Newspaper of Evening Star, May 31, 1876, Page 1

Newspaper of Evening Star dated May 31, 1876 Page 1
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VS?. 47-N2. 7.282. WASHINGTON, D. C.. WEDNESDAY. MAY 31. 1876. TWO CENTS. Tin: KVKNINU HTML rtll Hilt. ??<??' MWfM, a; ,ilf fiTAH MtriLOISU*. ' nth, M Th? T>4t.rr 8t*? fUwspADBf Ootnpsaj, ?. - ? ? rr ? r ?**?*<> xt** ??-?*?? ** wi?'i r? mj.!???? <>' l? ?*' W*rk, or Forty nun'h. '?'j?fa fl< th* flMtn'rr, Yarn i>r>u earn tin rmul-yrrytmi? duly OnU a r*Mv u?, ??"? y*?r. ?*. jhiWiii'.t htar 1+tUu/mJ on r>*lay ?i a >war. /-Mtn* i*n"*L mf~ A'i ? ? i*Vw? 3/- tfn.v?o/??*#r?ae*??0/WnsUA*ir|o?? SPECIAL NOTICES. y NOTICE, K P-t be memlwra ? f Utl an.v T L'ltuK. h-> HI,*tti?Mi?tLi4n Tim THIB WMlMlai i loVW. ?? r ltr*r i?ti out* (<? lain il ol Brother J"itv V ilk. By "rd?r C. 0. Coaen>BBd?r It? " J. WILLIAMS i^=3? A LI. bBPrBulCAB* OF TUB FIFTH MO IBLATI V E l>lSTBICTt pp> ed t> **}". # ? Or< ei. c<;Diriia3 ? n the 27to <>| Much, wit] "?*\ In Bam meeting at Stott'a ball. Corn?r of lva? ?? *i?n?f end 10 h >tra^.oc WCDS Ee PAY k v | M > G Mar 31. st ?? o' select ('tUcitN to tb? contention it Lyceum 11 ?ll? on lH^d? t #v#Blnf,tfce 7lll of Jan#, to #N?td?lo fltaatol'itciuuti JOHN W BOOTH, It President Fifth Dia^rict Club. ? OLI'WHI AN [ SIVIHMri WILL ____ tiir tk tr tDDual Mmn<oii to Glamnnt on ite 7th of JtSl. Extensive preparations are t. ic< i kl?i.'ifciir? oieof the hippieet trips ever taktn ? l"??ll.a f' t m ec m>3l B~ B\WfcEKaV rvTIT&L-a rMt'.ta ?v^ will U (Iffc in th? hectare Kcom ?f KvUnl ? tr.ra?r't D aid 10rh street* *onth ?e*t. on Ti-fc-l'M". WEDNESDAY and Tai'tt-aPAY BYESINGSi fMie pi vent week. ui>7JJIt_ SPECIAL N_0 TICK. Ajl ba*i"t goo<l* d*?o<i*?d with ns, or left ?n r< niBit??i-u. ?ui ovetdue June l.are hereby noti fied to r?>l ? m or rrnew tfce ?vne on or before the ll t? date?? or the ma? will be e>>la at pibltc auo ti- n en PATUBOAY. Juae 3, at the aaetloa room a <1 l>ttcHTi?jB Bros, corner 9:b and 1) (treats, to mtisfy acxa^ce* atd Coots 8. GOLDSTEIN * CO , Loan Cowmseioa Br kiri. arv'V-St | B? r 'Jt I Corner 10th and P *ta. AT auction -The ESTIBE STOCK of H. H HEM PLCB, OPTICIAN.4*3 Pean ?T/anla avenue, EV Eh V EVENING at 7* a'ekek. tnvM tr f. M. O. A . OPEN AIB MEETINGS Every ETenio>.at8 o'clock, corner 7tb atreet and PennM lvanla avenue. 0ABRATU AFTEBNOONSEBVICB I!* LINCOLB HALL, At 3M o'clock. BVK-erybody Invited. tnylO tr OFFICE OF FBABKLIB INS. CO B_/ W A-eis?Tos. P. O., Mar 22.18<?. 1 be StockBcMera of the FBANKLIN IN tl KANCB COMPANY of Waabincton and George town. I> r.. are r?)nested to meet at thlaoffice on Ml'NDAT. June5?b, between the hours of M o'clock a b and 2 o'clock p. to., for the purpoe* of fleeting twelve 113 > Director* for the waning vear miBk .? CHA8 BBADLBT, Secretary ? ~ U ? BBS T. ? ILBUBS S SODA WATBB. BATl'RA L 8PK1BG WATERS on Dracfht 1CB COLD TEA, OOFFBB and CUOCOLATB. 14?* Fi^nstlvania aw?vus? ?plS-tr aear WlUard 'a. B W.VB1TAEBB, tin Til Clt i m and Colleti to* llial, _o. 71 ? 13tb atreet. near Treaanry Departaarat. District Cladna, Penaion and Bounty Clalma, ? ial^y. apU p^? BEKVOLB EXHAUSTION .?A Medical 1^ E?aar. compiialng aaeriee of lecture# deliv ?red at Kabn'a Mcaenm of Aaatomy, New Fork oa the c*n?e and care of Premature Decline, abow u li>diapHt?bly bow lost health may be regained, affording a clear aynopela of the impedimenta to *. and the treatment of nerrona and phy*l ty, being the reanlt of ? yeare'eiaerlence. ceuta. Addreeathe author J>r. L. ). Kahn, I realdenee, 31 Eaat Itfrh at., B. F. aal ?m *r, cat detfllty, being the reanlt of 10 yean'ex aerie noe Prlcf.X * cSc? and U D COO KB, Jk. * OO., apIf tr 1439 r atreet. 8TBATFOBP PBBPALL, 448 Loaletana avence, ATTOKXMb-ATMAW. LEWIS JOBHSOB * OO., H A H K M * S. 9/ 14ta Strut and raata i?aa?4. Peaiera la Government and Dlatrict Seecrlttet Farelgn E?f hange and Gold. aepU Iy UEIi O. YOCNQ. BOTABY PCBLiq, CCU7 tf Oftic*?Bra* Bvil?:N?< HCJ UTir, STYLE AND EXCELLENCE, IB CEJTLIBIS'I DRESS* FOB BOBBT STREETW Freccb Woolen Solta. Br jad Plaid Bnita. Bsgllab Woolen Sulta. Light Plaid Salta. Bcctcb Woolea 8nlta Dark Plaid Bnita. Oxford Mixed Bnita. Mottled Mixed Bnita* An *rIran Woolen Snita Hair Line Cass. Salts. lark Blxed Snita. Light Mixed Bnita Licbt Batiste Bnits. Dark Batiste Snita.' Mckair Wonted Snita. Bobby Sack Bnita. 8:)lieb Frock Snita. BVBBY 8TYLX OF MIXED SL'JT. FOB DBK&S, OB EYEJIIU PIOXZSADE Diagonal Worata^la, la Coats and Teats. Pii^ne Worateda, _ la Coata aad Feati. Bird'a Eye Worateda. la Coata and Vesta. CiaOiODd face Worateda, In Coata aad Vesta. Tricot WoraUda, _ la Coata and Ya Crtee tar WoraUda, _ In Coata and Ye Every Design of Worsted. jy COAT AXD VJC8T. Id every coaeeivable pattern. HABLE BROTHERS, Merchant Tailors and Fine Clothiers, ?Tl? tr Corner Seventh and D atreets. MSN'S WEAR, SPRING GOODS. NEW STYLES FINE GOODS, TO MBBB TO BBBAURB SUITS TO ORDER, FBOM #34 Or. BEADY-MADE SUIT St fb> n 914 CP. BEADYBADB SPRING OVERCOATS, BIO OP. I1N V BT FBBBBI.IBo?r..ljva B?. 1897 PixaaTiTiiu Aram. PttthBisatMlsi. dsar iyjBt> ion BYB ObaBBBBABD SPEOTAOL 'In grsat variety. A large atoa CUES aad JBWBLBY. Specia ?aid to repairing 4as W ate bee Bad Jewelry Hair Work Biasi to order, at PBUK7B A OOLP BBJTBB. f 17 PeaaaylvMla a venae ay IF lag EVENING STAR. Washington Newg and Gossip. OomiriiBrr Receipts To-day Inter nal revenue, *+* 1,803 92; total for the month, fl2.763.60S.-l8. Customs to 'lay, <*303 761.20" total for the month, ?ll,232,M1.44. Good Cards.?Mr. J. Brlaben Walker, who Is to Ptart the new morning journal, 7V XnfUn, next week, has associated with him 4 I5obCrHghrin,"of the Danbury Beic*, and Leader. taary I>onK1*?|. of the FUUbitrg LARGK !? ALLI50 Off IS GOVIR!IXI!(T HEC*rPT8.?At the Treasury department to day it Is estimated that the receipts from crstoms will fall short ten millions, and the STel"!e r?oelPt? foar millions be i ^ est inflates nnJe for tiie tl<c%l year, ltrvlrg a total deflcitof ?l 4.000,000 la tbeea next year endln? Jane 30t& PlRfOSAl.-A. Wright, U. 8. A ; Judge J. S. Black and wife, Pa ; Commodore Eebiger and Capt. W. 8. Schley, U. 8. N., are at the .Ah.} k l,Re' .'?"Senator Ogleshy has gone I". \t M"fL.10 ,llin218 for B brlef vls,t M M. Ogden, of New York, has been V'1?.n *. flrst-cla?s clerk in the Sixth Anditor a oliice. ???? Mr. Gonrge 8. Bines ?T,e.'?.'T"s.""uyoi "?*r,"way m??? Schih, the bnrly assistant doorkeeper of the House of Kepreaentatlves, it appears, is debt to a grocer, a small man, named mornlng the grocer called at the L EJmJ ? get th? amount stopped from mnni?oEay*. 8cfie11 being advised of the course taken to secure payment of the debt, ?W,roe aD(1 assaulted him. He ? Vl . ." fact' andwwas pounding him nnmer f~!L & w^n bystanders interfered and IOOK Dim on. allioid Robbery by a Paymaster's ( lerk?The Paymaster General of Uie army baa been advised that Paymaster May nadler was robbed by his clerk, who de 700of 016 fand? belonging to States. Maynadler'anomination la before the Senate for action, he ha vine at one time been confirmed, but a motion to re consider Upending. The particulars of the robbery are not given, other than that the thVspolTs OP<n tbe safe and made off with Official Information of theTurk ikh Revolution.?His Hlgneea the Grand Vizier baa juet addressed the following to t?ie Turkish Minister In this city: "In pres "f.lhe unanimous will of all the people. Abdul Aziz Khan has been dethroned to-dav and bis Majeaty Sultan Murad, heir pre sumptive to the Imperial throne, has been proclaimed Emperorof Turkey." This tele gram was Immediately communicated to this government by the Turkish Minister. Dispatches received by him since, atate that " qn,e.1 and that a S^neral sense the people ^ 8601,1117 P1*?118 among The Investigation of Speaker Kerr?The Committee on Expenditures in the War department met at one o'clock to ,r,e8ume the cross-examination of Lau hcMHu"18?' toe witness wh> a wore that The w?tn^J^tr^frr rr'? for a 'Cotenancy. the being present at one o'clock . committee took a recess until two Cbairman Clymer stated he gave Harney permission to go to Naw York, with morn^ngr1*1141118 that h? was 10 relarn 11118 at fo o'clock, but having returned from New t^mcrxow?mm adj0Qrned nntil 3 p. m. Secretary Robeson was before the House Naval Committee this morning. He was given a list of questions answe.a :o which the committee detlred. concerning the ad mit, titration of the affairs of tiie depart ment. He said that what he desirel first in quired into was bla connection with the C*t'?;is. He had been charged with an im pr? per connection with them, and if it was .5???.? hi?J character would be smirched, and it would not be necessary to farther. He appealed to the sense of justice of tha members of the committee to prooeedspeedily to the point alluded to, and with open doora. The committee decided to grant the request of the Secretary so far as toexamlnebimOrston his transactions with Cat ell, but reserved the question of public seniors for further consideration. The Sec retary will be heard to morrow. For the Doctors?in the Senate to-day Mr. Cragln Introduced a bill, which was re ferred to the District Committee, providing that any person or persons in charge of anv Ti?0?* n<?pltal. almshouse, jail, or any fi Institution supported /n part by the district of Columbia or the United States, n poyernment hospital for the in sane, shall deliver up to teachers in medical "chools, to medical examining boards of the army and navy, and to teach ers of private classes for instruction In anat f ?nrgery, upon their request in writ lag, approved by the Board of Health or other person having authority to grant bu ?JifJSl? ?'tbe bodies of persons dying in 15? 'nstttutlons named, to professors, teach ers, Ac., as aforesaid. The bill is the same " one introduced by Mr. Buckner in the House the other day. The Adjournment Question if the Senate proceeds with the trial of Belknap, the probabilities are that the session of Con eil;ena,10 toe middle of August. J!?1.* *ato adjournment it iaaug by some of the leading democrats of , ttiat the Senate defer the trial R? next November. This would enshio the appropriation bllla to be considered and T??do?D2n^er iS2"UUve bu.in3? loosed: of, and an adjournment sine dieef time in July. After the sesalon closed the Senate could convene In extraor dinary session for the impeachment trial at any time indicated as best suited to the con Senators, it was thought possi ^'f.^^ay, owing to the backward slate of legislative business and the la ten aha nr tha r?n.J!ll^LH,e8ena,? might concludi to Sd jOClp theBelsnap Impeachment trial until frwii ?*I!IATI0*8^-The President sent the following nominations to the tsenate Uxlay: Charles S. Engliah to be .-oiiector of customs for diatrict of Georgetown, D. C vies Pit. Wm?K" Bluiit. postmsattt fnck^ Hi Mass.; E. w. Grlffln, of Ken xt 7' t*' ^ consul at Apia. Friendiv mH modores^herfp1"^ Navy Promotlons-Com m?xiores Tbeo. P. Greene and David McDon ?Jow on retired liat, to be rear admirals on the retired Hat; Charles J Nnm5575S5 asalatant surgeon;' Henry R 8mTt{Tt^ ^ F' HnSlS Military promotions?Major H. C. Hodges, quartermaster, to b? Muartermaster general, with rank of fieV. ^, *?7colonel; Captains George H. Wcki and Wm. I). iluges, assistant quartern al ters, to be majors and quartermasters' Kin?t Lieutenants L. E. Campbell, 22d lnian ^ ana Charles 8. Hentzleman, 3d artllleiv fa qv^rtermastera; . !!L?:lnAto'1' ?/Pennsylvania, to be col 1 hia customs for thedistrict of Phlladel Kmip for tub Scffiftrs pt the <;a? Explosion at the Caw i? the H?nate to day Mr. Morrill,of Vermont, from the CommltUe Public luildlnzs aud Grounds, to which was referrod a resolution i2?2!??f.T^t?pI,,v^loa ouM be mide for toe heirs of John King, wno was killed and L. B. Cutler, (Senate < jqploye^,) who' was seriously li jured by tha recent saaek. plosion at theCupltol, report^i a nilf reclt k whereas, King lea a wife, three children, and a mother in Uw without any it em s of support; and wh. r*as Cutler was so lrjurtd as to be disabled t.?? life, an i se wife and mother depend upon him for snppt rt, that t3,000 be appropriated for the support of toe family of the late John Klnir and the same sum for the aid of L. B. Cutler iLe money to be paid to the Secretary of toe Interior, in trust, who is riven erection to pay it in annual instalments cr in one payment, or In invaat the sama for their benefit, as he may think most expedient; also, that a further sum equal to the amount of their compensation from May l th to June 30th nest be turned over to toe Secretary of the Interior for the benefit of Cutler and Uie heirs of King. Tanllw la the District. uefitnt NECESSITY FOR CONGRESSIONAL ACTION. In (be serai? to day tbe President pro tern. (Mr. Ferry) laid before tbat body a communication from tbe District Commit ?loners calling tbe attention of tbe Senate to tbe necessity of legislation providing for a Just measure of taxation npon property in tbe District, and especially tbe necessity of providing for a tax to be levied for tbe fiscal year endiDg June 30, l&77,so as to provide the public revenues without wblcb tbe gov ernment cannot be carried on in tbe new Oscal year wblcb will begin In less tban five weeks. Tbey state that tbe law levying a tax for tbe support oftbe government for tbe fiscal year now just closing went into effect March 3,1875, and even from that date to the time when tbe tax became payable too short a period Intervened for the efficient execu tion of tbe provisions of tbe law with refer ence to tbe making of assessments and of re turns, and tbe preparation of the proper books and records. Since tbe assessment on which the tax for the present flscal year wis made, taxable re hi estate of the District has, it Is estimated, been increased by upwards of >3,000,000, by buildings which have been began, constructed or competed during tbe past year. In order, therefore, that such property may bear its pro portion of the buraen of taxation for the new fiscal year, soon to begin, prompt legis lation is absolutely needed. Furthermore, tbe present fiscal year will close In less than five weeks and revenues must be provided for tbe support of tbe government during tbe fiscal year so soon to begin. Tbe importance of bavlng a well devised tax law, giving ample time within which it may be care fully executed cannot be too strongly urged upon the attention of the Senate. Tbe sub ject is uow before that branch of tbe Na tional Legislature for consideration; a bill bavlng passed tbe House several weeks ago. In our Judgment it Is expedient that the legislation upon thla subject at the pres ent session of Congress sball take the form or a permanent law Imposing a Just measure of taxation within tbe District and prescrib ing tbe tax which shall hereafter be an nually levied npon taxable property. In tbe absence of such a law tbe property In terests of tbe District are injured by tbe un certainty both as to the measure of taxes and as to the property wblcb Is to be subject to taxation. The whole system Is liable to change in each succeeding year. At the same time, by a permanent Taw upon the subject Congress will be relieved from the labor or maturing every year a measure for taxing District property. Then will be avoided also tbe Injustice and inconvenience wblcb to some extent must always result when a law upon ?ucb a subject is delayed or is hastily pre Fiared or executed. We trust, therefore, that t may be practicable for tbe Senate at an early day to give its attention to legislating permanently an equitable measure of taxa tion on property In tbe District, indicating the property tbat is to be taxed, and pre scribing tbe mode of assessment and collec tion of taxes. The letter was referred to the District Com mittee. Mr. Spencer, chairman of the com mittee,explained that they bad not had time to fully consider the House bill, but would be able to report it in a few days. The Blalae Bond Investigation. FISHER, ATKINS, AND OTHERS EXAMINED. The sub-Committee of the Judiciary Com mittee of tbe House tbls morning examined Warren Fisher and Ezra D. Atkins both of boston. Fisher denied (as alleged in the Boston Hernhl) that be had ever given Mr. Blaine bonds to tbe amount of with out any consideration. Tbe most important witness examined was J. Mulligan, of Boston, at present treas urer of tbe Qlobe Ibeater. Mulligan was in ItClln theemploy of Warren Flsberas book keeper. The latter delivered 9130,000 of bonds to Mr. Blaine, who sold them to par lies in Maine. Subsequently the invest ment proved a failure, and Mr. Blaine was pressed by tbe parties to whom he made the sales aud took them up. Tbe transactions between Blaine and Fisher were voluminous, ai.d when a settlement was made Fisher was tick and Mulligan arranged it forbim. At one of tbe interviews Mr. Blaine told Mr. Fisher in the presence of Mulligan tdat he had not realized a large sum of money from tbe sales be made in Maine because he bad to tane the bonds up. witness had at one time heard Mr. Atkins say that though Mr. Blaine did take up the bonds, be got Uiem off on Tom Soott, who aold them to the Union Pacific railroad company at 80 cents on the dollar. This testimony produced quite a sensa tion. If this witness is telling tbe truth be is contradicted both by Atkins aud Fis'ier, as both preceded him as wltnessas, and swore with much positlvene-?s thV. they knew nothing of tbe 75 bonds held by the Union Pacific railroad company. Qe is also flatly contradicted by tbe previous testl mony of Col. Scott. He gave bis testimony witb a good deal of assurance and without hesitation, and was quite willing to disclose ailbeknew;ln fact, seemed anxious to do so. Tbe Investigation will be resumed to monow, wben Mr. Blaine's friends say tbey can completely break blm down. Atkins, who contradicts blm. Is one of tbe most prominent and reputable merchant* In Bos ton. mr. Atkins Is preparing a statement deny ing tbat be ever told Milllgan tbat Col.Scott took the bonds from Blaine wbich were after wards sold to tbe Union Pacific Railroad Company. Late From the Black hi i la. RATHER AN UNPLEASANT OUTLOOK? GOLD THERE BUT NOT available?in DIAN DEVILTRIES. Tbe following la an extract from a letter dated Custer City, May 3d, to a brother in this city, written by a person who worked ten years la tbe mines of Montana, and went to tbe Black Hills to try his lack: "We are in tbe Black Hills at last. We saw no Indians on our trip, but found four wounded and seven dead persona. Two of tho*e killed were women-one white and one colored. We found tbe bodies terribly mutilated In a creek, and it was evident tbat both bad been outraged before being murdered. SiDce tbe first of April about twenty In all have been killed by tbe In. dlans. It la no longer safe to prospect in small parties. Not mucb mining has been done, but there 14 doubtless gold here. Hundreds are leaving tbe country and run ning it down. I would not advise any one to come uere at present, bat to wait aotll tbe mines are more worked. Some imagine they can get gold witbout working, but tney are always sure to get fooled. Custer City has about eight bundred bouses?not A. No. l?and four saw mills, but no church yeL Tbls is a beautiful country, and there is not belter farming land in tbe states tban we bave here. Most of tbe men here are green, and don't know the first thing about min ing. ir the Indians continue hostile we will not be able to do mncb mining tbls summer, and it will be bard on the miners, as most of them have not got any money." A petition largely signed by tbe pbysi. clans of Mobile, Alabama, was presented in tbe Senate today, protesting against tbe passage or tbe bill to incorporate tbe "Na tional Surgical Institute of the District of Columbia.' The Rhode Island Election.?Tbe Rhode Island legislature met at Newport yesterday and decided that J. M. Addeman was elected secretary of state by 11,709 ma jority, and tbat no choice for governor, lieutenant governor, attorney general and treasurer was made. Tbe legislature then elected tbe republican candidates for those offices. Burned his Hotel.?a. dispatch from Rutland, vl, states tbat sixteen le:? itng in surance companies have decided that A. C Bates, a prominent citlaen aud member of tbe Congregational cbarcb in Rutland, commuted arson by burning his hotel In February last, and tbey refuse to settle bis claim for le-? Three Ladies and a Bov Drowned By lbs upsetting of a boat on a pond In Brighton, Mass., four persons were drowned, including Mrs. Dundee, wife or tbe proprie tor of tbe sur.nyalde bouse, ber daughter Msrd, and Miss Wilson and her little brother. The Louisiana republican cjnvsn tion met at New Orleans yesterday, but tt being decoration day ouly preliminary busi ness was done. It Is stated tbat Kellogg, Packard and PincbbacE, witu Brown, Lewis or Hash as fourth delegate, will be elected delegates to Cincinnati. Pomeroy, a rumor from Boston aaya, will be abandoned to bis rate by the governor and council at their session on f7i District FIomcm. iPICIAL 18S*88*Mxo 4SD TH1 CERTIFI CATES Known as "greenbacks."' A resolution wu passed by the Senate April loth directing the DUtrict Commis sioners to communicate to the Senate the SttSUSt SAWS? sk-sj ss?a. ft ssssissf, jt tlflcates of indebtedness; the amount of such ?foments collected and the amouatoat why tbe%amSah^Jf?a5ly^5nd U,e reasons . ave n?t been collected, and whether or not any legislation Is necessary A copy of the resolution was referred to the attorney for the District, who. 'mlerdateor >} returned tbe ?amc wltli blsopinlon 8TATEMKST OF THE SI5KISG FDJfD COM . MIS3IONERS. trfrn/r^la,Commun,cat,on from the Dis trict CommHsloncrs upon this subfect the EH?1"*"*" of th? sinking fund inclose a statement marked "A,"showing the ammfnt of eight per cent. special improvement cer tificates Issued under the act or assembly of June 2fi, 1?73, confirmed by act of CongresTof June m, 1*74, outstanding March 31 .V/ w"h the amount of Interest due therein to "Ime date, making a total of # jjjjj1. a statement showing the amount 'of received V?EeHl tax"lien certificate received from the deputy controller nnri amount paid to March 31, lTO/t^ther wi?h tbe Interest due on amount outstanding to ^Aate: al80.the amount of installments which are over due, as foPows: Amount of certlOca es received, ?i,ou.978 i* amoant of 8?e paid, g224 lM7 94; outstanding \nrll i as a sdtss ^'!lfhlr^r^enl- certificates retired anTcHa ^w.^^^tlre amount in arrears on 3l8t March last only one-third had been due more than six months, as they show bv an ?"??????>?. .'S?; , recently the collections on this ac mmt ^SiHSffSBS jSiSgSffiS In arrears; especially In view o/thefact thSt no formal demand ba<l oeen made by holders ?L^eelgbt^er cent certificates; that they shall now deem It their duty to call noon ft p" SB cent, certificates by 83p.oa8.fi5, ??| [fita? additional amount will be required to sun ply this deficiency. Whether any lhrth?r mint1?"?11 is necessary to ensare the pay ment they are unable to say as the" havenn measures ofinow'ng what amount of avan? ble tax lieu certificates they may denend EES' S2Z &e extenl *> **>?<* those noTon bend, and those yet to be receive! mav h? actually collected under existing laws in di8tmct commissioners' In their answers to the resolution to trans 31S['SP/S^i"f0"A" tbe MmmUUoo. toa?lf ?u the assessment certificates in their custody ?SS wou,d *>y the sum of ~ / *"ort of meeting theoutetand ? o certificates of indebtness known as u H1? ?r|ginal 1?sue of which was -,(Xi0.000. But referring to the engineer's ? *nrt\>v?port ,n. D?eei?ber last, (see pages s?onfr? o'Aie??r the Dl8trict Comrnis ssrs 2reWeh4e^Se3hrhl?^\? chargeable to private propertyby way of ??set! meets the sum of "/otT??. r? These assessments are being, and will be made, as fpeedlly as practicable. When made some of them will doubtless be paid in the certificates of Indebted ness, which are receivable for such assessments. This will, of course, redSca 'h? ?mount of snch certificates outstanding and will make the whole fund held in pledge '?U(X ?Pi?'lcable tothe re! ? certificates of indebtedness. For such future assessments as shall not be paid assessment certificates will be ImuM ani transferred to the commissioners of tbe sink ? / w?y of Increasing the fund held TnhS^??r lhe certificates of indebtedness. .en *n<* the assessment cer ificates remaining to be made or Issued wni argely exceed tbeaggregate of the outsi^H Inf cer^?ca^e* of indebtedness; tiie interest thereon, and the advances from other ftSX f?18734 8t 0n lh? "rtiflcates prlor to jSfy the report of Attorney Stanton mUteef? lran8ramed to the Senate wm ..X*1?, Commissioners in conclusion sav* We have no doubt that the MU~Uon of these assessment certificates and the conse> ^t redemption of the certlficatWf in (the latter now representing an of M.315,095 70, Which, In d? fniliiii payment of the assessment cer P17 'v? to 66 home by the whole District, iDgteadofbythe proD6rtv benftfit ted and designed by law to be SDeciflel?i? charged 0? account of It) woukTbiexK iJ'ed by legislation validating the wse^ i*1 as purely technical ns,.an<? at the same time affording the property holder charged with the rKs^.r5' opwtoSfS r?,'g.^ PROPOSED BILL FOR PAYMERT OF THt Th? p??T8ICT-ORRE?BA0IC^ ' TH> . , ? Commissioners also transmitted a ?rft{t of a bill ?to provide for^e ?ght be? nt. certificates of indebtedness issued tnr work done under the direcUon of the^a^f of public works, andcbSi^Sle toto^Sri ^at? property benefitted thereby." i ? gro lnn^r? order to carry out tbe prov^ ions for the payment of the nrlnclnai ami ^?^rest of the certificate, of indebteduw known as greenbacks," the proper authmi ties of the District of Columbia are reauesu fti?&?Wlyenforoe the co 1 lectlon^r tlflcates of assessment, beld in oledse for purposes aforesaid according to existing provisions of law; and all cwiflMtM of iM. special improvements Issued ucder the act ol^Assembly of Augnst 10 itJ7i are hereby in all respects validated fitted *hv ^fh,arge8 upon ltJ? Property bene ntted by the Improvements in retine^tXr which the assessments were made. Provided however, that upon specific complaint in any Instance, being made to thetVimmia sloners of the District, ^ ex8awiv^a^es" "/n?^c ol any of said ass^mln^ .f id Commissioners are hereby authorized tii revise sudi assessments, and to corii-t th2 jame if any error be fo"nd, ^dSdSctJSS therefrom the amount of such .? such action of the Commissioners of^,i n.. fi'gsssfc SiSKK'sv-vS: and ln the evening au its members po<i?e & Co., testified to settling with ffs l^^r^1^250-000-1? whieb was Padded fi Sj^Li? exP?nses, none of whleh was raid doubt but that Gen. Butferhad a share or^ money paid by their firm He r^aidl! Senator Conkllng as counsel for Lnfl:n and other* In thli matter. Tne firm we? given to understand that if they did n2 setfle with tne government #t 7m ooo oi their goods wSuld he MlMd- Jud^lK^ ravis said that on the3istof D?Mmh2^S Bliss and offered to divide the fe?%ith him. u. S. District Attorney BIIm also BRfflS,m?ny 10 10workini^ h Amiricar Sukdat School Uriow ^f j t* 52d1 aunlversary In Philadelphia ySs* tfrd?y. Addresses were made by Sir ChaT anaaggifflgaLay -' SfeSK,' . PagaEwOR RAT?on >11 "SS^to ?o2 wSoSl8u ****>**? o?SrjSlilJ' FORTY-FO VRTII CONGRESS. WrDsisDAT, May 31. SENATE.?The Chair laid before the Sen ate a communication from the Secretary of the Treasury, enclosing report of General Davidson on the method of irrigation In India, Ac. Mr. Sargent submitted a resolution to rnnt the same: which was referred to the Committee on Printing. Alto, a COMMUNICATION PROM TRI DISTRICT COM y IS8IONB Ki caliirg attention to tbe necessity of passing a tax law for the District of Colombia. Ite feired to Commutes on the District of Co lombia. Mr. Spencer said the Committee on the Dutrict bad beeu for three weeks industri ously coLslderlng the tax bill, but had not yet been able to perfect it. Mr. West presented memorial of New Or leaLs chamber of commerce on the Hawaiian treaty. Referred to Committee on Com merce. Mr. Cameron, of Wisconsin, presented me morial of several hundred citizens of Wis consin against the repeal of the bankrupt law. Jodlclary Committee. Mr. Conkling presented memorial of New York board of Ore underwriters In favor of the signal service. Committee on Flnanoe. Also, memorial of the New York cheap transportation association against any fur ther subsidies to railroads. Referred to Com mittee on Kailroads. Mr. Anthony presented the report of Prof. Balrd, flsh commissioner; which was ordered to be printed. Mr. Morrill, of Vermont, from Committee on Public Buildings and Grounds, reported, with amendments, bill making a further appropriation for the erection of a public bollding at Dover, Del. THE DISTRICT GREINHACKS. Mr. Morrill, of Maine, introdoced a bill to provide for the payment of the 8 per cent, certificates Issued by the board of poblic works of the District of Columbia. Referred to Committee 011 District of Columbia. Mr. Hitchcock introduced bill for relief of John A. Garland and Henry Turner, of the District of Colombia. Referred to Commit, tee on the District of Colombia. Mr. Morrill, of Maine, gave notice that to morrow or next day he woold call op the legislative, executive and judicial appropri ation bill. Mr. Sherman said he hoped the Senate wonld not delay taking up and disposing of the bill relative t? subsidiary silver ooln. Mr. Sargent moved to take up the bill re lating to indemnity school selections In the state of California; upon which discussion arose, and Mr. Booth offered an amendment; after which the bill was recommitted to the Committee on Public Lands. The unfinished business being the bill In relation to the Japanese Indemnity fund canre up, when? Mr. Freilnghuyten said that the total amount of the fund with accumulations of compound interest, difference in exchange, dc., was about si,414,ooo. From this he would deduct the *125,000 for prlxe money, #10,966 which was properly charged against it by the Navy department. He would then pay to Japan the original amount after these deductions, with 5 per cent, interest. This would make the amount to be paid to Japan *795,f5?, and leave ?473,000 In gold to be cov ered into the Treasury. HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES. - Prayer was offered this morning by Rev. Dr. Butler, Chaplain of the House In the 43d Congress. Mr. Jones (Ky.) offered a resolution, which was referred to the Committee 00 Banking and Currency, declaring it to be the sense of the Honse, as well as of the oountry at large, that Congress should speedily repeal there sumption act of 1875, or so much thereof as requires resumption at a specific day; that the bill to be reported should provide that there be not contraction; that if should pro vide for the gradual abolition of the nation al bank system; for a speedy retuia to the payment cf gold and silver consistent with the interests of the oountry, in order that the people may be relieved of the distress under which they now labor. Mr. Baker (Ind.) asked leave to offera reso lution requesting the Secretary of the Treas. ury, If not Incompatible with the public In terests, to report the amount or luternal revenue taxes paid by the Baltimore and Obio railroad and the Central Pacific rail read from 1804 to 1*71 on their undivided profits. Mr. O'Brien objected. A CONTEST then arose on the question 0. consideration, whether the House should take up the con tested election case of Spencer vs. Morey, the army bill, or some other matters. Mr. Morey asked that the contested case be taken up. and under a personal explanation stated bis reasons. He wanted to say that a man named Seelye has testified before the special committee on affairs In Louisiana, and made certain charges which ,so far as they affected bis (Morey's) honor and Integrity, were utterly false and infamous. Seelye, ac cording to his own testimony, was a crl mlnal, and tried to fix criminality upon him (Morey) Last summer this man sent Morey a paper which be said contained charges, and for which be demanded money to prevent their publication, in December, 1875, be was aware that be would have to meet a contest here; that most of the members were strang ers to him, and he wanted the case tried upon its merits. He wanted no prejudice to enter into the case, and therefore be felt that be con Id pay a few hundred dollars to have the falieboods suppressed. Whether this was an error of Judgment or not, lie had paid the money. If he bail been told twelve months ago that be would be subjected to blackmail be would bave scouted the idea, but no man can tell what he will do till the time oomes. Aaaotig the charges made by Seelye was one to the effect that Morey virtually eon trolled the army in 1874 In Louisiana. He bad read testimony taken by the Wheeler committee in 1875 to show that he always opposed the employment of troops, and that be bad also always opposed extreme meas ures. He wanted to add In conclusion that all of 8eelye's testimony affecting his integ rity was false. He appealed to the House, however, to take ap the case, to-day, and dispeseof it, because be wanted to go to New Orleans and be present at the Investigation tow in progress there. The House then took up the election case. Mr. McCrary (Iowa) advocated the recom mitting of the case to the people. Tfce Turf. OPENIHG OF PHILADELPHIA'S NEW TRACK* The Belmont Driving Park association opened their new track near Philadelphia yesterday In thepresenoeof over three inou sand people. The new park Is one of the finest in the country, the Improvements costing over *100,000. Colonel S. H. Russell, of Boston, the owner of Smuggler, and vloe {resident of the National Trotting associa ion, is at the head of this enterprise. He bas obligated himself to give *300,000 in pre miums during the season. The mile track as raised cost #26,000, and Is the fastest la the country. The first meeting will last seven days, the purses amounting to *30,000. On Friday Goldsmith Maid will trot against ber great performance of 2:14, after which she will retire from the turf. There were two races yesterday for 2:22 and 2:30 class horses. Tbe first race was for a purse or *3,000, for the 2:22 class. Six entries, two drawn. Tbe race was won by J. B. Alexander's b. g. John H., d. b., 5,1,5, l, 1. The seeond race was for a purse or *2.000, for the 2:30 class, ana was won by J. H. Phillip's rn. g. Billy Ray, 1, l, 7, 8, 3.4, 4. Both races were hotly oontested, aid tbe trotting was the finest witnessed in tnis vicinity this season.. TBE AMBLER PARK TROTTXWG RACE*. Races at Ambler jpark, near Philadelphia, began yesterday. The first race was for the three minute class for *500; eight entries. Won by Dora In three straight beats. Time? 2:40, 2:39,2:41. The second raee, for the 2:35 class, lor *500, was won by Nellie in one beat, distancing ber four competitors. Time?2:32. In the third raee, under saddle, for the 2:29 class^premlum *350, there were two contestants, George A. Ayer and Fannie S. Won by the former In three straight heats. Time?2:48, 2:46. 2:43. A RAILROAD TO BE SOLO.?The SaOW Bill, Md., Democratic Messenger says that Kitons holding mortgages against the Mary i d and Delaware railroad are pressing ih<lr claims, and that the circuit ooorthas Issued a decree for the sale of the road. A disastrous coarlasratioh oecurred in the SL Louis suburb of Quebec, Canada, yesterday, destroying a thousand ' land rendering homeless a large number of to gaas^tfie night in the fields. Loss aoout *** *?? appeared at Mod Telegrams to The Star. e ABCTIC EXPLORATION. ? A New Expedition Fitting Out. STATE CONVENTIONS. Iowa Republicans for B'aine. ANOTHER MOLLY MAGUIRE CAUGHT. FIRE ASD LOSS OF LIFE. DESTRUCTIVE CONFLAGRATION*. The Ureal Elr? la (laebcr tiukinc. May 31 ?The Ore Litre ye*lerday is reported as having been caused by chil dren playing with matches. It was gotten completely under control about midnight, alter having burned a passage clear Uirough the center ot the St. Louis suburbs from the west to the east, extending on the north in some places to the neighborhood of 8t. John street. Many or the residents of that street moved their effects to places of safety. The number of houses destroyed is estimated at about TOO. The amount of insurance is large, but at present Impossible to learn how much. Many of the suilerer* were sheltered last night In the riding school drill shed and ar tillery barracks. A meeting to devise means for their relief is called for to-day. Several residences inside the walls were fired by sparks, bnt fortunately discovered and ex tlngulsbed before doing much damage. Three or four childreu are missing, and are supposed to have perished in the flame*. Owing to the extent of the fire the water supply gave ont, and but for the exertions of the "b" battery aud citizens In palling down wooden houses and out-bnildlngs the are would have been much more serious. It Is a strange coincidence that yesterday was the anniversary of the destruction by Ore of the same suburb thirty years ago. Quebec fire offices, it is reported, will lose heavily. Another PI re nd Lom of Lire Gksbva. N. Y.. May 31.?A fire broke ont here , last night In the canal stables of R. Knight, which destroyed them and the Seneca Honse. barns, Ac. Two men were burned to death, and one severely burned. Twenty-seven horses and several bogs were also burned. The loss is about *15,000. Forest Fire*. Milfobd. Pa., May 31?Very destructive fire* are raging on the mountains between the Lackawaxen and Delaware rivers, in Pike county, Pa. A vast amount ot valu able timber has been destroyed. ? AFTER ARCTIC HMERiLI. A New Polar liptdlUs* Fitting Ont. New York, May 31?A Norwich (Coon.) dispatch says:?An expedition is now being fitted ont in which several famous Investi gators of the Polar seas participate. It ap pears that during the search of the Tigress for the Polaris over a year ago rich veins of graphite were discovered in Cumberland in let. On the return to St. John's, Lieutenant W. A. Mlntzen, U. 8. naval engineer, char tered a small steamer and went back and continued his mineral survey. He found large beds of graphite and mica, but owing to the lateness of the season was unable to bring any away. The top-sail schooner Eta has been recently fitting at New London, and will sail next Monday under Mlat/.er's command and under government auspices to get a cargo or these minerals and make further collections of Arct ic flora and fauna for the 8mlthsonlan Institute. CapL Jas. Ruddington, of Groton. Connecticut, is the Era's sailing master. Esquimaux Joe ac companies this expedition, as do other Arc tic voyagers of long experience. The Era is a vessel of ICO tons burden, bnilt for the coasting trade, but has made whaling voy ages to the Polar regions under Capt. Geo. Tyson, of Polaris fame. She Is well pro vided with mining toon and laborers for quarrying, and as deposits are situated some distance up the mountain side, they will take 3,000 feet of tramway in order to more easily load the vessel, and a quantity of lumber to erect tool bouses and buildings for the purpose of observation. The mineral is fonnd In almost inaccessible place*, and the deposits, though almost pure, are under a rock as hard aa flint. Provision, therefore, is made for blasting on an extensive scale. * FORE1UX HEWS. The Winner of the Derby. Loudon, May 31, 3 30 Tae mineral olt won the Derby?15 ran. The weather for the Derby race was favorable, and there were the usual scenes on the road. The crowd at Epsom Downs was somewhat above the aver age. The highway and railways leading to Epsom were, as usual,crowded, and London was deserted by all who oould get away to see the great tnrf event of the year. The starter* were 15, including, Father Claret. All Heart, Bay Windham, Skylark, Great Tom, Petrarch, Fore Runner, Jullu* Cj?,*ar, Oolt ness, Hardrada, Braconnler, Advance. Wild Tommy, and Mr. Baltazzle's Mineral Colt, who wa* subsequently named Klsber, and who, ridden by Maidment, scored the flrst Derby aver achieved by an untamed colt or filly. Fore Runner came In seoond and Julius Ciesar third. In tne betting list last night Petrarch wa* quoted at? to 4, the Mineral colt 4 to 1. Fore Runnei 7 to 1, and Julius Cf sar 33 to l. Wlnalew again Remanded. Lon dow , May 3l??On the application or the government, MrtnsJow i to-day again remanded until after June 15, without date. The members of the U. 8. legation here think that eventually he will be aurrendered, but do not say they possess any new facia te support such a belief. It Is learned, how ever, from good authority that Lord Cairns, the lord high chancellor, thinks the argu ments of the U. 8. government are sound anil their position correct. ABtl A special dispatch to the Time* from Se ville says tne ministerial bill abolishing universal suffrage is very unpopular there. The harvest has commenced. Kalns tave destroyed the locust*, aud cereals nave not promised such crop* for a hundred years past. Telegrams from Cuba say the Insur rection in that Island is increasing. AIHIVIRIARIU. Ualtarlaa. Boston, May 31.?The Slat anniversary of the American Unitarian Aasociation was celebrated laat night, Henry P. Kidder was elected prealdent, and W. C. Bryant and Chas. A. Stevens, vice president*; Rev. R. R. Shipper secretary. Several Important amendment* were proposed. At a meeting of the American Congregational association the officer* of laat year were re-elected with Uie exoeptlon of Hon. Henry P. Hoover, of New London, Conn., deoeaaed, in whose place Hon. Lafayette 8. Foster, of Norwich, Conn., was chosen vice president. The di rector* reported that the receipt* of the as sociation during the peat year bad fallen short of the expense* by the amount of the Interest on the debt, which now amounts to f 250,000, and they trust that all the mead* of the association will contribute to remove the debt. At a meeting of tbe Woman's Suffrage Association yesterday, Julia Ward H ?we was elected president. POLITICAL CONTINUOUS. d MO i JVMVa? *;Ji*^-*t VOL *ed that the republican atate convention which meet* here to-day will not instruct the dele gates to the National Convention, though tbe Keeling seem* to be very strongly in favor of Blaine for President. The Centennial TeDay. Phii.adbi.pbia, May 31?Tne attendance to-day is very good, though las* than yea* terday. KruppTs great cannoo is being low ered into position at the main entrance to Machinery Hall by means of the derrick specially built for It. Tbe rest of Krupp's ex hibit will be rsady In a tow days. The Turk ish Baaar on a large scale was opened to* d*ylntt* western part of the grounds, near the lake. Agricultural Hail 1* practically complete, aa tb* heavy machinery la all position, and but tow exhibits of acrlcali ??mi ????Hi tmk ' "Hmiiii Pa Mat I Ai ??.??,?*? of tl.a Moil? Ma*'"** Imm !>??*?? ?lw? ? T?ll?i JM," Had ? k? . !??d' ??/ b?MIM I it la ft. ? I* ?Iiavltl* T?? rrtHTlMI ?llrilMH d?? ini ?, '?? l?iM*i|4i)? h-ii ai Mr. I'lnkwli*. and Uw; wnfum Ui bia MititiiTlina vitfe the murder of < ?hecaiiieab. imi inai. m ?f " Th.Haaa and Jmm aa?i Wm Ma.or near City. Ma wm held aa an ae* !??* Mom**. I May .u.-Tt,e K aaaamblad bere yaateri?r mm orranlrerl. Tbe election for bH*iia> nrean u?da>. Rev.I>r Kocleaton,<rf Ptil ladeipfaua. nfJr'J. Vr Prrry' <* 0?o^a *. Y .are eaiwiitatae. wit* vm> cfcatce* In favor ar ih# I at tar. ff A>RTftitr?a. Fa., May't.-A well lo-,10 citlseti of Uila city, n?M Owm Hobb and ?*. committed anletde thka moraine bv barging. DWWX bad been la bad h aa11 b lor some time previously. B? 1 T'Koti. Mar .11 ?Ooiaaa fli_ _ Wf I. khor- nikMlli.g. II ^ Floor alaalr, < fair ati<l uncbar>aa<l W h?at <fnil and lovar- nua ??Itailarfd.ltf; Maryland rad, 1 ?%) ?|.?o am ber, 1 rtial AS. do. ?, 1 Mai 4* dull acd loaar; *nl ri. o|ana* a-tlx." aid Krnt'f ?barn * Ufa aid vatl..?. MaJf. rloatd k>?M?aont aartrrn Juoa.W ? Jalr. Uata ruli aid li'Avr?een'bera r -d 1 atlaae. ?laU. taeatarn white, .VUS9. do aimed. MaW. Bra??? naI-7te7S. fc <j dn 1 and eu<-b.*a*d P?o'ia..D? dull w. ak and lo?ir Pork. ?)<*?. Bn!k nunya - ali' uld? ra. ?S rlrar fib M<l??a. tWV. looar. T\?a Its ?a'k Bar t?ah .oli-ra. "a clear rib aidaa. S. baa*. KSai.'S La?ddull a?.d aamlanl? T?>ne?d. 13 fenttar dad and baavr?food to toe. l'.'aM. Pali .>!???? utK-haeea* ?'>fl*a dell an* tae?? ? Bio cam -a*. ISalv jobblftf. ISSalt. Uhtkt da'l-lllV t?? r?>nr. t.MtA.vbaad, I (W, mri. l.o.tuq, oats. IJOP. Bblpa?*i.t?? wheat. [ no-a, corn. If A<?. _ . _ _ I H>LTi??ll. Mar Jt.?Vl'Slnla at*e?. dafarrad. 7; \ irgti.'a oona ItdaTa* at do .MM sarlee, >> bid Ui-1a? ftcear ataadr. ?\alO. Saw Teas. Mar Jl.-eiocka dalt.nff Mt btf*> aa' gjmraa Moray, IS OoM. MM Btetania, lona. 0* abort. Mt Qoaareeaeeta dull ar <t etewfr Nbw V'Hi. Mar SI ?Bloer .lull aad <iro- m? Whaat iQlat at.d baa- > . Corn doll and d' -lmlaa l^.sro.a. Mar ?. U ? ? ?-Ooo.ola 95\ far | I'Oiti n*c>ney ar.d icronnt Irle. prrf* rr?<l, 19? Tta? PMM*ral RevalaUaM Im Tnrhfy. THE DII-OMD SULTAH A PKISOXIR. A Conatantlnople diapalcb, dated y^?l?r dav, aaya: "Ttie ?l?abroned Hullan la kapt uiider guard In a U?? ettremily of the H?ragllo The Mlnlalera Informed Murad Kttendl that he waa prylalmed Hal tan on Moinlay night. A popular demon m rat ion look place the next morning, but no realstanee waa oflt-red to tbo new regime. I'erioct tranquility now prevalla. Both Chrlatlana aiul Muaatlmen expaea* great aatlafaction at the chauge. The city will be illuminated to-nl?hi. Tb? faaUvlUw will continue three day?." LeTempa saya that Murad. the new Sal tan, la dUpoaed to remove the present Mid lati r of war. l)ecanae he favored the protect of Abdul Aalr to make tbe aou lnat^adof the nephew the heir to the throne. Murad apeaka French. Thla la cotiatd< red a great ;ulvantage, aa be will be able to diapenae with Intfrpretera when be receive* foreign ambaaaadora. The Kuaalan aniv?asaa lor baa \ lslted the Dnc I>eca*ea. Tbe latter gave aasnrancea that France would eontrlbate by rvery meana In her power to the mainten ance of peace and the preaerTatlon of a good understanding between tha power*. TBI BITCATIO!* DtAWIBO TO A CRIHtB. The Berlin oorreapoodent of the Lioodoo Tlmea report* that M. Flamenac. tha Moo tenegron mlnlater of war. bad an Interview with Baron Rodtch. at Kaguaaa. on Handay, when be Informed the Auatrian government that an oflenalve and d??fenalve alliance bad been concluded between Hervla. K iinan a, Montenegro and Oreooe. M. Plamenac waa Rlao underatood to Intimate that Toaaaaly and Crete would rtae and aapport the move ment in norUiern Tarkey. Altogether, tha situation la regarded aa drawing to a crlaia. While tbe Porte coofldentially informa t'?e poweratbat no armlatlce will be coooedM ou the condltlona propoaed hy the Berlin memorandum, the lnanrgent leadera loudly declare tbey will continue to hifht until In dependence la achieved. Toe Ofllclal Rua a tan Invallde aeoonda tneae mo v. menw by tbe declaration that Kogland a refnaal to loin the northern powera cannot but ??nng on dlfflcultlea. Germany baa requeated Tur key to pay 000 ludemmty to the family of Consul Abbott. ? XlftHIOBT COUP D BTAT. A late dlapatcu aaya that all o' tbe Tar kl?h caolnet algned the depoalttoa of the Sultan. The depoattlon waa arcompllabed durli g the night. Tue I)uc l>ecanea, imme diately on receiving news of tbe act, for mally instructed tbe French am?>aaaador at Constantinople to use all bla lni.uenee to induce the new government to haaten a pa cific aolution of the dlfflcultlea. The Pake pointed out that aa Murad waa entirely free m m embarraaalng angagementa hla aoccea aion would naturally Induce a aaapenaloo of hoatllltlea. An armistice was In do way inconau-tent with the dignity of the govern ment. The aroba?aador waa. therefore, di rected to urge tbe Porte to take a 1 vantage of the opportunity and immediately ent-*r into netoLiatlona with the inaurgeota aod make the ooLce??ions Judged e^iultable and necessary. RrgsIA DID The London Standard'a Vleona diapatch saya the aucceaaiou of Murad to the Oitomai. thnne la generally eoee*dere? a? mauaty due to KQBBia lnRtlgatlng Hervia and Moo tecesro to immediate warfare. The Stan - danl'a coirespondent at Rjme aaya it la re ported that theItalian gover-nmenthaare^ celved an Invitation from l.ngland U) ui an arrangement for united action tin tbe eaat. The Paris Eatafette reporta that L?ord Derby baa Informed)the Turkish arnbaaaa-ior that England la prepared to accept an Inter national conference, provided the pr9 gramme la aet foith beforehand. The Iadlaa War la tae Black Hllla. AH ATTACK OH CC8TBB CITY. A cltlr.en from Omaha. Juat arrived from Cotter City, aaya thatoo tbe olght of tbe lyth that place waa attacked by lodlana, who bornea the ammunition houae lo tbe center of the city, wbich, Id blowlog op, de stroyed several. Hla party, numbering M. left at daylight next morning, aod cannot ?Ira particular*. Burled John Wchenck, ol Yankton, who had been ahot, eight ml lea from Buffalo Gap. on the north aide of the Platte, between K?d Cloud atxl Sidney. Tbe body of T. P. Hermann, of Carlisle, Pa., who had *7,150010 a check, and ?2l lo greenback* with Lira, waa found. Toe Indiana left theee, bnt stripped him of everytblog else, aod run off bis stock. Took tbe body to yipey^aud from there forwarded It home. Tbe money kii placed lo tbe hands of Mr. Moore, a cltl 7. en of Sidney. Oo tbe tacked a miner's cablo at midnight at ?oae bud, between Coster ahd Dead wood, and ?urprlaed and killed all tbe occupaota?lit erally hacked tbem to P'?? 4 000 people lo Cuater, aod J,2no boaaee. Nothing can be done 00 aooount of Indiana. If a man goea a mile from camp alone, ha JtStTT "oarP*SAVAOBB AHD HOT MCCH UOL1). The Mlnneapella, Minn.. Trlbone pub lisbes the following facta from larael Hawea, Juat arrived from the Black Hllla: He cor roborate tbe statemeou of the rumora in regard to tbe Indian scalping atoriea, ana add a that they are not hair aa atartllnga* tbe facta. He helped to borypw???a?lled by tbe Indiana every day. ,The bodl? of those murdered are alwaya found with el* bollet bolea and alx knlfc staba ln tbem, be aidea the loas of the scalp, which uiay take ofl by cutting tbe bead open lo tbe abape of tbe letter V from tbe back of tbe bead down to tbe eyea, which pteeenu a beart-alckentng J ~ He baa r t-ighi. He has had aomenarroweacapea. Ooe party of tbem went oot and waa attacked by tbe red aklna, but they were auch poor abota that do barm waa dona Tbe Indiana are aa thick aa fliea around a molaaaei keg. Every party that attempts to leave or enter the hllla were attacked, and more or lev fail vlctlma to the devils In human form. Ooe party of twenty-Ave attempted to eacape, and orly one lived to tell the atory of bow they were butchered and acalped. More par ti ea are leaving every day than arrive In a week. There are aome five tbonaand men in tbe bit la. Among tbem are probably fifty that are making *20 per day to an* thoaeaiid who make a dollar. D. Vow Below will play no mor* la America, at least thla aeaaon. He baa 1 down under tbe severe work of a t' .ur. He la suffering from Uor.and be will oonaeqaeatlyaaU for JCanne on Saturday, the 3d of June. The Siocx Wai?Advloea from Fort Peuerman state that all the young < have left Red Cloud to Join Sitting Ball, and tbe probabilities are that Qen. Crook will hare to contend against the whole Core* of the Sioux. BErOeneral Joe Hool hot aprlnga of Arkansai the benefit of hla health^iaa benefit from hla treatment. B7TV* Cm Cremation aodety at Dresden baa **at a circular to all other cremation ao eletlea In Europe, inviting them to 1 ?lea to a encgreaa to b* hekl at i 6th aad Tth of Jane. 1 with Ajehb! k.'w3Sj

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