Newspaper of Evening Star, May 30, 1876, Page 3

Newspaper of Evening Star dated May 30, 1876 Page 3
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DRY GOODS. |^ATI FROM TIIE FBONT. 1i E HA E JUST RECEIVED FROM THE AVCTlON tCO 'JM 14.000 TARP? HAMBIBG F.rGK mm INS*UTIHO. direct fiom thenccti n ic m* in New York. at 33 c*nt? on the '.oiler. |ik^ ranging from 3c, 5. 6, 8, 1#, IS. IS. Li. etc. ALSO, j:..000 VARUS ?,t ret> be?t CALICOES. at J?. 4'?, <X casts; all Irtn the auction room. A OOO Y A BUS ULRACHED COTTON at iH. BLACK GKEMADINES KB ?M AUCTIOH. PLAIN GltlNMUNK. IS. !?>, J5. 35, SI, 40. HRlfl etc. i LAIU GBAN AD1NB, IS 90. S9 etc. 3.000 YARD1 BTBIPE LIMN 9V I rlNG at I2? c?ati; one-half t c?t* real Tain*. 100 PIECE* Yard wide r AN CT LAWNS at Uc. 100 ?>? atyle PABABO 1.9, with fane/ bandlm, 01, 9119. ilJt . ?S, R9 50. etc ?OOO TABDH PLAIN LINEN fcl/ITINGS, < Ecru olor,) only 19 .rents. NATURAL COLOR LIHRH for ladies' anils, with lace to aatkh 5,OOO YARD 9 HEW 9TYLE oPBINO UBE3' OOODS. PLAIN PBES? GOODS. 3.15. S9, etc. PLAII) DKI^ OOi' D9.8, 1U, 12. 15. JO, 29. STBIPB DBEBB G<?OD9. all pricea. BLACK MOHAIB ALPACAS, 18. Id, 20, 25 y, 37, SO, all from anction. VICTORIA AND BISHOP LAWH9, u.n,u,a>.2s. BLACK BILK3, 73c., SI. ?1 15, ?1 50, tl.etc. L * PI E8 AND OEN'IS' ? ACZB rSDIKWBAK,iU, 62. 75. lOO BOLLS FRESH CHINA MATTING. Ned Ch?ck. IS. 25, etc V hite H.t.icg, 18. 3u. 25, etc. C. M- TOWSOli A CO., nv 39 2'V Pfta '? avu , p?ar 7th rtiett. fHOSE WHO KNOW BEST, PaTftoSizB the ONE PBICB, CASH, J'hY GOODS HOUSE or WJI. HIR1? WYI.IE, 1014 7th stroet nortuwort. ??/"SPECIAL BARGAINS HOW OFFEB1HG. A?? nrt t->r Mme Deouresi's reliable Pat em* an<* ?? i le Eage ghlrt mytT-tr fHE blLK AH D DRESS QOOOS HCUBC or WMiuxeroN. We invite the attention cf the public to oar Im UiCD-'e assortment of newest styles HI M51A h B1LKB AHD GBENADIHBS Cf all shades. In Stripes and Plaids. Large stick u LACK BILKS of all celebrated DtlM tnrunjer DBE3S GOODS of all the latest produc tions LACB SA< jtE9 and 8HAWLJ or ths richest BILK I MBBELLAS, One HOSIERY, and La 'ies LIN KN SL ITS in great vaiiety, at lessthtn New York prices. WOLFORD * 8HILBEBS, fell MABKET SPACE, nul7 tr Third door from 9tb strost. Special notice. Jnst op?ti*d. from the late H?w York ancMon, TW?MY PIE<JE> BLACK OUINaDIHB^, at 25 cents per ?ard. niC" good*, warranted to h >ld their color as c ood as anything ever sold at SO C3ats. ALSO, TEN P1ECB9 SI MM KB S1LK9 at 7S cents, very cheap, and EIGHT PIECES BLACK TAMISB at 73. 87%. 81 R1 lSX.ard *1 39. Plaid ar.d Striped GBEN AUlN KS from 71 cents to ?1 3. in hacdsom^ style" for overdrew. A trll ?tr<k of *11 ki^ds of reasonable BBY GOODS, to which we inTltethe attention of all. Polite atd sronipt attention at all times, ?yRemember location. W. n. BROWN, Ho. 314 8th street nor>hw?t r.P? Port overlook the BLACK <iBBMA riNES at L' r.t-per >arq. [qiyae tr] W. M B. \ IiABE OPPORTUNITY I TEN PER CENT. DISCO I NT! LRODHEAD A CO., V3V Pe>.n*. Art , between 9th sad luth ata., Will hereafttr all"w a'liscocnt rf 10 PEBCEHT. on all sale* of 1?1P??KTLD-DBESS GOODS, < in 3i ndicg Silk*. Grcsadiues. Linen Utin, Alpacas. Mcbalr* Prbeges Ac . Ac.,) a?-<i LINEN TABLE DAHASKK. TUWEL? N? ?K"NS, Ac. All 0 > M EBTir GOOrt, II OS IF. BY, HANDKEB C H1EFS. CLOVES. LADIES'and GENTS I N D BBWE AB ard NOTIONS of aU sorts will be sold *t tts" Lcwest Market Price. t hi- is a rare opportnLity to secnre Bargains in C rrt c!am gootfs. Ardri.'srr jeiii I I BLEACHED COTTOH. l'Jc. 3 Bcttot K IV?-, Id a|! rnl^rs. Al 35 fcilk Clocked 11A LBK1G'. aN IloSR, ?3 a box. bRAHCH STORE, 1 F itrtet, bet. 12th and 13th sts. (old stand.) BRODHEAD * CO. m)? tr 039 Fa. at>., bet. 9th and itrth sts. If K O M A C C I 1 OH. *0 dozen Met. > Linan H Aidkerchlefs, at lSiio. each. *4) " Ladies' Hrm^tltrbed *? Sc each. 300 yards Blue Sniped Grenaline, at 10c.; tjrmer price ISC 1 eae* fkltt Yiotoria Lawns, short lengths, at 12%, worth 37Hc. 10 piece? Col red Striped Bilks, at 79 and 35c.; for mer price C1 2S pieces Straw Matting, at ST, 25 and 36c., extra C&*8J> Also. 4 4. 5 4. t 4 acd 8 4 Flocr Oilcloth, new pat terns. Plain Blark aid Striped Grenadines, from 29c. to 91 29 Uor Hew Y rk White Finished Shirts, at RlJ9,are the be#i sold at the price Frark Leslie"* cnt p?p-r PATTERNS. ?^"OcrPli are the Lowest WI O. J. JOll NSOJI A CO., say 10 so Til Market Space. {^liEAT BAKGAINb 1H DRESS GOCDS FROM AUCTION. ??.' pieces haul-one Plain. Strip- and Damask Mo Aair* at 37, worth 90; 1A) piec- s handitome Lawns ?i.d Perca'e*. warranted f*?t colors, at 12K per ) ard; cea: S'ripe Bamiuer Bilk- at 79, S7, and #1; rich ?l tcj 8i ks Mohairs, and Alp*, in aU be<t rv!" at I' w prices; Lnpib s Ail W >ol, and Silk and ool Black Grena iin s,Tery cheap. IN MOCBHING GOODS. Tin* CsshacrM, Creto?s. B mbazines, DeLalns udTui -r Ciotbs in all best makes, 10 4, 12 4 Lined She* tings. Table Damasks, Napkins and T 'Wti tn.all at low d^ws prices, to suit tits pres anre, at J. W. COLLET'S I CLAP COBNEB, 501, ?rR ST., mylS-tr Market Spaes. u IBSvLlTlGN OF CO FABTHEBSHiP. bTOlK AM? riXTIRfS FOB HALE The c? partsershlp of J. O WISWALL k OO. Oyi'tsi by itwx limit on on July l*f, oar stock >ILST BE CLOSED on or bet .re that date. We shall ofler to morrow, and onntlan* to sell 'or 30 dapi, *ur large and complete stock of DRY GOODS At GBEAT SACBIFICB OH OBIGIMAL COST Md all go?d? resaiaiag na baad J une lot, will be ?bid at AUCTION WITHOUT HEsBKvE. In order to Clou is 30 Vans. A REDUCTION OF FIFTY PER CENT. ?111 be made an a large portion of oar stock. Prints, 4, 9 and ('4 ceaU per iard. Brown Cottons, 4 cents per yard. Figured Grenadines, (if. Ml and 12X cts. Greoadio s is Stripes, at 10 cts. Mlk Grecadina* below scat. hnmrnar Ifiiks. 17K cts and upwards Per* Blark Mohurs. 30 cts., wonh M. Fine Bla-k Drees Bilks. 89 ct* .worth ?!.? ? 00? yards Black Alpaca*, Is* to 37* cts, PABASOl 8 at e'Sl. Large lot TaWa Damasks Hspktns. Wins Cloths, Fiaoo Oorers. Ac . at less ihaa Hsw Tork coal. WGBEAT BARGAINS in everytniag. J. C. WISWALL ? COw, tr BIB rtn sc.. smi Pa. sts. o o OBL1YBBBD TO ALL PABT8 OB TUB OIT1 AI THE SAME RATE. Hew schedule?Fall load of ?9 bushels tor |S 40. Baonllar loads 7 oeats per Baaksi; oariace, SO oants. Arm to OFF1UB OF WABUIHGTOM GASLIGHT OOM PART, 411 Mthstreet aortkweot. Til 1st i |r*o 11B Bridge street. Georgetown. aaaid-ly A LL BIHl'B OV GBHTLBMBH'B OABT-OFB A. WEAP.1NQ APPARRLoanbesold gjUf ^?Inatait bp addreasing or ealliag ? JDBTM, w DRY GOODS. 'BOM T H IP DAT WI HAVE BKDUCBD TH ? f bices of allolbdry qoodb Oarmfi'Ml Merrimack Oallca. which we did *ell ?t 10. reduced to S. our fine quality * ide Cambric Pertain reduced from 11 to W. our Pure L'nsu Table Hamas k reduced from 81 to BO; our fine mality Victoria Lairni reduced trom 24 to IS, .ur eitiMilr tin* unality Pure Silk Black Xobtlr Alpsca iwlaced from 75to?l>. mr ^ery large apartment of Spmg Drrss Good*. Silk Poage. . Bilk Striae Mohair, Bilk Plaid*. Tal.led l?e Bage?every yard of the?e e *xl? will be sold at coal?U. IS. 13,20.3S, 30 31. ?7. *>. 50; B ack Alpaca double width, reduced fr^m 31 to 25, Black OraLadioe 2S. 31. S7, 50, 62?all of tbeaa goods - rf?nt*u in price; Caselmeres for men and boys. 37, yt. 61 75, 87. ?1?all of these goods reduced In price; Pa-awl- Sun Umbrellas SI. 113. ISO 1.78,2.2 1'., 2 5> ? el I of tteee good* reduced in price; Bed Tick 12, 13. ?t, 25: all of our Black Silk and Bla k Oath ssere we will sell at actual cost?75.87, #1,1 IS. 1 SO, 1 78. 2 mt?-tr . J' OH.1 T. MITCHELL. 931 PUKtTLV AN IA AVIHtJI, Has jurt iec*i\ed. acd is now opening, another In voice of CHOICE FA1SKK'Sfor bummer war. Qretadiuea in black and all the new ahades, to Match Silk* froB 75 casta to <2.00. Brocade Grena dine*, all color* and shade*, very choice g>ods Brocade* la Silk* andJPocf ees. Guipure Lace* for Overdrs??e* Calcutta Pouijeee and Irdla Go->d?. Sumner Silk* is Checks, Stripe* and Plaid*. French Jaconet* and O'gacdie Lawn*, new styles Printed Linens and Linen Lawn*. Telle Net* acd Linen BalUte, new style*. for Overdresses Bait* and Overdresees, in French C'embric. Zephyr Cloth, Batiste. and Linen, ton ?S 00 to 925. Wrapper* and l?re*?ing tack* ?t all prircs. Linen Duster* and Ulster*. Gossamer Water proof Cloak*. Trench Muslin Dresses acd Orentresses A large stock of Ladle* Underwear, medium and fine, at very low price*. Cur stock in all classes of good* ei'l be toned fresh aid attractive, in ?tvle? and price*. All the novelties of the *enson will be added as soon a* they appear in the market. ITONll PBICK OBLY ?? , JOHN T. MITCHBLL. mv'Ai tr 931 Pennsylvania avenue. aorTH WABHIWeTOPI DKYeooui. ~ White Corded Piines at 12*c.; beautiful Colored Figured Piauesat 15c.; White Good*, wch M Mar tellies, Plaid, Striae, and Plain Bansrok*; Victoria Lawn* and Cambric*, from Aic to 80c., f?rdl Hamburg Edtflugs. from 8 to ft?c. per yard; spring Dress Good*. PlafiF, Plain, asd Striped, from I2*c. !?>*?; the best 25c and S~>?e. Black Alpacas 1c town; all number* up to 7Sc ; Spring Casslra?-res, frr boys acd g*nts, Inc. to 91; another lot of those Kid*. Agency for Mm'e Demoreet. JOS Si. RAILKV, corner 7th and F sts. southwest. apl-tr RAILROADS. balt IMOKE Awn OHIO KAibHOAL', WAY 99th, 1S>76. A. M. LBAVB WASHINGTON 0:44?Lsltlmore. Annap-iis, and a ay stations, Point ot Bocks and intermediate station*. Main Stem T: 10?Baltimore acd Alexandria Junction. fc:00? A"c York, Pnxladfiphta an4 Bos,on Mx prta. Pullman Parlor Can. Leaves at 8:10 s m Sunday, stop* at Way Stations, and connect* for Annapolis. 8:16?Ciwrmw/Mi, St Limit and Pittsburg Br Arederick, Hagerstown. acd Valley 8:88?Point of Bocks and way station* 8:30? Baltimore and way station*. ?? ?* 3?New York Limited Express. P M 19:16? Baltimore. Way Stations, Blllcott City and Annapolis. 1:40?I*'te l'ork, PMilmdelphia and Xo-folk Br On Sunday, all Way Station* and Baltimore rnly. 3:30?Ba'timorc and way stations. 4:30? Ha'.txmor' an t Lanrtl Erprtu, Blllc >tt City, Frederick and VS ay biations, via Be lay. 4:30?Frederick and Point of Bocks, (Tia Hetro poiitan Branch'. 4:44? Baltimore. AonapoM* and way stations. $-ii ? Curate, OtAnnni:t and Loutsvt'.l* Mrpress. Except Saturday .dally to Uolnmbus Louis isville by 11:30 p.m. train on Katnrday. Hag- r-t wD and V? iccbeater. Sleeping car* X<>? bicago, Cincinnati and LouttviiU. t:3->~Ba timorean t Fkilaielphia JBi-p'tss. Fred erick and Way Station!), via ILilay. (Con r.ects tor Anoapoll* Sunday.) ? ? JO? Baltimore, Bladensbnrg, College, Belta vi !?-, Larrel, Annap li" Junction T:00?Baltimore and way stations. b:lo? Baltimore. Bladensburg, Beltarllle, Ltu r*l. Belay. 8:WO?Pit'sburg. but no connection beyoni Mar tmsbnig by train leaving Sunday night Way Station* on Metropolitan Branch. ?:30? yne York and fktladtlpkta JVitut Sip-til Sleeping Car* to New lork. 9:30?Baltimore and principal way station*, 10:;i0-Martinsburg and way stations, Me'.ropcll t?a Branch. 11.30?S? Lr?\! Krprefs. Chicago, Colombo*, b mdusky,Newark. On Saturday for Louis vilie. t:10 s. oo, S>:1S,9:'J5 a m : 1:40,A:'J-1. S:3?, 6:40, 7 00, t>:10, S:'J0, 9:JO and 11:30 p.m.. Hkll) . ? _ All other trains daily, except 8unday. No c'tnection on Sunday tor Hagerstown or Val ley Btanch' or for New fork ana Philadelphia at Pa m and 1:4? ?. a*. . . for further information apply at the Baltimore a erf Oblo Ticket Oncea, Washington 8Ution, and 4*5, b01 and b03 Pennsylvama avenue, where orders will be Uken tor baggage to be checked mad received at any point in the city. TH08. B.SHABP, Waster of Transportation. L M. COLK. General Ticket Agent. GEO. 8. KOONTZ, General Agent. aplB tr |, o K TBI CEWTEilAIAL KXmUITIU.I tirs TRAIXS DAILY, BXCEPT SOXVAY. VIA BALT1M0KB ? POTOWAC BA1LB0AD. Commencing Wedne&lay, May 1(VA. The Baltimore and I'otcmac Bail road Company will run the following train* i tl rough tc Philadelphia with out chat geot car*, leasing th<. dep. t, Pennsylvania avtnue and 4th street, daily, except Sunday: _ _ 7:40 a . x .and arriving ia Philadelphia at 1:30 r. m., daily, except Sunday. 9:93 a M., acd arriving ?''In Philadelphia at 1:36 p M.,daily,except Sundey. 1:30 p * , and airiTii.g in Philadelphia at 6:40 p m.,daily.except Suodav. 4:30 p m . and aniving in Philadelphia at 11 p m.? daily. 9:10 p. m., and arriving in Philadelphia at 9:36 Sleeping cars attached to the train to Philadel phia leawtg at 9 10 p x : and persons securing berths can remain in the car until T o'clock &. M. feecure your t'ekets at the office of the company, northeast corner 13th street and Penn*?lvania ave lue, and northeast co'ner of 6th"street and Penn sylvania avenue, and depot of the Baltimore and Potomac Baliroad comrany. FBANK THOMPSON, Genera' Manager, mi 14 1m D M BOYD JR .Ota Pw Antiit ^ NIVEKIAL R. R. TICKET OFFICII. BAILBOAD Tlt'EEls to or from all points bcDgbt. exchanged or *'dd at i a reduction of iks dollar/ upon any other office or depor In this city. Tickets good till used. Baggage checked tbrongh. Apply to M.l> WHITESIDE, api ly 99T Penn. ave,. Candy et^re. 1876 FIR hWl V ARIA 1876 kODTI To lk? Hiitkt West, u< loalkweat* tkmtlt track, Steel Bails, Bjrlendid Scen ery, Magnificent Equipment. MAY ?th, 1*T?>. rrali-J leave Washington, city time, from Depot, corner of 4th and B atreets, as follow*: For PlttsLcrg and the West, A a. in. dally, with Parlor C?r to Pittsburg; T:40 p m. daily, srlib Pa;ace Car to CUcage, and s. ? dally, ?zeept Sunday. BALTIMORE ABO POTOMAC BAILBOAD. For Caua.lalgca, Bocheater, Buffalo, Blbgara Falls, ai.d the North, fc a. m. daily, except Bun day; and 7:40 t m dally, except Saturday, with P%lvr? Car. v Watklns For Erie, Canatdaigua, Brflilo, and Niagara ? ails, 11:40 a. m. dally, ex cept Scntfay. . _ For bew lork and the East, 9:10 p m daily, wlta Palace Cars attached; Limited Expreae of Pall b-al Parl. r Cara. 9:33 a. m daiiv,except Sunday. Foi New York a; d the Ea t 1:30 p. si. 4aUy, *x rmr' (inci'av. with Parlor Car* attached. Tor Philadelphia, 1.30 a m. and 1:30 p. m. ('ally, except tiasty, and 6:30 and 9:10 p. m dailj. LtmiKd Brprea*. 9 33 a. m. dally.except Monlay, ftIX- ?i.n-c<!ailoii for Bal<im>re 7:50 a. m. Jauy. And 4:30 p. m dally, axMpt Scnday. For Pope ?e Creek Ltue 7:??a.m. and 4:90 p.m. (Tally, exoept Sunday. T>r Annapoli*. 6 09 and 11:30 a. ss. and 4:30 v. b . except Snn-lay. ALEXANDBiA ? FBBDEBlOKSBUBG B4IL Vk AT AND ALUANDB1A A WABU1NGTOH BAILBOAD. Tor Alexandria, 6, T, 8:06. 9,10, 11 >.B., 1,S, 4-b?. 6, b, 7:00, and 11:40 p. m. On Sunday at tt a. a.- and 1 and 7 p. w r>r the Booth, rto Blobmosd, 11:40 ?. B. dally, except Sunday; and via Lyncnburg, ?:00 a. b. and 11:60 a. m daily. Tram* leaye Alexandria for Washington, 8, T. 8, 9,10.11 a. m.,1, 3,4, 6, 6. and T?. B. Ob BnnCay at 7 and 10 a. m.? and 6 p. m. 1 Tickets, Information, Bleeping and Parlor Oat ?ccv u.m'<Aatlons can be procured at the Oflloee: Bortheaat corner of Thirteen n street and Penn sylvania avenue, Bortheast corner of Blxth street and Pennsylvania avenne, and at the D?pot, where orders can be left for the checking of Baggage to destination from Hotels and Besldences. D. M. BOYD, J a.. Gen T Paseeogor Agent TBABB. THOMSOM.Oen'l Manager, jana-ly IN TH2 SCPBEME COL B f OF THE D1STB10T OP COLUMBIA. Holding a Special Term, Alay 9th. 1974. In the cane ot David A Chambers, administrator uonn of ine ui uviiuauu .wiu, ed TCEPDAY. the?thday of June next, for the final t and distribution of the personal sstate of said deceased, and of the assets In band, as far as the r-M have been collected and turned Into Boney, when and where all the creditors and heirs of said deceased are notified to attend, with their claim* properly vouched, or they may otherwise by law 1 e excluded from all benefit In asJd deceased's estate: Provided, a copy of this order be publULed once a week for three weeks in the Evening Star S-*** .1 win.. |. TBISCKIM. TOOcBTBOr TH. D11TIUUT Sptnel Trrm, Brobatt Jwitdictton. Mat t'h, MJj. In the matter ot the will of J AMEtf HT/PAT B1CK: Ap>lication_for letters teetasaentarjr ^ on the estate of Jamee Fitr patrick, of the Dlstrici Columbia, bas this day been Bade by Pater Paul Fltzpatrick. All persons inlereeifrf are hereby notified to appear in this court on TC B8 DAY, the 4:h day of Jnite next, at 10 oolock a. m .to show cauec why letters testamentary on the sBaie of the *ald deceased eh <u d not leaned as pray<d. fr or id id, a copy of this order b- pub Uaked owce a week. tor three weeks. In the Bveuiag Star prevUcj to tb*jM0d day. Test: myl tsJl* A WEBriTEB. Bsglster of Wills. ?t al thsB tor a higher cash price AUCTION SALES. FUTURE DAYS. "pHOMAS DOWLIMG. Auctiol T KfUBU" ??_F TH* STEAMER ?' ?. fi?ni ?AToIHE WHA*r. BIAB TUB FOOl OF Tip 8TIIIT lOl'THWUT. virtue ot a aeed iftruit esecn tfd on or .boot the 5J dav of March! i!f I*,? ? ?*? 1, n i i' *5? Hoiw, is O^orietovn n ???ii i.T "Jt^t'on ot the partiee aecured thereby' tB^ ^nf^VVk'11 ck0ftlil" the steamer B. Morris. A * iP? / J1?*- on lb* wharf, near th? f jot of ?<& *tre*t?Gntbwe*t, on the 7th day of June nest at 4 o cloofc p m . or ?o much thereof as mav k? SfSTfr^r^tP*iLih<i.,Ub,LUl*,i 001 in tbe Mid peneeeofSie t"??d,B* the int.reet anl all e* . .-Iwl it,**1? *1 ^ the balance In two equal iMWrnwh at 6 and 1J months, with 8 per rn!t-?ii?!?*pavment*. If terme not {J?^ ?1,h ?" forty eight bonre after date ofeal* r?Jfrve* tb* right to retail at nek and ccat or defaulting purchaaer. g?>?7 eo II. P. LOWI, Truatoe. BUSTEE'S SALE OF VALUABLE IM PBOyi? PBOPBBTY ON NORTH K HT. BETWEEN 3?th AND 3ist 8TS. NORTH WEST. AT A L OTION. Br virtue of a deed of tract, dated March * * lOtb, 1874. and recorded in Liber 739, folio 371, ?r7:.* of the laiid records of Waeblngton county Hstrict of Colombia. and by direction of the holder of tb? note secured thereby, I will aell at public anction, In front cf the premhes, *on MON DAT.tbe Stb day of June, 1878, at d o'clock p m all that piece of ground in Waehington city, Dls trict of Columbia, knowvn and designate! a,origi nal lot 4, of square eouth of suuare 104, imprjved by a two story frame dwelling bonne. Terms of eale: fSOOcash; balance in six and twelve motllis, secured by notee bearing: 10 per cent, in terest and deed ? f trust cn the property. Convey ancltt at purchasers cost. If tbe terms are not compiled with in seven days ;r ?m salt, the trmte. reeer?eetbc right to resell the property at the risk and root cf the purchaser. ?10C to be paid in cash whe n the property Is struck off. V M L. DUNLOP Trustee. n1?" d 1HP8 DOWL1NQ, Anct. INSURANCE. OFFICE or Tbe Mutual Protection Fire Ins. (Jo. or THE DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA, (CHABTEREC BT ACT OF CONGRESS,) 1509 Pennsylvania avenue,(opposite U.S. Treg*y.) OFFICERS ? GFOUfJF TATLOR, Ptps ^ Jig R FIT^H ? 111 liALLANTYNE, V. Pres. bee. and lit'as TRUSTEES: 9fcr?? Taylor, P?lj?r?tyne, Cbas F Peck. Jcf,tpb < asey, JobnC Hurknesa, A E Porry, Wm.J.Bibley, N W. Bnrchell, Jas.H. Savilie, The above Company is now fully cgaiired for bnsineM aud prepared to issue policies of losnranoe on n.ort faxorable terms Pamphlets containing tbe act of tricot-poration and 4>v laws will be fur biehcd oii application. JAMES E. F1TOH, m>" - Becretary and Treasurer. JOHN T. ABBS. D. W. RETUiiAM arms a ketch am, GENERAL INSURANCE A GENTS 4>i BROKEkS, Li Dboit Bc:ldins, corner of r and 8th atresia IKSUBAHCE of EVBRT DESCRIPTION WRIT garStr TEN ON THE BEST TERMS DIMOTAL. ~ ANn? *('n?Mp!iwvhi? "OOMIHO FIRE INSCR Anus lOMrAK Y has been removed to Room V; Th^.L.tFn^0,VB?JWi,ig? corner of r ?nd 8th streets This staunch old company haa b?*n in operation foi thlrty-flve years Net awts, ?SA39,OOIL tr J RUSSELL BARR, A?enV STEAMER LINES. (^YDIS LIXE roK I'BILADILPHIA H.EVVCE1) HATE OX HORSES. rreight receivrd on board SUameron MONDAV8 ad r uiDAVt- nntil 7 p m Fr?igbt received iu Warehouse at any'i^ time. ^xx G r. HIDE, m\?4 lm 50 Water street, Qeorttetown, D. O. STEAMER ? HARBINGER ' LEAVES ? ?th street W harf at 7 a m. on ulJ5iS.'or Matto* Or 'k. and <^n W KDNESDA Vb .Hainshjur) foi? ru mini. ___ ?" '?odlns's each way, iuclndlB* OrlnT er a, Little Ferry and R- aler's. "-OT-tr M. E. QREOQ. Captain. VtfuR*;? "fE W EXPRESS LINE betweet APBL1^'BIA.W ASHlNCTONiGKORliE TO? N.?Steamers leave PLilaaelphia WKUNK3 DA* atd ^AILRDAY, at 13 m. ? | " '?*** vxa*/a ? , ai 1 4 III, Lef'J.<\':ot^towd' ? moidat 5^7;I. i.?1 e f P?- Freight received d?iiy until 6 p. m. Through bills of laden given for Boa ton and Providence. Consignee wNhing their goods I aided at Georgetown, will order them inarfcea tkvia Georgetown." G. r H V DE. 59 Water st., George. Wh!^, PhtLH .VJ M. P.OLYDE A 00., 13 S V barT6i, Philadelphia. may 1-ly \TE W_ DiPARIl RE ? OLTCETJ WASH I^INGTON, PHILADELPHIA, BOSTON, AND PBOVIUEMCE SKMI-VTlRBit WEEKLY STEAMSHIP LI N K-On?*B"Sfc ' Ap,il ?th.the Steamers of the above line, with direct connection with Boa trn and Providence, will aail from Philadelphia for s^a tit'En?v ^ ,U- ,*Te7 WKUNESDAF and BATUBDAY. Returning.leave Wasbington MON DAYS and FRIDAYS, from Johnson's wharf, foot of 13th street southwest, lbrough Bills Lading is ,n*A 10 ?nd fjojn the above ports. Freight received and delivered dally from 7 a. m. tot i si Ord? re fcr dellvcry of frtight, 4?., received mi 1803 F at. au<J 1113 yth struct northwest. W. P. CLYDE A CO., fio. 13 8. Wharves. Philadelphia. ? J. H. JOHNSON A Co., aplt lm Agents for Wathlngton. OK PIOR FOLK. STEAM KB LADY OF THE LAKE F iz;r .MrrwoMiM ?i "vai' and FRIDAY, at S p m , for Nor-fa^^M^ f. Ik. Retnrning, leare Norfolk. Tnesday, iV Be' 4 p m. Fare. #4; round trip, ? 8. Tickets good until need. FOR POTOMAC BIVFB LANDINGS. Steamer JNO. W. THOMPSON l-av*, Companyl wbaif, f&ot of 8th atreet, every TUESDAY, iWa m . for t nrrioman and intermediate landings, aud m ' '<-*Goaa River,(topping at intermediate landings For informatlcB aepiy at the office of the Com pany, uuder the MttropcUt? liat,k, Utb str^t. oppos.te tbe Treasury, or to tbe the wh*rf; mar27 ly "PEOPLES' LINK" ?om ItOMJ*/. MATTOl CREEK. WfPtR MA CHOUGCAXV UiTEuksDtAZM LANDINGS. The sidewheel Bte%mer '?E MORRIS," Captain T. X. Baldwim, J ill commence running to the above laud lugs ob Motflay, March 8th, leaving from ? ^ wbart toot of 8th street every MOU-?a2alHK DAY and THURSDAY at 8 a. m. will lea*e Mosninl every TUESDAY anl 1 BIDAY at 7 a. m. ' _^t'V N. R. FITZHPGH, hr*vt. (J PWAKP tISI, " " IT OTIC 8. Wlit thi *iew ol dlminlsblna the 6baT-^- ol <y>i llrfoi, the Steaaera of this L ua tue a i^ecifleo oorrse for all seasons of the year. On the outward passage from Quaenatiwn to Hew T'.vH or ? fion' of mi at is lat., or nothing to tbe north of 43. Ol t^e homeward passage, iroselag the Mar;"(a. bIK at 41 lat., or nothing to the norih of U. THE BH1TI8H AND NORTH AMERICAS ROYAL MAIL STEAMSHIPtj. BETWEEN NMW YORK AJfD LIVER POOL, CALLING AT CORK HARBOR. M"wY?bi. From Niw Yoki Abya?inla^Hed., May 31 AbysMnla-.WeJ , July I SH- J.un* 7 Wed., July 11 5^1^??!SL ' Jnn'l^Bcythla. Wed., July 19 asfcwr/rs'sasfrrt^.- nr" daI ftoniaw Tor/, SSDAInUBAToi- j Steamers narked * io not earry steerage paaaea ger?. .-Cabin, ?aB.aiOB and fiat, fpljl.aocordlcg toaooontnodatlcn. Tickets to Paris, ? IS, cold, adimonal. Raturn tickets on tavcrabU MfM. Steerage tickets to and Ira* all tartaot aarope at l*rj low ratea. Through bills of lading given Tor U;.fast, Glasgow, Havre, Antwerp and otner porta on tbe Ocntinent, and for Mediterranean ports For freliht aDd paa^ge apply at the Company's offloe, Ho. 4 Bowlina Green: or both steerage and oablo to UAUWOOD A llOBBIBoN No. SIS 7th i ORAB. a. FRAHOKLYH, Ageat ' EDUCATIONAL. ^OCTHEBN HOME SCHOOL, 1ST A 199 N.CHABLH88T .BALTIMORE, KD. E-tabli?ubd 1943. BOARDING AND DAY SCHOOL FOB YOUNG LADIES Fall aeaslon bfgma 1HIRD WEDNESDAY In Eepttmber. p.; I Mr. and Mns. Wilsox HI. Oakst. _ i Mas Gkn. John Pkgrax. French the lac gangs spoken. To accommodate parties visiting the Centennial, young ladies may be entered prior to the beginning of echool term. myll-eoSw WEST END INSTITUTE, family Snoot Jm Youni Latitu. Mrs. S. L. Oadt, Principal, ?ew Haven, Conn. Bond for circular. marS-fcq ?F vis even. Oonn. Bond tor clroular. marS-< Ei5E?M5ffl%vil,oDu5Si'?!>0,ik ?? B./UVWM >va IVUOU U.1U1C9, vil hew York avenue n. w.?Mre. ANQELO JACK lion be) ' aagS> ?* *- "* ? v ? ? ss? w ? uai o, aa UElUv m 80 ?w' I^!?clrt-Z:Th? ?Mual aeealoa beclna oa tbe Utb of Beptesaber. 1S7S. augiTly AT 1TEATELIN9 THUHKB, wl fc HcMarray's Patent Trunk Ptay attached. LADIES' TBAYELIHU SATCHELS. SHAWL STRAPS anC POCKET BOOKS. DOUBLE and BIS OLE HARNESS. LAP BOBS8 as* BOBSE BLAMKBTS. SADDLES. BBIDLB6 and VaiPS, i aal BopajroR, ?U mSi lo arflak. I to lin w. B. ?cHDBEAI, AUCTION SALES. to-morrow. % I^UHCiBBOH BBUS.,isctluBt?n. SALE r-r WALBTT AMP M K HO IAS T MAB BLF TOP I'HAMREB SCTS. BOSfcWCMU PdKU'BStni. IS VIOLBT PLUSH: HLK TOP HG8KU OOl> 1 A BUS: WABO EOBES, TWO PINK * REM'H PLATE P?EB MlbRoBe; LAMBBEgl'lN* AND COBNIOE5. OIL PAINTING*. BOrAS HAIB MATTE** ?KiT?,!:J8; HBOCAPE CHAIBS: EX TENSION TABLES; CHalRS: OKOCEExY; OIL CLOTH>: h ITCH UN BSuClSlTE*. Ac . Ac.; BBIKO THE BHT1KB CONTENTS OF No 349 MAB1LAPD AVENUE 8 W. On WEDNESDAY MOBNINQ. May 3l?t,' commenciugatlO odock, we will Mil tha i et.t re Household rcrnltnre, Ac . contained In Ho. 34* Maryland turne eou!hwe?st -i ? The furniture was all made to order by Mr. Ki'by ?C'l la in good condition, the majority of it bfciug walnut ton n.ahogan> . ?>? Ite?) DUNCANSON BBOS.Aucts \VA8H_b WILLIAMS, Auctioneer. '* Ho. 1001 northwest corner 10th and D eta. ?.rj? ?r T LIH r EB DE'K, ONE LABQIW I NO ROOK-OABf. fong WALNUT W BIT I* G TA BLIB. W A LN OT W A BUBO B E8. *ALNDr?ABEs. BOOK BHIt.VIj.TH tKt GPATJB IB PEBFEOT OBDEB: TUBES '*> "ANEBEAT BBVOL e.HAlks, TWO CANE BEAT BEVOL CM MRS-LOW B\CK. H1H? BODT KMS8KL8 CAEPET8, ABOUT FIFTY YABD8 EACH. BB08SEL.S HA'.L OABPFTS. AND BOBDBB TO * ITCH. BRUS SELS 8TA1E CARPET*. WATEB OOOLKK8, OAK CANE SKaT CHAIB8 On WEDNISPAY Mar 31. l?7?, com fj\ meLCing at 10 o'clock a. n.. 1 .hall s?U, atM. the Inuw occopird by the American and f^Pt frperjsn Ormmlrtlcn, Ho. 11*25 14th itreet ? J I northwest .the above a iiortiuent of Offise Furniture. Tetms ensb, m;>9 id WAFH B WILLIAMS. Auctioneer. C'HANCERf BALE OF TBH DESIRABLE TI1BRE STORY PBK8S BRP'K rBONT PWELL1 NGS ON B1QG8 ST UK KT. B? TWEEN 17th AND lfTH 8TBEETS WEST, NKAR BOUNDARY STREET UnJer atd by virtue of a decree of the Su preme Court, l? O, pvsed In I unity Cause No. 3 &-2, we wilt < fler tor sale, at public auc i lion, on WEI NK8DAY, the 31st day of May, lt-76 in front of the premises, commencing nt 5 34 c'cloilp ro . Lots numbere-d 76 . 77 . 7S 79. SO. SI, S2, 83, S4 at d 85,1a Fay.Normcnt A Barrett's ar.bdivi sUn f f ?'jnare lJu with the improvement? ther. a, cor?:ating<f ten three Mory brick dwellings, with pr**sed brick fronts. nearly tew. Terms of tale: Ona foutth cash; the residue in three f qual Instalments, at 6,11 and IS m nths fr un tl.ed?yot sale, with luteiest at six percent per aur.rm.or the purchaser may pay all ca<h >>r any portion greater than one fourth. The title to be retained until all of the purchase money and the iLterest theieon is paid. If the terms of gale are not con.plied wBIt within seven da- a front thedar of sele we referee therUhlto resell the property At the rirk and coat of the defaulting purchaser or purchasers. All conveyancing at purchaser's coat. ?50 dt posit on acceptance of each bid. JAMEtS EDWARDS. ) FRANK W. HACKElT,) Trustees. JOHN H. COOK, \ rayl9 eo?ds B H. WABNKB. Anct. V* A LI ABLE 1J1PBOVBD PBOPBKTY ON D. 8TKEKT. BETWEEN 1st AND Sd ST BEETS ton U WEST, AT AUCTION. The undersign'd wiil oB?r for aal", At pab-, lie anctlon. c.n WEDNESDAY. M\j 31st. 1^76, at b o'clock p m.,on the premises. par;a ot Lot enmb^red sixteen < 16 >, in the gnbdivMon of square five hundred and eighty-two (M2 s fronting forty MO i fret on D street aouth. and running back with that width one hundred and fifteen 1115) feet, Improv j by a three-stcry frame Honso, contain ing nine (91 rcrni?, ar.d also by a artall fitni" shop. Tunic: One third cash; balance in one and two yearn, for which notes with six per cent interest, aecortd by deed of trust upon property sold will bo taken. If toims are not complitd ?ith in fire days from sale, property will be re-old At risk and coat of defaulting purchaser. Deposit of *50 will be re quired at t:me ol sale. Conveyancing Ac., at cost of purchaser. BOW ABDO. TARHINQTON, JB ,Trn?tee. mill eoAds D. H. W'AR\'tB. Auctlooeer. Thor e. WAGOAMAN, Bt-al fetate Auctioneer. 419 7th street n. w. VALUABLE IMPBOVKD TBOPEBTY, Noa. 1334 and 13.-JK 7th STREET HOBTUWEST, (TWO-STOBY BRICK H ?USE"'.) On WEDNEdDaY, May 31at, at o o'clock A P m .1 shall a>U at public auction, on th?J^> firemlt-es. th<-above property, being part o'? ot 9, in e<iiiare 423. and near to O atrret >nai ket. It aflf -rds ec.Ml fsciiities for business purposes. Teims day of BAle. ts THOS. E. WAQG \MAS, Aocl. J^OWNMAN A GBEEN, Auctioneers. TKL'STEE'S FALE OF TWO 8 8TOBY BBICK DWELLINGS. WITH CELLARS, ON KOUTIi SIDE OF T bTREET. BETWEEN 14th AND 15th STRKBTS NOBTUWESr, (5th and C:h Houses from 15th street ) By Tirtceof a deed of truit, dated October ll>tb, A.D. 1S7J, duly recorded in LiDer Mo.fS 6P3, folio 19^, one of the land records fortheJEiiK District of Coltimbia and at the re^neat of the party aecured thereby, 1 will sell at nublic anc'nn, in irontof the preirisea, on WEDNESDAY. June 7th, A. I>. lc>76, at 5:30 p rn., all <hose certain pieces or Iota of groend in the city oi Washington, is enid District, and Known a* lot* numbered one hundred aid thirty seven, <137,< acd one butdredacd thir ty eight, 113?,) ot Uarrow's subdivision of patt of rqiiare numbered two ho-tdred and six (204.) as said mt di'if:on is iecorded in surveyor s office it ?aid city, In liotr H. D. Cooke, No. 1, folio 140, together with the improvements thereon. Terms of salt: One third ca-h,(cf which 975 on each hi use must be paid at time of sale ) and the balance in six and twelve months, with Interest at 8 per cent, froin day of said until paid, to bs se cured by purchaser's note and a deed of trust on the prcptr.y sold Ail convejuncicg anl record iigat purchaser's coat. If tern s of sale are not c< n.plie-d with In aix days after sale the Trustee re ? erve? the right to resell ?t risk and cosi of pnrchas- r li defonlt. WM. F HOLT/. E AN, Trns ee, tnj26 d Ho. 13 J1 F street northwest. Y'OI NG A MIDDLETON^ Heal Estate Auctioneers. TKl'RTIE'8 PALE OF VALUABLE RRKW EHY l'ROPKRTY OH K, BETWEEN aftlH AND 'J7th STREETe NORTHWEST. By virtue of adeed of trust dated March 17, W1 and recorded in Liber CIO. folioa 474. 4'51 and 476. one of me lard rrcorda for the District* of Columbia, and At the written rrqneat of the rarty teenred thereby, 1 will sell a'public auction. In front of tha premises, on SATURDAY, June 10th, 1876. at 5 o'clock p. in, the following de scribed real eatate, situate t a the city of Washing iogtcn, District of Columbia, to wit: All of ljts cumbered four. i4,) five, (8.) six. <6,? seven, (7,) eight, (8.) and all those pirts of Ivt numbered nice. (9,? ail In square numbered four, (4;) one part of lot nine (9) beginning at the ?outhwest corner of lot Bi e,(9.i and running thence n??rth with the east line of 27th street west, twenty (3U> feet, tbencs east ICO feet to the back line of eaid lot, thenco south 20 feet, thence weat 150 fe*t to the said 27th strest. And pUee of beginning; for the other part of lot nice., S beginning at the i-ontheast corner of lot 10. in said tquare. thence eoutb 31 feet, thence east 75 feet. th?nce north 31 feet, thecce Along the rear line of lots 12 and 13.74 feet weat, to the place of begin ning, and sppcrtenarcsa. beltg the ?hole property lately known as the Washington Brewery. Tern - 500 ca-h; #3 Soj in six '6 month?, with Irtotfet, ai d balance in twelve (12) months, w ith interest The deferred pnynie&ts to be ai-cured by notes of purchaser and deol of trust on property sold. A a< posit of A2M) will be repaired of the pur chaser at the time of hale, otherwise an Immediate re?ale. Conveyancing a', coat of purchaser If other tertna of sa'e are not compiled with within seven (71 dais the Truntee reserves the rl|bt to resell the property at theri'k acd co*t of the defaulting par chafer, after five (5) days' advertisement BAM L L PHILLIPS,Trus'se. B>y24 d TOUHG A M1DDLETON, Auc's. ^JUANCEBf BALE OF BEAL ESTATE; B^ virtue of a decre? of the Supreme Conrt W of the District of Columbia, pas-ird in K initv cause Ho 4,849, in which John A. fchneid?r ii* to the use or Lever A. B?rtlett is plaintiff, and 8. S Hunt and oth> r? arc defendants, I will sell, in front of the premises, on TUESDAY, the Oth day of Juie, A. I) 1876 at 5 o'clock p. m , all the inter est of defendant. Samnel S. Huo:, In the lota G and 7. in fquare 761. in the City of Washington, Dis trict ct Columbia described according to thegr und plat cr plan cf ?aio city a? l>--glnniag at a piint on Id street east on"foot aid one and one-halt inchoa r.otth ot said lot 7, an' running thencn s< nth IS feet 3 Inches: therce east 94 feet; thence north 4 'vet; iheice east 4 feet; thence north 14 feet 3 inches; thence west 10U feet, to place of beslrn'ng. '1 ei nis of sale ca-.h Adepo;itof one hundred dol I?rswill beresjnlred wli^n the property is struck oil. All conveyancing At purchaser's coat If terms are not complied with In five daya th? trnates re ser.ia the light to resell the property at the risk and cost of the defaulting purchaser. I G. KIM BALL, Trustee. myl7-foAds WASH. B. WILLIAMS. Auct. rjiuoMAS DOW LING, Anctioneer. TRCBTEES SALE OF VALUABLE BEAL E8 TATE IN THE COUHTY OK WASHINGTON AND DI8TBICT Of OOLUMtfl A. ADJOINING GkOBGETUWN ON THE NOBTHWEST, AT AUOTlOH. By virtue of four separate deeds or trust f:iv?n to ur and bearing date respectively the 1 u h day of February, lS63,the 15th day o'J May, 1808, the let d?y of January, 1869, And the 16th dav of January, 1869. and recorded respectively In Liber E. C. E , H<> 23 fo'lo 119, Liber M0, folio 425, Liber T acd B , No 6. folio 332, Liber T. and B . No. 7, folio 104, of 'he Land Becords of Washington County. District nf Columbia, w? shall sell, at pub lic anrtitn, on FBIDA Y, the 16th d?y or June, A. D. 1876, on the premises, at the hourof 5:30 o'clock p. m , to sat'sfv f ur several promissory notes se cured by said deeds, acd at the request In wrltiag of the holder of said ?r miasorr notes, the r?>llowing describenl property, viz: All that tract ot land con tiguous to Georgetown, in the Connty of Washing ton District cf Columbia, lyleg woat of Payette street and north of and adjoining te 7th street coa tinuel, and adjoining "The Cedars " on the west and north, being part of a tract called "Berleith," acd containing sixty-three acres, more or ie*s( la proved by a Targe double Brick Dwelling House, etable, Orcha.d. Ao . Ac.), le-s tbat portion thereof h re>t?f( re sold by Bichard 8. Cox to Joha H Small a- d John H. Berry. Tortus of aa'e: One fl"tb < 1 5> cssh; balanoe In six (6). twelve eighteen (181, and twenty-fonr (SO montha, deferred paytoenta to be aecurcd by not?s, with interest and dee-d of trust on property sold; interest ca??ble aemi aninsllv. A deposit of J SCO required at time of sale. AH convey acclug at coet of incbaser. If terms of sale are tot xtmiritsd with within a w ee k alter day of sale, the Trusteaa *es?!rve the rith' to resell the property, after five (5) days' notice, at th? risk and coat of the dofanHli* por chas' r. A plat of the property will be exhibited on the grontda at the ttme or sa'e. WALTER 8. Cn\,t TH'^MAK C COX,<Trnrte*' jnjM-d THOMAS DOWL1NG. A act. rpULMAS DOW LING. Aactloneer. 4JOMPORTABLE TWO-hTOBY FBiMB DWEL LING HODPE, BEING No 7 0* ?i> STREET NOBTHEaOT, aHD LOT. AT AUCTION. On THUB?DaI, Jnne 1st- 1876, at i p B .in front of the premises. I will sell Lot JO? rumbered tbirly-five, la HLI's Subdivision ofEJl ?qoare nnmbered seven bucdred and nine'eea, frontlPg 17 feet on the west a do of Id street es*t. by ? i'epthofMfMt, to a 10 foot alley, with a 3-foot side alley, tor roved by ? Couifor table tww story Frame Dwelling boose. Terns: One-half cash: balaoc* In 6 and 11 months, with interest at S per c-nt A deposi: ot ?l<? wh?a the pr.nerty ts bid cff. CouvayaQciug at the coat of 1b* torchncia mj*7-4t THOMAS DOWLISG.Aoct. AUCTION SALE Dr?C> WSOM BROS . aac.i?^ U S u beast coiner finaua U it*. u.-nhwest. GL1 ?8 a?"d C 5V^f IH E^jjlvV* ! GBA VIBQS, M IBM)"* ? j tCHEN u a Rr *r WITH A L4BC.WiKOtTaiNT.ViiiS CBM Airvors o CDS. AT A cot in* 8 On TBTBSDAT MOBNlMO. !** ,??* ? S at 18 o clock, at Sal irixigii, >tfa snd D streets northwest. we win aeII a large Ml and general assortment of Fornitur*, Ac . m Tl above de-crfNd, to wMeh parti-. In need a-e In vl?*d. [bm381 l'l'MCANSON BROP . Aacts ?\\'A8H. B. WILLI AM!, A act* <nt*r 1001, north west comer Itth and D streets. Pt iiSE SND WELL A8*OBTBD STOCK lamis^akn sixti-res. this. . PLAIN FRENCH riliBA ?.m,.I.?AA? T,a SBT8 DICOBaTBD "-*TKB wabe ABU cut L\kV M iR" TIN WARE. ABO To MENTION ABTICLES TOO KCBBBJUS On IHTBSDAY. June 1st, 1876, comL_HM 5fVi ? ** '* o'clock a. a. . 1 ?t>*ll s*)IH|| r .1 V taction room* ? larre t? nmentBI| ?L?*.* ?* article*. removed t > n jr W roo?,? f?r con? enieaceof sa'e. and to t>e ?old wJU?il.^rch.Vp* Tb* ',oek flr,lc v> nod well ?2T? ?i J***?*1?* of thnae |B w?nt of fin? table ST. %ri?*rT'Ac- WA1I1. B. WILLI AMS. -?J "J? Auctioneer XTEB81*BAI'CTlON R?LK of I'&RE A .... DK'MKL PI.?DO ? .2" WEDNESDAY, Mar 31, a' * 30 Tv in^vl m ?"I THURSDAY. June lOocI cka.m and 7 30o'cl<->ckp m . IwillBUfE ??II, at eitablislmect No. Itf3*? PeansyivaolS?^ OoirtC?rrJsn U" "!h large colkSt? <n < f PMol. ??r7 n Piaaond., 5 wlrr. Orn, aa<lC loth leg. All goods w bicb li*ve)?-ea ^ OTer l?-*ur months are Inclu'ei in tbi? ?ale d,?m r,w ??? hriobhmmimeb. ? - COLEMAN Jt I O., Auctioneer* 'pHOMAB DOU LINO^AuctiWr.~ *IMN08p|Bi2S1.8\L* rLfnVER?, bed will(.eifa*I*, w ithin H e auction ro ni?, 7>!?rt. ff u?nt *** jrtBMnt of ilvwrrKlZS a i ? ? from th? welt known efit%t l-.i, KfLt of ROBERT BOWDLEB. PlAlUt *Lll h _?i' _ d THOMAS DOW LING, Anct. 'J 'ROMAS DOW LIN G, Auc T5SiS^K?WJ,? DW*??LlNO, ON THE A*f? h ktbSmo'L* 61 RE? T. BETWEEN tt 1709. AT ACtTI.*?BTHW1BT- B*1KQ -No' iiV??(M.0KW AFTERNOON. Jane i li I?aV? ,f '? oVlo?%. I ? i ? L lettered A. of the sr.t divUi n of JtJL i Jfoi1?r,'>Wo 1S?' b%vla* ? front of io feet bv a of men. robuiug back to an %l!#?y. Cl. : ^?'ance at 1.2 an.l S ream, with note* bearine interest at 8 per cent aer 1* dl,eJ of cn ;lie prop ? f.'n i Oonrejancing at coator?he ptticUwr. 9IlOdt posit ie<jpired at time of s<?le. ?P??>d THOMAS DoWLIKQ, Auctioneer. 'pHOMAS DOW LING Anctlon??ir. HANDSOME TWO BTOBT FRAME n(f IL LINO ON THE RA8 I 81 l*E of I I . h kt RKKT BBTW EBB R AND 88TBEET8 luRriiWA^T BEING No. 17 47. AT AlOriON ST' i^n?T^KSPAAKArT*B<>i001'- Jnne eth,,^ ih?i'i t\T1,Q.f rremitet. at b o ciock. I #!? ? ? ?' 4. t-toapman'a recorded?& tAytVa rren?t of 18 fe^Acd ^Q.inln,^" ""fee"" Teims: One-lonrth cash; balanca at l.f and 3 >ears. with notes bearing interest at 8 aer cent ccr Hniimn, and secured by a died of trust on tbe'pro perty rold Cotv?.yarclDf at purchaser'? cost 510U reqnlrt d at lime of *al> . my??<l THOMAS DOWLlNa. Anct. YOLNG * M1DDLETON, Real Kitate Aactlonear*. TRD8TKEB' SALE OK A KARM OF ill ACRKN FROM'TOWNB?POL1TAK*^^ RoTWOMlLES f 'fh>i^rtue2f oftrnst t- ns, dated Mar?* I !i?* recorded in Liber No 731. f ||o*P& i i?!nH. h-l^.Tcor<l8fo1' *be District" of Oo -C lambia. and at the ro.jti. Kt of the bolder of the note ?<ecnrea thereby, we will ?ell at pnbtlc anct) m, on r!a\,,7'ln"'*';?.at.''** ?.clock ? n>., oa WEDNS3 1>A\ Jnne7th.Lot No Si, in the recorded *nbdi i if-n ?J, trfct k'??n at. Metropolis View, situated i:t?cWf?.?icWs&M*r ,u" Terms: Oue-tLird ol the pnrrhase money in ca?h. I ?L*J rl ? dep-Ml of 9Mo will be re ,aired At the I time of sale, and the balance in twoe<inal payment* at yand 15 moaths, s?curtd bT a deed of trn?t on the property and the purchaser's notes bsariua 8 n*r Ir the tV'ra-Vre jwt'fuifiU.d fuVdfyl't'he^Vr'^rlV Salatr. rc*?j Vs^E rH WHITAK Ell f?'l' r M M W COX. f Trustees. _my29 didbs YOUNG A MIDDLETuN. Aucta rJ,HOMAB DOW UNO. Auctioneer. Tj5u/X>i-1f^ SAV5 0r VALUABLE IMPROVED TION GBOBOEIOWN, AT AUO By virtna of a deed of trust dated the 7th I J day oJnne, 1875. and duly iec:ra<-d iu Liber .^1 No 7W, folio lis, oie of tn.* land records foraiiJL C ?n.c^'n",r-I,,Mrltt of Columbia, and or oiflHI7K> t> A vPo'Hred ,.h7ebl'. we shall sell P Inla'DAY. th? ?th day of June, ld76. at 2.1 A o?lock P. m , In front of the ptemisas. parts ot lots nunibered forty niae(4i') and fifty,(SO.) in ll .i rneao s addition to G^rset^wu. 1? strict olColum hi^l ? ?ig *l..a P='nt in ?he north line of Dnn barton gtrett, fifty two feet (Ml w?.| of Monroe <treet, apd run thence east with north line of Dun. barton street ei*t teen foet, thence north parallel to Monroe street, eighty feet, thence weat para lei t ? .^1^V".?'2rrt:.ei?h!efn f?et,tbence s.ath in a straipht lite t> the be?inni?e, together with the improvement*, whfch con*lst of a frame dwelling lerms: One third cash, the balance In two emal pajmt nts at 6 and 11 moc'hs, and iecured by d'-"C? ot trust, wltn note* bea! ins inter, st at 8 per centotn pjr annum on each ri?ce of property. If the terme ot sale are not Cornell, d wi'b in rive day?tb*Tr.:i te<? reset re the tight to resell ths same at the risk and cost of the det*nltin? purchaser, after airing SSJf.l" #R?.t,"SI,D.,0',s* M*fp*psr published 1l the cl:> of >V akhington. C> nreyanc<ng at aurcha flr B c;,rt-?Dd ? lepifit cf B100 will be re-jnlred at t me of eald on each piece of arop?rty ^M. D. CAtfSIN. IT, . ^ ^ W a . A. GORDON < Trustee#. mr*'-d TllOS. UOWblNti. Anct. rJ,H0MA8 DOWLINAuctioneer. TRCSTEE8'8A LE OF IMPROVED PROPERTY p IN OIORUETO* N. AT ArCTON By Jirtne> of t. deed of tri?t. dated the Hth^M -fi' ? .?cl?i>er' 1W2 *nd lalF recorood in LibetSI <31, folio 31/. one of the land records tor Wash -"CS? t-f Columbia, and br the re iffin. n?^! r??";td ?e shall ^eli.on THLBSDAY. tha *th day of June, I<76. at b o'cl >ck i 22? c,f ,h* prtmises, the west halt pa't oi Lot ncn.l ered sixty two (62). in Ilolmoad a addition Vstr,c1' ?f C?liunWa, ths *am* front.n? twenty feet cn the *onth liue of West ?tre.-t, ?th???r?h Hh ?D? bandred and twtnty fiet. to Brick Dw.hlng ta,Prov?metU, which cjn^i.t of a Term* of nal< a?e: Ons third cash; the recldue in two e<jual payments, at six aid twelve msnths, and r?" <laa<I of truit on the property seld.w t'h note* bearing interest at 8 per cent, p r annum ? uVeJ!MieifBg *l iSL,C'.a,er * cost A deposit ?f ?5U> will be required at ihe time of sale. If tha terms of sale are not complied with in ten days the Sres-sra} WM. D. r-AR^IN. I_ WM. A. GORD 'N, < Trurttc#. ?*?d TU08.I>0WLlN0.Anct LABS CHANCE A >f? I)EALUhS llo.fco of difi-rept brands ofOIGtBS. aei/od on and consigned totli? Auction Booms ot p roLKY. to fce soid without reserve. THCRSDAY. June 1st. to the big best bidder. We cordially Invite the trace to examine the above-n?med goods before they V/.-> '??>.M?UCl,"n They are no* ou exhibition at S(?7 7 th atreet Krttlivsit. n?>7 jRep ) P FOLEY, Auctioneer. 1876. -FIRST SPRING BALK ~ OF THE WASHINGTON ART CLCB. OIL PAIIVTJMGS AND WATER COLORS. Tbia collection embrace* the best works aver of fered for sale by our L cal Artists On exhibiti >n Day aid Kvenleg at th- Clnb Boom. Vernon Bow. corner ICth street and Pennsylvania avenue, to be soldI at public am tion, w ithout 'eaerve.on WED NkBDAlf andTHOBBbAY EVENING^. May 3 l, and June 1, at 7 H o clock each ex ening, by n>)I7-4t PDN0AN8QN A BBO , Ancts. YyASH. B. WILLIAMS. Auctioneer. TBU8TEES' BALE OF AN ELEG sNT THBEI 8T0BY AND BASEMENT BBICR DWELL ING, NO SO I BTBEET NORTHWI8T. Cnder and bi Tirtne of a deed ol trnst, dated tha t well th (lltb) day of V av, A. D 1ST4, and dnlv raoordtd in Liber Mo. 7U, folio uo <ne of the land records for county of Washingt-'n, D strict of Columbia, and at t he reqaast of tha party tacnred thereby, we will sell at pntolic anct ion. In front of the premise*, on THURSDAY. June 1, 1-76, at ft o'clock p. St., the rollowlBf described real estate, situate In (he city of Waablngtoa, D 0 - All that certain piece or par*I of ground or r*al estate sitnat* and lying in aaid city cf Waahington and known and described as being Lot numbered one hundred and thirty-six, (l*J in Shepherd's ra oorded subdivision of ronire n*mbTed six kun dr.d a.d twenty-three. (?? > together witk the tm proT?treats. Ac., eoatistlpg of an elegant three story a'd basement brick dwelling. Txnis: One-third cash: balance In Mx, twelve, and eighteen months, with lntereat at tan par cen tum par annum, secured by dead of trnst on tha property sold. A deposit of A 300 will be raqnlred of the pu'chaaer at time of sale. Ail conveyancing at the expense o? tha purchaser, """wyancin* ir terics of aala are not eosplted with within seven diirs the trustees reserve the right to ra*eU tbe property at tha riak and coat of tha ^tiltlig ptuchasvr. JOSEPH T DYER, | _ . my22 dAds MICHAEL GREEN, \ Tm?tna#. rpHOMAB DOWLXNQ, AncUaaaag. TL 1ST EE'S SALE OF AM INTEREST IB A ? , PBINTIBO OFFICE. B< virtna of a deed of toaat, dnly racoiAad lu Li ***> jpMo M?. o*a e>f the land records or tha Distriat of Columbia, and baartag data tha thlr teanth day of Beauwbar, WE. end at tha raauast of tbe party aeenrcd thereby. I wlil seU at ?nbUc auc Hon,on the VMteBlsyjck p m .on tha 1st P^tot Jr nx, 1876, tothehlr beat bidder, tor eaah at the ttnre cf aale ali tbe rigf- , title, delta and inter eat cf Jasnea B Beards'?. ia pad to tba Book a^ Job Printing Office oa tae third floor of Bo. <7? Pae.Dsy raaiaavtant. Wasting'on. D. 0., of whisb 1 wV7.-oon'Jrtin# cfPi lntlag Praaaa* and Materials andOfflv Fornltnra.anck aa ar* usually fonnd In a Bojk a Qd Job Office, and which are de I*1<1 dead of trnst. or tba acfcaaala at tached thereto f. D MILANS. Trustee. ? jB> toAdp TBO?, DOW Line, A?d, evening star TIIKBAT .to, 1 fOBlT lOtBTH COftttKKM a?1** ITocrrdingt l>?#?r4av. "l"i' I*P*ACH??S t PROl tCDI!?G&. SStor. different rropo.11 too? Ux?a pr +0*. k KsEF 00 srsus ?ton of a hlgb?5lUievRS?Tl? th# com'n1* < ffi?r or iW^tSrussu; rii ogicial character. but who had *?-5m,0 ? such jflicer before the flnd'ng of article* o' impeachment by tbe HcaaalrVSSStS on^h^iLh,^ ??!!* lolay "* w*?lutl?i now! 30. WM carrlwl -?7?* 34, The qnfttloo was then on the retninMnn offered W Mr.Tburman rm&mUaa Mr. Paddock movM to amend a? follow* ^'rr^' ? ? Belknap, having owed to l*> a civil officer of tne l" Med ? ?ff .l>y ^*0? of bit resignation before proceedings lu impeachment were com menced him by tbe House <r Re " sentatlve , the Beuale cannot take jnrlsdic tlon In tbe cane. ???*?? Thls wm rejected by aye* ?, now .;;. The resolution of Mr. Tuurman was tb?n an>? tided so as 10 read as follow* a*?d!?!vT,,rt ,n lb* opinio^ o: tbe Senate H . w. iMlcnap, tbe respondent, 1* am<-n*i>ie to trial by Impeachment f.* art* do-.e a* Secretary or War. notwithstanding his re alisation of said ofOoe Jirtoivtd, That the H.wse or Repreee-ifa tl*e? and the respondent be notllled th?: <.11 Thursday. tbe 1st day or June, a: 1 o'clock p. m . the Senate will deliver its Judgment, in oj>en Senate, on the qucstion or JurMiction raised by tbe pleadings. at which time tbe managers on the part or tbe House and tbe respondent are not .tied to at tend. AVwrfm/, That at tbe time speclflod in the foregol: g resolution the President or the Senate shall pronounce the Juigmeat or the Senate as follows: It Is ordered bytbeSeu ate. sittii g for the trial of tbe article* or im peachment prererrel by the House of Kepre s. ntatlves against W. W Belknap, late Sec retary or War, that the demurrer or sai l \V. W. Belknap to tbe replication or the Houm of Representatives to the plea to tbe juris diction filed by said Belknap be. and the same is hereby, overruled; and it being the opinion or the Senate that the said plea is insufficient in law, and that said articles o: Impeachment are sufficient in law. it i* therefore further ordered and adiudged that said plea be, aud the same bercoy is, over rulca and held for naught, which j3dgm?at thus pronounced shall be entered 011 the jour nal of the Senate sitting a* aforesaid. Tbls was then passed by Uie tollowlng vote 11as?Messrs. Bayani, Bogy, Burnt! ie. CapartQp, Cockrell, Cooper, .1 ^?wes- Dennis, Edmunds, Goil thwalte. Gordon, Hamilton, Hlteboock. Kelly, kernan, Kev, McCreery, McDonald. Mit^Li??il. Morrill (Vt.), Norwood. Randolph, Ransom. Robertson, Sargeut, ttt,e,rm*n. Stevenson. Tburman. Wrtght^Tr WaU*oe' Wbyte, Withers, and Aat/r_Me?rs. Allison, Booth, Boutweli, Bruce, Cameron (Wla.), Christiancy. Clay ton Corkllng,Cnigin, Doraey. Eaton, Ferry, Frelingbuysen, Hamlin, Harvey. Howe. In ffi1S'..?oneL ( Jone< (Nev ), Logan, &Cf5,11Su'?Iorrm ' Morton. Oitlesby, Paddock, Pattersou, Spencer, West, aud w lrdom?29. On motion of Mr. Whyte. leave van grant ed until tbe 1st of July for Senators to file their arguments. . <?.moll? of, Mt-Logan, it was resolved to adjourn over Decoration day. The Senate then, at 9:25 p. m., adjourned. I ?uOU5.E?After our report closed? The House went into committee of the whole on tbe bill to devote tbe pr.tceeds of tbesale of public lands to educational pur poses, and Mr. Walker proceeded to addr.-ss tae House In advocacy of the bill. Mr. Cabell made a speech In regard to the s-*?tenJr?f ,Dternal revenue taxation. Mr. Kelley * Pa.) matie a lengthy argument in opposition to Mr. Morrison's bill aud in favor of a protective tariff, and wa?- followed b> Mr. Cbittecden in a speech in favor or Tree trade. In reply to a question whether be intended to briuK the Tariff bill to a vote at tnis ses sion, Mr. Morrison said that be would like to do so, but be would yield to tbe Appro priation bills, aud if there was time afer lbe?i W?T? *1"P?!,?d of be would ask a vote on the Tariff bill. Mr. Piper (Cal.) a?keJ leave to report a ^olu'l^n In regard to modifying tlie treaty wlib China on the subject or Immigration, rut the House, 011 motlou of Mr. Holinan, acjourutd until Wednesday. JrEOMCKT Rmdikkd.-a fool father sect bis young hoj>eful or lour into an a 1. joining room to get a book. Tue boy came back and said it wasn't there. "Ves it 1? m> ?,n,"sald the father, "it is on the table/' Tne boy went back and reported again that theie was ro book there. Tue father got Im 1 at lent and sentanollier child for the bo >k, and in tbe meantime tbe mother brought tbe book from a different room, with the re 52ur book; 11 was oa tbe m&nlle-piece Tne gentleman composed 1 lmself toread. and abont ten minute* af er discovered you jg bopefal aUll standing by his chair and regarding him Intently. As he "i.'^i118,?e*d.tbe. ^ojr bro*? out solemnly, * ?tlier, there is a lib aitoat somewhere, auJ 1 dldn t tell it. ? f H'oincm't Journal. iitD Marshal \ on Moltki, the man who is silent in seven language*, recently de livered an elaborate oration at the banouet of the Ltncei at Rome. Slgnor Sella ii^ld elaborate oompllment3 to the veteran war rior, and coupled bis "?uj with Uermau science. In response Von Moltke arose, drew a scrap of paper from his posket, ad justed bis spectacles and simply read oae sentence In Itailau: "Oentlpmen, I ask you to drink to tbe health of Ills M.Jaaty the King of Italy." J More curious coincidences in tbe way of distinguished nam?* duplicated have been observed in tbe re|>orted news lately. Mi chael Angeloand w ife were on a European Cf,r*t'^Pr ?",1,U:c other day; Alexander Hamilton, W alter Kaleigb, and Justin Mc ?connected with tbe police, wane Officer Blank must be a relative of that oele brated person so olten met with whose sig nature Is a dash. Ol quaint names Abraham Twaduleand Mr. Desire Charming are ex amples. Historical Wokks.?Tbe Sunday-school Times Is responsible lor tbe statement that one of tbe religious publishing societies, whose books are exclusively designed for the S?bl*ath?*e'hool, ban received an order from Grenada county, Miss., containing, amon* other items, the following. "Send the price of the history of'David the Crockett.' a^. J the price- of 'Old Murrill, the Murderer,' and also the prlc* ol all the otber blsto lles you have." Matt. Morgan's Show attachrp The properties of Matt Morgan s Art Exnl hltlon were attached at Louisville, Ky., Sun day by New Vork parties. Tbe actresses were arrested lor Inadvertently attempting to secure tbelr personal effects, but were re leased on parole. The entire troupe will be compelled to remain In Louisville until decisions are rendered In the Court of Chan cery. . ?rT!lej Mv tbat when * P?rty of visitors to tbe Centennial a lunch at a restaur ant and are confronted with tbe bill, tbe amazed patriots bold a meeting and discus* the advisability of making another declara tion of independence. ^George Eliot csrtainly does not refer to tbe Beecber scandal when sbe says, "Gossip 11 ? *ort of smoke that comes from tbe dirty tobacoo pipes of tiioae who diffuse It; It proves nothing bat tbe bad taste of tbe smoker." Win tbe Phrenological Joaraal of this month Is a question from some one who says be has a red nose, and describes himself at one wbo never used coffee, tobacco or alce>bollc liquors. Tbe editor of tbe Phre nological Journal says that tbe real ranac of red noses is eo!d feet. VThe strongest argument against tbe nc miration of Jadge Davis Is. tbat be BUs a whole seat in a buggy, and bulges out a little over each end of tbe cushion. Away with blm! Now we understand why be was sent to the bench; the chair wouldn't bold him.? I Bit HingHm Hem K ey e. Mane, Jane, what alia you, deart" said a lady friend to a middle-aged Brooklyn maiden last even upon discovering the latter In tears. ??Ob, Henrietta," she replied. "I counted more than a tbooaand little ones in the proeeesion to-day, and not one of biem mine."?[Brooklyn Ann*. 99-Some paper says that the lamp posts on Pennsylvania avenue In Washlngtonare so ak tbat they all Incline toward tbe w^i, or away from tbe Capitol. Tbls la natural wough. for a Congressman is always more tired whan be la going home than bets in tbe frmb bright morning?[tf. Y. HmraU. WPolo is t he game of base bull played oa horseback. As soon aa the thing can be tlm p.lfied and placed in a cab. or in an ordlnarj _ - - ?J u great nation ?? guma. it retains all tbe intellectual beautieeof baaaoall while dlapeoalng w:Ui the batung.-f.v. o. Repuo. W4i" On Law rui Vim PsrrLiAB View? l?ar?d Howard. a ?Bawdae!" awtoller. ktown to tbe police a* a ??i.orxii# dealer.* waa befc>re Ju<ige Her.edict je?:erJay on a motion in armt of "i<|v?ut on Hoi. far uatnc ti e mail* for tb? purpoaeoC defraadire uiieu&pecti >g peeeone. Hf iwl# <M*?l two V tv'nlan* outwf-W by o9Mmh ?f'i flr*l riM maulukK uol*a etMp. Hia Uwjfr urged ii.*t tbe e '**? to wblcb How ard wlct^l bad don? more for lb* anpprea ?lonof ?wiit?!Wtln| than all tbe govern ment offc?r? together. Tbe pet?on* arbuwa U>*t defrauded, II dealing witb acnal roan terfptter*. would (land tbe foualry wltn cctu let fell ruar ey, bat after being bittaa by oceof Uitw awindlera. It woo Id be lapoal* ble for a eounl*rb<iter lo deal witb ibeaa. Howard"* lawyer, tberetore. beld u>ai hla client ought to be paid by iba goeernnaent, liiilftd of belt g lent tolbe atate prison l)e? clalon rfeerred?[JR. T Am, r/?. VlRTtor* Ktvisii i.-Hf waa only a lour ytaroM a ho polled ttie door-bell of a laly on State at *et last Hatorday. and upon oe* *i awerlng the call the Inuownt remark- Ji " l'leaae. ma*atn, but I corned t* tell yo? *c?me fellowa arsatealtng your llleea.*' H<??ie? what like Tenoyaon'* Ma?<l tbla lutarmaltoa caraed bar Into the garden to go, wbar* aba acrprtud tbeae frioMoa- flortaV aad cauaed them to aver tbe fence hurry. I* token of ber thankfullnea* to the )n van lie wbo In formed, a large bimcto of u>* par pie plutae* waa pn*ei t?d. while be. ou njolulughta ln c*OM-d comrad.a with thai aamam; v called c Id Id 11 k?> and, merely ;? marked, "If 1 wa* too little to climb 1 waan'i ton uitl* to U .1 on yon. '- [ D'f/tn'aum (/*<*.> A Mothm * Last Lftt?rb to urn Hoa. Mra. Mary Ua*M>tt, of 141 Maxtor at reel baa b*?n mtaalngalnce Krtday. Her aoo Joaepb called at ?be Central Police office yesterday, and said that hla mother left Uia folio wtuc tot?, ad tr. an i lo him "t ear Jotm. ? l bid y?m go<*l hr You never will a<?> me attain. Never look f?w ma I?on*t tbli kmc mad but putilal cd ormyaina IVar for aae. I told you I wa?in trouble. I wui a?e you no more."?| .V. >' Sun Wh. ? /"Norwich Bulletin Rioodebalt I* grow ing lcra popular ever> >oar. It mint that a hruuette alway* baa tbe advantage of being able to button ber aboea wttli a batr pin ana put It I tack in ber bair without wiping it. ?/"The atria at Waatungton college Leav er wortb. Kau.,aent a challenge to the young men aaklng them to play a came of football. The boy* rofueed on thegrouud tbal tb*glrl? wouldn't kick fair. I/-An intelligent foreigner, paaaiog ttrou^b the atreeta of Philadelphia, took out bla note book at tbe end of a long walk, and made a lilt c memorandum lo the effect i*iat "eif litr-nlne ner centumof the popula tion of Philadelphia are membra of tha powerful family of Koomatolet." - ( ROBP?MARB1B Oa tl? fltU Jaae, H'l, at the reetdenceot the bnb'i pirr>iit,br tha ??* l?r Uoiaieail. Ji Hn f Fotp anl Jnv *D dtnih tn of J ^ bo B W. Habtin.ea, . all of tht> city Dl ? I? K9PEV. On Batdar . tbe ?- h of Bar,M74 Mra. Lvdi/ Ax* EftraT, r?*itct of hamuw 0 B.pey aad danabter of Richard T bomfon. c l thu city. Her funeral will take place from her late retl duce, lt?<- 4th (treet northwe?t. at N o'elirfc a. m.. on W*dnaacar ? th? SHI tnatant. Tha fr leuda d the tamll* are la> tted to attaad k UNDERTAKERS. It. r. HAHVCV, i ndertaker. W.H. HACkCTT R r MAR VET. fcarl, || W. UAKkKK. Cabinet Maker mntl Vndertnher, ? IV lire Btbkit BotTawatt. ertllr GENTLEMEN'S GOODS. M XIKR HATN! X All tbe leailnr at?l-a of CABClRBBg MM i ? k i' il? ot H W HiT8,('lNl'l|i| HACK IKAW . MILAN BUMP, LtbUOKN . Ac liAlb I liOlB and ANOLlcH Lib Lb BATS. American and fcrfll-U eltiB, ALPACA a?4 GlbGUAH CMHKUU8 Ladlea'HCB CMBBKLLAff and PAR%a<>L8 I MBNKLLAS aad PAKAbUM co\erad aad re paired Id ttie iM-at ^ nmrww 1?1M miSILVABU tVMt'l irytt tr A bora IrlDard ? Bobi fAYLOR A HUFTY, ?SS riRIITLTiRIA ATBRra BAVB BBDCCBO THB PblGES OR TUB1B CMLMBKATED DOUBLE YOKE EBIMTt aa follow* : Qoainy Bo. 1, #14 0?; Rormerty gM41 '? " i. RS H. M 9UM ?????, rm h. " tmm - " 4, R4S Jt. - ??#?. PATENT l'AKTLY-MADE DEESS BniBTP, Tbe Great eat InreBtloa rf tbe Aae 8 i gta PraM f r Irt* f -r all dollar*, (gl. M U lit bad la aag other ?iore lb tbla city V Wear* bole Aaenta. JR. W. BI BDrTTg * CO, Ho.tU" 7ih atraet a. w. | a?f? tr Ba. tog K weta a I B ABB BBCB1TIB0 DAILT RBOM OCf I Jaotory.lD ttaiUnora, fraab acaallM uf tbaad BLBGAMT H CtbT CBFIBIBBBD. aad fl PIMI8BBD BH1BTS. Bade of tbe Baal Wamafa 81t.-11d and Ta ?ty.oii? b-ndred Lloea, at tM BBAN^B BALTIMOBB RBIBT RACTOBT. Ba IR1R R atraai. Waablagtoa. J. W. DABB. Manager t'1 V EPT DBBBB 8UIBTB HAOB TO OBDkJ ? of tbe eery beat material and la the Boat etagagi manner for ai H. at tbe BBAB'^B BALTIMOBB &H1BT RAuTOBT. 101? BL_ marld-tr i. W. PABB. BOOKS AND STATIONERY. |y IW BUOKR " I'at.ltl Der rrta, fcyOe :n? Bit >t vol 1 rl 'hj gl 60. lb?- I'rime Mir>i<t-r. br *nth?ay TroHaaaj fkpw :: c?tv Btudiee I Bu|i?a4 atd Italy, l> J lie bldiard Ura?u, a.tbor .f a'thort Hit tory of tbe gr.tli^b TaopU." gl7? Aanaai Bwn of Bciencaand lndoi'ry lur !?*?. b' Prof, g^aco* r Hair , i: mr... cl-ta. gl V.llajreOommonitt?N ar<1 Sbierliaalaa. by Pir Hanr? BoBaer Bataa gS.Hi O niie de Pari*' Hi** 'ry ef tt>> Olvtl B ar li America; vol II ; 6-vo.: cloth, RIM. J oat potliabed. and for a?u by WWH I 1 BOOKSELLER* ANV STAtlOXMK&. my IT tr IQia Ivaoi* avenue 11 liAZAL. by author ot ? Ida W>d 11 World ACH8AH A >?r England Lt?e Btndr. f BEK. > IT Kt'B(j!>G THtladV K OBAIBI I LAT<'> TU< I I'HTf By Bnlkley ALl'bBBSKB bj D. L MOODY. Be? wad. B hMtM0IB or NOKMIB ? J THA PAMTAB* L'BAIBAGB OR HOCSS abd Towna ay" AfrL""" "Br/ IM. ? meet* or Of to preaa. fro*i the agenc atreet, where all Mr la* of blndlagway b yHK GRKAT ANODYXI AND NKBVIXK. BELT'S STOMACH AND TONIC BITT1 ul VI B*00 B^PUAfB ~ lid ^Jiar-1 ii0H?T\??i5&r,WK: PBVBB8, RBVBB and AOCB./ a rem and Invartatote PBPBBBMO' of* ?PlCM?HPABwf B"tfa to tsz

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