Newspaper of Evening Star, May 30, 1876, Page 4

Newspaper of Evening Star dated May 30, 1876 Page 4
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EVENING STAR, rrn>AT ?....?*/ ??* * Probubilitie* To-day* omcw or C*rrr Rro*u Officii, I WABH15GTOS, May 30, 181?. 1 In tM middle states, rising followed by stationary barometer, cooler northerly to ess'erly winds and clear weather, except piobably occasional rains In the Virginias. LOCAL NEWS. The street lamps will be lighted at 11:30 p. m and extinguished at 2:30a. m. _ _ Seven chariot drlTen struck Saturday night because the wages were reduced from ?2T3 to 91 go per day, without any previous notification to them. Germanla Lodge, No. 15, Knlghs of Pythias. celebrated the thirteenth anniver sary of the existence of the order yesterday, by a nrooeaslon through our principal streets. Amado Chavez. late of the Interior depart ment. and Just graduated at the law school, gone to make his home at Santa Fe, where he will open a laud agency, and raise Angola goats. At the meeting or the association or pas. tors of the Methodist Episcopal churches of tne city yesterday, In the parlors of the Fonndry church, the question: "What Is the most effectual method of pastoral visiting, and bow ranch of such visiting is obligatory?" was discussed Yesterday afternoon a colored man named Rye Lucas was painfully wounded by drlv 1' g a pick through his right foo, while work ing In a trfnch on 11th street, between O and R streets northwest. Dr. Wintef dresaCu bis foot, and he was removed to his home on Wilson Mreet, county. A Coiori-i caropj z%e? St!'., &uont 11' years bid. llvirg at 31J E street southwest, brought to police heaiquarters a pocket book contains *13 TD. which he picked np at the comer of Missouri avenue and 4 ^ street. This morning Mrs. Ktsk, the lady who lost It, called at that office when it was restored to her. This boy s honesty deserves Fioper recognition and reward. Washington Knights Templars at the Centennial. The several Cornmanleries of Knights Templars of this District left this morning for Philadelphia to be present at the con clave of the General Grand Commandery of the United States, which opens its session to-morrow In that city. I>e Moiay (mounted commandery) took the 7 33 a. m. special train at the Baltimore and .Potomac depot. This Commandery has en gaged one hundred hordes In Philadelphia, where they wlll'be In readiness on their arri val. Their uniforms and trappings were all packed and sent by rail and will be opened there fresh and clean for wear. Columbia Commandery, No. 2, left the Temple at a little before 'J o'clock, with ninety in the ranks, all In dress uniform, beaded by the Annapolis band of 30 pieces. They took the ft 13 a. m. train on the Balti more and Ohio road. The line of march was down :?th street to Pennsylvania avenue, down the avenue to 1st street, and so on to the depot. They will return on Friday even Ins by the same road. Washington Commandery, No. 1, which bad been assigned the duty of escorting Grand Commander Hopkins from this city to Philadelphia, met at their asylum this morning, sixty-four in number, and marched op G street headed by the Marine band, fifty pieces, to 13th street, and passed in re view rc fore the Grand Master, whose quar ters wtreon 13th street, between F and G streets, after which Grand Master Hopkins took a seat in an open barouche accompanied by Past Eminent Commanders C. W. Ben- | net and C. F. Stansbury, and was es corted by the Commandery to the Balti more and Ohio depot by way of 13th street and Pennsylvania avenue, the Com mandery in full dress uniform, and marching In sections of ten. They presented a neat appearance in their black uniforms and cbapeacs. heavily mounted with solid silver emblems, and marched with great precision A special train was In readiness for the Grand Master and his escort on their arrival nt the depot. Many ladies, wives and daugh ters of the Sir Knights, accompanied the several Ommanderles, and all antl clpate much pleasure from the trip. The Council of the Thirty-third De gree. The Supreme Conncll Thirty-third Degree Ancient and Accepted Scottish Kite of Free masonry for the southern jurisdiction of the United Htates assembled in their hall, cor ner of 7th and I> streets, yesterday, and opened atl2o'clock. Among the active mem bers present were Albert Pike, Senior Grand Commander. District of Columbia; Albert G Mackey, Secretary General, District of Columbia; J. C Batcbelor, Louisiana; Tnos. H. Caswell, California; A. E. Frankland. Tenre?see, Fred. Webber. Kentucky; R Toombs. Georxia; W. L- Mitchell, (Jeorgla; Henry Bulst, South Carolina; J. R McDan lel, Virginia; M. Collins, Missouri: T A Cunningham. Maryland. The honorary mem hers of the Supreme Council present were W. M. Ireland, District of Columbia; C. W. Bennett, District of Colombia; II. M. Smith, Georgia. W. C De Saussnre, South Carolina; R. J. Mann. Georgia; 8. R. Morel, Texas; R. F. Bowers, Iowa; C. Ingle, Dis trict of Columbia; Ben Perley Poore, Dis trict of Columbia. The Kn bit me-Princes Thirty second De gree i of the Royal Secret present were H H. Hubbard, California; H. ll.Neal and Win. Ryan. Kentucky; O. 8. Long. West Virginia; E. A. Hall, Kentucky: E B. MacGrottv. W. K. Singleton, District of Columbia; Fred. Speed. Mississippi; B. W. Jenkins, G. Mere dith. F J. S. Gorgas, Maryland; A. T. Long ly. II. J. Martin. J. B Gibbs, J. O. Stanton, s. V Noyes, Allison Nallor, Jr., District of Columbia A Supreme Grand Lodge of Perfection was opened, and the Sovereign Grand Comman der delivered a lengthy adilress upon the progress and present standing of the order in this country, after which tne standing com mittees were announced, and a committee was appointed to take Into consideration the most appropriate mode of celebrating tne seventy-fifib anniversary or the organiza tion of this Supreme Council, which occurs on the 31st day of May. Previous to the meeting of the Supreme Conncll the Knight Commanders of the Court of Honor met at 10 o'clock In the same place and organized. It was presided over t>y Illustrious Brother William M- Ireland, Thirty-third degree, who was specially com. missioned by the Sovereign Grand Com mander, he being the Prefect of the Court. A committee, consisting of Illustrious Brothers Ireland, W. G. De Saussure, R. F. Bowers, and E. B. MaeGrotty. was ap pointed to submit by-laws, Ac., for the ap proval and government of the court. The Supreme Council ailjourued at I o'clock p. m., to meet again to-day. WASltnfGTOH BCS1!**S> commencement exercises ot theclasxof ~6, Spencerian Washington Business College, will be held at Lincoln ball. Thursday even ing next. The loliowlng will graduate. Miss Frances A. Cowling. Ohio; Miss Linda Her man, New Jersey; Wm. 8. 8tlckney, (vale dictorian,) District of Columbia; James P. McElfresh. (salutatorian.) Maryland; H. McNeill, Clarence E. King. Arthur W. Cathcart. Rudolph Geisler and Davil B. Todd, District of Columbia; E. M. Harrison nod A. G. Hutchinson, Virginia; Arthur L. Keene. District of Columbia; Jon. H- 8co field and Cbas. h. Joyce. Virginia; B. W. Taylor and Frank C. Lord. District of Co lombia; J J. Green and W. H. Masters, Virginia; Lucius C. Hlggtns. Geo. T. Brown. Oscar H. Coumbe, Wm. Peters, John H. Church and J no. Foy. District of Columbia. ? THk Baltimore Burglar?Detective Joseph Mitchell, of Baltimore, arrived here this morelcg for the purpose of ascertaining bow the case stands in our courts against the notorious bnrgiarand thief, Thomas Klosly, alias Geo. F. Thompson, alias McDonald, who was taken in custody a few days since, with John Norris, alias Geo. Williams, by Detectives Miller and Coomes.on the charge of grand larceny, and committed for action of the grand Jury. Mr. Mitchell states that Klnsly is wanted in Baltimore to answer a number of similar charges there. This court having the priority of action, he will be re tained here to be dealt with by our courts. Hs belongs to a class of bold day operators, and has bad a successful career until this present time. Bttldihg Permit* issued by Inspector Plowman James Smith.a two story brie k dwelling, son in side * . between Al and 3i streets nortnwest; asoo. O. A Dai ley. a two storybrlca stable, west side 13th, between Q and B streets northwest; J. J. Cent ner, two brick warehouses, west aide nth street, between C street and Pennsylvania avenue northwest. tl^OA. George Misser. two two-story brick dwellings, south side n. betwesn Id and 4th streets southwest. a, cm. C. Flenaer. three two-story and ba?Tn?M dwellings, sooth side A. between Cth and Tib stress southeast. *7Daniel aanuan. a three stesy and MaeaMSt store and awi Hag. snat ski* ? th. between F and G streets M. H Tn SACRED RlT* OF confirmation vii performed at the German Lutheran Cbnrch. corner of2?tb and O streets, by the Rev. Q. L. Rletz, on Sunday lad. The church being beautifully decorated with flower* and evergreens, was filled to Its utmc^t capacity by tbe friends and rela tive* or the confirmation clas*, which con Plated cf young ladle* and It voung gen tlemen. After the u*ual beautiful and im presstve sermon peculiar to the solemn occa sion the confirmed were dnly received Into the church as member*. The choir, conslst ipgof Merer*. Grow, Weterlch Kaber. Veer hof, and Kanfm in. and 11. E. Klots, organ ist, rendered some excellent mnslc, the tenor solo by Mr. Wetxerich deserving spe cial mention. At the conclusion of the ser vices one of the young ladle* of the confirm ation class approached the pastor, and with a few appropriate remarks presented him with a beantlfol watch guard, an offering from the confirmation c1a?s in token of their high esteem and love for their worthy pas tor, who was taken completely by *urpme. He made a few remarks thanking the class for the h!gh appreciation of b'.s efforts in their beba I f. Colored Rrpurlicans in th* Presi dential Ca m paio !??The National Kepu b lican Campaign Club, comport of colored men from the difierent state* ard territories, have reorganized by the election of the fol lowing officers: 8. G. Cannon. 8. C , presi dent; John Cajay, N. Y., and Wm. A. Paige, Va . vice president*; Geo. D. Graham, Pa., secretary; Jame* H. Holler, Mo , assistant secretary; Wm. D. Kelly, Ma?s.,correspond ing secretary; John Demonde, N. Y-, trea surer. Executive Committee-Geo. Csjiy, N. Y.. chairman; John Demoude, N. Y.; 8. G. Cannon, 8. C.; George P. Graham. Pa.; C. B. Purvis, Pa ; George Waters, Cal ; F. G. Barl-a-loes, Mass . A. T. Johusoa. Miss ; W. D. Kelly, >f?ss ; Wm. A. Paige, Va ; James A Scott, Va. Resolutions were adopteJ -^?vg'r g their united eflorts to advance the thp republican party, and to tv - ? ??0 the Presidency ...ovation of ft Tnfin .,?rorrn who Is in entire harmony with the r'~? of the party, a* put forth at the convention in Philadelphia in 1&72. THE COURTS. Folic* Court?Jurist 9nni This court assembled at So'clock t his mom. ing. by previous arrargement, aud disposed of the following cases: Frank Smith, lar ceny of a pig of lead, valued at gl.50, from the New York Steamship Company, (second offence;) six months in Jail. Thomas Perry, assault and battery on Mary Rargess; *5 and costs. John Groves, assault oa Cecilia Groves, his wife; *3 and costs. George Ma guire, colored, grand larceny of a gold watch and chain, valued at ?100, belonging to Wm. Gadsby, wbo fell asleep on a seat In the tri angular park corner l!'th street and Penn sylvania avenue, and the watch aud chain were taken from bis poek*'t. Officer Benton caught George soon after and recovered both articles from blm; grand Jury; ?100 bonds. John Wills, larceny of a piece of cloth worth St.50 from Granville Sanders; *20 and costs or thirty days. William Edelin, throwing stones; #"? Hubert Cole, disorderly conduct; go or twenty days. Mary l>aley, loud; #5. William Horn, disorderly in the county; #3. Maria Davenport, a county blasphemer; Minnie Weston, profane; Daniel Jack son, profane and indecent: *5. HattleSuow, same; *5. Mary Kelly, same; S5. John Cogs well, trespass on parking; go. John Wool, biting dog, which tasted of Gustav Beckeu heimcr's dog; ordered to be slaughtered. GEORGETOWN. The Crowd for Arlington Since 8 o'clock this morning there has been almost a continuous stream of carriages and people passiDg up Bridge street, on their way to Arlington. Jam on the Canal.?An excursion party from Wesley Chapel started lor Great Falls via the canal about 8 o'clock this morning. At 10 o'clock they bad proceeded ai out one boat's length, and some were mak ing calculations that it would take until next Decoration day?perhaps the next Cen tennial?at tbe same rate of progress, to reach the falls. However, they were finally extricated from the blockade, and went on their way rejoicing. Grain.?Hattie & Bessie, with 1,700 bush els corn. 1.700 bushels wheat, and 100 barrels flour to Hartley A Brother; Medley, with luo bushels corn to H. M. Talbott. ALEXANDRIA. The Election ?The universal topic of conversation continues to be the late elec tion. The Judges of election In the third ward did not conclude their labors until four o'clock yesterday morning. Their books as returned today show several discrepancies between the number of voters and the num ber counted. The vote for E. 8. Lead beater for chiefenglneer of the fire department, cer tified from the third ward, was changed by tbe commissioners on the book In tbe clerk's office from 553, which. It is asserted, was an error, to t?3, the book at the mayor's office, which should be an exact copy, still showing the former figure*. Baptising.?There were a number of eol o-ed persons bapttsed In tne Potomac off Battery Kodgers, yesterday, In the presence tf a large ooncourse of their own race, and sf me white people who were attracted by curiosity. The persons baptised belonged to tbe First Colored Baptist Church, of which Rev. 8. W. Madden is pastor. Fishtown?Most of the packers and booib keepers at Fishtown will close their places after to day, and leave that locality to Its summer quiet. The only fish arriving there now are sturgeon, of wblcb so large a rjimber were received yesterday and this morning that It became necessary to bury ?^?me of them, In order to get rid of them. Tbose that were sold brought only 25 cents a piece. Stkat Team.?Mr. Jack Phillips, who live* near Roach's Springs, brought to this city yesterday a borse and buggy which he found upon the road near his bouse. Tne dash board and top were both broken off the buggy. * i The Latest Blaine Scandal Dis posed of?The following letter is pub lished : _ "Boston, May 29,1870. "Hen. J<nntt U. Jilaiiie: My Dear Sir 1 have read tbe charge against you in the New ^ork 8un of Saturday oonceanlng tbe North Pacific matter, and also your reported re marks In regard thereto. It is due to you that I should say that I considered your ac tion in that matter was simply from a dis position to do a friendly act; that you ha J do pecuniary Interest whatever in the trans action, and It was fully understood by the parties In Interest that on no account would you become personally Interested lu tbe Nortn Pacific shares. Your conduct was perfectly fair and honorable, and lam sur prised that any one can see anytbing in It to complain of or to criticise. As the whole transaction literally ended without accom plishing anything, as the party proposing to sell the North Pacific Interest never deliv ered it, and those advancing money received It back with Interest, without tbe slightest deduction by you for commission or ex penses. it seems to me very absurd to make any reference to It. I shall give this letter to ihe public, as I think a statement Is due you from myself. Respectfully yours, Elisha Atkins " I-W THE PRJSRVTERIAN GENERAL As s?mbly, in session at Brooklyn, N. Y., yesterday, Dr. Prime read the report on cor respondence, covering the fraternal answer of the Southern Assembly to tbe overture adopted on Friday. He .said the question was now settled and the days of separation were past. A resolution was adopted that in order to show on the part of this assembly its disposition to remove all real or seeming hindrances to friendly feeling, "the assem bly explicitly declares that while condemn ing certain acts and deliverance of the Southern General Assembly, no acts or de livt ranees of the Southern Ganeral As sembly, no acts or deliverances of the North ern General Assembly, or of the historical bodies of which the present General As sembly is tbe successor, are to be construed or admitted as impugning in any way the christian character of the Southern General Assembly." This resolution was received with great applause, and Judge Strong in advocating it said that all could stand upon this common platform without taking back anything that could not be conscientiously retracted. At Saturday's session the over ture In regard to Roman Catholic baptism was referred to a committee of five to report at the next session. Political conventions This Wekk ? tltven lUta political conventions are to be field this week. The list is as follows: To day the Lonlslana republicans In New Or leans. Tomorrow, the Iowa republican in I?e* Molues: the Florida republican in Mad ison; the Alabama democratic In Montgom ery; the Missouri democratic In Jeffnrson city, tne Maryland democratic id Baltimore; tbe Tennessee democratic in Nashville, and the \ Irglnia democratic In Richmond. Ou Thursday, the New York greenback in New ^orkelty; the Minnesota democratic In St. ?*aulf and tbe \ ermont democratic in Mont Poller A^J-*b?a Fuibart atd John Leonard were drowned at Tenant s Harbor, Ma, Sua lay. Pleasant, Pa., yeelerlay wfc ich^wirfj'?5.r twelve of watch were stables. The total loss tssttf.uoo. tU Iowa lo ?'l"' EcelesUtn, of PalltJrluhia \ pn**blF be elected again V. ihs l bishopric by tbe subvention wuiHi mwu ?lay al I>ee Molnea. ?^Tbe Indiana Grand l.A*g* ot Masons naa reinstate* me < tauae la lis reaaiaiums ?gainst Masons using or sell la f inlo*icatn,f fncbMMea isloellssis biMM Id peeatve lain membership tbose ad ?Hefrsl In Ibeir nee T*? C*?i*e AnlMt flanker Kerr. ADDITIOHAL TeSTIXOXY TE8TERDAT. After cor report or the examination of Lawrence Harney before ihe Committee on f??nfilUr lQ lbe War D*P*rtment closed It ?fWA* crOM e*araine*i at length ^'llott, counsel for Mr. Kerr, witness testified that be lid not m?ntinn "J?"?* ?? Mr. Kerr at the flrit io?eme,5 rolwirJfil'n Mr Kerr ?"PPosei he 'was 5"!?* *?*' others tne confidential trans actions between them. He, however hs/i ' to ^r' ^err that he woald reward then^A'l* trouble. When Mr. Kerr received tbe money he said be would go to the War bfve *be appointment ma te Penuing the appointment Mr. U.,WM al1 T'*bL witnees never oerore the time mentioned approached Mr K.pKrt. L:r. gys ?.?.JffiWK- Kerr *"? "" "me Jo^g was it after the Introduction J?u made the arrangement? i A. Within ten days. Mr. Kerr never to 2lMnr'w u''i'"?'te toOreene about money ? - ^f8, ?!r' Kerr 1,ved OD a "treat, I nave forgotten the name, next to Pennsylvania avenne, on the left. He occupied a large back room where the interview took place. Q. Did you not say that rather than mane j the statement you would resign the place you held In the appraiser's office? A. 1 es. Q. W as not the pressure intended to make you give a statement or cle?r out of office" A. I d'd not care for the SI.800 salary as I can obtain employment outside. Q. Did you not make your first statement rattier as a threat to Ingratiate yoarseir in tae favor or j our employers? A* was rt0 occasion for that. By R?{.rese: ta'lve Clymer.?You n"v>r ??id that District Attorney Bliss and Darl ing crowded j ou, and that there was groit men!?? l? lmlace you t0 make thesuu Witness denied that be had said so. aexamination for the day baiug at au end, SPEAKER KERB said he did not want to retire withoutsaylng a rew words, and asked to be sworn. Tnis having been done he said: "X only want to remark to-day that I deny every mat* rial statement made by this witness affectlrg my personal honor and official integrity. That Is all. Ir I were In sufficient health I would make a statement of the cir cumstances which 'ed to this Investigation in connection with the anonymous letter I received, but I do not leel able to do so to day. I will rnrther say that consciously I Eever krew this witness in my lire, but I do pot say, or wish to be understood as saying, that he did not introduce Greeu to ma. I do cot know six doorkeepers about this House now, though they are supposed to be my po litical friends. I never consciously ex changed one minutes conversation be tween Heaven and earth with that par son. I never knew him aad he was never at my room, as he bas st ited, and or course I never received any money from him, nor from any one else. Mr. Crosby, chief clerk of the War depart ment, produced v PAPERS RELATIVE TO AUGUSTUS P G RESITS. The first was a descriptive list datei June 11', IsfC, and signed by Mr. Kerr, recommend ing Greene to be appointed second lieuten ant In the army, and certifying Greene was personally known to him as a person of itood character, and that be believed Greene was mentally, morally and physically qual ified to perform the duty of a lieutenant in the I .8. army. The next papsr produced was also dated Jaae 12, is#?, and was from A eleon Taj lor, addressed to the War depart ment, asking the return of the papers he had tiled in favor of Greene. These papers were returned and afterwards given by Graene to Mr. Kerr. The third paper was one filed with the President by Hon. Myer Strouse, requesting the appointment or Greene. The fourth paper was addressed to the Secretary ^War by Mr Kerr, dated July 31,18S6, as follows. Will you have the kindness to send the commission of Augustus P. Greene to his address at Madison avenue, New \ork clty. He was nominated by ma." And the fifth was as follows: "House ok Representatives, Wash ington, I). C., April IS, 1876?General R. it. J own tend. Adjutant General:-My Dear Sir: May I trouble you to inform me whether there Is now in the army a man named Au. gustns P. Greene, of the rank of first lieuten ant, or any higher rank, and if such person is not in the army now, whether he was in the last four or five years, and how he got out? ^ our attention will greatly oblige me. I have the honor to be, very truly, yours, To this the Adjutant General repUed 1hat Augustus P. Greene was a first lieutenant In t*je 4th artillery, and was dismissed the ser y.'c? ^'he sertence or a court martial on March 28ih, 1873. He was appointed in the regular army on July 20,18*;*;. He had pre viously served as an officer of volunteers The committee adjourned till Wednesday afternoon, at 1 o'clock. Tbe Blaine Boud Story. TIIE HOSTON HERALD'S J.ATEST EDITION OF THE SC?.NJ)aL. The Boston Herald publishes the report or an interview with a prominent lawyer or that city, who actad as attorney or the credi tor* or barren Fisher, jr., contractor for building the Fort Smith and Little Rock railroad, in their Investigation to discover what became or tbe bonds and securities said to bave been given to Fisher Tne attorney says (according to the tele fUl'?f /cP?rt of the story from Boston,) that Fisher testified that he paid to Hon. J. G Blame ?130,000 for no consideration what, ever; that Caldwell, who acted as his agent In negotiating the securities, used a great portion of them In advancing his own enterprises. He characterized the state ment or Colonel Scott as absolutely false. Scott testified on oath that he paid eighty cents on the dollar for f75,000 worth of the bonds as an Investment. At that time the bonds were selling In the market for 50. If Scott paid wnat he said be gave for the bonds, no one will believe he waa fool enough At'tiL fi as..a . le8ltlmate Investment. At the time the bonds were said lo have been purchased Scott was fighting for the right of way for the Baltimore and Potomac road through to Washington, to J??"4??* ?w tb the Philadelphia, Wilming ton and Baltimore road north of Baltimore, ir he meant that he bought the Little Rock and Fort Smith bonds as an Investment to enab'e him lo get the right of way through In the face of Garrett's opposition, then he may have been correct eaough in his asser tion. It was known that Blaine was largely ^rested in the Little Rock and Fort 8mlth 'man be had intimate relations with Caldwell, who was very liberal in placing ?ir?d *here they woul t (fo them *no<l. If he bought the bonds from Mr. Blaine directly or Indirectly, and Mr. Blaine hntlfh^iYi the advance it would be profit, n?t. lhav? 10 P?y for them then tne profit would be much larger. Caldwell J&lniJn? V1 of March. 1870, cost the roai ?^'?l .. A ycar arier wards, in 1871, wnea the bonds were receding at from 25 to 30 per cent, of par value, Scott turned h?s lnveVt 10 .lhe Unlon Pacific railroad for ?*4,ooo, showing that he knew last who would pay his bills for engineering his right or way and other ravors at Washington. 1 r ? cott has lied President Dillon would seem to be In theeame box with him.and will have to bear some or the obloquy If the truth Is ever reached. J u,*L. Secret Political Bony?"t'm'jcd Oram/ CouncU of the American Lewjue." TTniVi^i 21 ^cret meeting In this city or the Grand Council or the Amerl a national committee was ap pointed to call a national ooulereuce to meet here on the l-Jth or July next A del eg at fon wm: appointed toetteifd the Cincinnati and iea(M?.U?T^)?#veutlon8 ln tho interest of the w.a8 '^?ved to issue a stir mi? ? i. ? upon all Americans to A^iPri?i.n? ,?r "American! ruling America, and for ''the Bible in thS Fse61 Th i wlUloat any com prom .*? This address will bhortly be issued city rar^r?etheg 1^, Vxr e#tabllshment in this ciiy alter the 1st of next July a national committee room, the body adjournes to meet ? the 4th or Jufy. AmetXr Uie orsaatzation, while reruslng Proceedings and asserting tha^ his oath restrains him from giving the namfw * i ,American league is the same sacmt crcaalng? i Phiiaileiiihjg /y,*t ^/apidly in a'?y Bnnoal oourerenoe to divide In o separate conrerences the oueitiTin ?r color when a maj >rlty or both colored mem' ers separat?ly t,7 desire division. Tbe question or'allowing^^ the lav men the right or repreaentatlonTn the^tnnaai ti^i i^niC?hWt!.ltermUl*1 10 remain un*t bishop* were mpasted to ai> p?vlat a copimijton, consisting of flve ml^ Utera aad nve laymen, to consider the iiuest lon and report to the General ConfeV*i???vif strong molutfons on the ooSTuoo oi 1 rovM1! Mgarn " UM* miad'sters and members nt tti? ctiurcb t.?> requested to ab ?taln from Um use of tob.tero, an I that tmm. dMates fcir Maileslon to fbe eiiurc j be re qalml to be free Crow flHMMT _ ? Tb? la ?Srlil?0fl? MVi 0 _0ot*n? <5nO and gffi ?yaps*. c.ya~Ta.?zga KPSreSSysfea !>? m1c?l?70?75 H.iydnii ?aS n rh ?^*^D Bje MjTJia, N^v?r * JSi:!" ^ ??' corn. 90.100. ?????. Bbipmests-wheat, U euu (?eferT^rt*7X* V*bTi,* eoerSuIZLf**' a?' M; d9' Tbe0,?StJ'?!f"toS>it ialK%&JF*fPml18 mkjs???* ?? sm5K uf-: ^ trIfnMin^wp7lS^ IXXyWx^V Cama??'vliMnrataafAmiS?** dS?** yam for the Jetties at the mmUi omS.*Snm slssippi river. He returaStV? ? o?kJkl? ?.T^sssTin<: T'1"'"" ??*?$? RE AD IN Q NO TIC ES. ""?^SSSofliSSiSSSSit. T?.v are stiff and pcottrfttiDi? Hnd will r?i?an? *?^ CITY IT eUs . J. H. S<mi?r * <-? , BAHKISg, M16 Pennsylvania Avenue, pay 6 per cent. Interest on deposits r>avav>i? on demand. Special rau?oOT'ffite ited rf8t palcl Jftnuary antl Ju'y or cred _ 3,27,6o BEIf8?J's csLasr and Cham ar* prePared expressly to cure til ervotis Headache, Dyspep Neuralgia, Nervousness aud Sleeplessness, and will cure any ca^e. Price . ? by a,J Dr?K8'fit? in Washing ton, Georgetown and Alexandria. 2,24,eo orTv,WTLONAL Savings Bank, corner * orfe avenue and 15th street, pays 5 ^ annum on deposits for each cal endar month. Banking nours, 9 to 4 sat unlays, 9 to 4 and 6 to 9. 2713,14116 Patent Window avt? Doob Screens.?Best invention of the aee t^Va" bU?" 8nd motqul ? ^ Peajson, sole agents y M. C. A. Bnlldlng, 9th^and D sts. . 5,l9,eo6 _ ACTIXO THROUGH THE PORKS nnnn thu nrnmnMv' Inflammation Glenn's Sulphur Soap Jfi y relieves the burning, itching, an i 2?rnn"yance8 caused by Salt Rheum fkfn ImPetl,K?- erysipelas,and other skin diseases and ultimately removes everv &MvL*AvM<(mtaneoiu Eair Dye 18 safe as well pP?*tiy- e eo6 18r rwn.Ul freatment of hard, soft and vaseu 4c Fm rowing and club nails, <*c. t ee 81 per visit for attending the feeL /?8T:CLA88 Sooubmo aisd dtbiro rem'ovi^1f!rh?nlar8:ed 1,18 ??tabllshmest by WMt Vh^l^ new buIldtnK> 900 Q st. north JntfeJL doors west of 9th street, very near tils former place. By promptly adoDlln? tii? latest Improvements, whether of American invention, he Is enabled to do any wore in a manner not to be eoualed hr toese facilities! by ftr'LAdi68 Dresses cle&nod sud dred with oat being t&Ken apart. 7 wlUl' Crape Veils rednlshed nice aad chean Grease stains removed effectually, ?peciiutv. * garmeata cleaning and dyeing a thermos!88 l0wer tban ever ^fore, to snlt GEORGETOWN ADVER'M'Ta. J I ST BKCI1YID FBOM A ti&NKBCPT 8ALI #,000 YABD8 HAMBUB^KOQIHQ and IJf. AT OK* HALF THK1B VALTE, nfw?? ?OMA? BROWN'S - Tr ^ No. 131 BrIJgft >tro->t. JVlATTiNHS, >, ?TTISH?LiUTtMbs (WH UK..CHBAr*BTHAH lcV*B Oocd y hit? lod Cbfck^d MAttin? a; 3D eta f?K ?t 3'. .35. v< <S ZnV 60 ct!' O^.Uck'J's'nV* K' 12X worth ?ct(i. ?rir ? Cf fPrU8 ?t marked down 411 klLds- tor ?choolcommaac, Tbe'NM(KoH.?'CKM ftir #1, ,n ?" co,or? JLmTa ...r" Kid OIuvm,i hnitia mi v) - 11818 tr BIBJ4MIN JlltLIR *03* Briige *t. J^PBIMO AHO BUMMttt. FBKM1UM BTEAM DYC1RQ AND HOOUBINQ, At WM U WHEATl KV'I OLD AUD KELIABLS JfSTA B L1SHMKXT Lkdies and Oeotlemen can h%ve their Spring and Bonier Wearing Apparel Cleaned or Oolored in the verr best manner; alan. Winter Clothing, Car ets, Blankets, Ac , Ac . nicely Cleaned and taken care of until needed, Work sent for and delivered without extra charge anywhere in the District? re ceived from and returned to any place ta the oountry by mail or express. Office and Works, 49 Jefferson street, Georgetown. D. C.: Fost Office Box? TH3. Office ttonrs?7 a. m. to 7ii p. m.; Batardar. to 9 p m myf-tr COAL AND WOOD. pOAL! COAL! WOOD! WOOD! Ky lfhW DBPAKTUHb ' HEAVY BKDUCTION IN FB10E OF FUEL' CHEAT' CHBAt FOH CASH! Buy now and save monthly advance. Tboasands Of tons rrderrd. Arriving dally, cargtes of beat varte'lee of Coal and Wood. Bead! Bead! And try ns. Advantages now offered uever before extended consumers. A clear save of 60 cents to 91p>rcord by buying Wood direct from onr wharves and ves sels. Good Fine Wood on wharves, (3 ?S to (4.00 per od. Bakers' " " 4 .7# to 100 " Oak Wood ?? 4.75 to 1.60 " Delivered at a small advance on above prices. Coal at correspondingly low rates. Oartm'-n nu merous, hence delivery very cheap. Having two o( the largest wharves In tke District, and all the fa cilitieH thereto annexed for the delivery of Coal di rect from onr vessels to the consumers, we can cer talily offer special Inducements. 2,>40 lbs. clean Coal always given to the ton,* ? JOHNSON BROTHERS. Main Offioe and Depot at Johneon's Wharves, foot lSih and 13th streets s. w. Offices, 140-J F st. n. w.; 111 'J 9th street n. w my25 eotr (JOAL AND KINDLING WOOD. Onr stock of OOAL Is now complete, embracing all the choice qualities, and to which we invite the attention of oonsumers. Our PATENT BUNDLED KINDLIRO WOOD, with a Ore-lighter in every bundle, is the beat It use. For sale by all grocers?try It. Ho shavings, paper or kerosene oil required. ?HEAP. SA KM. 9LKAN. BTZPHEHHOB * BIO, Mill and Depot fth street Wharf, tsbM-ly Branch Offloe U1S Pennsylvania avsnss r'ZNCINI GRl'YERTC CHEESE, ? T OWN IMPOBTATION Direct from HEBZOOENBl'CBSEE. 8CHWEIZ. 28. W. Bl'BCHKLL, mi V 3t 133U F street. EABLI FBl'ITS AND VEGETABLES BT Norfolk Steamers every MONDAY, WEDBtSDAV and SATDBD IT. Fine TABLE BUTTER by express svery day la Tins, Falls atd Tubs. FRESH EGGS. my?S 6t* OOBMElt 10th AND C 8TBEETS. PRIME OLD CIIBESE, *? SUITABLE FOB RESTAURANTS, FOB, SALE CHEAP. BABBOIB * XX A HILTON. WHOLESALE GBOGEBS, m|g-<t 637, '39 atd '? 1 Louisiana ave. VA CARD 1SITOBS TO PHILADELPHIA wiU find a branch of UEO W. COCHBAH * CO 'S STORE attheOEAND AMEB10AN REBTAURART, in side ot Oeutennlal Grounds, whese Cigar a and Tobacco. of evtry dssciiptlon, oan be had at tae prices the same are told for here _ _ _ BWThe GBAND AMEBIOAN BESTAURANT la situated between Horticultural and Agricultural Balia. Is spacious and airy, and sutrounded by the onl) flu* gro re of shade trees inside the ground*. ?>? At N"X*filff?f ft/!Ml cAZfr*wtc The demand for thees Fills has largely lnsrsasiA. We thevefere call pablicattention to their merits as ? general family physta Prepared with the greet est cere, they preeest the foilowlag good qna<ltlee: They are warn sKjgBBgatadk^K^!; . nre ?W il' 5urx?x,x?.Tx.riaJ*H - ??IS AMUSEMENTS. i^ BAND ENTERTAINMENT AND CONCERT U Br T?- 8BAK3PBABB CLUB, U nd*r ttH? aasalos o: tb? LA DIBS' BBNBYOLBBT ROU'BTY OF NOBTH WASHINGTON At FOBD'3 OPtR A 11<>CSK, WFPNIBDAf BYBMSU, May 31. ISTg. ? Tickets, 31. m?H it* UAIKIU ( OIIKKT, AT TBI hew CHrnrn of hie iM-Esuox, TBUBSDAT, Jim lit, 9 p. m. FOE THE RRHF.riT OF HEW ORG AX. Atrocf those ?ho will take part will be foanl KXi.e of the best Mtttar talent In our cly. Tb? ob ject worthy patronage of all. The anditorlnn Ue fioMt In toe city. and when surh talent m the folio win* iikv tin church should be crowded Miss Ivt Mills, Mr. Frank Patter. VlMNlit rirsii Hr.f o Ewer, Mn. H T Or. ibr, Mr Nathaniel 8 Fnaitt. Mr Bamael G Y?unp. Mr. Wm M Shatter ir ., W 0. lit 1. and others. Prof. Walter. Oreanist. Tickets can be obtained at Metxsrott's M nlc Store. Admission. ?1. Ticket* admitting Three ? J. myM 4t EATER COMIQl E Eleveatk Street, Btiow ftMHSHiramts ilwM. OP EX THE YEAR JiODXl). Performance KYEBY BIGHT. Matinee for ba ll** and Children BYEBY WEDNESDAY U< SATURDAY AFTEBNOOB. FJHST-CLASS 1X~EYEKT RRSFEC1. Tarlety, Drama, Burleeiiue and Oomedy. dotBIt Old No.) On Uxhibitioa INIW No, IM S aad (M? J 439 TTM St. S at ( 7TM 8T. NiBHRITEI'R, Vs. 4 30 Tit >trnl. bii\errn JJ ?x i g ftrtttt, Hit tioort abort Odd Ftiloies' Hail. CJfectoa Oil Palntinga, Engravings, Ohromoe. A?. Also, largest atock of raper Hangings, Window 4b?dee, Picture*, Frames, Plcnre Coras aad Tea Ml*, Rirg?, Balla, Ac., la the District. ?rTum OisB. WP?*aw remember Name and Number, Jyl-ly FESTIVALS. ?? ? i ? ? - - - Tub ladies ok tub ouhbcu op tub REFORMATION will farLiah their f'Unds with ftra? berries and cream, THLB4DAY and FRIDAY KVENINOS, Jute 1 and 2 , at the Chanel on Capitol Bill, 1st street, near 0. tnjSO It* PIANOS, *c. PIANOS ASH OHflARI AT feKEAT BARUAMI. 40 PIANCS from $<6 to #100. . 30 OBOANS and MEL0DE0N8 froaS |U to |2M. - N?w PIANOS from *100 And up; ne*OBQAN8 from ?78 and up at J. F. ELLIS * CO.'S, 93? Pennsylvania avenue. Bole Agents for ("bickering acd Weber Pi*n>eand Bttiiii towjjjj Organs. m>23 lm riANOS. One 7 octave Chlckering Parlor Grand. ~..?XXJ One 7 octave Chickering Square >00 octave Gabler Square.. - ?. 2ii One 7-octave Upright Fuller - 175 One 7-cctave Emmet son Pauare - 110 Several second-band OBGANS. from 910 to #7S. For sale npon easy terms. to make room. At the warerocms of W. ? METZEROTT A CO , Bole A cent- of tteinway s Pianoa and H??n A Hamlin s Cabinet Organs, Pennaylvania avo nne, between 9th and 10th atreeta. my?7 iw rpHE HCMMLBG BIBD (OOLIBB1) PIANO. TLe imalleat and the cheapest Brwt-claaa imt-o* tave PIANO ever made. O. L. WILD A, ?? - BBO., Bole Agenu, 7 J3 7th afreet, Mwa?k|B?Si G and H atreeta northweat. IIIBII Piant? and all Instrument! TUNED aad BE PAIBBD. febM tr HALLBT DAYIB A CO 8 GBABD, BQUABB and CPBIGHT PIABC8 for aala oc^.*^ monthly lnstalmenta. CeloLrated for pa Balf-I rity and sweetneaaof tone. Sea Agent,911 ??? *' * tth street northwest. decM WM. KNABE 9 CO.'B WOBLD BENOWBBD PIABOB, Grand, Square Grand. Square and Upri0*t, THE BEST MADB. The favorite McCammon Pianoa, Shonenger'ieal abrated Organs, new style, Alao, a large, aaaortment of Pianoa which have been Inl oae a abort time, for sale and rent at vary ? low prices. Toning and Be pal ring promptly at tended to, at RJBICH BNB ACH'9 PIANO WARKKOO MS, octU-ly 493 llth at.,a few doora abora Pa.aT. HOUSEFrRNISIIING GOODS. TBO WEASSWABE, W CHINA, CBOCBBBY, HOCSEFCBNISHING GOODS, BBFBIGBBATOBS, ICE CHESTS, COOLEB9, 4c. WEBB * BEYEBIDGE, btII P 1009 Pana'a ava .near llth atraat. SECOND HAND FL'BNITUBB, O BfoVBS. 4c , BOUGHT, acd the highest cash prices paid, and aold at re duced ptieea.for cash. W.BUTHEBFOBD, my Il ly Cor. 13th andQ ata., 6^9 nor^hwaat. d CHRIS. RIESSNSB, ^ T14 ABD TIT Tth 8TBEET N. W la Sola agent for the District of Oolumbla for the ST. G EO BO E, The only BELIABLB HEATING BANGS In the market. Mr. Beismer haa aut up hundreds of these Bangea In this city, and In all caaaa they have given the utmost aatisfactlon. He haa the Ian eat and beat atock of SLATE MABTBL8 Id Washington,at prlcea from |lil upwards. Mr. Biaasner la Bole Agent for the BAD1ABT HUME FUBNA0B, Which has been thoroughly taatad, and pronounced by experts the beat furnace now in nse. IiATBOBBS ABD GB&TB8 In great variety, at greatly reduced prices. THB 8UMMEB QUBEB OIL OOOB STOYB la the best and safest oil stove In tha world. 1BOB ABD TBBBA OOTTA YA8E8, Embracicg all the late at designs. Also, a large stock af BBFBIGBBATOBS. WATER COOLERS, BTABDS, CUTLBBY, Plata and Fancy TIN WABE. wholesale and retail. Beat three ply BOBBEB HOSB, only U cents per foot. TIB BOOF1BG,8POUTIBG,fte .donepromptly by tha beat workmen. Ordara Invited. CHBIB. BIESSBEB, mylO-tr T1S and TIT 7th street northweat. 4 T" ? IMPROVED KITCHENER Will do tbe family cooking with one-half tha coal required by any otber Range In the market; ooata one half aa much aa other Bangaa of aama capacity; will save its price in a few years In tha ltana of re pairs, and aava its prloe every year in tha coal bill; la modeled by the heat skill known to tha art, with a view to the greatest convenience; la what every family wants, and, having, would not part with. Wa have Bmail and Large Family, Baataarant and Hotel The largeat assortment of 8L4TB and WHITB MABBLB MANTELS and PABLOB GBATEB In tha city. HAYW4BD * HVTCHimOS, SIT 9TB ETBEBT B0BTHWB8T, my4-tr STOVE and PLUMB1NQ HOUSE. REFRIGERATORS WA TMR *UOOLER8. Large stock of good aaakss, at low pricaa. GEO WATTS * CO., Hovei ronmaHiMe Sromi, apS8 ly 314 7th atreat, above Pann. avenu< JUST OPENED. GAVZE rVDlEWKAK AT VBBT LOW F1SUBBS. LADIES' ALL KIBD9 FBOM 40c. CPWABD9. HISSES' GAUZE IKDEBWE4B FBOM 94 CEBT8 UPWABDS. BEM'S GAFZE CIBEB1 FBOM 40 OUTS UPWABDS. PABASOLS AT ASTOBISBIMO PBIOBS, A9 O. Binrs, Mt SUMMER RESORTS. THK FARit>H BOTH. CHAKLOlTS t^lf T. M i < *ptlon off ?uTTin _ . __ jTMaWlLLS TA , (fin S'jaor F ardera tapvn -t a.c nn)di tKoe Pri-ee very moderate. For farther p*'tienl?re add re e*. J.M PAGE A PP., Pr t* noiUMM HOT IL. * BT. GCOKUI 9 MUSI*. Mftr PIN E Y P"I V'T. M l 1 hie tor-mer retort mil. le open for r?*ptioo off Ti-i-rjf J?mIM f Visitors ?> Potorrac strain ?r< will V>e' m? t prow>r> at Pen.' or 51a- u?ll * wharf with coav^ruct. Table ... with delicacies of til* KMog. Boat* f.-r fishing I Hlliril IrMifrliirn. A1dre? ? . _ R r ADAMS A BIO* . tnySC lm.' Plney P..>M f M >r) ?Ro . M'l j^ot sue* ?i?ru arm HAMILTON, VA. Tti? pViMlt Snamt r Ertou ?.11 be open fjr lb H'Cf r lui ?t f INII o? tb? In of J lb* A - . A Tie cont'*i.tiy to the d?pt and tMermph VnBC office. trgetber with the curative rr p>r- US1 ti*a of the water render* thti one of the m d- r able attnattens ij the country. for Fr< >*>? ? ~kiut net. ncrrttioi ud health. T"*? m ^riu. Address. ? 8 BCSB. Proprietor ?ny5t> la* H>mllto?. boadop <l?u ity, T> MUN.MVITH HUlSB. PPR1BO b?EI HBACH, MOXMOVTH COP.VrV, AT J. Tbia new ana magnificent SeaMie Hotel will be open JCNE | ( rtuiiiiot :50 Land oniely tarnish VMM.gas. water, eletat r. electric bell*] kid all tbe n><Ver?> c >nv<-oie_?es Atr pie caiatii? for Mir so<s;? witb< tit crowdlnt. lha Hotel in 100 feet from the beaib. where the t~a:btn0 ie uaturpea? .1 on tbe coast ? hile a mtgn - fic< nt fr"#h water eke li wlthm AO f ?et itt.,. \? rar.'at inland, abounding inn-baLu ?p end 14 for and eaalit p An elegant bsnd ? f mnsic will bain i?tcnd* ice tte entire itt>cn (tour moctb-1. IS b?ura ftoni N.w T>rfe city. IS hoar* lroa w i-?? Phll?d? lphta. without charge of?era. F< r circc I ?r? ?pply at the M . Cioud Hotel, Tiilta d? Itbla, or at the Hi t tn>nrh Hotel. Ml LL'N A Mi K INNIS- Pr prletou. O W 9?t t MM.of 8t. t loud Hotel, Philadelphia Hk Nfc v M. h i>n B, of Depot Hotel, Fort Wayas, ltd Se InMa E*pan< I. ?^"A line li*t r> in attendatce for n?e of gu>'?tt. Bvifl w in JJAWiEV IFK I ilCI, NEAB HABBI80MBI' BQ, BUCHIIUB \M CC?I K T? . V A GEU W. BUBivXR. OF WASUIHJTOS. D. V , MANAGER Tti" w?ll-kn?wa and yofnlar Rnntnar Baaort will be open June let, 1*7#. The waters I'} anal j i>it com para favorably wi h tbo renowned chalybeate uattraof lar t It 1? theatroi ? eat climlj beate la the Cuite In addition t>> the watr>r, tbe location, pare and ex htleratiuff *tmo?phere, picturei^ue acenar>. fln? wi'ki, dri%e?, bunting, flshinc. Ac . all tend to Bake Raw If y THE most attroctiee as well a* the m at healthful reeort In Virginia TbeOMnaaay haant great expense erected the most m ? iaa >ni ?n? at d ooiniartaMe bulldlnct In the -iAte, and during the j aat winti-r complete a pe rfect ejaletn of terra cing and nnderdratnitif. Fcr terms and pxtnphleti apply to A. B. 1BICR, President. my3()ec,tni Harriaonbnr- , Virginia. foil ??lOlavSa. k<IA CBOVI, OAPI MAY POINT-This K5 ligbtful Bcn.nier Bes<rt ii now opei and prtsent* u..n?tial atlrncMma. Cot nr/otlesriUt, Vm , ltd el'gant new fnrn-I. ? A 24X10. will receive BUM VnBV > from the let of J one to JUUHm l>er. No extra cha'ce f >r bot o - ta^ee fun istitd ?r aLfurni*he4,for sale or, rent. K. K . WILSON, mi 29 la >11 7th atreet. Tub albbm mils kamalb institutbT Ch at lout.Tt Ut, Vm Refitted loot fa'l witn ture at a coot of ?12J MAR BUAML>RtU? fi _ theJSthof Cettetw) er. No ex*ra chance f >r cold baths, nor for nse of new ten-ptn alley*. my2P I^OCK BNU5I BF&IMBB. tsUualcd on the Wrsfern Slope of the Qrent XorlH Mountain, near Winchctter, Pa, OPEN JUNE 15, 1876. A. 8. PRATT. Prapriitet. WM. H. BOSS, M D , Hm lent Pkgsutam. Terma, $40 for four wetfca. Special ratee will be made for familiea et gagn g for tbe aeaa<<n j . . A Fare to tbe Ppripga and return. by llalt-Vr!AV Injure and Ohio railroad, B8?U Leate^JB^ Wa?hlngtor at c 15 a. il , and arrive at tbebpua?* tbe came afternoon Tbe air of thU mountain retreat if pare an] brac ing, tbe soanery is grand and romantic, tbe r >m forta of home may. to a large extent, be enjoyed, and tbe healing and *trengtheniiig power of the Mineral Water* are not eurpaeeed Hot and Coid Baths and aa lmmena* Swimming Poo', and a tine Rowling Alley a^d Billiard Boom on the groat.d*. N B.?No Bar For pamphlets and infoimotion apply to A. 8. PRATT A SON ? corner t>th and I) atreots mylMw ^ILtUTT BI'H I HQ.?Tbe anbicrilet'i house ?3 is open for boardera daring the mm B . ? A mereeHaon: 3 m'les south of ParcellTille,Y|7^AV L>on>lon ctnnty, Va. Addres- W. B MAR 811 ALL, L'lcoIu, LoudonOo . Fa. myi6 2awiiu~ ^CMMIR BOABDINO. r Per*..** wlajdag to and at write to L 8. DOWDlT. Principal F F Inbtltnte. Warrenton, Va . aa thia building i* now V> ay tun* m bptud the innner at a delightful ^1 l' I open for boardera. m>B tu>?Jw V'ATTON ?Asa Summer Beaort for Washi 1 tonlana. YATTON.atthe Bine Ridgef Mountains, in Lcudonn connty- Va.. on" the line off tbe Waaliington and Ohio rail- _____ toad. < dera One attractions, and l? now opau five nnnatee' walk f?cin the dep>t; fifty miles from the city. Pnre moon tain air and aplendld soenery; plent '. ot fruit, milk, batter at d egra: nice shale, plenaant walka atid drive*, everything for health and ccmfcrt Terms *ery reae^nable. For room* terma, Ac , addt>?- O.W.WBIGUT, Bound Hrl Depct, WancORK.Va mi ?V ta th i.fa * I * F IDGK Bl'MMIT.lwetva or if lit teen Boarders can be accona.) ? dated, on reaarnable terms, at thea??>vf resldetce. fro? the KIR8T MONDAY ?w JUNE. The attractions are: C ol. pare m ?untain air, with a fine park fronting the hoa*?. This la the most elevated stopping point on the Weetetn Mary land railroad, by three hundred feet, and is within three beers'rid-from Baltimore Kor particulars apply to JOHN LBBCH a PM ? N. Blue Ridfe 8am niit Post Office,Weetem Maryland Railroad m>3 lm m WTO( KT0II HOTEL, ^ CAFE MAT, N. J. OFhNS JUNE 15:s. 1876. ?flit fHABLB DCFFT, (Ot CoDtlnectol Hotel, Fhiia ,) Proprietor. myM- lm I^ITIZ SFRIMOB HOTEL. Tte new management b?f leave to Inform tbe namerons gnaau and patrona of thia welir known and popular _ | %If BtMMBR BBSOBT That tbe Hotel hae been moet thorough! nUhed and remodeled fro a top to bottoea, A liberal patronage ia aoltcited TBBM8 MODERATE. Apply to AMMOH * J AOOBT, mylO lm |jilti?.. PeinsylToila. "VALLRY HOMB" nodaotly offera pure v aouetain air, mineral water, <Snl-M . ? A ?bar atd Chalybeate),go<<i fare, Ikome-VcSAV like freedom, and daily malla to all wboAfiiH^ bare lingered beneath ita ahodee.and toany atrMC ?ra who may come. Terma, |B per taonib. City refeiences freely given Addreaa, MBS 8. 8. OORE, myl7-Iw* Valley Home, via Wine heater, Vo^ T*BE BALT1MORB AND OHIO BA1LBOAD 1 COMPANY'S HOTEL, AT DBBB PARK. Will f OPBN BOH VISITORS on tbe 1*TB OV JUNE, and tbelrNBW HOTEL at Oah-M . . A land on the 1st OF JDLT. Applicants VpSBV for Bo?n.a or Information addreaa tbe an dersigned, at Oakland, Garrett oonnty. B di. aptt tjyli JOBB DA1LET. Manager. HOTELS. RIQQS HOUSE, PLIMEB dk SPBFKOBD, Proprlfteri FIFTEENTH AND G BTBBETS. mylS ly Washisotos. D. C. yyMSTM11ISTM& BOTBL, Ol THE ECROFBAB FLAM. ornec Irving Place and Mtb atreet Mew fork One Block from Union Bquora and Broadway, *** OonranSant'to tbe'great itoraa. theaters and Elevator, and all Modem teproveaaecla. i to aU porta of the etty by atreet cart and t.thAaJy O. B. FBBB1I. Proprtokoa. BANKERS. A.A.A.A. CAao Large or awill anna carefully tnrtft d and man aged for cwtoaen at a distance ta Uttitmw mettvt Stocks that often yield enermoua retama itrt M i?n ISjBd *Utk Privtlegea a specialty ?aw Stock Book for taveatora, giving full Md re liable Information bow to ortrnu tmjiit ta Stocks, eent free on application. * MAJIKMM8 AM> STOCK MM ?FIT HAaaAEtr IT ?joo Aisy/sft.ny j 1700 v wbB Be B ! i<a ptes* noons. 717 M. ?!! V?, 717 lA,I|T space. a s ac<j ai>rioa or utiH' BUDT.1&BB M il*. OUMKIil*. BA?4)1 E*, D11TUS AMI IUIERV At Iwr rno... Abe. ? large mm ftam of thlmmhu HATS ahv bommmis. lKi??\?llldot*!l to iiibim tfee ?torft before ? JUST RECEIVED. A Ufge taeortaeat ?; r , . ?"*&? 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