picture Coras tsd Taj sels, Blpgs, HaIIs, Ac , 1b the District, BW~T?ems Cash. ?VPloAae remember Rus? And Number jyl-lf A EXCURSIONS, PIC NICS, Ac. fpui STKAHIR WANDERER WILL LEAVE R loot of High street, Georgetown, FOB CHAIN BRIDGE, At 7, 9,11 a. m, And 3 And I p m , on Tl BSDAY, May 30. FAre. round trip, 80 rents. It* HO! FOB GLYMONT ON DECORATION DAY. FIBST GRAND EXCURSION OF TBE KMIGHT8 OF ST. PETER, TO GLYMONT, ON Tl ESDAV. MAY 30, 1-76". Tbe ccintBitte* pledge them selves to ?parejj^her psiusor ejpense to make this the M )>CHt of tiie seAson The s'eAmcr JANE MOSELY will lesve 5tb street wbArt ai j .jO a m ,1:50 p m Leave Uiymont at S And 9 p m. Professor Dentil's Br ass And Stidc Rad.1 bts Deen engAged for thei >cca6loa. Metis a id refrejhm< D's will be fnrnlshed b? competent cst-rers. Tickets, 60 cenls; children froai 12 to 13 years of age, halt price, ncder 11, free. It The hibkrnian benevolent associ ATlON, of Washington. D C . will give tbeir Fiftb Annnal PICNIC at BB Y KB'S SKVEBTH STREET PARK, On MONDAY, HAY H9, li7?. Paccing will commence At 4 pm. Tickets, 30 cents, admitting a Gent an I Ladies. mvM-St* I excursion TO THE GREAT FALLS J BT THE LADIES OF WBt>LKY ' HAPKL, MAY tOTH. (DECORATION DAY I TLebcat wiilleave ber wbArf. foot ? . ? of Congress stre?f, Georgetow n, at * JhndM a m sharp: arrive at Georgetown At ? p. m lick ? eis 91. At WiiitAker's bookstore,941 Pennsylvania A\rnue,orat the boat. PArtie* Are expected to provide tbeir own IniiChes. Cofl^e and light re Iresbmentscan be had on the boat. m?26 3t* fjo, FOR ARLINGTON! Shortest, quickest and rheAp?st route to Arling ton oo DBOOBATION DAY, Tuesday, May 30tn, ?f76. The steamer BLLBN P1EBCE, Captain Robert Walters, will leave G-street wharf every fifteen :? - t s. Fare, IB cents; roand trip tickets, 25 cents. N. B ?To get to the b jat take Avenue cars t'? the Waahington Circle, and tbea go d<>wn New Haup ?hlre a\erne to G street, or take the Northern Ufa erty chariots; both lines run within frur square* of the wharf. GEO FLBTCIIEB t M?nA??r. mjX 3t GEO. A. 6HEKELL3,< JUST OPENED. UArZE l'RD?RWEAK AT VEBY LOW FIGCBBS. LAD1KS' ALL KINDS FROM dOc. UPWARDS. BISNEN' GAIZE 1XDERWEAR FRCM Ji CENTS upwards. HKH'8 VAIZE INDERWEAB FROM 90 CENTS UPWARDS paraeols AT AST0NI9H1N3 PRICES. AT C. RAM'S, 4OH Neventb Street. my?4 MEN'S WE AH. SPRING GOODS. NEW STYLES FINE GOODS, TO MAKB TO MBABUBB. SUITS TO ORDER, FROM $U UP, READY-MADE SUITS, FROM ?14 UP. BBADYMADB SPRING OVERCOATS, ?i? ur. DEVLIN Sm 004 UN W fBL LAD IBS' TBATBL1B0 BATCHBLfl. ?BAWL 9TBAP9 and POOKBT BOOKS. DOCBLB u4 BINGLB HABH1 LAP BOBBB aai HOI SADDLES, BB1DLRS Mki WHIPS. IBM IMBMBMP. ^ Hl|VltAT| GEORGETOWN ADVERM'TS. IV 81 A.COO YABDS HWRI II OtlH AMD IN hi ft (131 OS AT OKE HALF TBEIB VALUE. At S- THOMAS ?RUW.1'1 rr.|?7 St Ho. HI Brt.lg* I\f ATVIKU*. **TTJ\8f. MlTTIIWI. 1*1 CHtirKBTBAB *??? Gocd W hit* Ht4 Ch?rk -4 Mattloc II? eta r- ptnor jcaltty at A'.*. to.sA. ?na wet* 1 'Mi )trd? Victoria I *?! tl 12%. worth JC <1*. lln Mock ef 8pnt t Drees Ouv4i It 4ow* irwi Whit* Good*of all kinds, for rljotcoifB?ct i button KM OI?v?? for |l, tg all color*. Tb*"Vlcorte Kid Gloves 1 bntt <<>. B1 *0 BWtr BBBJAMtB MILkBK > W3 Bfl4t? ?t. t^PKlBO ABU 81 MM k I FKEB1U* STEAM DTKI9G ABD 8<'OtBlNU. Il WM H WHttniYI OLD AHI? FBLUHLS MbTA b LISHM (VT Le-liee and OenUentea cm havs their Spring and 8 itiDfr VtnriDf Apptrel ()l?*nM or ?)<4?nd li the a err beM DiDiirr. also, Vltltr Clothieg. Oar p<ts, Blerkets. Ac .Ac . nicely Clened arwl tak?? MT?cf until oe.-ded. Work lent for aa<1 delivered witbent extra < barge anywhere in the District?re cei v?d fn*n aid return'd lout plae, ta the reentry l v mall or fiyri*. ??fflce and W.>rfca, 49 JeBer*-a ?treat. Georgetown. I) feet Office Box. 7 43. Office hoar*?7 i. ?. lo 7H p. Biturdiy. to I p m my# tr BOOTS AND SHOES. C?N1?NXIAIi L>AR(.Al \s AT HMI.BBIMB SHOE RTORC, 40*i TTB bTUEET BOBTBWE8T White Sboee fcr SI it Bill*, it cost li ull Men's s'lt, hed Outers lad Tiee. Ai JO rreach Kid, front seim. bur d ? ? a a ? aj aa iu % I t ' ui 2Ai Kkl, Button. fl l? Foxed, Ballon 1. Lace Gaiter*. ST M i" >1 m lo^V. 'ace. ii2fe5wo50Sa. i 'Look f i.Mfjn? ri [ ? 0 ?* " OhllJrWB.. ?I* tr HOTELS. RIGGS HOUSE, I'UBKB 4k SI'OriOHIt, Proprietor*! KIPTEEMTH AMD Q 8TKEKTS, *iyl9 ly D. 0. PIANOS. Ac. pianos fir One 7 octave CbtrkerinK Parlor Grand..? ?#* Otc7 cctave Chick.-ricR Square ....... ... ** ' *>r.e octave Gatlrr P.mre. ~ 2ii One 7 octave Upright Koller 178 Ore 7 tctate Emmrtson Square 1M 8e\etal second li?nl O KUANS, from S<4 to 1 ~5 For .ale upon easy teima, to make room. At the a art-rot. n.s of W ? METZKROTT A 4 4*. Bole A ?ent? of Ftciaway'e Pianoi and M hjc A Hntulle x Cal'iott Otpsns. Pennsylvania ave cue. between 9th aLd 10th atreeta. myI7 Iw I'HI HIMMIHG BIRD {OOLIBBll PlABO. The swalieat and the cheapsat flrwt cliM serea-oe tav* PlABO ever made. G. L WILD A, BBO . boie A^enu. 7 43 7th airoet, betwieal G and H etreeta uorthweat. 1 - - Planoa and ail lnatra&enB TUB BO and BB PAIRED feb? tr HALLBT DAVIS A OV *8 GBABD, 8Q0ABB ind UPBIGUT PIABOS for ail* on_ ^ montbly Instalmenu. Celebrated for pn B .WJ rity and iweetneaa of tone. Sea Agent, ?ll'll 111 tth atreet northweat. deoll Wm. KNABK b ru.'B WOULD BKNOWBBD PIABOS, Grand, ttauart Gravel, ttouare and IprtflM, THE BE8T MAD! The favorite HcOammoa Piaaoa; 8honen*?r 'a OH et rated Or?ia?. new atyla. Alao, l lar?r_?wv, Maortment of Planoa w hich have been Ti R^Sl nae a short tlaia, for aale and rent it very Villi* low prlceg. Tuning and Beailrtui promptly M tetMled to. it RBICHBNBACH'I F 1 A y 0 WARKHOOMS, octll-lr 443 Uth at . I few door* ibora Pi. I*. INSURANCE. OFPK'E Of The Mutual Protection Fire Im. Oo. OP TliE D16TUICT OP COLUMBIA, (CBAKTIKKD ET ICtOf CtHIM,) 1 iti'i Ptnnaylvibii a\enct>,( opposite U 8. Trea'y.? OKPIUKU9 : OIUKRK TAVLOii, Pres J AS E KlTt'H, VkM BALLABTYBE, V Prea oec. and Trtia TUUSTEE8 George Taylor, Wm Hullatit)ne, Cba? F. Peck, Joseph Casey, JobnC Barkneaa, A. B Perry, Wnj J biblty, B. W. Burcht-ll, Jit.H. 8a\ilie. The iboTi Com piny ia cow fnlly organlred for buainess md prepa-> <1 to iasue policies of lo-nrsuce on most favorable terms. Pwmlhleta oontlintuc the ict of Incorporation and by-law* will be far ni<-b?d on ipplicition. JAMES B. F1TOU. nit 15 lm Secretary and Treisnrer. JOUB T ALMS. D. W KETCH All ABBS * KETCH AX, *i EX ERAL 1HSV RANCB Ati EMTS AXL bKOEEKS, Li droit Br lli5?, comer of P ind 8th atreeti LBSl'BABCB of EVBBY DB8CBIPTIOB W KIT mar? tr TEM OB TH E BE8T TEKMB. Removal. 1 he office of the LTCOMIBG PIBB 1BBI B A MCE COMPABY baa been remcved to Boom Mo. 30, LeDroit Bnilding, corner of P ind 8th etreeta. Tbia stinncb old company baa been In operitton foi thirty-live yarn. Bet msli, BIAMiiOU l|3 tr J. BUS8ELL BABB, AfSst. BANKERS. RATIONAL SAFE DEPOSIT CO.. CtoTNtr lfitA M. Md Xtw fork area its P1BE ABD BCBGLAB PEOOP VAULTS. All kinds of Tilniblaa taken oi depeatt. Bilea for rent. Office boura, 9 i m to 4 p m, GEO H. PLABT, Prwldent. GEO. W. BIGGS. Vice Preaidenl. lelfl eoly B P. SBTDBB. Bs>cr*tiry ISO, SlOO, |300, |900, fl.OOO. Alex, pkothingbam a to. babkebs and Broken. Bo. 14 Wall Mreet. make for enstomera desirable Inve-tmenu of large or amall anomta in atocks of ? legltiasate cbiracter, which frequently pay from five to twenty times the mount lnveeted every thirty daya. . Stocks bought and carried as long if desired on depoelt of five per oent. Clrculira lud weekly re porta sent free. I pll loly $100 $1,700 during the piM few months, under oar ins proved si stem of operating in BrocKa. Kiaks reduced to nominal auma ind profits Incraiasd. Be ok contain ing full lnfonmtlon sent on ipilidtion. TUtfbUlDGB * OOj ipW tr Bilkers ind Broken, s Will at.. M. V Wi srt MlllBfi Bt greitly radicad pritii, USDAIH, LAHDAlLirrS, CLABESCn, COACHES, coiPis Md cocPUJrre. Our Fatmt OtnmUr-baUmctd mm FIVE LIOHT LANDAU 8, and PALLING FKONT BERLIN COACHES art the lead tHQ Varriaget of the day, and Jar be>tuiy oj de tton, MmpbcUy ami thorouohneu in eomiruetim, are xamtrpaued. The FaUtng Frontt to both art nicety counterbalanced by a Spring, i vohteh or. rangement U patented,*) and can with earn bt lowered and raited with the finger. We guarantee our work to bt F1&J3T CJLAHS, and to pieate In every particular. ?f/o infringement (tfom rights, under the above Patent, will be olitm ' H. KILLAM 8c OO,, S? CHEST*OT STREET, ?Athly BBW HAVBB.OOBB. SNOOURAQS ^ TKUBK8 POB LADIB8, TBCBBS #OB EBB, TOT TBPBES FOB GU1LDBSE 8ATCBBL8 POB LADIES. Satchels fob ebb. SHAWL STBAPS FOE ALL. CABB1AGB EOBBS, HOB8B OOYBBS. TIME WHIPS, HAEEBBS. SADDLES, BTO Triiks of rrerr Myle Mida to < " 4BS Ti"' A4ssasti PBACTIOAL El BSTABLIIH EBPA TRfflKSia?* I LADIES' noons. 717 M. SILVER, 717 MABEBT ? r A CI. A ft sad nIwiioi of Lad:**' KF.ADT.14M: fcl llft. OUBSKI*m. M%9?|| IX, ?' 9TMM AM* I lAIKKs Almrltvirtn. A No. ? large aa. -raieat of TRIM M K l> HA TS AX I) bOASS 75 Will do ???,) to MMIM th# rimk *- ?* FBIchaMf l?yt ^ ,0# ? JLfeT RECEIVED. * Mortdnl el _ , ? 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