Newspaper of Evening Star, May 31, 1876, Page 3

Newspaper of Evening Star dated May 31, 1876 Page 3
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DRY GOODS. 1 HE LOWIST TRICKS YKT FCUSD IN DRY GOODS. Oeenlrg another lot 5c. Bleechrd Cotton, worth 10. iTre-t" It.* L >wn? ia the city. 11 Se rueet ?>t Percales io city, IJ*c. Parmcla ?mi #nn rmbr?i!?? reduced in price. LImb* Lare S?ctnee, ?9 a#, worth three time* the ?our Yicvrte Le?r?. J2X. 1?. W. *>, Be., cheep. A11 Be l)r<" Qidn now 1 e. A'l J< *C, Dre** Good* oowMc. 1 he Tr^e G' cd S'? <~k f?arfullr ciegp. l>a<Sie?" * Tnr? ? bi'e Skirt*. 75c. Lad^ea salbr pjan Ho e. M lod tOc. pair. M?n ard P> > ?< C?*"inere* at coat. s raw B*'t is**. *\ 29 *n<! 39c. i inM at ew W clut* out. iX&mrAE*. mjSC tr |^ATJ?>T FkiUM THE FduST. HE HA r E JUST RECEIVED PROM THE AUCTION ROOM , 13.000 YARDS HAMBIBG ECUS a DO INSERTING. direct from the ???!.>n room In Now Tork, at S3 cent* on tbe doll?r, pile** ranging from 3c, B, S, 8, lu, 13, lit ALSO. *3,000 TARPS of very beat caLIOORS, it 3H, 4'4,4* cents; nil trtm me auction room. 3.tOO YARDS ?LEACHED COTTON at 4>?. BLACK GRKNADINES rB')M AUOTI0N. PLAIB UHIN \ DINB. IS 2U.S5, 34, 17, 40. .-VR1PK OkcN ADINE, 19. 2>. r-.etc. 1 LAID GRb .N AD1NB. 18. B>, 15. etc. ? 3.000 TAB!)** PTKIPB LININ sciilNG at i-'**; one-hair ;hell rial value. 100 PIECES l ard wide FAN'JY LA WNd at 13c. 100 New atr,'> P?R4SOLS, with fanry bt&dles 01, Si 25, si 5U. |1, 01 50, etc. a.OOO YARDS TLA1S L'KHN bl iriNGS, i Kcru color,) only 15 ceuls. BATTBAL COLOR LINES for Indies' suits, With lace to n.aub. 3,000 TABDS H?v STYLK PPKING URES' GOODS. PLAIN PR*!*" 0"??DB.8. 15, IS, etc PLAID DK?S GO??D8.8. W, II. 15. 2i>, 29. STRIFE L KLsS G*?ODS. nil pric-?. FL ArK MOHAIR ALPACAS, U, 18, 20,25 N-. S7, 90. all from aoctijo. VI^TOlilA AND BISHOP LAW3S, 19.18, 2U. 29. BLACK SILK', 75c . SI. CI ?1 So. SI. etc. 1.AD1BS ABD GENTS' CAl/.E UNDERWEAR,SO. 52. 79. lOO BOLLS FHEPH CHINA MATTING. Fed Check. 25. etc H bite H>tiiu(, 18. 30, 25, etc. C. X TOWSOS A CO., pnK 2w B36 Penn'? ?re . u?f Tib ?lre9t. ?JHOfcE WHO KNOW BEST, PaIBomizi THS ONE PRICE, CASH, DRY GOODS HOUSE or WX. BIRD WYLIE, 1014 7th itreet northwest. Mf SPECIAL BABUAINS MOW OFFERING. B^"Ag*ncy t->r Hme. Demoreet'a reliable Pat tern* and ?* i >?" Eaa'eBMrt ' my27tr fHK fcILK AID DRESS QOOOS HOUSE or WASHINGTON. Walavitetfia attention cf th? pnbl'c toonr Im mense aaacrment of naweat atyioa Bl MfilAK B1LKB AHD OBENADINES Of all abadr*. in ?trlaea and Platda. Larue atc-ck u LACK elLKS of all celebrated make*. Summer DBE33 GOODS o' aU ths latest produc ben* LA' B 9A< JL'E3 and BHAWL1 of tb* rlctioat BiI'k rilBRBLLAS, fine HOSIERY, and La <*ieaLlMAM sl'IT3in great vailety, at leiathaa Nea Turk prices. WOLPOEB A SRI LB ESQ, MT MARKET SPACE, c.j47 tr Third door from 9t& itreet. SPKCIAL notick. J oat onfr^m tbe late B?w Tork anetlon. TWIM1 P1EJBS BLACK GBBNADINB8. at 2fl cen,? per ya*d. nice rnuds, warranted to hold tbcir color a* <x>d m any thing ever auld at SO cants. ALSO, TEN PIECES BUMMER SILKS at 78ctcte. very cheap, and EIGHT PIECES BLACK TAMISE at 71. 87*. ?). ?1 12H.nrd 01 V. P .*id aid S'np< d GRKNAD1BE3 from 75 cent* to 01 50, ia har d*om>- atyie* for orerdre**. A mil stcrk of all kiuda of sesaonable BBT OoOl' which we invite thealtei,tlonof all. Pnhte acd prcmpt attention dBUl time*. VBentsbrr location. W. n. BROWN, Ho. 314 8th *tre. t oor-bw??t. P. S-Pfs t overlook tbe BLACK ?>RBNA D1BE8 at If nt< per yard. (ayM^tr) W M B. RAPE OPPORTUNITY! TEN PSR CENT. DISCOUNT! BRODHEAO A CO., 939 PkMxa. Avi., between 9th and loth M.? W111 berrafUr allow a dlaconnt of 10 PEBCBHT. en all aalee of IMPORTED DBBBs GOODS, (tn elndiDK Sllka. Greaadlne*. Linen Lawna, Alpacaa, M obalra. lKl>?ae*. Ac.. Ac.,) aitd LIN KM TABLE DAMAOKP. rjWELB. NAPKINS, Ac. All ?J M EbT I'" GlODP, HOSIERY, HAN i>KEB CU1EPS. GLOVES, LADIES'and GENTS' I N DEBWBAR. ?l<i NOTIONS of aUaort swill be eotd at the Lowest Market Price. Thi> ta a rare opportunity to aeenre Bargatna In Sral c'a** good*. Acdroecocrm 4 1 BLEACHED COTTON. 10c. 3 Bntron K In all colora, 01 3S Bilk Clocktd BALBR1GUAM 110SB, $3 a box. LRANCH STOEE, 1S03 r strict, bet. lltb and 13th sta. told stand.) BBODHEAD A CO. mi2g tr 939 Pa. nee., bet. ?th and 10th sta. JOBS T MITCHELL. 931 PENNSYLVANIA AVBSL'B, Hae jc?t net. >-d. and 1* now opening, another In mk* of ruoioc KA HRICSfor Sumner w?ar. Greradinsa in black and all tbe new shades, to Match SUA* *r m 75 cents to fl.UO Brocade Grena dine*. all colore and shadea, very choice g xxls Brocades ia s?:i* andlPongeea. Gnipnre Lacee for Orerdr*~a** Caicntta Poti^eea and lrdia Goads. Summer Silk*io Cbecka,Stilpcsai.d Plalda. French* atd O-gan.lie Lawn*, neast^n Printed tinena ai d Llceo Lawn*. Toile Beta atd Linen at late, tew style*, for OrerdresesM Suita and Overdreast*, in French Cambric Z*pbyr Clotb, Satiate, ai.d Linen, fro* f^OO to #25. wrappsra nod I>re--iii< racka at all pri e*. Linen Dostera and Llater* O neamer Waterproof Clcaks. French llu-l.n Dreaaee and Orerdrews A large atock of Ladle* Lnderwear.medium and fine, at ver> low prica* Onr atock In nil cles*r* of goods will be lor; <1 freah md attra< live, io *tt|ee and price* All tbe tot alt lea ef tbe aeason will be added M sn?n a* tbe* appear In the market. */-OBM PRICE ONLY JOHN T. MITCHELL. mrB tr 931 Pennsylvania avetiue. 01B8OLUT1ON OF OO^PARTNERSHIP. STOCK AND riXTTRIS FOB SALE The cm pa-raersblp of J.O. WISWALL A OO. ?Tpirias ti ,'imiimtum a? Jul) l?i,cur stock MCST BR CLOSRD en at be fire mat date. We ehall cfer to morrow, and oontlnae to eel] 'm '*% <U*t, ear Urge a&d complete stock of DRY GOODS At QREAT SACBiriCR 09 ORIGINAL COST and all good* remaiulBgon hand Jcoe lot, will be ?oUntACCTlON WITHOUT RRfiRRV E. la order to Clou ia 30 iM?i. A REDUCTION OF FIFTY PER CENT. Will be made *o a large portion of onr atock. Print*. I, t end *W cenU per yard. Brown Oottoaa,? centa per yard. Figured G^.ii tdiaee. $X, M and 12X ctp. Greaadln. s In Stripe*, at 10 Cta. Bilk Grenadine* below eoet. Bommerhilk*. 37M cta and apwnrd*. l ure Black H^Lalra. 30 cta., worth M. Fine B:*-k ( re** Bilka. 81 ct* . worth AI.4B ' AWVyard* ack Alpacas,UK toS7M cta, PARAfOLS at cm. Large lot Tat i* Damaaks Napkta*. Wine Cloths, Piano Co*re ac . at le**'haa New York coat. BTORAi t BARGAINS la everything. J. C W IB WALL A OOm ?|RtI BIO Tin at., aenr Pa. aee. ?OtTH %e.??HIN?TON DRY tiUODB. 5 WhlteCoid <1 Piooeeat Iliac.; beautiful Colored Figured PiH s at 15c.; Wfcite Goode, auch aa Mar neUlea, Plaid. Stripe, and Plain Nanaooka; Vlott?rln Lawna a&d ' ao.bnca, from Uc to Mc.; BJOB yards Hamburg Rd^Kga. from 8 to 4Dc per yard; Spring PrenaGoode. Puid, Plain, ang Striped, from UHc. ?alOe.; tbe b-*t Be. sad BTKe. Biack Alpacas ta ?own; all aombera sp to Tie ; Spring Caaalmeies, Bor bojs anu g-r.ta, Mc. to fl. another lot of t boa* BBe. Ride A?encr for Mm e Daaaoraet. JOS. R. SALLRT, corner 7th and W Hi. ao nth wast, apl-lr A LL RINDS ON ORNTLBMRN'S OANT-OFF Mk WRARlhO APPARRLaaabeeoM te the eery Bast advantage by addressing or oalllsg oa JuBTM, 010 Patrset. bst.lthandyiBMiiHi aniAaM, BB^Rotes by mail prsmptlp attsnded to: Oash DRY GOODS. KTBOM THIS DAT Wl HAVE BtDUOED THE r PRICES OF ALL OUB 1>KT GOODS. OinOPB, 7*7 Mmrhe* Bp*?. Onr very l est Merrimack Oalico, which we did sell ot 10, reduced to *; our fine jnality wide Cambric Percelf* reduced fro? 12 to H); oar Pure Lines Teble Damask redaeed fronSS to >0; our flue quality Victoria Loans reduced trom SB to l-),>ur sxtreaeely fin* quality Pare Bilk Black Moh*lr Alpaca leduc-d from 7# io 80. cur veiy large arairtmest of Sprint Drees Gocd*. 811k Pongee, 811 k Strife Mohair, Bilk Plaid*, Teitled Lie Bage?every yard of tbeee (Hdi will be eold at ccet?11, U. Id, 20, V, 30 St, <7.40, SO; B'ack Alpaca. doable width. reduced from 11 to 25; Black Greaadine is, 31,ST, SO,<2? all of tbeee good* reduced in price; Oaoslaeres for men and boys. 37, SO, 61 78. 87. 01?ell cf tbeee goods reduced la price; Paiaeol-. 8on UmbrtllM. fl.*, 2.115, IK?all of these roods reduced In price; Bed Tick 11, 18. 30, 28 all of oar Bleck Silk a?d Bla< k Oath ?*re we will soil at actual cost?78,47, SI, !-*? 130, 178,1 mfBtr INSURANCE. orrici or The Mutual Protection Fire Ins. Oo. OF THB DISTRICT OP COLOMBIA, (CHASTISES BT ACT OT COSGASSS,) 1*09 Pennsylvania avenue, <oppoelte O.B.Trea'y.) OPPlOBBSr GEOBOR TAYLOR, Pree. JAB. ? PITCH. WM. BaLLABTYNB, V. Pree. Bee. and Trees. TBUSTSI8: George Taylor, Wm Ballautyne, Oboe. P. Peck. J< ??ph< e?>y, Jcbt. C Harkness, A. E Perry, Wm. J. Eiblty, N. W. Burcbell, Jas.H. Seville, The et>0Te <\mpanr Is row fully organized for tusinesn end prepared to lesne pe'iciesof losarenoe on mo-t favorable t< rnn Pamphlets containlug the act tf incorporation and br lews erlll be far nUb< d r.n applicatioa. JAMES E. K1TOH, m>J* lm Secretary and Treasurer. JOHN T. ALMS. D. W. BITCH AM. ABBS * HETCHAM. tiENBRAL INSURANCE AGENTS AtID BROKERS, LB Dioit Bc.ld:*?, corner of P and 8th ft reed 1NSUBANCB of EVERY DESCRIPTION WBIT mars-tr TEN OB TUB BEbT TERMS. Rem ova i ?Itie office of the LYCOMING PIBB IN8UB ANCB COMPANY has been removed to Room No, 30. Le Droit Bnilding, corner of P and 8tb street*. This staunch old company bee been In operatioafor thirty-live yeere. leteneti, aqg-tr J. RUSSELL BABB, Agent. RAILROADS. |?ALTlMORB AMP OHIO RAILROAD. MAY 89th, 19T6. A. M. LBAVB WASHINGTON. 6;d3?Baltimore. Annapolis, and way stations, Point of Bockaand intei mediate stations, ui aid stem. 7:10?Baltimore and Alexandria Junction. 0:00? A'eie York, Philadelphia and Boston Ex Pullman Parlor Oare. Leavee at 8.10 a m Sunday, stopeat Way Stations, and connects for Annapolis. 8:ll-Chsrissari, St Louis and Pittsburg Ex * rede rick, Hageretown, and Yalley P:l*-Point of Bocks and way station*. 9:30?Baltimore oad way stationa. 9:93? New York Limited Expreee, Baltimore and p H Philadelphia. Sunday to Beitimare only. 19:13?Baltimore, Way Stations, SUIcott City and Annapolis. 1:40?Acie York, Philadelphia and Norfolk Ex PJOn Sunday, all Way Static nr and Baltimore only. 3:30? Baltimore and way stations. 4:30? Baltimore and Laurel Express. SUIoott City, Frederick and Way Stations, via Be lay. 4:3C?Frederick and Point of Bocks, (Tla Metro politan Broach). 4:44?Baltimore. Annapolis and way stationa. t.Ui?Curate, Cintinna:i and Louisville Express. Except Saturday,daily to Columbus Lools Isville by 11:30 p.m. train on Saturday. Bag> rrtewn and Wicobeeter. Sleeping can to e bicago, Oinciraati and Louisville. *:3 '>?Ba'timort and Philadelphia Express. Fred erick and Way Stati >ns, via Relay. (Con nects tor Annapolis Sunday.) ?? 40? Baltimore, Bladensburg, College, Belts vi 1<-. Lecrel. Aunapli* Junction. 7:00?Baltimore ana way stations. 8:10?Baltimore. Bladensbarg, Belleville, Lan 1*1, Belay. 8:90? Pirtsbur#. but no connection beyond Mar tinsbuig by train leaving Sunday night Way Stations on Metropolitan Branch. 9:30? Neip York and Philale'phia NiSht Express Bleep-ng Cars to New York 9:30?Baltimore and principal way stations, 10:30?Martlosbarg and way stationa, Metropoli tan Bianch. 11:30? St. Louis Mrpress. Chicago, Columbus, bnndaaky, Newark. Ob Saturday for Louis ville. ?-JO ?> 00,9:13,9 99 a.m : 1:10,*:93. 8:3*. ? :40, 7.00, 0:10, 0:90. 9:30 and 11:30 p.m., uaiii. All other trains dally, axoept Sunday. No connection on Snnday tor Bagerstown or Yal ley Bianch; or for New fork ana Philadelphia at 9 a m. and l:40p.D. For further information apply at the Baltimore aad Ohio Ticket Oflicee, Washington Station, and 493,601 and 603 Pennsylvania avenue, where orders wlU be taken tor baggage to be checked and received at any point In the city. THOB- B. 8HABP, Master of Transportation. L. M. COLE. General Ticket Agent. GEO. B. KOOBTZ, General Agent. aplS tr |^OR THB SEHIXNN1AL RXRIBITION FIVE TRAINS DAILY, EXCEPT S UN DA Y. VIA BALTIMORE ? POTOMAC BAILBOAD. Commencing Wednesday, May 1W/L The Baltimore aad Potomac Railroad Company will run the following trains < tl rongh to Philadelphia with out change of care, leaving tht' depct, Pennsylvania avenue and *th street, daily, except Sunday: 7:40 a. x , and arriving la Philadelphia at 1:30 F. M,<l?ily, except Sunday. 9:93 a. x., and arriving In Philadelphia at 1:99 r x., daily, except Sunday. 1:30 P. x., and arriving in Philadelphia at 6:30 P x.,daMy.except Sunday. 3:30 p. h . and arriving in Philadelphia at 11 t. x., daily. 9:10 p. x., aDd an I ring In Philadelphia at 9:33 a. x .daily. Sleeping cars attached to the train to Phlladel Rhia Itavug at 9:10 p x ; and persons securing erths caa remain In the car until 7 o'clock a. x. e?cnre ycurt'ckete at the office of the company, noitbeast corner 13th street at 4 Pennsylvania ave nue, and nortbeaet co-ner of 6th'atreet and Penn svlv atiia avenue, and depot of the Baltimore aad Potomac Railroad company. KRABK THOMPSON, General Manager. my 16 Im p. M BOYD. Jk . Gen. Pas. Agent |JBIIVeKOAL K. R YICkEt OFF1CM. BAILBOAD TICKBTS to ov from all point* bocght. exchanged or sold at < a rtduction of om DoLLABi upon any other office or depot In tbl? city. Tickets good till need. Baggage checked through, Appiy to m!d. WHITE81DB, epf ly 997 Penn. are.. Candy store. 1876 ri>XRRVL?AHlA 1876 komi To ths lorth, Wsst, ?s4 lostkwofte iKxubte Track, Steel Hail*, Splendid , ?Yi Ma&nifle>?nt Bquipmtnt. 9TH? 197B. Traias leave Wasaington, city time, from Depot, corcer of 4ih a^d B streets, as followe: Per Plttnbnrg and tbe West, 6 a. m. dally, with Parlor Oar t Pittsburg; 7:40 p. m. dally, wtth Pelade Car to CM-ago. an* 11:AO a. ?. dally, ?xc^pt Sniuiay. BALT1MURE AMD rOTOMAO BAILBOAD. for Cai^kbiaigca, B (Lester, Buffalo, Blacara Falls, aud tbe North, t> a. m. daily, exoept Son day; aad 7.40 p. tc daily, except Saturday, with Paiace Cam to Watkins. For Erie, Caaaodaleua. Break), acd L'iagara Fails, 11:*0 a. m. Ofptbunday. for New York aad tbe Bant, 9:10 s. m. dally, with Palace Car* attached: Llmltnd Express of Pall man Parlor Cars, ?:aS a. m. daily, except Sunday, for New York ard the Es t 1:30 p. m. dally, ex? w,Lh,"ariorCars attached/^ Sor Philadtlphla. 7:50 a m.end 1:30 p. m. dally, ?*iept prscuy, end * 30 end 9:to p. si. dally. _Llmtt??B?prssa. 9.93 a.m. dally,except Suaday. arootmnnriatlon for Baltlmvre. 7:?? a. m. Oallr. and 4:90 p. m. dally, axoept Sunday. LlM ?:*? a. m. and 4:00 p. a. _doilr, except Sunday. For Annapolis. 6 00 and 11:30 a. ?. and 4:90 p. m.. axoept Sunday. ALEXABDB1A A FBBDBBIOK8BOBO BAIL LMtf&ALKUIWBA A WABHiNOTOM For Alexandria, 6. 7. 8:0*. 0,10, 11 a. a., 1.3. 4:B0,B,?. TOO,and 11:40 p.a. On Sunday at 9 a. a., aad 1 and T p. a For the South, via Richmond, 11*40 s. a. dally, except Sunday; aad via Lynchburg, B OO a. a. aad 11:*? p. ss. dolly. Trains leave Alexaodrla (or Weehlagtoa?t, 7. B, 9.10.11a. a..l, 3,4. *.#.and 7 p. a. Os ?day at 7 and 10 a. a., aad * p. a. (Tickets. Information, Sleepius aad Parlor Oar I acccaaodattoaa caa be procured at the Offloes: Bort beast corner of Thirteenth street and Pena ry I vanla avenue, Bortheaat corner of Sixth area* aad Peanaylvaala avenue, aad at the Depot, where orders caa be left for the checking of Imiih |p dsetiaaUon from HoteU aad Beeldeacea. D- M. BOTU Js.,Gea1 Pssesngsr Agent. FBABB TBOB < W.OenT Maaader. janl-ly I NTME.DPBBoMBWlWiOFTBB D1STB10T Special Term, Probate Jurisdintom. May 16, 18ft. In tbe matter of tbe will of MakY WILLIAMS: Application for latter* teetameatarr oa the estate or Mary Williams, of tbe District of Columbia, has this day been made By Benjamin B May field. st* reeted are hereby notified to appear tnthM TUESDAY. the 13th day of June next,at M conrtoBOHHH^^^W^H o'clock a mT to show canae why letters! tary oa the eetate of tbe said deceased is-tie OS prayed: Prmrultd. a copy of thle order be pabliahcdoace a week for three weeks la the Bvea in* Star pree lows a the sold dap. Teet: myP-wJt A. WEB8TSB. SsgMlsr of With. AUCTION SALES. , FPTPKl OATS. 'p&ubas DOWLIBO^Ancttoneer. 2e8&v5? wfcywtf?.'!? .?T *irtue of fo?r eep<ante dec da of trust n i<ri a?VI lbtl d^f of June, A. ? ^ to ?ls?jwL ' ** **? ^?ar of 5:30 o'clock wind' by jjid i?5H?r.rj*^lfrom,*ory bot* ?*" gu.^,a^aaly^aaf.^skm 11pj*lrlct_c/ OolnmbU, lying west of Fayette porth of and adjoining to 7th (treat con ? "??/*. *^,*<^|:>1?ln? "The (man " on tbe weat ?ddcsti'ji2?s?rft.fcl5t,*ot e*1,#a "BwleJth," ?na coauuiiiii nitr-thm acm. mot* or laaiin. Stabfe r)wh*\sr???<*02bl? Brick Dwelling House. , o I e. Ore ha d?Ac.. Ao.),lata that aorti in ar S*J?oh "H?1B^bi0hard 8- cox to j01" a hmu1 / TarBaofaa'e: One flth (1 8) cash; balance In aix mnntT?tti 5 * an(* twantj-four (Si) ???^*' deterred nj tMata to ba secured br not*s, with Interest and deed of trait on itopertriold' lotereetpnveble aetni annually. A deposit of 9500 required at time af aala. All conveyancing at coat ?rHhinC^ftiv I!,1"?1 of sale are not jomplisd with jjjjj'a inrllliuk T of aale, the Truateea reserve ih* property, after five <8> days' ?????>' * ao"lj^ ,he default I par tsk.a.l5tfi^'.sotkt. b? ?? 0' linx'f Trnitw.. mT28 d THOM \B DOWL1NQ. Anct. VOUNG A MIDDLKTON, ?8'a,? Auctioneer*. TIT8TH'8 PALI OK VtLHABLI Ritrur EKY PHOPEBTY OB K H*TWStN AND U7 Tii BT??ETe BUHTHWB6T it?.' vi?ne of ad;ed of trust dated March 17. I I i 7i ?pd rec?rdwl ?? Mber ??. folio* 474, 4ttl?ei and <78, ot.e of tee lacd recorila for ths DletrlctdtiS. of OolnnMn, and at tbe written rfqnett of the tf*,' ?cttthPr^'1 wiU?*" *? Pnblic auafion! ln.K1 iV2f 'he ar.miso.. on SATURDAY, Jnne l ? i . a ?Vcck P- m' the following de inh^ rnv?,?u.l<,',m/.nfte*n the city*! WasBlnc loglon, District of Columbia, to wit: All of lota tumbered four, (4,) five, (5.) six, <6.) seven <71 <*a8>b? vt'-'M(' a" those P*rta of I jt numbered cine, ?' nlv?1"1 numbered four. (4;) one part of lot pu? '/ Q *>?*'nn,n* th" ?outhweat corner of lot i"..,. running thence north with the east lMr??MJ??ri*t* 7,7*' ttebta?21' ?"*? thence east *??j ?l ?u'ne ?r d lot. thence south *0 ir.lth/KnCft W,!t WO f?*t to the said 17th street, and place of beginning; for the other part of lot nioe. (#> beglnnlnv at the Hontheaat corner of lot 10. In aald ?<i?are, th^n^e aouth 31 faet, thenoe east 78 feet i ?<.Di??^ir,i5 3',?,'.thei!Ce *lon* ,he rear line of Jota 11 and IS. 78 feet weat, to the place ofbesin nina, and appcrtebanaaa. b#lt* the ?h>le property lataly known aa the Washlnfrton Brewery. .j"*? B5 800 cash: t3S0j1nalx'?) months,with ?i^b*,vcel!B twelve lU' montha, with Interest. The deferred payments to be secured by potea of purchaaer and de< il of truat on property j ? 4jw,wlu reaulrod of the pur chaser at the time of sale, otherwise an lnim.'diate r??ale. 0<-nveyancing at coat of purchaser. If other ,?tl2!.-f..Ba S. ar? not ^"PlIoO with within seven (7) days the Trustee reaervta tbe ri<ht to reaeil the property at the ri^k and oost of the defaulting pur* tlniw > after firej 8) day a' ad v? rt isement ? l PUCLOIP8,Trustee. myl< d TOUfiO t M1PPL1TOB. Aucta. T1u1?tj,c'8 b*1-* Or VALUABLE IM jjiilz'p pbopmty ON NOBTH ? bt . ^??^-^^tsivsriuspk, S i f8i a ?uo'^ >V atblo^toa connty,*sA fciBtxict of OolumbU, sod by direction of the holaer t,hertb7. I will aell at public i.? v ?il. s.j jDt 2f. lbe jpremltcs, on SI ON sfxl* ? #ly Of J one, 1876, at d o'clock p m , all that plere of grourd In Washington city, DIs iC{ li^ lumbia, know? and designate! as origi nal lot 4, of square aonth of aqnare 104, Improved bj atwoator? frame dwelling hou?e p Terma of a?le: SSuOcaab: baTaace in alx and twelre months, aecnrtd by notes btarlte 10 per cent in tereat and deed < f trust cn the property ?tonve? Pnrc'iaetr's coat. If the terms are not cempi led with In at ran days Jrjm sale, the trurte? rf ?a-T \ Aa t ho ?l rr r ? #rv *aiaIi ak& ?? ? . w , "J* "v * \xrmj a ml Jul BS ") I Q0 11 11 6'* reserves the right toi resell the property at the risk and cost of the purchaser, f too to be paid in when the property Is struck off. WB L DDSLOP. Trustee. m>Md 1H08 DOW LINO, Anct. STEAMER LINES. (>yP? L15ig FOR faiLADELfHU keuvceu RATH OX HORSES. - l[r??,.,,ttd od b^ard Steamer on MOBOAVB ant fttlDAY* until 7 p. m H^?gt>t received in Warehouae at any< ? G. V. Ill DC, m>14 1m 89 Water street. Georgetown, P.O. tstfl "HABBINGBB" LEAVK8 ? W liatf at 7 a m. on ,5j(s?-?r M?tto* Greek. an?r mp ip? *?8D A18 (dime hour) for^ aobidI. ana a" landing; each way, includlai Grind er a. Little ferry and Boater a. ?>> 17-tr M. E. QBBQQ, Oaptaln. BXPHB88 LINE between ^/,ls.,lupblph?awaeh,i,gt01,40e0b0? TOWN.?Steamera leave Philadelphia WEDHE8. I)AY ud bATtBDAf, at IS m. - _ ^re Georgetown, U.O,. MONDAY ??t b ? J?;, freight tecel^l^^i^ until # a. m. Through bills of laden given for Boa ton and Pn?vid?uce. Consignees wishing their goods lacded at Georgetown, will order them mar?.>d"via Georrtown." G. t. B* D?, i? Water st., Ge rge. town, D C. WM.P.OL*D* h CO., 18 8 ^ faarrea, Philadelphia. mayl-ly WAJH N|*W OEPARTLRK -OLTDE 8 i IB G TON, PBILADELPBIA, I ss?j2MtAHD PBOVIDENCE 8EBI-I WEAKLY STEAMSHIP LINE.-On and after WEDNESDAY, A pill lath, the Steamer* of the above line, with direct connection with Boa Ion and Providence, will aail from Philadelphia for ^ashlnaton, D. O., every WEDNESDAY and BA'^DAJif^tnfning.leave Waahington HON BAYBand EBIDaYS, from Johnson a wharf, foot of Uth street aouthweet. Through Billa Lading la !u'ato..*lld above porta freight recefved and delivered daily from 7 a. m. to 8 p. m. Orders lor^delivery of freight, Ao., received at 11)021 w at and 1119 8th atreet northweat. _ W. P. CLYDE * OO., Bo. 18 8. Wbarvea. Philadelphia. J. U. JodNsOS Si CV., Agenta for Washington. apU-im Ik. Beturntng. leare Norfolk. tnesday^tii? ay at 4.?, BD- rfcr?- ?<; round trip, 8. Tickets good until naed. for NORFOLK. r 8TEAMEB LADT OF TBB LAKB Leavee tbe Con.pany a wharf, foot of 8th atreet. evenL MONDAfr WEDNI^DA* ?^ and FBIDAY. at If id, for Nor folk. eay i ? FOB POTOMAC BIYEB LABDINGB. Steamer JNO. W. THOMPSON leavea Com pany 1 wharf, f?ot of <th atreet, every TUESDAY, atTa. m., for Gurrloman and Intermediate lacdlrga, and every f BID A X .at 7 a. m, fcr Ooan Blver, auiaalna at Intermediate lakdlnga , For Information apply at the office of tbe Com pany, under the Metropolitan Bank, 18th street, topposite the Treasury, or to the Agent, at ths roarPly "PEOPLES' LIBS" rot nomjx1, mattox CREEK, ip PER ma choltoc an1) 1ht edi ATE _ landings. The si dew heel Steamer -E. MOBB18," Captain t. K. Baldwin, wtll conmence running to the above land?u Monday, March 6th, leaving from wharf toot of ?th atreet every MOB DAY and TU0IU?DAT at 8 a. m. ac^*Klili)1/Y*at'f it*m* HomUU TDMD*> B. B. F1TEBUGB, Agent. QIRltO b im. ^ HOT ICE. dtn^nishlBj tua chanoae ul eoi , tha of this take a saeolflad ocutm ror ail aaaecoa of the year * ?peciaea On the outward peaage from Queeunown to Ben <BJB BRITISH AND NORTH AMUltt^a ROYAL MAIL STEAMSHIPS. between irmw tohk and l/fjim POOL, gallmq At CORK bahbom. M|.tfM?llWl?H 8cythlaLl_Wed., June 14 Algeria Wed., June ? Bothnia-. Wed.. Jnne a Buaaia.? Wed., July U Scythla...... Wed., July if Algeria..?Wed.. July M - Wed., Aug. 1 ?uu??? x>VUI-as ?WVQ.t Aug. J '?fr^ll^YWortI W*DaB,tDAT and SAT UK do not eatpb or Paaaaei.?Oabtn, |E,JM and am. nrjvnfrsm?*'bubottasmtjsrattu and eabia 'IS rtha educational. WBR END INSTITUTE tamtly vmmg lmdut. Mr?. 8. L. Oany, ?ew Baven, Ooan. SwdSmrwtor. . f" iMtan TKA TKLIB9TK0KKS, wtfe IsADlBS' TKATEL1BQ SATCBBLB. WL STKAP8 and POCKET BOOKS. OOOBLB aad S1BGLB B4BBB8S. LAP KOBBS aad BOBSB AUCTION SALES. TMU AmCKWOOSt." CIirH(fKl*?Vv?sr"",5"? ipiVoiVtAVi *?"*? b/?,?lwof ?d*c">* the 8a >< KTVim Yi'Ji.i Cy pyMd 10 Cause CI ,,"p 3**? ?V. wisn/w "ii?'mt ?nl>,'c ?uc ** " ?'J?1?8D4T, ths 31st day of M?v. *5L?S D"0?1 ?/ V trsmDes, common-in* at 3 3i? ffl Mm5 ? ,iLoi." ?utb8"<> *?? T7. 78. 79. 80,81, 82, .wlpr?'_g? **>?:.Oa^foattli cash; the residue In thl^ ?** ?*11 M month' Trom tee d.y of sale, with tnteiest it iii Mr wit mt portion' 0.rre^r??hr^"*r *?" S* !? r??t?L ?.M?Lii?rn..Tn* fon*t^ Ths title to be retained until all of f ha pnrebate money and th? iiitornt thereon Ii paid. If the termi of ?i* ?rA nnt con.plied with wl.C d.>.ToSi th^dw^f fj]* *? rater** the tiibt to rewll the property at L?A ^ f?* the dtfaulting purchaser or VUi'h1 15??"'*'*'''' M purchaser'! coat ?M dt posit o? acceptance of 4ch bid! JAMS* S BDWAKDB. ) fRAH* W. HACKITT.S Trustees ? JOH* H. COOK, ?"?i4?""' TM.eoAda B H. W'ABBEB, Anct. V 8TR*2tVAo??J9 pbopbbty ON D Joutb I'lN, a? WotioS? "" ????*? ? a clock p m.,on the premisea, nnJcJL 2n2weT?tellL,teT? '"'???theaabdivisloa of fronting ?iih/h.?2?.k eouth. and running back with that width ona hundred and fifteen i lit) feet thne 'Jor7 '?am Houm, omtiSa TmI?.? n?^?!Ki,,Klwtl?? br * ,?*n frame shop. One-third cash; balance la one and two ?rccrcdbTdwJ jnr0tT" T,Ul *'* <*nt Interest, tTken ^Lt llrt BPOa property sold will be nr>t ooamlied With in flvedaya from rale, property will be resold at risk and cost of an "d a??^en;Crhrr/- Da^lt o/BM*w?l b^re' purchase ' Conveyancing Be., at coet of ?..XUWAED0- f'ARSINOTON, Jr. Trustee min eoAdu B H WARNKH. Anrttouoer. fHOR B. WAGGAMAB, " 1 Beal Estate Auctioneer. 019 7th street n. w. ^ALUABIiB IMPROVED PBOPEBTY. Nna 1334 AND 1336 7th 8TS1CKT hOKl HVK^t' (IWOfeTOEY BHlCKtLWdi^ ) lHWM9Tt n^? M*t 31 at, at 9 o'clock ** pnblic anciion, on tbi-I^M PL 0''??''tbe al,o*e Property, b*lng pirt o'^'jL #r V? ?QnareiJS. and near to O street ma-ket it ?Wifsg irSE" ?"b"1"? p?y?7 ts THQ9. E. WAGQ1MAH. A.rr.t. this iTcmiie, 1876. -ribST SPUING BALK OF TUB WASHINGTON ABT CLUB. PAINTINGS and water colors. ferro fnr s1^ h.n.Tb,r*ce! be,t wor** ?verof 5"?Ef b' onr L?cal Artiste. On exhibition ^ Evenlrg ??t th* Clab Bos>m, Vernon Rut M id at ?!i^rtre< t ??nd Pel""?7l??nla avenue, to be' ii'Mj ?1? c aortlon, without reaervo, on W Hi. KKSiJAlf andTMUHHD\Y BVBNINOS, May 31, and June l,at 1 >4o clcck each eveniug, by _m>27 ? PPNnANaOH A BBO? Ancts. f^XTBMSlVB AUCTION 8*LB OP UABB A ntTMED PLBDQB8. .^n "DHISDAf, May 31, at T'30 D.m.. and THURSDAY, June l, at#$0 10 o cl ok a. m. and 7:30 o'clock p. m., I willBw s. II, at eatablistment No. 1S3S Penneyivani^f? 0 M^?STJi"ri'e.Dlh "V;tet'? large oollactloa of O- a and Silver Watches, Diamonds, Jewelry, Onus, i^^ols. aaa nothing. All Roods which havebfen paw Led over fi/ur months are inclotfej in thi. sale COLImA TO'BQKaoW. IV' A8B- B. W ILL1AM9, Anctloneer. ? ? 1001, northwest corner 10th and D etreets. 8iVK?am pS*?$R WtLVASSCIB-TED STOCK l?JL.,f;AliI 8 AND riXTPKis, Toyp, *c nft?i,?5Tf ??*?-Pl'AJN 'HKBCa Oil IMA riNNIR AND TfiA SHT8 IitCoKikTcn TOlLtT WABB. PtATBD WABB AND CuV ^1 W ARK, TIN WARE aid TO MBNt"iHR ABTICL*8 T0? HUMBB0U8 On 111 UBS DAY, J nno lit, 1876, com-CBl meaclng at io o'clock a. m , l shall seiiWlf 1 .v w* *nc,'on room** a laree astortmentBtf of tte above-named articles, removed t> try EH auction rooms for con??nieece of *?ie. and to be *oid P,k f,8?1!?, Th?e Ptock fi:#t C IW? i3d well wonbj the attention cf la want of tine table W?r,ei^,^,ery? 4c' WASH. B. WILLI \ MS. _m;30jt_ Auctioneer. lkCNOANSON BBOS , Auctioneers; SiUiheast coiner 9th and U sts. northwest. At-fSgB AND GENBBAL COLLBCTIOM OP ?rt'KXJTUBE. WOOL AND ^BC8bfLH CABPIX8* KRKB(<iIK\TOKS cook a>d otheb stores, BEDSTtt\r>8* BJCDDlNO, DIMfti, ROOM FUKNITUBe" OLA88 AND CRIX'KKBl. FINE STEEli ?*-' *J?AiIiTu9'? KITCHEN WARE. i ^ 1TH A LAB<>K AS^OKTVINT of MIS ClM AN*OtI8 O 'ODS, AT AUOTiON c t^n MOBNiNO, lit of Juna,9R '""fncingat 10 o'clock, at Saksrooms, 9th JL and D streets northwest, we will sell a large W and general asaortment of Furniture, Ac , aa ' 11 above de?crlbfd? to which parties In ne?d are in vlt<d. [tryjO] DUNCANSON BB08., Ancts Y'WOMAb DO W LIB (^Auctioneer. FIBST SPRING BALK OP FLOWERS RED. DINO PLANTS" Ac? HANGING BASK EM N?Tw?al?M*S' B28E8' HELIOTROPES, CAB nations ac . Ac,, at auction. ? DTB UB8DAY MOBNINO. June l,lS76 fk^ * dock, within the auction rooms, lB|n# will sell aa excellent ats rtmeut of riowerVBB riiLti. #c. Ac., from the well known eetabliah meitof ROBBBT BOWDLEB. ri?.i,t "'F*9 d THOMAS DOWLINQ. Auot. BABB CHANCE FOR DEALERS. .,'??? ?f d^.r#r,t bf*nd? of CIO 1B8, lelzed oa aLd consigned to ih# Auction Boom* of P. FOLEY, to be tot?l-wit hoot reserve. THUBSDAY. June }'}\y? higheat bidder. We cordially invite the trade to exanilne the above i^meo goods before they tlVo^^hVtreet'^rthlLY "* n?W ?D "hibi?on n.>?7__jBep ) P. FOLEY, Auctioneer. WASH. B. WILLIAMS, Anctloneer. TBTSTEES' SALE OF AN KLrotNTTHBII. BTOBY AND BASEMENT BBICK DWILL* 1NO, NO JO I STBEBT NORTH WIST. tnder and by vir?ue of a deed o! trnet, ' 1 datfd the t wel! th 112th; d ay of May,A.D 1874 and duly recorded In Liber No. 751, folio iJO nnr?,?),.tj?rA*?d "fords for county eff Washingt-n, D itrict of Colombia, and at the reqoeat of the party r ^? ,,w?wlu iel1 mt PnhHc auction, la on THUBSDtY, Jane1, lfc7#, at 5 o clock p. m , the following described reui ?JiV'3. lbe cit* o' Waahlugton, D O : All i ?or P*.r*'of ground or real tstate 5U? ?-f Waahlngton and d bribed ai being Lot numbered one S .JKlf b,rt"?x' ',36" ln Bh??herd's re eorded subdivision of sonare namb'red six bun cr?d aid twenty-tkree. fig ) together with tbeim provtmeLta. Ac , c< nslsting of an elegant three atory a?d basement brick dwelling. mjk'?": Ono-tN'J ca?b- balance In six, twelve, and eigtteen monthi'. with Intereet at ten per con inm per annum, secured by deed of trnit on the prc.^ny aolj A den-,sit of *300 will be rajuirSd of the puichaaer at time of aale. All conveyancing " the eipense of the purchaser. If t^rna of sale are not compiled with within s< v?n da*s the trnatees reserve the tight ti resell pnichaaTr'" "th? rUk std C08t oI tbe defaulUng JOSBPH T DYEB,/ my22 dAds MIOHAEL OBB?l/,i Trnrt?**> TBI 8TEB'8 8AL* OF A DBRIBABLE LOT Vf ?1i(iR!,P-0NoP ?TBEBT, BETWBKH I?ih AND 16th 8TBEETS NOBTUWEST. Pursuant to adecree ot the Bup'eme Court of^M the 1 Htrict of Columbia, paaaod In specialvB tert/i Bf ay IStb, 1876. io a cau?e wherein Sophia*^* Miller Is coinplalnai.t, and Margaret B. killer la u> ft'iicatt. I sh?U effor at public sale, on the ire mlws.on THUBbDAY, the 1st of June.i87?. at 6 ''Ct^ k p.m.. Lot 9 in the stibdivHion In auuare No m, frosting 2J feet on P s.reet, and being 100 f?e?Oeep. ' -? ??w Term* of sale: One-third of the purchase money fn cash, the remainder iue<iiial instalments at? and II niotths from the day ot sale, the deferred paymenta to bear Interest, and be aeenred bj a lien upon the property. A deposit of ?60 will be required at the time of sale, and one week will be allowed the pur chaser to comply with the terms, In defanltof which the property may be reeold at his risk and coat. All conve) anclng at coat of purchaser JA8. O. PAYNB, Trustee, ? . . . Webster Law Building. mjM-?oAds B H. WABNBB, Auct. rpHOMAS DOWLLNO, Auctioneer'.' TBUBTEE'S SALE OF A? INTBBE8T IH A ? PB1NTINO OFFICE. . P^ virtaa of a deed of ti ust, duly reeoided ln Lt .o-tOJt folio us, one of the land records of the ristrict of rolumbta. and betring date the tblr teenth day of Beaumber, 1S7?, and at the request of the party secured thereby. I will aell at public auc tion, on the premieee, at 6 o'clock p m , on the 1st dav or Ji nx. 1876, to the highest bidder, for oaah at ? ?1J,tbl.rV[ht; title, claim and later ?4v?BJ.MBfs B_ Beards ley In aad to tbe Book and Job Printing Office oa tbe third floor of Bo. 4T9 Pennsylvania avenue. Wasting'on, D. O.. of which he Is half cwner. conal.tlng of Prlntlag PrMees and Materials and Office FnrtJture. such as are usually ISTikLi iI ^Hk JiSl "job Offlee, and which are de 1* deed of troet. or ths achaan's at tacbsd thereto. J. D. MILAN8, Trustee _?y?-eoAds THOB. DOWLINQ, A act". qpaVMAB DOWLINQ, Auctloaear" COMFORTABLE TWO-bTOBY FBAaB DWEL ?1I*Q Wo BTBBBT r^ViESASTj^*.0 L0T' AT AUCTION. On THUBf DAY, June 1st- 1871, at 9 p U frontof tbe prenilsss.I will salt Lotfltt r umbered thirty Ave, In Hill's subdivision or CM. squars numbered eeven hULdred and nineteen. tronUrg 17 feet on tbe west of Sd atreat east, by M*H|i of N feet, to I E foot alley, with a 3-foot Fr^DVelTuVho^se1" * ***??* "? ^ Teims: One-half cash; balance In ? and IS months, with Interest at 8 per cant A deposit oT f 100 whea #nKj5S^ ?*' Conveyaacing at ths coat nu?7-q ' TH0MA8 DOWUBO, Aact. OOKB DBUTB1BD TO ALL PABT8 OB TBB OIT1 AT THE SAME RATE. 'of1 ^ ^baakgta for ft m. Apply to omoi or WABB??T^a sabusit oom ?1S Mtb street aortawes^ Tl l laiatrast aorthweii AUCTION SALES. |}UMCAMBOfl BBOB., Aaotloneer*. LOT Or QBOOEBIEB, 8BBLF GOOD 8, IIMH.IJ, BCKtrH TC 6*, CAS** (.# (lilllD FBUIT8, IB&L. FLOI'B, HULT8. 8ABD1NE8 TB48T POWjiIRl Ac AL5?'>, LOT Or OLOTH1BG. DB* noors. Bib OLOVBS, KH0E8. I'LATBD W k Br. CFTLBBY. Ac , AT AUCTION. On FBIDAY MOBB1NO. 8d Junfc,com-4 mtnrirg at 10 o clock, with*n our iate* r ? con.*. Mb ud D itreata northvM, i gene rat urinn nt of 'he above meat oaed' 4 <k ? will be told wtthosl reicr^a. m > 31 3t Dl'WCANEON BB"S. Ancta rpilOMA8 POWLIHU, Aactloncer, CATALOGUE OF AYEBY LABGB AMD VALU ABLB COLLECTION OF BOORS, Amrng which are two Private Libraries, containing Many Scarce and Valuable Book*, in rine Hind lag*, embractr g III nitrate 1 Works, Biography Poetry, Travels, ud General Literature. AlMi Com piete Set of Llttell'? Living Age and Harper Magazine, Annate and Debate# of Oongress, Oon ar visional Globe, State Patera, Ac. To be told at my auction room*, a uthweit corner Pennsylvania areaae ltd 11th street ./Mt / MOBDAY BVEH1N0. June 4.1876, and fol lowing Evening*, * mmenoing at 7:3a e'olock. Terme ctik. n?}31?t THOMAS POWLIBQ, Auotioneer. y H. WABNEB, corner TU? and F *tre TBU8TEE8 SALE OF VALU\BLB IMPBOFBD BFAL ESTATE IB SQUABS 408. AMU FRONTING OH 9th BTBAAT Br virtue if two di^a o( trust, dtted Bo v?mb? r 13h. A. I? 1873, and <ul> recorded in Y?-W I ib?r 793, folio 4?0, Ac., and in L'tx r 741,fa lio 19. Ac., two of tb* land roc. rda for Washington conity.D C , and by the written d rection of the part* secured therebv, I *i'l ?eli at public auction oil WEDNESDAY, tke I 4tli day of June, A. D It"6, at # o'clock p tn . in front of tbe premises, lot* nouiterrd ?1*te. n. (16.) seventeen, (?7,' an1 the souibtrn hslfof lot numbered eighteen,(18.) ia tin recorded subdivision ot ?qn?r- numbered four hua d:ed,(400.) in Ihecity of Washington, with all the itu pi ovt mints therecn. 'iirttioful': One th rd Inca'b.of which $!' tr.ust be paid at rale, the a 'wfred payment* to l-e mad? in one and tmo jo*r- ir. ui da* of sale, with interest at the rate of ten i -r cert, per annum, and fee red by deed of tru?t t id iasnratc* tn thn *aii< faction ol ILe Ttu*tee. Term* 1o be in'ly complied with within lis day* after day of tale, etherwiss the TiUo'ee reaerves the right to resell the property, af teronew?ek'? n> lice, at tbe rl?k and cost of de faulting pure baler. Ccn? ej ancirg at purchaser cott WM. H. WARD. Trustee. m)31 foil's J T. COLDWKLl., Salesman. rpflOMAB DOWLINQ, Auc loceer. TWO BTORY rBAMI PWILL1NO, ON TUB E *r>T fiU'K OF 19th 8TREKT. BE1 WKKN B AND 8 STRKET8 NORTHWEST, BA1MG No 1709. AT AUCTI N. On MONDAt AKTKbNf ON. June #'h. 1876, in trftit of the premises, at ft o'clock, I 0M shall sell Lot let'.< red A, of tbe enbdirlsl n of?& part < f fquare Mo. 133, hiving a front of iu feet by eeatb ot 91 feet, running back to an alley. Terms: One third ca-h: balance at l.S and I year*, witb notee bearing interest at 8 per cent, per annum, and secured by a deed of trust on tbe prop eityiold. Conveyancing at coat of the put chaser BliOdepoait >e<iuired at time of enle. my?d 1 HO MA8 Do W LI NO, Auctioneer. rpHOMAS DOW LING AucUonecr. HANDSOMB TWO 8TORT FBAMB DWEL LING ON TBB BA8T 81 DE 0? 11 th 8TBEBT BETWEEN B AND 88TBEET8 HOBTHWEST BEING No. 1747, AT AUCTION On T0E8DAY AFTERNOON, June D76, in front of the premise#, at 6 o'clock. I FV ?hall eell Lot 3, In L. 8 Chapman'* recorded JSJl inbdlvUion of tbe north half of i<jnare Mo. 336 having a front of 16 feet, and running back 91 feet 6 Inches to a wide alley, improved by A comfortable Frame Dwelling. Termi: One fourth caib; balance at 1,1 and S j ear*, witb note* beating interest at 8 per cent, per wntium, and secured by a deed of truit on tbe pro perty roid Couvevarcing at purchaser'^ coat >100 required at time of aab-. u y>9 .1 THOMAS POLLING. A net. VOCBQ * MIDDLETON, X Real Ettate Auctioneer!. TBDSTEEB' 8ALB OF A FABM OF 91 AC BBS ONI HE METB0P0L1TAH B. B.,T WO MIL Ad FROM TOWN. By virtue r.f a (feed of trust to ui, dated May 7th,lb76,and rtoordtd in Liber No 784. folio l't. of the land records for the District of Co-^" lumbia, ar.d at tbe regce?t of tbe bolder of the not* *ecurea thereby, we will sell at pbbllc auction, on tbe premi? .'iH o'clock p. m., on WEDNES DAY Jute 7tb, Lot No 34, ia the recorded sabdi *iiionif tract kLOwn as Metroptlis View, situated in Waal irgton connty, near tbe residence of the late Chlet Jnsilce Chase. Terms: Oue-tbird of tbe purcha*e money in cash, of which a deposit of 8b<) will be required at the time of sale, n.d tbe balance in two'qiial payment* at 9and 18 months, secured by a deed of trust on tbe property atd tbe purcba<er's notes bearing 8 p?r rent, interest. Convej arcing at purchaser's cost. It tbe terms are rot fnHlled in 7 day* the sreperty will be resold at th* rl-k and roet of defanltiog pur c Laser. JESb^WBITABBM,? Trcgtee#. mya dAdbs FOUNG A MIDDLETuN, Aucta. ^pHOMAB DOWLINQ. Auctioneer. TBUSTEES SAl E OFVALD4 ULE IMPBOVEO PROPERTY 1M GEORGKIOWN, AT AUC TION. By virtue of a deed of trust dated the 7th day of Jure, 1875, and duly tec>rdtd in Liber Bo. 7f8, folio 113.oietf the laDd records for^UJL Washington couDty, Diitrl'.t of Columbia, and by direction of tbe party secured thereby, we shall sell on THURSDAY, tb" Mb day of Jnne, ls76, at 3:30 o'llotk *. m , In front of the piomisea, parts oi lots numbered forty nine (49) and bfcy.iAO,) In Hot mead's addition to Georcetewn. District ot Ooluin bia, begim lrg at a p int ia *hs u^rth line of Din barton street, fifty two feet (63) west of Monroe ?treet, and rnn thence east witb north line of Dun barton street elgfcte; u feet, thence north parallel to Monrre street, eigbty feet, (hence west p?ra lei to linnbartou street, eighteen fee-t, there* socth iu a straight lite to tbe teginnirg, together witb the Improvements, which consist < f a frame dwelling. Terms: One third cash; the balance In two ?jual pajmenta at 6 and IS mouths, and secured by denoa ot trust, witb notes beat log interest at 8 per centum per annum on each aiece of property. If tbe terma ctsalearenot eomsll. d wi'h In live daysthe True teta reserve tb" right to resell the same at tbe risk and coat of the defaulting purebaier, after giving ten days' notice in aooie newspaper published In tbe city of Washington. Conveyancing at purcha ser's cost, and a dep >?it < f 8100 will be required At tme of sAle on each piece or ?rop>rty. ? M. D. CAHDIN. ? Trustees WM. A. GORDON.^ my?-d THQ3. DOWLINQ, Auct. rpHOMAS DGWLINO^ Auctto TRC8TBIS' BALE OF IMPBOFBD PROPERTY IN GBOBGBTO* N, AT AUCTION. By virtue of a deed of tr"it, dated the lftbaa day of October. 1873 and duly recorded In Libei9 731. folio 367, one of tbe Und records for Wastr^? tngton ccuntr. District of Colun.bia, acd by the re auest of the party pecured there by, we shall sell, on THURSDAY, tba ??th day of June, 1876, at 6 o'clock Lm . in front ot tba prtmisee.tbe weet half part of t numbered sixty-two (61), in Uolmoad'i addition to Georgetoan, District of C*lumbia, th* sams fronting twenty feet on the aouth lice of West street, witb a death of one ha Ed red and twenty feet, to gether with the improvements, which consist of a Brick Dwellirg. Terma of sale are: One third cvh; the realdue In two equal paymente, at s:x and twelve months, and ?ecu led by a deed of truet on the property aald.vlth notes bearing intereat at 8 per cent, ptr annum Conveyaccitg at purctaiera cost. A deposit of 0100 will be re-mired at tba timeof sale. If tba term* of sale are not complied with in ten days the Trutteea reserve tbe right to resell the same, at tbe risk and co'tof the defaulting purchaser, br five days' advtrtlstmebt in tome newspaper published in the city of V asMcgtc n. WM. D, CASSIS, l Tr,,*# WM. A. OOBD >N, C Tnirttea. my29 d THQ8. DOWLINQ. Auct. |^OWNMAN * QBE EN, AucUoneors. TRCSTXB'S PALE OF TWO 8 STOBY BBICK DWELLINGS. WITH GELLAB9, ON SOUTH 81 DM OF T bTBBET. BETWEEN 14th AND 1>TH 8TBEBTS BOBTHWXBT, (8th and 6th House* from 18th street.) By virtue of a deed of truit. dated October lotb, A.D. 1873, duly recorded in Liber No.fS 6S3, folio 188, one of the land record* for the J"'M District of Columbia, and at the reqnest of tbe party aecured thereby, I will eell at public auction, in front of th* previse*, on WEDNESDAY. June 7 th, A. D. 1876. at 4:30 p m? all<ho*e certain piece* or lota of ground in the oity of Waahlngton- ia laid Diatrict. and known as lot* numbered one hundred and thirty-aeven, (137.) acd one buadrad and thir ty-eight, (138,) of Darrow's subdivision of part of square numbered two hundred ai,d six <306 I a? ?aid ?ut division is recorded in surveyor's e-floeofsaid city, tn lioer H. D. Cooke, No. 1, folio 140, together with the Improvements thereon. Terms ot sale: One third cash, (of which 076 oa each houae must be paid at time of *ale.)andth* balance in six and twelve month*, witb Interest at 8 per cent, from day of sale until paid, to be ae cured by purchaser'* note and a deed of trust on the property *old All conveyancing an 1 record ing at purchaser'* coat. If term* of sale are not complied witb tn *lx day* after sale the Tru?tee re >erve*ther<ghttore*rllat risk ao<toost of purchaatr in default. WM. F. HOLTZBAN, Tru* ee, myM d Mo. 1181 F street northwest. rJpHOB. POWLIBQ, Auctioneer. TRUSTEE'S SALE O F YALUABLB PBOPBBTY ON DUBBABTOM AND BEALL 8TBEETS, IN GEORGETOWN. By virtue of two deeda of trust, bearing dAte ? the lit And 3d dayi of February, 1864, and re- H corded in Liber B.C.T. foUoa IBiS 144, th* nndoraigMd will eell oa HON DAY, the 89thday of May,A.D. 1876.1b front of the pre mise*, oa Dunbarton street, at 8 o'clock p. m., the east half part* of Lota No. 7f and 87, In Bealrs ad dition to Goortotown, th* Mae fronting thirty (30) feet on Dunbarton Mraet and extending bask of that width northwardly one hundred and twenty feet, Improved with a comfortable dwelling boa** BflH r.tklAF An#-K?*lllils.?a w ~ and otker out bulldla<?, tbe preml*** being Bo. 88 Dunbattnn street, and the other parcel being a va ?depth 5?13?S5t ?* ?treet and having Tenn* of *al*. One third oash; vealdua Ia two iinni oi aaie: vne-tnrra nu; veaiau* in two equal payment* at *lx and twelve months, with 1a ter**t. to boaacared by dead of trust. Ml deposit when the property 1* (truck off, whiehla to be for feited if the terma Are not complied with within five day* after sale. All ooaveyaaclag a*d reoordlag at Bar,,tIb, Tn?. ?rtBE ABOYB SALE IS UMAYOIDABLT ?o?tpored nntll THURSDAY, Jam 8th, sab* Lour And ) lac*. E8AU PICKBELL, Surviving Troetee. mi 79 eod THOS. DOWLINQ. Aact. P H. WAJUfER, corner 7th and F atraeto. LUMBIAM oollbge HILL." ft. wain a v i-? ? i??? .? ? - ? br a lank ?ilm uiL ~ mma EVENING STAR. WIPIKDAT May t|, ujf, ?? Ku?'a lurfMi Lire * HOStB AMD A HI* A IT OF HOKSIS a i,aw1,1*? almost to bkq daughter of Construe 9?^' the Brooklyn navy vard mile omi plaint before Jadgt BtruftnJ on Mon dKy> *'*r hu?bsS?d, J?W K?r. ch?plajn in the U.S. navy. Hhe l. atiVac live, and only little more than thirty years cf age and her husband U^t forty Tn7 ctuple were married slxjWi ner .atLer s mansion in Cbarleatown M m> Amongher weddingpnwau wait valua ble span of horse* from her brother In law At &SS buaband to get mocoy for his own use. 8ooa ?fl*r the wedding tour, Mr. and Mr*. Kane took a house In Brooklyn, bat three months Iftlfr Ihey were ejeetfd for non payment of rent,and temporary lodging* were obtained for her In a boarding bouse, and Mr. Kane "tended tour through the sootiern *'??was obliged to aell her jewelry and wedding presents to obtain sus terance, and after these bad been exhausted. ??,*?ply H? h*r relatives for relief. In 1KI2, Mr. Kane, having been appointed to a position in California, raised money by selling drafts of his own upon her father, *n^ ***** later, at)out the time of her sec ond child s birth, be obtained leave of ab C*.me ,east\1,e**?ng her ten dollar &nd telling her to call on the paymaster for i'h?"riTr^iW^6n ,*he "eeC1*1 wore. But when she called she learned that be had drawu two months' pay in advance. After her re eovery her husband requested her to Join him In Brooklyn and live with him: but be sent to moi.ey. and she borroweJ ?uffl dent Jo purchase tickets by steamer to Ne w Vork Ou lier arrival Mr. Kane, desirous to reas sure her of bia devotion, gave her a piano forte, but it was soon taken from ber by the nip.Id dealer. Snch, at lean, Is tbe story told In Mjs. Kaue's affidavit. Mr. Kaue is the inventor of a patent buoy to aid in the navigation of harbors, and had an office in Brooklyn. bile affairs at home were In this condition (Mrs. Kane's affllavit con tlnues) he compelled her to leave her chit. ?i,ent,BI" a clerk's work in his office. In April, 1X74, representing to her that he was building a bouse for their occupation at Loig Branch, he induced ber to visit rela I'l?,.!?.. MaR?*chueetu?. and there she and ber children have since lived, with little or no assistance from him. A few months later he sailed for Europe. In addition to the care of her own children Mrs. Kane has been obliged to work with her own hands to pro ,?. ?ult*b]? clothing for her husband e child by a former wife. During the entire period of thia treatment her husband has drawn a sa'sry of several thousand dollars a >ear. The acUon waa Instituted for aepara. tlon and the care of tbe children. Tne de fendants answer la a denial and modlfloa. tlon o'the charges. The case was dismissed. [Aor York Bun, 2*th. Rlikgiho 8lakg.?as a newly engaged commercial traveler was al*>ut startiug on a drumming trip from hit place In Chicago the other day, be suddenly turned to bisem ployer, a grave old mercbant, and inquired "I say, boss, what shall I do when I get out of soap?" "Soap?" said the old gentleman, "why save your samples, and then you won t get out." "But I mean what shall I do when I get out of grease?" continued the >oncg man. ?'Urease'.' grease?" pondered the old man, "why you don't need any grease LT irking for a lubricating ee t*b? Ob, but you don't understand m?," chimed in the youthful employe, rather em barrassed. -I mean what shall I do, if I run out of spondullx?stamps-wealth?" "8pon duiix? stamps? wealth?" echoed the mysti fied merchant, looking at the young fellow, over bis glasses, to see If be bad gone crazy! *'i es, currency?greenbacks," exclaimed the drummer, "cash, money, you know.'" a light seemed to dawn on tbe old gentleman's mind at this moment, for gazing upon the creature before him with a look of contempt and pity, he broke forth: "Young ma.i, what are you giving us? I rather guess you needn't go out, for I don't believe our class of customers could get along very well with you?they all speak English. Pull down your vest, step up to tbe cashier's desk and get your sugar. Now cheese It, cully, you are bounced." And that Is the way the blarli toi ed kid got bounced-ail through the per nicious habit of slinging slang. BLOOD FOR Blood?How Six Mxinirrert Lpnchetl -'The telegraph anuouueed the days since, near Edgefield, Houih Carolina, of six colored men, charged with the murder ot Mr. and Mrs. Harmon, a venerable and influential white couple. The Charleston News and Courier says when the nquest closed the prisoners were delivered Into the custody of the sheriff for commit ment to Jail. But Immediately the sheriff was seized by the crowd, which numbered about six hundred persons, bis bead was y covered with a bag, and he was car ried ?,ff by a foice and confined. All of the prisoners were taken by the crowd, which was co*ip< sed of both black and white citi zens, and marched to a point half a mile from the scene of the murder. Tuere the six who had committed the crime were tied firmly together In a row, and Ave minutes were given to them to pray, at the expira tion of which time a volley of one hundred slots were flred, and the six wretches fell uead to the ground. About three hundred men took part In the last actof the lynching. They were variously armed with rifles, shot guns and pistols. No masks were worn by auj body, and there was noexblbltion of any exclUinent of any kind, no loud talking and ?o whisky. Previous to their execution two of the men confessed that the party had been concocting the murder for several weeks. After the murder the bouse was gutted of everything valuable, and a part of the goods were recovered In the hands of one of the men who was executed. AitDRtw Jacksos's Scrresdke An drew Jackson is oonflned In the Jail on the charge of robbery. On Monday morning the jailer let him outside the cage that encloses the cells, but forgot to takeout with him the key, and it fell lnto)Jackson's bands. Tbe p.r. ??,er OBC? mad? himself master of the situation by locking tbe inside door (on the JEV1.?* 11 impossible to get Into the Jail. The keys on the outside door were In the bands of the Jailer, and the Inside dcor was double locked?on tbe outside by the Jailer, and on tbe Inside by Jackson. 9?. 'earnln? ?f the dead-lock between the jailer and his prisoner, the sheriff took S555& ihe Jr*U_WM closely guarded. During Monday Jackson was "monarch of all be surveyed," but unfortunately be couldn't get away from bis kingdom. On morning he wanted water, anl could make terms, rne sheriff demanded an unconditional sur. render, and Jackson was left to his own de vices. On Tuesday evening he oould stand It bo longer, and Incontinently surrendered. ?[Qrrning (Atk.) Exprtu. A Bcbgla* 8 wkasixg his Victims os thbBiblb?Martin Armstrong, a farmer, who lives about two miles from the village of Coxsackle, bad in bis employ a farm baud named William C. Martin, aged about 20 j ears. On Wednesday morning last Mr. Armstrong was aroused trom sleep by a noise In his bedroom, and on opening his eyes beheld Martin standing over him, and before he had a chance to speak Martin seized bis employer by the throat. Upon releasing his bold Martin took Mr. Arm strongs pistol and also pulled one from bis own pocket, both of which he preeentel at that gentleman's bead, telling him he bad only a short time to live. Martin then picked npa Bible and made his vietlm swear that be would not llspa word about his en trance into his room. This promise secured, Martin robbed Mr. Armstrong ana flel. [Auction Republican, May 27. Thit had a small back room on the eighth story of a Philadelphia hotel, and about two o clock in the morning tbe great poet awoke and, punching his wife In the back, patheti cally exclaimed: "Clotilda, darling. I'm troubled by the demon of unrest." "8idney Lanier," she nervously replied, "get up and strike a light this Instant; per haps It's bugs. "?(Brooklyn Aryut. W ^ ?STNow It's the lee-dealer's turn to laugh. It's safe to piesume he's n>>nn? his cool hundred a day. sy A Washington street tailor has hadhla billheads stamped with a picture of a forget me-not.?[.Boston Cornier.m WThe strike of 200 ateelworkera in Chica go, which threatened to throw 9u0 men out ot employment, lasted one day. K7*Quld pro quo: A Jersey man foroed a quid of tobacco Into hla Moulding wife's mouth the other day, and kept It tnere till she became Hi. ?7"Bos ton Transcript: An Irate father In Roxbnry has studded his front gate with nails, painted his doorsteps with tar, and keeps his wateh-dog on half rations, bat has found to bis sorrow that he can't make ?>urtln?oUnpopular by any such devices. Norwich Bulletin: Darwin says that an Imals have no religions sense; but he proba bly never observed the calm, reftecUve man ner In whloh a chleken will stand on one leg and look up to heaven attar squeezing through a hole In the fence into the straw, berry bed next door. ""New York Commercial. "Nothing." says a recent writer, "can form a morede llghtful study for the physiognomist #?>*?? the light of tepe and ?JeSSSS^? thS oonntenance of a maiden awaiting eon of her beloved." Pshawt themanWha wrote that should Just see u?e smssaeinn < a New Jersey potato bag*s vlsa^e as be slu en aclnmpof dirt watching fog the lint sign of ths new orop to oocne up. Thbrf is "now weight iirnDtLiTT** Amoi g Ibe Presbyterian cle-gyroen now ?<? *fo>bled over In Brooklyn. Ttif?l?rmiag?i legat too wu made tb?> oth<T day by uen D. H. Hill, one of the leading speaker* and number* of tbe southern Presbyterian As cmtilT in Savwnnab. wltt which the Krooklvn Assembly doslres to form a anion. He furti>er Mid that the*e Presbyterian Freacbcr* be re wore Infected with "ratlon ? H?m, latlludlnarlanlstn. liberalism, broad cburchlsm.and progress! vechrlstianlfy." H j ?e:,t on to describe them as a band of Ameri can free thinker*. CUad with the "Hllhy blooit of heterodoxy ai d infidelity," and some of thr-m wallowing In "blank .dreary Athcl?m ** This Is certainly strsngo lsngnag* to be ot tered In one Presbyterian General Assembly about the member* of another Presbyterian Assembly. The charge of Infl lellty U Hun* around rather loosely by some people la those time*, but It Is not often applied to a body of Presbyterian preachers. We fear that the onion of the two assembles will out bsoonsummated ? I ft Y Sun. ClxmniUL Oitlaws.?It Is probably an exaggeration to say as lbs Philadelphia TSmea doe*1 that tbe principal thoroughness of ihat city are swarming wltb an army of sneaks and dssperadoea. Tbe names, how ever, of several "audacious outlaw*" at pre sent utilizing tbe Centennial are glveu. ? satchel Jack." lata of sing Sing, under tba alias ofjsmn Godfrey; Krank Powell, alias 11 utcbln*s, Alias "The Snooier'. ??riy-?\?p Meaty." so called; "Moscow Bill." "water ? ix?ut Climber of New York, wltb many h rench snn Pngltoh pickpockets. ?yWhen Brtgharo Young finds that tba bbcolt arc burned and the meat Is overdooe, he puts on bis hat ard goes out and brlnre home a row wife. Tlil* coarse Is calculated to make his wives careful. s/" Among tbe novelties at Baron Palm's funeral was a dish of fire. "Poor Baron," muttered an autl-Tbaosopbic spectator, "they're making It warm for him at botb ends of the line. ?[Atasft%N Ar^u*. A11 the men on tbe school commit fee of Watertc.wn. Mass., baa been instructed by the ecbrol commit tee to express to tbe claas about to graduate from tbe high school tba views of tbe committee regarding over ex travagance In dresses for graduation day. B7~Thls Is the season when, as they foldly linger at the gate, he says In tones tremu lous wltb the ocsta?y of love, "l>arllng. my own precious darling, one fond kiss he for* wa pari'' and a sharp voice from tbe up-statrs window calls out. "Harah Jane, you march into the bouse. To morrow I* washin' day, and you atn't a going to lay abed till noon, now I tell you!" ^"Norwich Bulletin: 11 seems that In old times women wore an Irod ring around their ankle when they were married, as a sign of bondage. After a newly-married roan nas had hi* night key takeu away from bltn. and In-come accustomed to being kicked ont of bed at 5 o'clock every morning to let In the milkman, It pleases bltn to read an Item of this kind. 1 4 H KI I II. POBP-MAHEIH. Oa tbs ftth May, H74. ?t tb* roaldence of the brill*'* parents, by th? Be*. I)r. loiBMSt, Johs P. roan sod Jumi D daugb teiofJcbaB. W Msn?ln,**i ell of tbl* city DIED. At LEE Oa Tne*4ay morning. May 8Mb. I?d. at 7* o'clock. Way jib Watbski st, tun of w iiiimb Itrkt sod Mary btmouo l At Lee. ac?d 7 asoatb*. WALK EK. Oath* 31st of Nay, W?, atCeVlecfe s. m , Joss 0. Walkka, ai?J S3 jear* aad 4 usoatb* Belatlve* sod friend* of tbs family sr* respect folly re-iuest^d to attend til* Ho. ltftfl D *tr**t sontbvest. Friday, at 4 o'clock ? in. at* UNDERTAKERS. || r. HARVKY, r niertaker. WJL HACkKTT WITS H r HAitvrr. W. BARkER, Cabinet Maker an* Cndertakert ?IS IIth Btxekt lottiviir. octt-lr GENTLEMEN'S GOODS. J|AT>! H^T6! Presbsnrpl) MACEIMAW STBAW HATS Hl??r Beav-r and Kiiver Pearl 0aMiner* llats. Boy*'and Children '? Straw Hat*. Bilk CBibrells*. Lsdlrs and Gentlemen ?? NTIKEMirZ-N. n?>30 tr 1S3T Pennsylvania a\enne. KrilEB HITS! X All the leading style* of CAB?IMEBE DKBbS BATS, ?ari"ns kinds of sTBAW HATH, (??NT 1MB MACKINAW, MILAM BBMD. LBuHOKN. Ac. HA1B CLOTH and ENOLlbH LIB KB HATB. Aaerwan and Ergilsh 61LA, ALPACA sad 61BOHAM I'M B KB Li LAB Ladle*' SCB CM BBBLLAS and PAB AS'tfeS rMlSBk.LL.A8 end PAHA SOLS covered aad re paired la lb* b?*t meaner HER 41 OBBKR, 141* PgfiBb X L V AH I A AVEHTB. a?y? tr AbQT* WlUard1* HsSsi. fAYLOB * HUFTY, ?RR riRNSTLTARU ATBROB, HAYB BEDICED THB PB1CK8 Of THUS CELEBRATED DOUBLE TO EE tHIRTt AS FOLLOW* : QnaJfty Be. 1, ?M ?; Ponaerty ?4IJ|. M M R. turn - 9UM ?MAR; ? ISA - 4. ??Mi m 9mm. MErtl-ty PATENT PARTLY-MAD X DRES8 8MRTP, The Greatest Invention of the Ags. Btz fin* Dr*as Bblrt* for *ix d' ll*r*. (#4,; not to U bad la asy other store la tbi* city. Bf V* sr* Bole Agents. W. W. BCKDKTTE ? OO^ Mo. t?8 rthi S)f? Be. TBA K WR ABB BBCB1V1BO DA1LT FROM OCB ? Psctory.tB Baltimore, fr**h*aaBll*s of tb >** BLEOAHT ii CEHT UHPLHIBUED, sod ft riBlBBEDBBlBTB.aaAcof tb* Beat Weat*ntta Mneila snd Twebty-one Bnodrad Linea. st tbs BBABICB BALTIMOBB RfiLLBT FAOTOBY. Be. IB1B W street, Wssktagtoa. J. W. DABB. pillBST DBB8B BH1BT8 MADB TO OBDBB " of tbs rerr b**t Biaterlal and ta tb* woet alagaag waaner fer flM at tb* BBABCH BALTLMUBB RB1BT PA0T0BT, 1B14 FstrMt BOOKS AND STATIONERY. J\j?W BOOkB. Paniel Deronds, by Oeorgs Bitot; rol. 1; olotb; ?1 HI. Tbe Prlae Minister, br Aatbony Trolloee; ?*p*r. 79 cento. Studies frotn England and Italy, Ij Jobn Kkliard Ureet. author <4 e"8bort Hl* torv of tbe Englieb Psefls;" B1.7?. Annual Bee or d of b< t-tjc* and Industry tor IS#, by Prof. Bsoaesr , I, by Prof. 8*euosr P. Baird; 1J mo.; clotb; B> Village OoomnBitiee and Miaoellaet**. br Sir Bsary Bcmaer Maine; BgJR. Comts de Pan*' Ht*? >ry af tat Civil War la Anertee; vol. 11.; 8-to.; clotb, B* 80. Just ponlisbed, aad for sal* by NOHI R BBBA, BOOKSELLERS AND STA7WHEKS. ?y 17 tr let* Penn*ylvsala BTeen*. TCH HAZEL. By sntbor of WMs WMs .. World. AOHSaB: A Bew England Life Btndr PBEE, YBT POBOIHO THBIROWH CBAIMR. PLATO'S BEST THOUGHTS. By Bslktey. ADD ABBS BR by D. L. MOODY, Bevlasd. Bp MmssK. W?,VSiSkT w I^ABEBUPTCT KOTICE. To mil Ik* ?>?#ti*r? of VN ?boa 14 eot be granM4 to Tsa? slao aotlbad that tb* mo*4 aad tbted ?***! ng* *f said Baakrnft's creditors dll b* bst4 bsflsrs the Begiu*r at tassasM slaceoatb* Stb uiorJrn, "V2?ol?seOe5g ABMABP, N<M86g?T?BS?5f."^*" * 5SL.Y1JS TrbI

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